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Re: Legend Presents: WWE 2006 - Stop Your Grinnin' And Drop Your Linen

Originally Posted by Emperor DC View Post
Pft, fuck Mac. It's a layout most people - including myself () - use. Just get the godamn show up.
I second that opinion.

Stop fretting over using a generic layout, and how it might upset someone. You not posting this show is upsetting me. Now make me happy please.
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Re: Legend Presents: WWE 2006 - Stop Your Grinnin' And Drop Your Linen

Originally Posted by Wolf King View Post
I second that opinion.

Stop fretting over using a generic layout, and how it might upset someone. You not posting this show is upsetting me. Now make me happy please.
I third that opinion.

Just work on a new format in between posting shows, and then debut it when you deem appropriate. Like after JD is posted.


PatMan Presents: World Wrestling Entertainment 2007
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Re: Legend Presents: WWE 2006 - Stop Your Grinnin' And Drop Your Linen

I forth that notion. ^_^ Gosh I'm missed reading this one.

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Re: Legend Presents: WWE 2006 - Stop Your Grinnin' And Drop Your Linen

Seriously, bro., go right ahead. I was just fucking with you. Besides, I doubt I'll come back so it's all good.

for the week of September 28th


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Re: Legend Presents: WWE 2006 - Stop Your Grinnin' And Drop Your Linen

Thanks, Mac; really appreciate it, mate. Come back soon


Friday Night SmackDown! - May 19th, 2006; Albuquerque, New Mexico

“Three very simple words.”


"Rise Up" plays as we cut to the pitch black arena, where fireworks fire off from the stage, tron, ramp, and set. At the same time, thousands of WWE fans cheer as loud as they can and wave their signs proudly in the air, as the camera tracks them.

Michael Cole: We are just two nights away from our Day Of Reckoning; we are just two nights away … from Judgment Day! We welcome you, ladies and gentlemen, to Friday Night SmackDown! Hello, everyone; tonight we are in Albuquerque, New Mexico for the final stop before Judgment Day in a little over 48-hours this Sunday, and, Tazz, what a main event we have lined up tonight!

Tazz: Ha, talk about an understatement, Cole. Probably the biggest main event in SmackDown history, baby! It’s gonna be United States Champeen Rey Mysterio and the former World Heavyweight Champ ‘Big Dave’ Batista takin’ on Booker T and that Fighting Irish Bastard Finlay!

Michael Cole: Aren’t you forgetting someone, partner? The Special Referee for this huge tag team match is going to be none other than the World Heavyweight Champion himself, Edge! What an explosion that’s going to be!

Tazz: I can’t wait for that one, bay-bay!


As the stock market bells play in a WWE arena for the first time since WrestleMania, the crowd letting out an extraordinary amount of heat … but no limousine appears.

Michael Cole: What on earth!?

Tazz: Here comes the money, baby!

After a few moments, John “Bradshaw” Layfield slowly emerges out onto the stage, wearing a smart, navy suit, his usual white ten-gallon cowboy hat, and a very serious scowl on his face. Ignoring the reception he’s receiving, JBL saunters on down to the ring, still being roundly booed by the rowdy WWE audience.

Michael Cole:JBL? Well … well, I honestly have no idea what he is doing out here. Over the past month and a half – almost two months no in fact – John Bradshaw Layfield has done nothing but whine and complain to our interim General Managers, Shane and Stephanie McMahon, flat out demanding a World Title shot. The fact that Bradshaw hasn’t won a match on Pay-Per-View all year, and TAPPED OUT to ‘Nature Boy’ Ric Flair at WrestleMania … well, let’s just say that doesn’t seem to have occurred to him.

Tazz: Not been a great year for the former WWE Champ, Cole, but let’s not forget, JBL is one of the people in the runnin’ to be the new GM of SmackDown. He put his name forward almost right away. Dunno what all this is about though.

Bradshaw steps through the ropes and demands a microphone from Tony Chimel, which he is quickly handed. Sneering all around him, JBL decides enough is enough, and begins.

John Bradshaw Layfield: First thing’s first. As you can see, the strike… continues.

~ Crowd boos

John Bradshaw Layfield: That’s right. I’m not gonna give in to the McMahon demon spawn like many have before me… I’m not gonna surrender like I was nothin’ more than some Mexican patsy {heat}, I don’t care if it’s that walkin’, talkin’ Peter Pan wannabe himself Shane, and I certainly do not care if it’s that no-talent BIMBO of a daughter, Stephanie, whose only real skill is in wearin’ blouses a size to small!!

~ The crowd “oohs” and “ahs”, with a smattering of laughter too, as Layfield spews his pent-up venom forth.

John Bradshaw Layfield: Don’t make me laugh. Those two spoilt brats are only in the position that they are, because of the simply reason that they were fortunate enough to be born to parents like Linda and the great Vincent Kennedy McMahon.

~ Mixed reaction for the mention of the McMahon matriarch and patriarch.

John Bradshaw Layfield: No, no, Stephanie and Shane might think that they run this show, but everyone knows who the true power is on Friday nights! Everyone knows who the real backstage leader is who all those kids in the locker room look to impress and aspire to each and every time they walk to the ring, and let me tell right now, it is not ANY of the undeserving hacks in with a chance of leavin’ Phoenix this Sunday as the World Heavyweight Champion!! No, ‘cause ya know why? YOU ARE LOOKIN’ AT HIM … ME!!

~ More boos

John Bradshaw Layfield: I don’t even think I have to point out to you people just, why I am, the MVP of Friday Nights, the face of “The ‘A’ Show”, and simply superior to those five men in every … single … way!! You know and I know that you are looking at the one, the only, the true AME - RICAN HE - RO to ever grace World Wrestling Entertainment!!

~ Huge heat

John Bradshaw Layfield: But just in case they need a little convincin’, Albuquerque, reach down into your hearts and CHANT - MY - NAME!! “J-B-L” … “J-B-L” … “J-B-L”--

~ “SUCKS!”

John Bradshaw Layfield: “J-B-L”--

~ “SUCKS!”

John Bradshaw Layfield: “J-B-L”--

~ “SUCKS!”

John Bradshaw Layfield: “J-B-L”--

~ “SUCKS!”

John Bradshaw Layfield: THE PEOPLE LOVE ME!! I am an ambassador to the masses, I am the thing they aspire to be, a champion they can be proud of. NOT like the other five.

Let’s start at the bottom, shall we? Finlay, we’re no strangers to one another. We’re veterans. We’ve clashed all over the world. I respect what you’ve achieved … but, Dave, that was in EUROPE!! EUROPE!? WHO GIVES A DAMN ABOUT EUROPE!?

~ Mixed reaction

John Bradshaw Layfield: How about… REY MYST - ERIOOOOOO!! Como e stas?

~ Thunderous ovation

John Bradshaw Layfield: Rey, you are a disgrace to that United States Title that you parade around with, and you do not DESERVE to even be mentioned in the same breath as the World Heavyweight Championship!! It’s for people who have EARNED where they are today, Mysterio, not got there thanks to a fake I.D and a pick up truck!!

~ Boos galore, as JBL smoothes out his tie.

John Bradshaw Layfield: Who’s next? Oh yeah, the FIVE TI--

~ JBL stops and waves it away.

John Bradshaw Layfield: I’m not gonna embarrass myself, Booker. I’ll leave that to you. You might’ve been a star in that HOLE of a company WCW, but as soon as you came to play with the big boys up north, as soon as you dived in with the sharks, you realised that you were swimmin’ out of your depth, and now all you’ve become is a washed-up, catchphrase spewin’, caricatured JOKE!! What have you achieved since comin’ to this company, Booker? NOTHING BUT LOSE TO MIDGETS, THAT’S WHAT!! Pathetic.

~ Another mixed reaction. Bradshaw shakes his head.

John Bradshaw Layfield: Bringing me … to Dave Batista.

~ Fantastic ovation for the former World Champion.

John Bradshaw Layfield: How the mighty have fallen, eh, Dave? I mean, seriously, is there a more PATHETIC PIECE OF CRAP wrestlin’ in this company right now? What the hell have you done since you lost that World Title, Batista? Lost match after match after match AFTER DAMN MATCH!? And yet here you are, STILL with a chance to wrestle for the title at Judgment Day. It -- and you, Big Man -- makes me SICK!!

~ “Oh my God”- Cole

John Bradshaw Layfield: You know what those guys have in common?

~ JBL cocks his head.

John Bradshaw Layfield: I, John Bradshaw Layfield, have beaten every … single … one of ‘em!! Finlay? He might’ve only lost once since comin’ here, but I’ve kicked his ass more times than pigskin back in Europe. Mysterio? No Mercy. Last year. LOOK IT UP!! Booker? Survivor Series, 2004, RENT A DAMN COPY!! And Batista? Ha-ha-ha, oh, Batista, Batista…

~ Layfield cavalierly removes his hat, smiling insincerely.

John Bradshaw Layfield: Batista, I buried your overhyped ass last year, and, boy, give me the chance; I’ll damn sure do it again.
But they’re not the problem, now, are they? Hell, Little Miss Sunshine and Macaulay Culkin, Stephanie and Shane aren’t even the real problem. No, you see, as the dominant brand in all sport’s entertainment, SmackDown deserves a champion … with integrity … with honour … with, at the very least, some GUTS!! But what do we have? Or rather, who do we have prancing around with MY World Title? I’ll tell ya who—


JBL is cut off, as the music blasts out over the PA to a tremendous mixed reaction, and the World Heavyweight Champion Edge, arm in arm with Lita, storms down the ramp. With only officiating duties tonight, Edge wears jeans and a black designer t-shirt, but carries the World Title belt over his shoulder and a furious expression.

Tazz:Woah! Uh-oh, this can’t be a good thing, eh, Cole? Ha-ha! I dunno if these guy’s egos will fit in a ring this, uh, small … plus Lita’s lookin’ smokin’.

Michael Cole: That’s a fair point, partner, but I think it’s pretty obvious why the World Heavyweight Champion has interrupted proceedings here. Let’s face it, it was either going to be Edge or the other egomaniac that JBL just badmouthed, Booker T. Guys like Mysterio, Batista, and even Finlay, I honestly don’t think they give a damn what JBL says about them. They’re professionals. But Edge and Booker? Different story. Their egos simply won’t allow it. This should be … most interesting.

Edge wastes little time, as he rolls straight into the ring, stands up, and confronts a repulsed JBL. As the tension mounts, Lita hands her boyfriend a microphone.

Edge: Oh, oh, don’t mind me, John. Go ahead, finish your sentence.

~ Bradshaw frowns

John Bradshaw Layfield: Now, you lis—

Edge: (interrupting) I’ll do it for you then, shall I? The person you so ‘eloquently’ stated as, uh, “prancing” around with the World Heavyweight Title? It’s … ME!!

~ Another mixed reaction, leaning toward boos.

Edge: But something tells me you weren’t gonna phrase it like that, right?

~ JBL screws up his face.

Edge: No, ‘cause that wouldn’t have suited your “Angry man in a suit” gimmick, would it?

~ OH!; Lita laughs in the background, frustrating Layfield.

Edge: No, see I forgot that the true art of being a champion, or at least being successful in this business, doesn’t involve any actual wrestling talent. All you need is a microphone -- and you’ve got one of those, Johnny Boy -- and a great, big, enormous … chip, right there on your shoulder. And, John, you’ve got the biggest one of those I’ve ever seen.

~ Cheers from the crowd, which Edge doesn’t really pay attention to.

Edge: I mean really, “a strike”? What, are you in the second grade or something? See, that’s the difference between you and me, John; when I had a problem with that little chumpstain Shane McMahon, I didn’t whine, I didn’t … cry about it like you. (Scoffs), No, I SPEARED his ass in half, that’s what I did!!

~ Big time heat, probably for the first time since Edge came out, as he grins arrogantly in JBL’s face, saying, “What d’ya think of that, huh?”

John Bradshaw Layfield: How’s that workin’ out for ya?

Edge: Well, I’m the World Champion, so swell, thanks for asking.

