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WWE 2013: The Rise


Managing Supervisor

◾Vickie Guerrero


◾Alberto Del Rio
◾Alex Riley
◾Big Show
◾Brock Lesnar (P/T)
◾Brodus Clay
◾CM Punk
◾Curt Hawkins
◾Darren Young
◾David Otunga
◾Dean Ambrose
◾Dolph Ziggler
◾Drew McIntyre
◾Evan Bourne
◾Jack Swagger
◾John Cena
◾Kofi Kingston
◾Lord Tensai
◾The Miz
◾Rey Mysterio
◾Roman Reigns
◾Santino Marella
◾Seth Rollins
◾The Rock (P/T)
◾Titus O'Neil
◾Triple H
◾Zack Ryder


◾Brie Bella
◾Nikki Bella
◾Summer Rae


◾Zeb Coulter
◾Paul Heyman


◾The Prime Time Players
◾The Shield
◾Fandango & Summer Rae


General Manager

◾Booker T


◾Antonio Cesaro
◾Big E. Langston
◾Chris Jericho
◾Cody Rhodes
◾Damien Sandow
◾Daniel Bryan
◾Ezekiel Jackson
◾Heath Slater
◾Jinder Mahal
◾Justin Gabriel
◾Mark Henry
◾Randy Orton
◾Sin Cara
◾Ted DiBiase Jr
◾Trent Baretta
◾Tyson Kidd
◾Undertaker (P/T)
◾Wade Barrett
◾Yoshi Tatsu


◾AJ Lee
◾Alicia Fox


◾Team Hell No
◾Team Rhodes Scholars
◾Epico & Primo
◾Camacho & Hunico
◾International Airstrike


WWE Champion - Dolph Ziggler (April 8th, 2013-Present)
Def.(C)The Rock, RAW, Chicago, IL.

World Heavyweight Champion - Jack Swagger (April 7th, 2013-Present)
Def.(C)Alberto Del Rio, WM XXIX, Rutherford, NJ.

Intercontinental Champion - Kofi Kingston (October 28th, 2012-Present)
Def.(C)The Miz, HIAC, Atlanta, GA.

United States Champion - Antonio Cesaro (August 19th, 2012-Present)
Def.(C)Santino Marella, SummerSlam, Los Angeles, CA.

WWE Tag Team Champions - Kane & Daniel Bryan (September 16th, 2012-Present)
Def.(C)Kofi Kingston & R-Truth, NOC, Boston, MA.

Divas Champion - Kaitlyn (February 17, 2013-Present)
Def.(C)Tamina Snuka, EC, New Orleans, LA.

"When it comes to Seth Rollins ... *pause* ... you ain't seen NOTHIN' yet!"

- Edgeheadstingerfan

Current WWE Top 5
Rollins, Cesaro, Neville, Lesnar and Balor.

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Re: WWE 2013: The Rise

In this BTB, "WWE 2013: The Rise", I've decided to go back in the past, to the night of the WM XXIX...

WrestleMania XXIX - MetLife Stadium; East Rutherford, NJ 4/7/13
- The Shield beat Big Show, Randy Orton and Sheamus
- Ryback beat Mark Henry*
- WWE Tag Team Championship: Champions Kane & Daniel Bryan beat Dolph Ziggler and Big E.
- Fandango beat Chris Jericho
- World Heavyweight Championship: Jack Swagger beat Alberto Del Rio*
- Career Threatening No Holds Barred Match: Brock Lesnar beat Triple H*
- WWE Championship: The Rock beat John Cena*

(*)Change in history


- Undertaker lifts up Punk and nails him with third tombstone of the night... But Punk kicks out!... Again!!! Undertaker looks beside himself and shakes his head a bit, while beaming a straight line in Punk's direction. Undertaker gets to his feet and turns his body, half-way to Punk. Undertake now has a menacing grin on his face as he slowly raises his right arm up in the air, with his hand open. Punk slowly gets to his feet and has no idea what awaits him... Punk slowly turns and gets caught by Undertaker's desperate grip. Taker goes to lift Punk, but Punk blocks the lift--struggling--by pushing down on Taker's arm, with both hands. Taker makes another attempt, this time lifting Punk a bit, but to no avail... Punk resists his end again... finally, after both men's desperation meet in the middle, Taker lifts Punk off his feet and in the air, but with nothing short of a miracle (just enough reach to scrape Taker's eyes) Punk is able to find solid ground again. The brief distraction, causes Taker to lose his grip on Punk, which quickly prompted Punk to muster all he has left and lift Taker onto his shoulders for the GTS!!!

