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Default WWE 2010: An Unexpected Fall

The fallout from WrestleMania XXVI was something that no one inside World Wrestling Entertainment could have ever envisioned. The event itself in Glendale, Arizona received mixed reviews. While no one could argue that the “Streak versus Career” main event pitting The Undertaker and Shawn Michaels against one another tore the house down, the rest of the event could be described as average at best. The “Hart vs. McMahon” special attraction was a dud, the divas match was littered with botches, and both championship matches were nothing special. Even Money in the Bank, what had become a spectacle year in and year out had been watered down by the inclusion of TEN superstars in the match. Just five years before, it had included merely six.

What followed March 28, 2010 was a series of events that surrounded 11 different talents inside World Wrestling Entertainment. Those 11 superstars both past and present that had either made significant impacts or rendered themselves disappointed by only scratching the surface led to the embarking of a true new era in WWE.

Shawn Michaels’ departure from World Wrestling Entertainment was to be expected. After all, HBK had a lot of mileage going into this event in The Grand Canyon State, and with the career of Michaels being put on the line against the untouchable streak of The Deadman, few could have envisioned a scenario where he would attain victory in this match. So, while he is not one of the 11 dominos, his retirement was the first stone to be thrown.

As fate would have it, another superstar was about to exit the company after the mega-event. Chris Jericho’s desire to head back to living his dream of being a “huge rock star” once again garnered his attention. Two weeks after WrestleMania, he informed Vince McMahon, the owner and chairman of WWE, that he would be taking a leave following the Extreme Rules Pay-Per-View. And so it was decided that Jericho would drop the World Heavyweight Championship inside a steel cage against his current on-screen rival, and fellow Canadian, Edge.

Edge, unfortunately, would run into troubles of his own. After being out of action for many months, Edge won the Royal Rumble match in Atlanta, and as noted previously, reclaimed the World Heavyweight Title at Extreme Rules in Baltimore. But several weeks later, Edge received harrowing news: the surgically repaired neck that had subdued him in the early 2000s suffered yet another blow. After a successful title defense against No. 1 contender The Big Show at Over the Limit, Edge tearfully said goodbye to the WWE and the fans on the ensuing Smackdown, thereby vacating the World Heavyweight Title.

Heading back to Extreme Rules, it happened to be Triple H’s final bow, too. Intertwined in a feud with Sheamus, Hunter privately informed Vince of his desire to step away from in-ring competition. That, obviously, turned out to become public, and Baltimore became the site of The Game’s final match. Sheamus picked up the humongous victory in that contest, as ‘The Game’ walked out to a standing ovation from the fans inside 1st Mariner Arena.

In somewhat of a disastrous scenario, in that very same match with Edge, it was revealed that The Big Show suffered a torn lateral meniscus and would be out of action indefinitely. The trouble was that he and The Miz were the “Unified WWE Tag Team Champions” at the time. So with Show on the self, the tag team titles were vacated as well. The Hart Dynasty, who won a tag team battle royal at Over The Limit, would later claim them. The “unified” moniker was dropped eventually.

As if more hits could be taken to the Smackdown! brand, Rey Mysterio broke his foot in his victory with the ring-leader of The Straight Edge Society, CM Punk at Over the Limit. Mysterio’s absence left yet another trail in a string of injuries that left Smackdown to be fledgling.

Matt Hardy and Montel Vontavious Porter were intertwined in a feud that was one of Smackdown’s hidden gems in late 2007 and early 2008. They would become intertwined yet again in mid-2010, as both would leave the company due to pure dissatisfaction in how they were being used, and feeling burnt out as well. Vince terminated both of their contracts, and while they thanked Mr. McMahon for the opportunities to be a part of the best wrestling company in North America, Vince certainly was not pleased.

‘The Blue Brand’ was not the only brand that suffered blows either. No, Raw took many hits as well during this time period. Mark Henry, after spending almost 15 years with World Wrestling Entertainment, decided to bow out much like Shawn Michaels, although on a lesser scale. Henry received one final opportunity at the WWE Title, a belt he never laid claim to, on an episode of RAW following Extreme Rules. John Cena may have won the match, but it was a celebratory conclusion to the show with Cena raising Henry’s hand high, as he received a standing ovation on his way out of the doors.

Speaking of Cena, let’s go back to his match with Batista at WrestleMania XXVI. It was a match that was nearly a year and a half in the making after the two clashed at Summerslam 2008. In that match, Cena suffered a severe injury that kept him on the shelf for months. Following their encounter, the two would meet again at both Extreme Rules and Over the Limit. Batista would suffer a humiliating “I Quit” Match loss, but life imitated art as he would announce that he QUIT WWE a night later.

Cena, meanwhile, would take part in a “Champion vs. Champion” match with U.S. Champion The Miz that night on RAW. While going for his newly patented top-rope leg drop, the crowd watched in horror as Cena landed VERY awkwardly on his way down to the mat. Miz would come away with the surprising and apparently unplanned victory moments later, as Cena had to be helped to the back. The prognosis was not good: a torn ACL for the face of the company that would put him out of action for at least nine months.

And so, a scramble ensued. Not only was WWE without a World Heavyweight Champion, they were without a WWE Champion, too. And not only that, with many of the top guys out of action, they were also missing a true “face of the company.” One might say that that would have played into Randy Orton’s hands, but the man formerly known as “The Legend Killer” suffered a broken leg in a match with Sheamus at Over the Limit. A match that would end in a double count out, to boot.

Standing into treacherous territory, Vince had to come up with a strong contingency plan.

And as they say: so it was written, and so it shall be.

Gone was the brand split, which was becoming somewhat of a farce in the first place.

Gone were the champions. The newly appointed WWE Commissioner decided that at the upcoming Fatal 4 Way Pay-Per-View, there would be two unification matches pitting the Intercontinental and United States Champions against one another, and the Divas and Women’s Champions against one another as well. The champion who claimed victory would see his title survive, while the other would become just a part of history. And finally, a NEW WWE Champion would be crowned in a Fatal 4 Way match.

Whatever the case was after June 20, 2010, a new era was about to begin in World Wrestling Entertainment.



Fatal 4 Way Results
June 20, 2010
Uniondale, New York

UNDISPUTED WWE Championship; Fatal 4-Way Match:
Kane def. CM Punk, Sheamus and Christian to become the Undisputed WWE Champion at 24:39.

Intercontinental vs. U.S. Championship Unification Match:
The Miz def. John Morrison (who became the IC Champion at Over the Limit, defeating Drew McIntyre) at 10:21. As a result, the United States Championship survives the Unification Match.

*McIntyre extracted some revenge on JoMo, costing the IC Champion the victory by blasting him with the same title he took from him a month ago with the ref out cold*

Divas vs. Women’s Championship Unification Match:
Michelle McCool def. Maryse at 7:49. As a result, the Women’s Championship survives the Unification Match.

WWE Tag Team Championships Match:
The Hart Dynasty def. The Legacy at 12:07 to retain the WWE Tag Team Championships.

Money in the Bank Contract on the Line:
Jack Swagger def. R-Truth at 7:47 to keep the MITB contract in his possession.

Singles Match:
Kofi Kingston def. Carlito at 7:00.

*Following the match, Carlito and Primo attacked Kingston after he won via a roll-up. Moments after this attack began, Shelton Benjamin, who had been budding with Kofi recently, sprinted down to the ramp to make the save, and thus apparently forming an alliance*

Tag Team Match:
Britain’s Behemoths w/ William Regal def. Cryme Tyme at 8:21.

