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So here we go!And it might be my longest show ever!

JR:Welcome to the Monday Nights Raw!!
King: Last Sunday was a best ppv. ever New Blood Rising!And today we are going to show you the end of Steve Austin and Batista`s match!
JR:And for those who don`t know Batista lost!
King: Thats right!

~1st Match Jeff Hardy vs. Chris Jericho~
They tie up and Jericho wrenches Jeff’s arm. Jeff flips onto his back and reverses and wrenches Jericho’s arm. Jericho flips onto his back, nips up and puts Jeff into a headlock. Jeff shoves Jericho off the ropes and lies down. Jericho runs over Jeff and off the ropes. Jericho runs off the ropes and Jeff leapfrogs Jericho. Jericho runs off the ropes and Jeff tries to hip Toss Jericho but Y2J lands on his feet and puts Jeff in another headlock. Jericho then takes down Jeff and Jeff counters into a Leg Scissors around Jericho’s neck. Jericho nips up and Arm Drags Jeff. Jericho runs at Jeff but Hardy Arm Drags Jericho. Jeff goes for a Leg drop but Jericho moves. Jericho goes for an Elbow Drop but Jeff moves. Jeff runs off the ropes and Dropkicks Jericho in the face. Jeff gets up Jericho and whips him off the ropes. Jericho ducks a clothesline and shoves Jeff into the corner chest-first. In the corner, Jericho Dropkicks Jeff and runs off the ropes. Jericho runs off the ropes but Jeff ducks a clothesline and hits a Neckbreaker. Jeff climbs to the top rope as Jericho gets up. Jeff flies off the top with a Cross body but Jericho Dropkicks Jeff in the ribs!!!!!! Jeff falls to the outside as Jericho gets up. Jericho goes to the outside and throws Jeff into the steps. Jericho climbs on the ring apron as Jeff gets up. Jericho goes for a Double Axe Handle but Jeff punches Jericho in the gut!!!!! Jeff then hits the Railrunner Clothesline!!!!! Jeff then rolls Jericho in the ring and springboards off the top rope into a Moonsault!!!! Jeff picks up Jericho and goes for a Suplex but Jericho pulls Jeff face-first into the top turnbuckle!!!! Jericho then hits a Suplex on Jeff. Jericho picks up Jeff and hits a Double Underhook Backbreaker on Jeff!!!!!!!!! Jericho climbs to the top rope as Jeff gets up. Jericho then hits a Missile Dropkick on Jeff!!!!!!! Jericho picks up Jeff and hits a Back Suplex. Jericho then climbs to the top as Jeff gets up. Jeff then crotches Jericho on the top and climbs up as well. Jeff then hits Jericho with a Frankenstiener!!!!!!! Jericho gets back up and Jeff whips him off the ropes and hits a Flying Clothesline!!! Jericho gets back up and Jeff clotheslines him down. Jeff then whips Jericho off the ropes and hits a Back Body Drop!!!!!!!! Jeff climbs to the top rope as Jericho gets up. Jeff soars off the top with a Missile Dropkick!!!!!!!!! Jeff gets Jericho up and gives him a Front Slam. Jeff climbs to the top but Jericho crotches him on the top rope. Jericho climbs up and he hits a Superplex!!!!!! Jericho gets Jeff up and gives him a Powerbomb!!!!!! Jericho runs off the ropes and goes for the Lionsault but Jeff moves and Jericho lands on his feet. Jeff ducks a clothesline and hits a Jawbreaker!!!!! Jeff then hits the Double Groin Leg Drop on Y2J!!!!!!! Jeff climbs to the top rope but Jericho shoves him to the floor!!!!!!!!!!! Jericho goes outside and throws Jeff into the ringpost and rolls him back into the ring. In the ring Jericho climbs to the top but Jeff throws him to the mat face-first!!!!!!! Jeff climbs to the top and hits the Swanton Bomb!!!!!!!!! Jeff covers, One…Two…Thre, Jericho gets his foot on the ropes. Jeff picks Jericho up and goes for a DDT but Jericho catapults Jeff into the top turnbuckle but Jeff lands on his feet on the second turnbuckle. Jericho turns around and Jeff hits the Whisper in the Wind!!!!!!!!!! Jeff picks up Jericho and hits a DDT!!!!!! Jeff then whips Jericho off the ropes and Jericho ducks a clothesline and hits a Sleeper Slam!!!!!! Jericho goes to the outside and grabs two chairs and puts them in the ring. He grabs one of the chairs but the ref takes it and puts it on the outside. While the ref does this, Jericho grabs another one and nails Jeff in the face with it!!!!!!! Jericho places it on Jeff and goes for the Lionsault but Jeff throws the chair in Jericho’s face!!!!!! Jeff picks up Jericho and hits a Reverse Twist of Fate!!!!!! Jeff tries to pick up Jericho but Y2J low blows Jeff. Jericho then hits Jeff with the Twist of Fate!!!!!!! Jericho tries to lock on the Walls of Jericho but Jeff Monkey Flips Jericho!!!! Jeff then locks Jericho in the Walls of Jericho but Jericho gets to the ropes shortly there after. Jericho runs at Jeff but Hardy drops Jericho face-first on the top turnbuckle!!!!!!!!!! Jeff climbs to the top rope and goes for the Swanton Bomb but Jericho tries to move and Jeff’s neck hits Jericho’s ribs!!!!!!!!! While Jericho screams in pain distracting the ref, Christian comes in and gives Jeff the Unprettier. Jericho hops up and hits the Lionsault!!!!!!! Jericho covers, One…Two…Three!!!!!!

Winner: Chris Jericho

King:That was a helly nice match!
JR:Chris was good.

~Backstage (locker room)
Billy and Chuck are sitting.
Billy: Next Monday we are going to defend out titles and we are facing Jeff and Matt AGAIN!!!
Chuck: Who made it?
Billy: Eric,why?
Billy and Chuck huged.

JR: LOL,next monday we are going to see Matt and Jeff again!!
King: And don`t forget HHH is going to face Steve Austin at the next ppv. World War 2!!
JR:I can`t wait,they are so good!
King:Yea they are.
~Backstage Eric is sitting in his office and talking on the phone.

Brock took the phone and puted down!

Eric:What you doing here Brock?
Brock: Shut the hell up!!!
Eric: What do you want Brock??
Brock: I want you to tell me why you put the special refere?
Eric: That was Steph,I didn`t do anything!
Brock: Shut the fuck up!

At that moment doors open and we saw Steve Austin comes in.

