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Default Rewriting the Road from Miami

Hey everyone, have felt for a while that I wanted to take WWE in a different direction from after Wrestlemania 28, so have decided to start from the night after Wrestlemania 28 with a fresh(er) approach. Obviously this will present challenges, I don't have the exact roster from the time, and I will have to take severe creative and logistical liberties, but hey, this is what fantasy is for.

I have to put a few points of order in first. Firstly, for all intents and purposes, TNA is non-existent and I will be poaching talents at will to suit my storylines. Secondly, I will be suspending disbelief by bringing back people who had either moved on to other projects or retired, again because I want to do things with them that won't happen in real life. Also, I will try to be fair with outside projects and injuries, but obviously many injuries will be null and void because the incidents won't occur in my alternate world.

Also I will be using ideas and creations that have appeared on WWE TV since Mania 28. For example, The Shield and The Wyatts are good and I will use them eventually, but also try to weave them into different storylines with slightly different back stories motivating them. Finally, I know I'm starting on Lesnar return night, but he won't be turning up for a while yet, I'm not going to waste him.

I'll be starting with RAW, April 2nd 2012, and I hope you enjoy.
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Default Re: Rewriting the Road from Miami

No lie, this is the exact thread I was planning to make.
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Default Re: Rewriting the Road from Miami

Thread Preview

Just to outline the basics for the thread:

Authority Figures

Mr. McMahon-WWE Chairman.
Triple H-WWE COO and Part-time wrestler.
John Laurinaitis-Executive VP of Talent Relations & GM of both RAW and Smackdown.
David Otunga-Executive Assistant to the GM.

Commentators and Announcers

RAW Commentary: Michael Cole & Jerry Lawler.
Smackdown Commentary: Michael Cole & Booker T.
Raw ring announcer: Justin Roberts.
Smackdown ring announcer: Lillian Garcia.

WWE Roster

RAW Roster

WWE Champion: CM Punk.
US Champion: Santino Marella.
WWE Tag Team Champions: Primo & Epico (cross-brand title).
Divas Champion: Beth Phoenix (cross-brand title).

Alberto Del Rio.
Alex Riley.
Chris Jericho.
David Otunga. (Cross-Brand contract due to executive role).
Dolph Ziggler.
Drew McIntyre.
Evan Bourne.
Jack Swagger.
John Cena.
Kofi Kingston.
Mark Henry.
The Miz.
Rey Mysterio.
The Rock (part-time).
Zack Ryder.


World Heavyweight Champion: Sheamus.
Intercontinental Champion: Big Show.

Cody Rhodes.
Daniel Bryan.
The Great Khali.
Heath Slater.
Justin Gabriel.
Jimmy Uso.
Jey Uso.
Randy Orton.
Sin Cara.
Ted DiBiase Jr.
The Undertaker (Occassional).
Tyson Kidd.

Due to their being one Divas title, John Laurinaitis, as GM of Raw & SD, has decided that the WWE Divas will be dual-brand superstars, and will be able to appear on both shows. He has also extended the privilege to tag teams, who will also be able to appear on either show.


Brie Bella.
Nikki Bella.
AJ Lee.
Alicia Fox.
Kelly Kelly.


Husky Harris (Repackaging)
Wade Barrett (Injured)
Michael McGillicutty (Repackaging)
Yoshi Tatsu (Inactive)
Tensai (Inactive)
Brodus Clay (Inactive)
Jinder Mahal (Inactive)
Hunico (Inactive)
Hornswoggle (Inactive).

I've probably forgotten somebody, but I'm planning to shake it up, this is just a guide to explain the positioning of superstars during the first few weeks.
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Default Re: Rewriting the Road from Miami

WWE RAW Preview
April 2nd, 2012.

The road to Wrestlemania 28 may be over, but the journey begins again for the WWE Universe towards New Jersey for the 29th edition of the grandest stage of them all, in a year's time, Wrestlemania 29.

The journey kicks off tonight in the host city of Wrestlemania 28, Miami, in the sold-out American Airlines Arena. There were many issues arising from the momentous occasion that was Wrestlemania 28, that will surely be raised again, as we head into a new year in the life of the WWE Universe.

Tonight's RAW promises to be an extraordinary, action-packed extravaganza. The Rock will address his hometown faithful after he successfully defeated John Cena in the main event of the grand daddy of the all, Wrestlemania. What will The Rock have in store for us? Will Cena react to his career-defining defeat?

CM Punk proved his credentials to the tag "Best in the World" after his hard-fought victory over Chris Jericho at Wrestlemania. What will Y2J's reaction be to last night's events? Who will be next in line for a shot at the WWE Championship?

Tonight's RAW will also usher in a new era of "People Power", as John Laurinaitis takes control of both RAW and Smackdown as General Manager after his team defeated "Team Teddy Long" at Wrestlemania 28 to seize control of both shows. What will the new boss have in store for the WWE Universe?

For all this and much more tune into the April 2nd edition Monday Night RAW!
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Default Re: Rewriting the Road from Miami

April 2nd, 2012
American Airlines Arena, Miami.

"yes sir we promised you a great main event"

We begin with a lengthy video package, with numerous still photos of the main moments of Wrestlemania 28, including The Rock's win over John Cena, Sheamus defeating Daniel Bryan in 18 seconds, The Undertaker defeating HHH inside Hell In A Cell and CM Punk defeating Chris Jericho.

We cut LIVE to the American Airlines Arena in front of a sell-out, raucous, post-Wrestlemania Miami crowd as the fallout from Wrestlemania 28 begins.

