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Re: Legend Presents: WWE 2006 - Stop Your Grinnin' And Drop Your Linen

Before I get onto the actual review, just wanted to make a brief comment on the No Way Out PPV (yeah, long time ago I know ), which I only got around to taking a good look at on Monday evening. Was a really enjoyable read. I’ll not go into detail - I’ll save that for Raw. Thought I should let you know though.

Kicking right off with the contender match would be the right way to go, although I expected the follow up from last weeks ‘Holy Shit’ ending to be the first feature on the show. Liked how you gave a nod to the history between some of the competitors, adding a little bit of an edge to the affair from the get go, although the Masters flexing bit seemed a little contrived imo, and made him look a little silly.

Impressive amount of detail put into the contest, and it came off well, really feeling like a fast paced, anything could happen, sort of match. Almost half expected a surprise win for Helms or Masters, but the possibility of Haas/Benjamin II has me all kinds of happy.

But it looks like I’ll have to wait for that. At least we found out why Doane was taken out of the match, but it kinda renders the previous match pointless, considering the three losers end up getting a shot anyway. Also, maybe I’m being a tad fussy, but with this 6 man elimination match … and another one to follow just weeks later over on Smackdown at SNME, I’m just not sure I like the exact same match being trotted out twice in a matter of weeks. Like I said, I’m being a tad fussy - it’s not like you’re running two HIAC matches in the space of a month, but still.

The no-nonsense intensity of Haas was a particular highlight of the after match promo, and that attitude meshed seamlessly with the cocky demeanour of Doane. Given all their recent history too, it helps for us to buy into the animosity from Haas to the cheerleader … and Doanes lead in toward the beat down was another well execute piece of verbalism. Despite the Spirit Squad running in, the fact you allowed Doane to enter alone, without anyone else taking any attention is perhaps a sign of what’s to come in the future. It’s obvious Doane will be the breakout star of the group, and I suspect you’re going to pull the trigger soon on getting him out of the gimmick to be taken more seriously, like on this occasion.

Glad that the Spirit Squad were able to take out the three faces/tweeners, as they could do with a little bit more credibility, having had to take the backseat to the Samoans since Backlash. The save from Benjamin was well timed, and executed nicely - allowing Benjamin to stand tall, but also not make the cheerleaders look like pussies. Strong segment, showcasing the rising mid card ranks, right out of the bat.

That’s one eclectic posse that Big Show has following him. One that I imagine will be disbanded in some form, once Bischoff bites the dust at ONS. Gotta say, I enjoyed seeing Show refer to the previous ONS, where Angle sided with Bischoff - and that could definitely be something to work on, with some ECW guys maybe having doubts or grudges against Angle for his role at the 2005 show. Hopefully you at least explore that avenue, or provide an explanation for Angles previous actions, before this years event, considering he’s now leading their charge as captain (which is something else that doesn’t really sit well, considering the show is supposed to be about ECW).

Just out of curiosity … when did you start with the ‘Carlitos Gay’ chants?? I noticed it last week, but was wondering if that’s something you’ve orchestrated over time in the thread, or whether WWE fans at the time referred to CCC as such. Seems kinda random to me, assuming I haven’t missed something.

I’m all for One Night Stand, but I’m just not sure I’m on board for a full scale ECW comeback, especially if it ends up latching itself onto Raw. Even if it ends up as it’s own entity again, I don’t see why you would want to give yourself more work with the thread. I had a feeling it might happen last week, when Funk wanted the ECW guys to get contracts if they won at ONS, but with Bischoff to bring back with ECW title for the winner at ONS … it feels like I’m adding 2 and 2 together, and making 4. Please tell me I’m wrong?

Bischoff laying down the challenge tonight via the Extreme Initiation was an excellent turnaround, after last weeks embarrassment courtesy of ECW, and I imagine we’ll see Raw stand tall tonight in order to even the scores. Fantastic main event - and that’s even before we find out the other two guys on team ECW.

Weekly squash win for Cade & Murdoch. Keeps them rolling. How about a face turn though?? A feud between them and the cheerleaders could be entertaining, and would keep both teams busy whilst TWGTT and S/O/S do their thing. Snit sky & Duggan as a duo = WIN.

Adored the WGTT interview. The fire from Haas is just off the charts this week, coming across as a man that’s pissed at the world right now - and I like it. Think he meant to say June 25 though, and not 11. Even Benjamin brought his A-Game for the closing stages of the promo, with a stirring speech … but I just don’t see him getting the better of the Cannonball tonight. Still though, a great promo, putting over the problems facing Haas and Benjamin right now on the road toward Vengeance. These two continue to be two of the real highlights, week in, week out.

Usage of Torrie Wilson as somewhat of a spokesperson for Bischoff for the womens division is smart too. It gives her something to do, doesn’t overexpose Bischoff, and keeps the womens division solely about the women. I’d like Bischoff to maybe promote Wilson y’know, and appoint her with some fancy title that makes her the womens GM. Bold move to place two female matches on one PPV - wait. It’s not a bold move - at least not in this thread. You’ve always made the divas a focal part of the show, and not just a throwaway segment - and rightfully they’re going to get some proper exposure. You’ve earned the right to book two divas matches on the one show - especially with both matches having substance and intrigue.

Trish and Victoria tearing it up with everything being legal smacks of goodness. As for the unknown challenger for Mickie?? I’d say the consensus will be on Beth Phoenix. Not me though - with everything going on in the womens division right now, she’d get lost in the shuffle, and I doubt you want that to happen. I think you’ll use this to introduce someone that could do with an instant push, but not someone that you‘ll look to keep in the forefront of the division. Someone along the lines of Shelly Martinez, or possibly even Daffney?? I guess the likes of Angelina Love are possible too, as I know she was under contract with the ‘E at some stage … or at least I think she was. Anyway, bottom line, it wont be Beth. I reckon you’ll save that for post-Summerslam, when the current blood feuds are cleared up once and for all.

Umm, just read my comments from Haas/Umaga last week, and you’ll see what I thought of the Benjamin/Samu affair. Another great showing for the newcomers, as they continue to build all kinds of momentum ahead of Vengeance. A decisive win over the I.C Champ puts the young Samoan on the radar in a big, big way. Love the ‘Cannonball’ moniker too btw. Fit’s like a glove, alongside the Bulldozer.

TWGTT being left laying AGAIN by the dominant challengers further illustrates the task that the champions face at Vengeance. It’s been a well booked - simple, yet thoroughly effective - angle, and right now, the tag titles appear to be in serious jeopardy. Very much in the balance.

Emotional promo from the Funkster, and beautifully put over the ECW guys and their hearts, while also questioning the same heart that the Raw guys might not have. A good poser for Funk to give Bischoff, as it must now surely play into the mindset of Eric that whilst ECW will be fighting for their lives at ONS … it’s simply not a life and death situation for Bischoffs squad. With Funk personally calling out Carlito’s commitment especially, I hope this leads to a career affirming performance from Mister MITB inside the War Games structure to prove his heart and toughness - the sort of performance Carlito will require to be taken seriously as a top tier heel. Maybe I’m just reading too much into a simple comment

I hate that ‘YEAH’ that Angle now seems to close a lot of promos with. After Big Shows comments earlier on Angles allegiance last year at this point, it might’ve been smart to let Funk or indeed Angle himself, address the issue, and put it to bed. Even if it’s just for my sake

Surprised Ashley lasted five minutes, is all. Nothing to see here, apart from a dominant diva.

Trish Stratus: So I have to go through Victoria to get it … so what?? I’ve done it before and I’ll do it again. I can get hardcore when I have to … I can get down and dirty with the best of ‘em.
Am I the only one that wasn’t thinking of her talking about the match at Vengeance, here?? Surely not??

Slightly disappointed that we didn’t get any real follow up to Shawn Michaels promo from last week, maybe even a few of the lower card jobbers passing comment etc. I get why it’s being dragged out though - this feud is going to rumble for the entire Summer (going by the Summerslam poster anyway), so it’s smart to take time, and not overexpose it early on. Looking forward to hearing from Cena next week, although an in ring promo might’ve made it more exciting, as opposed to the satellite link interview. Still, should deliver for sure.

Instantly was impressed by giving the match two officials in order to make it seem as even as possible, and also present Raw and ECW as separate entities. The match felt like an old school ECW hardcore clusterfuck tag match, with blood spilling from the early stages. Anything with Tanaka makes me happy, so to see him as a prominent player in this years ECW has me glowing with pleasure.

Seeing the fight spill into the crowd, and Angle stooping to the depths of eating Shows face continued to showcase the sort of craziness ECW brings to the table, and effectively played it’s part in getting the audience hyped for the PPV - because without a doubt, this match would slot perfectly onto any ECW show. A true showcase of the hardcore element ECW did so well.

Found it quite funny that Kenny appeared to just get hammered from bell to bell - the superplex through the chairs, the thunderous chair shot just as he recovered from the superplex. Getting thrown onto the table … without it breaking, lol. AND, even as he mounted offence, he still managed to come out worst - terrific. He truly was a human crash test dummy. How on earth after all that, he managed to kick out of the DVD through a chair is beyond me though. From Kenny taking a pounding … to Angle fitting right into the land of extreme. Angle Slam through the chair says hi .

Bischoff coming to ruin the party killed my happiness … but it did lead into a sensational closing moment … MIKE AWESOME SCREWING OVER ECW AGAIN!!! Honestly?? I absolutely LOVED IT!!! Swerves in general tend to be pretty noteworthy … but this?? Given the historical element behind it, it’s blows other ‘out of nowhere’ swerves clean out of the water. I’m sure I’ve mentioned it before (if not in this thread, then, somewhere), but I absolutely love it when something historical is revisited, whether that be with roles reversed, or a different outcome, or like here, where history repeated itself.

A wonderful swerve, that turned from a solid edition of Raw, to a newsworthy ‘HOLY SHIT DID YOU SEE THAT??’ edition of Raw. It also just added another element to the ONS PPV, with an ECW Original siding with the opposition, adding more emotion to an already emotionally laced contest. Fabulous stuff, to close Raw on a shocking note.

On a side note, twenty Five minutes for such a wild brawl, that was a wild brawl from literally the get go, does seem a little excessive. But hey, call me the king of nit picking stupid shit - it’s what I tend to do.

All in all, that Mike Awesome heel turn at the end changed this from a solid Raw, and into a ‘You need to fucking see this’ Raw. Fantastic swerve to really help hype the shit out of ONS. Awesome job - pun intended
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Re: Legend Presents: WWE 2006 - Stop Your Grinnin' And Drop Your Linen

RAW Feedback

Hmm, really thought we were going to start off with some kind of a promo from Bischoff and co, addressing the ending to last week’s show. Still, not really disappointed that we haven’t, because starting off with an all-action fatal four way is never a bad thing. Quite liked the way this started with a little taunting, giving it a different feel to your regular fatal four way, while it also played well on some of the past issues between guys in this match (Helms/Haas). I quite liked the action early on, especially the teamwork from Chavo/Helms, but calling Masters a dumbass isn’t going to fly here, bud. Have to say as well, even though it doesn’t really matter, that I love the atomic drop being used. Just seems so old school. From then on the match was very good too, with good use of the four men for what seemed like fast paced, goodness filled action. I knew Masters would ultimately be taking the fall, because he looked like the jobber of the match for most of it, although Haas vs. Benjamin II is enough to make up for the jobbing of Masters.

Or maybe not? I thought it was weird that Doane was advertised as being part of this match last week, only to not be in the preview. I guess it all becomes clear. I guess the fatal four way still allows Haas to look good, while this also gives Bischoff and co some more heelish goodness, as well as a pretty great match with six capable guys involved. Loved the way you moved into the beatdown from the Squad too, while Shelton making the save was expected, even if a little late. Maybe Charlie will bring that up? Not sure, but this was a good way to kick us off.

Even though I thought the Squad and Masters had run away, I quite like the transition of how they waited for Bischoff before this promo. Good to see Bischoff and co getting time early to talk about last week too, because there are some things that look like they need addressing. I liked how Show started off, building himself and his power up well, while also taking a little shot at ECW at the same time. The way in which you addressed Kurt Angle being against ECW last year was also good, using the past of the WWE in a clever way. Carlito continuing the rant against Angle, while also talking up his team’s cohesion was well enough done too. Bischoff really upping the ante on the extreme stuff was pretty awesome as well, and I thought that the way you went about reintroducing the ECW Title was a nice touch, as is the main event for tonight. Really, nothing wrong with the promo, it did its job, and in a pretty good way too.

Another win for The Crew, although as I said in my feedback for last week’s show, I think you need to move them on soon. They’ve been squashing teams for quite some time now, and even if they don’t fit into your plans for the titles at the moment, a mini-feud of some sort to bide some time for them would be best, imo.

Quite liked the dynamic in the opening of this promo whereby Haas was shown as being the far more aggressive of the pair, as it kind of shows where you’re going with the team when they do eventually split (at least I think). Benjamin stepped the intensity up too, but him using the World’s Greatest Tag Team line at the end still kind of separates him from Haas. Nice promo from these two, especially considering their limits.

Victoria vs. Trish in a No DQ match sounds all kinds of awesome. The two put on a decent enough match at Survivor Series under the gimmick, so I like it. Mickie’s opponent interests me, and hopefully whoever it is seemingly debuting right into a title shot, they deserve it.

Liked the beginning of this match here, with you putting over both the intensity of Benjamin, as well as the great strength of Samu. The athleticism of Shelton being shown afterwards was also a lot of fun, really showing the contrast in styles between Samu and Benji and what he needs to do to win. The offense of Samu was also nice, continuing to focus on the injured ribs, which was even better after the Samoan drop. The way in which the match kept going the way of power vs. awesome athleticism was great reading, with Shelton putting up a good showing, only for Samu to look great in the end. Has getting beaten down only goes further to prove just how badass The Sons are.

Clichéd for the Funker to be making a comeback? No way. The description of the hatred of Funk for Bischoff here was good, and I loved how much he made One Night Stand mean. Funk putting over his own team and how much ECW means to the guys who are competing at One Night Stand. Nice showing of intensity from Funk throughout the promo, as well as a way to make Angle seem on the same page as the ECW alumni.

Nice win for Vickie here, allowing her to look really strong.

Trish Stratus: I can get down and dirty with the best of ‘em.
Awesome. Decent enough promo from Trish, giving some build to her match at Vengeance and tying it all in with Mickie as well well enough.

As I said when I commented on your preview, I’m disappointed in the lack of Shawn Michaels on the show, so a video package had to suffice. At least next week we get Cena, and hopefully Michaels will be back.

First of all, I really like that you’ve given Kenny a chance to be in this match, as it gives him a good rub. The brawling of this match was awesome right from the beginning, really making it extreme, while the involvement of Bischoff and Funk was also a nice touch. There were a few spots I really liked, in particular the Angle Slam through the chairs on Show, the powerslam into the guard rail from Tanaka, German suplex onto the announce table from Angle to Doane, Death Valley Driver through the chairs from Dreamer to Doane, and piledriver through the table from Doane to Dreamer. Awesome turning heel on ECW was pretty damn ... erm, awesome, and while I’m sure a lot of the crowd wouldn’t get it, it’s still a great way to play on history and do it all over again. Awesome being announced as the fourth member of Team RAW is pretty great too. Hopefully this means he’ll continue to be featured on RAW following this.

This show certainly didn’t posses the same sort of aura as the last few weeks, but I think that was to be expected. You can’t, after all, have world titles matches every week. Still, I think this show did its job in progressing things towards One Night Stand and Vengeance, and the writing was of course very good, especially in the main event which was great to see. The Awesome turn at the end only made the build to One Night Stand all the more exciting, so I’m looking forward to seeing the rest of it. Good stuff, man.

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Re: Legend Presents: WWE 2006 - Stop Your Grinnin' And Drop Your Linen



Friday Night SmackDown! has become the land of opportunity after last week’s blockbuster announcement from interim General Managers Shane and Stephanie McMahon … but will that be enough to curb the anarchy of recent weeks … or just add even more fuel to the already chaotic fire?

In the main event last week, Edge triumphed once again, as he nailed Batista with a steel chair and stole the pin on Finlay to emerge victorious in the fatal four-way match and retain his World Heavyweight Title. However, the night was far from over for The Rated R Superstar, as he was laid out after the match by none other than fellow Canadian LANCE STORM!! It was confirmed in the week that Storm had accepted one of the many open contracts extended by the McMahons to former ECW wrestlers for a World Championship shot at One Night Stand. As old friends, Edge and Storm know each other extremely well, but the shock was still evident of the face of The Ultimate Opportunity. This week on SmackDown both men have agreed to share their thoughts on the upcoming contest. What will they have to say?

Few men have ever returned to SmackDown with as much fanfare as Bobby Lashley. After annihilating The Undertaker is the Last Man Standing match and Judgment, seemingly ending the career of the legendary Phenom, The Real Deal was given last week off. But this week in Portland, Oregon, Lashley, along with his egomaniacal agent Paul Heyman, will be in attendance, and will address the crowd. After having already taken out the largest dog in the yard, what can Lashley possibly have in store for Friday nights next?? Join us in Portland to find out.

As mentioned previously, SmackDown became a land of opportunity last week, as the McMahons announced ‘The Great American Contender’s Tournament’, where twelve of Friday night’s best superstars would compete in six separate singles matches, with the winners qualifying for a six-pack elimination match at Saturday Night’s Main Event, and the winner of that receiving a World Heavyweight Championship shot at The Great American Bash. This Friday, the first two men to try to take advantage of this tremendous opportunity will do battle: it will be the brutal ‘Fighting Irishman’ Finlay -- a man who has tasted defeat only once in singles competition since coming to the WWE -- taking on the rough ‘n’ tough former Cruiserweight Champion, ‘The Redneck Messiah’ Jamie Noble in what should be the most hard-hitting affair of the entire series. Which of these fine athletes -- two of the best technical wrestlers in the business today -- will prove themselves to be truly ‘Great’?

