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Global Force Wrestling - The TNA Re-Brand

  • After spending a couple months as the storyline Vice President of Talent Relations, Kurt Angle announced that he would be stepping down when his contract expired in September. He also announced that per the TNA Bound of Directors, he would be naming a replacement before he leaves.
  • The speculation soon began to run wild. Would Dixie finally get complete control again? Would MVP gain his power back? Would someone new be coming in? The deadline came and when it was time for Kurt Angle to announce his replacement, out of the entrance tunnel stepped the TNA founder and King of the Mountain Jeff Jarrett!
  • The wrestling world was in shock. It had been thought that Jeff Jarrett was about to start another wrestling company along with friends Hermie Sadler and Toby Keith but he returned to TNA instead. Jeff immediately set about to end the months of power struggles that had plagued TNA by proposing a winner takes all three way match for Bound for Glory where a representative from each party (MVP, Dixie Carter, and Jeff Jarrett) would wrestle each other and the winner would earn his party complete control (becoming TNA President).
  • MVP signed on immediately but Dixie Carter was obviously a little uneasy. Assured by her nephew Ethan Carter III that they could not lose, she eventually signed on, naming EC3 as he representative. Many people thought Jeff Jarrett would put himself in the match but instead, he named Bobby Roode his representative, promising him revenge on MVP.
  • The match was now set. The Carters and MVP threw everything they could at Bobby Roode but with the help of the shocking return of A.J. Styles, Bobby Roode won the match.
  • With the Presidency of TNA now once again in his hands, Jeff Jarrett set about announcing major changes. With the success of Bound for Glory 2014 in Tokyo as well as the continued success of TNA’s overseas tours, under Jeff Jarrett’s watch TNA would be taking on a more global approach. The first major change Jeff announced was to re-brand TNA as Global Force Wrestling, the rumored name of the company Jeff was going to found before rejoining TNA. However, despite the re-branding, GFW would be retaining the same roster, champions, and storylines from TNA.
  • Also, with the financial backing of country music superstar Toby Keith, Jeff Jarrett announced that GFW had struck a new TV deal with CMT starting in November 2014 to air GFW in the same time slot that they aired on Spike. This meant GFW would be temporarily going off TV as they transitioned to CMT.
  • A new President also means a new backstage leadership structure. President Jeff Jarrett announced that friends Hermie Sadler and Toby Keith would be given the titles of Vice President, although it’s fair to guess that it’s mostly symbolic. He also announced that Tommy Dreamer, who had recently rejoined TNA and had moved up the ranks considerably, would be named the head of creative and talent relations. Al Snow, Devon, and Taz would make up the agents.
  • With this new global approach that GFW would be taking, it was announced that GFW would be filming GFW Television events from the U.K., Mexico, and Japan as well as the US regularly throughout the year. As for events in the US, GFW would no longer be filming a majority of their events from one location; rather they would film a handful of dates at one location and then move on, similar to TNA’s recent New York tapings.
  • All that is now left is to announce a return to TV date. Thursday November 13th 2014, GFW debuts on CMT live from the Manhattan Center in New York City.
Just kind of threw these results together so I had something to go off. I decided to not have a Bound for Glory series.
Bound for Glory 2014 Results

1. The Bro Mans (DJ Z, Jessie G., & Robbie E.) vs. The Menagerie (Crazzy Steve, Knux, & The Freak)
Winners: The Menagerie

2. The Great Muta vs. Sanada w/ James Storm
Winner: Sanada

3. Angelina Love vs. Brittany vs. Brooke vs. Madison Rayne vs. ODB vs. Rebel vs. Taryn Terrell vs. Velvet Sky - Knockouts Championship Battle Royal

Match made when champion Gail Kim suffered an injury a month before.

4. Abyss vs. Magnus w/ Bram - Monster's Ball

5. Mr. Anderson vs. Samuel Shaw - Loser Leaves TNA
Samuel Shaw

6. The Hardy Boyz vs. Team 3D vs. The Wolves [C] - Full Metal Mayhem Triple Threat Tag Team Championship Match
The Hardy Boyz

7. Austin Aries vs. Lashley [C] - World Championship Match
Austin Aries

Match made when Austin Aries used the X Division championship via Option C to earn a world title match.

8. Bobby Roode vs. Ethan Carter III vs. MVP - For Full Control of TNA
Bobby Roode

Bobby Roode gets the win when A.J. Styles returns and helps him fend off Kenny King, Lashley, and Rockstar Spud.

World Champion: Austin Aries
Since: 10/12/2014
Defeated: Lashley

Tag Team Champion: Jeff Hardy
Since: 10/12/2014
Defeated: Team 3D & The Wolves

Tag Team Champion: Matt Hardy
Since: 10/12/2014
Defeated: Team 3D & The Wolves

X Division Champion: N.A.
Since: N.A.
Defeated: N.A.

Knockouts Champion: Rebel
Since: 10/12/2014
Defeated: Angelina Love, Brittany, Brooke, Madison Rayne, ODB, Taryn Terrell, & Velvet Sky

A.J. Styles
Angelina Love
Austin Aries
Bestia 666
Bobby Roode - Storyline Injured
Crazzy Steve
Davey Richards
Eddie Edwards
Ethan Carter III - Storyline Suspended
Gail Kim - Injured
James Storm
Jeff Hardy
Kenny King
Lashley - Storyline Suspended
Madison Rayne
Matt Hardy
Matt Jackson
Nick Jackson
Rockstar Spud
Samoa Joe
Samuel Shaw
Taryn Terrell
The Freak
Tigre Uno
Velvet Sky

Tag Teams/Stables

The Beautiful People: Angelina Love & Velvet Sky
Bram & Magnus
Crimson & Gunner
Ethan Carter III, Kenny King, Lashley, MVP & Rockstar Spud
The Hardy Boyz: Jeff Hardy & Matt Hardy
The Young Bucks: Matt Jackson & Nick Jackson
The Wolves: Davey Richards & Eddie Edwards


TV Commentators: Jeremy Borash & Mike Tenay
Spanish TV Commentators: Hector Guerrero & Willie Urbina
Ring Announcer: Christy Hemme

GFW President: Jeff Jarrett
GFW Vice President: Hermie Sadler & Toby Keith
Head Of Creative/Talent Relations: Tommy Dreamer
Agents: Al Snow, Bully Ray, & Devon
Upcoming Touring Schedule

12/11/2014 - GFW TV Taping/John Labatte Center - London, Ontario, Canada
12/13/2014 - GFW TV Taping/Ricoh Coliseum - Toronto, Ontario, Canada
1/8/2015 - GFW TV Live/Nashville Expo Center Sports Arena - Nashville, Tennessee
1/10/2015 - GFW TV Taping/Nashville Expo Center Sports Arena - Nashville, Tennessee
1/29/2015 - GFW TV Taping/The Hydro Arena - Glasgow, Scotland
1/30/2015 - GFW House Show/Phones 4U Arena - Manchester, England
1/31/2015 - GFW Presents: Maximum Impact/Wembley Arena - London, England
2/5/2015 - GFW TV Taping/Orleans Arena - Las Vegas, Nevada
2/6/2015 - GFW TV Taping/Orleans Arena - Las Vegas, Nevada
2/7/2015 - GFW House Show/Reno Events Center - Reno, Nevada
3/5/2015 - GFW TV Live/2300 Arena - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
3/12/2015 - GFW TV Taping/Mid-Hudson Civic Center - Poughkeepsie, New York
3/13/2015 - GFW TV Taping/Mid-Hudson Civic Center - Poughkeepsie, New York
5/3/2015 - GFW Presents: King Of The Mountain/Hank McCamish Pavilion - Atlanta, Georgia

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Re: Global Force Wrestling - The TNA Re-Brand

Awesome. Hope you keep up with this. Hopefully touring internationally will mean some interesting and unique debuts from around the world. Will the partnership with NJPW exist?

