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TNA 2014: A new direction...... The right one!

TNA for the last year has been losing money & releasing perfectly great talent: Joey Ryan & Matg Morgan are perfect examples. Dixie Carter & Hulk Hogan are killing TNA by the second. But a young businessman named Charles Kingston, who has talked to Dixie & is actually friends with her, bought TNA & all contracts. Kingston's 1st order of business was releasing Hulk Hogan, Knux, Garett Bischoff, Eric Bischoff & Wes Brisco from TNA. They also signed a talent exchange agreement with Dragon Gate & there american counterparts Dragon Gate USA & Evolve Pro Wrestling. With Kingston making a huge change, especially with Hulk getting released, Charles announces that TNA will go on a brief hiatus for 2 months, the talent are allowed to work for Indy companies even if there on iPPV or DVD, but when TNA comes back it's straight back to normal except when it comes to talent agreements.



AJ Styles


Chavo Guerrero Jr

Chris Sabin

Eric Young



James Storm

Jeff Hardy

Kurt Angle



Robert Terry

Samoa Joe


T J Perkins (Manik-unmasking soon)

Chuck Taylor

Johnny Gargano

Alex Shelley

Chris Hero


Bully Ray

Bobby Roode

Austin Aries

Christopher Daniels

Jay Bradley

Jessie Godderz


Kenny King

Robbie E

Rockstar Spud

Zema Ion

Rhett Titus

Sam Shaw



Gail Kim

Mickie James

Awesome Kong


Taryn Tarell

Lei D'Tapa

Brooke Tessmacher

Velvet Sky


TNA World Champion-AJ Styles

TNA TV Champion-Austin Aries

TNA X-Division Champion-Rockstar Spud

TNA Tag Team Champions-All Night Express (Titus & King)

TNA Knockouts Champion-Awesome Kong



Destination X


World War X

Bound For Glory

Happy Retirement Kris F*ckin Travis!
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Asking SCOTT STEINER for Wrestling Advice
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Re: TNA 2014: A new direction...... The right one!


Mr Kingston announces that due to Impact getting rather poor crowds on the road he decides that from now on every Impact will be in the Impact Zone! They are also going to change there time slot to a Friday night to go head to head with Friday Night Smackdown. Due to a agreement Hulk Hogan & Aces & Eights have agreed to make there last appearance in TNA on the return episode where Wes, Garett, Knux & Bully Ray takes on Sting, Samoa Joe, TNA Champion AJ Styles & Hulk Hogan! Also GailKim will put her Knockouts belt on the line against none other than Awesome King! Chris Sabin is putting his X-Division belt on the line against Manik, Rockstar Spud & a mystery opponent. BRO-Mans will put their championships on the line against the debuting teams of F.I.S.T, consisting of Chuck Taylor & Johnny Gargano & Kenny King & a mystery partner. Abyss makes his return to put his TV title up for grabs against Austin Aries. EGO's Christopher Daniels, Kazerian & Bobby Roode will take on Jeff Hardy & Hernandez & Chavo Guerrero Jr in a special 6 man tag. James Storm will face Magnus for the #1 contendership of the TNA Championship!

1: Gail Kim vs Awesome Kong for the Knockouts Championship
2: Abyss vs Austin Aries for the TV title
3: Chris Sabin vs Manik vs ??? Vs Rockstar Spud For the X-Division belt!
4: BRO-Mans vs Kenny King & ??? Vs F.I.S.T for the TNA Tag belts
5: Magnus vs James Storm
6: Chavo Guerrero Jr & Hernandez & Jeff Hardy vs EGO
7: Team TNA vs Aces & Eights if A & 8s win they get complete control but if they lose they leave TNA

Happy Retirement Kris F*ckin Travis!
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Asking SCOTT STEINER for Wrestling Advice
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Re: TNA 2014: A new direction...... The right one!


The show starts off with a highlight video starting from the 1st show back in 2002. From AJ Styles becoming the 1st X-Division champion, to S.E.X's debut & Kurt Angle signing to Samoa Joe's undefeated streak, The Main Event Mafia's takeover, Jay Lethal beating Ric Flair, World Elite & Fortune-Immortal takedown. We then see high flying X-Division action, including AJ, Kazerian, Amazing Red, Christopher Daniels, Austin Aries, The Motor City Machine Guns & Homicide with many more. The show opens with pyro & the 6 sided ring making a return, now that Impact is going head to head with Smackdown. The crowd are going nuts as we kick things off with some Tag Team Title action.

BRO-Mans vs F.I.S.T vs Kenny King & ???

