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Default WWE: 2002 all over again


Co-Owner - Vince McMahon
Co-Owner - Ric Flair


Big Bossman - 39
Big Show (NWO) - 30
Bradshaw - 36
Brock Lesnar - 25
Bubba Ray Dudley - 31
Chavo Guerrero - 32
Chris Kanyon - 32
Crash Holly - 31
D'Lo Brown - 32
Goldust - 33
HHH (NWO)- 33
Jacqueline - 38
Jeff Hardy - 25
Justin Credible - 29
Kane - 35
Kevin Nash (NWO) - 43
Lita - 27
Matt Hardy - 28
Mighty Molly - 25
Mr. Perfect - 44
Raven - 38
Rob Van Dam - Intercontinental Champion - 32
Scott Hall (NWO) - 44
Shawn Stasiak (NWO) - 32
Spike Dudley - 32
Steven Richards - 31
Sting - 43
Terri - 36
The Undertaker - 37
Tommy Dreamer - 31
Trish Stratus - 27
William Regal - 34
X-Pac (NWO) - 30


Paul Heyman


Albert - 30
Al Snow - 39
Billy - WWE Tag Team Champion - 39
Billy Kidman - 28
Chris Benoit - 35
Chris Jericho - 32
Christian - 29
Chuck - WWE Tag Team Champion - 31
Diamond Dallas Page - European Champion - 46
D-Von Dudley - 30
Eddie Guerrero - 35
Edge - 29
Faarooq - 44
Hardcore Holly - 39
Hulk Hogan - 49
Ivory - 41
Jeff Jarrett - 35
Kurt Angle - 34
Lance Storm - Hardcore Champion- 33
Mark Henry - 31
Maven - 26
Perry Saturn - 36
Rico - 41
Rikishi - 37
Scott Steiber - 40
Scotty 2 Hotty - 29
Stacy Keibler - 23
Tajiri - Cruiserweight Champion - 32
Tazz - 35
Test - 27
The Hurricane - 28
The Rock - 30
Torrie Wilson - 27
The Big Valbowski - 31

Appears on Both Shows:

Booker T - Undisputed WWE Champion - 37
Jazz - Women's Champion - 29

Free Agent:

Stone Cold Steve Austin - 38


April 21, 2002 - Backlash
May 4, 2002 - Insurrextion
May 19, 2002 - Judgment Day
June 23, 2002 - King of the Ring
July 21, 2002 - Vengeance
August 25, 2002 - SummerSlam
September 22, 2002 - Unforgiven
October 20, 2002 - No Mercy
October 26, 2002 - Rebellion
November 17, 2002 - Survivor Series
December 15, 2002 - Armageddon

Not Removing until:

Drew McIntyre returns to the WWE []
John Cena turns heel []
Kane retires []
Mark Henry becomes WWE Champion []
Heath Slater wins a singles title []
Jerry Lawler retires []
John Morrison returns to WWE []
Sting debuts in WWE []
The Cruiserweight Championship is re-instated []
The Tag Team division is legitimate []
The Divas division is legitimate []
The Hardcore Championship is re-instated []

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EdgeheadStingerfan needs to take rep more seriousEdgeheadStingerfan needs to take rep more seriousEdgeheadStingerfan needs to take rep more seriousEdgeheadStingerfan needs to take rep more seriousEdgeheadStingerfan needs to take rep more seriousEdgeheadStingerfan needs to take rep more serious
Default Re: WWE: 2002 all over again

WrestleMania X8 March 17, 2002
The SkyDome (Toronto, Canada)

Intercontinental Championship
Rob Van Dam def. William Regal to become new champion

European Championship
Diamond Dallas Page def. Christian to retain

Hardcore Championship
Spike Dudley, Hurricane, Mighty Molly, Maven and lastly Christian all scored pinfalls to become Hardcore Champion during the night

Kurt Angle def. Kane

Undertaker def. Ric Flair

Edge def. Booker T

Stone Cold def. Scott Hall w/ Kevin Nash

Fatal Four Way Elimination Match for World Tag Team Championship
Billy & Chuck def. The Hardy Boyz, the APA and the Dudleys

Icon vs. Icon Match
The Rock def. Hollywood Hogan

Triple Threat Women's Championship Match
Jazz def. Lita and Trish to retain

Undisputed Championship Main Event
Triple H def. Chris Jericho w/ Stephanie McMahon

First WWE Draft - March 25, 2002

Not Removing until:

Drew McIntyre returns to the WWE []
John Cena turns heel []
Kane retires []
Mark Henry becomes WWE Champion []
Heath Slater wins a singles title []
Jerry Lawler retires []
John Morrison returns to WWE []
Sting debuts in WWE []
The Cruiserweight Championship is re-instated []
The Tag Team division is legitimate []
The Divas division is legitimate []
The Hardcore Championship is re-instated []

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EdgeheadStingerfan needs to take rep more seriousEdgeheadStingerfan needs to take rep more seriousEdgeheadStingerfan needs to take rep more seriousEdgeheadStingerfan needs to take rep more seriousEdgeheadStingerfan needs to take rep more seriousEdgeheadStingerfan needs to take rep more serious
Default Re: WWE: 2002 all over again

RAW - April 1, 2002

- HHH and Stephanie come out to the ring.
- HHH says there's a new game being played in the WWE and he's the puppet master.
- He says the WWE is about to witness an era of dominance by one man, the likes it's never seen.
- He says, now that he's the Undisputed Champion of the world, there's no one or nothing bigger in this company than him...

