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WWE 2013: The Part-Timer Era

WWE 2013: The Part-Timer Era

*This BTB is not entirely canon to WWE in 2012
The landscape of the WWE changed after Ryback unexpectedly lost to longstanding WWE Champion, CM Punk, in a WWE Championship rematch at TLC 2012. The World Heavyweight Championship also changed hands only one month after the last change, with Sheamus defeating Big Show in a singles chairs match.

This same PPV showed the in-ring debut of the group The Shield, defeating John Cena along with WWE Tag Team Champions Daniel Bryan and Kane of Team Hell No! in a six-man tag team match. On the undercard, Wade Barrett managed to defend his Intercontinental Championship against The Miz and Kofi Kingston in a triple threat match, Antonio Cesaro also retained his United States championship in a quick singles match against R-Truth, Eve Torres defended her Divas Championship successfully in a battle royal.

Spoiler for Current RAW & Smackdown Roster:

AJ Lee (heel)
Aksana (heel)
Alberto Del Rio (heel)
Alex Riley (face)
Alicia Fox (heel)
Antonio Cesaro (heel)
Big E Langston (face)
Big Show (heel)
Booker T (face)
Brad Maddox (heel)
Brie Bella (heel)
Brock Lesnar (heel)
Brodus Clay (face)
Camacho (heel)
Cameron (face)
Chris Jericho (face)
Christian (heel)
CM Punk (heel)
Cody Rhodes (heel)
Damien Sandow (heel)
Daniel Bryan (face)
Darren Young (face)
David Otunga (heel)
Dean Ambrose (heel)
Dolph Ziggler (heel)
Drew McIntyre (face)
Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson (face)
Eve Torres (heel)
Heath Slater (heel)
Hunico (heel)
Jack Swagger (heel)
Jey Uso (face)
Jimmy Uso (face)
Jinder Mahal (heel)
John Cena (face)
Justin Gabriel (heel)
Kaitlyn (face)
Kane (face)
Kofi Kingston (face)
Layla El (heel)
Mark Henry (face)
The Miz (face)
Naomi (face)
Natalya (face)
Nikki Bella (heel)
Paul Heyman (heel)
R-Truth (face)
Randy Orton (face)
Rey Mysterio (face)
Ricardo Rodriguez (heel)
Roman Reigns (heel)
Ryback (face)
Santino Marella (face)
Seth Rollins (heel)
Sheamus (face)
Tamina Snuka (heel)
Tensai (heel)
Titus O'Neil (face)
Triple H (heel)
Tyson Kidd (face)
Undertaker (face)
Wade Barrett (heel)
Yoshi Tatsu (heel)
Zack Ryder (face)

Champions, etc:
WWE Champion: CM Punk
• #1 Contender: The Rock

World Heavyweight Champion: Sheamus
• #1 Contender: Alberto Del Rio

Intercontinental Champion: Wade Barrett
• #1 Contender: The Miz

United States Champion: Antonio Cesaro
• #1 Contender: Drew McIntyre

WWE Tag Team Champions: Daniel Bryan & Kane - Team Hell No!
• #1 Contenders: Darren Young & Titus O'Neil - The Primetime Players

Divas Champion: Eve Torres
• #1 Contender: TBA

World Heavyweight Championship Contract Holder: Dolph Ziggler

WWE Championship Contract Holder: N/A

RAW #1: December 17, 2012.
SmackDown #1: December 21, 2012

Quick notes:

I'm not entirely sure which shows I'll be booking. So far it's just Raw and Smackdown. I may begin booking NXT, but I still don't know if I will, or when I will.

I'll admit, this isn't looking as good as I planned. I am way more interested in building new feuds with newer talent, trying to build the mid-card, than I am building the main event. Not to mention, the main event wasn't particularly bad for the first 8 months of 2013 in real life.

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Re: WWE 2013: The Part-Timer Era

December 17, 2012.

Tonight's show begins with a roaring crowd as Michael Cole and John "Bradshaw" Layfield welcome the viewers.

Ryback's theme hits.

A disgruntled Ryback begins walking down the aisle, skipping his usual entrance. It's obvious Ryback is strongly disappointed, as he lost his last chance at the WWE Championship after being screwed by CM Punk for a second time in a row. Ryback enters the ring and impatiently, silently awaits his opponent.

