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Default Ring Warriors: A Diffferent Type of Company

What is Ring Warriors?

Ring Warriors is the largest collection of bad asses in the world. Owner, Malcolm Kane, has scoured the globe looking for the toughest and roughest motherfuckers he could find and they come from a large array of lifestyles from felons to police officers to special forces to mma fighters to boxers to fucking cult leaders and vampires. Malcolm Kane didn't leave any stones unturned on his search to find "Ring Warriors".


Malcolm Kane (Brian Jossie)

The owner of "Ring Warriors", Malcolm Kane has rumored to have made his small fortune running an illegal escort service around the globe. This business though has enabled Kane to establish connections to help him find the widest array of "Ring Warriors" that he could assemble. Although his past is sketchy everybody knows one things is for sure and that is Kane is all about money.

Arda Ocal (Arda Ocal)

Hired as the voice of "Ring Warriors", Ocal is well known by wrestling fans for his shows in Canada. Rumors backstage says Ocal signed onto the company because he owes a considerable debt to Malcolm Kane and will work almost for free.

Quincy Pointdexter (Michael Titus)

Quincy is said to be an investor in "Ring Warriors" and used this position to gain this job. Quincy is the nerd that everyone picked on in high school but instead of hanging out and partying with the cool kids, he stayed at home, watching wrestling and learning everything he could about computers.Pointdexter created the number one MILF porn site on the web called "MILFDTF.COM". Earlier this year Quincy sold the site to Brazzers and decided to give his other love, professional wrestling a try.

Skye Chandler (Reby Sky)

Skye is said to be one of Kane's former escorts and now some say his girlfirend. Skye has denied these claims but is said to be seen Kane's office late at night.

Brutus (Brodus Clay)

Brutus has traveled the world as Kane's personal bodyguard and will do the same at "Ring Warriors". The 400 pound monster will make any man think twice on pulling anything with the boss. It's rumored that Brutus also serves as Kane's collection agent on his debts. People say that a drunken Brutus will boast about breaking guys' bones and even killing a man in Thailand.


Aidan Craft (Jesse Sorensen)

A former All-American collegiate wrestler, Craft was on the way to a spot on the U.S. Olympic team but a severe neck injury ended his career. Craft has been a medical miracle as he has came back 100% percent from the injury that most originally thought would leave him paralyzed from the neck down. Craft isn't your typical "Ring Warrior" competitor as his image and life is squeaky clean as he plans on setting an example for everybody to look up too.

Antonio Milano (Johnny Gargano)

Milano loves the Jersey Shore show and has patterned his life like it. Milano is very loud, cocky and hitson anything with a pulse. Milano was living the ideal life before his mobster uncle died and Milano was moreless drafted into the lifestyle. There Milano met his cousin, Tomas, who was fresh from Sicily and two couldn't be more opposites. The two crossed paths with Brutus once as they were both collecting from the same guy.Brutus was impressed by the duo's actions and brought them to the attention to Kane, who made a deal with their uncle for them to perform in "Ring Warriors". Antonio sees this as the break he has been looking for.

Black Mamba (Ricochet)

The mysterious Black Mamba showed up at open try-outs for "Ring Warriors" and dazzled everyone with aerial exploits. Not much is known about the masked superstar except that he was wrestling in bars in Tijuana, Mexico. He makes up for his lack of size with speed and his athletic ability. Kane sees big dolllar signs when he watches him wrestle and figures he will be a huge hit with the younger crowd.

Butch Cantell (Luke Gallows)

Butch Cantell is a former member of the D.O.A. motorcycle club. Is it said that Cantell and the D.O.A. have done services for Kane in the past and Cantell has a very lengthy rap sheet from assault to grand larcency. Butch left the D.O.A. after he was passed over for the club's presidency. Butch was just roaming from town to town before he saw a commercial for "Ring Warriors" and called Kane.The 6'8 300 pounder might be the toughest man in the company and has no problem doing anything it takes to defeat an opponent.

Chris Covell (Christopher Daniels)

Covell used to be the front man of The Grudge, one of the world's biggest rock bands eight years ago. Covell then went for a solo career that flopped while The Grudge replaced him and grew to bigger fame. Covell then wasted his fortune on drugs and women and said to have a considerable debt with Kane. Don't think Covell will be a push over as when he was on the top, he trained with the best marital arts instructors in the world and is undefeated in three professional MMA fights.

