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My SmackDown show!


Tazz: Hello everyone!
Cole: Welcome to the SmackDown!
Tazz: We are two weeks away from WW1!!
Cole: Yea and the whole card we will see next week!
Tazz: Tonight we will see Rock vs. Brock!!
Cole: Last week Brock lost to Rock at the cage match!
Tazz: Anf tonight we will see regular match!
Cole: Also tonight we will see tag team match Undertaker and Chris Benoit vs. Big Show and A-Train!!
Tazz:And tonight we will see the best Elimination Match ever for Cruiserweight title shot at WW1

~1st Match Jeff Hardy vs. Christian vs. Rey Mysterio vs. Rikishi ELIMINATION MATCH FOR CRUISERWEIGHT TITLE SHOT AT WW1~

This match has an unusual setup. The first elimination must be pinfall or submission, the second elimination must be through a table, or first blood, the final duel will be a ladder match. Rikishi comes out first to a chorus of boos. The crowd is hot for this match, and it looks like they will be all night long. Mysterio comes out next to a good pop. Christian comes out next to a sizable boo. Jeff comes out last to a huge pop. He gets in the ring and hands the Xtreme Title to the ref, who places it on the little ring thingy for it to be lifted 12’ above the ring for the ladder match at the end. Before the belt can even be raised, Christian attacks Jeff and Rikishi attacks Mysterio and here we go! Christian nails Jeff with a series of haymakers while Rikishi does the same to Mysterio. Christian gets Jeff into a corner, and Rikishi gets Mysterio into one as well. They go for a double Irish whip, but Jeff leaps over Mysterio, who does a somersault under Jeff, Jeff hits Rikishi with a flying clothesline, and Mysterio takes out Christian with a running clothesline. Jeff gives Rikishi a series of knee lifts, than makes a big mistake when he goes for a vertical suplex! Rekishi reverses it and suplexes Jeff, Jeff’s back slams into the turnbuckle hard! Jeff is suspended on the turnbuckle. Rikishi dishes out some mean kicks to Jeff’s ribs. Jeff falls off the turnbuckle and Rikishi starts stomping him on the mat. The crowd boos him. Mysterio meanwhile is having his sweet time with Christian. He hits him with a few chops, than whips him to the ropes, Christian comes off the ropes and goes for a clothesline but Mysterio blocks it, runs off the ropes himself, than meets Christian in the middle with a hurracunranna! Mysterio gets up, runs to the ropes, jumps on the middle rope and flips back, catching Christian with a moonsault! Mysterio runs off the ropes and hits Christian with a rolling attack. He goes for the first cover of the match. 1,...2,...Christian kicks out. Mysterio picks him up and whips him to the ropes. He puts his head down for a back drop, but Christian kicks him in the face. Mysterio goes down, Christian takes a breather. Rikishi still has the upper hand on Jeff. He stands Jeff up in the corner, than hits him with some big shoulder thrusts. Than he grabs Jeff by the hair and tosses him over the top rope and to the outside. Rikishi goes outside after him. He grabs Jeff by the hair again and lays a huge right hand on him. Than he bashes his face into the Spanish announcers table. He does it again, than picks Jeff up in a body press and throws him through the table! Rikishi hams up to the crowd but they boo him. Rikishi gets back in the ring. Christian has Mysterio in a Boston crab, Rikishi clotheslines him from behind and Christian’s face bounces off the mat. Rikishi than drops a huge leg on Mysterio’s head. He goes for a cover, 1,...2,...Mysterio somehow kicks out! Rikishi grabs Mysterio and picks him up and tries to take his mask off. He gets it sideways, than Mysterio breaks away from him and backs up, he cant see. He starts swinging fists in every direction. Christian gets up and goes after him, as soon as Mysterio feels Christian touch him, he delivers a huge low blow! Christian goes down. Mysterio adjusts his mask. Than runs off the ropes and goes for a leg drop but when he’s in the air, Rikishi catches him with a sidekick! Rikishi goes for a pin on Mysterio, 1,...2,...Mysterio gets his foot on the ropes! Jeff gets up from the mangled mess outside the ring and grabs a chair, he gets in the ring and waits for Rikishi to turn around and see him and WHAM he drills Rikishi in the face with it! He than throws the chair outside the ring. Jeff waits for a bloody Rikishi to get up, than hits him with a running clothesline. Rikishi doesn’t go down, so Jeff goes for another one, Rikishi is still on his feet. He runs off the ropes again, but Rikishi goes for a clothesline of his own, Jeff ducks, runs off the other side of the ring, comes back and jumps hitting Rikishi with a flying forearm! Rikishi falls towards a corner. Jeff picks him up by the head and nails the Twist Of Fate! He than signals to the crowd that he’s going to the top rope! The crowd is on their feet cheering! Jeff spends a little too much time getting there though, as he leaps, Rikishi rolls into the corner at the last split second and Jeff hits the mat hard. Rikishi pulls himself up with help from the ropes, and sets Jeff up for the Rumpshaker. He jumps and lands right on Jeff’s ribcage. 1,...2,...3!

