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WWF 1997: The Two Eras

First Thread

World Wrestling Federation Champions
WWF Champion: Shawn Micheals
WWF Intercontinental Champion: Goldust
WWF Tag Team Champions: Owen Hart and the British Bulldog

WWF Roster:
Bret Hart
Shawn Micheals
Stone Cold Steve Austin
The Undertaker
Owen Hart
The British Bulldog
Syscho Sid
Rocky Mavia
Fake Diesel
Fake Razor Ramon
Billy Gunn

Royal Rumble 1997 Results:
Hunter Hearst Helmsley (c) defeated Goldust to retain the WWF Intercontinental Championship (16:50)
Ahmed Johnson defeated Faarooq by DQ (8:48)
Vader defeated The Undertaker (13:19)
El Canek, Hector Garza & Perro Aguayo defeated Fuerza Guerrera, Heavy Metal & Jerry Estrada in a Six Man Tag Team Match (10:56)
Steve Austin won the Royal Rumble (50:29)
Shawn Michaels defeated Sycho Sid for the WWF Championship (13:49)

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Re: WWF 1997: The Two Eras

RAW: January 20th 1997

Bret Hart Promo

Bret Hart walks to the ring and says to Vince McMahon that he screwed him out of winning the Royal Rumble and wants a WWF Title Shot. Vince Replies that Stone Cold cheated to win so to determine the number one Contender for the WWF Championship that there will be a Tournament to face the WWF Champion at Wrestlemania. Tonight Undertaker will face Vader to determine the number one contender for the WWF Title and that Hart will face Stone Cold Steve Austin next week and the winner of those two matches will face each other at in your House and the winner of the In Your House Match will face the WWF Champion for the Title at Wrestlemania

Farooq vs Owen Hart (/w British Bulldog)

Farooq and Hart trade punches. Farooq gets the Upper hand and Suplexes Owen. Farooq then Elbow Drops Hart from the floor. As Farooq tries to Elbow Drop him again Owen reverses it with a body slam. Owen then hits a piledriver when Faroooq gets up. Owen goes for a Diving Headbutt when he misses and Farooq hits a piledriver of his own. Farooq then hits the Dominator 1..2..3 Farooq Wins

Winner: Farooq

Hunter Hearst Helmsey vs WWF Champion Shawn Micheals (Non-Title Match)

HBK hits a Bodyslam then a Lou Thez Press with punches. HHH gets up and DDTs HBK. HHH then hits a Irish Whip Knee Smash. HHH then tries a spinebuster but HBK reverses it into a Piledriver. as HBK goes to the Top Rope Physco Sid enters the ring knocks HBK off the ropes and Powerbombs him. The Ref calls for a DQ

Winner: Shawn Micheals by DQ

Undertaker vs Vader (/w Paul Bearer)

Undertaker punches Vader 5 times. Undertaker goes for a 6th punch but Vader reverses it into a bodyslam Undertaker sits up and DDTs Vader. Undertaker leg drops Vader and lifts him up for a Suplex. Undertaker hits 2 clotheslines on Vader but Vader reverses it into a German Suplex. 1.. Undertaker kicks out. Undertaker then Big Boots Vader. Undertaker then Heabutts Vader. Just as Undertaker is about to Chokeslam Vader. Vader pushes Undertaker out of the way knocking out the refree in the process. Paul Bearer comes into the ring and hits Undertaker with the Urn. Vader than hits the Vadersault the Referee gets up 1..2..3 Vader wins

Winner: Vader

Raw Ends as Vader leaves the arena with Paul Bearer
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Re: WWF 1997: The Two Eras

Business News

  • Bret Hart has signed a new contract affordable by the WWF the Contract ends in 1999
    Physco Sids Contract ends after Wrestlemania and WWF and Physco Sid cannot seem to reach an agreement.
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Re: WWF 1997: The Two Eras

Monday Night Raw: Janurary 27th 1997

Steve Austin Promo

Steve Austin walks to the ring and says that we will beat the living shit out of Bret Hart tonight,then do the same to Vader at In Your House,Then do the same to the WWF Champion and Wrestlemania 13. He says he is not afraid if the goody too shoes Bret Hart and tonight he will get a Stone Cold Stunner. He then talks directly to Bret Hart and says to except to not only lose the match tonight but lose your career.