Chris Savior (Chris Hero)-

Savior is a street hustler magician. He once crossed Kane as he pick pocketed the owner. Savior proved his toughness after taking a savage beating from Brutus, where Brutus said it was the most punishment anyone has ever taken. After that Savior was said to be protected by Kane as he committed crimes around Miami. Savior has a background in boxing and convinced Kane to give him a shot in his newest venture.

Damian (Crimson)

Damian was a former college football star but after a serious concussions he was passed over by the N.F.L. His family says that after the final concussion, Damian started thinking he was a vampire after watching an episode of True Blood. This illusion grew and grew before it totally consumed him and he left everything he knew behind. He move to Los Angeles and started working as a bouncer at a gothic night club before he met his girlfirend.Along with his girlfriend, Vixxen, Damian showed up at the try outs and impressed with his strength and size. Damian and Vixxen go all out with the vampire fantasy as they both have had fangs implanted and they are never seen during the day.

Delmer Brown (Jay Briscoe)

Delmer Brown comes from the coal mines of West Virginia where he was rememberd by Kane when he saw him fight in a tough man contest on television. Brown at first wanted no part of "Ring Warriors" but his family is in considerable debt after their bank called in the mortage on their home a few months ago. So when, Kane offered to pay the loan off and just take it out of Brown's pay, Delmer signed on the dotted line. Delmer isn't happy though about beingng in debt to someone like Kane but he knows that it was his only choice.

Dimitri Romanov (Matt Morgan)

Romanov is a former member of the Russia National Basketball team but a knee injury forced him to retire. From there Romanov took up kick boxing and became one of Russia's top heavyweights but his temper seemed to cost him big matches. He has since started fighting underground fights with connections to the Russian mob, where he is undefeated.Dimitri was brought to the attention of Kane by Quincy Pointdexter's cousin, Lenny White. When Kane saw the 7'0 athletic freak, he was smitten and had him flown in from Russia for a try-out. Nobody they put in the ring with Romanov could stand up to his onslaught. It's been said that Kane has even teased Brutus about replacing him with Dimitri.

Drew Bronson (Drew Galloway)-

A former member of the United Kingdom SBS, Bronson claims to have took part in over 100 top secret missions during his enlistment. After leaving the Royal Marines, Bronson joined up with some private security teams but didn't like some of the shady types of people they worked for and quit the business. Bronson has been moreless employed before flying to the U.S. and taking part of the "Ring Warriors" try-outs where his training stood out and he was signed.

Elijah Pope (Elijah Burke)

A childhood friend of Kane but the two took different paths in their lifes. People say that the two committed a crime together and Pope took all the blame and got sent to prison for fifteen years. Inside, Elijah found religion and boxing and came out a changed man as Kane stayed the gangster course. Elijah though has found life on the outside difficult. He was unable to find a steady job and had to resort in some local boxing fights to earn enough money to live. While at a local gym looking for talent, Kane saw his former friend and offered Pope a job in "Ring Warriors". Pope was reluctant at first but knew he really has any other choice but this right now to make a good living.

Hoyt Reynolds (Lance Hoyt)

Hoyt Reynolds is a bouncer at The Electric Rodeo in Houston, Texas who showed up to the try-outs. A big man at 6'7 and about 280 bounds, Hoyt seems to be a gentle giant until you cross him. People back in Houston say though Hoyt is a different man when he has been drinking as he almost beat a man death with his bare fists. Hoyt also might be known to some as he was a former college football for the Texas Longhorns.

Ira Goldstein (Colt Cabana)

The son of Kane's lawyer, Harvey, Ira is taking part of "Ring Warriors" by the request of his father. Ira was supposed to take over the Goldstein law practice but flunked out of Yale Law School due to too much partying. He has spent the last five years living off the family's fortune until recently when he was cut off. Harvey thinks time competing in "Ring Warriors" will straighten him out.

Frankie Hollywood (Kazarian)

A former male stripper, Frankie has been looking for another career when his agent called about the "Ring Warriors" try outs. Frankie had wrestled in indies part time for the past couple of years decided to give it a try.Frankie along with his best friend, Trent, impressed the company and signed the duo as a tag team. They are seen as "easy on the eyes" for the ladies and should quickly be a big crowd favortie.

Jack Savage (Jon Andersen)

A former professional strongman, Savage was banned from the sport after assaulting another competitor and almost killing him with an Atlas Stone. Savage has then went on to become a professional bouncer for the most prestigious night clubs in Los Angeles before being found by Kane to join "Ring Warriors." after he bench pressed a man over his head and threw him about ten feet.

