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Dawn of a New Epoch

It is the night after TLC. Stars were born, and established stars began to wane. Alliances were formed. There is a new era building in the WWE. It is all coming to a boiling point, and when it boils over, what will happen to the WWE? What is its future.

In here, I wll do a "prospect watchlist", which is a indicator of who will be called up soon from NXT. There will be updates on certain happenings in the developmental section of the WWE. There will also be news when a wrestler from a another company is signed and when a former worker is coming back(most of the time). There will be three shows a week, a two hour Raw, one hour Main Event, and a two hour Smackdown. The biggest NXT stars will occasionaly have matches on WWE television or there will coverage for a big match. There will also be a focus on the strengthening of finishers and false finishes. There will also be "Backstage Fallouts" for every show as well. This is my first Being the Booker, so suggestions are greatly appreciated.

Heels in italics
Alberto Del Rio
Alex Riley
Antonio Cesaro (United States Champion)
Brock Lesnar

Brodus Clay
Chris Jericho (inactive)
CM Punk (WWE Champion)
Cody Rhodes (in team w/ Sandow; Rhodes Scholars)
Curt Hawkins
Damien Sandow (in team w/ Rhodes; Rhodes Scholars)
Daniel Bryan (1/2 of the World Tag Team Champions; Hell No)
Darren Young (1/2 of the Prime Time Players)
David Otunga
Dolph Ziggler (Mr. Money in the Bank)
Drew McIntyre (1/3 of the Three Man Band)
Evan Bourne (inactive)
Heath Slater (1/3 of the Three Man Band)
Jack Swagger (inactive)
Jey Uso
Jimmy Uso
Joe Hennig (on prospect watchlist)
John Cena
John Morrison
Justin Gabriel (in team w/ Tyson Kidd)
Kane (1/2 of the World Tag Team Champions: Hell No)
Kofi KIngston
Mark Henry (inactive)
Mason Ryan
Mike "The Miz" Mizannin
Paul "Big Show" Wight (World Heavyweight Champion)
Randy Orton
Rey Mysterio (in tag team w/ Sin Cara)
Ryback (No.1 Cotender for the WWE Championship on Janurary 7th)
Santino Marella
Sin Cara (Hunico; in tag team w/ Mysterio)
Ted DiBiase
Tensai (inactive)
The Rock (Guaranteed Title Shot at Royal Rumble)
Titus O'Neil (1/2 of the Prime Time Players)
Tyson Kidd (in team w/ Justin Gabriel)
Wade Barret (Intercontinental Champion)
Zack Ryder

AJ Lee
Alicia Fox
Eve(Diva's Champion)

The Funkadactyls
Summer Rae

Authority Figures:
Booker T
John Laurnitis
Stephanie McMahon
Theodore Long
Vickie Guerrero
Vince McMahon

TLC Results:
The Rhodes Scholars defeat the team of Sin Cara & Mysterio for Number One Cotendership
Antonio Cesaro(c) defeats R-Truth in an United Staes Championship match to retain the Title
Eve(c) defeats Naomi
Wade Barret defeats Kofi Kingston(c) by pinfall to win the Intercontinental championship
The Shield defeat Team Hell No & Ryback in a TLC match
Big Show(c) defeats Sheamus in a Chairs Match to retain the World Title
3MB lose to the team of the Brooklyn Brawler, Miz, and Alberto Del Rio;3MB fire Jinder Mahal after he causes them to lose the match
Dolph Ziggler(Mr. MITB) retains his briefcase after defeating John Cena in a Ladder match; AJ Lee turns on Cena

***News Coming From WWE.com and ProWrestling Insider coming soon***

"The surest way to corrupt a youth is to instruct him to hold in higher esteem those who think alike than those who think differently."- Friedrich Nietzsche

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Re: Dawn of a New Epoch

It will be interesting to see what you will do with The Rock situation

You're Welcome !
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Re: Dawn of a New Epoch

WWE.com's Raw Preview

Shield Domination

Can this trio be stopped? The group of NXT prospects made an impact in their surprise debut at the Survivor Series Pay Per View, decimating the once nigh-unstoppable Ryback, and they have not let up since. They survived a violent TLC match against the Tag Team Champs and Ryback, and in a convincing fashion. Using any and every advantage, they maybe the smartest cooperative group in the WWE. With that said, who do this group work for and why?

Barret Barrage

The Englishman is undoubtedly back in form, destroying former Intercontinental champion, Kofi Kingston, and winning the prestigious title for a second time. When catching up with the ecstatic champion he said, "Now when they name the greatest Intercontinental title holders, they will add the name Wade Barret to the likes of Curt Hennig, Randy Savage, and Steve Austin. I will return the title to its old glory, end the disrespect that this title and I have endured." There have been recent rumbling about someone coming to the side of Barret after his match, but will Raw reveal the identity of this mystery man?

Rhodes Scholars Impressive

The team of Damien Sandow and Cody Rhodes has proved to be a successful one, as they have beaten the team of Rey Mysterio and his protege Sin Cara for Number One Contendership for the Tag Team Championships. Sandow's cunning and surprising brutal nature in the ring compliments the speed and quick thinking of Rhodes, creating a deadly combination that just might end the reign of Kane and Daniel Bryan.

Big Show Displays More of His Unstoppable Nature

The giant went off yet again at the TLC PPV, having a long Chairs match with the fiery Sheamus. Ducking under a Brouge Kick, he turned around and knocked out his challenger with a vicious right hand, or so we thought, as Sheamus kicked out in dramatic fashion. Sheamus later comes in with another steel chair only to be low-blowed and have his face smashed in with another WMD. Big Show proved that as long as he is healthy, he will hold the World Title by any means necessary.

