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Default Fusient Media Presents...World Championship Wrestling

World Championship Wrestling History Page


CEO: Brian Bedol
President: Eric Bischoff
Road Agents: Arn Anderson, Dave Finlay, Johny Ace, Mike Rotunda
Trainers: Dominic DeNucci, Johnny Rodz, Larry Sharpe
Production: Bill Banks, Bruce Pritchard, Kevin Sullivan
Announcers: Dave Penzer, Gene Okerland, Mark Hudson, Mike Tenay, Pamela Paulshock, Scott Hudson, Tony Schiavone
Referees: Billy Silverman, Charles Robinson, Mark Johnson, Mickey Jay, Nick Partrick, Randy Anderson, Scott Dickenson


Air Paris

Air Styles

BG James

Billy Kidman

Booker T

Buff Bagwell


Chavo Guerrero

Chuck Palumbo

Diamond Dallas Page

Elix Skipper


Jason Jett

Jeff Jarrett

Kevin Nash


Lance Storm

Lash Leroux

Lex Luger

Mark Jindrak

Mike Awesome

Mike Sanders

Rey Mysterio

Ric Flair

Scott Steiner

Sean O'Haire

Shane Douglas

Shane Helms

Shannon Moore

Stacy Kiebler


Torrie Wilson


WCW World Heavyweight Champion: Booker T

WCW World Tag Team Champions: Chuck Palumbo & Sean O'Haire

WCW United States Champion: Mike Awesome

WCW Cruisrweight Champion: Shane Helms

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Default Re: Fusient Media Presents...World Championship Wrestling

Be The Booker - Fusient Media Presents...World Championship Wrestling

Background To Be The Booker

I joined BTB with a WCW storyline based on Jeff Jarrett saving WCW, but I limited myself a lot and it began to look like an Indy promotion. I since came across an article which reported a little prematurely that Bischoff had brought WCW, this got my mind going, so this time using EWR as a guide I will resurrect WCW with Eric Bischoff at the helm. The promotion will start briefly on March 26th as Eric Bischoff takes over WCW and the first show will be Big Bang on May 6th.



WCW sold to Fusient Media Ventures

Eric Bischoff firmly in charge again

Finally. The drama that has been going on over the sale of World Championship Wrestling has come to an end.

The winner? Meet Fusient Media Ventures. The boss? Same as the old boss, Eric Bischoff. Upon his return Bischoff is also bringing back television writer Vince Russo to put together the angles / scripts for WCW.

According to the press release, Fusient has entered into an agreement with Turner Broadcasting System, Inc. to acquire WCW. TBS, Inc. will retain a minority interest in the company and retain the rights to the broadcasts.

Classic Sports Network founders Brian Bedol and Stephen Greenberg are behind Fusient Media Ventures. ESPN acquired Classic Sports Network a while back.

Bedol will be the new CEO of WCW. Bischoff will assume the role of president. The partnership of Bedol, Greenberg and Bischoff brings together more than 50 years of combined experience in the entertainment, television and sports industries.

"We're going to reestablish the WCW as the champion of professional wrestling entertainment," said Brian Bedol in the release. "There is huge untapped potential for the franchise and with Eric Bischoff on board we will crank everything up to make the WCW franchise even bigger, better, stronger and more entertaining than anything wrestling fans have ever experienced before."

"We are pleased to have reached an agreement with Fusient Media Ventures that truly represents a win for all parties," said Bradley J. Siegel, president of general entertainment networks, TBS, Inc. "The Fusient management team's experience in programming, production and marketing at Classic Sports Network lends itself perfectly to the WCW business. Their entrepreneurial business-building expertise, combined with the powerhouse brands and distribution that TBS Superstation and TNT provide, will be a winning combination."

"Wrestling fans can rest assured that we will give the WCW the adrenaline shot it needs to once again become the most exciting brand of wrestling in the world," said Eric Bischoff.

Fusient Media Ventures is focused on identifying, funding, developing and distributing next generation content and converged media brands. The company is headquartered in New York, with offices in Los Angeles.

-- SLAM! Wrestling, with files from CANOE Wire Services


Turner to stop airing WCW

By JUSTIN BACHMAN -- AP Business Writer

ATLANTA -- Turner Broadcasting System Inc. has decided to stop airing World Championship Wrestling, a mainstay of the network's lineup since its fledgling days in the 1970s, as it continues to scout a buyer for the troubled company.

The decision means that the WCW will go on hiatus after a March 26 event in Panama City Beach, Fla., pending its sale to Fusient Media. WCW will return again on May 6th for their scheduled PPV, Big Bang which Eric Bischoff plans to be the big reopening of WCW.


Variety: Turner axes WCW

Variety is reporting today that Turner Broadcasting CEO Jamie Kellner has officially announced that TBS is dropping all of its wrestling content and that Monday Night Nitro and Thunder are cancelled after March 26th.

WCW's poor ratings, massive losses last year and the fact that Turner Broadcasting is looking to attract more "upscale" viewers who are into movies and re-run programming are all part of the reason Kellner dropped the boom on WCW.

Kellner's decision puts WCW's deal with buyer Fusient Media Ventures in serious jeopardy as the agreement between the two hinged on Nitro and Thunder still being broadcast on TBS. A Turner spokesperson told Variety that "other buyers" (such as the WWF) are interested in purchasing the troubled promotion.

Former WCW Vice-President and the man who helped spearhead the Fusient Media deal -- Eric Bischoff -- is rumoured to be meeting with executives at Fox Broadcasting to see if they would be willing to provide a home for WCW programming.

-- SLAM! Wrestling.

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Default Re: Fusient Media Presents...World Championship Wrestling

WCW Nitro - March 26th 2001 - Panama City, FL

---Sting vs. Ric Flair---

What a fitting finale to the era of Ted Turner as the two men who competed at the first ever Nitro, Sting and Ric Flair conclude the show. Sting gets the win as he hocks on the Scorpion Deathlock but then helps the Nature Boy to his feet and the two embrace. The stat of WCW is still up in the air as the commentary team try to make sense of what is happening. Has WWF purchased WCW or has Eric Bischoff salvaged the deal.

---Bischoff Regins Again---

We cut away from Nitro to see Eric Bischoff sitting in a boardroom, he talks about what a hard few days it has been. He says a deal was done until TNT dropped wrestling from its programming. He says without a television deal in place the deal is impossible so he had to walk away from the deal. He then smiles and says he could not sleep after making that decision so got back on the phone and said there's no way in Hell he is letting Vince get his hands on WCW. The camera cuts back to the arena where the WCW fans are going crazy. We then return to Eric Bischoff who asks all WCW fans to join them in Las Vegas Nevada for Big Bang on May 6th where WCW will return with a Bang.

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Default Re: Fusient Media Presents...World Championship Wrestling

Big Bang!
May 6, 2001 (Las Vegas, NV)

WCW Big Bang! (Las Vegas,NV) Sunday May 6, 2001

---Opening Video---

A new red and black World Championship Wrestling logo appears on the screen signifying a new era and a return from their hiatus. A video plays showing Bischoff addressing the wCw fans via telephone on the March 18th episode of Nitro, where he sounds de-pleaded as the buyout was looking like collapsing.The video continues onto the March 26th episode when the commentary team was trying to make sense of what was looking like the last ever episode of Nitro. We see the conclusion of the Sting, Nature Boy fight and Tony Schiavone calling it a fitting end. Eric Bischoff then delivers his message at the end of Nitro explaining how he has brought World Championship Wrestling.

---The Reset Button---

The camera pans around the arena in Las Vegas, Nevada with no commentary team in place. The camera then goes backstage where Eric Bischoff is in his office holding a red button. He welcomes everybody to the show and hits the button saying he has hit the reset button on wCw. He says this is a new era for wCw and that he hopes everybody enjoys the show, the Big Bang logo appears and it's showtime.

---Welcome Back to WCW---

Tony Schiavone, Mike Tenay and Scott Hudson are now in position as the team welcome viewers back to WCW. Tony Schiavone says it is a day they thought may never come and they hand over to Dave Penzer who introduces the new President of World Championship Wrestling, Mr Eric Bischoff.

---All Titles Vacated---

Eric Bischoff comes out to a mixed reaction from the crowd but mainly positive for the man who saved the company. The ring has a red cover down and there is a table in the ring, Bischoff enters the ring and soaks in the noise made by the capacity crowd. Eric Bischoff starts by talking up the Fusient partnership and how they have all the resources to bring wCw back to the top. He says there was no chance in hell he was letting Vince McMahon get his hands on this company which he has put so much blood and tears into. He says he has hits the reset button on wCw which means all titles have been vacated.

He calls out the Cruiserweight Tag Champions first, Rey Mysterio and Billy Kidman comes down and reluctantly place their titles on the table. After they leave Bischoff takes them off the table and apologises then pulls out a bin from under the table and drops the belts in essentially retiring the newest titles in wCw.

Sugar Shane Helms is called out next and he places the Cruiserweight belt on the table and then Sean O'Haire and Chuck Palumbo do the same with the Tag Team Titles. Eric Bischoff then turns his attention to the current United States and World Heavyweight Champion Booker T who gets a massive cheer from the wCw crowd.

Booker T comes out and holds the two titles up in front of Eric Bischoff who smiles and then acknowledges he knows how Booker must feel. Booker T gets right in the face of Eric Bischoff and then says he believes a champion should be beat for his titles, Bischoff responses “I know, I know”. Booker then leans into Bischoff and says “I hope you know what you are doing bro”. Booker takes the World Title and US Title and places them on the table as the fans boo.

---World Title Tournament---

Eric Bischoff stops Booker from leaving the right and tells him not to worry and that he has a chance of winning back his title tonight. He announces an eight man tournament and reveals Booker T as the first man. He then introduces the rest who make their way out and stand by the entrance. Lance Storm, Scott Steiner, Jeff Jarrett, Kevin Nash and DDP are all called out and stand on the ramp.

---The Stinger---

The seventh entrant is announced as Sting and the fans go wild. The lights go out and when they return Sting is by the entrance making his big return other than his appearance on the March 26th episode.

---Where's Goldberg?---

Eric Bischoff then names Bill Goldberg as the final man. The fans go wild again but as his music plays there is no sign of Goldberg. Bischoff calls him out once again but again as the music plays there is no sign of Goldberg. Bischoff gives Goldberg until his first match to show his face or he is gone from wCw.

---Glory PPV---

The commentary team discuss the World Title Tournament and then mention the next PPV coming on Sunday 24th June entitled Glory. They then reveal the match order tonight as Scott Steiner and Booker T hang around to face off in the first match. The other quarter final matches are the Insiders facing off as DDP fights Kevin Nash, Sting returns to face Jeff Jarrett, and Lance Storm will face Goldberg if he shows up.

---"Big Puppa Pump" Scott Steiner (with Midajah) vs. Booker T (World Title Tournament)---

Scott Steiner jumps Booker T before the bell and continues to put the boat to Booker T in the corner. Booker T struggles to get to his feet as Steiner continues to wait for the referees count before going straight back into Booker. The referee finally pulls Steiner away and Booker T can recover but as he tries to go after Steiner, Steiner ducks and as Booker comes off the ropes Midajah trips him and Steiner lands a DDT. Booker T manages to recover and hits a big back drop but Scott Steiner again goes back on the offensive with a body slam. Scott Steiner drags Booker to his feet and irish whips him into the ropes but Booker T ducks a wild right hand and hits a massive backbreaker but Steiner kicks out on two. Booker T continues the offensive with a big spinebuster and again goes for the pin fall but again Steiner kicks out. Booker T then takes Steiner down with a flying shoulder but Steiner recovers with avalanche with a raised foot to the face. Steiner puts the pressure on with strikes on Booker T in the corner and then hits a flapjack. Booker T however staggers back to his feet and catches Booker T with a super kick he then lands the Book End but Midajah distracts the referee on the apron. Booker T goes across and grabs the referee but with the delay Steiner manages to kick out. Booker T irish whips Steiner into the ropes and goes for another super kick but Steiner moves and the referee gets clobbered. Booker T hits another Book End but there is no referee to count. Rudy Charles comes rushing down but by the time he hits the ring Steiner has recovered and kicks out. Booker T continues the offensive and beats down on Steiner in the corner. Rudy Charles tries several times to stop Booker but Booker eventually loses it and pushes Rudy Charles to the ground and goes back to the beat down. Rudy Charles calls for the bell and Disqualifies Booker T. Booker T seems to come around and realise what has happened and looks distraught in the ring.