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Re: Global Force Wrestling - The TNA Re-Brand

This is really cool idea. hope it works out for you

World Championship Wrestling 1999
Changing of the Guard
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Re: Global Force Wrestling - The TNA Re-Brand

GFW News & Notes - Was it all a swerve? PPV in England?, relationships with other companies, & more

- Jeff Jarrett's return to TNA and the subsequent re-branding of it to GFW have a lot of people wondering if Jarrett's intention to found his own wrestling company was indeed legit or not. It is now being reported that Jarrett was indeed in the process of starting GFW as a separate company before he ran into a few snags. This caused him to once again reach out to the Carters and this time they listened. The Carters had grown even more frustrated with TNA in the months since they took the company off the market which forced them to make even more budget cuts, namely not attempting to resign either Kurt Angle or Mr. Anderson. This meant that Jarrett, who was now armed with even more money due to his dealings with investors interested in GFW could now make a serious offer. He made an offer for complete control and the Carters accepted. Only a few days later he was back on TNA TV as the Vice President of Talent Relations.

- GFW is reportedly attempting to re-work the already scheduled tour of the U.K. in January to accommodate a potential PPV event. No word yet on if/when that will get done.

- As expected, GFW will be looking to work with as many international promotions as they can, to help them not only perpetuate the idea that they are a "global company" but to help with promoting international events as well as talent exchanges when possible. They are already longstanding deals in place with Wrestle-1 in Japan as well as AAA in Mexico.

- Many are wondering how GFW can possibly afford to be touring around the world as much as they plan to. The plan is to tape a few weeks worth of TV at one or two locations and then move on, to minimize the total number of dates. They also hope that relationships with the international companies will allow them to somewhat split the bill when it comes to promotion so they are not spending money where it's not useful. In an attempt to ease any worries talent might have about lost wages, GFW has greatly eased the restrictions about talent appearing for other companies which will hopefully let the talent gain back some of their lost money. GFW will also be greatly reducing their number of house shows.

- GFW plans to remain using the six sided ring going forward, making a few adjustments to make the talent a little more happy.

- Preview for 11/13...A new era begins. GFW TV emanates from the world famous Manhattan Center in NYC for the first time ever. New GFW President Jeff Jarrett will open the show with an address to the crowd...The X Division championship remains vacant due to Austin Aries cashing it in via Option C to earn a shot at the world title. Tonight begins the process of finding a new X Division champion via an old fashioned tournament. Crazzy Steve battles Robbie E. and Sanada battles Tigre Uno in the first matches of Round #1...Rebel of The Menagerie shocked the world at Bound for Glory by overcoming the other Knockouts on the roster to earn herself the Knockouts Championship. How will the other Knockouts on the roster, mainly Angelina Love and Velvet Sky, react to the new champion?...Samuel Shaw finally exercised the demons that were haunting him by defeating Mr. Anderson in a Loser Leaves Town match. Now that he is "all the way healed" Samuel now promises to make it a mission to help others and he's targeted one person in particular but he won't say who...Also, how will the former power brokers of TNA (MVP, EC3, etc.) react now that they have been stripped of any power?...All this and more, including the return of "The Phenomenal" A.J. Styles Thursday November 13th, now on CMT!

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Re: Global Force Wrestling - The TNA Re-Brand

Manhattan Center
New York City, New York

Tonight’s show begins with a rather long look back at all the events that have transpired over the past month or so. From the extremely successful Bound for Glory from Tokyo, to the shocking announcement that TNA was being rebranded as Global Force Wrestling, to Jeff Jarrett once again becoming President, it was all covered. Then Jeff Jarrett briefly explains his vision for the company, a company that has a reach and an audience not only in the United States but in any country that has a strong interest in professional wrestling. The video finishes up with Jeff thanking the fans for sticking with him and the company and he promises only good times ahead.

Once the opening video finishes, the camera cuts to the ring area where the pyro then goes off and Mike Tenay and Taz welcome everyone watching at home. They mention that not only are they under a new name and management but they are also now being broadcast on CMT after spending several years with Spike. Mike and Taz then give a quick rundown of the scheduled card for tonight, including the two X Division Championship tournament matches. When they are finished, the music of Jeff Jarrett begins to play.

The TNA founder, current GFW President, and King of the Mountain comes out of the entrance tunnel to a huge reaction from the crowd. Jeff pauses at the top of the entrance ramp for almost a minute, taking in all the love from the crowd that he can. Eventually he makes his way down to the ring where he is handed a microphone.

Jeff starts off his speech by welcoming everyone to the inaugural broadcast of Global Force Wrestling, now on CMT! He says these past few months have certainly been a wild ride, especially since he wasn’t 100% sure what he was going to do with his life post TNA. But when the opportunity to take back what he created presented itself, he just couldn’t turn it down. He once again thanks the fans for sticking with not only him but the company as a whole. A lot has changed and he certainly would understand if fans turned away but a lot of them stayed and for that he is eternally grateful. Jeff promises that their patience will be rewarded once his master plan unfolds itself over the next few months. Speaking of grateful, he wouldn’t even be in this position right now if it weren’t for one man, that man being “The It Factor” Bobby Roode.

Bobby Roode’s theme music hits and “The It Factor”, dressed in a very fancy suit, makes his way down the entrance ramp, eventually joining Jeff Jarrett inside the ring.

Jeff extends his hand toward Bobby and the two hug. Jeff then hands the microphone to Bobby who begins to speak. Bobby also thanks the fans for their patience but he thanks Jeff the most for putting as much faith in him as he did, trusting him with the fate of the company that he founded. He’s glad he was able to end the years of ridiculous power struggles that had dragged the company down and give power back to the man who truly deserved it. Since he is giving credit where credit is due, Bobby also wants to thank the man who had his back at Bound for Glory, A.J. Styles.

When A.J. Styles’ music hits the crowd goes nearly as crazy as they did for Jeff Jarrett. A pretty loud “Welcome Back” chant is heard from the crowd as A.J. makes his way down to the ring.

The “Welcome Back” chants continue as A.J. enters the ring. They are so loud that A.J. is unable to speak. Right when he is about to speak, he is interrupted by the theme music of Ethan Carter III. EC3, flanked by Rockstar Spud, already with a microphone in hand, says that he is here to protest the incredible, perhaps even criminal treatment, of his precious Aunt D. Aunt D had control of HER company stolen from her and it’s all A.J.’s fault. A.J. seems taken back by the accusation and responds by saying that the only reason he was out there in the first place was simply to make sure that EC3, MVP, or any of their cronies, didn’t attempt to tamper with the result of the match in any way. EC3 says that regardless, he will make A.J. pay for what he’s done. Not wanting to waste any time, A.J. then challenges EC3 to a match, tonight, saying that now’s the best time to make him pay, if he can. Rockstar Spud attempts to reason with EC3 but he’s having nothing of it. Without hesitating, EC3 accepts A.J.’s challenge and the match between the two is set. A.J.’s music then hits as the two parties stare each down while the camera transitions away.