Cole: Last night was a historic occasion. The road to Wrestlemania 28 came to an end and the finale lived up to the hype. Welcome, ladies and gentleman, to what is sure to be an explosive edition of Monday Night RAW in the sold-out American Airlines Arena, here in the host city of Wrestlemania, Miami! We have a raucous sold-out crowd here tonight for what is the culmination of an intense week of Wrestlemania activities. I'm with Jerry "The King" Lawler at ringside, what's been your favourite moment of Wrestlemania week Jerry?

Jerry: Well Michael, I've gotta tell you, I've been blown away by the whole of this week in Miami, but for me, the Hall of Fame ceremony was amazing as always, so many historic speeches from our inductees, Ron Simmons, Mike Tyson and of course Edge, but last night was awesome too, The streak lives on and The Rock defeated John Cena in a match for the ages!

Cole: Indeed he did Jerry, and tonight we will here from The Rock LIVE on Monday Night Raw, as we kick off a new era in the WWE...

*People Power*

Cole: It's the era of People Power, ladies and gentlemen, as last night Team Johnny defeated Team Teddy to ensure that man, John Laurinaitis, became the new general manager of BOTH RAW AND Smackdown,and he seems to be rather pleased about it.

Jerry: You can say that again Michael, if that smile got any bigger he'd be the walking billboard for dental insurance. his team did indeed win last night, but in my mind I don't believe for a second that's he going to give these people, this sell-out crowd in Miami or the rest of the WWE Universe, what they want.

The new GM of both RAW and Smackdown, John Laurinaitis, comes down to the ring with David Otunga to a chorus of jeers. They are both wearing suits and Johnnie has the aforementioned huge cheesy grin on his face.

JL: Ladies and gentlemen...welcome to MONDAY NIGHT RAW!!! *mixed reaction* Tonight is a momentous occassion, a historic moment in the entire existence of the WWE Universe. Tonight "People Power" takes control of the WWE. *boo*

Now...I know you have your doubts...*you suck*...but I promise you that I will deliver an experience that will provide you with thrilling action, awe-inspiring moments and unforgettable memories, but no memory will be remembered more fondly...*boring, boring*...than my team's historic victory over Teddy Long last night at Wrestlemania.

It is important, for you to all understand, that I am a man of my word. So tonight, I will reward the people who helped me secure my most glorious achievement, bringing the power back to the people.

I know what you all want to see, *We Want Lesnar*, and no, you do not want to see that. Instead, you want to see The Miz *Boo*, team with Jack Swagger, *boo*, to face Primo & Epico for the WWE Tag Team Championships. *Muted response*

That's not all, tonight you will see Dolph Ziggler *cheer*, go one-on-one with Santino Marella for the United States Championship! *cheer*

Also, The Big Show will defend his Intercontinental Championship against Drew McIntyre and Cody Rhodes in a Triple Threat match! *mixed reaction*.

I also have to reward the lovely ladies, so tonight I have given Vickie Guerrero the night off *cheers* and Brie Bella will face Beth Phoenix for the Divas Championship! *mixed reaction*

Tonight we will make history, as tonight is power to the people on MONDAY NIGHT RAW...

**Cult of Personality**

CM Punk comes out to a big ovation and he soaks up the adulation. He does his "Best in the World" spiel and heads to the ring.

Punk: Johnnie boy...*cheer* it's been 5 minutes, well maybe 10 in fact, since you've taken complete control and you've already bored the ass off the entire WWE Universe...*cheers*

*he waves into the camera* see? they're all fast asleep! Hello, people of the WWE Universe currently asleep at home, wakey wakey, it's ok, because the BEST IN THE WORLD is here!

*Laurinaitis and Otunga look less than amused as the crowd laugh, cheer and chant "CM Punk!"*

See last night, Johnnie boy...

JL: It's Mr. Laurinaitis to you, or sir, or boss...

Punk: Johnnie Boy...last night I actually achieved something, something tangible, something historic, something truly meaningful. I didn't just stand on the outside watching people I paid do the hard work for me, I earned the right to be called the best in the world at what I do by beating Chris Jericho on the grandest stage of them all *huge cheer*, and in the process I retained the WWE Championship!

*Punk raises the title aloft to loud cheers and CM Punk chants*

Now Johnnie say you're a man of the people...well all I see is that you're handing out favours to your lackeys from last night. If you really want to give the people what they want, you will fire this smug son of a bitch *points at David Otunga* and you will walk out of this building, get the first plane out of Miami and never, ever come back! *huge cheers*

JL: *smirks* You forget Punk...*drowned out by CM Punk and Johnnie sucks chants*, you forget Punk...that I'm in charge now, complete control. I am now the most powerful man in the WWE, but I won't abuse that power, I will use it to give the people what they want. As a matter of fact I had one more announcement to make, and it's regarding the WWE Championship. *Punk looks on intently*

You see Punk, at Extreme Rules, in your hometown of Chicago, you will defend your WWE Championship in a rematch against Chris Jericho. However over the next 2 weeks there will be a tournament to determine the other 2 participants in the match, as you will defend your title, the WWE Championship *points at the title on Punk's shoulder* in a Fatal 4-Way, Tables, Ladders and Chairs Match! *cheers*

*Punk nods whilst still glaring at Laurinaitis*

That's defend your title tonight...*crowd murmurs in excitement*, because as I said I will give the people what they want, and these people want to see you defend your title *we want Lesnar* right here, tonight *points at the mat* So tonight you will defend your title...against the World's Strongest Man, Mark Henry!
*mixed reaction as the crowd wanted Lesnar*

Johnnie looks pleased with himself, but Punk smirks and replies:

Punk: That’s all wonderful, Johnnie Boy…and these people know how much I love to come out here, every single night, to prove to the world that I am the best in the world, the best WWE Champion of all time *cheers* and after I retain my title tonight, and at Extreme Rules, I will find you in the back, I will drag you to the middle of this ring, and in front of my hometown faithful I will put you to sleep…! *huge cheer*

Punk grabs Otunga, hauls him onto his shoulders and glares at Johnnie, who has escaped to the ring apron, Punk hits a GTS on Otunga and charges at Laurinaitis, who jumps off the ring apron, falls onto his ass as Punk laughs, picks up his title, climbs the turnbuckle and poses to Johnnie as his music plays and we head to a commercial.