Jason Blade (Jason Barrett)

A former MMA fighter Blade quit the sport after a severe shoulder injury. Now the injury is healed but instead of restarting his MMA career, Blade showed up at the "Ring Warriors" try-outs. Blade's incredible strength and technical prowess stood out quickly and was instantly signed to a contract. Behind the scenes though, Blade has been seen by Kane as a possible problem as he has rebuffed Kane's gifts and friendship as Blade wants to seen as his own man.

Jamie Walker (Uhaa Nation)

A former NFL player, Jamie Walker is a rumored former client of Kanes but is now married with two kids. People say that Tampa police detectives pressured Walker to testify against Kane years ago but Walker claimed to know nothing about the escort agency. His spot in "Ring Warriors" is said to be a form of payback from Kane for his silence years ago.

Joey Anaconda (Joey Ryan)

A former employee of Quincy Pointdexter, Anaconda is a former porn star along with his wife, Mandy Mounds. Anaconda is rumored to have some kind of dirt on Pointdexter, who pulled strings to snag both of them jobs. It's not known what kind of training Anaconda has if any.

Johnny Angel (John Morrison)

A former member of a Mormon child music group that was supposed to be the new Osmond Family, Johnny, instead left the church in his teenagel years along with his three cousins. Angel started his own church called "The Children of the Light" and started his own small time wrestling promotion. Angel and his cousins all showed up at the try outs, hoping to get signed so he can get his word out to a national audience.

Kevin King (Shaun Ricker)

King made national news a couple of months ago for saving a family from a burning car as he busted the windows and dragged them to safety just before the car exploded. The whole thing was caught on video and King instantly became a celebrity for his heroics. Ricker was a construction worker that has dabbled in some minor MMA fights before he got the call from Kane with a "Ring Warriors" contract as the company tries to cash in a bit on his name.

Loco (Shawn Hernandez)

The name, Loco, sends fear to the hearts of many in San Antonio. A gang enforcer, Loco, is rumored to have killed over twenty people but there has never been no witnesses to the crimes. Loco has crossed paths with Kane and Brutus in the past and was easily remembered when they were putting together the roster. Loco lives up his name as nobody really trust what he will do at any moment not even Kane. Loco is accompanied by his girlfriend, Selena, as she seems to be the only person that can keep him under control somewhat.

Lucky O'Keefe (Grado)

Lucky was a fan that moreless stalked Kane after the company was announced. He sat out everyday at Kane Enterprises just waiting for a chance to beg Kane for a job. He showed up at the try outs and received a brutal beatdown in matches with Dimitri Romanov and Jack Blade. Kane was impressed by O'Keefe's courage and signed him to a contract, thinking the crowd will love an underdog.

Mandrake (Garth Kidd)

A member of a gypsy group, Mandrake, become semi-famous on YouTube with his fight with Drew McNamara. Mandrake had toured from town to town throughout Europe before that match. The match so impressed Kane that he sent people to Europe to track him down. After three months, the gypsies was found in Spain but Mandrake rejected the first offer saying that he wanted to stay with his group but soon after a fire destroyed much of the group's belongings by a group of hooligans. There is some whispers that Kane was behind the attack but he declared his innocence to Mandrake, who believed him. Mandrake has quickly became a Kane favorite as he has even moved in the guest house of Kane's estate.

Marcus Grey (Mark Jindrak)

Marcus Grey has done legit business with Kane Enterprises as he heads one of the most successful real estate agencies in the Southern United States. Grey has a net worth around 200 million but had a secret of underground fighting. Grey is an investor in "Ring Warriors" and in turn put himself on the roster to test himself against the best. Grey is out to prove that just because he is privlaged doesn't make him weak. He is seconded by his secretary, Scarlett, but most people think they are much more.

Matt Angel (Matt Jackson)

A cousin of Johnny Angel and twin bother of Nick Angel, Matt was a back up signer more less in the Mormon child group. Matt left the Mormon church with the rest of his cousins but out of the four has had the roughest time in the "real world." This has created a conflict sometimes between his family and/ himself but it has never stopped him from forming a great tag team with his twin brothe,

Nick Angel (Nick Jackson)

The other Angel brother, Nick, is said to be the most loyal to Johnny much to the disgrin sometimes of his brother, Matt. He oftens finds himself running errands and doing the "dirty work" for "The Church of Light". All of this didn't stop him from forming a tag team with his brother that has wowed all of wrestling.

