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World Championship Wrestling: Reborn 2001 -

wCw Reborn 2001


Current Roster:


Jeff Jarrett

Broadcast Team:

David Penzer (Ring Announcer)
Goldy Locks (Interviewer)
Jeremy Borash
Mike Tenay

Male Wrestlers:

Air Paris
Air Styles
BG James
Big Vito
Brian Adams
Bryan Clark
Chuck Palumbo
"Fallen Angel" Christopher Daniels
Curt Hennig
Don Harris
"Primetime" Elix Skipper
Ernest "The Cat" Miller
Evan Karagis
Glenn Gilberti
"Hacksaw" Jim Duggan
Hugh Morrus
Jamie Knoble
Jason Jett
Chris Kanyon
"Worlds Most Dangerous Man" Ken Shamrock
Kwee Wee
Kid Romeo
Lance Storm
Lash Leroux
Mark Jindrak
Mike Sanders
Norman Smiley
Rick Steiner
Ron Harris
Sean O'Haire
"The Franchise" Shane Douglas
"Sugar" Shane Helms
Shannon Moore
Terry Funk
The Wall

Female Wrestlers:

Major Gunns

Tag Teams

Air Raid (Air Paris & Air Styles)
Harris Brothers (Ron & Don Harris)
KroniK (Brian Adams & Bryan Clarke)
Natural Born Thrillers (Chuck Palumbo & Sean O'Haire)

Other On Air Personnel:

James Mitchell (Manager for The Wall)

Television Shows

WCW Nitro (Friday Nights on USA Network 8ct)

Current Champions:

wCw World Heavyweight Championship : Lance Storm (1) May 6, 2001
wCw United States Championship: Shane Douglas (2) July 22, 2001
wCw World Tag Team Championship: Natural Born Thrillers July 22, 2001
wCw Cruiserweight Championship: Shane Helms (2) June 10, 2001

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Re: World Championship Wrestling: Reborn 2001 -

Looks like a good start. Moving forward from the night of champions definitely gives you the opportunity to start a fresh with new story lines and maybe some new talent. I am very interested to see what your roster is going to look like, Jarrett making comment that the big AOL/Timewarner contracts would not be kept on is a nice move and is quite realistic in terms of cutting costs. There is still quite a bit of good talent that can be used on this roster so good luck.

I look forward to reading.
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Re: World Championship Wrestling: Reborn 2001 -

wCw Reborn 2001

Part 1: A New President

A Fitting Finale.

Sting hocks on the Scorpion Death lock to the Nature Boy Ric Flair in what was announced earlier as the last match in World Championship Wrestling history. These two men first met in wCw in 1988, Ric Flair became the first wCw World Champion in 1991 when he defeated Sting, and they also faced each other in the first ever episode of Nitro. Ric Flair has no option but to tap out and it is Sting who gets the final say, but the respect is evident. Sting helps Ric Flair to his feet and the two men embrace in a fitting finale to the legacy of World Championship Wrestling.

A Rude Interruption

Tony Shiavone poses the question "is this it?" as the commentary team thank the fans and prepare their goodbyes. The Chosen One theme then blares over the PA to the disgust of the commentary team, "Not this way Jeff" Tony Shiavone screams as Jeff Jarrett makes his way to the ring with a microphone in hand. Jeff Jarrett enters the ring to a chorus of boo's from the Panama City crowd and boldly declares "that wCw is not finished until the Chosen One Jeff Jarrett says so".

Jeff Jarrett:

This week Eric Bischoff tried to acquire World Championship Wrestling from AOL Time Warner, but with no television deal he has declared this company as not a viable business. So like the vulture he is Vince McMahon has swamped in to buy and ultimately destroy World Championship Wrestling. So you can understand my concern as I know as well as all of you know there will be no place for Jeff Jarrett in a company owned by Vince McMahon.

As for good old Ted Turner, he has to sit by and watch as AOL Time Warmer sells off his wrestling company, because apparently they are too good for a wrestling show. Most your heroes in the back are signed to massive AOL Time Warner contracts and let me tell you they are perfectly happy to sit at home waiting for those pay cheques to come in but not me, not Jeff Jarrett.
A New President

Jeff Jarrett:

I cannot sit at home just because I still have a pay cheque coming in every month no matter how much it is. I have seen my dad Jerry Jarrett run wrestling companies since I was a little boy. I live for this business, I know how this industry works, so when I spoke to my dad about World Championship Wrestling he asked me "how much do I need?, take as much or as little as you want". In other words you are now looking at the new president of World Championship Wrestling.......... Jeff Jarrett. Oh and all the boys out the back sitting on those AOL Time Warner Contracts, you can kiss my arse if you think I am taking those contracts over.

The commentary team are stunned as they reflect on Jeff Jarrett becoming the new President of World Championship Wrestling. "What does this mean for WCW" asks Tony Sciavone before he tells viewers to keep checking online to find out when wCw will return.

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Re: World Championship Wrestling: Reborn 2001 -

Part 2: The Takeover

News & Updates

- The CNN Breaking Story of the Takeover

NEW YORK (CNNfn) - J Sports and Entertainment agreed Friday to acquire World Championship Wrestling.

J Sports and Entertainment bought WCW for a very low amount of $2.5 Million. Shortly after the purchase, Jeff Jarrett purchased the entire tape library for an additional $1.7 million, bringing the final tally of World Championship Wrestling's sale to $4.2 million. (1)

AOL Time Warner could not be reached for comment.

Atlanta-based World Championship Wrestling produces live wrestling shows and competes against the WWF. The World Championship Wrestling franchise includes popular cable television show "WCW Monday Nitro Live" and "WCW Worldwide," which is seen in syndication in 94 percent of the United States.

In January, Fusient Media Ventures inked a deal to buy World Championship Wrestling. However, the deal fell apart when AOL's Turner Broadcasting decided to drop WCW from its TBS and TNT channels.

The once-popular WCW is now losing money and analysts estimate that last year the wrestling franchise lost about $80 million.(2)

News Following the WCW buyout:

Tuesday 27th March 2001
҂ The usual flash intro on the splash page of WCW.COM is now nonexistent. What you will find is a picture of Jeff Jarrett, with a message directed to WCW fans with the headline ‘This is only the beginning’. There are no major changes to the WCW.COM website yet, as today’s only new item is the WCW Nitro report with pictures from the event.

Thursday 5th April 2001
҂ Yesterday we reported that the tickets for the first WCW TV taping in May will go on sale on the 14th of this month. Today the official website of the Sovereign Bank Arena at listed the new WCW show in their events schedule. They still didn’t announce a name for the show and there’s no confirmation if it will be called ‘Nitro’. Fans in Trenton, NJ., will be lucky to see the ‘re-birth’ of WCW under the ownership of the Jarrett family. Tapings will start at 7:30PM.