- NWO come out and slowly head down to the ring.
- HHH pulls Stephanie behind him.
- Nash gets on mic and says, Hunter, I know what you're thinking, but you have my word--as a friend--we're not out here to cause problems.
- X-Pac says, Hunter, you once told me, you look to your blood...you look to your buddies...you look to your friends...you look to...well... I just wanted to say congrats man.
- Nash says, We just wanted to come out here and congratulate you personally-
- HHH says, So you came out here and interrupted me just to congratulate me?
- Nash, Hall and X-Pac look at each other.
- Hall says, Heeey yo! ... We were brought into this company to get a job done, but "The Hulkster" and his ego got in the way of the bigger picture...
- He says and that bigger picture was to take out Stone Cold Steve Austin!
- HHH says, Neither Stone Cold Steve Austin or the NWO is of any concern to me right now. He says, my concern is to finish letting everyone here know, what's about to embark on this company.
- HHH turns away from Hall, Nash and X-Pac and looks out into the crowd.
- He says, Now as I was saying, you're all looking at... THE NEWEST MEMBER and NEW LEADER of the NWO... ME! HHH!
- Hall, Nash and X-Pac smile and point to HHH, as the newest member of the group, before hugging him and then Stephanie.

- Flair comes out to the stage.
- He says, Hey guys, up here. I'm sorry to rain on your parade, but I got an announcement of my own.
- He says, as of right now, I'm the new co-owner of the WWE, as Vince's kids sold their shares of the company to yours truly.
- Flair says, now the reason I decided to come out here now and make this announcement, was because I've seen what the NWO is capable of, both in this company and especially in WCW. And as new co-owner of the WWE, I'll be damned if I let Vince McMahon and the NWO ruin a company I hold very dear to my heart.
- He says, so all of you get this through your heads right now, I won't allow this "poison" to settle into this company any longer and I'll fight you bastards till my heart stops to ensure you don't take over this company.
- NW0 laughs.
- HHH says you senile old man. Congratulations on the new job, but let's get one thing straight around here. You're looking at this company, right here in this very ring. What we say goes and what we say is. And there's not a damn thing you or anyone else can do about it.
- Flair says, On the contrary and to show you just what I mean, tonight, in this very ring, HHH you'll be defending your Undisputed Championship against an opponent who won't be revealed until your match. And Nash, Hall and X-Pac you three will be banned from ringside!
- He says, But don't worry, you three don't have the night completely off, as you'll be in a triple threat match against Shawn Stasiak, The Big Show and Booker T. And you three can get ready because your match is next!
- NWO look cocky as they look back at Flair.

FIRST MATCH: NWO vs Stasiak, Show and Booker.

- Near the end of the match, Hall is down and Booker T is preparing to do the Spinaroonie, when Stasiak and Big Show attack Booker T.
- Soon after, the NWO get in the ring and Stasiak and Big Show back off.
- NWO smile and look at each other, while slowly approaching Booker T.
- Each of the NWO trio continue to maul and Nash signals for Big Show to choke slam Booker.
- Show picks up Booker T and plants his lifeless body into the mat.
- All five men stand side-by-side over Booker T's body, as they look out into the crowd and hold up the NWO symbol.


- Flair had been watching what happened on TV.
- Flair shakes his head and says, so that's how they want to play it...

BACKSTAGE: NWO and Stasiak and Show

- HHH shakes Show's and Stasiak's hand. He says, you guys just made the most important decision in your life... welcome to the winners table.
- Hall, Nash and X-Pac show their approval.
- HHH says, some of us may be banned from my title match tonight, but not all of us. He looks at Show and Stasiak... he says, make sure I keep this title tonight.

TAG MATCH: Big Boss Man and Bradshaw vs The Hardy Boyz

- Near the end of the match, Bradshaw goes for the Clothesline from Hell, but Matt ducks and it connects on Boss Man.
- Big Boss Man is floored and Bradshaw which causes Bradshaw to hesitate in turning his attention back to Matt.
- After Bradshaw turns to Matt, Matt kicks him in the gut and nails him with the Twist of Fate.
- Matt tags in Jeff, who goes to the top rope and hits the Swanton Bomb on Bradshaw.
- Jeff covers Bradshaw for the three count.
- The Hardyz celebrate the win on the turnbuckles.

BACKSTAGE: Mr. Perfect and Ric Flair in Flair's office.

- Mr. Perfect says, "Naytch", if there's a such thing as "the perfect" opponent for HHH tonight, you're looking at him.
- He says, why don't you make a make the right choice and let me go out there and handle business. I'll teach that cocky bastard something about respecting legends.
- Flair says, I appreciate at it Curt, but I've got something else in mind for tonight, but I know where to find you.
- Mr. Perfect shakes his head and says OK, your call... not the perfect choice, but I respect your decision.
- Flair watches Mr. Perfect leave the office.

SINGLES MATCH: Jazz vs Might Molly

- Molly wins via disqualification, after Jazz got frustrated and started slamming Molly's head into the mat--repeatedly.
- The trainers had to come down and check on Molly, who appears to be concussed.

SINGLES MATCH: Tommy Dreamer vs Stevie Richards

- After a good, back and forth match, Dreamer nailed Richards with his finisher and got the 3-count.