Antonio Cesaro's theme hits.

The United States Champion, Antonio Cesaro, begins walking towards the ring, arrogantly mouthing off to fans about his victory last night. As he approached the ring, referee Charles Robinson backs an aggressive Ryback off. Cesaro stands outside of the ring, wiping his feet, waving the American flag.

Cesaro enters the ring. Ryback intensely stares at Cesaro whilst he hands the referee his US Championship belt. During, Cesaro begins mocking Ryback for losing his championship match at TLC 2012.
"What's wrong Ryback, still not champion? It's okay, you should get used to never being champion!"

Immediately, the bell is rung, and as Cesaro is trying to take off his shirt, Ryback collides into Cesaro, knocking him through the middle rope and out of the ring.
"Typical American! Wait until I am ready!"
Ryback backs off, and allows Cesaro to enter the ring, and ready himself this time.

The match is a constant back and forth, with a few rest-holds and a fair amount of of strength displays.

Nearing the end of the match, Cesaro attempts a tornado DDT from the second rope on Ryback. Ryback quickly reverses this into a spinebuster, and crawls over to the opposite corner. Ryback gets up seconds before Cesaro, and is able to being a loud "Feed me more!" chant in the arena, as he readies himself for the meathook clothesline.
Cesaro gets to his feet, and groggily turns around. Ryback runs full speed directly into Cesaro, about to hit the clothesline - but Cesaro hits an incredibly stiff European Uppercut on Ryback, and both men fall to the mat again.

Referee Charles Robinson begins counting... 1... 2... 3... 4... 5... 6..., and Cesaro reaches his feet again. Ryback is kneeling, attempting to get to the ropes.
Cesaro stands in front of Ryback, cranks his neck, and forcefully places Ryback in position for the Neutraliser. Cesaro attempts to lift Ryback, but Ryback quickly lifts Cesaro up, and modifies the lift into the Shellshock.

Ryback wins via pinfall after the Shellshock at a little over 13 minutes. As Cesaro rolls out of the ring, Ryback begins another, resounding "Feed me more!" chant, as he leaves the ring and the stage.

Michael Cole brings us back to the commentators desk, and plugs the WWE App for the first time of the night.
Directly afterwards, a video package from TLC 2012 displaying the dominance of The Shield begins.
Included Spots:
Dean Ambrose being chokeslammed through two tables from the top rope by Kane.
Seth Rollins hitting John Cena with the blackout, outside of the ring.
Roman Reigns, assisted by Rollins and Ambrose, powerbombing Daniel Bryan from the middle rope, to the outside, through a table.

As the package ends, The Shield are shown backstage on the titantron.
"As you just saw, The Shield debuted stronger than most, if not any team in WWE history!"
"We took out the most dominant monster in the WWE with ease."
"We dominated everybody's favourite superstar, John Cena."
"And we even destroyed a GOAT! You heard it right folks, each member of The Shield is better than the best the business has to offer. If you don't believe that, you will tonight."
Dean Ambrose abruptly drops the camera, as all three members of The Shield walk away.

:jbl"Did'ya hear that Cole?! The Shield are the most dominant team in the WWE. Every superstar - champion or challenger, better watch out!"
3"I don't know about that yet JBL. They had an incredible debut, and they have great teamwork, but I guess we'll find out how truly dominant they are in the coming weeks."

Wade Barrett's music hits.
Barrett walks out from backstage with a microphone in hand, as he walks down the aisle.
"Cut the music. Cut the music! I defeated that jumping jobber Kofi Kingston AND the most must see idiot last night in my title defence, and Miz is STILL number one contender?!"
Barrett enters the ring.
"This is ridiculous. I'm calling you out Booker T. So called 'interim general manager of Raw', you can't even do your damn job right!"

After a few short moments of awkward silence, with Barrett's disdain growing, Booker T's music hits.
"Whoa hold on there Mr. Barrett, hold on! You had a triple threat match..."
Booker T takes a moment to bask in his mostly-retired glory and small pop.
"And... and you took advantage of The Miz to pin Kofi Kingston. I think it's only fair that The Miz gets a second shot for the Intah-Contin-EntAHl ChampIONshIP!"
The reaction is minimal, and mixed. Good guy Booker T ignores it, and walks out.