John Bradshaw Layfield: With a GM who hates your guts. Good job, champ.

Edge: Look who’s talking, chump.

~ The two egomaniacs get right in one another’s face, with Edge even removing his shades to eyeball Bradshaw all the more effectively.

Edge: The truth is, John, you’re just a jealous old man who can’t stand the fact that you’ve been replaced as -- what was it you call yourself? -- “Mr. SmackDown” by me.

~ “I don’t think so,” mouths JBL.

Edge: That’s right, you heard me, Mr. “Wrestling God.” Not only am I better than you now, but I’m better than you ever were during that sorry excuse for a title reign you had.

~ Uh oh. JBL starts to look extremely pissed, as he and Edge go eyeball to eyeball.

John Bradshaw Layfield: (scoffs) A man… a man whose title reign has barely lasted more than a cup of coffee has the… temerity to call my title reign “sorry”? Who in the HELL do you think you are, Edge?

Edge: (smirks) How about, the World Heavyweight Champion?

~ Another mixed reaction, as Edge brashly smirks into the crowd, before turning back to an incensed Bradshaw.

John Bradshaw Layfield: And why is that, Edge? Why is that? What have you really done to make yourself stand out as anythin’ more than a paper champion, just keepin’ that belt warm for someone more deservin’?

~ Edge gives Lita a look, as if to say, “Is he serious?” Turning back to JBL, he goes to speak, but is quickly cut off.

John Bradshaw Layfield: DON’T… don’t give me that crap about beating Batista and The Undertaker in back to back title matches either. Ya lookin’ at a guy who has never, EVER lost to The Deadman, includin’ more title matches than you’ve had hot dinners.

~ Tremendous heat for this statement, as Edge frowns.

John Bradshaw Layfield: Let’s be honest here, champ, until you’ve held that title for an iota of the time I did, you don’t deserve to be in the same ring as me, let alone speak to me the way you are tonight, son. And with this Sunday just ‘round the corner, somethin’ tells me you won’t be making it past two months, let alone ten.

~ Edge smiles ruefully, trying to blow off Bradshaw’s dig, as The Wall-Street Warrior lowers his stick slightly.

Edge: Cute. Real cute. Y’know, John, you’ve really changed your tune from earlier. Just five minutes ago you were blasting all four of my possible opponents this Sunday as not “worthy” of this title, and now… now you saying they’re gonna win it?

~ JBL nods with an air of insincerity, enjoying getting under the champ’s skin for a change, as Edge waves his hand.

Edge: You couldn’t be more wrong, Bradshaw. Y’see, this Sunday, it doesn’t matter if it’s Booker T, Finlay, Rey Mysterio, or Batista, the fact remains that I HAVE done something that no one -- including you, John -- has ever done before. I beat Batista and The Undertaker … back to back … clean … on my own … right in the middle of the ring, something that you sure as hell never did, Johnny.

~ “BOO!”

Edge: No, the first time you beat ‘Taker, it was by DQ, right? The second was after some nut stuffed his ass in a hearse? And I guess we’ll all thank Randy Orton for number three.

~ Edge tucks his mic under his arm and applauds sarcastically.

Edge: Something to tell the grandkids, huh? “How I beat The Undertaker thanks to everyone else by John Bradshaw Layfield”, has a… has a nice ring to it, don’t ya think? I know I’d buy it, that’s for sure, businessman.

~ Laughing, the World Champion turns to Lita, while JBL speaks.

John Bradshaw Layfield: You might be laughin’ now, Edge, but I promise you, one way or another, you won’t be laughing by the end of this. You’re right, I did call all of your challengers this Sunday jokes … but I still think they’re gonna beat you, champ.

~ Fuming, Layfield takes a step toward the World Heavyweight Champion, looking him right in the eyes, speaking clearly.

John Bradshaw Layfield: … … … … … … … … ‘Cause you’re the biggest joke of all.

~ OH!; A scowl forms on Edge’s previously cocky face.

John Bradshaw Layfield: So, y’know what? I hope you DO retain that title at Judgment Day, because nothing would give me greater pleasure than to be the one who strikes midnight for you, Cinderella, and bring that title home where it belongs …

~ Nose to nose

John Bradshaw Layfield: … to J … B … L.

The crowd boos very loudly, as JBL confidently tosses his mic to the ground and brushes right past the World Heavyweight Champion aggressively, stepping through the ropes, smoothing out his suit, and stepping down to the floor. Without even glancing back, the former WWE Champion marches back up the ramp with a scowl on his face. Back inside the ring, Edge watches Bradshaw leave, wearing a similar scowl on his face, not hearing the cheers of the crowd through the arena…


The crowd goes WILD, as Mysterio looks to get some payback for last week it seems, quickly bouncing back up to his feet at the same time as a dazed Edge and drilling him some hard right hands! Rey-Rey blasts The Rated R Superstar back into the ropes, before looking to shoot him off … but Edge reverses it, and Mysterio hits the ropes … and holds on! Angrily, the World Champion charges at the U.S Champion -- DROP TOE HOLD … AND EDGE IS CAUGHT IN THE ROPES!

Rey-Rey dials it up, turns, hits the ropes and … LITA QUICKLY CATCHES HIS FOOT, ALMOST TRIPPING HIM!!

The crowd boos, as Mysterio stumbles, before angrily whirling around … but Lita is already gone, racing around ringside … TO WHERE EDGE AS SLITHERED HIS WAY UNDER THE BOTTOM ROPE!!

More heat descends on the World Heavyweight Champion, as he clutches his title belt to him closely, backing angrily up the way with his girlfriend, gesturing manically at the United States Champion in the ring and screaming, “You’re gonna pay for that, Rey! You’re gonna pay for that!” with eyes locked…

Michael Cole: Oh my! Where the hell did he come from!? Rey Mysterio, the United States Champion, desperate for a piece of the World Heavyweight Champion Edge -- one of the men who assaulted and beat down Rey at the end of last week’s show! Can’t say I blame him really. But later tonight, Rey is part of that monstrous main event tag team match, long with his tag team partner Batista, with that man right there, Edge, as the special guest referee. How on earth will Mysterio be able to control himself? Will Edge screw Rey once again!?

Tazz: I dunno, Cole, but that was some crazy stuff from Rey-Rey right there. That main event is gonna be off the hook, but how about what else we got in store tonight, Cole, concernin’ The Deadman and The Real Deal?

Michael Cole: That’s right. Tonight, after weeks of speculation, months of anticipation, we will finally see the official contract signing between Bobby Lashley and ‘The Phenom’, The Undertaker, for their huge WrestleMania Rematch this Sunday at Judgment Day. Lashley’s agent, Paul Heyman, has promised to be on hand to reveal to the world the stipulation both he and Lashley have selected for this contest. Folks, trust me, this you do not want to miss!


***LONDON CALLING*** Albuquerque gives a strong ovation, as the high-flyin’, fast paced duo of The Hooligans, Paul London and Brian Kendrick, race through the curtain and down to the ring. Clad in their usual gaudy ring attire (navy blue tonight), the young men back flip off opposite turnbuckles, before removing their masks and playing to the crowd some more, looking all fired up for another great opportunity.

Michael Cole: Well, seven days on and the world is still talking about the incredible contest that we saw last week involving the two men you see now, Paul London and Brian Kendrick, and the former three-time WWE Tag Team Champions, MNM.

Tazz: Damn skippy, Cole. We saw a United States Title match and the first ever Belfast Brawl, but all anyone could talk about after last week was that tag team match. London, Kendrick, Nitro, and Mercury tore the house down.

Michael Cole: But with no en result. Just as it seemed that Paul London was about to fly off the top rope, as he so often does, with that 450 Splash of his, the 20 minute time limit expired, and The Hooligans’ misfortune continued.

***PAPARAZZI*** An undeniably mixed reaction, though leaning toward heat a little more, as the attractive trio of Johnny Nitro, Joey Mercury, and the lovely Melina, MNM, follow the paparazzi down the red carpet, displaying their usual vulgar excess. However, Messrs Mercury and Nitro seem a little more focused tonight, as they enter the ring, keeping a close eye on their opponents at all times.

Michael Cole: Well, there you see the former WWE Tag Team Champions, who lost the titles at WrestleMania to The Bluebloods. But, this Sunday, they have the opportunity to earn another shot at those belts in a very unique type of match created by Shane McMahon.

Tazz: That’s right, Cole, but it ain’t gonna be easy. These four men about to hook it up right her have gotta team up this Sunday at Judgment Day to take The Basham Brothers, themselves former tag team champeens, and The Bluebloods themselves, with whoever gets the deciding fall winnin’ a title shot for their tag team—

***BORN NAUGHTY*** Surprising everyone for the second straight week; the WWE Tag Team Champions, The Bluebloods, William Regal and Paul Burchill, adorned in smart, dark suits, carrying the title belts with them, saunter arrogantly past the ring to join Cole & Tazz on commentary again, waving to the booing crowd.

Michael Cole: Well, just – just like last week we’re being joined at ringside by the champions. Mr. Regal, Mr. Burchill, thanks for joining us, but I can’t say I’m surprised. You must be pretty nervous after seeing how good these teams looked last week?

William Regal: (Pulling on his headset) It was splendid match, Michael, I shan’t deny that by any means, but I don’t see why myself and Paul should be at all “nervous”by their performances. Have we not already beaten both of these teams before?

Paul Burchill: Besides, The Basham’s and ourselves are on the same page, which is more than can be said these two teams. They fought each other for twenty minutes last week, and I’m sure they’ll do exactly the same tonight given half a chance.

~ Both MNM and The Hooligans glance nervously at the champions on commentary, as the referee calls for the bell.

William Regal: (Waving) We’re not in this match, gentlemen.

1 - Semi-Main Event; Tag Team Match
The Hooligans vs. MNM w/Melina
*WWE Tag Team Champions, The Bluebloods, are on commentary*

Chemistry? These two teams have it in abundance, continuing where they left off last week, with Paul London and Joey Mercury aggressively tussling all over the ring in a collar & elbow tie up; Mercury, of course, getting the better of the exchange, talking some serious trash to the former Cruiserweight Champion, “You’ll never be better than us, London.” After applying the side headlock, Mercury is sent into the ropes, BEFORE BARRELLING RIGHT THROUGH LONDON WITH A SHOULDER BLOCK!!

Mercury continues to use his size to dominate some more, taking London down with another shoulder block, and even SLAPPING the energetic youngster right in the mouth! This only fires London up though, as he counters a hip toss, LANDING ON HIS FEET, and CLOOTHESLINING MERCURY DOWN TO THE MAT!!

London lights Mercury up with a few dropkicks and even a slingshot headscissors, before tagging in Brian Kendrick, delivering the Inverted Atomic Drop to the A-lister, before THROWING SPANKY RIGHT DOWN ONTO HIM WITH A CROSSBODY FROM THE TOP!! 1...2...KICK OUT!!! Mercury kicks out quickly, much to Melina’s relief.

The Hooligans’ dominance doesn’t last very long though, as Mercury quickly overpowers Kendrick and brings Johnny Nitro into play, who proceeds to hammer Spanky with EUROPEAN UPPERCUTS and forearms. Nitro goes for a tilt-a-whirl something on Kendrick, but we never find out what it was intended to be, as Spanky TURNS IT INTO A LATERAL PRESS OUT OF NOWHERE!! 1...2...NO!!! Kendrick keeps the pressure on though, as he and London exchange frequent tags, dropping Axe Handles and Mushroom Stomps off the tope, targeting Nitro’s arm.

