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WWE 2014: A New Era


It is July 2014, and slowly new stars such as Roman Reigns, Daniel Bryan, and Seth Rollins are replacing the last generation of superstars such as Randy Orton, John Cena, and Triple H. Stuggling for years to get to the top, this is their shining moment to achieve glory, or fail, and once again have to work from the bottom. How will the very structure of the WWE change with this young and talented superstars? With exciting ring workers like Seth Rollins and Dolph Ziggler, to the microphone skills of Dean Ambrose and Bray Wyatt, to the pure power of Cesaro and Roman Reigns, it's needless to say that this generation has the skill and talent to make it to the top. Will they succeed in their quest, or will they fail? Only time will show as the years go by, and some of these superstars lead the new decades, into the new era. (This BTB is done in TEW, and I have a few other people helping me on another forum. PM me if you would be interested in joining.)


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Re: WWE 2014: A New Era

Official Roster of WWE 2014: A New Era

WWE Main Eventers

The biggest names and the brightest stars, superstars that get a fan off their feet, superstars that send a shock-wave through an arena, only here in WWE!

Alberto Del Rio, The Big Show, John Cena, Kane, Mark Henry

Randy Orton, Rob Van Dam, Roman Reigns, Sheamus

WWE Upper-Mid Carders

The supporting cast if you will, those on the cusp of stardom and fame, or those on their way down after a hard-fought war, veterans and young talent take centre stage.

Bray Wyatt, Dolph Ziggler, Kofi Kingston, Rey Mysterio, R-Truth

Ryback, Seth Rollins, Stardust, The Miz

WWE Mid Carders

Those who haven't quite "made it" yet, who vie for glory and recognition, but can't quite find it yet. Some of them will make it. Others will not.

Big E , Antonio Cesaro, Damien Sandow, Dean Ambrose, Erick Rowan

Goldust, Jack Swagger, Jey Uso, Jimmy Uso

Justin Gabriel, Luke Harper, The Great Khali, Titus O'Neil

WWE Lower-Mid Carders

Those who are just now beginning to assert themselves onto the roster, who wait for a chance to rise to stardom.

Bo Dallas, Curtis Axel, Diego, Fandango

Fernando, Santino Marella, Zack Ryder

WWE Openers

Those who haven't amounted to anything yet, the kids on the rise and those who never really did enough to ascend above this level.

Adam Rose, Heath Slater, Rusev, Sin Cara
WWE Enhancement Talents

The bottom of the barrel, the lowest of the low. For the new recruits or those who have been given up on, those here are destined to spend many nights looking at the ceiling.

David Otunga, Xavier Woods

WWE Divas Division

The fierce women of the WWE, the Divas Division is simply stacked for competition as every woman in the company dreams of becoming the Divas Champion.

AJ Lee, Alicia Fox, Brie Bella, Cameron, Emma

Layla, Naomi, Natalya, Nikki Bella, Paige

Rosa Mendes, Summer Rae, Tamina


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Re: WWE 2014: A New Era

Monday Night Raw

Week 1, July 2014

Held from the Van Andel Arena from Michigan with a sold out crowd of 10,834!

Segment One

[Monday Night Raw kicks off big-time as the theme music of the World Heavyweight Champion - John Cena - blares through the loud speakers, garnering a 50/50 reaction from the crowd, as would be expected.]

["The Champ" doesn't keep the people waiting, as he quickly makes his way out onto the stage, all smiles, with both of his title belts hanging around his neck. Cena does his salute at the top of the ramp before making his way down to the ring, collecting a microphone from ringside on his way.]

[Once inside the ring, Cena begins to address the WWE Universe.]

John Cena: Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to Monday Night Raw!

[A loud burst of approval is heard from the crowd, who seem to be
excited for the night to begin.]

John Cena: Oh, I can see that you are all pumped for tonight, and why wouldn't you be? This is Monday Night Raw!
Tonight, I'll be partnering up with Roman Reigns, to take on the team of Randy Orton and Kane. Now, I don't know if Triple H knew this when he made the match, but there is just a little bit of tension between me and Roman Reigns...
So, without further ado, I'd like to invite-

[Roman Reigns doesn't allow Cena the luxury of calling him out, as his theme music interrupts his speech, resulting in yet another wave of cheers from the crowd. Reigns makes his way down to the ring with a no-nonsense expression plastered across his face.]

[Reigns also receives a microphone from ringside and enters the ring, he approaches John Cena at the centre, the two lock eyes for a few moments, before Reigns begins to pace back and forth, finally stopping when he has something to say.]

