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cOmE oN rAtE My ShOw!!!!
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Ok here is my next show.

Pyro hits,etc...

Tazz: Welcome to the SmackDown!
Cole: Its only a two weeks away from World War 2,second ppv. this year.
Tazz: Tonight Stephanie McMahon has an announcment!
Cole: Whats it gonna be?
Tazz: Hell I don`t know!

~1st Match Billy Kidman vs. Jamie Noble~
Billy Kidman's music hits as he makes his way down to the ring. Next we hear Jamie Noble's music as he and Nidia come to the ring. The bell sounds as the match begins. Noble runs at Kidman and nails him with a hard dropkick. Noble then picks Kidman up and hits him with some left hands and then whips him into the ropes and catches him with a flying crossbody into a pin. 1…2… Kidman kicks out, he then gets up and hits Noble in the stomach with some rights. He then delivers a backbreaker to Noble. Then he picks Noble up and whips him into the turnbuckle. Kidman then runs at Noble and delivers a huge monkey toss. Kidman goes to the top rope and hits a perfect Shooting Star Press on Noble. Nidia then gets on the apron and distracts the ref, until Kidman sees her and pushes the ref out of the way and begins to argue with Nidia, he then kisses her but Nidia breaks it up and slaps him. Noble then comes up from behind and does a schoolboy pin. The ref then gets down for the count 1…2…3.
Winner: Jamie Noble

Tazz: That was a good match!
Cole: Yes it was!
*Footage of the last SmackDown was showen,when Taker was talking with Chris Benoit*

Tazz: Coming up next Undertaker vs. A-Train!
Cole: OO MY GOD!That will be something that we all have to see!

~2nd Match Undertaker vs. A-Train (Non-title)~
A Train punches Taker in the corner, he just keeps hitting Taker, he hits about 20 punches within a 30 second span! He than whips Taker to the other corner, Taker comes out and Train hits a back body drop! Taker sits up! Train pulls him back up and gets him with a vertical suplex! Taker sits up at the same time that Train gets up! Train grabs Taker, kicks him low, than hits a double arm DDT. Taker stays down. Train runs off the ropes, jumps and hits a big elbow. He goes for the pin, 1,...2,...Taker sits up! The crowd goes off! Train runs off the ropes and clotheslines Taker, Taker stumbles backwards to the ropes. Train than clotheslines Taker over the top. Taker lands on his feet and Train goes out after him. He rams Taker into the steel post. Taker goes down. Train than removes a section of the padding surrounding the ring. He sets Taker up in the piledriver/powerbom possition. He tries to get Taker up but Taker reverses it, he gets Train up for a back body drop, but grabs Train's legs, and than snaps him down for a spinebuster on the concrete! The ref is yelling at them to knock it off and get back in the ring. Taker grabs the ring steps and than drops them on Train's ribs! Than he smacks Train in the face with them! Train is busted open. Taker finally takes Train and rols him into the ring. Taker gets up on the top rope, and waits about 15 seconds for Train to get to his feet. He than leaps and hits a flying lariat from the top rope! Taker signals to the crowd that this one is about to be over. Than the Big Show runs out from backstage! Show climbs up on the apron. He meets a big boot from Taker that sends him down! Taker goes back to Train, picks him up and goes for the Tombstone! He has Train up, but than he falls backwards, and Train is now in the possition to Tombstone Taker! And he nails him! But Train doesn't go for the pin. He tells Show to go get a chair. Show goes and gets one from one of the people over by the time keeper. Train than pulls Taker to his feet and holds him up for Show. He brings Taker over to the ropes and Show swings the chair, Taker ducks and Show hits Train! The crowd goes totall crazy! Taker hits Show off the apron again! Taker picks Train up and burries him with the Tombstone! He goes for the pin, 1,...2,...3!

Winner: Undertaker by pinfall

After the match,Big Show ran out and hit Taker with his left hand and then we saw Chris BENOIT!!!Coming out with a chair and he hit Big Show!....