Friday, April 6, 2001

҂ We got word from Sovereign Bank Arena officials today that the WCW show scheduled for tapings on May 9th has been canceled. No reason has been given as to why the show was knocked off. also removed the entry from its database. WCW will now be returning on May 9th for the scheduled Big Bang PPV and in June for the "Glory" PPV. As of right now there is no television deal in place and sources close to us claim Jeff Jarrett is currently working on some sort of weekly PPV deal which could start in June or July.

Saturday, April 21, 2001

҂ The top stars who are interested in taking the buyout from AOL Time Warner to join the new WCW will have to make some sacrifices says Jarrett in his latest report on With the WCW starting from scratch, the established names who currently have high-salary contracts with AOL TW will have to take a major pay cut to be part of the new team, be a team player and commit to the new company. Jeff said bringing such stars will be difficult due to their current contract and what would they get if they joined WCW now. AOL Time Warner recently added the buyout from 30 cents to 50 cents on the dollar in a move to push under contract stars to take the buyout. Wrestlers such as Kevin Nash, Sting, Goldberg and others are believed to sit and collect their money from AOL TW for the remainder of their current contract.(3)

1. adapted for creative purposes from - [url]
2. adapted for creative purposes from -
3. adapted for creative purposes from -

The Roster Break Down

Jeff Jarrett won't be able to afford to sign anyone signed to AOL TW Contracts.

The new WCW under the ownership of Jeff Jarrett will not be able to afford to take on any of the contracts currently with AOL TW. Therefore below is a breakdown of the roster's, this shows wrestlers signed to AOL TW and the ones contracted to WCW. It is thought Jarrett is keen to bring in more talent and has his eye on some of the former ECW guys. AOL TW in the meantime is keen to overload the wrestlers on their books but it is thought Vince McMahon is also reluctant to buy any contract out. If any of the wrestlers decided a mutual termination is yet to be seen, but if any do the WWF is in a better position to pick the talent up over WCW.

The new WCW under the ownership of Jeff Jarrett will not be able to afford to take on any of the contracts currently with AOL TW. Therefore below is a breakdown of the roster's, this shows wrestlers signed to AOL TW and the ones contracted to WCW. It is thought Jarrett is keen to bring in more talent and has his eye on some of the former ECW guys. AOL TW in the meantime is keen to offload the wrestlers on their books but it is thought Vince McMahon is also reluctant to buy any contract out. If any of the wrestlers decide a mutual termination is yet to be seen, but if any do the WWF is in a better position to pick the talent up over WCW.

Alex Wright
Bam Bam Bigelow
Booker T
Buff Bagwell
Chavo Guerrero
Diamond Dallas Page
Dustin Rhodes
Hulk Hogan
Lex Luger
Kevin Nash
Mike Awesome
Rey Mysterio
Ric Flair
Scott Steiner
Stacy Kiebler
Torrie Wilson

AJ Styles
Air Paris
Big Vito
Billy Kidman
Chuck Palumbo
Disco Inferno
Elix Skipper
Ernest Miller
Evan Karagis
Hacksaw Jim Duggan
Harris Brothers
Hugh Morrus
Jamie Knoble
Jason Jett
Jeff Jarrett
Johnny the Bull
Kwee Wee
Kid Romeo
Lance Storm
Lash Leroux
Mark Jindrak
Mike Sanders
Norman Smiley
Rick Steiner
Sean O'Haire
Shane Douglas
Shannon Moore
Terry Funk
The Wall

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Re: World Championship Wrestling: Reborn 2001 -

WCW News & Updates

All Titles Vacated

WCW.COM has reported that all championship belts have been vacated in preparation for WCW's big return on May 6,2001. WCW will be returning with four active belts - WCW World Championship, WCW US Championship, WCW Tag Team Championship and the WCW Cruiserweight Championship.

WCW Big Bang PPV

WCW will return May 6,2001 with the Big Bang PPV, be billed for the night is the crowning of a new World Champion with a tournament to be held on the night. WCW.COM has announced the event and ticket information, Jeff Jarrett is currently the only superstar confirmed to be at the event although it only states he will be addressing the fans.

WCW Releases

WCW.COM has confirmed the releases of three superstars whose contracts ended this month and have not been renewed for WCW's return. Animal, Johnny the Bull and Meng are all now out of contract and WCW has wished them well with their future endeavours.

A New Logo

WCW.COM has revealed a new WCW logo for the re-launch of the company. The logo is now being used on all new merchandise and will debut at the Big Bang PPV.

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Re: World Championship Wrestling: Reborn 2001 -

The Big Bang PPV Preview:

Big Bang PPV Line Up:

wCw World Heavyweight Championship Tournament

Who will emerge as the new face of World Championship Wrestling.
Eight men battle it out for one price, to be the new World Heavyweight Champion.

wCw Cruiserweight Match
(The winner will automatically join Shane Helms in the Cruiserweight Title match at the "Glory PPV").
Primetime Elix Skipper vs. Jason Jett vs. Cash vs. Kid Romeo

wCw Tag Team Match
(The winners chose the match stipulation for the Tag Team Titles Match at the "Glory PPV").
KroniK vs. Sean O"Haire & Chuck Palumbo vs. The Harris Brothers

World Championship Wrestling has gone underground for the last few months. In that time we have seen superstars like The Nature Boy Ric Flair, The Icon Sting, Hollywood Hulk Hogan and the World Heavyweight Champion Booker T all go. But now with the Chosen One Jeff Jarrett at the helm, World Championship Wrestling returns with a "Big Bang".

At the Big Bang Pay Per View we will see crowned a new superstar in the history of World Championship Wrestling. A new World Heavyweight Champion will emerge.

New Era

New Champions

New Legends

A New World Championship Wrestling!
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Re: World Championship Wrestling: Reborn 2001 -

Big Bang PPV
May 6, 2001 (Hard Rock Cafe, Las Vegas, NV

Opening Promo Video:

(Voice Narration): "World Championship Wrestling has been underground for the last few months. In that time legends like The Nature Boy Ric Flair, Hollywood Hulk Hogan, The Icon Sting, Bill Goldberg and the World Heavyweight Champion Booker T have all gone.

But now with jeff Jarrett at the helm, World Championship Wrestling returns with a "BIG BANG".

Tonight a new star will emerge in World Championship Wrestling as we crown a new World Heavyweight Champion.

It's a New Era!

With New Champions Crowned

With New Legends Emerging from the shadows!

It's a




The President Arrives

A graphic appears on the screen saying "Earlier This Evening" as we see footage of the parking lot. The white hummer that caused so much havoc before when Eric Bischoff drove it into Hulk Hogan's limo drives into the arena parking lot. The door swings open and out steps the New President of WCW, Mr Jeff Jarrett. He steps in front of the WCW Poster reading "Sold Out" and then smiles before entering the arena.