London loses his momentum when he collides with the turnbuckle, but he manages to leap frog over the charging Nitro -- Spanky makes the blind tag -- and Johnny runs right into a DOUBLE HIP TOSS from The Hooligans, who follow up with a double knock down on the onrushing Mercury, and stereo dropkicks for the pair of ‘em! With the crowd fully behind them and MNM rolling to the outside, London & Kendrick take a chance, LAUNCHING THEMSELVES THROUGH THE ROPES WITH DUAL TOPÉ SUICICA’S RIGHT INTO MERCURY AND NITRO!!! With this incredible display of athleticism, we cut to a commercial…

Commercial Break

When we return we find Paul London desperately trying to mount a comeback, as Cole & Tazz explain that MNM have been in complete control during the break, following Nitro’s beautiful SPRINGBOARD ENZIGUIRI, off a distraction by Mercury! Back live, Nitro manages to elevate London onto the apron, but catches a forearm for his troubles -- Mercury tries to drag London off the apron, but Paul kicks him away, hanging on, and SKINS THE CAT -- BUT NITRO DROPKICKS HIM HALF WAY, AND LONDON SPLATS TO THE FLOOR ON THE OUTSIDE!!!

The crowd “ooh’s” and “ahs”, as the former 3-time WWE Tag Team Champion re-exert their dominance. Nitro isolates and targets the back inside the ring. London tries to mount a comeback, managing to hit the ropes, but Nitro cuts him off with a HARD LEAPING LEG LARIAT TO THE FACE!! 1...2...NO!!! Nitro drags London over and brings Mercury back in.

Joey continues the good work of Johnny, working over the back of London, his teammate this Sunday (), with surgical precision, before SLINGSHOT CATAPULTING LONDON INTO A FOREARM SMASH FROM NITRO, dropping Paul across Joey’s knees, before Johnny CONNECTS WITH A SLINGSHOT ELBOW DROP, DRIVING INTO POOR LONDON!! 1...2...NO!!! The crowd actually applauds the impressive teamwork of MNM, but London still survives.

As Nitro makes the tag back to Mercury, LONDON TRIES TO FIGHT HIS WAY OUT, resulting in Mercury accidentally KNOCKING NITRO OFF THE APRON! Just when it looks as though London will finally make the tag to Kendrick … NITRO RACES AROUND THE FLOOR AND PULLS SPANKY OFF THE APRON!!

The crowd boos, but Tazz and The Bluebloods applaud the tag team savvy of the L.A. natives, who quickly look to capitalise, with Mercury LIFTING LONDON UP … AND NITRO GRABBING HIS HEAD - GOING FOR THE SNAPSHOT -- but London fights it, drilling Nitro with a right hand, BEFORE BACKFLIPPING AWAY FROM MERCURY … AND FINALLY MAKING THE HOT TAG TO KENDRICK!!

Spanky comes in like a house of fire, SPRINGBOARDING OFF THE ROP ROPE WITH A MISSILE DROPKICK TO NITRO, before continuing to knock both members of MNM down with a flurry of forearms and clotheslines! Both Nitro and Mercury EAT COUPLE O’ STINGING KICKS, and Spanky quickly covers Joey! 1...2...MERCURY GRABS THE BOTTOM ROPE!!! Kendrick despairs, but quickly regains his senses, CATCHING MERCURY WITH A BEAUTIFUL HURRICANRANA INTO A PIN! 1...2...NO!!! NITRO BREAKS IT UP!

Dragging Spanky up, Nitro tries desperately to connect with the Corkscrew Neckbreaker … but Kendrick continues to block it with all his might … UNTTL LONDON COMES OUT OF NOWHERE WITH A SPINNING WHEEL KICK, KNOCKING NITRO ALL THE WAY OUT OF THE RING!!

London staggers back up to his feet, trying to get the crowd behind him, which he doesn’t need to do, as they are well into this contest … BUT JOEY MERCURY WIPES HIM OUT FROM BEHIND!! Vehement boos greet Mercury, as he bends down to grab the fallen London … BUT BRIAN KENDRICK DROPKICKS HIM IN THE BACK … SENDING HIM THROUGH THE ROPES … CRASHING INTO HIS OWN PARTNER NITRO … KNOCKING BOTH MEN OVER THE BARRICADE - INTO THE CROWD!!!

The crowd ROARS once again, with those in the front row with MNM in their laps () going particularly crazy. Nodding to one another, both London and Kendrick take hold of the tope rope, LEAP UP … SPRINGBOARD OFF THE TOPE ROPE … AND SOMERSAULT PLANCHA ALL THE WAY OVER THE BARRICADE … INTO THE CROWD … INTO MNM!!!!

As the “HOLY SHIT” chants begin, with good reason, and Melina watches on with horror, all four men lay about amongst the chairs and debris in the first few rows, struggling to make it back up, but in the end it just isn’t quite enough, as the official reaches ten, counting all four men out!!!

Winners - Double Count Out @ 12:28.

The crowd reacts much the same way they did last week, pouring scorn all over the finish, as London & Kendrick’s inability to get the MNM monkey off their back continues, with London in particular pounding the ring apron in frustration, as Nitro smirks at him breathlessly from the floor.

Michael Cole: ARE YOU KIDDNG ME!? I don’t believe this!!

The camera focuses on the two watching Englishmen on commentary, who continue to observe their rivals intently over the bridges of their hands.

William Regal: (Getting up) Like we said, Michael, these four gentlemen have far too much unfinished business with one another to be able to fully concentrate on us come Sunday at Judgment Day, mark my words.

Tazz: I – I – I think you’re right, Mr. Regal! How the hell are The Hooligans and MNM gonna get along this Sunday, let alone manage to pick up the win over The Bashams and the WWE Tag Team Champs!?


Back from the break, the crowd lets out a bit of heat, as we see Brent Albright, backstage in his locker room, for once not cutting one of his obnoxious pre-match promos, having his shoulders massaged by his sexy, blonde female associate.

Brent Albright: (Eyes closed) Mmmmmmmm, worth every penny.

Female associate: (Southern accent) Y’know, Mr. Albright, you pick up the win tonight… you could be movin’ up in the world fast.

~ Albright nods smugly, but feels the massage slowing down and quickly opens his eyes … to see Kid Kash standing before him with a smirk on his face. Dressed to compete, with a little vest top over the top, ‘The Notorious K.I.D’ looks over his shades at a bemused looking ‘Shooter’.

Kid Kash: Well, looky what we have here. If it ain’t beauty… (winks at the lady) and… (grins) the beast.

Brent Albright: (Scoffs) Y’know somethin’? You’re a funny guy. Gonna be even funnier when I break yer’ arm, jacko—

Kid Kash:Woah! (Holds hands up) Woah! How ‘bout ya’ll just hold ya’ horses there, John Wayne? Don’t they have jokes in Oklahoma? I was just playing with ya’, kid. Comprende? Messin’ with ya’. Foolin’ around a little bit, right? No offense meant, pal. See, I know all about you, Shooter, an’ I gotta’ say, ya’ll might be a rookie in this business, but hell, I like your style, son.

~ Albright raises an eyebrow as K.I.D, as Kash continues.

Kid Kash: 6 and O? That’s quite a record. With that kinda’ start … who knows? Maybe one day you could be as good as The Notorious K.I.D, but that – that ain’t why I’m here, Mr. Albright. No, sir.

Brent Albright: Well, what can I do for you, Mr. Kash?

Kid Kash: It seems, Mr. Albright – it seems we share a common goal. See, ta’night, we’ve both got matches, right? I’m facin’ your Judgment Day opponent -- that ol’ spark plug Bob Holly -- and you, sir, are facin’ my Judgment Day opponent -- Jamie “it ain’t illegal, ‘cause she’s my sister” Noble. Thing is – what I’m getting at here, Brent -- I can call you Brent? --- is a little … forward thinkin’.

~ Though he tries not to show it, Albright is clearly very interested by what Kash is saying, and rubs his chin slowly.

Kid Kash: You wanna’ get off to the best possible start in your career in this place, right? An’ beatin’ that old war dog Bob Holly in ya’ very first Pay-Per-View Match …son, that’ll look better than hot sweat on suede on that résumé o’ yours, ya’ understandin’ me good? You wanna beat Holly … and I wanna take back my Cruiserweight Title … so how ‘bout we do each other … a little favour?

~ Albright’s head nods up and down automatically.

Kid Kash: Now, I know – I know, just lookin’ at this lovely lady here, (smiles at the blonde) that you’re partial to the finest thing in life – you’re all about … money. Well, Brent, ya’ might as well call ya’self “The Gun For Hire” ta’night, ‘cause right now? Ya’ lookin’ at “Kash On Delivery”, baby, and I’m lookin’ acquire your services for the evenin’. Whaddya’ say, champ?

~ Brent turns to his gorgeous accomplice … and smiles, before turning back to KK, who bears his own arrogant grin in turn.

Elsewhere backstage, Rey Mysterio, still looking all fiery from earlier on in the show, angrily paces up and down inside his locker room, with his United States Championship belt hanging proudly in the background. Pulling at his mask, Rey-Rey looks ready to go for the main event already … but he soon stops and braces … as BOOKER T (dressed for action) and Sharmell enter the locker room, looking around with their noses in the air, smirking arrogantly at their surroundings.

Booker T: (Runs a finger across a bench) Not bad, Reymont. Not bad at all. Of course, when I was United States Champion, things were … muchbetter.

Rey Mysterio: (Gritting his teeth) You’re lucky I don’t drop you right now, Booker.

~ Book lets out a knowing smirk.

Booker T: But of course, I know you won’t. Not … you. Not … Rey Mysterio. A man of honor like yourself would never stoop so low. Now, David Batista on the other hand … … …

~ Instantly Mysterio looks down, obviously touchy on the matter of his friend’s behaviour of late, and Booker sees his success, and continues to press the issue with a satisfied vigour.

Booker T: I remember you coming to Batista’s rescue a few weeks back, Rey. Very honourable. Very chivalrous of you. (taps his chin) But where … was David last week?

~ Rey slowly lifts his head again and glares right into the eyes of his arch-nemesis, who smiles angelically back down at him…

Booker T: Anyway, I’ll see you both out there … … I hope.

~ Book links with Sharmell once again, nodding his head politely down at Rey once more, before strolling away, leaving the U.S Champion pensive.

Back to ringside.

Shannon Moore bounces up and down in the ring, trying to pump both himself and the crowd up…

Michael Cole: Wow, what a – what a classy individual Booker T is. I mean, c’mon, where does he get off?

Tazz: Are you being sarcastic, Cole?

Michael Cole: Well spotted, Tazz. Real aware of you. Of course I’m being sarcastic. Booker T is blatantly trying to start a rift between good friends Rey Mysterio and Batista, and it makes me sick! Just a truly classless thing to do if you ask me, but what we’ve come to expect of our former United States Champion.

Tazz: Well, if you ask me, I don’t think it’s gonna take a lot to start a rift there, Cole. I mean, ever since he lost the World Heavyweight Championship at WrestleMania, Batista’s been a different – a changed man.

Michael Cole: You speak to the likes of Hulk Hogan, the likes of Ric Flair, Randy Savage, and Bruno Sammartino, men who have held the World Title as long, if not longer than The Animal did, they say once you lose that belt … you’re not the same – you’re not the same man you were. It takes a while to recover from the shock of it. Is that what we could be seeing happen to Batista right now? Since WrestleMania, where Edge ended his incredible reign, he hasn’t won a single match.

Tazz: No, he hasn’t. But he’s gonna get another chance tonight.

Michael Cole: Absolutely. What a huge main event that’s—


The crowd delivers some strong heat, as Mr. Kennedy storms down to the ring with a scowl on his face, chomping away dismissively on his wad of gum as always. Clad in his grey trunks, with is close-fitting ‘Talk Loud, Hi Hard’ t-shirt over the top. Kennedy enters the ring, scowling, and catches his mic from high above, shushing for some quiet…

Mr. Kennedy: (Points) Shannon Moore … don’t you … dare – don’t you dare interrupt me.

~ Moore shakes his head, as the crowd boos the arrogant loudmouth.

Mr. Kennedy: Because right now, you … are in the ring … with … greatness. Right now, you are in the ring with a man who has never been pinned, never submitted, never lost.

~ Crowd boos

Mr. Kennedy: And the man who this Sunday, will END Matt Hardy’s career … FOR - EVER!

