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Re: Legend Presents: WWE 2006 - Stop Your Grinnin' And Drop Your Linen

Sorry about all the blood. I’m only trying (badly ) to get One Night Stand over. Trust me, once this PPV’s out of the way, the only blood on weekly shows will come from Finlay and Regal legit stiffin’ folks open because they’re fuckin’’ard


wwe.com Announcements:

Several matches for this Saturday’s WWE vs. ECW: Head to Head show were signed mid-week. On the Raw side of things, it will feature a huge tag team preview match of the Ultimate Jeopardy Match, and Anything Goes!! It doesn’t matter who steps up, and it doesn’t matter how many step up. One thing’s for certain: there’s going to be a war in Philly!!

And, in addition to that, from Friday Night SmackDown, one night before his dream match with the legendary Dean Malenko, United States Champion will face his old adversary Yoshihiro Tajiri. The Japanese Buzzsaw is in action himself the following night, against Super Crazy, and The Insane Luchadore has challenged Cruiserweight Champion and fellow ECW alumni Kid Kash to a non-title bout in the ECW Arena. Despite already scheduled in Philly to reveal his opponent for One Night Stand, The Notorious K.I.D has accepted Super Crazy’s challenge, but reconfirming that his title will NOT be on the line. “You wanna a shot at the champ, that’s one thing. Ya wanna a shot at my title
… ya gotta’ earn it, boy.” It will be Kid Kash versus Super Crazy, non-title, this Saturday night in Philadelphia.



This week, as Monday Night RAW rolls into Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, we are only five days away from the WWE’s first ever ‘Extreme Weekend’, as WWE and ECW go head to head on Saturday night, and then on Sunday night, it’s the big one. On Sunday night ECW is reborn inside the fabled Hammerstein Ballroom in New York City for One Night Stand, a show that could change the entire landscape of the WWE … forever. The biggest and most hotly anticipated match of the ‘Extreme Weekend’ is undoubtedly the five-on-five RAW vs. ECW Ultimate Jeopardy Match, as five of Eric Bischoff’s RAW superstars will step inside a steel cage with five of Terry Funk’s ECW wrestlers. We already know four members of each team: for ECW Tommy Dreamer, broken ankle and all, Masato Tanaka, The Sandman, and the rejuvenated Kurt Angle have all stepped forward; and for Eric Bischoff’s army of Monday night mercenaries, he has recruited the powerful ‘Masterpiece’ Chris Masters, Mr. Money in the Bank Carlito, the unstoppable WWE Champion The Big Show, and, as of last week, the treacherous former ECW World Heavyweight Champion Mike Awesome. Last week, during the six-man tag Extreme Rules main event, Awesome betrayed ECW for the second time in his career, as he laid out both Kurt Angle and Masato Tanaka, allowing Carlito to pin Tanaka and win the match for RAW. When all the smoke had cleared, Eric Bischoff proudly held ECW’s own personal Judas’ hand high in the air and revealed him to be the fourth member of his Ultimate Jeopardy team.

But this week, Awesome must face the consequences for his actions, as FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER in professional wrestling it will be MIKE AWESOME, former ECW World Heavyweight Champion and one of the most dominant men in the history of this business, going one-on-one … with KURT ANGLE!!! We don’t use the term ‘Dream Match’ too often, but there’s simply no other way to describe the monumental collision between two of the most intense competitors in wrestling history. Will Awesome continue to steamroll through ECW just like he has his entire career, or has he finally met his match in the Olympian? Trust us, you do NOT want to miss this one, folks.

During the week, the WWE caught up with John Cena from his home in West Newberry, Massachusetts, to see how the former WWE Champion’s recovery was coming along as he prepares to face the man who put him out, Shawn Michaels, in just over three weeks, at Vengeance. With ‘The Artist Formerly known as The Heartbreak Kid’ still serving a suspension for putting his hands on a fan, Cena’s address will be unspoiled. You don’t want to miss what will undoubtedly be one of the most passionate addresses in WWE history.

The two worlds of Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas collide this week, as the World Tag Team Champions join forces with two of Benjamin’s five challengers for the Intercontinental Title at Vengeance, Gregory Helms and Chavo Guerrero, to take on the two other Intercontinental Title challengers, Chris Masters and Kenny Doane, as well as the number one contenders to The World’s Greatest Tag Team’s gold, the fearsome and undefeated Sons of Samoa. How will Haas and Benjamin be able to survive enemies on all sides in the City of Brotherly Love?

Speaking of Kenny Doane, last week on RAW the former World Tag Team Champion made perhaps the biggest statement of career when he shattered the ankle of ECW’s ‘Innovator of Violence’ Tommy Dreamer and Piledrived the dangerous veteran through a table. That was after all the punishment the twenty-year-old Doane took at the hands of Dreamer, Tanaka, and Angle during the six-man main event. It truly was a career making performance for the youngster … but one that has made him many enemies. This week, broken ankle or not, Tommy Dreamer has promised to get his hands on Ken Doane. Eric Bischoff’s “Chosen One” had better grow eyes in the back of his head…

Also, as tired of all the uncompetitive matches as everyone else, The Redneck Wrecking Crew of Lance Cade and Trevor Murdoch were reported to have contacted Eric Bischoff directly demanding another shot at the tag team titles. Will the unstable General Manager bow to the demands of the tumultuous Texans or will it be another week of frustration for Cade ‘n’ Murdoch??

All this and more on Monday day RAW, 9/8CT on the USA Network.

Confirmed Matches;

First Time Ever Match | Kurt Angle vs Mike Awesome
Eight Man Tag Team Match | The World’s Greatest Tag Team, Gregory Helms & Chavo Guerrero vs The Sons of Samoa, Kenny Doane & Chris Masters




Raw will be posted tomorrow.

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Re: Legend Presents: WWE 2006 - Stop Your Grinnin' And Drop Your Linen

Tajiri vs. Mysterio and Super Crazy vs. Kid Kash? Damn, you're really going with the best match quality possible for the ECW weekend.

RAW looks pretty exciting too, with a great main event announced and the promise to find out the remaining members of Team RAW and Team ECW certainly being things to really look forward to. Eight man tag also looks like it's pretty much guaranteed to be awesome, and The Crew finally getting to do something other than squashes (hopefully) is something I'm very pleased to see.

Looking forward to it, man.

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Re: Legend Presents: WWE 2006 - Stop Your Grinnin' And Drop Your Linen

I haven't been following your thread much, next too nothing at all to be honest however I did skim over the past two pages getting the run down of what is happening and your ECW/WWE feuds are very interesting, I can't wait for One Night Stand.

Raw looks exceptional and I am sure you will get a few run ins here and there by ECW originals.

The matches so far announced are going to be off the hook, really good matches I have to say. And the missing people on the Raw team adn the ECW team is keeping me in suspense, I have absolutely no idea who is going to be on the Raw side but I have a feeling that Van Dam will be the fifth man in the ECW side even though the match is with his contract on the line, (If I am not mistaken, I just started reading your thread) and it would make the match just that more memerable.

I'll pop in when Raw is up, looks like you have a great few shows coming up into the PPV.

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Re: Legend Presents: WWE 2006 - Stop Your Grinnin' And Drop Your Linen

Monday Night RAW - June 5th, 2006; Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

“Fire you? Fire you? Who said anythin’ about firin’ you?”


The show kicks off without pyro, without an opening video, and without a cool video package, instead, Stevie Richards stands in the ring, dressed to compete, wearing an ‘ECW’ vest over his trunks. Microphone in hand, he pumps his fist in time to the rowdy crowd’s chants of “EC-DUB!”

Stevie Richards:


Stevie Richards:
The first thing you need to know about us in ECW, is that we let our WRESTLING do the talking

~ Big pop from the crowd.

Stevie Richards:
So, let’s not waste anymore time. If there is any Raw wrestler in that locker-room that wants to come out here and fight me RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW … I’m calling you out!!

~ The crowd gives the courageous Richards another good pop, as he throws down the mic and tears off his shirt, turning to see who steps up…


The crowd doesn’t respond much at first (except for the die-hard ECW fans obviously) for the unfamiliar music, but the noise soon picks up, accompanied by the initial gasps of “OH” … as the former two-time ECW World Heavyweight Champion and, as of last week, two-time traitor MIKE AWESOME strides down to the ring in his wrestling gear, wearing a ‘Raw’ vest over his trunks.

As soon as Awesome rolls inside the ring … RICHARDS BLASTS HIM WITH THE MIC!! The fight is on in Pittsburgh as referee Mike Chioda calls for the bell.

1 - Stevie Richards
vs. Mike Awesome

With the crowd roaring behind him, Richards hammers away on the 6”6, 300lb behemoth with everything he has, before trying to shoot him across the ring. Awesome easily reverses it though, sending Richards into the ropes … and Stevie comes back and leaps up … BUT GETS CAUGHT EASILY BY AWESOME!! Holding Richards like a child in a bearhug, Awesome LAUNCHES HIM OVERHEAD WITH THE BELLY TO BELLY SUPLEX!!

The crowd
“Ooh’s” and “ah’s”, as Richards oversells his ass off; he flops around the ring like a wet salmon following every big right hand from Awesome, before the former WWF Hardcore Champion tosses him into the corner and barrels into him with a huge running splash!! Throwing Stevie down to the mat, Awesome then charges across the ring, leaps up, and crushes the poor bastard with another massive splash!! 1 … 2 … NO!! Awesome angrily tosses Richards to the outside and proceeds to annihilate him out there as well, before finally rolling him back inside. As Stevie slowly pulls himself back up, Awesome grabs hold of the top rope, and PROPELS HIMSELF OVER THE TOP ROPE BACK AND BACK INTO THE RING WITH A SLINGSHOT SHOULDER BLOCK - WIPING RICHARDS OUT!! The crowd is stunned by the incredible offence of this monster, as Awesome beats his chest and screams at them, “WHO’S THE FUCKIN’ MAN??”

He sends Richards to the buckle once more, but gets caught charging in with a boot to the face. Seizing the opportunity, Stevie quickly connects with an impressive headscissors, actually managing to take the big man off his feet for the first time in the contest!! But Awesome IS ALREADY BACK UP, and he LARIATS Richards’s head right off his shoulders!! Lifting the smaller man back up, Awesome sticks his head in between his legs, brings him up high, and drives him back down into the mat with a brutal release Awesome Bomb!!

Richards looks done … but Awesome is far from it. With a crazy look in his eye, Awesome points outside the ring,
“WHO WANTS IT??” Those fans knowledgeable enough to know what he is one about cheer Awesome rampantly, and the beast exits the ring, throws up the ring apron, and pulls out … a table!!

Now everyone in the arena comes to life, as Awesome presses the huge table overhead and launches it into the ring. He erects it in the middle of the squared circle and places the seemingly lifeless Stevie Richards on top. Bischoff’s boy then begins to climb the turnbuckle.

Still with some fight left in him … Richards rolls off the table and rushes up the turnbuckle to cut the big man off. It doesn’t quite go to plan though, as Awesome completely overwhelms Richards up top and muscles him up over his shoulder, bringing the Mellon Arena to its feet. Standing up … AWESOME LEAPS OFF THE TOP ROPE - AWESOME BOMBING STEVIE RICHARDS THROUGH THE TABLE BELOW!!!!!

The crowd goes absolutely NUTS, and the
“Holy Shit” chants begin in earnest, as Awesome pumps his mighty arms ferociously before aggressively covering the motionless Richards.




Winner - Mike Awesome via pinfall at 4:51.

It’s a mixed reaction at the bell, as Awesome rolls off of the lifeless figure of Stevie Richards and has his hand raised by the official. Awesome eventually shoves Chioda away and stares there alone with his arms in the air, roaring into the crowd and just soaking up the animosity.

Joey Styles:
Ugh, what a piece of CRAP that man is!!

Jonathan Coachman:
He used to work for ECW? HE used to work for ECW?? That… that Greek God used to work for your dump?? I find that hard to believe.

As Awesome continues to pose in the ring, the cheers of the crowd suddenly pick up, drowning out Awesome’s music, and causing he and everyone else to turn and look up the ramp…

…where KURT ANGLE is forcing his way past a host of referees and other security personnel!

Joey Styles:
Oh my God!!

Jim Ross:
It’s- IT’S KURT ANGLE!! Kurt Angle wants a piece of Mike Awesome!!

Whilst Angle struggles on the ramp, Awesome yells at them from the ring, “LET HIM THROUGH! LET HIM THROUGH!” The former ECW World Champion shows absolutely no fear of the Olympic Gold Medallist, and beckons him on in.

Joey Styles:
Mike Awesome is even dumber than he looks!! Kurt Angle’s going to break his damn neck!!

Angle makes it to the ring … but so does everyone else unfortunately, and the two psychotic, enraged beasts find themselves separated by an entire army of workers, just trying to keep them at bay.

Joey Styles:
Aw, c’mon, let ‘em fight!!

Jonathan Coachman:
How about you fight Mike Awesome, Joey?

Unable to get to his intended target, Angle yells at one of the referees to get him a microphone then, and the terrified, zebra jersey wearing official quickly obliges, grabbing one from Lillian Garcia and handing it to Angle, who fumes over the dozen or so heads blocking his path at the similalrly pacing Awesome.

Kurt Angle:

~ “ANGLE! ANGLE! ANGLE! ANGLE!” One fan at ringside: “Kill ‘im, Kurt!”

