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Default Vince's Enemies: History of WCW 2001-

Vince's Enemies: History of WCW 2001-

In March 2001 Vince McMahon brought out his arch-enemies WCW and ever since he has held a monopoly on the wrestling industry. TNA and RoH have since opened and tried to compete but nobody has had the power to challenge, but many will remember that Eric Bischoff almost brought the WCW before Vince got his hands on it. Imagine what could have been if Eric did get his hands on WCW and the two companies continued to feud to this day. In this creative I will be booking the WCW but also exploring the WWF/E's journey as Eric Bischoff gets his hands on the WCW and takes the war to Vince. This BTB will operate in a diary style as I hope to bring it through the years to see what could have been.


March 2001:

The phone rings in Stamford Connecticut the Headquarters of the World Wrestling Federation and the Chairman Vincent Kennedy McMahon doesn't waste a second in answering. With champagne on ice WWF officials wait anxiously for Vince McMahon to break the news. However his expression begins to change as the news might not be good as first thought.

The news coming from Panama City Beach Florida was that Eric Bischoff had made an eleventh hour counter offer to buy WWF arch-rivals World Championship Wrestling backed by the Fusient Media Group. With Eric Bischoff agreeing to also buyout the AOL Time Warner contracts which the major WCW stars where signed to Vince McMahon had no option but to pull out.

Vince had been so confident in striking the deal that evening he had already sent his son Shane McMahon to Panama City Beach to appear at WCW's main broadcast Monday Night Nitro. Even WCW officials where lead to believe the deal was done and booked the show as the companies last. Booker T became WCW Champion that night and WCW legends Ric Flair and Sting fought out a fitting finale.

Vince knew he had come so close to having a monopoly on the Wrestling Industry. He sat furious in his office for half an hour before regrouping and then calling back in WWF officials. "Tonight we celebrate" he proclaimed as he tried to put a brave face on proceedings. Although he had failed to buy out the competition he was the only Wrestling company left on national television and the following week he would let the world know.

In Cleveland Ohio the following week Vince McMahon would step out on Raw and declare the War won. He had fought off Nitro and won the Monday Night Wars and he was about to celebrate that fact. He celebrated in the ring as Raw became a party with Vince firmly putting the boot into WCW who with no television deal had no chance to respond.

American television executive Brian Bedol had lead a venture called Fusient with Eric Bischoff which looked to purchase WCW but with no television deal they pulled out.

Eric Bischoff was a dejected man when he called into Monday Nitro on the 19th March to tell WCW fans he had failed to buy the company. With the merger between AOL and Time Warner Jamie Kellner was handed control over the Turner Broadcasting division, and deemed WCW wrestling to be out of line with its image.

Eric Bischoff conceded with no television deal the proposal was impossible but with rumours surfacing Vince McMahon was about to buy WCW Eric had a change of heart. He called Brian Bedol and begged him to make a counter offer.AOL TW where keen to get rid of the large contracts they still had to honour of WCW stars. Brian Bedol felt this was too much to ask but on 26th March they negotiated to by out the contracts with AOL TW agreeing to write off 20% to get them off their hands.

So as Sting and Ric Flair embraced at the end of the March 26th episode of Nitro, it would be Eric Bischoff who entered the ring insated of Shane McMahon., he had saved WCW but he had no television deal, long over priced contracts of WCW stars, little money left and Fusient would be demanding results of their investment.

WCW had survived for now but many experts predicted they did not hold much hope in WCW being around by the end of the year.

Here is how the massive news was reported in March 2001.


WCW sold to Fusient Media Ventures

Eric Bischoff firmly in charge again

Finally. The drama that has been going on over the sale of World Championship Wrestling has come to an end.

The winner? Meet Fusient Media Ventures. The boss? Same as the old boss, Eric Bischoff. Upon his return Bischoff is also bringing back television writer Vince Russo to put together the angles / scripts for WCW.

According to the press release, Fusient has entered into an agreement with Turner Broadcasting System, Inc. to acquire WCW. TBS, Inc. will retain a minority interest in the company and retain the rights to the broadcasts.

Classic Sports Network founders Brian Bedol and Stephen Greenberg are behind Fusient Media Ventures. ESPN acquired Classic Sports Network a while back.

