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TNA 2013: The End of Dixie Carter

Total Non-Stop Action Wrestling 2013

In the fall of 2013, speculation that the Carters were intending on selling TNA Wrestling was waging rampant around the internet and the wrestling world. The Carter family finally announced the sale of TNA Wrestling near the end of September. The sale was made to Spike TV with Jeff Jarrett remaining the minority shareowner. The new owners have decided to move the company in a different direction by having Hulk Hogan, Jeff Jarrett, and Eric Bischoff take on a greater role in the day-to-day operations of the company. The sale would be finalized by October 21, 2013 at 12:00 AM.

Spike TV asked for a smooth transition to occur onscreen in order to make the sale more organic. With the Dixie Carter/AJ Styles feud occurring it seemed natural for Dixie to put the company on the line in the Bound For Glory Main Event where if AJ Styles won she would sell the company and if Bully Ray defeated AJ; he would be immediately fired.

Behind the scenes, Hogan, Bischoff, and Jarrett wasted no time coming up with a new strategy for the company. Bruce Prichard was brought back to head the creative team, while a change in the roster was done. Old faces were brought in while some other wrestlers were released from their contracts.

The plan to return to Orlando for Impact was scrapped since the feeling was that the company needed to continue on producing live shows. In order to keep face with Universal, TNA agreed to run some tapings for their One Night Only pay-per-views from the Impact Zone.

Bound For Glory Results 2013
October 20, 2013 in San Diego, California

Ladder Match X Division Championship
Chris Sabin def. Manic (c), Austin Aries, Jeff Hardy, and Samoa Joe

TNA World Tag Team Championship

The Bromans def. Gunner and Storm (c)

Triple Threat for TNA Knockouts Championship
Gail Kim def. ODB (c) and Brooke

Bobby Roode def. Kurt Angle

Ethan Carter III def. Norv Fernum

Magnus def. Sting

No DQ TNA World Heavyweight Championship
Stipulation: AJ Styles wins, Dixie must sell TNA; Bully Ray wins, AJ Styles is Fired!
AJ Styles def. Bully Ray (c)

AJ Styles *World Heavyweight Champion
Angelina Love
Austin Aries
Bobby Roode
Bully Ray
Charlie Haas
Chavo Guerrero
Chris Sabin *X Division Champion
Christopher Daniels
Christy Hemme
DíAngelo Dinero
Ethan Carter III
Frankie Kazarian
Gail Kim *Knockouts Champion
Hulk Hogan
James Storm
Jay Lethal
Jeff Hardy
Jeff Jarrett
Jesse Godderz *World Tag Team Champion
Kurt Angle
Mr. Anderson
Petey William
Robbie E *World Tag Team Champion
Samoa Joe
Scott Steiner
Shelton Benjamin
Sonjay Dutt
Taryn Terrell
Velvet Sky
Zema Ion

World Championship Wrestling 1999
Changing of the Guard
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Re: TNA 2013: The End of Dixie Carter

Everything looks good, hope you give AJ a nice, solid reign as champ like he deserves, and the right guys get pushes, e.g. Aries, Roode and Joe.

Good luck, I'll be reading

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Re: TNA 2013: The End of Dixie Carter

My main issue is the roster. Charlie Haas, Dangelo Dinero, Devon, Jay Lethal, Petey Williams, Scott Steiner, Shelton Benjamin, Sonjay Dutt and Tara all were not with TNA in this time period.

Scott Steiner sued TNA, Jay Lethal is under contract to ROH and Tara spoke out about how much she hated TNA so these aren't realistic choices.

I think a lot of these guys are indeed solid debuts/returns but I personally would have had them return on the first show or even bring them all back in the first month or what have you. Just having them here on the roster seems lazy to me personally.
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Re: TNA 2013: The End of Dixie Carter

Originally Posted by SOR View Post
My main issue is the roster. Charlie Haas, Dangelo Dinero, Devon, Jay Lethal, Petey Williams, Scott Steiner, Shelton Benjamin, Sonjay Dutt and Tara all were not with TNA in this time period.

Scott Steiner sued TNA, Jay Lethal is under contract to ROH and Tara spoke out about how much she hated TNA so these aren't realistic choices.