Roman Reigns: Sorry John, but I don't want to talk about being best friends. I don't care about being your partner John, I care about two things and two things only.
Firstly, paying back that coward Seth Rollins...and secondly...
Winning those...

[Reigns points to the two title belts slouched across Cena's shoulders, this being the catalyst for a huge uproar of cheers, with a "Let's Go Cena" and a "Roman Reigns" chant battle starting up. Reigns and Cena remain in the ring in silence until Cena breaks the deadlock, switching from his smile to an equally serious expression.]

John Cena: Roman, let me just explain something to you. You come out trying to make an impact, trying to capture the WWE World Heavyweight Championship? Good. That's good Roman. Ambition, passion, it's all good.
But Roman, many men have come and gone with that same goal, yet here I stand as the World Champion, a 15 time World Champion at that.
I didn't want to be best friends either Roman. All I want is us to at least work together to beat those two Authority-lackeys tonight, are you with me Roman?

[Reigns takes a moment to think over what Cena has just said, before he smiles at Cena and brings the mic to his lips.]

Roman Reigns: I'm with you.

[A collective cheer from the crowd is interrupted by the sound of Voices, as Randy Orton makes his way onto the stage, followed closely by "The Demon" Kane. Cheers turn to boos as Orton begins to speak while on his way down to the ring.]

Randy Orton: No, no, no, no, no, no! Reigns, Cena, you two are not having a match for the World Heavyweight Championship. It is not happening.
Need I remind you two that I still haven't received my one on one rematch for a title that should still be mine?

[By this point, Kane and Orton enter the ring and square up to Cena and Reigns, who seem a lot more united now in the presence of their opponents for tonight.]

[Orton seems to be mouthing words at Cena, while Kane and Reigns just remain staring at each other, coldly. Just as it appears things are about to kick off...]
["The Game" makes his way out onto the stage with a microphone in hand, dressed in his usual suit, looking like a farcry from the days of the "Cerebral Assassin".]

[Triple H doesn't leave the stage, instead he simply begins talking.]

Triple H: Alright, Alright, that's enough. Listen here, none of you are in charge around here. I am in charge. I make the decisions. I own this place. And I have decided on a match to captivating, so big and so explosive, not a single person in the world will want to miss it.
Cena, I heard you like a challenge. Or two. Or three.
So at Battleground, John Cena will defend his WWE World Heavyweight Championship...against Randy Orton!
And Kane!
And...Roman Reigns!

[The four back away from each other a bit, as the seeds of distrust seem to be planted between Cena and Reigns. Cena doesn't appear to be amused by Triple H's match-making.]
Triple H: Good luck John!

[And with that, Triple H's theme music once again plays as he makes his way to the back, leaving the four Battleground opponents in the ring, exchanging glances, as we go to commercial break.]

Match 1

Alberto Del Rio vs Dolph Ziggler

#1 Contender's Match for the United States Championship

Normal Singles Match
Del Rio and Ziggler started the match quick, as both men looked to earn themselves a shot at Sheamus' U.S Title. Neither man could take an early advantage in the first few minutes, as "The Showoff" and the "Mexican Aristocrat" had flashes of dominance, but they were just that, flashes. Del Rio finally took the lead with a resounding kick to the skull of Ziggler, who had been left slouched against the ropes. Del Rio continued working the arm of Ziggler, as it appeared he was about to put Dolph away, Ziggler managed to hit a Fame-asser out of nowhere and swing momentum his way for a while. The finish came with Ziggler preparing for the Zig-Zag, only to be countered by Del Rio and hit to the ground with a dropkick. Del Rio finished Ziggler with another huge kick to the skull and secured himself a match at Battleground.
Winner: Alberto Del Rio

Segment Two
[Alberto Del Rio appears to have something to say, as he is handed a microphone from Justin Roberts. "Mexico's Greatest Export" breaths heavily for a few brief moments, before he starts to speak, cocky smile and all.]
Alberto Del Rio: Sheamus, you Perro, tonight I have guaranteed myself a match with you at Battleground. Sheamus, your days as United States Champion are numbered.
Because Sheamus, to become the United States Champion...it is my destiny!

[As Del Rio finishes talking he drops the mic as we fade to black for a commercial break]

Segment Three
[We return from commercial to see Renee Young standing with Randy Orton in the interview area backstage.]