- Lesnar comes out with Heyman and they head for the ring.
- Dreamer prepares for Lesnar and he goes right after him, after he enters the ring.
- After a couple of blows, Lesnar gets the upper hand and clotheslines Dreamer.
- Lesnar then picks Dreamer up and delivers the F5 to him.
- Lesnar and Heyman stand over Dreamer, as Heyman smiles.

BACKSTAGE: Undertaker and Flair in Flair's office

- Flair says, I know you and I have had our battles, but I appreciate you working with me on this, for the sake of the WWE.
- Undertaker just stares at Flair and then turns his head and walks out of Flair's office.
- Flair stares at Taker with an intense glare, as he leaves the room.

MAIN EVENT: HHH vs ??? : Undisputed Championship

- HHH music hits and he heads down to the ring.
- HHH walks over to the announce table, where Stasiak and Show are standing. He tells them to get it done.
- Show and Stasiak nod their heads.
- HHH gets in the ring and waits for his opponent.

- HHH smirks as Booker T heads down to the ring.
- Show and Stasiak rub their fists.
- HHH looks back at them one more time as the bell rings and gives them a hard look.
- Booker T wastes no time going right after HHH.
- Booker is fueled with anger, from getting beat down by the NWO and it's new recruits earlier tonight and doesn't seem to be bothered by it.
- Booker has HHH in the corner and is nailing him with all kinds of blows.
- HHH ducks and leaves the ring to re-group.
- HHH walks over to Show and Stasiak and tells them something and they nod their heads.
- HHH gets back in the ring.
- Booker goes HHH again, but HHH quickly grabs Booker and tosses him outside the ring.
- Show and Stasiak go on the attack of Booker.
- Ric Flair comes out and stops the match. He says, this match isn't going to be a 3-on-1 assault. It's a 1-on-1 match and to make sure of that... Show and Stasiak, I'm ordering you two to take your hands off of Booker T, or you two are fired!
- Booker gets to his feet and enters the ring.
- Flair says and to make sure this match isn't interrupted anymore... LOWER THE DAMN CAGE!
- The cage from the top is slowly lowered on HHH and Booker T.
- HHH is irate as he yells back at Flair.
- Booker looks at Flair and then at HHH and shakes his head in agreement.
- The bell rings again.
- HHH and Booker go at it again.
- Near the end of the match, Booker counters HHH's pedigree and nails him in the jaw with a kick, sending him to the mat.
- Booker T starts to get hyped up with the Spinaroonie.
- Show and Stasiak go to the door and try to pull the cage door off.
- Hall, Nash and X-Pac then rush down to the ring to help.
- They get the door almost off the hinges, when Taker and Mr. Perfect rush down to the ring and take on 5 men.
- Taker and Mr. Perfect keep Hall, Nash and X-pac busy as Show and Stasiak get the door opened and enter the ring.
- Show and Stasiak go after Booker, but he fights them off and nails them kicks to the chin.
- Taker and Mr. Perfect are able to fend the rest of the NWO off and back up the ramp, but not before X-Pac was able to sneak a sledge hammer into the ring.
- HHH is now standing with the sledgehammer and waiting for Booker to turn around...
- But then a man slides from underneath the ring and quietly enters it, behind HHH...
- As Booker slowly turns to HHH, HHH lifts the sledgehammer, but it gets staled with another weapon...
- HHH turns and quickly gets nailed in the gut with a bat!
- Booker then spins HHH around and nails him the Book End.
- Booker goes for the cover. 1...2...3!!!
- Booker T is the new, Undisputed Champion!
- Booker T is elated! As the ref hands him the title.
- Booker looks into the corner and sees Sting starring down at HHH.
- Booker gets on the turnbuckle and celebrates as RAW ends.

Not Removing until:

Drew McIntyre returns to the WWE []
John Cena turns heel []
Kane retires []
Mark Henry becomes WWE Champion []
Heath Slater wins a singles title []
Jerry Lawler retires []
John Morrison returns to WWE []
Sting debuts in WWE []
The Cruiserweight Championship is re-instated []
The Tag Team division is legitimate []
The Divas division is legitimate []
The Hardcore Championship is re-instated []

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Default Re: WWE: 2002 all over again

SMACKDOWN - April 5, 2002

- Hulk Hogan comes out to the ring wearing his red and yellow.
- He says, it's good to be here tonight, it really it, but I'm afraid tonight is the last night, Hulkamania is going to run wild in the WWE.
- He says, I've accomplished everything there is to accomplish in this business and after epic bout with The Rock at WM, I'm not sure I have much left to give. Heck, I'm nearly 50 years old brother, I think it's time for me to unlace the boot straps, take off the red and yellow and ride out into the sunset, Hulkamaniacs!
- He says, but before I call it quits, it just wouldn't be right if I didn't Hulk up for all of you maniacs, just one more time!
- Hogan looks all around the arena and then begins to rip up his shirt...