I think a lot of these guys are indeed solid debuts/returns but I personally would have had them return on the first show or even bring them all back in the first month or what have you. Just having them here on the roster seems lazy to me personally.
I've decided to add all the names I intend to bring back onto the roster now. They will be returning to TNA over a few month's span. Some may be returning as early as the first show while others may be a few weeks.

As far as Steiner, Tara, and Lethal go all I have to say is that for the right amount of money I am sure they would return.

My first show will be up in a few days.

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Re: TNA 2013: The End of Dixie Carter

October 21, 2013 The TNA New Wrestling board of directors have made several exciting changes to the landscape of professional wrestling in TNA Wrestling which will be implemented over the coming months.

The biggest change comes with the deal between TNA and Spike TV. Currently Impact Wrestling is the only professional wrestling show to air on Spike TV. Starting November 21 Impact will be live every week from 9 to 11 EST on Thursday night with a replay occurring Saturday Nights from 10 to 12 EST. The other major television change comes with the announcement of new Live Televised specials that will air three times a year (January, May, September). Each of the three specials will air Monday Nights from 8 to 10 EST.

The board of Directors have also decided to take TNA to new markets in order to build a greater fan base. Starting November 18 TNA will be touring parts of Canada, the Carolinas, and New York State. The November 21st edition of Impact will be Live from Toronto.

Furthermore, a new deal has been made to enhance their Pay-Per-View programming. The new arrange will find TNA doing 6 live pay-per-views a year instead of the 4 Pay-Per-View format they started this year. The Pay-Per-View line up moving forward is as follows:

December 8 - Final Resolution - Las Vegas Nevada
February 9 - Genesis - London, UK
April 12 - Lockdown - Miami, Florida
June 15 - Slammiversary - Toronto, Ontario
August 10 - Victory Road - Sturgis,South Dakota
October 12 - Bound For Glory - TBA
December 7 - Final Resolution - TBA

World Championship Wrestling 1999
Changing of the Guard

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Re: TNA 2013: The End of Dixie Carter

TNA Impact Wrestling Preview: October 24, 2013
Out With The Old

Only four days removed from TNA's Biggest Pay-Per-View; Bound For Glory, TNA Wrestling is in for the biggest shake up of its life. After Bully Ray lost the Title to AJ Styles in the main event, TNA's Dixie Carter was forced to step down as President and sell the company. The new owner will be in the house to reveal him (or herself) to the wrestling world. Find out who purchased TNA and what plans are in store for the company moving forward.

Also, the newly crowned TNA World Heavyweight Champion will kick off Impact Wrestling, addressing the fans on his win over Bully Ray.

Newly crowned X Division Champion, Chris Sabin will be in action as he defends his Title in an open challenge. Who will accept the challenge from the most decorated wrestler in the X Division. The Broman's will also be in action as they defend their titles against Bad Influence. Who will leave with the Tag Team Gold as Impact Wrestling kicks off in Salt Lake City, Utah. Tune in Thursday at 9:00 PM only on Spike.

World Championship Wrestling 1999
Changing of the Guard
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Re: TNA 2013: The End of Dixie Carter

Impact Wrestling
Salt Lake City, Utah

TNA Impact Wrestling kicks off with the Phenomenal AJ Styles standing in the ring as the new World Heavyweight Champion. He is welcomed by ďTHANK YOU AJĒ chants from the fans in Salt Lake. The champion has a microphone in his hand as he starts to address the TNA Fans.

AJ: What a difference a week makes. This time last week I was the number one contender for the TNA World Title, and was wrestling without a contract as Dixie Carter was shoving her authority down our throats. Now, just seven days later I am the king of the mountain as the new World Champion, I have a new contract and Dixie Carter is no longer employed as the President of TNA. Life is good for TNA Wrestling.

Fans continue cheering for AJ Styles.

AJ: This is a new day for TNA, and itís all thanks to you the TNA fans. Youíre the reason why this company is here today. Iím here because each day I am inspired to be the very best wrestler in the world and itís because of you the fans. After 10 years in this company I am ready to start new challenges and once again prove that I am the absolutely very best in the world of professional wrestling. Together weíre going to make TNA number one.

