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WWE: The "YES" Movement

Now's probably an appropriate time. It's been ready to go for a while now. I felt I took 'A Strong Response' as far as I could and was excited about the current roster to try something. I've planned this for over a month, not like the last rash attempt. This has legs... I hope!

The Backstory

With so much controversy going into Wrestlemania 30, mainly the future of CM Punk, the return of Batista, and of course the "YES" Movement in full swing, the WWE had work to do get a large number of fans back on side.

Wrestlemania 30
Sunday April 6th 2014
Mercedes-Benz Superdome
New Orleans, LA

~The Road to New Orleans~

Storylines match going into 3rd March episode of Raw. There was no return to the WWE for CM Punk after walking away after the Royal Rumble, and it was announced on that episode by the returning Mr. McMahon in front of the Chicago crowd that he had tried to bring Punk back to them and the WWE universe but to no avail and that the only reason Punk wasn't there or going to be at Wrestlemania was down to Punk himself and no one else. Unsurprisingly the Chicago crowd didn't take too kindly to that piece of news.

The Chairman of the Board did however have some pleasant surprises in store for the WWE universe, as will be revealed in the Wrestlemania card rundown.

John Cena vs. Bray Wyatt
The Undertaker vs. Brock Lesnar
w/Paul Heyman

Daniel Bryan vs. Triple H
Mr. McMahon made his return on the 3rd March episode of Raw in Chicago, largely to appease the raucous Chicago crowd to confront the authority in their response to Daniel Bryan's a challenge to a match with Triple H at Wrestlemania. The King of Kings was adamant there was no reason for him to step inside the ring with someone of Bryan's stature, claiming Bryan didn't deserve to step in the ring with him. The Chairman of the Board however wanted to address the voice of the WWE universe since the Royal Rumble and that going into Wrestlemania, it was clear what's best for business is not what his daughter & son-in-law believe to be. Vince said that the reaction to Daniel Bryan cannot be ignored, and despite sharing the same concerns initially about him, there was no doubt he has the support of the fans across the world and has defeated the A+ players along the way to warrant being given an opportunity to headline Wrestlemania.

He told Triple H that the decision to answer Bryan's challenge was being taken out of his hands, and said without Triple H & Stephanie, the board held a meeting about the matter and agreed that the match would take place. He wasn't done there, and before his son-in-law could respond, Vince said that the main point of the meeting was to discuss the main event of Wrestlemania, raising their concern to the reaction to Batista challenging Randy Orton for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship and what the reaction could be at Wrestlemania. He brought up how the fans obviously wanted to see Bryan in the match and how he wasn't given the opportunity at the Rumble and how he was robbed of it by one of their staff at Elimination Chamber. The Chairman of the Board announced that he couldn't just put Bryan in the match, but did say that if Bryan could defeat Triple H at Wrestlemania, he would then go on later in the night to compete in what would become a triple threat match for the title.

The response from Triple H, Orton & Batista was no surprise, all three furious that Bryan was given the opportunity and how they were going to stop him with Bryan claiming they were all running nervous because they knew he could beat and embarrass them, and he would to become the WWE World Heavyweight Champion. Triple H on the other hand explained that the only reason he didn't accept the challenge was that Bryan didn't deserve to be in the ring with him, and from a business perspective he didn't want to bring the Yes Movement to a standstill by embarrassing Bryan and beating him within an inch of his life. With the decision made for him he said he was left with no choice but to break the hearts of the WWE universe by ending Bryan's dream of being world champion, because there was no way he was going to lose to a B+ at best player. Bryan though promised to show the "guy who slept his way to the top" that he wasn't just an A+ player but better than the so called King of Kings.

WWE World Heavyweight Championship: Randy Orton (c) vs. Batista (vs. Daniel Bryan)
With the prospect at possibly having to face Daniel Bryan, Orton wasn't pleased, putting on a front that he'd beaten him enough times that he had no reason to be worried. His complaint, or excuse was that Bryan shouldn't have another chance at his title. Batista too wasn't pleased that someone else had been given a shot at the title that he'd earned at the Royal Rumble, but he too played down any concern that Bryan could give him any kind of problem in his quest to become the new WWE World Heavyweight Champion.

Tag Team Championship: The Usos (c) vs. Rybaxel
The Usos won the tag team titles in Chicago from The Outlaws and successfully defended them in The Outlaws' rematch. Ryback & Curtis Axel though weren't keen to embrace Jimmy & Jey as the new champions, confronting them after a victory with Ryback calling them a joke (irony huh?) and that he could beat them both on his own with both arms tied behind his back. He was quickly challenged to do so by the champions, but he declined, saying he does what he wants when he wants. He & Axel then took their leave from the ring, leaving The Usos to celebrate with their titles, but Rybaxel slipped back in and attacked them, leaving them flat on their backs after a neckbreaker from Axel and the Shellshock from Ryback. The title match was made during the show and announced for Wrestlemania.

Money in the Bank Ladder Match: Sheamus vs. Big E Langston vs. Roman Reigns vs. Kofi Kingston
vs. Alberto Del Rio vs. Cesaro vs. Christian vs. Jack Swagger
Another announcement from Mr. McMahon was the return of the Money in the Bank ladder match to Wrestlemania with only one title now in the WWE. Qualifying matches were made, and in the build-up, despite some tension, The Real Americans remained a unit with Zeb Colter having to tell them to focus on working together for the sake of America. There was more tension in The Shield and Dean Ambrose had his head turned by the prospect of entering Money in the Bank, a week after they were defeated by The Wyatt Family on Raw after Ambrose accidentally hit Rollins with his United States title, leading to the end of the match. Reigns laughed at Ambrose's claim he was the one who deserved it most, using his United States title as an excuse, as he's the only one of them to be a champion on their own.

Reigns walked away from him, as did Rollins with Ambrose then later on losing to Sheamus. Reigns however would go on to qualify, beating Mark Henry once again after Reigns told Ambrose he didn't want him ringside to screw it up for him. Ambrose was upset backstage after and told Rollins that Reigns thought he was bigger than The Shield now and that he'd come crashing back down to earth when he lost at Wrestlemania. Reigns though came in to hear the last of it and told Ambrose he's a hypocrite and jealous because he couldn't qualify. Ambrose got all hot & bothered but walked away before saying anything. Rollins though congratulated him and wished him luck.

United States Championship: Seth Rollins vs. Dean Ambrose (c)
The Shield's capitulation continued with Ambrose still furious over Reigns getting a place in Money in the Bank, and before a scheduled six man tag team match, Ambrose talked about how despite Reigns' selfishness, he still agreed to team with him & Rollins before he tries to go on to bigger & better things. Reigns had heard enough and told him to get over himself. Rollins took Reigns' side and told Ambrose he was the one acting like an ass and causing the conflict between them. Ambrose said "whatever" and turned to leave the ring, walking out on them, but he turned back to nail Reigns with the United States title. Rollins couldn't believe it and shoved Ambrose, putting him on his ass before turning to check on Reigns.

Ambrose though wasn't done and snuck up behind him to pull him up and hit the headlock driver, standing over them both with a face like fury. A week later, Reigns was put in a match with Ambrose, and Ambrose tried to get himself counted out, only for Rollins to put him back in the ring, standing up into a spear from Reigns and losing the match. Rollins got in the ring and congratulated Reigns, then Mr. McMahon came out to the stage and said that it looked like there was no way back for The Shield, therefore he was making a title match between Rollins & Ambrose for the United States title at Wrestlemania. Rollins' response in the go home show was that since day one Ambrose thought of himself as the leader and the star of The Shield but said that arrogance will come back to bite him in the ass when he beats him and takes the United States title.