Kofi Kingston's music hits.
Kofi Kingston, as usual, jumps out happily and bubbly, as he heads to the ring.
And again, as usual, as Kofi enters the ring, his face turns to collected and focused.

Wade Barrett hands his Intercontinental Championship to the referee as the bell is rung.

Barrett voices his disdain to Kofi as the match starts up.

This particular match is mostly in Barrett's favour - every attempt at a comeback Kofi makes, Barrett prevents him from doing anything damaging.

As Barrett attempts his signature running big boot to Kofi, who is tangled in the ropes, Kofi ducks under. As Barrett's leg sits awkwardly on the top rope, Kofi slides under and pulls Barrett backwards. The second Barrett's leg hits the floor, Kofi hits Barrett with a perfectly executed SOS, and gets the three count.

Kofi Kingston wins via pinfall after the SOS at approximate 8 minutes, 30 seconds. Kofi starts to celebrate as Barrett starts brawling with Kofi.

The Miz' music hits.

:jbl"Miz doesn't even have anything to do with this damn altercation!"
3"The Miz is the official number one contender to the Intercontinental Championship, and Kofi is getting blindsided by Barrett!"

The Miz slides underneath the bottom rope and jumps atop of Barrett, saving Kofi from the assault. Barrett and Miz start fist-fighting in the corner, as Kofi crawls towards the ropes to get up.
Miz manages to pull Barrett out and attempt a Skull Crushing Finale, but Barrett ducks and escapes the ring.
As Kofi continues trying to get up, The Miz leaves the ring.

The Shield's music hits

Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins begin walking down through the audience to the ring.

Kofi Kingston is still groggily trying to exit the ring from the vicious assault by Barrett only moments earlier.
As Reigns enters the ring, he watches Kofi Kingston. Kingston, warily looking at Reigns, finally gets to his feet. However, Rollins springboards into the ring, kneeing Kingston in the side of the head. The duo push Kofi out of the ring as the WWE ringside doctor, Dr. Sampson, tends to him.

The Uso's music hits.

The crowd is quite silent during the entrance, but the crowd complies and there are loud "O'S" chants.

As The Uso's get to the apron, Jey steps in and the bell is quickly rung. Rollins starts off for The Shield.

The Uso's unexpectedly have a fairly decent showing against Reigns and Rollins of The Shield in this match, however, as Jimmy attempts to tag in Jey, Reigns is able to pull Jey off of the apron, and Rollins hits the springboard flying knee to the side of Jimmy's head for the three count.

Rollins and Reigns of The Shield win via pinfall in slightly over 7 minutes.

The Shield's music hits.

Dean Ambrose begins walking down through the crowd like Rollins and Reigns did. Ambrose enters the ring and meets his teammates. Rollins and Reigns then celebrate shortly with Ambrose over their second victory. They then leave Ambrose and leave through the crowd once more.

Drew McIntyre's music hits.

The recent split from Slater worked out much better for Drew than Jinder - Drew managed to pin Heath in a triple threat number one contenders match for the United States Championship only shortly prior to TLC 2012. Jinder was unfortunately injured during the match.

Drew is looking to prove his worth tonight, against currently undefeated Dean Ambrose.

The match begins not long after McIntyre enters the ring.

A constant back and forth singles match, with McIntyre attempting some face tactics, and Ambrose showing his heel tactics and abilities.

As it seems McIntyre is about to pick up the victory, after his signature flying boot and kip-up combination...

Heath Slater's music hits

Slater's music distracts both McIntyre and referee Mike Chioda. McIntyre stares at the titantron waiting for Slater to show himself. Chioda tries to work out what's going on, as Ambrose sneaks up from behind and hits a sneaky low blow on McIntyre, and slams his head into the mat with a headlock driver for the three count.

Dean Ambrose of The Shield defeats Drew McIntyre via pinfall after a low blow and a headlock driver in 9 minutes.

The camera pans over to the commentary desk, as Michael Cole and John "Bradshaw" Layfield begin mentioning the World Heavyweight Championship match between Sheamus and Big Show at TLC2012, as the video package begins.
Included Spots:
Sheamus kicking out of ten chair shots to the back.
Sheamus kicking out of a KO punch.
Big Show kicking out of a White Noise.
Big Show kicking out of a Brogue Kick.
Sheamus ultimately winning with a Brogue Kick to steel chair, into Show's head.