The Rising Star of Dolph Ziggler

The Money in the Bank winner put it all on the line at the TLC PPV, as his briefcase was held in the center of the ring, and he was face to face with the 12 time champion John Cena. He did what many have failed to do: go toe to toe with the champ. Never was there a point when it seemed that this was the Dolph Ziggler of old, as he displayed even more arrogane and flair, but backed it up with a vast array of maneuvers to keep the veteran down. Even when AJ pulls Cena off the ladder, he finishes him with a jaw-shattering SuperKick. Pulling down his briefcase this time maybe sweeter than the first time he did it at Money in the Bank. The future is bright for the Kent State alumni, no doubt.

The Champ is Here

The WWE Champion CM Punk, whose reign has expanded to an enormous 393 days, will be making an appearance on Raw, but will not take place in any in-ring action. The Chicago native will not be taken kindly by the New York crowd of the Barclays Center, as he and Paul Heyman continue their spree as the world's most devious partnership. There have been rumors of the Shield being employees of the Champion, but no confirmation is available to those statements. That could be answered on this episode Raw, which is assured to be huge.

"The surest way to corrupt a youth is to instruct him to hold in higher esteem those who think alike than those who think differently."- Friedrich Nietzsche

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Re: Dawn of a New Epoch

Monday Night Raw

December 17th, 2012
Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York

The opening pyro pops off as Michael Cole and his broadcast partner JBL welcome you to the December 17th edition of Monday Night Raw.

Cole: Welcome to Monday Night Raw, everyone, we are in for a blast one night removed from an amazing TLC Pay-Per-View in this very arena!

JBL: I must agree, as much as it pains me, that was one hell of an event! Barclays was shaking and tearing apart, no one could keep still!

Cole: We may see an amazing match tonight, as we will see if a rematch between Dolph Ziggler and John Cena is occurring tonight, as Ziggler won in questionable circumstances.

JBL: Questionable? Ziggler showed that he could hang with the big boys, one little shove from AJ to Cena is not enough to deny that fact. Don't rain on the parade of Ziggler, besides, you saw the Superkick that KO'd Cena. You and I know that the kid is something special.

***God Save Our Queen***

Speaking of winners, the new Intercontinental Champion Wade Barrett, who defeated Kofi Kinston last night, walks out to considerable heat. He looks around the arena with a sly smirk before continuing his way down the ramp.

JBL: To speak of winners, there is my boy, the bare knuckle champ, Wade Barrett! Kingston never knew what hit him.

Cole: Well, he definitely is not a fan favorite in this arena, just listen to his "champion's welcome".

Barrett enters the ring with a mic in one hand and the championship in the other. He begins to brag about his huge victory over Kingston, saying that the title is finally in good care. "Prestige has been missing from this title, once the 'workhouse' championship to a prop to fools like Miz and Kinston. I will do the WWE Universe a favor by restoring honor to this once acclaimed be.."

***Trouble in Paradise***

Kingston walks out from the back with a mic in his hand. "Wade, I've heard enough, I will not stand for your insults any longer. I will not turn the other cheek, but rather slap your's, because tonight I am using my rematch clause!" This elicits a huge pop from the crowd, who have gotten sick of Wade's hubris.

Cole: Oh my, what a match! This Raw is quickly elevating from exciting to out of this world!

JBL: Calm down, Barrett is a man , he can take it. He beat Kofi before, he will beat him again.

Kofi clears his throat and holds up his mic again. "But, you know, for it to have been TLC, our match wasn't so extreme. How about we change that this time around, because it will be a NO DISQUALIFICATION MATCH! That will give you 'prestige', won't it?"

"No! Dammit, I deny this request! It is a mockery of my struggle to become champion! Besides, I do not take orders from you."

"But you do from me," said the ever familiar voice of Vickie Guerrero whose voice draws some heat, "And I say it will happen tonight." The crowd's opinion changes on the dime as it erupts, becoming deafening.

JBL: What? That is an abuse of power! Fire that delusion hag, she has lost her mind! Barrett put it all on the line last night, he doesn't deserve this!

Cole: The fans disagree and so do I, this is huge. If Wade put it his A game last night, he better have an A plus game in him for tonight, because Kofi is fired up.

We last see Barrett with a concerned look on his face as we fade to commercial.


Antonio Cesaro walks out with a certain swagger, and why shouldn't he, he defeated R-Truth in dominating fashion at the TLC Pay-Per-View. He does his signature double arm cock, and makes his way into the ring. He asks for a microphone and receives it from a staff member, now looking to speak his mind.

Cesaro: Hello, you pot-bellied wastes of space, as you know, I am your reigning United States Champion. (heat) I am disgusted by the lack of care you welfare-feeding sharks have shown me and this title. I have held the title for 120 days now, and I’m just getting started. You can speak all you want now about CM Punk’s “legendary reign”, but this time next year you will see the United States Heavyweight Champion Antonio Cesaro, having held it for 485 days, and yes, I did the math, more that any of you idiots can fathom with your primary school education down the gutter. So any man that feels he can stand up to...

***Meat on the Table***
Huge Pop

Ryback walks out with a stare that could pierce any man’s soul, and he doesn’t look ready for small talk. He walks without stop all the way to the ring before entering and facing Cesaro face-to-face. Cesaro looks surprised, but not scared at the lightest. Cesaro uses his height advantage to try to outsize Ryback, but the beast pushes him in the chest, sending him back.

Cesaro: (off mic) Get a referee, this starts now. (Looks at Ryback, who simply stares back blankly.)

The referee enters the ring and places both men in a corner. Cesaro takes off his signature jacket as Ryback has seemingly not blinked since the beginning of the segment.

JBL: What a prize! The two pound for pound strongest men I’ve seen in years are going to go off on each other.

Cole: Do not expect a fast pace, technical brawl. Ryback is much craftier than he seems and can control the pacing of the match with his power.

JBL: Either way Michael, we’re in for a brawl, and I’m excited as can be.