Kurt Angle: (Motions to the fan)
You bet your ass I will. (To Awesome) That was one hell of a match … and I’ve gotta say… you’re a helluva wrestler.

~ Mixed reaction from the fans, as Awesome nods and Angle smirks.

Kurt Angle:
… But I’m better!!

~ Great pop from Pittsburgh for their hometown boy.

Kurt Angle:
So I came down here tonight because I KNOW that after last week everyone around the world doesn’t want to wait another freakin’ SECOND to see Kurt Angle and Mike Awesome tear each other apart!!

~ More cheers for the Olympian.

Kurt Angle:
Now I don’t care if it’s in New York City {boos} … I don’t care if it’s in Philadelphia {more boos} … but it’s not … it’s right here, TONIGHT, IN PITTSBURGH!!

~ Monstrous cheap pop for this, as Angle starts to get all fired up, foaming at the mouth.

Kurt Angle:
Mike Awesome I am gonna kick your ass!!

~ Pittsburgh roars once more, but Mike Awesome doesn’t appreciate Angle’s threats one bit and goes for The Wrestling Machine once again, causing the two men to have to be restrained once more!

Wait a second, wait a second, wait a second!

~ The familiar voice runs through the arena and everyone turns to see … co-General Manager Eric Bischoff heading toward the ring with microphone in hand, getting roundly booed.

Eric Bischoff:

~ More heat rings out, as the unstable Bischoff hops up onto the apron and enters the ring, approaching Angle.

Eric Bischoff:
Now, Kurt … you’re all fired up for getting a piece of Mike Awesome tonight?? Well, let me remind you that in just six days you will stepping inside a steel cage with that man!!

~ More boos, as Awesome flexes.

Eric Bischoff:
And inside that cage, he -- and the other four members of my team -- are going to tear, you, apart!!

~ Angle shakes his head furiously.

Eric Bischoff:
Just take a good, long, hard look at what happened to your team last week, Kurt… and in particular what happened to Tommy Dreamer’s ankle!

~ Huge heat, as Bischoff sneers arrogantly.

Eric Bischoff:
So if you want to DIE, then who am I to stop you?? If you want to commit SUICIDE by stepping into the ring with Mike Awesome tonight… then be, my, guest!!

~ The crowd boos furiously, but Bischoff doesn’t relent, as he continues to poke his finger right in Angle’s face, asking him, “Whaddya think of that, huh, Kurt?? Whaddya think of that??”

Kurt Angle:
Well I think we’re gonna have to agree to disagree on that one, Eric … but lemme make one thing very clear… (grabs Bischoff’s wrist) you keep sticking that finger in my face, I’m gonna break it in half and shove it right up your ass!!

~ HUGE cheers for this, as Bischoff swallows hard, and the security personnel quickly intervene to prevent any attack from taking place. Easy E quickly backs away.

Kurt Angle:
Come on, Bischoff! Just try me, you sunnuva bitch!!

~ Bischoff holds his hands up innocently.

Eric Bischoff:
Hey, hey take it easy there, Clint Eastwood… take it easy. Just… just calm down. There is a time and a place for fighting, and this… this isn’t it. You’ll get your chance later tonight.

~ The crowd boos the cowardice of Bischoff as he places the mic back down and turns to leave … before turning back quickly toward Angle as though thinking about a cheapshot, causing Kurt and the security to be distracted … ALLOWING MIKE AWESOME TO BLINDSIDE THE OLYMPIAN!

Jim Ross:
Hey, c’mon!!

Awesome hammers Angle down to the canvas viciously, as Bischoff yells at the security and the various referees, “LET ‘EM GO OR I’LL FIRE YOUR ASS!” They reluctantly do as their told, allowing Awesome to launch Angle across the ring and come charging in after him, CRUSHING HIM IN THE CORNER WITH A HUGE AWESOME SPLASH!

Joey Styles:
There’s gonna be nothing left of Kurt Angle to compete tonight!!

More “OH’s” go up around the Mellon Arena at the sight of their beloved hometown hero crumpling down in the corner and Mike Awesome driving his foot into his throat with all of his enormous strength! Across the ring Bischoff laughs manically at the crowd, turning away from the fight to jaw with them … and he doesn’t see Awesome hurriedly take off through the ropes…


Joey Styles:
Yeah! Now we’re talking!!

Jonathan Coachman:
Oh no! Eric, turn around!!

Awesome backs away up the ramp angrily, yelling at his boss to turn around. The crowd roars, desperate to see the General Manager get his comeuppance, and Easy soon begins to sense that something is amiss … and turns around … AND THE ECW WRESTLERS GO FOR HIM … BUT THE ARMY OF SECURITY QUICKLY BLOCK THEIR PATH, AND BISCHOFF ROLLS OUT OF THE RING!

Joey Styles: Ugh.

More boos erupt, along with a few chants of “Pussy”, as the smirking Bischoff retreats from the ringside area, tapping his temple and saying, “I don’t need this. I’m Eric Bischoff!”

Jim Ross:
Somethin’… there’s somethin’ not quite right in Eric Bischoff’s head.

Joey Styles:
That’s one hell of an understatement, J.R. … let’s face it… he’s gone nuts! This thing with ECW has driven Eric Bischoff over the edge!!

Jonathan Coachman: He’s
nuts?? HE’S nuts?? If Eric Bischoff’s nuts… then what the hell do you call that… that psychopath Terry Funk?? Normal??

Jim Ross:
Be that as it may, what an explosive start to our broadcast tonight, and what a main event signed for later on tonight… for the first time ever, Mike Awesome and Kurt Angle, one- on- one. Oh man, I can’t wait for that!

Back up on his feet in the ring, Angle kicks the ropes furiously and points up the ramp at Awesome, who returns the gesture in kind … and then some.


*Video Plays*

Narrator: It started out as a dream …

RVD flying over the ropes into Jerry Lynn.

Narrator: That became a reality …

Mike Awesome powerbombing Masato Tanaka.

Narrator: Last year the dream was relived …

Tommy Dreamer crashing through the flaming table.

Narrator: This year it will be reborn …

Sandman brawling through the crowd.

Narrator: This year ‘Extreme’ will live again …

Taz Tazplexing Shane Douglas.

Narrator: This year sees the return …

Sabu killing himself almost, as a voices echoes out.

“Of …”

Quick, wild shots of Dreamer, Sandman, RVD, Funk, Taz, Sabu and Awesome.

“… ECW.”

“ECW One Night Stand, June 11th, 8/7CT, live on pay-per-view”

*End video*

*Backstage - Promo Area*

We are backstage with three of the members of Team Raw, as Mr. Money in the Bank Carlito, his buddy, ‘The Masterpiece’ Chris Masters, and the emerging Kenny Doane all standing in front of the camera in their wrestling gear.

ECW … ‘dis Sunday night … it’s gonna be all over … for you.

~ Doane and Masters nod in agreement.

You’re all gonna be out of jobs … and Carlito is gonna be livin’ it up!

~ ‘Lito has a very evil chuckle, before turning and looking off camera.

Hey(waving) c’mere!

~ From out of screenshot … Val Venis enters, joining the group, with a very bemused expression on his face.

Val Venis:
What’s this all about, Carlito?

~ Carly turns and waves to the other side of the set.

Hey(beckoning) Mike!

~ A fired up MIKE AWESOME enters the set, still perspiring from his earlier ‘match’, and looking extremely pissed off. Val gulps, as CCC smirks.

Carlito doesn’t think Stevie was enough for you, big man(grabs Val) have another practice.

~ Awesome takes a few steps towards the jobber, as Masters and Doane block his escape.

Carlito: (Smirking)
Just- just picture Kurt Angle.

~ Val’s eyes light up with fear, as Awesome sizes the much smaller man up … BEFORE LARIATING HIS HEAD OFF AND DRAGGING HIM AWAY!

Carlito, Masters and Doane all watch off camera as the beating continues, laughing it up over the screams of poor Val. Doane turns to the camera.

Kenny Doane:
Tommy Dreamer … I know you’re in the building tonight… and I’d be more than willing to break your other ankle, if that’s what you want.

~ The beatdown continues.

Kenny Doane:
Because that’s what’ll happen, Tommy. Last week … I stomped that chair on your ankle and shattered it. I put you through a table. Last week … all I did was break your ankle. This week … if you come near me … I’ll break your neck!

~ As the groans and grunts continue, Doane slaps Masters on the chest.

Chris Masters:
Yeah, and… uh… maybe we’ll find out who the fifth member of our team is, right??

~ Doane and Carlito quickly clutch their chests, going, “Woah, woah, woah. Easy.”

Chris Masters:
Oh right, yeahtop secret… I forgot.

~ All three men start cackling evilly and rubbing their hands together, as the sounds of Awesomen’s ‘punch bag’ continue in the background. Carlito holds his briefcase up, looks into the camera, and pats the contract.

‘Das Cool.

~ More evil smiles, as the three youngsters turn to watch Awesome’s handiwork, evil smiles forming on each of their faces.

*Back to Ringside*

2 - Eight Man Tag Team Match
Kenny Doane, Chris Masters & The Sons of Samoa w/AAE
World Tag Team Chmps The World’s Greatest Tag Team, Gregory Helms & Chavo Guerrero

The match starts off with a bang, as all eight men brawl frantically around ringside, desperate to get their hands on one another. World Tag Team Champions Haas & Benjamin stun their monstrous Vengeance challengers enough to take them out to the floor, leaving Helms and Guerrero in the ring with Doane and The Masterpiece. The young heels get the better of their fellow Intercontinental challengers, before going outside after Haas and Benjamin.

The two All Americans quickly beat on Kenny and ‘Piece, before tossing them back inside. With Doane staggered, Chavito quickly hits the ropes … AND HELMS ALLEY-OOPS HIM OVERHEAD - RIGHT ONTO KENNY - INTO BEAUTIFUL DOUBLE-TEAM HURRICANRANA!! The crowd
“ooh’s” and “ah’s” at the impressive manoeuvre, as Doane rolls out of the ring, and Masters races back in … but Guerrero quickly counters into a flapjack - AND HELMS DROPKICKS MASTERS IN THE FACE, SENDING HIM BACK THE OTHER WAY!! There are more cheers for tag team work of Helms and Chavo, as Guerrero gets out of the ring and Helms covers The Masterpiece. 1... 2... NO!!

As everyone else finally takes their place on the apron, Masters manages to use his size to effective use, overpowering Helms and beating him down for a while. The Masterpiece is told by Estrada to tag in one of The Sons of Samoa, and the big lug, being the follower that he is, does just that and makes the tag to Umaga. As soon as he sees The Samoan Bulldozer coming his way, Helms quickly dives over to his corner and tags out to a fiery Charlie Haas!

The crowd goes wild, as Haas goes at it with the undefeated monster, standing toe-to-toe with the savage killer. Haas uses his speed to actually get the better of Umaga, and even dropkicks an angry Samu off the apron, before tagging in a desperate Shelton Benjamin. The Intercontinental Champion … SPRINGBOARDS INTO THE RING – NAILING UMAGA WITH A DROPKICK!! He drops both Doane and Masters with right hands too … before being nailed from behind illegally by Samu!!

The crowd boos, and the referee risks his life by trying to get The Samoan Cannonball out of the ring. Umaga quickly wipes Shelton out with a massive shot to the throat, and begins to choke the life out of hi in the corner. Every time the official is distracted (usually by Estrada); all four members of the heel team swarm in and beat the holy hell out of the double champion!! Samu is brought back in, and he continues his partner’s work, targeting the shoulder and arm of the youngster, before making another tag, this time to Chris Masters. The young powerhouse does a similar job on Benjamin’s fragile joint … until suddenly Shelton suddenly takes him down with a quick double-leg, pounding away on The Masterpiece!! The crowd roars … but Umaga is quickly in to put a stop to it with a swift kick to the ribs of Benjamin. The official berates The Bulldozer, allowing Samu to illegally get in some shots unseen. Masters quickly tags Doane back in, putting him back to work on the arm.

Benjamin is able to counter Kenny, scoring with the DRAGON WHIP!! The dazed cheerleader quickly tags out to Samu, but both Sons of Samoa hit the ring to cut Shelton off. ‘Mu tosses the double champion into the corner, and Estrada immediately leaps up onto the apron, distracting the referee … SO UMAGA, DOANE AND MASTERS CAN BEAT THE HELL OUT OF BENJAMIN BEHIND HIS BACK!!

Haas, Helms, and Guerrero quickly charge around the ringside area and attack the three villains, sparking and all-out brawl on the floor once again!! Back inside the ring, Samu glances at the carnage outside, before turning … BAM! SHELTON SCORES WITH A SUPERKICK!!

Samu stays on his feet, but looks staggered, and Benjamin quickly takes this opportunity to tag out to the first man to make it over to his corner, which turns out to be Gregory Helms!! Helms hammers away on the big Samoan Cannonball, showing his fire, before going for an Irish whip … but Samu reverses it … AND NAILS HELMS WITH A SAMOAN DROP!! 1... 2... NO!! HAAS BREAKS IT UP WITH A MOONSAULT OFF THE TOP ROPE!!!