Winner: Scott Steiner 11:23 – by DQ

---Big Sexys Back---
Kevin Nash approaches Bischoff backstage and says he appericates being brought back from retirement. Bischoff says its a new start for everyone and to make the most of it. DDP then approaches Kevin Nash and says he is glad he is back and is looking forward to their match up next.

---Calling Back Up---
Jeff Jarrett approaches the Harris Brothers backstage and asks them to have his back tonight and he will make sure they get their hands on titles. The Harris Brothers say they have Jarrett's back and Don Harris tells Jarrett they guarantee he will be World Heavyweight Champion tonight.

---Dark Match Footage---
We see footage of the dark match in which Billy Kidman and Rey Mysterio defeated Shane Helms and Shannon Moore. We hear from Rey and Billy Kidman who say they are yet to be impressed by Bischoff as yet again they've been screwed over. Shane Helms then comes over and says he is feeling the same and doesn't like being stripped of his title.


---"Big Sexy" Kevin Nash vs. Diamond Dallas Page (World Title Tournament)---
Kevin Nash and DDP show respect for each other acknowledging the partnership before they go into a test of strength which Kevin Nash gets the better off. Kevin Nash continues to control the opening moments with a devastating big boot which has DDP seeing stars. The offensive continues as DDP goes down after Nash lands a vertical suplex and follows it up with a piledriver. Kevin Nash hocks the leg but DDP makes the kick out on two, DDP then reverses a hammerlock from Nash and goes on an offensive on his own hitting strikes on Nash into the corner. Nash holds his hands up as the referee comes to intervene and Nash uses this to poke DDP in the eye. Nash then drops DDP with a clothesline and makes a gesture to Page that this is business. Nash sends DDP into the ropes and goes for a big boot but Page ducks and comes back with a clothesline of his own and makes the Bang signal. Nash is up and avoids the Diamond Cutter and puts page in a headlock but Page fights out and hits a back drop. Kevin Nash is so back in control however hitting a big DDT on Page but only gets a two count. Kevin Nash then continues the attack with a spinebuster and then a body slam but each time Page kicks out. Nash starts to land some strikes on Page and then sends him against the ropes. He goes for a big boot but Page ducks and then hits the Diamond Cutter out of nowhere. 1...2...3! Diamond Dallas Page scores an impressive win. Kevin Nash then quickly spins Page around as he celebrates and offers his hand. DDP takes his time then extends his hand for the handshake. The two exchange a handshake then an embrace as the mutual respect is still in tact.

Winner: Diamond Dallas Page 8:47
--- I Lost My Cool---
Stevie Ray enters the locker room of Booker T and asks him what happened earlier on. Booker T snaps saying he was the World Champion and asks why did he have to give his title up. Stevie Ray asks him to calm down and Booker T says he lost his cool and it has cost him the title. Stevie Ray tells him not to let the situation define him, and to get back in the game and work towards winning the world title again, Booker T thanks Stevie Ray and the two men shake hands.

---You Deserve It---
Kevin Nash approaches DDP backstage and tells him that he deserves to be in the next round, he says he threw the kitchen sink at him and he still couldn't beat DDP. He tells DDP that when he wins the World Title he needs to remember Big Sexy and give him a title shot. DDP says he has his word that he will put the title up on the line to him when he wins it tonight.


---"The Chosen One" Jeff Jarrett vs. "The Icon" Sting (World Title Tournament)---
Jeff Jarrett jumps Sting right from the bell and continues the attack, he then lands a double arm suplex and Sting lands hard. Sting counters a backdrop attempt with a kick to the face and then uses a forearm to the face. sting whops Jarrett into the turnbuckles and goes for the Stinger splash but the referee gets clobbered. Sting lands the death drop but there is no referee to count the victory. Sting picks Jarrett back up to his feet and hits the death valley driver but the referee is still down. Jeff Jarrett counters an arm wringer with an elbow to the side of the head. Jarrett then hits a flying shoulder tackle which drops Sting down to the floor. Jarrett goes for the pinfall but Sting manages to get a shoulder up on two, Jarrett then hits a splash in the corner, Sting style and then follows it up with a death drop. Jarrett goes for the cover but Sting kicks out at the very last second. Sting recovers with a pile driver and nearly gets the win when the Harris Brothers show their faces. Sting drops Ron Harris off the ropes first and then as Don Harris enters he hits a death drop. The distraction allows Jarrett to hit the Stroke but Sting kicks out on a late two, Jarrett drags Sting back to his feet and hits a second Stroke this time he gets the three count.

Winner: Jeff Jarrett 7:21
---Has Anyone Seen Goldberg?---
Lance Storm grabs Johny Ace backstage and asks him if Goldberg has arrived yet. Ace says they are still waiting on Goldberg, so Storm asks if that means he is through to the semi final. Ace tells Storm to head to the ring now, but if Goldberg doesn't arrive then he does in fact face Jarrett in the semi final.

---What Where You Doing Out There---
Sting is in a heated argument with referee Scott Dickenson asking him what he was doing when the Harris Brothers hit the ring. Dickenson says he couldn't ring for the bell as technically they hadn't interfered yet as Sting got to them first.

---You're Next!---
Lance Storm heads to the ring and starts to order Nick Patrick to name him the winner. The Goldberg music hits but still no sight of Goldberg, Nick Patrick asks for permission to ring the bell. Eric Bischoff comes out and starts to talk to Nick Patrick when we get word something is going on backstage. We see security in the backstage area and Goldberg arrives in the backstage area. Lance Storm demands Eric Bischoff announce him the winner but Bischoff smiles and walks away as Goldberg heads to the ring to massive Goldberg chants.


---Lance Storm vs. Goldberg - (World Title Tournament)---
Lance Storm goes after Goldberg who just shrugs him off which sends the crowd mad. Storm comes flying back with a spinning heel kick and tries to keep the big man down, he jumps to the second ropes and hits a flying DDT. Lance Storm goes for the cover but amazingly Goldberg kicks out before even the count of one. Goldberg drops out the back of a Lance Storm body slam attempt and hits a big kick to the face. The fans pop as Goldberg follows it up with a bulldog but Lance Storm manages to kick out on two. Goldberg then lands a flapjack on Storm and hocks the leg for another two count pin fall attempt. Lance Storm counters with a back drop and then a running kick to the face. Storm then crushes Goldberg with a running senton and gets another close cover which would have been a massive upset. Lance Storm looks frustrated as he picks Goldberg to his feet Goldberg blocks a Storm punch and takes him down with a clothesline. Goldberg gets in place and as Storm gets up and turns around Goldberg hits the spear. Goldberg then drags Storm to his feet...Jack Hammer 1....2....3!!! Goldberg returns with the victory and faces Jeff Jarrett in the semi final.

Winner: Goldberg 6:51

---Hope Your Enjoying Your Investment---

Eric Bischoff is on the phone in his office talking to Brian Bedol the new CEO of World Championship Wrestling. Bischoff says he hopes he is enjoying his investment, Bischoff then listens to whatever is being said back to him. Bischoff responds "that's game changing", Bischoff drops the phone and then sits back in his chair laughing.

---Stick To The Plan---
Jeff Jarrett is with the Harris Brothers freaking out that Goldberg has turned up. Ron Harris interrupts him and says we will be ok we just have to stick to the plan.

---Diamond Dallas Punk---
Scott Steiner is interviewed backstage by Pamela Paulshock, he calls DDP, Diamond Dallas Punk and says he is going to send him back to commentary. Scott Steiner says he is getting back what should already be his the World Heavyweight Championship and not even that son of a bitch Goldberg will stop him.


---"Big Puppa Pump" Scott Steiner vs. Diamond Dallas Page - (World Title Tournament)---
We go into the first semi final and Scott Steiner is not hanging about as he attacks DDP as he is getting over the guard rail after making his entrance through the fans. Scott Steiner slams DDP into the guard rail and then into the steal steps before rolling him into the ring where the bell rings and the match gets underway. Scott Steiner continues to apply the pressure and DDP looking in a bad way following the attack before the bell. Scott Steiner starts to hit some heavy strikes to DDP but Page manages to hit some strikes back and then manages to get the upper hand. DDP takes Scott Steiner down with a big right hand and then follows it up with a Vertical Suplex to land his first move of the match. DDP follows it up with a running clothesline and then Scott Steiner fights out of a DDP sleeper hold. Steiner comes back with a spinning neck breaker and then a power slam but Page kicks out on two. Page recovers with piledriver on Steiner and we see another two count pin fall. DDP follows it up with a spinebuster but again Steiner kicks out on two. Steiner fights back with a clothesline and beats Page down in the cover. He then drags Page to the centre of the ring and hocks on the Steiner Recliner. Page manages to reach the ropes and the referee orders Steiner to break the hold. Steiner then climbs the turnbuckle but Page manages to get up and suplex him off the top. Steiner staggers to his feet where Page hits the Diamond Cutter out of nowhere 1......2......3!!! Diamond Dallas Page gets the win and is one match away from becoming the WCW World Champion.

Winner: Diamond Dallas Page 8:18

---The Nature Boy Arrives---

A Limo arrives backstage and out steps the Nature Boy Ric Flair. He heads into the arena looking like a man on a mission, will we be hearing what is on the Nature Boys mind?


---"The Chosen One" Jeff Jarrett vs. Goldberg - (World Title Tournament)---
Jeff Jarrett gets the match up and running by hitting Goldberg with a series of strikes but Goldberg just smiles and hits a massive body slam on Jeff Jarrett. Jeff Jarrett rolls out to the outside and gathers his thoughts as he looks like he doesn't know how to deal with Goldberg. Goldberg invites Jarrett back into the ring and he slowly makes his way back in the ring. Jarrett ducks between the ropes several times to avoid the offensive from Goldberg. The referee tries to separate the two men which allows Jarrett to land a low blow and he follows it up with a clothesline. Goldberg fights back with a big kick and then lands a clothesline of his own and beats down on Jarrett in the corner. Jarrett fights back with a DDT and goes for a pin fall but Goldberg powers out without Jarrett even getting a one count. Jarrett starts to hits some vicious strikes on Goldberg who again laughs and picks Jarrett up and slams him across the ring. Goldberg goes for the spear but Jarrett moves out the way and Goldberg spears the referee. Goldberg then lands the Jack Hammer but there is nowhere there to count the pin fall. The Harris Brothers use the incident to run down but Goldberg spears Ron Harris and then spears Don Harris. Jarrett recovers in the mean time and lands the Stroke, he gets the referees attention, 1.....2....2.99999. Goldberg kicks out at the last possible minute and the fans go wild in the arena. Jeff Jarrett drags Goldberg back to his feet but Goldberg fights him off and hits a body slam and follows it up with the spear. He signals for the Jack Hammer and nails it, 1....2....3 Goldberg advances to the Final.

Winner: Goldberg 6:10

---Nature Boy's Message For WCW---

The commentary team hype the main event when the Nature Boy theme hits and Ric Flair makes his way down to the ring. He says this company should have been shut down a long time ago, he calls it a disgrace the company has been allowed to remain open long enough that David Arquette and Vince Russo became World Champions. He says now Brain Bedol is in charge will we see former NBA or NFL players as World Champions. He asks fans if they really believe Eric Bischoff is going to turn the fortunes of the company. He says the honour of the title and company is down the pan.

---Cut Him Off---
Eric Bischoff comes storming down and orders Ric Flair is cut off, Flair asks if Bischoff cannot handle the truth. Ric Flair says that Bischoff might have fooled all the fans and the boys in the back but not him. Ric Flair says he is done with WCW and goes to leave but Bischoff says he is under contract and he will take legal action if he doesn't play by his rules. Ric Flair gets in his face and says he should beat his ass all around the arena. Eric Bischoff just laughs and says think of the law suit, Flair storms out as we go into our main event.