*Wade Barrett and Skip Sheffield made their debut the night after Over the Limit under the direction of William Regal. Since debuting, Britain’s Behemoths have yet to lose a tag team match*

WWE Talent

Alicia Fox
Beth Phoenix
Brie Bella
Caylen Croft
Chavo Guerrero
Chris Masters
CM Punk
Cody Rhodes
David Hart Smith
David Otunga
Dolph Ziggler
Drew McIntyre
Evan Bourne
Ezekiel Jackson
Gail Kim
The Great Khali
Jack Swagger
Jimmy Wang Yang
John Morrison
Justin Gabriel
Katie Lea
Kelly Kelly
Kofi Kingston
Kung Fu Naki
Michelle McCool
Mickie James
Mike Knox
The Miz
Nikki Bella
Santino Marella
Shelton Benjamin
Skip Sheffield
Slam Master J
Ted DiBiase, Jr.
Trent Barreta
Tyson Kidd
Vladimir Kozlov
Wade Barrett
William Regal
Yoshi Tatsu
Zack Ryder

WWE Champion – Kane
WWE United States Champion – The Miz
WWE Tag Team Champions – The Hart Dynasty
WWE Divas Champion – Michelle McCool
Mr. Money in the Bank – Jack Swagger

Other On-Air Talent
Commissioner – Bret ‘The Hitman’ Hart
Voice of RAW – Michael Cole
RAW Color Commentator – Jerry Lawler
Voice of Smackdown! & Superstars, and RAW Backstage Interviewer – Todd Grisham
Smackdown! & Superstars Color Commentator – Matt Striker
RAW Ring Announcer – Justin Roberts
Smackdown! & Superstars Announcer – Tony Chimel
Backstage Interviewer – Josh Matthews

Tag Teams & Stables
Britain’s Behemoths {Wade Barrett, Skip Sheffield & William Regal}
Carlito & Primo Colon
Cryme Tyme {JTG & Shad}
Finlay & Hornswoggle
The Hart Dynasty {David Hart Smith, Tyson Kidd & Natalya}
John Morrison & R-Truth
Kofi Kingston & Shelton Benjamin
The Legacy {Cody Rhodes & Ted DiBiase, Jr.}
The Second City Saints {CM Punk, Luke Gallows & Serena}

The Not-So Magnificent Eleven
Chris Jericho - Gone to Pursue Rock Star Dreams (Again)
Edge - Forced Into Retirement Due to Neck Injury
Triple H - Retirement
Big Show - Torn Lateral Meniscus; Out Indefinitely
Rey Mysterio - Broken Foot; Returning Fall 2010
Matt Hardy - Let Contract Run Out
Montel Vontavious Porter - Let Contract Run Out
Mark Henry - Retirement
Batista - Quit WWE
John Cena - Torn ACL; Out a MINIMUM of 6 Months
Randy Orton - Broken Leg; Out Indefinitely


TV Schedule

Mondays, 9PM ET-11:05PM ET, USA Network

June 21st - 'The Dawn of a New Era'

June 28th - 'Punk-a-Delphia'
July 5th - 'Everybody's All-American'
July 12th - 'The Calm Before the Bash'

Thursdays, 8PM ET-9PM ET, WGN America

June 24th - 'Hart Attacks'

July 1st - 'One More Shot'
July 8th - 'The Warning Shot'

Fridays, 8PM ET-10PM ET, SyFy

June 25th - 'A Fiery Return'
July 2nd - 'The Fire Burns'
July 9th - 'Cool, Calm and Contending'


Pay-Per-View Schedule
The Great American Bash - July 18, 2010 - Kansas City, Missouri
Summerslam - August 15, 2010 - Los Angeles, California
Bad Intentions - September 19, 2010 - Rosemont, Illinois
TBA - October 24, 2010 - Minneapolis, Minnesota
Survivor Series - November 21, 2010 - Miami, Florida


OOC: Hey guys. I know this is a bit of an unexpected (no pun intended) and possibly unpopular decision, what with how successful my run at the 2000 thread. To be honest, I do love that thread, but schoolwork and my jobs kind of derailed it and I am putting it on a hiatus. For now, I'm going to see what I can make from this, as I'm giving myself quite a bit of a challenge here.

I'm through much of the 1st RAW and it should be posted within the next week. Here's to another attempt at, well, having fun.

All Hail the Queen

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Default Re: WWE 2010: An Unexpected Fall

Jeez, that is one weak roster. Looking forward to seeing what you can do with the talent that you have at your disposal. I'll be reading.

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Default Re: WWE 2010: An Unexpected Fall

No Nexus?
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Default Re: WWE 2010: An Unexpected Fall

I'm interested about this, looking forward on the first show.
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Default Re: WWE 2010: An Unexpected Fall

Hmmm, I really think this idea has legs. No one puts the UNDISPUTED belt on Kane lest they have some big plans for him. Will be staying tuned.
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Default Re: WWE 2010: An Unexpected Fall

Sound's awesome , will be following
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Default Re: WWE 2010: An Unexpected Fall

Not sure if this is my best work, since I've been out of the loop for a little while. Especially on the promo side. Did the best I could and you can expect improvement as time goes on. With that in mind, let's roll...


RAW; June 21st; Bridgeport:

Fatal 4 Way Recap Video, culminating with Kane’s victory to become the UNDISPUTED WWE Champion.

Opening Video


Michael Cole: Monday Night RAW has invaded Bridgeport, Connecticut off the heels of the dawning of a new era in professional wrestling!! We welcome you to a sold out Arena at Harbor Yard here on the USA Network, as the longest running episodic television show in history marches on! Hello, everybody I’m Michael Cole alongside Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler, just 24 hours removed from an historic event on Long Island!

Jerry Lawler: As everybody anticipated, as everybody speculated and as everybody assumed, history was made last night!! The Divas Championship – GONE! The Intercontinental Championship, one of the most prestigious titles in wrestling HISTORY – GONE! I can’t believe it!!

Michael Cole: But of course, the thing that has EVERYBODY talking is the crowning of a NEW, UNDISPUTED WWE Champion. And that was none other than ‘The Big Red Machine’ Kane.

Jerry Lawler: Well, I thought for sure that Christian was going to finally cash in on his dream last night, Michael. But it was all for naught, and as you said, we have a monstrous, devilish man walking around with the gold now. And that’s a big problem for everybody else.

***Hart Attack*** Bret Hart, WWE Commissioner, walks out into the arena to a huge ovation, carrying a microphone with him as he is dressed in his usual attire.

Michael Cole: What a way to kick off RAW! The Commissioner of World Wrestling Entertainment is on his way to the ring and this crowd is going nuts!

Jerry Lawler: Well, this man and I have had our differences in the past. I’ve got to admit however that he was on the money with every decision that he made for Fatal 4 Way last night. It was an historic night at the Nassau Coliseum thanks to that man right there.
Michael Cole: All of the decisions and all of the burden of stepping in after one of the most chaotic periods this company – and this business – has ever seen and doing the job that he has done so far, he SHOULD be applauded for it.

Hart climbs into the ring, showing his age a bit as he struggles a tad, and he takes a look around the venue.

Bret Hart: Y’know before I get started here…

The crowd continues to cheer, but it dies down a peg a few seconds later.

Bret Hart: Before I get started … I’d just like to say one thing to all of the boys in the back … thank you.

Crowd cheers.

Bret Hart: You made my life a lot easier over these past few weeks, and we made history last night at Fatal 4 Way.

Some more applause rings out as the Commissioner nods and claps as well.

Bret Hart: Now, let’s get down to business … Kane!!

Bridgeport gives a mixed reaction to the mention of The Big Red Machine.

Bret Hart: You put on one heck of a show last night. You – along with three of the best on the planet today – did battle to become the undisputed WWE Champion. When it was all over, and when the dust finally settled, you stood tall above everybody, as the new … UNDISPUTED WWE Champion!

The fans once again respond in a mixed way.

Bret Hart: Now … as we continue getting down to business, I have an announcement.

A buzz begins to fill The Arena at Harbor Yard.

Bret Hart: On July 18th in Kansas City, Missouri, WWE’s next Pay-Per-View, The Great American Bash will be taking place. And at The Great American Bash, we’re going to once again make history …

A smile begins to form on The Hitman’s face.

