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My 3rd show

I know i have been told to put it all in one thread but i will after this one starting fresh

Hope you enjoy so here it is

As the show opens a Recap of last weeks events happen with Benoit, Austin, Lesnar and Angle. After it finishes the Raw promo plays and Pyros blast of through the crowd as the crowd are hyped up and ready for the show as No Way Out is just around the corner.

1st Match WWE Cruiserweight Championship
Jamie Nobal © w/ Nidia vs Billy Kidman vs Hurricane

A good cruiserweight match with high flying moves and Power moves from Nobal, Kidman hits the Shooting Star Press on Hurricane but Nobal breaks up the count and he hits a Tiger Bomb on Kidman but TORRIE WILSON comes down and distracts nobal and Nidia gets jealous an Wilson and Nidia start fighting on the outside to the crowd pleasure and Nobal gets up turns around and the Hurricane hits a Chock slam on Nobal and pins him 1,2,3

Winner and New WWE Cruiserweight Hurricane

In the Back Bischoff is there holding the WWE Womens championship belt and he steps into a Locker room which is Jazz is and he tells Jazz that “you better win the Championship belt because Shane is Training Trish to win so I have decided to be your manager for this match at No Way Out so good luck for your Tag Match tonight”

Jazz is looking at Bischoff with a Smile


2nd Match
Matt Hardy vs Edge

An average match with a lot of good moves, Quick Past match, Edge tries a spear but goes into the ring post and Hardy hits the Twist Of Fate and pins him 1,2,3

Winner Matt Hardy


John Cena comes running down to the ring and jumps in and hits Edge with the Intercontinental belt and then start giving Edge a serious beating and then he leaves with Edge busted open wide

In the back we see Hurricane celebrating with a couple of Superhero friends and Nobal comes in and attacks Hurricane and throws him into a wall and then Challenges him to a match at No Way Out and he will await his response


‘ Time to Play the game ‘ Plays through the arena as HHH comes down with a smile on his face and he steps in the ring and grabs a mic and goes to speak but Ric Flairs music begins to play and out comes Flair and he walks down to the ring and grabs a mic of his own.

“Now HHH I know you are mad about me attacking you but make sure it was for a fair reason and I can assure, match will be called straight down to the middle because I don’t hate you I just wanted you and Rock to become friends and I had to do something to stop the match but I failed. But this Sunday one of you guys will leave wwe for ever and never return and Rock it might be you and it might even be you Hunter but the main Point is I will call it straight down the middle”

HHH looks at Flair and answers back

“you might be the Ref at No Way Out but I can tell you this I aint leaving WWE”

HHH then hits a Pedgriee on Flair and he taunts to the crowd as he leaves. But when he gets to the top of the ramp he turns towords the ring and smiles as Flair is looking at HHH and the Rock comes from now were and hits HHH with a Chair and starts beating on him on top of the stage with chair Stabs into his Stomach and Chest he then leaves with HHH Bleeding from the head and mouth and rock and Flair are smiling

JR “is Rock and Flair together”

King “if so we can say Goodbye to HHH at No Way Out”


3rd match
Trish and Molly vs Jazz and Victoria

Good womens tag match with a lot of good womesn moves ends with Trish going for the Stratusfaction but Jazz coming in and hitting a DDT on Trish but Victoria gets up and throws Jazz out of the ring and pins Trish for the 1,2,3

Winners Jazz and Victoria


Jazz is looking angry at Victoria as she celebrates her win


4th match WWE Tag Team Championship
Dave Batista and Randy Orton © vs Dudleyz

A good tag team match with a lot of power and athleticism shown, Dudleyz hits the 3D on Orton and then out comes Shelton Benjimin and Charlie Hass comes out from the back distract the ref as Batista hits Bubba with the Tag Belt and then hits a powerbomb on D’von but out from the crowd comes Lance Strom and William Regal and attack Benjimin and Hass as the batista hits another powerbomb on D’von and the ref counts the 1,2,3

