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Learning to break kayfabe
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Room for Improvement: 1999 WWF

It's no secret that the Attitude Era is widely regarded as the greatest era in professional wrestling, and with good reason. But what people often forget is that 1999 was, in many ways, horrible. Whether it be the storylines or the in-ring action, there was plenty of room for improvement, and improving 1999 is just what I'll attempt to do in this thread. Any and all criticism is appreciated as I try my luck at BTB.

Stone Cold Steve Austin
The Rock
The Undertaker
Triple H
Road Dogg
Billy Gunn
Ken Shamrock
Big Boss Man
Owen Hart
Jeff Jarrett
Giant Silva
D-Lo Brown
Mark Henry
Val Venis
Matt Hardy
Jeff Hardy
Al Snow
Bob Holly
Brian Christopher
Scott Taylor
Tiger Ali Singh
TAKA Michinoku
Sho Funaki
"Marvelous" Marc Mero

Debra McMichael
Terri Runnels
Luna Vachon

WWF Champion- The Rock
Intercontinental Champion- Ken Shamrock
European Champion- X-Pac
WWF Tag Team Champions- New Age Outlaws
Hardcore Champion- Big Boss Man
Light Heavyweight Champion- Christian

WWF Rock Bottom: In Your House Results

Mark Henry and D-Lo Brown w/ PMS
Val Venis and The Godfather
Notes- A fight between PMS and Godfather's hoes caused a distraction that would allow Henry and Brown to win.

The Headbangers
The Oddities w/ Giant Silva and Luna
Notes- Mosh held Kurrgan's leg while Thrasher scored the pinfall.

Steve Blackman def. Owen Hart
Notes- Hart left the ring after escaping the Sharpshooter, and was counted out.

The Brood def. The J.O.B Squad
Notes- Christian pinned Scorpio following the Impaler.

Goldust def. Jeff Jarrett w/ Debra
Notes- According to the stipulation, Debra would have to strip down naked, but the Blue Blazer covered her up with his cape just before she could take her bra off.

WWF Tag Team Title Match
New Age Outlaws (c)
Ken Shamrock and Big Boss Man w/ Shawn Michaels
Notes- HBK tried to screw NAO by pulling down Billy Gunn, causing Shamrock to land on top of him, but Gunn rolled through and got the three count on Shamrock.

WWF Championship Match
Mankind def. The Rock (c)
Notes- Mankind made Rock pass out with the Mandible Claw, but Vince McMahon declared that since Rock didn't submit and was not pinned, he retains the WWF Championship.

Buried Alive Match
Stone Cold def. The Undertaker w/ Paul Bearer
Notes- The winner of this match gained entry to the Royal Rumble match. Kane interfered in the match, attacking his brother and eventually being the one to push him into the grave after a Tombstone Piledriver.

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Learning to break kayfabe
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Re: Room for Improvement: 1999 WWF

RAW IS WAR December 14th 1998 from Tacoma, Washington

*Opening Video*


Jim Ross: Welcome to Monday Night RAW! I'm Jim Ross alongside Jerry "The King" Lawler, and tonight we have quite the show scheduled.

Jerry Lawler: That's right JR! Apparently we're going to hear from Mr. McMahon about what happened last night at Rock Bottom! I can't wait for that!

Jim Ross: Not to mention the Intercontinental Championship being defended when Ken Shamrock takes on "Badass" Billy Gunn! Plus, Mankind is-

"Do you smell what The Rock is cookin?" JR is interrupted by The Rock's music. The People's Champ has his WWF title belt slung over his shoulder, and is wearing one of his trademark 500 dollar shirts, with a pair of black pants. The Great One grabs a microphone from Tony Chimel and plays the crowd a little before beginning to speak.

The Rock: Finally, THE ROCK, HAS COME BACK, to Tacoma. And last night, The Rock has to admit that Mankind gave him all that he could handle. But once again, The Rock proved why he is the People's Champion, and why he is THE VERY BEST damn WWF superstar in the world today. Mick Foley, Mankind, Cactus Jack, Dude Love, Max Moon, Brooklyn Brawler, or whoever the hell he is this week, couldn't pin The Rock, and he sure as hell couldn't make The Rock tap out. And after last night, The Rock knows that without a shadow of a doubt, he is the greatest WWF Champion that there has ever been, and to prove it to the people, The Rock says that he could whip any of the other lousy WWF superstars' candy asses from Tacoma to Seattle! But since nobody has the balls to challenge The People's Champion, I guess you'll just have to take The Rock's word for it. IF YA SMELLLLLLL... WHAT THE ROCK.... IS....

The lights go out before The Rock can finish, and organ music begins to play. Pyro explodes at the top of the ramp and Kane marches to the ring. Rock is desperately looking for an escape route, but Kane steps over the top rope and adjusts the glove on his right hand as he stands across the ring from the WWF Champion.

The Rock: Kane, I saw what you did to your own brother last night, so I can only imagine what you would do to me, but just hear The Rock out, The Rock says-

Rock hits Kane over the head with the microphone he was holding, staggering Kane momentarily. Rock continues to lay the smack down on the Big Red Machine until Kane can hit a huge uppercut and push Rock into the corner, where the attack on The Great One continues with a flurry of body shots. Kane measures up for the Chokeslam, but he's jumped from behind by The Corporation! Boss Man and Shamrock take it to the monster, grounding him in the corner and stomping him repeatedly as The Rock calls the shots. The Brahma Bull has his Corporate teammates hold Kane in place while Rocky smokes him with the WWF Championship belt! Kane is left looking as vulnerable as he's ever looked, right in the middle of the ring. As The Corporate Team walks up the ramp, Kane sits up in the ring, drawing a large reaction from the crowd.

Jim Ross: It appears that The Rock has made himself a new enemy!

Jerry Lawler: Yeah, but I don't think Kane will ever get a shot at The Rock as long as he has The Corporation watching his back.

Jim Ross: That may be true, but it's going to take a hell of a lot to keep The Big Red Machine down.

*Commercial Break*

When RAW IS WAR returns from the break, Jeff Jarrett is standing in the ring. Double J has his "Don't Piss Me Off" guitar in his right hand, and his left arm draped over Debra McMichael's shoulder. Double J's opponent, Scott "Too Hot" Taylor, comes to the ring accompanied by his tag team partner Brian Christopher.

Jeff Jarrett w/ Debra McMichael vs Scott Taylor w/ Brian Christopher
The action in this match is mostly one-sided on behalf of Double J, who works over Taylor's knee so he can finish him with the Figure Four. Taylor does get a little offense in, however, when Brian Christopher clubs Jarrett while the ref has his back turned. Taylor uses the advantage to hit a few nice high-impact moves, including a missile dropkick and a tornado DDT. However, Taylor takes a little too much time to pander to the audience on the top rope while going for a splash, and Double J connects with a superplex followed by the Figure Four to pick up a very anticlimactic victory. Following the match, Brian Christopher runs into the ring to extract some revenge. Double J ducks a clothesline and hits one of his own, grounding "Too Sexy" as Debra hands Double J his guitar. Jarrett winds up and... he smashes the guitar over Christopher's head!

Winner- Jeff Jarrett

Jim Ross: Jeff Jarrett earns himself another impressive victory, making quick work of Scott Taylor!

Jerry Lawler: Who cares about Scott Taylor?! I want to know if Brian's alright!

Jim Ross: Of course you do, "daddy".

Jerry Lawler: I don't know what you're talking about, but I wish I could get DEBRA to call me "daddy"! Just look at those puppies!

Jim Ross: Would you settle down, King? Anyway, we'll send you now to Michael Cole, who is standing backstage with The Oddities!

Michael Cole is surrounded by The Oddities, who aren't their usual playful selves. Kurrgan looks enraged, and Golga is repeatedly hitting himself in the head with his Cartman doll. Luna has a menacing look on her face, as Giant Silva rubs her shoulders to comfort her.

Michael Cole: Ummm... Luna, after what happened last night with The Headbangers, uh... it doesn't really seem like The Oddities are themselves as they head into their match with The Brood tonight, umm-

Cole is cut off, as Kurrgan takes the microphone and gives Cole an intimidating look before handing the mic to Luna. Luna looks into the camera for a few moments, and then begins to speak in her crackling voice.

Luna: Everybody likes to think of us as the freaks, the giants, the losers. What about the three people that drink blood and walk through fire? What about the people that wear skirts and face paint? All we've ever wanted is to be normal, to be accepted. And tonight, we're going to make you people accept us, whether you like it or not!

Luna shoves the mic into the chest of Cole, who is perplexed at the new demeanor of Luna and The Oddities, shaking his head out of confusion.

When the camera returns to ringside, The Brood's music begins to play. Gangrel, Edge and Christian step through the circle of fire after ascending from beneath the stage, and swagger to the ring. Edge and Christian stand in the corner behind Gangrel, who sips the red liquid from his goblet and spits it into the air from the top of the steel steps. As The Oddities come to the ring, there's no dancing or shenanigans. Luna orders them to get in the ring and yells "MAKE THEM ACCEPT US" before the bell rings.