~ Tremendous heat

Mr. Kennedy: (gets in position) You know him … you love him … you cannot live without him … and at Judgment Day will get down on freakin’ knees and worship him ... ... MISSSSSSSTERRRRRRRRRRRR ... KENNNNNEDDDYYYYYYYY!!!!!!

~ The crowd boos the hell out of Ken, as he goes for his customary repeat … but instead just chucks his mic away, actually getting more boos for this.

2 - Mr. Kennedy vs. Shannon Moore

Shannon really isn’t in Kennedy’s league. He’s game, trying to avenge his buddy Funaki as best he can, but ultimately he just falls victim to a scarily intense Mr. Kennedy, who, in the end, Facewashes him in the corner, before carrying him up top, and connecting with the GREEN BAY PLUNGE for the academic three count.

Winner - Mr. Kennedy via pinfall @ 2:41.

Waving the referee away, Kennedy instead opts for his favourite prop, returning to the mic, as he gazes out into the crowd, the camera, and, subsequently, everyone watching at home…

Mr. Kennedy: (Breathing somewhat heavily) I just wanted … I just wanted to let you think about it. Now it should be perfectly clear … Matt … this is what you’ll be hearing by the time Sunday is over … … …

~ Kennedy, still breathing hard, leans casually over the ropes, giving the nearest cameraman an eyeful.

Mr. Kennedy:... ... KEN - NAH - DEH!!!!!!

~ Kennedy smirks and drops the mic, as his music hits once again and the crowd begins to boo. He keeps smirking at the camera though and mouthing, “Two days, Matt. Just two more days”, as we fade out.


Backstage, sat in a cosy chair, flanked by two stereotypical ‘lawyer’ types, Paul Heyman flicks through a document, which is obviously the contract … whilst in the background, not even really paying attention to his scheming agent, Bobby Lashley continues to do dumbbell curls repetitively, almost in a trance…

Back to ringside.

Michael Cole: Well, you just saw Paul Heyman, obviously going over the documentation before tonight’s contract signing.

Tazz: Woah, woah, woah, forget about that jackass for a minute, would ya, Cole? Just take a look at Bobby Lashley. I mean, jeez, the guy’s pumping iron like gasoline. Is it possible for that guy to get any bigger? He’s biceps are already bigger than your head, Cole.

Michael Cole: He is “The Real Deal”; no doubt about it, Tazz. Tonight we find out what match he and Paul Heyman have chosen for this Sunday’s showdown with The Undertaker. It could be anything!

3 - Hardcore Holly vs. Kid Kash

Spurred on by last week’s confrontation with Brent Albright and inspired by his upcoming return to PPV () this Sunday, Bob Holly comes at the arrogant, conceited, narcissistic former Cruiserweight Champion with fists a flyin’ in this one, and Kid Kash has to weather the storm somewhat in the early going to avoid the bigger man’s offense. In the end, Holly battles with Kash on the top rope, trying to execute a Superplex -- but KK kicks out with his boot … KNOCKING THE REFEREE BACKWARDS!! With the official temporarily blinded, The Notorious K.I.D quickly RAKES HOLLY’S EYES, sending him tumbling down to the mat below! Quickly, Kash stands up top once more, before CRASHING DOWN ONTO HOLLY WITH THE DEADLY DOUBLE-JUMP MOONSAULT!! 1 … 2 … 3!!!

Winner - Kid Kash via pinfall @ 8:13.

The crowd doesn’t like it, but Kid Kash certainly does, and he really rubs it in their faces, as he poses in the ring, strutting around like a proud peacock, popping his sunglasses back on and mouthing, “That belt’s comin’ home, baby”, whilst doing the usual belt taunt over the top of his music. As soon as Holly starts to stir Kash wisely hops out of the ring, still juttin’ and jivin’ all the way…

…and we get a look at Brent Albright, now dressed to compete himself, watching from backstage with a huge smile on his face, as he warms up.

Michael Cole: Well, it looks as though ‘Phase One’ of Kid Kash’s little arrangement went according to plan, but coming up after the break, that man there, the undefeated “Shooter” Brent Albright battles the Cruiserweight Champion Jamie Noble, but what does Albright have in store for “The Pit-bull”? We’ll find out, NEXT!!


A superstar vignette plays…

Inter-cutting shots flash across the screen of a young superstar, clad in black trunks with shoulder length dark hair and a small beard. He stands in front of a blank screen, holding up his knuckles, adorned with the words, “D-R-U-G … F-R-E-E”…

???: I don’t drink …

Narrator: He is the most exciting superstar to ever hit professional wrestling …

- A shot of the man flying through the ropes with a topé suicida…

???: I don’t smoke …

Narrator: His skills range from Muay Thai Kickboxing to Brazilian Jujitsu …

- Shots of the man delivering scintillating kicks to his hopeless opponents…

???: I don’t do drugs …

Narrator: He’s been a champion everywhere he’s been …

- Shots of the man holding the OVW Championship aloft…

???: My only addiction is competition …

Narrator: He’s a “Straightedge Superstar” …

- More flashing shots of the man wowing crowd all around the world…

???: My name … is C … M … PUNK!!!

- Punk throws his hair back, looking into the camera with steely eyes…

Narrator: And he’s coming … to Friday Night SmackDown!


Fade out.

Raw Rebound
- Shelton Benjamin defeats Kenny in a Ladder Match to retain the I.C Title.
- Triple H wins his return match against Chris Masters.
- In the main event, after a miscommunication, Triple H hits Kurt Angle with the Pedigree, allowing The Big Show to pick up the win, becoming the NEW WWE Champion.

Back to ringside.

***BLOOD, SUGAR, SEX, MAGICK*** hits, and probably because he has received quite a bit of attention tonight, but the relative newcomer still, “The Shooter” Brent Albright receives the most heat of his short career as he struts down to the ring with his mysterious female representative following close behind, both sporting arrogant smirks on their faces.

Tazz: I’ll run with this one, if ya don’t mind, Cole? Undefeated and quite possibly MY personal favourite superstar goin’ in the WWE today, “The Shooter” Brent Albright has looked damn-near unstoppable since débuting last month.

Michael Cole: (Laughing) Wow, y’know, why don’t you ask that lovely young lady who accompanies Albright everywhere he goes if she’d mind swapping places with you for a couple of weeks, Tazz?

Tazz: Because who in their right mind would wanna’ sit next to you for two-hours every Friday night, Cole? Only idiots like me who’ve been hit with one-too-many Singapore Canes to know what’s good for ‘im, that’s who!

Smiling, Albright waits for his music to fade, as his valet, manager; ‘friend’ etc. retrieves a mic and holds it up for him to speak into.

Brent Albright: Short ‘n’ sweet tonight, folks… ‘cause I’ve got money to make.

~ His lady friend smirks broadly at this, as Albright winks.

Brent Albright: Hardcore? Bob Holly? … … You’re not in my league.

~ Crowd boos

Brent Albright: (Smirks) Clearly you’re not in Kid Kash’s either.

~ Zing!

Brent Albright: Get used to that feeling, Bobby – though I know it won’t be too hard for ya, since you’ve had so much practice. Get used to it, ‘cause this Sunday, in my Pay-Per-View debut at Judgment Day, I’ll be playin’ the role of the winner, and you, Bob, will be playing the sacrificial lamb.

~ More boos for the arrogant rookie, who glances up.

Brent Albright: I tell you what, since I such a giving person, I’ll give you a little demonstration right now. Take a good look at what I do to this redneck, Bob, ‘cause I’m gonna be doing the same exact thing to you in less than 48-hours, you’ll only have two options … you can either tap out… or pass out.

~ Albright grins, baring his teeth.

Brent Albright: I feel like breakin' some bones, so… (points up the ramp) Hillbilly Jim, get your ass out here, and let’s get this thing … a-goin’. You’re gonna squeal, and your gonna squeal for “The Shooter” Brent Albright.

~ Brent holds up his hand.

Brent Albright: … … … … … … … (Pulls the trigger) “BANG!”

~ Holding his pose, The Shooter remains focused on the entrance ramp, as the crowd continues to jeer him …

***A COUNTRY BOY CAN SURVIVE*** A rousing response from the Albuquerque faithful, as the Cruiserweight Champion of the World, “The Pit-bull” Jamie Noble storms out from the back, not looking impressed with what he has seen at all, and heading straight for the ring. He Tears off his black ‘Confederate’ () training t-shirt, throws his title belt to the timekeeper carefully, rolls inside the ring … and BLASTS INTO ALBRIGHT, GETTING THIS THING UNDERWAY!!

4 - Non-Title Match
Brent Albright vs. Cruiserweight Champion Jamie Noble

Almost knocked off his feet by the suddenness of the assault, Brent Albright staggers into the corner, where Jamie Noble follows in, lighting the bigger man up with a flurry of knife-edge chops! As the crowd “Woos” with each blow, Noble heads across the ring, before charging right back in with a thunderous corner clothesline!! The crowd cheers, as the anonymous female screams in fear at ringside, and Noble pounds his chest, getting all fired up -- but Albright suddenly explodes out of the corner with a decapitating lariat of his own!!!

Now it’s Albright’s turn to light Noble up with chops in the corner, before whipping him into the far corner, and charging in -- but Noble moves, and The Shooter collides with the turnbuckle!! Jamie grabs him, slamming him down with the neckbreaker!! 1...2...KICK OUT!!! Noble immediately drags The Shooter back up, connecting with a second quick Neckbreaker, following up with a cover, 1...2...NO!!! Albright is all over the place! Holding his hands up, the undefeated rookie calls for a time out, even go so far as to hide behind the hapless official, Mickey Henson, who Noble roughly drags aside -- Albright takes advantage … BLINDSIDING THE CRUISERWEIGHT CHAMP!!

Now size does come into play, as Brent really begins to dominate the smaller man, beating him up in and out of the ring, and talking some serious trash to him as he does it. Once inside the ring, The Pit-bull tries to mount a comeback, slugging Albright with a series of hard forearms and chopping him across his massive and already beetroot coloured chest, before turning and coming off the ropes … right into a knee to the gut, turning him inside out!!

After scoring another near fall, Albright asserts himself once again, slowing the match right down with a Rear Chinlock (not OF DOOM~) down on the mat, grounding the quicker Noble, targeting that vulnerable neck area. After a few minutes, Jamie manages to battle back up to his feet, and Albright turns him around, throwing a huge clothesline … but Noble ducks it and goes behind, applying the rear waistlock … only for Albright to reverse that, going behind Noble, taking him into the ropes and back over with the O’Connor Roll … BUT HE HOLDS ON … HURLING NOBLE ACROSS THE RING WITH A HUGE RELEASE GERMAN SUPLEX!!!

In complete control, The Shooter plays to the crowd a bit, before cinching in a leg vice around the neck of the Cruiserweight Champion, holding him on the mat once again for a while … until Noble suddenly turns it into a pinning combination! 1...2...NO!!! The two men trade chops and right hands in the middle of the ring, until Noble manages to duck under an almighty swing from Albright, leap up, and take The Shooter down with a big dropkick!! After putting the hurtin’ on Brent, The Pit-bull attempts to get him up for the Double-Knee Gutbuster … but it ain’t happenin’, playa. Albright is heavier than the guys Jamie is used to lifting and can’t get the big man up. The Shooter quickly spins Noble around … but Jamie connects with a standing enziguiri, wiping Albright out!! 1...2...NO!!! Brent powers out, much to the relief of his blonde accomplice at ringside.

Butterflying Albright’s arms, Noble attempts the Tiger Driver, another one of his usual power moves, which he can usually hit no problem in the Cruiserweight Division … but he has no luck here. Brent quickly reaches up and rakes Noble’s eyes, just like Kid Kash did earlier to Hardcore Holly! With Noble reeling, Albright takes an uncharacteristic trip to the top, and SOARS OFF THE TOP … CRASHING ONTO NOBLE WITH A CROSSBODY … BUT NOBLE ROLLS THROUGH!! 1...2...NO!!!