Tazz: Man,I told you that will be a lot of blood,lol
Cole: Yep,and if you remember form last week we have one more tag team is Team Angle with their capitan Kurt Angle!
Tazz: But tonight they are not an action.
Cole: I can`t believe it they jsut came and they have a tag team title shot at WW2!
Tazz: Yes,and you know why cause Kurt Angle knows what he is doing.
Cole: Coming up next Billy Kidman again vs. Rey Mysterio!

~3rd Match Rey Mysterio vs. Billy Kidamn~
Rey walks up to the ring with to standing ovation.
Then Billy kidman comes out to aload of boo’s following his actions on SMACKDOWN!Kidman goes up to mysterio and gives him a slap rey mysterio goes up to kidman while he’s laughing and knocks him out he picks him up and irish whips him into the corner flatening the ref the ref falls down to the mat kidman goes and gets a chair he then attempts to hit him with it mysterio hits a drop toe hold kidman falls into the ropes the chair hits him in the face. He is niw in the middle rope with the chair in his face mysterio hits the 619 and kidman gets the chair in his face when kidman gets up mysterio goes for the west coast pop but kidman hits him with the chair kidman drags him to the corner and hits the shooting* press he sees the ref is only starting to get up so he goes for another. He start to show off on the top rope and this costs him because Rey shakes the ropes putting kidman in an awkward position and rey hits the 619 while kidman is stranded on the top rope he hits the west coast pop and covers kidman the red counts 1...2...3!!
Winner: Rey Mysterio

*Steph`s music hits*
Stephanie: Hello everyone!I have a huge announcment,after Eric Bishoff fierd Rock,THE ROCK COMES TO SMACKDOWN!!!!!!


Stephanie: I see you don`t like it,but tonight Brock Lesnar is going to face ROCK!!!!!AT CAGE MATCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tazz: What the hell is she doing?

*Stepahnie lives the ring*

~Backstage(locker room)
We see Rock changing,when Brock comes in!!
Brock: Nice to see you Rocky!lol
Rock: What the hell you doing here?
Brock: I will beat your ass tonight,and I`m going to take on Undertaker at the next ppv. after WW2.So be prepared.
Rock: I will Brock,but don`t forget that I`m one and only people`s champ.!
Brock: lol
*Brock left*

Tazz: We have our main event on the line!
Cole: It will be cool.