Also, two more matches were announced last week on SmackDown, as United States Champion and former ECW superstar Rey Mysterio challenged his good friend Dean Malenko to come out of retirement and face him in one last match. Mysterio and Malenko had some truly epic matches back in WCW, but never got to hook it up in ECW. On this week’s SmackDown, Rey will once again battle his old rival Psicosis in a rematch from last year’s One Night Stand. Will Malenko have an answer for him after the match? In the other challenge, former ECW World Television Champion, ‘The Insane Luchadore’ Super Crazy laid out an open challenge to any ECW alumnus out there willing to take him on. This week Crazy battles his Mexicool teammate Juventud Guerrera; who will step forwards and accept his challenge?

Speaking of ECW, things will get hardcore indeed this week on SmackDown, as veteran Hardcore Holly and undefeated rookie Brent Albright look to settle their issue once and for all in a no-doubt brutal Hardcore Match. Last week, after Holly picked up the win in a tag team match, Albright slammed the veteran’s shoulder into the steel ring post and powerbombed Jamie Noble into the crowd!! With The Gun For Hire in this kind of mood, and with him having already proved to have Holly’s number at Judgment Day, is there any way the veteran from Alabama can overcome these odds??

Also, after making one of the greatest and most impactful debuts in the history of the WWE by defeating former WWE Champion JBL, CM Punk will look to continue his impressive form, as he will be in action once again. Who his opponent will be remains to be seen, but we can be certain that Punk will not back down from any challenge.

All this and more on Friday Night SmackDown!, 9/8CT on the CW

Confirmed Matches:
Hardcore Match | Brent Albright vs. Hardcore Holly
Non-Title | One Night Stand 2005 Rematch | U.S. Chmp. Rey Mysterio vs. Psicosis
Super Crazy vs. Juventud Guerrera
Great American Tournament Match | Finlay vs. Jamie Noble
CM Punk is in action

And; Bobby Lashley Makes His First Appearance Since Judgment Day!!

Plus; Edge And Lance Storm Speak On Their Match At One Night Stand!!


‘Hardcore Heaven'


SmackDown will be posted tomorrow.

Show banner - WCW Rules

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Re: Legend Presents: WWE 2006 - Stop Your Grinnin' And Drop Your Linen

I have never done a BTB review before, but I would like to start. Especially since this is one of my top 3 favorite BTB's on the site. I guess I'll review the Smackdown preview.

You are booking Edge's title reign very well and he is doing great as the Ultimate Opportunist. Lance Storm was an unexpected pick as a challenger for Edge. They should put on a great match. However, it seems Storm doesn't have a good chance at winning. I'm sure you will book him well, but with Lance randomly coming out of retirement, he doesn't seem like a huge threat.

Bobby Lashley returning to Smackdown after destroying Undertaker at JD? That will be great. I suspect Taker will haunt him for a few months, then have a blowoff Hell In A Cell match in the future. This is the best feud on Smackdown, which may result in Bobby getting a megapush, even more than he is now.

Great American Contender's tournament is a unique concept, and a good way to find a credible challenger. Hopefully one who will have a solid feud with Edge. Finlay vs. Jamie Noble will be a hard hitting affair. It is an unpredictable match with both men looking fairly strong going into this contest.

The Redneck Messiah? Creative name for Noble.

Mysterio and Psicosis should be a high flying, entertaining match. Rey will probably get the win here, with him and Malenko stealing the show at ONS. Perhaps Dean will make an appearance after the match.

Another matchup with high flying craziness. The two luchadors, Super Crazy and Juvi will be yet another entertaining read. Crazy will probably get the win. I have no clue who will face Crazy at ONS. Perhaps Tajiri?

We can definitely see a bit of Heyman influence in this show, topping off with a Hardcore match between Brent Albright and Hardcore Holly. Brent will stay undefeated and defeat Holly, possibly putting him Sparky Plugg on the shelf?

So I see Punk is getting the God push? It doesn't matter, he deserves it.

Overall, this will be a great show. I can't wait to read it. I am also anticipating One Night Stand to be another great PPV. Again, this is one of the best BTB's I have ever read, no lie. Keep up the good work.
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Re: Legend Presents: WWE 2006 - Stop Your Grinnin' And Drop Your Linen

Show looks to be pretty damn good, as always. Seeing Lance Storm around is awesome, and having him own Edge would be pretty epic to see this week. To go with that you've got four very nice matches, especially Noble/Finlay which should own pretty damn hard. A promo from Lashley too, and a possible new direction for him in terms of feuds is something that I look forward to seeing to, since for this whole thread he has basically been focussed on 'Taker.

Show looks to be great, as per usual. Looking forward to it.

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Re: Legend Presents: WWE 2006 - Stop Your Grinnin' And Drop Your Linen


Friday Night SmackDown! - June 2nd, 2006; Portland, Oregon

Be careful what you wish for.

Hardcore Heaven

A video package plays recapping the announcement of the number one contender tournament last week, as well as Edge retaining the World Title over Batista, Mysterio, and Finlay, only to be laid out by Lance Storm afterwards. After that, we get the opening video and pyro, before we’re brought into the arena.

The thousands of fans which have packed the arena, show off their signs and just generally go crazy, before we cut to the ring … where Booker T’s wife, Sharmell, stands alone in the ring with a microphone in hand, being roundly booed by the crowd.

Ladies and gentlemen … it gives me great pleasure to present to you … the FIVE-TIME WCW World Heavyweight Champion … the most decorated athlete in the HISTORY of professional wrestling … and MY KING … BOOKER T!!!


Some strong heat fills arena, as Sharmell proudly casts her hand towards the entrance stage, with a beaming smile spon her face … and her man, her husband, the former World Champion Booker T comes strolling out onto the stage with his left arm held high, a single pinkie raised regally in the air for all to see.

Michael Cole:
Only eight days remain until the WWE and ECW join forces to bring you the most extreme weekend of wrestling in history, live on pay per view!! Hello, everyone, I’m Michael Cole, here with my broadcast colleagues Tazz and JBL, and what a show this is going to be!

Tazz: Absolutely, Cole. WWE vs. ECW and ECW One Night Stand might still be over a week away, but tonight, right here in Oregon, Friday Night SmackDown! is gonna bring you the most extreme action outside of Queens, baby!

Booker, dressed to compete, but with his long leopard skin robe over the top, takes his sweet time approaching the ring, as the fans continue to get on his case.

Michael Cole: That’s right, Tazz. Tonight, two HUGE matches, with Extreme Weekend repercussions. We will see ‘The Insane Luchadore’ Super Crazy take on fellow Mexicool Juventud Guerrera, and on top of that, United States Champion Rey Mysterio battles old rival Psicosis!

John Bradshaw Layfield: And, gentlemen, things are gonna get downright ugly… when the future of this business Brent Albright ends this thing with Hardcore Holly once and for all!!

Michael Cole: You said it, John. A Hardcore match to end this blood feud is also tonight. Also, we have the opening contest in the McMahon’s Great American Tournament to determine a new number one contender to the World Heavyweight Title!! Who will be the first man to qualify for the Six Pack Elimination match at Saturday Night’s Main Event? Tonight, it’s Jamie Noble against Finlay!

John Bradshaw Layfield: Tonight is gonna be sweet, boys… but you know what’s even sweeter?? That lady in the ring right there. That’s real class, gentlemen.

Sharmell holds the ropes open for her man, and Booker calmly steps through them, twirling on the spot in the middle of the ring. When he is finally done showboating, his wife hands him the mic, gives a little curtsy, and he turns to take centre stage.

Booker T: (Bows)
Thank you, my Queen. (To the crowd) I come before you today … because your King wishes to address a GRAVE injustice.

~ Boos, as Sharmell nods.

Booker T:
To Shane and Stephanie McMahon I say this … how DARE you not include Booker T in the World Heavyweight Championship match on SmackDown last week??

~ Booker curls his lip, as the crowd delivers more heat.

Booker T:
You’re father, the GREAT Vincent Kennedy McMahon, knew had to look after his most prized assets his most valuable commodities … but you, children … do not. Allow Booker T to enlighten you on how things are supposed to run around here. You see, I am the most decorated athlete … in the world!!

~ Sharmell agress. “That’s right, baby.”

Booker T:
In fact … there isn’t a single wrestler in the entire WWE with my experiences or my credentials--


Booker looks up angrily, and the crowd responds with another outpouring of boos … as ‘The Fighting Irishman’ Finlay emerges out onto the stage and heads for the ring, shaking his head angrily.

Michael Cole:
Finlay?? What’s he doing out here??

John Bradshaw Layfield:
Ha-ha, you wanna talk about experience … take a look at that man, gentlemen, a man who was wrestling in Ireland by the age of twelve. And a man who’s gonna win his Great American qualifying match tonight against that dumb hillbilly, Jamie Noble.

Finlay is dressed to compete, and carries his deadly shillelagh in one hand. As Booker and Sharmell look on in disgust, the veteran from Belffast rolls into the ring and marches right up to them, snatching the mic from Book’s hand. A rather startled look comes over Booker’s face, as Finlay’s music fades.


~ Finlay … GOES TO PUNCH BOOKER, WHO COVERS UP … but the Irishman stops just short, and the crowd laughs at the furious Booker, who realises he was just punked out!

Finlay lets out a little smirk. Booker frowns and quickly snatches the mic back.

Booker T:
‘Dis ain’t got nuttin’ ta’ do wit’ you, Dave. I’m tryin’ get da’ McMahon’s ta’ show damn respect ta’ me!!

~ The Irishman drags the mic back towards him again.

Well … Booker… if you ask me … you’re doin’ a very good job of it so far. I mean, I’ve never seen someone duck out o’ the way so quick.

~ Laughs, as Booker exaspertedly rubs his face and holds his hand out for the mic again, which Dave reluctantly hands him.

Booker T:
You ain’t hearin’ muh’, Dave … ‘dis ain’t got… (prods Finlay’s chest) nothin’… (another prod) to do… (a third prod) wit’ you.

~ The crowd “ooh’s” and “ah’s” at the disrespect shon by Booker, as Finlay glares down at the finger on his chest, and angrily pulls the mic back.

See… that’s where you’re wrong, Booker. You come out here callin’ yerself the most decorated veteran in this locker room. Sunshine… I was beatin’ people up in wrestling rings whilst you were still robbin’ groceries for a livin.

~ OH!; Finlay holds up his shillelagh threateningly, and a furious Booker eyes it nervously, before taking the stick again.

Booker T:
How many World Titles have you won, Finlay?? Huh?? How ‘bout you tell us how many World Titles you’ve held??

~ A gap-toothed sneer appears on Finlay’s face, as he holds open his arms, telling the pompous yet fiery Booker to, “Go ahead and show me then.” The shoving match begins.

Michael Cole:
Oh, c’mon, this is getting ridiculous! Weren’t we scheduled to have a match now?? Instead we’ve got a pissing contests between these two egomaniacs! Can we get these guys out of the ring please??

As the argument continues in the ring, and the crowd shows their displeasure … Stephanie McMahon suddenly comes striding out from the back with a very annoyed expression on her face, receiving a nice pop from the crowd as she heads for the ring.

John Bradshaw Layfield:
Ugh, trust this egomaniac to stick her nose in where it doesn’t belong.

Steph quickly climbs up the steps and enters the ring, not waiting a single second as she snatches the microphone away from both men, drawing a rather feisty look out of the watching Sharmell.

Stephanie McMahon: (At Sharmell)
Keep it shut, sister (To the men) I think I speak for everyone here tonight when I say… would you two PLEASE … SHUT, UP!!

~ Pop from the crowd, as Booker rolls his eyes.

Stephanie McMahon:
Booker… I don’t know what you’re complaining for. You’re in The Great American Tournament … you’re facing Matt Hardy in a few weeks … so until then … I don’t want to hear a thing out of you.

~ More cheers from the crowd, as Booker’s eyes bug out. Steph turns to Finlay.

Stephanie McMahon:
As for you, Finlay… you’ve got your Great American match tonight … so if were you, I wouldn’t be worrying about Booker T… or my brother… or myself … I’d be worrying about making it past Jamie Noble and getting to Saturday Night’s Main Event.

~ Booker continues to complain, gesturing wildly.

Stephanie McMahon:
Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait… I haven’t forgotten about you, Booker. (To Finlay) You’re in the main event tonight… but that leaves us with a free slot right now (turns to Booker) and I see you’re already dressed for action … so if we hang on for a minute … you can have yourself a little warm up match in preparation for Matt Hardy in a few weeks.

~ All hot under the collar, Booker starts tearing his robe off, as Sharmell tries to calm him down.

Stephanie McMahon: (To Finlay)
Buh-bye, Dave.

~ The crowd cheers, as Finlay’s face angrily twists, and Booker yells at him, “Hit da’ bricks, Dave!” The Irishman reluctantly steps through the ropes and slinks away.

Stephanie McMahon:
And remember, Booker … not one word. (Smirks) Best of luck.

~ Steph hands the mic to Tony Chimel and turns to leave, as a referee slides into the ring, and Booker starts shadow boxing on his toes in the middle of the ring…


It’s a decent pop for the youngster … as CM PUNK makes his second appearance, storming out onto the stage, tapping his watch and yelling out, “IT’S CLOBBERING TIME!” Booker doesn’t look impressed in the ring at all, as the Straightedge Superstar heads for the ring with a determined scowl on his face.

Michael Cole:
Oh my! Would you look at this?? The man who last week made my colleague here tap out in his very first match… CM Punk … he’s Booker’s opponent!!

Talk about bein’ thrown in at the deep end, Cole! Two former World Champions in as many weeks?? Gotta’ admire the guts of this guy, right, JBL?

Bradshaw reaches up, and silently removes his headset…

1 - CM Punk vs. Booker T

Despite Booker’s anger at being thrust into a match with a rookie, proceedings start of clean enough, with the former United States Champion forcing the newcomer back into the corner after a lock up, but giving him a clean break all the same. This doesn’t last though, as The Book Man quickly begins to overwhelm the impressive Punk with his power, wearing him out against the turnbuckle.

After a while, Punk fights out of it, getting the Portland fans on his side with his explosive tenacity, as he takes Booker down to the mat with a snapmare and connects with a dropkick to the back of the head!! 1 … NO!! Punk begins to kick away at Booker viciously, until the former 5-time WCW Champion reverses an Irish whip and lifts the youngster up onto his shoulder, spinning around, and dumping him across the top rope with a one-man Hot Shot!! Booker lies in wait, as Punk staggers back up to his feet holding his throat … Booker TAKES HIS HEAD OFF WITH A JUMPING THRUST KICK!! 1 … 2 … NO!!

With Sharmell cheering him on, Book continues the assault on his impromptu opponent … until Punk starts to fire back, getting in a few rights and lefts, before turning and hitting the ropes … BOOKER CATCHES HIM - NAILING A SPINEBUSTER!! 1 … 2 … NO!!

With this failure, Book quickly snatches Punk’s head up and wrenches in the reverse chinlock down on the mat. It takes a while, but Punk manages to battle back up to his feet, driving his elbow into Booker’s gut over and over, before turning towards the ropes … BOOKER SLAMS HIM DOWN BY THE HAIR!! Once again, after a few moments of Booker’s arrogant preening and posing, Punk matches the veteran with a flurry of right hands … but as soon as he comes off the ropes, Booker takes him right back down to the canvas with a hard reverse elbow to the face!! 1 … 2 … NO!!

Visibly annoyed now, Booker applies another arm submission on the mat, trying to take the fight out of the newcomer, only for the determined Punk to battle back up to his feet once more. Frustrated, Booker takes no chances this time, and he quickly scoops Punk up, delivering a hard body slam. He goes to retrieve his fallen opponent … but Punk shows his fantastic leg extension, kicking Booker right in the head!!

The Book Man stumbles away in a daze, and Punk quickly clambers back up to his feet. Spurred on by the cries of his shrill wife, Booker charges … but Punk quickly ducks under the first arm, trapping the second, swinging around and delivering the neckbreaker!!

With both men down, referee Jim Korderas begins his count … 1 … 2 … Punk seems a bit more lively, but Booker is quick … 3 … 4 … 5 … Booker suddenly jumps up and charges … only for Punk to easily avoid it and deliver a few more stiff kicks to the leg and body of Booker T!! He sends Book into the ropes, leaps up, and CONNECTS WITH A DOUBLE LEG LARIAT TO THE FACE!! He then takes him down with a few more clotheslines and a dropkick, getting all fired up. 1 … 2 … NO!!

Lifting Booker up, Punk drills him with some knee strikes, before going for the whip. Booker easily reverses it and sends Punk into the ropes. Punk ducks Booker’s clothesline, stops, and goes for a boot … but Book catches his foot, grinning arrogantly -- ENZIGUIRI FROM PUNK!! 1 … 2 … NO!!

After a few rights from Punk, Booker manages to cut him off with a knee to the mid section, before trying to whip him into the corner … but Punk reverses, sending Booker in instead … AND CONNECTING WITH THE HIGH KNEE RIGHT AWAY!! Grabbing hold of Booker’s dazed head, Punk tries to race out for the BULLDOG … but Booker pushes him away, holding onto the arm … WIPING HIM OUT WITH A HOOK KICK!!

Instead of going for the cover, Booker angrily gets in Punk’s face on the mat, yelling at him,
“YOU AIN’T NUTTIN’!” He drags the youngster up and arrogantly sneers over at JBL on commentary, saying, “This is how ya do it, man.” He boots Punk in the gut and quickly races off the ropes, LEAPING UP FOR THE SCISSORS KICK … but Punk quickly side steps it and throws a wild clothesline of his own … but Booker ducks that, and boots Punk in the gut. He applies a front face lock, and lifts Punk up for a vertical suplex apparently … but Punk slides off his shoulders, spins Booker around … SCOOPS HIM UP ONTO HIS SHOULDERS IN THE FIREMAN’S CARRY POSITION - AND THROWS HIM DOWN FACE-FIRST RIGHT ACROSS HIS KNEE!!!