Winners and Still WWE Tag Team champions Dave Batista and Randy Orton


Regal and Storm clear the house and then challenge the Tag Champs to a match at No Way Out and then Out comes Bischoff

“At No Way Out the Tag Titles will be on the line in a Four Way tag team match with the Champs in one corner, Strom and Regal in another, Dudleyz in another aswel and a very special Opponents will be the last team so I guess it’s good luck for this weeks No Way Out”


In the back we see Hurricane going around and he jumps out on Nobal and throws him into a door which goes into Bischoffs office and they fight in the room trashing the place and Bischoff walks in and tells them that they are in a match at No Way Out

5th Match
Kurt Angle vs Chris Benoit

An Amazing technical match with a lot of reversals and holds with the crowds going wild for it. Benoit puts the ankle lock on and Angle is screaming with his own move but Angle gets out of it and then Glass Breaks as Austin comes down and Angle is put in the Cripple Cross face and Austin comes in and gives Benoit the stunner and then he throws Angle out of the ring and Lesnar comes running down and he pushes Austin out of the way and hits a F5 on Benoit and both men stare each other down before Angle comes in and hits an Angle slam on Austin and he takes his belt and leaves with it and Lesnar is now on the outside laughing

No Contest

Scene Fades

Champions of WWE

WWE Champion Stone Cold Steve Austin
WWE Intercontinental champion John Cena
WWE Cruiserweight champion Hurricane
WWE Womens Champion Vacant
WWE Tag Team Champions Dave Batista + Randy Orton

No Way Out card

WWE Championship
Stone cold Steve Austin © vs Kurt Angle
#1 conteder WWE Championship
Brock Lesnar vs Chris Benoit

Loser Leaves town Match
Special Guest Ref = Ric Flair
Triple h vs The Rock

WWE Intercontintel championship
John Cena © vs Edge

WWE Womesn Championship
Trish vs Jazz

WWE Tag Team Titles
Dave Batista + Randy Orton vs Lance Strom + William Regal vs Dudleyz vs Mystry Opponents

WWE Cruiserweight championship
Hurricane vs Jamie Nobal
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Well done, good show, but try to make some matches longer, I say some because a few of your matches are long. Good card, and just for notifictaion, it's Noble.;sxbanner.jpg
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wow cool show, i enjoyed reading that!
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Nice show..really like it

grade: B+
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I like your mix of Raw and Smackdown superstars on one show. I like the Batista/Orton tag team which could happen once Randy gets back.
Grade: A-
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grade B-

please visit my forum and please try to post there
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Here is the No Way Out results for my show. This will be the only ppv becasue i think it would be easier for me to write show after show leaving out the PPVs.

So here is my No Way Out

No Way Out PPV

A Video Promo opens the show with clips of the last couple of raws with the WWE Championship match. Once it finishes the crowd are going wild as Pyros blast off from the crowd as they are ready for the first WWE PPV in the new era of sports entertainment.

1st match WWE Cruiserweight Championship
Hurricane vs Jamie Nobal w/ Nidia

Nobal and Hurricane show there true talents in the ring with good high flying skills and mat skills, Hurricane going for the chock slam but Nobal getting out and Rolling him up for the 2 count, Hurricane finally hits the Chock Slam but Nidia comes on the apron then Torrie Wilson comes running down and pulls Nidias shorts down to show a Black Thong and Nidia runs to the back and Hurricane hits the Eye Of the Storm for the 1,2,3

Winner and Still WWE Cruiserweight Champion Hurricane

Trish and Shane in the back talking when Bischoff walks in and they look at each other and Bischoff tells them that they got to share the same room and they agree to share and Trish leaves

2nd Match WWE Intercontinental Championship
John Cena © vs Edge

An ok match in all some good Spots from Cena but Edge ending up winning when Cena gets distracted by Shelton benjimin as he comes down to the ring and Edge winning the match with a Spear