~4th Match Brock Lesnar vs. The Rock CAGE MATCH~
The Rock’s music and video hit, the crowd boos the hell out of him. The Rock walks out cocky, but also hesitant to get into the cage, which has already lowered. The Rock walks around the entire ring one time before getting in the cage. Brock’s music and video hit and the crowd comes unglued! Brock doesn’t even bother with his normal entrance, he just runs into the gage, doesn’t even shut the door, and goes after The Rock! Rock runs away from him and goes for the door, the ref shuts it! Brock drags Rock into the center of the ring and looks down at him. Rock slides himself across the ring with one hand up begging Brock to back off. Rock than makes a dash for the cage wall and starts climbing. Brock waits until Rock reaches the top to grab one of his legs. He smiles before yanking Rock down and giving him a wishbone on the top rope! Brock pulls Rock off the rope, and slings him across the ring. He scoops Rock up and hits a belly-to-belly. He grabs Rock and hits another one. Than a 3rd one! Brock grabs Rock by the arm, and tugs on it. The Rock is in pain and wants out of the cage! Brock twists Rock’s arm and than locks in a hammerlock. Brock lifts Rock using his arm and slams him to the mat. Brock goes to climb the cage, gets about to the top, than looks back down at The Rock. He looks out at the fans. They start cheering. Brock takes a step down, the fans cheer louder. Brock looks at The Rock again, he’s starting to get to his feet. Brock takes another step down and the fans get louder. Brock jumps back into the cage and the fans erupt for it! Brock grabs Rock and says “F-5!” He gets Rock up but The Rock gets out of it, spins Brock around and starts hitting him in the face. Rock lays the smack down, than uses a short clothesline to get Brock down. Rock bounces off the ropes and hits an elbow drop. He follows that up with 3 more. Rock than picks up Brock, and gets him with a scoop slam. He picks Brock up again and than Irish whips him face first into the cage. Brock goes down, Rock picks him up and does it again. Brock is looking hurt, Rock picks him up and puts his face into the steal one more time and it buts Brock open. Rock than struts around the ring like he won the match already. Rock grabs Brock’s head and starts punching him in the face right where he’s cut open. Rock whips Brock to the ropes, he bounces off, and Rock hits a spinebuster. Rock sets up for the people’s elbow, he doesn’t throw his elbow pad though. Rock runs off both sides of the ropes, than bam, he hits the elbow. Rock gets up and looks pleased, he starts climbing the cage very slowly. The crowd is booing with a passion. Than all of the sudden, Brock jumps straight to his feet! The fans erupt for him! Brock walks slowly up to the cage and begins climbing. The Rock doesn’t seem to notice, as he bickers to the fans. Than he looks to his right, and there’s Brock! Brock smiles, than waves to him, and punches him right in the face, causing him to fall back into the ring! Brock jumps down, he waits for Rock to get up than sends him back down with a clothesline! Rock gets up and Brock hits him with another one! Than Brock hits him with a HUGE clothesline that keeps Rock down! Brock starts doing his taunts. Rock gets up, and Brock sets him up for the F-5! Brock spins Rock around and nails him with it! Brock is about to go climb the cage, but looks over at Rock. He walks back over to him and picks him up. The crowd goes ballistic! Brock picks him up, and walks over to another wall of the cage. He F-5’s Rock right into the cage wall! Rock falls to the other side of the ropes so he’s sandwiched between the cage and the ropes. He doesn’t appear to be going anywhere! Brock goes back to the wall they have been climbing the whole match, (the one on the side of the ring closest to the ramp) and begins to climb again. But The Rock has been laid out right by the cage door! Rock looks up and sees the door right in front of him! He puts a hand up and pushes the door open! Brock has no clue as he takes his time getting up the wall. Rock starts crawling out of the cage, the fans are screaming! Rock is halfway out as Brock gets to the top of the cage, he starts to make the climb to the other side, but Rock just falls out of the ring, into the stairs and lands on the arena floor! The ref calls for the bell, as it goes ding, Brock looks over and sees the cage door open. He gets a distraught look on his face as he finishes escaping the cage. The Rock’s music hits as he can barley keep his hand raised in victory. Brock just shakes his head and looks down as he walks up the ramp. Brock Lesnar beat himself.

Winner: The Rock

Tazz: I can`t believe IT!!!

Brock took a mic.
Brock: ROCK!!!!!!!You still suck!You cant beat me.If this was a regular match I`ll beat you!
Rock: SHUT THE HELL UP,and Brock next week at SmackDown me and you at the regular match!
Brock: Thats what I like!

Tazz: I can`t wait to the next week!
Cole: Bye guys!

*Show went of air*
So what you think?
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Come on rate my show!:angry:
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Learning to break kayfabe
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The night after Wrestle mania Vince Mcmahon enters the ring and tells the fans that even though I lost to Hulk Hogan last night , "i'm still the owner of this company dam it, and there are going to be some big changes tonight." For instance, HHH you will be defending your world title tonite against none other than WWE champ Kurt Angle, JR and the King are shocked as Angle jumped ship to Raw with the gold??? The reason behind this title match tonight on Raw is that "the brand extension is over, therefore Eric Bischoff and Stephanie Mcmahon are no longer the general managers of their respective brands they will be answering to me Vincent Kennedy Mcmahon." HHH music hits and asks Vince what the hell is going on here and tells HHH to his face "You've held that title for too long and frankly there's no competition here on raw so i thought it be best since you're the game that you fight their champ Kurt Angle to see who's the undisputed champ of this company." HHH talks blah blah blah how he's the game and is going to be the undisputed champ of this company when Angle music hits and is accompanied by Stephanie McMahon, the former GM. Angle looks forward to beating HHH tonight for the right to be the undisputed champion in the WWE, and will have Steph in her corner for this match.