As the crowd gasps at this new manoeuvre, Punk falls down atop the unconscious Booker T, hooking both legs.




Winner - CM Punk via pinfall at 9:31.

Another unbelievable victory for the newcomer, and the crowd reacts accordingly, delivering a big, albeit stunned, pop, as Sharmell has a fit at ringside, and Punk rolls off of the motionless Booker with his arms raised and a sly smirk written all over his bearded face.

Michael Cole:
I- This is unbelievable!! CM Punk has just defeated his second former World Champion in as many weeks as he’s been here!!

Guess it wasn’t a fluke, eh, JBL?

We see JBL look at Tazz as if to say, “Fuck You,” before removing his headset and sitting back in his chair sulkily.

Guess not. Helluva’ win for Punk though! I like this kid already!!

Michael Cole:
And if he keeps taking it to guys like Booker T and our broadcast colleague here -- not the fan’s favourite superstars by any means -- well, let’s just say he’s going to secure himself a very comfortable place in their hearts before very long.

Back inside the ring, a grinning Punk asks for a microphone from Tony Chimel, and is soon handed one. He looks at BookerT being helped out of the ring by his wife and grins.

CM Punk: (Breathing heavily)
Good job… good job it wasn’t your qualifying match tonight, huh, Booker?

~ Sharmell yells at Punk to “Shut Up” as she beckons some officials down to help her woozy husband.

CM Punk:
I’d say Sharmell would have to do all the talking for her husband now he’s just been put to sleep … but… that really wouldn’t be much of a change, would it??

~ Crowd laughs.

CM Punk:
All jokes aside… Booker, you have been a great champion in the past … but just like JBL you’ve become a guiltless politician, trampling over everything and everyone in your path.

~ Booker looks ready to throw up, as Punk leans over the ropes.

CM Punk:
Well, consider this your roadblock, pal.

~ Crowd cheers, and Punk walks back to the centre.

CM Punk:
I am NOT just another knock-off Hulk Hogan or Shawn Michaels clone fresh off the WWE conveyer belt. I am an original, I am disciplined, I am focused, and I am determined to reach the top in this business. While I have been a professional wrestler all my life, I am the first of my kind here in World Wrestling Entertainment… and I intend to make an impact.

~ More cheers.

CM Punk:
Whether it’s Booker T

~ Punk walks over to the far ropes and looks directly at the scowling JBL.

CM Punk:
Or you… JBL. Someone like me… someone with my beliefs … with my commitment to competition and success … you can’t just knock us aside with a harsh word or a smack in the mouth. You wanna try me again, tough guy… (looking right at JBL) you know where I am.

~ JBL shakes with rage.

CM Punk:
Because like it or not(turns to the crowd) I AM Straightedge … I AM here to stay… and I AM … C … M … PUNK!!!

~ As Punk tosses the mic away defiantly, ‘Miseria Cantere’ hits again and the youngster climbs the various buckles once more to play to the crowd, who seem to be taking a liking to the assertive newcomer.

Michael Cole:
Well, we were promised much for months, and CM Punk is certainly delivering on those promises. Two huge victories of two established main event level superstars, and some very strong words for all those out there who might doubt him or question his beliefs.

Has SmackDown been on a roll with new guys this year or what?? First we get Brent Albright -- my personal favourite -- and now this kid. Oh man, what a show!!

Michael Cole:
Absolutely. Any comments, John? John?

But JBL isn’t listening; instead sitting, a thunderous gaze upon his brow, just staring at the man currently standing inside the ring.





*Backstage - Interview Area*

Josh Matthews stands by with The Mexicools, Juventud Guerrera, Psicosis, and Super Crazy.

Josh Matthews:
We are back on Friday Night SmackDown!, and I am joined right now by three men who are involved in two huge matches here tonight, Juventud Guerrera, Psicosis, and Super Crazy, collectively known as The Mexicools. Welcome, gentlemen.

~ The three luchadors grin.

Josh Matthews:
Super Crazy, my first question goes to you. Tonight you face your teammate here(Juvi grins) Juventud Guerrera, in preparation for the open challenge you have issued for ECW One Night Stand. Let me ask you this… how can you prepare for a match, when you have no idea who your opponent will be?

~ Crazy slaps Juvi on the back.

Super Crazy: (Laughning)
Porque cuando usted está tan loco como soy usted no debe saber quién usted está frente a!! Ha-ha-ha!!

~ Matthews looks bemused, and the crowd laughs. Juventud steps up, grinning, and takes off his cowboy hat.

Juventud Guerrera:
Relax, man… you know he’s crazy, right? (Looks at Crazy) He must be, to challenge The Juice tonight. He says ‘hwehn joure as crazy as him… it doesn’t matter who your opponent is. Unless it’s Juventud Guerrera, (Shoves Crazy) ¿El derecho, las encinas?

~ Crazy playfully shoves his friend back, and the two men laugh, as Matthews nods.

Josh Matthews:
Uh… okay… and… and how about you, Psicosis? Tonight you face an old rival of yours, the United States Champion Rey Mysterio as he prepares for a possible match with Dean Malenko.

~ Psicosis shakes his head.

Usted lo consiguió agravia, Josh. You got it wrong, holmes. Rey Misterio, Jr. isn’t thinkin’ about Dean Malenko yet… ‘cause if he doesn’t give Psicosis his full attention… I’m going to kick his ass just like I always used to. ¿Me comprende?

~ The other Mexicools laugh, as Psicosis flicks his toothpick at the screen, and the three luchadors swagger off confidently, leaving Matthews all alone.

Josh Matthews:
The Mexicools there. We’ll be back with more, right here on Friday Night SmackDown!, right after this.

*Back to ringside*

2 - ECW One Night Stand Rematch; Non-Title
U.S Champion Rey Mysterio
vs. Psicosis

The match starts out as one would expect with the larger luchador Psicosis stalking his long-time rival all around the ring, before the two men finally lock up. Mysterio immediately snaps off a rapid arm drag, shooting the gangly Mexicool under the bottom rope and stumbling into the guardrail!

After furiously kicking the barricade, Psicosis gets back inside the ring and the two engage in another collar and elbow tie up. This time it’s Psicosis who gets the upper hand, wringing the left arm of Mysterio and taking the high flying United States Champion down to the mat with a hammerlock. Battling back up to his feet, Rey elevates his body in to the air and uses it to take Psicosis over with a snapmare. Psicosis charges back, but Mysterio takes him into the ropes and then sweeps his legs away with a kick, which sends Psicosis into the ropes … but he flips and manages to land on his feet!! Mysterio then charges, and Psicosis shoves him at the ropes … only for Rey to springboard backflip off the middle rope, landing on his feet beautifully! Psiscosis quickly takes him down with a leg trip, grabbing the arms. Mysterio elevates himself up using Psiscosis as a surfboard, but the Mexicool catches him in a wheelbarrow position … which Rey rolls through with another drag, sending Psicosis scrambling to the floor once again!!

The crowd gives both wrestlers an enormous hand, as Rey grins and holds his hands in the air. Psicosis doesn’t seem quite so jovial, but he quickly re-enters the fray, knocking the smaller man down with a shoulder block, before hitting the ropes. Rey quickly rolls on to his stomach, but the wily Psicosis simply drops the elbow across his back instead. Dragging the U.S Champion to his feet, Psicosis sticks his head in between his legs, lifts him up, and DRILLS HIM WITH A QUICK POWERBOMB!!

Instead of going for the usual cover, the confident Mexicool instead shoots Rey into the ropes once more, ELEVATING HIM INTO THE LIGHTS … DROPPING HIM RIGHT ON HIS CHEST!!

Muscling Mysterio up onto his shoulder, Psicosis races across the ring, driving the masked man into the buckle abdomen first!! He connects with the knee drop on the apron, before bringing Rey back inside, lifting him up over his head, and TOSSING HIM INTO THE TURNBUCKLE WITH THE PRESS SLAM!!

Full of confidence, Psicosis knocks the dazed U.S Champion right back down with a perfectly executed dropkick, before picking him back up in a fireman’s carry position, swinging Mysterio around 360° on his shoulders, and dumping him down to the canvas! He follows this up with a leg dropped across the throat, before chopping away on the smaller man in the corner. Sending Rey across the ring, Psicosis charges, FLATTENING MYSTERIO WITH THE SPLIT-LEGGED SPLASH IN THE CORNER!!

Psicosis sends Rey across the ring and tries it again … only this time Mysterio moves, and the Mexicools collides with the buckle. Quickly stepping out to the apron, Rey grabs hold of the top rope, waits for his opponent to turn around and … SPRINGBOARDS OFF THE TOP ROPE - NAILING PSICOSIS WITH THE WEST COAST POP - HOOKING THE LEGS!! 1 … 2 … NO!!

Rey quickly sends Psicosis into the ropes once more, cartwheels, leaps up … but Psicosis catches him on his shoulders in an electric chair … only for Mysterio to quickly spin, snapping of another beautiful hurricanrana!! The Mexicool stumbles back up to his feet and manages to sweep Rey into the ropes. Mysterio comes back, ducks the clothesline again, and takes Psicosis over with a headscissors! Psicosis hangs on to the ropes to try and catch his breath, as Rey charges in … and Psicosis elevates him up and over onto the ring apron. Psicosis charges off the ropes … but Rey gets his shoulder between the ropes -- LAUNCHING PSICOSIS OVER THE TOP - CRASHING ONTO THE GUARDRAIL!!

As the crowd
“ooh’s” and “ah’s”, Rey Mysterio asserts his authority by rolling Psicosis back inside, and GOING FOR A SPRINGBOARD LEG DROP -- BUT PSICOSIS MOVES - REY CRASHES AND BURNS!! Quickly snatching the U.S Champion up, Psicosis dumps him back down with a sort of spinebuster, before ascending to the top rope for the first time in the match. With Mysterio down, Psicosis COMES OFF THE TOP ROPE - SCORING WITH THE GUILLOTINE LEG DROP!! 1 … 2 … NO!!

Psicosis runs his fingers through his long hair angrily, glowering at referee Mickey Henson. He pulls Rey up, sticks his head in between his legs once more, gets him into the air, and DRILLS THE UNITED STATES CHAMPION WITH A SITOUT POWERBOMB!! 1 … 2 … NO!!

Feeling the effects of Psicosis’s brutal offense, Mysterio stumbles into the ropes … only for the Mexicool to clothesline him over them to the floor! Rey crawls around in front of the announce table, with JBL talking some serious trash to the masked man, while back inside the ring, Psicosis hits the far ropes, charges acroos the mat, and … LAUNCHES HIMSELF THROUGH THE ROPES WITH A TOPE SUICIDA -- BUT MYSTERIO MOVES - SENDING PSICOSIS CRASHING HEAD FIRST INTO THE ANNOUNCE TABLE!!!!

“Holy Shit” chants erupt throughout the arena, as Psicosis lies in a heap amongst the chairs of JBL, Tazz, and Cole. Gritting his teeth, Mysterio manages to drag his great rival up, pull him across the floor, and shove him back under the bottom rope. Still hurting himself, Rey takes a while to get back inside the ring, and when he finally does … Psicosis dropkicks his legs out from under him!!

Shaking off the effects of the announce table, Psicosis quickly scoots up top, LAUNCHING HIMSELF OFF WITH A CORKSCREW SENTON SPLASH - AND CONNECTS!!!




Rey just gets his shoulder up, much to the relief of the fans in attendance. Positiong Rey-Rey in the far corner, Psicosis attempts a running knee … but Mysterio quickly dives out of the way, and sends his gangly opponent crashing to the outside with a dropkick to the back.

Rey hits the ropes, and the crowd comes to their feet, as a big death-defying move looks to be on the cards … but Psicosis quickly jogs out of harm’s way, tapping his temple, smirking, and babbling away in Spanish. As the crowd boos, Mysterio simply shrugs … AND SPRINGBOARDS OFF THE ROPE WITH A SOMERSAULT PLANCHA - WIPING OUT THE UNSUSPECTING PSICOSIS!!!!

Mingled in with the
“Holy Shit” chants this time are a few “EC-Dub” ones, as both Mysterio and Psicosis lie in a heap at ringside. After a while, hearing Mickey Henson’s count, Rey pulls himself up, grabs Psicosis, and shoves the Mexicool back into the ring. This time it’s Mysterio who clambers to the top rope, pointing to the sky … but Psicosis is back up to his feet quickly and cuts the masked man off with a right hand!

Dragging Rey’s head down, Psicosis climbs to the second buckle, and sticks it in between his legs. Grinning sadistically, the veteran luchador yells into the crowd,




Winner - Rey Mysterio via pin fall at 10:20.

The crowd cheers loudly at the finish, as Mysterio has his hand raised by the official, looking slightly relieved here tonight, whilst Psicosis tries to recover from being spike on top of his head from the top rope, covering his face with his hands in dismay.

Michael Cole:

Tazz: Mysterio’s on a roll, baby!! Big-time!! I can’t wait to see him back at the Ballroom!!

John Bradshaw Layfield: That was on hell of a match, I’ll give ya that, gentlemen … but as for Rey Mysterio being “on a roll?” Gimme a break. He couldn’t get the job done at Judgment Day, he couldn’t get the job done last week, and I hope to hell that Dean Malenko does accept his challenge and punches that stupid mask right off his face!!

After saluting the crowd, Rey asks for a microphone from ringside, which Tony Chimel hands him. Mysterio then goes over to where Psicosis is sat, shaking his head unhappily.

Rey Mysterio: (Breathing heavily)
El hermano … no está como eso. Usted es … mi adversario más grande. Usted es… mi adversario predilecto. Usted… me ha dado los iguales más grandes de mi carrera. Usted es … mi amigo… (Extends his hand) Yo gracias, el hombre.

~ Mysterio does his job perfectly, bringing the Hispanic portion of the crowd to their feet, while Psicosis smiles at the U.S Champion and accepts his hand, pulling himself up to his feet and embracing Rey warmly.

Rey Mysterio:
Let’s hear it for Psicosis!! ¡Permita que él oigalo!!

~ The crowd gives Psicosis a big hand, and he returns it with a wave and smile, before hugging Mysterio once more and leaving the ring.

Rey Mysterio:
I’m sure you’ll all agree that was a great match… and I enjoyed competing in it very much. But there’s one man - who I know is backstage tonight - that I hope, more than anybody else, was watchin’ what I just did very closely.

~ Rey turns to the stage.

Rey Mysterio:
Dean… holmes… it’s bin’ a week, man. I think it’s time you gave me an answer.

~ Lowering the mic, Mysterio hitches his title belt on his shoulder and folds his arms, waiting…

And sure enough, here comes the man himself, Dean Malenko, walking down the ramp to a nice response from the crowd, dressed casually in a dark shirt and slacks.

Mysterio looks excited by the arrival of ‘The Iceman’, even holding the ropes open for him as he enters the ring. The two men shake hands and share a quick hug, before everyone gets serious.

Rey Mysterio:
Thanks for comin’ out here, man.

~ Malenko smiles, “No problem.”

Rey Mysterio:
Look, I know neither of us like to talk all that much. We’re not The Rock or Hulk Hogan - we like to do our talkin’ in the ring.

~ The Iceman nods in agreement.

Rey Mysterio:
So I’ll get right to it. It’s like I said last week, Dean… you are one of, if not my greatest opponent of all time. You, along with Eddie and Psicosis, have given me some of the most memorable matches of my career. My only regret… my only regret is that we never got to tear it up in ECW.

~ Thoughtfully, Malenko rubs his chin.

Rey Mysterio:
I’m never gonna get to wrestle Eddie in ECW. However much it might break my heart… I know I’m never gonna get to wrestle my best friend in the place where it all started for us.


Rey Mysterio:
But… but I can still wrestle you, Dean… (points) I can still wrestle one of my other great friends in the Hammerstein Ballroom.

~ Malenko remains stoic.

Rey Mysterio:
All I need is for you to say “yes”, man. All I need is a “yes”, and we can show the ECW fans just what we can do - one last time. Whaddya say?

~ Mysterio holds out his hand, and Malenko looks down at it, his face remaining impassive, but obviously with thousands of thoughts running through it. The crowd encourage the legendary grappler, and he glances to them for encouragement, as Mysterio presses him,and soon enough…

…MALENKO ACCEPTS IT, to a huge ovation. The two stars share a warm smile and a firm handshake, and eventually Rey looks to move away … but MALENKO PULLS HIM BACK INTO AN INTENSE STAREDOWN!

There are some “ooh’s” and “ah’s” in the air, as Mysterio looks rather surprised by Malenko’s sudden shift in mood. The Iceman holds Rey’s hand firmly, and takes the mic from him with the other, bringing it up…

Dean Malenko:
Rey… we might be friends now… … (in his face) but don’t think for a second that I’m gonna take it easy on you.

~ Mixed reaction for this, as Rey frowns.

Dean Malenko:
I don’t do exhibition matches, and I don’t do friendly matches. When I wrestle… I wrestle to win. And if that means I have to bend you in half to do it… then so be it.

~ Rey nods, “Fine. Whatever, man.”

Dean Malenko:
Be careful what you wish forfriend.

~ Malenko finally releases his grip on Mysterio’s hand and flings it back on him, before turning on his heel and calmly leaving the ring. The crowd doesn’t seem too pleased with The Iceman’s competitive conduct, and the U.S Champion stands in the ring with a slightly unnerved look on his face … perhaps regretting his challenge after all???


Michael Cole:
What a night it has been here on Friday Night Smackdown. So far, CM Punk managed to continue his incredible run since debuting, defeated former World Champion Booker T. And the United States Champion Rey Mysterio was successful in his One Night Stand rematch from last year against Psicosis. Not only that, but after the match, Dean Malenko accepted Mysterio’s challenge to another match between the two at the Hammerstein Ballroom!

John Bradshaw Layfield:
And it ain’t over by a long way!