Winner and New WWE Intercontinental Champion Edge

Bischoff and Shane are talking about who will win the WWE Championship match when Matt Hardy walks in

“Seems I have no match tonight I was wondering if I could have a Tag Titles match on raw with the winners of tonight’s match because at this weeks raw you see a Mattitude follower”

Bsichoff agrees aslong as he tells us who is going to win the WWE Championship match tonight and Matt agrees with Shane that Austin will win

Cena is mad in the back looking for Shelton when he walks into there changing room all 4 men are there and Cena asks why Shelton distracted me and Orton stands up and slams the door on the Tv Crew

3rd Match #1 contender WWE Championship At Wrestlemania
Brock Lesnar vs Chris Benoit

Good Technical match with both showing there Amateur background. Lesnar picks benoit up for the F5 but Benoit slips out and slaps on the crippler crossface and Lesnar is screaming in pain. He gets to the ropes and Benoit leaves go Benoit charges at Lesnar and Lesnar hits a SpinBuster and then a F5 and the 1,2,3

Winner and #1 Contender for WWE Championship Brock Lesnar


Lesnar is celebrating and he picks up Benoit again and takes him to the outside and hits an F5 on the floor and then he signals for it against the ring post but Y2J comes running down and attacks Lesnar throwing him into the ring steps and then stomping on him and Lesnar retreats away to the back

Shane is walking down the corridor when he knocks on the door of The Rock and he walks in and Rock is with Ric Flair talking and Shane askes what Flair is doing in there and Flair says there just talking nothing to do with the match. Shane then says that the winner of this match tonight gets a shot at the WWE Championship on Raw aswel as staying in WWE

4th Match WWE Tag Team Titles
Batista + Randy Orton vs Dudleyz vs Lance Storm + William regal vs Mystery Opponents

Starts off with only 3 teams as the Mystery team aint announced because the 3 teams start fighting, Dudleyz are eliminated first when they go for the 3D on Orton but Batista comes in and hits a Sit down powerbomb and gets the 1,2,3

1st Team Eliminated Dudleyz

just a normal tag match here with Orton getting the win after Storm superkicked Regal by mistake

2nd Team Eliminated Lance Storm + William Regal

Orton and Batista celebrating there win when the arena goes black and out comes 2 young guns from California Joey Mathews + Christian York who fight straight away and Orton hits a Pump Handled slam on Mathews and Batista has got York on the outside and he Powerbombs him through the Announcer table and Orton is on the top rope but Mathews pushes him off and Mathews hits Batista with the Tag belt and Pins him 1,2 but Cena pulls the ref out and throws him into the crowd and Charlie Hass and Shelton Benjimin come running down and they all start Pummeling Mathews and Orton hits a Hard spin buster and then he pins him and the ref comes in 1,2,3

Winners and Still WWE Tag Team Champions Dave Batista + Randy orton


Orton, Batista, Hass, Benjamin and Cena all raise there hands with Delight as this little Faction grows
In the back wee See trish ready to go with Shane behind her and Jazz is seen walking down the corridor with Bischoff

Recap for the womens championship

5th match WWE Womens championship
Trish w/ Shane vs Jazz w/ Bischoff

Trish and Jazz fight for a while on the outside and then they fight in the ring Bischoff and Shane try and get involved but cant, Trish hits a bulldog and then Pins Jazz but as the ref counts Bischoff pulls Trish out and then Shane runs over and Bischoff and Shane start fighting with Shane getting the upper hand and throwing Bischoff into the crowd and Trish goes in and Jazz hits a DDT but through the crowd comes Victoria and she hits a Fishermans Suplex on Trish before Jazz can do anything and Jazz gets the victory with the 1,2,3