Diva's Championship: Naomi w/Cameron vs. AJ Lee (c) w/Tamina
It was announced that Naomi would be able to compete at Wrestlemania, and she returned on Raw to challenge AJ, and AJ accepted, looking forward to put her back on the shelf where she belongs.

Rey Mysterio vs. Bad News Barrett
After a Rey Mysterio victory on Raw, up popped Bad News Barrett to announce that he had some bad news for Mysterio fans, as he'd heard that Rey's days in the WWE were coming to an end and that Wrestlemania 30 would be his last. He even speculated that should he be Rey's opponent, Rey's last Wrestlemania would almost certainly end in defeat. Rey told him to put his money where his mouth was but refused to speculate on his future until the go home show with Barrett having already accepted the challenge. Mysterio did confirm that his contract was coming to an end and it wouldn't just be his last Wrestlemania but his last match in the WWE.

Barrett piped up again and stated that Rey's last match wouldn't have the fairytale ending, that it would have a tragic ending. Rey responded by telling Barrett that it was easy to brave when he's high up in the air and challenged him to say that to his face instead. Barrett called to be lowered down and did in fact go to the ring, telling Rey that he was going to embarrass him on his last night and prove he's doing the right thing by walking away. Mysterio responded by nailing him in the face with the microphone, ending up nailing him with the 619, and he grabbed the microphone again to tell Barrett he had some bad news for him, that he'd be on the end of the 619 again in New Orleans and he was going to shut his big mouth by beating him.

~The Wrestlemania Results~


Dolph Ziggler defeated The Miz with the Zig Zag.

Main Show:

Daniel Bryan defeated Triple H with the Yes Lock to earn a shot at the WWE World Heavyweight Championship in the main event later in the evening.

Cesaro defeated Sheamus, Big E Langston, Roman Reigns, Kofi Kingston, Alberto Del Rio, Christian & Jack Swagger to win the Money in the Bank contract.

The Usos defeated Rybaxel to retain the Tag Team Championship after a splash off the top on Axel.

Rey Mysterio defeated Bad News Barrett in his farewell match after dropping the dime.

Seth Rollins defeated Dean Ambrose to win the United States Championship with the Black Out.

AJ Lee defeated Naomi to retain the Diva's Championship with the Black Widow.

John Cena defeated Bray Wyatt with the STFU after The Wyatt Family were ordered away from ringside.

The Undertaker defeated Brock Lesnar thanks to Hell's Gate.

Daniel Bryan defeated Batista & Randy Orton to win the WWE World Heavyweight Championship by making Orton tap out to the Yes Lock after putting a halt to Triple H's attempts to interfere, ending Wrestlemania on a serious high note with Brie Bella joining her fiancé in the ring to congratulate him, sharing a touching embrace and applauding as he showed off his WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

~Additional Notes~

CM Punk's future remains up in the air with no official or unofficial confirmation as to whether he would return to the company. It's understood his contract expires in July.

Rey Mysterio's departure was officially confirmed after Wrestlemania. Speculation over Alberto Del Rio & Christian's futures also remain, with both considered to be leaving.

Mr. McMahon has returned full time to TV, appearing each week since the 3rd March in Chicago.

Several changes have been made to the pay-per-view schedule. Payback & Battleground have been dropped with Hell In A Cell replacing Payback in June. TLC & Night of Champions have switched, and with only one world title now and the Money in the Bank contract being competed for at Wrestlemania, the show has been replaced by the return of the King of the Ring. Several dates have also been changed slightly after poor buy rates and feedback, and to accommodate more appropriate time between pay-per-views as well as avoiding repetitive matches/shows.

~The Roster~

WWE Champion:
Brock Lesnar (Since SummerSlam '14).
Intercontinental Champion: Big E Langston (Since November 18th '13 - Raw).
United States Champion: Wade Barrett (Since August 18th '14 - Raw).
Tag Team Champions: The Usos (Since March 3rd '14 - Raw).
Diva's Champion: Paige (Since SummerSlam '14).
Money in the Bank: Cesaro.
King of the Ring: Cody Rhodes.

General Manager: Mr. McMahon
Announce Team: Michael Cole, Jerry 'The King' Lawler & John 'Bradshaw' Layfield.
Ring Announcer: Justin Roberts.

Big E Langston
Bo Dallas
Brock Lesnar *Part-Time Contract*
Daniel Bryan
Darren Young *Currently Inactive*
Dean Ambrose
Heath Slater
Jinder Mahal
John Cena
The Miz *Currently Inactive (Filming for WWE Productions)*
Roman Reigns
Santino Marella
Sheamus *Currently Injured*
Zack Ryder

General Manager: Jim Ross.
Announce Team: Tom Phillips & William Regal.
Ring Announcer: Lilian Garcia.

Alberto Del Rio
Bray Wyatt
'King' Cody Rhodes
Curtis Axel
Dolph Ziggler
Drew McIntyre
Evan Bourne
Justin Gabriel *Currently Inactive*
Randy Orton
Rob Van Dam *Part-Time Contract*
Sami Zayn
Seth Rollins *Currently Injured*
The Great Khali
Wade Barrett

Unallocated/Dual Talent
Batista *Part-Time Contract* (Currently filming an outside production)
Bubba Ray Dudley
D-Von Dudley
Damien Sandow
David Otunga
Erick Rowan
Jack Swagger
Jey Uso
Jimmy Uso
Kane *Currently Inactive*
Kofi Kingston
Luke Harper
Mark Henry
The Big Show
The Undertaker *Currently Inactive*
Titus O'Neil
Tyson Kidd
Xavier Woods

Tag Teams & Stables
Los Matadores
R-Truth & Xavier Woods
The African-American Movement (Booker T, Kofi Kingston, Titus O'Neil & David Otunga)
The Dudley Boyz
The Elite (Brock Lesnar, The Dudley Boyz, Tyson Kidd, Paige & Paul Heyman)
The Real Americans (Cesaro, Jack Swagger, Damien Sandow & Zeb Colter)
The Usos
The World's Largest Tag Team (The Big Show & Mark Henry)
The Wyatt Family

AJ Lee
Alicia Fox
Brie Bella *Currently Injured*
Nikki Bella
Summer Rae

Other On Screen Talent
Brad Maddox *Currently Inactive*
El Torito
Lana *Valet of Alexander Rusev*
Paul Heyman *Advocate of The Elite*
Vincent Kennedy McMahon *Owner of the WWE*
Zeb Colter *Manager of The Real Americans*

NXT Champion: Adrian Neville.
NXT Tag Team Champions: The Lucha Express.
NXT Women's Champion: Bayley.