Narrator: "Previously on World Championship Wrestling"

First Scene: Booker T is shown defeating Scott Steiner at the Night of Champions to become the World Heavyweight Champion.

Second Scene: The Icon Sting makes Ric Flair tap out to the Scorpion Death Lock and then the two men embrace in what looks like the last ever WCW match.

Third Scene: Jeff Jarrett makes his surprise entrance declaring himself the New President of WCW.
Welcome Back to World Championship Wrestling

We arrive at ringside to huge fireworks and we see a new red wCw logo on the rings and and set. The camera pans around the arena we see the new set and a new look wCw. Jeremy Borash is on commentary with Mike Tenay and they welcome the fans back to WCW after what they describe as a tough time for the company. They talk about the AOL TW Contracts and mention that the rest of their commentary team where also signed to these contracts. They talk about Jeff Jarrett arriving earlier and Jeremy Borash comments that he must have got the white hummer as part of the purchase. Jeremy Borash then introduces the New President of WCW Jeff Jarrett and his new theme "My World" plays as he makes his way down to the ring.

Jeff Jarrett:

You know it feels good to be standing inside MY ring, in MY arena, in MY company. You see there was no chance in hell I was going to still by and watch Vince McMahon buy and shut down this company, no way. My father made a living running wrestling companies, I have seen how this industry works in every department, I know just how bigger task this is going to be.

Already I have had to deal with the ego's that have caused this problem in the first place. It's no coincidence that your biggest heroes are not here tonight. They have all decided to sit at home watching the show instead of coming back to fight for this company. It seems your heroes where only here for the pay cheques.

You see I am not going to claim this is going to be the big new WCW revival tonight, far from it. This is going to be a big long struggle back to the top. Tonight your not going to see Ric Flair or Hulk Hogan walk that aisle, instead backstage is the future of this business. Seven guys who I have hand picked from the roster and one guy who I have made my first signing of WCW will compete tonight to crown a new WCW Champion. The politics are over, it's time to bring the honour and prestige back to WCW. Stick with us, this company will rise from the ashes.
Disco's Dead

Jeremy Borash introduces the newest member of the commentary team Goldy Locks who is with the Disco Inferno. He says it is time for him to get serious and his disco gimmick has held him back for to long. He demands to be only known now as Glenn Gilberti, and that now he is serious there will be no holding him back from becoming the World Heavyweight Champion. The commentary team then introduce the first match in the World Title Tournament when Glenn Gilberti comes out to the Disco Inferno Theme. Glenn Gilberti is visibly annoyed that his new music has not been played and demands it is switched off immediately. The production team comply leaving Glenn GIlberti to walk the rest of the way with no music.

"Video Promo:

A video plays showing Ric Flair becoming the World Champion in 1991 when he defeated Sting.

Glenn Gilberti vs. The Wall - WCW World Title Tournament

We see a far more aggressive Glenn Gilberti as he jumps The Wall early on but the power advantage is defiantly with The Wall who sends Glenn Gilberti to the mat with a massive body slam. Glenn Gilberti is left reeling as The Wall again sends him flying with a devastating clothesline and a two count. Glenn Gilberti rolls out and tries to regroup and when he re-enters he hits a cheap shot and then a russian leg sweep. He comes off the ropes twice and tries to bring The Wall down but The Wall is left unmoved. The commentators are then distracted by a mystery figure who makes his way down the ramp and signals to the Wall. The Wall then hits a big chock slam on Glenn Gilberti and gets the cover for the win.

Winner: The Wall (2:34)

A Sinister Minister

The mysterious figure enters the ring and grabs a microphone and introduces himself as the manager of The Wall. He goes by the name of James Mitchell the Sinister Minister and he promises The Wall will be the World Champion tonight.

Jeff's Security

Backstage Jeff Jarrett is with the Harris Brothers and he tells them they will get the opportunities they deserve in WCW with him in charge. He then says he needs a favour in return and makes them his personal security in case wrestlers get out of hand.

Video Promo:

A video plays of Lex Luger becoming the World Champion when he defeated Barry Windham at the 91 Bash at the Beach.

Chris Kanyon vs. Lance Storm - WCW World Title Tournament

Chris Kanyon and Lance Storm are also announced in the World Title Tournament as Lance Storm takes control in the opening stages. Kanyon fights back with a super kick and grabs a two count, he continues the attack with a facebuster on Lance Storm who rolls out the ring looking annoyed his momentum has gone. Kanyon follows him onto the outside but this proves to be a mistake as Lance Storm sends him flying into the guard rail and regains control of the match. The match returns to the ring where Lance Storm looks to wear down Chris Kanyon Lance Storm hits a vertical suplex and then quickly hocks on the sharpshooter. Kanyon finally gets to the ropes but Lance Storm starts to put the boot to Kanyon,Kanyon recovers with the Kanyon Kutter out of nowhere. Lance Storm manages to kick out on a late two from the referee, Kaynon then goes for a moonsault but Lance Storm moves out the way and Kanyon goes face first into the mat. Both men then exchange punches until Lance Storm takes Kanyon down with a spinning heel kick. Storm hocks on the Canadian maple leaf but Kanyon gets to the ropes. As Kanyon recovers and turns around Lance Storm hits the deep impact and gets the three count for the win.

Winner: Lance Storm (7:23)

The New Recruit

Jeff Jarrett can be seen talking to someone inside a locker room but the cameras cannot pick up the other person from the angle it is at. Jeff Jarrett can be heard saying "I am giving you a shot, don't blow it" before leaving and spotting the camera, he then tells the camera to get out of here.

"I'm Busy"

Goldy Locks tries to get an interview with Lance Storm who tells her he has another two matches tonight so don't bother him with interviews.

Video Promo:

We see a video of Sting becoming the World Champion in 1992 at SuperBrawl 2 by defeating Lex Luger.

Ernest Miller vs. Shane Douglas - WCW World Title Tournament

The fans go wild as Ernest The Cat Miller comes out to face Shane Douglas in the third of our world title tournament matches. Ernest Miller is on fire coming out of the blocks and Shane Douglas has to duck out the ring to avoid a superkick from the Cat. Shane Douglas slowly gets back into the match and slows the tempo down and manages to lock on the figure four leg lock. Ernest Miller gets to the ropes Shane Douglas continues to be in control of the match with a military press slam and a neckbreaker but Ernest Miller kicks out. The fans start to rally behind Ernest Miller who responds high knee strike and then goes to the top rope and hits a roundhouse kick. Ernest Miller sets up superkick but Shane Douglas dodges it and belly to belly suplex but Miller kicks out on two and a half. Ernest Miller recovers ands hits the Feliner but Douglas escapes on two. The two men exchange punches and Miller takes control until Douglas hits a low blow and then nails the Franchiser and gets the three count.

