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Default The World Wrestling Federation, 1999


(Start Date - July 26th, 1999)


Al Snow
Big Bossman
Brian Christopher
Brooklyn Brawler
D’Lo Brown
Gerald Briscoe
Hardcore Holly
Hunter Hearst Helmsley
Jeff Hardy
Jeff Jarrett
Ken Shamrock
Luna Vachon
Mark Henry
Matt Hardy

'Mr Ass' Billy Gunn
Nicole Bass
Pat Patterson
Paul Bearer
Road Dogg Jesse James
Scott Taylor
Shane McMahon
Sho Funaki
Stephanie McMahon
Steve Blackman
‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin
Taka Michinoku
Terri Runnels
‘The Big Show’ Paul Wight
'The Big Valbowski' Val Venis
The Blue Meanie
The Rock
The Undertaker
Tiger Ali Singh

WWF Commissioner – ‘The Heartbreak Kid’ Shawn Michaels
The Man in Charge - Shane McMahon
The C.E.O – Linda McMahon


D’Lo Brown and Mark Henry
Edge & Christian
X-Pac & Kane
D-Generation X - (X-Pac & Road Dogg)
The Hardy Boyz - (Jeff Hardy & Matt Hardy)
Kaientai – (Taka Michinoku and Sho Funaki)
The Acolytes – (Farooq and Bradshaw)
The Headbangers – (Mosh and Thrasher)
The Stooges – (Pat Patterson and Gerald Briscoe)
Too Much – (Brian Christopher and Scott Taylor)


WWF World Heavyweight Champion – Steve Austin
WWF Tag Team Champions – The Acolytes
WWF Intercontinental Champion – Jeff Jarrett
WWF European Champion
D-Lo Brown
WWF Hardcore Champion –
Al Snow
WWF Light Heavyweight Champion – Gillberg
WWF Woman’s Champion – Ivory


I'm back. For anyone who remembers, my last (only) thread was fun, but writing full shows out drained me. Diving right into the deep end never really helped, therefore in this thread shows, will at least for the first part, be in recap. This is a time period I LOVE and it's why I'm already having fun with it. I hope you lot enjoy. Big update to follow soon-ish.


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Default Re: The World Wrestling Federation, 1999

(Some) credit to WIKIPEDIA



Before the event aired live on pay-per-view, the pre-show Sunday Night Heat aired live featuring three matches. In the first match, Val Venis defeated Joey Abs by pinning him after a Powerbomb. In the second match, The Godfather defeated Meat by pinning him after performing a Death Valley Driver, which he calls Pimp Drop. In the final match, Christian defeated Viscera by pinning Viscera with a roll-up after Christian's The Brood teammate Gangrel attacked Viscera.

At the end of the Sunday Night Heat broadcast, WWE Champion Stone Cold Steve Austin was set to do an interview regarding his match later in the evening. As he was making comments, he was attacked from behind by his opponent, The Undertaker. Austin was lacerated, giving him a disadvantage in the first blood match.



Jeff Jarrett w/ Debra won the WWF Intercontinental Championship against Edge.
Gangrel interfered in the match and attacked Edge, allowing Jarrett to perform a Forward Russian Legsweep, which he calls The Stroke, to win the Intercontinental Championship.

The Acolytes (Farooq & Bradshaw) defeated The Hardy Boyz & Michael Hayes to win the WWF Tag Team Championships.
After a close contest, Faarooq tossed both Hardy Boyz over the top rope and then the Acolytes dominated Hayes and finished him with a Double Powerbomb to win the Tag Team Championship.

D-Lo Brown became the WWF European Champion after defeating Mideon.
Brown performed the Lo Down to Mideon to win the European Championship.

The Big Bossman defeated Al Snow to become the WWF Hardcore Champion.
The Bossman threw Snow into a gate and handcuffed him to the gate, where he hit him with a bottle and a metal rod and then pinned him to win the Hardcore Championship.