Goldust vs Hunter Hearst Helmsey (c) for the WWF Intercontinental Championship

Goldust and HHH trade punches as Goldust Irish whips HHH Into the Ropes Spinebusters HHH. HHH gets up and Goldust indmetally DDTs HHH. Goldust punches Triple H on the ground. eventually Triple H reverses it into a Suplex. HHH then puts Goldust in a Half-Nelson. Goldust gets out of it Goldust hits a running Bulldog on HHH. Goldust then hits a Knee Drop as Goldust goes for the Final Cut, HHH reverses it into a Pedigree. 1..2.. No ! Goldust kicks out !. As HHH argues with the Refree Goldust hits the Final Cut ! 1..2..3 Goldust Wins !

Winner and New WWF Intercontinental Champion: Goldust !

Shawn Micheals Promo

Shawn Micheals says he will not tolerate Sid attacking him last week. He says if he wants a rematch for the WWF Championship to come out right now. Sid comes out and says he wants a rematch at In Your Housse. Shawn Micheals accepts.

Rocky Mavia vs Britsh Bulldog

Rocky Mavia kicks British Bulldog in the gut and DDTs British Bulldog. Rocky then bodyslams bulldog. Bulldog gets up Clotheslines Mavia then Piledrivers Mavia. Mavia gets up and punches Bulldog in the face 3 times and hits a German Suplex 1..2.. No ! Bulldog gets up and lifts up Mavia for a Powerslam !. 1..2..3 Bulldog Wins !

Winner: British Bulldog

Bret Hart vs Stone Cold Steve Austin (Winner faces Vader at In Your House in a Number One Contenders Match to win a WWF Championship match at Wrestlemania)

Bret Hart kicks Austin in the gut and hits a Flying Clothesline. Bret Hart pick up Stone Cold and DDTs him. Bret Hart goes to the top rope for an Elbow Drop but Stone Cold gets out of the way and Stone Cold Suplexs Bret Hart. 1.. No ! Bret Hart gets up, Stone Cold picks Hart up and piledrivers him. Stone Cold then Big Boots Bret Hart when he gets up. 1..2.. No ! Bret Hart gets up and Clothesline Stone Cold. Austin gets up and Bret Hart Bodyslams him. Stone Cold quickly gets out of the ring but Bret Hart goes to the Top Rope and hits a Flying Crossbody on Austin ! Bret Hart lifts Austin back into the ring and Slaps on the Sharpshooter. Austin manages to escape. Austin goes for the Stunner but Hart Reverses it into a Roll-Up ! 1..2..3 Bret Hart Wins !

Winner: Bret Hart

Raw Ends as Bret Hart celebrates.

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Re: WWF 1997: The Two Eras

In Your House 13 Card so far

Shawn Micheals (c) vs Syscho Sid for the WWF Championship

Bret Hart vs Vader for the Number One Contendership for the WWF Championship at Wrestlemania
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Re: WWF 1997: The Two Eras

RAW: February 3rd 1997

*Raw Intro and Music plays*

Promo: Shawn Micheals

Shawn Micheals: Last Week I accepted a challenge from Syscho Sid for a Rematch from Royal Rumble

Shawn Micheals: After I defeat Sid. Either Bret Hart or Vader will have the pleasure of getting an asskicking from your one and only WWF Champion, Shawn Micheals at Wrestlemania.

*Bret Hart enters the ring with no music or titantron

Bret Hart: Shawn,You got lucky last year because you got some overtime to beat me. When I make Vader tap out In Your House, and if You survive Sid, You will be stuck with me at Wrestlemania. This time no Iron Man Match. This means you will be facing me 100% without worrying of any scores, One Fall and you are done Shawn.

Bret Hart Leaves the Ring


Match: WWF Intercontinental Champion Goldust vs Ahmed Johnson (Non-Title Match)

Ahmed Johnson hits a Suplex on Goldust, Ahmed targets Goldusts legs with a Stomp to the leg and a Elbow Drop to the leg. Ahmed goes for another Elbowdrop but Goldust reverses it into a Bodyslam, Goldust hits a Legdrop while Ahmed is down 1..2.. Kickout as Ahmed powers Goldust up for a Powerslam. Goldust gets up but Ahmed hits a Spinebuster. 1.. Kickout from Goldust, Goldust hits a German Suplex on Johnson. Suddenly Hunter Heast Helmsey walks into the ring and hits a Pedigree on Goldust the Ref Calls for a DQ