Austin: Is there any problem??
Brock and Steve Austin looked at each others eyes.
Brock: What the hell is your problem,Austin?
Austin: What?What?
Brock:Shut your damn mouth!!!

At that moment HHH and Batista comes in and knocked Austin down,while Brock was working on Eric!HHH beat the hell out of Austin with a chair and Batista too.After that Brock looked at HHH and they shook hands!!!

JR:What the hell was that?
King:I don`t know.

~Backstage(locer room)
Spike Dudley and Bubba Dudley are talking and at that moment door opens and we saw,a man wearing black sweater and cool shoes!

-Whats up guys!
Bubba:What you want?
-My name is Rico and I`d like to be your agent and I will follow you to the World Tag Team Titles!I will do it believe me!
Spike: Haha I like him,he looks cool.
Bubba: Ok,man we have a match tonight so are you going with us?
Rico:Of course I`m!!!
Bubba: Lets go!

JR: Oh my god,Dudleys boys have their new agent!

~2nd Match Goldust and Booker T v The Dudleyz w/ Rico~

Booker T and D-Von start things up with a tie up, D-Von throws Booker into the corner and hits a few hard hits. D-Von hits a clothesline into the corner onto Booker. Booker T fights back with a few chops, but D-Von twists his arm back. D-Von leads Booker T to Bubba’s corner and Bubba gets the tag. Bubba hits a suplex onto Booker T and hits a few stomps. Bubba picks Booker up and tags in D-Von. D-Von climbs to the top rope and Bubba sets up for a vertical suplex. Bubba holds Booker T straight up as D-Von pulls a cross body onto Booker T. D-Von pulls Booker T up, but Booker T fights back with an elbow to the midsection, and three more to follow. Booker T runs into the ropes and hits a bull dog onto D-Von. Booker makes his way to his feet, but D-Von already made the tag to Bubba. Bubba throws Booker T into the corner. Booker lifts his foot as Bubba runs in for a clothesline. Booker T then elbows D-Von on the Apron, punches Bubba and fights off two men, ending with a stiff hit to D-Von throwing him off the Apron, then Booker T runs out of the corner and hits a clothesline to Bubba. Booker T picks up Bubba and hits him with a suplex. Booker crawls to his corner to get the tag to Goldust, but Bubba grabs his foot. Booker turns around and hits a kick to the head of Bubba. Booker T jumps for the tag to Goldust, but Goldust falls off the Apron as Rico pulls him down. D-Von then comes up behind Goldust and hits him with a Chair. Booker T hits a big suplex onto Bubba, and D-Von runs in the ring. Booker T hits him with a clothesline, Bubba stands up but Booker whips him into a corner. D-Von gets up and goes to whip Booker into the opposite corner, but Booker reverses and whips D-Von into the same corner as Bubba. Booker then clotheslines both D-von and Bubba into the corner. D-Von stumbles forward and gets a ddt by Booker. Bubba gets a kick to the midsection and a scissor kick as he comes out. Booker hits a spinaroonie and pulls up D-Von. D-Von then throws Booker Tout of the ring, and picks up Goldust foir the cover,1...2...3!!
Winners: Bubba and Spike

After the match Rico took a mic.
Rico: Hello everyone out here!I just want to tell you that I`m a new agent for Dudleys Boys and I want my clianets to have World Tag Team Title and this is my goal to make them a new tag team chmpions!!!


JR:They love him.
JR:Coming up next RVD vs. The Rock!!