Winner: Shane Douglas (5:33)

"I'll Beat Whoever They Are"

Goldy Locks is with Crowbar who is in the final World Title Tournament match and he essentially tells her he doesn't care who Jeff has brought in, he will beat them whoever they are.

Video Promo:

We see a video of Hulk Hogan becoming WCW World Champion at Bash at the Beach in 1994 when he defeated the Nature Boy Ric Flair.

Oh You Didn't Know!

Crowbar comes down to the ring when "Bullet Bob Armstrong" makes his way down to the ring. Crowbar is in stitches as he thinks he is going to face the Bullet. Bob Armstrong grabs a microphone and introduces his son Road Daw......... B G James!!!!!!!!!

Crowbar vs. BG James - WCW World Title Tournament

BG James on fire and hits the shake rattle and roll which has Crowbar in desperate trouble. BG James then hits a sleeper hold and Crowbar has to hit a low blow to escape the hold. BG James goes down and Crowbar hits an inverted DDT for a two count. Crowbar continues to build his attack with a belly to back suplex but he misses with a moonsault from the top rope. The action goes back and forth until Crowbar goes for the Thunder Clap but BG James escapes this an lands the pumphandle falling powerslam for the win.

Winner: BG James (4:56)

BG James:

I know a lot you are not happy to see the Road Daw, a copyrighted it's B G James. But hey I have come here to be apart of Jeff's vision for a new WCW. The last time I was here I wasn't exactly welcome either when I rolled in with a tank, but hey the wars over. This is a new era, and WCW is able to compete again let it be known I'll take the war to Vince McMahon. It took a lot for Jeff to talk me into coming here, but his plans will take this company to more exciting places than it has ever been in. Tonight....if you didn't already know you better ask somebody. They will tell you BG James is walking out WCW Champion.
Video Promo:

We see a video of the Macho Man Randy Savage winning the World War 3 match to become the WCW Champion back in November 1995

Sugar Coat it how you want I am still Champion

The commentary team hype the semi finals of the World Title Tournament as The Wall will face Lance Storm and Shane Douglas is up against BG James. As we prepare for the Cruiserweight match and Mike Tenay explains the stipulation, the former champion Shane Helms comes out.He grabs a microphone and says "Sugarcoat it how you want, I am still the champion, I am the man to beat and these guys better know that". As he is still talking Cash interrupts with his music and comes down to the ring. The two exchange a glance before the match official sheperds Shane Helms away from the action. Shane Helms joins the commentary table for the match.

Cash vs. "Primetime" Elix Skipper vs. Jason Jett vs. Kid Romeo

Shane Helms tells the commentary table it makes no sense he got stripped of his Cruiserweight Title, Mike Tenay tries to hype a new WCW so it "only makes sense the titles are all vacated". Back to the in ring action and we see a big spot as Jason Jett hits a huge suicide dive on the other three men on the outside. The action is intense as Jason Jett hits the "Cha-Ching" finishing move on Kid Romeo but Elix Skipper makes a last gasp save. Elix Skipper and Jason Jett exchange punches until Elix Skipper hits the "Play of the Day" and nearly gets the win but Cash stops the count and sends Primetime over the top rope. Cash then tries to steal the cover on Jason Jett but he kicks out on a late two. Cash is now the man in control and lands the Dead Level on Jason Jett, however Kid Romeo comes flying back and takes Cash down with a flying drop kick from the top rope. Elix Skipper then lands a moonsault of the turnbuckle on Cash who rolls out to the outside. Kid Romeo lands the Romeo Relaxer on Elix Skipper who manages to kick out on two, Jason Jett comes over and goes for the Cha-Ching once more but Kid Romeo breaks free and lands a clothesline over the top rope. Elix Skipper then turns Kid Romeo around and lands the Play of the Day again, Cash runs in and sends Skipper over the top rope. He steals the pin fall and this time gets the pin fall and the victory.

Winner: Cash (6:25)

Cashing In

Cash celebrates in the ring as Shane Helms watches on from the commentary table, Cash signals at Shane Helms who stands up and the two men exchange heated words. Cash calls Shane Helms into the ring and he takes him up on that offer but as soon as he enters the ring Cash rolls out and leaves up the ramp smiling. Shane Helms and Cash are both in the Cruiserweight Championship match at the Glory PPV, Mike Tenay reveals two more men can qualify for that match in the opening bout at the Glory PPV.

Video Promo:

We see a video of Hollywood Hogan beating The Giant at Hog Wild in "96' to become the WCW Champion.

Welcome to WCW!!!

Jeff Jarrett greets BG James backstage and welcomes him to WCW, he says this is where the future is and tells BG he will be a hit here. BG James thanks Jeff for the opportunity and says he has a World Title to go and win.

Hitting A Brick Wall

James Mitchell and The Wall are with Goldy Locks and James Mitchell says that Lance Storm is a great wrestler however tonight "it would seem that Lance Storm has hit a brick wall" in his attempt to become World Champion.

The Wall (with James Mitchell) vs. Lance Storm - WCW World Title Tournament

James Mitchell is now at ringside barking out orders and his first one is for the Wall to jump Lance Storm before the bell and he does so. The beating goes on for several minutes with Lance Storm struggling to settle into the match however to the annoyance to James Mitchell he continues to kick out avoiding defeat. The Wall lands a massive Big Boot and James Mitchell signals to the Wall to finish the job so The Wall lands a choke slam. Amazingly Lance Storm kicks out on two and a half. James Mitchell is furious at ringside but The Wall is still in control as he hits a leg drop and gets another near fall count. Lance Storm finally records his first counter of the match when he takes the big man down with a drop kick. The Wall is first to recover and goes for another Choke Slam by the command of James Mitchell again. This time Lance Storm counters with kick and roll up but the Wall escapes on two. Lance Storm then hits a super kick and hocks on the sharpshooter but James Mitchell argues with the referee. The Wall taps out but the referee is distracted. Lance Storm goes over and sends James Mitchell flying off the apron. The Wall recovers and hits a power bomb on Lance Storm but again at the last second Lance Storm kicks out. The medical team are now seeing to James Mitchell and a stretcher has been brought out. Back in the ring Lance Storm hits the Deep Impact but The Wall also kicks out at the last minute. The crowd break out into a "this is awesome" chant as the commentary team say they cannot believe these two men just wont give up. The Wall is back with a big boot and goes for a choke slam again but Lance Storm takes his legs away and hocks on the Canadian Maple Leaf. The Wall tries to get to the ropes but Storm pulls him back into the centre of the ring. The Wall appears to have past out so the referee calls for the bell, Lance Storm has reached the tournament final.