The Brood vs The Oddities w/ Luna
The Brood is able to use classic tag team strategy in the early going of this 6 man contest, keeping Golga isolated in their corner. Edge and Christian kept the massive (literally) South Park fan grounded, using a double suplex and other tag team moves to keep the behemoth from reaching his corner. The tide turns as Gangrel receives the tag, and makes the mistake of trying to lift Golga for a bodyslam. Golga is far too much weight for Gangrel to pick up, and he connects with a big splash, enabling him to make a tag to Kurrgan. With Luna barking instructions from ringside, Kurrgan absolutely dominates Gangrel, tossing him around the ring like a small child. With Gangrel in the corner, Kurrgan charges in an attempt to squash the gothic superstar. However, Gangrel is pulled out of the way by Christian, who is standing on the apron, and Gangrel lunges to make the tag to Edge. Kurrgan drags Edge to the corner of The Oddities, and tags in Golga, who beats on Edge briefly. Golga allows Edge to tag in Christian, who is also no match for this monster of a man. As Golga presses Christian high in the air, Insane Clown Posse and The Headbangers come to the top of the ramp. Luna tells her Oddities to go after them, and as the referee tries to get between Kurrgan and Giant Silva, who are walking up the ramp, Edge runs in the ring and delivers the Downward Spiral to Golga! Christian rolls into the cover as the ref runs back into the ring, picking up a victory for The Brood. As Kurrgan and Silva turn back to see Golga get pinned, The Headbangers and ICP run back through the curtain. Kurrgan, Silva, and eventually Golga give chase, and as Luna starts her run up the ramp, the lights go out and The Brood's music plays. Red lights flash for about 30 seconds, and when the lights are turned back on in the arena, Luna is sitting in front of the announcers table, covered in some kind of red liquid. The Brood laugh their way back up the ramp and return backstage.

Winners- The Brood

Jim Ross: There appear to be huge problems in the camp of The Oddities, and I certainly wouldn't want to be The Headbangers or the Insane Clown Posse right about now.

Jerry Lawler: Would you ever want to be The Headbangers or Insane Clown Posse? Too much facepaint and too many skirts for my taste.

Jim Ross: You didn't seem to be too bothered by Debra's skirt earlier! Well up next, we have the Intercontinental Championship on the line as "Badass" Billy Gunn challenges Ken Shamrock!

*Commercial Break*

RAW IS WAR comes back on the air with Vince McMahon joining JR and King on commentary. "I'M AN ASS MAN" sends the crowd to their feet, as Billy Gunn comes to the ring without Road Dogg, as all members of DX and The Corporation have been banned from ringside. Billy unhooks his WWF Tag Team title belt from his waist, then slides in the ring and grabs a microphone. Mr. Ass points at Mr. McMahon as he says "if you ain't down with D-Generation X, I've got two words for ya" and holds the microphone up to the crowd to finish the sentence. Gunn looks all business as Ken Shamrock comes to the ring, his crazed eyes not leaving "BA" Billy Gunn. Shamrock slaps himself in the face at the foot of the steps before entering the ring and immediately getting in Gunn's face. Mr. Ass doesn't back down one bit, and the bell rings to start the bout.

WWF Intercontinental Championship Match
Ken Shamrock (c) vs Billy Gunn
The action is hot and heavy right from the get-go, with neither athlete taking an advantage. They trade blows in the corner until Billy is able to deliver a monkey flip, while Mr. McMahon runs down DX on commentary. Billy takes a small advantage, but the World's Most Dangerous Man is able to come back at him with a very stiff kick to the midsection and a snap suplex. The match continues to go back-and-forth, with both superstars getting their fair share of offense in. Billy spikes Shamrock with a DDT for a nearfall, but gets caught with a leg lariat that drops him, allowing Shamrock to synch in a sleeper hold! Billy is fading fast, but with the crowd behind him, he's able to charge into the corner and bail out at the last second, driving Shamrock shoulder-first into the ringpost between the second and top turnbuckle. Shamrock staggers into the middle of the ring hunched over and holding his shoulder, and he's planted with the Fame-Asser! Shamrock rolls close to the ropes on impact, but Gunn stops him from exiting the ring and covers him! 1! 2! Vince McMahon pulls the referee out of the ring! Vince and the ref have a shouting match, as Billy rolls out of the ring to confront the boss. Just as Mr. Ass winds up to hit VKM with a right hand, Shamrock grabs a handful of Gunn's blonde hair and pulls him back into the ring. Gunn is Irish whipped and ducks a clothesline, but he's caught coming back with a belly-to-belly suplex and Shamrock puts him in the Ankle Lock! Billy crawls towards the ropes, and just as he reaches out to grab the bottom rope, Vince swats his hand away, unbeknownst to referee Tim White. Shamrock now pulls Billy into the middle of the ring and grapevines the hold, forcing Mr. Ass to tap out. Vince climbs in the ring to celebrate with Shamrock, but DX charges down the ramp, making a b-line towards Shamrock and Vinny Mac. Shamrock and Vince escape through the crowd as DX enters the ring, and they are visibly pissed off. Road Dogg helps Billy to his feet, as Triple H grabs a microphone and paces around the ring.

Triple H: Every week is the same around here. The Corporation does whatever they want because Vince makes the rules, and everybody backstage knows there's nothing they can do about it.

HHH pauses and looks directly into the camera.


X-Pac leans over and puts the microphone, which is still in Triple H's hand, up to his mouth.


DX's music plays as they help Billy out of the ring and return backstage in a rage.

Winner- Ken Shamrock

Jerry Lawler: Of course Vince McMahon makes the rules, he owns this place!

Jim Ross: That certainly isn't going to stop DX from trying to break those rules. And whether Vince McMahon likes it or not, DX is going to do what they want to do, when they want to do it! Either way, I'm now being told that by order of Commissioner Michaels, Kane will have to face The Rock and the Big Boss Man in a no holds barred handicap match, and I'm willing to bet The Rock had as much to do with the creation of that match as anybody else.

Jerry Lawler: Good! That Big Red Retard's going to get exactly what's coming to him for attacking the WWF Champion like he did earlier tonight!

As the camera pans around to collect shots of the rowdy Tacoma crowd, Owen Hart's music plays, which draws a split reaction. Owen is wearing a blue button-down shirt and some tan dress pants, as he stands in the middle of the ring and delivers a monotone promo.

Owen Hart: Y'know, with all these rumors circulating about who the Blue Blazer is, it seems like the consensus is that it's me. What reason would I have to dress up in a ridiculous superhero costume and "fight crime"? What reason would I have to stop you fans from seeing Debra take her clothes off last night? I have too much respect for myself and my heritage to make a fool out of myself on national television. I'm simply Owen Hart, a member of the Hart Family, a survivor of the Hart Dungeon, and a proud Sole Survivor. Thank you.

Before Owen can exit the ring, Goldust comes to the top of the ramp, fully equipped with his robe and wig.

Goldust: Owen, Owen, Owen. I don't know who you're trying to fool. You're no Clark Kent, Owen. And whatever your motivation was to stop Debra from stripping naked, I'm going to-

Goldust is nailed from behind by The Blue Blazer, leaving everybody confused. Blazer hits Goldust with a piledriver on the stage, knocking him out, then Owen puts The Bizarre One in the Sharpshooter! Goldust lets out a few screams of pain until WWF officials force Owen to relinquish the hold. Owen straightens up the buttons on his shirt before returning backstage, leaving the crowd in a stunned silence.

Jerry Lawler: If that's not proof, I don't know what is! JR, he can't be The Blue Blazer! I knew it all along!

Jim Ross: You may be correct but I've got a feeling that there's still more to this story. But what we know for sure is that we have Steve Blackman taking on D-Lo Brown, and that'll be right after this commercial break.

*Commercial Break*

RAW IS WAR comes back on the air with a shot of Val Venis and The Godfather sitting on opposite ends of a couch with beautiful women between them. Both men are smoking cigars and having a great time. Val removes the cigar from his mouth before turning towards Godfather.

Val Venis: This is the life. Hehe, I'm helping every woman's dream of coming face to, hehe, *face*, with the Big Valbowski come true! Godfather, you always say that, "pimpin' ain't easy", well I'm having a hard time finding the difficulty in this. Hehe I could do this all day, and I'm sure you ladies could do this (pointing at his body) all night, hehe.

Two of the ladies get in closer to Val as the camera cuts out of the room.

The next thing the camera shows is DX walking through the halls backstage at a quick pace, knocking on doors and asking to see Vince.

Jim Ross: I guess DX wasn't messing around when they said they were going to be breaking the rules.

Jerry Lawler: They must be insane! Mr. McMahon's going to have them burnt at the stake if they keep this up!

D-Lo Brown's music hits in the arena, and he comes out with a decent reaction. However, it's mostly boos as he's flanked by "Sexual Chocolate" Mark Henry. Henry gives D-Lo a little advice as Steve Blackman's music plays and the martial-artist comes to the ring accompanied by a kendo stick. Blackman gets Henry to leave the ring by waving his kendo stick around, and the match gets underway.