The crowd goes nuts, and Samu doesn’t have a clue where he is, after having a 240lb man land on the back of his head. As he lies there … MASTERS QUICKLY RUSHES BACK IN -- but Haas ducks - PLANTING HIM WITH A GERMAN SUPLEX!! Doane comes in too … AND RECEIVES A GERMAN OF HIS OWN!! The crowd goes wild for one-half of the World Tag Team Champions, as Haas pounds his chest with intensity … BUT ARMANDO ESTRADA GRABS HIS FOOT!! Using that momentary distraction, Masters and Doane quickly tackle Haas down and drags him out to the floor!!

Back inside the ring, Helms manages to lay across the stunned Samu … BUT THE REFEREE ISN’T THERE!! Jack Doan is too busy berating the other six men fighting outside the ring, and he doesn’t even notice Umaga roll back inside from the opposite side, storm over to Helms, drag him up by the hair … AND TAKE HIS HEAD OFF WITH THE SAMOAN SPIKE!!!!!

and boos ring out as Helms goes down in a heap, and Estrada quickly yells at Samu to cover the man. ‘Mags gets out of the ring, as his tag team partner makes the pin. 1... 2... 3!!!

Winners - Sons of Samoa, Doane & Masters via pin fall at 8:34.

The crowd boos loudly, as Samu pops back up to his feet and quickly shoves Jack Doan out of the way, letting out an animalistic roar instead. Guerrero, Benjamin and Haas help Helms out of the ring and check on him, glowering up at the victorious team in the ring, with Armando Estrada dancing away obnoxiously in front of them all.


*Video Plays*

Narrator: Blood has been spilled …

Shawn Michaels nailing John Cena with a steel chair.

Narrator: Tears have been shed …

Cena being stretchered out on a gurney.

Narrator: Wars have been waged …

HBK holding up Cena’s dog tags.

Narrator: Battle lines have been drawn …

Cena FU’ing Michaels at WrestleMania.

Narrator: Enemies have been made …

Elbow Drop through the announce table at Backlash.

Narrator: All in the name …

Cena and Michaels both bloody and enraged.

“Of …”

Quick, rapid shots of everything Cena and HBK have done to one another this year.

“… Vengeance.”

“WWE Vengeance, June 25th, 8/7CT, live on pay-per-view”

*Video Ends*

*Cut To Video - Striker’s Classroom - Pre-Taped Promo*

We see a chalkboard with the word ‘EXTREME’ written upon it in huge letters, before the camera slowly pulls out, revealing to us someone not seen on WWE television for several months, Matt Striker, sat at his desk, wearing his usual hideous sweater, and smiling sycophantically.

Matt Striker
: Hello, students it is I your teacher … Matt Striker.

~ Striker smiles smugly.

Matt Striker:
As I’m sure you were all aware… your teacher has been missing from Raw for several months.

~ Shaking his head, Striker feigns ‘sadness’.

Matt Striker:
Believe me … the angst you all felt at my absence was nothing compared to the sorrow your teacher felt for all the lessons you… his loyal students… were missing.

~ Striker touches his shoulder.

Matt Striker:
But it was unavoidable. You see, your teacher suffered a debilitating shoulder injury. This joint here(rubs his shoulder) was pulled completely out of its socket. You see, my students, the shoulder joint is made up of three bones theclavicle(touches his collarbone) thescapula(touches his shoulder blade) and thehumerus(indicates his upper arm bone)as well as associated muscles, ligaments and tendons. The articulations between the bones of the shoulder make up the shoulderjoints and it goes without saying that any one of these are damaged the results can be very, very serious.

~ He brings his shoulder back down.

Matt Striker:
I was unable to wrestle … and as a result… (shakes his head) I was unable to continue my lessons to the WWE.

~ Striker looks ‘upset’.

Matt Striker:
But now I’m back … and our lessons can recommence.

~ Smiling, Striker stands up and picks up his pointer.

Matt Striker:
An issue that I feel particularly strong about … thanks largely to the injury I suffered while competing … is the notion … of what it is… (underlines the word on the chalkboard) to be ‘extreme’.

~ Striker ponders the word for a moment.

Matt Striker:
Let’s see what our friend the dictionary says about this word, shall we?

~ Retrieving a dictionary from the shelf behind, Striker begins flicking through.

Matt Striker:
Ah yes, here we are. It defines the term ‘Extreme’ as, to begin with(reading) “The Most remote in any direction; outermost or farthest” …or… “Being in or attaining the greatest or highest degree; very intense” … or… “Extending far beyond the norm” or “Of the greatest severity; drastic.”

~ Striker runs his finger down the page.

Matt Striker:
But what I feel is most relevant to our lesson today is how the word ‘Extreme’ is defined in relation to sport. After all… professional wrestling is a sport.

~ He finds what he’s looking for.

Matt Striker:
In relation to sport, it says… (reads) Very dangerous or difficult: such as extreme rafting” … and… “Participating or tending to participate in a very dangerous or difficult sport: such as an extreme skier.”

~ Striker closes the book with a satisfied sigh.

Matt Striker:
“Very dangerous … or difficult.” That’s what it says, my students. It was the dictionary, not I… and we all know that the dictionary … is never wrong.

~ He pats the book.

Matt Striker:
Professional wrestling by its very nature is very dangerous and remarkably difficult. You only need to look at my shoulder to see that. Or, better yet… ask a monster Kane… ask a sweet little thing like Maria… ask Eugene… ask Goldust… or even … ask … The Undertaker just how dangerous this job is.

~ Striker’s face darkens rather suddenly.

Matt Striker:
So what I want to know… if professional wrestling is already ‘Extreme’ enough… why does a company like… (twists his face) Extreme … Championship … Wrestling … feel it necessary to make it even more so??

~ He shakes his head.

Matt Striker: Barbed wire
flaming torchesbranding irons … this isn’t wrestling. This is nothing but barbarism designed by men who cannot compete on the same level … as men such as your teacher … men such as our esteemed WWE Champion, The Big Show … men such as the celebrated holder of the Money in the Bank contract, Carlito … or men such as the genetically superior ‘Masterpiece’, Chris Masters.

~ As he speaks, Striker pins up pictures of each of the Raw superstars over the word ‘Extreme’ on the chalkboard.

Matt Striker:
Individuals such as The Sandman … such as Tommy Dreamer … Masato Tanaka, Steven Richards, Balls Mahoney … and even Terry Funk … they could never hope to reach our level. Simply look at them… (pins up more picture) and then look at your teacher.

~ Striker gives a little twirl.

Matt Striker:
Slim, muscular and handsome … without a scar on my well-chiselled physique … I don’t consume alcoholic beverages … I don’t indulge in addictive substance such as nicotine … I am in the best shape of my life … just like every single member of Eric Bischoff’s Ultimate Jeopardy team.

~ He points to their pictures.

Matt Striker:
Jealousy … is terrible thing. It drives men to… (smirks) extremes. In the case of ECW… in order to try and compete with a company of superior athletes like the WWE, they have attempted to tap into that part of the human psyche we try to hide, to suppress in order to maintain our sanity … that being … our bloodlust.

~ Striker nods.

Matt Striker:
Certainly … it’s thrilling to see a man fall twenty feet though a stack of tables … or have his flesh torn apart by barbed wire … or bleed right before our very eyes. But it is also just as thrilling … to be in a car wreck … and it doesn’t take a genius like me to know that isn’t good for you.

~ A little smug smirk crosses his lips.

Matt Striker:
It doesn’t take a genius to understand that the more car wrecks you’re in… sooner or later… it’s going to cost you more than just a few deep breaths.

~ He shakes his head again.

Matt Striker:
That’s what Terry Funk and the rest of those savages fail to understand. Professional wrestling has existed for so because of OUR style … not their thrill-seeking, life risking, bloody, barbaric, butcher shop style of wrestling.

~ Striker shows a little more fire here.

Matt Striker:
It doesn’t take a genius to swing a baseball bat… and last week Team Raw proved their superiority by using that part of their anatomy that wrestlers from ECW think only fit for smashing beer cans against … their heads… their brains… their minds.

~ He raps his finger against his temple smartly.

Matt Striker:
Team Raw beat ECW at their own game … simply by using their vastly superior intellect. With one phone call to an old friend … and with a quick monetary transaction … Raw acquired not only a former ECW World Heavyweight Champion … but quite possibly the most impressive physical specimen in the HISTORY of professional wrestling … Mike, Awesome.

~ Striker sighs in admiration.

Matt Striker:
Eric Bischoff … is a genius. And trust me … it takes one … to know one.

~ Another smug smile from the former teacher.

Matt Striker:
This weekend, my students … you are going to receive your most important lesson of all … as Eric Bischoff’s team of five superior Monday Night Raw athletes DESTROYS Terry Funk’s band of ECW misfits, ridding this sport of their kind FOREVER … and proving once and for all … that to be ‘Extreme’ … is the road … to nothing … but failure.

Matt Striker
: And remember my name is Matt Striker…

~ Huge shit-eating grin.

Matt Striker
: Your teacher.
*Back to Ringside*

Joey Styles:
Ladies and gentlemen, earlier we heard, from his home in West Newberry, Massachusetts … from former United States and WWE Champion … John Cena…

*Video Plays*

- The music begins as we return to Backlash, almost five weeks ago, with clips of the gruelling 30+ minute war between Kurt Angle and John Cena over the WWE Championship, the two great rivals hitting each other with absolutely everything in their respective arsenals.

Jim Ross: Good God Almighty! What is it gonna take to put one of these men – one of these great warriors away??

- In the end it’s Cena who appears to be the better man on the night, as he plants Angle with the THIRD F-U of the match and covers him, hooking both legs, closing his eyes tight.


- Before the official’s hand can come down for three ... A CAMERAMAN PULLS HIM OUT OF THE RING AND DROPS HIM WITH A RIGHT!

Jim Ross: That- that- that- What the hell did he do that- AW, SON OF A BITCH!

- J.R.’s reaction is perfectly justified, as the cameraman turns out to be nothing of the sort ... but ‘THE HEARTBREAK KID’ SHAWN MICHAELS!

Jonathan Coachman: WHAT’S HE DOING HERE??




- The image turns to black and white as the tone gets darker at the sight of Cena clutching at his now bloody face, and HBK tossing various people out of the way to get his hands on a steel chair, before rolling back inside.




- After beating Cena virtually lifeless, Michaels actually drags, extremely reluctantly, his old rival Kurt Angle on top of the challenger, before retrieving Mike Chioda from outside, tossing some water in his face and sliding him back inside to make the groggy count.


- Cena is unable to kick out, and Chioda counts to three, symbolically ending any chance the youngster ever had of beating Kurt Angle for the title. Michaels watches on from outside.

Joey Styles: I- this is absolutely disgusting. Shawn Michaels is a sick, sick man after what he just did to ruin one of the best WWE Championship matches I have ever seen.

Jonathan Coachman: You know usually I’d be the first to rub it in that John Cena can never challenge for the WWE title again, but right now I feel so sick that I don’t even want to mention it. I’m one of Shawn Michaels’ biggest fans, and even I know what he just did was–


- HBK re-enters the ring after the match and stands over the two men, as Chioda tries desperately to keep him at bay.

Mike Chioda: No, get outta here, Shawn!



- The Showstopper goes into an absolute delirium of insanity, keeping all of the other officials away from the ring by waving a chair around like a flail and slamming it off the ropes!

Shawn Michaels: C’mon, I dare ya’, see what happens!Get the hell back!

- HBK then doesn’t just lay Cena out on the announce table, he drapes the (then) WWE Champion over Cena as well, and ascends to the top rope.

Joey Styles: What’s he gonna DO??




Joey Styles: Oh - my - God.

- Pulling on the crowd barricade and holding his ribs, Shawn Michaels staggers back up to his feet, stumbling backward slightly so that he stands at the head of his fallen foes.

Joey Styles: Something’s gone wrong in Shawn’s head!

- The reaction that fills the arena is as mixed as one can get, yet DEAFENING, as HBK makes his first appearance in a WWE arena since WrestleMania 22.

Jim Ross: What happened to you, Shawn?

- As the officials finally pluck up the courage to enter the ring and check on Mike Chioda, Kurt Angle and John Cena remain cold and still, eyes closed, and Cena bloodied.

Jim Ross: (Echoing) What happened to you, Shawn?

- Final shot of Shawn Michaels, eyes closed in ecstasy, slowly raises his arms into the air.

*End video*

*Cut To Video - West Newberry, Massachusetts - Pre-Taped Promo*

At first all we can see is the top of someone’s head, as they are leaned forwards in the chair rubbing their neck. With a sigh, John Cena slowly sits back up, showing us the grim look on his face. He wears a dark jacket over a white t-shirt, his dog tags visible over the top. There is no cap on his head though, just a lot of stitches. He lets out a sigh.

John Cena:
Yeah… I, uh… I guess I should apologise if this interview ain’t everythin’ it should be.

~ Cena runs a hand over his eyes.

John Cena:
Thing is… the thing is I’m not thinkin’ all that clear right now.

~ He looks around anxiously, unable to really maintain eye contact with the camera.

John Cena:
See … over a month ago … I think it was… uh… April 30th? Yeah… yeah, April 30th. On April 30th … I received … a grade three concussion that put me on the shelf for a month.

~ Touching his head gingerly, Cena winces.

John Cena:
A grade three’s pretty serious. It’s the kind of head injury that puts you out for a month right off the bat … no questions asked. You take another shot to the head after that … you’re lookin’ at another six months … or even your career.

~ He looks up slightly.

John Cena:
That’s brain damage … that’s what that is. You’ve taken so many shots to your head … you can’t think straight… can’t see straight … hell, you can barely function as a human bein’ anymore!!