Winner and New WWE Women’s Champion Jazz

We see Flair in the back putting on his ref shirt and leaves his locker room

6th Match Loser Leaves Town Match
The Rock Vs Triple H

An Amazing display of wrestling between the two with Rock hitting the rock bottom through the announcer table at one point weapons come into play a lot with Flair letting it go. Rock gets a chair brings it in and throws it and flair and rock holds up HHH but Flair says no and rock looks at Flair and they start fighting with Rock hitting the Rock Bottom on Flair and then HHH is up and rock hits a spin buster then a Peoples Elbow but there’s no ref and when another ref comes running down he counts 1,2 but Flair grabs the ref and throws him to the outside rock is going nuts and he turns around for HHH to hit Rock with a Pedigree and Flair makes a quick count 1,2,3

Winner Triple H


HHH then looks at the rock and smiles as he leaves with Flair and Rock gets up slowly bleeding and he takes one last look at the crowd and then arena

Austin and angle are seen getting ready for there match which is Next

7th match WWE Championship Match
Stone Cole Steve Austin Vs Kurt Angle

Brock Lesnar makes his way down to the ring to do some Announcing and Austin and Angle start with some Chain Wrestling, they fight on the outside for a while were Angle Taunts to Lesnar but Lesnar just ignores him, they get back into the ring they wrestle some more with angle showing his power and matt skills. Angle hits the Olympic slam and the ref counts 1,2 but Austin kicked out and Angle cant believe it. Stunner from Austin and Lesnar gets up and pulls the ref out as he counts the 1,2 Austin and Lesnar go toe to toe and angle gets up and Y2J comes from now were and smashes Angle in the head with a chair and then takes his t-shirt off and throws it at him Lesnar backs down and laughs as Austin gets back in the ring and Lesnar throws the ref in and Austin pins Angle 1,2,3 and Austin is looking at Lesnar as lesnar laughs as he walks up the ramp

Scene Fades


WWE Champion Stone Cold Steve Austin
WWE Intercontinental Champion Edge
WWE Cruiserweight Champion Hurricane
WWE Women’s Champion Jazz
WWE Tag Team Champions Dave Batista + Randy Orton

Next Raw Card

WWE Championship
Stone Cold Steve Austin Vs Triple H

WWE Tag Team Championship
Dave Batista + Randy Orton vs Matt Hardy + ???

Hope you Enjoyed
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Good PPV. I liked the detail in the matches although i'd rather see Triple H leave then the Rock.;sxbanner.jpg
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Here is the next raw! Hope you like it


Raw kicks off with clips of the main event from No Way Out and the Pyros blast off as Raw Kicks off

As raw kicks off Randy Orton, Dave Batista, John Cena, Charlie Hass and Shelton Benjamin all walk down to the ring and Orton grabs the mic

“well welcome to Raw but this is a new raw because as off tonight there will be no more Matt Hardy, Because just like last night we will show him and his tag Partner what were all about just as we did with Joey Mathews and Christian York because tonight is the first Offical show were we come into play we Introduce you to the Revolution”

JR “that’s what there calling them selfs… Revolution”

King “why are these young guns come together”

1st match
Torrie Wilson Vs Nidia

Just a plain women’s match both show some good stuff, Jaime Nobal got involved but this Brought down the hurricane but as Nobal and Hurricane started fighting Torrie Rolled up Nidia for the 1,2,3

Winner Torrie Wilson


In the back we see Shane on the phone to somebody and Bischoff walks in

“hey Shane I got an idea”

“what Eric”

“Wel you know we got that Main Event tonight well I just made it a triple threat beacsue I added Chris Jericho”

“ What wel how about this we will make it a 4 way match with Chris Benoit added”

JR “A 4 Way match here tonight king”

KING “ye I cant wait

2nd match WWE Intercontinental Championship
Edge Vs Charlie Hass

A good technical match with some good moves edge hitting a few High moves with Hass hitting some Submission moves Edge wins when Shelton Benjamin comes down and tries to hit Edge with the IC Belt but Edge ducked and hit Hass edge Spears Benjamin and pins Hass 1,2,3