D-Lo Brown w/ Mark Henry vs Steve Blackman
Blackman takes over this match almost immediately, connecting with a few martial-arts style kicks. With the pace moving extremely fast, D-Lo charges at The Lethal Weapon, who is leaning against the ropes, but Blackman lifts D-Lo over the top and out of the ring! Sexual Chocolate catches his tag partner, and slides him gently back into the ring, where Blackman's waiting for him with a forearm right across the throat. As Blackman continues his attack, D-Lo becomes very worn down and exhausted. With all the fatigue setting in, D-Lo becomes desperate and delivers a right hand to the referee! Brown calls Henry into the ring and they double team Blackman, leading to Henry hitting Blackman with a huge backbreaker, lifting The Lethal Weapon high in the air and bringing him down across his knee with thunderous impact. D-Lo goes to the top rope, taunts for a moment, then hits the Lo Down! Brown hooks the leg as Henry wakes up referee Mike Chioda, but Chioda disqualifies Brown for assaulting him earlier, handing the victory to Blackman. Henry and Brown back Chioda into the corner, threatening him to reverse his decision, but they're both struck from behind by Steve Blackman and his kendo stick! The impact from the kendo stick knocks D-Lo out of the ring, but it takes 4 shots to the legs to get Henry on the ground. Blackman snaps the kendo stick in half across the back of the World's Strongest Man, and leaves the ring while saluting the fans.

Winner- Steve Blackman

The camera cuts backstage, where DX is being loaded into 2 separate police cars. They're resisting the pull of the officers, and yelling at Vince McMahon and The Corporation, who are yelling back. The only words that can be made out for sure is Vince yelling "TAKE THEM AWAY! THEY ASSAULTED THEM!" The camera moves around to a room with a door that has been knocked down, and on the inside are the bloody bodies of Gerald Brisco and Pat Patterson. The police cars drive away as Vince and HBK share a hi-five.

*Commercial Break*

J.O.B Squad w/ Bob Holly and Gillberg vs Hardy Boyz w/ Michael Hayes
The match begins with a little comedy as Al Snow jokingly pretends to lie down for Matt Hardy, daring Matt to cover him. Snow gets back up and aggressively attacks Hardy before driving him spine-first into the canvas with a snap suplex. Snow and Scorpio make quick tags, surprisingly working as heels, until Matt Hardy hits a neckbreaker and makes a mild tag to his brother Jeff. Jeff counters a powerbomb attempt into a huge hurricanrana, then heads up top for a Swanton Bomb. Before Jeff can jump, he's crotched on the top rope as Al Snow shakes the ropes. As the referee admonishes Snow for his actions, Bob Holly pulls Matt Hardy off the apron and throws him into the steel steps. Meanwhile, Gillberg has Michael Hayes preoccupied. Scorpio pulls Jeff off the top rope and goes to the top himself, signaling for then connecting with a 450 Splash! Scorpio covers Jeff for the victory in a quick yet action-packed matchup.

Winners- J.O.B Squad

Jerry Lawler: Look at these idiots! They're a bunch of losers, and one of them talks to a mannequin head!

Jim Ross: Losers? Gillberg's the Light Heavyweight Champion!

Jerry Lawler: What's your point? TAKA Michinoclue was the Light Heavyweight Champion at one point too, you know.

Jim Ross: And TAKA is a great competitor! In any event, we're about to take our final commercial break, and when we come back, it's going to be time for the main event!

*Commercial Break*

RAW IS WAR returns with The Rock and Big Boss Man standing to either side of Michael Cole in the interview area. Rock is rubbing his WWF belt, and Boss Man is flipping his nightstick around.

Michael Cole: You two are just moments away from getting Kane all to yourselves in a no holds barred match.

Cole holds the microphone up to The Rock, who looks confused.

The Rock: Was that even a real question? Listen, The Rock's going to make this short and sweet, after ton- Michael Cole, you better get the hell out of The Rock's face.

Boss Man pulls Cole out of the camera shot.

The Rock: As The Rock was saying, after tonight, Kane's going to learn why you shouldn't mess with The People's Champion. IF YA SMELLLLL... WHAT THE ROCK.... IS.... cooking.

Rock drops the mic before urging Boss Man to head out to the ring with him.

Kane vs The Rock and Big Boss Man
Early on, Kane is actually able to gain an advantage by beating down Boss Man. However, every time Kane goes for the Chokeslam or any other high-impact maneuver, The Rock runs in and stops him from doing so. Eventually, Kane grows frustrated, and pulls Rock into the ring, beating him relentlessly. But as he does this, Boss Man hits him in the back of the knee with his nightstick, grounding the Big Red Machine. Rock rolls out of the ring and picks up a steel chair, jabbing it into Kane's injured knee and taking his time doing so. With the referee unable to make one of The Corporation members go back to the apron, he throws the match out, declaring it a no contest. Rock and Boss Man make it clear that their only intention is to hurt Kane by grabbing a table and placing it in the corner. Before Rock and Boss Man can launch Kane through the table, Mankind runs to the ring and attacks them both! The deranged Mankind pulls Rock out of the ring and then delivers the Mandible Claw to the Big Boss Man! With Boss Man fading, Mankind goes to toss him through the table, but Ken Shamrock intercepts him by tackling Mankind! Boss Man rolls to the outside as Kane gets back to his feet. The Big Red Machine walks over to Shamrock and grabs him by the throat, but Shamrock escapes his grasp with a kick to the bad knee. Mankind and Shamrock continue to duke it out, but Commissioner Shawn Michaels runs to the ring and catches an unsuspecting Mankind with the Sweet Chin Music! With The Corporation dominating, they put the boots to their opponents. Just as HBK is tuning up the band for a Sweet Chin Music on Kane, the glass breaks and Stone Cold Steve Austin walks with a purpose to the ring! Rocky and HBK bail, but Shamrock stays to try and fight the Rattlesnake. Austin bounces Shamrock's head off the table, which Mankind charges, and puts himself and Shamrock through the table!!! Boss Man rolls back into the ring, right into a Stone Cold Stunner by Steve Austin! Austin grabs some beers and hands one to Mankind, who reluctantly accepts. They drink their Steveweisers as Kane stares down at The Rock and HBK, who are standing at the top of the ramp, as the show goes off the air.

Winner- No Contest

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Re: Room for Improvement: 1999 WWF

Sunday Night Heat December 20th 1998 from Tacoma, Washington.

*Opening Video*


Kevin Kelly: Welcome everybody to Sunday Night Heat! We've got a lot of action tonight, including a Champion vs Champion match when European Champion X-Pac, fresh out of jail, takes on the Intercontinental Champion Ken Shamrock! Shane, that should be quite the interesting matchup.

Shane McMahon: Man, that's going to be INSANE! I can't wait for tonight! YEAH!

Kevin Kelly: We've also been told that both Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Rock are in the building tonight, so something huge could go down, right here on Sunday Night Heat! But to start us off, it's a Royal Rumble qualifying match between Brian Christopher and Val Venis!

"HELLO LADIES" has the crowd in a frenzy, as Val Venis comes to the ring accompanied by The Godfather and a few of his finest ladies. Val gets a little help in taking his towel off from one of his "escorts", and grabs a microphone.

Val Venis: HELLO LADIES. Hehe, here in Washington, they say you should always carry an umbrella. But with the Big Valbowski, whether you've got an umbrella or not, you can bank on getting a little, hehe, wet.

Val smirks as the camera shows shots of various blushing women in the crowd. Brian Christopher comes out to a very small reaction with Scott Taylor at his side. They're treated with complete indifference by the crowd as they make their way to the ring.

Val Venis w/ The Godfather & Hoes vs Brian Christopher w/ Scott Taylor
Much like Taylor's encounter with Jeff Jarrett on RAW IS WAR, Brian Christopher is dominated from start to finish by Val. Christopher makes a small attempt at a comeback when Taylor pulls Val off the top rope while he goes for the Money Shot, but Godfather levels Taylor with a clothesline, and a top rope hurricanrana attempt by Christopher is thwarted as Val hangs on to the top rope, then connects with the Money Shot to win in less than 4 minutes.

Winner- Val Venis

Kevin Kelly: So along with Stone Cold Steve Austin, we know that we're going to see Val Venis in the Royal Rumble match!

Shane McMahon: I expect Val to put on a great showing in the Rumble, just look at him work it with some of Godfather's ladies! YEAH!

*Commercial Break*

Heat returns with a recap of the events from RAW IS WAR involving DX. First Billy Gunn getting screwed out of the IC Title by Vince, then their arrest. As the video ends, we see Triple H standing in front of a camera with the rest of DX right behind him. He looks pissed off, rightfully so.

Triple H: You know, maybe we did deserve to go to jail last Monday. I mean, we did assault two people. And while we were sitting in that jail cell, clanking cans against the bars, playing harmonica, watching each other use the toilet, we each had one phone call. And what did we do with our phone calls? Well, Billy called his girlfriend, and told her he loved her. Road Dogg called one of those $1.50-a-minute lines, if you know what I mean, and told her he loved her. X-Pac called up Titan Tower, and told Vince McMahon to suck it, and right before I could dial my number, our cell door opened.

HHH pauses for a moment, then backs away from the camera slightly.

Triple H: And there was the man that bailed us out.

Hunter steps aside, and Mankind steps into the camera shot.

Mankind: Vince, it's awfully generous of you to pay all that money on my contract, when you know damn well I'd wrestle for free if I had to. But with the luxury of some extra money, I figured I'd help a couple pals out of a tight situation! Vince, have a nice day!