Both men scramble back up to their feet, and Albright quickly hits a THUMB TO THE EYE, blinding Noble, before grabbing him up, and DRIVING HIM DOWN INTO THE MAT WITH A BELLY-TO-BELLY SUPLEX!!! Instead of going for the cover, however, the arrogant Brent Albright decides to go up top … only to be far too slow, and he ends up being cut off by Noble!

Once again, Noble tries to butterfly Albright’s arms, perhaps thinking of a top rope Tiger Driver, the very same way he won the Cruiserweight Title at WrestleMania … but Albright is too damn heavy … ALBRIGHT SUDDENLY SPINS THROUGH … GRABBING NOBLE’S ARM … HE BRINGS HIM CRASHING DOWN TO THE CANVAS WITH THE CROWBAR IN PLACE!!!

Unfortunately for Albright, Noble is much too close to the ropes this time … and BREAKS the deadly hold! Back up to their feet, the two men trade blows once again, with The Shooter trying desperately to isolate Noble’s now weakened left-arm … but Noble blocks a shot, kicking Brent in the gut … GOING FOR THE TIGER DRIVER … NO, ALBRIGHT GRABS HIS ARM, DRAGGING HIM TO THE MAT AGAIN WITH THE CROWBAR!!!

The woman on the outside of the ring screams at Noble to, “Tap out”, but the plucky West Virginian refuses to do to do, inching … crawling … and slithering his way to the ropes, forcing Albright to break the hold! Angrily, Albright attacks the arm some more in the corner, before charging in, leaping up … NOBODY HOME!!

Albright gets caught in no man’s land, straddled across the turnbuckle, allowing Noble a slightly easier job as he THROWS HIM DOWN OFF HIS SHOULDERS WITH THE DOUBLE-KNEE GUTBUSTER!!! COVER!!!

BUT THE BLONDE WOMAN HAS THE REFEREE DISTRACTED!!! The crowd boos furiously, as a frustrated Noble lunges at the female … only for her to quickly drop down out of harm’s way! Jamie grabs Albright once more -- BUT GETS THROWN ONTO THE MIDDLE ROPE - SWINGING KNEE STRIKE!!! The C.W. Champion staggers out and Albright quickly applies the front facelock, BEFORE WHIRLING AROUND WITH AN IMPRESSIVE LOOKING NECKBREAKER VARIATION!! 1...2...NOBLE SURVIVES!!!

Lifting The Pit-bull back up, Albright attempts another suplex … but Noble manages to land behind The Shooter, turn, hit the ropes, LEAP UP, AND DRILLS BRENT WITH A MASSIVE JUMPING BIG BOOT RIGHT TO THE FACE!! 1...2...NO!!! Albright survives, but he is in a lot of trouble, as Noble drags him back up to his feet, setting him up for the Tiger Driver for a third time now…


Seeing his nemesis, Noble’s attention is immediately taken, and he tosses Albright down in a heap, LUNGING FOR THE NOTORIOUS K.I.D … only for Kash to hop off the apron, reminding Noble, “You can’t touch me, remember?” Noble glares over the ropes at Kash -- WAIT, ALBRIGHT RUSHES UP BEHIND, GRABS NOBLE IN THE HALF-NELSON - AND BRINGS JAMIE CRASHING OVER, DUMPING HIM RIGHT ON HIS HEAD WITH A SICK HALF-NELSON SUPLEX!!! HOOK OF THE LEG … 1...2...3!!!

Winner - Albright via pinfall @ 11:51.

Having earned his pay check and then some, Brent Albright has his hand raised by the official, and casually leaves the ring, heading back up the ramp with his lady, exhausted.

Back at ringside, a smirking Kid Kash angrily storms over to the timekeeper, snatches the title belt from him, and SLIDES INTO THE RING WITH IT!!

Michael Cole: Hey, what is this now!? Hasn’t he done enough already!? The match is over, Kash. You made – you made your point!

Tazz: Statement time, Cole.

Tired and in pain, a hurting Cruiserweight Champion, Jamie Noble, staggers back up to his feet, perhaps not hearing the screams of warning from the crowd, and turns around … only for KID KASH TO BLAST HIM RIGHT BETWEEN THE EYES WITH THE TITLE BELT!!

Boos fill the arena, as KK bends down, getting right in the face of his unconscious foe, holding up the belt, pointing to it and screaming, “THIS IS REALITY, JAMIE! THIS IS REALITY!!” Standing up, Kash throws the belt over his shoulder, pops on his shades back on, and stands back. Holding the championship gold up high, he points at the vacant champ once more, angrily talking some more trash, before triumphantly twirling in the ring, his music playing through the building.

Tazz: …………Could this – could this be what we’re gonna be seein’ this Sunday?

Michael Cole: It could very well be, partner. Everywhere we look, everywhere he goes, Kid Kash, despite losing the title to him at WrestleMania, has seemed to have a plan. He’s got his rematch this Sunday at Judgment Day, and now – now he seems to have all of the momentum heading into that match.

Tazz: Mind games, Cole. Mind games. Kid Kash is provin’ himself to be the master of psychological warfare, and this right here, after the match, was just another shot. Man, I can’t wait for Judgment Day, baby.


Walking through the backstage area … John Bradshaw Layfield receives a plethora of heat from the crowd, as he slows slightly, a stern yet smug expression coming over his face, as he comes face to face … with ‘The Fighting Irishman’ Finlay.

Returning the gaze, Finlay, dressed to compete, glances down at the shillelagh in his hand … before looking back up at JBL. The Irishman wears a wily smirk, as Bradshaw watches him cautiously … but Finlay just walks on by, taking care to bump shoulders roughly with his fellow veteran on the way back, leaving JBL looking pensive.

A video plays…

No one gets out of here … alive…

- A guillotine rises into the air; flashing shots of Batista, Mysterio and ‘Taker…

How will we meet our fate? … …

- The blade falls as we see Edge spearing some poor bastard…

At the hands of an executioner? … …

- Lashley posing in the dark, killing someone in the ring; ‘Taker performing the throat slash, followed by the Tombstone…

At the mercy of a callous judge? … …

- Fading shots of Finlay, Albright, Kennedy and Kash doing their signature poses…

Or … at the throw of a switch? … …

- The guillotine blade becomes an electric chair, as Booker T poses in the darkness, followed by Matt Hardy, then a close up of the smiling, evil face of Kennedy, before we see him nailing the Green Bay Plunge…

Whatever the means … the time has come…

- Quick, flashing shots of Hardy posing, ‘Taker brooding, Batista hitting the Spinebuster, Lashley staring into the camera, and Rey nailing the 619…

“To face …”

- The guillotine comes crashing down through the screen.

“… Judgment Day.”

“WWE Judgment Day, May 21st, 8/7CT, live on pay-per-view”


Josh Matthews stands by, microphone in hand.

Josh Matthews: Ladies and gentlemen, my guest at this time … ‘The Animal’ Batista!

~ Batista steps into the shot to a huge pop, wearing what has become his usual scowl of late, as well as his wrestling gear. Hands on hips, the former World Heavyweight Champion stares at the ground, waiting for Matthews’ question.

Josh Matthews: Batista, in a matter of moments you will be partnering with the United States Champion Rey Mysterio to take on Finlay and Booker T, with Edge as the Special Guest Referee. Many people have been questioning your attitude of late, especially towards your partner tonight, Rey Mysterio. What are your thoughts on this?

~ ‘Tista frowns and looks up.

Batista: My thoughts?

~ Matthews nods slowly, but Big Dave doesn’t seem at all impressed with the generic query.

Batista: (Sighs) ………………………………

~ Matthews is made speechless by The Animal, who storms off camera to another stunned ovation from the audience.

Michael Cole: The Animal is, uh, primed, and so are the other four men involved in our blockbuster main event! The four men who compete for a World Title shot this Sunday collide in mega tag team action, with the World Champion as Special Guest Referee! And it’s coming up next!!


***METALINGUS*** The music of the World Heavyweight Champion plays for the second time tonight, as “The Rated R Superstar” Edge strides down the ramp -- Lita-less -- now adorned in the familiar black & white garb of a match official, and carrying his World title belt in his left hand. Entering the ring, Edge poses for a few moments, but he doesn’t look all that pleased to be out there.

Michael Cole: Well, there he is, ladies and gentlemen, the one man at the very centre of the anarchy that has gripped Friday Nights, the World Heavyweight Champion, Edge. What a showdown he had with John Bradshaw Layfield at the start of the show tonight.

Tazz: You ain’t kiddin’, Cole. Edge and JBL both talk a good game, and they did a whole lotta talkin’ earlier on, but this Sunday, Edge is gonna have to back all that talkin’ up if he wants to leave Phoenix with the gold.

Michael Cole: He has not endeared himself to anyone in this match tonight, and that could well come back to haunt him this Sunday, when he defends his World Title against one of the four men we are about to see.

***I WALK ALONE*** “The Animal” Batista races out onto the stage, all fired up for his possible championship opportunity this Sunday, despite his bad form of late. After setting off his enormous pyro, Big Dave storms down to the ring, where Edge smartly rolls to the outside, not wanting any part of The Animal all alone tonight, drawing a little smirk from Deacon Dave.

Michael Cole: A thunderous ovation for the former World Heavyweight Champion, a man who, this Sunday could very well find himself in the position to recapture the title that he held for longer than anyone in WWE history, something we know means the world to The Animal.

Tazz: Got that right, Cole. I think you put it well earlier; you hold somethin’ like the World Heavyweight Title for one full year, it’s gonna take a lot more than a couple o’ defeats to knock ya back down to the bottom of the pile. Big Dave deserves this opportunity on Sunday, man.

***BOOYAKA BOOYAKA 619*** Albuquerque comes alive with another tremendous ovation, as the United States Champion Rey Mysterio bounds out, throwing up his title belt proudly to all sides of the arena, setting of his own pyro. Setting his sights on the ring, Rey-Rey marches down, whilst Edge wisely keeps his distance on the outside, simply watching as a fiery Mysterio enters the ring and slaps hands with Batista.

Michael Cole: A tremendous ovation for the United States Champion, who certainly has a score to settle with our referee tonight, after what went down not only at the start of the show, but at the conclusion of Rey’s match with Booker T last week.

Tazz: Absolutely. Rey got blindsided in the worst way by our World Champion last week, and he, Finlay, and “The Book Man” all got some pretty bad ass shots in on Mysterio. I think Book was right earlier though, where was Batista?

Michael Cole: Well, The Animal said he’d left the building early to see his family, and I, for one, believe him. Batista’s a man of integrity. He wouldn’t just leave his good friend Rey Mysterio to take a beating like he did if he was in the building.

***MY NAME IS FINLAY, AND I LOVE TO FIGHT*** Boos grip the building, as “The Fighting Irishman” Finlay strides down the ramp in his usual no-nonsense manner, clutching his wicked shillelagh in one hand. Batista, in particular, looks like he wants to go after the man defeated him last week, but Edge, now in the ring, shows off his badge and tells ‘Tista to “Stay the hell in the ring,” which gets a furious glower from The Animal.

Michael Cole: What a roll this man is on. Since debuting in January, Finlay has lost one time, ONE TIME, in all competition, that being to Matt Hardy the night after WrestleMania. Finlay holds multiple victories over the United States Champion Rey Mysterio, and just like week, he defeated Batista in a brutal Belfast Brawl.

Tazz: No doubt, no doubt, Cole, Finlay is the dark horse headin’ in to the match this Sunday. He’s a tough Irish bastard, but he knows how to get in your head to, and all these weeks of attackin’ Batista with that shillelagh? Well, let’s just say I think they paid off pretty nicely last week.

***CAN YOU DIG IT, SUCKA?*** Managing totop Finlay’s heat and almost matching that of Edge, the former United States Champion Booker T arrives on the scene, along with his lovely wife Sharmell, sending his fiery pyro sky-high, before sauntering on down to the ring, where he meets Finlay at the foot of the ramp to briefly talk tactics, before they both tentatively enter the ring.

Michael Cole: Booker T was really stirring the pot earlier tonight, wasn’t he, Tazz? Trying to cause some dissension between Rey Mysterio and Batista. I don’t know where this guy gets off, I really don’t.