Before the commercial break, the cameras catch up with Angelina Love and Velvet Sky. The Beautiful People are asked for their thoughts on the inexperienced Rebel winning the Knockouts Championship. Both the Beautiful People say the same thing that they were in shock that she was even able to compete in the match, let alone win. They say they are going to the ring right now to correct this wrong.


Coming back from the commercial, we see both Angelina Love and Velvet Sky standing in the middle of the ring.

The Beautiful People waste no time in calling out the sham of a champion Rebel. Rebel, flanked by her Menagerie friends Knux and The Freak, wastes no time as well coming down to confront them. Initially, Rebel says nothing, instead chooses to listen to what the Beautiful People have to say. Angelina Love says that for Rebel’s own good as well as the good of the entire Knockouts division, Rebel must relinquish the title immediately. Rebel simply laughs off the proposal. Things get a little tenser between the two sides when Velvet Sky takes her turn at demanding Rebel give up the title. To prevent things from getting out of control, Knux steps in and says that there is no way Rebel will give up her title without a fight. Angelina says fine then and tries to sucker punch Rebel but Knux is in the way just enough for Rebel to avoid the punch and fire back with one of her own. The two Knockouts begin brawling and an impromptu match begins.

Match #1: Angelina Love w/ Velvet Sky vs. Rebel w/ Knux & The Freak

It takes a while before the referee is able to get Velvet Sky as well as Knux and The Freak to the outside but when he does, he then calls for the bell. Immediately Rebel is outgunned. She can argue all she wants about not having to give up her title but the fact is she truly is inexperienced and it shows against the veteran Angelina Love. Angelina appears to have everything in the bag when the circus like antics of Knux and The Freak on the outside start providing a distraction. She ignores them at first but little by little she can’t help but stare/laugh at what Knux and The Freak try to do. Velvet screams at her to get her head back in the game but it doesn’t seem to work. The distractions by Knux and The Freak allow Rebel to sneak up behind Angelina, and roll her up long enough to get the 1, 2, 3.

Winner: Rebel

Rebel once again picks up the shocking win against a much more experienced opponent, albeit with a little help from the outside. Following the match, Rebel quickly rolls out of the ring and to the safety of Knux and The Freak while Angelina Love starts to freak out in the middle of the ring.

The camera then transitions away from the ring area to the back where we see Sanada getting himself prepared for his upcoming X Division championship tournament match when James Storm walks in to the room. The two don’t say a word; rather Sanada simply stands up, and follows Storm out the door.


Match #2: Sanada w/ James Storm vs. Tigre Uno – Round 1/X Division Championship Tournament

Coming back from commercial, it is now time for the second match of the night and the first in a new tournament where the winner will be crowned X Division Champion between Sanada and Tigre Uno. Tigre Uno is already in the ring when the cameras come back from commercial. Mike Tenay and Taz hype this match as the first of many international flavored matches that GFW will be bringing you. Soon Tigre Uno’s opponent, Sanada, makes his way down to the ring. Sanada, having defeated his former mentor The Great Muta at Bound for Glory, has now found a new mentor in “The Cowboy” James Storm. What James Storm could possibly want out of Sanada is anybody’s guess but that is the situation at the moment.

Tigre Uno actually starts off the match with the advantage but his time on top does not last long. If the recent partnership with James Storm has taught Sanada anything, it’s that he needs to be more aggressive and he sure shows it in this match. Once Sanada gets a game plan in his head, he executes it and does not look back. He unloads on Tigre Uno in a flurry of offense meant to disorient his opponent. The offense works. Tigre Uno tries to fight back but just can’t. Sanada does not let up one bit and that soon ends him the pin fall victory and a trip to the second round of the tournament.

Winner: Sanada

James Storm does not show much emotion for Sanada’s win other than to simply clap a few times and then walk away. He doesn’t even bother to stay at ringside long enough to walk with Sanada back to the locker room. This doesn’t seem to bother Sanada however, as he simply just exits the ring and quietly heads to the back.

Cutting to the backstage area, we see a summit between all Menagerie members before Crazzy Steve’s match tonight.

Initially there is a lot of celebration between The Menagerie members over Rebel’s victory over Angelina Love earlier in the night but their focus quickly changes to Crazzy Steve’s upcoming X Division tournament match against old nemesis Robbie E. Knux grabs Crazzy Steve to get him to focus. He tells him that allow they have one title, they need as many as they can get and Crazzy Steve has an opportunity now to gain the X Division title and that’s an opportunity The Menagerie cannot give up. Steve then puts his game face on, or what passes for a game face for him and the entire Menagerie clan walk out the door as the camera cuts to commercial.


Before the match between Crazzy Steve and Robbie E can begin, we see a backstage segment with EC3 and Rockstar Spud. Both Spud and EC3 are walking when they come upon MVP, Lashley, and Kenny King.

Lashley and Kenny King immediately spring up like they are ready to fight but MVP calms them down. MVP then asks EC3 what he can do for them. EC3 says that although he knows that they haven’t gotten along in the past, they now have something in common; they were both stripped of any power by A.J. Styles and Bobby Roode. He then proposes a business deal where they come together to fight for their power back. To help sweeten the pot a little, EC3 has Rockstar Spud hand him an envelope which EC3 then hands to MVP. MVP opens it but does not reveal the contents inside to the camera. MVP then smiles, puts the envelope down, and says that they will get back to them as soon as possible. EC3 then excuses himself and walks off camera as the show transitions to the ring area.

Match #3: Crazzy Steve vs. Robbie E. – Round 1/X Division Championship Tournament

DJ Z, stationed at the DJ booth, does the introduction for his Bro Man counterpart, Robbie E, complete with loud and annoying dance music. Once Crazzy Steve begins making his way down to the ring, DJ Z does his best to distract him. Crazzy Steve does not seem bothered one bit by the noise that DJ Z is making; instead he calmly walks up to DJ Z and offers him a balloon. DJ Z looks at the balloon in disgust as Robbie E comes up from behind and starts attacking Crazzy Steve.

Once the referee gets the two to stop fighting on the outside of the ring, the match can officially begin. What can technically be called a “match” was actually more of a collection of really loud noises. When Robbie E was on top DJ Z would play anything he could to get Robbie pumped up/Crazzy Steve disoriented. When it was Crazzy Steve’s turn, he would just continue to blow his clown horn in Robbie E’s face. This back and forth prevented both men from getting any sort of momentum going. The crowd started to turn on the match. Crazzy Steve, being the showman that he is, knew he had to do something. He grabbed his collection of balloons from the outside of the ring and offered one to Robbie E, just like he did with DJ Z at the beginning of the match. Robbie E, who apparently really likes balloons, was more than willing to take the balloon. But before he could get to it, Crazzy Steve popped it right in his face which caused some sort of powder to explode out which temporarily blinded Robbie E. Steve took advantage, hitting a quick hurricanrana on Robbie E which he followed up with a pin attempt and the 1, 2, 3.