The referee rings the bell, signalling the beginning of this match.

***Ryback v. Antonio Cesaro***

The two men appear to begin the “locking up” process, but Cesaro steps off garnering heat from the crowd, who crave to see an all out brawl. Cesaro get closer and hits a quick jab to the gut, which seemingly does nothing to the big man, who takes shot without flinching. However, Cesaro’s bravado doesn’t fade, as he goes right in for another jab, but is caught by Ryback and thrown into a corner. Ryback follows this up with huge corner clothesline, but the Swiss is able to stay up on his feet. The Human Wrecking Ball goes for another, but the dazed Cesaro moves out the way, leaving Ryback hitting air and turnbuckle. Rybak leaves the corner and is met by a front waist lock. Cesaro hits a Swinging Belly to Belly suplex, but only gets a one count. Cesaro keeps the waist lock, pulling Ryback up and driving him into the bottom right turnbuckles multiple times before hitting around seven body shots, leaving Ryback close to slumping on the mat. Cesaro backs off for a breath and comes in for another flurry BUT IS GRABBED BY THE THROAT! Ryback looks pissed as he reverse their positions and relentlessly gut kicks the champion, looking as if he wants to put a hole in him. Ryback has to be pulled away by the ref, who has to try his best to control the two men in the ring. {Cole: I definitely do not envy the referee in this match. These guys are machines, and you wouldn’t want to get in their way!} Cesaro is able to rise up to his feet, and as Ryback charges at him, is able to hit the mat quickly and roll out. Cesaro regains his composure as we cut to commercial.

As we are back Cesaro is in the middle of hitting a vertical suplex, which he follow with a pin, hooking both legs. Ryback is able to kick out at not so close two count, leaving Cesaro disgruntled, whose bravado has slowly faded throughout the match. He then gets a spark in his eyes as he sees Ryback getting up. Cesaro nails a boot to the forehead and quickly back pedals away. Ryback is up to his knees as Cesaro hits a boot to the midsection before again back pedaling. Cesaro’s confidence is back, and can be seen in his gloating as he mocks the ‘Feed Me More’ motion, turning his back to Ryback. As he turns back around, he is put into a Military Press and thrown over the top rope by an unfazed Ryback. JBL comments on how Ryback is seemingly inhuman, showing very little emotion other than anger in the ring. Ryback exits the ring to retrieve his meal, BUT IS MET WITH A SURPRISE EUROPEAN UPPERCUT! Cesaro rolls him into the ring with the ref’s count at six before going for another pin, hooking the right leg. 1…,2…, a huge kick out, but Ryback is now fatigued, and the also drained Cesaro has the advantage. Cesaro's fire is completely restored, doing his neck crack before putting Ryback in position for the Neutralizer. Cole and Layfield cannot stop yelling, as no one has kicked out of the move. Just as Cesaro is getting his hands locked, Ryback mows out, hitting a back body drop and moving into the corner. Cesaro is shocked, but doesn’t stop gunning for Ryback only to get HIT WITH THE MEATHOOK! Ryback takes a breath and release a mighty scream, promoting a nice pop from the crowd. ”Finish it!” He gets Cesaro up on his shoulders for the ShellShock, marches a little less than usual, and his the move. The victory is secured after three slaps to the mat, and Ryback can celebrate what was arguably one of the toughest match-ups of his young career.

***Ryback def. Antonio Cesaro via Pinfall; 14:57***

JBL: My goodness, an old fashioned beat-em-up, what a match out of those two. I know that this match is Royal Rumble worthy, just imagine it!

Cole:Yeah, but do not forget that Ryback has a match with CM Punk for the WWE Championship in a TLC match. We will then see what he is ready for the main event and if this was any indicator, he is definitely ready.

Ryback makes his way up the ramp, but is attacked from behind! It’s Punk, Punk has come out and is beating the monster with his crutches. CM Punk stands tall and takes off his walking boot, flashing a grin before walking back behind the titantron, leaving Ryback on the ground writhing in pain.

***Commercial Break***

Cole: Welcome back, we are now ready to begin a singles match between Cody Rhodes, one half of the Number One Contenders for the Tag Titles, and Rey Mysterio, one half of the team who lost their shot at being the Number One Contenders.

JBL: This is interesting, both employ a lot of high-flying and speed into their offense, but it is clear that Rhodes has a clear physical and mental advantage over the luchador.

Cole: I think that is your bias against Mysterio talking, because there is no advantage that Rhodes has over Rey other than age. Rey is a ring master, you cannot pull anything out he hasn't seen before. Besides, Mysterio has the psychological advantage after breaking Cody’s nose a couple years ago.