Mankind is embraced by DX with a group hug, but Billy Gunn breaks out of the hug and approaches the camera.


They all do a crotch chop, including Mankind, and yell "SUCK IT", as the crowd chants along.

Kevin Kelly: I can't believe it! Mankind bailed DX out of jail?

Shane McMahon: My pops won't be happy about this, not one bit!

The bell rings at ringside and Droz's music hits. Droz and his piercings trot to the ring, awaiting his opponent. Out comes Double J, accompanied by Debra and his "Don't Piss Me Off" guitar. Jarrett is wearing his "Don't Piss Me Off" shirt as well, as he slides in the ring and displays his guitar to the crowd, gaining a mixed reaction. Debra poses for the crowd a little, and Droz appears to be checking her out. Jarrett notices this, and jumps on Droz, starting the match off quickly.

Droz vs Jeff Jarrett w/ Debra McMichael
Jarrett uses his early attack to his advantage, utilizing a plethora of holds and slams to keep the ultra-athletic Droz at bay. A miscue by Jarrett as he lowers his head for a back body drop costs him, as Droz counters it into a huge DDT for a nearfall. From this point, the match is very even, giving the feeling that the first man to hit a big move will be the one to score the victory. Debra hops up on the apron to distract referee Jimmy Korderas, allowing Double J to grab his guitar. Droz ducks a swing with the guitar, and snatches it from Jarrett. Droz takes a swing of his own, but Jarrett moves also and the guitar goes flying out of the ring when Jarrett connects with a dropkick from behind. Droz bounces off the ropes and is rolled up by Jarrett for a two count, as Korderas is late to count the pin due to Debra's distraction. Double J argues with Korderas briefly, allowing Droz to kick him in the gut and go for the New Jersey Naptime! However, Jarrett slides down Droz's back and rolls him up, putting his feet on the ropes to secure a victory! Debra celebrates and climbs in the ring with Jarrett, who yells at Droz, "DON'T PISS ME OFF". Droz pleads his case to Korderas about Jarrett's feet being on the ropes to no avail, as the crowd cheers getting to watch Debra leave.

Winner- Jeff Jarrett

Kevin Kelly: Jeff Jarrett has really been making a name for himself the past few weeks here in the WWF.

Shane McMahon: Well you don't want to P.O. him, and he's showing everybody why. But take a look at Debra! Man she's HOT!

*Commercial Break*

Heat returns from the break with the Hardy Boyz already in the ring, receiving some coaching from Michael Hayes. Next to enter the ring are Mosh and Thrasher of The Headbangers, accompanied by the Insane Clown Posse, Violent J and Shaggy 2 Dope.

Kevin Kelly: And there's The Headbangers, who have had their share of issues with The Oddities over recent weeks.

Shane McMahon: Well they need to be worried about these high-flying Hardy brothers tonight, not The Oddities.

Hardy Boyz w/ Michael Hayes vs The Headbangers w/ ICP
The match begins with a nice exchange between Jeff Hardy and Mosh, with Mosh gaining the advantage after hitting a neckbreaker. Mosh and Thrasher use the ICP to distract referee Tim White while they double team Jeff behind his back. Mosh heads up top as Thrasher holds Jeff in position for a piledriver, but before they can spike Jeff, Michael Hayes pushes Mosh off the top, landing him on top of both Thrasher and Jeff. ICP charges Hayes and a brawl breaks out, while Jeff tags in to Matt inside the ring. Jeff leaps over the top and onto ICP and Hayes, ICP catching the worst of the blow. Mosh rolls back to his corner and stands on the apron as Matt goes for the Twist of Fate on Thrasher, but he's pushed off the ropes, and runs back into a huge clothesline. Thrasher lifts Matt up for a powerbomb, but it's countered into a hurricanrana! Matt holds on and picks up the three count before Mosh can break it up! Matt darts out of the ring and is closely followed by Jeff and Michael Hayes. The Hardys and Hayes celebrate their massive upset from the ramp as The Headbangers and ICP are enraged in the ring.

Winners- Hardy Boyz


Kevin Kelly: The Headbangers are going ballistic!

The Oddities come to the top of the stage as The Headbangers are throwing a tantrum in the ring. The Oddities mock and laugh at Mosh and Thrasher.

The camera cuts away from The Oddities and to one of the locker rooms backstage, where Michael Cole is standing next to Ken Shamrock.

Michael Cole: I'm standing by with the World Wrestling Federation Intercontinental Champion, Ken Shamrock. Tonight there aren't any titles on the line, but you have a lot to prove when you take on the European Champion X-Pac. DX has said that they're tired of The Corporation running the show, and if X-Pac was to defeat you tonight, that would do wonders for their cause. How do you plan on taking care of X-Pac tonight?

Shamrock takes a deep breath before speaking in his robotic tone.

Ken Shamrock: I've got nothing to say to X-Pac or DX except that once I snap X-Pac's ankle tonight, they'll know who has control over the WWF.

Shamrock hits himself in the head before letting out a scream of rage and heading towards the ring. The Corporation, who were previously out of the camera shot, walk behind Shamrock, implying that DX and The Corporation will not be banned from ringside in this contest.

X-Pac w/ D-Generation X & Mankind vs Ken Shamrock w/ The Corporation
With tensions running high, the war of words between DX and The Corporation on the outside of the ring starts almost immediately after the opening bell. Referee Mike Chioda is faced with the challenge of trying to contain the competitors on the inside of the ring and the competitors on the outside of the ring. The early edge in this contest goes to Shamrock, who ducks a spinning heel kick and drives X-Pac into the mat with a belly-to-belly suplex. Shamrock then proceeds to put his MMA skills to good use by launching a full-on ground and pound assault on the young buck from Minnesota. X-Pac begins to get himself back in the match, but every time he gets a little bit of sustained offense going, Shamrock quells it. With the verbal exchanges on the outside getting more and more heated, the action turns physical, as Billy Gunn charges Boss Man. The Corporation attempts to keep Mr. McMahon out of the action, as Ken Shamrock puts X-Pac in the Ankle Lock! Chioda leans out of the ring to separate the brawl, but Mankind rolls in the ring behind his back and plants Shamrock with a Double Arm DDT! X-Pac rolls into the cover, but the official is still caught in the fight. Pac stands up as The Rock rolls into the ring and clotheslines Mankind over the top rope! X-Pac goes for the X-Factor on The Rock, but Shamrock clubs him from behind and Rock hits Pac with the Rock Bottom! Shamrock covers! 1! 2! 3! Ken Shamrock picks up the win for The Corporation! Shamrock and The Rock gather up their teammates and head back up the ramp, but just as they go to step through the curtain, Shamrock is cracked over the head with a steel chair! Stone Cold Steve Austin steps out from behind the curtain wielding a chair, and The Corporation is now caught between an armed Austin and an angry DX. The Corporation split up, jumping off the ramp separate ways and scattering to the backstage area, leaving Shamrock laid out on the top of the stage with Austin's music playing as Sunday Night Heat goes off the air.

Winner- Ken Shamrock

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Re: Room for Improvement: 1999 WWF

Sunday Night Heat Review

Venis/Christopher - Good opening match, albeit a one-sided affair with Venis coming out on top. 3/5

Droz/Jarrett - Nice use of Debra distracting Droz, and the words from Jarrett at the end were perfect. 3.5/5

Hardy Boyz/Headbangers - Not much of an upset but great use of Michael Hayes and Insane Clown Posse in the matchup. Hardy Boyz pick up the win. 4/5

X-Pac/Shamrock - Epic ending with Austin chasing the entire Corporation out of the ring, which is always a plus. 5/5

Overall Show Rating: 4.5/5
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Re: Room for Improvement: 1999 WWF

RAW IS WAR December 21st 1998 Preview from Spokane, Washington.

-With only two competitors confirmed for the Royal Rumble in Stone Cold Steve Austin and Val Venis, we've heard that more superstars will be announcing their entrance into the Royal Rumble match.

-Owen Hart will attempt to defeat the rumors about him being the Blue Blazer by teaming up with the masked superhero to take on the oddball team of Goldust and "The Lethal Weapon" Steve Blackman.

-"Double J" Jeff Jarrett has been on a roll of late, but he'll face a steep challenge in The Godfather.

-The Corporation will make another attempt to get one over on their enemies as the New Age Outlaws will defend the WWF Tag Team Championships against Mankind and Kane.

-We've seen Stone Cold Steve Austin terrorize Vince McMahon and The Corporation over the past few months, and one has to wonder what his role will be on a night where The Corporation is attempting to put down all who oppose them.

Confirmed Matches
Owen Hart and Blue Blazer vs Goldust and Steve Blackman
Jeff Jarrett vs The Godfather
Light Heavyweight Championship
Gillberg vs Christian
WWF Tag Team Championships
New Age Outlaws vs Mankind and Kane

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Re: Room for Improvement: 1999 WWF

Enjoyed the first RAW - not read HEAT yet - good show.

Don't like the use of the different colours though. Well, I don't like the yellow. I could hardly read it, had to zoom right in just to work out what it said. I don't see why you need to put so much colour on it tbh.