Adam Rose
Adrian Neville
Aiden English
Angelo Dawkins
Baron Corbin
Buddy Murphy
Bull Dempsey
CJ Parker
Colin Cassady
Dash Wilder
Enzo Amore
Jason Jordan
Kevin Steen
Marcus Louis
Mojo Rawley
Scott Dawson
Simon Gotch
Sin Cara
Solomon Crowe
Sylvester Lefort
Travis Tyler
Tye Dillinger
Tyler Breeze
Wesley Blake
Yoshi Tatsu

Tag Teams & Stables
Angelo Dawkins & Travis Tyler
The Ascension (Konnor & Viktor)
Buddy Murphy & Wesley Blake
Enzo Amore & Colin Cassady
Jason Jordan & Tye Dillinger
The Legionnaires (Sylvester Lefort & Marcus Louis)
The Lucha Express (Sin Cara & Kalisto)
The Mechanics (Scott Dawson & Dash Wilder)
The Outsiders (Devitt, Kevin Steen & Solomon Crowe)
The Vaudevillians (Aiden English & Simon Gotch)

Alexa Bliss
Becky Lynch
Eva Marie
Kendall Skye
Rosa Mendes
Sasha Banks

Broadcast Team
Alex Riley *NXT Color-Commentator*
Byron Saxton *Backstage Interviewer*
Jason Albert *NXT Color-Commentator*
Jerry Lawler *Raw Color-Commentator*
John 'Bradshaw' Layfield *Raw & Smackdown Color-Commentator*
Josh Matthews *Smackdown Color-Commentator*
Michael Cole *Raw & Smackdown Lead Announcer*
Renee Young *Backstage Interviewer & NXT Color-Commentator*
Tom Phillips *NXT Announcer*
William Regal *NXT Color-Commentator*

>Pay-Per-Views & NXT Specials<

Extreme Rules
NXT Takeover
Hell in a Cell
King of the Ring
NXT Summer Takeover

>Pay-Per-View Schedule<

TLC: Tables, Ladders & Chairs Hell In A Cell (September 28)
Key Arena
Seattle, Washington

Survivor Series (November 9)
Manchester, England

Night of Champions (December 14)
The Hammerstein
New York City, New York

Wrestlemania 31 (March 29)
Santa Clara, CA

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Re: WWE: The "YES" Movement

I love that you are taking on a new diary but even more so that your diary is so current and that I can't wait to see your take on WrestleMania 30 compared to what we got last night in real life, so here is hoping we get to see what you have in store for us on the RAW after WrestleMania 30 or the Smackdown after WrestleMania 30 building up towards your Extreme Rules pay per view
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Re: WWE: The "YES" Movement

Uh oh, Nige the Boss is about to rock the shit out of BTB...

I really liked what I saw of Strong Response, and seeing how others respect you, I expect nothing but the best from this.

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Re: WWE: The "YES" Movement

The fact that you replaced Money in the Bank with King of the Ring already makes this an epic BTB thread. I've glimpsed your other BTB thread and I can't wait to see what you have in store.

Also happy to see Rollins with the US title, hopefully you'll utilize the belt much more then WWE did with Ambrose. Can't say that I'm a fan of Rusev but I'm always intrigued to see how people book the debut of huge sized Superstars.

Oh and Cesaro with the World title contract.
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Re: WWE: The "YES" Movement

WWE Raw 'Live'
Monday April 7th 2014
Smoothie King Center
New Orleans, LA

*A video montage of Wrestlemania moments was shown, highlighting The Undertaker's 22nd victory at the showpiece event over Brock Lesnar, and then Daniel Bryan's journey to the WWE World Heavyweight Championship was shown, starting with an interview earlier in the evening where he said the Yes Movement's goal was going to culminate with him winning the title and the Mercedes-Benz Superdome on their feet celebrating with him chanting "YES", and they did after he hit the Running Knee on Randy Orton, ending Wrestlemania on a massive high note.*

We went to the arena and Mr. McMahon was standing in the ring, having just watched the video himself on the tron with crowd, who were all chanting "YES". It brought a smile to the face of the Chairman of the Board, and he talked about how great a moment it was seeing the entire Mercedes-Benz Superdome enjoying it too and how great a show the 30th annual Wrestlemania was. He said he was there ultimately to congratulate someone who's developed arguably the biggest connection with the WWE Universe and that it was his pleasure to introduce them to the new WWE World Heavyweight Champion. "Flight of the Valkyries" hit to an almighty pop and out walked Daniel Bryan to a deafening barrage of "YES" chants with just the WWE Championship belt. He stopped to take it in on the stage before jumping up & down on his way to the ring, joining in with Mr. McMahon applauding the new champion into the ring. He handed Bryan the microphone after shaking his hand and then stepped back into the corner to allow him the chance to speak, not that he could for a while. Eventually he said that everything they had dreamt of and worked for came to a culmination the night before, winning the title that he wasn't meant to win, the title that The Authority didn't want him to win and tried everything in their power to stop him getting his hands on.

He talked about how it was a win for the WWE Universe, for him and for everyone who was told they weren't good enough or they didn't have the right look to be successful, proving that anything is possible. That got another show of appreciation from Mr. McMahon, and Bryan wasn't done, saying that as great as it was to finally be at the top of the company, he knew the hard work wasn't over, that it was only just starting, but it's a fight he's ready for, and with the WWE Universe and the Yes Movement behind him, it was a fight he was ready for and a fight he will win. More chants of "YES" came from the stands, all until a pissed off Stephanie McMahon walked out into the arena and down to the ring, staring furiously at the new WWE World Heavyweight Champion. Bryan though was jokingly looking behind her and asked where her husband was, asking whether he was too embarrassed at having lost to someone who was only a B+ player at Wrestlemania. She didn't take it at all well and told Bryan that making her angrier than she already was wasn't a good idea.

She turned to her dad and asked him whether he was happy at seeing the guy he called an ugly troll become the face of the company, but Vince simply asked the WWE Universe to answer for him, giving Stephanie a resounding answer she didn't want to hear, whereas Vince said that the fans being happy makes him as the owner of the company very happy indeed. Stephanie then told everyone that they might not be happy for very long because she'd just spoken to the superstar who has a rematch clause and is hell bent on getting his title back, announcing that Randy Orton will get his rematch at Extreme Rules, promising that he will defeat Daniel Bryan and the Yes Movement. There was no concern from Bryan, saying he was fine with that, and he would be happy to beat Randy again like he did 24 hours earlier. Stephanie told him not to be so sure and that she'd also made the main event for later that meant Randy Orton could get his hands on Bryan to show him how pissed off he is too when The Viper & 'The Animal' Batista team up to take on Bryan & John Cena. That brought out the pissed off Randy Orton, and he got right in Bryan's face, staring right into his eyes.

He then told Bryan that he was going to end all this Yes Movement once for all, he was going to "kill it" at Extreme Rules by taking back his title. Bryan though smirked through it and asked Randy how he was going to do that when he can't win a match by himself and after he lost at Wrestlemania, telling Orton that to him it looked like he was all talk. That didn't go down at well with The Viper and he stared furiously at Bryan, then turned to the crowd before looking for a cheap shot, an RKO out of nowhere. Bryan pulled back though and shoved Orton into the ropes, then ran at him to clothesline him over the top to a huge pop from the crowd. Orton stood up, absolutely livid when Vince again stepped in and said that he didn't want to see all hell break loose ahead of the main event when they can go at it. He then talked about their match at Extreme Rules, saying that he was going to make sure nobody interfered and that it would be a fair fight with no special guest referee, it would be a steel cage match where the only way to win was by escaping the cage. Bryan liked that and his music hit with the crowd again chanting "YES", pissing off Orton & Steph even more.

*Commercial Break*

*We were shown various stills of Cesaro's Money in the Bank victory last night at Wrestlemania, ending with him holding the briefcase aloft on the top of the ladder.*

The Real Americans along with Zeb Colter made their way into the arena with Los Matadores already down in the ring, and there was some clear awkwardness from Jack Swagger with a very proud Cesaro holding his Money in the Bank briefcase he won the night before at Wrestlemania. Colter had a stick and talked about how after what he achieved in becoming Mr. Money in the Bank, Cesaro will ensure that the future for the United States of America is bright, that he has the opportunity in his position to set an example as a real American, and when, not if he becomes the WWE World Heavyweight Champion, America will have a champion and a role model to be proud of, not some troll like Daniel Bryan but a warrior in Cesaro who will take no prisoners. Swagger was getting visibly frustrated, and didn't share the same enthusiasm for their trademark "we the people" motion before they headed off down to the ring.