~ Cena cuts himself off before he gets to angry.

John Cena:
Nah… nah… I ain’t gonna get angry. I’m not gonna give him the satisfaction.

~ He shakes his head at the very mention.

John Cena:
Besides… how can I get angry… about somethin’ I don’t even understand??

~ Cena screws his face up in bitter confusion.

John Cena:
You try to cave in my skull ‘cause(scoffs) because little girls like to scream my name now in arenas instead of yours?? Are you serious?? You really expect anyone to believe that? You really expect me to believe that??

~ Narrowing his eyes, he waves his hand in disagreement.

John Cena:
That ain’t nothin’ but a BULLSHIT lie and you KNOW IT, Shawn!! Don’t try to hide behind that shit just because you’re too much of a BITCH to come out and say it… to come out and admit that you just can’t handle the fact that John Cena … is more of a MAN than you ever were!!

~ The saliva starts to fly.

John Cena:
That … I can understand, Shawn. I can understand that you’re a sad, pathetic, lonely old man who can’t let go of his glory days. I can understand that seein’ all of these people cheer for every week must just eat you up inside.

~ Cena sneers.

John Cena:
But your answer to that(points at his stitches) is THIS?? Your answer to all your jealousies is to come down to the ring… break a camera in my face… almost BLIND ME… and beat me half to death with a steel chair!? THAT’S your Goddamn answer!?

~ He stares into the camera psychotically.

John Cena:
What kind of man does that make you, Shawn?? You coulda’ just asked me for a match if you had a problem with me. We coulda’ settled this in the ring like REAL men do.

~ Cena shakes his head quickly.

John Cena:
But we all know that ain’t how Shawn Michaels rolls right?? We all know what a lyin’ sunnuva bitch you are, so I guess I shouldn’t have expected any less … from The Heartbreak Kid.

~ There’s a pause, as Cena leans back again and lets out another sigh.

John Cena:
But I’ve been out for a month. For one whole month I’ve done nothin’ but sit on my ass with a brace around my neck… seein’ Shawn Michaels’ face everywhere I look. Onewholemonth.

~ Cena places extra emphasis on the last three words.

John Cena:
I hope you’re scared, Shawn … ‘cause you damn well oughta’ be.

~ Cena’s eyes flare wildly.

John Cena:
If I’m gonna be out for six months after this match… then so be it. Because you ain’t gonna be out for six months, Shawn … … your ass is gonna be done for GOOD when I get through with you at Vengeance!!

~ Snarling, Cena looks away before quickly looking back.

John Cena:
And I don’t mean your career.

~ Cena leans forwards menacingly.

John Cena:
Shawn… for what you did to me at Backlash… for what you put me through this past month … Shawn… when I get my hands on you at Vengeance … … I’m gonna f**king kill you.

~ Cena’s stare is borderline psychotic, as he eyeballs the camera intensely, before tearing off his microphone and saying to someone off screen, “That’s it. I’m done” and storming off in a very abrupt and angry fashion.


*Video Plays*

Narrator: Before ECW returns home to New York City, there is another home they must visit...

Shot of the ECW Arena.

Narrator: The most iconic building this industry has ever known...

Flashing clips of the ECW fans inside.

Narrator: …Is Reborn.

Shot of Tommy Dreamer amongst the masses as “This Is Extreme” plays.

Narrator: The Innovator of Violence Tommy Dreamer ...

Shot of Dreamer cracking Raven over the head with a chair.

Narrator: The Hardcore Icon The Sandman ...

Shot of Sandman busting himself open with a beer can.

Narrator: The Homicidal, Suicidal, Genocidal, Death Defying Maniac Sabu ...

Shot of Sabu crashing through a table.

Narrator: And The Living Legend Terry Funk.

Shot of Funk wielding the barbed wire.

Narrator: On June 10th, ECW …

Shot of Sabu pointing to the sky.

Narrator: Returns Home to Philly …

Famous shot of Sandman and Woman.

Narrator: For One …

Shot of Dreamer busted open.


Shot of Funk holding up the ECW World Heavyweight Championship.


Shots of Cactus Jack and Terry Funk being showered with chairs at Heatwave 1994.

“WWE vs. ECW: Head to Head, June 10th, 8/7CT, live on pay-per-view”

*Video Ends*

*Back to Ringside*

Joey Styles waits in the ring, microphone in hand.

Joey Styles:
As I’m sure you all know, just two weeks ago on May 15th in Texas, WWE history was made

~ The boos begin.

Joey Styles:
And right here tonight, as requested, in this very ring, for the first time since crowning a NEW WWE Champion, we will hear from the man himself.

~ Crowd buzzes.

Joey Styles:
So at this time, please welcome your NEW WWE CHAMPION … THE BIG SHOW!!!


The boos immediately pick up, as the music of the new WWE Champion hits over the PA, and everyone in the arena turns to face the entrance stage. Around the titantraon, the pyro explodes as it would normally, but there is still no sign of the man himself. Joey Styles waits patiently in the ring, looking to ringside and shrugging his shoulders, but even they don’t seem to know what’s going on. After a few moments, a figure finally emerges through the curtain ... it’s Paul Bearer.

The heat increases, as the rotund, grotesque manager slowly saunters down the aisle, clad in his usual pitch-black suit, and carrying that mysterious burlap sack under his arm. As he approaches the ring, the fat man ascends the ring steps and forces a stagehand to hold the ropes open for him, which the kid does. Bearer enters the ring, smiling sickeningly, as the music ends, and he holds his hand out for the mic, which Styles hands him.

Paul Bearer:
Don’t… don’t be alarmed, Joey Styles. Mah’ giant is here… in fact he’s in the back right now… watchin’. He simply … chose not ta’ come down to the ring, Joey Styles.

~ More boos.

Paul Bearer:
Now… ordinarily a new champion would be all too glad to come down ta’ the ring and speak his mind ta’ the world … but let me remind you all … mah’ giant … is no ordinary man. Mah’ giant only gets in this ring … if he’s going to knock … somebody … out.

~ Mixed reaction.

Paul Bearer:
So this weekend … in Philadelphia AND New York City … he’ll be right here … in … this … ring.

~ The crowd boos again, as Bearer looks up at them smugly, obviously extremely pleased with himself…



What the hell???


Paul Bearer can’t believe it either. The crowd reacts somewhat indifferently, as ECW’s Danny Doring and his tag team partner Roadkill come walking down the ramp, talking to each other and smirking. Bearer wears a disgusted look on his face, as Doring slides inside the ring, and Roadkill stomps up the steps and enters. Doring holds out his hand for the microphone, and the pudgy Bearer reluctantly hands it over.

Danny Doring:
Mr. Bearer … this has been goin’ on long enough.

~ Bearer cocks his head, “Oh really?”

Danny Doring:
You’ve taken out two innocent people in Eugene and Dustin Rhodes … and you’ve taken out a young lady in Maria… who never even got the chance to get to know(gyrates his hips) Danny Doring.

~ A few members of the audience laugh, but Val soon gets serious.

Danny Doring:
So… on behalf of ECW… my friend and I think it’s about time somebody took you out.

~ The crowd starts to get behind the bizarre tag team, as they advance on Bearer. The pudgy manager smirks and snatches the mic back.

Paul Bearer:
Now, gentlemen(the crowd starts screaming) I’d think twice if ah’ was you…


Jim Ross:
Hey!! C’mon, what the hell!?

The crowd boos, as the monstrous WWE Champion stands over the two men, and Bearer quickly waddles out of the way, cackling manically.

Paul Bearer:
Well then, gentlemen … if you feel so sorry for those people … JOIN THEEEEM!!!

Roadkill staggers backwards into one corner, holding the back of his head in pain, as a desperate Danny Doring quickly nips up to the second turnbuckle … AND LEAPS OFF … BUT BIG SHOW CATCHES HIM LIKE A CHILD!

The “ooh’s” and “ah’s” ring out around the arena, as Big Show swings Doring around … BREAKING HIM IN HALF WITH THE COBRA CLUTCH BACKBREAKER … BEFORE FLINGING HIM ACROSS THE RING LIKE A RAG DOLL!

Jim Ross:

Jonathan Coachman:
Ha-ha, I think he’s dead. Ha-ha-ha!!!

Big Show then angrily turns around, and sees the massive Roadkill staggering out of the corner towards him. The WWE Champion balls up his mighty fist … AND DECKS ROADKILL RIGHT IN THE FACE WITH THE KNOCKOUT PUNCH!

Jonathan Coachman:
Okay, NOW he’s dead!

Thunderous “OH’s” go up, as Kill’s eyes roll up into his head, and the Amish Warrior collapses to the mat in an unconscious heap. Paul Bearer yells at his giant, “YES, YES, COVER HIM, COVER HIM!” Big Show places a single foot across the chest of the fallen Roadkill and raises his arms triumphantly into the air, as Bearer quickly gets on his hands and knees and count the “One, two, three.”

Jim Ross:
Well that was unnecessary.

The crowd boos the bullshit cover, but Big Show celebrates anyway. The giant grabs the WWE title belt off the mat and quickly leaves the ring again, being applauded all the way by the gushing Paul Bearer, as their music begins to play over the PA.

Joey Styles is about to leave the ring, when…

???: (Off screen)

The crowd doesn’t boo at first, not recognising the voice, but pretty soon the heat starts up, as The Redneck Wrecking Crew, Lance Cade and Trevor Murdoch, emerge from the gorilla position, both carrying microphones, with Murdoch obviously doing the yelling. The two big Texans, dressed in jeans and plaid, carry ominous looking scowls upon their countenances.

Trevor Murdoch: (Pointing at the crowd)
What have ya’ gone all quiet for!? Shouldn’t ya’ll be bouncin’ on your seats… shoutin, “EC-DUB! EC-DUB! EC-DUB!” crap like that!?

~ The crowd gets on his case.

Trevor Murdoch:
I coulda’ sworn I heard ya chantin’ that trash earlier??

~ Cade and Murdoch begin to approach the ring, where Joey Styles begins to look very nervous.

Trevor Murdoch:
C’mon, boys ‘n’ girls… (kicking the barricade) ain’t that what ya’ll want!? Ya pay to see Monday Night Raw … but ya’ll cheer for ECW anyway… ain’t that right??


Trevor Murdoch: (Looking up quickly)

~ The RWC go nuts at ringside, as the crowd continues the chant.

Trevor Murdoch:
YOU… (pointing into the crowd, leaning over the barricade) YOU! FAT BOY!

~ The camera shows us some random obese fan heckling Murdoch, who makes to jump the rail, having to be restrained by Cade.

Trevor Murdoch:
If you don’t shut ya stinkin’ mouth I’m gonna come in there and break that goddamn chair right over your fat head, ya hear me, boy??

~ The fan gives as good as he gets, and Cade quickly interjects.

Lance Cade:
I’d listen to him if I were you! You don’t wanna… (pulls Murdoch back) you don’t wanna see him when he really loses it, trust me!

Trevor Murdoch: (Still pointing at the fan)


Trevor Murdoch: (Lunging)

~ Cade finally manages to get Murdoch away from the barricade, and they approach the ring once more and roll inside, with Trevor seething, and constantly looking over his shoulder.

Lance Cade: (Motions at Joey)
How’re doin’ there, Mr. Styles? Havin’ fun tonight?

~ Styles shrugs, saying, “I’m doing fine thanks.”

Lance Cade:
That’s good. I’ll tell you one thing, Mr. Styles… (steps a little closer) you’ve sure been havin’ a lot of fun these past few weeks ain’t that right?

~ Frowning, Styles brings his mic up again.

Joey Styles:
Look… (stepping up)I think we all know why you’re out here, guys, so can we just cut to the chase?

Trevor Murdoch: HEY

~ Murdoch shoves Styles in the chest angrily.

Trevor Murdoch:
You watch your mouth, boy!

~ Cade pats Trev on the shoulder, letting him know “It’s all good”, before turning back to an extremely brave Joey Styles.

Lance Cade:
Alright, alright… (nodding) no small talk, huh?

Joey Styles:
If Mr. Bischoff sent you out here to fire me… then just fire me already. I don’t need this crap.

~ Cade looks confused and turns to his partner, before turning back.

Lance Cade: Fire
you? Fire you? Who said anythin’ about firin’ you?




The crowd goes INSANE with heat, as poor Joey Styles goes down like a ton of fuckin’ bricks, bits of his broken glasses flying all over the place, and both Cade and Murdoch immediately JUMP OVER HIM AND PROCEED TO BEAT THE CRAP OUT OF THE FORMER ECW ANNOUNCER!!

Jim Ross:

Cade sees J.R. standing up, and quickly points a finger in Ross’ direction, telling him to “Back the fuck off, Oklahoma boy!” Murdoch is like a maniac though, as he POUNDS AWAY ON STYLES WITH FURIOUS RIGHT, in the corner, so everything is slightly obscured!

Jim Ross:
Good damn- this is that damn Eric Bischoff’s doin’!! He’s put these two Texan thugs up to this!!

Bending down with his leather strap, Cade fiddles around for a minute, before DRAGGING JOEY STYLES UP BY THE NECK, WITH THE STRAP WRAPPED AROUND HIS THROAT, slamming his chin on the top rope so that his face is on full view for the world to see!