We’re back from commercial to more stills from Wrestlemania 28 last night, focusing on The Rock defeating John Cena, which gets a huge pop from the live crowd in Miami. Then, a graphic appears promoting The Rock appearing live to address the WWE Universe later on tonight.

Cole: Last night The Rock proved to the world he is “The Great One”, and tonight he will appear LIVE to address the WWE Universe in his hometown of Miami.

Jerry: He sure is…this is going to be one hell of a night, just look at what happened to start off Monday night RAW before the commercial break!

We see highlights of the confrontation between CM Punk and John Laurinaitis, before a graphic appears highlighting the WWE Championship match between CM Punk and Mark Henry.

Jerry: CM Punk likes to run his mouth but it’s earned him a title defence, the night after a hellacious battle with Chris Jericho, and he has to defend his title against the “World’s Strongest Man” Mark Henry! “Johnny Boy”, as Punk calls him, is certainly rewarding his allies tonight!

Cole: That’s not all King, because RAW GM John Laurinaitis also confirmed that in four weeks at Extreme Rules, the WWE Championship will be defended in a Fatal 4-Way Tables, Ladders and Chairs match, and if CM Punk loses tonight, he may not even be in that match!

Jerry: You’re right Cole, so far the only man in that match is Chris Jericho, and CM Punk certainly has a tough night ahead, and even if he makes it past Mark Henry, which is easier said than done, he has a really tough few weeks ahead…

Cole: Indeed he does King, but let’s switch gears now as we have a night of title defences coming up, and up first…


Cole: Is the battle for the Tag Team Championships!

Out comes The Miz to a large mixed reaction, and he’s followed out by the All-American American Jack Swagger, who gets much less of a pop, before the Tag Team Champions, Primo & Epico, come out to a fairly apathetic reaction…

Cole: Ladies and gentlemen, we’d like to show you what happened backstage before Monday Night RAW tonight between Primo and Epico…

*we cut backstage to a locker room with Primo and Epico chatting*

Epico: You know brother, I know we won last night at Wrestlemania…and it was awesome y’know…but don’t you feel that we’re being disrespected; because we’re the tag team champions and we were only on the pre-show…we weren’t even on the biggest PPV of the year!

Primo: Epico, mi amigo, mi hermano, you have to use these moments to make something of yourself, we’re the tag team champions…and you know what this means? We’re Colons, we are a wrestling dynasty. We are from a line of greatness. We’re going to go out there tonight, as Colons, and show the world why we deserve to be tag team champions, and deserve our place in the spotlight.

*The Colons shake hands and slap each other on the back as we cut back to the ring, where they prepare for the opening match*

Match 1: WWE Tag Team Championships: The Colons (Primo & Epico) v Jack Swagger & The Miz.

Primo and Swagger start us off, and Swagger takes early control with a headlock, which he transitions with a takedown into a grounded headlock. Primo quickly returns to a vertical base, tries to whip Swagger, who pushes him to the ropes, Primo rebounds, ducks the attempted clothesline and springboards onto Swagger after rebounding from the opposite ropes.

Primo aims several right-footed kicks as Swagger tries to regain his footing, Primo bounces off the ropes and is caught by Swagger as he attempts a spinning heel kick, allowing Swagger to plant him with a side suplex. Swagger looks to make a tag, but Miz encourages him to stay in, saying he’s on top now and to make it count.

Swagger goes for Primo’s right ankle, but Primo rolls out, kicks Swagger away, springs to his feet and his a running clothesline on Swagger. Swagger bounces back up, but Primo ducks, jumps off the second rope and hits a springboard back elbow. Primo covers, but Swagger kicks out at 2.

Primo tags in Epico, who again ducks a Swagger clothesline, knocks Miz off the apron into the barrier, and hits a punch/kick combination to Swagger, forcing him to his knees. Epico then hits several kicks in a row to the back of Swagger’s head/neck region, before posing to the crowd, and hitting a sharp kick to the side of Swagger’s head. He covers…



Swagger kicks out!

The Miz is still down at ringside, despite what looked an innocuous bump. Epico grabs Swagger, and tries to lift him to his feet, but Swagger charges him into the turnbuckle, and hits several shoulder thrusts. However, Swagger had inadvertently charged Epico to his own corner, and Primo slyly tags in, so when Swagger turns around he is caught by a sweet enzuguri by Primo, who goes up top.

Primo poses to the crowd, and Epico tags in as he dives off, and catches a rising Swagger with a crossbody. With Swagger down, Epico climbs up top and hits a leg drop from the top rope across Swagger’s neck. Epico covers…



Swagger gets the shoulder up!

Epico claps to the fans as he waits for Swagger to get up. He ducks a wild clothesline, rebounds off the ropes only for Swagger to catch him and plant him with a backbreaker to the knee. Swagger is struggling from the 2 on 1 onslaught, and can only crawl back to the ropes to catch his breath.