Paul McNamara (Paul Burchill)

An ex-futbol player, McNamara was once a top youth prospect in England before his temper derailed his career when he slammed down a player and paralyzed him in a fight. McNamara then started making a living doing underground fights and was undefeated until he faced a mysterious fighter named Mandrake. This fight was unbelievable as neither man went down but instead they both passed out of exhaustion. A video of the fight was put on YouTube and after watching it, Kane offered both men gua

Rocco Ramone (Cliff Compton)

A former NYC police officer, Ramone helped bring don some of the Milano Family even imprisoning the father of Antonio. Rocco's war on organized crime though had blowback as he started using pain killers and failed a drug test. After a year of being addicted to Vicodin, he checked himsef into rehab and got clean. Ramone was signed after the Milanos asked for his inclusion as they are planning some revenge for the former cop.

Sgt. Tommy Steele (Michael Elgin)

A war hero in Iraq, Steele won the Purple Heart after saving his unit from an enemy sniper and carrying his wounded friend over 10 miles on his shoulder to safety. Steele headed back home last year and since has find himself just graduating from wrestling school. The instructor, Tim Tharpe, informed Kane about his prized student and after seeing him wrestle at the school, Steele was signed by Kane.

Trent Star (Trent Barretta)

A former male stripper and best friend of Frankie Hollywood, Starr followed Hollywood to the try outs but didn't plan on trying out until he was asked by management to perform with friend. The duo worked well together as Starr has had some professional wrestling training as he has done some matches to help pay the bills.

Tomas Milano (Tommasso Ciampa)

Tomas has only been in the U.S. for a year after being brought to the country to help shape up his cousin, Antonio. A native Sicilian, Tomas, is old-school in everyway. Tomas is a man of few words and that's great because his cousin is a man of many. He doesn't seem to be too happy about having to compete in "Ring Warriors" but he will do anything that the family will tell him to do.

Voodoo (Kongo Kong)

Nobody knows where Voodoo comes from but the 6'8 350, manager, Orleans, says he came to him in the Bayou after a dream. Voodoo is well known throughout the South in underground fighting as he is undefeated and has never even been knocked down. Voodoo got signed to "Ring Warriors" after Orleans made contact with Kane through a third party. Kane was suspicious at first but after seeing the monster in person, he was 100% convinced that he made a great choice.


Christy Angel (SoCal Val)

The last Angel cousin, Christy was once the fantasy of most Mormon teenagers before leaving the church with his cousins. Christy has been a driving force getting new members for "The Children of the Light" as many men are lured in by her beauty. Christy though seems a little smothered by her three male cousins as everybody says the trio is overly protective of her and rumors say that her last boyfriend has mysteriously gone missing.

Lenny White (Mortimer Plumtree)

A cousin of Quincy Pointdexter, White graduated from Princeton and ended up getting a job as an investment banker. White though wasn't satsified with the career and started playing Texas Hold'em in his spare time. Soon White left banking behind and became a professional poker player. During a poker tournament in Russia, White discovered a huge fighter there in Dimitri Romanov. White saw dollar signs in the seven footer and soon contacted "Ring Warriors". Romanov was instantly signed and White was able to secure him a contract as his agent and translator.

Mandy Mounds (Trina Michaels)

A porn actress, Mandy Mounds, recently retired from the industry when her husband, Joey Anaconda, signed with "Ring Warriors". Some people say that Mounds is a gold digger and will fuck anybody that can further either one of their's careers.

Orleans (Teddy Long)

A long time boxing promoter throughout the South, Orleans found his meal ticket in Voodoo. He claims that Voodoo came to him after a dream as he found on his doorstep after seemingly walking through the Bayou in the middle of the night. He has booked Voodoo all around and has made a small fortune on the monster before contracting Kane and getting a contract from "Ring Warriors". Orleans promises that Voodoo will be the biggest thing in the company.

Scarlett (Scarlett Bourdeaux)

Scarlett is the secretary/personal assistant to Marcus Grey. Scarlett is said to have graduated from Vasser and holds degrees in business and economics. She has been a loyal employee of Grey's for the past six years but their rumors that they are much more then that but they keep it out of the public eye. Insiders say that e

Selena (Rosita)

Selena grew up on the wrong side of the tracks and often found herself in trouble with the law. Although everybody warned her about him, she found herself lured to the older dangerous, Loco. Selena found security as Loco's woman and was respected and feared in her neighborhood. Selena seems to be the only person that calm down the 300 pound mad man and is very loyal to her man.