Gone are his famous spectacles, replaced by what looks to be a broken nose! The crowd lets out another stream of “OH’S” as the cameras close in on the gruesome sight, and Murdoch SAVAGELY HAMMERS AWAY SOME MORE!!

Jim Ross:
Somebody needs to do something!

Jonathan Coachman:
I’m not stopping you, J.R.

Jim Ross:
And what the hell is me gettin’ my ass kicked as well gonna achieve, Coach!?

With another strong tug, Cade brings Styles slithering out of the ropes and onto the mat, where he lands with a SPLAT, led by the neck like nothing more than a dog! Murdoch quickly follows, LASHING JOEY ACROSS THE BACK WITH HIS OWN LEATHER STRAP, drawing more “OH’S” and thunderous boos from the horrified audience!!

Still dragging Styles by the neck, Cade takes the long route, stomping up the steel ring steps, his cowboy boys echoing all around the arena, bring the helpless commentator with him! Joey is gasping and bleeding and struggling, but it’s of no use, as Cade pushes him under the bottom rope and back into the ring, before following in after him, wearing a HUGE grin on his young face!

Jim Ross:
Yeah, yeah, you’re a real tough guy, huh!? Beatin’ up a commentator!?

Cade yells something to Murdoch, and the erratic Texan grabs his mic off the floor, as Cade continues to STOMP AWAY ON STYLES with vicious efficiency!! After handing Lance the mic, Murdoch takes over the stomping, as Cade turns on the spot, with the mic to his lips.

Lance Cade:
C’mon… (breathlessly, pointing about him) C’MON… ECW, WHERE ARE YA!? WE’VE GOT YOUR BOY JOEY STYLES HERE, ECW, WHERE YA AT!?

The only response Cade gets are more THUNDEROUS boos from his fellow Texans, and he angrily turns back to Murdoch, who is now down on his knees, just SLUGGING JOEY STYLES IN THE FACE OVER AND OVER AND OVER AGAIN! Cade grabs his partner’s attention, telling him to “Get him up” and the two men drag the limp Styles to his feet.

Jim Ross:
Oh, c’mon, STOP THAT!!!

As Cade holds him, Murdoch reaches up and TEARS OFF JOEY’S SHIRT, mockingly using it to mop the sweat from his own brow, before tossing it away, Draping Styles across the top rope chest first, Cade holds him in position, as Murdoch grabs his leather strap, holding it up high for everyone in the arena to see, greeted by boos and jeers and rage from all the fans, and he picks up the stray mic.

Trevor Murdoch:
Hey… hey, Sandman… (takes a breath) Dreamer, Tanaka, all o’ ya’ll. It’s real simple. All… all ya have to do is bring your sorry hides down to this ring, and we… (wipes his face) we’ll let little Joey go home.

Murdoch waits a moment, as the crowd eats into him with a tremendous “YOU SUCK!” chant, which seems to get under his skin. After a while, Trev shakes his head, saying, “Don’t look like they’re comin’”, before turning around, rearing back, and LASHING JOEY STYLES RIGHT ACROSS HIS BARE BACK WITH THE LEATHER STRAP!!

Jim Ross:

Jonathan Coachman:

Ross and Coach show sympathy for their broadcast colleague, but both men are too afraid, seemingly, to actually try and help the poor soul. Styles thrashes around in agony on the ropes, yelling with pain, as a grimacing Cade holds him steady, for Murdoch to DELIVER A SECOND LASHING RIGHT ACROSS THE SPINE!!!

Jim Ross:
Dammit, you’ve made your point!

“OHHH’S” rumbles through the arena, as the sickening SMACK of leather on naked flesh ECHOES around the United Spirit Center! Joey Styles has all but passed out from the pain, but that doesn’t seem to deter Cade & Murdoch, WHO LASH HIM AGAIN … AND AGAIN … AND AGAIN … AND AGAIN!! After every blow the duo turn and look around the arena, as if expecting an invasion of ECW superstars at any moment … but none appear.

Joey’s back is red raw and bleeding, as Cade tosses him down to the bloody mat like a sack of wet cement, and Murdoch BRINGS HIS BOOT UP ONCE MORE–


Another big-time mixed reaction fills the arena (c’mon, it’s Mike fuckin’ Awesome for God’s sake) as the former ECW World Heavyweight Champion and Judas motherfuckin’ Iscariot of Extreme Championship Wrestling, MIKE AWESOME comes stomping down to the ring, where Cade ‘n’ Murdoch continue to put the boots to Joey Styles.

Jim Ross:
Oh God oh God, what is this now??

Awesome rolls into the ring, marches up to the two rednecks ... and grins at them. Cade ‘n’ Murdoch smile back, as Awesome gestures for them to pick Joey up, saying, “Gimme’ that piece of crap.”

Jonathan Coachman:
Now Mike Awesome wants a piece of Joey Styles!!

The Redneck Wrecking Crew do as they’re told and drag a helpless Joey Styles up by the arms, holding him in place for the behemoth facing them. Awesome grabs Styles’ jaw and screams at him, “Looks like you’re the one with a broken neck!” The crowd begins screaming, as Awesome rears back

Jim Ross:


The crowd goes absolutely NUTS, as Cade ‘n’ Murdoch quickly get the hell out of dodge at the sight of the rabid Olympian, who pounds away on Awesome with right hands, before charging across the ring with him and tossing him through the ropes to the floor outside!!

Jim Ross:
It’s Kurt Angle!!

Jonathan Coachman:
Where the hell did HE come from!?

Awesome almost lands on his feet and turns angrily to face the ring again ... BUT ANGLE CATAPULTS HIMSELF THROUGH THE ROPES, CRASHING INTO AWESOME IN A SUICIDAL PSYCHOTIC FASHION!!

The crowd EXPLODES once more, as Angle pops right back up to his feet and throws his arms out wide, roaring into the night! The “ANGLE” chants boom out around the building, and Mike Awesome lies in a heap at the foot of the ramp.

Jim Ross:
Good God, this is- this is crazy out here!! Joey Styles is bein’ helped out of the ring, and now Angle and Awesome are beatin’ the hell out of each other!

Angle quickly rolls inside the ring (where Joey Styles has been helped out of) and turns around, motioning for Awesome to follow him. “C’MON, ASSHOLE,” yells the Olympian, sending the former ECW World Heavyweight Champion into a frenzy. Awesome boots the guardrail, damn-near breaking it, before pointing up at Angle and saying, “YOU’RE GONNA FUCKING DIE!” Awesome charges ahead and slides straight into the ring, where Angle starts hammering away on the big man with more heavy right hands!!

The crowd continues to blow the roof off the joint, as Mike Chioda quickly races down the ramp and rolls under the bottom rope, yelling at the timekeeper to ring the bell, AND OUR MAIN EVENT IS UNDERWAY!!

Main Event; Extreme Rules Match
Kurt Angle vs.
Mike Awesome

Angle still can’t knock the big man down as the match gets officially underway and he quickly hits the ropes. Awesome throws a big clothesline but the Olympic Gold Medallist runs under it, hits the adjacent ropes and hangs on. After throwing a wild boot at nothing but air, Awesome angrily charges … only for Angle to back drop him up and over onto the apron, before snapping his throat down across the top rope, dropping him to the arena floor.

Before Awesome can barely make it back up to his feet, Angle is right out after him. He beats on the former two-time ECW World Heavyweight Champion for a while on the outside, until Awesome is able to overpower the Olympian, reversing his Irish whip and HURLING Kurt into the guardrail with a crash, sending him tumbling over into the first row!! Angle can only pull himself up to his feet … BEFORE AWESOME FLIES OVER THE GUARDRAIL AND ONTO ANGLE WITH AN INCREDIBLE SUICIDE DIVE!! As the
“Holy Shit” chants begin in earnest, Awesome holds his arms in the air, roaring with intensity, “WHO’S THE MAN, BABY??”

The big hoss tosses Angle around outside the ring like he was nothing but a small child, before eventually throwing him back inside the ring. It’s then time for Awesome to show-off his amazing aerial prowess, as he heads up top. Angle staggers back up to his feet … AND AWESOME WIPES HIM OUT WITH A FLYING CLOTHESLINE FROM THE TOP THAT WOULD MAKE KANE BLUSH!! 1... 2... NO!! Awesome continues the punishment, flattening Kurt with another hard clothesline, followed by a leaping elbow drop across the chest. 1... 2... NO!! The crowd, many of whom know Awesome’s reputation, begin the customary “We Want Tables” chant usually reserved (in days of old) for The Dudley Boys. Mike Awesome, however, politely tells Pittsburgh to “FUCK OFF!” He lifts their hometown boy up … DRILLING HIM WITH A SITOUT AWESOME BOMB!! 1... 2... NO!!

Frustrated at his inability to put Angle away, Awesome points into the screaming masses, “You want tables?? I’LL GIVE YOU A FUCKING TABLE!” Bischoff’s hired gun heads to the outside and pulls out … the first table of the match, getting a huge pop from the Mellon Arena!! He sets it up on the floor before climbing back up to the apron … where Angle meets him with a quick European uppercut! With the beast stunned, Kurt joins him on the apron in an effort to do some more damage. Awesome is unstoppable though, and easily overwhelms the Olympic Gold Medallist, drilling him in the gut, sticking his head in between his legs, and lifting the former WWE Champion up high over his shoulders, with the crowd going absolutely nuts … BEFORE MIKE AWESOME RACES ALONG THE RING APRON … AND LEAPS OFF, AWESOME BOMBING KURT ANGLE THROUGH THE TABLE ON THE FLOOR OUTSIDE!!!!!

Coach gives us a sarcastic
“Oh My God” and the crowd is on its feet, with both wrestlers down amongst the wreckage, as we head into a commercial…

Commercial Break

Back from the break Mike Awesome is still firmly in command, perched on the top rope once again, with Kurt Angle down in the ring … AND AWESOME DIVES OFF … CRUSHING ANGLE WITH THE AWESOME SPLASH!! 1... 2... NO!! Pittsburgh cheers loudly for their hometown hero, as Awesome stares the proverbial hole through the official. Furiously, the big guy heads to the outside … and brings a SECOND table into play, tossing it into the ring!

This time Awesome props the wood up in the corner and leads Angle to the opposite side. He lifts Kurt up over his shoulders once more … AND CHARGES ACROSS THE RING … LOOKING FOR THE RUNNING AWESOME BOMB THROUGH THE TABLE … but Angle manages to slide off, and quickly duck underneath the subsequent clothesline attempt, going behind the big man with a rear waistlock … LAUNCHING AWESOME OVERHEAD … SENDING HIM CRASHING THROUGH THE TABLE WITH A GERMAN SUPLEX!!!!

“Holy Shit” chants fill the Mellon Arena, with the crowd absolutely loving this spotty carnage. Angle takes a few moments to recover, as Awesome lies in a heap amongst the fragmented wreckage of the table. Clambering to his feet, Angle pulls down the straps and lets out a fearsome roar, before dragging Awesome back up, swinging underneath the big man’s arm, lifting him into the air with a whirl … PLANTING AWESOME WITH THE ANGLE SLAM!!! 1... 2... NO!! Awesome gets his shoulder up off the canvas and Angle can’t believe it!!

The Wrestling Machine stares at the man beneath him in complete and utter shock … but that soon turns to anger, as the former WWE Champion ascends to the top rope. With Awesome down in the middle of the ring, Angle gets his balance up top … BEFORE SOARING OFF WITH A PICTURE-PERFECT MOONSAULT … BUT AWESOME MOVES AND ANGLE CRASHES INTO NOTHING BUT CANVAS CHEST-FIRST!! The crowd
“Oh’s”, as Angle stumbles around clutching his abdomen … WHAM! AWESOME CREAMS HIM OVER THE HEAD WITH A STEEL CHAIR!!!!

Cries of
“OH” ring out around the building, and the “Holy Shit” chants begin again, as Angle lies flat on his back on the deck, lights out. Awesome slams the chair down triumphantly, before lifting the lifeless carcass of the Olympian back up, throwing him up over his shoulders once more, racing across the ring … AND CONNECTING WITH THE RUNNING AWESOME BOMB!!!



TH-- NO!!


Pittsburgh erupts into cheers once more, as Mike Awesome looks to the heavens in disbelief. He quickly shoves referee Jack Doan out of the way, before rolling back outside and pulling out table numero tres of the evening. He brings it into the ring and erects it properly this time, but slightly toward one of the corners. Dragging a woozy Kurt Angle over, Awesome sets the Olympian on the top rope, before heading up after him. The crowd starts to buzz once more, as Awesome tries to position Angle for another top-rope Awesome Bomb … but Angle fights it, actually managing to fend Awesome off long enough in order to get between his legs and get behind him on the turnbuckle. Before Awesome knows what’s going on … ANGLE HOOKS HIS ARM … NAILING THE ANGLE SLAM OFF THE TOP ROPE … THROUGH THE TABLE!!!!!

The crowd is going wild and Awesome looks to be done, but Angle is too hurt to make the cover right away, and it takes a while before he is able to drape an arm over the big man…



THR-- NO!!


Another groan of disbelief goes through the Mellon Arena at the sight of Mike Awesome kicking out yet again, and Angle’s eyes close in despair. The former WWE Champion doesn’t let up though, as he waits, poised, for the monstrous former ECW World Heavyweight Champion to get back up to his feet. Awesome stands … AND ANGLE LUNGES … but Awesome quickly ducks and Angle’s momentum takes him into the ropes and flying back … Awesome throws a boot … but Angle catches it and spins him around … LIFTING HIM UP AND DRILLING AWESOME WITH ANOTHER ANGLE SLAM, THIS TIME WITH A MUCH QUICKER COVER!!!!!