The initial Rock promo was well written, he came across realistic and it'll be interesting to see what happens with him heading into what looks like a feud with Kane. His series of matches with Mankind were amazing IMO, I'm intrigued to see how you improve on that. The Owen Hart and Blue Blazer thing is interesting, not sure how I feel about the use of Owen knowing what really happened with this gimmick IRL, but this is a unique way of looking at it. DX's arrest was a strange one - not sure where that is heading but you seem to be setting up DX vs. Corporation as we head towards WM15.

Good start, liking it so far. Am reading. GCB
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Originally Posted by GCB View Post
Enjoyed the first RAW - not read HEAT yet - good show.

Don't like the use of the different colours though. Well, I don't like the yellow. I could hardly read it, had to zoom right in just to work out what it said. I don't see why you need to put so much colour on it tbh.

The initial Rock promo was well written, he came across realistic and it'll be interesting to see what happens with him heading into what looks like a feud with Kane. His series of matches with Mankind were amazing IMO, I'm intrigued to see how you improve on that. The Owen Hart and Blue Blazer thing is interesting, not sure how I feel about the use of Owen knowing what really happened with this gimmick IRL, but this is a unique way of looking at it. DX's arrest was a strange one - not sure where that is heading but you seem to be setting up DX vs. Corporation as we head towards WM15.

Good start, liking it so far. Am reading. GCB

DX's arrest was a way for me to allow Kane & Mankind to be outnumbered. With DX in the building, Austin wouldn't have to make the save.

I realized the yellow was a problem, and I'll be using it minimally from now on.

And trust me, I hate the Blue Blazer gimmick too, but I have to work with what I got.

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Re: Room for Improvement: 1999 WWF

RAW IS WAR December 21st 1998 from Spokane, Washington

*Opening Video*


As the pyro ends, The Corporation is already standing in the ring. The whole cast is in attendance, Rock, Boss Man, Shamrock, Commissioner Michaels... But Vince McMahon and The Stooges are conspicuous by their absence. Shawn Michaels is in a suit, and he has his arms at his sides with a microphone in his right hand. HBK waits for the booing from the crowd to calm down before speaking.

Shawn Michaels: Ladies and gentlemen, it is with a great amount of regret that I inform you that Vince McMahon will not be in attendance tonight.

The audience in Spokane let out a great amount of cheers, to which HBK rolls his eyes.

Shawn Michaels: I certainly don't share the same enthusiasm that you people have about the situation, because Vince McMahon won't be here due to the fact that he is at the hospital right now with the two victims of D-Generation X's assault last week.

Just the mention of DX gets a huge pop from the crowd, which The Corporation tried to kill by making gestures towards the crowd.

Shawn Michaels: And because of the actions of DX, I've decided that all four members will be in action tonight.

This announcement brings a smothering of cheers from the people, but Michaels puts a confident smirk on his face before continuing to speak.

Shawn Michaels: X-Pac will be in a Royal Rumble qualifying match, against BOTH members of DOA!

The crowd's not happy about this one, but The Corporation are just having a good time in laughing it off.

Shawn Michaels: As for the Outlaws, they'll be defending the WWF Tag Team Titles...... Against Kane and Mankind!

Despite most of them already knowing this match was on the card, HBK is still booed heavily by the raucous crowd.

Shawn Michaels: And my old pal, Hunter Hearst Helmsley... let's just say Hunter's going to feel the bite, of a rattlesnake.

The assumption is that HBK's talking about Stone Cold, which actually makes the crowd cheer. Just as Michaels straightens up his jacket and begins to exit the ring, the glass breaks and Stone Cold Steve Austin walks to the ring with a purpose! Austin gets up on each turnbuckle, giving the crowd his two-fingered salute as Michaels decides not to sic The Corporation on him. Austin gets right in HBK's face and grabs the microphone from him, giving the crowd a moment to cool down before addressing the Commissioner.

Stone Cold: Sittin' in the back listening to you spout out the same crap that Vince has been spewin' for months damn near made me throw up!

Even a sentence as vanilla as this gets a MASSIVE reaction from those in attendance.

Stone Cold: Now if you're gonna go ahead an' put me in a match with Triple H, that's all fine an' good, I'll open up a canna whoopass on anybody, but Triple H don' got what I want, NUH UH! Triple H ain' got it, but damn son you do!

Austin turns his attention from Commissioner Michaels to The Rock. As Austin attempts to get nose to nose with The Great One, Big Boss Man and Ken Shamrock step between them. Austin has his eyes fixated on the WWF Title, not budging an inch with Boss Man and Shamrock trying to shove him backwards. The Rock takes the mic from Austin, who doesn't even move his eyes. The Brahma Bull, dressed in his warm-up clothes with the Title slung over his shoulder, fixates himself with his left shoulder pointed at Austin, his arm extended so that he's nearly poking The Bionic Redneck's chest.

The Rock: The Rock says that you better know your role and shut your mouth, ya beer swilling, finger giving, no good lousy piece of trailer park trash!

Austin turns his head to the right and smirks slightly, knowing that any movements towards The Rock could launch a 4-on-1 attack.

The Rock: There's only one People's Champion in the World Wrestling Federation, and your ass is looking at him. This title over The People's Shoulder means The Rock is the very best in the WWF, better than Mankind, better than Triple H, better than Kane, and certainly better than your monkey ass, jabroni!

Austin turns his head now towards The People's Champion. The Rattlesnake is still smirking, but this time he's making direct eye contact with Rocky.

The Rock: The fact of the matter is, Stone Cold Steve Austin, that you can come out here and say whatever you want, but The Rock knows that he could beat your candy ass from Spokane to Indianapolis! And when you go back to your trailer tonight, and The Rock is out partying with the finest women Spokane has to offer.... Well, we all know I'll have to import the women from Miami, where the girls *don't* have facial hair.... but you should just keep in mind that you will never, ever, AND THE ROCK MEANS EVER, be half the man that The Rock is. IF YA SMELLLLL.... WHAT THE ROCK.... IS.... cookin.

Austin delays for a moment before flipping the bird to The Rock. Michaels goes for a Sweet Chin Music on Austin, but The Rattlesnake ducks and HBK clocks Boss Man! Austin gives everybody one more round of middle fingers before rolling out of the ring and leaving back up the ramp with his music blaring. The crowd cheers wildly as The Corporation tries to help Boss Man recover.

Jim Ross: The Rattlesnake just infected The Corporation with a little bit of venom!

Jerry Lawler: You mean he got lucky. Either Austin or Helmsley's going to get theirs tonight!

Jim Ross: You may be right King, but I really hope you aren't.

The camera cuts away to the locker room area, where The Brood is sitting in a dim red light. Gangrel is wearing a smile that shows off his fangs and is fondling his goblet. Edge and Christian sit to either side of him with very serious looks on their faces. Gangrel stands up and gestures for his followers to come with him.

*Commercial Break*

As RAW IS WAR returns, The Brood ascend through the stage and walk through the ring of fire to the right of the ramp. Gangrel maintains the smile on his face, as Edge and Christian still look much more serious while they walk down the ramp with JR announcing that all three members of The Brood will be in the Rumble match. Gangrel drinks from the goblet and spews the viscous liquid into the air as the lights come back on. Gangrel gives Christian some last-second advice as Gillberg begins his parody entrance. Coming from his locker room, Gillberg navigates through the backstage area, flanked by members of the J.O.B Squad. Snow, Holly and Scorpio help Gillberg find his way to the ring, and they get the match underway.

WWF Light Heavyweight Championship
Christian w/ The Brood vs Gillberg (c) w/ J.O.B Squad
As is expected, Christian absolutely destroys The Man They Call Gillberg. A bulldog followed up by a half Boston crab appear to be enough to finish the match, but Al Snow takes a swing at Christian with Head! Christian ducks it, but releases the hold in the process. Edge and Gangrel confront the J.O.B Squad, starting a brawl on the outside that distracts Christian. Gillberg rolls Christian up, but is only able to get a nearfall. As they both get back up, Christian goes behind Gillberg and plants him with a huge REVERSE DDT! 1! 2! 3! Christian is the new Light Heavyweight Champion! Before Christian can do too much celebrating, the lights go out in the arena and The Brood's theme plays. Red lights flash, and when the light in the arena is restored, the J.O.B Squad is covered in the same liquid that The Brood covered Luna in last week! Also, Al Snow's mannequin Head is gone! Snow is frantically searching for Head as The Brood is nowhere to be seen.

Winner- Christian

Jerry Lawler: Finally! That idiot Al Snow won't be able to run around with that ridiculous mannequin head anymore!

Jim Ross: More importantly King, we've got a new Light Heavyweight Champion!

Jerry Lawler: It's not Brian Christopher, so why should I care?

Jim Ross: You oughta get nominated for father of the year, you know that? Anyway, we've got Michael Cole backstage with Goldust and Steve Blackman, who will be together in tag team action tonight!

In the interview area, Michael Cole looks slightly uncomfortable sandwiched between the robe-and-wig wearing Goldust, and the kendo stick wielding Steve Blackman. Blackman has a very serious demeanor, while Goldust is slowly tilting his head from side to side.

Michael Cole: Over recent weeks, the two of you have had multiple encounters with both The Blue Blazer and Owen Hart, tonight you will team up to face them, in what should be an interesting matchup.

Cole nervously holds the microphone to Goldust, who barely acknowledges Cole's existence.