---Diamond Dallas Page vs. Goldberg - (WCW World Heavyweight Champion)---
The two finalists size each other up as we go into our main event after David Penzer introduces each man. They go into two test of strengths which are both won by Goldberg, DDP then grabs Goldberg into a head lock but Goldberg fights out and sends him into the ropes. Page comes back and hits a splash dropping Goldberg to the mat. He tries to apply a headlock but Goldberg powers out and hits a body slam. Goldberg fights back with some big strikes then hits a flap jack but DDP manages to kick out on a late two. Goldberg then follows up with a spinning neck breaker and then goes for a back drop but DDP counters with a kick to the face. DDP follows it up with a DDT but Goldberg kicks out on a two. The commentary team comment that earlier in the night Goldberg was kicking out of similar moves before the one count, they question if the amount of matches is taking its toll on Goldberg. DDP hits some strikes on Goldberg in the corner but Goldberg reverses a hammerlock. Goldberg slams DDP to the floor again and then hits another flap jack but DDP kicks out on two again. Goldberg sizes up a spear but Page moves and Goldberg stops short of the turnbuckle. Page hits a roll up and Goldberg 1.....2......2.99! Goldberg kicks out at the last possible second the fans thought that was it. Goldberg gets back to his feet but Page lands the Diamond Cutter. 1....2.....2.99 again Goldberg kicks out at the last possible second. DDP can't believe it he thought he had it won the match, drags Goldberg to his feet but Goldberg recovers and hits a clothesline. Both men hit the floor and Page is up just before Goldberg. He goes for a Diamond Cutter but Goldberg pushes him against the ropes and hits a spear. He signals for the Jack Hammer and nails it once again, 1....2....3!!! WE HAVE A NEW WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION!!!!


---New World Champion--

Eric Bischoff comes out smiling holding the Big Gold Belt and hands it to Goldberg on the ramp. He holds Goldberg's hand in victory but Goldberg pulls his hand away quickly then storms past Goldberg. Bischoff shouts after Goldberg as Goldberg leaves the arena with the WCW World Heavyweight Championship. Goldberg jumps in his car and drives off as Bischoff looks confused, the commentary team discuss tonight's event as we go off air.

Quick Results
Scott Steiner def. Booker T - Tournament Quarter Final
DDP def. Kevin Nash - Tournament Quarter Final
Jeff Jarrett def. Sting - Tournament Quarter Final
Goldberg def. Lance Storm - Tournament Quarter Final

DDP def. Scott Steiner - Tournament Semi Final
Goldberg def. Jeff Jarrett - Tournament Semi Final

Goldberg def. DDP - WCW World Title
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Default Re: Fusient Media Presents...World Championship Wrestling

Major Joint Announcement from Fusient and the USA Network

WCW Nitro Returns!!!!

In the year of 1995 a show started which revolutionzed professional wrestling forever. World Championship Wrestling brought Nitro into living rooms around the global every Monday Night. They were to embark on a war with another wrestling show also broadcast every Monday on the USA Network.

The wrestling industry was on top but fate was soon to change for both the USA Network and World Championship Wrestling. In September 2000 the USA Network lost it's wrestling programming and in March 2001 WCW went off air for the final time.

Now on July 6, 2001 WCW and the USA Network join forces as wCw Nitro returns every Saturday Night 8ct.

An advert is airing on the USA Network in which Eric Bischoff sits in his office bragging about the return of Nitro. He then says at Big Bang Goldberg walked out with the World Title but has not been heard of since. He hypes a big main event between Scott Steiner, Jeff Jarrett and DDP and says the winner will become the Number 1 Contender. He then says Goldberg has until the end of Nitro to show his face or the winner of that match will be awarded with the Championship Belt.

Saturday Nitro Preview:

*Goldberg has until the end of the show to show his face or he will be stripped of the WCW Title.

*Main Event: DDP vs. Jeff Jarrett vs. Scott Steiner - Number 1 Contender Match

*Lethal Lottery Tag Team Championship Tournament Begins

*Cruiserweight Championship Qualifiers Begin

*An Announcement From Rey Mysterio
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Default Re: Fusient Media Presents...World Championship Wrestling

(June 2,2001) from the Hard Rock Cafe, Las Vegas, NV


---Show Opening---
The USA Network runs the commercial that has been running in the weeks leading up to the big return of WCW Nitro. The commercial sees Eric Bischoff sitting in his office announcing the main event between Jeff Jarrett, Scott Steiner and DDP to become the Number One Contender to the World Heavyweight Championship. He then has words for Bill Goldberg who he reveals he has not heard from since Big Bang! He says Goldberg has until the end of Nitro to show his face or he has no option but to vacate the title and award it to the winner of the main event.

The new red and black WCW logo appears in the corner of the screen and we see a catch up video showing what happened at the March 26th show. It shows promos of Ric Flair, DDP and Sting saying goodbye before Sting and Ric Flair met in what looked like being the final ever WCW match. We then see Eric Bischoff make the 11th hour save to announce himself the new President of WCW. The video then turns to Big Bang where Goldberg became the WCW Champion before storming past Bischoff and out of the arena.

We get a new Nitro opening video and then arrive at ringside to huge fireworks and the camera pans around the Hard Rock Cafe in Las Vegas Nevada. The commentary team welcome us to the show and run down what happened at Big Bang and also hype tonight's main event.

---Nitro Is Back!---
"White Train" the Eric Bischoff theme plays and Easy E makes his way down to the ring with a smile from ear to ear as the commentary team welcome the President. Tony Schiavone says whatever you think of Eric it is a huge relief Vince McMahon didn't get his hands on WCW.

The fans in the packed out arena go wild as Eric Bischoff soaks in the crowd reactions. He then starts by saying it feels good to be in control and then mocks Vince McMahon for his failed attempt to buy WCW. He says he knows for a fact Vince thought he had won the war but Eric says there was no way he was going to let Vince run him out of town. Eric says this is where the big boys play and that is evident by tonight's main event between Scott Steiner, Jeff Jarrett and DDP. He says he hopes the winner will face Goldberg at the Glory PPV but he needs to know his champion is still on side. He says he still has not heard from Goldberg and he has until the end of the show to show his face. He says he wants to know if Goldberg is in the back so calls out the Champion.

Goldberg chants echo around the arena as his music starts but there is no sign of the World Champion. A siren is heard and Big Puppa Pump Scott Steiner makes his way down to the ring with the other members of the Magnificent Seven minus Ric Flair. Scott Steiner tells Eric Bischoff that he is the man to put WCW back on the map and that he should forget about Goldberg. He says Goldberg is running scared and should not show his face around here if he knows what is good for him. More Goldberg chants are heard as Jeff Jarrett takes the microphone and announces himself the Chosen One and that DDP does not have a chance tonight as the title is coming back to the Elite.

---Self High Five---
Diamond Dallas Page comes down to the ring and says he hopes Goldberg is watching and makes an appearance tonight because he doesn't want to win the title without beating him at the Glory PPV. He then turns to Steiner and Jarrett and says he is aware they will team up but asks which one of them will get the final cover. Both Steiner and Jarrett respond then quickly look at each other, Luger comes forward and says don't let him get in your heads.

---Can You Dig It?---
Booker T then interrupts and makes his way down to the ring and says technically as the former champion he deserves a rematch. Scott Steiner tells Booker T that he lost his chance at Big Bang and proved he is not good enough. Eric Bischoff cuts Steiner off and asks who is running the show around here, Bischoff says Booker lost in the first round at Big Bang so doesn't deserve a title shot. Steiner mocks Booker but Bischoff cuts him off again, he says Booker does however deserve a shot to become the Number One Contender and it will be tonight. He adds Booker to the main event and makes it a fatal four way. The Magnificent Seven go mad as Booker T smiles and leaves nodding his head in approval of the match.


---I Don't Wear Boots---
We return from the commercial break to see Eric Bischoff sitting in his office when Stacy Kiebler comes in acting as his new secretary. She informs the President that Ernest Miller is here to see him and he asks her to send him in. Eric Bischoff says he does not need a WCW commissioner but since Ernest Miller is still on the pay roll he better be prepared to lace up his boots tonight. Eric Bischoff then takes a phone call and signals for Stacy Kiebler to see Ernest Miller out. As Ernest Miller leaves he says to himself "but I don't wear any boots".

---Rey Mysterio Arrives!---
Rey Mysterio arrives backstage and Billy Kidman comes out to greet him and ask him what his announcement is all about. Kidman says they have toured the world wrestling together and he wants to know what is going down before the rest of the world. Rey says he appreciates the friendship and calls Kidman a brother to him but says he has to do this alone. He tells Kidman it is nothing to worry about but asks he respects his decision tonight.

---Cruiserweight Division!---
During the commercial break the commentary team have been joined by a special guest the former Cruiserweight Champion Sugar Shane Helms. Tony Schiavone announces that he has been informed that at the Glory PPV there will be a fatal four way ladder match for the vacant WCW Cruiserweight Championship. He then reveals that Shane Helms has received an automatic buy into the final and up next is a four way elimination match with the winner joining him.

---Chavo Guerrero vs. Chris Candido vs. Elix Skipper vs. Evan Karagias (Cruiserweight Championship Qualifying Elimination Match)---
Nitro returns with Cruiserweight action coming with an elimination match, Shane Helms continues to talk about his title that he had taken away and says he is determined to get it back. The match operates with each wrestler having to tag in and its Chavo Guerrero and Elix Skipper who get use underway with Chavo taking Elix down with a neckbreaker. Skipper kicks out on two and then powers out of a head lock, Skipper then gets the tag to Candido. Candido snap suplexs Chavo and then hits a springboard drop kick. Chavo recovers and grabs a tag out to Karagias who lands a spear on Chavo Guerrero. Chris Candido then hits the blonde bombshell on Evan Karagias and picks up the victory. Elix Skipper is quickly in and beats down on Candido and signals for the Play of the Day but Candido hits a role up and gets the win. Chavo Guerrero is back in and we see a series of near falls until Chavo hits an elbow drop off the turnbuckle to get the pin fall victory.

Winner: Chavo Guerrero 6:16



---Big Sexy In The House---
Lance Storm is already in the ring as we return from the commercial break to face a mystery opponent. The Wolfpac theme plays and out comes Big Sexy Kevin Nash who was allowed out of retirement by Eric Bischoff at Big Bang when he reset all rules to WCW. Lance Storm's face quickly changes from confident to fearful as he hears the theme and confidently Kevin Nash walks down the aisle.


---Lance Storm vs. Kevin Nash---
Lance Storm tries to attack Kevin Nash from the off but soon get thrown off from Kevin Nash who follows it up with a big boot. Lance Storm realises he is in trouble but manages to up the pace and take Nash down with a combination of kicks followed up by a super kick. Lance Storm even manages to hock on the maple leaf but Kevin Nash manages to get to the ropes. The actions goes back and forth but Lance Storm is in the match and goes for the Deep Impact but Nash sends him flying over his head. Lance Storm tries to recover but Nash kicks him in the gut and hits the Power Bomb! 1.....2....3 Kevin Nash returns with a win!!!

Winner: Kevin Nash 6:32


---Lethal Lottery Draw---
Sixteen WCW Wrestlers wait backstage for the Lethal Lottery draw including former WCW Tag Champions Chuck Palumbo and Sean O'Haire and Kronik. Stacy Kiebler and Eric Bischoff enter and begin to draw out names. Kronik do not look to please when they aren't selected together as Brian Adams is drawn with Johnny the Bull and Bryan Clarke is drawn with Mark Jindrak. There anger becomes even worse when they here cheers as Chuck Palumbo and Sean O'Haire are drawn together. There is more disappointment as Lex Luger throws a trash can over when he is drawn with Jim Duggan.