Swagger uses the ropes to gain leverage, but Epico comes straight back at him with right hands, and the referee has to pull the Colon off. Epico charges in again, but Swagger catches him with a big boot, and transitions Epico into a gutwrench suplex, plants him, and hooks the leg…



Primo breaks it up!

Swagger looks over to Miz, who is STILL down. Swagger lifts Epico for a Gutwrench Powerbomb, but Epico counters out, lands on his feet, spectacularly somersaults jumps over a lunging Swagger and dives to tag in Primo.

Primo catches Swagger with a running knee, before spinning round and aiming several kicks to Swagger. Primo bounces off the ropes, and hits a running dropkick to a sat down Swagger, smacking his head back into the mat. Primo covers…



…Swagger gets the shoulder up!

Primo can’t believe it, and he jumps onto the apron, and tries a springboard leg drop, but Swagger rolls into the ropes and avoids it. Swagger staggers to his feet, but finds the energy to plant Primo with a clothesline.

Finally The Miz crawls back onto the apron, and Swagger crawls for a tag, however as he reaches his corner Miz drops off the apron again, and struts away like he’s not been remotely hurt. Swagger is bewildered, and staggers backwards only to be caught by a backstabber from Primo! Primo covers…




The Colons retain the tag titles!

Winners and STILL WWE Tag Team Champions: The Colons.

After the match The Colons take their titles, briefly celebrate in the ring before departing. However The Miz skulks back to ringside, and picks up a mic and a chair from the announcing booth.

Miz: Really? Really? Really? Did you really think I was going to come out here and settle for the Tag Team Championships tonight? Did you really think I was going to settle for a mediocre, D-List tag team partner with a speech impediment? I won the Tag Team match last night at Wrestlemania, if it wasn’t for me John Laurinaitis would not be the GM of Raw and SD.

He owes me so much more than a poxy tag team title match, I deserve better, I am an A-List superstar, I should be the one challenging for the WWE Championship tonight, not Mark Henry, I deserve it, I am the must-see superstar on this show, you all pay to see me! I am The Miz, I am awesome, and until I get what I deserve then I am going to create a serious problem for our new GM, a problem like this!

The Miz picks up the chair and bashes a stricken Swagger in the skull! He continues to bash him over and over and over again with the chair, with shot after shot to his head, neck and back. Miz then does his traditional arms up pose, before grabbing a kneeling Swagger, and planting him with a Skull Crushing Finale onto the chair. He picks up the mic…

Miz (whispers): I am The Miz…and I am awesome.

The Miz walks to the back as medics tend to Swagger and Cole and Lawler review what we’ve just seen.

Cole: The Miz has completely lost it here tonight Ladies and Gentlemen…furious at the fact that he feels he’s not been rewarded enough by our new General Manager John Laurinaitis, and he’s taken it out completely on Jack Swagger.

Jerry: You’re right Cole, but that doesn’t excuse what…what he’s done out here, I mean, it’s just brutal, he has brutalised Jack Swagger and I can’t imagine that our General Manager, nor Swagger himself, will be happy at this lack of respect from The Miz.

Cole: You’re right Cole, but switching gears now, up next after the commercial break, we will have our second title match of the evening, as Santino Marella defends his US Championship against Dolph Ziggler!

Jerry: Boy! I can’t wait for that one, the show-off versus The Cobra, what a night this has already been Cole!



*huge pop*

Cole: We’re back ladies and gentlemen, LIVE on Monday Night RAW!

Dolph Ziggler makes his way to the ring in pink attire, before Santino Marella comes out to a mixed reaction.

Match 2: United States Championship: Santino Marella v Dolph Ziggler.

We start with Dolph man handling Santino, grabbing him by the head, however Santino hits a sharp headbutt and responds by grabbing Dolph’s flowing blonde locks, causing the ref to give him a 4 count, meanwhile Santino is busy slapping Dolph around the head. Santino pushes Dolph away, and they charge at each other, and catch each other with running clotheslines.

They both receive a 7 count, before getting to their feet. Dolph has punches blocked, and Santino responds with several very straight right hand jabs, almost like boxing jabs. He ducks a Ziggler clothesline, but rebounds off the ropes into a Ziggler flying crossbody. Ziggler picks Santino up and hits a scoop powerslam.

Ziggler bounces off the ropes, and goes for a jumping leg drop, but Santino rolls out of the way. Santino ducks two clothesline attempts but then gets caught by a dropkick. Ziggler whips Santino to the turnbuckle, hits a stinger splash, before hitting a Namedropper. He covers…



Santino gets a shoulder up!

Ziggler berates the ref, before grabbing Santino again. Santino responds with several punches to Ziggler’s gut, before following it up with a sweet uppercut. This causes Ziggler to stagger back, before charging at Santino, who does the splits to duck, followed by a hip toss. Ziggler staggers to his feet, but gets caught by a Santino Stunner! Santino covers…



Ziggler kicks out!

Santino is not affected by the disappointment, and he immediately walks around the ring, trying to whip up the crowd. He goes into his singlet, pulls out his Cobra sock, and goes for the Cobra…but Ziggler grabs his arm, blocks the move, pushes Santino away and hits a superkick! Ziggler whips up the crowd, who give him a huge pop, before waiting for Santino to stagger around…Zig Zag! Ziggler hooks the leg!





Winner and NEW United States Champion: Dolph Ziggler.

The crowd erupts, Ziggler is clearly a popular winner, and he poses with the belt to the fans as we head backstage.

*John Laurinatis’s office*

John Laurinaitis is backstage with David Otunga.

JL: I think that match proves how “People Power” is truly alive here on Monday Night Raw, and it’s all thanks to such an inspirational and forward-thinking General Manager, don’t you think Otunga?