Eliminated: Jeff Hardy

We now know we will have a new Xtreme Champion tonight. Rikishi picks Jeff up and throws him out of the ring. Jeff lays there holding his ribs in pain. Christian and Mysterio are now back to their feet and they know the next fall will be either by way of first blood or by going through a table. Christian whips Mysterio to the ropes and follows him in with a clothesline sending him to the outside. Mysterio lands where Jeff threw his chair. When Christian goes through the ropes to go after Mysterio, he is greeted by a HUGE chair shot! Christian falls into the ring. Mysterio goes to the top rope and hits a shooting star press! He goes for the cover, but there’s no pins. Rikishi picks them both up by the head and rocks them with a double noggin knocker. Than he hits a double clothesline on them. Rikishi is in total control of this match up. He decides to work over Mysterio. He whips Mysterio to the corner, than runs in and hits an avalanche. Mysterio falls face first to the mat. Rikishi goes outside and looks under the ring. He grabs a table and sets it up outside the ring. He gets another one and sets it up next to the first one. He grabs a third one and tosses it in the ring. Christian grabs it and sets it up in the middle of the ring. He grabs Mysterio and puts him on top of the table. He sets Mysterio up for a piledriver, but Mysterio hits him with a backdrop and Christian lands on the mat. Rikishi goes after Mysterio, but Mysterio jumps on Rikishi and sends him for a spin with a huricunranna. Mysterio grabs the chair, and waits for Christian to get up. He swings and blasts Christian in the face with it. When Christian gets up, he is bleeding, and thus eliminated.