AJ Styles is interrupted by the return of Hulk Hogan. The General Manager of TNA makes his illustrious return to the company after quitting on Dixie Carter just weeks ago. Hogan is joined by a huge ovation from the fans as Red and Yellow lights flash around the arena. Hogan climbs through the ropes and shakes AJís hand.

HH: Let me tell you something TNA maniacs; itís guys like AJ Styles that gives this old guy the feeling that he can get back in the ring and go toe-to-toe once again. The Phenomenal One breathes new life in TNA after the hell weíve had to go through with Bully Ray as the champion. And now that Dixie Carter is no longer here the General Manger can finally put this company back on track with AJ as the leader for the locker room.

Hogan stops as the Arena gives a huge ďHoganĒ chant once again.

HH: My first order of business as the General Manager of Impact Wrestling is to officially disband the Aces and 8s brother. No more Aces, and since they donít have TNA contracts that means that the only two people left in TNA are Bully and Brooke. Bully, get your ass down here brother.

The Aceís music plays while Bully Ray slowly comes down to the ring alone. Bully gets in the ring and stares down Hogan and AJ Styles. The fans start a ďFire BullyĒ chant as Hogan gets heated up.

HH: Youíve caused hell in TNA for the last year and a half brother. Youíve manipulated everyone around you, and wreaked havoc on me and my family. I have half a mind to fire you right here and now.

Bully: Then what are you waiting for Hulk? Why donít you do what you and all these fans have been wanting to do to me for months? Get your revenge Hulk; I know you want to.

HH: I would fire you Bully, but thatís not good for business. No, Iím going to give you one chance to prove yourself tonight against another man who saw right through you. Iíve reinstated Mr. Anderson tonight. You beat him and you keep your job. Itís that simple brother, one shot and youíre done! So whaícha gonna do when Mr. Anderson kicks your ass and I fire you!Ē

Hoganís music plays as the General Manager walks off from the arena. Fans in Salt Lake continue cheering for Hogan as Mike Tenay and Taz welcome fans to TNA Impact Wrestling. Tenay hypes the dawning of a new era in TNA as the new Owner of the company will be here later in the show, plus the New X Division Champion Chris Sabin defends his championship in an open challenge. Taz continues to announce the TNA World Tag Team Championships will be on the line as well as the Bromans defends against Bad Influence.


Velvet Sky vs. Brooke Tessmacher
Brooke comes off strong and viscous against Velvet in the opening moments of the match; kicking her repeatedly in the mid-section then clotheslining her out of the ring. Brooke whips Velvet into the ring steps then charges after with a clothesline on her. The match is brought back into the ring as Brooke attempts to cover Velvet for the pin. Velvet kicks out and Brook continues the fight on the original knockout. Velvet finally turns things around with a roll up for a two count. Velvet nails an uppercut on Brooke, backing her into the corner and nailing her repeatedly with rights. Velvet sends Brooke into the ropes and dropkicks her to the canvas. The two of them get up and Brooke is brought is brought down with a hip toss and Velvet poses for the crowd. She is about to go for the In Yo Face when she is attacked from behind by Gail Kim. Kim nails Velvet with the Knockouts Championship.
Result: Velvet Sky wins (via DQ)

Gail Kim and Brooke double team Velvet Sky in the ring. Brooke holds up Velvet as Gail prepares to crack the championship across Skyís face. Angelina Love makes her TNA return and makes the save for Velvet Sky. Angelina throws Brooke out of the ring and clotheslines the Knockoutís Champion to the canvas. The Beautiful People reunite on Impact Wrestling.

Hulk Hogan is in his office when a knock comes to the door. Hogan invites Sting into his office. The Icon and the Hulkster talk about the new owner of TNA. Sting wonders if the rumours are true about who purchased the company. Hogan doesnít know who the new owner is, but assures Sting that weíre going to find out tonight. Sting hopes that the rumours turn out to be false because TNA doesnít need another shake up right now.


After the break, the It Factor of Professional Wrestling Bobby Roode comes down to the ring. Roode receives a lot of heat from the crowd as he enters through the ropes.