Otunga: Sure is Boss…you’re giving the people exactly what they want…

*Really? Really? Really?*

The Miz enters and looks less than pleased.

Miz: You really think that YOU’RE doing a good job? Here you are, giving the man who won you your job, who deserves the biggest reward imaginable, a TAG TEAM TITLE SHOT?! Are you for real?! I deserve a shot at the WWE Championship!
JL: You deserve exactly what you got Miz. Now whilst I’m grateful for your contribution last night, you would do well to remember that I’m in charge, and that you will be grateful for everything I do for you…
Miz: Really? (Sarcastically)
JL: Really, as for your actions tonight, you will find that actions have consequences, so next week, LIVE on RAW, you will face the man you took your anger out on, Jack Swagger.
Miz: That’s fine “boss”, as I will deal with him as I did tonight. As for you, well just remember, like you said, that actions have consequences, and if you’re not VERY careful, you will feel the full consequences for your actions.
JL: Are you threatening me?
Miz: Consider it a friendly warning…I have contacts in high places, as I’m an A-List celebrity, a global superstar, and believe me, I will get what I deserve, and I’ll go through anyone to get it.


We’re back with more still shots from Wrestlemania 28, this time focusing on The Undertaker retaining his streak inside Hell In A Cell against Triple H.

We’re back live and we head to Cole and Lawler reviewing highlights of the opening segment, with confirmation that CM Punk will defend his WWE Championship against Mark Henry later tonight, as well as The Rock appearing live to address the WWE Universe.


It’s Kofi time, and he comes out to a decent pop.

*Flight of the Valkyries*

It’s YES time, but Daniel Bryan looks less than impressed at the WWE Universe erupting into yes chants. He comes down to the ring with AJ, shouting “No”, before walking round to the announcing area and retrieving a mic.

Bryan: If you people really cared about me, you’d stop chanting “YES” *to which we get a mixed YES/NO chant which seems to annoy Bryan more*.
Last night was a travesty of justice Sheamus took advantage like a coward…a cheap shot when I was clearly not ready. As fans of wrestling, as fans of American justice, you demand champions who uphold the values of fair play, sportsmanship and professionalism, and last night Sheamus displayed none of those qualities in stealing my World Heavyweight Championship!

*YES chants erupt*

Bryan: Yes! You know I’m right, and I’m going to make it clear right now to you, Sheamus, that I’m invoking my rematch clause at Extreme Rules, where I will regain MY World Heavyweight Championship! YEEESSS!

*Loads of YES chants as we begin this match*

Match 3: Kofi Kingston v Daniel Bryan.

No kiss for AJ tonight, as Bryan gets straight work pushing Kofi into the corner. Bryan has his hands in the face of Kofi, and the referee calls him off with a 4 count before Bryan backs off. Kofi springs out of the corner and hits Bryan with a clean clothesline, and follows it up with a heel kick to the jaw. Kofi into a quick cover, but Bryan kicks out at 2.

Kofi tries to ground Bryan in a headlock, but Bryan pushes Kofi away, and catches him with an uppercut. Bryan locks in a headlock, before transitioning it into a perfectly executed backbreaker. Bryan into a cover, but Kofi kicks out.

Bryan goes for an armlock, but Kofi whips up the crowd by repeatedly slapping his chest and eventually reverses the submission with an arm drag. Kofi with a spinning heel kick to Bryan, followed by a boom drop! Bryan rolls out of the ring, and Kofi goes for a SUICIDE DIVE through the ropes onto Bryan onto the floor!

Kofi gets to his feet first, and grabs Bryan’s short hair, but Bryan pushes Kofi into the announce table, as Kofi staggers back Bryan hits a belly to belly suplex onto the floor. Bryan doesn’t let Kofi rest, hitting several roundhouse kicks before whipping Kofi into the steel steps. Bryan rolls back into the ring and gets the referee to start the count.

Kofi slowly gets to his feet and as he does so Bryan responds with a suicide dive of his own to the outside! Bryan staggers to his feet, and smacks Kofi’s head into the barrier. Kofi staggers away and towards the ramp, and the pair of them start to brawl their way up the ramp.

Bryan and Kofi reach the stage, and the referee counts them out. Bryan whips Kofi into the tron, but as he turns around, he’s met with a Brogue Kick by Sheamus, who’s snuck out behind him! Sheamus stands over a motionless Bryan, and has a mic in hand.

Winner: Double Countout.

Sheamus: Hey Bryan! You should stop being so bitter about your loss last night FELLA! *he smiles to a mixed crowd reaction* You see, fella, the fact is you didn’t treat your title match at Wrestlemania with the respect it deserved, and I taught you all about respect with a Brogue Kick and in the process became the NEW World Heavyweight Champion!

Now Bryan, regarding your rematch at Extreme Rules, that’s great fella, I’m really looking forward to kicking your skull in with another brogue kick. You see, fella, as champion it has been confirmed to me that I get to choose the stipulation for our rematch at Extreme Rules. As the Celtic Warrior, Extreme Rules is the perfect PPV for a man like me. So if you REALLY fancy your chances fella, meet me in Chicago, in that ring, for this title, in an Extreme Rules match! Anything goes fella, now kiss goodbye to your World Heavyweight Championship FOREVER!

Sheamus rubs the title in Bryan’s face, before laughing and posing over Bryan, and in front of AJ, with the title as we head to commercial, up next, the WWE Championship is on the line!


More still photos of Wrestlemania 28, this time highlighting CM Punk’s win over Chris Jericho to retain the WWE Championship.