Tonight Triple H gave you a shot to win the WWE World Heavyweight Championship but in order to win the belt, you will have to go through the current champion John Cena, Roman Reigns and your partner tonight, the Demon, Kane.

Let me stop you right there Renee. As you see, not only am I the face of WWE, but after Battleground in 3 weeks, I will once again have my WWE World Heavyweight Title that I never lost. As for the other three men in the match, it doesn't matter who they put in front of the Viper, I will win and restore order because thats what's best for bus.......

[Before Randy can finish that sentence he is joined by Kane.]

Kane: What's best for business, huh? You're right about one thing Randy, and that is when the Authority the title, it's what's best for business, and I promise that no MATTER WHAT, THE AUTHORITY WILL CONTROL THE GOLD even if it means I have to do it myself.

Randy: Now you listen here, you Big Red Freak! THAT IS MY BELT AND I WILL LEAVE BATTLEGROUND AS CHAMPION!
[With that the the two man square off face to face.]

Kane: But first tonight we need to take of business and make sure that neither Reigns or Cena make it to battleground at 100%.

[With that, we send it back to ringside for our next bout]

Match Two
Cesaro vs Xavier Woods
with V.S.

Cesaro is all over the young man right from the opening bell using his superior strength despite Xavier's best attempts to use his size and speed to his advantage Cesaro never allows him to get any advantage. Woods is clearly overpowered by the larger Swiss Superstar. Ceasro wrestles Woods to the ground where he wraps his arms around Wood's legs and begins to swing him like a ragdoll He swings in circles easily upwards of 2-3 minutes to the excitement of the crowd. After regaining his balance Cesaro deadlifts the smaller Woods up into the air were he threads his arm through Woods' legs and plants him with the Neutralizer. Cesaro Covers him for the easy 1-2-3. Paul Heyman joins his client in the ring as they celebrate their victory.
Winner: Cesaro

Segment Four

With Xavier Woods still looking gutted from his loss, leaning against the turnbuckles, out comes Bo Dallas with a microphone. After posing at the stage, Bo comes down the ramp, and enters the ring with a very concerned look on his face.

Bo Dallas: Hey buddy, what happened out here?
|Bo holds the microphone to Xavier Wood's mouth, who has a very disgusted look on his face as Bo continues to look at him like his 1st grade teacher.]

Xavier Woods: Well I---

[Pulling the microphone away, Bo just looks at Woods with a grin, much to the displeasure of both the WWE Universe and Xavier Woods, who looks even more furious than before.]

Bo Dallas: No need to explain yourself Xavier, you see, I was watching your match, while training. And the reason that you lost Xavier, is because you were lacking one thing that champions like Cesaro, and me, Bo Dallas all have, and that is BOlieving! But don't get discouraged buddy, just keep climbing that mountain, just keep training, just keep working at your potential, until one day you beat Cesaro! And if you work real hard, you might be able to step into the ring with a true champ, Bo Dallas!

[Helping Woods to his feet, following it up with a thumbs up and a grin, Dallas steps out of the ring before doing a victory lap, as Xavier Woods looks on mouthing, "What the heck?"]

Segment Five

[We Return from commercial with a graphic on the screen.]

[We go to the announce desk for reaction.]

Michael Cole: What an announcement Triple H made on behalf of the Authority tonight to kickstart the road to Battleground John Cena will have to defend his WWE World Heavyweight Championship against not one but three opponents.

JBL: That's not all Cole tonight those same four men will pair off for what is sure to be a heck of a main event tonight.

Lawler: None of the four men appear to be happy about it! I wonder if any of them will make it to Battleground in one piece.

Cole: Battleground is still three weeks which you can watch live on the WWE network which you can subscribe to for only $9.99 per month and recive access to every WWE, WCW and ECW as well as 24 hr live streaming of never before seen content.

JBL: Enough about that Cole lets talk about what we just saw and that's a former WWE Champion will be making their return to the WWE tonight.

Cole: That's a very good point John, I just have to wonder who it could possibly be making their return tonight.

JBL: Oh I already know but you know what I'm not going to tell you who it is.

Lawler: Will you knock it off you don't know who it is any more than the peanut vendors do.

Segment Six

[With that we go backstage to Adam Rose]

Adam Rose: Hello Michigan! Are you ready to party? I know we are! Curtis Axel, I hope you're not a Lemon! Remember Michigan, don't be a lemon, be a rosebud!

[We go back to commercial as Adam Rose and his 'Rose Buds' dance around the backstage area, humming Rose's themes as they walk around.]