Winner: Crazzy Steve

Crazzy Steve picks up another important win for the Menagerie against the Bro Mans, earning himself a spot in the second round of the X Division tournament. Following the match, Crazzy Steve begins handing out balloons to members of the audience as he makes his way back to the locker room. Robbie E is left to only shake his head while trying to get pieces of balloon and powder out of his face.


Coming back from commercial, a brief video package is shown of Samuel Shaw’s time in TNA. From his obsession over Christy Hemme to his feud with Mr. Anderson, to having Gunner help him out of the insane asylum, and then finally exercising his demons by defeating Mr. Anderson in a Loser Leaves Town match at Bound for Glory. Now Samuel has promised to help someone else who is struggling but he refuses to say who.

Cutting away from the video about Samuel Shaw, we see Samuel Shaw is already standing in the middle of the ring with a microphone in hand.

Samuel starts off by saying that now that he is “cured”, he is going to make it his mission in life to help others exercise any demons that they might have. He also says that he has identified the first man that he intends to help. This man has recently taken on a more hardcore attitude which he knows is just not him. That man is Magnus. He calls Magnus out to the ring.

Magnus, flanked by his tag team partner Bram, begins slowly making his way down to the ring, obviously unsure of what Samuel is thinking/planning to do at this moment. Bram enters the ring first, shielding Magnus from any sneak attack.

Samuel starts off by thanking Magnus for coming out to the ring tonight to talk. Samuel tells Magnus that he does not believe that Magnus is really this deranged, hardcore maniac that he’s been turned into over the past few months. Samuel says that he knows what it’s like to become obsessed with something and have it ruin your entire life and he just doesn’t want that to happen to Magnus. Magnus, almost shocked at what Samuel is saying, does not respond, rather it is Bram who thanks Samuel for his concern but that they don’t need his help. Almost like that something seems to snap in Samuel and he becomes irate towards Bram. He accuses Bram of being the one to bring Magnus down this dark path and that he must be taken care of before Magnus can be free again. When Bram moves to confront Samuel, he pulls out what looks like a small taser and attacks Bram with it. The shock from it must have been enough to at least temporarily knock out Bram as he immediately falls to the ring apron. As medical personal attend to Bram, Magnus becomes enraged and attacks Samuel, starting another impromptu match.

Match #4: Magnus vs. Samuel Shaw

Samuel Shaw seems to have very little chance in this match from the get go but for whatever reason, that doesn’t seem to bother him. Despite getting repeatedly beaten up by Magnus, Samuel does very little to relate or defend himself. Instead he spends the entire duration of the match trying to convince Magnus to see his side but Magnus won’t listen due to Samuel attacking Bram earlier. Samuel hangs on long enough to get his full point across but when it becomes clear that Magnus just isn’t listening, Samuel decides to live to fight other day, succumbing to the force that is Magnus.

Winner: Magnus

Following the match, Magnus immediately goes to check on Bram who now appears perfectly fine. The two then begin to head to the back as Samuel Shaw creepily looks on.


Match #5: A.J. Styles vs. Ethan Carter III

It is now main event time. Tonight’s main event pits the returning A.J. Styles against the nephew of the former TNA President, Ethan Carter III. EC3 is the first man out to the ring, getting a pretty lukewarm reaction from the crowd. When A.J. Styles comes out, the reaction is the exact opposite which only makes EC3 even angrier. Once A.J. enters the ring the referee calls for the bell and the match begins.

Since neither of these men have much experience against the other, it takes both of them a while to get a feel for what the other plans to do. A.J. appears to be very cautious about which moves he chooses to use as he knows that an EC3 crony could be around at any moment to attack him so he needs to be ready to defend himself against not only the crony, but EC3 himself. On the other hand, EC3, feeling confident that someone will have his back, is less cautious with his move set, willing to try different things which may or may not work out. After crashing and burning several times, EC3 begins to lose steam quickly. A.J., sensing an opportunity, capitalizes on the opening and takes control of the match. EC3 begins to panic, sensing that maybe help isn’t coming after all. Despite this, A.J. still retains control of the momentum. After about a minute or so, A.J. moves to put EC3 away. He gets EC3 in the Styles Clash position but right as he is about to hit it, the lights go out. When the lights come back on, EC3 is nowhere to be seen but unfortunately for A.J., Lashley is waiting right behind him. When A.J. turns around, Lashley spears him which causes the referee to immediately call for the bell.

Winner via DQ: A.J. Styles

EC3 then emerges from under the ring to join Lashley in the beat down of Styles. MVP, Kenny King, and Rockstar Spud soon join the two. Bobby Roode attempts to help A.J. but the numbers are too much for him and he soon suffers the same fate as A.J. The show ends with a shot of all five men standing over A.J. and Bobby.
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Re: Global Force Wrestling - The TNA Re-Brand

GFW News & Notes - PPV in England Announced, Upcoming PPVs?, International X Division, New Tag Teams, & More

- GFW just announced that, for the first time ever, they will be holding a pay per view event in the UK. A slightly revised schedule for the upcoming UK tour was just announced. The dates will remain the same but the Thursday, January 29th event at the Hydro Arena in Glasgow will be changed to a TV taping...The Friday, January 30th event at the Phones 4U Arena in Manchester will remain a house show...Saturday, January 31st at the Wembley Arena in London will host the brand new PPV "Maximum Impact" which will air in the U.S. February 1st.

- There are some backstage that are questioning the decision now to hold a PPV event in the UK, especially since they've already scheduled a live edition of GFW TV in Nashville three weeks before which obviously doesn't give them much build time. There is already understanding that they will most likely be taking a loss from this event but officials also felt that it was important to establish the international feel for GFW as soon as possible and the upcoming UK tour was seen as a perfect opportunity.

- Despite keeping with the old TNA TV storylines, GFW has yet to announce if they are going to be keeping with the old TNA pay per view schedule or switching it around. The only confirmed pay per view event at this time is Maximum Impact coming up in January.

- It is expected that a majority of the new international talent that GFW will be bringing in over the next few months will be X Division-like wrestlers. The hope is that the international talent will give the X Division the new and innovative feel that it had in the early years of TNA.

- GFW also has plans to bring in a few new tag teams over the next few months, some as one time deals, others to stay longer. The controversial decision to reunite the Hardy Boyz and have them win the GFW tag titles happened because GFW officials wanted the still popular team on top in order to help get the newer tag teams over easier.

- The very first edition of GFW TV on CMT only scored a 0.8 in the ratings which is near the same ballpark as they were getting on Spike. Officials though expect the ratings to fluctuate in either direction for a while as people get used to the network/name change.