Bret Hart: Because at the 2010 edition of The Great American Bash … I’m proud to announce that …

***This Fire Burns*** CM Punk, alongside his fellow members of The Straight Edge Society, slowly walk onto the RAW stage. They’re met with a heavy dose of heat, as the man who came so close to winning the WWE Title a night ago marches down the ramp with Luke Gallows and Serena flanking to his left and right respectively. Meanwhile, in the ring, the Commissioner looks none too pleased by being interrupted.

CM Punk: Pardon the interruption, Bret…

Heat, as Punk approaches the ring.

CM Punk: But I’d just like to sort a couple of things out with you before you go and make this “big announcement” of yours for The Great American Bash.

The Chicago native rolls into the ring, mic still in hand, as Serena and Luke are soon to follow.

CM Punk: My first question … is why in the world are you so focused on what happened last night when you should be focused on what DIDN’T happen?

Punk points to himself.

CM Punk: I am the face of this company. I put the butts in the seats. I am the best that this entire industry has to offer. I am the man that’s gonna take World Wrestling Entertainment to the top of the mountain again after its tumultuous tumble these past couple of months. Most importantly … I should be the Undisputed WWE Champion.

Heat. Punk’s arrogance doesn’t seem to be making many friends in Bridgeport.

CM Punk: But that didn’t happen did it? No. Instead, we’ve got a big red buffoon walking around here with the WWE Title. We had a guy – a hard luck LOSER – crying about how (mocking voice) “he’s never won the big one! He’s worked so hard!” And when it came down to it, he FAILED yet again. And we’ve got a pasty meathead with an Irish accent talking a lot of crap, but he couldn’t back that up either could he?


CM Punk: I did though. I delivered. I was the MVP of this historic Fatal Four Way Match you were drumming up for weeks; a match that was set to usher in a new era in professional wrestling; and a match that was SUPPOSED to make history. Instead – INSTEAD of that … it feels like we’ve been teleported to 1998.

Boos, as Punk continues to wield the microphone.

CM Punk: I don’t see Billionaire Ted around here with bags of money over on TNT. I don’t hear Eric Bischoff spoiling this show before we even went on the air. And I also don’t THINK that I see any crooked officials around here. But then again, maybe if there were, we wouldn’t have to be dealing with someone like YOU as our judge, jury and executioner, Hitman.

Ouch. Scathing words from the leader of The S.E.S., but this seems to have hit a nerve in The Hitman.

Bret Hart: Y’know something, CM Punk. I don’t appreciate being interrupted almost as much as I don’t appreciate somebody as full of themselves like you are walking around here carrying a big stick and not knowing what to do with it!

The crowd cheers as Punk lets out a snicker at the jab by Bret. He mockingly doubles over, shouting, “You got me! You got me!”

Bret Hart: So now that I see that you’re not going to give me your attention, I’ll force it. At The Great American Bash on July 18th 2010, the first-ever ‘Great American Gauntlet’ will take place. ‘The Great American Gauntlet’ will be a six-man matchup, won only by pin falls or submissions, in which the last man standing will receive a shot at the Undisputed WWE Champion in the main event of that evening in Kansas City.

A round of applause for the idea crafted by the Commish.

Bret Hart: And over the next few weeks, we’re going to have qualifying matches on RAW, Smackdown, and Superstars as well. And there’s going to be TWO qualifying matches for The Great American Gauntlet… tonight here in Bridgeport!

More cheers, as the excitement ramps up.

Bret Hart: The first match will take place right after the break, as we’ll see one of my personal favorites, and a man I’ve been up and down the road with in the past … ‘The Fighting Irishman’ Finlay …

Some audible cheers in the crowd.

Bret Hart: Against … Cody Rhodes!

Some ‘wow’s’ and ooh’s and ahh’s heard in the background.

Bret Hart: And in the second contest … our main event of the evening. YOU, CM Punk will compete in a one-on-one match …

“Shaking in his boots,” Punk begins to “quiver.”

Bret Hart: Versus … … … Christian!!

HUGE POP! Punk appears none too wavered however, as he smiles at another crack at Captain Charisma. Bret’s famed music hits over the P.A. system as he leaves the ring to several applauding fans at ringside.

Commercial Break

1 – Great American Gauntlet Qualifying Match
Finlay vs. Cody Rhodes
Old school versus new school brings out the best in both men as this edition of RAW kicks off in style. The bruiser in Finlay lands in a lot of hard forearms and knee shots to the back and rib cages of the younger, crafty and slippery Rhodes, who plays more of a catch-as-catch-can style. Ted watches on the outside, with The Irish Bastard’s head on his swivel, making sure that the other member of The Legacy doesn’t get involved. As it turns out, that never comes into fruition.

The finish steadfast approaches, as the Irishman looks to deliver the Celtic Cross but Cody slips off at the last second! Finlay runs at Cody, who leapfrogs and Finlay runs into the corner! He staggers out right into the grip of Cody, who grabs him by the neck – CROSS RHODES! The son of the legendary Dusty Rhodes drops down to the mat and grabs both legs, securing the CLEAN victory and a spot in ‘The Great American Gauntlet!”
Winner – Cody Rhodes via pinfall at 6:22. Rhodes qualifies for The Great American Gauntlet.
And the qualifying series kicks off with an upset!! Cody Rhodes nets himself a golden opportunity to possibly become the WWE Champion, and he exudes elation as he pumps his fist in celebration. His comrade joins him for the celebration, raising his partner’s hand in the air as the referee raises the other one, before the terrific tandem exits the ring, heading for the ramp.

Michael Cole: Cody Rhodes has done it!! Cody Rhodes has scored a HUGE upset over the veteran Finlay! I can’t believe this!

Jerry Lawler: That was one heck of an impressive performance from Cody!! Even this crowd, who doesn’t usually favor the youngster and his friend, Mr. DiBiase, are giving a huge round of applause. And I think he deserves it. This young kid might be already be a wild card.

Michael Cole: Sometimes it’s all about just getting there first, King. In Cody Rhodes’ case, that’s both figuratively AND literally! What a start to this huge night we’ve got planned already! Wow!

William Regal is standing in a locker room, with Britain’s Behemoths standing by their mentor.

William Regal: Gentlemen, I’ve got a few words I’d like to say to you.

Barrett and Sheffield stop stretching momentarily and look on at Regal.

William Regal: First of all, I’m extremely proud of your efforts a night ago at Fatal 4 Way. You successfully dismantled those two … those two scoundrels that call themselves “Cryme Tyme.”

Barrett lets out a smile as Sheffield nods his head.

William Regal: Secondly … I want to make sure that it’s known that the two of you cannot … you cannot remain happy with your efforts. The first part of being a winner in the world is being successful.

The Brit steps forward.

William Regal: But the second part … the second part of being successful is never staying complacent.

Regal has a look at both men.

William Regal: Being a master takes skill… it takes determination… it takes knowledge and most importantly it takes an attitude that is never accepting. You won last night? Jolly good showing. But you are not Britain’s Behemoths because you won last night, or because you won last week, or the week before that. You’re Britain’s Behemoths because you will continue to win.

William swiftly wags his finger, as it’s clear that Wade and Skip are all ears.

William Regal: C’mon now. Let’s go to the ring.

With that, Regal leads the charge as his behemoths follow him out of the locker room.

Commercial Break

2 – Tag Team Match
Britain’s Behemoths w/ William Regal vs. The Dude Busters
With their mentor’s message carrying through their heads, Britian’s Behemoths dominate The Dude Busters from pillar to post. Sheffield, the more brute of the two, displays his arsenal of power moves while Barrett, seeming to be more technically sound, flashes some brilliance of his own. The end finally arrives when Barrett and Sheffield drill Trent Barreta with a DOUBLE CRUCIFIX POWERBOMB, as Barrett, the legal man, makes the lateral press for the victory.
Winners – Britain’s Behemoths at 3:04.
After the thorough beatdown of The Dude Busters, Barrett and Sheffield rise to their feet and bump knuckles as they stare down at the destruction they just caused. William Regal looks on outside with a sinister smirk on his face, rubbing his hands together as he calls on his lions from the outside.

Michael Cole: An emphatic victory for Britain’s Behemoths tonight. Perhaps their best performance to date; The Dude Busters didn’t stand a chance.