Eliminated: Christian

Christian is upset by his elimination and starts complaining to the ref. Mysterio drills him with the chair one more time and it sends him flying to the outside. It’s now down to Mysterio and Rikishi. Mysterio turns around from blasting Christian and is nailed with a sidekick from Rikishi. Rikishi, who was busted open in the first fall, lucky for him it was before the first blood fall, goes out to the side of the ring closest to the ramp and fetches a ladder. He takes the table in the ring and throws it outside. He sets it up and starts to climb. He gets to the third rung when Mysterio dropkicks the ladder and Rikishi goes down and hot shots himself on the top rope. Mysterio sets the ladder up and starts climbing slowly. He gets to the fifth rung before Rikishi grabs Mysterio by the foot and yanks him down. Rikishi whips Mysterio off the ropes, than sends him flying into the ladder with a back body drop. Rikishi now concentrates solely on hurting Mysterio. He whips him across the ring to a corner, than runs at him and hits a vicious clothesline. Than he whips him across the ring to the other corner and follows it up with another clothesline. Mysterio falls to the bottom rope. Rikishi signals that he’s going for the Stink Face, Mysterio quickly kicks Rikishi low! But Rikishi falls backward and lands directly on Mysterio! After accidentally squashing Mysterio, Rikishi slowly gets to his feet, obviously in pain from that last move by Mysterio. Rikishi goes to the other side of the ring and gets ready for the running thump. He runs, turns and Mysterio moves and Rikishi nails the turnbuckle hard! Mysterio dropkicks Rikishi and he lands on the middle rope. Mysterio gets his second wind all the sudden, and runs off the other side of the ring, and it’s the 6 1 9! The crowd goes nuts! Mysterio goes to the outside, leaps onto the top rope and goes for the West Coast Pop, but Rikishi catches him and hits a huge belly to belly suplex! Both men are down. The ref, on the outside of the ring, doesn’t count obviously. Rikishi starts to get up, but than Mysterio does a nip up and he’s on his feet! Mysterio waits for the big man to get up and he punches him right in the face! He nails him again! And a third time gets Rikishi in the ropes. Mysterio runs to the other side, comes back and leaps at Rikishi. They both go over the top rope and crash through the two tables! It looks like a freaking car wreck! Rikishi seemed to have landed on his head. Mysterio gets up after about 15 seconds and he crawls into the ring. He sets the ladder up. He slowly and painfully starts to climb. He gets to the eighth rung of the ladder, the top step actually. He reaches for the belt and grabs it, Rikishi makes it to his feet and is on the apron but he’s too late! Mysterio grabs the belt and wins the match and the Xtreme Title!

Winner: Rey Mysterio (he has a Cruiserweight title shot at WW1)

Tazz: Rey Mysterio is the winner!!
Cole: We are going to see Hurricane vs. Rey for Cruiserweight title!
Tazz: Man,I`m glad that Rey is the winner!


~Backstage (corridor)
Stephanie McMahon is going somewhere.When she saw Rey Mysterio.

Stephanie: Good job,Rey!
Rey: Thanks a lot Stephanie!
Stephanie: You are going to have a title shot at WW1!
Rey: Yea,Steph. and I`m going to win!
Stephanie: You need to win,because we need to be better than Raw!
Rey: I`ll try!

Tazz: Wow!Stephanie wants to be better than Eric Bishoff.
Cole: You know what Steph. is a very good manager and she`ll try to make SD better than Raw!

~2nd Match Chris Benoit and Undertaker vs. Big Show and ATrain~

Benoit and Show start out. They tie up and Show wrenches Benoit`s arm.Benoit flips onto his back, nips up and arm drags Show. Show and Benoit get up at the same time as the crowd cheers. Show looks shocked, where as Benoit points to himself then Show tags in A-Train. A-Train and Benoit tie up and A-Train puts Benoit in a headlock. Benoit counters with a take-down and runs off the ropes. A-Train ducks a clothesline and runs off the ropes. Benoit leapfrogs A-Train and he (A-Train) runs off the ropes. Benoit Monkey Flips A-Train but he lands on his feet. A-Train runs at Benoit but Benoit arm drags A-Train and picks him up holding onto the arm and goes for another arm drag but A-Train reverses and throws Benoit off the ropes. A-Train then arm drags Benoit and holds on an Armbar. A-Train picks Benoit up and goes for another arm drag,the crowd cheers for Benoit he tries to get to the ropes,but A-Train presures him up and Benoit is taped out!!1 2 3!!

Winners: Big Show and A-Train

After the match we saw Team Angle with Kurt they running out and Haas beating up Chris Benoit,Benjamin hits A-Train and Big Show,while Kurt Angle beating up Undertaker and he got him into the Angle Lock and Undertaker tapped out like a 10 times,but Kurt is not stopping!!Haas throw Big Show out of the ring and Benjamin throw A-Train,while Chris was out!Kurt got on the ring and took a mic.

Kurt: Taker!!!!That what is waiting for you at World War 1!!!!!!