Match Three
Adam Rose vs Curtis Axel

Rose and Axel trade for the first half of the match with neither man able to maintain control for more than a few moments at a time. This all changes when Axel begins to take offence to the Rosebuds continuing to party at ringside, Axel howls loudly that wrestling is a serious business, Thsi gives Rose enough time to get up and regain his senses. Rose quietly sneaks up on Axel while Ryback stays on the outside atempting to get Axel's attention back on the match. Rose grabs Axel by the shouler swings hgim around into a big right hand, Rose stays fast on the offensive sending Axel hard into the corner he follows up very quickly with a splash in the corner he pulls Axel out and plants him with the Party Foul for the 1-2-3.
Winner: Adam Rose

Segment Seven

(Flashing backstage following the commercial break, we go to Renee Young, who gets many whistles from the WWE fans in attendance in Michigan tonight.)

Renee Young: Please welcome my guest at this time, "The World's Largest Athlete," the Big Show!

(Getting a great reaction from the fans, Big Show has to lean over a bit to reach the microphone.)

Big Show: Well Renee, it's great to be here on Raw tonight in front of the WWE Universe, who are watching from all around the world, and live here in the great state of Michigan!

(Getting a good pop from the acknowledgement, Big Show continues to talk.)

Big Show: You know, I've almost done it all here in the WWE Renee. I've main evented Wrestlemania, I've been world champion, I've gone one on one with all the greats: "Stone Cold" Steve Austin, the Rock, even Hulk Hogan.

(With the former World Champion still mid sentence, he gets interrupted by a loud, familiar voice which draws a lot of heat from the crowd watching RAW tonight. Walking into view with his client Cesaro, both men have confident grins on their faces following the domination of Cesaro earlier in the night.)

Paul Heyman: And you know the 2 men that you haven't beaten? Because if you don't, let me remind you that I am the 1 behind the 1 in 21-1. And I earned that distinction, when my client, the beast incarnate, the conqueror, Brock Lesnar himself conquered the Undertaker's undefeated streak at Wrestlemania!

(Clearly fed up with Heyman's statements, the crowd begins to boo Heyman as he continues)

Paul Heyman: And the other man you haven't beaten, is the winner of the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal. He earned that distinction when he slammed your sorry ass over that top rope! Now just remember, you may have beaten Hulk Hogan, Steve Austin, even the Rock! But you have never defeated the raw power of the King of Swing, Cesaro!

[Heyman and Cesaro saunter off the set leaving Renee and The Big Show standing looking confused as we head to commercial break]

[We return from commercial to see Seth Rollins joining the announce team for the next match]

Match Four

Ryback vs Dean Ambrose


Ambrose is on Ryback even before the bell rings as he just pounces on Ryback and peppers him with lefts and rights, Ryback is doing all he can to just get Ambrose off him however Ambrose continues just laying it on Ryback. Ambrose finally gets off however he does not continue his attack instead he heads to the ropes closest to Rollins and the announce team and begins yelling at Rollins who maintains his calm sitting at the announce desk this serves to anger Ambrose who begins to exit the ring however this gives Ryback to opportunity to get on the offensive preventing Ambrose from leaving he brings him back into the ring Ryback uses his size advantage to take over for a period however as Ryback gets Ambrose up for the Shellshock Ambrose slides out the back door and plants Ryback with the Dirty Deeds for the 1-2-3.
Winner: Dean Ambrose

As the referee raises Ambrose's arm, he breaks free from the referee and immediately makes his way over to the announce desk were he begins to berate Rollins, who begins to respond. However before he can even get a few words out Ambrose jumps over the announce desk to get at Rollins. The two men brawl out from behind the announce desk as referees begin to pour out of the backstage area! They are unable to control the two men who continue to get at one another no matter how many time the refs pull them apart! Even when this leads to a handful of agents joining the attempt, they still can not control the violence. After several minutes of brawling, the agents and referees are finally able to subdue Ambrose, as they drag him to the back, with him resisting the whole time.

[We head to commercial as they finally separate the two men]

Segment Eight

Justin Roberts: Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome, the Ravishing Russian, Lana!

(Returning from commercial break, Alexander Rusev's music hits to a good amount of heat from the fans in Michigan as his associate and manager, Lana walks out, looking as evil as ever as commented by Jerry Lawler.)

Lana: Just like every other week I've been in this pathetic country, I've gotten plenty of laughs from you weak (what?) stupid, (What?) pathetic Americans. And it's no different from the people here in Michigan!