Tazz: It was pretty smart if you ask me. Who would you rather face, Cole, the team of Rey Mysterio & Batista when they’re on the same page, or the team of Rey Mysterio & Batista when they’re at each other’s throats?

Michael Cole: Well, if Booker T is as good as he keeps telling everyone he is, it wouldn’t make a difference. I mean c’mon, he man defeated Batista a couple of weeks, why does he need to carry on like this!?

Edge conducts the usual “body search” on all four men, though he seems to have the most fun with Mysterio, who angrily snatches the World Champion’s hand away from his face, getting a laugh from Booker and Finlay.

5 - Main Event; Judgment Day Preview Tag Team Match
U.S Chmp. Rey Mysterio & Batista vs. Finlay & Booker T w/Sharmell
{World Heavyweight Champion Edge is Special Guest Referee}

It’s “The Animal” and “The Book Man” who start things out, with Batista easily overpowering Booker, and driving him all the way back into the corner. After bouncing his opponent off the turnbuckle a few times, Big Dave tags in Rey Mysterio, and IRISH WHIPS REY RIGHT INTO BOOKER, showing some great synergy between the former WWE Tag Team Champions, as Mysterio scores a near fall, before laying into Booker T with stinging hamstring kicks, as we head into a commercial break…

Back from the break, and it’s still Booker and Mysterio in the ring, with Book laying into Rey-Rey in the corner. After sending the United States Champion across the ring, the 5-time WCW Champion races in -- but Mysterio catches him with a drop toe hold, and Booker collides face-first with the middle turnbuckle!! As hi opponent staggers dazedly out, Rey hits the ropes, leaps up, and catches Booker with a spinning headscissors … THROWING HIM ONTO THE MIDDLE ROPE!! As the “619” cries go up, Mysterio hits the ropes and -- BOOKER T FLATTENS HIM WITH A HUGE CLOTHESLINE!!

Trying to take advantage, Booker drags Rey back up and sends him into the ropes, throwing another clothesline -- but Mysterio ducks, leaps up, and SPRINGBOARDS BACK OFF THE ROPES WITH A CROSSBODY PRESS ONTO BOOKER!! 1...2...NO!!! Both men show their outstanding chemistry with one another, as Rey quickly drags Booker up and tags in Batista.

Big Dave hurries into the ring, eager to get his hands on the man who defeated him a few weeks back, LAYING INTO BOOKER WITH SOME HARDSHOULDER THRUSTS in the corner, before dragging him out and SLAMMING him down in the centre of the ring. Checking, ‘Tista quickly hits the ropes, perhaps thinking about his running kick -- but Finlay low bridges the ropes … AND BATISTA TUMBLES TO THE OUTSIDE!!!

Edge ‘argues’ with Booker T about something in the ring, allowing Finlay to drive The Animal into the ring apron a few times, before rolling him back inside, with both the crowd and Rey Mysterio throwing a fit. After a few trusty boots from Booker, he holds Big Dave in place, before reaching out and tagging in “The Fighting Irishman”. Finlay immediately goes to work on the lower back of The Animal, just like he did last week with the arm, putting the boots to it, before scooping and slamming the big man, and then applying a modified ‘Bow & Arrow’ on the canvas.

Finlay scores a few near falls, arguing with Edge in the process, before going right back to the rear chinlock, pushing his knee into the small of Batista’s back. After a while. Deacon Dave manages to fight back up to his feet. Finlay cuts him off with a boot to the mid section, but Batista is able to reverse the Irish Whip attempt, lifting him up, and DRIVING FINLAY DOWN WITH A RUNNING POWERSLAM!!!

Batista desperately makes the tag to Rey Mysterio, who FLIES OFF THE TOP WITH A SEATED SENTON ONTO FINLAY!!! Once again though, the wily veteran cuts the high-flier off with a shot to the gut, before hitting the ropes, and TAKING REY-REY OVER WITH A SUNSET FLIP -- Mysterio rolls through … BAM! KNOCKOUT KICK TO THE SKULL!!! 1...2...NO!!! A fair count from Edge, and Mysterio accepts it; instead trying to send Finlay into the corner. The Irishman reverses it, and Rey hits the buckle.

In comes Finlay, only to catch two boots to the face, followed by a DIVING HEADSCISSORS FROM MYSTERIO!!! Poor Finlay collapses in the far corner and Rey-Rey SCORES WITH A LOW DROPKICK RIGHT TO THE CHEST!!!

This time it’s Mysterio who sends Finlay into the buckle, and this time it’s Finlaywho gets his feet up, and tries to scale the ropes just like his smaller opponent, only this time, Rey cuts him off. Mysterio has Finlay in position for a possible top-rope hurricanrana -- but BOOKER T NAILS HIM FROM BEHIND!! Edge doesn’t do a damn thing, as Booker carries Rey out of the corner in an Electric Chair -- until BATISTA DRAGS REY OFF, and the fan favourites grab Booker T’s head and THROW IT RIGHT INTO FINLAY’S NUTS!!!

The crowd “oohs” and “ahs”, as Finlay writhes in pain on the top rope, and Edge berates Batista to “Get out of the ring”, which The Animal does with a smirk on his face. As Edge deals with Batista, Mysterio races at Booker -- WHO MANAGES TO CATCH HIM, THROWING HIM OVERHEAD … RIGHT INTO FINLAY … REY DELIVERS A BEAUTIFUL TOP-ROPE HURRICANRANA TO THE IRISHMAN!!! 1...2...NO!!! Another fair count from Edge, who shakes his head with disbelief.

As Finlay pulls himself up on the ropes, Rey-Rey comes off the ropes once again -- BUT GETS KICKED RIGHT IN THE FACE BEFORE HE CAN EVEN TURN!!! Finlay’s savage offense takes us into another commercial…

Commercial Break

When we return, the Irishman is just finishing having his way with Rey Mysterio, and he quickly tags in Booker T. The 5-time WCW Champion poses arrogantly in the ring, putting the boots to Rey and saying, “You ain’t nuttin’, Rey-Rey!”much to the ire of the fans. He dominates the smaller man for a time, enjoying every minute of it too, until Mysterio manages to catch him with another quick headscissors, using the top turnbuckle, taking Booker down!!!

Booker quickly tags in Finlay, who rushes across the ring to cut Rey off before he can tag in Batista, laughing right in The Animal’s face. The Fighting Irishman places Mysterio on the top turnbuckle, perhaps thinking about a belly-to-back superplex, but it’s blocked by Rey, who hits Finlay with elbows, eventually knocking him back down to the mat. Mysterio steadies himself up top, before LEAPING OFF -- BUT FINLAY BRINGS HIM DOWN ACROSS HIS KNEE!!!

The crowd “oohs” and “ahs” at the beautiful, Malenko-esque counter, as both men catch their breath on the mat. Rey tries to crawl toward his partner, the intense Animal, but Finlay quickly grabs his leg, pulling him back, starting a tug of war -- BUT MYSTERIO CONNECTS WITH AN ENZIGUIRI RIGHT TO FINLAY’S TEMPLE!!! The race is on, as both a fatigued Rey Mysterio and a stunned Finlay try to male it to their respective corner for the tag. It’s Finlay who makes it first, and Booker T quickly grabs Rey-Rey before he can bring in Batista.

Lifting Mysterio up, Book connects were a few of his HOOK KICKS, holding onto Rey’s arm to keep pulling up back for more. In the end though, he goes for one too many, and Mysterio manages to counter, swinging up and around in a Crucifix motion, DRILLING BOOKER WITH A SWINGING DDT!!!

But once again, Mysterio is unable to make the tag first, and Booker manages to get to Finlay. The Irishman talks some serious trash to the United States Champion as he beats him up, before sending him off into the ropes … and CATCHING HIM, GOING FOR A WHEELBARROW SUPLEX -- BUT MYSTERIO COUNTERS - INTO A BULLDOG!!

The crowd EXPLODES, but Finlay is still able to tag in Booker, just as Rey summons the energy and … MAKES THE TAG TO BATISTA!!!

Albuquerque ERUPTS, as The Animal explodes into the ring, FLATTENING Booker T with one big clothesline, before doing it again!! He quickly sends the dazed former United States Champion, catching him, and DRILLING HIM WITH A DEVASTATING SPINNING SIDEWALK SLAM!! 1...2...NO!!!

Shaking his head at Edge, ‘Tista drags Booker back up … and The Book Man cuts him off with a quick knee to the gut!! Pushing The Animal into the ropes, Booker goes for the Irish Whip, only for Big Dave to reverse it. Booker hits the ropes and Batista lowers his head, looking for the back body drop -- KICK TO THE HEAD!! Batista staggers backward clutching his mouth, and Booker JUMPS UP, GOING FOR A LEAPING HOOK KICK -- BUT BATISTA MOVES … AND BOOKER WIPES OUT EDGE!!!

The crowd actually pops, as the special guest referee gets taken out, and Booker mouths, “Dammit”, before quickly turning around -- ONLY TO BE BROKEN IN HALF BY A SPEAR FROM BATISTA!!! THE ANIMAL HOOKS THE LEG…

BUT THERE’S NO REFEREE!!! Edge, still holding his head in an extremely groggy fashion crawls over and finally makes the count!! 1.........2.........BOOKER KICKS OUT!!!

Batista gets right in Edge’s face, holding up three fingers, to which the World Heavyweight Champion can only protest, It was two.” The crowd screams … as BOOKER IS BACK TO HIS FEET, AND SPINS BATISTA AROUND -- BUT THE ANIMAL SEES IT COMING, AND DRILLS BOOKER WITH A SPINEBUSTER!!!

It looks to be Batista Bomb time, as The Animal goes WILD, shaking the ropes and giving The Book Man the thumbs down … not noticing FINLAY CREEPING UP BEHIND HIM WITH THE SHILLELAGH!! The crowd tries to warn Big Dave, but Fit Finlay GOES TO STRIKE -- REY MYSTERIO TACKLES THE IRISHMAN, TAKING HIMSELF AND FINLAY THROUGH THE ROPES TO THE OUTSIDE!!!

Back inside the ring, Batista shoves Booker between his legs, GOING FOR THE BATISTA BOMB -- but Booker SHOVES HIM AWAY … AND HE ACCIDENTALLY KNOCKS EDGE DOWN!!!

Once again, the crowd “oohs” and “ahs”, as The Animal, slowly pushing himself back up, stares long and hard down at the man who took the World Heavyweight Title from him at WrestleMania, with Edge lying on his back, looking back, up, wide-eyed and afraid … BOOKER T COMES OUT OF NOWHERE, LEAPING UP … CONNECTING WITH THE SCISSORS KICK RIGHT TO THE BACK OF BATISTA’S SKULL AS HE STARED AT EDGE!!!

Booker quickly hooks both legs, telling Edge to, “C’mon, man, count ‘im out,” which the World Heavyweight Champion -- somewhat angrily -- does… 1...2...3!!!

Winners - Booker and Finlay via pinfall @ 13:57.

BATISTA LOSES AGAIN!! Booker T rolls off the cover with an enormous grin on his face, having gained a ton of momentum tonight, whilst Edge angrily calls for the bell, scowling down at The Animal.

Michael Cole: Oh, c’mon, this is getting ridiculous now! Edge just cost Batista the match tonight with that distraction! Edge had no right doing that!!

Tazz: What the hell are you talkin’ about, Cole? Edge didn’t lay one hand on Batista all through that match. He got his own clocked clean by Booker earlier if you’re wonderin’. If anyone, it was Batista’s own fault.

Stumbling back up to his feet, Edge snatches his World Title belt from the timekeeper and turns to leave…


For the second time tonight, Rey-Rey turns, hits the ropes, and -- BOOKER T INTERCEPTS MYSTERIO WITH A HUGE HARLEM SIDE KICK, TAKING HIS DAMN HEAD OFF!!!

“OH’S” sound through the arena, as the United States Champion goes down hard, and Booker begins to put the boots to the smaller man, giving Edge some time to recover. As the crowd boos, The Rated R Superstar looks at Booker T … who looks right back at him … and they both smile! Reaching down, Book drags Rey-Rey up, holding his arms behind his back, as EDGE BEGINS TO LAY INTO HIM WITH RIGHT HANDS!!