Remember, The Rock is coming up LIVE tonight!

*Cult of Personality*

The champ is here! It’s clobberin’ time as CM Punk comes out to a big pop, but he has an immense challenge in front of him as here comes The World’s Strongest Man.

Match 4: WWE Championship: CM Punk v Mark Henry.

CM Punk does his best to keep out of the reach of Henry, but Henry eventually grapples with him and pushes him into the turnbuckle. He leans on Punk for a 4 count, before Punk ducks away and across the ring.

Punk is ducking and weaving, and ducks a forearm smash by Henry, aims several kicks at Henry, before his right leg is caught, Henry smashes it down and then wipes Punk out with a clothesline. Henry drives his knee in the ribs of Punk with a splash, before covering for a quick count.

Punk crawls to the corner, but Henry picks him up and hits several repeated splashes into the turnbuckle. Punk sinks into a sitting position, and Henry marches over to the far turnbuckle, and sets up a running attack, but as he slams his ass into the turnbuckle, Punk rolls out of the away. Henry is hurt by that, and Punk immediately dives onto him, hitting loads of right hands, before Henry pushes him away. Punk tries it again, but this time Henry grabs him and throws him across the ring.

Punk tries to run at Henry again, but Henry clotheslines him to the mat. Punk is feeling the effects of this assault and Henry tells him to get up. Punk grabs the ropes and Henry smacks Punk across the chest several times, before crushing Punk’s face/neck up against the ropes for a 4 count.

Henry backs away, and waits for Punk to stagger to his feet. Punk turns round into a scoop powerslam by Henry. Henry bounces off the ropes, goes for a World’s Strongest Splash, but Punk rolls out of the way. Punk rolls out onto the apron, and Henry charges at him, but Punk pulls the ropes down and Henry (eventually) falls over them. Punk tries to get the crowd up, and he dives off the apron onto Henry with a flying clothesline.

Punk tries to grab Henry, but Henry pushes him into the announce table. Punk tries to pound Henry, but is whipped towards the steel steps, however Punk almost seems to deliberately trip himself up to stop his momentum, and as a result is able to put his arms out and stop him smacking into the ring steps. Henry charges in, but Punk trips him and Henry takes a heavy blow to the head as it smacks into the ring steps. Henry is down and Punk crawls into the ring.

The referee is counting...6, 7, 8…9…Henry just rolls into the ring, but Punk responds by hitting several roundhouse kicks, followed by an enzuguri, and Henry staggers on his knees to the corner. Punk goes to the opposite turnbuckle, and charges in, and hits step-up high knee in the corner. He goes for the bulldog, but Henry pushes him away and Punk lands hard on his back.

Henry lifts Punk up, however Punk twists and counters into a DDT! Punk goes up top, yells “best in the world”, and hits a Randy Savage elbow drop. He covers…but Henry powers out at 2!

Punk looks surprised, but then does his “Go to Sleep” pose and waits for Henry. He lifts him onto his shoulders, tries for a GTS, but Henry counters, rolls off his shoulders, pushes Punk into the ropes, Punk turns round and walks into a World’s Strongest Slam! Henry flops into the cover…



Wait! Punk reverses the cover! Henry was literally just lying over Punk, and Punk wriggles out of the cover, grabs Henry’s head and locks in the Anaconda Vise! Henry has nowhere to go! Cole says it will be so difficult for Henry to shift all of his weight to reach for the ropes. Henry edges closer…he’s reaching out…but he taps out! Punk retains!

Winner and STILL WWE Champion: CM Punk.

CM Punk eventually lets go of the hold, but he’s flat out on his back as the lights go out…


Uh-oh, here comes Jericho. He comes down to the ring, jumps over the ropes, surveys the scene, then hits a springboard lionsault onto Punk! Jericho retrieves a mic…

Jericho: Punk, last night you may have beaten me, but that was just a fluke. You can get lucky once, but I will prove to the world that I am the greatest superstar of all time, and I will save us all, the entire WWE universe, from the fallacy that is CM Punk.

Jericho slams the mic down and locks in a Walls of Jericho on Punk, who’s so worn he hardly has the energy to tap. Referees and road agents run down and pull Jericho off Punk, who smiles smugly, retrieves the WWE Championship and holds it up to a large mixed reaction from the WWE crowd as we head back to ringside.

Cole: Well, if CM Punk didn’t know he was in for a tough battle to retain his title before now, he certainly does after that.

Jerry: Yes Michael, first was the hard-fought win over Mark Henry to retain his title, but he knows that at Extreme Rules he will be facing at least Chris Jericho, plus 2 other superstars, in a Fatal 4-Way TLC Match for the WWE Championship!

Cole: Yes, indeed King, and we’ve got breaking news for you tonight ladies and gentlemen. Next week on RAW we will have the Semi-Finals for the two remaining spots in the Fatal 4-Way match at Extreme Rules. They are split into Bracket A & B. The first match in Bracket A is Mark Henry against Kane!

Jerry: Well, Michael, you have to fancy the World’s Strongest Man on tonight’s showing…

Cole: Yes, King, and the winner of that match will face the winner of this for the first spot in the Fatal 4-Way match, our NEW US Champion Dolph Ziggler v R-Truth!

Jerry: That’s going to be one hell of a contest Cole!

Cole: It sure is King, and in the other bracket, bracket B, we have two great contests…Kofi Kingston v Drew McIntyre, and the winner of that King…wait for this…will face either Zack Ryder…or John Cena!

Jerry: Oh my Cole, that’s going to be one hell of a battle between two great friends there in Ryder and Cena, I wonder how John must be feeling after last night…

Cole: Well we may find out later tonight King, as The Rock will address the WWE Universe LIVE here tonight, and although there’s been no sign of him all day, we may yet see John Cena.