Vixxen (Taya Valkyrie)

The vampire girlfriend of Damian, Vixxen is said to be just as dangerous. Vixxen is said to have been a normal girl from somewhere in the Midwest before running away from home at 16. She found her way to Los Angeles and joined a rock band where she was the lead singer. After getting booked in a gothic style night club, she instantly fell in love Damian as soon as she laid eyes on him. Since that night the two have always been together as she often refers to Damian as her "maker".

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Default Re: Ring Warriors: A Diffferent Type of Company

Holy.. This looks cool! But I would if you don't mind like a backstory not just "We have big tough guys lel" i is confusing to wonder how the company got them all etc. Other than that good luck! (P.S Good roster.) (P.P.S like the backstorys of the wrestlers.)

Credit to chibinova for the awesome sig!

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Default Re: Ring Warriors: A Diffferent Type of Company

That is a pretty damn good roster you've got there, I'm looking forward to this. Liking the backstories too.
Originally Posted by PikachuMan
Anyway, I doubt this is the end or anywhere near the end of Eugene. Vince/Umaga did a number on him, but he can show up next week like nothing happened. Maybe with a special hat or something.

Hello. I'm working on a WWE BTB. You can find it here complete with its first PPV, Summerslam!
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Default Re: Ring Warriors: A Diffferent Type of Company

Ring Warriors

Founded: 2014

Founders:Jeff Katz and Christopher Daniels

Headquarters:Los Angeles, California

Other Key People:Bill Behrens (VP of Wrestling Operations), Rob Naylor (creative), Court Bauer (creative)

Parent Company:Netflix Inc.

Ring Warriors is the creation of Jeff Katz and Christopher Daniels after running into each other and deciding to share a dinner and a few drinks. The two talked about the state of wrestling and how Katz's Wrestling Retribution Project and TNA had gone wrong. Daniels praised Katz for his promotion's ideas and confessed that he had pushed something similar to Dixie Carter years earlier. Each man shared the same feeling that the wrestling business needed something new and fresh. The two left each other, thinking nothing more would ever come out of it.

A few weeks later though, Jeff Katz was having a meeting with Netflix, pitching his new cop drama show when the discussion changed to professional wrestling. The Netflix executive admitted to being a huge wrestling fan and said he was disappointed that nothing more came out of Katz's WRP. Katz apologized and admitted that the venture was more costly then he thought and how he felt bad that he let down so many fans. He then mentioned his meeting with Daniels. The executive said that would be a show they would be interested in to add to it's expanding roster of programs. He gave Katz a month to get back with them with a presentation.

Katz called up Daniels, who was totally shocked about the turn of events. He informed Katz that he was booked for a short term run in Ring of Honor but he would help Katz if he could. He then turned Katz onto wrestling agent, Bill Behrens, telling him that Behrens could build him a quality roster within two weeks. Katz called Behrens and offered him a job and Behrens accepted after getting some ownership in the company.

A week later, Behrens flew to L.A. to meet with Katz, who in the meantime had hired former WWE writers, Rob Naylor and Court Bauer as his assistants. The two had come up with over 60 some characters and asked Behrens to go out and find wrestlers that would fit each one. Behrens came up with a list of wrestlers for each role and finally the trio made their final choices on each character. Behrens then went to work getting each man signed to a three month exclusive contract with salaries ranging from 100k to 10k. After about a month roughly 40 characters were cast including Christopher Daniels. Filming will start taking place soon at CBS Film Studios at the studio that once was home to the American Gladiators franchise.

Everything is now in place and the only question now is if Katz and Daniels was right and ther is a market for this kind of wrestling company.

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Default Re: Ring Warriors: A Diffferent Type of Company

Today twelve more characters were added to the "Ring Warriors" roster. These wrestlers contacted "Ring Warriors" after the buzz the previous announcements caused throughout the wrestling world. Katz and Naylor was able to create characters that will help round out the roster.

Tito (Apollo)

Tito is from San Antonio and is the street rival to Loco. Tito lost his "street cred" went Loco was able to beat him up after having sex with Tito's girlfriend. Tito claimed that he was injured before the fight as he hurt his back in a car accident earlier in the week. Nobody bought the excuxe as Tito was kicked out of his gang and left San Antonio in shame. Tito saw Loco's name on the "Ring Warriors" roster and was able to land a spot so he can get his revenge in front of a national audience and get his self-respect back.