~3rd Match The Rock vs.. RVD ~
The match start off with both men squaring off standing toe to toe, and nose to nose. Both men are shouting phrases at each other saying one another are the best. Until finally The Rock slaps the taste right out of RVD’s mouth with a open hand punch to his face. He continues to punch Mr. Monday Night until he is dazed. The Rock then rears back for one last punch then looks at his hand and then punches RVD to the ground. The Rock then takes advantage of him being down by stomping him repeatedly. Rock then picks him up and throws him to the outside of the ring. The Rock goes after Rob Van Dam. He lifts RVD up by his hair and then slams him head first into the black barracade along ringside. The Rock is in complete control through the early part of the match. Rock then goes and irish whips RVD hard into the black steel steps. The Great One then rolls into the ring and back out again, so Senior Referee Earl Hebner has to start a new count. The Rock picks Rob’s face off the ground once again by his hair, nearly pulling his hair right out of his scalp. He then smashed him head first into the rock hard black ringpost. This time, Rob Van Dam’s body can not take it as his face is cut wide open. The Rock takes advantage by stomping on his freshly opened gash! The Rock then picks up a chair and Earl Hebner will have none of it as he races out of the ring and tries to make Rock drop the chair. But somehow RVD gets infront of Earl Hebner so The Rock risks getting Disqualified, and he goes to crush RVD’s already bloody skull, but Rob ducks, and The Rock smashes the chair over the head of Earl Hebner! The Rock can not believe what he just did! The Rock totally ignores the fact that he might have seriously injured the senior official, and he just goes on like nothing ever happened! The Rock then pick Rob Van Dam up off the now bloody outside mat, and rolls him into the ring! The rock then puts him into the center of the ring and kicks RVD’s elbows in, and waves his arms, then he bounces off the ropes, hops over Rob Van Dam’s lifeless carcass, and then bounces off another set of ropes and delivers the People’s Elbow! The Rock goes for the cover. The Rock is ontop of Rob Van Dam for 4-5 seconds while the crowd counts to three, but he relizes that the ref is out cold! The Rock then goes to the outside of the ring and slaps Earl Hebner’s cheeks trying to bring him to his senses! Meanwhile Rob Van Dam somehow gets to his feet, and grabs a chair from outside and sets it up in the ring, so it is in a sitting position. While the Rock is still messing with Earl Hebner, Rob Van Dam bounces off the ropes, and then jumps onto the chair and turns his body 180 degrees and executes a Asai Moonsault to the outside onto The Rock! Rob Van Dam then rolls The Rock back into the ring. Rob Van Dam once again whips himself off the ropes and then executes a Rolling Thunder! Rob Van Dam gets ontop of The Rock but then, backs off realizing he can’t go for the cover until Earl Hebner becomes conscious. RVD whipes some blood off of his face. And then hopes over the third rope onto the outside apron. RVD grabs ahold of the top rope and flings his body over the rope onto The Rock! Earl Hebner is now starting to get back to his feet. RVD goes to lift The Rock up off the Canvas, but the Rock counters by giving the World Champ a lowblow! The Rock then gets to his feet and executes a Rock Bottom to Rob Van Dam onto the chair that RVD moonsaulted off of. The Rock goes to the outside and picks up Hebner and rolls him into the ring. The Rock gets ontop of Rob Van Dam and Hebner counts 1……..2……..thre NO! Rob Van Dam kicks out! The Rock goes over to Earl and demands he counts faster next time or else! Rob Van Dam gets up to his feet and jumps ontop of The Rock’s shoulders then spins his body into a spinning huricarana pin combination 1……..2…….kickout! Rob Van Dam then lifts the Rock up and picks him up in a body slam position then slams him to the ground then rolls, off of him and jumps on the second turnbuckle flips backwords onto The Rock. He goes for the cover 1……2……….kickout! Rob Van Dam then gives The Rock a leg drop. RVD once again goes for the cover 1……….2……..kickout! RVD then drags The Rock by his arms and feet over to one of the corners. Rob then climbs up to the second rope, and bounces until he finally lets go doing a belly drop onto The Rock! The referee Earl Hebner counts as Rob Van Dam goes for the win, 1…….2…….kickout! RVD lifts up The Rock this time by his hair and closelines him over the top rope. RVD then holds on to the third rope and canapults his body over the top rope out of the ring onto the Rock! Both men lay on the outside ramp, while Earl counts. 1………..2………..3………..4…………..5……………….6………RVD starts to reach his feet. Rob then lifts up The Rock and puts his head in between his legs. He tries to go for the piledriver onto the metal ramp, but the Rock uses his strength and counters with a backbody droping Rob Van Dam, onto the ramp! RVD screams in pain as his back throbs, with the extrushating pain! The Rock rolls back in the ring and then right back out so the referee has to restart his count. Rock now picks up RVD and then drops him on the black barracade. RVD falls back onto his back holding his throat. Rock then leans RVD’s hurting body onto the barracade. Rock chops RVD’s chest. The Rock then spits in Rob Van Dam’s eyes, and then closelines him over the barracade into the crowd. The Rock pushes a fan off of his chair and takes the chair and swings it at Rob Van Dam. RVD ducks though, and The Rock turns around and tries to hit him again but RVD counters by giving The Rock a spinning wheel kick to the chair, to The Rock’s head! RVD then throws Rock back over the barracade. As the Rock lays on the mettalic ramp helpless RVD hops on the barracade and jumps off onto Rock with a dropping leg drop! RVD then rolls The Rock back into the ring. RVD hops up onto the apron, and slings his body over the third rope executing another leg drop. RVD goes for the cover 1………..2…………kickout! RVD then goes and sets the Rock onthe top rope. RVD tries for a superplex, but the Rock counters and punches him down. RVD falls onto his feet. He runs over and shakes the ropes. The Rock falls onto his midsection on the turnbuckle! RVD jumps on the second rope and then wraps his legs around The Rocks head and does a top rope hurancarna! The Rock lays on the canvas and RVD hops up onto the top turnbuckle and executes a ***** Frogsplash! He goes for the cover 1……..2…….3!!!
Winner: RVD

King: OH,my god I can`t believe in that!!!!
JR:You have to!
King: Coming up next MAIN EVENT!!HHH vs. Booker T!!

*Eric`s music hits*
Eric: I hate you BROCK!!!I hate HHH and Batista!!!!!!!!I hate you!!!And tonight HHH you dont have a match,but Batista does!!!
Tonight as a final match Batista vs. Booker T!!SCREW YOU HHH!!!

JR:You heard GM Eric Bishoff.
king: Why did he do that?
JR:Maybe to make HHH sorry for what he did at Eric`s office?
King:Yea maybe.

~4th Match Batista vs. Booker T~
Batista makes his way down to the ring with a nervous look on his face about his match tonight if he loses he is out of The X Team, Booker T's music hits and he makes his way to the ring
As the crowd chants his name, Booker gets on the turn buckles and poses to the crowd as they go nuts, He jumps off and turns to face Batista who is nothing else but concentration on Booker T, The bell rings and we are under way here in in the third title match here tonight, Booker and Batista tie up as Booker tries to out power the monster Batista but he cant do it and he is over powered into the corner Batista chops away on Booker T's chest with hard chops then he drives his shoulders right into the guts of Booker T, He grabs Bookers arm and whips him into the corner he comes charging after him with a huge clothesline he nails it and Booker hits the mat in the corner Batista lifts him up and stares at him he then throws him onto his shoulders and nails a roll through Somoan Drop he covers Booker T but only gets a 2 count, Batista looks to inflict more pain by driving the Knee into Bookers shoulder area, Booker T screams in pain as Batista does that manoeuvre three or four times, Batista picks him and whips him into the ropes and nails a huge spine buster slam he doesnt go for the cover instead he goes to the outside and gets a chair from ringside and brings it back into the ring he is about to swing at Booker untill the ref reminds him that he will DQ and that will mean he will be kicked out of the X Team, Batista looks pissed but he puts the chair down on the apron he turns round right into a thrust kick from Booker, he hits the mat hard, Booker goes for the cover but only gets a two count. Booker T then picks him up and kicks him in the gut and calls for the Scissors Kick, he comes off the ropes and goes for it Batista stands up though just as Bookers leg comes down Booker holds his feet though, Batista looks for a thunderous clothesline but Booker ducks and the nails a heel kick to the back off the head of Batista he hits the mat face first, Booker calls to the crowd because he is going up top he gets to the top Batista is just getting to his feet Booker lepes off the top and nails the missile drop kick right in the chest of Batista and goes for the cover;1...................2..................and thre;No! He kick out oh my god that was close how did he do that Batista looks to be in terrible shape but Booker T is on fire!!, Booker is up he pulls Batista back to the ropes and whips him into the other rope Booker goes for a spinning heel kick but Batista ducks this time and he turns round and nails Booker with a Powerslam he covers him 1...................2..........no kick out by Booker T, Batista looks very pissed now, remember if he loses this match not only does he lose his title but he is fired from the X Team too, Batista goes to the outside again but this time he has Booker with the ref is telling him to get his ass back in the ring, But he aint listening, He grabs Booker's head and chucks it in to the steel
Steps Booker goes straight to the floor, Batista looks at the crowd as they boo him, Booker is pulled up by Batista again he grabs his head again and tries to pound it into the steep steps again but Booker reverses it and pounds Batista's head into it he then throws the big man back into the ring, he covers him but only gets a 2 count which is surprising to Booker T he motions to the crowd for the scissors kick he comes off the ropes and nails it !!!! he goes for the cover as the crowd is going nuts1..................2...............and thre what !!! He kicked out, oh my god he just kicked out of Booker T's finisher, Booker cant believe as the crowd is booing at the ref for not making the three count Booker calls now for something else as Booker T gets up batista grabs him by the neck and nails the Book End!! he goes for the cover this time;1.................2................3
Winner: Batista