Jerry Lawler: Well, they’re a talented duo Michael. But they were just overpowered in that one. Barrett and Sheffield are too big, too strong, and too good right now.

In the interview pit, Josh Matthews is standing by alongside John Morrison.

Josh Matthews: Ladies and gentlemen joining me right is the former Intercontinental Champion, John Morrison. John, last night at Fatal 4 Way, you took a loss to your former friend and tag team partner The Miz, but it wasn’t without controversy.

John Morrison: Well you’re certainly speaking a lot of truths there, Joshy boy. One, I am the former Intercontinental Champion. The last Intercontinental Champion. I did lose to The Miz last night at Fatal 4 Way. But about that last thing you said…

Josh Matthews: What about it?

John Morrison: I’m glad you asked. Let me put it to you like this. Drew McIntyre, I understand that you’re a little jealous of me. I mean, when anyone takes a look at ‘The Monday Night Delight,’ they get a little jealous no matter the gender, no matter the race, and no matter the ethnicity. But I’ll tell you this: I’m NOT afraid of you!

Pop from the crowd, as JoMo pulls his sunglasses off.

John Morrison: Things ended in a little bit of ‘controversy’ on Long Island, because you decided to stick your nose in. You cost me and this business a little bit of history because we’re no longer with the Intercontinental Championship. So you not only did a disservice to me. You did a disservice to these fans, and the Intercontinental Champions of the past. The next time I see you, I can promise you that you’ll regret sticking your nose where it doesn’t belong.

Morrison jettisons off camera, quite a bit heated now, as we fade away.

Commercial Break


A white backdrop appears as “Aleluya De El Mesias” plays in the background.

Please welcome our intellectual savior, Damien Sandow…

Suddenly, a bearded, muscular man appears on screen wearing a dark blue robe, and holding a book.

Damien Sandow:
Good evening. My name is Damien Sandow, the self-professed intellectual savior of the masses…

Sandow lets out a smirk.

Damien Sandow:
My goal here in World Wrestling Entertainment is not only to educate, but also to inform the ignoramuses that are poisoning our current generation, our children, and our children’s children. So please allow me to beg your indulgence for one moment as we begin ‘This Week in History… with Damien Sandow.’

Sandow lets out a nod as he peers through his book.

Damien Sandow:
This week, and in fact, on this date, June 20th in the year 1214, The University of Oxford received its charter, thereby granting the authority to formally exercise whatever rights it was entitled to. Now, for those of you Yankees who are unfamiliar with The University of Oxford, allow for me to explain.

‘The Intellectual Savior’ clears his throat.

Damien Sandow:
The University of Oxford is by far the most historic, the most accredited, and the best university in the world. It is located in the city of Oxford, England and its endowments an astonishing 879.8 million pounds!

Sandow wags his finger.

Damien Sandow:
And now, that doesn’t mean the metric used to indicate weight, which in most of your cases would be how many total pounds is surely inside the venue you are seated in right now. No, that refers to how much money they are endowed with.

The bearded man lets out a smile.

Damien Sandow:
And that’s more money than any of you could ever dream of getting your hands on for a university that any of you could ever dream of getting accepted to. But fear not! Time has not run out for you ignoramuses. There’s still time to be plucked out from the vices and what has ruined you all through life.

He closes his book.

Damien Sandow:
And I’m here to do that job … for you. Because I am Damien Sandow, the self-professed savior… of the masses.


3 – Semi-Main Event; United States Championship Match
The Miz vs. John Morrison
The rematch to last night’s champion versus champion match doesn’t disappoint as Miz and Morrison lock horns in an exciting made-for-TV matchup. Both men battle inside and out of the ring and with the gold on the line there seems to be a sense of desperation for both men played throughout the course of the contest.

The finish comes with the addition of another wrestler into the fold as Drew McIntyre once again wanders into the arena, staying at the top of the stage with his arms folded. Around the same time, Morrison looks for -- and connects with a Shining Wizard! Just as he lands on his knees, he looks out and sees McIntyre, who slowly begins to walk down the ramp. From the ring, The Guru of Greatness threatens him, and dares him to come down to ringside. The Chosen One decides to saunter on down the ramp and to the ringside area. Just then, Miz wildly swings, but misses on a right-handed jab, and Morrison leaps off the middle rope and delivers the Moonlight Drive! Morrison hooks both legs, looking to capture the U.S. Title, but McIntyre grabs the referee’s legs and pulls him out of the ring!

The crowd jeers, as McIntyre puts his hands up, appearing to “not want any trouble” … when suddenly, Morrison climbs out of the ring, runs over and takes McIntyre down! The two begin to brawl up the ramp, with Morrison getting the upper hand the entire way. Meanwhile, the referee has no choice but to begin the mandatory 10-count … and at eight, Morrison begins to scramble back to the ring. But it’s too late, as Miz scores another controversial victory, this time by count out.
Winner – The Miz via count out at 8:36.
Getting out of dodge, the U.S. Champion bolts out of the ring and collects his title belt as he knows he just got away with one there. Meanwhile, the dejected challenger in Morrison slams his fists on the canvas, knowing full well how CLOSE he was to netting himself the United States Championship after falling shy of retaining the IC Title a night ago.

Michael Cole: Well for the second consecutive night in a row, John Morrison has come up short of winning championship gold. And both times the blood was on the hands of that man, Drew McIntyre, who appears to really be enjoying this one.

Jerry Lawler: He definitely is. Look at that smirk on his face. He knows he’s gotten into Morrison’s head.

Suddenly, as King and Cole continue to banter back and forth, McIntyre makes a break for the ring! With Morrison still upset, he’s caught off guard by a hard clothesline to the back of the neck! The crowd jeers as McIntyre puts the boots to the former Intercontinental Champion before dragging him up to his feet. After a kick to the gut, he delivers a punishing Future Shock DDT, leaving Morrison in a heap.

Jerry Lawler: Oh, c’mon!

Michael Cole: John Morrison’s head just hit with a sickening THUD in the ring. That powerful Future Shock DDT has him out cold.

Jerry Lawler: Well this still reeks of anger and jealousy from when John Morrison defeated Drew McIntyre for the Intercontinental Championship a month ago at Over The Limit. This man’s got a lot to work on when it comes to getting respect around here. I’ll say that.

Michael Cole: I don’t think that it’s about respect right now for this man, King. I think what you said before that was all it was. I don’t think he cares about respect. He’s seething mad that he didn’t get a one-on-one title opportunity at Morrison. Now, he’s taken his anger out on him two nights in a row!

We cut backstage and see Todd Grisham standing by at the interview pit next to ‘The Celtic Warrior’ Sheamus.

Todd Grisham: Sheamus, last night saw some unfortunate circumstances unfold for you. Not only did you not become the Undisputed WWE Champion, but you also were not even involved in the decision after being taken out by an elbow drop through the announce table by CM Punk. 24 hours later, what’s on your mind after a disastrous set of circumstances?

Sheamus stares a hole through Grisham.

Sheamus: Yeah, ye’re right ya’ blimey fella’. I was put through a table last night, me chest is a bit burnin’ and my shoulder is achin’. But guess what? I’m still standin’, and at the end of the day, that’s all that matters to me.

Sheamus points at himself.

Sheamus: Ye’see it pains me that I was taken out by that renegade CM Punk. He damn near could’a killed me, and himself, with that death-defying maneuver he took to the skies with. That elbow was nothing more than a weapon, and today I’m takin’ offense to that.

The Celtic Warrior eyes the camera.

Sheamus: So before ye’ write yer’self into The Great American Gauntlet, ye’ might not want to forget about The Celtic Warrior, CM Punk. I’m bigger than ye’, I’m badder than ye’, and I can dish out an arse whoopin’ unlike anyone else has ever done to you in thee past.

Sheamus scowls as he continues to look into the camera.

Sheamus: Irish eyes are laid upon ye’, CM Punk. But make no mistake aboot it… they aren’t peaceful ones. They’re bloody, fella. They’re bloody.