*The Opening Match*
Los Matadores w/El Torito vs. The Real Americans w/Zeb Colter

There was still some hesitation from Swagger throughout, but when in the ring he did his job. He had to watch from the apron though as Cesaro cleaned house and ended up knocking out Diego before finishing off Fernando with the uppercut forearm too, and then the Neutralizer to secure the win for The Real Americans. After the match, Zeb had something more to say and sent a message to Daniel Bryan, that he & Cesaro will be watching him and at sometime soon when they see fit, Cesaro will cash in his briefcase and America will have a real American and a real champion. He dropped the microphone and Swagger was shaking his head slightly, not that Zeb or Cesaro noticed or seemed to care about him at that point.

Winners: The Real Americans @ 7:34.

*Commercial Break*

We were taken backstage to the halls of the arena where the very angry looking Batista was with the equally angry Stephanie McMahon. The Animal was telling her how this Yes Movement crap was driving him crazy and how he's the one to end it, not Randy. He then told her that she should give him another shot and said that it was Randy who lost to Daniel Bryan at Wrestlemania, not him. We could hear someone sni-ggering in the background, and the camera panned to the right, revealing a very unsympathetic Roman Reigns standing there. Cheers were heard in the arena as he looked very unimpressed with The Animal, who asked Reigns if he had something he wanted to say. Reigns did, telling Batista that he didn't win the match, it was that simple and to "deal with it." There was a brief staredown before Reigns, dressed for action, walked out of the shot leaving Batista furious, so much so he aggressively took off his expensive shades!

*Match #2*
Roman Reigns vs. Fandango w/Summer Rae

After Reigns joined him in the ring, Fandango started prancing about as the bell was rung, not impressing Reigns at all. Fandango seemed shocked by the lack of reaction from Reigns, who then reacted by charging at him and taking him down to the mat with a hellacious spear. Fandango was out for the count and Reigns coolly went about making the cover and getting the stroll of a win as a shocked Summer Rae looked on. After Reigns then got his arm raised by the referee, he turned round and was tackled down to the mat by a spear from an irate 'Animal' Batista. He just stared down furiously at Reigns as he stood up, telling him to "deal with that" before turning round and leaving the ring, ignoring all the heat coming from the crowd. A livid looking Reigns began to sit up, staring back up at the stage as Batista walked straight to the back without turning round.

Winner: Roman Reigns @ 0:11.

*Commercial Break*

Coming off the break, Renee Young was shown catching up with Batista, asking him why he just speared Roman Reigns. The Animal didn't look too happy at being stopped by her but quickly answered her question, saying it was simple, that Reigns got what he deserved for being a smart ass and sticking his nose in business that didn't concern him, so he thought he'd show him who the big dog in town is, letting Reigns and the "deluded WWE Universe" know it's him, not Reigns, Daniel Bryan or anyone else.

*Match #3*
Jey Uso w/Jimmy Uso vs. Curtis Axel w/Ryback

Axel gave Jey a real fight, but in the end, one half of the tag champs came back fighting and caught the former Intercontinental Champion with a super kick before heading up top for a splash to get the win after Jimmy pulled Ryback down off the apron, ducked a clothesline and caught him with a super kick too. The Usos celebrated together in front of the fans cheering them, but on their way back up the ramp, Ryback was back on his feet at ringside with a microphone. He climbed in the ring and told the champions how he lucky he thought they were just then and at Wrestlemania, calling the wins fluke and that if he & Axel got another shot, they wouldn't be champions at the end of it. Jimmy & Jey took little to no notice before carrying on to the back, really pissing off Ryback as he dropped the stick with Axel not happy either.

Winner: Jey Uso @ 6:12.

*Commercial Break*

Roman Reigns wasn't looking too happy at all, in a foul mood when he was shown walking through the back. He was stopped by Renee Young, and she asked him about what happened with Batista when The Animal speared him and looked to deal him to "deal with that." Reigns clearly wasn't happy at what happened, especially hearing the last bit again, and he simply turned to Renee and told her that he'd "deal with it alright." He carried on walking through the halls of the arena, leaving Renee in no doubt that he meant it.

*Match #4*
Kofi Kingston, R-Truth & Xavier Woods vs. The Wyatt Family

The face trio came up against the very intense & focused Wyatts, clearly unhappy about the events of Wrestlemania. Kofi especially made their moods even worse, taking the fight to the family, but when Bray entered the fold in the closing minutes, he took apart Truth, culminating in Sister Abigail with Harper & Rowan taking care of Kofi & Woods. The win didn't satisfy Bray though and he wanted a microphone.

Winners: The Wyatt Family @ 6:39.

Wyatt wanted to let everyone know that John Cena's victory over him at Wrestlemania was tainted, claiming that Cena was protected, that intervention in ordering the absence of Harper & Rowan was his saviour from the inevitable abyss. He continued to say that it remains inevitable as it is inevitable for a reason, because Cena like anybody can't be saved forever, that Cena will not escape the fate that awaits him at the hands of the buzzards. Out came John Cena to a largely negative reaction, not that it bothered him. Staying on the stage he said that Wyatt talks in riddles where he prefers to get to the point, and he did, saying that the record book shows he beat him and will do again if that's what Bray was getting at. Wyatt laughed, calling Cena brave, but that his bravery is misplaced. Wyatt wanted to test Cena's bravery & intelligence, taunting him by saying that he knows Cena isn't naive, claiming Cena knows he was lucky and intervention saved him.

He then wanted to see if he was brave enough to walk down to the ring and step inside, believing he wouldn't, calling Cena a coward and a liar but that he sees through it. Wyatt then threw the stick down, and along with Harper & Rowan prepared for him. Cena thought about then headed the ramp, pulling off his shirt and throwing it into the crowd, getting ready for war. He stopped & thought again as Bray goaded him, begging him to step inside, and Cena ran & dived in, quickly being pounced on by Harper & Rowan with Bray stepping back to watch as they tore into him. Cena responded though and fought back, getting on top, until Bray joined the attack and beat Cena down. Just after he ordered Harper & Rowan to drag him up, Cody Rhodes & Goldust's music hit and they ran down to make the save with Cena too coming back once again. They cleaned house and the Wyatts were absolutely seething on the outside as "My Time Is Now" hit with Cena thanking The Brotherhood, all keeping their eyes on the furious Family glaring back at them with pure hate in their sadistic eyes with Bray almost psychotic.

*Commercial Break*

>4 Weeks!<

*We were shown various stills of Seth Rollins' victory over Dean Ambrose from 24 hours earlier to become the United States Champion.*

*Match #5*
Non-Title Match
Seth Rollins vs. Damien Sandow

The new United States Champion got a decent pop from the crowd, as did Sandow with the smarks in attendance. They put on a real show, and after a couple of close calls, Sandow was getting more & more frustrated. Rollins looked vulnerable, but he pulled back from Sandow and hit an enzuigiri. When they made their way back up, Rollins struck with a kick to the gut, pulled Sandow into him and then hit a powerbomb on to the turnbuckle pads, allowing him to then hit the Black Out. It was enough for the win, but before he could get his arm raised he was tackled down to the mat by Dean Ambrose, met by a mixed response from the smark crowd. He stomped the hell out of Rollins before hitting the downward driver, staring down sadistically at him before going to get a microphone and kneeling down alongside the fallen Rollins, sarcastically congratulating him on his big victory the night before. Ambrose carried on by telling him the party was never going to last long but how he plans on having a party of his own, and by party he means torturing Rollins, killing his soul and taking back the United States title. He stood back up and told Rollins to enjoy the rest of his night because this was as good as it was going to get for him. He then dropped the stick with an evil smile on his remorseless face with Rollins in a bad way on the mat.

Winner: Seth Rollins @ 10:21.