- Preview for 11/20...If I can't have it, nobody can appears to be the new motto of the newly formed stable of EC3, Rockstar Spud, MVP, Lashley, and Kenny King. Stripped of all power by Bobby Roode/Jeff Jarrett's win at Bound for Glory, the former enemies decided to team up last week when Lashley attacked A.J. Styles during his match against EC3. Now united, what does this new stable have planned and can Bobby Roode or A.J. Styles stop them before it once again gets out of control?...Knockouts Champion Rebel once again earned a shocking victory when she defeated Angelina Love last week, albeit with help from her Menagerie friends. Now this week, the other member of the Beautiful People, Velvet Sky takes her shot at trying to teach Rebel a lesson...Looking for some new competition, the GFW tag team champions Matt and Jeff Hardy have issued an open challenge for any team in GFW or not, to come and face them this week. Who answers their call?...Things went very wrong in Samuel Shaw's attempt at "helping" Magnus. Despite saying he's cured, Samuel snapped at Magnus' tag team partner Bram, temporarily stunning him with a taser which caused Magnus to retaliate. How does Samuel now plan to help Magnus?...Also, two more round 1 matches in the X Division Championship tournament...All this and more, Thursday November 20th, now on CMT!
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Re: Global Force Wrestling - The TNA Re-Brand

I like this diary so far! A little unsure on a TNA re-brand because personally I want GFW to be it's own thing but with that being said, you've made some great booking decisions so far and you have a good roster to be going on with. Keep up the good work

All-time wrestlers and managers favourites past & present: Undertaker, HBK, Sting, Jeff Jarrett, AJ Styles, Samoa Joe, Hulk Hogan, Triple H, Bobby Roode, Chyna, Madison Rayne, Tara, Don ''Cyrus'' Callis & Jim Cornette
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Re: Global Force Wrestling - The TNA Re-Brand

Manhattan Center
New York City, New York

GFW TV opens up this week not with an opening recap video but with a shot of A.J. Styles and Bobby Roode talking amongst themselves backstage.

Styles and Roode both agree that they need to stop this new stable before it has a chance to fester and grow. They both agree that these types of factions were allowed to gain traction in TNA because nobody wanted to do anything about it when it first started but not now. This ends here tonight.

Cameras then transition to the ring area where Mike Tenay and Taz welcome everyone to another broadcast of GFW TV on CMT. They rundown the card for tonight which includes two more X Division championship tournament matches as well as the Hardy Boyz issuing an open challenge to any tag team in the business today to come and face them here tonight. Once they are finished, the music of A.J. Styles begins to play and A.J. and Bobby make their way down to the ring.

A.J. and Bobby waste no time in issuing a challenge to both EC3 and MVP to come down and face them right here, right now. The crowd is pumped but no sign of EC3 and MVP. A.J. and Bobby continue their attempt, but a minute or so goes by and no answer. A.J. and Bobby then say if they’re not going to come and face them right now in the ring, they’re going to come back there and find them and drag them out here. A.J. and Bobby make their way out of the ring when the lights once again, just like last week. Also just like last week, when the lights come back on, Lashley is standing right behind them, ready to strike. Lashley levels both of them with a powerful spear. Now that their opponents have been taken out, MVP and EC3 can now make their entrance. They rush down to the ring to join Lashley in once again beating up on A.J. and Bobby. Before they can do any further damage however, the music of the GFW World Champion Austin Aries hits.

The world champion, with belt in hand, rushes down to the ring area to help his friends. EC3, MVP, and Lashley quickly exit while Aries grabs a microphone.

Austin Aries says he too is sick and tired of the constant power struggles that seem to occur every six months or so and like A.J. and Bobby he’s not going to sit in the back and let it happen again. So he’s here with a challenge. Why not make the proposed match of A.J. and Bobby vs. MVP and EC3 into a six man match? A.J., Bobby Roode, and the world champion Austin Aries against MVP, EC3, and Lashley? MVP and EC3, upset that they weren’t able to take out A.J. and Bobby before Aries stepped in, quickly agrees to the match. Tonight’s main event is now set. The segment transitions away with a shot of all six men staring each other down.

Before the commercial break, cameras transition to the backstage area where the Beautiful People are standing by.

Both the Beautiful People agree that they let Rebel’s freak friends distract them and it cost them the match last week but not this week. Oh no, Velvet Sky vows that she’s not going to let those sideshow freaks distract her ever again. They set out to right a wrong and they’re going to do it!


Coming back from commercial we see Samuel Shaw calmly walking in the back when out of nowhere Bram comes in.

Bram sneaks up behind Samuel and hits him with what appears to be a taser, in retribution for what happened last week. With Samuel temporarily stunned, Bram pulls out what appears to be a rather strong and sturdy wheelchair from off camera. He picks up Shaw and straps him into the chair. With Shaw still out, Bram then begins to wheel him away.

Match #1: Rockstar Spud vs. Samoa Joe – Round 1/X Division Championship Tournament

Cutting away from the backstage area and the apparent kidnapping of Samuel Shaw by Bram, we see Rockstar Spud, dressed in his wrestling gear standing in the middle of the ring. Both Mike Tenay and Taz are still commenting on what happened earlier but are forced to quickly change gears when Spud starts speaking.

Spud says that now that Sir Ethan is back on top, he plans on making him proud by not only winning his match tonight but then going on to win the X Division championship, in honor of his fallen hero, Madam Dixie Carter.

Spud is then shocked when he hears the music of his opponent for tonight, “The Samoan Submission Machine” Samoa Joe blaring throughout the Manhattan Center. Frightened by still laser focused, Spud gets his game face and prepares to face Joe.

As you would expect, this was not much of a match. Spud goes right at Samoa Joe once the bell rings, hitting him with a series of rights and lefts and then even attempting to pick Joe up all while Joe stands there with his arms on his hips, waiting for Spud to tire himself out. After yet another failed attempt at picking Joe up, Spud appears to have hurt his back which gives Joe the opening he was waiting for. Joe picks Spud up, hits the muscle buster, and covers him for the 1, 2, 3.

Winner: Samoa Joe

Joe earns the victory in impressive fashion, moving on in the X Division tournament. Following the match, Joe simply laughs at Spud as he walks out of the ring. Spud, still trying to be a tough guy, ignores the orders of GFW medical personal and attempts to stand by himself but ultimately fails. The camera soon transitions away.

We see GFW interviewer Jeremy Borash standing by with the GFW World Tag Team Champions, Matt and Jeff Hardy.

JB opens up the interview by first congratulating the Hardyz on becoming the first GFW Tag Team Champions. He then transitions to this open challenge that the Hardyz have issued for tonight. Why issue the challenge at all? Matt takes the microphone and says that since reuniting, both he and Jeff have been thinking a lot about their legacy and about how they’ll be remembered when they are done wrestling. He says that they want to be remembered as the greatest tag team ever and the only way they do that is by facing as many great tag teams as possible, making GFW a destination for great tag teams the world over. Jeff then takes over the mic and simply says whoever is out there who thinks they are great step up and face the best.


Match #2: Rebel vs. Velvet Sky w/Angelina Love

Coming back from commercial, we see the GFW Knockouts Champion Rebel already standing in the middle of the ring. Oddly enough, no Menagerie members are with her. The Beautiful People then make their grand entrance, their confidence having been boosted by the site of no Menagerie members at ringside.

Velvet Sky goes immediately at Rebel, hitting her with a flurry of offense obviously aimed at trying to overwhelm the still green Knockout. The strategy for Velvet Sky works well, Rebel is unable to fight back, let alone string together enough moves to make it count. Things aren’t looking too good for the Knockouts champion and they don’t look to change, especially with no help on the outside. Velvet Sky appears to be on the verge of earning the victory when out of nowhere and with no entrance music, Crazzy Steve makes his way down to the ring. Steve, carrying a bouquet of large balloons, goes right up to Angelina Love and offers her the balloons. When Angelina refuses the offer, Steve gets sad. He takes out what appears to be some sort of pointy object from a shirt pocket and pops the large heart shaped balloon in the middle of the bouquet, heartbroken that Angelina turned him down. The popping of the balloon, although not that loud, appears to have startled Velvet Sky just enough to where she takes her eyes off Rebel for just a second. Just a second is all that Rebel needs however. Seizing the opportunity, she rolls Velvet Sky up, pinning her shoulders to the mat. Before Angelina Love can respond, the referee counts 1, 2, 3.