(Booing at the knock taken at them, Michigan makes their displeasure known as Lana quickly shows her annoyance.)

Lana: Shut up you stupid Americans! You just can't deal with the fact that Mother Russia is the supreme nation in this world, and it makes sense, because it is run by great man, a great leader, who hates every single one of you, and your pathetic country! All of us should pledge our allegiance to one man: Vladimir Putin!

(With Putin's face on the titantron, it draws tremendous heat from the crowd, who starts up a USA chant as "The Ravishing Russian continues her speech.,)

Lana: Along with our great leader, I shall pledge my allegiance to the Bulgarian Brute, the winner of the Russian Federation's Gold Star Metal, and the man who will once again crush his opponent, Rusev!

(Walking to the ring looking as intimidating as ever, Rusev walks down to the ring with the Russian flag as Justin Roberts introduces Rusev, who is currently undefeated in the WWE.)

Match Five
Rusev vs R-Truth

Rusev just absolutely dominates R-Truth. Truth is unable to get any viable offense in on the Russian Beast, Rusev meanwhile focuses his attack on the back of Truth. Rusev begins to toy with Truth letting him get in token offence before chopping him back down. Rusev grows tired of toying of Truth hits him with a superkick and locks on The Accolade for the easy submission victory.

Winner: Rusev

Segment Nine
[The arena cuts to black as it becomes clear that the returning star hyped up all night is ready to make their return. The titantron starts a count-down from 10.]

[With each second that passes, the crowd gets louder and louder in excitement. Finally, the counter reaches zero and once again the titantron fades to black.]

["AWESOME!" The crowd seem less excited than expected as The Miz's theme song hits, followed shortly by the man himself making his way out onto the stage, a microphone in hand and a pleased grin plastered across his face. He is fitted in a black suit and dress pants, he also has a pair of black shades over his eyes. He struts down to the ring, with the crowd beginning to die down a little, some even starting to boo the Cleveland native.]

[Finally, Miz makes it to the ring and brings his microphone to his lips, to begin his explanation.]

The Miz: Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls...savour this moment forever...because each and everyone of you...are in the presence of a REAL Hollywood superstar!

You see, I've been away from the WWE as I put my vast, vast talents to use in other fields. You see my face? My natural good looks? This face is my money maker. This face is the face you will be seeing at the movies on the big screen. And this face...

This face will soon become THE face of the WWE.

You all must be wondering..."But Miz, why on earth would you come back? Why would you waste your time on something that is below you, Miz?" The answer is simple...when I defeated John Cena...in the main event of Wrestlemania...and RETAINED my WWE Championship...
I was the most must-see WWE Champion in the history of this company. And because I'm such a good, kind hearted person, I've decided that this company needs a real champion. This company doesn't need John Cena, Roman Reigns, Randy Orton or Kane. This company needs the Chick Magnet, the cross-platform multi-media superstar, the A-lister...
They need me.
So to demonstrate my ability, to show that I haven't lost a step...I am issuing and open challenge for next week!
That's right, next week, The Miz will be in action! Tell your friends WWE Universe. Next week, The Miz will be in action.
And all of this kindness has come...
I'm The Miz...And I'm....

Match Six
Layla vs Paige


The two divas have a very competitive match that stays fairly even with Layla using her veteran wiles to young Paige in check. Layla appears to be in firm control of the contest before Paige fires up and begins to swing momentum back in her favor with a flurry of forearms. Paige works Layla into the corner and goes from one corner to the other with a big splash. Paige pulls Layla out of the corner, Layla attempts to regain control by swinging around to attempt a German Suplex however Paige blocks the attempt. Layla slides tot eh side to attempt a Russian Leg Sweep however this puts her in perfect position to fall victim to the Paige Turner which Paige hits to the roar of the crowd she follows up with an easy 1-2-3

Winner: Paige

As Paige celebrates her victory a familiar face makes her return

[AJ enters to a mixed reaction of cheers and boos. She applauds Paige from the top of the ramp, She reaches into her back pocket and produces a microphone.]

AJ: Congratulations Paige, you have held my belt now for nearly three months, but you'll notice that I have been absent for the last couple of months for a very good reason.

[AJ raises her left hand to the crowd which brings about a loud round of CM Punk chants.]

AJ: Yes I Love him too. But now for more important and that is my belt, I never got a chance to use my rematch clause, so at Battleground I propose that we enter the ring one more time and this I promise you won't get lucky!!!!!