Roode: For all of you who havenít learned by now, Kurt Angle declined his HOF induction at Bound For Glory. He may want you to believe that heís not accepting his induction yet because he still needs to prove himself, but the reality is that Kurt Angle canít get over the fact that heís simply not worthy enough to be in the Hall of Fame.

Roode stops momentarily as fans start a ďYou SuckĒ chant.

Roode: Truth be told Kurt, you donít belong in TNA. You donít belong on Impact Wrestling, and you donít belong in my ring. This is the company that Iíve made famous and neither you nor anybody else around here is going to take that away from me. At Bound For Glory I proved that I had what it takes to be considered the greatest by kicking your ass all around the ring. Youíre nothing to this company and to this industry Kurt. You are pathetic!!!

Roodeís interrupted by the Olympic Gold Medalist who comes down to the ring. Fans are on their feet for Kurt as he climbs into the ring and stares Bobby Roode down.

Roode: I wondered how long it would take you to show up. In fact, Iím a little surprised youíd be here at all tonight after the beating I gave you last Sunday.

Kurt: Why donít you just shut the hell up!

Fans give a huge pop to Kurt.

Kurt: I didnít come out here prepared to fight. In fact, the doctors refuse to let me fight due to my leg injury, but Iím not going to sit back and allow you go off about how great you are Bobby Roode. You may have gotten the better of me last Sunday, but that was one night. Iíve consistently outperformed, outwrestled, and outmatch every single person Iíve stepped in the ring against.

Roode: It wasnít just one night Kurt, it was at the biggest event of the year, and you blew your shot at being immortal. You lost in the biggest show of the year.

Kurt: You won by a fluke, that was what happened. Iím still the best wrestling in the world. Iím a freaking cyborg.

Roode: Whether youíre cleared or not why donít you show me why you think youíve still got it.

Roode and Angle drop their microphones and stare each other down. They exchange words back and forth then Angle head butts Roode in the forehead. Roode is busted open when he spears Angle to the canvas and starts attacking Angleís bad knee. They continue brawling until security races down and breaks them up. Angle and Roode fight off security and continue brawling in the ring. More security comes down and attempts to break the two of them up. After brawling for the third time, security finally breaks them up for good.


Back from commercial, Mike Tenay and Taz hype the latest announcement from the office of TNA Management; Sunday, December 8 TNA returns to Pay-Per-View with Final Resolution from the Caesars Palace, Las Vegas Nevada. The Final Resolution Main Event; Kurt Angle and Bobby Roode in a Last Man Standing Match.

Christy Hemme introduces the next contest for Impact Wrestling.

TNA World Tag Team Championship:
Bromans (c) vs. Bad Influence

The former tag champions kicks the match off in fine form against the new champions, isolating Robbie E from Jesse Godderz. Daniels and Kazarian make quick tags back and forth. Robbie E is dropkicked to the canvas and Jesse gets in the ring. Daniels hits a spin kick on Jesse who falls to the outside. The former champions remain in full control of the match while the Bromans are forced to regroup on the outside. Jesse gets back in the ring and pokes Daniels in the eyes then strikes him with a number of uppercuts. The Bromans finally gain some momentum in the match, but they are shot down by a head scissors from Daniels. Daniels and Kazarian hit a Lariat/Chop Block combo and go for a pin on Jesse when Robbie E makes the save. All four brawl in the ring when Daniels is taken out. The Bromanís take out Kaz with the Brodown and Robbie E covers him for the 3 count.
Result: Bromans retain their titles (via pinfall)

Jessie and Robbie E are handed their championships and prepare to celebrate when their celebration is cut short by AC/DCís T.N.T. Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin make their TNA debuts to a huge reaction in Salt Lake City. The Bromanís get stared down by Haas and Benjamin; both teams not saying a word to each other. Haas and Benjamin point at the Tag Titles and signal that theyíre intending on coming after them. The Worldís Greatest Tag Team leave the ring with the Bromanís left worried about their future as the tag champions.

Mike Tenay and Taz reveals breaking news from TNA Management that the new TNA World Heavyweight Champion will be in non-title action immediately following the commercial break. AJís opponent is none other than the King of the Mountain Jeff Jarrett.