After the match,Batista took a mic.
Batista: Eric,I HATE YOU TOO!!!And I think that Brock hates you too.
*Eric`s music hits*
Eric: I know he does,thats why I want him to be here at next Monday HE HAS A MATCH!!!!!!!!And he is going to face STEVE AUSTIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


*Show went of air*
So what you think?
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It was ok but there was only 4 matches.
To many promos
The NDM was good

Grade: B-
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BERD i don`t think that many promos are bad and my reason why I have 4 matches is because I was a little tied,cause as you can see my matches were long and thats why I put only 4 matches and many promos.
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OK,so here is my next show!And please post your comments.


Tazz:Welcome to the SmackDown!
Cole:With you Tazz and Cole.
Tazz:NBR just past away and new ppv. is coming World War 2 and we already have one match,HHH vs. Steve Austin for the Worldheavy weight title and Brock vs. Undertaker for WWE Title.

~1st Match Rey Mysterio vs. Matt Hardy~
Rey Mysterio makes his way to the ring and he and Hardy hit each othre’s fists like boxers to get things started. Hardy and Rey tie things up and Matt takes the upperhand putting Mysterio in a head-lock. Mysteio fights out of it and throws Hardy into the ropes. Matt comes back and Rey goes for a hurricanra, but Hardy catches Mysterio on his shoulders. Hardy slams Mysterio onto the matt from his shoulders. Mysterio gets up and throws Hardy into the ropes. Hardy goes for a clothesline, but Rey ducks underneath it. Rey turns around and gives hardy a leg sweep, and hardy falls face flst onto the mat. Rey runs into the ropes, juimping over Hardy as he gets up. Rey hits dropkick onto Matt and Matt flys in between the ropes fallin to the outside. Rey then climbs onto the apron and hits an Asia Moonsault. Rey gets up and throws Hardy back into the ring and goes for the cover but Matt kicks out at two. Matt makes his way to his feet, but Rey hits him with a punch, but Matt battles back hitting Rey with a right Hand. The two go punch for punch, until Hardy takes the upperhand whipping Mysterio into the corner, but Mysterio jumps to the top turnbuckle, stands there a second and pulls a corcscrew onto Matt. Rey goes for the roll-up, but Matt reverses into a roll-up of his own. Rey kicks out at two, and pulls a back hand spring, but Matt takes Rey back down with a neckbreaker. Matt goes for a leg drop, but rey moves out of the way. Rey hits a dropkick to Mat’s chest and throws him into a laying position. Rey then lay’s Matt’s leg on the second rope and starts kicking it using the ropes for leverage. Rey goes for another kick,and Rey went for cover,1…2..3!!
Winner: Rey Mysterio

Tazz:Very good match!
Cole: Yea.

~Backstage(locker room)
Chris Benoit warming up and getting ready for his next match.When Undertaker comes in.

Undertaker:Chris,I just want to tell you,good luck and you know that Big Show is my only enemy and I wish you good luck!
Chris: Thanks Taker that means a lot to me.

Tazz:Coming up next Chris Benoit vs. Big Show!
Cole: We have to see this match.

~2nd Match Chris Benoit vs. Big Show~
Match began,Chris jumps in the ring and slides underneath Big Show’s legs. Big Show gets angry and turns around, but is met with a flying lariat from Chris Benoit. Chris Benoit gets up and hits a dropkick to the back of Bog Show. Benoit hits a few elbows to Big Show’s lower back, Benoit then grabs Big Show around the waist and hits a German Suplex. Big Show makes his way up slowly, as Chris Benoit climbs the turnbuckle. Chris hits a big spear to the Big Show from the top rope. Benoit signals for the flying headbutt, and lands it on the Big Show stil lying motionless. Benoit covers ,1…2..3!!
Winner: Chris Benoit

After the match Undertaker comes out and beating up Show,than we saw A-Train coming out and he jumped on Chris and Undertaker...

Tazz: I would like to see the match Undertaker and Benoit vs. Show and Train!
Cole: That will be cool!

~Backstage (Stephanie`s office)
Stephanie is on the phone.
When Kurt Angle comes in.
StephanieDon`t you see i`m busy?
Kurt: It will take one minute.
Stephanie:What do you want?
Kurt: I know that I have a match tonight with Edge and I would like you to make a 2 free spots for two new wrestlers!!
Stephanie: I don`t have them.
Kurt: I have them!!!
Stephanie: OK,No problem Kurt.

Tazz:Who are those two wrestlers???
Cole: I don`t know.
Tazz:Guys please don`t forget to watch Raw next Monday because as you watched last Mondays Raw,Brock Lensar has a match with Steve Austin!!!
Cole: Man,I`m scared because Brock could go to Raw.
Tazz: No,he won`t cause now he knows that Eric srew him up,so he won`t go to Raw.