As the video package ends, the camera shows The Primetime Players in the ring.
"The REAL DEAL, Titus O'Neil is gonna show you strength, Daniel Bryan. We hope you can handle it!"

The WWE Tag Team Champions, Kane and Daniel Bryan's music hits.
Kane slowly walks down the ramp holding his Tag Team Championship Belt, as Daniel Bryan side-skips down, yelling "NO!" at the crowd, who chant along with "YES!".

Bryan enters the ring as Kane hands him his Tag Team Championship belt. Bryan holds both belts up, and hands them to the referee Charles Robinson.

The bell rings, and Bryan puts his hand out for a handshake with Titus. Titus warily shakes Bryan's hand. Bryan nods and starts clapping to get the crowd to join in. The two tie up, and Bryan is overpowered almost instantly.

During the match, Daniel Bryan attempts to lock Titus O'Neil in the NO! Lock, but O'Neil easily overpowers Bryan, and throws him backwards over the top rope. Bryan lands atop his tag partner Kane.
As Bryan helps Kane up, Kane grabs Bryan by the throat, and lifts him for the chokeslam. However, Bryan is able to use the velocity to land on top of the apron and enter the ring again.
As Bryan turns around, O'Neil throws him five feet into the air for the Clash of the Titus. Titus O'Neil catches a three count.

Titus O'Neil of The Primetime Players defeats Daniel Bryan of Team Hell No! after a Clash of the Titus, after six and a half minutes.

A lengthy advertisement of the Royal Rumble showing Brock Lesnar, John Cena, The Rock, WWE Champion CM Punk, World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus, Alberto Del Rio and Triple H is shown.

The WWE Divas Champion Eve Torres has joined Michael Cole and John "Bradshaw" Layfield at the commentators desk.

Justin Gabriel's music hits.

Layla, accompanied by her so-called 'perfect' boyfriend, Justin Gabriel, makes her way down to the ring.
Gabriel helps hold the ropes for Layla to get in easier.

Kaitlyn's music hits.

Kaitlyn comes out to an interestingly large ovation, surprising Eve Torres. As she makes her way to the ring, Layla and Gabriel together, mock her.

As soon as the bell rings, Kaitlyn attempts to shut down Layla instantly with a spear, but Layla manages to move out of the way, and capitalises on Kaitlyn hitting her shoulder on the second turnbuckle.

Within five minutes, Kaitlyn hits a spear, and covers Layla. However, Gabriel distracts the referee long enough for Kaitlyn to get confused, and ask the referee to count. As Kaitlyn tries to pin Layla, Layla reverses it into a small package, and picks up the victory.

Layla defeats Kaitlyn via pinfall in slightly under five minutes.

Eve Torres stands and begins applauding Layla for her victory. Layla and Gabriel walk down to Eve, as they all hold each others' hands up.

The Rock's music hits.

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson takes well over two minutes walking from the stage to the ring. After those lengthy two minutes are over, he takes the microphone handed to him.

"John Cena is still a jabroni. Sheamus and Alberto Del Rio are also jabronis. But the biggest jabroni is the so-called WWE Champion, CM Punk. What a disgrace this guy is to sports entertainment. At the Royal Rumble, THE ROCK, is going to defeat CM Punk for that WWE Championship, and once again, become The Peoples' Champion! IF YA SMELLELELELLELEL"

CM Punk, joined by Paul Heyman, silently interrupts The Rock.
6"Hey Rocky, you think you can come here and take on the longest reigning WWE Champion of the last twenty-five years, and win? You? You haven't wrestled more than three times since 2003, when you lost to the likes of Batista and Randy Orton. What makes you think you can come here, and beat the best in the world, in a one on one competition?"

"The Rock is multi-time World Champion. The Rock beat the likes of John Cena. The Rock beat the likes of Triple H. The Rock beat the likes of The Undertaker. The Rock even beat the likes of Stone Cold Steve Austin. Every one of those men had more cojones than you and your boyfriend Heyman combined."