With Hardcore Holly as the Special Referee, The Big Show defeated Kane.
Holly attacked on Kane's knee, allowing Big Show to take advantage and chokesleam Kane. Holly made a fast count, and thus, Big Show won the match

After the match, The Undertaker came to the ring and attacked his brother. As he returned to the backstage area, he was attacked by Stone Cold, whom he had attacked earlier on Sunday Night Heat. The Undertaker was lacerated by Stone Cold, evening up the sides for their main event confrontation.

In the "IRON CIRCLE" Confrontation, Ken Shamrock overcame Steve Blackman.
Shamrock choked out Blackman with a chain to win.

For the rights to the name 'D-Generation X', Road Dogg & X-Pac defeated Billy Gunn & Chyna.
Mr. Ass tried to perform a Clothesline on X-Pac but Chyna accidentally pulled X-Pac out of the way and was clotheslined by Mr. Ass. Road Dogg took advantage and performed a Pumphandle Drop on Billy to win the rights to DX name.

Triple H defeated The Rock in a 'Strap' Match, to become the No#1 Contender to the WWF Title.
Rock performed a Low Blow and the People's Elbow on Triple H and attempted to pin him, but Mr. Ass pulled him off. Rock performed a Rock Bottom on Mr. Ass but as he turned around, Triple H took advantage and hit the Pedigree on Rock, to win the match.

Stone Cold Steve Austin retained the WWF Title against The Undertaker in a First Blood Match; therefore BANNING Mr. McMahon from the WWF, for good.
Some part into the match, Shane McMahon interfered in the match and Austin hit him with a chair. Austin tried to hit Undertaker with it but Undertaker avoided it. Austin then hit the Stone Cold Stunner on 'Taker, before Vince McMahon then interfered in the match and tried to attack Austin with his crutch but Austin avoided it and attacked McMahon. Undertaker proceeded to hit Austin with a chair in the head. X-Pac then interfered and kicked the chair into Undertaker's head. Austin then picked up a television camera and hit Undertaker with it. When Undertaker rose to his feet, he was visibly bleeding. The two men continued to fight since the referee had been knocked out and unable to call for the bell. Undertaker then tried to nail the Tombstone Piledriver on Austin, but the referee came to, noticed Undertaker bleeding and called for the bell. The referee awarded the match to Austin and declared him the winner. As a result, Vince could no longer appear on WWF television...

Fully Loaded went off the air with The Undertaker walking off into the sunset a defeated man, while the World Wrestling Federation Champion said 'farewell' to his greatest for of all time - for the last time...

A pretty lazy post in all honesty. Forgive me

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Default Re: The World Wrestling Federation, 1999

July 26th, 1999
The Gund Arena - Cleveland, Ohio

RAW is WAR opens up with stills from the Fully Loaded Pay-Per-View just 24 hours previous - well not really the whole event - but just the HUGE Main Event which saw Stone Cold defend the WWF Title against The Undertaker in a first blood match. We see the two brawl around the arena with JR & King calling the action, before our last final shots are of The Rock coming out and fighting Hunter Hearst Helmsley to the back; McMahon HIMSELF nail The Undertaker with a steel chair shot as Austin ducks, busting The Deadman open; and Austin posing with the Title, pouring a beer over a fallen McMahon, who was just on the recieving end of a chokeslam - then a Stone Cold Stunner...

The usual opening video is followed as always by some spectacular pyro, as Good 'Ol JR and The King welcome us to a hot night in The Gund Arena, Cleveland Ohio - which is only gonna get hotter!

JR - "Yes it may be "Mr. McMahons appreciation night" - but bah gawd - that's the last thing The Rock is gonna have on his mind when he takes on the man who cost him a shot at the Dubya-Dubya-Eff Championship just 24 hours ago - Mr. Ass; Billy Gunn!"