Sheamus bolts off camera, in a fit of rage, as Grisham is left to stand there.

Commercial Break





Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase, Jr. are walking through a corridor towards the exit of The Arena at Harbor Yard. Still in a celebratory mode, the two appear to be all smiles… until The Hart Dynasty cuts them off in the hallway! Kidd, Natalya, and Smith from left to right impede their path, Tag Title belts on their shoulders as the mood quickly changes.

Natalya Neidhart: Going somewhere gentlemen? Dressed awfully nice for people who aren’t carrying gold around anywhere.

Cody Rhodes: Natalya, that’s real cute. But let me make something clear before we’re off on our way. My victory tonight in no way finishes off things between us. Capiche?

Natalya Neidhart: Sure, Codester. Whatever you say. I’m sure these boys would have no problem beating both of you kids again.

Cody snarls, as Ted holds him back by his shoulder and steps forward.

Ted DiBiase, Jr.: Name the time … and the place … and we’ll be there. But this time, it ain’t going like last night or a few weeks ago. Next time we’re gonna be the ones carrying the gold while you three look like a bunch of pink and black wearing fools.

With that, Ted and Cody bolt towards the door as the Canadian triad eyes them from afar, as the tension doesn’t appear to be going away any time soon.

After a live shot outside The Arena at Harbor Yard, we’re brought back into the venue. All appears to be going according to plan, but all of the sudden…

***Mental*** A couple seconds after the theme hits, the crowd EXPLODES as PAUL HEYMAN protrudes through the stage! Dressed in his familiar attire – leather jacket, t-shirt, slacks and a Yankees hat – the ‘mad scientist’ makes a beeline for the ring.

Michael Cole: Well um, this is a bit of a surprise ladies and gentlemen. I don’t believe that this was scheduled, but as plain as the eye can see … Paul Heyman is in the building.

Jerry Lawler: Wherever this man is, trouble seems to find him Michael. I don’t like this at all. I’ve got a bad feeling something big is about to happen…

The former head honcho of Extreme Championship Wrestling enters the ring and respectfully shakes Justin Roberts’ hand, chatting up with him, before requesting the microphone. RAW’s ring announcer obliges, and then leaves the ring. Heyman’s music stops, and a loud and defiant ‘E C DUB’ chant rings out much to his pleasure.

Paul Heyman: Ladies and gentlemen, do not adjust your television sets, because the man who once led the Tribe of Extreme … has returned home.

Loud cheers.

Paul Heyman: For those of you who are unfamiliar, my name is Paul Heyman. At one time I sat right over there at that announce table next to the greatest play-by-play man that ever lived, good ol’ J.R. Jim Ross.

More cheers after the ringing endorsement for J.R. by Heyman.

Paul Heyman: At one time, I was the General Manager of Smackdown! … And at one time, I was the agent of one of the most dominant men to EVER set foot in a WWE ring … BRRRROCK LLLLLESNARRRR!!!

HUGE mixed reaction for the mention of The Next Big Thing.

Paul Heyman: And more importantly than that, I was the man who pushed the envelope more than anybody would. I was the man who went toe-to-toe with Vince McMahon and Eric Bischoff as the leader …. Of Extreme – Championship – Wrestling.


Paul Heyman: You have no idea how much it means to me that even after its extinction, even after its resurrection, even after I was gone, and even after all of the bologna that you were served for years under this umbrella – the fact that you’re all greeting me with that chant means that freaking WORLD t me and I thank each and every one of you for keeping that alive!

After applause, a ‘THANK YOU HEYMAN’ chant rings out. But Paul E. puts his hand up.

Paul Heyman: Now, ladies and gentlemen I’m not just here to reminisce about the past. I’m not just here to talk about ECW with you around the bonfire. When Paul Heyman makes a surprise appearance in WWE, he means business. And this time around, I can assure each and every one of you that that holds true.

Paul E. looks out into the crowd.

Paul Heyman: You see I mentioned before that I took Brock Lesnar, the most dominant athlete in WWE history, under my wing. And the results say that when I was guiding Brock Lesnar, he was incredibly successful. He was a man who beat icon after icon in this business. Ric Flair, Rob Van Dam, Hulk Hogan, The Rock, The Undertaker; it was a who’s who of legendary men who fell at the knees … of The NEXT Big Thing.

Heyman puts his hand out and clenches it at the very end, before pulling it back.

Paul Heyman: But …

The Mad Scientist wags his finger.

Paul Heyman: That was in 2002. That was eight years ago. Brock Lesnar was dominant. Brock Lesnar was for a while unmatched and undefeated. But that’s in the past. Brock Lesnar WAS ‘The Next Big Thing.’ But in 2010 … ‘The Next Big Thing’ is what Brock Lesnar is NOT.

Heyman keeps his finger up.

Paul Heyman: That’s not an insult either. Brock is a very close friend of mine and I have no doubt in my mind that if he EVER returned to WWE he would leave yet another path of destruction behind him. But in this era, this new generation of World Wrestling Entertainment, there has to be ANOTHER ‘Next Big Thing.’ There NEEEEDS to be a ‘Next Big Thing’ to take over this company and this industry. To grab it by the THROAT

Slowly but surely, Paul lets out a smirk.

Paul Heyman: And I think, that after a lengthy time watching from afar, that I’ve found ‘The Next Big Thing’ in WWE.

Some murmuring in the crowd as that smirk gets wider on his face.

Paul Heyman: It might not be obvious to many of you, but it’s been obvious to me since he set foot in a wrestling ring. This man has the size; this man has the speed; this man has the skill set; this man has the strength and the power to be ‘The Next Big Thing.’

Heyman finishes counting off with his hand.

Paul Heyman: I made it a priority to make appointment television viewings for him. And I was impressed. I was so impressed that I had to make it a priority to watch him in PERSON last night in my home state of New York. And when I talked to this young, bright man and told him that he could be ‘The Next Big Thing’ in WWE, he didn’t seem surprised. He wasn’t caught off guard nor was he even SLIGHTLY humbled by it. He agreed with me, and he was confident that he could ascend to the VERY top in this business.

Paul raises his hand HIGH atop the proverbial mountain before bringing it down.

Paul Heyman: So without further ado. LADIES AND GENTLEMEN … would you PLEASE give a big hand … to The NEXT … BIG … THING … IN W – W – EEEE …

ECW’s former head of operations turns towards the stage and shoots his hand out.


***Get on Your Knees*** A GENUINE gasp at first is let out from the Bridgeport crowd as ‘Mr. Money in the Bank’ Jack Swagger saunters out onto the stage with a smile on his face and the MITB briefcase in his hand. In the ring, Heyman applauds his new client with a big smile on his face as well as Swagger begins to head down the ramp.

Michael Cole: I-I can’t believe this. Paul Heyman has not only returned to WWE. He has HAND PICKED Jack Swagger, Mister Money in the Bank, as ‘The Next Big Thing’ in WWE!

Jerry Lawler: Jack Swagger has been undeniably impressive the last few months, and obviously Paul Heyman feels the very same way. If any doubters remain abut Swagger, then they may be silenced now.

Michael Cole: Paul Heyman’s track record is illustrious. The Big Show, Kurt Angle, Team Angle, and Brock Lesnar were all extremely successful under his wing. And now, you can add Jack Swagger to that list as well!

In the ring, Heyman shoots the arm of Jack Swagger up in the air and Swagger holds up his briefcase in his free hand. The two then share an embrace in the ring, signifying the uniting of the tandem. They head up the ramp with one another, as they once again raise one another’s hands up in celebration.

Commercial Break

Upon our return to the broadcast, we see the likes of Chris Masters, Dolph Ziggler, Ezekiel Jackson and Goldust standing in the office of WWE Commissioner Bret Hart who is standing at his desk.

Bret Hart: Gentlemen, I’m pleased that you all could join me here tonight. There’s an announcement that I have to inform all of you abot, and I’m sure that none of you are going to protest it.

All four men, of different walks, look at one another, as they seem to be all ears.