- Taker's knocked out cold and Punk's body appears to give out, as he just happens to fall down on Taker... pure luck?!?! Or destiny?!?! Regardless, Punk is seconds away from doing the impossible... but wait... oh no... the referee is still out from earlier in the match!!! Punk slowly lifts his head, expecting to be a living in history, but no.. he realizes he's still in his old life, because there was no referee to make the count!!! Punk looks empty and his eyes tell the story...

- What in the... why is Vince McMahon coming out here?!?!? Vince pauses at the ramo, while Punk looks up at him, looking as lost as everyone else... Vince struts down the ramp and stops midway...

- What on earth?!?!?! Drew McIntyre? Vince looks down at Punk and smirks... McIntyre struts down the ramp, until he passes Vince a bit and turns his head back a bit, with a cocky expression on his face. Vince nods his head in approval and begins to slowly clap his hands. McIntyre slowly turns his attention back to Punk and keep it there, as he makes his way to the ring.

- Punk stares on and tries to get up, but even with his adrenaline pumping from what appears to be danger incoming, the most he can do is get to one knee... meanwhile McIntyre and Vince are both in the ring, looking down at Punk. Vince is laughing, while McIntyre stares coldly at Punk, while slowly approaching him... but then with his last ounce of fight, Punk springs up and attempts to kick McIntyre's head off his shoulders, but on instinct alone, McIntyre ducks and with no further delay, proceeds in what he appeared to come out here to do... McIntyre grabs Punk and quickly nails him with the "Future Shock"!!!

- Punk is out cold!!! But so is the Undertaker!!! McIntyre gets in between both downed men and looks down at both bodies. Moments later, McIntyre lifts Undertaker's arm, preparing to drag him over to Punk, when Vince yells out his name! McIntyre looks over at Vince... Vince points to McIntyre and says, "Youuuuuuuuuu"... McIntyre smirks and looks down at Taker, before dropping his body back to the mat. McIntyre puts his boot on Taker's throat and Vince drops to the mat and begins to count!!!

1 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


3 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

- Vince calls for the bell!!!! But everyone is in awe and nothing happens. Vince then rushes over to the opposite side of the ring and demands the side crew do their job. The bell rings and Vince adjusts his pants and smiles, as he makes his way over to McIntyre. Vince raises McIntyre's arm in victory, as McIntyre still has his boot on Taker's throat. Vince peers back over to a fallen Punk one more time and then back out into the crowd, as he and McIntyre bask in their glory.

- Drew McIntyre beat The Undertaker

Undertaker's WrestleMania streak 20-1

"When it comes to Seth Rollins ... *pause* ... you ain't seen NOTHIN' yet!"

- Edgeheadstingerfan

Current WWE Top 5
Rollins, Cesaro, Neville, Lesnar and Balor.

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Re: WWE 2013: The Rise

RAW - United Center; Chicago, IL 4/8/13

- The Rock comes out with WWE Championship on his shoulders, as he makes his way to the ring.
- He says it feels good to be back in Chicago, as the reigning WWE Champion.
- He looks down at the title and slowly raises it in the air. He looks out into the audience and says this is what I came back for.
- Rock points out into the crowd and says and he did for all of you.
- Cena's music hits.
- He comes down to the ring and walks up to The Rock with his hand extended. The Rock extends his hand and shakes Cena's.
- Cena congratulates Rock. He says he's tried to beat Rock for two straight WrestleMania's and fulfill a childhood dream, but couldn't get the job done.
- He says the better man won both times and I'm not afraid to admit that. Cena nods and turns to walk away.
- Rock bends his head and glances over at Cena before slowly nodding his head in gratitude.
- Rock claps his hands and then focuses back to the crowd. He says, class act-...
- Suddenly, we see Cena spin Rock around, lifting him over his shoulders! Before delivering an F-U heard all around the world!
- Cena stands over Rock, gleaming down on his, with his fists clutches tight and his entire body trembling. He appears to be fighting back the urge to do more damage...
- When suddenly, he drops down and locks in the STFU on Rock!!! Cena is literally trying to break Rock into!
- Rock screams in pain, but refuses to tap, but after what seems like an eternity, Rock taps out!!!
- Backstage officials come out and head down the ramp, in an attempt to stop Cena's rage! They enter the ring and it takes the lot of the them to pry Cena off of The Rock. They drag Cena away, but Cena pushes them off, knocking some to the floor and exits the ring on his own will.
- Cena walks up the ramp with an intense expression, until he disappears in the back...
- The trainers rush out to check on Rock, who appears to be really injured...
- Moments go by with a silent crowd and all the attention still on what just occurred...