Winner - Kurt Angle via pinfall at 13:09.

The crowd roars at the sound of the bell, as Angle lies flat on his back, victorious, but unable to do much celebrating. The official crouches down to raise the Olympian’s arm, whilst checking on both men…

…Just as Carlito and Chris Masters slide into the ring, tossing Jack Doan aside, and BEGIN HAMMERING AWAY ON ANGLE WITH THE MITB BRIEFCASE!!

Jim Ross:
OH HEY, HEY!! How predictable is this?? Carlito and The Masterpiece!! Like a- like a pair of jackals!! Attacking Angle after his match!! Oh, c’mon!!

Carly and Masters whale away on the Olympic Gold Medallist viciously with the steel case, looking to do some serious damage ahead of this weekend’s action…

…BUT HERE COMES THE SANDMAN AND MASATO TANAKA INTO THE RING, spinning the two Raw wrestlers around and going to town on them!!

Jonathan Coachman:
Hey, what the- they’re not supposed to be here!!

Jim Ross:
The Sandman and Masato Tanaka, bloody head and all, are coming to get a piece of Raw right here tonight finally!!

Grabbing hold of ‘Lito, Tanaka races forward and tosses him over the ropes all the way down to the floor! Across the ring, Sandman disposes of The Masterpiece in a similar way, getting up some speed and clotheslining the big man over the top rope to the outside!!

As the crowd goes absolutely NUTS, chanting “EC-DUB” at the top of their lungs, Sandman and Tanaka head out after CCC and ‘Piece, with Sandman quickly grabbing a steel folding chair from the timekeeper’s area … AND SMASHING MASTERS OVER THE HEAD WITH IT!! The crowd “OH’s” loudly as Masters crumples in a heap, and, on the other side, Tanaka lifts Carlito up … AND LAUNCHES HIM INTO THE CROWD WITH A POWERBOMB!!

Jim Ross:

Jonathan Coachman:
This is- this is gettin’ crazy out here!!

As the “Holy Shit” chants fill the Mellon Arena once more, the fight is taken through the crowd. The four men brawl with everything they have, which in The Sandman’s case includes just about everything, as he uses chairs, beer cans, and yes, his Singapore cane to beat the crap out of poor Chris Masters and Carlito.

The Raw wrestlers manage to turn the tables though, and they instinctively take the fight back towards the ring. Carlito is the first back inside, as he races off the ropes, looking to catch Tanaka by surprise … BUT TANAKA LEVELS HIM WITH THE ROARING ELBOW!!

Jim Ross:
Goodnight, Carlito!! That’s how Tanaka won the ECW World Title!! Nobody gets up from the Roaring Elbow!!

Jonathan Coachman:
But he’s Mr. Money in the Bank, J.R.!!

Masters tries to help his buddy out, but Sandman quickly puts a stop to that, smashing another chair across the muscular back of the youngster, dropping him to his knees instantly!

With his own chair in hand, Tanaka drops it on the canvas, drags Carlito over the turnbuckle, and DRILLS HIM WITH THE TORNADO DDT RIGHT ONTO THE STEEL CHAIR!!

Jim Ross:

More cries of “Holy Shit” go up, as Carly goes still, and Sandman quickly grabs Masters, laying him prone in the middle of the ring, as Tanaka ascends to the top once more, this time holding a steel chair under his arm…


Jim Ross:
IT- IT’S KEN DOANE!! The man who succeeded in breaking the ankle of Tommy Dreamer is now going to do the same to The Sandman it seems!!

Pittsburgh ERUPTS into heat for the arrogant twenty-year-old, as he stomps the crap out of The Sandman down on the canvas, and even hurling his traditional headband at someone in the front row with a petulant sneer.

Tanaka tries to get back up and Doane attacks him right away, pummelling the veteran against the ropes. He goes for the Irish whip, but Tanaka reverses it, only for Kenny to duck underneath Masato’s Roaring Elbow attempt, and spike him right on his head with the DDT!! Across the ring The Sandman tackles Chris Masters through the ropes…


Jim Ross:

Jonathan Coachman:

The crowd ROARS for the Innovator of Violence, as he completely goes to down on the man who broke his foot two weeks ago, hammering him down on the mat, before tossing him through the ropes and then slamming him off the guardrail!!

Elsewhere, the fight between The Sandman, Tanaka, Masters and Carlito takes them back through the crowd and up out of sight, leaving Dreamer and Doane as the only two men still at ringside duking it out.

Jim Ross:
Where the- We have lost sight of The Sandman, Tanaka, Carlito, and The Masterpiece!! But it looks like we’ve got ourselves a match right here! Here comes John Finnegan!

ECW referee John Finnegan comes waddling down the ramp, just as Dreamer rolls the narcissistic Doane back into the ring, and it appears we have a good old fashioned impromptu match!!

Impromptu Main Event; Unsanctioned
Ken Doane vs. Tommy Dreamer

Despite being barely able to walk, Dreamer lives up to his moniker as the Heart and Soul of ECW, as he courageously stomps away on a startled Ken Doane in the middle of the ring. The two men trade shots back and forth, with Dreamer refusing to back down despite his injuries, and he even seems to be getting the better of the youngster … until Doane cuts him off against the ropes with quick knee to the gut, before dumping him to the outside. As soon as Dreamer stands … KENNY TAKES FLIGHT - WIPING THE VETERAN OUT WITH A PLANCHA!!

The crowd
“ooh’s” and “ah’s” at the athleticism of the twenty-year-old, as we head into our last commercial break…

Commercial Break

When we return Doane is still working over Tommy on the outside, choking him over the guardrail right in the fan’s faces. He chucks Dreamer back inside the ring and grabs hold of one of the many steel chairs lying around. As soon as Tommy manages to struggle up to his hands and knees … DOANE SMASHES THE CHAIR DOWN ACROSS HIS SPINE!! As the crowd boos, Doane taunts them with his very own, mocking “EC-Dub” chants, which he claps moronically along with.

Utilising the chair like a surgeon, Kenny goes to work on Dreamer’s already shattered ankle, tearing of the cast and driving the chair down into it again and again and again, with Tommy’s screams reverberating around the building! Doane even decides to deride Commissioner Funk by applying the Spinning Toe Hold to his helpless protégé, almost making him pass out, giving him an easy cover. 1... 2... NO!! Dreamer STILL refuses to stay down, and Kenny looks down at him with a scowl.

The rookie grabs the chair again and slots it neatly over Tommy’s broken ankle, just like the past two weeks, before grinning sadistically at the appalled audience and ascending to the top rope. Before he can do any real damage though … Dreamer kicks the chair away and hobbles over to the corner, cutting Doane off with a few hard rights. The former ECW World Heavyweight Champion hoists himself up after the former tag team champion, but the youngster fights him off, and eventually shoves Dreamer back down to the canvas. Quickly, Kenny stands … AND LEAPS OFF WITH THE GUILLOTINE LEG DROP -- BUT DREAMER GETS HIS KNEES UP!!

The crowd cheers, as Doane rolls around in agony, clutching at his lower extremities, needing the ropes to pull himself back up … and Dreamer grabs him, spinning him around and hoisting him up onto his shoulders … NAILING THE DEATH VALLEY DRIVER!! 1... 2... NO!! The crowd gasps, as Dreamer looks around in astonishment.

Standing up, Tommy looks to the crowd and points outside, yelling,
“WHO WANTS TO SEE ME KILL THIS PRICK??” The answer? Everyone. Dreamer limps through the ropes and goes under the ring, pulling out … you guessed it … another table (as if we haven’t seen enough already tonight; but hey, ONS is ONS). Tommy erects it out on the floor, before going back after his young opponent inside the ring.

Pulling Kenny up, Dreamer sticks his head in between his legs, motioning for the powerbomb … but Doane quickly spins away from him and leaps into the air … DRIVING TOMMY’S HEAD DOWN INTO THE MAT WITH THE RK-DOANE!! A collective groan goes up from the crowd, as Dreamer goes still once again, and Kenny turns his attention to the table on the arena floor.

Dragging Tommy onto the apron, Doane makes the ‘Piledriver’ motion with his hands, sending J.R. into a terrified frenzy on commentary. Kenny shoves Dreamer’s head in between his legs and LIFTS HIM INTO THE HAIR, GOING FOR THE PILEDRIVER THROUGH THE TABLE JUST LIKE TWO WEEKS AGO … but Dreamer blocks it, frantically kicking his legs and escaping to the ring, where he pummels the twenty-year-old with rights and lefts, before shooting (hobbling) off the ropes … right into a big right hand from Doane that knocks him loopy! With his opponent staggered, Kenny quickly grabs hold of the top rope, and SLINGSHOTS HIMSELF BACK INTO THE RING OVER THE TOP ROPE - CONNECTING WITH A CLOTHESLINE TO THE BACK OF DREAMER’S HEAD!! 1... 2... NO!!

Looking frustrated once again, Doane yells at John Finnegan, “COUNT FASTER, FAT MAN!” He slaps Dreamer a few times before lifting him back up. He muscles Tommy up over his shoulder … BEFORE DROPPING HIM DOWN INTO A BEAUTIFUL NECKBREAKER SLAM!! 1... 2... NO!!

Doane tears at his blonde hair some more, before quickly regaining his senses and heading back out to the floor. The youngster shows his goofy inexperience, as he performs a series of jumping jacks in front of the front row fans, getting under their skin, before retrieving yet another table from under the ring. He sets it up alongside the first one and heads back after his enemy. Kenny leads Dreamer out onto the apron, before taking him up to the top rope … GOING FOR A TOP ROPE PILEDRIVER THROUGH THE TABLES … but Tommy thankfully blocks it, probably saving his career in the process. He quickly grabs hold of Doane’s head AND LEAPS OFF BACKWARDS - DRIVING HIM THROUGH THE TABLES WITH THE DDT!!!!!

As the truly THUNDEROUS
“Holy Shit” chants fills the Mellon Arena, both Ken Doane and Tommy Dreamer lie amongst the wooden debris, both motionless. It takes a long, long, LONG time, but Dreamer does eventually stir, and the ECW veteran uses the guardrail to pull himself back up to his feet. Dazedly, almost as though he doesn’t know what he’s doing, Tommy grabs hold of Kenny and wearily rolls him back inside the ring. Dreamer slowly follows in, draping a tired arm across the youngster’s chest.




Winner - Tommy Dreamer via pinfall at 12:11.

HE DID IT!!! The Mellon Arena comes to its feet for the ECW Original, but neither he nor poor Ken Doane move an inch after the bell. Referee John Finnegan goes down to check on them both … as Sandman and Tanaka coming running back through the crowd, hop the rail, and slide into the ring to check on their colleague.

Jim Ross:
YEAH!! What a win for Tommy Dreamer! He showed tonight just what it means to represent ECW! He fought through a broken freakin’ ankle for God’s sake, and he STILL came out on top! THAT’S why they call him the Heart and Soul of ECW, folks.

Jonathan Coachman:
I- I- I- This is absolutely disgusting!! When did this match become a damn hardcore match?? Why was the table even allowed in play?? C’mon, gimme a break!!

Jim Ross:
‘Round about the same time Kenny brought in that steel chair, how’s that sound, Coach? But you’re right about one thing … we’ve certainly seen our fair share of tables here tonight!

Inside the ring, Sandman and Tanaka check on Dreamer and try to help him up to his feet. The veteran quickly pushes them away and uses the ropes instead, showing his true heart by wanting to be able to stand by himself. Pittsburgh warmly chants “TOMMY” down at the man as he finally manages to find his feet once more.

Jim Ross:
Oh, look at that!! What heart, what courage shown by Tommy Dreamer here tonight! You won’t see that too often on Monday Night Raw!

Jonathan Coachman: WHAT!?

Another thunderous pop goes up from the crowd, as Sandman and Tanaka pat their teammate on the back. Dreamer slumps in the corner, still wincing in agony, listening to the cries of “TOMMY DREAMER” with a grateful smile on his face.

Jim Ross:
A lot of respect in this arena for Tommy Dreamer tonight, and ya gotta believe there’s gonna be even more in Philadelphia and New York City this weekend!

Before any music can kick in, Dreamer says something to Lillian Garcia at ringside and she quickly hands him not only a microphone, but also a handful of black waste bags to the former ECW World Heavyweight Champion. He brings the mic to his lips as he stands over Ken Doane’s motionless frame…

Tommy Dreamer: (Breathing rather heavily)
… … I brought… I brought some garbage bags with me tonight…

Dreamer begins unravelling the bags as he takes another step toward Doane, before pointing at his two fellow extremists.

Tommy Dreamer:
… … Sandman … … Tanaka … … … LET’S PUT THIS PIECE OF CRAP WHERE HE BELONGS!!

A huge ROAR goes up through the Mellon Arena, as Sandman and Tanaka clap their hands together and grab hold of the lifeless twenty-year-old at their feet. With Dreamer directing traffic, the two extremists first TOSS KENNY TO THE OUTSIDE, BEFORE CARRYING HIM OVER THE GUARDRAIL AND INTO THE CROWD!

Jonathan Coachman: (Getting up from his chair)
Hey, Hey! Where the hell are they taking Kenny??