It’s time for the Intercontinental Championship to be defended, and here comes the new champion, The Big Show. We’re taken back to last night, where we see photos of Show defeating Cody Rhodes for the title.

Show makes his way to the ring, but as he enters he is assaulted by McIntyre and Cody, who have charged down the ramp behind him. As all 3 men are in the ring, the bell is rung, and the match is under way!

Match 5: Intercontinental Championship: Triple Threat-Big Show v Drew McIntyre v Cody Rhodes.

McIntyre and Rhodes pummel Big Show, and he tries to fight them off. He pushes them away repeatedly, but eventually the force becomes so much against him that he’s backed against the ropes and is forced over the top!

McIntyre and Rhodes pat each other on the back, and Rhodes nudges McIntyre over towards Show. McIntyre goes over to the ropes, where Show is standing, puts his head through the ropes and Show turns round and smacks him with a knockout punch!

McIntyre staggers back towards Rhodes, who rolls him up…



…Show tries to get back in the ring…


Rhodes steals the victory!

Winner and NEW Intercontinental Champion: Cody Rhodes.

Big Show’s reign lasts a day! He was just too slow getting back in the ring and Cody took full advantage!

Rhodes scarpers up the ramp with the ref racing after him to give him the title. Rhodes stands on the stage as McIntyre tries to pull himself up using Show’s leg. Show points to Cody, his face full of rage, and he lifts McIntyre up, grabs him by the throat, and hits a huge chokeslam! Show stares angrily at Cody as we head backstage…

The Miz is backstage on his own in a dark spot as his phone rings…

Miz: "Yhp…yes…no I’m free..."

"yeah,I’m listening…sure"

"yeah that’s sounds really interesting"

"this is exactly what we need around here…it’s been a long time coming"

"this is going to shake things up…ok"

"yeah I’m listening…ok…sure"

"I can do that…I’ll see you soon."

Miz has a huge smirk on his face as we go to commercial.


More still photos of Wrestlemania 28, this time Wrestlemania weekend, with Fan AXXess and the Hall of Fame ceremony, Edge getting a huge pop as his pictures are displayed.


Cole: It’s time…for the Divas Champion!

Beth Phoenix makes her way to the ring, followed by Brie Bella, not accompanied by Nikki tonight as they were on opposite teams last night.

Match 6: Divas Championship: Beth Phoenix v Brie Bella.

Brie runs at Beth but is taken out by a clothesline. Beth is in no mood for games it seems tonight, and she beats down Brie before whipping her to the turnbuckle. Beth hits a clothesline, before following it up with a running bulldog.

Beth barks at Brie to get up, before picking her up…and hitting her with a jackhammer suplex! *Golderg chants fill the arena* Beth walks around Brie stalking her, as Brie grabs onto her, trying to pull herself up. Beth picks her up…and plants her with the Glam Slam! She covers…




Easy win for Beth!

Winner and STILL Divas Champion: Beth Phoenix.

Beth poses with the title and then calls for the mic.

Phoenix: You know…I’m almost ashamed to call myself a WWE Diva when I have to put up with “competition” like that. It’s pitiful, it’s pathetic. There is nobody in this company who come close to me. I am the most physically dominant, powerful, technically gifted WWE Diva of all time…there is no-one who…

*HA, HA, HA, HA, HA*

Uh-oh, it’s Kharma! Last seen at the Royal Rumble, eliminating Michael Cole! She marches down to the ring, and stalks Beth Phoenix…

Beth tries to attack her with her title, but Kharma splashes her down with a clothesline. She picks Beth up, and smashes her with a Samoan Drop! Kharma stalks Phoenix again, before picking her, raising her onto her shoulder, and hitting the Kharma Slam (Amazing Driver), planting Beth Phoenix! Kharma stands over Beth Phoenix with the Divas title as we head to a commercial.

The Rock is LIVE…next!


We’re back in the arena…a sense of anticipation in the air…

*IF YA S-MELLLL….!!!!*


The Rock is here, in his hometown, and the roof is coming off the American Airlines arena.

Cole: This place is unglued!

Jerry: This is electric Michael, special moment!

The Rock embraces the adulation of the crowd, posing to them on the stage, before heading to the ring and doing his usual pose.


*Huge pop*


*Even bigger pop*

Rock: Last night…The Rock and the people…the WWE Universe…we made history at Wrestlemania. Last night, the power and will of the people, combined as one to help The People’s Champ prove to the world that he is the most electrifying man in ALL of Sports Entertainment, by beating…John Cena.


Rock: No, no, no, no…we’re not having that, Miami, we’re a classy bunch here! *cheers* I mean, we all know John Cena sucks…*cheers* but he gave me the match of my life last night, and he deserves credit for that *muted applause*.

But the fact remains that The People’s Champion did what I said I would do. I whipped that son of a bitch’s candy ass and proved to the world that he isn’t the legend he thinks he is…yet.

John Cena had a go at me for going away, going to Hollywood, making billions of dollars and being an A-list star. The sad fact for you John is this…I went away for 8 long years…for 8 long years I did not wrestle on the grandest stage of them all…and yet, in my first Wrestlemania match back, after all those years making movies, and being a Hollywood superstar, I still came back…and I still beat you.

The truth is this, people. John Cena has had it too easy, for too long. He managed to crush his competition. He has a will to win only true, top athletes have. But he knew, in his heart of hearts, that this is all he has.