Mister Roberts (Bobby Fish)

A college professor, Roberts lost a bet to a student and tried out for "Ring Warriors". After the first roster announcement, Roberts thought he was passed over but instead got a late phone call to join the group. Roberts might be book smart but don't let that fool you because he used to compete in submission tournaments all around the world. Roberts tells his students that he doesn't believe in failure so you can bet that he is committed to giving it all in "Ring Warriors".

Billy Bob Boggs (Jay Bradley)

A former small-town county sheriff in Alabama, Boggs decided not run for re-election even though his popularity was at it's highest after getting rid of the D.O.A. motorcycle gang in his county. Boggs has a strong history with Butch Cantell as Cantell left the area to avoid arrest. Boggs has come to "Ring Warriors" to look for justice.

Silas Hansen (Silas Young)

Silas is a man's man. Born in Texas, Silas was your typical Texan as he starred on the football field and inside a rodeo ring. After his college football career fell flat, Hansen turned to the rodeo circuit full-time. His toughness became legendary as he often rode bulls with various injuries. Then one night a couple of his buddies convinced him to go to a local wrestling show and Silas was hooked. He then used his savings to enter a wrestling school and ended up the star of his class. Silas wasn't able to show up to the tryouts because of traveling issues but still got signed just on the videos of his work.

Melvin (Melvin Maximus)

Melvin is the husband of Chris Savior's ex-wife, Dee Dee. Melvin is a former construction worker that dabbled in tough man contests where he met his future wife. Melvin's friends says that Melvin isn't very smart and they think Dee Dee is only using him to get revenge on her former husband. Melvin, though doesn't seem to mind as he will do anything to make his wife happy.

Dee Dee (Becky Bayless)

Dee Dee's arrival to "Ring Warriors" is too get revenge on her ex-husband, Chris Savior. Dee Dee claims she was victim of physical and mental abuse by Savior and that he had to even give up their child to adoption because of Savior's ways. Dee Dee now is re-married and is finally putting her life back together but thinks that revenge on Savior is the first step.

Danny Church (Daniel Puder)

Church is a former MMA champion that was made a laughingstock after a video was taken of him getting beat-up by Hoyt Reynolds outside the Electric Rodeo. Church was ridiculed so much by the video that he lost total focus on his training and has been a shell of his former self in his last three fights. Church was able to sign with "Ring Warriors" to finally get a chance with Reynolds to gain back his respect.

Mikey O'Hara (Mikey Whiplash)

A rumored member of the I.R.A., Mikey is as dangerous as they come. After a raid by U.K. officials led by Drew Bronson resulted in the arrest of much of his family, Mikey fled to the United States. After reading online about Bronson's signing with "Ring Warriors", O'Hara worked some back channels and got him a private try-out with Kane. O'Hara impressed with his toughness even though recklessness bothered Kane a little.

Sal Pavone (Karl Anderson)

The former partner of Rocco Ramone, Sal left the police force after taking a bullet in the shootout that saw the arrest of Paulie Milano and the death of Vito Milano. Pavone has been living the life of a retiree in Boca Raton before he was alerted about Rocco's joining "Ring Warriors" followed by the signings of Antonio and Tomas Milano. Knowing that the Milanos will be looking for revenge, Pavone decided to join "Ring Warriors" to once again to have his partner's back.

Rickie Razor (Christian York)

Razor is a former member of Chris Covell's old band, The Grudge. Razor though was fired by Covell before the group made the big time after Razor's drug use was causing them to miss shows. Since then day, Razor has been stuck in bands going nowhere fast while also working as a bouncer for nightclubs. York quickly got in touch with "Ring Warriors" hoping to get a grudge match with the man he holds responsible for ruining his life.

Red Scorpion (Yoshi Tatsu)

The Red Scorpion is a mysterious masked wrestler that is said to be the rival of The Black Mamba in Mexico. The Scorpion doesn't speak English but his vicious style speaks volumes. Many people say that the Scorpion and Mamba was students of the same wrestling school and was once best friends but some kind of falling out made them bitter rivals. Scorpion looks to finally rid wrestling of the Black Mamba,

Vinnie Milano (Vince Russo)

The leader of the Milano crime family after the death and imprisonment of his two brothers. Vinnie has decided to come to "Ring Warriors" to keep his two nephews, Tomas and Antonio on the same page and that's to get revenge on Rocco Ramone and his partner, Sal Pavone. Vinnie is old-school with deep pockets and won't rest until he gets his revenge.

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