Winner: Lance Storm (14:21)

A Sinister Injury

The paramedics fit a neck brace onto James Mitchell and he is stretchered off but he can still be heard shouting at the Wall for not winning the match.

Backstage Brawl

Backstage Shane Helms asks Cash what he is playing at and Cash says he is not stealing the limelight from him. The two get into a heated exchange and Cash slaps Shane Helms across the face. The two then end up brawling around the backstage area with Cash getting the better of the exchange after smashing a chair around Shane Helms head.

Video Promo:

We see a video of Goldberg defeating Hollywood Hogan on Nitro in July 1998 to become the WCW World Champion.

No Interviews

Goldy Locks again tries to get word with Lance Storm but he stops her before she speaks and says "No Interviews" before slamming his dressing room door shut.

Shane Douglas vs. BG James - WCW World Title Tournament

The bout is a little more slower to get started than the last semi final. The tension is in the air as the two men lock up twice with BG James getting the better of the first test of strength and also looking in control of the second before Douglas kicks him in the gut. We see a split screen and Lance Storm can be seen watching the contest on a monitor. The pace is slow as Shane Douglas applies an abdominal stretch on BG James he then takes him down with a body slam. BG James then applies a sleeper hold but Shane Douglas counters with an elbow and then comes off the ropes with a clothesline. Shane Douglas tries to go back to the abdominal stretch but this time BG James fights loose and then hits the shake rattle and roll which leaves Shane Douglas having to roll out of the ring. BG James follows him to the outside where the two men brawl, Shane Douglas lifts BG and drops him on the guard rail. Shane Douglas returns to the ring and BG only manages to get back into the ring on the referees nine count. Shane Douglas uses the momentum to put the boot to BG James and he then lands a belly to belly suplex but BG James is quick to kick out. BG James then goes on the offensive with a DDT and nearly gets the pin fall. Shane Douglas recovers with a roll up and uses the ropes to get a three count but the referee then spots Douglas using the ropes and orders the match continue. Shane Douglas argues which allows BG James to recover and he hits the pump handle falling powerslam and gets the three count for the win.

Winner: BG James (12:59)

Getting Rowdy

The cameras quickly go backstage where Rowdy Roddy Piper is smashing the windows on the white hummer. Security with the Harris Brothers and Jeff Jarrett quickly head out to stop him. Piper tells Jarrett he is glad he got his attention now, Jarrett sends the security over and Piper takes them out. The Harris Brothers then fight with Piper who gets the upper hand until Jarrett hits him with a low blow and the Stroke. We then see a beat down on Piper until the cameras return to the arena. Mike Tenay comments how this is not good preparation for the Harris Brothers who are up next.

My Time

BG James tells Goldy Locks that this is his time to shine. He says he has watched Shawn Michaels and Triple H steal the show for years but now it is his time. He says he has paid his dues and has put it all on the line for years, and tonight nothing will stop him being the world champion.

Video Promo:

We see a video of Scott Hall stun gunning Goldberg and Kevin Nash becoming the WCW Champion at Starrcade in 1998.
Chuck Palumbo & Sean O'Haire vs. KroniK vs. The Harris Brothers - Tag Team Match

The Harris Brothers don't come out so we just see the other two teams as the commentary team talk about the brawl with Roddy Piper earlier on. Sean O'Haire meanwhile is fighting with Bryan Clarke Sean O'Haire hits a massive roundhouse kick to Bryan Clarke as our cameras go backstage and we see the Harris Brothers running to the arena following the brawl. Back in the ring Chuck Palumbo has been tagged in and is putting the boot to Clarke in the corner. The Harris Brother run up the aisle and clash with Brian Adams and end up brawling, until they send him into the guard rail. The referee tries to regain control and he misses a pin fall attempted by Palumbo on Clarke back in the ring. The Harris Brothers look happy with the chaos they just caused but in the confusion Palumbo tags Ron Harris in. Harris enters the ring and goes after Clarke who goes for a roll up but the referee does not count. He claims he didn't see the tag and orders Palumbo back into the match. Bryan Clarke has had the time recover and lands the Meltdown on Palumbo but in a mad dash Adams and the Harris Brothers make the save. The match then ends up in a brawl with members fighting all over the ringside area. Back in the ring Chuck Palumbo hits the backbreaker rack on Clarke who tries to get out but eventually Adams makes the save and hits a big boot on Palumbo. Order is restored after a few minutes and Ron Harris finds himself fighting Brian Adams, the Harris Brothers use quick tags to beat down Adams who finally gets a hot tag to Clarke who cleans house and hits a spear for a near fall but Palumbo stops the pin fall. Clarke sends Palumbo over the top rope but O'Haire takes exception and goes after Clarke who is helped by Adams who fights him off. The Harris Brothers take control and hit a double choke slam on Clarke for the win.

Winners: The Harris Brothers (17:11)

The Final!!!

Backstage we see a split screen of BG James and Lance Storm warming up and the commentary team hype the big main event.

Video Promo:

We see a video of Bret Hart winning the World Title in 1999 in a tournament final over Chris Benoit.

Special Referee

Backstage Jeff Jarrett says Roddy Piper is not welcome in WCW, he then says he needs to make sure no more unplanned things happen in the main event. He introduces the special referee for tonight's event Ricky Steamboat.

Video Promo:

We see a video of Jeff Jarrett beating DDP at Spring Stampede 2000 to win the WCW World Title.

The Main Event

The commentary team hype the main event and Ricky Steamboat makes his entrance as the special referee.

Video Promo:

We see a video of Booker T becoming the WCW Champion on March 26th, 2001 when he defeated Scott Steiner at Night of Champions.

Main Event - Lance Storm vs. BG James - WCW World Heavyweight Championship

You can cut the tension with a knife as the main event starts slowly as both men size each other up. After a slow start Lance Storm ups the tempo with a Northern Light Suplex and follows it up with a spinning heel kick. BG James is struggling but fights back with a DDT and then hits a running knee drop. The two men then stop and again exchange glances as Mike Tenay comments on it being a strategic start to the contest. Lance Storm is on top in the next sequence of wrestling and hits a drop kick and then follows it up with a sharpshooter. BG James tries to get to the topes but Storm pulls him back again, BG eventually fights back and gets to the ropes. Lance Storm then hits a powerbomb but BG James kicks out on two. Lance Storm goes for the Deep Impact but BG James rolls out and hits the shake rattle and roll and then hits a big clothesline. BG James then hits the pump handle falling powerslam but Lance Storm kicks out on two and a half. The commentary team cannot believe it and Borash says they thought they had a new champion right there. BG James continues to beat down Lance Storm who hits the Deep Impact out of nowhere but BG James also kicks out on two and a half. Lance Storm goes for the Canadian Maple Leaf but BG rolls out and nearly steals a quick roll up. The pace is down frantic and BG takes control but misses with a splash in the corner. Lance Storm then drop kicks BG from off the turnbuckle but BG escapes the pin fall. The fight escalates to the outside where BG gets sent into the guard rail and then body slammed onto the commentary table. Storm rolls back into the ring and out again to stop the count but it allows BG to recover and send him into the steal steps. BG rolls Storm back into the ring and lands his finisher for the second time but yet again Storm kicks out on two and a half. BG James looks frustrated but continues his offences on Storm until out of nowhere Storm hits the Deep Impact but cannot recover in time to get a pin. Both men recover and we see another Deep Impact but BG kicks out again. Lance Storm then hocks on the Canadian Maple Leaf and pulls BG away from the ropes, BG finally gets to the ropes but Storm sizes him up and hits the Deep Impact once more this time he gets the three count.