Goldust: *breathes in deeply* Michael, you talk about Owen and The Blue Blazer as if they were two different people. In Hollywood, stunt doubles are needed all the time, trust me, I would know. And the Blue Blazer that attacked me last week was nothing more than a stunt double. Tonight, I'll make sure whoever Owen has to take his place under that mask will never forget the name of... *another deep breath* Goldust *bite*

Blackman just smacks the kendo stick against the palm of his hand, looks up at Goldust, and walks away. The Bizarre One tightens up his robe and intimidates Michael Cole a little before hustling to catch up to Blackman.

Owen Hart and Blue Blazer vs Goldust and Steve Blackman
Owen and Blackman start this one off, briefly exchanging holds reminiscent of a Bret Hart match. Owen gains the edge when he connects with a enziguri, then continues to go to work on the neck of The Lethal Weapon. Owen looks reluctant to tag to the Blazer, staying out of the corner. Owen sustains his attack on Blackman's neck before dragging him to the center of the ring and setting up for the piledriver. Blackman is able to counter with a back body drop, and both men are down. The wise move for Owen and Blackman would be to make a tag, but Owen rolls to a vacant corner. Blackman makes the tag, as Owen pulls himself up in the corner using the top rope. Goldust hits a clothesline in the corner on The Sole Survivor, and sets him up for Shattered Dreams! Before Goldust can start his run towards Owen, the Blazer gets between the two of them. Goldust throws the Blazer over the top rope, allowing Owen to free himself from the corner. Owen takes a few steps out of the corner and catches a huge BICYCLE KICK from Steve Blackman! Goldust covers Owen, picking up the win for his team! Owen yells at Blue Blazer before leaving the ring in a fit of rage.

Jerry Lawler: That HAS to prove it JR! Not only were they in the same ring together, but they didn't even get along! Owen has no idea who this guy is!

Jim Ross: It's very compelling evidence, but Goldust had a good point earlier. Owen could have someone filling in for the Blazer!

Jerry Lawler: Whatever you say, Oliver Stone.

Jim Ross: Well we've learned that Owen, Goldust, AND Blackman will be entrants in the Royal Rumble match, so maybe we'll get an appearance by the Blue Blazer in Anaheim on January 24th.

Jerry Lawler: I certainly hope not!

*Commercial Break*

The show comes back on air with DOA already standing in the ring, their Titan Bikes parked at ringside. Skull and 8-Ball hi-five as X-Pac's music begins to play, and he comes to the ring with the 9th Wonder of the World, Chyna, who is carrying his European Title belt. X-Pac gives out his fair share of crotch chops before getting in the ring and setting off his "X" pyro. Pac turns from play time to all business when he realizes the challenge that faces him. Skull moves to the apron as the bell rings.

Disciples of Apocalypse vs X-Pac w/ Chyna
X-Pac finds a way to control the contest in the early going, using his extraordinary agility to avoid 8-Ball's attacks and then takes him to the mat with a leg sweep. Pac hits a leg drop and a few forearms across the throat to keep his much larger opponent down, but eventually 8-Ball is able to pull himself back up and fight back. 8-Ball channels his strength and power advantage to pound X-Pac over the back with some clubbing blows, taking the exciting Minnesotan to the canvas. 8-Ball whips Pac into the ropes, but X-Pac goes for a leaping spinning heel kick on the tower of a man. However, X-Pac is caught in midair and slammed to the mat, leading to a tag to Skull from 8-Ball. Skull picks up where his partner left off, keeping X-Pac from hitting any high-impact maneuvers. After a minute or two of a beating from Skull, the DOA member seats Pac on the top rope and puts two hands on his throat, ready for a chokebomb. Instead, Pac counters and hits the X-FACTOR from the second rope! Pac covers, but an argument between Chyna and 8-Ball has the official distracted. Pac confronts referee Tim White about his lack of a count, and 8-Ball makes the switch with his identical twin! Chyna notices the attempt to cheat and slides in the ring while 8-Ball pretends to stagger to his feet. Chyna winds up, and SMOKES X-PAC WITH HER FOREARM! The crowd is confused until Tony Chimel announces that X-Pac is the victor via disqualification! Pac and Chyna grab the European Title and leave, Chyna dragging X-Pac up the ramp. DOA can't believe what just happened, as the crowd goes wild for the result.

Winner- X-Pac

The camera follows X-Pac and Chyna all the way through the curtain, where they are met by jubilant DX members. They embrace when they're approached by Kevin Kelly.

Kevin Kelly: Billy, Road Dogg, I was wondering I could get a quick word with the two of you regarding the tag team title match that's coming up.

Road Dogg: I'd love to sit here and chit-chat Kevin, but I wouldn't tell you anything that ole' Stone Cold didn't say earlier tonight. So if you'll excuse me, we have a match.

Dogg and Gunn share a fist bump before heading towards the ring.

The camera cuts to one of the locker rooms, where Mankind and Kane are sitting in silence. Mankind is rocking back and forth, pulling some of his hair out. The Big Red Machine stands up and goes to walk out of the room, but Mankind utters "I don't want to hurt them. They're my friends." Kane pays no attention to his partner for the night and rips the door open, leaving without his partner in tow.

Jim Ross: Well this oughta be quite the matchup, if Mankind chooses to participate.

Jerry Lawler: If he chooses not to, Kane or The Corporation's going to make him.

Jim Ross: Well I'm afraid you're right about that, and I can't help but feel for Mick Foley. He finally makes some friends, and that no good Mr. McMahon makes him fight them!

Before King can reply, the New Age Outlaws' music starts up. "OH YOU DIDN'T KNOW?.... YO ASS BETTA CALL SOMEBODAAAAAAY" yells Road Dogg, who is drowned out by the volume of the crowd. Dogg and Billy throw up the X before rolling into the ring and firing up the crowd a little more, followed by the delivery of their famous schtick. "LLLLLLADIES AND GENTLEMEN, BOYS AND GIRLS, CHILDREN OF ALL AGES, D-GENERATION X, PROUDLY BRINGS TO YOU, ITS WWF, TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS OF THE WORRRRRRRLD.... THE ROAD DOGG JESSE JAMES, THE BADASS BILLY GUNN, THE NEW! AGE! OUTLAWS!" Dogg hands the mic off to Mr. Ass, letting him perform his part of the routine." And if you ain't down with the New Age Outlaws, WE GOT TWO WORDS FOR YA! SUCK IT!" Gunn spikes the microphone Ito the mat, and Kane's pyro goes off almost immediately, bringing Kane and Mankind out. Mankind is far behind Kane and walking very slowly, still pulling his hair out. Kane steps over the top rope and enters the ring before setting off his corner pyro, while Mankind stands on the outside of the ring, shaking his head back and forth. Kane looks down at Mankind, who is refusing to get on the apron. The referee, Earl Hebner, won't ring the bell until Mankind's in his position, but the deranged one isn't moving.

Kane appears to have sympathy for the first time ever, as he isn't going out of the ring to drag Mankind to the apron. With everything at a standstill, Shawn Michaels and The Rock come to the ring, surprisingly without the rest of The Corporation. Mankind continually tells HBK that he won't do it, making Michaels and The Rock get increasingly angry. Gunn and Road Dogg are still standing in the ring, holding their belts, when they're dropped from behind by Big Boss Man and Ken Shamrock, who ran out of the crowd! Boss Man gets a few shots in with the nightstick, and when Mankind tries to run in to save his friends, he's pulled out of the ring by Michaels! Mankind gets the Mandible Claw on The Heartbreak Kid, but not for long as The Rock lays the smack down on Mankind. Kane stands immobile as Boss Man and Shamrock approach him. Kane doesn't flinch until Boss Man takes a swing with the nightstick, which Kane catches. The Big Red Machine tosses Boss Man's nightstick out of the ring, and takes the bodyguard off his feet with a right hand. Shamrock kicks Kane in the knee that was injured last week on RAW IS WAR, but it hardly phases the monster. Kane grabs Shamrock around the throat, looking for a Chokeslam, but The Rock knocks Kane off the Intercontinental Champion and goes to work, pushing Kane against the ropes with multiple right hands. Kane comes back strong with an uppercut, and catches a charging Shamrock by the throat once again. This time, he Chokeslams the World's Most Dangerous Man to the outside, his back bouncing off the apron on the way down. As Shamrock writhes in pain, Mankind gets back in the ring and trades blows with Boss Man. This ends when Michaels throws Boss Man his nightstick, which he uses to level Mankind, busting him wide open.

With everyone but Kane, who is laying into The Brahma Bull with right hands in the corner, out of the picture, Boss Man hits Kane from behind with the nightstick. Boss Man whips The Big Red Machine into the ropes and catches him coming back with a very impressive sidewalk slam. The Rock stands towards Kane's head, and kicks his right arm closer o his body. The Great One bounces off both sets of ropes and delivers THE PEOPLE'S ELBOW! As Rock and Boss Man celebrate with Commissioner Michaels near the ropes, facing towards the entranceway, Kane sits up behind them. They see this on the tron, and are shocked. Boss Man turns and charges Kane, which leads to the fastest TOMBSTONE PILEDRIVER that any of the fans have ever seen. Rock and Michaels don't know what to do, and Kane sends them both over the top with a clothesline. They retreat up the ramp as quickly as they can, while Kane stands over Boss Man and sets off his pyro.