***Cody Rhodes v. Rey Mysterio***

The match starts with a bang as Mysterio goes off, hitting the youngster with swift kicks to the knees before ultimately hitting a dropkick. Rhodes quickly recovers however smacking mysterio around with kicks of his own before throwing the shorter man into a corner. He then goes for a dropkick, but Mysterio ducks, causing Cody to rough up his knees on the turnbuckles. Mysterio rolls him up, but only for a quick one count. Mysterio runs and bounces off the ropes looking for another quick attack, but Cody quickly reverses it into a vicious tilt-a-whirl-backbreaker, which gets a close two count. Cody begins working on the back of Mysterio for a couple of minutes before we go into commercial.
As we fade back in, we see Mysterio again with momentum in his favor, as he has a sick single leg Boston Crab on Rhodes locked in tight, but Rhodes is able to grab the bottom rope. Cody gets to his feet and is put into a wheelbarrow victory pin, which he rolls into a pin of his own. This only elicits a count of barely two. Cody cannot believe how the veteran is going at this pace, actually breaking a sweat. Rey, however doesn’t stop to think, hits a kick to the side of the head, getting a close two count. Rey gets up to the middle rope and tries for a legdrop, but Rhodes rolls out the way and hits a Silver Spoon DDT. Both men are down till a count of eight, where Cody goes for a running forearm. Rey ducks, lets Cody bounce off the ropes, and gets up for a hurricanrana. Rhodes stop Mysterio in mid air, going for a powerbomb, but Mysterio hits a right hand to the nose, and hits his hurricanrana with a pin attempt. This gets a really close two count, and as Cody sits up, Mysterio hits a kick to the head. Rhodes stands, holding his face, as Mysterio goes for another leg kick, but Cody grabs the leg. Cody puts Rey in position for a vertical suplex and hits it. That is no all, as the once “Dashing” Rhodes his another. He set up for one more, but the former world champion hits a DDT.
Rey, again seeing the son of the American Dream in pain, gets up as his opponent is stumbling up and bounces off the ropes and sets up for a sunset flip. He gets halfway onto the back of Cody, who is able to grab Mysterio’s legs and counter with a tremendous Alabama Slam. Rey is clearly in pain, his back worn out, as Cody pulls him up and hits Cross Rhodes, which makes it an academic three count and victory for of the Rhodes Scholars.
***Cody Rhodes by Pinfall (10:05)***

Rhodes celebrates a huge win, with his friend Sandow coming to congratulate him. Rey slowly gets up, looking in disgust, losing a fair match to a bitter foe.The crowd is not loving Rhodes’ celebration, as he blows a mock kiss to the fan favorite and the crowd,

JBL: A great win for the son of the American Dream! He is a bright spot in the future of this company. I look forward to seeing them take on our Tag Team Champions.

Cole: Remember, we will see Damien Sandow take on Sin Cara on this week’s Friday Night Smackdown, not to mention a special announcement from Alberto del Rio.

JBL: Mexico’s greatest export! That man has to be a favorite going into the Royal Rumble.

We have a backstage segment between R-Truth and Kofi Kingston, as R-Truth is giving Kingston some pep talk. He says that even though his career is dwindling down, Kofi’s is rising up. He says that Kofi has made him proud to say that they are ‘homies’ and he hopes that he shows that ‘stuck up punk what’s up’.

JBL: Sure, pep talk sure feels great, but when you get knocked on your ass by the Souvenir Elbow, only thing you will feel is the medical staffs’ towels wiping blood off your face. Kofi has an uphill battle tonight.

***Bed of Nails***

Cole: Tyson Kidd!

JBL: What are you so excited for? Back in my day, he’d be on the J.O.B Squad! Nothing special.

Tyson Kidd is pumped, running down the ramp, donned in pink and black tights, paying homage to the Hart Foundation. He enters the ring and goes up every turnbuckle, getting small pops from every corner. He calms down, and looks towards the ramp to waiting his partner.

***Fear Nothing***

Justin Gabriel comes out to a nice pop, as he runs full speed for the ring. He enters and immediately shakes hands with Kidd, who hasn’t been seen on WWE TV in over two months.

***It’s a 3 Man Band!***

Drew McIntyre and Heath Slater, the noe Two Man Band, walk out for the ring in leather and sunglasses. Drew takes a sign from a little boy and shreds it apart as Slater takes off his shades to survey his opponents. Both men make their way up the ring steps, looking ready for business.

JBL: These guys are infuriated, they haven’t won a match since their debut, Michael! They are already cracking apart!

Cole: Their stability wasn’t helped with the firing of Jinder Mahal, who I am sad to say has been released from his WWE contract.

JBL: Good, I never thought he was special. Just a shorter, more handsome Khali that can speak comprehensible English.

The next match will be for one fall, as Drew and Justin will start it off. Drew is taken into a wristlock, which breaks easily before getting Justin in a side headlock. He throws Gabriel into the ropes and hits a stiff stationary forearm to the long haired African. He grins and taunts Kidd and the crowd, getting some minor heat. He drags Gabriel to his feet and hits some right hands before throwing him back down. Drew walks over to Heath, who tags in and hits some stomps on Justin. He plays air guitar and turns his back to Gabriel, irritating Kidd, who is confined to the apron. Slater stops his “riff” and is ROLLED UP! SCHOOL BOY! KICK OUT AT 2! Gabriel is back in business, kipping up, and hitting kicks to Slater’s ribs before his signature leaping crescent kick. A tag is made to Tyson, who leaps over the top rope and sets the pace on high throttle, hitting three quick clotheslines, Irish Whipping Slater, and hitting a Frankensteiner. Tyson is pumped hopping up and down, yelling at Slater to get up. Kidd goes for a sidekick to the gut, which Slater stops, but then hits A LEG FEED ENZIGURI.

Now it’s time for none other than the Sharpshooter, as Kidd pulls Slater to the center of the ring. Gabriel goes to knock McIntyre off the apron, but the Scotsman gives him a stiff forearm and enters the ring. Tyson lets go of the hold to point at McIntyre. The ref is frantically yelling at Drew to leave the ring, but he isn’t budging. Meanwhile Tyson is yelling before he is put into a rollup by Slater, who has the tights. However the ref doesn’t see it as he and McIntyre are heated. The huge Scot finally leaves the ring onto the ring floor looking pissed, spending his time yelling at the fans.. The ref finally sees the pin! One…, two…, thrNO! The ref sees the tights! Slater cannot believe it! Slater looks at the ref saying that his hands were free and that the call was “bogus”. Tyson turns him around and performs the double leg takedown. Tyson looks up through the crowd, getting a sizable pop, as he goes for the Sharpshooter. Slater has nowhere to go, as McIntyre only now notices the submission. Drew slides in, but is tackled by JG. Slater, with no place to go, taps out.
***Tyson Kidd & Justin Gabriel win via Submission (4:45)***

JBL: What in the hell was Drew doing? Doesn’t he know where he is?