Kurt throw a mic. at Taker`s face and they left the ring!

Tazz: Man,I can`t wait till WW1,Kurt Angle vs. Undertaker for Undiptuted WWE Title!!
Cole: As you can see Team Angle beat the hell out of everyone!


~Backstage(locker room)
Chris and Taker sitting and watching a tape form their fight with A-Train and Show.

Chris: Man,you see that?Team Angle is coming out and Kurt got you first!
Taker: Yea,i see!
Chris: You know what i`m gonna go to Stephanie and I`ll ask her for the match me and Kurt Angle!
Taker: That will be good idea,and I`m gonna watch your match.

~Backstage( Stephanie`s office)
Chris knocked the door.

Stephanie: Yes,come in!
Chris: Hey,Steph.!
Stephanie: Hi Benoit I know what happen earlier and I`m realy sorry!
Chris: Don`t be!I`ll get A-Train next time for what he did to Edge!!
Stephanie: Edge is going to be fine,don`t forget to watch an interview tonight with Edge!
Chris: Steph. I came here to ask you if I can challenge Kurt Angle?
Stephanie: Chris,Chris,WHY?
Chris: Because I want to!!
Stephanie: I`ll try to make it.
Chris: Thanks Steph.!

Tazz: We are going to see exclusive interview with Edge from the hospital!

~3rd Match Jamie Noble vs. Billy Kidman~
Billy stands in the ring and waits for Noble to come out, and when he finally doe the two stare each othe down, getting toe to toe. The bell rings and Billy Kidman starts things off with a push to Noble, Noble comes back and pushes Billy into the ropes, Billy flies back off the ropes at Noble and hits a Clothesline. Bily goes for a leg drop but Noble rolls out of the way. Noble gets up and kicks Billy a few times. Billy climbs back to his feet, Noble and Billy tie things up, but Billy takes the upperhand locking Noble in a head lock, Noble pushes Billy into the corner, and goes for a roll,up, but Billy Kicks out at two. Billy gets up and hits a dropkick onto Noble, throwing him into the corner. Billy hits a monkey flip onto Noble, and climbs to the top rope. Noble gets up and goes to knock Kidman down, but Kidman kicks Noble, and Noble stumbles backward, not falling. Kidman hits a Cross body, but noble rolls through it and goes for the pin, but Kidman kicks out at two. Kiidman makes it to his feet and throws Noble back into the corner. Billy hits three spears and uses the ropes to hit a hurricanra. Billy climbs to the top rope, but Nunzio runs down and pushes Billy off the top rope and into the announce table. The ref calls for the bell and checks on Billy Kidman..

No winner

Tazz: Coming up next if Stephanie agree Chris Benoit is going to take on Kurt Angle!!!
Cole: Now we cut in the hospital where Funaki is...


Funaki: Hell.o with you #1 announcer!!And here is Edg.e
What you can tell us?
Edge: I just wanna say that I`m going to stay here for 1 month and after I get out of here I will GET A-TRAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
If you hear me A-Train I will GET YOU!!And I will do the same thing you did to me!!!!
Funaki: Than...ks a lot!!

Tazz: We are back and this was Edge.
Cole:I see that he is fine and good looking.

~Backstage(locker room)
Stephanie is talking with Chris.

Stephanie: Chris,I was thinking about what you said and I agree with you.And tonight you and Kurt Angle are going to face each other!
Chris: Thanks Steph.!