6"Rock, I don't think you understand. You're old, you're washed up. I am the best in the world. Today, here, in 2012. And definitely in 2013 too. And while I'm here, kicking ass and busting my own, you're off filming movies that everyone leaves the cinemas thinking "well, that was alright... I guess...". So why don't you come down here, to this stage, and try to show me you have what it takes to beat the best in the world. Right now."

"You know what, usually The Rock would say no, but tonight, he's making an exception for the egotistical Punk you are."

The rock begins walking towards CM Punk and Paul Heyman. Punk drops his microphone and gets ready for a fight.

Brock Lesnar's music hits.

Punk jumps at The Rock, as Brock Lesnar runs out to the stage. Punk and Lesnar work together in dominating the Brahma Bull. Lesnar lifts The Rock up on his shoulders for an F5.

Sheamus' music hits.

Sheamus runs out, knocking Heyman over, as he hits Punk with an axe handle. Lesnar drops The Rock and sets his eyes on Sheamus. The Celtic Warrior and The Beast Incarnate lash out at eachother, until Punk gets involved and helps take down Sheamus.

John Cena's music hits.

Cena runs out, knocking Heyman over again. This time, Lesnar and Punk realise they're outnumbered, and run through the ring, then over the barricade and through the crowd.

Cena and Sheamus turn to Heyman.

Paul Heyman runs through the entrance. Sheamus and Cena help The Rock up, and pass him over to referees.

Sheamus and Cena enter the ring, and are now getting ready for their upcoming tag team match.

Big Show's music hits.

Big Show slowly makes his way to the ring. He stops before entering the ring as he waits for his partner.

Alberto Del Rio's music hits.

Ricardo Rodriguez comes out and introduces his employer - Alberto Del Rio.
Del Rio comes out in a fancy ass convertible with his emblem on the numberplates. As he exits the vehicle, he flaps his scarf around, and walks towards Big Show.

All four men are finally in their positions. Sheamus starts off against The Big Show, deja vu of the prior night.

Big Show and Del Rio manage to take Cena out and keep him grounded and controlled for most of the match.
Eventually, Cena makes the hot tag to Sheamus, and Big Show makes the hot tag to Del Rio. As they both enter, Sheamus knocks Del Rio down with an axe handle. He repeats the axe handle, and Del Rio staggers up into the rope. Sheamus pushes Del Rio under the rope and pulls him up, getting ready for his ten forearm clubs. 1...2...3...4...5...6...7...8...9...10!

Sheamus pulls Del Rio back into the ring, and lifts him up for the white noise. As Sheamus turns around, Big Show comes in and hits him with a KO punch. Sheamus falls backwards, on top of Del Rio, who then alters his placement and locks in the cross armbreaker. Sheamus seems mostly unconscious. Cena is standing at the corner, trying to get Sheamus to tag him in.

Sheamus manages to come back before the referee Mike Chioda drops his hand down for the third time, signalling a TKO. Sheamus rolls over and overpowers Del Rio - lifting him up, and slamming him down. The lengthy, lengthy eight seconds goes by, as Sheamus tags in Cena, and Del Rio tags in Big Show.

Big Show goes straight for a KO punch, but Cena ducks it, and attempts to lift Show up for an Attitude Adjustment. Show is too heavy, and Cena has to drop him back to his feet. Big Show grabs Cena's throat, and turns around slightly, to Sheamus hitting Big Show with a Brogue Kick, stumbling the giant. Del Rio attempts to slide in, but decides to turn around and not help Big Show.

Cena lifts Show up for the Attitude Adjustment, and hits it. Three count is done.

John Cena and Sheamus defeat Alberto Del Rio and Big Show in the main event match after 17 minutes.

Sheamus clutches his right arm, as Cena lifts his own right, and Sheamus' left arm as a celebration. As they lift their arms up, the arena goes black.

The Shield's music hits.

As the lights go on, The Shield are already in the ring. Ambrose and Rollins go straight for Cena, and Reigns goes for Sheamus. As Rollins and Ambrose take Cena out, they head over to Reigns, who is getting ready to hit the triple powerbomb. Reigns, Ambrose and Rollins lift Sheamus up, and slam him into the mat.

The Shield stand tall, ending 17 December 2012 Raw.