---I Got Your Back---
Kevin Nash enters the locker room of Diamond Dallas Page who is lacing up his boots ahead of the main event. Kevin Nash says its a brand new beginning now they have been re-instated at WCW and it's time to take out the Magnificent Seven. DDP agrees with the statement and Kevin Nash then says he has his back tonight. DDP says he appreciated the help but tonight he wants to do it alone. Kevin Nash says he respects that and hope he knows what he is doing, he leaves DDP to continue to prepare for the main event.



---Road Warrior Animal & Hugh Morrus vs. Johnny The Bull & Brian Adams (Lethal Lottery)
Morrus starts the bout with strikes at Johnny the Bull and then follows it up with a vertical suplex for a two count. Morrus tags in the Road Warrior Animal who whips the Bull into the corner. Hugh Morrus then irish whips Animal his own partner into the corner where he splashes on the Bull who hits the floor. Johnny the Bull hits a spear and both men hit the floor. The Bull gets the tag out at the same time as the Animal and it's Adams who cleans house. He hits a series of clotheslines on both Morrus and Animal and then hits a big boot on Morrus but he kicks out on two. The Bull goes after the Animal but gets attacked by Buff Bagwell on the outside who nails him with a chair shot. The Animal and Morrus then double team Adams with a double clothesline and then Morrus hits the No Joke on Adams, 1...2...3!!! Animal and Morrus advance to the semi finals.

Winners: Road Warrior Animal & Hugh Morrus 5:42


---Thanks For The Second Chance---
Kevin Nash is next in to meet the boss Eric Bischoff and is let in by the lovely Stacy Kiebler. Nash says he just wanted to pop in and say a big thank you for letting him back into WCW after he was forced to retire earlier in the year. Eric Bischoff smiles and says its a new era for WCW and its a new era for all of us. Kevin Nash says even so he appreciates it and he plans to get the problem of the Magnificent Seven off Bischoff's back for him.

---They Should Be Retired---
Scott Steiner is throwing things about in the locker room with Lex Luger and Buff Bagwell trying to calm him down. He says Kevin Nash and DDP should be retired and asks where the hell is Ric Flair and demands someone find him. Jeff Jarrett then walks in with the Harris Brothers and Scott Steiner says they aren't part of the club and shouldn't be in their locker room. Jeff Jarrett says they are his new security team but Scott Steiner says that the Elite are his security and demands they leave. The Harris Brothers and Jarrett stand up to Scott Steiner and Steiner says that's a big mistake. Buff and Lex again try to cool the situation and blame DDP, Booker and Bischoff for this mess. Scott Steiner agrees and tells them to take care of them for him, so Lex and Buff agree and leave.


---Mysterio Announcement!---
Rey Mysterio heads down to the ring as we return from the commercial break and he has a serious look on his face as the commentary team speculate what the announcement could be. The crowd goes deafly silent as Rey Mysterio grabs a microphone and thanks them for their continued support. He says he loves being in America and feels like America has adopted him since he made his debut in WCW. He says in February 1999 he lost his identity in wrestling when he lost his mask, he says since then things haven't felt the same in his heart. He says since Eric Bischoff has reset the company he is doing something people may have an issue with specially in Mexico. He says he hopes everyone understands that he is bringing back the mask, he pulls out a new mask and takes a look before placing over his face. He says that is not the whole announcement but he wants it to signal a new era. He says he wants to fight for America and Mexico to become the US Champion. He says he wants to test himself against Heavyweights and he is entering the tournament for the vacant title. The commentary team respond to the announcement as the WCW fans react positively to his news.

---Ambush On Booker---
Lex Luger and Buff Bagwell knock on the locker room door of Booker T who asks who it is. Lex then kicks the door in and the two men brawl with Booker and finally get the upper hand laying out the former WCW Champion. Buff then shouts lets go Lex, we need to take care of DDP. Arn Anderson spots them leaving and rushes to the seen calling for paramedics.



---Ernest Miller vs. Mike Sanders---
Mike Sanders jumps Ernest Miller from the bell and continues to domiante the match as the commentary team say that Ernest Miller might be rusty and not prepared to fight tonight. Mike Sanders goes for the 3.0 but Ernest Miller manages to break free and hit a super kick. Both men hit the deck but it is Mike Sanders who is first up and gets the better as they exchange punches. Ernest Miller then goes nuts with a wild combination of kicks followed by stepping back and nailing a super kick. 1....2....3 Ernest Miller returns to the ring with a big win over Mike Sanders.

Winner: Ernest Miller 3:01


---DDP Ambush---
Lex Luger and Buff Bagwell this time knock on the door to DDP but there is no answer. They kick the door in and when they enter nobody is in there, Kevin Nash then comes storming in after them and lays both Luger and Bagwell out before leaving smiling rubbing his hands together.

---Punked Out---
Booker T is furious backstage and is shouting to find Buff Bagwell and Lex Luger while WCW paramedics try to keep his calm.

---Sting Big Bang! Footage---
We see footage from Big Bang of an angry looking Sting storming into the referee's room after Big Bang went off air to complaining about his defeat to Jeff Jarrett as Sting blames the referee for the loss.

---WCW in Las Vegas---
We then see a promo of WCW in Las Vegas as the video shows the local Casino's and the Hard Rock Cafe which holds the new era of WCW Nitro. The promo has interviews with several fans who say they are excited to see WCW back up and running.



---Rick Steiner & Big Vito vs. Chuck Palumbo & Sean O'Haire - Lethal Lottery Match
The second semi final sees Rick Steiner and Big Vito placed together to face the former WCW Tag Champions Palumbo and O'Haire. The experience shows as the former champions dominate the contest from the start although we see a near fall when Big Vito hits a roll up on O'Haire and Palumbo has to make the save at the last possible second. O'Haire recovers with the flying Hart attack clothesline and gets the tag out to Chuck Palumbo. He lands a big clothesline on Steiner who gets the tag in moments before but Rick Steiner manages to kick out on two. Rick Steiner tags out to Big Vito who hits a neckbreaker but only manages a two count. Chuck Palumbo fights back with a hip toss then comes off the ropes and knocks Rick Steiner off the ropes. Sean O'Haire then enters the ring and we see a double super kick and Chuck Palumbo picks up the win.

Winners: Chuck Palumbo & Sean O'Haire 5:44


---Pass On The Message---
Eric Bischoff catches up with Arn Anderson backstage and he asks him if he is in contact with Ric Flair. Arn Anderson says they speak occasionally, so Bischoff tells him to pass on a message and that is if Ric Flair doesn't want a nasty lawsuit he better be in the arena next week.

---Any Sign Of Goldberg---
The cameras go to the parking lot where a limo drives up, the commentary team wonder if it is Goldberg but instead Brian Bedol steps out and gets a heroes welcome by the WCW staff backstage. Stacy Kiebler is first to welcome him to WCW and she shows him inside the arena. The commentary team hype the main event and we then see Brian Bedol take a front row seat for the main event. The commentary team also talk about how Goldberg has only 15 minutes left to arrive or lose his title.



Booker T vs. DDP vs. Jeff Jarrett vs. Scott Steiner - Number One Contender Match

The main event gets going in explosive action as Booker T and DDP work together to eliminate Jarrett and Steiner from the ring. They then stare at each other before going at it and Booker T takes control with the Book End but DDP gets the kick out at two. Jarrett and Steiner come storming back and momentarily work together until DDP ducks a clothesline from Jarrett who accidently takes Steiner out. Big Puppa Pump is hot and goes after Jarrett with a series of clotheslines. DDP then sends Steiner over the top rope and goes for a cover on Jarrett but Booker makes the save. Booker then sends DDP to the outside and lands the Ghetto Blaster but DPP and Steiner recover to make the save. DDP then hits the Diamond Cutter on Booker T but Steiner hits the roll up on Page but he kicks out at two. Page then hits the Diamond Cutter on Steiner but Jarrett makes the save and hits the Stroke on Page but Booker makes the save. Steiner is up aswell and Booker sends them both into the turnbuckle. He goes for the splash but th referee takes a bump. Booker hits the Book End on Jarrett and Steiner but there is nobody to count other than the fans who count to three. Page recovers and hits the Diamond Cutter on Booker but still no referee. Meanwhile Steiner is up and grabs a chair, he nails Page with it and wakes the referee. 1...2....3!!! Scott Steiner gets the win.

Winner: Scott Steiner 12:10


---Whose The Champion?---
Eric Bischoff makes his way down to the ring as Scott Steiner waits to find out if he is the new WCW Champion. Scott Steiner cuts Bischoff off before he can speak and demands to know where a replacement belt is as Goldberg's time is up. Bischoff tells him to not be so fast Goldberg still has a couple of minutes to keep his belt. Bischoff then calls out Goldberg whose music plays again but again there is no sign of the World Champion. Eric Bischoff then calls out Stacy Kiebler who comes down with a replica WCW belt and Steiner is all smiles. Then Goldberg's theme hits again and Goldberg can be seen arriving out of a monster truck backstage. Steiner shouts its too late give me the belt and snatches it from Stacy Kiebler. Eric Bischoff says there is still time as Goldberg makes his way down the aisle. Steiner goes for Goldberg who hits a spear on Steiner. Steiner rolls out the ring in retreat and Goldberg stares at Bischoff who trips and crawls to the ropes. Goldberg then storms off back up the ramp as Bischoff looks on confused as we go off air.

Quick Results
Chavo Guerrero def. Chris Candido, Elix Skipper & Evan Karagias

Kevin Nash def. Lance Storm

Road Warrior Animal & Hugh Morrus def. Johnny The Bull & Brian Adams

Ernest Miller def. Mike Sanders

Chuck Palumbo & Sean O'Haire def. Rick Steiner & Big Vito

Scott Steiner def. Booker T, DDP & Jeff Jarrett
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Default Re: Fusient Media Presents...World Championship Wrestling

(June 9,2001) from the Hard Rock Cafe, Las Vegas, NV


---The New WCW---
USA Network runs the advertisement for this week's Nitro which has Eric Bischoff hitting the reset button from Big Bang! The footage then shows clips from the new look wCw featuring Booker T, Kevin Nash, Sting, Scott Steiner, DDP and Goldberg. The new red and black logo appears in the corner of the screen and we see the new WCW introduction video.

---WCW Recap---
Nitro opens with a (Previously On Nitro) narration which starts with Eric Bischoffs ultimatum he gave Goldberg to be at last weeks show or have his World Heavyweight Championship stripped from him.The footage then focuses on Scott Steiner winning the main event to become the number one contender by defeating DDP, Jeff Jarrett and Booker T. It then shows him demanding Eric Bischoff hand over the World Championship to him. Goldberg finally shows up spearing Scott Steiner as Nitro went off air.

---Show Opening---
We finally arrive at ringside to huge fireworks at the sold out Hard Rock Cafe in Las Vegas Nevada. The commentary team welcome us to the show and show us footage from earlier on in the evening where a Limo pulls up in the parking lot and out steps the Nature Boy Ric Flair. He is greeted by the other members of the Magnificent Seven and they head into the arena. We learn we will be hearing from Ric Flair later on in the show.

---I'm The Champion!---
Scott Steiner leads the rest of the Magnificent Seven down to the ring and he calls Eric Bischoff and Goldberg sons of bitches. He stats that he is the man to build the company around because he is the future and present of this business. He says that Eric Bischoff should have handed him the title last week instead of letting that lunatic Goldberg run wild like the maniac he is. He says Goldberg made a huge mistake and that he should just hand over the World Heavyweight Championship to him tonight if he knows what is best for him.

Jeff Jarrett then takes the microphone and addresses Eric Bischoff and his request for Ric Flair to be at Nitro this week. Jeff Jarrett says that Bischoff should be careful for what he wishes for because Ric Flair is in the house tonight and his hot. Jeff Jarrett says Ric Flair is furious because all his hard work cleaning up WCW has been undone in one week by Eric Bischoff. He claims the Magnificent Seven where keepingthe wage bill down eliminating the has bins like DDP, Goldberg and Kevin Nash from WCW.