Bret Hart: With The Miz’s victory tonight against John Morrison, we’re now without a number one contender for the United States Championship. I believe that you four men are as viable of contenders for that title as we’re going to get here in WWE. So Thursday night on Superstars, the four of you are going to compete against one another in a Four Corners Match to determine the next challenger for Miz’s United States Championship. Understand?

Upon hearing the announcement, the quartet of wrestlers is in a great mood. They all endorse the idea and even let out some applause.

Bret Hart: Now here tonight, we’re going to have a tune-up match. It’s gonna be a tag team match where Chris Masters … will team up with Ezekiel Jackson … to take on Dolph Ziggler … and Goldust.

And upon hearing that, the mood changes a bit, as each handcrafted duo looks at each other.

Bret Hart: Good luck, gentlemen.

Hart leaves the room as Jackson and Masters glare over at Ziggler and Goldust, with the tension rising between the two teams.

4 – Singles Match
Kofi Kingston w/ Shelton Benjamin vs. Chavo Guerrero
With Kingston’s victory over Carlito at Fatal 4 Way seemingly in his rearview, tonight he goes against the veteran Chavo Guerrero in a short yet exciting encounter. With his newfound ally Shelton Benjamin at ringside, The Dreadlocked Dynamo puts on a show for the crowd and winds up being too much for Chavo to handle, despite putting up a very good fight. After falling victim to The Boom Drop, the former multi-time Cruiserweight Champion is drilled with Trouble in Paradise, leading to Kofi winning with a pinning combination.
Winner – Kofi Kingston via pin fall at 4:39.
Kingston reaches his feet and the official raises his hand as Benjamin claps from the outside. He then enters the ring and daps with his new buddy, but as we’d find out the celebration doesn’t last too long…

***Cool*** The Colons swagger into the arena to the chagrin of Kingston and Benjamin, who stand with their hands on their hips inside the ring. Carlito and Primo stand on stage, with the microphone in The Bad Apple’s hand.

Carlito: Y’know somethin’, chums? Carlito thinks it’s pretty cute ‘dat you two bros are buildin’ a little bit of a friendship here.

Carlito laughs and looks at Primo, who too is letting out a bit of a cackle.

Carlito: But ‘chu want to know what else Carlito thinks is cute? How ‘chu two lames probably think ‘dat we came out here to challenge you to a fight.

CCC shakes his head.

Carlito: ‘Das not why we’re out here. Fighting you two? ‘Das not cool. Nobody wants to see ‘dat. Nobody at all.

Bridgeport seems to disagree a bit, as they boo the Caribbean native.

Carlito: No … what Carlito and Primo are doing, is saying goodbye. We’re done with you two losers, and we’ve got some very, very exciting news to share.

Carlito looks at his brother as he puts his arm around him.

Carlito: We just came back from the Commissioner’s Office. And as it turns out, ‘Da Hitman is a big fan of The Colons. So much so ‘dat ‘Da Hitman has granted us a shot … … at the WWE Tag Team Titles on Superstars.

Carlito lets out a shit-eating grin, as does Primo, as a genuinely surprised crowd, and duo in the ring, react accordingly.

Carlito: ‘Das right. ‘Dis Thursday night, Carlito and Primo are gonna take back the WWE Tag Team Titles, while you two chums watch from ‘dee back and look at what a real tag team looks like. Hahaha!

Some more boos as Kingston shakes his head.

Carlito: And ‘dat… … … ‘das cool.

With that, The Colons swagger to the back, as a shocked and annoyed Kofi Kingston and Shelton Benjamin banter back and forth about the proceedings that have just occurred.

Commercial Break

Michael Cole: Welcome back to Monday Night RAW ladies and gentlemen. Before the last commercial break, Carlito and Primo dropped a bombshell, not only on Kofi Kingston and Shelton Benjamin, but on everyone else as well. Because this Thursday night on Superstars, The Colons are challenging The Hart Dynasty for the WWE Tag Team Titles!

Jerry Lawler: Oh man, that’s going to be one heck of a battle, Michael. And like you alluded to, you’ve got to wonder what Kofi and Shelton are thinking right now. Essentially, Carlito and Primo said adios to them! I don’t think they’re going to let that one stand. Not one bit.

Michael Cole: That match will take place this Thursday night on Superstars on WGN America and it adds to what’s already looking like a great show.

Jerry Lawler: That’s right, because we’ve got a Four Corners Match to determine the new Number One Contender for the United States Championship! Chris Masters, Dolph Ziggler, Ezekiel Jackson and Goldust will all clash to see who’s next in line for a title shot at The Miz and his prestigious championship.

Michael Cole: And I’m being told right now that we’ve got ANOTHER match added. A rematch from Fatal 4 Way as Maryse challenges Michelle McCool for the Women’s Championship!

Jerry Lawler: Yee-hoo! I’m excited for that one Michael!

Michael Cole: Easy does it now, Jerry…

5 – Tag Team Match
Chris Masters & Ezekiel Jackson vs. Dolph Ziggler & Goldust
A clash of styles from all four men leads to a good, but not great contest. It’s pairing of Masters and Jackson that establish control early on in the match, but Ziggler and Goldust turn the tide later on with some double-team maneuvers and it’s Dolph who looks to be the most invigorated by the opportunity at claiming the United States Title.
The brutes in Masters and Jackson suffer from some miscommunication towards the finish, as Masters has Ziggler locked by his arms, and Jackson goes to drill him with a clothesline, but Dolph dodges the bullet as Jackson clotheslines The Masterpiece! Ziggler leaps up and dropkicks Jackson out of the ring, and then blasts Chris with the Zig Zag, leading to a pin. 1… 2… 3!
Winners – Dolph Ziggler & Goldust via pinfall at 6:23.
Ziggler pins Masters! Although his support lately has been wavering, Dolph appears to be favored by this decision by the Bridgeport fans as a smattering of cheers is sent out around the arena. Goldust is quick to embrace Dolph, but Dolph shoves him away all of the sudden.

Ziggler looks on at Goldust as he leaves the ring, shouting to him that there’s going to be no friends this Thursday, so why start now, and that he’s getting the gold. Left a bit awkward, Goldust just stares down one of his opponents for Superstars from inside the ring, as Ziggler walks his way up the ramp.

Backstage, CM Punk is shuffling through the hallway with Serena and Luke Gallows flanking him to his left and right. Dressed to compete, The Second City Saint is headed for the ring when Josh Matthews appears, microphone in hand.

Josh Matthews: CM Punk, can we get a quick word before your match with Christian?

CM Punk: Yeah.

Punk walks up to Matthews, wearing an intimidating look, and snatches the microphone from him.

CM Punk: Let me make this simple. I’m going to win. Christian is going to lose. And then I’m gonna be the next Undisputed WWE Champion, and there’s not a damn thing that he, or Kane, or Bret Hart can do about it.

Punk flips the mic to Matthews, who lets out a sigh, and The Straight Edge Society continues on down the path.

Commercial Break

6 – Main Event; Great American Gauntlet Qualifying Match
CM Punk w/ The S.E.S. vs. Christian
An awesome main event that goes a hair over 15 minutes, as two of the best that WWE has to offer in its current state go at it in a memorable television clash. Right from the start, Christian faces a stacked deck as the numbers game comes into play rather often. But Christian takes it up a notch, eventually nailing Punk and Gallows with a cross body block at ringside, and follows that up with a near fall on the inside.

Christian gets back up to his feet and continues to go on the attack, eventually backing his opponent into the turnbuckles and he clubs the Chicago native with forearms and shoulder thrusts. This offensive spatter continues until Punk fights out of an attempt at the Killswitch, and runs off the ropes and leaps and takes him out with a flying lariat, much to the crowd’s chagrin.

The action intensifies more as the finish draws closer. Captain Charisma counters a GTS attempt, rolling off of Punk’s shoulder and then connects with a falling inverted DDT! He goes for the cover, but again, a near fall occurs. Christian then yanks Punk by his hair, and looks for a fireman’s carry but The Straightedge Superstar grabs the top rope! Christian tries to elevate, but Punk LEVELS him in the back of the head with a kick!