- Y2J comes out to the stage.
- He says, wait, hold it right there Hulkster. Before you go straining yourself and pulling a hammy, while ripping apart that fashion nightmare of a t-shirt, I've got something to say to you.
- He says, Hulk I usually don't agree with anything you ever say. I mean, you've always come off as a douchebag, ego-maniac, whiny, premadonna to me... and well quite frankly, you deserve all of that ridicule!
- Y2J says, I've heard about the match you and the self proclaimed "Great One", The Rock had at WM and although it was worth mentioning again... it didn't main event Wrestlemania--my match did!
- He says, now I may stand up here right now as the loser of that match and a little light on hardware, but what I do possess in my arsenal still, is the tools to be the electrifying sports entertainer and best wrestler, the likes Hogan, you have NEVER...EVER...EVVVVERRRR will face A-GAIN!
- Hogan says, so what you're telling me is out of all the great legends I've faced in my career, guys like Andre The Giant, Rowdy Roddy Piper, Big John Studd, Macho Man Randy Savage, King Kong Bundy, Mr. Wonderful Paul Orndorff, Ultimate Warrior, Earthquake, Ric Flair, The Undertaker... The Rock! You're telling me you're greater than all of them?
- Y2J, well Hogan, it's good to see your comprehension skills haven't completely left you in your old age! That's exactly what I said and it's a fact! And I can prove it.
- He says, two weeks from now at Backlash, you and I should have a once in a lifetime match, icon vs legend.
- Y2J looks around and says, everyone here wants to see it, everyone at home wants it and deep down inside, your ego wants it too Hogan!
- Hogan looks around and then back up at Y2J.
- Hogan says, your mouth just wrote a check your butt can't cash brother! I'm looking forward to tightening up the boot straps just a little tighter, so I can deliver a leg drop on you the likes you've never felt brother! You're on, see you at Backlash!
- Y2J smirks and backs his way backstage.

BACKSTAGE: DDP and Kurt Angle

- DDP is walking backstage when approached by Angle.
- Angle says, hey DDP, don't you feel a little ashamed, as an American, to be prancing around here as the European champion? I mean, doesn't that make you feel unpatriotic?
- DDP smirks, on the contrary Kurt and please, could you back outta my face a little bit.
- Angle doesn't budge, so DDP backs up some.
- DDP says, look here Angle, I don't know what crawled up your ass and died, but if you got a problem with me being the European champion, why don't you be a real man and handle it the right way.
- Angle says, oh yeah, I think I will. As of right now, I'm challenging you to a match, but not just any match. If I win, I don't want to see that European Championship ever again, if fact, if I win, I plan on having it vacated and reintroduced as the United States championship!
- DDP says, well that's all fine and good, but is that supposed to offend me?
- Angle says, yeah in fact, it will. Angle gets up close to DDP. He says, this isn't just about the European championship, this is about exposing Russian spies and communists hiding in the WWE and posing as US citizens! And DDP, you're the first one I'm going to expose! Oh it's true, it's damn true!
- Angle walks off, as DDP just stares him down.

SINGLES MATCH: Mark Henry vs Perry Saturn

- Near the end of the match, Henry had Saturn lifted up for the World Strongest Slam, when Rico came running down the ring.
- Rico furiously begged Henry not to hurt Saturn, saying he was in-love with Saturn.
- Henry shook his head and followed suit in delivering the World's Strongest Slam to Saturn.
- Henry covered Saturn for the three count.
- After the match, Rico got in the ring and tried to give Saturn mouth-to-mouth resuscitation, but Saturn pushed him off with a look of disgust, before leaving the ring.
- Rico sat on his knees, looking devastated as called for Saturn to come back.

BACKSTAGE: Angle in the lockeroom

- Angle is seen rambling through DDP's locker and putting some of DDP's property in his coat pocket, when Christian walks in.
- Christian says, what the hell are you doing Angle?
- Angle says, nothing! And mind your own damn business Christian!
- Christian says, well it looks like you're a snoop and a thief and since I caught you, it's now my business.
- He says, we can't have an untrustworthy guy in the locker room, can we? And if it were to get out, well... no one would look at you the same again... I mean and that would be especially hard for someone like you... a true American, an Olympic gold medalist, a man of integrity-
Angles says, OK, you've made your point, what do you want?
Christian smirks and rubs his chin, he says, well I could use a few wins, you know--guaranteed victories, so that I can get the recognition I deserve around here.
Angle says, so what are you saying?
Christian says, you make sure I go on a winning streak or Kurt Angle is going to turn into a really bad household name! And you can start with my tonight against Rikishi. And it's next, see you soon.
- Christian walks away, leaving Angle just shaking his head.

SINGLES MATCH: Rikishi versus Christian

- Near the end of the match, Rikishi has Christian in the corner ready to hit the Stink Fink face, when Angle comes out and distracts Rikishi and the referee.
- Rikishi tries to figure out why Angle is out there, while the referee tries to get Angle to leave the ring arpon.
- This gives Christian time to regroup and catch Rikishi off-guard with an Un-prettier.
- Christian covers Rikishi for the three-count.
- Angle quickly leaves the ring and makes a b-line for the back.
- Christian smiles and claps for Angle.

BACKSTAGE: Maven walking around

- Maven is walking backstage, looking all around and enters the locker room
- He's in a hurry to gather his bags, when Lance Storm comes from behind and nails Maven in the back of the head with a chair, knocking him out.
- Storm covers Maven and the referee he appeared with makes the 3-count.
- Lance Storm hurries out of the locker room as the new, Hardcore Champion.

- MIXED TAG MATCH: Edge w/Torrie Wilson versus Test w/Stacy Keibler

- Near the end of the match, Edge is gearing up to spear Test, but Test dodges and counters with a Big Boot.
- Test goes for the pin, but Torrie gets in the ring and jumps on him, applying a choke hold on.
- Test breaks up the pin and gets to his feet, with Torrie still attached to him.
- Test swings around and finally throws Torrie off to the mat.
- Stacy gets in the ring and rolls Torrie out of the ring with her feet, as Test rubs his neck and tries to catch his breath.
- Meanwhile, Edge is back up and in the corner, and is gearing up for another spear.
- Edge nails Test with a spear this time and gets the pin.