Jeff Jarrett returns to Impact Wrestling with Karen Jarrett at his side. The King of the Mountain heads down to the ring with Guitar in hand. He gets on the microphone and tells the crowd how great it is to be home in TNA. He makes his intentions clear; heís going to beat AJ Styles within an inch of his life and earn himself a shot at the TNA World Heavyweight Championship.

Evil Ways plays as the new champion makes his way down to the ring. The fans are solidly behind the new champion as he comes down to the ring. AJ gets in the ring with the championship and stares down his long-time rival.

Non-Title Match
Phenomenal AJ Styles (c) vs. Jeff Jarrett w. Karen Jarrett

The two of them wrestle back and forth for several moments at the start of the match. Jarrett gets the upper hand over the champion and whips him out of the ring. The fight continues on the arena floor with Jarrett whipping AJ shoulder first into the ring steps. Referee Earl Hebner gets involved with Jarrett; allowing Karen to add insult to injury by kicking AJ repeatedly. Jeff goes back on the attack and finally rolls AJ into the ring. Jarrett begins to work the leg of the champion, setting up perhaps for the figure four, but AJ starts fighting back with a pelee kick. They both get back to their feet and the Phenomenal One starts hitting Jarrett with several uppercuts before whipping him across the ring and sending him down with a drop kick. Jarrett goes outside and the Phenomenal One dives over the top rope with a suicide dive. The champion is in full control of the match for most of the midway point and gets several pinning opportunities, but the King of the Mountain keeps getting out.


After returning from break, Karen Jarrett is distracting Hebner on the apron as Jarrett cracks the guitar over the skull of the champion. Jarrett follows up with the Stroke on the champion and rolls the bloody champion over for the pin. Hebner gets within an inch of counting three when AJ gets his foot on the rope. The crowd is solidly behind the champion as Jarrett stands in disbelief. AJ is pulled up by Jarrett, but hits a jawbreaker on him. The Champion drops Jeff with a suplex and climbs to the top rope. Karen grabs his foot, but AJ kicks her off and dives off with a Phenomenon DDT on Jarrett. AJ pins Jeff for a near fall and the match still continues. The contest changes again when AJ inadvertently knocks Earl Hebner down. The champion hits Jarrett with the Styles Clash and covers him but there is no one around to pin him. Gunner and Storm head down to the ring and attack Styles. Gunner grabs AJ and Storm nails him with the beer bottle. Jarrett hits the Stroke on AJ Styles again and this time covers him for the 1...2...3.
Result: Jeff Jarrett wins (via pinfall)

Jarrett celebrates with Storm, Gunner, and Karen while a bloody and knocked out AJ Styles lies on the canvas. Mike Tenay and Taz are beside themselves following the actions of Jarrett, Gunner, and Storm.

Magnus is shown making his way down to the ring area.


Video Package:
BFG 2013 Ė Sting vs. Magnus highlights with Magnus getting the win over the Icon.

Wearing a suit and tie, Magnus heads down to the ring with a very cocky look on his face.

Magnus: I have come off the heels of one of the greatest matches in the Icon Stingís career. Unfortunately for the Stinger you will never live down the fact that you loss. For all of you who thought it couldnít be done all I have to say to you is that you never say never in professional wrestling. Tonight is the dawning of Magnus, the greatest professional wrestler in this company.

The Icon Sting comes down to the ring and gets in the face of his former MMA partner.

Magnus: Well, Iím surprised you had the balls to show up after Bound for Glory.

Sting gets a microphone and addresses Magnus and the TNA fans.

Sting: The way I see it Magnus is that you got the better of be at Bound For Glory, and Iím proud to see you walk away with the win. That doesnít mean that I am just going to go away. Youíve come a long way over the last few years boy, but you still have a long way to go. TNA is constantly evolving and you have to change if you want to remain relevant. You have a lot of talent Magnus and I can help you get to the top, but I need you to get on board and trust me.

Sting extends a hand to Magnus.

Sting: Do you trust me?

Magnus looks around at the fans in TNA and glances back to Sting. He shakes Stingís hand, and pulls him in.

Magnus: The question is... Do you trust me?

Magnus picks Sting up and drops him with a Rock Bottom. Magnus gets on top of Sting and starts beating the Icon down with stiff right hands across the side of his head. Magnus gets up and poses for the crowd over the Icon as Mike Tenay and Taz question what has just transpired between the two of them.