Cole: I cannot explain the confusion I’m in. Either way, Kidd gets an impressive showing tonight, picking up a nice win via submission.

JBL: I could care less about that Canadian midget, I want to know about what Drew is thinking right now. What is going through his skull, through that brain?

Cole: That was pretty redundant, John, I mean you have to say skull and brain?

JBL: Isn’t having a journalist with no prior wrestling expertise commentate stupid? Why did you even want this job? So you can use sources and find the “in and outs” of the business?

Cole: I have better things to do rather than argue, John. Besides, don’t change that channel, beause we still have plenty of pure Raw action coming for you, including the Intercontinental Championship Match.

JBL: But not before an interview with our Mr. Money in the Bank, the Show-off himself. And two more matches, you goof. Stop trying so hard to keep the audience, you drive them away.

***Commercial Break***

We see Daniel Bryan in the ring getting ready to face his opponent, with Kane standing at ringside..

*** Millions of Dollars***

Titus O’Neil walks out with his tag partner Darren Young, showing off his swagger, barking at random audience members. Titus enters the ring while Young stays on the outside, as this is one on one competition between of the Tag Champs versus the Florida alum. Both men get situated to their corners as the bell rings.

Titus explodes for Bryan, looking for a home run off the bat, but Bryan falls to the ground and trips O’Neil. O’Neil faces plants, and looks pissed when getting back up. Bryan shrugs and backs away. Titus gets back up and feints a clothesline, but stops right before getting to Bryan. Bryan, however, made no attempt to move out the way. O’Neil bends down and barks in Daniel’s face, still trying to elicit fear from the former ROH champ. Bryan looks undaunted and raises his arms for the Yes chant, getting a big pop from the Brooklyn crowd. Titus has had enough, pushing Bryan with both hands to the chest. “You think this is a game? You’re a damn troll, I’m a Prime Time Player, don’t you ever mock me!” Bryan stands back to register what was just said before sending a flurry of kicks to O’Neil’s legs, almost sending the big man down. Bryan bounces off the ropes RIGHT INTO A BIG BOOT! O’Neil unloads right hands on Daniel’s skull and has to be pulled off by the ref. O’Neil walks over to the announce table side of the ring and has some words with Kane. O’Neil turns into an attempt for the LEBELL LOCK , but he wriggles out before Bryan could get the man down. O’Neil gets his hands on Bryan, hitting a left -right combination. Bryan blocks an attempt for a right, but he can’t bring Titus down with an armbar try. O’Neil swats Bryan like a fly, getting a good laugh out at the Washington native’s expense. O’Neil gets Bryan up for a powerslam and of course, connects with ferocity. He puts on a lateral press. One… Two.. Bryan survives!

O’Neil spits on the canvas and continues to smack away at Bryan’s head like a school bully to the so-called nerd, to quote JBL. Darren cannot get enough of it yelling, “World Champ, pssh, my ass!” Titus grins at his buddy’s response as he drives Bryan into a corner and barks again. Bryan shakes off the butterflies but gets smacked with a corner lariat that causes him to slump like a sack of potatoes. O’Neil pulls the champion to the center of the ring and goes for another pin, but Bryan gets his own cradle! One… Two… ThreNOOOO! O’Neil is close to shitting himself, almost losing his win like that. He gets up and exits the ring, catching his breath, and speaks to his tag partner. They seem to be discussing strategy as the ref’s count hits three. Titus rolls back in the ring to a double underhook suplex. Pin! One… TwNOPE, O’Neil is too good to be finished this quick, as he is already to his feet. Bryan looks confident somehow, as he runs for O’Neil, who catches him and hits a fallaway slam. Bryan is up quickly, getting a pop from some soccer mom who preaches “Never give up” to the point Cena feels sick. ONeil gets to Bryan and Irish Whips him into a corner, but Bryan runs up and does his backflip RIGHT ONTO TITUS WHO CATCHES HIM! O’Neil puts him in military press, and after about ten grueling seconds, drops him. Bryan is stunned as he lays flat on the canvas and O’Neil laughs as we go to another break.

***Commercial for Random Crap***

As we get back, Titus is still unloading on Bryan, who looks deflated. O’Neil taunts the Yes chant, getting “no”s in reponse. Bryan is back up again and hits side kick to the gut of O’Neil and bounces off the ropes. O’Neils goes for a forearm, but Bryan ducks, bounces off the next set of ropes and hits his leaping clothesline. He kips up, pumped as he can be, and goes to the closest turnbuckles to O’Neil and gets to the top. He raises both ams, but a recovered UF alumni is not having any of the headbutt, falling on the ropes causing Bryan to fall on his junk. O’Neil is now able to pull Bryan off the ropes, not expecting a European uppercut to his jaw! Titus takes a couple steps back, holding his face, as Bryan again goes for another leaping clothesline that hits. As Titus recovers, he goes for another BUT IS CAUGHT! TITUS LOOKS TO HIT CLASH OF THE TITUS! Bryan is about to be toast, but he reverses INTO THE LEBELL LOCK! Bryan gets the omoplata, as Titus is in excruciating pain, but is unable to get the crossface due to Titus’ left arm swatting his hands. Titus is able to roll Bryan into a makeshift pin, One… Two… No, REVERSED BACK TO THE LEBELL! Armbar cinched in tight O’Neil is a real pickle,as the crossface is almost on! Young tries to get up to the apron, but his pulled down and CHOKESLAMMED ONTO THE PROTECTIVE MAT by Kane. Titus is grimacing, trying his best to crawl the three feet to the nearest rope and keep the crossface off, but BRYAN LOCKS IT ON! LEBELL LOCK IS FULLY APPLIED! Titus has to tap frantically, wanting his career to continue. Bryan gets up and is exhausted out of his mind.

***Daniel Bryan via Submission (7:57)***

Bryan celebrates doing his “Yes! chant all the way to the back as Kane solemnly follows.