The sound of the crowd is deafening, booing the holy hell out of the two heels, as Booker yells at Edge to “C’MON, MAN, BEAT HIS ASS! BEAT HIS ASS!” Edge complies and—


The crowd ROARS, as the World Heavyweight Champion is broken in twain by The Animal -- BUT BOOKER T JUMPS ON BIG DAVE QUICKLY, firing away on the longest reigning World Heavyweight Champion in WWE history with right hands, backing him into the ropes! Quickly taking his arm, Booker tries to shoot ‘Tista across the ropes -- but the big man reverses it, and Booker hits the ropes -- FLYING RIGHT BACK INTO A SPINEBUSTER FROM THE ANIMAL!!!

More THUNDEROUS cheers fill the arena, as Big Dave sets Booker T up for the Batista Bomb … until his eyes fall on Edge, still rolling around on the deck clutching his ribs.

Tossing Booker aside, Deacon Dave heads for the man who ended his 364-day title reign at WrestleMania. “I want YOU, you son of a bitch,” he says, as he sticks The Rated R Superstar between his legs and gives the crowd the thumbs down, just as Rey Mysterio steadies himself on the top rope, looking to dive onto Booker T…


As the crowd “ooh’s” and “ahs” at the unfortunate mistiming between the two friends, Edge quickly grabs Batista’s head, leaping back, and DRIVING HIS SKULL DOWN INTO THE CANVAS WITH THE EDGECUTION DDT!!

Similarly, across the ring, Booker T quickly grabs Mysterio, lifting him up, and SLAMMING HIM DOWN TO THE MAT WITH THE BOOK END!!

Boos filter through the arena, as Edge and Booker survey their handiwork proudly, with The Rated R Superstar picking his World Title belt up off the mat, with The Book Man surveying it hungrily. “I’m takin’ that Sunday, man,” Book says forcefully, to which Edge replies by SHOVING BOOKER HARD IN THE CHEST! “The HELL you are!”

Not too pleased about this treatment, Book comes right back and SHOVES EDGE BACK, drawing some more “ooh’s” and “ahs” from the already breathless crowd, as this little alliance begins to disintegrate before our very eyes, with the two egomaniacs getting right up into one another’s face…


Albuquerque goes wild once more, with the “BA -TIS -TA” chants prevalent throughout the arena. Shaking away the cobwebs from the sick DDT he suffered, The Animal wastes no time this time, as he grabs the nearest man, poor Booker T, sticks his head between his legs, LIFTS HIM UP INTO THE AIR -- BEFORE SLAMMING HIM DOWN INTO THE CANVAS FOR A RING SHAKIN’ BATISTA BOMB!!!!

Insanity is hardly a good enough word to describe how the crowd reacts to seeing Big Dave damn-near break Booker T in half, but it’ll have to do! The Animal stomps back up to his feet aggressively, all fire up—


The crowd can’t believe it, giving the U.S Champion quite a mixed reaction, as he embodies the “Every man for himself” mentality of this Sunday’s match. With Batista down, Rey-Rey quickly sizes up the dazed World Heavyweight Champion, and DROPKICKS EDGE INTO THE ROPES FOR THE THIRD TIME TONIGHT!!

This time Mysterio is “quicker than a hiccup”, as he hits the ropes, flies across the ring, and NAILS EDGE – THE WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION – ONE OF HIS OPPONENT’S THIS SUNDAY – FINALLY WITH THE 619!!!!

With the arena a rockin’ and a rollin’, and Edge laid out middle of the ring, Rey-Rey grabs hold of the top rope, leaps up, AND SPRINGBOARDS OFF – BAM! FINLAY NAILS HIM IN MID-AIR WITH THE DAMN SHILLELAGH!!!! WHERE THE HELL DID HE COME FROM!?

Having apparently hidden for the duration of the post-match brawl, the savvy veteran now stands tall over all four of his championship rivals this Sunday, clutching his shillelagh and giving the booing crowd a little gap-toothed smirk…




As we fade from the shot of a triumphant Finlay in the ring, we head not to a commercial, but to live shots of two very interested viewers backstage.

JBL stands in a hallway backstage, watching proceedings on a monitor with his hands on hips and a very hard expression to read on his face. Shane McMahon, making his first appearance tonight, sits in his office backstage, reclining confidently on a couch, talking on his cell phone, with his eyes fixed on another monitor, smiling, as Stephanie McMahon watches here brother disapprovingly, before storming out…


When we return, ‘All Grown Up’ is just fading in the background, and Stephanie McMahon, plunging neckline and all, stands in the middle of the ring, which has been covered with a lavish red carpet, as well as table, chairs, and microphones.

Stephanie McMahon: Albuquerque, it is the moment we have all been waiting for.

~ Cheap pop.

Stephanie McMahon: It’s time to make the rematch the world has been waiting for official. So, without further ado, allow me to introduce first, along with his agent, Paul—

~ The crowd begins to boo ravenously.

Stephanie McMahon: …his agent, Paul Heyman, he is the man who defeated former World Heavyweight Champion “The Animal” Batista to earn this rematch … he is a man who has tasted defeat only once in his entire career … a former United States Army Ranger, and a two-time Armed Forces Champion. Ladies and gentlemen, he is The Real Deal of professional wrestling … Bobby … Lashley!


As the heat begins to thunder down from the rafters. The menacing Bobby Lashley prowls out onto the stage, with Paul Heyman in tow. Adorned in a black, close-fitting ‘Dominator’ t-shirt, elbow pads and slacks, ‘The Real Deal’ looks fresh from a gym session, as he sets off his first pyro, before heading on down to the ring.

Michael Cole: Well, there he is, ladies and gentlemen, the man who, at WrestleMania, came closer than anyone before him to ending the undefeated streak of the legendary Undertaker. This Sunday, Bobby Lashley gets his second chance.

Tazz: Who ever heard of someone wanting another piece of The Deadman? I – ugh!

Behind Lashley, dressed ‘neatly’ in a grey suit and familiar baseball cap, Heyman applauds his client all the way, following him into the ring and immediately setting up camp on the far side, grabbing the mic. Lashley looks impatient, as his music dies down, and Steph hurries up.

Stephanie McMahon: And introducing Bobby Lashley’s opponent for Judgment Day … coming to us from Death Valley … he is a former four-time World Champion, and just under two months ago succeeded in going an incredible 14-0 at WrestleMania. Ladies and gentlemen, he is ‘THE PHENOM’ … THE UNDERTAKER!!


The lights flicker, as the crowd begins to roar.


Bobby Lashley continues to stare up the ramp, with the flashing lights flickering over his face, unafraid.


Quite easily the loudest ovation of the night greets the familiar ominous music, as the smoke fills the stage, and THE UNDERTAKER begins his long walk to the ring, covered in his usual black hat and trench coat. Inside the ring, Heyman glances nervously over his shoulder at his client, who is standing, completely still, just staring through the gloom at the legend approaching the ring.

Michael Cole: A chill has overtaken the University Arena here on a steamy night in Albuquerque, and it is down to the presence of that man! He is The Phenom, the Conscience of the WWE, The Undertaker!

Tazz: Take a look at Lashley’s face, Cole. Wow!

As he enters the ring, The Undertaker brings up the lights with him, even startling Ms. McMahon somewhat, but he takes his place opposite Lashley and Paul E., taking the second microphone, somewhat surprisingly.

Stephanie McMahon: Okay, good. Now that you’re both here, I think we can—

Paul Heyman: Uhm… (chuckling) aren’t we forgetting something, Miss McMahon?

~ Sighing, Steph stops and turns toward the obnoxious agent.

Stephanie McMahon: Paul, I allowed you to accompany your client out here tonight as a show of good faith on my part, but if you interrupt me again, you will be asked to leave this ring, do I make myself clear, Mr. Heyman?

Paul Heyman: Crystal. But—

~ Shaking her head, Steph turns back to Heyman, exasperated.

Stephanie McMahon: Paul, this has better be good, or so help me God, I’ll have security throw your sorry as—

Paul Heyman: Oh, it is, Miss McMahon, it is.

~ Steph lowers her mic and motions with hand, as if to say, “Go on then,” to Paul E., who gleefully seizes the opportunity.

Paul Heyman: Thank you, Miss McMahon, thank you very much, and may I add how radiant you’re looking this evening? Blooming. Now, as I’m sure you’re aware, Miss McMahon, in our agreement with your brother, Mr. Shane McMahon, it was decided that should my client, Mr. Bobby Lashley, be successful over Batista, then not only would my client, Mr. Bobby Lashley, be rewarded with a rematch with this gentlemen here… (indicates ‘Taker) but… we would get to choose the stipulation.

~ Lashley and ‘Taker concentrate on one another.

Paul Heyman: In case you had forgotten, Miss McMahon, my client, Mr. Bobby Lashley, fulfilled his end of the agreement three weeks ago, when he defeated - no, DESTROYED ‘The Animal’ Batista, a former World Heavyweight Champion I might add, in a No Disqualification match no less… just as Mr. McMahon asked him to.

~ Stephanie rolls her eyes, as the crowd boos.

Paul Heyman: I can see - I can see you’re wondering where this is going, Miss McMahon, so I’ll make it quite simple. Before you hastily ask this gentlemen here… (nods at ‘Taker) to sign anything, isn’t it proper procedure to allow him the opportunity to back out of the contest should he so wish? He might not wish to do so now, Miss McMahon, but believe me, once he hears our chosen stipulation, he may wa—

Stephanie McMahon: Are you quite finished?

Paul Heyman: … … (Stunned) I—

Stephanie McMahon: Good. Because, Paul, I have enough experience dealing with you to know when you’re just talking to hear the sound of your own voice (Taps contract).

Paul Heyman: Miss Mc—

~ Steph holds up a hand.

Stephanie McMahon: Ah, ah, ah! No. Either you tell me, these people, and, as you so like to call him, “this gentlemen here”, (at ‘Taker) your stipulation … or get out of my ring.

Paul Heyman: (Panicking) That won’t - that be necessary, Miss McMahon, I assure you. I simply wish to endure proper… procedure, you understand?

~ Steph mouths, “Bullshit” at Heyman, away from the mic.

Paul Heyman: My client, Mr. Bobby Lashley, and I, are only here to HELP, Miss McMahon.

~ Lashley takes a look at the interim General Manager.

Stephanie McMahon: Don’t try that crap with me, Paul.

~ Paul E. looks perplexed, ushering Bobby back a few paces.

Paul Heyman: We don’t want to be another … JBL, is all.

~ The crowd laughs a bit at this.

Stephanie McMahon: Well, guess what? You’re already pissing me off.

Paul Heyman: Then let’s put a stop to this, shall we? (Turning to ‘Taker) You’re so desperate - you’re so desperate, Mr. Undertaker, to find out what our chosen stipulation is, you’re so desperate for another piece of my client, Mr. Bobby Lashley, that since WrestleMania you have only graced us with your “holier than thou” presence… ONCE! ONE STINKING TIME, UNDERTAKER… and only then it was because you managed to manipulate your way into a title shot!

~ ‘Taker doesn’t flinch … but the crowd lays into Heyman.

Paul Heyman: It’s like we’ve been saying all along, Deadman … … you’re a COWARD!

~ Thunderous heat from the sold-out arena, as The Phenom’s dead eyes flicker somewhat, and Lashley steps up alongside his agent.

Paul Heyman: Ha-ha-ha, what’s wrong, Undertaker? Got something in your eye? Gonna cry!? YOU’RE PATHETIC! Standing there behind your little corporate puppet not saying a word! Who the hell do you think—?

The Undertaker: Who am I? WHO AM I? I… am your judge … your jury--

~ The crowd roars at the sound of ‘Taker’s voice.

The Undertaker: …and… YOUR EXECUTIONER!

~ Another tremendous pop, as The Deadman growls right in his enemies’ faces, actually drawing some emotion from the usually stoic feature of The Real Deal.