New World Champion

Lance Storm takes a microphone and asks if people will finally listen to him now he is the world champion. He says at the Glory PPV he is going to give Jeff Jarrett and WCW a piece of his mind. The commentary team hype Glory PPV and how we will crown a new Cruiserweight and Tag Team Champions at the event, plus jeff Jarrett has promised to reveal his second signing of the new WCW.

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Re: World Championship Wrestling: Reborn 2001 -

WCW "GLORY PPV" Preview - plus News & Updates:

WCW Glory PPV - Preview:

WCW World Heavyweight Championship

Winner of Number One Contender Match vs. Lance Storm (c)

WCW Cruiserweight Championship Match

Cash vs. Shane Helms vs. ??? vs. ??? (Last two men from battle royal make up the final two entrants)

WCW World Tag Team Championship - (Tables Match)

KroniK vs. Natural Born Thrillers vs. The Harris Brothers

Glenn Gilberti vs. Jeff's New Signing (A Former WWF Intercontinental Champion)

Number One Contender for the World Heavyweight Championship Match

BG James vs. Shane Douglas vs. The Wall (with James Mitchell)

(10 Man Battle Royal) - Final Two Reach Cruiserweight Title Match

Air Paris vs. Air Styles vs. Elix Skipper vs. Evan Karagis vs. Jamie Knoble vs. Jason Jett vs. Kid Romeo vs. Kwee Wee vs. Lash Leroux vs. Shannon Moore


Major Update To Be Announced At The Glory PPV

A major update regarding the future of World Championship Wrestling is to be announced at the Glory PPV. There is a lot of speculation regarding what it could be about however we do know that WCW has been searching hard for a television deal and we believe this could be the announcement.

Billy Kidman contract ends!

Billy Kidman has reached the end of his contract with WCW and contract talks have broken down between the two parties. It is believed that Kidman is going to wait for his 3 months non compete clause to finish before jumping ship to the WWF. WCW.COM has taken the time to wish Billy Kidman all the best with his future endeavours, Kidman did not feature at the Big Bang PPV.

Former Intercontinental Champion Joins WCW

We can confirm that a former WWF Intercontinental Champion is backstage at the Glory PPV and will take on Glenn Gilberti. This is the second signing for Jeff Jarrett since he took over at WCW and more are expected to follow depending on if WCW can secure a television deal or not.
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Re: World Championship Wrestling: Reborn 2001 -


June 10, 2001 Von Braun Center, Huntsville, AL NV


*A video plays showing what happened at the Big Bang PPV ending with Lance Storm becoming the World Champion.

After months in Exile, World Championship Wrestling re-emerged from the shadows with a "Big Bang". On a night where a new world champion was to be crowned it was Lance Storm who was to be victorious becoming the new face of World Championship Wrestling.

Tonight is destined to be another night of "Glory" and two other championships are to be decided. The newly crowned World Heavyweight Champion Lance Storm makes his first defence of the WCW World Championship. Plus a huge announcement regarding the future of World Championship Wrestling that will rock the industry.
Show Opening

Huge pyros og off across the arena as we join the commentary team who reveal their is a huge announcement to be made later tonight regarding the future of WCW. Mike Tenay says it is well worth waiting for as they then run down tonight's full match card. The WCW Champion Lance Storm is the introduced and as he comes down the aisle Mike Tenay reminds viewers that at the Big Bang PPV he said he has some strong words for the WCW President Jeff Jarrett.

The New Champion Speaks!

Lance Storm: "So it looks like everybody's villain from Calgary Canada has become the new World Heavyweight Champion. Lets be honest when it comes to winning titles in WCW, I wrote the handbook. I've won every singles title in the company, the first man to hold three titles at one time. However now i am the World Champion everyone wants to know what I think.

Let me give you some more history, WCW isn't the first sinking ship I have been on. I've seen ECW slowly going down the pan and now I'm finally in a position to do something about it. A lot of people mention the backstage politics being a major part of this companies recent misfortunes. While I agree in a way that it's not the ability of those holding the future back, I mean nobody questions the talent of Hulk Hogan or Kevin Nash. It's the egos that have held the WCW talent back. These guys should have been giving the future of this business a shot, they didn't, but I am in a position to give a shot at the World Title to the best the future of this industry has to offer. At Big Bang this company played videos of former world champions, well my question is where was the David Arquette footage or Vince Russo.

Jeff Jarrett theres no denying your ability and what you have brought to this industry, but like Russo and Arquette, like Nash and Hogan you have an ego that will end this company once and for all".

Cut Him Off

"Cut him off right now" Jeff Jarrett storms down to the ring as Lance Storm stares down him down. The Harris Brothers jump into the ring unseen and take the microphone away from Lance Storm. Jeff Jarrett microphone in hand gets in the champs face.

The President Responds

Jeff Jarrett: "You want to challenge the integrity of the chosen one? The way I see it you've become the world champion and instantly think your more important than the president of this company. If it wasn't for me you would be wrestling in some backyard wrestling promotion in Canada. You talk about Hogan and Nash who for starters your not fit enough to lace their boots. But answer this question, who has ever put their whole life into saving this company? So I demand some damn respect from you and everybody in this arena. If this company dies I am homeless I have put everything into saving this company. Now get out of my ring before I do something stupid".

The Champ Talked Down

;Lance Storm remains in the ring so Jeff Jarrett says he is going to count to three and if he is still in the ring he would strip him of the World Title straight away. Jarrett counts down to one and Storm remains unmoved then someone rolls into the ring and begs Jarrett to stop the count. Jarrett stops the count and the man then talks Lance Storm down and he finally leaves the ring.

The Coach

Mike Tenay reveals the mystery man is Scott D'Amore, Tenay recalls Jarrett's words about a backyard Canadian wrestling company and reveals Scott D'Amore runs a Canadian Wrestling company. Jeremy Borash poses the question what is he doing getting inside a WCW ring.