Grip is lost, as Punk then lands a couple more kicks to Christian’s body, before catching Christian with one in the jaw! Captain Charisma falls back, and Punk then perches himself on the top rope, looking for an Elbow Drop… and drills it! 1…2…SHOULDER UP! Punk looks distraught and then chooses to go right back at Christian, pillaging him with knees to the face, and then looks to hit the Go To Sleep… and does! 1…2…KICK OUT AT 2 !!

If Punk was riled up before, he’s ten times as much now! He argues with the referee, protesting that it was a slow count, as we see behind him, Gallows has entered the ring! Gallows is wielding a steel chair, and he looks to drill him with it as Serena looks on outside… but Gallows misses and instead hits the top rope – leading to it rebounding right on his skull! Gallows staggers and stumbles into the ropes and flops over the top, as Punk then turns his attention back to his opponent. He charges in, but Christian catches him with an inside cradle, 1…2…3!!!
Winner – Christian via pinfall at 15:09. Christian qualifies for The Great American Gauntlet.
Christian advances to The Gauntlet! The crowd lets out a timely roar, as Christian eludes Serena and then darts for the ramp, as Punk is LIVID inside the ring with the proceedings. He argues with the referee who has already exited the ring, and Punk rakes at his hair in anger, missing out on an absolutely golden opportunity to fight for the WWE Title…

Michael Cole: Christian wins! What a match! Punk threw everything but the kitchen sink, but somehow someway – Captain Charisma is going to The Great American Bash!

Jerry Lawler: I can’t believe it and neither can CM Punk! He’s irate! I don’t know if I blame him either. Like you said, he threw absolutely EVERYTHING that he had including the GTS but STILL couldn’t get it done! And—

Suddenly, the lights go out!


KANE IS IN THE RING! The Undisputed WWE Champion has his skillet-like hand wrapped around CM Punk’s throat, and as he stares at one of his possible challengers who is now on the stage, The Big Red Machine lifts up The Second City Saint and PLANTS HIM WITH THE CHOKESLAM FROM HELL!

The red light casts upon the arena as Kane’s music hits inside The Arena at Harbor Yard. Subsequently, the camera cuts to Christian, exhausted at the top of the ramp, holding his ribs and looking on at the mammoth and monstrous champion standing tall inside the ring, knowing full well that if he wants to finally become a champion, he’s going to have to do it by getting through that same monster of a man…



Announced for WWE Superstars (6/24/10 – Manchester)

WWE Tag Team Championships Match:
The Hart Dynasty w/ Natalya Neidhart defend against The Colons

#1 Contender’s Four Corners Match for the U.S. Title:
Chris Masters vs. Goldust vs. Dolph Ziggler vs. Ezekiel Jackson

Women’s Championship Match:
Michelle McCool defends against Maryse


Current Card for WWE Great American Bash
July 18, 2010
Kansas City, Missouri

WWE Championship Match:
‘The Big Red Machine’ Kane vs. Winner of The Great American Gauntlet

The Great American Gauntlet:
{Winner faces Kane later on in the evening for the WWE Championship}
Cody Rhodes vs. Christian vs. ??? vs. ??? vs. ??? vs. ???

All Hail the Queen

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Default Re: WWE 2010: An Unexpected Fall

First off, sweet Raw banner.

Good way to open the show with the announcement of the Great American Gauntlet. Thankfully Bret didn't have too much to say, I'd hate writing for him. Punk's dialogue seemed a little iffy in some places, e.g. "tumultuous tumble", but again as great on the mic as Punk is, I imagine it can be kind of difficult writing for him as well. You know your roster's thin when you've got the Commissioner actually announcing that Finlay versus Cody Rhodes is going to happen. Punk/Christian is a very nice match, two guys that I hope are major players in this thread.

Right decision for Rhodes to go over and enter the Gauntlet, Finlay in 2010 shouldn't be in the title hunt IMO.

I like that you've put a tag team together with Regal in its corner, I'm assuming Ryb- sorry, SKIP SHEFFIELD will be an Englishman in this thread? I like the Dudebusters, but yeah, no surprise here with Barrett and Sheffield going over.

Not huge on the Morrison interview, the "get a little jealous no matter the gender, no matter the race, and no matter the ethnicity" comment just sounded off to me. Morrison's mic skills suck though, so maybe it fits perfectly.


Good way to further the McIntyre/Morrison feud with Drew screwing JoMo again, I was a little surprised that the ref just decided to start the count instead of some kind of disqualification finish, my mind is blank as to what usually happens in those circumstances, when a ref gets pulled out of the ring and the guy who pulled him out of the ring is in plain sight. Oh well.

Liked Sheamus' final comment in his interview. Punk/Sheamus feud could be good. Natalya referring to Legacy as "kids" when there's very little, if any, age difference between Legacy and Hart Dynasty didn't sit right with me though.

Woah. Paul Heyman is back, and Jack Swagger is the new "Next Big Thing". LOVE this move. If Swagger is going to be a major player, he definitely needs a mouthpiece and they don't come any better than Heyman. I hope to see the phrase "My client, JJJJJACK SWWWWWAGGER" used frequently from now on.

Nice to see 'Lito get some mic time, you're building yourself a pretty decent tag team division with Hart Dynasty, Legacy, Britain's Behemoths, The Colons and Kofi and Shelton, which should make an entertaining team.

Good to see you iron out the US Title scene with the match made for Superstars and the tag team match here. I immediately guessed that you were planning to go with Masters as the number-one contender, but Ziggler pinning Masters, and the cheers he got after the match, makes me think Dolph will win on Superstars, and I hope he does.

No Punk in the Gauntlet? Hope he finds a way to make it in there, the way the match ended and Kane chokeslamming him after makes me think he will. The Gauntlet will look pretty weak without him.

Overall, I'm not really familiar with your work but I enjoyed this show. Could have been better on the promo side of things like you said, but I'm sure they'll improve. Looking forward to seeing Heyman with Swagger, how the tag team division fares and what you can do with such a weak main event scene. Good job.

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Default Re: WWE 2010: An Unexpected Fall

A few quick comments, JB.

As someone else already mentioned, that really is a weak roster - although obviously I get that you've set a challenge for yourself by eliminating most of the main event stars.

Some may grunt at the fact you've made Kane the Undisputed WWE Champion, but I'm intrigued by it. Call me biased. Again as someone else said, you don't just put the belt on Kane for the sake of it being on your "top" star, otherwise you'd have likely given it to CM Punk. I notice The Undertaker isn't in your "Not-So Magnificent Eleven", so I imagine he will return at some point and perhaps you will go with an Undertaker/Kane feud. You may get some flak for that, but as long as it's interesting, I don't mind.

I'm reading.

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Default Re: WWE 2010: An Unexpected Fall

Thanks for the feedback and comments, guys.


Originally Posted by F4WOnline.com
The early returns are in for both Extreme Rules and Over the Limit, and according to sources within the industry, the buyrate numbers are exceedingly lower than expected. The word is that they both finished under 200,000 buys, which would add to the already plodded numbers of 2010 thus far. The lack of starpower is certainly hurting WWE right now and with Summerslam steadfast approaching, there’s a huge level of concern that it could drastically impact the buyrate for one of the big four Pay-Per-Views. Don’t be surprised if that leads to a phone call or two to one of WWE’s biggest stars from the past to possibly appear at the event in Los Angeles.

Speaking of Summerslam, the bidding for the location for Summerslam in 2011 has been intensifying as of late. Los Angeles is the prime candidate at the moment, but Toronto, Dallas and New York have recently stepped up in the race. The process is set to close on August 9th, and the winner will reportedly be announced during the Pay-Per-View itself. The other candidates, who are reportedly out of the running, were Philadelphia, Fresno, and Seattle.