He isn’t ever going to be a Hollywood superstar, he will only ever be a WWE Superstar. Whereas I have proved to the world that I am the best at both, last night…in the biggest match of his life…John Cena failed.

*failure chants, The Rock smiles*

You see, for John Cena, this was it, this was his moment. He HAD to beat me last night, to prove that he deserves to be mentioned in the same breath as legends like myself, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Bret Hart, Shawn Michaels and Hulk Hogan.

The fact remains that when it came to the crunch, when it came to the big moment, I laid the Smackdown on his candy ass!

*huge cheers*

And now I have done that it is on to the next part of the journey, what has The Rock left to do? Well The Rock says that he is…the Jabroni eating…pie eating…trail blazin’…eyebrow raisin…The People’s Champ doesn’t give a fuck…because, John Cena, you completely suck!

*Huge pop again*

There is just one thing The Rock has left to do…one more quest, and he will achieve his dream one day…because one day The Rock will return again, and The People’s Champion promises to the world…that he will become, once again…the WWE Champion!




Here comes Cena to huge boos, he smirks, does his salute, and marches to the ring.

Cena: You see Rock, I had to interrupt you, because you need a few home truths.

Firstly, you’re damn right, last night meant everything to me, I needed to win to justify to myself that I deserve to be at the top table, and I haven’t proved that…yet.

However, my problem with you is not what you’ve achieved…it’s about the lies that you come out with. “I’m never going away” he said, well look guys, he’s off to shoot 3 more movies because The People’s Champ it turns out…doesn’t really give a damn about the people.

The only reason you came back Rock…is ego…you wanted the glory, the adulation, and the fame. You can’t resist it, your ego has become bigger than you, yourself, and congratulations, because you’ve had it all your way this weekend, but it’s all downhill from here.

You see Rock, I’m not taking last night lying down. You may want to move on, but I ain’t gonna let you. I want a rematch, and forget all this “false love” for Miami, I want the rematch in your real home town…where you belong…in Los Angeles, at Summerslam, you and me, one on one, the rematch!

You almost can’t refuse…it’s right on your door step, the only question is, do you have the balls to put your reputation on the line again, this time in front of all your peers and the people you actually care about, in Hollywood?

Rock: Cena, last night obviously didn’t teach you very much. The fact is, that after Wrestlemania 18, when I beat Hulk Hogan, he came out and was gracious in defeat. You have done nothing but run your mouth in your desperation to prove that you’re somehow more loyal to the business than I am.
That’s bullshit John…and you know it. Back in the day nobody worked harder than me, I achieved everything I could, and I lived my dream. But my other dreams lay in Hollywood, and you know what, I achieved them too. It took years, but I’m finally respected there as I am here, and you know what, I bring all that publicity and hype back to the WWE and help the business back in return.
I do that because I love this company, and after I left I swore to come back, and I did, when I thought I had a real reason to, a real challenge to face, you. Last night, we went toe to toe, and I beat you. If you really want your rematch, if you really want to put it on the line again, you’re on! Summerslam, me and you, the rematch! Bring all you’ve got you punk-ass son of a bitch, because I’m going to slap the disrespect out of your mouth!

Cena: I look forward to it, enjoy your movies, don’t worry, I’ll come out here every single night and entertain the WWE Universe in your absence…like a proper WWE wrestler.

Cena drops his mic, and goes to walk off, but Rock spins him round…Rock Bottom!

The Rock is barking at Cena, the anger is palpable. The Rock’s music hits and he poses on the turnbuckles to the fans, before marching up the ramp.

Cena gets to his feet, and they stare down, The Rock on the stage, Cena in the ring…but wait, Cena is attacked from behind…it’s Kevin Nash!

Nash grabs Cena….Jackknife powerbomb! Nash stands over Cena as...

The Miz comes out on stage! He stands there next to The Rock, who looks on bewildered.

Nash pulls Cena out of the ring, and he strips the announce table. Nash lifts him up, and hits ANOTHER powerbomb through the table. Nash stands over Cena as the show goes off the air, with The Miz smirking on the stage. What an ending!

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Default Re: Rewriting the Road from Miami

Been away on "vacation", but here's the Smackdown preview.

WWE Smackdown: Preview
April 5th, 2012.

After a historic Wrestlemania weekend, a spectacular double-bill in Miami at Wrestlemania 28 and RAW Monday Night, the WWE train steams into Orlando for the first Smackdown of the "People Power" era.

On Monday night the Executive Vice-President of talent relations, and the General Manager of RAW and Smackdown, Mr. John Laurinaitis, authorised a number of championship matches in the name of "People Power". The only champion spared was the newly crowned World Heavyweight Champion, Sheamus. Will WWE's new ultimate power have something in store for the Celtic Warrior on Friday? Will the number 1 contener Daniel Bryan react to a miserable week in which he not only lost his title in 18 seconds at Wrestlemania, but was also laid out by Sheamus on RAW Monday Night?

There will be plenty of fall-out from Monday's dual-brand RAW super show. The Big Show's Intercontinental Championship reign lasted all of a day as Cody Rhodes stole victory in a Triple Threat match on RAW on Monday night. How will Big Show enact the revenge he will surely been seeking against both Cody Rhodes and fellow participant, Drew McIntyre?

After a dramatic confrontation between John Cena and The Rock to conclude Monday's RAW, the leader of the CeNation was laid out in stunning fashion by a returning Kevin Nash. Will Nash show his face on Smackdown? Will there be repercussions for a stunningly brutal and unprovoked attack on one of WWE's top stars? Will we find out Nash's motivation, or the role of The Miz, who was an interested spectator to the attack?

For all this and much more tune in to the next edition of WWE Smackdown!
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