Michael Cole:
Absolutely. Super Crazy faces teammate Juventud Guerrera. Brent Albright battles Hardcore Holly in a Hardcore match, and last but by no means least, our main event tonight sees the opening match in Shane and Stephanie McMahon’s fantastic Great American Tournament to determine the next number one contender for the World Heavyweight Title!

Tonight it’s Jamie Noble taking on ‘The Fighting Irishman’ Finlay, with five more qualifying matches still to come, and the tournament winner gets a World Title Match at The Great American Bash!

Michael Cole:
What a match that is going to be at Saturday Night’s Main Event. (Video begins to play)Well, ladies and gentlemen, last week on Smackdown, Edge had just overcome the odds again to retain the World Heavyweight Champion, but the evening was far from over…

*Cut to video*

EDGE DOES IT AGAIN!!! You’ve never seen a man get out of dodge as quickly as Edge does when the bell sounds. As ‘Metalingus’ hits, he dives out of the ring, with Lita throwing his jacket over him, and he grabbing his title belt from the timekeeper’s area all in one continuous motion, as he stumbles around like a drunk.

Michael Cole: OH MY!! How in the world did that happen!? Edge pinned Finlay- I don’t think even he can believe it!!

Tazz: Oh man, I thought Big Dave had that one won, Cole!!

With his three beaten and weary challengers now out of the ring being tended to on the floor, Edge is back in the ring with Lita, holding his World title belt high in the air, tongue wrestling with his red-headed broad, and grinning egomaniacally.


Michael Cole: This is absolutely incredible. I cannot believe this happened tonight. Edge’s day is coming, I know it!! It should’ve come tonight.

Smiling away, Edge prepares to leave and turns around…



EDGE’S LIGHTS ARE TURNED OUT AND CHICAGO GOES NUTS FOLLOWING A SUPERKICK!!! A masked figure stands over the World Heavyweight Champion. Slowly, the individual reaches up and tears the mask away from their face, revealing…




Chicago recognises the Canadian grappler instantly and continues to go nuts for him. As Lita cowers in the far corner, Storm pulls out a microphone, stands over Edge, and crouches down, getting right in the face of the World Heavyweight Champion

Lance Storm: (Breathing heavily) ………………If I could be serious for a minute-

~ Another thunderous pop rings out, as well as a few “LANCE! LANCE! LANCE! LANCE!” chants, drawing an amused glance from the Albertan.

Lance Storm: Can you guess who Edge’s opponent is … for the World Heavyweight Title … at ECW One - Night - STAND!?

Storm smirks and drops the mic, as Chi-Town pops again. Standing over The Rated R Superstar, Storm notices the World title belt, and slowly picks it up. He gazes at it, and then looks to the crowd, before laying across Edge’s chest with a whisper of, “…soon.” Storm raises his hands into the air as we fade out.

*Back to ringside*

Michael Cole:
As one would imagine, our World Heavyweight Champion hasn’t been in the best of moods since that attack, and during the week my broadcast colleague here, Tazz, took the opportunity to sit down with the new number one contender, Lance Storm.

*Cut To Video - WWE Headquarters - Sometime midweek*

In the usual generic, darkened studio room in Connecticut, Tazz sits opposite none other than former WWE, WCW, and, more importantly, ECW Wrestler Lance Storm.

First off… it’s great to see you see you again, man. Thanks for agreein’ to this interview.

~ Storm smiles.

Lance Storm:
No problem.

~ The two men shake hands, before getting down to business.

Well… I guess my first question is… where the heck have you been and what’re you doin’ back here??

~ Storm chuckles again, rubbing his chin.

Lance Storm:
I, uh… I had a feeling you were gonna ask me that, Tazz. I know it was one hell of a shock for most people when I showed up last week to confront Edge… but that’s the way I wanted it to be. I wanted to really make an impact on my first appearance back in this place.

~ Tazz nods.

Well, you sure as hell did that, man. But let’s just clear somethin’ up… this stint back in the WWE… this ain’t a permanent thing, am I right?

Lance Storm: (Nodding)
Unfortunately not. I’m actually still technically retired from professional wrestling. I still come out every now and then for special occasions… and I considered ECW One Night Stand to be one of those occasions. I had great fun last year seeing all the guys again, and getting to wrestle one of my oldest friends and fellow Canadian Chris Jericho, and I didn’t want to pass up another opportunity to wrestle in New York City one last time.

~ Tazz smiles knowingly at that comment.

Lance Storm:
But no, my contract here with the WWE isn’t permanent. Like a lot of the ECW guys it lasts until June 11th and One Night Stand. If I win the World Title… well, I guess they’d have no choice but to hire me then, right?

~ After a titter, Tazz nods.

I guess so. But let’s speak about that… let’s speak about the World Title. Hpw’s it happened that you’re gonna be facin’ Edge for the belt on June 11th?

Lance Storm:
I never thought I’d say this… but you can thank the McMahons for that. Shane and Stephanie sent out open contracts to all ECW alumni out there for matches at One Night Stand, and they were particularly interested in getting the right person to face Edge for the title. I guess they don’t want Smackdown to be outdone by Raw at that night.

~ Tazz laughs.

Lance Storm:
Y’see, I was all ready to offer my services to Terry Funk and Mick Foley for their Ultimate Jeopardy match against Eric Bischoff’s team… but when I see this open contract… when I see the opportunity to finally challenge for the richest prize in this industry… in front of my favourite crowd in the world… well, I just couldn’t say no.

~ Storm leans forward.

Lance Storm:
I figured… I’m more qualified than any of these guys to get a title shot. I’ve been a tag team champion in every company I’ve ever been in … I’ve been a Cruiserweight Champion, a Hardcore Champion, an Intercontinental Champion, a United States Champion… and yet… and yet I never received a single World Title shot in my entire time here in the WWE.

~ He shakes his head.

Lance Storm:
Worse wrestlers than me are multiple-time World Champions now, and that isn’t right. Luckily… Shane and Stephanie McMahon agreed with me and signed the deal, granting me a World Heavyweight Title shot against Edge at One Night Stand.

~ A smile comes to Storm’s usually stoic face.

Lance Storm:
I’ve known Edge a long time. As a matter of fact we’ve trained together back in Canada before. Guys like him and I, guys like Christian, Chris Jericho, Chris Benoit, Bret Hart… we know how hard it is for a Canadian to make it down south in the U.S, so for that reason I’m proud of Edge for becoming the World Champion and for carrying this company on his back for the past year.

~ The smile vanishes.

Lance Storm:
But let’s get one thing straight. Edge and I are two completely different wrestlers. We might both be Canadians… but that doesn’t mean anything when you step inside that ring with me. I was trained in Stu Hart’s Dungeon in Calgary, Alberta, the greatest wrestling city in the world. They breed champions there… and that’s a legacy I intend to continue.

~ Storm looks at the camera.

Lance Storm:
It might have looked personal when I kicked you in the face last week, Edge… but it wasn’t. I was simply making an impact. That’s what I do. I’m an impact player. In ECW myself, along with Justin Credible and Jason… we were The Impact Players of that place, and we built our reputation on being the very best it had to offer.

~ He motions with his hand.

Lance Storm:
Next week, I’ve agreed to wrestle on SmackDown for what could very well be the last time ever. The McMahons have already agree - it’ll be me and Justin Credible, The Impact Players reunited, taking on you, Edge, the World Heavyweight Champion… and any poor bum you feel like bringing along for the ride.

~ Storm’s eyes narrow.

Lance Storm:
Playtime’s over, champ … … it’s time to get serious.

~ Storm gives the camera a long, hard look, serious as always, as we fade out.

*Back to Real Time - Backstage - Interview Area*

We are back with Steve Romero, who is joined by the WWE Tag Team Champions The Bluebloods, William Regal and Paul Burchill, accompanied by Melina.

Steve Romero:
Okay, fans, we’re back here on Friday Night Smackdown, and right now I’d like to bring in the WWE Tag Team Champions, The Bluebloods. Gentlemen?

~ Regal, dressed in a dark suit and carrying his belt like a purse (old school) smiles.

William Regal:
Steven, if you can remember that far back, I’d like you to cast your mind as far as last week and remind everyone what myself, Master Burchill, and young Lady Melina had to say?

~ Romero stammers.

Steve Romero:
Well… I…

William Regal:
Nevermind. I simply wished to prove that neither yourself nor any of the WWE fans were truly listening to a word that was said. And if none of you were listening… well then, that would suggest that Mr. And Miss McMahon weren’t listening either.

~ Romero hangs his head.

William Regal:
Tonight, we will see young James Noble take on an old acquaintance of mine, and fellow Briton, David Finlay for the first spot in The Great American match, in what should be a truly splendid match which will teach you Americans a thing or two about true wrestling. That’s fine. I admire both competitors considerably. Yes, we have had our problems with James in the past… but that’s where they remain, in the past. It is next week’s qualifying match which troubles us.

~ Melina, in particular, shakes her head.

William Regal:
Not only have the McMahons excluded the WWE Tag Team Champions - two of the very best wrestlers in the world - from this tournament, but they have done it to allow a talentless prat like Jonathan Nitro in, in our stead!

~ Boos for Regal.

William Regal:
Explain to me how that is fair? Did myself and Master Paul Burchill not pin both Jonathan Nitro and Joseph Mercury at Judgment? Did we not defeat them in England also? Surely that gives us a greater right to be in that blasted tournament than either of them??

~ Burchill shakes his head.

William Regal:
And of course, there is the little matter of MNM’s suspension. For the sake of this dear, sweet, innocent young lady(Regal touches Melina’s chin) I was assured that both members of MNM would be barred from Smackdown for thirty days. Last week was seven, and tonight is fourteen… but next week means that their suspension only reaches twenty days, which is frankly unacceptable. Do you really think that those bitter, twisted young men will be unable to stay away and keep their hands off this dear, dear girl??

~ Melina pouts.

William Regal:
I certainly don’t. It may fall down to Mr. Nitro’s opponent, Mr. Kid Kash, to ensure this maidens protection at the end of the night, by simply… taking young Jonathan out of the equation. I hope he knows that should he do that… the WWE Tag Team Champions would owe him a debt of gratitude.

~ A wicked smile forms at Regal’s mouth.

William Regal:
Nevertheless… Mr. McMahon, as much as I admire your family and will continue to always… your treatment of this show’s tag team champion has been frankly unacceptable. You have already succeeded in alienating half of this roster, sir… I’m sure you could do without any more enemies.

~ A slightly menacing look from the two Englishmen.

William Regal:
But I commend your matchmaking skills for another match next week. Myself and Master Burchill versus… ECW’s own… Full Blooded Italians, or as they prefer to be called… The F.B.I.

~ Burchill chuckles, and Regal smiles at him.

William Regal:
Well… well… all predictable jokes about the Italian people aside, I am very much looking forward to facing such, uhm… industrious opponents, It will give us the perfect platform on which to show our contempt for that… that… (twists his face) that aberration… Extreme Championship Wrestling.

~ Loud boos.

William Regal:
Mark my words, gentlemen… Little, uhm… Guido? And Anthony… Mamaluke? Yes, that’s it. Mark my words, gentlemen, the only ones getting… (air quotes) ‘Whacked’ next week … will be the two of you. (Glances at Romero) Good evening.

~ The pompous trio slowly saunter away, leaving Romero to turn back to the camera.

Steve Romero:
The Bluebloods there. You’ll see them in action next week against The F.B.I, (Graphic instantly appears on screen) right here on Friday Night Smackdown. We’ll be back, right after this.

*Backstage - Hallway*

Dressed in his typical designer t-shirt and shades with the World Title on his shoulder and Lita on his arm, the World Heavyweight Champion Edge enters the building looking extremely pissed.

Michael Cole:
And there is the man himself, the man who will put the World Heavyweight Title on the line, Sunday, June 11th, against Lance Storm. Later tonight, Josh Matthews will try to get some words from Edge. Don’t go away!


*Video Plays*

Narrator: It started out as a dream …

RVD flying over the ropes into Jerry Lynn.

Narrator: That became a reality …

Mike Awesome powerbombing Masato Tanaka.

Last year the dream was relived …

Tommy Dreamer crashing through the flaming table.

This year it will be reborn …

Sandman brawling through the crowd.

Narrator: This year ‘Extreme’ will live again …

Taz Tazplexing Shane Douglas.

Narrator: This year sees the return …

Sabu killing himself almost, as a voices echoes out.

“Of …”

Quick, wild shots of Dreamer, Sandman, RVD, Funk, Taz, Sabu and Awesome.

“… ECW.”

“ECW One Night Stand, June 11th, 8/7CT, live on pay-per-view”

*End video*

*Back to ringside*

Before anyone speak…


To a fairly lukewarm response from the Rose Garden, the veteran Hardcore Holly strides down to the ring cracking his knuckles and wearing a familiar scowl.

Michael Cole: Well, with ECW One Night Stand right around the corner what better way to continue this thrilling edition of Friday Night SmackDown! than with what will undoubtedly be a brutal Hardcore Match to finally put an end to this bitter feud between Hardcore Holly and the young upstart, the undefeated Brent Albright. Holly asked for this match, and now Albright has to answer him.

John Bradshaw Layfield: Put the women and children to bed. Things are aout ta get bowling shoe ugly!! I can’t stand him, but I’ll give him credit, Hardcore Holly is a mean, nasty old bastard who just enjoys beatin’ people up.

Tazz: Didn’t do him too good at Judgment Day though, right??

Holly walks around the ringside area, slapping hands with a (small) few fans at ringside, before entering the ring and posing on one of the turnbuckles. As he stares out into the crowd, Holly has his back to the stage, and he is seemingly deaf to the screams AS BRENT ALBRIGHT (having come through the crowd) RUSHES UP BEHIND HIM AND KNOCKS HIM CRASHING DOWN TO THE FLOOR!!!

Albright quickly follows up as soon as Holly lands on the floor. The Shooter, already wearing his ring gear, hops down off the apron, grabs Holly, sticks his head in between his legs, lifts him up, races forwards, and POWERBOMBS HIM THROUGH THE ANNOUNCE TABLE!!! Albright yells at the ref, demanding the bell to be rung.

3 - Hardcore Match
Brent Albright
vs. Hardcore Holly

With the crowd still going absolutely NUTS following Albright’s explosive attack, Hardcore Holly lies in a heap amongst the rubble that up until a few moments ago was the announce table. The Shooter gets right in the veteran’s face,
“You want a hardcore match now, old man??”

Grabbing a piece of electrical wire, Albright wraps it around Holly’s throat and proceeds to choke the life out of him!! Showing off his impressive strength, Brent just TOSSES the 240lb veteran around the ringside area like a ragdoll, slamming into the guardrail more than once. Holly shows a few signs of recovery, but the youngster quickly puts him down again, before going under the ring and pulling out … a table!! The crowd starts to get excited again, as Albright grins and drags the table inside the ring. After propping it up in the corner, he rolls Holly back in after in, and drags him across the ring. He sticks Bob’s head in between his legs, and lifts him up into a powerbomb position … RACING ACROSS THE RING – LOOKING FOR AN AWESOME BOMB THROUGH THE TABLE -- but Holly quickly slides, grabbing Albright from behind - HURLING HIM OVERHEAD WITH A GERMAN SUPLEX - THROUGH THE TABLE!!!!!

The crowd absolutely LOVES this, beginning another booming
“Holy Shit” chant, as both men lie amongst the wreckage, with Michelle McCool (having joined him at ringside) looking on in horror on the outside. After a while, Holly rolls over and crawls over Albright, hooking the far leg. 1 … 2 … NO!! Gasps ring out, as The Shooter somehow survives going through a table!

Holly’s dominance doesn’t last for long though, as Albright recovers from the manoeuvre to beat down the veteran in the corner. He heads outside again in search of more weaponry, as Hardcore crawls onto the apron. McCool quickly hands her client a trashcan lid … which he SMACKS over the head of Bob Holly with a sickening crack!!

Following some instructions from Albright, Ms. McCool begins to erect another table at ringside, much to the delight of the Oregon fans, as The Shooter goes back to work Hardcore Holly, who, as the cameras show us, has been
busted wide open by that trashcan lid shot. With the table set up on the outside, Albright stands facing the ropes, and Holly’s head tucked in between his legs, staring down at the wood. He lifts Holly up … but Bob fights out of the predicament, hammering away on the rookie until he has to drop him. Albright tries again … but this time Holly headbutts his way out of the dilemma … AND BACK DROPS ALBRIGHT OVER THE TOP ROPE - SENDING HIM CRASHING THROUGH THE TABLE!!!!!

The Rose Garden ERUPTS for the umpteenth time, as The Gun For Hire lies between the broken shards of the table he had erected for the second time tonight! In the ring, Hardcore Holly drops to his knees to catch his breath, still feeling the effects of the pre-match attack he endure, clutching his ribs. He eventually rolls to the outside and manages to drags his youthful opponent back inside, going for another cover, 1 … 2 … NO!! How in the HELL did Albright kick out of that??

Frustrated and bloody, Holly lifts The Shooter up and begins firing away on him with right hands … until Albright quickly cuts him off with a desperation thumb to the eye. Still woozy, Brent hits the ropes … but runs right into one of the best dropkicks in the business, as Holly forgets his injured ribs for the moment to wipe Albright out!! Quickly (or as quickly as you can after being slammed through a table) Holly lifts Albright up, applying the front face lock, and connects with a crisp vertical suplex. 1 … 2 … NO!!

After going through two tables it was hardly likely that The Shooter would fall to a vertical suplex, but bless Hardcore Holly’s cotton socks for trying anyway.

Angrily, the man who likes to beat up rookies heads to the outside, sending Michelle McCool scampering away. Holly goes under the ring and pulls out (you guessed it) ANOTHER table!! Not that Portland, Oregon is complaining. Holly sets the table up at ringside, before rolling back inside the ring.