The pairing of Jack Swagger and the returning Paul Heyman was an idea pitched by the former head of operations at Extreme Championship Wrestling. Early in April, Paul and Vince McMahon hashed things out after a near-four year absence from the company. Despite the dissension, they were able to come to a new two-year agreement to keep Heyman around on-screen and behind the scenes as well on the booking team. Additionally, WWE is very high on Swagger and one source tells us that him being a future WrestleMania main eventer is not out of the question.

Expect several call-ups to be made over the next few weeks and months from Florida Championship Wrestling. With the roster in the shape that it’s currently in, talent needs to be filled in and even though there were plans to escort these talents up to the main roster in place already, with these dire circumstances at hand there’s now a greater sense of urgency to get younger guys up onto the platforms. Several names to watch are Darren Young, Justin Gabriel, and the well-known Bryan Danielson who wrestles under the ring name ‘Daniel Bryan.’

With that in mind, WWE is beginning to facilitate scouts and agents to several territorial and indie wrestling promotions in the U.S. and the world

As we saw on RAW, there was a video featuring a character named Damien Sandow. Some wrestling junkies may remember him, as he wrestled under the name of Aaron Stevens in the ill-fated, short-lived tag team of “The Teacher’s Pets” on Smackdown! with Michelle McCool as their valet. However, since he was just recently signed, his debut will be more prolonged. So expect more vignettes in the coming weeks.

Finally, expect an emphasis on Superstars to continue. Given what has transpired recently, a greater emphasis on pushing that talent into the limelight and showcasing them as much as they can is believed to be running through the company at the moment. So don’t be surprised if bigger names and bigger matches appear on Thursday nights, sort of like how Sunday Night Heat was during the Attitude Era.
Superstars; June 24th; Manchester:

The opening signature kicks off the broadcast on WGN America, and it’s soon followed by the Superstars intro and then a pyro display inside the Verizon Wireless Arena. The usual sweeping of the camera occurs thereafter as we then head right to the announce table.
Todd Grisham and Matt Striker welcome us to the show, greeting us as they so often do, and then begin to run down the card, before we turn towards the action in the ring.

Match #1 - #1 Contender’s Fatal Four Way Match for the U.S. Title:
Chris Masters vs. Goldust vs. Dolph Ziggler vs. Ezekiel Jackson

The opening contest of the night has some huge implications, as Chris Masters, Goldust, Dolph Ziggler and Ezekiel Jackson square off with an opportunity at Miz’s United States Championship on the line. It’s Masters and Ziggler that pair off on one end of the ring, whilst Goldust and the much larger Jackson go punch for punch on the other end, teeing off before spilling out to the ringside area. As you might expect, it’s a solid matchup featuring four good workers. All four men put on a show, and JUST before we go to commercial break, with Masters, Goldust and Jackson duking it out outside, Dolph charges towards the ropes and launches himself onto them, splashing down!

Commercial Break

The finish comes when Ezekiel GRABS MASTERS and goes for the TORTURE RACK … but Masters squeaks out and tries to lock in The Masterlock, struggling to do so with Ezekiel’s size and he’s eventually thrown off as he tumbles out of the ring. Jackson shakes it off and then runs into Goldust, who goes for the CURTAIN CALL … but Jackson counters out of that too, and presses Goldust over his head and propels him out of the ring, down onto Masters! Jackson then flexes for the crowd and backs up … INTO DOLPH ZIGGLER WHO HITS THE ZIG ZAG! Three seconds later, it’s ALL OVER and Dolph Ziggler becomes the No. 1 Contender!
WINNER: Dolph Ziggler at 9:47. Ziggler is the No. 1 Contender for the United States Title.

Following the match, Josh Matthews interviews an ecstatic Dolph Ziggler, who throughout the course of the discussion seems to blur the line between his personas at the moment, showing some face-like tendencies. He then calls out The Miz, whom we then see watching the interview from the pit, and makes a guarantee to him that he won’t walk be U.S. Champion for long.

Commercial Break

We get a recap video of Paul Heyman’s return to WWE and the announcement that his proclaimed ‘Next Big Thing’ is none other than Mr. Money in the Bank, Jack Swagger!

A graphic appears, hyping up our scheduled main event between The Hart Dynasty and The Colons for later on tonight.





Commercial Break

Upon returning from the break, some Smackdown-related announcements are made; TWO Qualifying Matches for The Great American Gauntlet will occur: Drew McIntyre versus Vladimir Kozlov, and in the main event, ‘The Celtic Warrior’ Sheamus takes on ‘Mr. Money in the Bank’ Jack Swagger! ALSO: a #1 Contender’s Battle Royal for the Women’s Championship will take place as well.

Match #2 – Women’s Championship Match:
Michelle McCool defends against Maryse

And on that note, our second contest, and rematch from Fatal 4 Way, gets underway as Michelle McCool defends her Women’s Title against the bodacious blonde Maryse. It’s a pretty competitive affair as the two have progressed into being pretty good workers over the last few years, and it keeps the crowd’s interest for quite some time. But just like at Fatal 4 Way, Maryse loses her edge, and winds up getting powder (!!) thrown in her eyes by Layla, which leads to McCool hitting the Faith Breaker (Styles Clash ) and she retains her title successfully.
WINNER: Michelle McCool at 6:32. McCool retains the Women’s Title.

Commercial Break

A recap video is shown from RAW of the events surrounding The Great American Gauntlet, with Cody Rhodes upsetting Finlay and Christian stealing a victory away from CM Punk to qualify.

Match #3 – Main Event: WWE Tag Team Championships Match:
The Hart Dynasty w/ Natalya Neidhart defend against The Colons

And in our much-hyped main event, The Colons take on The Hart Dynasty with the WWE Tag Team Titles hanging in the balance. There’s a clear fan advantage in play, with the Manchester crowd fully behind David Hart Smith and Tyson Kidd, and we see Natalya Neidhart on the outside throughout the match supporting her boys. Meanwhile, The Colons are in it for themselves, as they thrust away their disadvantages and perform well in the pressure-filled environment.
The two teams deliver a relatively enthralling contest as the match is given almost the entirety of the final 10 minutes of the broadcast. In the end, as Carlito looks to capitalize off of a springboard moonsault on Tyson Kidd, stalking him and looking for The Back Cracker – SHELTON BENJAMIN AND KOFI KINGSTON run through the crowd and to the ringside area.
This distracts Carlito long enough for Kidd to regain his bearings, as the tandem leaps up onto the apron, but then hops right back off as Carlito goes to swing. As he turns around, Kidd runs off to the ropes, leaps off, and connects with a somersault neckbreaker (Code Blue)!
The Stampede Kid hooks both of Carlito’s legs, 1…2…3!

WINNERS: The Hart Dynasty at 9:57. The Hart Dynasty retains the WWE Tag Team Titles.
Kidd and Smith retain! Much to the delight of Kingston and Benjamin, The Colons have failed on their attempt to capture gold, and the pairing hops back over the barricades with smiles on their faces. Striker notes that while Carlito & Primo proclaimed that they were “done” with Kofi and Shelton, the feeling may not be as mutual as they hoped it would be.

With that, we get one final shot of Natalya raising the hands of Tyson and David Hart on stage as the broadcast comes to a close…



Announced Card for Smackdown! (6/25/10 – Manchester)

Great American Gauntlet Qualifying Match:
‘The Celtic Warrior’ Sheamus vs. ‘The Next Big Thing’ Jack Swagger w/ Paul Heyman

Great American Gauntlet Qualifying Match:
‘The Chosen One’ Drew McIntyre vs. Vladimir Kozlov

No. 1 Contender’s Battle Royal for the Women’s Championship:
Winner Receives Title Opportunity vs. Michelle McCool at The Great American Bash


Announced Card for The Great American Bash
July 18, 2010
Kansas City, Missouri

WWE Championship Match:
‘The Big Red Machine’ Kane vs. Winner of The Great American Gauntlet

The Great American Gauntlet:

{Winner faces Kane later on in the evening for the WWE Championship}
Cody Rhodes vs. Christian vs. ??? vs. ??? vs. ??? vs. ???

All Hail the Queen

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