Hogan is in his office when Mr. Anderson comes in. The two of them talk about Andersonís reinstatement in TNA, and Ken thanks Hogan for bringing him back. Hogan welcomes Ken Anderson back to Impact Wrestling and tells him how much he believes that the Asshole can take out the Bully once and for all. Anderson tells Hogan that the Bully will be out once and for all.


Video Package:
Live from Las Vegas, Nevada TNA Wrestling presents Final Resolution. On December 8th the superstars of TNA put is all on the line in order to end the year on top. 2013 promises to end with a BANG.

The new TNA X Division Champion makes his way down to the ring. Chris Sabin gets on the microphone and tells the fans that heís the greatest X Division Champion to ever win and believes he shouldnít have to compete tonight. Hogan comes on over the screen and tells Sabin his ultimatum is to defend the X Division Championship tonight or be stripped of the gold. Sabin reluctantly agrees and Hogan introduces his opponent.

X Division Championship
Chris Sabin (c) vs. Jeff Hardy

The Charismatic Enigma heads down to the ring and they start brawling. Sabin gets a bit of an advantage, but the fight ends up on the outside as Hardy counters an Irish Whip and sends Sabin into the guard rail. Hardy gets on the apron and dives off with a kick to the face of Sabin. The two of them battle their way back to the inside of the ring. Hardy and Sabin continue the high flying match back and forth. The champion drops Hardy with an Enzuigiri and covers him for a near fall. Sabin starts an attack on Hardy, dropping him with a crucifix Powerbomb off the turnbuckle. The champion remains in full control until he sets up the Cradle Shock. Hardy counters out and boots him in the midsection before slamming him to the canvas with the Twist of Fate. The Charismatic Enigma climbs to the top rope and dives off with a Swanton. The champion is rolled up for a 1...2...3.
Result: New X Division Champion, Jeff Hardy via pinfall.

Jeff Hardy is handed the X Division Championship and raises it high in the air. The Charismatic Enigma is crowned the new champion as Mike Tenay and Taz celebrate his win. The new championís victory is short lived however when Sabin attacks him from behind. Sabin takes the X Division belt and leaves the ring with it.


Hulk Hogan meets with Austin Aries, Samoa Joe, Chavo Guerrero, and Zema Ion in his office. Hogan announces the return of Feast or Fired at Final Resolution, but with alter rules. There will only be 1 briefcase suspended over the ring. Four men will compete in a ladder match to grab that briefcase. The contents could include a World Title Match, an X Division Championship Match, $250,000.00 or a Pink Slip. Hogan continues to announces that over the coming weeks on Impact each of them will get the opportunity to qualify for the Feast or Fired Match against wrestlers from TNAís past. Hogan wishes them all the best.

Inside the ring, Jeremy Borash introduces the TNA Impact Wrestling Main Event.

Main Event:
Bully Ray vs. Ken Anderson

The leader of the Aces and 8s squares off against one of his former colleagues from the club as Hogan looks to fire Bully Ray from TNA completely. As the match kicks off we learn that the contest is now a Street Fight. The leader of the Aces takes Anderson out early with a low blow then backs him into the corner with a variety of rights and lefts. Ray slams Anderson to the ground with a spine buster and covers him for a near fall. It doesnít take too long for Bully to start looking for weapons as he crawls under the ring and pulls out a chain. Bully brings the chain in and strangles Mr. Anderson with it. Earl Hebner warns Bully, but the former TNA Champion gets in the face of the senior referee. Anderson gets up and starts fighting back with rights of his own, backing Bully into the ropes. Anderson whips him across the ring and clotheslines him straight over the top and onto the floor. The two of them brawl on the arena floor with Anderson finally bringing out a steel chair. He cracks the chair repeatedly across the back of the Bully and smashes it across his skull, busting the former champion wide open. The fight continues over the broadcast booth where Anderson body slams Bully through the announce table. The Asshole is on top of the match as he attempts to cover Bully for a near fall. Bully hits another low blow on Anderson and throws him off the stage, but Ray canít stand up and falls back to the ground. Both men struggle to get back to their feet and bring the fight to each other again. Anderson DDTs Bully Ray onto the arena floor and sits on top of the Bullyís chest. Anderson pounds away on Bullyís bloodied forehead repeatedly for several seconds before getting up and pulling Ray back up. The wrestlers work their way back to the ring with Anderson rolling Bully under the ropes. Anderson climbs into the ring and continues dominating Bully Ray. In an attempt to whip Bully into the corner, Anderson knocks Earl Hebner down, but the match continues with Anderson charging after Bully and nailing him with a clothesline. Anderson goes for the Mic Check when the lights go out in the Arena. After about 10 Seconds the lights come back on with Devon and Rhino standing in the ring. The two of them double team Anderson. Rhino goes for the Gore on Anderson, slamming him to the canvas. Bully Ray gets back up and tells Devon to get the table. Team 3D put the Table on Fire and slam Anderson through the table with a 3D. Anderson is out cold as Ray calls for another referee to come down. Eric Bischoff makes his surprise TNA Return with a Referee Shirt on. Bischoff counts the 1...2...3.
Result: Bully Ray wins via pinfall