- SINGLES MATCH: Billy Kidman versus Hardcore Holly

- Near the end of the match, Kidman nails the Shooting star press on Hardcore Holly and goes for the pin.
- However, Tajiri, who was sitting ringside, pulls the ref out of the ring, before entering the ring and attacking Kidman.
- Tajiri gets some good kicks in on Kidman, before Kidman nails a hard punch to Tajiri's face, sending 's him back.
- After Tajiri turns around, he proceed to spit his green mist into Kidman's face, but it was expected and Kidman dodged it, causing it to land in the face of Hardcore Holly, who'd gotten back to his feet.
- This distracted Tajiri enough for Kidman to kick him out of the ring and go for the cover on Hardcore Holly.
- The referee was back in the ring and made the 3-count.

MAIN EVENT: Chris Benoit versus The Rock

- Near the end of the match, The Rock has just Rock bottomed Benoit is is preparing for The People's elbow... when a man enters the ring behind The Rock and shatters a guitar over the back of The Rock's skull.
- The Rock is out cold.
- The man stands there looking at what he'd just done.
- He then drags Benoit over to the Rock and makes him cover him.
- The man then exits the ring and pushes the referee back into the ring (who'd be previously knocked out), so that he can make the count.
- 1...2...3!
- Chris Benoit defeats The Rock!
- The man then gets back in the ring and lifts Benoit to his feet to celebrate, but Benoit pushes him off.
- Benoit asks the man what's going on?
- The man just shakes his head and smirks, as another man enters the ring and clobbers Benoit from behind, knocking him to the floor.
- The second man, then gets on Benoit's back and applies recliner hold on Benoit--nearly breaking
him in half.
- Soon Eddie Guerrero run down to make the save.
- As soon as Eddie enters the ring, the first man goes on the attack with the broken guitar.
- Eddie is still able to hold his own a bit, but soon the second man joins the party and they both beat and stomp Eddie out.
- Smackdown ends with The Rock, Eddie Guerrero and Chris Benoit laid out, as Jeff Jarrett and Scott Steiner stand tall above them.

Not Removing until:

Drew McIntyre returns to the WWE []
John Cena turns heel []
Kane retires []
Mark Henry becomes WWE Champion []
Heath Slater wins a singles title []
Jerry Lawler retires []
John Morrison returns to WWE []
Sting debuts in WWE []
The Cruiserweight Championship is re-instated []
The Tag Team division is legitimate []
The Divas division is legitimate []
The Hardcore Championship is re-instated []
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Default Re: WWE: 2002 all over again

RAW - April 8, 2002

- Vince McMahon comes down to the ring.
- He says, I know all of you here are elated to see me, but if you would lower the cheers to an inside voice level, I'd really appreciate it, as I have something very important to address.
- He says, last week on RAW, Ric Flair announced that he was the new co-owner of the WWE and quite frankly, as much as I hate it--he's right. My ill advised, spoiled brat children made a terrible business decision and sold their ownership of the company to Flair.
- He says, regardless, that's water under the bridge now and I'm not out here to discuss that. I'm out here to discuss Flair's first night on the job. And quite frankly, it was terrible!
- He says, last Monday's RAW was the most chaotic show, I've ever seen! You had guys destroying property, breaking match stipulations, uninvited guests appearing and the Undisputed WWE championship changing hands in an unsportsmanlike-like fashion.
- He says, and with that said, I'd like to talk with the man responsible for all of this... but not just yet. Instead, I want to talk to the new Undisputed WWE champion, Booker T.

*** Booker T's theme hits ***

- Booker T heads to the ring with the Undisputed WWE championship tied to his waist.
- Vince McMahon extends his hand to Booker... Booker shakes it hesitantly.
- Vince says, ladies and gentleman, your new Undisputed WWE champion, Booker T!
- Booker nods his head and looks around the crowd.
- Vince says, Booker, last week you became the new, Undisputed WWE champion, when you defeated HHH in a steel cage match. But the way you won the match... it's got to make the victory feel a little less earned, doesn't it?
- Booker says, let me tell you something Vince, straight up dawg, last week, I was given the opportunity to go out there and compete for the WWE Undisputed Championship and that's what I did. Now you wanna talk about the way I won? Hell! I had to fight off the attacks of two guys, Shawn Stasiak and The Big Show... the same two guys that turned on me earlier in the night, when we faced the NWO!
- He says, so you want to discuss how a little justice... a little karma was served last night in my match, that evened the odds for me and allowed me to become the Undisputed WWE Champion? Go ahead man, you and anyone else can discredit my win. But as of right now, I stand here as the Undisputed WWE champion. Now can you dig that... suckaaa!!!