Stephanie is going to the parking lot,as she about to leave,
when all of the sudden down the road a limosiune pulls up and Stephanie runs to open the door, she does so and out comes... The Rock!! (Crowd actually Cheers) The Rock then does his hand stop thingy to Stephanie The Rock then turns around with a smirk on his face and he looks at a dissapointed face, he walks up to Stephanie and says tonight I will beat Brock!!!!(Crowd Boos Irately and starts chanting Rocky Sucks Rocky Sucks)

*Rock`s music hits*
The Rock comes down with his taunty walk and he has a microphone in hand. The Rock gets in the ring and he says "Personally, I'm going to make this short because I don't think I can stand another second of this Bakersfield STANK, so lets make it short, after all if there are any out of towners I'm sure your as anxious as I am to get away from all this stink juice. (Crowd Boos) But I see why you are here, and that is to see The Rock! (Crowd Boos) and you would clearly do anything in order to see your hero, you would do anything in order to see. THE ROCK! (Crowd Boos and The Rocks speech gains speed) Anyway lets make this short... I'm gonna beat Brock and I will bust his head so that he can`t wresle anymore!!(The Rock is about to leave the ring to boos) but those boos turn to HUGE CHEERS as Brock`s musichits!!

Brock: What did you say???
Rock: Tonight me and you at the regular match!!


~4th Match Rock vs. Brock Lesnar~
Brock drags Rock into the center of the ring and looks down at him. Rock slides himself across the ring with one hand up begging Brock to back off. Rock than makes a dash for the cage wall and starts climbing. Brock waits until Rock reaches the top to grab one of his legs. He smiles before yanking Rock down and giving him a wishbone on the top rope! Brock pulls Rock off the rope, and slings him across the ring. He scoops Rock up and hits a belly-to-belly. He grabs Rock and hits another one. Than a 3rd one! Brock grabs Rock by the arm, and tugs on it.Brock twists Rock’s arm and than locks in a hammerlock. Brock lifts Rock using his arm and slams him to the mat.Brock grabs Rock and says “F-5!” He gets Rock up and F-5`ed him!!Brock goed got cover 1...2...3!!!

Winner: Brock Lesnar

After the match Brock picked up Rock and made another F-5 on him.(Crowd cheers)Then Brock took mic.

Brock: You know what Rocky!!I want you to make my life a little harder.Me and you at WW1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!And thats my final word!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Tazz: Our main event is coming up next Kurt vs. Benoit!!
Cole: Man.we have to cheer for Benoit!lol