[Paige is presented a mic from ringside]
Paige: I beat you once and since then I've only gotten better so you want a rematch I promise the result will be the same!

Segment Ten

[Rob Van Dam's theme begins to play, earning a warm welcome from the Michigan crowd. However, it is wasted, as Damien Sandow makes his way out onto the stage, sporting a RVD-esque singlet and with his hair tied in a pony tail, Sandow does the patented RVD taunt before walking down to the ring and grabbing a microphone.]

Damien Van Damdow: Hello dudes. Like, dudes, I'm totally cool man, like I'm definitely awesome dudes. Aren't all you dudes happy to see me? This is my home town! Finally, like, after so long man...
Damien Van Damdow is back in Battle Creek. Like, dude, nobody wants to mess with...

[Damien's antics are cut short as RVD's them song plays again and the real RVD makes his way to the ring, albeit very confused.]

Match Seven
Damien Van Damdow vs. Rob Van Dam

The match is fairly open early on, with Damien taking it to a still relatively confused RVD quickly. The two get in their own equal amounts of offence, until Damdow is able to take the advantage with a back suplex. Damien manages to keep RVD grounded for a while and slows the pace of the match, but before long, RVD is able to get the tempo moving again and connects with a Five Star Frog Splash to pick up the win.
Winner: Rob Van Dam

Main Event
Roman Reigns and John Cena vs Kane and Randy Orton

and V.S. and

[The Crowd is electric as all four competitors in the upcoming Battleground Main Event Fatal four way for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.]

All four man square off in the center of the ring to start the bout. The men pair off and begin to brawl around ringside before the ref is able to ring the bell, Reigns and Kane go around the ring toward the barricade meanwhile Cena and Orton brawl towards the entrance way. The ref begins to clearly get irritated as the four men brawl around ringside. After several minutes, the referee is finally able to ring the bell after Kane and Reigns head in the ring, while Orton is able to eliminate Cena by ramming his head into the lower section of the Titantron. As Cena lays on the ground, referees and the ringside medical team swarm Cena to ensure he is able to continue.

Meanwhile, Orton has made his way back to the ring and he and Kane are clearly taking advantage of numbers game, tagging in and out and quickly the advantage is entirely on the side of The Authority. Reigns is clearly down and out and continually finds himself looking towards his corner and hoping John Cena will arrive. However that begins to prove unnecessary as Reigns begins to fire up and begins to take it to Kane. Kane backpedals back to his corner and luckly tags into Orton however the crowd half erupts as Cena has returned to ringside and is making his way back to the ring. Before he can make it to the ring however, Seth Rollins begins running down towards Cena, rearing back with his MITB briefcase and prepares to level the champ! However, he is unable to take advantage, because just as fast, Dean Ambrose is on him!

Cena gets to the ring apron just as Reigns delivers a Superman puch to Kane, Reigns tags out to John! Cena gets in as Randy Orton comes charging from the other corner. Cena gets him up for an AA however before he can plant Orton, Rollins has entered and levels Cena with the briefcase, Ambrose follows behind him and pounces on Orton. The Referee has no choice but to throw the bout out as a Double DQ,

Winner: Draw, in a double disqualification via interference!

[With the match being thrown out, a chaotic brawl continues between the two teams. In the ring, Cena and Orton begin to take shots at each other and end up near a corner, trading blows one. Kane and Reigns are also doing this, but outside the ring, so the ringside barricades are put to good use, as well as the steel steps.]
[Meanwhile, Rollins is chased by Ambrose, jumping the barricade and beginning to flee up the stairs, but he is chased down and the two begin to brawl their way out of sight. Back in the ring, Cena manages to get the upper hand on Orton, sending him out of the ring with a clothesline over the top rope. Cena doesn't have time to celebrate though, as Kane slides under the bottom rope and hits a huge uppercut on the WWE Champ. Kane then attempts a chokeslam on the "Cenation Leader", but Cena manages to power out of it and reacts quickly, hitting an Attitude Adjustment on Kane!]

[Kane rolls out of the ring and Cena begins to relax a bit, with all threats seemingly rid of...]
[SPEAR! Reigns sends Cena crashing to the mat with a huge spear, one that was unexpected from pretty much everyone. Reigns looks down on Cena and smiles, but he isn't the last man left standing, because just as his guard goes down...]

[Reigns is turned around and quickly hit with an RKO!

Randy Orton jumps up from the ground and begins trash talking Reigns, before he climbs a turnbuckle and poses as Raw goes off the air with his theme song blaring in the background.]


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