And with the mention of a "McMahon", out comes the prodigal son, Shane McMahon, all on his lonesome. King mentions how emotional Shane must be, with his father not only no longer allowed to appear on WWF Television, but the fact that he has no longer any power in the company; his partner of commentary has no sympathy however, stating that Vince knew what he was getting into last night.

Shane, all on his lonesome may I add, starts off by stating that last night was the turning point in the history of the wrestling business, adding that a new chapter of our industry starts right here tonight in Ohio - although he wishes it could have started somehwere which wasn't full of "losers and disappointments". McMahon goes onto rant about how he has NO sympathy for his father, commenting on how he always said that the idea of the match was stupid, but he's kinda glad Vince is gone, because:

Shane - "Ladies and gent - infact, idiots of Cleveland and the rest of you watching at home. Tonight ... tonight is a new beginning. With the old man officialy GONE from this place ... YOU are looking, at the NEW BOSS AROUND HERE! That's right ... Shane O' Mac ... ... ... is in charge."

It's serious heat within the Gund Arena, as ShaneO says that Vince McMahon appreciation night is officially CANCELLED - before going on to say how all WWF superstars will have a chance to prove themselves, with Shane "wiping the slate clean" putting past all witheld grudges.

As if right on cue, the GLASS SHATTERS, and the Gund Arena errupts, as out comes WWF Champion, Stone Cold Steve Austin!! Austin marches right down the ramp and into the ring, as JR & King build up this confrontation. Austin, with the strap over his shoulder, gets right into the face of Shane ... and stares at him with a typical Austin-like smirk across his face.

Shane actually welcomes "Steve" to the ring, telling him that statement applies to him - just like everyone else in the back - that their history as far as he is concerned, is forgotten. But The Texas Rattlesnake had other things in mind...

Austin - "Listen to Stone Cold son ... I don't forgive, nor do I forget, so what you just said out here about 'wiping the slate clean'? - EH-EH, BULL{bleep]!"

Massive pop for the WWF Champion who tells McMahon that he'll never forget Shane and his dad consistently screwing him over, time after time, and that Austin couldn't care less who's in charge because he's gonna do what he does best, and that's open up cans of whoop ass on anybody who decides to get in his way.

Surprisingly, Shane is able to stay calm, and actually considers what Austin is saying...

Shane - "You know what Steve? I do respect your lack of forgiveness and compasion. That's what makes you the kinda' Champion and competitor you are ... that's why these people want to see you compete tonight ... oh not only compete, but these people wanna' see you defend THAT WWF Championship Austin ... and you will, later on t'night ... against a man, of my choosing ... ... ... Good luck, Steve".

Trying to stick to this new personality, Shane offers his hand to Austin ... but Austin FLIPS HIM OFF, THEN GIVES HIM A STONE COLD STUNNER!!!

Austin grabs his Title and saunters back up the ramp, laughing, as Shane tries to recover, peering through the bottom rope staring a hole through the back of Austin, as JR & King hype up a WWF Title match for later tonight - but also how Austin may have just given this "new" Shane McMahon a reason to make his life hell...


RAW returns with a quick recap of the Shane/Austin confrontation, then we see said McMahon in his office, standing with The Mean Street Posse. The Posse fuss over the new boss who is quick to make them stop, and shut up. Shane says that he gave Austin a chance to get along with him and put the past in the past, but he threw it back in his face - something that he will pay for later tonight. The Posse do some more ass-kissing before we head back to ringside.

We start our in-ring action off tonight with two former partners, turned new rivals, as Gangrel does battle with Edge. Much like in this era, action is fast and furious, and this match was exactly the same. Edge got the better of his former comrad from the get go, hitting him with a suicide dive before Gangrel could even reach the ring! Using the surroundings on the outside, Edge would punish his opponent, before the tide would turn, as Gangrel reversed an irish-whip, sending Edge into the turnbuckle. It would then be all Gangrel until an attempted axehandle from the top would be countered by a dropkick from Edge, as both then layed on the mat ... ... ... but Edge would distract the referee, and CHRISTIAN would come from nowhere, and hit Gangrel with the unprettier!! Edge dived on top of 'Grel, and got the 1-2-3, @5:11!