- Ziggler makes a b-line for the ring, with the MITB briefcase in his hands!!!
- Ziggler slides in the ring and slams the briefcase into the chest of the one referee in the ring... He tells him he's cashing in and yells for him to start the match!!
- The referee and everyone else is looking at Dolph and telling him not to do it this way.
- Dolph yells screw you and agitatedly, waits for the bell to ring... it does.
- He rushes over to The Rock, clearing officials out of the way and grabs Rock's hand and drags him outside of the ring.
- He then sets Rock up on the steel steps, with his head hanging over the steel, before pacing backwards and measuring Rock up.
- Ziggler then rushes towards The Rock and nails him with a "Fam-Asser".
- He then rolls Rock back into the ring and lifts him up, before dragging him into the corner.
- Ziggler props Rock up in the corner and returns to the center of the ring, where he starts "tuning up the band"...
- He takes off and attempts to Super Kick Rock's head off, but on instinct alone, Rock dodges and counters by grabbing Ziggler for The Rock Bottom.
- But Rock loses footing from his apparent knee injury, which allows Ziggler to get free after an elbow to the temple.
- Rock spins around and gets his fate sealed, as Ziggler strikes with a lightning quick, Zig-Zag!!!
- Ziggler goes for the cover on Rock.
- 1... 2... 3!!!! And the winner and NEW, WWE Champion... DOLPH ZIGGLER!!!
- Ziggler is ecstatic and before he can be handed the WWE Championship, he yanks it away from the referee.
- He then proceed to exit the ring and snatch a microphone away from a side official.
- Ziggler says, About damn time! He says he's been waiting too many damn years behind people who couldn't tie his shoes, for a chance at the WWE Championship. He says, all he did.. night and night out was show the entire world, that he was the best in the business and for what? He got no respect! None at all! He says, well now he's at the top of the f**cking mountain and I'm going to show Vince McMahon, the entire WWE, Chicago and everyone around the world his gratitude by saying, I QUIT!!!
- Ziggler puts the WWE Championship on his shoulders and crosses the barrier and begins walking through the crowd.
- Is Ziggler really leaving the WWE with it's top championship!?!?!?

RING SIDE: Announce Team
- JR says what on earth did we just witness guys? Did Ziggler just walk out of the WWE with the WWE Championship?
- King says believe your eyesight JR, because that's exactly what we just saw and I'm still shocked by what we saw from Cena earlier, when he turned on The Rock!!!
- Cole says, the last two nights have been absolutely insane guys, from Drew McIntyre and Vince McMahon, seemingly forming some sort of alliance, which resulted in "The Streak" being broken by Drew McIntyre, to Cena decimating The Rock tonight, which led to Ziggler coming out and successfully cashing in his MITB briefcase, only to quit the WWE, right after becoming the new, WWE Champion! My head.. is spinning...

BACKSTAGE: Vince McMahon & Renee Young
- Vince McMahon is strutting in the back.
- Renee approaches him and asks what are his thoughts on Dolph Ziggler quitting and leaving the WWE with the WWE Championship.
- Vince pauses and looks down at Renee. He says, this is nothing new to him. He says he's dealt with it with Bret Hart and... C-M Punk, not too long ago. He says, and now... Dolph Ziggler. Vince smirks. He says, I'm already remedying the situation and by the end of the night, I'll have our new WWE Champion, back in the arena and business will be as usual. Now if you'll excuse me, I have some more, pressing matters to attend to.
- Vince turns and walks into a room that says "The Chosen One" on the door.

IN RING: Triple H
- Triple H comes out in his business attire and heads down to the ring.
- He says, he's been in a fight with Brock Lesnar for months now and he's one some battles, but last night--he lost the war.
- He said last night, after Lesnar F-5'd me and put me in the "Kimura Lock"... He pauses... and caused me to tap out... it was truly... the end of an era, but more significantly... the end of my wrestling career.
- He says, I'm not out here to drag out a long, sentimental monologue... no... I'm out here to officially put it on record, that I...