---The Insiders---
The Insiders DDP and Kevin Nash interrupt and make their way down to the entrance ramp. Kevin Nash says he understands why they might feel like they shouldn't be in WCW because they were made to retire. Nash says he appericates that and the second chance they have been given and he has accepted this invitation because he was born to fight. He then says that is why they are out here now because they want to fight and he challenges Jeff Jarrett and Scott Steiner to a tag team match tonight. Scott Steiner says he wants nothing more tonight than to kick their ass then go for Goldberg at the Glory PPV. He says that he is in if they make it a no rules match and Kevin Nash replies that they are in.


---Main Event Slot!---
Stacy Kiebler tells Eric Bischoff that Booker T wants to see him so Bischoff tells her to send him in. Booker T says forget last week he still deserves a shot at the World Title. Eric Bischoff says its a new WCW and he is currently 0-2. He says he is going to give him the main event next week to issue an open challenge to anyone in WCW. He says he wants Booker T to impress him. Booker smiles and says he knows exactly who he is going to challenge.


---Mike Awesome & Terry Funk vs. Mark Jindrak & Bryan Clark - (Lethal Lottery Match)---

The first contest of the evening is part of the Lethal Lottery Series which will result in new tag team champions at the Glory PPV. Terry Funk teams with Mike Awesome to face Mark Jindrak and Bryan Clark. Mike Awesome starts off against Mark Jindrak and takes control with some big moves including a devastating back body slam. Mark Jindrak finally gets the tag out and Bryan Clark goes up against Mike Awesome and counters with a spinning neckbreaker after Awesome had initially still remained in control. Bryan Clark then lines up and hits a spear on Mike Awesome and goes for the pin, 1....2 Terry Funk makes a late save. Terry Funk tags in and goes after Clark who also tags out, Funk nearly takes the head off of Mark Jindrak with a big clothesline and Funk continues to go on the offensive. Funk then lands a big pile driver and goes for the cover but Clark makes the save. Awesome comes across and goes after Clark but Funk goes for a clothesline having not seen Awesome and takes his partner out as Clark ducks. Clark then spears Funk and Jindrak hits a super frankensteiner for the win. Jindrak and Clark celebrate on the ramp as Funk and Awesome exchange words. Awesome then kicks Funk in the gut and hits a power bomb on Funk in the centre of the ring.

Winners: Mark Jindrak & Bryan Clark 7:08


---Rey Mysterio Arrives!---
Rey Mysterio is shown arriving backstage as the commentary team hype his first contest as a heavyweight wrestler. He arrives with the mask on and shakes hands with some of the Cruiserweight wrestlers who wish him luck.


---Not Awesome---
A bloody Terry Funk responds to the attack on him by Mike Awesome earlier and he talks about settling it face to face not ambushing someone in the ring. He says he doesn't expect any better from Mike Awesome because he came to wCw as a fraud bringing the ECW Title with him. He says if Mike Awesome is a man he will face him one on one next week.

---In Your Interests I Win---
Shane Douglas approaches Rick Steiner backstage and says that he had better not be thinking about helping his buddy Lex Luger. Rick Steiner gets in his face and asks what he is going to do about it. Shane Douglas plays a video on a television in the room but the viewers cant see what is going on. Shane Douglas then says "in fact it might be in your interests that I win tonight".


---Chris Kanyon vs. Rey Mysterio---
Rey Mysterio comes out wearing a blue and white mask which matches his wrestling attire to face Chris Kanyon. Kanyon jumps Rey as the opening bell rings and starts to beat down on Rey in the corner. Rey manages to summersault his way out of the corner and land a big drop kick on Kanyon who bails out of the ring. Rey runs off the ropes and hits a massive suicide dive onto Kanyon on the outside which starts a this is awesome chant in the arena. Kanyon manages to fight back on the outside and hits a vertical suplex on Rey by the announcers table. Kanyon rolls Rey back into the ring on the referees count of eight and goes for a pin but Rey kicks straight out. Rey fights back with a flying neck breaker on Kanyon but Kanyon counters with a boot to the face of Rey Mysterio. Kanyon hocks on a hammerlock but Rey elbows him in the face and takes him down with another drop kick. Kanyon then lands a tiger suplex out of nowhere and Rey kicks out on a very late two count. Kanyon gets caught with a leg sweep and then Rey hits a flying hurricanrana, 1....2....3!! Rey Mysterio gets a big win to help push him as he looks to mark the start of a new era for him.

Winner: Rey Mysterio 5:13




---Billy Kidman def. Lash Leroux, Cash & Kwee-Wee - (Cruiserweight Title Qualifier)
Elimination tag team rules as we see the continuation of Cruiserweight Title Qualifiers with Kidman, Kwee-Wee, Leroux and Cash fighting it off to join Shane Helms and Chavo Guerrero in getting a title shot. Cash and Kwee-Wee open the match with Cash becoming frustrated as Kwee-Wee hits him with a low blow and nearly steals a roll up. Cash comes out all guns blazing clearly annoyed by what has happened and hits a big flying DDT but Kwee-Wee kicks out on two. Cash tags out to Lash Leroux who dominates Kwee-Wee who tries to tag out but Cash refuses to tag. Kwee-Wee looks confused and gets caught as Leroux hits a roll up and gets the pin. Billy Kidman is quickly into the contest and we see a series of near falls between Kidman and Leroux. Leroux tries to tag out after hitting a desperate clothesline on Kidman but again Cash refuses. Billy Kidman then lands the BK Bomb and Cash tags himself in and lands the pin on Leroux who is eliminated. Billy Kidman shrugs his shoulders seemingly not bothered as it is now down to the final two. As they get into it Torrie Wilson makes a shock return and stands watching at the ramp. It seems to distract Billy Kidman who watches on confused. Cash hits a roll up but Kidman kicks out on two and then hits another BK Bomb and hocks the leg, 1....2....3 Billy Kidman advances to the Glory PPV. Billy Kidman then looks to the ramp where Torrie Wilson leaves, the camera zooms into Kidmans face which is one of confusion.

Winner: Billy Kidman 6:54


---Next Tag Team Champions!---
Pamela Paulshock grabs a quick interview with Bryan Clark and Mark Jindrak who advanced in the Lethal Lottery Series and Brian Adams is also with them. Chuck Palumbo and Sean O'Haire interrupt and Palumbo says it's a real shame Kronik weren't teamed together in the series but it wouldn't have made a difference because they are winning back their titles whoever they face. Brian Adams steps forward and says Kronik will be coming for the Tag Team Titles if they win it. Brian Adams then challenges Chuck Palumbo to a match tonight but Palumbo puts forward O'Haire for the match instead.

---Nature Boy On The Way---
The commentary team show footage of Ric Flair walking backstage and reveal that we will be hearing from him shortly, they also hype the Glory PPV and the main event for the PPV which will be Goldberg and Scott Steiner for the World Heavyweight Championship.


---Nature Boy In The House!---
We return from the commercial break to hear the Nature Boy Ric Flair's infamous entrance theme and he makes his presents felt with his usual entrance and has a microphone in hand. He says that he done his best to save this company from the cancer that has been infecting it. He goes on to say he got rid of DDP, Kevin Nash and Goldberg and in one week Eric Bischoff brings them all back and now Goldberg is the World Champion. He says the company is going down the pan and Scott Steiner was the man to with his guidance try and salvage this company. He says Eric Bischoff made a huge mistake in not giving Scott Steiner the title last week as Goldberg is a enigma who will p*ss all over the World Title. He then asks how Bischoff can dare to demand that he show his face on Nitro as he does what he wants when he wants. He then drops a bombshell as he says if truth be known I want out of this company because it is heading one way down the drain. He orders Bischoff to show his face and let him out of his contract if he knows what is best for him.

---Contractual Obligations---
Eric Bischoff comes out and says he heard everything Ric Flair has to say and that he won't be letting Ric Flair squirm out of his contract because that wouldn't be any fun. He says in fact he likes what the Insiders are proposing but he wants to counter-propose a new main event. He says he hopes Ric Flair has his wrestling boots with him because he is going to make it a six man tag with Flair, Jarrett and Scott Steiner facing The Insiders and Goldberg. Ric Flair says Bischoff cannot do that but Bischoff tells him to check his contract. The Insiders laugh as the Magnificent Seven go nuts in the ring.

---Goldberg In The House!---
The camera's go backstage where the Goldberg monster truck pulls up in the parking lot and the World Heavyweight Champion jumps out with the WCW Championship belt in hand. He heads purposefully to the arena as the commentary team hype tonight's main event.

---Glory PPV Hype---
We then see the official Glory PPV hype video which shows the Bischoff take over and feud for the World Heavyweight Championshop between Scott Steiner and Goldberg.



---Brian Adams (with Bryan Clark) vs. Sean O'Haire (with Chuck Palumbo)---
Sean O'Haire comes down accompanied by Chuck Palumbo which prompts Bryan Clark to come out to even the numbers and he stares across the ring at Chuck Palumbo who doesn't look pleased at his presence. Sean O'Haire however takes control early on taking the big man down with a huge drop kick but as he ups the pace he gets caught by a big boot from Brian Adams whose size advantage comes into play. The two exchange punches and O'Haire then comes off the ropes but catches the referee instead. All hell breaks loose as Palumbo and Clark come into but they end up brawling back up the ramp. Sean O'Haire then hits a spinning neckbreaker in the confusion but has no referee to count. Adams gets back up to his feet but O'Haire lands a massive spear to take the big man down yet again. O'Haire then hits a death valley driver and the referee is up but only lands a two count. Adams comes storming back with a series of massive clotheslines and then a vertical suplex. Adams goes for a power bomb but O'Haire drops out and lands a drop kick and then a leg drop off the second rope. He then climbs the turnbuckle and hits a senton bomb, 1.....2....3!!!

Winner: Sean O'Haire 4:21


---Nature Boy Main Event Reaction---
The Magnificent Seven are shown backstage and Ric Flair gives his reaction to the main event. He says none of their opponents should even be contracted to wCw yet alone be in the same ring as him. Ric Flair says he is not an active wrestler yet Bischoff wants to book in him in a match. He says Eric Bischoff will be made to pay for crossing the Magnificent Seven. He says in demanding the end of his contract he gave Bischoff the easy option but if he wants a war then he will get a war.


---Jim Duggan & Lex Luger vs. Shane Douglas & Shawn Stasiak- (Lethal Lottery)---
Lex Luger encourages Jim Duggan to start the contest and he is soon jumped by Shawn Stasiak who continues to put the boot into Duggan in the opening exchanges. Douglas and Stasiak make quick tags and Lex Luger does not get a look in however the commentary team note that he does not look overly interested in being tagged in. Shane Douglas hits a DDT and Duggan kicks out on two as Scott Hudson mentions that Luger made no attempt to stop the pin fall. Jim Duggan eventually fights back with a body slam and then a bulldog off the ropes. Shawn Stasiak however comes straight back with a spinebuster and again nearly gets the victory but Duggan kicks out on a late two. Lex Luger finally makes his move as he attempts to get into the ring but is stopped by the referee and Shane Douglas who goes over to confront Luger. This allows Buff Bagwell to run down and go for the Buff Block buster but Rick Steiner also comes in and goes after Stasiak which infuriates Bagwell who was ready for the move. Stasiak hits Steiner with a low blow but it allows Bagwell to hit the blockbuster a roll out. Duggan does not go for the cover as Bagwell demands he does so, Steiner staggers to his feet and notices his plan has failed so clotheslines Duggan, Bagwell rolls back in smiling and rolls Duggan on top of Stasiak. Luger stops distracting the referee who counts the victory for Luger and Duggan.

Winners: Jim Duggan & Lex Luger 5:10



---Booker's Challenge---
Booker T heads to the ring as we return from the commercial break as he is about to reveal who he will face next week on Nitro in the main event. He goes through a list of people he considered fighting starting with the World Champion Goldberg. He then mentions possibly going after members of the Magnificent Seven like Ric Flair, Jeff Jarrett or Scott Steiner. He then talks about the Insiders, Kevin Nash or DDP but says he finally decided to face the biggest legend in WCW history. He finally reveals that next week he will be facing the Icon Sting on Nitro in the main event.