Winner: Rebel

Once again, with a distraction from the outside by a member of the Menagerie, Rebel picks up a victory against the Beautiful People. Upset, Angelina Love attempts to attack Rebel from behind but before she can, she is stopped by Crazzy Steve who picks her up and carries her to the back, kicking and screaming. Velvet Sky soon follows, leaving only Rebel in the middle of the ring, laughing to herself as the camera transitions away.

Before the commercial break, we see a shot of “Mr. Intensity” Gunner, who has apparently just arrived at the Manhattan Center. He is followed closely behind by a rather large and tall man. Cameras cannot get a good look at the man as he stays in the shadows as the two walk. It appears that Gunner and this mystery man are the team answering the Hardyz’ call.


Match #3: The Hardy Boyz vs. ??? & ???

Back from commercial, the Hardyz make their entrance. The crowd erupts as Matt and Jeff make their way out to the ring to await what appears to be Gunner and a mystery partner. The Hardyz enter the ring and wait for their opponents. They don’t have to wait long however, as Gunner’s music starts to play right away. Alone, Gunner steps out of the entrance tunnel.

Gunner says that in the time he’s been in this company, he’s aligned himself with some rather sketchy characters (James Storm, Samuel Shaw, Mr. Anderson) to name a few. They’ve all had one thing in common, eventually they turned their backs on me and went on to different things. And for whatever reason, whenever he’s attempted to go at it on his own, things always seem to get in his way. So, deciding that he would be better off if he found someone who he knew he could 100% trust, he started searching and found the perfect tag team partner, this man…

After a brief pause, familiar music begins to play and the tall mystery man steps out of the entrance tunnel revealing himself to be Crimson! Gunner and Crimson then dash to the ring so the match can get underway.

Initially the referee struggles to separate the two teams but eventually he does, sending two men to their respective corners of the ring. Despite their years of experience together, the Hardyz are at a huge disadvantage here, having been obviously unprepared to face a team the size and strength of Gunner and Crimson. The Hardyz hold their own quite well however, using their bond as brothers as well as tag team wherewithal to try and stay in this match. It also helps that the crowd remains firmly behind them. Despite holding their own, the Hardyz aren’t able to mount much of an offense as they are constantly on the defensive. Although they are able to drag the match on for a while, the lack of offense as well as the determination of Gunner and Crimson work against them. The Hardyz can only do so much more. Eventually their will gives out. In impressive fashion, Crimson picks up Jeff Hardy and hits his spine buster finish on him, pressing his shoulders down to the mat as the referee counts 1, 2, 3.

Winners: Crimson & Gunner

The newly formed team of Crimson and Gunner earn an impressive victory in their first match together, putting them in good position to earn a future tag team title shot. The camera transitions away as Crimson and Gunner exit the ring.

Going backstage, the camera focuses in on the locker room area of Ethan Carter III as he prepares for his upcoming match. EC3 is talking on the phone as Kenny King enters.

Before Kenny King can interrupt, we overhear EC3 telling whoever he’s talking to on the phone how he’s going to be needing help pretty soon and he wants to know if he’ll be able to count on help? The person must have said yes as it appears that EC3 was happy with what he hears. He hangs up on the phone to attend to Kenny King. Kenny simply asks EC3 if he can count on having some help for his upcoming match. EC3, who seems upset by the notion, responds by saying that Kenny’s a big boy and he can take care of himself, they have bigger fish to fry. Frustrated at being shot down, Kenny King then storms out the door as the show goes to commercial.


Match #4: Eddie Edwards vs. Kenny King – Round 1/X Division Championship Tournament

Coming back from commercial, it is now time for match #4 of the night and match #4 as well of the X Division Championship tournament. This match features former tag team champion Eddie Edwards against former X Division champion Kenny King, who apparently won’t be receiving any help from his friends for this match. Eddie Edwards is first out to the ring, in his first match since losing the tag team titles. Kenny King then follows visibly upset that EC3 turned him down earlier.

A classic X Division style match between the two. Kenny King goes the route of trying to out-quick Eddie Edwards while Eddie simply lies in wait and uses his slight size advantage to his benefit. The crowd is firmly behind Eddie Edwards but this doesn’t seem to bother Kenny King at all, at least at first. As the match drags on however, the combination of the crowd cheering Eddie on as well as still focused on no help from his friends starts to wear on Kenny King. He starts to miss little moves here and there which allows Eddie to start building up a lead. Little by little Eddie builds up his lead which only worsens Kenny’s mood. The final blow occurs when Eddie hits what appears to just be a regular moonsault. The move must have hit harder than Eddie expected as when he covered Kenny King he was able to get the 1, 2, 3.

Winner: Eddie Edwards

Eddie moves on while Kenny King is forced to reconsider a lot. In a show of good sportsmanship, Eddie attempts to help Kenny up off the mat but still frustrated Kenny refuses. He gets up and staggers to the back by himself as the camera cuts away.

Cutting to the broadcast table, Mike Tenay and Taz switch gears. In keeping with their new global wrestling initiative, not only will GFW traveling to foreign countries and entering business deals with foreign promotions, but they also plan to be bringing in several new foreign talent over the next months starting with next week when the son of the famous Damien 666, Bestia 666 debuts in GFW, taking on GFW’s DJ Z. A brief video for Bestia 666 is shown before the show cuts to commercial.


Match #5: A.J. Styles, Austin Aries, & Bobby Roode vs. Ethan Carter III, Lashley, & MVP

It’s main event time! Before the match can begin, a video is shown of what happened last week between the two former enemy stables where EC3 approached MVP with an offer that he eventually accepted which resulted in the attack on A.J. and Bobby last week. Once the video finishes up, the entrances can begin. EC3 is the first man to make his entrance, followed by MVP and Lashley. In a show of solidarity, A.J., Austin, and Bobby all come out to the ring together.

Starting the match, the strategy of Styles, Aries, and Roode appears to be driving a wedge between EC3 and MVP as much as they can while keeping Lashley on the sidelines. EC3 and MVP, to their credit, see right through this strategy and work together as best they can. The one thing that they can’t seem to do no matter what however is tag Lashley in. Every time they try, one of their opponents ends up pulling them back in the match. EC3 and MVP then decide to give up on trying to get Lashley in the match for now and focus in on their opponents. This works for a little bit but not enough to do much damage, the numbers game catches up with them pretty quickly. They soon realize that their only hope for winning this match is getting Lashley involved. They come up with a distraction plan. MVP throws himself at A.J. and Bobby who are standing outside the ropes. This temporarily knocks them off the ring which allows EC3 to escape Aries and tag Lashley in. Lashley soon unloads on Aries, the man who beat him for the world title at Bound for Glory. Sensing he needs to get out of there, Aries tags in Bobby Roode. Unfortunately for Bobby, he is immediately met with a spear by Lashley. Lashley then picks Roode up and gets him in position for his finishing move, the Dominator. Aries and Styles attempt to intervene but they are stopped by EC3 and MVP. Lashley hits his move and covers his opponent, 1, 2, 3.