Christian and Edge walked up the ramp looking down at a scowling Ganrel, as we now know who stands with who as the implosion of the Brood is finally complete.

We switch to the back, specifically to a hallway where we see X-Pac & Road Dogg - D-Generation X - trudging on down to the catering area. The two talk about last nights victory, before Dogg brings up the topic of Kane. The X-P-A-C tells Roadie that Kane is 110% "on their side", and he's ready to "kick ass alongside DX anytime and any place". Just as he's finished talking, the two stop in their tracks, as they come face to face ...


D-Von - "HA-HA, ma' brotha', look who we have here ... it's the 'famous' D-Generation X!"

Buh Buh Ray carries on saying how all the Dudley Boyz - self proclaiming themselves as the greatest tag team of all time - all they ever heard about in ECW, was how DX "ran the WWF". Road Dogg tells them it's true, and while there used to be more of them, this duo representing the name would - and will - kick any ones ass who decided to get in their way: hypothetically or literally. The men from 'Dudleyville' point out the obvious, saying that they are standing in their way, and they aren't doing anything.

"Dogg - Yeah, well, we would kick your asses right now - but we wanna' get ta' catering before tubs over here {Pointing at Buh Buh Ray} eats everything!"

Not taking too kindly to the comments, The Dudleyz nail X-Pac & The D-O-Double G, and the fight is on! Referees, road agents and the odd jobber comes along and breaks the fight up, as X-Pac tells the two men that if they have any balls they'll meet them in the ring later on - a challenge which is accepted!


RAW returns with our next match, pitting our new WWF European Champion D-Lo Brown, against the man who claims to be "well over 400 pounds", Hardcore Holly. It's a spirited contest to say the least, as Hardcore brings his hard hitting, brawling style to the forefront of the contest, beating D-Lo up and wearing him out, before the natural athlete starts to build a bit of momentum, bouncing off the ropes and ducking an attempted clothesline from Holly, for Hardcore to turn right around into the Sky-High!! D-Lo climbs up top, to deliver a HUUGGE FROG SPLASH!! D-Lo makes the cover, and in a match dominated by Hardcore Holly, D-Lo Brown gets the three and comes out victorious @4:54!!

D-Lo grabs his Title and heads back up the ramp, with King citing him as lucky; whereas JR sticks up for Brown, saying that picking up wins when the chips are down is what makes a good champion - something which King says is what Stone Cold is gonna have to do later on tonight.

We are once again in the office of the new boss, Shane McMahon, who is sitting watching the show with his childhood friends, The Mean Street Posse. ShaneO says that despite the talent D-Lo posesses, he will never come close to being the European Champion like he was; "as a matter of fact, nobody will". The Posse being the Posse kiss ass and agree, before the office door slams open and in walks the new WWF Hardcore Champion, Al Snow. While apprehensive at first, Shane actually congratulates Snow on his win last night (clean slate yeah ) asking Al what Shane can do for him?

Snow - "Actually Shane it's not what you can do for me, but what you can do ... for us. {Holding up "HEAD".} Y'see, we heard about how you're picking a guy to face Steve tonight for the WWF Title ... well, how about instead of one guy, you pick two ... Stone Cold Steve Austin, versus Al Snow ... and Head ... for the WWF Title?!"

.. The Posse are wetting themselves with laughter, while Shane, trying to hold it in, says that if Snow wasn't already in a match tonight, then it would have been a great idea. The Mac' tells Al that he actually better go get ready, because that match is next.

We get a shot of the parking lot, where in draws a veeeeery long black limousine. Our commentary team question just who may be inside, when their question is answered, as out steps the No.#1 Contender to the WWF Title, Hunter Hearst Helmsley, and Chyna. While King gets excited over their arrival, JR is quick to question just how the hell did they get a limousine, stating that something doesn't quite add up here.