Stand Down

Backstage the Harris Brothers are forcing Scott D'Amore to leave the arena but he requests to speak to Jeff Jarrett. Jeff Jarrett appears and tells the Harris Brothers to stand down. Jarrett agrees to talk to D'Amore in his office.


(10 man elimination - final two reach Cruiserweight Final)

Elix Skipper vs. Jason Jett vs. Air Styles vs. AIr Paris vs. Kid Romeo vs. Evan Karagis vs. Kwee Wee vs. Jamie Knoble vs. Lash Leroux vs. Shannon Moore

- The ten man battle royal starts in explosive fashion as Jason Jett sends Kwee Wee flying over the top rope in the opening 30 seconds.

-Air Raid seem to have an advantage as they team together and it proves affective as they remove Shannon Moore by dumping him onto the outside.

- Evan Karagis is next to go when Jamie Knoble drop kicks him off the top rope as Karagis was lining up a high risk move.

- Kid Romeo goes off the turnbuckle and wipes out Air Raid in the centre of the ring. However Lash Leroux picks Romeo up and sends him flying over the top rope.

- As Lash Leroux celebrates Elix Skipper hits the play of the day on Leroux and with the help of Jett dumps him out.

- Air Styles then sees Paris groggy in the corner and amazingly dumps his own tag partner out.

- Paris tries to come back at him and Skipper uses the confrontation to push Styles over the top rope.

-Three men remain- Jett, Skipper and Knoble but only two can qualify. Skipper nearly goes out but manages to hang onto the top rope. Knoble runs at full speed at Skipper who moves sending Knoble flying onto the outside.

Winners: Primetime Elix Skipper & Jason Jett (8:21)
A Second Chance

We see a video from backstage after the Big Bang PPV where BG James speaks in the locker rooms following him failing to win the world title. He says it was the biggest night of his life and that he feels like a failure.

Goldylocks is then with him live and he talks with more optimism about getting a second chance and one he won't let slip again.

James Mitchell then cuts a promo backstage with The Wall. He says tonight lightening won't strike twice and The Wall will walk out World champion. He says he is not taking any chances and a upset wont happen like it did at Big Bang.

"Franchise" Shane Douglas vs. BG James vs. The Wall (with James Mitchell)

- The Wall and Shane Douglas team together in the opening exchanges of the contest as they look to eliminate the threat of BG James early on. BG James rallies with a double clothesline and hits a running knee drop on The Wall and then we see the shake rattle and roll on Shane Douglas. The fans show their appreciation until the Wall dampens the mood recovering with a massive big boot.

-Shane Douglas then goes after the Wall pushing him head first into the turnbuckle and trying to steal the cover. The Wall is quick to stop the count and he then goes after the Franchise and hits a power bomb and a diving knee drop. Shane Douglas is forced to roll off the apron onto the outside where James mitchell is standing and The Walls manager put the boot to Shane Douglas.

- BG James uses the distraction to his advantage and puts a sleeper hold on The Wall but he slams him over his head and BG falls hard on his back. The Wall then goes for a choke slam but Shane Douglas revovers with a drop kick to make the save. Shane Douglas then exchanges blows with the Wall and manages to hit a belly to belly suplex.

- Shane Douglas then hits the franchiser on BG James but The Wall makes the save. The Wall then hits a choke slam on Shane Douglas but BG James this time makes the save. BG then signals his finisher and nails it only for James Mitchell to pull the referee out of the ring stopping the count.

- BG James goes after James Mitchell down the ramp and as Mitchell disappears with BG in pursuit Crowbar sneaks out and nails BG James with a bat. Back in the ring The Wall lands another choke slam on Shane Douglas and gets the pin fall victory. Post match James Mitchell celebrates with Crowbar and The Wall.

Winner: The Wall (12:42)
Airing Their Differences

Backstage Air Raid are seen arguing about earlier when Styles eliminated Paris from the battle royal. Paris is furious but Styles says it was each man for himself but Paris took it personally and cost him a championship match.

I'll Make Them Pay

BG is shown returning to the backstage area furious. He tells Goldy Locks he is going to make them pay starting with Crowbar for costing him a world title shot.

Big Announcement Reminder

The commentary team run down the matches still to come and Tenay hypes the massive news regarding the future of WCW. They then hype Jeff's second signing as Glenn Gilberti makes his way to the ring.

Most Dangerous Opponent

Glenn Gilberti cuts a promo about it being a new era for him and no reject will come out and beat him. A new theme hits and Ken Shamrock is revealed as the new signing and Glenn Gilberti does not look pleased about it.

Glenn Gilberti vs. Ken Shamrock

- Glenn Gilberti cheap shots Ken Shamrock and beats him down in the corner. Ken Shamrock sheilds the blows and seems to be taking the onslaught waiting for his chance. The referee finally intercepts as Ken Shamrock is pressed against the ropes and Glenn Gilberti taunts the crowd who respond with boos.

-Glenn Gilberti goes straight back to the onslaught but Ken Shamrock fights back to his feet and hits a massive belly to belly suplex and hocks on the ankle lock. Glenn Gilberti goes for the roped but Ken Shamrock pulls him back. Glenn Gilberti has no choice but to tap out, Ken Shamrock makes a winning start to his wCw career.

Winner: Ken Shamrock (3:21)
Tag Stipulation

Goldy Locks interviews the Harris Brothers who confirm they have selected a tables match for the tag team championship. Ron Harris says theres no better way of winning a title than slamming someone through a table.

Champ Taken Out!

Backstage James Mitchell leads an assault on the champion. Crowbar and The Wall beat down Lance Storm with a steal chain and James Mitchell gets in Lance Storms face and tells him this time his not taking any chances.

KroniK vs. Natural Born Thrillers vs. The Harris Brothers - wCw World Tag Team Championship (Tables Match)

- The match starts with tornado tag rules although Tenay comments he doesn't know if this is the offical stipulation or if the referee has lost all control.

- The Harris Brothers are first to grab a table and prop it up against the turnbuckle however Bryan Clark hits a spear on Ron Harris who narrowly avoids the table. Meanwhile Brian Adams lands a massive big boot on Chuck Palumbo and then follows it up with a power bomb. Don Harris grabs a steal chair and smashes Sean O'Haire around the head, the cameras try desperately to pick up all the action.

- Chuck Palumbo grabs one of the tag title belts off the commentary table and takes Ron Harris' head off with it. The camera shows a bloody Ron Harris and the match only gets more brutal. KroniK double choke slam Sean O'Haire onto a steal chair and they then bring a second chair into play. Chuck Palumbo however teams with Don Harris to stop Kronik who had O'Haire set up on the table.