Winners: Ethan Carter III, Lashley, & MVP

A similar scene to last week plays out following the match. All three men stand over Bobby Roode as Aries and Styles look on. Aries clutches the world title close as Lashley stares him down.
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Re: Global Force Wrestling - The TNA Re-Brand

GFW News & Notes - New Touring Dates Announced, Live Special, Jeff Jarrett's On-Screen Role, & More

- GFW announced that following the UK tour in January, they will be returning to the States to tap four weeks of GFW TV from the Orleans Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada on February 5th and 6th. Following their stops in Las Vegas, GFW will be hosting a house show event on February 7th from the Reno Events Center in Reno, Nevada.

- In another first for this company, GFW announced that for the first time ever, GFW will be hosting a live TV special from the world famous 2300 Arena (formerly the ECW Arena) on March 5th.

- Jeff Jarrett is not expected to be making very many appearances on TV for GFW as they are trying to distance themselves from always having an authority figure on TV who takes up way too much time. He is scheduled to make a few appearances but they will be short.

- This week's edition of GFW TV earned a 0.7 rating. The rating is down from the 0.8 that they earned the week before.

- Preview for 11/27...Last week, the team of EC3, MVP, and Lashley once again earned another victory over the team of Bobby Roode and A.J. Styles when they beat them and Austin Aries in the main event. Where does the fight between the two groups go this week?...A division in the ranks? Kenny King asked EC3 for help last week for his match but was very quickly turned down which resulted in King losing his X Division tournament match. Will Kenny forgive or forget or will the issue be left to fester?...Gunner and the returning Crimson answered the Hardyz open challenge last week, beating the tag team champions in pretty convincing fashion. Now this week the new team takes on Knux & The Freak of the Menagerie...Rebel once again earned a victory over a member of the Beautiful People last week when she defeated Velvet Sky with help from Crazzy Steve. Now that she's beaten both of them one on one, what does the Beautiful People have planned for the Knockouts champ?...Also, the final two opening round X Division championship tournament matches featuring Davey Richards vs. Manik and making his GFW debut, from Mexico, Bestia 666 takes on DJ Z...All this and more, Thursday November 27th, now on CMT!

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Re: Global Force Wrestling - The TNA Re-Brand

Manhattan Center
New York City, New York

This week’s edition of GFW TV opens up similar to last week’s where there Is no opening video recap but rather we see a close up of Bobby Roode in the back.

Bobby says that it’s clear to him now that the true power behind EC3 and MVP is “The Destroyer” Lashley. With him around EC3 and MVP don’t need the power of authority to get their way, all they need to do is send Lashley out there and have him destroy everything. No disrespect to his friends A.J. and Aries but this is a fight that only he, Bobby Roode, can handle. Tonight, he’s taking the fight right to Lashley himself!

Cameras then transition away from Bobby’s backstage promo to the ring area where Mike Tenay and Taz welcome everyone to another edition of GFW TV. They quickly rundown the card, highlighting the second match together of the tag team Crimson and Gunner who are taking on Knux and The Freak as well as the GFW TV debut of Bestia 666 who is taking on DJ Z. Once they finish that, the camera transitions away.

Match #1: Bestia 666 vs. DJ Z – Round 1/X Division Championship Tournament

Tonight’s first match is the first of two X Division Championship tournament matches, the final two in round #1. First man out to the ring is DJ Z, who gives himself quite the introduction, announcing himself as the next X Division champion. Next out is the debuting Bestia 666. Like most new arrivals, the crowd is unsure of what to think of Bestia so they react to him very quietly.

Much like the crowd, DJ Z is also unsure of exactly how to react to Bestia 666. DJ Z assumes that since Bestia is new, he will be easy to defeat so he doesn’t seem to put much effort into the match at all, assuming that he’s just going to easily defeat him. But as the match goes on, DJ Z still has not beaten him and does not appear to be getting any closer to doing so. Bestia continues to antagonize DJ Z, knowing very well that he will most likely soon lose his cool if things don’t start to go his way. Once he does, Bestia flips a switch as well and starts unloading with a flurry of offense which takes DJ Z by surprise. Unsure of what to think, DJ Z struggles to come up with a defensive strategy that works and as a result he starts to fall farther and farther behind. DJ Z tries to regain his composure but between the frustration of losing and the quick strike offense of his opponent, he just can’t. As a result, DJ Z eventually succumbs to Bestia 666 and the newcomer picks up his first victory in GFW.

Winner: Bestia 666

Now having gotten to witness Bestia 666 live in a match, the crowd is now much more behind him then they were at the beginning as the referee raises his hand in victory. Bestia 666 will now move on to the second round of the X Division tournament where he will face the winner of the final round #1 match between Davey Richards and Manik.


Returning from commercial, the camera cuts to the backstage area where we see Bobby Roode walking into the locker room area. He knocks on a door and enters the locker room of EC3, MVP, Lashley, Kenny King, and Rockstar Spud.

Lashley, King, and Spud immediately spring to their feet but MVP holds them back. He asks what they can do for Bobby. Bobby says that he’s not looking to fight right now, he’s simply here to issue a challenge. He wants to see how tough Lashley really is without all the tricks and backup behind him, he wants to fight Lashley later tonight. MVP and EC3 simply laugh the proposal off and start to turn around, in a sign that they’re done listening to what Bobby has to say. But before Bobby can leave the room, Lashley grabs his arm and simply says “you’re on.” The rest of the guys try to talk him out of it but Lashley will have none of it.

Match #2: Crimson & Gunner vs. Knux & The Freak

It is now time for match #2 of the night. Cutting away from the backstage area we see the two teams already in the ring awaiting the bell. However before the referee rings it, the music of the GFW Tag Team Champions The Hardy Boyz begins playing. Matt and Jeff, dressed in street clothes, come out of the entrance tunnel and quietly walk down to the ring side area and sit down, obviously here to scout the new team of Crimson and Gunner.

Despite having the size advantage, Knux and The Freak end up getting dominated in this match. Fueled by the sight of the Hardyz at ringside, Crimson and Gunner lay it all out in the ring to show the tag champs that they deserve to be taken seriously. The fact that this team has only been together two weeks now and they’re already easily manhandling their opponents certainly has to worry the Hardyz at least a little. Every move that Crimson and Gunner do, they make sure that the Hardyz are able to see it. This showboating does allow Knux and The Freak a little bit of a window to try and get into this match but once they realize that they might be losing control, Crimson and Gunner once again clamp down and this time don’t let go. Knowing that they can’t fool around anymore, Crimson and Gunner move to finish their opponents off. Gunner lines them up and Crimson finishes them, hitting an impressive spine buster on The Freak for the 1, 2, 3.

Winners: Crimson & Gunner

Just like they did during the match, following the match Crimson and Gunner remain focused on the Hardyz who in turn remain focused on them. The two continue to have a stare down before Mike Tenay and Taz interrupt; they say there is something going on in the back.