~5th Match Chris Benoit vs. Kurt Angle MAIN EVENT~
They tie up and Benoit puts Angle in a headlock but Kurt takes down Benoit and locks on a headlock. Benoit puts Angle in a leg scissors and Angle nips up. Benoit trips Angle and locks on a headlock. Angle puts Benoit in a leg scissors and Benoit nips up. Angle tries to trip Benoit but the Wolverine jumps up and tries to elbow drop Kurt but he moves. Angle tries to elbow drop Benoit but he moves. Angle and Benoit get up and the crowd cheers. They tie up again and Benoit puts Kurt in a hammerlock. Kurt is in the hold for about 15 seconds and rolls out and wrenches Benoit’s arm. Benoit then arm drags Angle and locks on an Armbar. Angle holds on and starts to stand up but Benoit wrenches Angle’s arm and puts him in a hammerlock. Benoit then keeps Angle in the hold and throws him shoulder-first into the ring post. Angle backs out and Benoit snapmares him down and locks on a hammerlock. Angle realizes that he’s being out-wrestled by Benoit and rolls out and throws Benoit into the corner. In the corner, Angle stomps away at Benoit’s face and picks him up. Angle then snapmares Benoit down and locks on a rear chinlock. Benoit screams for air as Angle pulls back on Benoit’s neck. Benoit starts to get up and elbows Angle in the gut and whips him off the ropes. Angle ducks a clothesline and runs off the ropes. Benoit leapfrogs Angle and Kurt runs off the ropes. Benoit then gives Kurt a hip toss and a shoulderblock. Benoit then locks in another Hammerlock and Angle screams in pain. Angle starts to get up after 30 seconds in the hold and then he kicks Benoit in the groin destroying any shred of a technical contest. Angle then decks Benoit and he falls through the ropes to the outside. Angle goes to the outside and throws Benoit into the steps. Angle rolls Benoit back in the ring and locks him in a rear chinlock with a leg scissors. Benoit struggles for air as the crowd boos loudly. Angle keeps the hold on for a good two minutes. Benoit starts to get up as the crowd cheers for Benoit. Benoit starts to stand up and shoves Kurt off the ropes. Kurt ducks a clothesline as Benoit runs off the ropes. Benoit runs at Kurt and Angle hits a Belly-to-Belly!!!!! Angle covers, One…Two…Thr, Benoit kicks out. Angle picks up Benoit and hits a Suplex. Angle then locks Benoit in a Half Boston Crab. Benoit screams in pain and crawls to the ropes but angle pulls Benoit to the middle of the ring and breaks the hold. Angle then hits Benoit with a Back Suplex. Angle then locks on a Camel Clutch. Benoit screams in pain as Angle puts pressure on Benoit’s lower back setting him up for the Angle Slam. Benoit crawls to the ropes but angle pulls him to the center of the ring and locks on the hold again. Angle holds on for about a minute until Benoit starts rising up. Angle gets off and kicks Benoit in the ribs. Benoit starts to get up and Angle then picks up Benoit and hits a Backbreaker. Angle then climbs to the top rope and goes for a Moonsault but Benoit gets his knees up!!!!! Benoit and Angle get up slowly as the crowd is on its feet. Angle goes to deck Benoit, but he blocks and decks angle. Benoit then whips angle off the ropes and clotheslines him. Angle gets up and Benoit clotheslines him again. Benoit whips Kurt off the ropes ad hits a Back Drop!!!! Angle gets up and Benoit hits a Snap Suplex. Angle backs up into the corner and Benoit chops away at Angle’s chest. Angle stumbles to the center of the ring and Benoit hits a Shoulderbreaker. Benoit climbs to the top as the crowd goes nuts. Angle gets up and goes for a Super Belly-to-Belly but Benoit shoves Angle off the top!!!!! Angle gets up and Benoit goes for a Double Axe Handle but Angle kicks Benoit in the gut and hits the Angle Slam!!!!!!!!!! Angle covers, One…Two…Thre, Benoit kicks out. Angle jumps up and down in anger as Benoit starts to get up. Angle then climbs to the top rope but Benoit catches him on top and hits a top rope Superplex!!!!!!! Benoit covers, One…Two…Thr, Angle kicks out. Benoit picks up Angle and hits a Front Slam and climbs to the top rope. Angle gets up though and hits a Super Belly-to-Belly on Benoit!!!!!!!!! Angle covers, One…Two…Th, Benoit kicks out. Angle measures Benoit and goes for a clothesline but Benoit ducks and hits a German Suplex. Benoit holds on and hits another German Suplex!!!! Benoit holds on again and tries for a third German but Kurt reverses and hits his own German Suplex. Angle holds on and hits a second German!!!! Angle holds on again and hits the third German Suplex!!!!!!! Angle lets go and waits for Benoit to get up. Benoit gets up and Angle goes for the Angle Slam but Benoit hits an arm drag on Angle. Angle tries to deck Benoit but he ducks and hits a Release German that sends Angle onto his stomach!!!!! Benoit climbs to the top rope as Angle lays face-down in the middle of the ring. Benoit flies off the top and hits the Swandive Headbutt!!!!!!! Benoit covers, One…Two…Thre, Angle kicks out. Benoit then locks on the Crossface as Angle screams in pain. Angle is about to tap but he grabs Benoit’s ankle and rolls over into the Ankle Lock!!!!!!!! Benoit screams in pain as Angle holds on for about 30 seconds but Benoit monkey flips Angle across the ring. Kurt runs at Benoit but he kicks Angle in the gut and hits the Angle Slam. Benoit then puts Kurt in the Ankle Lock!!!!! Angle screams in pain and then rolls over and puts Benoit in the Crossface. Benoit screams in pain but rolls out and locks on the real Crossface!!!!!! Angle holds on for about a minute then rolls over. Angle goes for an Oklahoma Roll but Benoit holds onto Angle’s legs and puts his feet on the middle rope, One…Two…Three!!!!!!!