Buff Bagwell is with Rick Steiner and calls him a genius for knowing that Jim Duggan would not go for the cover, Bagwell pats him on the back and leaves with Rick Steiner looking stressed.

---Going After Flair---
The Insiders talk backstage about tonight's main event and DDP says he cannot wait to get his hands on the Nature Boy Ric Flair who is going to be back with a bang but it will be from the Diamond Cutter. Kevin Nash then says he cannot wait to slam Jarrett and Steiner through the mat with the power bomb. Goldberg then walks past and stares at DDP and then Nash before continuing to walk past leaving the Insiders speechless. The commentary team talk about the menacing presents of Goldberg and question weather he can team successfully with the Insiders.

---Bad Mistake---
Shane Douglas approaches Rick Steiner again and reveals that because he is no longer in the Lethal Lottery Series, Rick Steiner will be made to pay. He says next week on Nitro he is going to show the footage to the whole world and he wouldn't want to be Rick Steiner when the sh*t hits the fan.

---Next Time You Step Up---
Chuck Palumbo congratulates Sean O'Haire on his win but Sean O'Haire is not impressed and says that next time he should step up because it was his big mouth got him in this mess. Sean O'Haire then walks out past Chuck Palumbo leaving him standing stunned in the locker room.


---Main Event---


Jeff Jarrett, Scott Steiner & Ric Flair vs. DDP, Kevin Nash & Goldberg
The massive six man tag team match starts with Ric Flair directing traffic and it is Jeff Jarrett who is up first, ducking and diving from DDP who looks to go on the offensive early on. Page starts to get annoyed as Jarrett hides on the ropes and exits the ring to avoid him but in his hast gets caught with a powerslam but kicks straight out on one. Jarrett tags out to Scott Steiner who goes to work on Page beating down the former WCW Champion. Page finally gets a tag out to Kevin Nash and in turn Steiner tags straight back out to Jarrett. Nash lands a massive big boot and goes for a power bomb but Steiner comes in and clotheslines Nash prompting Page to come in but the referee holds him back. We see a two on one beat down on Nash in the corner until the referee restores order. Nash hits a double clothesline and tags out to Page who rallies until Jarrett hits a low blow then tags to Flair. Flair continues the assault as the crowd chant Goldberg and the champion is itching to get in. Steiner is next in and continues to control the match but Page hits a drop kick and tags in Goldberg. He cleans house and as the chaos insues as he starts hitting spears, first on Jarrett then Steiner then Flair. He sizes up Jarrett for the jack hammer and nails it, 1...2...3!!!

Winners: DDP, Kevin Nash & Goldberg 13:11


---A Message Sent---
The Insiders celebrate and offer to shake hands with Goldberg who stares at them before finally shaking their hands. The Insiders leave and Goldberg grabs a microphone but as he does Steiner strikes and smashes him in the back with a steal chair . Flair and Jarrett join in the assualt which ends with Steiner locking on the Steiner recliner until security finally come down to stop the beat down. Scott Steiner leaves up the ramp shouting that its his title as Goldberg has been completely laid out.

Quick Results
Mark Jindrak & Bryan Clark def. Mike Awesome & Terry Funk
Rey Mysterio def. Chris Kanyon
Billy Kidman def. Cash, Kwee-Wee & Lash Leroux
Sean O'Haire def. Brian Adams
Jim Duggan & Lex Luger def. Shane Douglas & Shawn Stasiak
Jeff Jarrett, Scott Steiner & Ric Flair def. DDP, Kevin Nash & Goldberg

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Default Re: Fusient Media Presents...World Championship Wrestling

(June 16,2001) from the Hard Rock Cafe, Las Vegas, NV


---Show Opening---
The show opens by showing Goldberg winning the World Heavyweight Championship at Big Bang and then being given the ultimatum to be on the following Nitro or lose his title. The action then shows Scott Steiner winning the main event to become the Number One Contender and demanding Bischoff to hand over the World Title to him before Goldberg arrives and spears him. We then see what happened on Nitro as Goldberg scored the win in the main event with the Insiders against Jarrett, Flair and Steiner. However as we saw last week we see Steiner, Flair and Jarrett attack Goldberg at the end of Nitro with Steiner locking on the Steiner Recliner until security was called in to break it up.

---Welcome To Nitro!---
The Nitro Introduction package plays and we arrive at the Hard Rock Cafe in Las Vegas Nevada, the new home for WCW Nitro. The camera pans around the arena with signs for Goldberg, Sting and Booker T visible. The commentary team talk about what happened last week with Steiner and Goldberg and also hype tonight's big main event between Sting and Booker T.

---Here To Fight---
Kevin Nash and DDP come out to open Nitro and it is Big Sexy who takes the mic first and addresses what happened at the end of Nitro last week. Nash says that they let Goldberg down last week by leaving and not anticipating that Flair, Jarrett and Steiner would attack Goldberg. He goes on to say that they have his back and that they want to prove their loyalties tonight.

DDP then gets on the mic and says he doesn't want any wild conspiracies flying around so he wants to prove his here for a fight by challenging any of Flairs "motley crew".

Ric Flair answers the call with Midajah, Scott Steiner and Jeff Jarrett by his side. Ric Flair says there is no way he is being forced to fight a second week in a row. He does however say he wants nothing more than to see his boys kick their arse tonight. Scott Steiner grabs the stick and says he is in agreement with Ric Flair and that Jeff Jarrett is raring to go. Jeff Jarrett looks annoyed by being put forward but DDP says bring it on and Jarrett is encouraged forward by Steiner and Flair.


---Jeff Jarrett vs. Diamond Dallas Page---
We get straight into the opening contest with Jeff Jarrett going after DDP but Page starts to get the upper hand and wins a test of strength and then starts firing right hands to Jarrett. Ric Flair becomes vocal at ringside as Jeff Jarrett gets back into the match with a poke in the eye and then lands a clothesline. Jarrett then hits a avalanche with a raised boot to the face and then hits a flying shoulder tackle to Page who hits the mat hard. Jarrett continues to dominate with a running DDT but Page manages to kick out on two. Page finally recovers with a bulldog and the a reverse hip toss. Ric Flair is furious at ringside as Page goes for the Diamond Cutter, Flair jumps on the apron but Jarrett pushes Page off and he lands into Flair. Nash then goes across and sends Flair flying into the guard rail. Scott Steiner then comes across and we see bedlam at ringside as a mass brawl takes place. Buff Bagwell, Rick Steiner, Lex Luger and Road Warrior Animal run down and in the confusion the referee calls the bout off. The vicious beat down continues as the Magnificent Seven destroy the Insiders and Jarrett hits the Stroke on both Page and Nash then Flair hocks the figure four leg lock on Page and Stiener puts the Steiner Recliner on Kevin Nash.

No Contest 4:51



---A Brutal Beat Down---
The commentary team reflect on the beat down of Nash and DDP by Flair, Jarrett and Steiner and we see a replay of the vicious assault. The commentary team then speculate if Goldberg is in the arena or not.


---Road Warrior Animal & Hugh Morrus vs. Chuck Palumbo & Sean O'Haire - (Lethal Lottery Series) ---
The first of the Lethal Lottery Series Semi Finals see's the former Tag Team Champions Chuck Palumbo and Sean O'Haire up against Hugh Morrus and Road Warrior Animal. They dominate early on with some quick tags taking care of Road Warrior Animal who is no stranger to tag team wrestling. Animal hits a desperation clothesline to send both him and Chuck Palumbo tumbling to the ground and as the referee counts they both get to their feet and both get the tag. Hugh Morrus comes in all guns blazing and lands a couple of big right hands to both O'Haire and Palumbo and then hits a big hip toss on O'Haire who hits the deck hard. Hugh Morrus is now in control and signals for his finisher but O'Haire reverses and hits a roll up and nearly steals the win. Animal and Palumbo end up brawling on the outside and Morrus goes for the No Joke and lands it. He then climbs the turnbuckle and goes for the No Laughing Matter but Palumbo pushes him off the turnbuckle. Sean O'Haire then hits the Widow's Peak and gets the three count to advance to the final.

Winners: Chuck Palumbo & Sean O'Haire 5:11


---Stop The Footage---
Rick Steiner enters the locker room of Shane Douglas and warns him to not air the footage he has been black mailing him with. Shane Douglas says that Rick Steiner did not keep the end of the bargain so his time has essentially run out. Upon hearing this Rick Steiner cheap shots Shane Douglas and slams him into the lockers. Rick Steiner continues the assault laying out Shane Douglas before leaving still furious.

---Rhodes Return---
Backstage we see Dusty Rhodes and Dustin Rhodes arriving in the backstage area and the commentary team mention that we have not seen them in WCW since March 19th. They speculate why they have decided to return tonight.


---Magnificent Seven React---
We see four of the members of the Magnificent Seven reacting to the return of the Rhodes. Lex Luger gets in their faces and says they need to send out a message by jumping him. They all agree as the rest of the members enter the locker room, Ric Flair tells them to help him take care of business because Jarrett, Scotty and he have to concentrate on Goldberg when he arrives.

---Rhodes In The House---
Dusty and Dustin Rhodes come down to the ring and talk about how great it feels to be back in wCw. Dusty Rhodes says last time he was on Nitro Ric Flair was kissing his ass and he wants to remind the world. They show on the big screen a replay of what happened on March 19th before Ric Flair storms out with Buff, Lex, Animal and Rick Steiner. Ric Flair says they are clearly the ones who have been attacking them. Dusty says he wish he was the man behind the attacks but it isn't him. Flair says he has heard enough and Rick Steiner, Buff, Animal and Lex hit the ring and beat down the Rhodes.

---A Champion Response---
The beat down continues until the World Champion hits the ring and Goldberg starts laying out all the members of the Magnificent Seven. Scott Steiner and Jeff Jarrett are quickly out and start to get the upper hand on Goldberg and we see a two on one attack. The Insiders then rush down and the Magnificent Seven bail leaving the Rhodes, Insiders and Goldberg standing tall inside the ring.


---Can You Dig It Suckaaaaaaaaa---
Backstage we see Booker T arriving and talking to himself as he walks through the corridors. He can be heard telling himself "time you put yourself on the map, Sting I'm coming for you suckah". The commentary team then hype the big main event between Sting and Booker T coming up tonight.


---Chris Candido vs. Cash - (Cruiserweight Title Qualifier)---
The final chance to qualify for the Cruiserweight Championship match at the Glory PPV see's Chris Candido facing Cash with the winner joining Chavo Guerrero, Billy Kidman and Shane Helms. The contest starts with a fast pace that we come to expect from the Cruiserweight Division. The highlight of the opening stages is a delayed vertical suplex from Chris Candido as he looks take control of the contest. Cash fights back with a with the Bankruptcy and nearly gets the win as Chris Candido kicks out with a very late two. Cash then continues the offensive with a running DDT and again gets a near fall. Candido fights back with a leg sweep to stop the momentum and then drops a snap suplex and gets a near fall of his own. Cash is soon back on his feet as has been the pace of the contest so far. Cash goes for the Dead Level but Candido elbow him in the head to stop the move, Candido then hits a super bomb and gets the pin fall victory.

Winner: Chris Candido 4:53


---Don't Let Us Down---
Lex Luger and Buff Bagwell burst into the locker room of Jim Duggan and threaten the American hero. Lex Luger says he better not let them down in the Lethal Lottery Series or he will become an enemy of the Magnificent Seven.

---Job Done---
Chuck Palumbo and Sean O'Haire approach Bryan Clark and Brian Adams and brag about reaching the final. Bryan Clark gets in Chuck Palumbo's face and says he will see them there.

---Glory PPV Trailer---
The first half of Nitro ends with a trailer for the upcoming Glory PPV focusing on the crowning of new tag team and Cruiserweight champions as well as the Steiner, Goldberg world title fight.


---It's Showtime!---
Sting arrives backstage looking focused ahead of the main event match against Booker T tonight.