Our third contest of the night sees Al Snow take on Steve Blackman. Bringing his duffel bag to the ring and setting it in the corner, Blackman obviously had cruel intentions in mind, but it was Snow who had the better of Steve throughout the match; with Blackman obviously struggling from the "Iron Circle" match 24 hours ago. It didn't last long, as after a couple of minutes into the contest, The Big Bossman would slide into the ring, and nail Snow in the back of the head with the Nightstick, just as he was about to hit the snowplow! Snow won the match, albeit via DQ, @2:57.

Unlikely allies Bossman and Blackman went to town on Al Snow, as Bossman with the nightstick and Blackman with a kendo stick would batter the Hardcore Champion in the middle of the ring - before ***DANGEROUS*** would hit, and out came The Worlds Most Dangerous Man, Ken Shamrock!

Bossman, knowing Kenny very well, was quick to exit the ring and leave through the crowd. With Snow down, it left Shamrock and Blackman face-to-face. Steve swung at Shamrock with the Kendo Stick, only for Shamrock to trap it under his arm, take it off him, and SNAP IT OVER HIS KNEE! This time Blackman knew what to do, as he retreated and got the hell outta' dodge! We cut away with Shamrock staring down his nemesis who was retreating up the ramp, wondering what the hell just happened...


We return from the break and straight into our next contest, which sees the Intercontinental Champion Jeff Jarrett, accompanied by the lovely Debra, taking on a former IC Champ in The Godfather. Before the contest, Godfather offers Debra the chance to join his list of ladies and come work for him! Jarrett, nor Debra, take too kindly to this, with Double J cheap-shotting the P.I.M.P before the ring of the bell. Jarrett dominates for a bit before Godfather mounts a quick comeback - just about picking up an upset win, but Jarrett was able to side step the 'Ho-Train' and hit Godfather with the stroke for the victory, at just 3:34.

Jarrett wasn't done however, as he would further attack the man from L.A, even threatening the Ho's who tried to come to their boss' rescue! Jeff looked to be lining up for a guitar shot, before "HELLOO LADIES" would bellow out the PA System, and out would dart Val Venis to save his tag team partner! Jarrett would make himself scarce along with Debra and the IC Title, while The Ho's and Vx2 would help Godfather back to his feet, making sure he was alright.


Unfortunately, we are yet again found to be in the office of the prodigal son, who seems to be pleased with how the show is going so far. His smile grows larger, as he welcomes HHH & Chyna into his office, giving both of them very firm hand shakes. 'The Game' says he while he is disappointed to not be in action in the very first show under Shane, he will more than make up for it, saying that tonight, he will steal the show:

HHH - "Y'see Shane 'O ... at the end of the night ... people aren't gonna be talking about The Rock ... ... these fans aren't gonna be talkin' about D-Generation X ... ... and nobody is certainly going to be talking about Stone Cold Steve Austin ... Twenty-Sixth of July, Nineteen-Ninety-Nine, will always be remembered as the day, where people finally stood up and took notice ... of the best damn player in this business ... ... ... the night, where everybody took notice ... of Triple H."

Intense as ever, Hunter strides out of the office with Chyna in tow, leaving Shane and The Posse speechless, wondering what Trips is on about...

Yet again no commercial, but the crowd go WILD as we see Kevin Kelly standing by ... with THE ROCK!! It's a typical Rocky interview as The Great One talks about what he just heard from Triple H:

Rock - "Triple H ... according to you, tonight's the night, where you finally step up ... you say - you say that you're the best in the business ... you say that tonight everybody, EVERYBODY, is gonna stand up and take notice, of you ... ... but then again, THE ROCK WIPES A MONKEYS ASS, WITH WHAT YOU SAY TRIPLE H!"

Done with his comments on 'The Game', Rocky moves onto talk about Mr. Ass, stating that last week was a fluke, and how he made a big mistake last night, but his ass is gonna' get checked into the SmackDown! hotel when Rock is finished whipping it all over Ohio! "IF YA SMELL, WHAT THE ROCK ... ... ... IS COOKIN'".