Winner and Still WWE Intercontinental Champion Edge


In the back Hass is going mental with Shelton and Revolution try and came him down but he just walks out of the locker room

3rd match
William Regal Vs Bubba Ray Dudley

Boring match were Regal wins with the Brassnuks

Winner William Regal


Dudleyz , Storm and Regal get into a fight when the arena goes black and then when the lights come back on Nathen Jones is standing in the ring with everybody on the floor out cold

King “It’s Nathan Jones”

JR “that guy is huge”


4th Match WWE Tag Team Championship
Dave Batista + Randy Orton Vs Matt Hardy + ???

Orton and Batista are in the ring when Hardy comes to the Ramp with a mic

“now I Know I told you that I was going to be in this match but things have changed because I have two Mattuide followers and they are Joey Mathews and Christian York”

Christian York and Joey Mathews jump in the ring and the match starts with Mathews and Orton, It turns into a good match with the crowd pumped aswel, hardy gets involved and everybody ends up getting involved with Hardy, Mathews and York ending up on a bad side of a beating when Mathews and York cant fight any more Hass turns at Shelton and Smahses him with a superkick and all the Revolution start beatin on him with Batista hits the Powerbomb and then Hass gets in his face and they all leave with Hardy and his Followers with Shelton on the mat

Winners No Contest


5th Match WWE Womens Championship
Jazz vs Molly

Good match with Jazz easily defending her title but Molly has some good moves. Molly tries her Molly-go-round but misses and Jazz hits the Implant DDT for the win

Winner and Still WWE Womens Champion Jazz

In the back we see shane running down the corridor and Austin is seen being put into an Ambulance as we see Lesnar looking on and shane see's him

"did you do this? did you? (lesnar just smiles) in that case tonight im going to make you put your wrestlemania spot on the line in tonights Main Event so it will still be a 4 way match with the winner going to Wrestlemania"

Lesnar is standing there stund


6th Match #1 conteders match for WWE Championship
Brock Lesnar vs Chris Benoit vs Chris Jericho vs Triple H

Great Match with jericho and Benoit doing some techinacal moves in the ring and Lesnar joining in at one point Lesnar over powers Jericho and Benoit in a lot of points.Triple H doesn't get involved alot just fights Lesnar on the outside. Jericho slaps on the Walls of Jericho and Benoit is screaming Triple H comes in and hits Jericho with the Pedigree and pins him as the ref counts 1,2 Lesnar Breaks up the count and Benoit puts the Crossface on Lesnar and Lesnar gets to the rope but before Benoit leaves it go HHH comes back in with a Sledgehammer and Smahses benoit in the back of the head and then Lesnar and the ref lets it go and HHH is taunts to the crowd and Jericho comes from behind and rolls HHH up 1,2 kickout. Crowd are going mental for this match as everybody is down Metal hits and Kurt Angle starts walking down to the ring and HHH is up and he looks at Angle and he turns around and Jericho smashes him with the Sledgehammer, Jericho pins him thinking he has the match won and the ref counts the 1,2 but angle pulls him off and they start fighting with right hands they fight to the outside were there Angle hits jericho with an Angle Slam into the crowd and Angle then looks at Jericho and laughs as he starts to walk up the ramp. HHH, Lesnar and Benoit are all slowly getting up Benoit grabs the Sledgehammer looks at Lesnar goes to hit lesnar but he ducks and Benoit hit HHH and Lesnar then hits the F5 on Benoit and pins him 1,2,3

Winner and #1 conteder at Wrestlemania Brock Lesnar


Lesnar leaves the ring smiling as he is going to Wreslemania

Scene Fades

Champions of WWE

WWE Champion Stone Cold Steve Austin
WWE Intercontinantal Champion Edge
WWE Cruiserweight Champion Hurricane
WWE Tag Team Champions Dave Batista + Randy Orton
WWE Womens Champion Jazz

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