~3rd Match Kurt Angle vs. Edge~
Edge comes out to Rob Zombie’s live performance and poses for the crowd as they give him a standing ovation. Kurt Angle’s theme hits and the crowd erupts in “You Suck” Edge and Kurt stand toe to toe staring down one another. The bell rings and neither one of the two move a muscle. The ref tells them the match started, but still neither one moves. The ref signals for the bell to ring again but still neither one moves. The bell rings a third time and the two start goin punch for punch. Edge takes the early advantage and whips Angle into the ropes, Angle ducks under a Clothesline attempt. Angle comes flying off the ropes and hits a flying forearm. Edge gets up quickly, but Kurt locks his hands around Edge’s waist looking for a German suplex. Edge uses his foot to block the attempt and hits an elbow to Kurt. Edge goes to run off the ropes, but Angle grabs him by the hair. Edge falls down hard and Kurt tries to lock on the ankle lock early, but Edge kicks him into the ropes. Kurt comes back and Edge uses his feet to flip Kurt onto the matt. Edge gets up and turns around, but Kurt is standing there. The two lock up and try to force each other into a corner, but niether one can. Kurt finally throws Edge into a headlock, but Edgepushes himself free. Edge then grabs urt by the shoulders and thorws him to the mat. Edge grabs his leg and goes for the pin…1…2…Kick Out. Kurt gets up , but Edge kicks him in the midsection and hits a suplex. Kurt gets up and Edge goes for a belly-to-belly, but Kurt uses his stregnth to hit a belly-to-belly of his own. Kurt picks up Edge and whips him into a corner. Edge uses the ropes to jump up over Kurt as he goes for a spear. Kurt land shis shoulder right on the ring post. Edge pulls out Angle and hits a german suplex. Edge holds kurt in a bridge for the pin…1…2…Kick Out. Edge gets up and whips Angle into the corner. Edge runs toward the corner, but Kurt liftrs up his leg early. Edge sees his lef and baseball slides out to ringside. Edge then grabs Angle’s legs and pulls him back all the way. Edge then slams kurts knee against the ringpost. The ref starts to count out Edge and Edge climbs back into the ring. Kurt makes his way to his feet slowly, hobling on one leg. Edge pulls a russian leg sweep onto Kurt on his bad leg. Edge gets up and goes to lock on the Edge-o-cutioner, but Kurt struggles. Edge finally gives up and hits an elbow to Angle’s knee. Edge wrenches Kurt’s knee back as far as possible, while Kurt screams in pain. The crowd cheers for Edge as he attempts to break the leg of Angle. Edge gets off Kurt and pulls him to his feet. Edge then hits a DDT onto Kurt and locks on a half boston crab. The crowd starts to chant “Tap” as Angle screams in pain. The ref continuosly asks Kurt if he wants to give up but Kurt refuses, finally making it to the bottom rope. Edge lets go unwillingly and pulls Angle back for more. Edge locks in the Edge-o-cutioner and Angle nearly passes out from the pain in his leg. Kurt finally makes it to the bottom rope and Edge is forced to let go. Kurt uses the ropes pulling himself up to one leg, Kurt clutches his other leg. Edge whips Angle into the ropes and hits a bodyslam when Kurt runs back. Angle hit Edge with a right hand and then with a left and then Angle lock!!!Edge tapped out!!!!!
[Winner: Kurt Angle

After the match,Kurt Angle took a mic.
Kurt: Tonight,you will see the match that you will never forget which is not sceduled for this night,but first I WOULD LIKE TO INTRODUCE MY TEAM!!!!!!!TEAM ANGLE!!!!!!!!!

*Theme You suck hits,and we saw two man coming out*

Kurt: Its Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas!!!
And tonight they will show you what they can do,tonight you will see Shelton vs, Haas for the first and last time!!

Tazz:OH MY GOD!!
Cole: That will realy change SmackDown!
Tazz:Now its Team Angle!

~4t Match Shelton Benjamin vs. Charlie Haas~
Both men come out and the ring bell sounds. They circle each other and then get into a lockup. Hass gets behind Benjamin and goes for a German, but Benjamin wraps his leg around Hass’s and then Benjamin gets behind Hass and hits a German on him. Benjamin grips tighter onto Hass and hits him with another German. Benjamin lets go and he waits for Hass to get up, when Hass gets up Benjamin takes him down with a clothesline. Benjamin picks up Hass and goes to punch him, but Hass blocks it and hits a belly-to-belly suplex on him. Hass then gets a leg lock on Benjamin. Benjamin screams in pain as Hass wrenches his leg and applies more pressure. Hass lets go of the hold and he starts stomping on Benjamin. Hass then picks up Benjamin and Irish whips him into the ropes and then suplexes him again. Hass picks up Benjamin again and he punches Benjamin into the corner. Hass props Benjamin up on top of the top rope. Hass goes for the superlex, but Benjamin shoves him off. Benjamin stands up and goes for a moonsult, but Hass moves out of the way. Benjamin holds his gut and screams in pain. Hass then picks up Benjamin and Irish whips him into the corner. Hass runs and hits him with a clothesline. Benjamin falls face first onto the canvas and Hass stomps on his back. Hass picks up Benjamin and Irish whips him into the ropes and hits him with a knee to the gut. Benjamin falls holding his gut and Hass picks him and lifts him up onto his shoulders and he goes for a move, but Benjamin hangs on and hits Hass with a hurricana. Both men remain down, but Benjamin is the first to his feet. Benjamin whips the sweat from his forward and then goes and picks up Hass. Benjamin Irish whips Hass into the ropes, but Hass ducks under Benjamin’s clothesline. Hass runs into the ropes and hits Benjamin with a clothesline. Hass shakes his head and then he goes to the top rope. Hass then goes for a moonsault, but Benjamin moves out of the way. Both men are down and the crowd is going nuts, but Hass is the first on up. Hass goes over to Benjamin and goes into the cover 1…2…Benjamin kicks out. Hass can’t believe it. Hass gets up and he picks up Benjamin and Irish whips him into the corner. Hass puts Benjamin to the top rope and then hits the superplex. Hass goes straight into the cover 1…2..3
Winner: Charlie Haas

After the match they shook hands and Kurt came on the ring.
Kurt: So,guys WHAT YOU THINK??
Crowd: Booooooooooooo!!
Kurt: OH,plase you know that they will win a tag team titles!

*Los Guerreos music hits*
Chavo took a mic.
Chavo: What the hell you are talking about?
Kurt: I said they they will beat you and your brother!~
Eddie: They will never beat us!
Kurt: Next Thursday you and Team Angle for the tag team titles,what you say?
Chavo and Eddie though about it...
Chavo: It will NEVER HAPPEN!!!!!
Kurt and Team Angle became angry.
Kurt: What the hell?
Chavo: I said it will never happen at SD,but it will happen at World War 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tazz: Here we go,we have one more match.

Kurt: Thats better!

We saw Hogan coming to the beulding crowd went crazy,but then he stooped at Brock`s locker room and came in.

Hogan: Brock,I know that we had a bad past,but what about we will be friends again?
Brock: I know what you want Hogan you want me to be your parthner?
Hogan: You know that I have a match,its non-title,but still I want you to be with me and if something happen just help out a little,so..?
Brock: You and Undertaker!!!!!!!I will be there!
Hogan: Thanks a lot!

Tazz: Coming up next non-title Hogan vs. Undertaker!