- Don Harris and Bryan Clark fight onto the outside and end up brawling in the crowd. Ron Harris tries to get back into back into the match but Chuck Palumbo takes him out with a chair shot. Bryan Clark hits the death slam on Palumbo and then slams O'Haire through the table. Brian Adams celebrates in the crowd as Clark grabs the tag titles. We have new tag team champions - Kronik.

Winners: Kronik (8:23)- AND NEW TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS!!!
You should have killed me

Lance Storm is recovering backstage after being attacked earlier. He tells Goldy Locks that The Wall and James Mitchell should have killed him because that's the only way they are walking out with the world title.

Real Match

KroniK celebrate backstage when the Natural Born Thrillers interrupt and firstly congratulate the new tag champions however they challenge them to a "real match".

Im still champion

Shane Helms is then with Goldylocks and he says he is still confused why he lost his title but as far as he is concerned he is still champion. He says tonight he is walking out with the title back with its rightful owner.

Cash vs. Elix Skipper vs. Jason Jett vs. Shane Helms - Cruiserweight Championship

- The action is frantic from the start and the pick of the action comes when Jason Jett hits moonsault off the turnbuckle onto the other three men on to the outside. Elix Skipper then runs across the apron and hits a hurricanrana on Cash whose on the outside. A "this is awesome" chant rings out around the arena.

- Elix Skipper tries to take control of the bout and lands the Play of the Day on Jason Jett but Shane Helms makes the save on two and a half. Shane Helms and Skipper exchange punches and Cash tries to steal a win by landing a frog splash on Jett but Skipper and Helms block the cover. Cash is not put off by this and hits the bankroll on Elix Skipper.

- Shane Helms and Cash then brawl and Cash lands the Dead Level but Shane Helms kicks out on two with the commentary team mentioning they thought that was it. Jason Jett moves in for the kill and hits the Crash landing on Cash and then Cha-Chung on Shane Helms but Skipper pulls Jett out of the ring to stop the count.

- Skipper and Jason Jett fight at the ramp meanwhile inside the ring Cash and Helms exchange a series of near falls. Cash moves in for the Dead Level again but Shane Helms breaks free and hits the Vertabreaker. Shane Helms gets the pin fall victory as Skipper is too late to stop the count.

Winner: Shane Helms (13:49) - AND NEW CRUISERWEIGHT CHAMPION!!!

Video Promo:

We see a video showing Lance Storm winning the world title beating the Wall along the way. We then see the vicious beat down on Lance Storm via Crowbar and The Wall.
Main Event: The Wall (with James Mitchell) vs. Lance Storm - wCw World Heavyweight Championship

- Lance Storm comes out heavily strapped up from the earlier assault. The Wall is not waiting about and attacks early after the bell and puts to boot to the world champion. The Wall sends Lance Storm to the outside and sends him flying into the steal steps and then continues to work on the ribs back in the ring.

- Lance Storm briefly rallies with a super kick but The Wall kicks Storm in the ribs again and continues to control the match. The Wall hits a massive power bomb and then hits a choke slam. Mike Tenay declares we have a new champion but Lance Storm kicks out on two and a half. The Wall is furious and drags Lance Storm back to the outside and hits another power bomb this time on the ramp.

The Wall goes for another choke slam back in the ring but Lance Storm rallies and hits a drop kick and then a springboard clothesline but cannot take advantage as he collapses from the pain. Both men get to their feet and exchange punches.

The Wall goes for a choke slam but Storm fights him off and hits the Dead Level. James Mitchell distracts the referee and Lance Storm super kicks him off the apron. Crowbar then comes out which stalls time and the Wall is able to recover and hits a chokeslam. Lance Storm manages to kick out on two as BG James runs down and fights off with Crowbar down the ramp.

Back in the ring Lance Storm hocks on the Canadian Maple Leaf but Mitchell pulls the Walls hands onto the ropes. Scott D'Amore then approaches James Mitchell who slaps him in the face so D'Amore spears him. The Wall goes after D'Amore but as he goes to leave the ring Storm hits a roll up but Wall kicks out on two. Lance Storm has The Wall rattled and lands the Dead Level for the win.

The Big Announcent

The commentary team review the replays of the main event and then welcome Jeff Jarrett back for the big announcement. Jeff Jarrett takes a microphone and says he has been working flat out for this deal and tells the fans he is going to leave them with a video showing the news.

WCW Nitro Returns!!!!

Video Promo: 1995 a show started which revolutionzed professional wrestling forever. World Championship Wrestling brought Nitro into living rooms around the world every Monday Night. They were to embark on a war with another wrestling show also broadcast every Monday on the USA Network.

The USA Network lost its wrestling programs in September 2000. Then in March 2001 WCW Nitro went off air for the final time.

Now on July 6, 2001 WCW and the USA Network join forces as wCw Nitro returns every Friday Night 8ct.

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Re: World Championship Wrestling: Reborn 2001 -

WCW News, Updates & Preview:

Asistencia Asesoría y Administración incident

After the main event Jeff Jarrett jumps the guard rail and takes out a security guard with a guitar, he then grabs a microphone and slides into the ring.

Jeff Jarrett: "If the world isn't coming to WCW I am going to bring WCW to the world. You see WCW Nitro is returning on the USA Network July 6th but the thing is I have a major problem. You see I have a Canadian Champion who I can't trust, their about as reliable as the Mexicans. In this business you learn to trust nobody and that's exactly what I am going to do because on Nitro I will become the World Champion again. I am the only person I can trust so therefore I would make the perfect champion of my company. Because I am the Chosen One, Lance Storm I will see you July 6th".

Jeff Jarrett then escapes as more security run down to try to remove him from the ring.

Border City Wrestling Response

After the main event Scott D'Amore grabs a microphone and introduces the WCW World Heavyweight Champion Lance Storm.

Lance Storm: "Jeff Jarrett I have seen your message and hear it loud and clear, I know you Jeff and I know your ego is getting the best of you. I know you will do whatever it takes to get the World Heavyweight Championship well I am making a promise right here tonight and Canada you can testify to that, I will walk out of Nitro still World Heavyweight Champion".

Scott D'Amore grabs a microphone and says he wants to be his manager for Nitro to make sure Jeff Jarrett doesn't play any games but Lance Storm says he has an Canadian hero as his manager and that it is Bret the Hit-man Hart. The fans go wild as Bret Hart and Lance Storm will return to America July 6th, Scott D'Amore tells Storm to bring the title back to Canada.


WCW Nitro on USA Network Preview:

Bret The Hit Man Hart Returns to WCW for One Night Only!!!!!!!!!!!!

* Also: Jeff Jarrett takes on Lance Storm for the WCW World Heavyweight Championship - Has Jeff Jarrett's ego got out of control?

* The United States Tournament starts as Chris Kanyon and Ernest Miller face off for a place in the Semi Finals.

* BG James starts his road to revenge as he takes on Crowbar.

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