Raw's main event for the WWE title: Kurt Angle v. HHH

In the early stages of the match for about 10 minutes or so end to end action. Angle has HHH is the ankle lock when Steph distracts the ref and out of nowhere HBK give the sweet chin music to Angle and hides underneath the ring as HHH goes for the pin 1-2 Kurt kicks out and the game is frustrated he goes for the pedigree but is countered with the Angle slam he goes for the pin but again the ref is involved with steph and angle is wondering what is happening with steph distracting the ref alot during this big match Kurt turns his back and big sexy kevin nash gives angle a kick to the groin setting up for the jacknife powerbomb and nash pulls HHH onto again and trys for the pinfall 1-2 Angle kicks out again what a competitor Angle is as the crowd is appaulding his effort. HHH is fuming so pedigrees the ref and is knocked out unconscious, meanwhile from behind Angle hits the angle slam on the game one more time but there is no ref to cover then Steph comes in wearing a ref shirt and counts 1-2- and stops "what the hell is going on here." says JR Angle goes to Steph and questions her motives and then from out of nowhere HHH grabs a sledgehammer from either Nash or Michaels and klunks Angle and knocks him unconscious and Steph does the fast pin and grabs the title and hands HHH the belt and is crowned the undisputed champ and they hug. "What the hell are HHH and steph back together." a puzzled Jr says "I guess so" says the king, after the match team Angle Benjamin and Haas checks on their captain only to be attacked by HBK and Nash. HHH grabs the mike and introduces " The New Evolution" with The Game, Nash, and HBK." we are going to be the most unstoppable force in wrestling today." HHH music hits and that ends the show.
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Better Than You
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This is F-5's Thread not yours!
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Yo what the fuck is your problem?
Do you know what you are doing?Stupid asshole!
Make your own thread and post everything you want,and I don`t fucking care what you will post in your fucking thread!!!

And James Tv please make some comments about my show.Tnanx
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Better Than You
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Grade: A+
Nice Matches
Nice Promos
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Here is my Raw!


JR: Welcome to the Monday Nights Raw!
King: I cant wait till World War 1 will come to our screens!
JR: Yea,me too!
King: Last week at Raw,Jeff and Matt Hardy became World Tag Team Champions!
JR: And Steve Austin is seriously injured at his back,after Brock Lesnar beat him up,last week and we don`t know if Steve Austin is going to take on HHH at WW1 for the World Heavyweight title!
King: Tonight we will see Booker T vs. Chris Jericho at Street Fight!
JR:You know what I think that the next #1 contender for the World Heavyweight title will be Jericho!
King: He might be.

~1st Match Jeff Hardy vs. Bubba-Ray Dudley with Rico*Pink Slip on a Ladder Match*~
Jeff comes out with the paint on his face. Bubba comes out next. The bell sounds and Jeff and Bubba circle the ring. They get into a lockup then they break apart. They circle the ring again and get into another lockup. This time Bubba knocks Jeff down. Bubba gets on top of Jeff and starts to punch him. Jeff knocks him off and he picks up Bubba and Irish whips him into the corner. Jeff leaves the ring and gets out a ladder. Jeff puts the ladder on the apron. Bubba runs into the ropes and dropkicks the ladder back into Jeff’s face. Jeff falls back and hits his head on the steel ramp. Bubba brings the ladder into the ring. He sets it up and begins climbing it. Jeff gets up and rolls into the ring and knocks the ladder over. Bubba falls over to the outside. Jeff goes to the outside as well and pulls out a 20 ft. Ladder. He goes back into the ring and sets it up. He begins climbing and Bubba comes in a he starts shaking the ladder. Jeff moves back and forth and he finally falls off. Bubba kicks Jeff in the face. Bubba goes to the outside and pulls out a table. He sets it up and goes back into the ring and starts climbing the 20 ft. ladder. Jeff gets up real slow. Bubba is on the fifteenth rung when Jeff knocks the ladder over. Bubba falls off through the table. Jeff starts climbing the ladder. Just then D-Von rushes the ring and he tips the ladder over. D-Von starts punching Jeff. Bubba gets up and goes into the ring and starts climbing the ladder. Jeff kicks D-Von into the ladder and Bubba falls off. Jeff goes to the top rope and hits the swanton bomb on D-Von. Jeff sets up the ladder and climbs it and holds on to the ring as Bubba pushes the ladder out from under his feet. Bubba sets up a ladder and climbs it and does a modified version of the 3D from off the ladder.Bubba then gets up and climbs the ladder and gets the pink slip.
Winner: Bubba-Ray Dudley