- The Miz comes comes from the back, decked out in all white and heads for the ring.
- He says "Really" a couple of times as he gets in the ring.
- Triple H, looks unimpressed and cuts him off, asking if he can help him with anything.
- Miz quickly answers yes and says, in fact, you could help us all if you'd just leave the ring right now and never step foot in it again!
- He says he's glad Triple H is finally leaving the ring, because everyone knows he's overstayed his welcome. He says Triple H is a washed up, old guy.. who stayed around way past his prime and simply just "buried" everything his jealous nose could sniff out!
- Triple H says is that right? He says, well I tried to bury you too, but by the time I reached for a shovel, I sneezed and when I looked back, your ten seconds of fame was already over!
- Miz says, back in the day when I was concerned about toting the company line, I'd shut up right about now, but since that day is far gone, I'll let you know a little secret. I've always hated you and your gigantic ego, which is almost as big as your nose, but none of those things are as bad as your wife's boob job.
- Triple H smirks and glances down, when Miz rushes Triple H and nails him in the head with the microphone, before Triple H can react.
- Triple H hits the mat hard and Miz starts coming out of his jacket.
- Miz stomps away at Triple H and gets down on one knee and starts pummeling his face with a series of right hands.
- He then gets up and struts around the ring, peering out into the crowd. He then looks back over at Triple H, whose trying to come to and get to his feet.
- Triple H stumbles into the corner and rests against turnbuckle, as he hangs on the ropes for balance.
- Miz snarls at Triple H and rushes him at full speed, nailing him with an "Awesome Clothesline".
- Triple H falls to the mat again and Miz just stares out into the crowd with a very proud look. He then slowly gets out of the corner and stalks Triple H, whose pride and stubbornness is causing him to still want to get up and fight.
- Miz shakes his heads and lifts Triple H up some and slaps him in the face.
- Triple H responds by spitting in Miz's face!!!
- Miz gets pissed and immediately lifts Triple H up and nails him with a "Skull Crushing Finale". He then proceeds to kick and roll Triple H outside of the ring, until he hits the mat below.
- Miz dusts off his hands and takes a bow to all four sides of the ring, while Triple H lays in waste on the floor.

MATCH: Alex Riley vs Brodus Clay
- Late in the match, Brodus has A-Ry pinned down, with a choker locked-in.
- A-Ry musters all of his strength to get to his feet.
- A-Ry gives Brodus a couple of kicks to the gut, to free him grip and heads for the ropes.
- A-Ry comes back with a missile drop-kick, which sends Brodus to the floor.
- A-Ry sits and measures Brodus, as he slowly gets to his feet.
- A-Ry then grabs Brodus and nails him with the "Riley Elevation".
- He then gets the 3 count, pin-fall victory over Brodus.

BACKSTAGE: Kofi Kingston & R-Truth
- Kofi is walking in the back with the Intercontinental Championship, when he sees R-Truth talking to himself...
- He has to call R-Truth's name a few times to get his attention and then asks him if he's ready for their tag match tonight.
- R-Truth is still a little spacey, as he stares down at Kofi's Intercontinental Championship... he tells Kofi that he won't be able to compete tonight due to a stomach ache
- Kofi's seems a bit disheartened by the response and tells R-Truth he hopes he feels better and that he'll see him around, before walking off.
- R-Truth remains silent while Kofi walks off and then blurts out, "Oh and congratulations on being the Intercontinental Champion!"
- Kofi pauses and looks back and says, "...Thanks man..." and continues to walk off, while R-Truth stares him down.

TAG-TEAM MATCH: Kofi Kingston vs David Otunga & Lord Tensai
- David Otunga and Lord Tensai, stare at Kofi as it appears their scheduled tag match will now be a handicap match.
- The bell rings and Otunga and Tensai both rush the IC Champion and begin their attack.
- After being taken by surprise, Kofi counters and begins to build some momentum in his favor.
- That momentum is short-lived however, after Otunga sweeps Kofi's legs from underneath him, allowing himself and Tensai to jump Kofi again.
- The referee tries to separate the duo from Kofi, but he's overpowered and bullied and just as he's ready to call for the bell...

- Ryder comes flying down the ramp and slides into the ring! He flies at Otunga and clotheslines him outside of the ring.
- Tensai charges at him but Ryder dodges and counters with an Irish-whip, sending Tensai to the ropes, where he's met by a full body clothesline by Ryder, sending both men to the outside, with Ryder still standing tall.
- Ryder gets back in the ring and checks on Kofi and after the IC champion gets to his feet, Ryder starts pumping up the crowd and we're set for a tag team match after all!
- Near the end of the match, Ryder and Tensai are both down in the ring.
- Kofi is clapping and pumping up the crowd to motivate Ryder for a "hot tag" and after a few moments, Ryder dives forward and tags in Kofi.
- Kofi runs straight for Tensai, whose close to making a tag himself and gets runs over by Kofi.
- Otunga, now tagged in, goes for a big blow on Kofi, but Kofi dodges and counters with a kick to Otunga's skull.
- After a short series of mostly Kofi's offense, Kofi nails his finisher on Otunga, after getting free of Otunga's finisher and gets the pin fall.
- After the match, Kofi and Ryder celebrate on opposite turnbuckles. But neither notice Truth now in the ring with a steel chair.
- Truth attacks Ryder first and leaves him lying on the mat. He then turns his attention to Kofi. He stalks Kofi, waiting for him to turn around and when he does, Truth nails Kofi in the ribs with the top of the chair.
- Kofi beings to kneel over and drops to one knee... he has a look of "Why" in his eyes as he stares up at Truth.
- Truth has a demented look in his eyes and is mumbling to himself, as he stares back at Kofi. A few seconds later, Truth swings the chair like a baseball bat and cracks it over the side of Kofi's face!!!
- Kofi's lights go completely out and he tilts over in the opposite direction...
- Truth just stares down at Kofi's lifeless body, as he continues to mumble to himself. Moments later, he raises the chair, high up in the air, but before it can gain forward momentum, it's stopped by a hobbling Ryder!
- Ryder yanks the chair away from Truth and as Truth turns to Ryder, Ryder goes for a swing, but still feeling the affects on the chair shots he took from Truth, he cannot perform a proper swing.
- Truth easily dodges and kicks Ryder in the gut, causing him to bend over and follows with a scissors kick to the back of the neck. Truth retrieves the chair and nails Ryder in the lower back with the top of the chair.
- Truth then turns his attention back to Kofi, who remains motionless. After talking it over with himself, he decides to walk away and throws the chair in Kofi's direction--nearly missing him.
- Truth continues to mumble to himself and looks all spaced out, as he heads up the ramp.
- Moments later, trainers come out to check on Kofi and Ryder.