Picking the groggy Albright up, Holly sticks his head right in between his legs and points at the table, receiving a MASSIVE cheers from the crowd. He LIFTS ALBRIGHT UP … AND RUNS ACROSS THE RING - GOING FOR AN AWESOME BOMB OF HIS OWN -- but Albright quickly slides out of it, grabbing Holly’s waist, and PLANTS HIM WITH A GERMAN!! Brent doesn’t let go of the grip, bringing Holly back up to his feet, and PLANTS HIM WITH A HALF-NELSON SUPLEX!! Holly lands right on the top of his head!!!

But Brent Albright is unable to go for the cover, such is the punishment he’s taken so far in this physical contest. Referee Charles Robinson can’t even count either man out, such are the rules of a hardcore match. After a while, both men begin to struggle back up to their feet, using the ropes on either side of the ring for assistance. As they stumble toward the centre … Albright quickly boots Holly in the gut! Bob doubles over, and an ultra-intense Shooter rams his head in between his legs, lifting him up overhead almost in a Razor’s Edge-type position … BEFORE CHARGING ACROSS THE RING - AND HURLING HARDCORE HOLLY OVER THE ROPES - AWESOME BOMBING HIM THROUGH THE TABLE BELOW!!!!!!!

The building LOSING IT’S COLLECTIVE MIND, with everyone on their feet, standing and applauding the incredible spot, with poor ol’ Bob Holly lying, just like the table he went through, broken in half!!!

Inside the ring, Brent Albright falls down to his knees with exhaustion, deaf to the encouragement of his Executive Valet at ringside, and deaf also, unfortunately, to the smattering of
“Albright” chants which make a brief appearance. However, the most prominent chant is the good old fashioned “Holy Shit” one, which keeps going until Albright begins to stir.

It takes a long time, but The Shooter manages to roll to the outside, clear the wreckage away, and shove Holly back under the bottom rope and inside. He then has trouble getting back inside the ring himself, but he eventually manages it and makes a limp cover.



THR- NO!!!


I’d say the crowd erupts, but that would be a lie. Instead there are quite a lot of boos, with the newly emerging Albright fans horrified by Hardcore Holly’s grit and determination!!

So is Brent Albright. The angry, young Shooter head outside and grabs yet another table, sliding it inside the ring and setting it up in the middle of the ring. He grabs a steel chair from the timekeeper’s position too, folding it up and rolling under the bottom rope. He moodily stomps over to where Bob Holly is trying to make it back up to his knees … and ALBRIGHT BREAKS THE CHAIR OVER HOLLY’S SKULL WITH A SICKENING THUD!!!!!

The “OH’s” ring out, as an already bloody Hardcore Holly slumps right back down to the canvas in a heap, and Albright slams the chair down. The Shooter then holds his arms out arrogantly … strangely receiving quite a bit of applause for his work this evening.

Lifting Holly’s damn-near unconscious head up, Albright tees off on him with more hard right hands, before lifting him up, and positioning him on the top turnbuckle with his back to the ring. As Holly sways, The Shooter follows him up, making it to the second buckle, where he applie the half-nelson to Holly, before dragging him up and ascending to the top turnbuckle himself. The crowd

Another HUGE pop ignites the Rose Garden, as both men crash through the wood like bombs, with Holly landing right on his previously broken neck!!!
More “Holy Shit” chants begin, as Albright slowly regains his senses, cheered on by Ms. McCool at ringside (and most of the crowd tbh) and rolls over. He claws his way through the remnants of the table, until he is able to lie across the broken body of Hardcore Holly.




Winner - Brent Albright via pin fall at 14:04.

It’s a fairly mixed response, but most of the crowd just stand and applaud the efforts of both men, who lie in a heap amongst the carnage of the various tables, trashcans, and chairs in the ring, Hardcore Holly’s eyes closed, and Brent Albright’s blinking somewhat triumphantly into the bright lights above.

Michael Cole:
Just listen to this response inside the Rose Garden!! They might not like his attitude, but these fans are showing their appreciation for an incredible, hard-fought victory by Brent Albright here tonight over Hardcore Holly!! What a match!

Ha-ha, you said it, Cole!! It might’ve taken a performance like that, but these fans are finally startin’ to come ‘round to my boy Albright! He just took Hardcore Holly apart! People were wonderin’ if he could handle hardcore … well there’s your answer, baby.

John Bradshaw Layfield:
Gentleman, we have just witnessed one HECK of a match!! If I wasn’t impressed by Brent Albright before, I sure as HELL am now!! He just destroyed a tough bastard like Bob Holly … and he did it … in Holly’s own match!! Make a note of this day, that kid is goin’ places!! Still undefeated!! Brent Albright!! Ha-ha, I love it!!

As the EMT’s swarm the ring to check on Holly, Michelle McCool helps her client to the outside, where he allows himself, through the pain, a little smirk at the “Albright” chants ringing in his ears.

*Backstage - Interview Area*

Microphone in hand, Josh Matthews waits patiently.

Josh Matthews:
Okay, fans, another incredible edition of Friday Night SmackDown!, and right now I’d like to bring in, as promised (here he comes)the World Heavyweight Champion Edge, accompanied as ever by Lita.

~ The crowd boos heavily as Edge sidles up alongside the interviewer, frowning like a sulky child, holding Lita needlessly close.

Josh Matthews:
So, Edge, aft-

Lemme guess… you wanna know how I feel about being FORCED to defend MY World Heavyweight Title against a bum like Lance Storm at One Night Stand, right??

~ Matthews shrugs.

Josh Matthews:
I suppose-

J- J- J- Just save it, okay?? The only reason you’re even here is because Stephanie and Shane couldn’t get past their little vendetta against me and decided to give the main slot to that ‘Flavour of the Month’ Bobby Lashley and his ass of a manager.

~ Mixed reaction.

The only time they feel like giving me the kind of exposure a World Champion deserves is when they feel they can punish me. Take last week for example… if Batista, or Finlay, or even that little muppet Rey Mysterio had won, all we’d be hearing about this week is how Edge lost the World Heavyweight Title. But I didn’t lose, did I?? I beat three guys at the same time, just days after retaining the title on pay per view. Oh, oh, oh, I guess I better keep my mouth shut about that. Shane might throw another fit!

~ Edge shakes his head angrily.

Into my third month as champion … my third successful title defence under my belt … and I’m nothing but an afterthought on this damn show. Y- Y- You’ve even got a moron like JBL sat on his ass on commentary all night, spewing his crap to the world … and I thought the McMahons hated him even more than me!!

~ Lita massages his shoulders to cool him down.

Y’know… I can understand Shane’s resentment towards me, I really can. He’s used to being the top dog everywhere he goes… and he just can’t handle the fact that whenever I’m around… it doesn’t matter who you are, the best you can hope for his second place.

~ Loud boos.

So… he wants to send me to a dump like New York City? Fine. He wants to put me in a cesspool like the Hammerstein Ballroom? Fine. He wants to make me wrestle in front of… those… those INGRATES, who call themselves… (air quotes) “Hardcore?” Fine. I don’t care about any of that. I’ve wrestled in dumps before… (looks at Lita)I’m in Portland, aren’t I, baby?


~ Huge heat, as Edge turns back.

Yeah, I thought so. So, it’s like I was saying… I’ve wrestled in dumps before. I’ve been in my fair share of cesspool arenas on my way to the top. And I… let me make this very clear to you people… I am as hardcore as it gets! Forget Shawn Michaels… I am the pioneer of the Ladder match! Forget The Dudleys… I am the master of the tables. And you better not have another name on the tip of your tongue when you think of steel chairs… ‘cause you know what?? I am the KING of all forms of metal mayhem!!

~ More boos.

Lance Storm… I was watching your little interview earlier. Are you… are you actually proud of yourself? I mean… seriously? You’re proud of having a World Title shot handed to you by Shane McMahon out of sympathy - because let’s face it, Lance, you’re a pathetic piece of garbage - and out of pure hatred for me? That makes you proud??

~ Edge stares at the camera.

Well, it shouldn’t. I won the very first Money in the Bank Ladder match to EARN my shot at the World Title. I beat FIVE other men to get it. FIVE. We’re both Canadian, so I was held down just like you. But, Lance, you know why I’ve reached the top, and you had to retire out of shame?? It’s because I am BETTER … than … you!

~ Another plethora of, uh, yeah, boos.

You can hold greatness back, Lance… and greatness is what I am, and what you… are not. It doesn’t matter how many times you jump me from behind and kick me in the face after my match… you still won’t beat me. If a man like Batista - a MONSTER for Chrissakes - if a man like that can’t beat… what makes you think you even stand a chance??

~ Edge removes his shades.

I’ll do you a favour… from one Canadian to another… I’ll tell you how this is gonna go. I’m gonna kick your ass next week in that meaningless tag match you’ve set up… then I’m gonna kick your ass at One Night Stand… and then… while you’re getting fat and bald enjoying your retirement again in Calgary… I’ll be beating whoever poor schmuck happens to win this (scoffs) ‘Great American Tournament’ crap that Shane’s set up. Got it, Lance??

~ Tremendous heat.

I hope so… ‘cause I don’t want you to have any false hope in this, bro, I have too much respect for you. Make sure you bring that bald-headed moron, Justin … (rolls eyes) Credible… yeah, bring that idiot with you next week, and don’t you worry about me. I know just the man for the occasion.

~ Edge grins evilly.

I will see you next week, Lance… but as for right now… I think I’m gonna sit back, relax… maybe have a cup o’ coffee… and see which unlucky chumpstain out of Finlay and ‘Mini Me’ Jamie Noble gets one step closer to getting beat by me.

~ Taking Lita by the hand, the champ is about to leave … but he quickly turns back instead with a sly look in his eye.

Oh… and I guess I’ll see what Mr. Lashley has to say too. Anyone would think he was the first guy who’d ever beat ‘Taker…

~ Edge pops his shades back on and leads Lita away with the boos following them.

Josh Matthews:
The World Heavyweight Champion Edge. We’ll be right back.


*Video Plays*

Narrator: Blood has been spilled …

Shawn Michaels nailing John Cena with a steel chair.

Narrator: Tears have been shed …

Cena being stretchered out on a gurney.

Narrator: Wars have been waged …

HBK holding up Cena’s dog tags.

Narrator: Battle lines have been drawn …

Cena FU’ing Michaels at WrestleMania.

Narrator: Enemies have been made …

Elbow Drop through the announce table at Backlash.

Narrator: All in the name …

Cena and Michaels both bloody and enraged.

“Of …”

Quick, rapid shots of everything Cena and HBK have done to one another this year.

“… Vengeance.”

“WWE Vengeance, June 25th, 8/7CT, live on pay-per-view”

*Video Ends*

*Backstage - Interview Area*

Steve Romero is joined by ‘The Animal’ Batista.

Steve Romero:
Welcome back to Friday Night SmackDown!, folks. Standing alongside me now… none other than the former World Heavyweight Champion, a man who came so close to winning back that title last week in our main event… ‘The Animal’ Batista. Welcome, Dave.

~ Batista, shades, suit and all, nods silently.

Batista: (Touches his head)
You see this, Steve?

~ The Animal indicates the bandage across the back of his skull. Romero nods.

Sixteen stitches… sixteen stitches in the back of my head thanks to that… that…

~ He trails off, his anger getting that better of him.

…In the past twelve days… I haven’t been pinned… (smiles wryly) I guess you could call that an improvement…

~ Big Dave’s unseen eyes touch Romero.

…No… I haven’t been pinned… … I haven’t been pinned… but I have been… I have been robbed twice in the past twelve days…

~ His jaw tightens, and he steps away from the mic with his head down and his hands on his hips. Romero looks at him nervously.

Steve Romero:
Is everything alright, Dave?

~ Batista turns back around and looks straight at the journalist. It is impossible to read The Animal through his tinted specs, and Romero begins to shift awkwardly under the intense gaze.


~ Though his mouth hovers near the mic, not a word leaves ‘Tista’s lips, and instead, with a shake of his shaven head, he turns and slumps away, whispering, “Screw this” under his breath. Romero looks confused, and quickly turns back to the screen.

Steve Romero:
Uh… well… I apologise for that, folks. I… uh… was expecting a few more words from The Animal than that. Needless to say he is focused ahead of his Great American Tournament match against Rey Mysterio in a few weeks. Let’s get back to the action.

*Back to ringside*

4 - Super Crazy
vs. Juventud Guerrera

The two men jostle for a bit, with neither gaining an advantage. Juventud is the first to get nasty, after twisting the arm of his teammate a few times, he slams him down to the canvas by his curly hair … only for Super Crazy to nip right back up! They trade rear waist locks, with Crazy looking for a back suplex, only for Guerrera to land on his feet and quickly sweep away his opponent’s feet, going for a lateral press; Super Crazy immediately kicks out and this time sweeps Juventud’s legs, looking for a cover, but Juvi escapes immediately and takes Crazy over with an arm drag, which Crazy then returns with one of his own, and we have a Mexican standoff!!

As the crowd cheers, the two Mexicools share a handshake … but Juvi quickly cheap shots Crazy with a knee to the mid section, before sending him into the rope. Crazy leaps up, and SPRINGBOARDS OFF THE TOP ROPE WITH A FLYING CROSSBODY -- BUT GETS DROPKICKED OUT OF MID-AIR!!

Juvi tries to press his domination, but Crazy comes back, and the two men end up exchanging wait locks once more. After a while, Guerrera blocks the O’Connor Roll and back drops Super Crazy out to the apron. The Insane Luchador hangs Juvi throat-first across the top rope, before coming off the top … SPRINGBOARDING OFF THE TOP ROPE - INTO A MOONSAULT - NAILING IT!! 1 … 2 … NO!!

The crowd applauds the athleticism of Super Crazy, as he looks for a German Suplex on Juventud, only for the formerly masked man to send him off into the ropes again. Crazy LEAPS UP - LOOKING FOR ANOTHER SPRINGBOARD MOONSAULT -- BUT JUVI MOVES - CRAZY LANDS ON HIS FEET -- only for Guerrera to quickly boot him in the gut, lift him up … NAILS THE BRAINBUSTER!! 1 … 2 … NO!!

Juvi goes for the Irish whip on his former partner, but ends up in the corner himself, where Super Crazy quickly connects with a clothesline, and then mounts him, raining down the punches on his opponent as some fans of the old ECW count along in Spanish. Guerrera reverses the whip into the opposite buckle, and attempts some punches of his own -- but Crazy grabs him - POWERBOMB TO JUVENTUD!! Crazy gets back up to his feet … and NAILS A STANDING MOONSAULT!! 1 … 2 … NO!!

After Crazy dumps Guerrera to the outside, things really start to get extreme, as The Insane Luchador first HITS A MOONSAULT TO JUVI OFF THE GUARDRAIL!! He follows this up by taking Guerrera for a brawl through the rabid crowd, and hitting a HUGE MOONSAULT OFF SOME SCAFFOLDING IN THERE!!

When the two men finally make it back to the ring, Juvi gets the advantage once more, and connects with his Military Press/Fall Away Slam combo, but it doesn’t last long, as the two men quickly begin to trade overhand chops with one another. Eventually, Crazy ducks a blow, hits the ropes, and takes Guerrera over with a twirling headscissors!! Crazy then goes to the apron, grabs hold of the rope, waits for Juvi to stand and turn, and … LEAPS UP - SPRINGBOARDING OFF THE TOP ROPE WITH A SPINNING HEEL KICK - NAILING GUERRERA!! 1 … 2 … NO!!

With Juventud down on his back, Super Crazy TRIES ANOTHER SPRINGBOARD -- BUT JUVI GETS HIS FEET UP THIS TIME - CATCHING CRAZY IN THE FACE!! The former Cruiserweight Champion quickly goes up top … NAILING SUPER CRAZY WITH A MISSILE DROPKICK!! 1 … 2 … NO!! Starting to get all hot with the referee, Juventud quickly tosses his teammate to the outside, before coming off the ropes, and LAUNCHING HIMSELF INTO SUPER CRAZY WITH THE AIR JUVI SUICIDE DIVE!!!

Back inside the ring, the former Cruiserweight Champion tries to apply the Juvi Lock … but he is too close to the ropes, and Crazy quickly escapes. After a few right hands in the corner, Guerrera sends Super Crazy across the ring … BUT CRAZY SPRINGS UP TO THE TOP TURNBUCKLE IN ONE LEAP – JUVENTUD GRABS HIM – NAILING A RUNNING LIGER BOMB!!! 1 … 2 … NO!!

Tearing at his hair and ignoring the small
“Super Crazy” chant. Juventud heads up top, making the rolling motion with his hands, before LEAPING OFF – SCORING WITH THE SOMERSAULT LEG DROP!!! 1 … 2 … NO!!

Again, Super Crazy survives!!! Guerrera angrily sends him into the ropes … only for The Insane Luchador to hang onto them and catch the oncoming Juventud in a headscissors position -- but Juvi quickly counters, spinning Crazy around - NAILING A WHEELBARROW FACEBUSTER!! 1 … 2 … NO!!

Wasting little time now, Juventud sends Super Crazy into the ropes, and goes for a back body drop -- BUT CRAZY COUNTERS INTO A DDT!! 1 … 2 … NO!!

After catching his breath, Super Crazy grabs hold of the top rope, leaps up, and SPRINGBOARDS OFF THE TOP WITH A QUEBRADA -- BUT JUVI MOVES - CRAZY EATS THE CANVAS!! With both men worn down, Juventud tries to take the advantage, and he tosses Super Crazy into the far corner. Crazy leaps over him though as he races in, and PLANTS GUERRERA WITH THE MICHINOKU DRIVER!!

Crazy comes off the first buckle WITH A MOONSAULT TO JUVI!! He then springs up to the second, NAILING A SECOND ONE!! After a saluting the crowd, Super Crazy ascends to the very top and FLIES OFF WITH A THIRD MOONSAULT -- ONLY FOR JUVENTUD TO ROLL OUT OF HARM’S WAY - AND CRAZY CRASHES AND BURNS!!!