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Re: WWE 2013: The Part-Timer Era

Loved it, this format is extremely unique, and it allows for an easier read at times. I'd say just use red

Goodbye, Wrestling Forum

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Re: WWE 2013: The Part-Timer Era

December 21, 2012.

Tonight's show begins with an ecstatic crowd, as Michael Cole and Placeholder Josh Mathews welcome the viewers to Friday Night Smackdown!

Heath Slater's music hits

Heath Slater, just as cocky as ever, begins walking down the aisle once again as the one man band. The crowd can be heard voicing their disdain: "Slater sucks!" chants are heard, however faint.

Slater picks up a microphone.
"I bet y'all thought Drew had a chance in his match on Raw didn't-ya? Haha, even if I didn't come out Drew would have lost his match just like he made us lose every match as 3MB."
Slater takes a brief pause.
"Drew is just lucky I felt sorry for Jinder hurting himself in our triple threat match. If it wasn't for my selflessness, Drew would have probably been let go!"

Immediately, Drew McIntyre's music hits.
"You know what Heath, I'm gonna let you stay in that delusional state you're in. Come monday, on Raw, I will defeat you in a one on one match. And after that, at the Royal Rumble, I'm going to defeat Cesaro for the United States Championship."

McIntyre's face turns to a smile as a faint cheer is heard in the crowd.
Slater brings the microphone to his face, ready to state something, but is interrupted again by McIntyre, as he walks towards the ring.

"Before you say anything, good luck in your match, Heath. You're going to need to look good when you're going in to a match with the Chosen One."

Before Slater is able to respond, Rey Mysterio's music hits. Slater seems frustrated about not getting the last word. McIntyre joins the commentary table.

Mysterio does his typical entrance to a warm welcome from the fans.

As Mysterio enters the ring, Slater begins assaulting him, as the referee attempts to hold Slater back.
McIntyre heads out of the commentary desk, over to the ring, and jumps up on the apron to distract Slater. The distraction is successful and Mysterio dropkicks Slater through the second rope, right next to McIntyre.
McIntyre heads back to the commentary desk while goading Slater, as Slater slowly enters the ring again.

As the match officially starts, McIntyre gives the viewers and the commentary desk of Cole and Mathews a background on his break-up from 3MB.
"Y'know Cole, I entered 3MB thinking it would give me an opportunity to remake myself. Obviously, I was wrong. Heath is as bad of a leader as he is a bloody musician!" *Cole and Mathews snicker*.

During the match, Mysterio hits a drop toe hold on Slater, sending him into the second rope; a perfect position for the 619. It takes Mysterio a few seconds to get to his feet, but he does. He bounces off the middle rope, and as he dives in for the 619, Slater moves out of the way, and simply pushes Mysterio out, who slams into the commentary desk.

1...2...3...4...5...Slater taunts and mocks the fans...6...7...8...9... Almost magically, Mysterio is able to roll in to the ring under the bottom rope, much to the surprise to Slater. As Slater attempts to pick Mysterio up, he crawls through Slater's legs, and rolls him up for a three-count.

Mysterio wins via roll-up in approximately 7 minutes. Mysterio slides out of the ring as fast as he can, and Slater looks as surprised as ever. McIntyre heads over to Mysterio, and holds his hand up as the winner, to mock Slater, who has a small tantrum in the ring.

Michael Cole brings us back to the commentary desk, as a Raw Recap is issued, showing the match-up between former WWE Championship number-one-contender Ryback, and current United States Champion, Antonio Cesaro.
Included Spots:
Antonio Cesaro hitting the Alpamare Water Slide on Ryback mid-match, as a reversal to a knee lift.
Ryback reversing Antonio Cesaro's first Neutralizer attempt into an Alabama Slam.
Antonio Cesaro stiffing Ryback with a European Uppercut to intercept the Meathook clothesline.
Ryback reversing Antonio Cesaro's second Neutralizer attempt into a Shellshocked for the victory.
The package ends with an amplified "Feed me more!" chant.

Ryback's music hits, as Hunico waits in the ring.
As a slightly calmer Ryback comes out, he actually does his normal entrance this time. The "Feed me more!" chants are resounding as ever.

Ryback enters the ring, slightly wary of Camacho.