BACKSTAGE: Renee Young & WWE Trainers
- Renee asks a WWE trainer what's the status on Kofi, Zack and The Rock.
- The trainer tells Renee that Zach has suffered some moderate rib bruising, Kofi has as well along with a concussion and The Rock's has suffered a leg fracture and torn knee and will be out of action for a while.
- Fandango then comes into view and steps in front of the trainer.
- The trainer goes back into his office and shuts the door.
- Fandango asks Renee if she saw him beat Chris Jericho last night, in his debut match. He says it was the highlight of the night and he wants to celebrate his victory, right now with her.
- Renee looks a little uncomfortable by this and stares at Fandango with an awkward expression.
- Fandango tells Renee to get her mind of the gutter and that he meant, he wanted to dance with her. Fandango then takes Renee's hand and starts to dance, when Summer comes into view...
- Summer clears her voice and Fandango stops and turns around, completely forgetting about Renee.
- Fandango immediately starts confessing to Summer and telling her, he was just helping Renee with her footwork, before stepping over to her side and trying to get out of dodge, by pulling her away.
- Summer gets up close to Renee and tells her to keep her jezebel hands off her man and that she's going to be watching her like a hawk!
- Renee looks completely lost.

IN RING: Jack Swagger and Zeb Coulter
- Swagger's music hits and the new, World Heavyweight Champion comes out with Coulter.
- They both head to the ring and Coulter is quick to begin speaking.
- Coulter says last night, a great American was able to proudly represent his country by defeating a barely legal immigrant--Alberto Del Rio--and preventing a disgrace to his name, this country and this company by preventing Del Rio from becoming World Champion again.
- He says and after that beating Del Rio took last night, Del Rio will not only be competing for Swaggers' championship anytime soon, but we won't have to see that "barely legal" immigrant anytime soon.
- He then says, now if you're a proud American, please stand with us and put your right hand over your heart and loudly say with us... "We the pe-

- Rey Mysterio comes out to the top of the ramp.
- Rey says all this illegal immigrant talk is really making him sick. He says he can't stand Del Rio as much as the next guy, but he has just as much the right to live in this country, as well as compete for that World Championship as you AND me!
- Rey says he knows he's low in the order, as far as getting a shot at the World Championship, but he's ready to show everyone he's still got it, by taking on Swagger, right here--right now and put himself right back in the hunt for a World Championship opportunity.
- Coulter interrupts and says what in the world... where do you people keep popping out from... wait don't answer that!
- He says Rey, it's just like someone like you to come out here and cause a disruption, with your peoples "hand-out" attitude, but I tell you what. Since you're out here and you're so giddy to step in the ring with this great American, why don't you come on down here right now and get what's coming to you.
- Rey heads down to the ring.
- In the middle of the match, Rey just countered a power bomb by Swagger and flung him into the ropes.
- Swagger is caught up in the ropes and Rey is ready to hit the 619 and get a huge upset here tonight!
- Rey goes back and rushes in to nail Swagger with the 619!
- Swagger goes flying back and stumbles around. Rey gets on the top ropes to finish it off with a "Springboard seated senton", when Swagger catches him in mid-air and counters with the "Patriot Lock" and within a few moments, Rey taps out.
- Coulter hands Swagger his World Championship and they both line up in the middle of the ring to do their salute...