~WWF reWind~
This week's WWF reWind shows us clips from HHH/Rock at Fully Loaded, and it shows us how Billy Gunn got himself involved in the match, which ultimately cost Rock a shot at the WWF Title at Summerslam.

The fifth match of the night sees our originally scheduled Main Event, as The Rock and 'Mr. Ass' Billy Gunn put on what would be considered a highly competitive contest, certainly putting on a good show. It was all Rocky from the get go, making sure he made Billy pay for his actions last night. Rock throws Gunn about like a rag doll outside the ring, even able to get a little commentary in as he does so. That however, would prove to be costly, as this allowed Billy time to recuperate and somehow () sneak in a shot to Rock's head with the ring bell!!

This was without a doubt a change in the tide, as Billy targeted the now CUT OPEN forehead of The Brahma Bull. The blood only seemed to combine with the crowd and egg Rocky on, as he mounted a comeback, catching Billy coming off the top rope, for the second time tonight, reversing an attempted Axe-Handle into a ROCK BOTTOM!!! Dragging the body to the middle of the ring, The former two time WWF Champion took off his elbow pad and flung it into the buzzing crowd at ringside; sprinted off both ropes, then DROPPED THE PEOPLES ELBOW FOR THE 1-2-3 @8:01!!!

Despite struggling to get back to his feet, Rock does his usual pose on the turnbuckle, before dragging himself to the back, with JR & King commenting on the war which they've just witnessed ... BUT, as The Rock is heading up the ramp, yet again, this random "countdown to the millenium clock" is on the screen again?! Nobody has a clue what is going on, as the clock reads just under 336 hours...

We jump to the corridor in the back, where we see Buh Buh Ray and D-Von, The Dudley Boyz who are ... not heading out to the ring, but towards The Acolytes?!?! Farooq & Bradshaw have their backs turned, and The Dudleyz clatter them from behind!! Buh Buh throws Bradshaw head first into the brick wall opposite, before helping D-Von hit a move known as a "Dudley Death Device" (3D) to Farooq on the concrete!! Now, The Dudley Boyz head towards the ring after laying out the Tag Champs, as King ponders whether these guys have a death wish!


We get a quick recap of what went down before the break, before we hear an unrecognized theme, and out come The Dudley Boyz. The two men who JR mention have recently jumped ship from ECW ("Extremely Crappy Wrestling" if you're Jerry Lawler) await their opponents, but when ***BREAK IT DOWN*** hits, The Dudleyz don't wait, and they meet X-Pac and Road Dogg half way up the ramp!! The four men battle down the ramp and continue to do so around the ring, and just like earlier on tonight, it has descended into a flat out brawl!! But, for revenge, out come The WWF Tag Team Champions, The Acolytes, who are taking out everyone in their path! All six men have somehow made their way into the ring ... but out of the crowd come The Hardy Boyz?! Matt and Jeff are quick to jump in the ring and join the three other teams, but it doesn't last for long, as out come dozens of officials and road agents from the back to serious heat! In the ring, we now have The Dudleyz, The Hardyz, DX & The Acolytes beating the hell out of each other as officials try to pull them apart, to no avail - before the lights go out!!!









JR with that good ol' hard sell! Some of the officials have now attempted to block Kane on the ramp - bad idea - as he just swats them aside. The Acolytes are beating the Hardy Boyz out the other side of the ring and into the crowd where Matt and Jeff came from, while The Dudley Boyz and some officials are waiting for Kane in the ring, with X-Pac and Road Dogg getting stomped on by the half brothers. Just as Kane is stepping over the top rope, The Dudleyz slide under the opposite bottom rope, to live to fight another day!