*** NWO's theme hits ***

- HHH, along with Nash, Hall, X-Pac, Stasiak and Big Show head down to the ring.
- HHH, Nash, Hall and X-pac stand in front, while Stasiak and Big Show are behind them.
- HHH says, Booker, I'm can't really get upset by the comments you just made. Win by any means necessary right? Hell, I would've done the same thing, to be honest.
- He says, but now where do we stand? We've got you over there with the Undisputed WWE championship and me over here, as the king of the WWE, without his crown.
- He says, you and I and everyone here knows that without the help of that freak, Sting showing up last Monday in our match, I'd still be the Undisputed WWE champion, and the king of kings! And you'd still be... Booker T!
- He says, now obviously, I have a rematch I can request at any point in time, but you see... I'm not going to do that. However, what I am going to do is ask you Booker, I'm going to ask you to return that title to me, the rightful owner, right now! You've enjoyed being the Undisputed WWE champion for a week, but play time is over Booker, hand that title over to me and we can forget all about last weeks mistake, by Ric Flair.
- HHH extends his hand. Booker T stares at it and then smiles.
- Booker says, wait a minute man. You tellin' me, you're asking me to hand over the Undisputed WWE championship to you, after I just beat your ass for it last week? Tell me.. you didn't just say that!
- HHH says, Booker, I've asked a very reasonable request. All you have to do is comply. You don't deserve to be champion Booker. But I'll throw you a bone. After you return the title to me, I'll get you a #1 contenders match against Kevin Nash to determine if you're ready for the big leagues. How about that?
- Booker gets up close to HHH.
- Booker says, Hell no!
- HHH and Booker look like they're ready to come to blows and the rest of the NWO get HHH's back.
- Vince gets in between them.
- Vince says, wait a minute guys, hold on, hold on. Both of you have valid stances, but as co-owner of the WWE, I must make a business decision here. As of right now, we only have one world championship, but two shows. Smackdown is without a world championship and-
- HHH interrupts and says, what's that got to do with me Vince!
- Vince says, now if you'll just settle down HHH and allow me to finish. As of now, the Undisputed WWE championship is being split into two titles. The WWE Championship and the World Heavyweight Championship. The WHC will be Raw's title and the WWEC will be Smackdown's title. Now how this relates to you HHH and Booker T. You two will face each other in two weeks at Backlash for the WHC.
- He says, HHH agree with what you said about Booker T proving he deserves to be world champion here in the WWE. I mean... we all know how great you were in WCW Book, but everyone knows WWE was always a step up. So with that said, Booker T you'll be going one-on-one with Kevin Nash in tonight's main event. And HHH, you'll get a chance a little revenge as you'll be facing Mr. Perfect.
- HHH and Booker T have a stare down.


- RVD says, I have major aspirations as the IC champion. I plan on taking the championship to heights it's never seen before... and I know all about highs! And starting tonight, I'm issuing an open challenge to anyone who'd like to challenge me, Mr. Monday Night, R-V-D!
- RVD drops the mic and looks up to the stage.

- Justin Credible starts walking down the ramp.
- He says, Hey RVD, I'll accept your challenge pal. And not only will I accept your challenge, I'll kick your ass and show everyone how un-special you really are, Mr. Monday Night. And after I'm done, there won't be much to remember you by. But everyone will be talking about how incredible Justin is!

- Near the end of the match, neither RVD or Credible have been able to get much momentum on one another. However, the tides are turning as Credible has RVD pinned in the corner with his foot on his throat.
- Credible lets go at the last second and RVD falls to the floor, as he grabs his neck to breathe.
- Credible backs up to the center of the ring and charges RVD, nailing him with a kick to the skull!
- RVD seems to be barely hanging on to consciousness.
- Credible drags RVD to the center on the ring and looks down on him. He's just moments away from becoming the new, IC champion now...
- Instead, Credible leaves the ring and goes to grab a chair. He gets back in the ring and stalks RVD and then looks at the chair for a while.
- Credible then begins to nail RVD's legs with vicious chair shots!
- The referee calls for the bell, but Credible doesn't care and apparently he didn't care about winning the match. All he seems to care about is inflicting damage to RVD.
- Credible threatens to attack the ref, who proceeds to get out of his way and then he hits in the knee with one last shot.
- He then grabs a mic. He says, RVD, how's those legs feeling buddy? I know you're in a lot of pain right now, but why don't you stand up and be a good sport and raise my hand, here I'll help you.
- Credible lifts RVD up on his shoulders. He then takes his support away and lets RVD stand on his own.
- He says, here let me give you another... Credible then kicks RVD in the face and drops him cold.
- He says, Mr. Monday Night, I'm the only thing credible around here and all of you people out there better take note.
- He then looks at RVD again. He says, RVD, I've got a challenge of my own for you. I challenge you for the IC championship, at Backlash... in a steel chair match!
- Justin Credible leaves the ring and paces up the ramp backwards, as RVD is out cold.

BACKSTAGE: The Hardyz in the locker room

- Matt and Jeff are applying tape in the locker room
- Jeff says, Hey dude, after our win last week and a win tonight, The Hardy Boyz should be right back on top as #1 contenders for the tag titles! Awesome right?
- Matt keeps taping up without saying anything.
- Jeff says, Bro, you there?
- Matt continues to space out.
- Jeff says, Matt!
- Matt says, yeah.. sorry man.. just lately I've had a lot on my mind. I mean... I've been thinking about us and what we've accomplished together in the WWE and I just feel like, maybe it's time for the Hardy boys to be Matt Hardy and Jeff Hardy...
- Jeff says, Woah man... what are you saying Matt? You wanna split?
- Matt finishes taping. He says, I'll see you out there Jeff.
- Matt walks out and leaves Jeff dumbfounded.