- Ambrose, Rollins and Reigns come from the rafters and head to the ring. They then circle it and look on at Swagger and Coulter.
- Swagger and Coulter look around them as they try to figure out what's going on.
- The three men slowly begin to enter the ring and approach the World Champion and Coulter.
- Swagger tells Coulter to get lost and the three men allow him to without looking his way.
- Moments later, Swagger goes to attack Rollins, when Ambrose and Reigns go on the attack of Swagger.
- In no time, the World Champion is pinned in the corner and getting mauled by the trio.
- They throw Swagger in the middle of the ring and he's down.
- Rollins then sets up and nails a curb stomp on Swagger and he's out cold.
- Ambrose then picks him up and nails him with a headlock driver to Swagger's limp body.
- Ambrose and Rollins then point to Reigns, whose in the corner fired up for something...
- The duo pick Swagger up and an incoming Reigns breaks Swagger in half with a crushing spear!!!
- The trio then crowd around in the middle of the ring, above Swagger and put their fists together, looking down at the World Champion.

BACKSTAGE: Renee Young w/ Ambrose, Rollins and Reigns
- Renee catches up with the trio in black and asks who they are and why did they attack Jack Swagger.
- Ambrose steps up and says his name is Dean Ambrose and what you saw out there just now was the beginning of justice being enforced within this company.
- He says, the World Heavyweight Champion claims to represent the American people, but in actuality he just represents an old-fashioned mind-set of what the dictator of this company thinks we all want to see in a champion... Ambrose looks in the camera and shakes his head and says... Nope!
- Rollins then takes over and says his name is Seth Rollins and like my brother Dean Ambrose just said, enough is enough of the status quo. We're sick and tired of being force fed the garbage, the vanilla, and the past. We want change and we're bringing it in with us!!!
- Reigns then takes over and pauses for a brief moment with an intense stare. He then says his name is Roman Reigns and when you want something done and done right... you gotta do it yourself.
- Ambrose says, We're "The Shield"...
- Rollins says, Believe in us...
- Reigns says, Believe!.. in "The Shield"...
- The Shield walks off.

IN RING: Vince McMahon & Drew McIntyre
- McIntyre's music hits and out he comes, in a suit, with Vince McMahon.
- Vince is strutting not to far behind McIntyre, as McIntyre slowly places down the ramp, arrogantly starring off into the crowd, as he makes his way to the ring.
- McIntyre slowly walks up the steps, before entering and Vince, like a proud dad, waits and claps for McIntyre to enter, before joining him in the ring.
- Vince demands a microphone from the side officials and begins a much anticipated speech...
- Vince says, welcome to Monday Night RAW!!!
- He says, now I know all of you here tonight and everyone at home, as well as the boys and girls in the back, have been wondering why did Drew McIntyre and I, do what we did last night and well... I've got an answer for you...
- He says, because Drew McIntyre is "The Chosen One" dammit! And I'm the owner of the WWE and I did what's best for business! And what was best for business was a couple of months ago, when I realized I dropped the ball with this fine young specimen--Drew McIntyre--you see here, the man--I, Vince McMahon--chose himself, to be a future WWE Champion.
- He says and once I realized his career was being wasted, I had an epiphany of how I could salvage my mistake and his career all in one swoop... "The Chosen One" would end the streak!
- He says, now I know a lot of you are still upset and heart-broken over "The Streak" ending, but it needed to be done for business purposes!
- He says, streaks are meant to be broken and what better choice than to have the greatest streak in the history of sports, be broken by a man, whose the anointed "Chosen One", Drew-McIntyre!!!
- McIntyre asks for the microphone. Vince hands it over.
- McIntyre says, Vince, you don't have to explain anything to these people... you own this company and your genius is what made this company what it is today and if anything, these people should be thanking you for your hard-work and dedication to this business.
- He says, and on the subject of last night, we all know that the right and only decision to be made was done and that had CM Punk ended the streak... it would've ran this company into the ground and killed professional wrestling forever! Because everyone knows that CM Punk is a selfish quitter, who is the least reliable person you could ever meet and...
- CM Punk comes to the stage and he's piping hot.
- Punk says, wait just a damn minute "Highlander"!! Who the hell do you think you are calling me out? Wasn't it just a short while ago, when you were dancing around like an idiot with 3MB? And now you're "The Chosen One" again? He pauses and tries to compose himself.
- He says, you two jerks stole everything from me last night!! Everything I ever worked for in this business, all of my accomplishments... nothing would've cemented my legacy anymore than if I was to end The Undertaker's streak last night--which I did!!! But you two had to come out and throw your wait around and f**cking screw me over!!! Punk pauses again.
- Vince interrupts and says, Punk I understand you're upset right now, but there are children in the audience and you're not being really responsible using that sort of language right now. Why don't you settle down and go back to the back, before you do something you regret...
- F**k you Vince and that Ken doll you have beside you. Punk starts walking down the ramp.
- Vince tells Punk to wait just a damn minute... stay where you are Punk... I'm warning you... if you enter this ring, you'll regret it!
- Punk continues to walk down the ramp and says the only regrettable thing that's about to happen is the fact that he won't get the chance to beat the sh*t outta you before Fabio here gets in my damn way.
- Punk hits the ring and gets in. Vince backs up and gets behind McIntyre.
- Vince says, Punk... be rational... just turn around, leave the ring and you and I can discuss this in private later on...
- Punk says, I'm not in the mood to talk to you Vince, I'm just ready to kick your ass!
- Punk charges for Vince, but McIntyre steps up and takes a swing at Punk.
- Punk dodges and counters kick to the McIntyre's head, dropping him instantly.
- Punk now stands in front of Vince with nothing between them.
- Vince looks terrified as he slowly backs into a turnbuckle.
- Punk salivates as he stares at Vince and rubs his knuckles together.
- Vince drops down on his knees and begs and pleads for Punk to back down.
- Punk then grabs Vince by the tie and twists' it up and lifts Vince off the ground.
- Punk cocks back his fist for a knock-out punch, but gets clobbered from behind, causing him to lose his grip on Vince.
- It's The Big Show!
- Big Show turns Punk around and lifts him off his feet, before slamming him into the mat with a choke slam!
- Vince is all smiles now, as he cleans himself off and looks down at Punk.
- Vince grabs a microphone and yells at Punk. He says, Punk you filthy low life, you think you can put your damn hands on me! I'm Vince McMahon dammit and you've crossed me for the last time... I'm gonna make sure the rest of your WWE career is a living hell!!
- McIntyre is now back to his feet.
- McIntyre instructs for Big Show to give Punk to him.
- Big Show picks Punk's lifeless body up and drags it over to McIntyre.
- McIntyre takes Punk and shows it to all sides of the arena and taunts everyone in the arena, before setting him up for "Broken Dreams"...
- McIntyre is standing in the middle, with his boot on Punk's chest, as Vince and Big Show raise his arms with theirs, with the trio all standing side by side, as RAW goes off the air.