Bischoff stands with Bully Ray, Devon, and Rhino with their hands held high in the air. Eric is handed a microphone and prepares to speak as Hogan, confused by whatís going on walks out to the entrance.

Eric: Allow me to introduce myself... My name is Eric Bischoff and I now own TNA Wrestling. Weíre going to make a lot of changes around here now that Iím back and in charge. I guarantee that professional wrestling fans havenít seen anything yet.

Impact Wrestling ends with Eric Bischoff giving off a huge smile as Bully Ray, Devon, and Rhino celebrate in the background. Hogan and Bischoff exchange words off camera.

Quick Results:
Velvet Sky def. Brooke via DQ (4:09)
TNA Tag Team Championship Ė Bromans(c) def. Bad Influence via Pin (4:38)
Non-Title Match - Jeff Jarrett def. AJ Styles(c) via pinfall (11:55)
X Division Championship Ė Jeff Hardy def. Chris Sabin (c) via pinfall (5:29)
Streetfight Ė Bully Ray def. Mr. Anderson via pinfall (10:49)

TNA Wrestling Presents
Final Resolution
Caesarís Palace, Las Vegas, Nevada

Last Man Standing Match
Kurt Angle vs. Bobby Roode

Feast or Fired Match
1 Briefcase containing a TNA World Title or X Division Title Shot, $250,000.00 or a Pink Slip

World Championship Wrestling 1999
Changing of the Guard
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Re: TNA 2013: The End of Dixie Carter

TNA Impact Wrestling Preview: October 31, 2013
In With The New

Eric Bischoff made a shocking return as the new Owner of TNA Wrestling following Dixie Carter's sale of the company. Find out what agenda the new boss has in store as Impact Wrestling returns from Salt Lake City. Was his involvement in Bully Ray's match any indication of a new alliance forming following the dismantling of Aces and 8s by Hulk Hogan? What will be the response of the General Manager?

The Charismatic Enigma defeated Chris Sabin last week to become the new TNA X Division Champion. This week, Jeff Hardy will address the crowd regarding his victory. What will the newest Champion have to say about his win and the future of the X Division? Who will step up to challenge Hardy for the championship?

TNA's Tag Team Division jumped to a whole new level when the World's Greatest Tag Team made their debut on Impact Wrestling last week. With the focus on winning TNA Gold in their minds, Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas make it clear that they have their eye on the Bromans. This week they address the TNA Tag Teams.

Feast or Fired returns to TNA at Final Resolution. The first of four qualifying matches takes place with Austin Aries stepping in the ring with Sonjay Dutt. Who will move on to Final Resolution? Plus Jeff Jarrett looks to win another match against a TNA Mainstay when he battles Samoa Joe. All this and more when TNA Impact Wrestling airs from Salt Lake City on Spike TV.

World Championship Wrestling 1999
Changing of the Guard
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Re: TNA 2013: The End of Dixie Carter

Hey man! This looks cool lolz I haven't read all of the 1st impact yet but I like Hogans promo on Bully. Worlds Greatest Tag Team? Meh Shelton Benjamin could be awesome but can't stand Charlie Haas now XD but good luck!

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