*Commercial Break*

*We were shown various stills of AJ Lee's victory over Naomi from Wrestlemania to retain the Diva's Championship.*

*Match #6*
The Funkadactyls vs. AJ Lee & Tamina

AJ was cocky as hell after her victory at Wrestlemania over Naomi, but it wasn't her complacency that cost her. Tamina accidentally nailed her with a big boot when she went for Naomi, who ducked it and then pulled the ropes down to send the onrushing Tamina down to the floor. AJ was then dragged to the corner and Naomi hit a split leg moonsault to get the win for her & Cameron. After they left the ring and Tamina slid back in to apologise, AJ got up in her grill and lost it. She was going crazy, shouting at her and then slapped Tamina, surprising even herself. Tamina snapped and nailed her with a right hand, putting AJ down to a big pop from the cheers. The Diva's Champ couldn't believe it as she sat up, staring right at Tamina, who turned round & left the ring, not looking back after putting AJ on her ass, and AJ still was raging.

Winners: The Funkadactyls @ 8:22.

*Commercial Break*

Coming back off the break, "Real American" hit and Hulk Hogan, the host of Wrestlemania made his way down to the ring to a huge response from the crowd. He played up to them for a while before addressing them to say how grateful he was to be asked back to host Wrestlemania, calling the WWE his home and he thanked the Hulkamaniacs for welcoming him back when the music of Brock Lesnar hit, and he emerged from the back with Paul Heyman, both still in a bad mood from 24 hours earlier and the defeat to The Undertaker. Once in the ring, Hogan was stunned to see them there looking at him. Heyman then spoke and told Hulk that for his sake and now that his hosting duties were complete, he was best off leaving the ring, reminding him that if he was hosting Wrestlemania he would know why Brock was in such a bad mood and should leave the ring of his own accord before he's carried out, perhaps even to the morgue.

Heyman quickly said that it would be ironic after what happened at Wrestlemania, and even though Brock technically lost the match, he was still standing, and after what he did to The Undertaker, the likelihood is The Dead-Man will never be seen again thanks to "BA-ROCK LESNAR!" He carried on, saying that in reality Brock was the winner and the streak is over, and despite that, he was still being denied the opportunity to challenge for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, which is why Brock isn't exactly in the mood to watch a dinosaur like Hulk Hogan parading around the ring like it's the 80's all over again and stealing his spotlight. Lesnar glared right at Hogan, looking like he was going to rip him in half, and Heyman gave him one last warning, to leave the ring before Brock ends Hulkamania like he ended The Undertaker. The Beast Incarnate brushed past Heyman and squared up to Hogan with the fans going nuts, chanting "Hogan" repeatedly.

He didn't back off and Heyman piped up again, saying that it looked like Hogan's age was affecting his mind and that he should be encouraged by the WWE Universe to get out of the ring before Brock Lesnar broke Hogan's hip for the umpteenth time along with many other bones in his fragile body. Hogan didn't listen and continued staring back at Lesnar when Sheamus's music hit and The Celtic Warrior paced down to the ring with a microphone, telling Lesnar to back off. Temporarily he did, and when in the ring, Sheamus told him that he respects all Lesnar's done and his performance against The Undertaker, but that he wasn't going to stand back and watch him put his hands on a legend. Lesnar turned and squared up to him with Heyman smirking, clearly looking like he was happy to see Brock destroy Sheamus. The Beast Incarnate didn't faze Sheamus, and then he hammered The Celtic Warrior. They went at it, and with Lesnar getting the upper hand, Hogan spun him round, getting the crowd going even more, watching the almost psychotic looking Lesnar staring at Hogan, thinking he was going to tear him to shreds.

Just as Lesnar threw a punch, Sheamus grabbed his fist and Hogan hit Lesnar to a huge pop. Heyman was in shock as Lesnar hit the mat and Sheamus backed up for the Brogue Kick. Lesnar stood up, oblivious to what was waiting for him, but he ducked it and lifted Sheamus up for the F5. That got a mixed response and Hogan pulled Sheamus down. He landed on his feet and ducked a clothesline from the seething Beast Incarnate, both then turning with Sheamus running at him and nailing him with Brogue Kick. Lesnar was down & out and Sheamus invited Hogan to go for the leg drop when Heyman stepped in, getting a right hand from Hogan for his troubles, and he then tasted the leg drop to a massive pop inside the arena. Hogan's music hit again and he soaked up the reaction with Sheamus leaving him to it, getting a thumbs up from Hogan before he too eventually left the ring as a livid Lesnar sat up, then stood up, walking to the ropes and kicking them with Heyman coming round, not knowing what hit him.

*Commercial Break*

We were taken to the back straight off the break where we saw John Cena flat on his back in the backstage area with The Wyatt Family standing over him, enjoying what they'd obviously just done to him. Wyatt kneeled down alongside him and whispered to him "I warned you John... you can't stop it." They then backed away with Wyatt smiling. The Brotherhood then turned a corner and they saw Cena on his back, and they ran to check on him, shouting for help.

Across the back, Brock Lesnar & Paul Heyman were walking back from the ring and they were stopped by Renee Young, wanting their reaction to what just happened before the break with Sheamus & Hulk Hogan. They were still steaming, Heyman especially, and he told Renee that Hogan was out of order to put his hands on him and Sheamus had no place getting involved in his & Brock's business. He was absolutely livid and was getting even hotter, saying that making them angry is something you just shouldn't do, him as much as Brock, which is why he was going to give Sheamus the chance to show how brave he actually is. Heyman looked dead into the camera and told Sheamus that if he wants to put his hands on Brock Lesnar then he should step inside the ring with him at Extreme Rules and fight him, saying then we'd find out just how much of a hero Sheamus is. He then walked out of the shot, followed by Lesnar, who also stared right into the camera, sending a strong message & challenge to The Celtic Warrior.

It was time for the main event but Stephanie McMahon walked out to announce that due to what happened moments ago to John Cena, the tag team match would now become a two-on-one handicap match. That didn't go down well with the crowd at all and Mr. McMahon walked out to join his daughter, and he told the audience that what Stephanie just said wasn't exactly true. He explained that he'd quickly been able to find a replacement for John Cena, and like Daniel Bryan last night, this person was going to pull double duty after a match of sorts earlier on. Vince stood to the side and out came Roman Reigns, fired-up beyond belief, staring intently at Stephanie before nodding at Vince and then heading down the ramp on a mission with the McMahons then turning & arguing on their way backstage.

*The Main Event*
Daniel Bryan & Roman Reigns
vs. Randy Orton & Batista

The crowd were pumped and fully behind Bryan & Reigns, giving Orton & Batista hell throughout. Reigns was desperate to get his hands on Batista, and when he did, the crowd went nuts. He flew at The Animal and put him on the back foot, and when it came down to it, it was Bryan & Orton. Batista tried to stop Bryan in his tracks but Reigns put him back on the apron, and then knocked him off as he stood back up with the Superman punch. Orton tossed Reigns out, but he turned round into a roundhouse kick attempt from Bryan but ducked it. He went for the RKO but Bryan pulled back and tried to pull Orton into the Yes Lock. Orton held firm and pushed Bryan into the corner, then ran in at him with Bryan lifting his feet up into Orton's face. The Viper was sent staggering out of the corner and back across the ring, and when he turned round, Bryan flew out at him and nailed him with the running knee to the face to a huge roar from the crowd. Batista & Reigns made their way back up on the floor and Reigns reversed Batista's attempt to send him into the security wall, then ran at Batista and speared him through it to an almighty cheer. Back on the inside Bryan sat up looking on in shocked but then made the cover to get the win, much to the delight of the crowd as Reigns stood back up and rejoined him in the ring, getting their arms raised with Batista & Orton writhing around on the floor coming round as the show came to a close with Bryan & Reigns on the ropes and the crowd chanting "YES!"