TAG MATCH: The Hardyz versus The Dudley Boyz (Bubba and Spike)

- Near the end of the match, Jeff is working on Bubba in the middle of the ring and drops him with a hurricanrana. Jeff then looks over at Matt, whose spacing out into the crowd.
- Jeff calls out to Matt to get his attention, but fails, so he walks over to him.
- Matt turns his attention to Jeff and puts his hand out. Jeff tags him in.
- Matt goes over to Bubba and applies an arm lock submission... almost ripping Bubba's arm off!
- Spike gets in the ring and breaks it up. Spike goes on the assault of Matt.
- Jeff enters the ring and goes to attack Spike, but Spike pokes Jeff in the eyes. Jeff turns, struggling to see.
- Matt catches Spike off guard and nails him with a Twist of Fate. Matt then leaves the ring.
- Bubba then gets to his feet and stalks Jeff, whose still struggling to regain his vision. Matt watches.
- Bubba waits till Jeff turns around and nails him with the Bubba Cutter.
- Matt quickly re-enters the ring and hits Bubba with a Twist of Fate and covers for the pin.
- After the match, Matt goes to help Jeff up and helps him get to the back.

BACKSTAGE: Vince McMahon and Ric Flair

- Flair walks into Vince's office. Flair says, "Whooo!"
- Vince says, Limousine ridin', jet flyin', high profilin' Nature Boy, Ric Flair... oh and now I guess you can add.. co-owner of the WWE.
- Flair slicks his hair back and says, That's right baby, haha! But enough with all of that Vince! I here to talk to you about what you said earlier tonight, about my decision making last week.
- Flair says, First of all, let's get one thing straight, Booker T is a FIVE TIME, FIVE TIME, FIVE TIME, FIVE TIME... wooooh! FIVE TIME, WCW champion! And he's more than paid his dues baby! In fact, I'd place my bets on Booker T against anyone in the WWE. So don't question, his credentials or my decision making on putting him an Undisputed Championship match against HHH last week. OK pal?
- Vince says, Well Ric.. we're not pals for starters. But I guess I'll agree with you on Booker's credentials as he certainly is championship material, but you don't honestly believe he can beat HHH one-on-one in a fair fight do you? Don't answer that.
- Flair says, No dammit, I will. The answer is yes and I'd put my job on it!
- Vince smirks. He says, your job huh? You're that confident in Booker T... that you're willing to put your job on the line, that he'll win? Flair, you're even more foolish than I thought.
- Flair says, Yeah Vince, I'm laying all the cards out and betting the house, but when Booker T does win at Backlash and become the WHC, I don't want an apology from you Vince, I want full ownership of the WWE!
- Vince says, Wait just a damn minute here, just because you're irrational with your business decisions doesn't mean I'm gonna be dammit! I know HHH can beat Booker T in a one-on-one match, but I'll be dammed if I'm putting my job on the line, as evidence!
- Flair says, What's wrong Vince, don't have the balls?
- Vince gets hot and in Flair's face. He says, I have the balls dammit! I'm Vincent Kennedy McMahon! I've got the biggest balls this business has ever seen! You're on Flair!
- Flair gets closer to Vince's face and says, Wooooooh! Flair walks out of the office as Vince seethes.

IN RING: Crash Holly is waiting on his opponent

- Raven comes out to the stage.
- Raven says, Crash, you're getting the easiest win of your life tonight, because I'm not competing against you tonight.
- He says, What's the point? I see none. But I do see much deeper now... And what I see is a corporation set on silencing or rather ending Raven and everything he represents.
- He says, Since the beginning, I've been mishandled and disrespected by the suits and ties and the prejudice and bigotry has been rapidly spreading and corrupting the minds it touches... It's now infested you people and turned you into mouth breathing sacks of flesh, that nod their heads at the press of a button.
- He says, Since you people don't appreciate Raven...
- Ravens looks out into the crowd for a couple of moments and then turns and heads to the back.
- Crash just stands there perplexed in the ring...

*** Brock Lesnar's theme hits ***

- Lesnar comes out with Heyman and they head for the ring.
- Lesnar enters the ring and stares at Crash, while flexing; Crash grabs his scale tight!
- Lesnar walks over to Crash, who tries to lift his scale, but Lesnar bursts out a run and clotheslines Crash.
- Lesnar picks up the scale and throws it outside of the ring.
- Lesnar then picks up Crash and delivers a vicious F5, sending him flying outside of the ring, as well!
- Heyman gets in the ring and gloats over Lesnar, who stands there flexing.
- Trainers rush out from the back to attend to Crash.

BACKSTAGE: Raven leaving the arena

- Raven is on his way out of the arena when he's cut off my Big Boss Man.
- Raven attempts to get around Boss Man, but he cuts Raven off again.
- Raven says, Excuse me, but you're in my way.
- Boss Man says, I know, you got a problem with authority?
- Raven says, I don't have time to deal with another corporate stooge right now, so if you'd kindly just step to the side, I'll be on my way...
- Boss Man says, I can't do that. But what I can do is make sure you don't leave this arena tonight, before you fulfill your contractual obligations and compete in a match tonight. So why don't you just turn around and get ready for a match tonight.
- Raven laughs. He says, so you're the suits new enforcer huh? Well let me tell you this, Big Boss Man, I thought I made myself quite clean tonight, but I guess it wasn't crystal... I've had enough of the mistreatment and disrespect by the suits around here, so I'll be taking my leave--now!
- Raven tries to force his way past Big Boss Man, but Boss Man grabs Raven and throws him into a wall, sending Raven stumbling.
- Boss Man grabs Raven again and throws him into a some backstage equipment. He tries to strike Raven, but Raven grabs a clipboard and slams it into Boss Man's face.
- Boss Man stumbles back a bit, which allows Raven time to grab a chest on wheels and roll it into Boss Man--running him over.
- Raven makes his getaway, as Boss Man lays on the floor.