This match is essentially a squash - Ryback is strong throughout the entire match, except for the quick interference by Camacho. Camacho is able to trip Ryback up as he attempts a Meathook clothesline on Hunico. Hunico takes advantage for a short while, stomping away on Ryback, and quickly hitting a Senton bomb from the top rope. Ryback kicks out just a short while after the 2 count, to Hunico's dismay. As Hunico picks Ryback up, he bounces off the ropes and attempts a tilt-a-whirl headscissors. Ryback catches Hunico, mid way through, and drops him from a crucifix position. Ryback hits a Meathook clothesline for the three count.

Ryback wins by way of pinfall after a Meathook clothesline, at approximately 5 minutes. As Camacho helps Hunico out of the ring, Ryback grabs a microphone.

:ryback "January 27 is the date. The date the starving begins the feast. The appetiser, before the main. Feed, me, more!"

As Ryback leaves the ring, he continues his arm movements, and the crowd continue the "Feed me more!" chants happily.

3 "The WWE Universe sure love the big guy. The big guy that should be WWE Champion right now, heading into the Royal Rumble."

Before an ad break, Cole and Mathews bring us back to the commentary desk, where they run another Raw Recap, showing the dominance of The Shield throughout the night, including their three-way promo.
Included spots:
Rollins hitting a flying knee on Jimmy Uso to finish their match.
Reigns demolishing Jey with a spear on the outside after the match.
The trio powerbombing Sheamus into the middle of the ring, and closing the show.

3 "I am glad to announce our main event will be a one on one. The Shield's Dean Ambrose will be taking on Sheamus, in a one-on-one competition."
"It would be simply amazing for any member of the Shield to knock off Sheamus, the World Heavyweight Champion, in singles competition."
"That's not just it. On Monday night Raw, The Primetime Players will take on Daniel Bryan and Kane, Team Hell No! for the WWE Tag Team Championships, as both teams agreed to face eachother before the Royal Rumble."

After the ad break, we come back to find Justin Gabriel in the ring with Layla.

Daniel Bryan's music hits.

As Bryan skips down the ring, chanting "No!" at the WWE Universe, Kane slowly walks behind him.
Gabriel is seen prepping for the match by stretching while making eye contact with, and talking to, Layla.

In the ring, Bryan is still busy arguing with Kane. Gabriel dropkicks Bryan from behind almost instantly as the bell rings - knocking Bryan head first into Kane, who falls off the apron. Gabriel tries to capitalise with a rollup, but Bryan swiftly reverses this into the NO! Lock.
However, after only a few seconds, Gabriel is able to stretch his leg over to the bottom rope, breaking the hold. As the referee counts, Bryan releases at three.

Gabriel slides out of the ring and runs to Layla, as he holds his neck. In the meantime, Bryan is arguing with Kane over the collision they just had.

As the referee counts to 6, both men enter the ring warily. As Kane yells one last thing at Bryan, he turns around, and Gabriel jumps in with a rolling heel kick to gain the upper hand.

A fairly lengthy and constant back and forth match;
Mid way through, Bryan attempts a suicide dive, but Gabriel moves out of the way and Bryan lands harshly on the mat outside. Gabriel slides in to the ring, bounces off the adjacent ropes, dives over the top rope and hits Bryan with a diving crossbody. As Gabriel stands up, he arrogantly flexes to the camera with Layla holding on to him.
As Gabriel turns around, he realises Kane is right behind him. Gabriel attempts to use Layla as a shield. Kane tries to move Layla out of the way, but she slaps him across his face. At this point, the referee calls for both Layla and Kane to be removed from ringside.

Gabriel picks Bryan up, as the referee counts to 7, and throws him into the ring. Gabriel hops up to the apron, and attempts a senton dive over the top rope on Bryan. Bryan rolls out of the way, on to the apron. Bryan slowly climbs the top rope as Gabriel starts to get to his feet. Bryan dives down and hits an electric diving dropkick. Both men are down, as the referee begins the count.

1...2...3...4...5...6...7...Both Gabriel and Bryan begin getting to their feet...8...Bryan gets to his feet...9...Gabriel is barely on his feet.