Guerrera quickly grabs the limp Super Crazy, scooping him up – NAILING THE JUVI DRIVER RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE OF THE RING!!! He hooks the leg confidently…




Super Crazy kicks out again!!! Furiously, Juventud lifts his teammate back up and starts to chop away at his chest with extra venom … until Crazy suddenly cuts him off with a boot to the gut, and sticks Juvi’s head in between his legs, LIFTING HIM UP FOR A POWERBOMB … but Guerrera slides out of it and throws a wild clothesline – but Crazy ducks, kicks him low once more, sticks his head in between his legs, crosses the arms underneath his chest, GETS HIM UP - AND DRILLS JUVENTUD WITH THE CRAZY BOMB!!!

He folds Guerrera up like an accordion…




Winner - Super Crazy via pin fall at 11:31.

Portland gives the victorious luchador a nice response, as he has his hand raised by the official, and leans over the ropes, yelling incoherently in Spanish in his usual, uh, crazy way. Juventud meanwhile, quietly rolls out of the ring, clutching his back and scowling.

Michael Cole:
Huge win for Super Crazy here tonight! He is rolling into One Night Stand!

You better believe it, Cole! Crazy ain’t had the best year so far here in ’06, and he’s got a reputation to uphold in New York City, baby.

John Bradshaw Layfield:
Ugh, you just had to go and remind me that that stinkin’, no-good illegal immigrant is gonna be in MY hometown, didn’t ya, Tazz??

Michael Cole:
Well, whether my colleague JBL likes it or not, Super Crazy will be a part of ECW One Night Stand in just over two weeks, at the Hammerstein Ballroom in New York City where he has issued an open challenge to any ECW alumnus up to the task. Who could it be??

Super Crazy goes from turnbuckle to turnbuckle, posing to the Oregon fans on each one. As he hops down and starts to walk across the ring again … the cheers quickly turn to screams … CRAZY’S LEG IS KICKED AWAY FROM UNDER HIM, DROPPING HIM TO HIS KNEES … KICK RIGHT TO THE HEAD!!



The crowd pops suddenly, as…


Michael Cole:

The reaction becomes much more mixed when people start to recognise The Japanese Buzzsaw, who quickly measures his old rival once more … DELIVERING A SECOND SHOOT KICK IN THE TEMPLE!!

Michael Cole:
OH GOD!! What the hell is Tajiri doing here??

I- I dunno, Cole,but he just took Super Crazy out!

With The Insane Luchador basically unconscious but still on his knees, Tajiri quickly comes off the ropes … BOOTING HIM RIGHT IN THE FACE … PUTTING SUPER CRAZY FLAT ON HIS BACK THIS TIME!!

John Bradshaw Layfield:
Challenge answered, gentlemen!!

Super Crazy lies in the middle of the ring, arms spread eagled around him. Gasps ring out at the sickening sound of the numerous kicks, which have succeeded in drawing blood from the Mexican superstar’s gaping mouth and left ear.

Accompanied by his usual erratic mannerisms, Tajiri crouches down alongside Crazy’s motionless face, muttering something to him in Japanese and feverishly nodding his head, leaving us with a beautifully sadistic and foreboding image on the screen as we fade away.


*Video Plays*

Narrator: Before ECW returns home to New York City, there is another home they must visit...

Shot of the ECW Arena.

Narrator: The most iconic building this industry has ever known...

Flashing clips of the ECW fans inside.

Narrator: …Is Reborn”

Shot of Tommy Dreamer amongst the masses as “This Is Extreme” plays.

Narrator: The Innovator of Violence Tommy Dreamer ...

Shot of Dreamer cracking Raven over the head with a chair.

Narrator: The Hardcore Icon The Sandman ...

Shot of Sandman busting himself open with a beer can.

Narrator: The Homicidal, Suicidal, Genocidal, Death Defying Maniac Sabu ...

Shot of Sabu crashing through a table.

Narrator: And The Living Legend Terry Funk.

Shot of Funk wielding the barbed wire.

Narrator: On June 10th, ECW …

Shot of Sabu pointing to the sky.

Narrator: Returns Home to Philly …

Famous shot of Sandman and Woman.

Narrator: For One …

Shot of Dreamer busted open.


Shot of Funk holding up the ECW World Heavyweight Championship.


Shots of Cactus Jack and Terry Funk being showered with chairs at Heatwave 1994.

“WWE vs. ECW: Head to Head, June 10th, 8/7CT, live on pay-per-view”

*Video Ends*

*Backstage - Promo Area*

It isn’t Josh Matthews. It isn’t even Steve Romero. This time we get Mr. Kennedy standing by for us, not dressed to compete, wearing a t-shirt over a pair of jeans and smiling.

Mr. Kennedy:
Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand we’re back. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome back to Friday Night SmackDown! What a night it has been so far (rolls his eyes) blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, BLAH!

~ Kennedy’s eyes snap open wide.

Mr. Kennedy:
Oh… oh, oh, oh, I’m sorry… we’re you expecting someone else?? Huh? Maybe you were looking forward to seeing Josh Matthews cute little face again… (puts on a nasally voice) “As I talk like I’m a living, breathing ass wearing a pair of glasses right over my crack!”

~ Crowd laughs.

Mr. Kennedy:
Or maybe… maybe you wanted a little Romero action. You wanted Steve ‘I’m so Latino I’m actually whiter than Mark Wahlberg’ Romero, right?? Huh?

~ KK cocks his head, before quickly shaking it.

Mr. Kennedy:
Naaaaaaaah(slaps his forehead) don’t be stupid, Ken… of course they didn’t want to see either of those LOOOOSERS! We all know who the people really wanna see, don’t we, boys and girls?? The dashing, the charming, the fantastic … … Matthew, Moore, Hardy.

~ Huge cheers.

Mr. Kennedy:
Yeah? Yeah? Uh huh? (Nodding)

~ The crowd certainly agrees.

Mr. Kennedy:

~ Loud boos, as Kennedy grins obnoxiously.

Mr. Kennedy:
Tut tut, Matthew, tut tut. You don’t put your hands on a member of the commentary team and get away with it. My good friend, Mr. John Bradshaw Layfield didn’t just have your sorry behind tossed out of the arena last week, Matty… no, he got your ass suspended until your qualifying match! AHHHH-HAAAAAAAA!!

~ More thunderous heat, as Ken chomps on his gum with aplomb.

Mr. Kennedy:
No more sneak attacks from behind! No more jumping the guardrail after my matches! Youuuuuuuuuu’re … OUTTA’ HERE, MATT!! Adiós, see ya later, kid. Drop me a line some time, huh? Maybe when I’ve qualified for the elimination match at Saturday Night’s Main Event… or maybe when I become the number one contender… or maybe, just maybe… when I become the NEW … HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION OF THE WOOOOORLD!!

~ Kennedy calms down and winks.

Mr. Kennedy:
Either way… I’m kickin’ ol’ Hardcore Holly’s ass in a couple of weeks. It doesn’t even matter that he took a nose dive through a stack o’ tables tonight, I still woulda’ beat him, but (whistles) man, did you see that?? Something tells me… (mock wince) oooh, gonna be sore in the mornin’.

~ Slight boos.

Mr. Kennedy:
Because you are looking at the man who single handedly ended the career of Matt Hardy at Judgment Day… the man who remains completely, one hundred percent UN - DE -FEATED… the man who will win The Great American Tournament and go on to The Great American … TO BECOME WORLD, HEAVYWEIGHT, CHAMPION … MMMMIIIISSSTERRRRRRRRR KENNEDY!!!

~ He eyes the camera as the crowd boos.

Mr. Kennedy:
KEN - NA - DAY!!!

~ Kennedy gives the camera smug little smirk, as we fade out.


*Backstage - Interview Area*

~ Josh Matthews stands by with moustachioed Cruiserweight Champion ‘The Notorious K.I.D’ Kid Kash.

Josh Matthews:
Well, fans, we’re back on Friday Night SmackDown!, and I’m here with the Cruiserweight Champion of the World, Kid Kash, another participant in The Great American Contender series, and he has something to say. Go ahead, champ.

~ Kash looks incredulously at Matthews.

Kid Kash: “
Champ?” “Champ?” Oh, oh, it’s “champ” now? You’re callin’ me “champ” now??

~ Matthews nods slowly.

Kid Kash:
Y’know, I find that kinda funny, seein’ as just a couple o’ weeks ago everyone was gettin’ on my case. And now and now everyone want to be best friends with the (smirks, rubs belt)two-time Cruiserweight Champ, baby.

~ He adjusts his shades.

Kid Kash:
But that’s alright. Ya’ll can jump on the Kid Kash bandwagon if ya want. Get while the getting’s good, I always say. And, daddy-o, the gettin’ don’t get no better than this.

~ Crowd boos.

Kid Kash:
But I I digress. I do have somethin’ ta say and it involves that that (twists his face horribly) that stinkin’ dirty rundown no-good piece o’ crap company ECW.

~ Cheers for ECW.

Kid Kash:
If ya can believe it Kid Kash used ta work in that hellhole. How I came outta that place lookin’ this good, I’ll never know. But I was there. I used ECW to get to that top, and now I’m finally there it’s time for me to pay ‘em back. It’s time for me to go back to ECW and see if some o’ this magic that I carry with me can rub off on that dump.

~ KK brushes the ‘magic’ off his shoulders.

Kid Kash:
So, make a note of it in your diaries, folks ‘cause on June 11 The Hammerstein Ballroom New York City at One Night Stand yours truly is makin’ a challenge.

~ Kash whips off his shades.

Kid Kash:
ECW’s had some great Cruiserweights over the years - none greater than me of course - but if any of ‘em out there think they have a shot of beatin’ The Notorious K.I.D then by all means step up.

~ He smiles.

Kid Kash:
‘Cause if you do beat me and that’s one hell of an if I- I’m a givin’ kinda guy. If you can beat me at One Night Stand I’ll give ya a shot at this here (slaps belt) belt right here anytime, you, choose.

~ Kash pops his shades back on.

Kid Kash:
Oh and as for next week? Johnny Nitro if you seriously think that I’m gonna let myself be embrassed by a pretty boy punk like you a loser who couldn’t even hold on ta’ his girl the, boy you’ve got another thing a-comin’. ‘Cause your ass is broke and Kid Kash … is money.

~ As the crowd boos, the Cruiserweight Champion swaggers away, leaving Matthews to wrap things up.

Josh Matthews:
The Cruiserweight Champion Kid Kash. Now, let’s get back to the action.

*Back to ringside*

5 - Qualifying Match for #1 Contender’s Great American Tournament Finals
vs. Jamie Noble

At the get-go Jamie Noble almost surprises The Fighting Irishman with a quick roll up, as he argued with the official over his shillelagh! 1
… 2 … NO!! Finlay hurriedly kicks out, but the veteran looks rather rattled, and his flustered attempt at a lock up leads to the former Cruiserweight Champion getting a hold of his arm and targeting it. Fit Finlay is forced back into the corner, where Noble has to break the hold, and the Irishman angrily shoves the smaller man away. More shoves are exchanged, with tempers between these already intense competitors starting to flare.

After another collar and elbow, Noble gains the advantage once again, taking Finlay down with a creative pinning predicament. 1 … NO!! The two men skilfully exchange headlocks and headscissors down on the canvas, transitioning from hold to hold flawlessly, schooling all those watching in the art of mat wrestling. Noble eventually slithers out of Finlay’s necklock, and staggers back up to his feet; both men’s ears are even more colliflowered than before.

The two men then go back and forth with arm holds on their feet. Noble rolls, flips, and bends his way out of Finlay’s, taking the veteran down to the canvas, looking for another pinning predicament, as he forces Dave’s shoulders to the canvas. 1 … 2 … Finlay bridges out of it, showing some incredible neck strength, as he maintains the bridge despite Noble driving his knees into his abdomen. The crowd actually applauds the Irishman’s ability … but The Pit-bull tenaciously kicks his shoulders down. 1 … 2 … NO!! Finlay counters, rolling forward. 1 … 2 … NO!! Noble escapes quickly and goes after Finlay’s leg this time, trying to fold him up for an STF.

Once more displaying his underrated ability, Fit Finlay counters into an STF of his own, transitioning it almost into a modified Regal Stretch, as he wrenches back on the former Cruiserweight Champion’s head and neck. Noble, fortunately for him, makes it to the ropes, and he even manages to get Finlay in another side headlock. The Irishman makes it to the ropes though, and he shoves The Pit-bull away. Finlay throws a clothesline … but Noble runs under it, comes off the opposite set of ropes, leaps up, and WIPES FINLAY OUT WITH A LEAPING LEG LARIAT!! 1 … 2 … NO!!

Noble doesn’t despair though, transitioning the attempted pin fall right into another submission, working in a Japanese Strangehold somehow. However, once Finlay makes it back up to his feet … he reverses the hold, crossing Noble’s own arms across his throat! Noble quickly drops down, sweeping Finlay’s legs from under him. 1 … NO!! More work from Noble on the Irishman’s arm, until ol’ Dave grows tired of all the games … AND SLAPS NOBLE ACROSS THE FACE!!

As the crowd
“ooh’s” and “ah’s” and boos, Finlay smirks in Noble’s face, telling the furious West Virginian to “C’mon, pretty boy” as he points at his chin. The wily veteran leads the intense Cruiserweight on a merry chase at ringside, luring him back inside … and nailing him with a savage European uppercut!! Grinning at his genius, Finlay quickly lifts Noble up, and LEVELS HIM WITH A SHORT-ARM CLOTHESLINE!! 1 … 2 … NO!! The Irishman now begins to exert his dominance. The term ‘working over’ just doesn’t do Finlay’s offense justice; what he is doing is roughing up Jamie Noble, focusing on the left-arm and neck, bending them around horribly.

After a while, Noble almost escapes, even sending Finlay into the far corner and racing in after him … only for The Fighting Irish Bastard to beat him to it - TAKING HIS HEAD OFF WITH ANOTHER BRUTAL CLOTHESLINE!! 1 … 2 … NO!!

Finlay continues to focus on the neck area, brutalising poor Jamie for a good few minutes. After a while, Noble manages to make it back up to his feet, only for Finlay to quickly cut him off with a a shoulder to the gut. The Irishman sends Noble into the corner and charges in … but catches a couple of boots the face!! As Finlay staggers away, Jamie quickly ascends to the second buckle and LEAPS OFF -- BAM! FINLAY UPPERCUTS HIM OUT OF MID-AIR!!

The crowd winces at the sight of Noble’s head snapping back so viciously, and Finlay quickly covers. 1 … 2 … Too close to the ropes, which Noble grabs. Finlay quickly drags The Pit-bull away by his legs and tries a jacknife cover. 1 … 2 … NO!! The Irishman quickly goes after the neck once more, as we get a good look at Jamie Noble’s mouth, which has been
bloodied following Finlay’s stiff European.

After a while, the gutsy Noble battles back up to his feet, and Dave batters him around for a bit. Noble manages to reverse a very Irish whip, sending the, uh, Irishman into the far corner. The Pit-bull charges … but Finlay catches him with an elbow!! As Noble staggers away clutching his bloody mouth, Finlay goes for a kick … only for Noble to grab the boot and whale away on his opponent wildly with right hands and wicked chops, before pulling him in and LARIATING him down to the mat!!

As the crowd starts to pick up, Noble pushes Finlay into the ropes, going for the Irish whip. The Belfast Brawler reverses it though, sending Noble into the corner … but he quickly leaps up to the second buckle … AND LAUNCHES HIMSELF BACK ONTO FINLAY WITH A SURPRISE CROSSBODY - WITH A COVER!! 1 … 2 … NO!! Noble quickly tries to grab the Irishman’s head … GOING FOR THE DRAGON CLUTCH … but Finlay quickly shoves him away into the ropes. He hammers Jamie up against ‘em for a moment, before turning and coming off the opposite set. Noble drops down to his stomach, and Finlay skips over him, as Jamie leaps up, trying to leap frog over the veteran – BUT FINLAY CATCHES HIM … THROWS HIM ON HIS SHOULDERS - RACING FORWARD AND NAILING THE FINLAY ROLL!!



T- NO!!

The crowd cheers loudly, whilst Finlay shakes his head in disbelief. Dragging a battered Jamie Noble up, The Fighting Irishman throws him over his shoulders, setting up for the CELTIC CROSS … but Noble quickly slides off his shoulders, swings around behind his man, and tries to roll him up in what looks like a school boy … only for Finlay to roll backwards out of it, and so Noble leaps up … but the Irishman catches both of his legs, taking Jamie down to the canvas and flipping himself over as though going for another jacknife … but Noble reaches back, and GRABS BOTH OF FINLAY’S LEGS, PINNING HIS SHOULDERS!!!




Winner - Jamie Noble via pin fall at 9:43. Noble qualifies for the Finals.

A tremendous reaction greets the result as Finlay manages to kick out after the bell and Noble stumbles away looking a little bit shocked quite frankly. The Fighting Irishman sits up, his hands on his head, eyes open wide in disbelief at what just happened, seeing his young opponent pumping his fist in triumph against the ropes!


John Bradshaw Layfield: Oh come on!! Noble had the tights for cryin’ out loud!!

Michael Cole: You keep telling yourself that, John, but as far as everyone else is concerned, your pick, one of the odds on favourites to win this whole thing, Finlay, is GONE, and Jamie Noble, the man who lost the Cruiserweight Title to Kid Kash just a few weeks ago, now has the opportunity to compete for a shot at the World Heavyweight Championship!! Jamie Noble is the first man in.

As Finlay storms from the ring in a rage, kicking at the barricades and tossing chairs around, Noble climbs the turnbuckle and holds up six fingers, mouthing, “I’m in, baby” to the camera.