Winner: Goldust by DQ


Interview: Hunter Heast Helmsey

Interviewer: Explain your actions last match when you interfered and Pedigreed Goldust

HHH: I attacked Goldust to send that freak a message

HHH: I was granted a rematch at In Your House for the WWF Intercontinental Championship which I lost last week to him

HHH: That is just a preview of what I will do to Goldust come In Your House


Match: WWF Tag Team Champions Owen Hart and British Bulldog vs Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Undertaker (Non-Title Match)

Owen Hart and Stone Cold are the first legal men. Owen and Austin trade punches as Austin gets the upper and and DDTs Hart. Austin then goes to the Top Rope and Elbow Drops Owen. Austin tries to tag in Undertaker but Undertaker rejects and Owen Gets up and Clothesline Austin from the back. Hart Drags Austin to the center of the Ring and Lifts Austin up and hits a German Suplex, Owen Tags the British Bulldog in as Bulldog hits a Bodyslam on Austin followed by a Legdrop. Bulldog hits a Powerslam 1..2..3 Hart and Bulldog win.

Winner: Bulldog and Hart

Match: Bret Hart vs Mankind

Mankind kicks Hart in the Gut as Mankind hits a Running DDT of the ropes. Mankind repeatably punches Hart until Hart pushes Mankind off of him. Hart gets up and Clotheslines Mankind 1..2.. Kickout by Mankind. Bret Hart then Piledrivers Mankind then Kneedrops Mankind in the face while he is down. 1.. Kickout by Mankind and he Reverses it into a Suplex. Mankind goes to the top Rope and Legdrops Bret Hart. Mankind then picks Hart up as he hits the Manible Claw on Hart. Mankind then goes for a Double Armed DDT as Bret Hart Reverses it into a Sharpshooter. Mankind tries to go to the Rope but he must Tap Out.

Winner By Submission: Bret Hart

Post Match: Vader comes into the Ring and Hits a Vaderbomb on Bret Hart Followed by a Vadersault

Raw Ends as Vader is celebrating his attack on Bret Hart
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Re: WWF 1997: The Two Eras

In Your House 13 Card so Far

Bret Hart vs Vader for the Number One Contendership for the WWF Championship

Shawn Micheals (c) vs Shysco Sid for the WWF Championship

Goldust (c) vs Hunter Hearst Helmsley for the WWF Intercontinental Championship
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Re: WWF 1997: The Two Eras

Before this thread goes any further you should learn how to spell Sycho Sid not shycho and Shawn Michaels not micheals

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Re: WWF 1997: The Two Eras

with your write ups, i feel like i am reading ewr
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Re: WWF 1997: The Two Eras

Unlike others, I'll actually try and leave some sort of construct feedback for you here. Any sort of retro thread immediately gains my attention, so I came in here hoping for something entertaining. I won't be to harsh because this is your first thread, but at the moment, everything about this thread leaves a lot to be desired.

The best advice I can give you would be to read as many of the other threads in the section as possible. Especially around this time, you're lucky enough to have began booking, when nearly all the best bookers are active in the section. Firstly, just in regards to presentation, it would be good for you to get a feel of some formats that are maybe a little easier on the eye for the reader.

Not only that, but reading other people's threads will teach you how to book. That, along with some trial and error is the way EVERYBODY learns. Even though you've only just started the show, you clearly need to add a little bit more detail to your shows. I'm not saying write 30 page shows like some do, but some more detail would do no harm. Also, when you watch a wrestling show, it's not just match after match, with the odd promo to open the show. Add some more segments with interactions between your wrestlers, as well as backstage interviews. This will all help you develop feuds, and help with character development.

The only interesting moment in the thread so far was probably the HBK/Bret Hart promo, because you touched on their history. Yet even that left a lot to be desired. Read as many threads as you can, that's how you'll learn to execute things better.

Another thing to touch on would be spelling mistakes and grammar. Fix up all your mistakes, especially misspelling wrestler's names, as that's just a cardinal sin. Mistakes like that make me, as a reader, just want to read something else, that's preferably written correctly.

I hope you take this all as constructive, because I really am just trying to help. That's all it is. I would love to see a thread from this time period to succeed, so hopefully you can stick with this, and improve as you go. If you need a hand with anything, shoot me a pm, and I'll be happy to lend you some advice. Until then, good luck.

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