Jim Ross: There's nothing that The Corporation or anybody else can do to stop this man!

Jerry Lawler: Are you sure that's a man? Looks more like a monster to me!

Jim Ross: Whatever species he is, we know for sure that Kane's a thorn in the side of The Corporation!

Jerry Lawler: Once Vince is back, he'll have a plan to take care of Kane. He always has a plan!

Rock is talking trash from the top of the ramp with Michaels already having returned backstage, as Kane has not taken his eyes off the WWF Champion. The People's Champ goes backstage, clearly frustrated.

*Commercial Break*

As RAW IS WAR returns, Val Venis and The Godfather are surrounded by some of Godfather's..... "ladies". Venis and Godfather are talking, but the camera can't pick up what they're saying. Something in the distance catches Val's eye, and he mutters "you ladies are nice, hehe, but I want a piece of THAT!" The camera pans over to reveal Jeff Jarrett and Debra, who are walking to the ring! Jarrett sees Val staring at his woman, and warns The Big Valbowski while pointing his guitar at him, "DON'T PISS ME OFF". Jarrett continues walking all the way to the ring to get his match with Godfather underway.

Godfather w/ Val Venis & Hoes vs Jeff Jarrett w/ Debra McMichael
The match kicks off with a lot of interaction on the outside between Val Venis and Debra, with Val ignoring the Hoes to try and woo the beautiful Debra. It's obvious that Double J has part of his mind on the action going on outside the ring, as he offers little resistance to Godfather. The Pimp Daddy keeps decent control over Jarrett, as The Big Valbowski continues to try all his moves on Debra. Jarrett is able to counter a vertical suplex into a side Russian leg sweep, but can't follow up on it as he leans out of the ring, grabs his guitar, and threatens to hit Venis with it. Jarrett puts his upper body over the top rope, pointing the guitar out at Val. The Big Valbowski grabs ahold of the guitar and pulls down, sending Jarrett careening off the ropes and right into the PIMP DROP by Godfather! The Godfather covers him! 1! 2! DOUBLE J GETS HIS FOOT ON THE ROPES! Jarrett is slow to regain his vertical base, but when he does he connects with a baseball slide on Val! Double J completely gives up on the match, grabs his guitar from ringside and
HE SHATTERS THE GUITAR OVER GODFATHER'S HEAD, earning himself a disqualification! Jarrett grabs Debra's arm and they walk away, Val admiring Debra's "posterior" the whole way up the ramp.

Winner- The Godfather

Jim Ross: Looks like ole' Val has eyes for Debra, you two share that in common.

Jerry Lawler: Can you BLAME him? LOOK AT THOSE PUPPIES!!!!

Jim Ross: Try to contain yourself King.

Jerry Lawler: JR please, I'm busy looking at the puppies!

JR and King's banter is interrupted by J.O.B Squad's music. Snow leads his gang of lovable losers to the ring, all four of them still wearing their red-stained t-shirts from the bloodbath they received at the hands of The Brood earlier. Snow rolls in the ring and grabs a microphone before pointing at the entranceway.


Instead of The Brood coming out, the lights go out in the arena. There's a slight sound of thunder with faint music playing, and a very deep voice is speaking in tongues. After about 20 seconds, the lights come back on. Snow, Scorpio, and Holly are all fine, but The Man They Call Gillberg is unconscious on the outside of the ring. EMTs help Gillberg out of the arena on a stretcher, as Snow yells that The Brood have "stepped over the line".

Jerry Lawler: W-was.... Was that The Brood?

Jim Ross: I don't know who or what that was, but it sent chills up my spine. Tonight has not been a good night for the J.O.B Squad.

Jerry Lawler: What do you expect for a team named the J.O.B Squad? Anybody lead by that idiot Al Snow is going to have some trouble.

Jim Ross: In any event, we're about to take our final commercial break. When we return, Stone Cold Steve Austin is in action against Triple H!

*Commercial Break*

Following a commercial for WWF merchandise, RAW IS WAR returns to the air on USA Network. Triple H makes his way to the ring with Chyna and his water bottle, keeping the arena illuminated with green light. Hunter sets off the "X" pyro much like X-Pac did, and here comes the Rattlesnake. Austin stomps to the ring as the crowd goes absolutely nuts, making their choice clear in the battle of the fan-favorites. Triple H exits the ring to allow Austin to get showered with cheers as he gets up on every corner and delivers his "salute" to those in attendance. Austin takes off his vest, and HHH hesitantly enters the ring to do battle with the former WWF Champion. HHH tells Austin to suck it, which is matched by a pair of middle fingers from the Rattlesnake as the match begins.

Triple H w/ Chyna vs Stone Cold Steve Austin
Surprisingly, the match is very even from the beginning, both men getting about an equal amount of offense in. The match is a typical Attitude Era match, plenty of brawling and not a whole lot of technical wrestling. Austin takes a slight advantage over HHH at about the 6 minute mark in the match, dropping his forearm across the face of DX's leader. H rolls to the corner, but that proves to be a bad move when Austin stomps a mudhole in Hunter and walks it dry. SCSA keeps on the attack, whipping Helmsley off the ropes and going for the Lou Thesz press, which is shockingly countered into a DOUBLE A SPINEBUSTER by Triple H! HHH makes the cover, but it gets about a 2.2 count as Stone Cold kicks out with authority. JR and King repeatedly announce their surprise at Helmsley's ability to hang with the Rattlesnake while Triple H puts Austin in a sleeper, a surprising heel tactic. HHH keeps Stone Cold in the hold for enough time to allow the crowd to get behind Austin, but the reaction isn't as loud as expected due to some of them actually behind behind Triple H! The roar is still sizable though, as Austin fights out of the hold and whips Hunter off the ropes, this time connecting with the Lou Thesz press and pounding HHH with right hands. Both men get up quickly, and Austin goes for the Stunner! However, Austin's foot is caught by Helmsley, who spins the Texas Rattlesnake around and lands a kick to the stomach of his own. Hunter hooks Austin's arms, looking for THE PEDIGREE! Austin counters out with a back body drop, however, and measures up H as he gets back to his feet. The second Helmsley turns around, he's drilled with the STONE COLD STUNNER! Austin hooks the inside leg with the cover! 1! 2! 3! Triple H rolls out of the ring with an impressive performance under his belt. Before Hunter can even step onto the ramp with the help of Chyna, Austin signals for HHH to get back in the ring. Austin looks at Hunter for a moment before extending his hand for a handshake that HHH hesitantly accepts. They share a few Steveweisers as Chyna watches on. Just before RAW IS WAR goes off the air, Commissioner Michaels appears on the Titantron.

Shawn Michaels: That was one hell of a match, and a great showing despite you coming up just short Hunter. But it's just come to my attention that there was a tiiiiiny little detail that I forgot to mention.

The crowd is in anticipation of HBK's announcement, expecting someone to be screwed over.

Shawn Michaels: This match was for Stone Cold's Royal Rumble entrance! And since you lost Hunter, you will NOT be appearing in the Royal Rumble match on January 24th in Anaheim!

HHH goes nuts as HBK laughs and his face disappears from the tron. Chyna is pissed too, and Austin just continues to drink as the show goes off the air.

Winner- Stone Cold Steve Austin

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Re: Room for Improvement: 1999 WWF

Sunday Night Heat December 27th 1998 from Spokane, Washington Preview

-With Stone Cold Steve Austin, Val Venis, Steve Blackman, Goldust, Owen Hart, X-Pac and The Brood confirmed for the Royal Rumble, we've learned that there will be at least three more competitors throwing their names in the hat on Heat.

-Coming off an upset over The Headbangers last week on Heat, the Hardy Boyz will get a chance at the WWF Tag Team Titles against the New Age Outlaws.

-Between the disappearance of Head and the mysterious attack on Gillberg, Al Snow is even more mentally unstable than ever. Snow has promised to track down the perpetrator of this attack and whoever turned out the lights on RAW IS WAR.

-Big Boss Man will have the Hardcore Title up for grabs against J.O.B Squad's Scorpio. Can Scorpio be "2 Cold" once again and leave with the title?

-Triple H may not be in the Rumble match after his loss to Stone Cold on Monday night, but he has said that he will be in action at the Royal Rumble, one way or another.

Confirmed Matches:
WWF Tag Team Titles
New Age Outlaws vs Hardy Boyz
Edge vs Droz
Hardcore Title
Big Boss Man vs Scorpio
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Re: Room for Improvement: 1999 WWF

Sunday Night Heat December 27th, 1998 from Spokane, Washington

*Opening Video*


Kevin Kelly: Welcome one and all to Sunday Night Heat! We've got a fantastic show set for tonight, with not just one, but TWO championships at stake!

Shane McMahon: That's right, Kevin! Not only will the New Age Outlaws defend the WWF Tag Team Titles against the upstart Hardy Boyz, but my daddy-o's man, The Big Boss Man is putting the Hardcore Title on the line versus an old hardcore legend, Scorpio! He's promised that he's gonna be "2 Cold" once again tonight! I CAN'T WAIT!

Kevin Kelly: You won't have to wait much longer, as the action is about to get started.