Bedol will be the new CEO of WCW. Bischoff will assume the role of president. The partnership of Bedol, Greenberg and Bischoff brings together more than 50 years of combined experience in the entertainment, television and sports industries.

"We're going to reestablish the WCW as the champion of professional wrestling entertainment," said Brian Bedol in the release. "There is huge untapped potential for the franchise and with Eric Bischoff on board we will crank everything up to make the WCW franchise even bigger, better, stronger and more entertaining than anything wrestling fans have ever experienced before."

"We are pleased to have reached an agreement with Fusient Media Ventures that truly represents a win for all parties," said Bradley J. Siegel, president of general entertainment networks, TBS, Inc. "The Fusient management team's experience in programming, production and marketing at Classic Sports Network lends itself perfectly to the WCW business. Their entrepreneurial business-building expertise, combined with the powerhouse brands and distribution that TBS Superstation and TNT provide, will be a winning combination."

"Wrestling fans can rest assured that we will give the WCW the adrenaline shot it needs to once again become the most exciting brand of wrestling in the world," said Eric Bischoff.

Fusient Media Ventures is focused on identifying, funding, developing and distributing next generation content and converged media brands. The company is headquartered in New York, with offices in Los Angeles.

-- SLAM! Wrestling, with files from CANOE Wire Services


Turner to stop airing WCW

By JUSTIN BACHMAN -- AP Business Writer

ATLANTA -- Turner Broadcasting System Inc. has decided to stop airing World Championship Wrestling, a mainstay of the network's lineup since its fledgling days in the 1970s, as it continues to scout a buyer for the troubled company.

The decision means that the WCW will go on hiatus after a March 26 event in Panama City Beach, Fla., pending its sale to Fusient Media. WCW will return again on May 6th for their scheduled PPV, Big Bang which Eric Bischoff plans to be the big reopening of WCW.


Variety: Turner axes WCW

Variety is reporting today that Turner Broadcasting CEO Jamie Kellner has officially announced that TBS is dropping all of its wrestling content and that Monday Night Nitro and Thunder are cancelled after March 26th.

WCW's poor ratings, massive losses last year and the fact that Turner Broadcasting is looking to attract more "upscale" viewers who are into movies and re-run programming are all part of the reason Kellner dropped the boom on WCW.

Kellner's decision puts WCW's deal with buyer Fusient Media Ventures in serious jeopardy as the agreement between the two hinged on Nitro and Thunder still being broadcast on TBS. A Turner spokesperson told Variety that "other buyers" (such as the WWF) are interested in purchasing the troubled promotion.

Former WCW Vice-President and the man who helped spearhead the Fusient Media deal -- Eric Bischoff -- is rumoured to be meeting with executives at Fox Broadcasting to see if they would be willing to provide a home for WCW programming.

-- SLAM! Wrestling.


On March 26, 2001, Eric Bischoff shows up on World Championship Wrestling's (WCW) Monday Nitro to announce himself as the new owner.After a long and bloody battle, between the two feuding companies it would however be the World Wrestling Federation celebrating as WCW went off air for the last time on TNT. The future of WCW is still uncertain but for the time being Eric Bischoff is in charge and WCW continues to struggle on for the time being.
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Default Re: Vince's Enemies: History of WCW 2001-


WCW World Heavyweight Champion: Booker T

WCW World Tag Team Champions: Chuck Palumbo & Sean O'Haire

WCW United States Champion: Booker T

WCW Cruisrweight Champion: Shane Helms

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Default Re: Vince's Enemies: History of WCW 2001-


Air Paris

Air Styles

Big Vito

Billy Kidman

Booker T

Brian Adams

Bryan Clark

Buff Bagwell


Chavo Guerrero

Chris Candido

Chris Kanyon

Chuck Palumbo



Diamond Dallas Page

DIsco Inferno

Dustin Rhodes

Elix Skipper


Hugh Morrus

Jamie Knoble

Jason Jett

Jeff Jarrett

Jim Duggan

Kevin Nash

Kid Romeo


Lance Storm

Lash Leroux

Lex Luger

Major Gunns

Mark Jindrak


Mike Awesome

Mike Sanders

Rey Mysterio

Ric Flair

Scott Steiner

Sean O'Haire

Shane Douglas

Shane Helms

Shannon Moore

Stacy Kiebler


The Cat

Torrie Wilson


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Default Re: Vince's Enemies: History of WCW 2001-