Winners: Daniel Bryan & Roman Reigns @ 23:40.

*End of Show*

>Confirmed for Extreme Rules<

Sunday 4th May 2014 (4 Weeks)
Venue: IZOD Center - East Rutherford, NJ

WWE World Heavyweight Championship
Steel Cage Match - Escape Only
Daniel Bryan (c) vs. Randy Orton

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Re: WWE: The "YES" Movement

Brock Lesnar vs Sheamus, The Beast Incarnate vs The Great White, I really want to see these 2 go at it and I hope that these 2 do go at it at Extreme Rules and as for what kind of match they should have? Definitely either an Extreme Rules Match or a Last Man Standing Match but either way Brock Lesnar and Sheamus are so similar like their careers are practically parallel because Brock won King of the Ring in 2002, so did Sheamus in 2010, both of them went on to be the fastest rising superstars ever in WWE history in the span of less than a few months both won titles in their rookie years but Lesnar has been more successful than Sheamus though but at the same time both of these men are brawlers probably the most toughest guys in the locker room and to see these 2 tear each other apart I can't wait

As for Batista I can see him facing Roman Reigns at Extreme Rules especially after what happened on RAW

I am so glad that you did not end Undertaker's streak, thank the Lord, thank God for that but as for Taker I don't think we will see him again in your diary until WrestleMania 31 and if we do then I wonder who will be the 23rd man Undertaker faces at next year's WrestleMania? I can see it being either John Cena, Bray Wyatt w/The Wyatt Family, or I can see it being Sting or I can see it being Daniel Bryan or even Sheamus for that matter

As for Cesaro now that he has Money in the Bank I can see Cesaro cashing in his briefcase on either Bryan or Orton, it doesn't matter who wins but I can see Cesaro cashing in his briefcase right after the Steel Cage Match that Bryan and Orton have at Extreme Rules for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship

Triple H was embarrassed at Mania and I wonder if that is the last we see of Triple H at least for a while anyway? Now that Vince is back here is hoping he ends up taking control back from Stephanie and Triple H
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Re: WWE: The "YES" Movement

Friday Night 'Smackdown'
Friday 11th April 2014
From the Cajundome
Lafayette, Louisiana

*A video montage of Wrestlemania moments was shown, highlighting The Undertaker's 22nd victory at the showpiece event, and then Daniel Bryan's journey to the WWE World Heavyweight Championship was shown, starting with an interview earlier in the evening where he said the Yes Movement's goal was going to culminate with him winning the title and the Mercedes-Benz Superdome on their feet celebrating with him chanting "YES", and they did after he hit the Running Knee on Randy Orton, ending Wrestlemania on a massive high note.*


The music of The Real Americans hit, and out came 'Mr. Money in the Bank' Cesaro & Jack Swagger along with Zeb Colter. Cesaro & Zeb had the same swagger as they did on Raw, only Swagger himself wasn't sharing the same mood as them. Unsurprisingly Zeb had something to say in the ring, and he talked about how Cesaro's victory in the Money in the Bank was a historic moment for The Real Americans as they & their M.O. are now being taken more seriously, "as they should" he said. He continued while Swagger showed what would liked some resentment, listening as Colter said that Cesaro was going to continue the way he left off at Wrestlemania with a victory, as he did on Raw too with Swagger against another unwanted immigrant who was going to feel the force of a Real American who will go on to be the champion the WWE and the United States of America need. It was an emphatic "we the people" from Cesaro & Colter, but less so from Swagger, and he left the ring sour faced with the oblivious Colter as Kofi Kingston hit the arena to a big pop from the crowd.

*The Opening Match*
Kofi Kingston vs. Cesaro w/Zeb Colter & Jack Swagger

The crowd were treated to a real exciting contest with Kofi ultra fired-up against the Money in the Bank winner, and The Swiss Superman was soon regretting his complacency early on. The fans got right behind Kofi, cheering him on with Swagger showing a brief wry smile on his face at seeing Kofi troubling Cesaro, and after a tornado DDT, everyone thought he had the win, only for Cesaro to get his shoulder up to deny the African high-flyer. He kept on going, fighting through some real brutal offence from Mr. Money in the Bank. It looked like he might emerge victorious when he stepped out of the corner when Cesaro, growing frustrated with his opponent's resilience ran into the corner for an uppercut. He turned round in a flash and Kofi went for the Trouble In Paradise but Cesaro ducked it, and as Kofi got back up to his feet, Cesaro shot him up into the air for the devastating uppercut to K.O. Kofi. He was there for the taking and Cesaro finished the job with the Neutralizer, bringing a big smile to the face of Zeb, but not Swagger, who did join his fellow Real American in the ring, despite clearly showing some resentment to him yet again.

Winner: Cesaro by pinfall @ 10:37.

*Commercial Break*

The audience were treated to the presence of Bad News Barrett walking out to the stage with a microphone, not that they were happy to see him. He announced that he had some rare good news for them as in the main event he would be taking on the new WWE World Heavyweight Champion, Daniel Bryan. That did a get big pop and some inevitable "YES" chants from the crowd but he then broke his "bad news", saying that in that main event he was going to finally bring an end to the ridiculous Yes Movement and defeat Daniel Bryan and the spirit of the WWE Universe at the same time. He told them to enjoy it one last time before he ended it once & for all, taking a great pleasure in taunting them before turning to walk backstage when Emma's music hit and she made her 'Emmataining' way out to the arena, not impressing Barrett at all as she tried to get him to join in with her. He just shook his head and walked to the back as she carried on down to the ring for her upcoming match with a big smile on her face.

*Match #2*
Emma vs. Aksana

We weren't treated to the best divas match we'll ever see, but Emma got the crowd going from the moment the bell rung, getting under the skin of the unimpressed Aksana. After an impressive start from Emma, Aksana came back and dominated until Emma turned the tables with the fans willing her on and chanting her name, and when she applied the Emma Lock, they cheered loudly as she left Aksana with no choice but to tap out, gaining a popular win for the Emmalution. She wasn't done there though and carried on dancing, leaving the ring and joining in with some kids in the front row, all having a good time with the happy go lucky Australian diva.

Winner: Emma by submission @ 4:12.

The Bella Twins & Natalya were watching backstage, and they too were enjoying it. They were all smiling and Natalya moved on to say that something else she enjoyed was seeing Tamina stand up to AJ and knock on her ass on Raw Monday night. The Bellas agreed, saying it was funny, then the not so happy Diva's Champion, AJ Lee walked into the shot with a face like thunder. She stared at all three of them and told them it was no wonder they enjoyed Tamina's little moment given how bitter they are, even though their "little reality show" she wanted no part of was back on the air. Natalya & The Bellas tried not to rise to her, but Natalya said that it looked like Tamina wants no part of AJ anymore either. AJ said she was fine with that though and told them she was going to deal with Tamina like she has every single one of them and the other talentless reality whores, then walked off leaving the unimpressed divas behind.

*Commercial Break*

The Brotherhood
were interviewed backstage by Renee Young about coming to the aid of John Cena Monday night at the hands of The Wyatt Family, and Goldust said that The Wyatts are bullies hiding behind some misunderstood persona, something he claimed to know about all too well. Cody jokingly said that no one could agree with that and he & Goldie weren't going to sit back and watch The Wyatts use their numbers advantage over Cena. Goldust then looked into the camera and sent a message to the Wyatts, saying that they weren't scared by them one bit, and should they choose to come after The Rhodes Family, he & Cody will happily show them that.