Cole: What a showing by Bryan, such a ferocious competitor! No one puts more or the line as him. And as another source is telling me, there will be a Cena-Ziggler rematch on Main Event! Sadly, neither man was able to show tonight due to injuries from the hellacious TLC match.

JBL: Now, before we cut to the big match, let's see one of the WWEs most exciting announcements.

Originally Posted by NXT

The screen flashes highlights of Joe Hennig hitting the Perfect-Plex, a leaping crossbody, and a knee drop.

Female: Better than…

Flurry of highlights, too fast for you to see individually, until they stop, and there is a camera angle of Hennig.

Hennig: Perfect.

He grins as the screen fades to black…

The screen shows the massive Big E Langston cracking his knuckles, as highlights of the Big Ending, gorilla presses, and clotheslines are shown.

Big E: Being perfect won’t mean nothing once I whip your ass, put you on your shoulders, and keep you down for not a three, but five count pin.

The screen goes to a graphic:
WWE Call-Up Event at First Raw of the New Year

Winner takes the spot on the main WWE roster. If Big E loses, he has everything to lose, as he would no longer hold his precious NXT championship even in a win, and in that case of losing risks being put right at the bottom of the NXT totem pole.

JBL: Here we go Cole, another quality match made for none other than the first Raw of 2013! Raw will be a war!

Cole: And our main event! The match that we have been waiting for!

***Trouble in Paradise***

Big Pop

Kofi sprints into the ring, no time to waste. He takes off his "Able to Fly" tee and "boom-boom-boom"s with his fans.

***God Save Our Queen***
Nice Heat

Barret slowly trots to the ring, feeling like a King. He takes his belt from around his waist and hoists it up in the air at the end of the entrance ramp. He turns his back to the ring, mocking the fans. He turns around into a SUICIDE DIVE BY KOFI!

***Barret v. Kingston***
Intercontinental Championship Match
No Disqualification

Kofi rolls Barret into the ring and kicks the stuffing out of him. Kingston pulls Wade up and hits some chops to chest and makes Barrett back into a corner. He continues to chop away at Barrett, who has nowhere to go. Kofi stops on a tenth chop and allows Barrett to slump in the corner, holding himself up by only the top rope. Kofi backs off and hits a Stinger Splash variation before going back to the chops. Barrett is at a lack of breath, falling down to the canvas. Kofi pulls Barrett to the center of the ring, but is met with a stepover toehold! Barrett locks in a STF! Kofi is in the center of the ring, no where to go! Kofi rolls over, putting Wade’s shoulders flat to the mat.


No, Barrett releases the hold. Barrett goes right back hitting some boots to Kingston’s knees for a good minute. He then proceeds to hit elbow drops on the left knee and finishes with a knee drop. Barrett exits the ring and gets a blue, paint-chipped steel chair and enters again. He quickly “stabs” a now standing Kofi and slams the chair onto the back of the African high flyer. He drops the chair, puts Kofi’s head in between his knees, and lifts for a powerbomb, which Kofi leaps out of and hits a leg sweep from behind Barrett. Barrett pops up and tries to throw a right hand, but Kofi sends in kicks to the ribs, backing Wade to the ropes. Kofi whips Barrett and hits a dropkick and gets a lateral press.


Nope, Wade stays alive, shooting up his right shoulder. Kofi pulls Barret up to his knees, but the Englishman hits a low blow, sending Kofi into a bent over position. Barrett pops up and hits a DDT and gets a cover.


No! Kofi pops out of the cover just in time, with Wade getting furious at the referee. Barrett crawls back over to Kofi and hits a good few mounted punches as we go to break.

***Commercial Break***

A two-time World Champion, a nine time Tag Team Champion, and a four time Intercontinental champion is coming to your television on Friday Night Smackdown. After a near career-ending shoulder injury, Christian is back in business and ready to pull the Killswitch.

***We’re Back!***

Barrett hits Kingston with a big boot as we get back, Kofi now sitting flat on the top rope after having an attempt to fly spoiled. A showing of what happened during the break is shown, Barrett hitting a bodyslam, Kofi getting sent over the top rope, and a nasty enziguri by the fan favorite. Barrett appears to be setting up for a superplex, but is stopped by a flurry of gut punches by Kingston, who still has some fight left. Barrett falls through a table that had been placed down during the break, Kofi is now stable on the top, AND A BOOM DROP CONNECTS! Kingston and Barrett are gassed and out, as the ref looks in awe of what just happened. Neither Kofi or Barrett move for seemingly twenty hours before Kofi gets an arm over Wade.


Barrett barely stays in it, as Kofi rolls off of him.

JBL: My god, Myggle, I haven’t seen two men fight over the Intercontinental title like this in ages! These men are going to kill each other before they go down… And I love it!

Cole: You can speak for yourself, I just hope both these men are okay, this is carnage, and the ref can’t do anything about it.

Barrett and Kofi rise to their feet, Barrett still woozy after the Boom Drop. Kofi sees a clear opening and bounces off the ropes, but Barrett telegraphs it and hits the SOUVENIR! No, wait, Kofi ducked! Barrett turns around into TROUBLE IN PARADISE! Barrett is out cold! Kofi has it, all he needs to do is cover…


Cole: What the hell? No, this match can’t end this way! Stop this, Kofi has it won!

Crowd gives off heat, wanting to see Kofi win. William Regal, donned in a suit, walks onto the ramp and looks back behind him, as if he was waiting for someone.

JBL: What is he doing here? Who is he looking at?

A huge figure, in trunks and with long hair, stands beside Regal. He flips his hair back, revealing MASON RYAN!

Cole: Oh my god! No, no, no! Kofi is going to get crushed! He can’t defend himself!

JBL: Stop “noing” like that troll Daniel Bryan! This is awesome! Raw is full of surprises!