Winner: Chris Benoit

After the match, Benoit celebrates on the entrance ramp as Kurt looks on in disbeief.

~Backstage(locker room)

Kurt Angle Interview.

Gene: What is your response to losing to Chris Benoit?

Angle: Losing, no I didn’t lose tonight. I was robbed and screwed royally. Benoit had his feet all over the ropes so the win doesn’t count. I am still the #1 contender for WWE Title!!
Benoit walks on screen smiling.

Benoit: You would never cheat? Sure, let’s watch the tape. (the tape shows Angle using the ropes to beat Benoit in a tag match last week) I believe you.

Benoit walks away and Angle looks pissed.

Gene: In this case, Kurt Angle don’t preach.
Angle decks Gene and puts him in the Ankle Lock for about 30 seconds until officials pull Kurt off Gene.

*Show went off air*
So guys what you think?
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Guys give some advise!!
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Wheelman for James Ellsworth
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Mathces were ok but not that good.(too long)
NDM was pretty bad
Grade= B-


We will reply don't nag on us to or else people just might sya screw you and not replyh
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You know thats one problem in this forum(Be The Booker)
that people are posting only in their threads and they are not posting in others!I don`t know maybe they don`t want or some- thing else.
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Here is my Raw.



JR:Welcome to the Monday Nights Raw!
King: With you JR and King!
JR:This week at Sunday Night at 7:00 World War 1 comes!!
King: Man,and guess what!HHH is going to defend his title challenging Steve Austin!!!
King: Man,I can`t wait to see it and there is more!Undertaker is going to take on Kurt Angle for WWE Undisputed Title!!!
JR:And Dudley Boys with Rico are going to take on Matt Hardy and Jeff Hardy for World Tag Team Titles!
King: I can`t wait to see Hurricane vs. Rey Mysterio!
JR:And there is a lot more,but we don`t have time to say everything.

~1st Match Spike Dudley vs. Matt Hardy~
Match began,Matt hold on to Spike on the left shoulder,than reversed on the right,Spike was two cm. from the mat,Matt reversed with a front drop kick in the middle section.Spike felt on the middle rope and Matt run to the other side of the ring and then back with a nice leg drop on the Dudley`s head.Matt picked him up and sended to the turnbuckles and tried to slip to the back,but Spike reversed and attacked Matt in the middle section with a right foot and then picked him up and backdroped him!Matt got on his feet quick and got on the top rope,while Spike tried to attack him.Matt jumped on Spike with an open legs and making a nice scisors he went for cover,1....2...3!!

Winner: Matt Hardy

After the match,we saw Jeff Hardy running out and then Bubba Ray Dudley.Jeff started to attack Bubba immidiatly and that was an awesome attack,while Matt picked up Spike and puted him on the turnbuckle and droped his two legs on him...After that Bubba took Spike and they ran away.

JR:Man.I don`t know whats going to happen at WW1!!
King: Jeff and Matt vs. Dudleys Boys!!


HHH is passing his locker room.
When he saw RVD.

HHH: What the hell you doing next to my locker room?
RVD: I wanted to talk with Flair!
HHH: He is not here tonight.
RVD: Thats all what I wanted to know.

*Stone Cold Steve Austin`s music hits*
Crowd: Yeaaaaaa
Austin: I know HHH you thought that you are smart!You scared of me thats why you told Brock to do all the job for me,I understand that!Brock is a good wrestler and he has only one dream to become a WWE Champion,but he is a rookie!!!!!Don`t you understand that HHH?Brock Is Nothing!!!But anyway HHH me and you at WW1 for the Heavyweight Title and I would you to bring yourASS here!!!