Vince's Enemies: History of WCW 2001-

April 2001:

Houston Texas was the venue as Wrestlemania 17 took place with the big main event between The Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin. The two long term rivals clashed over the World Heavyweight Championship which was to be won by Steve Austin. During the event Steve Austin turned heel alling himself with Vince McMahon as the show ended with the two men drinking beer.

In the meantime Vince McMahon and the WWF continued to mock their long term rivals WCW on television. The next episode of Raw saw Steve Austin come out as the new WWF Champion and introduce himself as the only wrestling champion on television (also a dig at ECW). Former WCW Wrestler Chris Jerihco would also take a pop at WCW by introducing viewers to Raw is Jericho and declaring there is no show without him.

It was clear to see that Vince McMahon was enjoying the misfortunes of his long term rivals WCW. The WWF creative team where having a great time in pleasing their boss by coming up with material that mocked WCW. Vince's on air alter ego would make several references to being the only wrestling show on television and there is no doubt his on air personality reflected his true sentiments. It certainly seemed like Vince McMahon saw no way back for the WCW and thus no longer considered them competition. As Paul Heyman filled for bankruptsy in early April, Vince felt it was only a matter of time before Eric Bischoff would suffer the same fate.

Eric Bischoff had to sit back and watch as the WWF continued to air on Monday Night's as well as having to listen to all the hype surrounding Wrestlemania 17 and the main event between The Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin.

Eric Bischoff and Fusient Media held a major emergency meetting with WCW Officials to address how they could move forward as a company. During the meeting they ackwoldeged that they only had one more scheduled event which was The Big Bang PPV on May 6th which currently had a pay per view provider, past this event WCW had to come up with a way of airing their product.

Eric Bischoff was able to meet with represntitives from Fox and the USA Network in early April to attempt to secure a new home for Nitro. In both cases Eric was told that the networks wanted to attend the Big Bang PPV before making a decision whether they could work with WCW. The stakes where going to be high for the pay per view and WCW had to get it right, there was no room for error. The WCW creative team meet in mid April to discuss the pay per view and Bischoff made it clear that this event had to signal a new start and needed to put them back on the map.

Bischoff also had plans to find a home venue for WCW in a way of cutting the huge costs they had in taking over the AOL TW contracts. He flew to Las Vegas in late April and finialised a deal in principle for WCW to wrestle out of the Hard Rock Cafe in Las Vegas. The deal meant that if Bischoff secured a television deal after the Big Bang PPV he would shoot each episode of Nitro out of Las Vegas instead of touring.

Big news broke on the 4th April 2001 when Paul Heyman filled for bankruptcy which signalled the end for ECW. Extreme Championship Wrestling had been struggling for several months and had even been forced to cancel shows.The company still owed their top wrestlers money including Rob van Dam, Joey Styles and Rhino. There assets were to eventually be picked up by Vince McMahon and the WWF.

World Championship Wrestling continued to advertise for the Big Bang PPV which featured in the latest edition of the WCW Magazine. Speculation was building as people started to discuss what Eric would have planned for the event with no matches advertised for the pay per view. Some people speculated that the PPV would see Diamond Dallas Page become World Champion thus the 'Big Bang' title. People also put cases forward for Nash, Steiner, Booker T and Goldberg being the person Eric would build the new WCW around. There was also talk about WCW signing former ECW wrestlers with the company recently being brought out by the WWF. Reports claimed that Eric Bischoff was interested in bringing in Rob van Dam and Sabu but faced competition from the WWF.
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Default Re: Vince's Enemies: History of WCW 2001-

I'm following this closely. I've always been fascinated by the idea of how WCW continuing to this day would affect the careers of various wrestlers. Would certain WWE mainstays have actually ended up in WCW instead? Where would a lot of the TNA mainstays be today? How would the existence of competition affect the WWE. Hopefully some of these answers will be answered. I'll be watching closely.
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