---Mike Awesome vs. Terry Funk---
Mike Awesome gets quickly into his stride going right after the veteran Terry Funk as he hits some massive punches to corner Funk by the turnbuckle. He stomps on Funk and then steps back and laughs before coming back with another big boot to the face. Awesome pulls Funk to his feet and sends him flying across the ring and then tries to cover him with just his boot. Funk kicks out before a one count and starts firing vicious chops back to Awesome. He continues the punches and then hits a clothesline to finally bring the big man down. Funk irish whips Awesome into the corner and hits a ten punch combo which the WCW fans then cheer. Awesome reacts by slamming Funk down with a power bomb and nearly getting the pin fall victory but Funk kicks out on two. The action goes onto the outside where Awesome sends Funk into the guard rail. They brawl on the ramp but Awesome and Funk manage to get back to the ring before being counted out. Funk is now in control and goes for a hip toss but Awesome reverses it once more. Mike Awesome kicks Funk in the gut and hits another power bomb but amazingly Funk kicks out on 2. Funk manages to recover with a desperate DDT and then climbs the turnbuckle but misses with a splash. Mike Awesome pulls Funk to his feet and lands the Awesome Bomb for the win.

Winner: Mike Awesome 7:23


A battered and bruised Terry Funk grabs a microphone and asks for a rematch with Awesome for the Glory PPV. He says this time lets go old skool and have an extreme rules match. Mike Awesome grabs a microphone and says he wants nothing more than to end the career of Terry Funk so he agrees.

---Fighting For Places---
Eric Bischoff makes his way down to the ring with microphone in hand and says he is loving running his own company. He says everyone is fighting for places and with WCW losing money in the last few years he is cutting back on the roster whilst also wanting to bring people in to make it more competitive. Bischoff says he likes the idea of Mike Awesome in ending the career of Terry Funk so says it will be a career match as the loser will be fired. He then tells them to leave his ring while he deals with business.
He carries on saying tonight Booker T has the chance to see if he can be the face of the new WCW by beating the face of WCW for the last decade Sting. He also makes the Cruiserweight Championship match a ladder match for the Glory PPV and says come October WCW will be touring the UK, Europe then Australia. He says WCW is going to take over the world and it won't be long until they are kicking Vince's arse once more.



---Mark Jindrak & Bryan Clark vs. Lex Luger & Jim Duggan - (Lethal Lottery Series)---
The second semi final of the Lethal Lottery Series see's the strange team of Jim Duggan and Lex Luger up against Mark Jindrak and Bryan Clark with the winners facing Chuck Palumbo and Sean O'Haire. Lex Luger pushes Jim Duggan forward to fend for himself as he tries to stay in the contest up against Clark and Jindrak. Duggan finally manages to get across to the corner but Lex Luger drops down off the apron not wanting to go up against Bryan Clark. Clark hits a spear on Duggan and goes for the cover however Luger is in and breaks the count. Clark and Jindrak continue with some quick tags and Clark hits a pump handle slam but Jindrak tries to tag in. Clark is having none of it and goes back to Duggan who reverses a irish whip sending Clark into Jindrak. Duggan hits Old Glory on Clark but Luger tags himself in and scores the cover and gets the victory.

Winners: Lex Luger & Jim Duggan 5:24


---Tag Team Control---
Mark Jindrak and Bryan Clark get into a heated exchange and Jindrak cheap shots Clark. Brian Adams runs down to save his Kronik tag team partner but Palumbo and O'Haire hit the ring and we see a three on two beat down.


---Canadian Championship---
Lance Storm comes out and says he cannot believe Eric Bischoff calls it a new era in WCW yet its the same old faces on the show. He calls himself the future of WCW and how their is only one title left for him to win and that's the World Title. He says instead of giving him a shot his been entered into the United States Tournament that starts in a few weeks. He says when he wins it, it will be known as the Canadian Championship once more.

---Respect The American Dream---
Rey Mysterio cuts Lance Storm off and says the US has given luncadores and Mexicans like his family the chance to live the American dream. He says he wants to win the United States Championship because he is American but also for the Mexicans. He says he is honoured of his Mexican roots but loves America as well. He says he is sick of people like Storm earning a living in the US whilst moaning about it.

Lance Storm tells Rey to go back to fighting Cruiserweights because he is trying to punch above his weight. Rey says let's see about that and challenges him to a match next week which is accepted.

---Main Event Time---
The commentary team hype the main event and the Glory PPV as we go into the final commercial break ahead of the Booker T, Sting bout.



---Booker T vs. Sting---
The big main event finally arrives with the Icon Sting going up against Booker T and we see a tense start as both men size each other up. We see a test of strength which ends with Sting kicking Booker T in the gut and slamming him down. Booker T seems to regain focus after this and is quickly on the offensive firing off some vicious shots and backing Sting into the corner. Sting elbows Booker back and reverses Booker into the corner and then we see the Stinger Splash and he preforms his infamous "WOO!!!" to the crowd. Booker shakes his head and comes back with a scissors kick and picks Sting back up and goes for the Book End but Sting reverses it and hits the Stinger death drop but Booker T kicks out on a late two. Sting hocks on the Death drop as Booker looks in a world of pain and trouble but he reaches the ropes in a breath taking opening. Sting continues to dominate for several minutes despite Booker briefly rallying following a roll up. As Sting continues to control the match Booker T hits the Book End out of nowhere but Sting gets his leg on the ropes. The referee however does not spot this and counts to three, Booker T wins.

Winner: Booker T 8:10


---Match Restarted---
Sting complains to the referee Mark Johnson who sticks to his decision, Sting then exits the ring to talk to Mickey Jay another referee at ringside. Mickey Jay was the referee who Sting was annoyed at for his match at Big Bang and was seen speaking to on Nitro last week. Mickey Jay and Mark Johnson then exchange words and Dave Penzer is given a message. Dave Penzer says that after consultation Sting had in fact got his foot on the ropes so the match is going to restart.


---Booker T vs. Sting---
Booker T is furious but charges for Sting who fends him off with big right hands back into the corner and lands the Stinger Splash. Booker T is down and Sting drags him to his feet and lands the death drop, 1....2....3 Sting gets the win. Booker T is left looking angry as he thought he had the win but it's Sting who ends up celebrating.

Winner: Sting 0:34


Quick Results

Jeff Jarrett vs. Diamond Dallas Page - No Contest
Chuck Palumbo & Sean O'Haire def. Road Warrior Animal & Hugh Morrus
Chris Candido def. Cash
Mike Awesome def. Terry Funk
Lex Luger & Jim Duggan def. Mark Jindrak & Bryan Clark
Booker T def. Sting (*)
Sting def. Booker T (*)
(*) match restarted as Sting's foot was on the ropes.

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Default Re: Fusient Media Presents...World Championship Wrestling

(June 23,2001) from the Hard Rock Cafe, Las Vegas, NV
WCW Nitro 06/23/13 - Las Vegas, NV


---Mystery Attacker Will Be Revealed Tonight---
The show opens with a new style of advertising that has been airing on the USA Network this week, Nitro has been taped since it's return and this weeks advertising ran with footage of tonight's show. The footage shows Jeff Jarrett laid out in the back and then the Magnificent Seven coming out to demand to know who attacked him and the group in previous weeks. Madusa then comes out and Ric Flair tells her to go away as there is no way they were ambushed by a woman. Madusa reveals she attacked Midijah and her partner in crime is here tonight and will take every member of the Magnificent Seven out. We then see all members taken out in the back other than Scott Steiner who comes to the ring and demands to know who it is. We then see reactions from the fans in shock but do not see who is the attacker. The video then fades out and says "The Mystery Attacker Revealed On Nitro".

---Jeff Jarrett Laid Out---
Nitro then opens with Jeff Jarrett lying on the floor in the backstage area as the Magnificent Seven enter and find him there. Ric Flair calls this a disgrace and demands answers right now, he says he is off to the ring to sort this out. Buff Bagwell asks what they should do with Jarrett and Flair says you sort it before storming out. The Nitro opening package plays and we arrive at ringside where the commentary team talk about the attack on Jeff Jarrettt as Ric Flair comes out to ringside with the Magnificent Seven following.

---Time Is Up---
Ric Flair says he is tired of playing games and that the mystery attacker needs to stop playing games and reveal themselves right now so he can kick their arse. Ric Flair says he doesn't care who it is but he is sick and tired and ready to fight them right now. Strangely Madusa makes a shock appearance which angers Ric Flair who cuts her off before she can speak and tells her to get out of here if she knows what is best for her or he will send Midajah down there to kick her arse. Madusa says why so she can lay her out like she done back in March, Flair says don't try and claim you are the mystery attacker. Madusa says she only laid out Midijah but she was working with someone else. She says tonight he promises to take out every member of the Magnificent Seven and will reveal his identity tonight. Ric Flair sends Midajah after Madusa but Madusa gets the better of her on the ramp and drops a big suplex onto the ramp. Madusa then leaves laughing as Flair takes off his suit jacket and throws it to the floor in disgust.

---A Buff Beat Down---
Buff Bagwell helps Jeff Jarrett to an ambulance but as he walks out behind the ambulance to leave he gets ambushed by the attacker who is not visible. The cameraman finally moves round the ambulance where Buff Bagwell is lying on the floor completely out of it from the assualt. The commentary team mention how that is two of the seven members of the Magnificent Seven that have been attacked tonight.


---Number Three Down---
The Magnificent Seven return to the locker room and Flair is furious to find out Buff and Jarrett have both been taken to the hospital. There is a knock at the door and Road Warrior Animal goes to answer it, Flair screams at him to not open the door but he does and gets ambushed. The door slams shut and the Magnificent Seven try to open it but Scott Steiner says there has been something put in front of the door. He pulls it open and a table was lodged in front of the door. He moves it out the way to see Road Warrior Animal laid out on the floor.


---Billy Kidman vs. Chavo Guerrero---
Two men who have an opportunity to win the Cruiserweight Championship in 24 hours time face off for bragging rights in singles competition. Chavo Guerrero starts the brighter taking down Kidman with a running lariat and then nailing a sit down power bomb but Kidman is able to kick out on two. The talk on the commentary table involves the appearances of Torrie Wilson at Billy Kidmans recent matches. Kidman in the mean time fights back with two drop kicks then irish whips Chavo into the ropes and hits a hurricanrana but Chavo kicks out on two. Chavo exits the ring in retreat and Kidman goes for a suicide dive but Chavo is able to avoid it and Kidman crashes into the guard rail. Chavo now has control and rolls Kidman back in the ring and applies a sleeper hold. Torrie Wilson again makes an appearance on the ramp and Kidman spot her. He is then able to rally and powers out of the hold with a bodyslam. He climbs the turnbuckle and hits the shooting star press for the win.
Post Match: Kidman heads up the ramp after Torrie Wilson who retreats quickly leaving Kidman confused by the entrance.

Winner: Billy Kidman 5:42


---Secret Footage---
Shane Douglas arrives backstage with the footage he filmed of Rick Steiner in hand and heads through the backstage locker room. Rick Steiner see's this on the monitor with the Magnificent Seven and says he has to handle business. Lex Luger stops him and says that he could be ambushed out there. Rick Steiner says he is going so Lex Luger says he is going with him to make sure he doesn't get attacked.

---Booker T vs. Sting Rematch---
Booker T arrives backstage and heads straight into the referee office, he has ago at Mickey Jay and asks why the match was restarted. Eric Bischoff enters as Booker T continues to argue but stops when he notices Eric Bischoff, Bischoff tells him to carry on as he would be angry also. Bischoff says if Booker wants to get a title shot he needs to be more ruthless and if he wants a rematch with Sting all he has to do is ask. Booker T snaps and says he does want Sting at the Glory PPV, Bischoff laughs and says he has a deal.