*Match #3*
Non-Title Match
Big E Langston vs. Damien Sandow

Big E got a good response from the crowd, but the Intercontinental Champion didn't get the same welcoming response from his opponent. He came up against an aggressive Sandow, who kept him grounded for a large portion of the match. He didn't stay down though and came back fighting, urged on by the crowd, and he got the job done with the Big Ending to secure the victory. He celebrated on the second rope with his title, lifting up to the crowd, but when he stepped down off the ropes he was speared out of nowhere by Christian to heat from the crowd. He stood over Big E looking incredibly pissed off for whatever reason before then leaving the ring, giving the fans dirty looks and heading back up the ramp very angry indeed.

Winner: Big E by pinfall @ 9:07.

*Commercial Break*

Christian was stopped on his way backstage by Renee Young, asking him to explain why he attacked Big E Langston before the break. Captain Charisma said he couldn't care less about Big E Langston or whoever it was, claiming it wasn't personal. He said he had all this anger building up inside him since Wrestlemania, saying the Money in the Bank was his chance to become world champion, and then he was charged at and taken down to the floor by Big E Langston. The Intercontinental Champion pummelled him with right hands, but officials were quick on the scene to drag him off the Canadian, not that he wanted to be with Christian sitting up, shouting back him and calling him a lunatic, only pissing Big E off even more, trying but failing to get past the officials.

Dolph Ziggler hit the stage to a pretty big pop from the crowd, and not dressed to compete, he walked slowly down to the ring looking to have something weighing heavy on his mind. Once in the ring he took a few moments before saying that it was a year ago on Raw that he realised the dream of becoming World Heavyweight Champion. It got another cheer from the crowd, but he was finding it hard to find the words. He did carry on after a brief pause to say that a year on, he didn't even get a spot on Raw Monday night. He continued, saying that a year ago he thought it was going to be year the made him a star, how he thought he could even go on to headline Wrestlemania 30 to top off the year he was sure was going to be the best of his career, which he said turned out to easily be the worst.

The fans showed their support by chanting "Ziggler", and he told them that he appreciated it and promised that after much soul searching having not been at Wrestlemania that he was going to make sure that didn't happen again and that he wasn't going to have another year like that, that starting from now he was going to do nothing but "show off" why he should've headlined Wrestlemania 30. He had the fans on side, but clearly not Alberto Del Rio who interrupted to a ton of heat. Dolph wasn't at all happy to see the Mexican walk down to the ring, and the former multi-time world champion told Ziggler how he heard what was he saying in the back and couldn't help but laugh. He told Ziggler he was dreaming and that the concussion he got last year was obviously still messing with his head. The Show Off though wasn't in the mood to listen and told Del Rio that the only reason he lost the world title back to him was because of that concussion, but the Mexican came back at him and told Ziggler he was getting confused again.

Del Rio said that Ziggler needs to remember how he won the world title in the first place, cashing in the Money in the Bank on him when he was injured, and having already had a match. He told Dolph to get his facts straight and that when he got his rematch he took the title back because Ziggler was a joke of a champion and that he will never headline Wrestlemania because he's not good enough. Ziggler stood there and briefly nodded his head, toying with Del Rio before hammering him with the microphone, met by a rapturous response from the crowd. He jumped down on top of Del Rio and pummelled him, and the Mexican responded. They were trading shots when the General Manager of Smackdown, Vickie Guerrero came out screeching "excuse me" and told them to break it up. She got great heat and Ziggler & Del Rio sat up in the ring, looking up at the stage, and then stood up as Vickie told them if they wanted to fight, they would do it properly, in a match later. She told them to get backstage and get changed with the fans cheering as Ziggler's music hit again with him & Del Rio staring furiously at each other.

*Commercial Break*

*We were shown a recap from Raw where The Brotherhood came to the aid of John Cena in a 3-on-1 mugging at the hands of The Wyatt Family, leaving The Family furious, who were then shown standing over Cena later on in the back with Cena on his back and Wyatt kneeling down to whisper that he warned Cena he couldn't stop the inevitable.*

*Match #4*
The Brotherhood vs. Rybaxel

We saw a very competitive tag team match with Axel & Ryback coming out very determined before they even stepped in the ring. They came up against another team who meant business, and just as it looked like Goldust was about to wrap up the match after Cody took Ryback down on the floor, the lights went out with The Wyatts' calling card. When the lights came back on, The Wyatt Family were halfway down the ramp. Cody walked round the floor, ready for them with Goldust walking to the ropes looking up at them. It then gave Axel the chance to sneak up behind Goldust and roll him up, scoring the win for him & Ryback as The Wyatts looked on laughing on the ramp with Cody turning round shocked, as was Goldust as he sat up. Axel rolled out of the ring as Cody rolled back in, watching as Rybaxel then walked down the side of the ramp and The Wyatts made their way down it into the ring, standing there ready to strike.

The Rhodes Brothers looked in deep trouble, and they were, but they fought fire with fire by going at The Wyatts, quickly being beaten down by the numbers game. Goldust fell victim to Sister Abigail, and Cody was about to too with the crowd chanting "Cena, Cena...". There was no Cena to come Cody's rescue, and he too ate the mat after a Sister Abigail at the hands of Wyatt. Bray then delivered a message to them & Cena, saying that like Cena couldn't save them just then, there will be no more intervention and claimed no one can save Cena from the inevitable. He continued, saying that Cena's fate is in his hands and this time there will be no happy ending, because in life there isn't always a happy ending. The fans booed The Wyatts as Bray then let go of the microphone and stared eerily into the camera with Harper & Rowan behind him looking as menacing as ever.

Winners: Rybaxel by pinfall @ 8:40.

*Commercial Break*

>3 Weeks!<

*We got another Raw recap where Dean Ambrose attacked the man who beat him at Wrestlemania to claim the United States Championship, Seth Rollins. After Rollins victory over Damien Sandow, Ambrose pummelled him and vowed to torture Rollins and enjoy it before taking the United States title back.*

*Match #5*
R-Truth w/Xavier Woods vs. Dean Ambrose

Ambrose was in a foul mood, psychotic almost, and his over aggressiveness got him in trouble with the referee very early on. It gave Truth the chance to come back at him, and he wasn't going to be a punching bag for the now former United States Champion. He & Ambrose went back & forth, but it was Ambrose who came out on top despite looking vulnerable, ducking the scissor kick and hitting the downward driver to pick up the win, not that it pleased him as he stood up, taking exception to the referee trying to raise his hand. All he wanted was a microphone, and he said he wouldn't be celebrating anything until the moment he makes the ungrateful, selfish Seth Rollins quit at Extreme Rules and takes back his United States title. He promised Rollins that even after being part of The Shield for over a year, Rollins has no idea how extreme he can be, but in three weeks he's going to find out first hand when he unleashes fury Rollins would never think was imaginable, and as much as Rollins isn't going to enjoy it, he will, every last second of it. The crowd didn't shy away in booing the psychotic Ambrose as he dropped the microphone, looking right into the camera, hoping Rollins was watching somewhere and heard him.

Winner: Dean Ambrose by pinfall @ 6:35.