Officials speed away to try and split up The Acolytes & Hardyz, while some escort The Dudleyz up the ramp, as Kane helps up his "friends" X-Pac & Road Dogg. Our last image is Kane setting off his pyro and the arena tunring red, as D-Generation X and The Big Red Machine stare up the ramp at The Dudley Boyz, who can consider themselves as having a serious impact in the WWF on their debut, as far as JR is concerned.




Trying to get some sanity back to the show, Test battles Viscera in a fairly short and obvious contest. The long blonde Canadian manages to overcome the odds and topple the four hundred plus pounder in Viscera, after rolling out of the way of a splash from Big Vis', then hitting a Big Boot - followed by an Elbow Drop from the top rope for the victory, @2:04.

Test celebrates in the ring, as we cut to one locker room where Stephanie McMahon has a gigantic smile across her face as she watches her partner pick up an impressive victory; but in contrast, we see her brother watch the same celebrations with a severe look of distain across his face. Shane however, just smirks, telling the Posse that he'll catch them later, saying that it's "time to make history".

Before our last commercial break of the evening, to a huge ovation we see the WWF Champion, Stone Cold Steve Austin, heading our way as JR makes that last final sell, hyping up the WWF Title match; which is next.



RAW returns from our final commercial break, to the ever depressing tune of ***NO CHANCE*** which is near drowned out due to heat from the hot-crowd tonight in Cincinatti, as once again, out comes Shane McMahon. The Boy Wonder says that he wants the honour of introducing the man challenging Stone Cold Steve Austin here tonight...








A serious mixed reaction for the 7ft, 500 pound Big Show, who heads down the ramp with a smile on his face, high fiving ShaneO when he reaches the ring.


The GLASS SHATTERS, and the crowd once again go fucking bananas, as from behind the curtain comes WWF Champion Ol' Stone Cold, who drops the Title on the way and sprints for the ring!!!

It's damn sure not a technical classic, as Austin tries to use his rough-style Texas brawling on Show, who uses his sheer mass and size on the man a foot shorter than him. It is Show who gets the advantage in the early minutes, as the challenger physically dominates The Champion, who seems to be at a large disadvantage - no pun intended. Austin, cleary physically drained after his epic First Blood match with The damn Undertaker just 24 hours ago, rolls out of the ring trying to catch a breath, but Show follows him. The tide turns after Austin is able duck out of the road from an oncoming Giant, who goes head first into the turnbuckle!! Austin takes the time to go over to Shane, who is on commentary, and FLIP HIM OFF, ONCE AGAIN!! However, it proves costly, as the time taken allows Show to recover and sends Austin head first into the Announcers Table, before throwing him back in the ring.

Once again, the big man is on top, but is distracted when he sees Triple H and Chyna strolling down the ramp, just standing at the bottom of it. The distraction allows Austin to once again take control, somehow hitting the lou thesz press on Show, before dropping the elbow on Wights humungous head. Austin is lining up the stunner, when CHYNA gets up on the apron, and distracts the ref ... HHH tries to rush in the ring, but he is sent flying back over the opposite top rope!!! But what Austin doesn't see is SHANE MCMAHON, who is lining up the Champ with the ring bell...

... Austin turns around ...


Austin throws McMahon into Chyna, and the two of them fly out of the ring! Show is knocked silly, and Austin makes the cover with the ref no longer distracted -- 1 - 2 - 3!!! Austin retains the WWF Title @11:42!!!

The Champion doesn't stay to celebrate however, as he gets out of the ring and swaggers back up the ramp with a huge grin across his face, picking up his Title on the way to the back...

However, back in the ring, Shane is getting right in the face of The Big Show, who GRABS SHANE BY THE THROAT



Shane and Chyna join in, stomping away on the leg/knee area of the big man, and after around ELEVEN OR TWELVE shots with a damn sledgehammer, Helmsley throws it out of the ring, taunting the big man afterwards!

RAW fades to black, with the alliance of the new boss, Shane McMahon, Chyna, and the No.1 Contender to the WWF Title, HHH; raising each others hands, while they stand over the fallen Big Show...


It only took 5 months...

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