---Stop The Footage---
Shane Douglas comes out with a copy of the tape he has been blackmailing Rick Steiner with and he says he has a tape with the truck that is ready to go out unless Rick Steiner pays him $10,000. Rick Steiner answers the call and comes down to the ring and says he will beat his arse right now and will not be blackmailed by a glorified backyard wrestler. Shane Douglas calls that a mistake and asks for the footage to be played but Steiner asks him to stop. Rick Steiner challenges him to a match at the Glory PPV and if he wins then Douglas cannot show the footage but if he loses Douglas gets $10,000 and can show the footage. Shane Douglas smiles and agrees to the stipulation as we see a new match booked for the Glory PPV.

---Magnificent Seven Become Two---
The commentary team hype the Glory PPV and confirm the addition of two further matches booked during tonight's show, they confirm the Sting vs. Booker T match and also as we just heard Rick Steiner vs. Shane Douglas. We then go to the back with Rick Steiner looking for Lex Luger who was meant to be waiting to make sure he didn't get attacked. He calls for Luger and then sees Luger on the floor having looked like he has been slammed through a table. Steiner then gets ambushed and sent through a door but the camera does not catch who the attacker was. It is now just Ric Flair and Scott Steiner who have not been taken out from the Magnificent Seven tonight.


---Mark Jindrak vs. Bryan Clark (with Brian Adams)---
Mark Jindrak and Bryan Clark clashed last week after going out of the Lethal Lottery Series and face off in singles competition to settle their differences. Bryan Clark starts off strong winning the test of strength and hitting a big body drop and then following it up with two clotheslines. Mark Jindrak catches his breath and pokes Clark in the eye to gain momentum and then lands a bulldog. Mark Jindrak delivers a headbutt but Clark retailiates with a choke hold. Jindrak powers out and irish whips Clark into the ropes and lands a hip toss. Clark then wins a back and forth between the two and nails a flap jack. Clark follows up with a bulldog but Jindrak kicks out on two. Jindrak comes back with some big strikes then lands a spike slam. Clark is quickly back and lands a exploder lariat, 1...2....3.

Post Match: Before Bryan Clark can catch his breath Chuck Palumbo & Sean O'Haire hit the ring. Brian Adams jumps in but they are out numbered in a three on two beat down. Jim Duggan then comes storming down with a 4 by 4 in hand and the Natural Born Thrillers want nothing to do with him and bail out of the ring.

Winner: Bryan Clark 6:12




Terry Funk & Dustin Rhodes vs. Mike Awesome & Chris Kanyon
Terry Funk & Mike Awesome on the eve of what will be one of their final matches in WCW pick tag team partners to help gain momentum. Chris Kanyon teams with Mike Awesome and Terry Funk chooses Dustin Rhodes. The early exchanges sees Terry Funk initially gain control but Kanyon and Awesome use quick tags to gain the upper hand. Funk manages to hit a double clothesline between a Kanyon tag out to Awesome while he was being double teamed. Kanyon drags his legs away from.making the tag out he turns and hits a drop kick and tags out to Rhodes. Rhodes cleans house and starts taking Kanyon and Awesome down with clothelines. Rhodes hits the rude awakening on Awesome and Funk then throws him over the top rope. Rhodes then hits a running bulldog on Kanyon, 1...2...3!!!

Winners: Terry Funk & Dustin Rhodes 7:13


---I'm Out Of Here---
Ric Flair and Scott Steiner are the last two members of the Magnificent Seven left and are left arguing in the locker room. Ric Flair says he has had enough and he is out of here. Scott Steiner tells him he wants to sort this tonight and will confront the attacker. Ric Flair says he can do that alone as he does not get paid enough to be attacked by a crazed lunatic on the loose. Ric Flair storms off heading for the parking lot leaving Scott Steiner standing looking angry in the locker room.

---Stinger Arrival---
Sting arrives and looks into the camera and says he hears he has a match at the Glory PPV with Booker T and that he couldn't be happier. He says Bischoff is trying to groom Booker T and turn the WCW fans hero in a villain like he did with the Hulkster, Sting says he is not going to sit around a let this happen.

---I'm Off---
Ric Flair jumps into the back of his Limo and orders the driver to take him to his hotel, he looks back before he gets in the car so he doesn't get attacked smiles and then jumps into the car. The car pulls out of the parking lot and leaves taking the Nature Boy to safety.


---Flair Attacked---
We return from the break to see the Ric Flair complaining that his Limo has taken a de-tour on it's way back to his hotel. He demands the limo stop and it does, his door then flies open and we see the Nature Boy thrown out of the car. The footage then goes back to the commentary team who say it is only Scott Steiner left out of the Magnificent Seven.

---Don't Take The Easy Road---
Sting makes his way down to the ring and grabs the microphone and says he is so glad that WCW is still going and says he thought the company had seen it's best days. He says he saw what Ric Flair had to say about WCW a few weeks ago and that he agrees WCW is still in desperate trouble, he says you could also argue it should have been closed down. Sting says however he feels that as long as the company is still running there is hope and he is ready to make sure the same mistakes do not happen again. He says he sees Eric Bischoff working on Booker T the same way he did with Hulk Hogan, he says that the company needs heroes like Booker T to bring this company back to the top. He says that Booker T needs to resist the devil's temptation and not take the easy road.

---Let Me Make My Own Decisions---
Booker T interrupts and makes his way to the ring and says he respects everything that Sting has accomplished during his career but that he should mind his own business. Booker T says he can make his own decisions the same decisions that has seen him become a four time WCW World Heavyweight Champion. Booker T says he has been fighting for this company for years and now it is about time he became the face of WCW. Sting says he agrees but tells Booker T not to forget the fans who helped put him on the map, Booker T tells Sting not to worry about him but to fear him because at the Glory PPV he will defeat him and then go on to win the World Title. Booker T then leaves with Sting looking confused in the ring as Booker T seems to have ignored his advice.

---Recruiting Security---
Scott Steiner approaches the Harris Brothers backstage and asks them to be his security but they turn down his request saying they don't want anything to do with this mystery attacker. Scott Steiner says they will live to regret that decision because once he has taken out the mystery man he is coming for them.



---Mike Sanders (with Glenn Gilberti) vs. Ernest Miller---
Ernest Miller is back on the WCW Roster and scheduled for his second match back against Mike Sanders who is accompanied by Glenn Gilberti. Sanders jumps Miller on the bell and controls the opening stages but Miller fires in some heavy kicks to turn the tied. Glenn Gilberti climbs the apron to stop the momentum but the Cat super kicks him off. Sanders however uses the distraction to land a DDT and he nearly gets the three count. The referee however then sends Gilberti backstage and as he does Snaders grabs a chair and goes to attack Miller but he super kicks it into Sanders head. Miller throws the chair out of the ring and covers Sanders, 1...2...3!!!

Winner: Ernest Miller 4:11


---Equipping Yourself---
Scott Steiner is shown backstage looking through a trash can full of weapons and picking up a chair, guitar then finally settling for a baseball bat. He has already covered himself with a bullet prove vest and american football hat.

---The Canadian Hero---
Lance Storm is backstage and declares himself a Canadian Hero and says that he will put Rey Mysterio back in his place which is the Cruiserweight Division. He then corrects himself and says actually no back to Mexico. Konnan interrupts and says he is about to take care of business but Rey Mysterio takes over and says he can handle this in the ring. Lance Storm looks frightened but as they leave his expression changes and he smiles once more.



---Lance Storm vs. Rey Mysterio---
The newly masked Rey Mysterio continues his revival against Lance Storm after the two men clashed last week on Nitro. Lance Storm cheap shots Rey Mysterio to start the match and slows the pace down with a series of holds which Rey finally powers out of with a drop kick which gets a good ovation from the crowd. Lance Storm however is back in control following a neckbreaker and then hits a sitdown powerbomb but Rey is quick to kick out. Rey Mysterio is quickly back to his feet and bursts into a series of quick kicks taking Storm down to the floor. Storm is clearly angered and gets back to his feet and starts firing off shots on Rey and then irish whips him against the ropes but Rey ducks and hits a frankensteiner and nearly gets the three count but Storm kicks out on a late two. Rey then jumps onto the top from and hits a springboard seated senton but Storm avoid the contact and as Rey hits the canvas Lance Storm hocks on the Canadian Maple Leaf. Rey looks like he is about to tap but reverses the move and kicks Storm off. Storm tries to go back to the hold but Rey reverses into a roll up and nearly gets the three count. Rey hits a drop kick on Storm and climbs the turnbuckle but Storm follows him up and hits a suplex of the top. He goes for the cover but Rey kicks out on two and then takes Storm down with a bulldog. Rey looks to follow this up but Storm hits a low blow and then a roll up and hocks the tights for the win.
Post Match: Lance Storm backs up the ramp smiling as Rey holds his head in his hand as he cannot believe Storm was allowed to get away with the win.

Winner: Lance Storm 8:45


---Magnificent One---
Scott Steiner is interviewed backstage and calls himself the Magnificent One and that he is not waiting around anymore he is going on the offensive. We then see a video recapping all the attacks from earlier in the show and the commentary team hype the confrontation that we are expecting on the final part of the show. We also get hype that Goldberg is in the house to sign the contract for the World Heavyweight Championship match at the Glory PPV.


---Goldberg Arrives---
The final part of the show opens with Goldberg arriving ahead of the contract signing with Scott Steiner for their World Title match at the Glory PPV.


---The Harris Brothers vs. The Insiders---
Kevin Nash and Diamond Dallas Page face the Harris Brothers in the main event as the commentary team recap that the Harris Brothers turned down an opportunity to team with Scott Steiner. DDP and Kevin Nash are in firm control in the opening minutes before Scott Steiner comes storming out in his american football helmet and bullet prove jacket and swings a bat at both Nash and Page to take them down. He then goes after the Harris Brothers and lays the both of them out. He grabs a microphone and says he is not running anymore and wants to know who the mystery attacker is right now. He slams the microphone to the ground and waits with bat in hand to find out who has been the mystery Magnificent Seven attacker.

No Contest 2:13


---Mystery Attacker Revealed---
A Goldberg Chant echoes around the arena and Goldberg sneaks into the ring without Steiner noticing. Steiner walks around the ring and Goldberg circles behind him in the spear position, Steiner finally turns and jumps back quick. Goldberg says he has been the mystery attacker all along and is about to finally end the Magnificent Seven once and for all. He says he wants to up the stakes at the Glory PPV and that if he wins the Magnificent Seven have to disband. Steiner asks what is in it for him, Goldberg replies that he won't be able to get a rematch, so as long as Steiner is champion he won't be able to have a title shot. Steiner smiles then agrees and Goldberg then says "Oh and Scott, Guess What?". Steiner asks "what?" and Goldberg says "You're Next!" then spears him. Goldberg raises the World Heavyweight Championship above his head as we go off air with their big title match just one day away.

Quick Results

Billy Kidman def . Chavo Guerrero
Bryan Clark def. Mark Jindrak
Terry Funk & Dustin Rhodes def. Chris Kanyon & Mike Awesome
Ernest Miller def. Mike Sanders
Lance Storm def. Rey Mysterio
The Insiders vs. The Harris Brothers - No Contest

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Default Re: Fusient Media Presents...World Championship Wrestling


Glory: Defined as someone highly renown or honoured by victories won and of notable achievements. Those who display magnificence or great beauty, those who are honoured by praise and worship. This Sunday World Championship Wrestling presents Glory live on pay per view who will leave with the Glory and honour and who will be forgotten. Tune in as we crown a new Cruiserweight Champion and a new Tag Team Champions will bask in the glory. Also who will walk out the World Heavyweight Champion as Scott Steiner challenges the WCW World Champion Bill Goldberg.

Full Card:

Career Match
Mike Awesome vs. Terry Funk

Midajah vs. Madusa

Rick Steiner vs. Shane Douglas

WCW World Tag Team Championship
Chuck Palumbo & Sean O'Haire vs. Jim Duggan & Lex Luger

WCW Cruiserweight Championship
Billy Kidman vs. Chavo Guerrero vs. Chris Candido vs. Shane Helms

Jeff Jarrett & Ric Flair vs. The Insiders (Diamond Dallas Page & Kevin Nash)

Booker T vs. Sting

WCW World Heavyweight Championship
Scott Steiner vs. Goldberg

Match Predictions Welcomed.

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