After the match...

~Backstage ( way out of the arena)
Rico,Bubba and Spike are walking and on their way they saw commentator Mikel Hon.

Hon: Hi,Rico,can I ask you two questions?
Rico: Sure!
Hon: I know that Bubba just won and you said that you are going to take Bubba and Spike all the way to World Tag Team Championship.when you are going to do this?
Rico: Me and ,my two wrestlers are more than cool and I will ask Eric if we can challenge Jeff and Matt Hardy at WW1!!
Hon: And one last question,do you like to be a manager or you more than a manager?
Rico: I can wrestle too!!!Dont worry some day I will become cruiserweight champion!
Hon: Thank you so much Rico for your time!

JR: LOL!Rico will become cruiserweight campion!!
King: He was just kidding!

~2nd Match Batista with Ric Flair vs Spike Dudley with Rico~
Match starts off with Spike jumping at Batista but the big man throws him off. Batista then hits a few suplexes on Spike and goes for the pin but Spike kicks out. Batista goes for the Powerbomb but Spike fights out and almost gets the win with a roll up. Spike then hits a dropkick and almost hits the Dudley Dawg but Batista spins him to the Sittting Powerbomb. 1-2-3!
Winner: Batista

After the match,Rico picked up Spike and they left the ring.
While Flair took a mic.
Flair: HA HA,I don`t have any words!Because Steve Austin is injured and HHH has noone to defend his title at WW1,so...
Austin: WHAT????
Flair: NO WAY!!!!
Austin: I would be at WW1 and I will take HHH`s title and then I will go for Brock and then I`ll get you Flair!
Flair: BUT...
Austin: SHUT THE FUC* UP!While I`m talking!
So Flair have a good day!

JR: Stone Cold Steve Austin is here and he is ok!!
King: Damn this man has a guts!
JR: Yep,he does!

Eric at his office.
Eric is talking on the phone.
Eric: So...Where is he?...I dont give a damn where is Booker T?..He has a match tonight!...Ok,we will!

JR: From what he said I understand that Booker T is not here tonight and he can`t wrestle Jericho!
King: What the hell is going on?

*Eric`s music hits*
Eric: Hello..
Eric: I`m sorry,but tonight you won`t see Booker T.He went somewhere,but you will see Kane vs. Chris Jericho!

~3rd Match Kane vs. Jericho~
Kane makes his way to the ring as the next match gets underway Y2J countdown hits and he makes hi way to the ring with alot of boos Kane starts on the offensive with a hugeback body drop and a big right hand Jericho tries to get on the offensive but Kanes to strong Big press slam and Jericho hits the mat hard 1..2.. kick out by Jericho Whip by Kane Jericho counters and hits a bulldog But wait what is this someones behind kane he hits him in the head with the ring bell jericho climbs on him and gets the 1..2.. kick out how did he do that Jericho locks on the Walls of Jericho and Kane is creaming in pain but who in the hell was that person that hit Kane he had a balck balaclava on Kane makes his way to the ropes Jericho is really angry he gos to the get the chair he grabs and he wines up to hit Kane but Kane hits it right back in his Face Kane siganls for a Chokeslam grabs him by the throat and hits it but again the that man hits the ring and grabs Kane and Chokeslams him then Jericho hits the lionsault for the 1..2...3 and that is that Jericho has got a dodgy win over Kane here.
Winner: Chris Jericho
After the match,Jericho took a mic.
Chris: I just beat Kane,but I want to beat Booker T!
And I know that he didn`t come tonight,and you know why cause HE SCARED OF ME!!!And after I will beat Booker T,I will go for the World Heavyweight title.