*Eric Bishoff`s music hits*

Eric: Before HHH is going to come here,I want to say that at WW1 Steve Austin and HHH is going to fight at HELL IN THE CELL!!!!!!!!!
Eric: Yes,at Hell In The Cell!!And its going to be HHH and Ric Flair and Steve Austin and MEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!
Steve: What the hell is that??Eric,why did you do that?
Eric: It will be more exiting.

They both left the ring.

JR:I`m counting the days!
King: To WW1!!
JR Thats right.

~2nd Match Test vs. DDP~
Match began,DDP started to attack first and blocked some punches by Test,Test reversed and supplexed him with all of his power.DDP was on the mat,Test picked him up and sended him to the turnbuckles and hit him with his elbow.Then lefroged him and slamed his head in the mat,Test went for cover,1..2. None,DDP kicked out and dramed Test at the back with his right hand and taken his head and putting at the middle of the tow legs he made a nice DDT and Test went for cover,1...2...3!!

Winner: Test


~Backstage(Eric`s office)
Jericho slamed the door!

Eric: Hey,Chris!
Jericho: Where is Booker T???
Eric: Are you asking me?He has to be somewhere here.
Jericho: Where????
Eric: Look,Jericho I know that you wanted to fight him last week,but he didn`t come thats why you and Booker T are going to see each other at World War 1!!!!
Jericho: (Smiles)I love it!But I wanna see him now!

(Someone opened a door very fast and hit Jericho with a steal chair in the head)

Booker T: You wanted to see me!!!!!
Eric: What the hell is you problem you can`t wait till WW1??
Booker T: OK,I`ll wait,but remember Eric,I will WAIT!!

JR:What was that?
King: You saw everything!

~3rd Match William Regal vs. RVD NON-TITLE~
Match started,RVD locked up with Regal and sended him to the turnbuckles and with a front drop kick Regal felt on the mat,and RVD went to the toprope,but Regal got on his feet and picked up RVD he threw him of the ring to the outside.Regal picked him up and threw him on the steal stairs.RVD had his head busted.Regal throw him on the ring and went for the cover,1..2.RVD kicked out,but he couldn`t get up.Regal picked him up again and made a screw ball with a lot of power in the hands!RVD felt on the mat so hadr so that mat started to vibrate.Regal went for cover again 1...2.RVD kicked out again!!Regal holded RVD`s hand and a leg and RVD was about to tap out,RVD tried to get to the ropes!!But he couldn`t one last second,1 2 3!!!

Winner: William Regal

JR:He is the winner and RVD lost!



HHH came.

HHH:What the hell is your problem,Eric?
Eric: What are you talking about?
HHH: I`m talking about WW1!
Eric: OHH,You don`t like it?hmm I do like it,realy!
HHH: OK,Eric you will see whats going to happen to you at Hell In The Cell at World War 1!!!!!!
Eric: We will!

~4th Match Kane vs. HHH MAIN EVENT~
Match started,Kane picked up HHH and throw him on the other side of the ring and then made him to scream!HHH closed his eyes and ref. checked if he still breathing.Kane piked him up and throw him again...

WE SAW Steve Austin running out!!

*Bell ring*

Winner: No one
Steve Austin picked up HHH and 3tp backdrop and then he suppled him and after that he picked him up and made a routing slam!!When we saw Batista running out and statring to beat the hell out of Austin with a right hand...


~Backstage(parking lot)

Eric was leaving the arena and suddenly saw someone behind him and he sat in the limo and after that Eric got in too.

Man: Hello!!
Eric: Whats the h;;;

*Show went off air*

I know its only 4 matches,I`m sorry for that.So what you think?
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Do you guys have any comments???
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Heel Turn on James Ellsworth
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Yeah that was good i enjoyed reading that, man your great at shows F-5

Can't wait to find out who was in the car with Eric

Grade B
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Thanks Rampage,I`m going to write my Raw tommorow so please don`t miss.
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