*Commercial Break*

Dean Ambrose was shown walking through the back after his victory with a sadistic smile on his face, but suddenly he stopped looking surprised. The camera then panned to the right where we saw the serious as hell United States Champion, Seth Rollins. He stayed calm, managing to congratulate Ambrose on his victory before letting him know that he has no problem at the thought of facing him at Extreme Rules in an I Quit match, even saying he was looking forward to it and showing Ambrose how extreme he can be, He then told Ambrose he wasn't going to jump him like a coward like Ambrose did him Monday night on Raw, which is why he wanted to tell him face-to-face that at Extreme Rules it won't be him who'll say "I quit." Ambrose was getting more agitated, somehow keeping a lid on his inner rage as Rollins then told him that he has no intention of giving Ambrose the satisfaction of making him quit, and the sooner he accepts that the better, because Ambrose wasn't going to get his United States title back. Rollins gave his former Shield teammate the eyes for a couple of seconds before turning & walking away with Ambrose breathing heavily, just about keeping the rage inside as the camera zoomed in on his deeply frustrated face.

It was time to go back to the arena and "Here To Show The World" blasted out to a big pop with Dolph Ziggler emerging from the back, full of focus as he set off on his way down the ramp. He stopped at the bottom, turning to the crowd, soaking in the response and getting himself even more fired-up when Alberto Del Rio came charging down the ramp and attacked him from behind. The Mexican knocked him to the floor and put the boots to The Show Off, getting a ton of boos from the crowd. He wasn't holding back and pulled Dolph up to send him crashing into the steel steps, knocking the top step off, and he wasn't done. He dragged Ziggler back up and tossed him back in the ring, watching him struggling to get up to his knees, and the closer he got, the angrier Del Rio got, so much so he snapped and nailed him with the super kick to the jaw while Dolph was on his knees.

Ziggler was out of it and Del Rio knew it, staring coldly into the crowd before getting a sick smile on his face from it. He then looked back down at Ziggler, taunting him, gently kicking him and telling him to get up. There was no way Dolph was getting back up, so the Mexican gave him a helping hand, before grabbing the arm and locking in the cross armbreaker to more heat from the fans. Ziggler ended up tapping but Del Rio didn't let go until officials ran down to the ring to help Ziggler, having to pull the furious Del Rio off him. The fans let Del Rio have it as he stood up, livid to have been dragged off as help was called for Dolph, who was holding his arm and looking in absolute agony. Del Rio then looked down and got another kick from seeing Ziggler in pain, then left the ring, enjoying the sight of Dolph clearly hurting badly as EMT's came down to the ring to attend to him.

*Commercial Break*

Footage from during the break was shown with Dolph Ziggler being helped to the back, his left arm clearly in a bad way.

*The Main Event*
Non-Title Match
Daniel Bryan vs. Bad News Barrett

The new WWE World Heavyweight Champion was greeted by an incredible response in Lafayette with the Yes Movement in full swing. Bad News Barrett was out to spoil the party, and he sure quietened the crowd down for a while. He couldn't manage to put Bryan away though, and when Bryan rolled through with an arm drag from The Wasteland, Barrett got back up and ran into a roundhouse kick. He wasn't moving, not for a while anyway when the WWE World Heavyweight Champion backed up into the corner, stalking his prey as the Englishman slowly came round. Bryan was leading the choir with "YES" chants, building them up more & more, and when Barrett managed to make it to his feet, Bryan flew out of the corner and nailed him with the running knee to get himself another victory, much to the delight of the fans in attendance. Just as Bryan was celebrating with the WWE Universe, he was interrupted by Zeb Colter & 'Mr. Money in the Bank' Cesaro. It took Bryan by surprise as he looked up to the stage, listening to Colter as he sent a direct message to the champion, warning him that they're watching him and that one day soon, he won't know when, Cesaro will cash in his Money in the Bank contract, making him not just a real American but a real champion, the WWE World Heavyweight Champion. Bryan took it well, not too worried as he looked up at Cesaro lifting his briefcase up with the crowd chanting "NO!", then the show came to a close when Bryan responded by lifting his title up to a whole host of "YES" chants and his music hitting, angering Cesaro & Colter.

Winner: Daniel Bryan by pinfall @ 13:23.

*End of Show*

>Confirmed for Extreme Rules<

Sunday 4th May 2014 (3 Weeks)
Venue: IZOD Center - East Rutherford, NJ

WWE World Heavyweight Championship
Steel Cage Match - Escape Only
Daniel Bryan (c) vs. Randy Orton

Intercontinental Championship
I Quit Match
Seth Rollins (c) vs. Dean Ambrose

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Re: WWE: The "YES" Movement

Hi Nige, great start - just read these and enjoying them lots.

Particularly enjoying the Daniel Bryan segments, I think you've got his comments down well. With the vultures circling - including Cesaro - his title feels in jeopardy even if I fully expect him to retain against Orton. Interesting that HHH is "in hiding" and I can't help feel that this cuddly version of Vince McMahon is destined not to last long too. The interjection of Reigns into the mix has been done well - keeps Batista busy for a start - but his eyes are bound to turn to Bryan too. Interesting times.

The Ziggler promo and 'injury' was well done; I sense you're setting him for a big return and then a push from there. Sheamus vs. Lesnar should also be fun. If there is one bit I didn't really feel, it's the Cena vs. Wyatt stuff. I'm not sure that the Wyatt's aim is to hurt Cena physically so the assault didn't really work for me.

Keep up the good work, fella. GCB
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Re: WWE: The "YES" Movement

Backstage WWE News & Rumours

We can confirm that Sting has indeed signed a deal with the WWE, but from what we understand it is only a legend's contract. At this point it's said that there are absolutely no plans for Sting to appear on television or, contrary to speculation, work a match with The Undertaker next year at Wrestlemania. The word is that The Undertaker's opponent for Wrestlemania 31 will either be John Cena, Bray Wyatt or Cesaro, and that match is expected to be his last.

The other main talking point in New Orleans last week was the future of CM Punk. There is nothing definite to report but it's believed that the likelihood of Punk returning anytime soon, if at all is incredibly unlikely.

Triple H may be off screen for a while yet, but he will definitely be back for a major storyline going into Summerslam.

Brock Lesnar is expected to work two more matches this year after Extreme Rules. It's said that having lost to The Undertaker at Wrestlemania, creative felt they needed to have him pick up a win to keep him strong for what will be his biggest year yet since his return. We understand that he signed an improved contract before Wrestlemania to include several more dates for the next 12 months. It's also been agreed that he will feature in matches with superstars he hasn't previously worked with, and in Sheamus's case, someone who will benefit from being in a program with him.

At this moment there are plans in place for Chris Jericho & Rob Van Dam to return to television at some point this year with RVD expected to be back sooner than Jericho, with Jericho returning for a program going into Summerslam.

The NXT roster is impressing massively but talent will not be rushed up to the main roster to give them the best chance of succeeding when there is a spot available. From what we understand, only one talent from NXT is scheduled to move to the main roster, in addition to Alexander Rusev in the next couple of months.

Long term plans have been put into place and the card for Wrestlemania 31 has provisionally been made. Plans are of course subject to change but currently the direction for those plans have been set out for the remainder of this year in mind to keep that card as planned. After the chaos with the card going into Wrestlemania this year, preparation & planning is said to be key this time around.

The objective this year is to significantly develop the next generation of superstars, mainly the likes of Bray Wyatt, Roman Reigns & Cesaro. They will feature prominently in 2014 but Cesaro's will be a slightly slower build with Wyatt currently working with John Cena and Reigns seemingly working with Batista.

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Re: WWE: The "YES" Movement

A new thread is definitely not something I expected from you, but it has began solidly enough. I actually feel like this is a pretty good time to start. There's a fair bit of talent on the rosters as well, so I can't wait until you get a little further in and start utilising everybody a little more.

I won't be leaving any 'proper' feedback on a show because I'm lazy, but both shows have built a solid foundation.

In the meantime, not much to comment on in terms of your news and notes, but it seems like all the big names will be around heading into Summerslam, except for maybe Punk. Awesome. Good luck with this one, Nige, heaps you can do with it.

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