After BRO Mans & Fist come out Kenny comes out & points to the entrance way..... IT IS RHETT TITUS! The All Night Express is in TNA! This would be a great match between the 3 teams. Titus & King wear down Gargano, who is getting beaten to a pulp by the former ROH Tag champions. Gargano throws Kenny out the ring & hits a plancha to the outside to King & Jessie Godderz! Rhett hits a springboard crossbody on the 3 men! Robbie E hits a crossbody off the top rope & Chuck Taylor hits a suicide dive on all.5 men! Godderz & Chuck get in the ring & start brawling with Sexy Chuckie T getting the better & hits a lariat for 2 finally Johnny gets in & has Jessie in a wheelbarrow hold & Taylor hits a DDT! It is not over as Gargano throws him up into a Hurts Donut! Kenny King out of nowhere hits a springboard dropkick to Gargano & Rhett throws Taylor out the ring to steal the TNA Tag Championships!
CHRISY HEMME: Here are your winners & NNEW! TNA Tag champions, Rhett Titus & Kenny King, THE ALL NIGHT EXPRRRESSS!!!


Gail came out to a chorus of boos then Kong came out to a huge ovation, in fact the second biggest pop of the night! Kim tries to take advantage but the Awesome One sees her coming & destroys her with huge power moves. Gail rolls to the outside for a breather but Kong clotheslines her from behind! Awesome throws her in the ring & hits a spinning backfist & a sitout spinebuster. Then a huge AWESOME BOMB for the win! Awesome Kong is the new Knockouts Champion!
CHRISTY HEMME: Here is your winner & the NEW TNA Knockouts Champion, AWWWESOOOME KOOONG!!!

We go backstage to the Aces & Eights locker room where The President Bully Ray is with his gang. Then while Ray's giving a prep talk none other than KEN ANDERSON walks in! Ken says he doesn't want to fight & that Bully should not be trying to get them ppumped up for getting there asses handed to them. Wes tells Anderson to shut up& Anderson says the last thing that Ken Anderson EVER does is shut up! Ken sarcastically wishes Ray good luck before patting his back.

We go to JB Jeremy Borash with Austin Aries. Aries goes to say to JB do not talk as his voice annoys him & makes him want to punch him. Austin takes the mic & shoves Borash away. Aries cuts a promo sayying that Abyss keeps disapearing from TNA & only shows up once or twice a month. He however shows up everyday without failure, whether he has a broken leg, torn muscle, dislocated shoulder, an eye popped out & a arm cut off he shows up & proves why he is the greatest man that ever lived. He then bumps into Joseph Parks & he barates the lawyer & low blows him & rams his head against a wall!


A okay match but was not the best, Aries tryed to stay far away from Abyss as possible but fails as when Abyss gets his hands on him he gets hammered & thrown across the ring like a rag doll! Austin gets advantage though when Abyss went to.throw Austin into the steel steps Aries climbs up them & hits a running knee to the face off the apron! Aries starts throwing bombs to the TV champion & when Abyss gets up he gets hit with a suicide dive! Abyss crawls into the ring & gets hit with a running dropkick to the jaw. A kick to the face by Aries & then a roundhouse kick for a 2 count. After several kicks & punches Aries goes for a running leg lariat but Abyss catches him with a powerbomb! 2 count only for The Monster. Abyss climbs to his feet & goes for the Shock Treatment but Austin reverses into a low blow! A BRAINBUSTER! Aries hit a Brainbuster to Abyss!!! But Aries isn't done though & climbs up the top & hits the 450 Splash! A 3 count for Austin Aries!
CHRISTY HEMME: Here's your winner & new TNA Television Champion, AUSTIN AAARRRIEEES!!!!!


A great 6 man tag match with a lot of memorable moments, like the Border Toss on Daniels through the barricade, a Swanton Bomb off the top rope to the outside by Jeff on EGO, Kazerian hitting the Fade To Black to Hardy on the apron, Daniels hitting a springboard BME to Chavo on the outside & a Spinebuster by Roode to Hernandez through the announcers table. Guerrero, who's the only man on his team who is not injured or KO'd, is stirring along with Bobby, who is the only man who isn't KO'd. Bobby & Junior was trading bombs until Roode hit a DDT. Irish whip by Bobby & goes for the Fisherman Suplex but Chavo rakes the eyes & hit the 3 Amigoes. Guerrero hits a Frog Splash! 1! 2! 3! What a upset for the former WWE Crusierweight champion!
CHRISTY HEMME: Here are your winners, Heeeernnnnaaaaaaandeeeeezzzz!!! Jeeeeefffff Haaaaaarrrrdyyy!!! & Chavo Guerreeeeerrrrooooo Juuuunnniiioooorrr!!!!


While Sabin, Manik & Spud got decent reactions the crowd & the 3 men stare at the entrance way & are waiting anxiously at the ramp......OH MY GOD! IT'S ALEX SHELLEY! Shelley came out to a huge ovation from the crowd & everyone, especially Sabin, is in shock. This would be a great match between these 4, Rockstar would run away into the crwd & hide. What's Spud up to? Alex & Chris double team Manik & hits all sorts of vicious moves on him. Sabin goes to hit Manik with the Cradle Shock but Shelley hits a springboard dropkick to the X-Division Champion! Shelley & Manik fight for 5 minutes with ariel meneuvers & technical wrestling until Chris gets back up & throws Manik & Shelley outside. Suicide dive by Sabin onto both men! Alex & Chris are in the ring & Shelley hits Sabin with the Shellshock! But Rockstar Spud out of nowhere low blows Alex! Cover to Sabin! 1! 2! 3! Spud in the new X-Division Champion!
CHRISTY HEMME: Here is your wunner & new TNA X-Division Champion, Rooockstaaaaaar Spuuuuuuuud!