~5th Match Hulk Hogan vs. Undertaker,NON-TITLE, MAIN EVENT~
Hulk and taker stare down in the middle of the ring as the fans chant Hogan’s Name. Hulk thenn ties it up with Undertaker. Taker backs Hogan into the corner, but Hogan fights back and pushes Taker out. The two fight back and forth, finally the ref breaks it up. The two tie up again and they fight back and forth until Hogan shoves Taker to the matt. Taker gets up quickly and hits a clothesline. Hogan gets up and taker goes for a second clothesline, but Hogan ducks under it. Hogan then grabs Taker around the waist and slams him to the matt face first. Hogan gets up and pulls Taker up with him. Hogansets up for a supkex, but Taker reverses into a suplex f his own. Taker goes for the pin…1…Kick Out. Hogan and Taker get up and Taker whips Hogan into the corner. Taker runs intot he corner looking for a clothesline, but Hogan lifts his foot up. Taker stumbles backward and Hogan runs out of the corner and hits a buylldog to Taker. Hogan poses for a second as the crowd erupts in his name again. Hogan picks up Taker and hits a suplex. Hogan then stomps on Taker’s arm a little until Taker finally starts to get up. Taker gets up and whips Hogan intot he ropes. Taker bends don looking for a back body drop, but Hogan kicks him in the face. Taker stands up and stares down Hulk, Hulk runs back into the ropes and looks for a clothesline, but Taker hits him with a hard clothesline of his own. Taker picks up Hogan and hits a right hand, but Hogan battles back with a few right hands of his own. Taker then pulls a hip toss on Hogan and pulls him back up to his feet. Taker hits a bodyslam to Hogan and he pulls his arm to the apron, hanging it half over. Taker then climbs to the apron and stomps on Hogan’s arm. Hogan tries to get back up, But Taker hits him with a clothesline sendind him back to the mett. Taker pulls Hogan’s arm over the apron again and Taker drops to the floor. Taker lifts up Hogan’s arm and slams It to the apron. Taker does this eight times and then pulls down on the arm as hard as he can. Taker rolls back into the ring and pulls Hogan up. Taker whips Hogan intothe ropes as Hogan holds his arm. Taker hits a sidewalk slam to Hogan as he comes back. Taker stimps on Hogans arm once and then locks on an arm bar. Hogan screams in pian, but finally kicks out of the hold. Taker lifts up Hogan and pulls his arm back as far as it goes, Hogan fights back a few seconds later with an elbow to the gut, Taker lets go of Hogan’s arm and Hogan hits a clothesline. Hogan then slingshots Taker into the corner and slams his head numerous times into the turnbuckle as the crowd cheers him on. Hogan whips Taker into the ipposite corner and hits 4 or 5 chops. Hogan climbs to the first rope and hits nine punches to the head of Taker before Taker grabs his legs and slams him to the matt. Taker pulls hogan up and twists his arm. Taker screams out Old Skool and climbs to the top rope. Taker tight rope’s the top rope and comes flying down with a clothesline onto Hogan. Hogan hoplds his arm and rolls on the matt in pain as the crowd Boo’s taker. Taker taunts the crowd and picks up Hogan for more. Undertaker sets up for a chokeslam, but Hogan fights back with a chop. Hogan whips Taker into the ropes and hits a boot to the face. Hogan poses for the crowd and rips off his shirt. Hogan does for the legdrop, but Taker rolls out of the way. Taker sits up and nails Hogan with a kick. Hogan is lying on the matt and taker stomps away at him. Taker pulls Hogan up and sets up for the last ride, but hogan hits a back body drop to the Deadman and the crowd erupts. Taker gets up and Hogan goes for a clothesline, but Taker hits a big boot. Taker goes for the cover…1…2…Kick oUt. Taker gets frustrated and picks up Hogan Taker hits a Last ride and goes for the pin again…1…2….Kick Out. Taker looks confused and pulls up Hogan a second time. Hogan simply clotheslines Taker and Hulks up. The crowd erupts as Hogan whips Taker into the ropes. Hogan waits for the boot to the face, but Taker holds onto the ropes and slides to the outside. Taker looks at Hogan in fear and grabs a chair from ringside. Taker slides back into the ring and cloners Hogan with the Chair. The ref rings the bell for the DQ

Winner: by DQ- Hogan

Tazz: Hogan WINS!!
Cole: Don`t forget to watch SmackDown!!

*Show went off air*
Spo what you think?
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Great show, grade A because:
Really long matches, (both a good and bad thing);
Nice promos;
Good matches (as in participants and finishers);
good storylines.


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Grade: A
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Thanx a lot!Ok I know that i didn`t write for a while and I wasn`t at this forum so Ill do my next show tommorow.
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Sweet job once again... once I get my computer fixed with this stupid sound card I'll probably start writing my own shows. BTW...
Grade: A
Wonderful job, matches a little too long but nice job anyway.
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Man thanx a lot TA2003.
So here we go my next show!!!


JR: Welcome to the Monday Nights Raw!!!
King: Today we are going to see Brock Lesnar vs. Steve Austin!
JR: And you know what JR,Steph. fears that Brock will go to Raw!
King: She sould be.
JR: Plus today we are going to see world tag team championship.
King: We will and I can`t wait!

*Eric`s music hits*
Eric: I know that tonight you will see a match that will rock you!
Tonight Steve Austin vs. Brock Lesnar and by god Steve Austin will beat Brock!!!But tonight Rock you have one more chance to put yourself on the road,you are going to face KANE!!!

JR: OH,my god!

~1st Match Chris Jericho vs. Goldust~

Goldust hits Y2J with repeated punches to the face, he gets him into a corner and keeps the punches going. A ref finally runs down to the ring. Goldust hits Y2J with a big chop, and than another one, and than another. Goldust whips Y2J to the other corner and than hits him with a big clothesline. He keeps Y2J in the corner and hits him with more chops. Goldust whips him back to the other corner, but Y2J reverses it, than pulls Goldust back and hits a short clothesline. Y2J checks his lip to see if he's bleeding. Y2J stomps Goldust, than stomps him again, than again, and than a forth time. He picks Goldust up, than hits him with a big knee to the mid section. Than he hooks a big double arm DDT. He goes for the cover, 1,...2,...Goldust kicks out! Y2J stands Goldust up, than he reaches back and slaps him in the face with authority! Y2J whips Goldust off the ropes and hits him with a dropkick. He than goes to the ropes and tells the crowd that he's the King Of The World. They boo him. He goes back over to Goldust and goes to pick him up, but Goldust hits a low blow! Goldust hits a huge uppercut to Y2J's face. He whips Y2J to the corner, than he slaps Y2J right in the face! Than he sets Y2J up for Shattered Dreams! He runs at Y2J but Y2J rolls out of the corner, and his feet hit Goldust low! Y2J than hits Goldust with an uppercut. He grabs Goldust and shove him into the corner, than he hits Goldust with some more chops. Three of them to be exact. He than hits Goldust with a big suplex. He goes for the pin, 1,...2,...no! Goldust kicks out. He picks Goldust up, than goes for anonther suplex. Goldust reverses it and hits one of his own! Goldust goes off the ropes and goes for a leg drop, but Y2J moves. Y2J than picks Goldust up, whips him to the ropes, goes for a clothesline but Goldust ducks, they both go off the ropes and than double-clothesline, they both go down! The ref starts the count, 1,...2,...3,...4...5,...Y2J gets up, he goes over to Goldust and picks him up, Goldust punchs Y2J in the head, than again, than a third time. He runs off the ropes but when he rebounds Y2J clotheslines him down. He whips Goldust to the ropes and hits a spinebuster, but holds Goldust's legs, he than locks in the Walls Of Jericho! Goldust fights it, he tries to get to the ropes, but he eventually taps out.