- HHH says, Guys, we take care of business tonight. I've got my match next, with Perfect and I plan on letting him know I heard what he said last week and how I appreciate how he got involved in my match last week. But more importantly... HHH looks at Nash. HHH says, Nash, you get to be the one to get his hands on that fraud of a champion, Booker T tonight. HHH looks all around at the other NWO members and says, Make sure Booker T is reminded who holds the real weight around here.
- Nash says, Don't you worry about me, I'll make damn sure Booker T is in the best physical shape possible for your rematch at Backlash.
- HHH smiles and then looks at Big Show and Stasiak. He says, Why don't you two show the rest of us we made the right decision in bringing you in. Impress me!
- Big Show and Stasiak nod their heads.

BACKSTAGE: Mr. Perfect heads to the ring

- The Undertaker approaches Mr. Perfect.
- Takers says, Hey I just wanted to say I got your back out there tonight, in your match against HHH, if you need it.
- Perfect looks at Taker and says, Normally, I'd say I got this, but the NWO could be a problem tonight and I don't want anyone getting in my way of teaching that punk HHH some respect. So if you want to get my back, I won't say no.
- Mr. Perfect walks off and heads for the ring. Taker makes a motion with mouth and nose, like he's got the message as he watched Perfect walk away.

- Mr. Perfect comes out and heads to the ring.

*** NWO's theme hits ***

- HHH and every NWO member, but Nash come out and head towards the ring.
- The NWO disperses around the ring, as HHH gets inside and stares over at Perfect.
- Perfect looks intense as he's trying to focus on HHH and the NWO outside the ring.
- Near the end of the match, Hennig has got the best of HHH throughout the match and it's starting to show on HHH's face.
- Hennig points at HHH and tells him, you're gonna learn punk! Hennig goes to pick HHH up, but HHH rakes his eyes and pushes him outside the ring, where he gets surrounded by the NWO vultures.
- Stasiak and Big Show begin stomping out a defenseless Hennig, when Taker makes his appearance.
- Taker makes a b-line for the ring as Hall and X-Pac prepare for him. Stasiak and Show are still beating Hennig.
- Hall and X-Pac meet up with Taker on his way to the announce table area and the three men go at it. Taker clears through Hall and Pac and heads for the other two NWO members.
- Taker goes for Show first and the two exchange blows before Stasiak attacks Taker from the back. Show then slams Taker into the announce table and the two gang up on Taker.
- HHH exits the ring and goes to Hall and Pac. He checks on the two and helps them recover. The three head over to the beating Taker is getting at the hands of Show and Stasiak.
- HHH, Hall and Pac all stand by root the two on. HHH and the others get vocal and shout to Show and Stasiak to have no mercy and to prove to them they belong with the big boys.

- Kane makes his WWE return and starts making his way to the ring.
- The NWO look like they've seen a ghost as Kane continues to make his way towards them.
- They let up on Taker and all turn their focus towards Kane. Pac and Stasiak are sent to attack Kane first, but Kane makes quick work of them with two blows.
- Next, Hall takes his shot, but Kane grabs him and throws him into the barricade.
- HHH looks at Big Show and tells him that's it's his time now. Kane and Show step up to each other and are now face-to-face. HHH yells at Show and shouts for him to take Kane out.
- Kane and Show exchange blows, with neither man being able to gain the advantage. Both men grab each others throats, in an attempt to choke slam the other, but still a stalemate.
- Kane breaks Show's grip and then grabs Show's neck with both hand and lifts the 500lb giant off the floor and crashing through the announce table!!!
- HHH cannot believe it, as he looks at Big Show laid out over the wreckage.
- Kane turns his attention to HHH and begins walking towards him, HHH begins to back up and tries to talk Kane down.
- Suddenly, Stasiak and Pac are back up and attack Kane from behind. Kane turns his attention towards them and then gets attacked from HHH. It's now a 3-on-1 assault and the NWO have the advantage.
- However, Kane still holds his own and begins to gain the advantage back, until Hall rejoins the fray, by jumping on Kane's back. It's appears the Big Red Monster is ready to go down, when Henning gets back to his feet and starts furiously assaulting everyone wearing black and white!!!
- Hennig is knocking all kinds of heads around, allowing Kane to get back in the fight himself. But soon the numbers were in the NWO's favor again until Taker was back up and began attacking NWO members.
- Hennig grabs a chair and now it's 4 against 4. And after a couple of chair shots to the NWO, they begin retreating, leaving Big Show behind.
- HHH is furious as he points and yells at Hennig, who is back in the ring with the chair and is watching the NWO back up the ramp.
- HHH yells, This isn't over Perfect, as he and the NWO backtrack up the ramp.
- Taker and Kane join Hennigs side, as they all watch the NWO fall back.


Not Removing until:

Drew McIntyre returns to the WWE []
John Cena turns heel []
Kane retires []
Mark Henry becomes WWE Champion []
Heath Slater wins a singles title []
Jerry Lawler retires []
John Morrison returns to WWE []
Sting debuts in WWE []
The Cruiserweight Championship is re-instated []
The Tag Team division is legitimate []
The Divas division is legitimate []
The Hardcore Championship is re-instated []

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