We go backstage to Team TNA, Hulk Hogan, Sting, Samoa Joe & the TNA Champion AJ Styles. Everyone is talking about how they're going to destroy the Aces & Eights & send them packing, well, everyone but the World Champion. Sting asks AJ whats up but Styles just stare blankly at the TNA belt. Styles is acting very weird right now.

We then go to the locker room of Magnus, who is talking to Robert Terry. Gunner walks passed them & Magnus asks Gunner to wish Storm luck tonight. Gunner then out of character acts very heelish towards both Terry & Brutus. Magnus asks Gunner what's his problem? Vut Gunner just tells them both to shove it!


Despite Gunner's disrespectful attitude towards Magnus both former TNA Tag Champs shake hands & get underway. Storm keeps going for the Last Call but Magnus moves out of the way & works over the leg of James. Storm gets beaten down for the next 10 minutes until he musters some offence, a few punches & a backdrop. Both men start trading blows until Magnus goes for a spinebuster but Storm reverses in mid air! Gunner shows up at ringside & distracts his tag partner from hitting the Last Call, this time Magnus reverses into a rollup for the win! Gunner gets in the ring & attacks Magnus with a chair! Storm pulls Gunner off & the former TV champion immediently stops & looks in shock at what he has done. He says he is sorry but Storm walks away pissed off.

Sam Shaw is now in the ring & he grabs a mic. He says he's sick of being overlooked by the TNA fans & the agents backstage & demands a match right now & he ain't leaving till he gets one. Then the lights go out & everyone is buzzing....... Oh MY GOD! IT IS MONTY BROWN!!! Sam asks who's this loser but gets kicked in the gut & powerbombed into the corner & hits the POOOOUUUUNNNNNCCCCCEEEE!!!!!!! A quick 3 count by the ref & he gets his hand raised & Shaw stupidly grabs a cane & whacks Monty in the back! Brown turns around & hits a huge lariat! POUNCE!!!! For the 2nd time!


Before the match gets fully underway, none other than Jeff Jarrett comes out! He announces that the match is now a No-DQ falls count anywhere match! The match would be a good brawl with plenty of hard hitting & unbeleivable shots & stunts. Everyone had a highspot, Knux chokeslamming Stingoff the apron & onto the floor, Wes DDTing Joe through a table, Sting hitting a Stinger Splash to Bully Ray while Ray was in between 2 ladders, Hogan bodyslamming Knux off the stage, Bischoff hitting a piledriver on AJ Styles through the other announcers table near the stage, Styles hktting a springboard 450 splash off the top rope to the outside to all the A & 8s & Ray hitting Hulk with a Super Bomb through the ring! By now everyone is down except AJ & Ray. Both men brawl around outside & Ray sets up a table on the outside, but on the otherside Styles is doing ghe same! Both men climb to the same turnbuckle & start punching each other! Bully goes for the Super Bomb! But AJ low blows the President! OH MY GOD! STYLES CLASH THROUGH THE TABLE!!! 1!!! 2!!! 3!!! TNA WINS!!!!! ACES & EIGHTS ARE GONE!!!!!! Everyone celebrates, except Hulk who gets strechered away but Bully wakes up just aware of what has happened. Jeff Jarrett is in the ring & he says that he'll give Ray his job back if he begs him for forgiveness. Ray complies begging & weeping & pleading for his job back. Jeff says he will give him his job.... If he beats this man....... MR Anderson comes from the crowd & Mic Checks Bully!!!

Match of the Night: Team TNA vs Aces & Eights
Pop of the Night: Bully Ray Powerbombing Hulk Hogan through the ring!
Shock of the Night: Jeff Jarrett return
Upset of the Night: Rockstar Spud winning the X-Division Championship!
Move of the Night: AJ Styles hitting Ray with a Styles Clash to the outside off the top rope through a table!


Happy Retirement Kris F*ckin Travis!
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Re: TNA 2014: A new direction...... The right one!


Jeff Jarrett is now the new general manager of TNA! Here is the matchcard for this weeks show:

1: Rockstar Spud vs Chris Sabin for the X-Division title!
2: Gail Kim & Brooke Tessmacher vs Awesome Kong & ODB
3: F.I.S.T vs BRO-Mans
4: Sam Shaw TNA Alumni challange!
5: Chavo Guerrero Jr vs Austin Aries
6:Bobby Roode vs Magnus
7: Bully Ray vs Mr Anderson


AJ Styles
Samoa Joe
And more!

Be sure to post reviews & predictions!

Happy Retirement Kris F*ckin Travis!
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