Kofi is stunned, a look of shock fills his eyes as Mason Ryan runs down the ramp and enters the ring. Ryan immediately picks Kofi up, hits a gut kick and puts Kofi in position for a Pumphandle Slam, which connects! Kofi is motionless, as Barrett is back to his sense and gets a cover, hooking the left leg.

Three. Ring the bell, it’s over.

***Barrett via Pinfall (17:14)***

Barrett is grinning like a child in a candy store, as he is handed his championship and picked up by Ryan. Ryan helps Barrett out of the ring and up the ramp where Barrett and Regal nod at each other. They all celebrate on the top of the stage and exit as Kofi is lying in the center of the ring.

***Special Op***

Heat fills the arena, as the Shield come in from behind the announce table and circle the ring, looking to enter and cause even more injury to…

***Slow Chemical***

A huge pop, as the arena goes black.

The sounds of struggle are heard as the lights come back on to Kane and Daniel Bryan fighting valiantly against the Shield.

***Meat on the Table***

HUGE POP, as Ryback, wearing a knee wrap n his right knee, comes out from the crowd and causes havoc. The crowd is pumping as the team of Hell No and Ryback actually get the upper hand, throwing both Reigns and Rollins out of the ring onto the ramp, leaving only Ambrose. Dean is unaware of where he is, as Ryback and Kane throw him towards the announce table. Bryan and Kane throw some punches to the Shield leader and set him upon Ryback’s shoulders.

Cole: Finally! Justice!


JBL: The Shield, for the first time ever, have been rocked!

Cole: A taste of their own medicine!

***Slow Chemical***

The show ends with a shot of Kane and Daniel Bryan mocking the “believe” fist gesture of the Shield as Ryback does his “Feed Me More” motions, eliciting a nice chant as we go off air.

"The surest way to corrupt a youth is to instruct him to hold in higher esteem those who think alike than those who think differently."- Friedrich Nietzsche

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Re: Dawn of a New Epoch

Sorry for the late release, my partner abandoned me and didn't give me his (half-assed) work till recently. I'll be doing from now on.

"The surest way to corrupt a youth is to instruct him to hold in higher esteem those who think alike than those who think differently."- Friedrich Nietzsche
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Re: Dawn of a New Epoch


Announced Card:
Cesaro v. _________ Open Invitation for US Championship Match
Rey Mysterio & Sin Cara v. The Rhodes Scholars
John Cena v. Dolph Ziggler

"The surest way to corrupt a youth is to instruct him to hold in higher esteem those who think alike than those who think differently."- Friedrich Nietzsche
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Re: Dawn of a New Epoch

WWE Main Event
Ocean Center in Dayton Beach, Florida
December 19, 2012

Alex Riley: We are proud to present Main Event on this beautiful Wednesday night in Dayton Beach!

Matt Striker: Can’t beat the Florida weather, unlike you, Alex. As you probably already know we have a huge night tonight. First up will be what many expected to see on Raw, a rematch between Dolph Ziggler and John Cena.

Riley: Well, it is clear that even though Ziggler won last night, Cena has the composure to win tonight for these fans. He’s an 12 time World Champion, he’s faced adversity, and to him, Ziggler is just a new kid at the big boy table.

***Video Recap***

TLC 2012
December 16, 2012

Ziggler and Cena are battling for position, Cena having the advantage, hitting Ziggler upside the head with the ladder. Cena begins his climb to reach the Money in the Bank briefcase, edging closer and closer to his destiny. Then it happens: AJ pushes the ladder, sending Cena landing awkwardly on his right knee and into a Ziggler Superkick.

JBL: He knocked the lights out of Cena, Cena goes down.

Ziggler is at the top of the ladder and pulls down his contract. He celebrates, holding his title in his one hand, showing the world who Mr. Money in the Bank is.

JBL: Ziggler faced a mountain in Cena, he climbed that mountain, and will be the future World Heavyweight Champion.


Striker: It’s clear that Cena is the favourite by being a decorated vet, but is he ahead in the ring psychology? That is the question.

Riley: Either way, Cena always puts up a damn good fight and Mr. Show-off may be sent off to the nearest hospital if he isn’t careful.

***Cena v. Ziggler***

Both men make their entrances, Cena debuting a “Redemption” black tee and well-wrapped right knee, and Ziggler making his way out with his briefcase.

The match begins with Cena taking early control, hitting a bodyslam followed with a couple of right-left combos. Ziggler stops this with a slap to the face, gut kick, and a early Fameasser. Ziggler wastes no time hitting his elbow drops, but on the tenth and final one, Cena rolls out of the way. Cena begins another series of slams, keeping control for a good couple of minutes. Cena, seeking to rest, puts Dolph in a standing rear chinlock, which Dolph counters with a snapmare and kick to the back of the head. Ziggler begins to stomp on Cena’s right knee, and hits a solid knee drop before running his hands through his hair and flinging grease on Cena’s face. Ziggler tries for an elbow on the knee, but Cena gets a toehold, seeking an STF, but Ziggler crawls out of danger and out of the ring. Ziggler gets up onto the apron, but is shoulder-blocked off and onto the barricade ribs-first. Ziggler curls into a ball as the ref counts. Ziggler starts to move at a count of five, but falls back to his knees. Cena leaves the ring to get Ziggler, holding the Florida native by the back of the head. He pulls Dolph in front of the announce table and slams Ziggler’s head on it several times. The Show-off slumps into the timekeeper’s area as Cena follows. As Cena puts his hand on the blonde’s shoulder, he gets smashed in the head with the Money in the Bank briefcase.