Bryan runs at Gabriel with a clothesline attempt, who ducks underneath. Bryan bounces off the ropes and Gabriel attempts a hip toss. Bryan surprisingly lands on his feet, and pulls Gabriel down into the middle of the ring in the NO! Lock.
Within 5 seconds, Gabriel taps out, as he sees no opportunity to grab the ropes.

Daniel Bryan forces Justin Gabriel to submit after a gruelling 16+ minute match. Gabriel's effort and relentlessness ends up surprising not only Bryan, but also the WWE Universe.

As Bryan is celebrating without Kane, Gabriel gets to his feet. Bryan offers his hand to Gabriel, as a sign of sportsmanship and respect. Gabriel ignores Bryan, and begins to walk off. Only to turn around and attempt to roundhouse kick Bryan, who ducks. Before Bryan manages to get a hold of Gabriel, Gabriel has already made it out of the ring.

Bryan shakes his head as the show heads to another advert.

Sheamus' music hits.

The World Heavyweight Champion comes out, bearing the beating he took from The Shield on Monday - a slightly taped shoulder. Nevertheless, the Celtic Warrior stays true to his name and makes his way to the ring.

The Shield's music hits.

The trio make their usual entrance, through the crowd. However, as they jump the barricade, only Ambrose enters the ring. Rollins and Reigns head to the stage, acting as guards to the singles match.

Early in the match, Sheamus' brawling punches and knees takes Ambrose into the corner. As Ambrose hides under the second rope, yelling at the referee to get Sheamus off of him, Ambrose thumbs Sheamus' eye.
Ambrose then speeds out of the corner, with a straight front dropkick to Sheamus' chest and shoulder, already picking the injury.

Ambrose is in control for well over 4 of the coming minutes, but is unable to put Sheamus away. Ambrose continues to target the shoulder injury of Sheamus, who is entirely unwilling to give up.

Eventually, Ambrose attempts his headlock driver finish. As he hooks Sheamus' head, Sheamus lifts him up, in an attempt for a back suplex, but is unable to muster up the strength to lift him high enough. Sheamus drops to his knees and Ambrose lands on his feet. Ambrose bounces off the ropes and hits a dropkick on the kneeling Sheamus' shoulder.

Ambrose quickly rolls Sheamus over for another pin, but still only gets a near-fall. The anger is clearly getting to Ambrose at this point. As Ambrose gets to his feet, he begins stomping at Sheamus' face and shoulder with the force of a thousand suns, and the speed of light. The referee counts right up to 4. Ambrose doesn't seem to want to stop, but does regardless, as the referee backs him off.

As Sheamus attempts to climb to the second rope, Ambrose runs full-speed into him with a strong forearm, knocking him out of the ring. Rollins and Reigns realise Sheamus is out of the ring. The duo begin walking from the stage, to Sheamus. Slowly and methodically...

John Cena's music hits.

3 "Oh my! The cavalry is here!"

Cena runs down the ramp, toe-kicking Rollins and throwing him into the barricade. But as soon as Cena turns around, Reigns hits him with a devastating spear!

As Sheamus gets to his feet, he realises Reigns coming for him. However, Reigns stops abruptly, and points behind Sheamus. As Sheamus turns around, Ambrose drives a chair into his stomach, leading to a disqualification.

Sheamus defeats Dean Ambrose by disqualification after 9 minutes, due to Ambrose hitting Sheamus multiple times with a steel chair.

Ambrose smashes the chair into the injured shoulder of Sheamus three more times, as he and Reigns roll him into the ring.

Rollins begins walking into the ring, as Ambrose constantly hits Sheamus with the chair. 1... 2... 3... 4... times, before John Cena runs into the ring to try to save his ally. Cena is able to overcome the odds, and dodge Reigns, making him fall out of the ring, then throw Ambrose over the ropes into Reigns. As Rollins runs at Cena, he does the same thing, a third time, however Rollins manages to land on the apron. Cena moves forward, and turns around, being hit in the side of the head by a springboard knee by Rollins.

Reigns and Ambrose enter the ring again. Sheamus tries to get up, but Reigns spears him down.
As Cena crawls to his knees, Ambrose grabs him for a headlock driver, and slams him head first into the mat.
Just as Cena shows another sign of consciousness, Rollins bounces off the ropes and hits a terrifying Blackout.

The Shield close the show strong, once more.

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