The crowd erupts into a mixed reaction, but that doesn’t last long, with the noise quickly degenerating to pure heat, as ‘The Real Deal’ Bobby Lashley steps out onto the stage, clad in a smart, dark suit over a close-fitting t-shirt, looking every inch the multi-millionaire monster. Behind him, Paul Heyman arrives on the scene, smugly waddling after his client as he approaches the ring. As Heyman enters the ring and continues to applaud his client, Lashley leaps onto the apron, sending his pyro up from all corners, and finally entering the ring, ignoring the boos that continue around the Rose Garden.

Michael Cole:
The mood has definitely changed in the Rose Garden … for the arrival … of ‘The Real Deal. There he is, ladies and gentlemen… the man who finally ended the career … of The Undertaker.

John Bradshaw Layfield:
No matter how many times ya say that, Michael, it NEVER gets old.

As Lashley hops down from the turnbuckle he was posing on, Heyman is handed a microphone by Tony Chimel and returns to centre stage. With his theme music fading, the heat for Bobby really picks up and he scans the crowd with his cold, dead eyes, while Paul E. just beams away arrogantly. After a few moments, Heyman raises and finger into the air for silence and brings the mic to his lips.

Paul Heyman:
Y’know… I bet all of you were expecting Bobby Lashley and myself to come out here tonight all dressed in black … and hold some kind of funeral in memory of The Undertaker. Am I right, or am I right?

~ Heyman looks around at the crowd, receiving the tradiotional thumbs down from them, while Lashley just paces around.

Paul Heyman:
I’m disappointed you don’t give me… ME, Paul frickin’ Heyman, the wrestling GENIUS… I’m disappointed you don’t give me more credit than that. I mean… c’mon… seriously?? A funeral?? Talk about clichéd. I might as well start a ‘Kiss My Ass’ club while I’m at it, huh??

~ This gets a few laughs, but mostly it’s just boos still, as Paul E chuckles, and Lashley looks dead ahead, the joke lost on him.

Paul Heyman:
Let me ask you this… why oh why would I hold a funeral on such a monumental day such as this??

~ No answer from the crowd.

Paul Heyman:
Today isn’t about death … today isn’t about the demise of The Undertaker. That’s all in the past … he’s in the past. Today is about BIRTH … the birth of the most dominant, destructive, and downright unstoppable force in professional wrestling history.

~ The boos pick up, with the fans knowing where Dangerously is going with this, as he glances at his client smugly.

Paul Heyman:
Live in denial all you want … but twelve days ago at Judgment Day we gave you… (smirks) as if you needed it… we gave you all the proof you should need to understand that what I’m saying to you week in and week out… it isn’t bravado … it isn’t showmanship … it’s quite simply … one hundred percent … the truth.

~ As an “Asshole” chant picks up, Heyman actually affords himself a wry little smile, whilst Lashley stops his pacing to focus his cold gaze on the perpetrators.

Paul Heyman:
Bobby(waving his client over) Bobby, come here a minute, would you?

~ Lashley strides over, towering over his podgy little agent.

Paul Heyman:
It seems… it seems to me that the fans here in Portland are a little slow. They’re just not getting it, Bobby. Perhaps we can help them out. Whaddya say, Bobby?

~ Nodding his head silently, Lashley agrees.

Paul Heyman:
Excellent. Let’s give them a history lesson on their beloved Undertaker, shall we, Bobby? Let’s start with his career. How long has- had The Undertaker been in this business before Judgment Day?

~ Bobby just stares.

Paul Heyman:
That’s right. You really know your stuff, Bobby. The Undertaker… prior to Judgment Day… The Undertaker had been in this business sixteen years. That’s almost two full decades. And in all that time do any of you know how many people managed to take out the so-called “Phenom?”

~ Heyman grins at the booing crowd.

Paul Heyman:
Fine I’ll tell you then, shall I? NONE, that’s how many! Not Hulk Hogan… not The Ultimate Warrior … not Yokozunza … not Diesel … not Bret Hart, or Shawn Michaels, or Kane, or Steve Austin, or Triple H, or Vince McMahon, Ric Flair, Brock Lesnar, Kurt Angle, The Rock, Randy Orton, The Big Show, JBL … or even ‘The Animal’ Batista. None of them came even close to putting The Deadman out forever. But where they failed… The Real Deal has succeeded!!

~ Tremendous heat for Lashley.

Paul Heyman:
I warned you all along that losing to The Undertaker at WrestleMania had only angered this beast even more … but you wouldn’t believe me. You thought your all conquering hero was going to ride into town and defeat this behemoth one more time, didn’t you??

~ Slightly more agitated, Paul E looks into the crowd.

Paul Heyman:

~ Thunderous boos.

Paul Heyman:
I’ll tell you where he is, shall I, seeing as none of you people actually care enough about your so-called “hero” to check up on him?? He’s sat right now, in some retirement back in… uh… (scoffs) Death Valley’… in a wheelchair… nursing his broken back … watching the man who paralyzed him, take his spot in the WWE as the baddest man on the planet!!

~ Oh, Heyman is eating up the hate.

Paul Heyman:
Because that’s what this man(points to Lashley) is!! HE … is the new Phenom!! HE … is the new conscience of the WWE!! HE … is the new measuring stick!! And HE … is the person that everybody say back there in the locker room should be afraid of!!

~ Lashley looks up the ramp.

Paul Heyman:
Oh, oh(hand over mouth) but what’s that you say? “Bobby Lashley isn’t in The Great American Number One Contender Tournament?” Oh- oh- oh my God… you’re right. He- he isn’t.

~ Heyman looks up, turning to the camera with a big, shit-eating grin, which the crowd just hates on even more.

Paul Heyman:
Just how freakin’ stupid do you think I am?? I am the GREATEST sports agent of all time… I led my first client to the WWE Championship just months, MONTHS after debuting… and you honestly think I wouldn’t have something up my sleeve??

~ He shakes his head, laughing.

Paul Heyman:
Oh… oh, don’t worry. The Great American series is still going ahead. I wouldn’t dream of denying… uhm… Jamie Noble and those five other schmucks their shot at greatness. I’ll give them their moment of glory at The Great American Bash … because MY client wants his moment … to be in the sun.

~ There are a few confused expressions around the arena, delighting the enigmatic Heyman.

Paul Heyman:
Have you got there yet? Y’see… my buddy … my pal … my close, personal friend … Shane McMahon … well, let’s just say he was extremely impressed by my client’s work at Judgment Day. So impressed was he … that he wanted to give him … a reward … a BIG reward.

~ Heyman sidles up alongside the emotionless Real Deal and reaches up, putting his arm around the monstrous youngster.

Paul Heyman:
My client, Mr. Bobby Lashley … … … has a GUARANTEED … … WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH … … August 20th … … SUMMERSLAM!!!

~ “What??” Cole echoes the sentiments of everyone else; reacting with total shock, as Heyman beams away proudly, and Lashley comes the closest he’s ever likely to get to smiling.

Paul Heyman:
Like I said … Mr. McMahon was VERY impressed. So, I hope whichever poor soul leaves The Great American Bash as World Heavyweight Champion… be it Edge or ANYONE else… I hope they have life insurance … because THIS man… (shows Lashley again) is a KILLER!! He’s already buried The Undertaker … so just ask yourself … what do you think he’ll do … to a normal man??

~ More boos.

Paul Heyman:
It honestly doesn’t matter who it is. One way or another … at SummerSlam … there is going to be a new Heavyweight Champion of the World … and his name … is the REEEEEEEEAL DEAL… BOOOOOBBY LAAAAAAASHLEY!

~ The crowd boos furiously, as Heyman gazes passionately up at his meal ticket, before mopping the sweat away from his bald brow and turning back to the fans.

Paul Heyman:
But that’s August. That’s over two months away. This is tonight. THIS… is right now. Bobby Lashley is hungry… right, now.

~ Heyman turns to the stage, as Lashley removes his jacket and tosses it the ground, causing the crowd to buzz excitedly.

Paul Heyman:
If there’s anybody back there who has a PROBLEM with what Bobby Lashley did to The Undertaker … or anybody who has a problem with Bobby Lashley getting a title shot at SummerSlam … or if there’s simply someone back there… who has the GUTS to step into this ring with this PREDATOR right now… by all means… come on down and share your grievances with-


This really catches Heyman off guard, as the crowd explodes at the sight of ‘The Animal’ Batista stepping out onto the stage, dressed just like he was earlier, staring up the ramp at the men in the ring from behind his tinted shades. He slowly removes his glasses, revealing the rage in his eyes, before beginning to remove his suit jacket also. Stepping forwards himself, Lashley shoves Heyman out of the way and approaches the ropes, raring to go, obviously delighted that someone actually has the cahonas to answer his challenge.

Uh oh!

Michael Cole:
It- It’s The Animal!

John Bradshaw Layfield:
Gentlemen … I think business just picked up.

With the crowd going wild, The Animal tosses his jacket to the ground and tears off his shirt to a loud outpouring of girlish screams … BEFORE CHARGING DOWN TO THE RING!

Here we go, Cole!

Michael Cole:
Here … comes … The Animal!

As soon as Batista begins his charge, we see an entire army of referees, security guards, road agents, and even other wrestlers come racing down after him with panic on their faces … as The Animal slides into the ring … AND HE AND LASHLEY GO NUTS ON ONE ANOTHER WITH A TREMENDOUS FLURRY OF PUNISHING BLOWS!

Michael Cole:


Before The Animal and The Real Deal can really go at it, the army of interferers are quickly in the ring, with at least a dozen men grabbing hold of each man, wrestling him with a great deal of trouble into opposite corners, receiving HUGE amounts of heat for their trouble!

John Bradshaw Layfield:
Aw gimme a break!! LET ‘EM FIGHT! Screw Shane McMahon and his overinflated Goddamn ego!!

Both monsters struggle against their restrainers, with guys like Rey Mysterio and Dean Malenko amongst Batista’s, trying to talk some sense into their friend … BUT THE ANIMAL SUDDENLY BREAKS FREE AND FLIES ACROSS THE RING, JUMPING AT LASHLEY AGAIN!

Michael Cole:

The army quickly jumps all over the two men again, as they try to fight their way to each other, but Lashley is forced back into his corner, and ‘Tista is forceably dragged away across the ring, with him yelling furiously at The Real Deal, “I’M GONNA FUCKIN’ KILL YOU, YOU PIECE OF SHIT!”

Lashley just screams incoherently back at Big Dave, as he struggles against his captors, but Heyman is up on the apron, wrapping his arms around Bobby’s head lovingly, trying to calm the big man down, and whispering “no, Bobby, no, no” into his ear.

Michael Cole:
I thought Heyman said Lashley wanted a fight??

John Bradshaw Layfield:
Shut up, Michael.

The crowd boos loudly as Lashley is persuaded through the ropes by his agent and various heels like Finlay, Regal, and Albright. The Real Deal keeps his eyes locked on the struggling Deacon Dave across the ring, as he reluctantly drops down to the floor.

John Bradshaw Layfield:
Smart. Smart move, Michael. I always said Paul Heyman was a genius. Lashley mighta’ been fired if he’d injured Batista.

Standing on the turnbuckles, Batista looks out over the heads of his guards, as Lashley is forced back up the ramp by the gigantic phalanx surrounding him, as he continues to point and bellow back down at the former World Heavyweight Champion.

Oh, man, I- I got goosebumps here, guys! I wanna see ‘em fight!

Michael Cole:
You and everyone else, Tazz. These two monsters have some seriously unresolved issues!

Batista points up the ramp at the raging Lashley, slowly turning his hand around to give the monster his infamous and ominous thumbs down taunt, giving us our final shot of this explosive edition of Smackdown, a threatening Animal down in the ring being held in place by his peers, while he locks eyes with a damn-near psychotic Real Deal in a similar position up the ramp. Fade out…



Current Card for WWE vs. ECW: Head to Head
Date: June 10th, 2006
Location: ECW Arena; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Event Music: Harry Slash & The Slashtones; This Is Extreme



Current Card for ECW One Night Stand II
Date: June 11th, 2006
Location: Hammerstein Ballroom; New York, New York
Event Music: Drowning Pool; Bodies

10-Man Ultimate Jeopardy Match:
1st EVER WWE/ECW Ultimate Jeopardy Match: Two Men begin, with another entrant five minutes later, and another every three minutes thereafter:
- If Team ECW, RVD is reinstated and Eric Bischoff is fired -
- If Team RAW wins, all ECW alumni must retire from professional wrestling -
Team ECW-----vs. -----Team RAW
Kurt Angle ---The Big Show (WWE Champion)

Tommy Dreamer --- Carlito (Mr. Money in the Bank)
The Sandman --- Chris Masters
Masato Tanaka --- Mike Awesome
??? --- ???


World Heavyweight Championship Match:
‘The Rated R Superstar’ Edge defends against Lance Storm

For The First Time Ever in ECW; Non-Title:
United States Champion Rey Misterio, Jr. vs. ‘The Shooter’ Dean Malenko

A Rivalry Renewed:
‘The Insane Luchadore’ Super Crazy vs. ‘The Japanese Buzzsaw’ Yoshihiro Tajiri

Kid Kash’s Light-Heavyweight Invitational; Non-Title:
C.W Champ ‘The Notorious K.I.D’ Kid Kash vs. Any ECW Cruiserweight Alumnus
{If the ECW superstar wins, he will receive a future Cruiserweight Title shot}


Current Card for Saturday Night’s Main Event
Date: July 15th, 2006
Location: American Airlines Center; Dallas, Texas

The Great American Tournament Finals;Number One Contender’s Match:
Jamie Noble vs. ??? vs. ??? vs. ??? vs. ??? vs. ???
{The winner receives a World Heavyweight Championship shot at The Great American Bash}


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Re: Legend Presents: WWE 2006 - Stop Your Grinnin' And Drop Your Linen

OMG that was epic my friend
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Re: Legend Presents: WWE 2006 - Stop Your Grinnin' And Drop Your Linen

I havent done one of these in awhile, and I've been keeping up to date as best as I can, so forgive me if I misread a few things. Also, these comments probably won't have much depth, as I don't have that long, so here we go...


The move of JBL to commentary is terrific, tbh. He owned as a commentator, and I just thought I'd let you know, you hit him spot on throughout the show, except I didn't like the silence when Punk was speaking. Where's the excuses JBL would usually spew? You portrayed JBL as a beaten man, and it's a bit early to do that after one loss, imo.

As bad as this sounds since it what Smackdown is based around, I'm getting sick and tired of this anarchy era. Whether it be Booker T, JBL or even Edge, we're getting the same stuff every week with one of the brands top heels complaining about the McMahon's. Even though each man has their own angle, I don't like the top three heels all having a huge issue with the McMahon's. Getting a little bit repetitive.

I think you did a terrific job with Finlay, with him scaring the shit out of Booker, then referring to Booker's past. Finlay is usually written so dully, however you definitely gave him a nice edge here, so I must comment you on that.

See what I wrote about Booker, to see what I think about Stephanie, although with that being said, two pretty cool matches set for the night.

I love the way you've had CM Punk debut in this thread. He's immediately made an impact, and no shit, I can see him becoming a top guy pretty quickly. I didn't mind CM Punk's promo afterwards, pretty generic really, however I voiced my concern with JBL's reaction earlier.

I'm loving the whole ECW type feel to the show, yet I still didn't really like this Mexicools interview. It was way to Mexican for my liking. Seriously, in character? Perhaps... But I want to be able to understand what the wrestlers are saying .

Mysterio/Psicosis was a damn good match up... The aftermath was even better though, with Mysterio/Malenko being confirmed. Honestly, this match up could be written as the greatest match in BTB history the way you write, so fucking run with it. I've a feeling this'll be dynamic, although I think a Malenko heel turn would make it a little more interesting. I don't want to see no respect bullshit when these guys finally lock up, I just want them to kill each other. As you can see my expectations are high, I really do expect a ***** match.

We needed to hear from Lance Storm, but I felt his promo went a little to long. I dug the story he was telling, yet I found myself not really paying attention and having to read the segment multiple times, which makes me think this definitely wasn't your best effort. With that being said, I loved the way you incorporated the "be serious for a moment" skit .

at Jonathan Nitro and Joseph Mercury! Regal was dead on here, and while I'm not really brought on their match with The FBI, I'm hoping you get me more excited for it next week. Also, the Melina move is a very bold one, but not one that I'm yet to buy into, so here's hoping you make her a success with the champs.

Another great win for Albright, and another epic match write up. I'm calling it now, next year's Summerslam will have Albright/Punk headlining...

Edge was in character, however as I was saying regarding Booker, it's not original for him to hate the McMahon's. I loved how he addressed Lashley in his interview to though, that was typical Edge.

Nice tension building moment for Batista, yet I really don't want him to face Rey... so hopefully I'm misreading things.

The match between the two Mexicools? Another brilliant write up, you always impress me with those. Tajiri was a shock, and more blood, after the blood in the Albright/Holly match. It kind of takes away from the beauty of the Hardcore match, as now its just like who cares if there was blood in that match, it wasn't brutal, Tajiri made Crazy bleed with two kicks. I'm digging Tajiri being back for ECW ONS though.

Kennedy's interview was spot on, really loved the Mark Wahlberg comment...

I don't have anything to say about Kash. I guess his promo was decent enough though.

Finlay/Noble... another awesome match up. A bit of an overkill with the blood though, tbh. Maybe I'm being a little picky, but the more blood on one show, the less special each instance becomes. Besides that, a huge, and well a bit of a shocking win for Noble, yet I'm deifnitely happy with it.

Heyman's promo with Lashley was pretty cool, and I think this thing with Batista could be the perfect thing to get him ready for Summerslam. Lashley to beat Batista at GAB possibly? Would be good because it'll put over Lashley, yet reinforce just how bad of a run Batista is on, continuing his trail to a heel turn. Anyway, I'm probably looking a little to far into things, but I'm pretty excited at the concept of, yes I'm predicting it now, Lashley/Storm at Summerlsam . Do it... Be different, I dare you .