***Cena via DQ in 8.36***

Ziggler takes the loss, as he assaults Cena’s knee after the bell is rung. He drags Cena over to the steel steps, where he props John’s leg on the metal walkway. He goes under the ring for a chair, which he finds, but turns into a Cena fireman’s carry. Ziggler barely slips out of a FU, and frantically goes for his briefcase and up the ramp. Cena yells out from a distance, “You want to play dirty? Well I’ve got something for ya!” Ziggler looks terrified, holding his briefcase to his chest.

Riley: Ziggler was this close to having his attitude adjusted.

Striker: Ziggler was definitely shaken up by that collision into the barricade, he couldn’t defend himself. When he heals, Cena better look out.

Riley: Ziggler better learn to deal with the pain, or he may just be the first Money in the Bank winner to lose in his title shot.



***Rhodes Scholars v. Rey Mysterio & Sin Cara***

Damien Sandow and Cody Rhodes, donned in robes, make their way to the ring with a swagger just yelling “No.1 Contenders”. Cody whispers to Damien as the luchadors make their way to the ring, Rey getting a huge pop.

Damien and Cara start off the match. Sin Cara gets manhandled by Sandow, who works the elbow, relentlessly stomping away on his future opponent. He continues to beat on Sin Cara before tagging in Rhodes, who hits a couple of kicks to the insides of the knees before Cara begins to fight back. Cara gets a hot tag in after a top rope hurricarana, and Rey gets his retribution against Cody, hitting several kicks before running over and knocking Sandow off the ring apron. Cody tries for a roll up, but Mysterio rolls through and hits a kick to the youngster’s head. He goes up to the top for a splash, but is knocked down into the ring by Sandow, who got back up to the apron. Sin Cara pulls him down and they brawl on the outside as Rhodes recovers before Mysterio. He springboards off the ropes to hit a now kneeling Mysterio with a Disaster Kick for the pin.

***Rhodes Scholars via pinfall in 8.25***

The No.1 contenders escape the ring area quickly, as Sin Cara hurls some words at Sandow just to heat up their match on Smackdown.


A fast-paced reel of RKO’s is shown before fading to darkness…

Female Voice: The fire still burns…

Screen lights up to a Smackdown graphic with Randy Orton, saying “Huge Announcement by the Apex Predator: THIS FRIDAY!”

***End Promo***


Cesaro walks out to the ring, in special jacket and all, proudly being the United States Champion. He cuts a scathing promo on Americans and acknowledges the challenge he is hosting.

Cesaro: I am a true champion, one who fears no one, nothing can deter my spi…


Ryder walks out with a grin and iPod in hand, snapping some selfies and “wooing” with his fans, as Cesaro chuckles.

Cesaro: You? I can beat you in two minutes! You couldn’t last twenty minutes against my mother!

Zack simply rolls into the ring and takes off his t-shirt. Cesaro takes off his jacket, looking at his prey.

***Zack Ryder vs Antonio Cesaro***
United States Championship Match
Set for One Fall, Pin or Submission

Cesaro begins to ease in, but Ryder goes for the kill, hitting hard rights. Antonio backs into the ropes and right back into a standing clothesline. Ryder puts on a rear chinlock, but Cesaro rolls out of it and hits Ryder in the ribs with a boot. Cesaro hits an uppercut, which Zack returns with a straight right. Cesaro hits another Euro, and another, and another, and another, and one more before Irish Whipping Ryder into the ropes. He catches Ryder in a Tilt-a-Whirl backbreaker and goes for a pin before we go to break.

Cesaro hits a body slam, as we drift back into action. He works Ryder’s left shoulder a bit, but he is stopped with a headbutt by the seated Ryder. Zack pops to his feet and hits a right shoulder tackle, sending Cesaro down into a corner. Ryder seats Antonio in the corner and looks into the crowd in excitement. “Woo, woo, woo!” Ryder connects with a Broski Boot that destroys Cesaro. He goes for a pin!



Cesaro pops out of the predicament. Ryder looks pumped as the champ rises to his feet. Ryder bounces off the ropes looking for a clothesline BUT IS MET WITH THE SPINNING EUROPEAN UPPERCUT! Cesaro drops to a knee, taking a breather. He rises to his feet and cracks his neck. He picks Ryder up, but he is thrown through the middle rope by Long Island Iced Z. Ryder rolls out the ring and begins to fight Cesaro on the outside. It is a flurry of punches until Cesaro tosses Ryder into the ring after another uppercut. He goes for a pin, which is not fruitful. Cesaro is pissed. He sits Ryder up, bounces off the ropes, and hits a sliding uppercut to the back of the head. Cesaro then locks on a rear headlock or sleeper, to which Ryder cannot fight. Ryder passes out.

*** Cesaro via Submission in 14.58***

Cesaro gets up, as Ryder rolls up to his feet, struggling for balance. Cesaro actually lends a hand to Ryder. Ryder accepts the handshake as the crowd pops. Cesaro leaves the ring holding his belt up in the air as Ryder looks down at the canvas in disappointment.

Striker: Ryder despite the effort, lost yet again as Cesaro builds his resume.

Riley: Cesaro is proving that he may just be the most talented champion in the WWE, but everyone must remember the performance of Zack Ryder. Could he be going back to his pre-Kane levels of production?

Striker: Either way, he has allowed himself to once again look like a threat in the US title scene.

"The surest way to corrupt a youth is to instruct him to hold in higher esteem those who think alike than those who think differently."- Friedrich Nietzsche
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Re: Dawn of a New Epoch

WWE Smackdown

Scheduled for Friday:

The Return of Captain Charisma!

The Apex Predator is Back!

The Miz v. Mason Ryan

Dean Ambrose and the Shield Make an Appearance

Usos v. The Rhodes Scholars

No. 1 Contender's Match for the Divas Championship
Layla v. Natalya

Big Show v. Alberto Del Rio

"The surest way to corrupt a youth is to instruct him to hold in higher esteem those who think alike than those who think differently."- Friedrich Nietzsche
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