The sound of drumsticks tapping together echoes through the arena, before a heavy guitar riff begins and the unique Droz struts to the ring in a pair of plaid shorts. He rolls into the ring before grabbing a microphone from ring announcer Tony Chimel and stepping into the center of the ring.

Droz: I'm not the most articulate guy, so I'm going to try my best to keep this short and sweet. Much like my opponent for tonight, Edge, I will be appearing in the Royal Rumble match in Anaheim on January 24th.

Droz hands the mic back to Chimel and bounces off the ropes as the crowd quietly awaits the awesome entrance of The Brood. They aren't made to wait for too long, as the lights dim and their eery music plays. They ascend through the stage within a ring of fire. They swagger down the ramp, and only Edge enters the ring while Gangrel drinks and spits the contents of his goblet from the top of the steel steps.

Edge w/ The Brood vs Droz
Droz is cautious to begin the action in this one, wary of the presence of The Brood on the outside of the ring. Droz is able to gain the advantage off the tie-up, however, and tries his best to pound his gothic opponent into the mat. The ex-NFL player continues to use his strength in order to stop Edge from capitalizing on his speed and agility advantage. Edge eventually gets himself into the matchup after he counters a back suplex into a neckbreaker. Edge isn't able to do much with this momentary advantage, however, as Droz gets right back into the fight with a hard clothesline. From this point, the action is back and forth, nobody able to take control. The tides of the match turn in the favor of Edge, as he connects with a gigantic EDGECUTION DDT!!! 1! 2! KICKOUT! Edge slithers into the corner, measuring Droz for The Spear. Before he can charge from the corner, the J.O.B Squad charges to ringside and assaults Gangrel and Christian! In all the chaos, Droz is able to connect with the NEW JERSEY NAPTIME!!! 1! 2! 3! Droz rolls out of the ring as The Brood is sent packing by J.O.B Squad, who are still standing in the ring. Nothing else happens, but Al Snow repeatedly yells "BRING THEM BACK! I WANT THEM BACK!" It should be noted that Gillberg is still missing.

Winner- Droz

Kevin Kelly: It appears we've still got a very high-tension situation between The Brood and J.O.B Squad.

Shane McMahon: I can't wait for them to collide, but how about the impressive performance by Droz, who we'll apparently see in the Royal Rumble! January 24th can't come fast enough!

Kevin Kelly: The Royal Rumble should be incredible. Speaking of which, I'm being told that we'll have an impromptu Royal Rumble qualifying match up next.

Shane McMahon: Really?! This oughta be GOOD! YEAH!

*Commercial Break*

We come back on the air on Sunday Night Heat with The Godfather already in mid-entrance, flanked by hoes and Val Venis. After Tony Chimel completes his introduction of the Pimp Daddy, the camera shows Tiger Ali Singh already in the ring, taunting and antagonizing the fans.

Royal Rumble Qualification Match
Tiger Ali Singh vs Godfather w/ Val Venis and Hoes
As expected, this match doesn't last long. Godfather takes control of the action and never lets it go, nearly mimicking the format of his newfound friend's match from the previous week's Sunday Night Heat. The match ends in less than 5 minutes following the Pimp Drop, and Godfather is locked in to the Royal Rumble match. He continually mentions that "pimpin ain't easy" into the camera, dancing with Val and his ladies.

Winner- Godfather

Kevin Kelly: Man, those guys are on a roll as of late, and now they're both in the Royal Rumble!

Shane McMahon: And they're having the time of their lives the whole time! I wish I could party with them!

The camera cuts from the party in the ring, to the Hardy Boyz sitting in a very somber environment backstage in one of the locker rooms. With the lights dimmed, they're sitting next to each other with their heads down, Jeff's multi-colored hair and Matt's black mane draped over their faces. Michael Hayes stands up before them, and begins to speak.

Michael Hayes: Tonight.... tonight is an opportunity. Tonight, is a chance to stake your claim and make your name in this company.... in this business! You two have something to prove, not to me, not to yourselves, but to everybody that thinks you two are just backyard wrestlers, idiots that don't care about their bodies! But even more than proving your worth to everybody that tries to hold you back, tonight is about leaving your mark. Tonight, if you beat the New Age Outlaws out there, you could lose the titles immediately, and your legacy will always be, that you two defied everyone's expectations, and you two made history.

Matt and Jeff raise their heads and look at Hayes, before fist bumping each other and exiting the room.

*Commercial Break*

Following the WWF Slam of the Week presented by JVC Kaboom Box, recapping the showdown between Triple H and Stone Cold Steve Austin from RAW IS WAR, Sunday Night Heat returns to air. However, the camera isn't focused on the arena, but it's backstage instead. Nothing particular is shown, just a dark room where a deep voice is heard speaking in tongues. This lasts a few seconds, and the camera swiftly comes back to ringside.

Kevin Kelly: Uhh... We're not sure what that was all about, but... uhh... in any event, we've got the WWF Hardcore Championship on the line now.

WWF Hardcore Championship Match
Big Boss Man (c) vs Scorpio
These two waste no time getting into the hard-hitting action. Scorpio follows up on his vow to revert to his 2 Cold ways early on, as he grabs a steel chair and uses it to springboard himself into a splash in the corner on The Corporation's henchman. Boss Man attempts to use his nightstick as the match progresses, but it's swatted out of his hand by the very determined challenger. 2 Cold keeps up with his hardcore antics, setting up a table at ringside and laying Boss Man across it. Unfortunately for Scorpio, it doesn't go according to plan, as he's struck with a hard right hand by the Hardcore Champion, who is standing on the apron. This causes 2 Cold to fall off the turnbuckle, but he lands on his feet and charges off the ropes on the opposite side of the ring, towards Boss Man. The champ seems ready for it though, as he's able to low bridge him. Scorpio tumbles to the outside, but quickly gets up and energetically runs up the steel steps near the far turnbuckle. He gets up a head of steam and runs along the apron towards Boss Man, who is still standing on the apron as well, but he's caught by the savvy champion, who connects with a vicious BOSS MAN SLAM off the apron and through the table! At this point, the match is academic. The champion covers his challenger on the outside, and picks up the pinfall victory, and a successful title defense. Boss Man grabs his title and his nightstick, raising each above his head multiple times before exiting up the ramp. Scorpio is helped to his feet and applauded by the crowd as he heads backstage.

Winner- Big Boss Man

Kevin Kelly: Well, the title doesn't change hands, but quite the impressive showing by Scorpio tonight.

Shane McMahon: That's for sure, he's got absolutely nothing to be ashamed of, you know, he lived up to every promise he made. He was most definitely "2 Cold" tonight.

Kevin Kelly: It can't be ignored, however, that the last few weeks just have not been kind to the J.O.B Squad.

Shane McMahon: They certainly have been having a rough go of it as of late, but based off that showing, they'll snap out of it sooner or later.

Kevin Kelly: After our final commercial break of the night, we've got our main event. It's the Outlaws vs the Hardys for the WWF Tag Team Titles!


*Commercial Break*

Sunday Night Heat returns, with the camera fixated on the ring. The champions enter first in this contest, decked out in neon green. "OH YOU DIDN'T KNOW?.... YO ASS BETTER CALL SOMEBODAAAAAAY....." the New Age Outlaws slide into the ring and walk around the squared circle for a little, giving the crowd a chance to calm down before continuing to speak.

Road Dogg: Just like you'll see us in the Royal Rumble match...

The crowd cheers as D-O-double G takes a momentary pause in his speech.

Road Dogg: You're gonna see us kick some ass tonight!

Another small pop goes off, as Dogg prepares to get into the signature promo.


Dogg hands the mic to Mr. Ass, who looks down at the mat before lifting his head and looking into the crowd.


Billy holds up the microphone to the crowd, who finish his line for him. Dogg and Billy get serious now, as Matt and Jeff make their way to the ring, accompanied by Freebird Michael Hayes.

WWF Tag Team Championship Match
Hardy Boyz w/ Michael Hayes vs New Age Outlaws (c)
Matt and Jeff use tandem offense right out of the box, isolating Road Dogg with flurries of unique offense, leaving their feet often. With TV time constraints closing in, the offense from The Hardys is cut very short, as D-O-double G connects with some jabs and the shake, rattle and knee drop! Dogg crawls into the corner, and the fans erupt as he tags in Billy Gunn! Billy cleans house, hitting a beautiful dropkick on Jeff that sends him rolling out of the ring. Billy connects with a snap suplex on Matt, who is the legal man, then backs him into the corner and hits the 10 punches on the middle rope. As Mr. Ass jumps off the ropes, he turns around right into the TWIST OF FATE by Jeff Hardy! Matt goes to the second rope himself, and jumps off with a LEG DROP! Official Mike Chioda attempts to get Jeff out of the ring as Matt gets into the cover, but Road Dogg drops another SHAKE RATTLE AND KNEE DROP across the back of Matt's head! Matt rolls off the cover and gets to his feet, and is almost immediately planted with the FAMEASSER! Billy covers as Jeff goes to the top, possibly looking to break up the pin with a Swanton Bomb, but he's thrown off the top by Road Dogg, keeping Matt down for the three.

Winners- New Age Outlaws


Kevin Kelly: The Outlaws retain! We'll see you tomorrow night on RAW IS WAR!

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