JR:This guy went to far on his way.
King: I don`t think so.

Kane and RVD are sitting in the locker room.

Kane: RVD you have your match next,please win.
RVD: I`ll try!

JR: Coming up next last match!

Triple H comes down with Ric Flair and his covenant World Title. They await Rob Van Dam and suddenly he comes out to his quick Pyro. Rob Van Dam runs to the ring and he punches away at Triple H, he then throws Triple H into the ropes and gives him a clothesline over the top rope. Triple H and Rob Van Dam fight u the rampway as the referee counts. 1.. Rob Van Dam then starts punching Triple H back into the ring and both workers roll into the ring, Triple H gos to kick Rob Van Dam in the mid section but Rob Van Dam grabs his foot and trips him using a swift martial arts one handed one legged kick. Triple is now on the mat and Rob Van Dam locks on a Figure Four! He looks towards Ric Flair with a wide grin! (Crowd Cheers) Triple H reaches the ropes. And Rob Van Dam continues to work on Triple H's right knee by placing it on the ropes and jumping with a sit down on it! Rob Van Dam gos to kick Triple H but this time Triple H catches RVD's foot! RVD however gives Triple H an enziguri! Rob Van Dam climbs to the top rope and... wait Ric Flair shakes the ropes and RVD falls groin first onto the top rope! OUCH! RVD screams in pain and falls back onto the mat. Triple H picks up RVD and hits a fishermans Suplex for the 1.. 2.. No Kickout. Triple H picks up RVD throws him in the ropes and gets the running knee hit! Triple H picks up RVd and whips him into the corner and applys the choke with boot. Triple H then punches at RVD and drop kicks him in the corner. RVD falls out of the corner and falls to the ground where Trple H applys the Reverse Chinlock. RVD screams in pain as his face turns purple. RVD however backs Tripl H into the ropes and whips him across the rope in order to hit the High Leg Clothesline for the 1.. 2.. No Kickout. RVD picks up Triple H and the two lock up RVD then hits the Three Knee Combo and follows with an Overhead Belly to Belly Suplex! He pins Triple H for the 1.. 2.. No Kickout! RVD then locks on the La Magistral! Triple H is screaming through the pain for a couple of minutes he is almost giving up! RVD realizes Triple H isn't giving up and releases the hold. RVD in shear desperation climbs to the top rope... and he hits the Standing Missile Dropkick! For the 1.. 2.. 3! No wait! Kickout! Damnit that was close! RVD picks up Triple H throws him into the ropes and hits Spinnig Heel Kick. RVD once again picks up Triple H and tries to whip him into the corner however Triple H reverses the whip this time and RVD gos into the corner. Triple H then rolls ouy of the ring, and pulls the legs of RVD in order to lock on the FIGURE FOUR ON THE POST!!! (Bret Hart Style) The referee is counting Triple H out! 1.. RVD looks awful! His hair is frizzing everywhere and he looks beaten down and about to give up! 2... He screams at a low pitch! 3... He screams at a very high pitch! 4... Rob Van Dam looks like he has passed out from the pain ! 5... RVD isnt even moving so Triple H unleashes the hold and rolls back into the ring! Triple H pulls RVD to the centre of the ring and climbs to the top turnbuckle... and he hits the knee drop!! He then picks up RVD and hits the Pedigree! He pins RVD for the 1.. 2.. 3! (Crowd Boo's) The winner of this match... Triple H!
Winner: HHH

JR: That was a good match!
King: Yes it was so see ya next Monday!

*Show goes off air*
So what your comments are?
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I just read all the shows that I didn't reply to and I give them all A+s becaus eof the matches and promos.
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Thanx a lot BERD!
Another people rate my show please!
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