"When it comes to Seth Rollins ... *pause* ... you ain't seen NOTHIN' yet!"

- Edgeheadstingerfan

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Rollins, Cesaro, Neville, Lesnar and Balor.

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Re: WWE 2013: The Rise

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Re: WWE 2013: The Rise


- Sources say, WWE Champion--Dolph Ziggler--has already been in preliminary contract discussions with TNA's president, Dixie Carter.


- Sources say, WWE Champion, Dolph Ziggler, plans on taking the WWE Championship to TNA.


- According to sources, TNA President, Dixie Carter plans on unifying the WWE Championship with the TNA World Championship in a major match.

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Re: WWE 2013: The Rise

SMACKDOWN - Blue Cross Arena; Rochester, NY 4/12/13

OPENING: Christian

- Christian comes out in his ring gear and heads for the ring. He greets the fans on his way down.
- Christian says it feels good to be healthy and back on the blue brand again... but I have a little problem with this show...
- He says the problem I have with this show is... the fact that it doesn't have a world champion. And it doesn't have a world champion, because it doesn't have a world championship to compete for! What's up with that?
- He says, I saw what happened on RAW this past Monday and by the way, that show is a complete mess and I'm glad I'm on Smackdown.
- Christian laughs.
- He says, but seriously, they have a WWE Champion who quit and a World Heavyweight Champion, who got his ass beat by some rookies--I dunno--I think if I were World Heavyweight Champion, I'd of done a little better than that.
- Christian smiles.
- He says, So I've been thinking, what can be done to get Smackdown it's on world championship...

- Chris Jericho comes out and stands on the stage, while soaking up the crowd.
- After a couple of moments, Jericho says, "Welcome to... SMACKDOWN-IS-JERICHO!!!"
- Jericho then looks around and heads down to the ring.
- Jericho gets in the ring and looks at Christian and then smiles, while extending his hand.
- Christian pauses and then smiles while extending his hand and shaking Jericho's.
- Jericho says, Christian it's good to see you pal and I don't mean to rain on your parade, but I just had to come out here, because I'd been thinking about the very same thing you're talking about, lately.
- He says, I as well, observed the car wreck on RAW this past Monday and to be quite honest, I sorta wish I could've been apart of it, but not as much as I want to be here.... ON SMACKDOWN!!!
- He says, no seriously, I'm not pandering to the fans here when I say that... I honestly love this opportunity I have on Smackdown, to become the next world champion... but there's no world championship in which to become world champion, as you've stated Christian.
- Christian says, excuse me Jericho, but this is only a two hour show now and you're rambling on the obvious... let's get on with it shall we?
- Christian smiles.
- Jericho laughs.
- Jericho says, oh right.. I got a little carried away, by the all the excitement I have to be here in Rochester, NY tonight bay-bay!!!
- He says, but I have a solution to Smackdown's "world titleless" problem. A) We can ask for a trade to RAW. B) We can show up on RAW, kick Swagger's ass, steal his title and bring it back to Smackdown--where it belongs!!! Or C) Create our own world title, exclusive to Smackdown bay-bay!!
- Christian just stares at Jericho for a moment and says, you're insane, while laughing.
- Jericho just shrugs his shoulders, while smiling.