Winner: Chris Jericho

After the match Jericho took a mic.

Chris: You know what,Booker T I want you to come down here to the ring and I want to look at your face and tell you that next week you and me in the CAGE MATCH!!!!

*Booker T`s music hits*

Booker T: Cage match??Lets do it at STREET FIGHT!
Jericho: I`m in!!!

JR:Next week Chris Jericho and Booker T at Street fight you can use tables,chairs,and everything you want!!
King: Someone will go home with blood and someone will win.

~Backstage(locker room)
Batista,HHH and Flair are sitting.

HHH:Tonight Brock and Austin will be facing each other,and I want Brock to beat the hell out of Austin!
Flair: I have an idea,we are two weeks away from World War 2 and you will challenge Steve Austin,but what if tonight Brock will win and after the match Brock will take a chair and you know whats going to happen,don`t you HHH?HA-HA-HA
HHH: Oh,YEA!!!!

JR:Steve Austin is in big trouble!

Flair: Batista,you have your match next so go and get ready!We want you to win.
Batista: It will be easy!Ha.

~2nd Match Batista vs. RVD~
Batista comes out first to a chorus of boos. RVD's music hits and the crowd pops, than his pyro goes pop and he comes out and the ovation like triples! He gets in the ring and does his "R,...V,...D" thing and the crowd says "Rob Van Dam" to it. Than Batista hits him from behind and the match starts. Batista clobers RVD, he hammers away on him with big forearm shots. He hits him a bunch of times than whips him to the ropes, he connects with a big boot. He goes off the ropes, than goes for a big leaping elbow, but RVD moves. RVD does his 360 leg drop. He goes for a quick pin but only gets 1. They both get up, RVD lays in some huge kicks, than a big roundhouse takes Batista down. RVD turns his back to Batista than does a standing moonsault! He goes for the pin again, 1,...2,...Batista kicks out! He picks Batista up, whips him to the ropes, he goes for a dropkick but Batista grabs on to the top rope, doesn't rebound, and so RVD misses. Batista capitalizes on this. He picks up RVD and hits him with a HUGE backbreaker! He hangs onto it an hits him with another one! Than he presses RVD over his head and drops him face first to the mat. He goes for the pin, 1,...2,...kick out! Batista wastes no time, he picks RVD back up and whips him to the ropes, than catches him with a huge powerslam! He goes for the pin, 1,...2,..no kick out! Batista stays on the offense, he picks RVD up and delivers a huge suplex. He keeps RVD locked in it and than picks him up and hits another one! He goes for another pin, 1,...2,...RVD just gets out of it! Now Batista gets a little frustrated! But he stays on the attack. He picks RVD up and goes for the big Inverted Powerbomb! He gets him up and than RVD rolls out of it into a schoolboy, 1,...2,...Batista kicks out! Batista hits RVD with a huge clothesline! Batista picks RVD up and than he hits the Inverted Powerbomb!And Batista went for cover,1..2..3!!
Winner: Batista

Rock is going to Eric`s office.He opens a door and sees that Eric is talking with Kane!!!!

Rock: What the hell you doing here Kane??
Kane: None of your bussines!
Rock: hut the hell up!
Eric: Stop guys your match is next.

~3rd Match Kane vs. Rock 10 COUNT~
The Rock's music comes on and out comes The Rock. The crowd is still booing him. He gets in the ring and does his normal deal. He seems focused. Than the arena goes dark! The crowd pops. Kane's music hits, the crowd pops more! Than hellfire erupts from the stage as Kane emerges! The crowd pops louder than they have all night! Kane gets in the ring and makes fire come out of the posts again. The Rock gets right in Kane's face. The two stare eachother down, The Rock grins, turns away, than goes for a right hand on Kane, Kane blocks it and punches Rock! The crowd pops! Kane hits another Kane-style punch, Rock is staggereing, Kane hits a 3rd one and Rock goes down! Rock gets back up and Kane takes him down again! Rock gets back up and Kane throws him into the corner! Kane than pounds away on Rock with lightning fast punches to the side of the head! He really rattles Rock with them! Kane than whips Rock to the other side, Rock stumbles out of the corner and Kane levels him with a clothesline from Hell! The crowd is lovin it! Kane picks Rock up and tosses him over the top rope! Kane goes outside and throws Rock into the steel steps. Than he takes Rock and rams his face into the ring apron. He does it again, and than again! Than he whips Rock into the time keeper's table! Rock is hurting! Kane takes Rock and rolls him into the ring. Kane whips Rock to the ropes and hits a big boot! Kane than throws Rock into the corner and punches him until he falls to the middle rope, than he kicks him down to the bottom rope, than he steps on Rock's throat and chokes him! The ref counts him and Kane breaks on the 4. Kane than goes back to it and chokes him some more! Again he breaks on the 4, this time the ref gets on his case about it. Kane grabs Rock and pulls him up, but Rock hits a lowblow! Kane goes down, and so does Rock. The ref starts a very slow count. 1,.......2,.......3,.......4,.......5,.......6,......7 Rock grabs the ropes and starts to get up, than Kane sits up. Rock throws a punch at Kane, Kane blocks it and shoves Rock into the corner. Kane than whips Rock to the opposite corner. Rock hits hard! Kane whips him back to the other corner and he hits even harder, as he comes out Kane grabs him by the throat, and BOOM Chokeslam! Kane than signals that the end is near! He slowly picks Rock up. Kane scoops Rock up and goes for the Tombstone. Rock squirms and shakes and he gets out of it sliding over Kane's shoulder, than he falls and rolls out of the ring and says the hell with it and walks up the ramp. The ref starts the count. 1,...2,...3,...4,...Rock just slowly walks backwards up the ramp. He mouths off to Kane. 5,...6,...7,...8,..9..10!!!
Winner: Kane

After the match...
*Eric`s music hits*
Eric: Rock,Rock!You disapointed me so much,I thought that you can beat Kane,but Kane won and Rock I`m gave last chance to improve yourself,but you didn`t use it,so Rock,say BYE BYE to RAW!!!!!!!!