Overall, a pretty good show, definitely not your best though. I find myself having some issues with what you're doing with some of your top guys at the moment though, so I'm hoping that gets a little better some time soon (still better than just about what anybody in the section is doing though ). Keep it up, man. I'll try and drop in again some time soon.

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Re: Legend Presents: WWE 2006 - Stop Your Grinnin' And Drop Your Linen

SmackDown! Feedback

Starting off with Booker T? A bit surprised since he hasn’t really been featured on the show as heavily as your other main eventers. Like Stoj said, this storyline has been going on for awhile, although I myself don’t mind it. What I find a bit odd, though, is that Booker didn’t air these grievances at some point during the show last week. I mean, the match was announced at the start of the night. Anyway, as per usual, Book was fine here, even if I was a little surprised that he got cut off so quickly by Finlay. @ Finlay’s ownage of Booker with both the threatened punch and the theft line. I’m actually interested in the continued interaction you’ve had between these two, because between them not being able to work together at Judgment Day and now this, you would almost expect a feud is to come between them. Steph coming out and stamping her authority was done well too, showing her as the strong one out of the McMahons, while also setting up a damn exciting opener. Punk getting a chance against Booker? Damn, he’s looking great already.

As expected, these two got a nice amount of time, allowing Punk to look good. The action throughout was crisp, and I like that while Punk gets to look great with another big win, you allowed Booker to look good in victory, as he is still one of your main eventers, and by having him lose through his arrogance you’ve protected him pretty well. By the way, debut of the GTS is pretty great.

Quite liked the statement from Punk. Showed a little humour to make him identifiable with, while also continuing to establish his straight edge gimmick in a face way that he’s all about the competition. Making him seem unique definitely gives us a reason to care about him too, and that’s certainly a positive. Nice little promo.

Right. The Mexicools probably shouldn’t speak, and I have no idea what half of what they said means. Their personality seemed about right there, but still, they don’t exactly have mic skills as much as they have natural charisma for inside the ring.

Damn, nice, fast paced action right from the beginning here. I have to say that I like the way this match wasn’t like the regular WWE matches, allowing Psichosis to use the offense he used in the past against Rey with some higher impact (especially for the cruiserweights), different types of moves. The fact that you let Psichosis hang with Mysterio to make for a good match was nice too, giving us more than just an average match.

Damn these Mexicans and their stupid Spanish. Mysterio building up the match with Malenko as something that really means a lot to him was pretty damn good, while it also gives an extra meaning to their match. Was surprised you had Malenko speak and act so intense, as I thought it would be a friendly match, but this gives it another level to work on, which I like. Should be a pretty great match at ECW, which seems to be building up to be a dream card of sorts.

Sit down interview with Storm? Was kind of hoping for him to be in the building so we would maybe have a chance of him having a match, but that doesn’t look to be happening. Storm not under contract? Damn, I guess that ruins his already non-existent chance of winning at One Night Stand. Storm talking up why he should get a shot at the title was done really well, building up his case just about perfectly. Storm giving some history on not just him and Edge, but who he was in ECW with the use of The Impact Players line was also good, as was the announcement of him wrestling next week (damn awesome, actually). Good sitdown interview here from Storm, giving us a real context to the match.

While the ideas in Regal’s interview were good, complaining about not getting a spot in the tournament and Nitro getting one, while also getting back and thus the system being unjust, I thought the language used was maybe even too formal and came off a little unnatural. I know you’re trying to really give Regal that character, but I think that by showing no true aggression or feelings, he just seems too cheesy.

Champ in the house. Even if just for a backstage interview, it should be good.

Powerbomb through the table before the match has even begun? Jeez, quite a way to kick it off. A bit surprised at the amount of tables used, although I guess it gives the match a real distinct element. I did think, though, that the trash can lid shot was a bit of a weak way to open up Holly, and make the blood seem a bit pointless. I know it’s a hardcore match, but as I’ve said before, I think you maybe use blood too liberally. Albright’s made himself some new fans? Fuck off, that’s my bandwagon. Match was a different kind of brawl, and while it was good fun, I hope Albright ignores these cheers and stays a heel, because his awesomeness as one has been great in this thread thus far.

A bit of attitude from Edge to begin with? I like it. The ranting and raving of Edge was pretty damn great, capturing his crying and complaining character very well, while also talking himself up and adding in some nice little cheap heat things like the little Portland line well. The part on Storm was pretty damn awesome too, giving some heat to this feud and also showcasing Edge’s arrogance really well. Looking forward to seeing who Edge’s partner is going to be next week.

Nice way to show Batista’s frustration again building up. Even by not being pinned, he still hasn’t gotten the title, and I love the way you’ve used that to just add fuel to the fire. Can’t wait for the eventual payoff to this.

Much like Psichosis/Mysterio earlier, this was a very enjoyable read that greatly benefited from the time given to it and the freedom you gave it. A real nice way to give a preview of the crazy () offense we can expect to see from Super Crazy at One Night Stand.

Tajiri? Oh hell yeah. The guy is extremely awesome, and a match against Crazy is extremely awesome, especially considering the guys have some history. Again, the blood was maybe unnecessary here, but still, Tajiri vs. Crazy is another match on what is looking like a dream card that should own.

The arrogance from Kennedy was there at the start of his promo, although I didn’t really like the way he went about insulting the announcers. Just didn’t seem right. Hardy suspended? Seems like you’re using these suspensions a bit too liberally as of late too. Aside from that, Kennedy’s promo was pretty good, even if I feel at times it didn’t really sound like him. I just think you’ve captured him better in the past.

Pfft, I’ve been on the Kash bandwagon from the beginning. Nice showing of the confidence from Kash, before what looks like it’ll be another great match at One Night Stand with the open challenge. The stipulation too adds a lot of interest, and really gives an extra appeal for the match with a possible feud coming as a result. Also liked Kash addressing Nitro, as it gives us a little perspective on the importance of the match next week, and allows us to keep it in mind. Nice promo.

Noble/Finlay in the main event (wrestling) slot on the card? Damn, I like it. Some very nice wrestling action early on, with a lot of grappling which I was hoping we’d see here, before we get to see just how badass Finlay is. Again, not a fan of so much blood, but the action was solid enough, and Noble winning with a surprise pin after going for stacks earlier in the match makes sense. Surprised you gave Noble the win over Finlay, but perhaps there’s a future feud to come of this which would be pretty damn good.

Oh hell yeah. Probably the most anticipated happening of the night right here, and I’m glad to see you held it off until last. The beginning of the promo with the talk of it not being a funeral, but rather a birth was good, and pretty damn clever. I also liked the building up of how big of a feat it was to be ‘Taker, even if a little clichéd. A guaranteed title shot at SummerSlam? Damn, something a bit different there, and certainly very early, but I guess it gives us something to look forward to. Batista coming out to the challenge is pretty exciting, since a feud between the two is something that should be pretty great with both men being monsters. ‘Tista, meanwhile, is going through a trough at the moment, so it’s a good chance for him to put Lashley over. Nice way to end the show.

Different kind of show here, but I have to say, I really enjoyed the build to One Night Stand with what was mainly a show based on the actual wrestling. Lashley/Batista has a stack of potential, and with other feuds hot for One Night Stand or even possibly beyond, things are definitely looking exciting in here. Good stuff like always, man.

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Re: Legend Presents: WWE 2006 - Stop Your Grinnin' And Drop Your Linen

Well, I’ve made it clear in the past that I’m not a fan of (King?) Booker T eating up time on a highly promising show, so it gave me a lot of delight to see Finlay first punk him out, then CM Punk punk him out. However, like BKB said, if Booker had such a problem about being omitted from the main event last week, why did he wait seven days to vent his anger??

Unlike Stojy, I’m very much in favour of the ‘Anarchy’ on Smackdown, and the prolonged problems that the top stars are having with the McMahon siblings, for me, has been rather enjoyable, as we’ve seen all kinds of disrespect shown to the silver spooned children of Vince McMahon - the likes of which we wouldn’t see so often for the big cheese himself - and it’s all leading toward the destination point of a new sheriff rolling into town to take over the Smackdown ship. (The SD election IS still happening, right?)

Anyway, in a nutshell, I hope the increased dissention between Booker and Finlay is leading toward a feud between the two, with Finlay turning face, as he came across really well in this promo - and I actually think I could stomach reading more of the ridiculous (King) Booker, if it meant more one liner put downs from Finlay.

And, like I said, Punk going over another veteran pleases me to no end. This is quickly looking like becoming the greatest - and best - rocket to the moon push in BTB. There was nothing generic about the after match promo either - so I don’t get where that notion comes from. A terrific statement of intent from Punk, although I agree that JBL should‘ve berated him on commentary, rather than stay silent. Screw the qualifying tournament nonsense - with this booking, Punk needs fast tracked into a feud with Edge. There is one slight concern, but I’ll get to that later.

The Spanish is starting to grate. Other than that, there was little to write home about on the Mexicools promo, as it was merely there to set up the two matches they’re involved in later.

Surprised Psichosis got as long as ten minutes with Rey, but it seems like the hype for ONS is taking centre stage right now, and the preview of the sort of in ring action to expect was here to be seen. Rey was always going over, and rightly so.

Unexpected, but welcomed the attitude of Malenko in accepting the challenge from Mysterio. That should be a terrific contest at ONS, which truly has the makings of an ECW Dream Match. With Malenko ruling out a friendly ‘exhibition’ the level of excitement just jumped up a notch.

Not sure if I mentioned it before or not, (and on a SD review, it probably isn’t on topic) but I’m holding out for some BWO involvement at ONS, maybe with some sort of showdown with the Spirit Squad to add some sort of comic relief to a show that’s likely to be high on drama … no??

I’m not into the Storm/Edge mini angle. Flat out. The match should be good no doubt, but it’s obvious Storm doesn’t have a hope in hell - and he really shouldn’t either. I still don’t understand what the point is in defending the WWE Title at the ECW show (I don’t mean in the sense of why it happened, as you explained the open contract thing in the interview, I just mean in general booking terms), especially since it doesn’t need to be there, with the main event completely overshadowing it anyway.

All that aside?? Impressive sit down interview with Lance Storm. While he’s pretty dry (don’t want to say boring), the Canadian came across well, and even had a mention of he who shalt not be named~!! The transition into explaining his ‘impact’, and the Impact Players team was nicely worked too, and it sets up a nice preview tag match on Smackdown next week. Just a shame Christian isn’t around for a one night partnership with Edge. That would be sweet. And the final line was particularly innovative, with a smart switch on the usual ‘If I could be serious for a minute’. Just a pity the match with Edge is for the belt, as the result is a foregone conclusion (and so it should be), but at least the interview has given us a chance to invest in Storm as a veteran on a final go around.

Lady Melina. I like it. Thought Regal was excellent throughout this promo, in character all the way, speaking perfect English, including the use of full names rather than shorter nicknames. It does seem odd that the tag champs didn’t get to be part of the GAB contenders series, whilst the former champs are, so he has every reason to complain. Cant imagine the FBI causing an upset next week, considering the roll that the Bluebloods have been on as of late.

Fuck. Explosive start to the Hardcore Match. Two table spots in mere minutes, with the German particularly sick kicked off the match in incredible fashion, and I was a little shocked that Albright was able to kick out of it. Blood from a trash can lid shot didn’t seem fitting, and came off as unnecessary. I’ll talk more about the blood later, but I’ll not dwell on it, as I don’t want to beat a dead Dog. FAR too many table spots for my liking, but again, there’s no need for me to beat a dead dog.


I’d say the crowd erupts, but that would be a lie. Instead there are quite a lot of boos, with the newly emerging Albright fans horrified by Hardcore Holly’s grit and determination!!
That worries me, tbh. Hopefully, you arent pushing a face turn for Albright already, as it feels FAR too quick for that, and he’s been owning as a heel. My gut says that this is a one off, and just a show of respect for a big effort, with fans not giving a shit for Holly … I hope I’m right. In the end, the finish didn’t come off as good as it should’ve, as some of the earlier table spots (The German suplex says hello) were more explosive, and by the time this one rolled around, the table spots had already been done to death. A fun match to read though, that was sick in execution, and I get a feeling you quite enjoyed writing it. The half a dozen or so table spots were too much, and the blood wasn’t particularly essential, but it was still a good brawl, that puts a fitting piece of closure on Albrights first feud. Just don’t turn him face ffs.

The Edge interview was simply off the charts. It had everything. Digs at just about anyone he’s crossed paths with in recent months (JBL, his recent contenders, Shane & Stephanie) and people that are set to cause him problems in the coming months (Lashley), along with anyone else he felt like ripping into (HBK, Dudleys). Add to that the cheap heat, and his trademark anger, ‘woe is me’ attitude, and like I said, the promo had it all.

The focus toward the end on Lance Storm helped add more fuel to their match at ONS, and given the comment on knowing just the guy for the occasion next week, I assume it’s a former ECW alumni he has in his sights. Awesome, perhaps, given his previous relationship with Storm in WCW, and for a short period in WWF, along with his turn on ECW on Raw (which again, was simply AWESOME). Initially, I was going to complain that Edge being here for a mere interview seemed liked a waste, but the interview was THAT GOOD, that it was worthy of his time to come in for the show. A great promo.

Batista is a man with some serious issues. Heel turn is a comin. And when he finally snaps, it should be a terrific read.

Good showcase for the luchas, and again, it was a little obvious over who was winning this, considering Super Crazy has his open challenge set. The return of Tajiri to accept the challenge was the obvious choice, making most sense. Those two should get to relive the glory days with an insane match up at ONS, that could well be a potential show stealer. More unnecessary blood though

After a succession of strong promos, the Kennedy one came off as a little ‘eh, this week. IMO, it just seemed to be there, as an excuse for Kennedy to get on the show, and continue the ongoing angle with Hardy … who’s suspended?? At this rate, no one is going to be left on Smackdown given these suspensions . I get the feeling they’re being used to simply underline the shoddy job Shane and Stephanie are doing as the bosses on Smackdown, with little control, and having to resort to suspensions. Hopefully that’s what you’re trying to convey anyway.

I think there’s been too many backstage promos / interviews here on this show. Nothing wrong with Kash, as it sets up another ‘open challenge’ at ONS, and his disparaging comments toward his former home was pretty sweet … but I’ve simply read enough promos on this weeks Smackdown, and with the final segment also set to be an in ring promo, I’m all promo’d out. Kash vs. Nitro next week SHOULD see Kash progress to the main event at SNME, which will be an almighty rub for the division, although a win for Nitro wouldn’t surprise me, considering it would help further agitate the Bluebloods who believe Nitro and Mercury shouldn’t have a spot in the tournament at all.

Great endorsement of both Finlay and Noble to give them the last match on the show, and Noble progressing was superb. The resurgence of the cruiserweight division on Smackdown has been a joy to behold, and Noble could seriously be seen as a legit contender for victory at SNME. This result could even be a sign of things to come, with the ‘sure fire favourites’ maybe not being such favourites for victory in the coming weeks as we might have though. Not so much of a problem with the blood in this one, as it was described (at least in my eyes) as a legit hard way laceration to the mouth from the stiff elbows.

Glad you didn’t dwell on the ‘demise’ of the Undertaker, but instead, the uprising of Lashley. I love the fact you have Lashley say nothing at all. Even when Heyman prompts him with ‘whaddya say’, all he gets is a simple nod. It works in keeping Lashley as intimidating as possible, considering his voice would make Paris Hilton sound more of a threat.

Heyman with the announcement of the guaranteed title shot at Summerslam was excellent too - as it truly puts him over as a fantastic agent, while also getting the stage set for Summer slam well in advance … although with such a long way to go, I see a few roadblocks for Big Bobby, especially considering heel vs. heel in the second biggest show of the year wouldn’t make much sense.

One of those roadblocks … BATISTA!!! A great, short brawl here, that gives us a taste of what’s to come when these two bulls lock horns down the road. Batista should be a good opponent for Lashley, coming off ‘Taker, and having the two most dominant forces on Smackdown tear it up should be an exciting war over the coming weeks and months, at least up to GAB. With the Batista ‘losing it’ angle already ongoing, a few wars with Lashley should help put him ‘over the edge’, so to speak. A splendid, high octane finish to the show.

All in all, the show did seem a little long for my liking, but I’m sure I’ve overdone it myself on occasion with shows. Still, toward the end, the show just felt like it was dragging, with the Kennedy and Kash promos simply ‘being there’. Stojy and BKB have already discussed the overkill on tables and blood, and as you might imagine, I’m in agreement. Just too much, to the point where we’re expecting someone to be busted open every other match. Personally, I’d prefer to see blood used at a minimum, as it can be a vital tool in making a match or selling an angle when used at the right time, but every week?? Loses its lustre.

Again, I assume the reason is to put over the ‘anarchy era’ on Smackdown, but the angle is already cemented heavily, and the continued, over the top blood use isn’t helping make the ‘anarchy era’ look any more anarchic than it already is. If the suspensions are being done to emphasise the anarchy era too, then I’m afraid the angle is simply going to damage the show in the long run at this rate. I’m all for the anarchy era on Smackdown, and the backlash against the McMahon family, there just seems to be an overload on certain things that are hurting the show rather than help it at this point.

Another issue I have is that there are just too many undefeated guys on the show. Kennedy has been running around for nearly, what, nine(?) months, without tasting a proper defeat. He of all people doesn’t need an undefeated streak to get over.

Albright of course is also undefeated, and that one, is fair enough. He came in with little fanfare, so the winning streak has helped make him stand out.

Bit too early I guess to call Punks run an undefeated ‘streak’, but, like Kennedy, I don’t see the need for Punk to have one. With him already holding wins over two former champs, and likely to be involved with the top stars, week in, week out, I can imagine he’ll lose soon enough.

Hate to be so ultra negative at the end of the review, as, for the most part, this was, as always, an enjoyable read. The immediate rise to prominence for Punk is turning into one of the best reads I’ve had in a long time in BTB, and the Regal promo, but moreso the Edge interview were exceptional, as was the victory for Noble in the GAT match.
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