Cameras catch the Beautiful People, Angelina Love and Velvet Sky, attacking the GFW Knockouts Champion Rebel. The two are beating her down pretty good before out of nowhere ODB steps in and helps Rebel out, allowing her to get to her feet at least. Rather than deciding to run, Rebel turns and starts attacking Angelina and Velvet along with ODB. The brawl starts to spill out to the ring area as the show goes to commercial.


Match #3: The Beautiful People vs. ODB & Rebel

Coming back from commercial, the announcement is made that during the commercial break, the fight that began in the back between The Beautiful People and ODB and Rebel has now been turned into a sanctioned match. The fighting has now found its way to the ring area as the camera focuses in.

ODB is facing off against Velvet Sky and Angelina Love is facing off against Rebel. ODB is handling Velvet Sky pretty well but Rebel is struggling against the veteran Angelina. Little by little the action starts to make its way towards the actual ring until the referee feels good enough to call for the bell. ODB remains in the ring with Velvet Sky while Angelina and Rebel are forced to stand waiting. ODB dominates Velvet but right as she is about to put her away, she slips past her and tags in Angelina. Angelina enters and the same thing occurs, ODB dominates her but right as the opportunity presents itself, Angelina slips out of her grasp. This pattern goes on for awhile until it appears that ODB is starting to wear down a little. Sensing that her partner is in trouble, Rebel tries to convince ODB to tag her in but feeling that she’s got this, ODB turns her down. Rebel tries and tries but every time it’s the same answer. ODB continues to fight and even manages to get Angelina Love in a position where she feels she can finally finish her off but right as she is about to, Rebel tags herself in. ODB can’t believe it and tries to argue her case but Rebel doesn’t listen and goes right at Angelina. Big mistake because right as she does, Angelina springs out of nowhere and hits her with a Botox Injection which knocks Rebel out. Angelina quickly covers as the ref counts 1, 2, 3.

Winners: The Beautiful People

Miscommunication ends up costing the Knockouts Champion and ODB the match as the Beautiful People are finally able to defeat Rebel. Earning the victory has to boost Angelina and Velvet’s confidence quite a bit and it certainly has to put a damper on Rebel’s confidence as well. As Rebel staggers to her feet, ODB can’t help but shake her head as she starts to walk to the back. Realizing what she did, Rebel hangs her head in shame and soon follows ODB to the back.

Before the commercial break, GFW cameras once again catch Ethan Carter III on his cell phone.

The cameras are able to catch EC3 talking to someone. EC3 tells this person that he’s worried about Lashley facing Bobby Roode tonight and asks if there’s anything they can do. Whatever the person said must have been good news to EC3 as he instantly gets a smile on his face. He responds with a “that’s great, thanks again” and then proceeds to hang up the phone.


Cutting to the backstage area, cameras catch Bram walking casually when he is stopped in his tracks by Magnus.

Magnus stops Bram and asks him if Samuel has been “taken care of.” Bram simply smiles and said that yes, he’s back amongst friends. That is all the detail the two gives about the whereabouts of Samuel Shaw. They simply smile and walk off camera.

Match #4: Davey Richards vs. Manik – Round 1/X Division Championship Tournament

It is now time for the final match in round #1 of the X Division Championship tournament which will pit Davey Richards of the Wolves against former X Division Champion Manik. Davey’s tag team partner Eddie Edwards has already advanced in the tournament so let’s see if Davey can join him. First out to the ring is Manik who gets a lukewarm reaction from the crowd. Next is Davey Richards who gets a much better reaction.

Manik jumps out to an early lead, getting a shot in on Davey Richards before the bell rings. This slight cheap shot does not give Manik the edge for long however as Davey manages to quickly regain his composure and fight his way back. Manik decides to go all out with the high flying moves whereas Davey Richards is much more cautious, deciding to rather wait and pick the right times to hit certain moves. The wild, high risk nature of Manik’s move set does overwhelm Davey somewhat but being the smart wrestler that he is, Davey does not panic. Seeing as how a majority of Manik’s offense is predicated on having a strong lower body, Davey starts to target that, specifically Manik’s legs and knees. The targeted strikes slow Manik down considerably. Manik is now reduced to a ground game which does not play in his favor. Now that the match is virtually grounded, Davey continues targeting Manik’s legs and knees, wearing them down even more for the potential cloverleaf submission. Davey soon sees the perfect opportunity to lock the move in and takes it. The two men struggle for a while but eventually Davey is able to get the hold firmly locked, in the middle of the ring even. Despite his best effort, the only thing left for Manik to do is tap out.

Winner via Submission: Davey Richards

The first man to earn a victory in the X Division tournament via a submission hold as to give Davey Richards a slight advantage as he moves forward. Following the match, Davey’s tag team partner Eddie Edwards joins him in the middle of the ring and the two celebrate their individual victories. As they turn to exit the ring, suddenly the lights go dark and something starts to play on the video screen. The video that plays is a collage of scenes of war and destruction. At the end of the video, the words “The Saviors Are Coming” appear. Everyone is left to wonder what in the world this means and why the Wolves would be targeted as the show cuts to commercial.


Match #5: Bobby Roode vs. Lashley

Before the match can begin, Bobby Roode is shown in the back walking to the ring when he is stopped by both Austin Aries and A.J. Styles.

They both offer their help in the event that Bobby will need it but Bobby says that he needs to show those punks that they won’t stoop to their level and that we can beat Lashley one on one without any sort of shenanigans. Roode then walks off camera, leaving Styles and Aries with concerned looks on their faces.

Bobby’s music is the first to hit and he comes out to a pretty good reaction from the crowd. If Bobby’s nervous about facing “The Destroyer”, he’s not letting it show. Lashley is out next, coming to the ring alone. When the two enter the ring and come face to face, the referee motions to ring the bell but before it is rung, everything is stopped when Rockstar Spud comes out to the ring, with another man behind him dressed in referee’s clothes. Spud approaches and says that he’s been sent with a message for the current referee. Spud then hands him a piece of paper, the referee reads it, folds it up, and then walks away. The man who came down to the ring with Spud appears to now be the new referee.

Despite this change, the match continues on as scheduled. Bobby Roode jumps out to the early lead and manages to maintain it for quite some time. Bobby’s strategy appears to be keep Lashley down, wearing him out as much as possible so his strong man tactics won’t be as effective. For whatever reason, Lashley does not seem as motivated as Roode even though he has just as much to prove. The whole of Lashley’s offense in this match is to simply try and throw Roode off of him whenever Roode moves in to attack. Roode senses that something may be up so he moves quickly to get Lashley in position to finish him off. Roode hits an impressive Double R spine buster on Lashley to which Lashley struggles to get up. Bobby positions himself to look in a cross face on the laid out Lashley but before he can, for whatever reason the referee stops him. The referee and Bobby begin arguing. During this time Lashley gets to his feet. While still arguing with Roode, the referee appears to hand Lashley some sort of brass knuckles. The referee then stops arguing with Roode which allows Lashley to hit him with the brass knuckles, knocking him out cold, all with the referee’s back turned. The referee then turns around and counts 1, 2, 3 as Lashley covers Roode.

Winner: Lashley

It appears that whoever EC3 was talking to has enough pull backstage to initiate a referee change which helped Lashley earn the victory. Both the referee and Lashley stand proud in the middle of the ring as the show fades to black.
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