JR:He can`t do that!
King: Yea he can.

Rock: Eric,I`M sorry!
Eric: NO no you are not sorry you are a losser!!
BYE Rock!

JR: Rock is not at the Raw anymore!!
King: I think that Steph. will pick him up.
JR: LOL,We`ll see!
King: Coming up next World Tag Team Championship!!

~Backstage(locker room)

Matt: We have our last chance to have world tag team title!
Jeff: I know Matt,and we have to use it!!
Matt: So lets go!

~4th Match Billy and Chuck vs. Jeff Hardy and Matt Hardy WORLD TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP~
Billy and Matt were on the ring,Matt ran and hit Chuck in the gut than reversed to the head,Matt picked up Billy and made a tol. man. slam! Billy felt on the mat,Matt made a tag to Jeff and now Jeff was on the ring,Jeff picked up Billy and sended him to the turnbuckle and whip him with his elbow two times and after that Chuck ran to the ring and hit Jeff with his left hand,Matt comes to the ring and now four manc were on the ring,Jeff took Billy`s leg and crashed it in the turnbucle,but Billy was on his feet,Matt and Chuck were outside the ring.Matt made a german supplex and got on tht top rope and jumped on Billy with pin fall,1..2...3!!!!!

Winners and NEW WORLD TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS: Matt Hardy and Jeff Hardy

After the match Jeff and Matt took their titles and celebrated the victory!

JR: They are new world tag team champions!
King: I realy like them!
*Footage was shown from last week when Eric said that Brock will face Steve Austin*

~Backstage(parking lot)
We saw Brock coming to the arena he was focus and ready for his match!!

~5th Match Brock Lesnar vs. Steve Austin~

Brock's music hits and the monster makes his way to the ring he struts out onto the stage and does his thing he then makes his way to the ring, he jumps onto the ring apron and then climbs into the ring he looks very pumped for this match, he waits in the ring for a few minutes for Stone Cold, Then the Glass Shatters and out comes the PX Champion Stone Cold Steve Austin he makes his way to the ring and climbs in he makes his way round all four posts saluting the crowd he then stops and stares and the huge monster that is Brock Lesnar, Stone Cold makes his way into the middle of the ring, they stare each other day for a good few mins, they then go straight to work at each other right hands and left hands Brock takes advantage with a huge clothesline he then dumps an elbow on him he goes for the cover but SCSA just shrugs him off he gets up and Brock whips him into the ropes he comes off very fast and runs straight into a huge clothesline from Brock he looks at the crowd and then look down at SCSA he then comes off the ropes and nails a huge leg drop, he goes for the cover, 1...............2 kickout SCSA doesnt want to get tied down here he needs to run his own pass, Brock locks in a huge bear hug on SCSA he is holding as tight as he can hes not letting go as SCSA screams in pain as the crowd start to help him get out of the hold with a big Stone Cold Chant, they get right behind him SCSA starts to fight out but he is pulled even tighter by Brock and he goes back to where he was right back on the ground , Brock then starts to stand up he throws Austin onto his shoulders and then dumps him right in the middle of the ring with a big powerslam he looks for the pin, but again he only gets a 2 count, Brock stands up and looks angrly at the ref he then pulls him over to him and tells him to do his job properly, the ref nods his head in a agreement, SCSA is up now after Brock had that descussion with the ref, Austin just charges at Brock with a big clothesline he knocks him down but Brock just gets right back up again, Austin does the same thing but again Brock just gets right back up. Austin then kicks Brock in the gut and chucks his shoulder into the ring post, but again it doesnt have any affect on him SCSA doesnt know what to do he whips him into the ropes and goes for the lou Thez Press but Brock just catches him and gives him a belly to belly throw, right across the ring and into the corner, he then rushes over to go for the pin, 1.....................2.....................and NO! he just kick out, Brock looks very pissed now as he chucks Austin to the outside he then looks to throw Austins head into the barrery he does that he then picks him up and then chucks him into the steel steps hard, he looks hurt does SCSA as Brock is looking very immpressive tonight, Brock then picks him up on his shoulders and it looks like he is going for the F-5 right into the ring post oh my god what impact that was how in gods name is Austin going to be able to continue, Brock looks at the crowd as they boo the shit out of him, he then looks at Austin as he is holding his knee he looks in real bad pain Brock throws him into the ring and nails another belly to beely throw, he doesnt go for the cover this time he just grabs him and pulls him up he grabs his legs and puts him on his back, he locks in a figure four leg lock and SCSA is now in very bad pain he is screaming loud as he can Brock is noe laughing at Austin, Austin tries to make it to the ropes he reaches one more time and just gets there but Brock wont let go he tries to hold on but the ref pulls it apart Brock has had enough now he looks at Austin and sets him up for the F-5 he lifts him onto his shoulders and looks to spin him round as Austin is spinning he some how gets into a position to nail a Stunner right in the middle of the ring, He goes for the cover; the crowd count with the ref, 1...............................2...................thre! no wait he kicked out of the Stunner what the hell is going on here how in the hell did he do that Austin cant believe it, Austin garbs the ref and says that was 3 but the ref isnt having a bar with it, Austin turns round to see Brock on his feet, Brock charges at him but Austin ducks and Brock hits the ref he then turns round into another stunner but Brock doesnt go to the mat he is still standing, Austin is still in shocked of how he kicked out of the stunner and now it doesnt even work with him.Brock got on his feet and F-5`ed Steve Austin and went for cover,1…2….3!!!!!

Winner: Brock Lesnar

After the match we saw HHH and Batista running to the ring.
Batista took a chair and beat the hell out of Steve Asutin and HHH took a table and put him on it he went to the top rope and slamed Steve Austin,table broked and Steve Austin had a blood on his back and we saw ambulance coming out and they took Steve Austin out of the ring!

*Show went off air*
So what you think?

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Thumbs up

Grade: A+

Nice Promos
Nice Matches
Jeff and Matt are tag team champions
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