With Doane over the shoulders like an actual sack of garbage, the ECW wrestlers march through the fans, who continue to chants “EC-DUB” at the top of their lungs, with ‘Extreme’ playing over the top … AND THEY DISAPPEAR INTO THE ARENA, TAKING DOANE WITH THEM!

Jim Ross:
I guess it’s time to take out the trash, Coach! Good riddance!!

Jonathan Coachman:
Th- Th- Th- That’s kidknapping, J.R.!! They better bring him back right now or I’m calling the cops!!

Jim Ross:
I’m sure he won’t be too hard to find, Coach. Just check the dumpster out back.

As Coach goes nuts on commentary, we see ERIC BISCHOFF come running down the rampway, with the WWE Champion THE BIG SHOW AND PAUL BEARER, as well as an entire ARMY of security guards following closely behind. The three men chase after the disappearing extremists into the crowd with fury in their eyes … until they start to hear the cheers of the crowd … and turn to see TERRY FUNK standing on the stage … smiling at them.

Jim Ross:(Cue awesome J.R. hard sell)
All weekend on pay-per-view, it’s what ECW has been waiting over TEN - ARDUOUS - YEARS for, it’s what ECW has been waiting for ever since the day they went of business FIVE YEARS AGO, and this Sunday in New York City they’re finally gonna get it, they’re finally gonna get the opportunity to put that no-good lousy BASTARD Eric Bischoff out of the wrestling business FOR GOOD!! It’s gonna be ECW’s own version of THE WAR GAMES, ULTIMATE JEOPARDY INSIDE THE STEEL CAGE!! Ladies and gentlemen, TEAM RAW VERSUS TEAM ECW with everything on the line, weapons and violence and bloodshed, AT ECW ONE NIGHT STAND!!! BAH GOD, THERE’S GONNA BE A WAR IN NEW YORK CITY, AT ONE NIGHT STAND THIS SUNDAY NIGHT ON PAY PER VIEW!!!

As Funk holds his arm in the air confidently, Bischoff and co. point at him wildly, with Raw’s GM screaming like a lunatic, “YOU’RE GONNA PAY FOR THIS, FUNK, YOU SUNNUVA A BITCH! YOU’RE GONNA PAY FOR THIS!” The ECW anthem continues to play, as we get our last glimpse of the two respective team leaders before this weekend: one set of eyes full of confidence … the other full of nothing … but insanity. Fade out…



Current Card for WWE vs. ECW: Head to Head
Date: June 10th, 2006
Location: ECW Arena; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Event Music: Harry Slash & The Slashtones; This Is Extreme

RAW vs. ECW Anything Goes Tag Team Match:
No Competitors Yet Announced.

Special Attraction Match; Non-Title:
United States Chmp. Rey Misterio, Jr. vs. ‘The Japanese Buzzsaw’ Yoshihiro Tajiri

One On One; Non-Title Match:
C.W Champ ‘The Notorious K.I.D’ Kid Kash vs. ‘The Insane Luchadore’ Super Crazy


Current Card for ECW One Night Stand II
Date: June 11th, 2006
Location: Hammerstein Ballroom; New York, New York
Event Music: Drowning Pool; Bodies

10-Man Ultimate Jeopardy Match:
1st EVER WWE/ECW Ultimate Jeopardy Match: Two Men begin, with another entrant five minutes later, and another every three minutes thereafter:
- If Team ECW, RVD is reinstated and Eric Bischoff is fired -
- If Team RAW wins, all ECW alumni must retire from professional wrestling -
Team ECW-----vs. -----Team RAW
Kurt Angle --- The Big Show (WWE Champion)

Tommy Dreamer --- Carlito (Mr. Money in the Bank)
Masato Tanaka --- Chris Masters
The Sandman --- Mike Awesome
??? --- ???


World Heavyweight Championship Match:
‘The Rated R Superstar’ Edge defends against Lance Storm

For The First Time Ever in ECW; Non-Title:
United States Champion Rey Misterio, Jr. vs. ‘The Shooter’ Dean Malenko

A Rivalry Renewed:
‘The Insane Luchadore’ Super Crazy vs. ‘The Japanese Buzzsaw’ Yoshijiro Tajiri

Kid Kash’s Light-Heavyweight Invitational; Non-Title:
C.W Champ ‘The Notorious K.I.D’ Kid Kash vs. Any ECW Cruiserweight Alumnus
{If the ECW superstar wins, he will receive a future Cruiserweight Title shot}


Current Card for WWE Vengeance

June 25th, 2006

Charlotte Bobcats Arena; Charlotte, North Carolina

Event Music:
Eighteen Visions; Victim

WWE Championship Match:
‘The World’s Largest Athlete’ The Big Show defends against ‘The Wrestling Machine Kurt Angle

Grudge Match:
The Artist Formerly Known As ‘The Heartbreak Kid’ Shawn Michaels vs. ‘The Doctor of Thuganomics’ John Cena


Intercontinental Championship; Six-Pack Elimination Match:
Shelton Benjamin © vs. ‘The Masterpiece’ Chris Masters vs. Gregory Helms vs.
Kenny Doane vs. World Tag Team Champion Charlie Haas vs. Chavo Guerrero

World Tag Team Championship Match:
The World’s Greatest Tag Team defend against The Sons Of Samoa w/AAE

Women’s Championship Match:

Mickie James defends against ???

No DQ, No Time Limit, Must Be A Winner, Falls Count Anywhere Match:
Trish Stratus vs. Victoria
{The winner receives a Women’s Championship match at SummerSlam}

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Re: Legend Presents: WWE 2006 - Stop Your Grinnin' And Drop Your Linen

RAW Feedback

Starting with Stevie Richards in the ring? That certainly shocked me, but having him rally for ECW, only for Mike Awesome to come out and squash him makes sense after the events of last week. It’s actually something really different too, considering he’s got another match tonight against Angle, which makes it even better, as it shows how truly badass Awesome is.

Angle coming out and trying to jump Awesome already? Pretty great showing of intensity from the two in their attempts to fight, as was the promo from Angle. Bischoff playing the buzzkill was good too, although with the suicide lines, I couldn’t help but think about Awesome. Not sure if that was intentional, but yeah. The brawl that followed with more of Bischoff’s bias, only for the ECW alumni to run in and make the save was good, and a damn exciting way to start the show. Love the way you’ve kicked this one off.

Nice way to show the aggressiveness of Awesome here at the beginning of this promo. Doane making the threat to Dreamer was fine too, and the top secret final partner thing is interesting. If it’s not Doane, which it doesn’t look to be, I’m stumped as to who it could actually be.

Nice, exciting start to this match, although I’m again unhappy with the shots at Chris Masters. A follower? The man’s awesome by himself, damnit. The way the beatdown on Benjamin went along was really good, making it impossible for him to make the tag and building sympathy well before chaos ensued. Exciting finish with Haas, before the use of the chaos made for a good win, keeping the momentum going for The Sons, and also giving them some good heat for the cheap win.

Matt Striker back? Seems a bit random. The way in which he explained his absence was alright, and while the way Striker heeled it up in this promo and talked down on ECW, as you would expect when the theme was extreme, was good, especially in its characterisation, I’m not sure this was really needed. I like that you’ve basically got him sucking up to Bischoff, but I always hated these segments, and unless it’s a one off, I can’t say I’m too happy to have it back. Still, the promo did its job on this show.

Nice use of the video package from Backlash before the Cena interview to add some context to the interview. While I liked that you had Cena sell the effects by saying he wouldn’t be thinking straight, him not remembering the date was probably something that was trying to oversell that point too much since you would think that date would now be etched firmly into his mind. Still, after that the way in which Cena spoke about Shawn, and how sick of a person he is for the assault over not being able to let go of the old days was good, as was Cena’s intensity and his promise at the end of the promo. Usually, I’m not too big on too much swearing in promos, but I thought it was good here as it did a really good job of getting the emotion across.

Didn’t we hear, albeit briefly, from Show the week after he won the title? I’m certain he spoke on both ECW and Kurt Angle. Regardless, Paul Bearer coming out and not Big Show is certainly interesting. Bearer’s explanation that Show only steps into the ring to knock people out was good, putting over the destruction of Show was good, although Doring and Roadkill interrupting Bearer certainly seemed random. I guess it did give Big Show a chance to destroy two people though and look good. Still, I’d be disappointed if that’s all he did this show.

The Redneck Wrecking Crew now? Again, surprising. Murdoch’s anger was shown well, even if maybe a little too over the top to get the point across, although I liked it, especially the part about people coming to RAW to chant ECW. The beatdown of Styles seemed a bit odd at first, although I get that you’re really having RAW wage war on ECW. The viciousness of the beatdown was another thing, as you really made The Crew seem like ruthless sons of bitches with them beating down Styles for what almost seemed like an eternity. Mike Awesome coming down to join them? Erm ... awesome ().

I loved the way in which Angle came into the ring following this for the save and that it kickstarted the main event. It really keeps going the feeling that everything has led into something else on this show, which makes for a very exciting and logical show. This was a really fun, spot-filled match, continuing the build to ECW with these sick brawls that I love, as it’s definitely getting me excited for One Night Stand. The only point I’ll make is that I thought the finish was a bit weak, considering we had seen an Angle Slam off the top through the table, a German suplex through a table, and an Awesome Bomb through a table, only for a regular Angle Slam to finish the match.

The post-match brawl with ECW again making things extreme, while the RAW guys tried to get back to the ring, was smart. ECW getting the better in the brawl had to be the way it would go, until the Doane run in. Dreamer running in for the save when Doane looked to break Sandman’s ankle made sense, although I’m a bit surprised by the impromptu match, considering Dreamer has a broken ankle and you think Doane would therefore be able to beat him with ease.

Match started off as you would expect with the bawling, and I liked when you had Doane move on to go after the ankle of Doane with the chair, which was a good spot. Doane pulling out the Funker’s spinning toe hold? Even better. The match from there was good, flowing pretty well for what was ultimately a spotfest. The ending with Doane’s inexperience and arrogance possibly costing him the match was good, while Dreamer winning gives some momentum to ECW. A bit surprised Doane didn’t win since Dreamer has a broken ankle and all, but I guess you have to try as hard as possible to build ECW up. The ending with Doane being taken away, leading to RAW and Funker having the face-off was a good way to leave us on the final RAW before the Pay-Per-View.

The one thing that I really got when I read this show was that it was exciting. Really exciting. It’s not often when you see almost every event connected to the next, but I liked the way that let the show ebb and flow. The only thing I would have liked would have been for the women to at least get a promo or something, because their angle was completely lost in the shuffle, and for Funk to be more involved since him becoming co-GM for now was meant to mean a lot and really be a problem for Bischoff. Still, a great read, and a real exciting way for RAW to go into One Night Stand.

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Re: Legend Presents: WWE 2006 - Stop Your Grinnin' And Drop Your Linen

This would've been up last night, but I deleted the second half of the review, and couldn't be bothered starting again until today. Better late than never, right?

By the way, back in my school days, there was a big Mike Awesome mark, that would completely approve of everything you’ve done with him here. Unfortunately I don’t know where the guy is these days, but rest assured, he’d be loving this

Arghhhh!!! You got my hopes up for that Spirit Squad/Blue World Order angle when I saw Stevie Richards open the show. Awesome coming for some of Stevie certainly wasn’t a disappointment though, and the impact this guy has had since his run in last week has been epic. Thanks to his heel turn, the anticipation for ONS has truly turned up a few more notches.

Frankly surprised Richards survived that long, although the impression given was that it mainly Awesomes choice that he was allowed the survive that long. That’s table spot #1 for the night then . Great showing for Awesome, backing up his incredible swerve last week. Can he get a contract, please???

Surely he has to get contract. Just so we can see him and Angle tear it up some more, as the intensity from Kurt was completely off the page. Surprised there was no mention of Angle being the home town hero here, but I guess there’s a time and a place for cheap pops. To echo what BKB said, I couldn’t help but think of real life events when Eric talked about dying and suicide with Awesome involved. So … yeah

Crazy opening segment, topped off with an ECW run in to save Kurt, after a well planned sneak attack from Awesome. Good to see Bischoff pushing his weight around with the security too, and then having them save him from a sure fire beating from the ECW alumni - perfectly summing him up as a dick. Really frenetic opening segment, and a segment that not only done it’s job in building excitement for ONS, but it also added more incentive to tune in for the AWESOME main event later tonight. Very ECW-esque feeling too, with the opening segment.

The Val Venis bit with Carlito and Awesome felt a little cheesy to me if I‘m honest, but you saved the promo with a strong showing from young Ken Doane, who has really begun to step up his game in recent weeks, and seems to be getting a really big chance to shine in this ECW war. I truly think it’s a matter of time before he ditches the ridiculous cheerleaders. Not sure whether Masters slip was meant that it should be obvious who the fifth guy is (Doane?) or if it really is a big secret, and he nearly let it slip. Couldn’t tell . As I said, the Venis/Awesome stuff was goofy, and unnecessary, but the emergence of Doane is looking promising.