- Cesaro comes out to the stage.
- He says, there may not be an official world heavyweight championship on this show, but this show does have a "world champion"... and you're looking at him! Antonio--Cesaro!
- He says, I may be the United States champion--by title--but I represent the entire WWE, as it's only true champion!
- He says and there's no one behind or in front of me, that can prove me otherwise...
- Jericho interrupts and says, "Whoooo in the heeeelllll.... let you come out here without a full-body wax!!!
- Jericho laughs and pauses.
- Christian laughs. He says, I think he was headed for a new school, YMCA audition and got off on the wrong exit and ended up here with us. And when he saw a bunch of half-naked men, he settled...
- Jericho bends over laughing.
- Cesaro says, you two clowns think you're funny!! Huh?!? I could come down there right now and snap both of you like the twigs you are! But I won't because I'm out here to do something actually worth my time.
- He says, I've already received permission from General manager--Booker T--to turn in my United States title and compete in a match, against Jack Swagger, at Extreme Rules for the World Heavyweight Championship!
- Both Jericho and Christian look at each other.
- Christian says, hey rookie... that gives me a great idea. Why don't you show us all how much "world champion" material you are, by putting your world title opportunity on the line tonight against me and.. Chris Jericho!
- Jericho looks at Christian and smirks.

- Booker T comes out to the ramp beside Cesaro.
- He says, wait a minute here guys, let's get some order established here. Now I did give Cesaro the opportunity to cash in his United States championship for a shot at the World Heavyweight championship at Extreme Rules against Jack Swagger, but what makes you two down there think you can just throw yourselves in a world title match?
- He says, don't even answer that... I have a better idea, I'll both give you two the opportunity to earn a shot at the world heavyweight championship, if you can win your qualifying matches tonight. Christian you'll be facing Sheamus, later tonight and Jericho, you'll be facing Mark Henry and that match is happening... right now!

- Near the end of the match, Jericho is trying to lock Henry into the Walls of Jericho, but Henry is resisting.
- Henry rolls back over on his stomach and flings Jericho to the side. However, Henry is slow to get to his feet and Jericho hits the opposite ropes and comes back with a dropkick to Henry's face, knocking him to the mat.
- Jericho then hops on the ropes and hits a Lionsault, connecting with Henry.
- Jericho then reapplies the Walls of Jericho and locks them in good.
- Henry tries to pull himself to the ropes and just when it appears he's ready to tap...
- Ezekial Jackson!?!? climbs on the ring apron and begins to enter the ring.
- Jericho has no choice but to let go of Henry and confront Jackson.
- The referee approaches Jackson and tries to figure out why he's out there...
- Moments later, Henry is up and turns Jericho around and nails him with the World's Strongest Slam.
- Henry makes the pin on Jericho for the three-count.
- After the match, Jackson retreats from ringside and back pedals up the ramp, while starring at Henry.
- Jackson nods his head at Henry, while Henry stares back with confusion.

More Smackdown to come...

"When it comes to Seth Rollins ... *pause* ... you ain't seen NOTHIN' yet!"

- Edgeheadstingerfan

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Re: WWE 2013: The Rise

Got a few gripes, I would like full shows the first post not just one segment "More Smackdown To Come" also this is not telling you what to do with this, this is just my opinion but it in my opinion was a bit strange to have Drew beat Taker instead of someone else.

Still just my opinion and good luck.

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Re: WWE 2013: The Rise

Originally Posted by Biblet2014 View Post
Got a few gripes, I would like full shows the first post not just one segment "More Smackdown To Come" also this is not telling you what to do with this, this is just my opinion but it in my opinion was a bit strange to have Drew beat Taker instead of someone else.

Still just my opinion and good luck.
Thanks for the feedback. I probably should wait until my entire show is written before posting it and I'm a huge McIntyre fan and I have big plans for him.

"When it comes to Seth Rollins ... *pause* ... you ain't seen NOTHIN' yet!"

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Re: WWE 2013: The Rise

BTB Rules

3) Multi-Show posting
Do not post your show in multiple posts. Post your show as one. Double posting would be acceptable here if you post a RAW and a Smackdown! one after the other.
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Re: WWE 2013: The Rise

Originally Posted by Nige™ View Post
BTB Rules

3) Multi-Show posting
Do not post your show in multiple posts. Post your show as one. Double posting would be acceptable here if you post a RAW and a Smackdown! one after the other.
Got it, thanks.

"When it comes to Seth Rollins ... *pause* ... you ain't seen NOTHIN' yet!"

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