Enjoyed the eight man tag match. Gives a little rub for the build up toward Vengeance, and gives us a slight breather from the ONS build. Excellent showing of athleticism from the faces too; alley-oop into a double team Hurricanrana. Beautiful spot. With Helms and Chavo seemingly meshing well, is that foreboding the future for these two?? Maybe getting a little ahead of myself, as usual. Good use of Benjamin as the face in peril, building on all his recent troubles and beatings, it makes most sense for the heels to focus on him. Especially since they all have reason to target him (as he holds gold that all four want {I.C and Tag})

Finish was your general by the numbers tag affair finish, although I was a little surprised that it was Helms to take the pin, as opposed to Chavo. Regardless, the story is that it’s another win for the rampant Sons of Samoa. All signs point to a title switch at Vengeance … but every giant has to be toppled eventually, right??

If I’m honest, I wasn’t even aware Striker was still part of the roster. Not that it’s a bad thing. The promo didn’t necessarily add anything, or create further anticipation for ONS, but for what it was, it was well written, and in character. Smarmy git. What these segments will add to the show, I don’t know. But it’s a nice change of pace from all the intensity we’re likely to get for the remainder of the evening.

Video package detailing the events of Backlash was probably necessary, as it had been over a month since it happened, and helps us remember just how savage a beating that Cena took.

The promo from Cena was everything it needed to be. We needed an explanation on the exact nature of the concussion, and the explanation of the severity of the head injury was top notch to say the least. I think the thing that pleased me most with this promo was the absolute stripped down nature of Cena. Obviously it was going to be an ultra serious mode promo, but you could’ve easily filled it in with his clichéd catchphrases, and thankfully you didn’t.

His shock/confusion/fury at Michaels actions, and his reasons for the actions were put together perfectly, and Cenas chilling finale to the promo sets the scene perfectly for Vengeance. I’d normally throw the dummy out over the expletives being used, but given the severity of Cenas injuries, (and the fact there seems to be a lot of use of ‘fuck’ off the mic {normally Angle } there’s little point) it’s justified in this case. It does pose the question of how in the name of Jesus can HBK survive at Vengeance if Cena plans on committing murder on PPV. With the two all but set to meet at Summerslam too (going by the poster anyway), I’d say we’ll see Cena annihilate HBK (and get disqualified?) at Vengeance, putting him on the shelf for a bit, before Michaels returns, and they blow it off at Summerslam.

If I’m honest, I hope that’s not the case, as this is the angle that could carry Raw through the summer, but if the trend of one missing a month, then the other misses the next continues, it’ll be like stop-start, stop-start. This has potential to be the best feud in BTB, and I genuinely hope it’s given every single chance to succeed. I’ll certainly be here to see it unfold. So far, it looks tremendously spectacular.

Yeah, Big Show has most certainly spoken since winning the title. So, that was an odd slip. Nice of Doring and Roadkill to pop in for a brief beating . Interesting use of the RNWC, and putting them in the same segment as the WWE Champion certainly helps raise their profile. I’d say with that beat down on Joey Styles, we could definitely see them in action at some stage over the extreme weekend, against opposition that we might recognise. The run ins led in seamlessly toward the HOTLY anticipated main event, and what a showdown.

Loved the dig at Kane after the top rope clothesline , and I’ll assume he didn’t go for a cover after the Awesome Bomb through the table . Because that shit shoulda been done right there and then. How they both kicked out of the finishers, I’ll never know, but adds to the fucking insanity of both men. Especially that top rope Angle Slam through the table … which leads me to …

Without wanting to sound like an echo, I second the sentiments of BKB, in that the finish to the Angle/Awesome match was slightly weak. They put each other through countless tables, with impact move after impact move through them, yet it was a simple Angle Slam that ended proceedings. Struck me as odd, although I guess the explanation would be that he took ages to cover first time around, then did it immediately second time. Personally, the Angle Slam through the table would’ve been the perfect finale.

Completely expected that Raw vs. ECW brawl to close the show, so to see the impromptu main event come out of it was delightful. Big rub for Doane to close the show, although the Dreamer thing with his broken ankle seems a little … strange. I’ve never had a broken ankle, but surely it’d be impossible to do anything in the ring, let alone do it for ten minutes?? I imagine it’s been done to put over the toughness of Dreamer, but I just don’t see how it’s possible for a guy with a broken ankle to compete at all. Could it not just have been badly sprained?? .

Anyway, the lead in to the main event smacked of pure ECW. Felt very authentic to the old ECW. Job well done on that part. Forgive my ignorance, but I assume the RK-Doane is some sort of variation of the RKO?? Regardless, throughout the match, I was torn on whether this was a good spot for Doane. One on hand, he’s been pretty much a central figure in the war against ECW, and he’s closing the final Raw before ONS, but yet, he’s struggling to put away an old dude with a broken ankle. Saying that, the match is under rules that suit the extremist, so Doane is at a disadvantage … I’m just not sure how good this was for him to lose.

Screw it, the kid has been given ‘the rub’ of playing a major part in the angle. He’s proven his own toughness against Tommy ‘FUCKIN’ Dreamer, and ECW needed the win more here in order to further illustrate their heart and dedication. Doane being taken away afterward was interesting. Seeing as he’s got a big part to play at Vengeance, I don’t see him disappearing for long.

Cue awesome J.R hard sell indeed.

All in all, the focus of the show was One Night Stand. Cant complain. It felt like an ECW show, and I’m positive that was the intent throughout. Saying that, I think Terry Funk could’ve done something more on the show, rather than show up at the very end. Just a quick appearance, even if it was to set up the impromptu main event. I’d also add that the show could’ve done with a quick Mickie James match (against a jobber like Ashley or Candice) just as a nod toward Vengeance, and give a breather with so much going on with building to ONS. However, that’s something you could’ve done - but it wasn’t like it was missed. The goal was to focus on ONS, and you did that admirably. A hectic, frenetic show, that sets the scene for the extreme weekend.
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Re: Legend Presents: WWE 2006 - Stop Your Grinnin' And Drop Your Linen

Sorry this wasn’t up last week, but I’ve been in Ireland all week and had neither Internet access or a computer, so it would’ve been a bit tricky () That should explain the lack of feedback from me to others too; those of you expecting it, fear not, I shall come good


wwe.com Announcements:

In addition to the huge Raw vs, ECW Anything Goes Match at WWE vs. ECW: Head to Head this Saturday night in Philadelphia, it has been announced that both teams will unveil their respective corner men for the Ultimate Jeopardy match the following night at One Night Stand. Everyone knows how important corner men are when it comes to the War Games; just as J.J. Dillon, just ask Paul Ellering, or even ECW’s own Paul Heyman. It is still unknown when we will find out the identities of both team’s final man in the actual match; it could very well end up being One Night Stand itself. One thing remains certain … the stakes have never been higher.


This Friday…

For the WWE’s final stop before its first ever ‘Extreme Weekend’, featuring WWE vs. ECW: Head to Head and One Night Stand, look no further than Wheeling, Pennsylvania, and look no further than another action-packed edition of Friday Night SmackDown!

This Sunday at One Night Stand, ‘The Rated R Superstar’ Edge makes history, as he becomes the first man to ever defend a WWE Title in ECW, when he puts his World Heavyweight Title on the line against fellow Canadian and ECW legend Lance Storm. It will be a historic night in New York City this Sunday, but don’t think Friday Night SmackDown is missing out. Oh no. For this week’s main event will see the reunion of ECW’s greatest tag team of all time, and arguable one of the greatest in all of professional wrestling, as Lance Storm brings in his old partner Justin Credible to face Edge and a partner of the World Champion’s choosing. The Master Manipulator has already assured us that he has “just the man”, but will whoever it is be able to combat the combined skills of the most impactful tag team of this generation??

Last week saw the biggest collision in SmackDown history, when ‘The Animal’ Batista finally snapped. The former World Heavyweight Champion, fed up after months of failure, decided enough was enough, and interrupted the victory address of none other … than ‘The Real Deal’ Bobby Lashley. The arena shook when the two behemoths clashed, and it took over thirty people to finally separate the monsters. Lashley’s agent, Paul Heyman, is already throwing his weight around and has arranged for himself and his unstoppable client to join Michael Cole, Tazz and JBL on commentary all night long for this week’s show. Though Heyman claims this is to lend his “expertise” to this Extreme Weekend go-home show, it could all be a ploy to lure the confrontational Animal to his doom. If you’re still salivating after last week’s showdown, be sure to tune in this week for a possible second round.

Jamie Noble shocked the world last week when he became the first man to qualify for The Great American Finals at Saturday Night’s Main Event with an incredible victory over ‘The Fighting Irishman’ Finlay. Noble took one step nearer to earning himself a shot at the World Heavyweight Championship at The Great American Bash, but who will follow in The Redneck Messiah’s footsteps this week? It could very well be Noble’s most hated loathed enemy, as the pompous Cruiserweight Champion of the World, ‘The Notorious K.I.D’ Kid Kash in one of the men vying for the second spot this week. He faces former three-time WWE Tag Team Champion Johnny Nitro, fresh off his suspension following Judgment Day. The question remains, will Nitro be able to put aside the betrayal of Melina and MNM’s ongoing feud with The Bluebloods to capitalize on the opportunity of a lifetime??

Speaking of The Bluebloods, the WWE Tag Team Champions, William Regal and Paul Burchill will be in action also this week, as they take on the legendary ECW duo of Little Guido (who we in the WWE know better as Nunzio) and Tony Mamaluke, collectively know as The Full Blooded Italians, or F.B.I. Regal and Burchill have been unstoppable since joining forces at the start of the year, but will the former ECW World Tag Team Champions be able to halt their path of destruction??

In another preview match for the upcoming Extreme Weekend, the United States Champion Rey Mysterio will join forces with ‘The Insane Luchadore’ Super Crazy, as well as Mysterio’s OPPONENT for One Night Stand, making his first in-ring appearance for over FIVE YEARS … DEAN MALENKO! They will team up to face Juventud Guerrera, Psicosis, and the man who last week answered Super Crazy’s open challenge for One Night Stand with a vicious post-match assault, the infamous ‘Japanese Buzzsaw’ Tajiri!! Considering that Mysterio and Tajiri have also signed to face one another Saturday night at WWE vs. ECW, this six-man tag team match is so mouth-watering that it has been dubbed a “Dream Match” by wwe.com. And let’s be honest … who’s going to argue with that??

Also, if you thought that after two weeks of incredible, awe-inspiring victories over former World Champions like JBL and Booker T, that newcomer CM Punk was going to take it easy this week and take a backseat to the hype for the Extreme Weekend … think again. The Straightedge superstar has signed to meet the brutal veteran Finlay this Friday night, with ‘The Fighting Irishman’ desperate for a win himself after failing in his recent efforts to capture the World Title. Surely Punk’s run can’t continue against such an opponent … can it??

All this and more on Friday Night SmackDown!, 9/8CT on the CW

Confirmed Matches;
World Hvywt. Chmp. Edge & A partner of his choice vs The Impact Players
CM Punk vs Finlay
Dream Six-Man Tag Tean Match | U.S Chmp. Rey Mysterio, Dean Malenko & Super Crazy vs Tajiri, Juventud Guerrera & Psicosis
Great American Tournament; Non-Title Match | CW Chmp. Kid Kash vs Johnny Nitro
Non-Title | WWE Tag Team Chmps. The Bluebloods vs The FBI
Plus; Bobby Lashley and Batista will be in attendance~!!




SmackDown will be posted tomorrow.

Preview banner - Shocker
Show banner - WCW Rules

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Re: Legend Presents: WWE 2006 - Stop Your Grinnin' And Drop Your Linen

Glad to see you're back. Had a bad feeling you'd disappeared again .

Smackdown looks good, although I'm sort of looking forward to getting the ECW hype out of the way, and back onto the matters that matter. ONS is looking SEXAY~!! though, and it ought to be a memorable event.

As for this show, surprised you've got Punk taking on Finlay, as he's been taking on former world champs early on. Cant see a way that Nitro gets past Kash, whilst it seems odd that Super Crazy is on the opposite side of his Mexicool buddies. As for Edge's partner ... the only name that comes to mind is RHYNO, given his ECW past, and his former alliance with Edge, so he could be 'just the man for the occassion'. And, given your love for ROH, I reckon we could see JERRY LYNN making himself known on SD, and challenge Kash at ONS.

EDIT- Just noticed the name of the show 'Gunshot'. Predicting 'The Shooter' has a big role this week then. Possibly the partner of Edge rather than Rhyno...

Four man announce table (not counting Lashley) sounds like a lot to handle, and could get very messy, so hopefully JBL or Heyman isnt on the 'team' for long on this show.

Looking forward to it
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Re: Legend Presents: WWE 2006 - Stop Your Grinnin' And Drop Your Linen

Dean Malenko?

I fuckin' love you son.

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Re: Legend Presents: WWE 2006 - Stop Your Grinnin' And Drop Your Linen

Call me a pessimist, but like Wolfy, I thought you had gone awol again. Very happy to see that isn't the case.

Certainly some great matches to be had. Like Wolfy, I find The Mexicools being separated a little strange, but with the matches of the past few weeks, it does make sense. Also not oo sure on the five man announce crew, but we'll see. Punk vs. Finlay should be pretty great, even if Finlay does seem to be in a bit of a slide, although maybe that means he'll take his aggression out on Punker and start a feud between the two. Kash/Nitro should also be great, tho what makes this show is Malenko and Storm both being in action. Maybe make Jericho Edge's partner and have him back for one night only too? I doubt it, but it would own. Wolfy's theory seems much more plausible.

Really happy to see you haven't disappeared and that SmackDown! is coming. Looks like it'll be a top show.

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