The Undertaker: BOBBY LASHLEY… (steps) this match you choose may be of your own device… but let me assure you… it will only serve to unlock the Gates Of Hell… and seal your fate inside my eternal playground. I vanquished your mind and body at WrestleMania, Bobby Lashley… but at Judgment Day, I come … FOR - YOUR - SOOOUUULLLLL!!!

~ Heyman tries to cover his clients’ ears.


Paul Heyman: NO! NO! NO, SHUT UP! Don’t you say another word, Deadman! Don’t try to fool all of these pathetic sheep with your cheap catchphrases and tacky words! It won’t work on my client, Undertaker! Not a chance!!

~ ‘Taker glowers at both men.

Paul Heyman: That’s all you are, Undertaker! THAT’S - ALLLLLLL - YOU - ARE!! One walking, talking corporate slogan, isn’t that right, Deadman? I mean, who here… (looking around) actually believes a word that this Boris Karloff impersonator is saying!? I can allow for the children and mentally handicapped present, but anyone over the age of twelve, C’MON, GIMME A BREAK!! LOOK AT HIM!! LOOOOK AT HIM!! WHAT THE HELL IS THAT!? IT’S A FREAKIN’ JOKE, THAT’S WHAT IT IS!!

~ Absolutely tremendous heat for this onslaught, with the crowd all over Heyman like a bad rash, and even Stephanie McMahon looking a little taken aback by the sudden ferocity of the former ECW owner. Catching his breath, Paul E. continues to stare at The Phenom with poisonous eyes.

Paul Heyman: Y’know something, Undertaker? I think I respected you back in 2002 when we first encountered one another. What was different back then? You think about it, Deadman. See, I respect people with integrity, and since then you’ve done nothing but shed yours like a mutt on the furniture!!

~ OH!; Heyman is really digging his own grave.

Paul Heyman: Well, lucky for you, Undertaker, my client, ‘The Real Deal’ Bobby Lashley, just so happens to be a humanitarian, and when it comes to sick old dogs on their last legs, he just can’t bear to see them suffer. So, Deadman, you lucky old dog, this Sunday, your wish… is OUR command… ‘because we’re gonna put you down… permanently.

~ With his client for back-up, Heyman has no problem edging a little closer to the silently raging Phenom, smirking over the mic.

Paul Heyman: Nowhere to run … nowhere to hide. The road ends here, Undertaker. If WrestleMania was your rapture, then mark my words, Phenom, this Sunday will truly be your Day Of Reckoning. All your deeds laid bare, all your sins punishable.I want you to savour this moment in this ring, Undertaker … … … because it’s going to be the your very - last - time.

~ Trembling with rage, excitement and anticipation, Heyman turns his attention slowly to Ms. McMahon, leaving ‘Taker and Lashley burning holes through one another with their eyes over the table.

Paul Heyman: Three very simple words, Miss McMahon.

Stephanie McMahon: What?

~ Heyman grins maliciously, licking his chops.

Paul Heyman: I think you know, Miss McMahon. I think everyone in this arena knows all too well of what match I speak. In this match, there are… no count outs. In this match, there are… no disqualifications … no pin falls … no submissions. In this match, the ONLY way to win is to win is to DESTROY, to MAIM your opponent so… badly that he cannot answer the referee’s count… of ten.

~ The crowd is at fever pitch, knowing full well what Heyman has in store for ‘Taker, as he turns, smiling, to the unflinching Deadman.

Paul Heyman: … … Ring any bells yet, Undertaker?

Albuquerque cheers, as The Undertaker … reaches out … grabs the contract … picks up the pen … and … SIGNS THE CONTRACT!! The crowd goes nuts once more, as The Deadman slams both paper and pen down and pushes them toward Stephanie McMahon, not once taking his eyes of his opponent this Sunday. Both he and Lashley step around the table, going toe to toe, nose to nose, eye to eye, as Heyman whispers, eerily, into the microphone…

… And we begin to fade …

… Last … …”

… To …

… … Man … …”

… Black.

“… … Standing…”



FINAL Card for Judgment Day
Date: May 21st, 2006
Location: US Airways Center; Phoenix, Arizona
Event Music: Killswitch Engage; This Fire Burns

World Heavyweight Championship Match:
‘The Rated R Superstar’ Edge defends against Winner of Fatal Four-Way Match
{Shane McMahon is the special guest referee}

#1 Contender's Fatal Four-Way Match:
Booker T w/Sharmell vs. Batista vs. Finlay vs. U.S Chmp. Rey Mysterio
(Winner Faces World Heavyweight Champion in the Main Event)

Last Man Standing Match:
The Undertaker vs. ‘The Real Deal’ Bobby Lashley w/Paul Heyman


Grudge Match:
Mr. Kennedy vs. Matt Hardy

Friend Or Foes Challenge; Eight-Man Tag Team Match:
The Bluebloods © & The Basham Brothers vs. The Hooligans & MNM w/Melina
{If The Basham’s, Hooligans or MNM win, they earn themselves a shot at the WWE Tag Team Championship; If The Bluebloods win, they name their next WWE Tag Title challengers}

Cruiserweight Championship Match; No Championship Advantage:
‘The Pit-bull’ Jamie Noble defends against ‘The Notorious K.I.D’ Kid Kash II

Singles Match:
‘The Shooter’ Brent Albright vs. Hardcore Holly


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Re: Legend Presents: WWE 2006 - Stop Your Grinnin' And Drop Your Linen

JBL’s situation in this thread has been really perplexing me since WrestleMania, he’s been floating around, giving the McMahons (mainly Stephanie) a lot of grief, trying to push himself into title contention, and perhaps at the same time, looking for two people to back him up as a nominee for the SD election. Not sure where the harassment is leading to mind, but as always, I’m fascinated to see what direction this goes.

Anyway, looks to me the direction of this promo was mainly to get Layfield a bit of screen time, play up his quest for a title shot, and at the same time give a bit of hype for the Judgment Day title scenario. Expected annihilation of each of the current contenders to the throne. Perfect characterization of JBL throughout the run down, with the worked shoot comments peppered into the promo - standard JBL.

Little Miss Sunshine . Nice.

Looks like Edge wants to hear first hand what the loudmouth has to say about him, and this ought to be a massive collision of egos. Nice ballsy attitude from the champ, going verbally toe to toe with JBL.

Edge: No, ‘cause that wouldn’t have suited your “Angry man in a suit” gimmick, would it?
Loved that line. Definitely two trains of thought from (arguably) the top two heels on the brand, with Edge defending his ‘actions louder than words’ philosophy of dealing with Shane, and JBL sort of arguing that stance, pointing out Shanes indifference on the champion.

Then, just as it looked like JBL had got one up on Edge …

Edge: Cute. Real cute. Y’know, John, you’ve really changed your tune from earlier. Just five minutes ago you were blasting all four of my possible opponents this Sunday as not “worthy” of this title, and now… now you saying they’re gonna win it?
Excellent comeback. It’s been a verbal war, and it’s a nice dynamic they’ve got here, and it’s something fresh to Smackdown, as the last few weeks have seen Edge bouncing around, with short, sharp showdowns with his chasing pack. Some wonderful lines, plenty of sharp dialogue, and in a way, I hope this is something that develops long term into a feud, possibly with an Edge face turn to make the feud work, as going by the promo here, it could be lightning on the stick between these two.

Then, to close out proceedings, we got a nice little Rey Mysterio run in to cast our minds back to the here and now, focusing more on Judgment Day again, with the U.S Champ getting a nice little bit of a rub. Whilst the majority of the segment focused outside of the Judgment Day scenario, it was touched upon enough times to make it relevant, and kept fresh in the minds of what’s to come on Sunday. The other big positive was that it wasn’t another of the big, massive promos that you had a few weeks ago with all five guys saying their bit, getting rather messy. The dialogue between JBL and Edge was electric here too.

Another awesome match up between MNM and the Hooligans. Going to a time limit draw last week was spectacular, and this one picked up nicely from that point, with another lengthy contest. Another non-finish was fine for me, as it’s naturally building to a pay off, so I’ll be patient. I’d say MNM and the Hooligans are victorious at Judgment Day, as the focus has been on the two teams not being able to co-exist, so naturally, I see them managing to do just that, and pin Danny or Doug to book a title shot with the champs.

Southern accent on the blonde lady?? Could it be Michelle McCool that’s been annoying me in the last few weeks with her not being revealed as Albrights sidekick?? Hopefully I’ve just deciphered a clue as to her identity…

Enjoyed the conversation between Albright and Kash here, as they appeared to be on the same page. “It aint illegal cause she‘s my sister”. LMAO. Some great lines from Kash, and for once, I’d say Albright was overshadowed in the promo stakes. An extended alliance would be quite good if you ask me, as I sense quite a bit of chemistry between the two.

Glad that you touched on Batistas lack of support for Mysterio last week here, although the opening portion of the conversation was a little awkward, as I just couldn’t imagine Rey threatening to ‘drop’ Booker. Still, you made the point in the end, and it looks like it’s something that’s been weighing on the mind of Rey for the last week too. Hopefully, we see further development later.

Surely Shannon would’ve been looking to avenge his actual friend, Matt Hardy too?? Missed a step there bud. Didn’t expect anything other than a brief squash, but it was a slightly disappointing lead in for Kennedys match up with Hardy at Judgment Day. Had hoped we’d hear from Matt, even through a ‘via satellite’ home interview type of deal. Feud has lost a bit of steam due to the lack of any real build these last two weeks, but the match on PPV should deliver.

Bout time we got the stipulation announcement tbf…

Right decision was made for Kash to get the win over Holly. It’s no secret that Holly is only getting a bit of spotlight to put Albright over, and Kash could well take back the CW title at Judgment Day. The fact that KK could a (fairly) clean win here, is a testament as to how far the CW division has come since you’ve rejuvenated it on Smackdown.

Thank god. Looking forward to seeing how Punk debuts, as it’s been hyped from right after WM. A very long time for a hype video to keep playing. I’m positive he’ll not disappoint, and indeed, I’m positive he’ll be a major player on Smackdown by the end of the year.

Nice ownage of Tazz on Cole during the Albright entrance . And once more, Brent does his own bit of owning, running down Jobber Holly. I loved the hint at Deliverance though when talking about Noble (assuming that’s what you were getting at with ‘squeal’).

Oh boy, no messing from Noble. Physical contest from the get go, and genuinely, it’s the first real look at Albright the fans have had, with an actual contest to get their teeth sunk into. It’s a chinlock OF DOOM~!! FTW. No other way around it I’m afraid. Just like Albright owns, the chinlock is OF DOOM~!! Always. Bit of bother for Noble, unsuccessfully trying to exert his power game, and it’s perhaps in the end what cost him the contest at this point. With his determination to nail his power moves, it was just as bad for Albright, who ended up getting tunnel vision seemingly, and going for nothing but the arm, giving Noble a way back. Ultimately though, none of that matters, as Kash is the deciding factor (Lovely mind games, reminding the hot head he cant be touched). Fascinating match, and I’d love to see a PPV rematch down the road one day, as I got the feeling you enjoyed that one. Tremendous action, from a guy at the top of his game (Noble) and a guy on a fast track to superstardom (OWNS).

The aftermath just served to put an exclamation point on a spectacular CW feud, which I still don’t think will be done come Judgment Day.

Nothing much going on here with JBL and Finlay.

See above, and replace JBL and Finlay with Batista. Odd interview with the wounded Animal, that is clearly in a horrible state of mind. Cant take much away from it, but am slightly disappointed that Rey didn’t confront him on this show about his actions (or lack of) last week. Still, his fall from grace up until this point has been handled superbly, so I have little reason to think anything will change.

Interesting to see Rey and Dave seemingly being okay, and Cole offering us an explanation on his disappearance was good, and should clear things up for now, although I’d be surprised if anyone actually buys that excuse.

Edge conducts the usual “body search” on all four men, though he seems to have the most fun with Mysterio, who angrily snatches the World Champion’s hand away from his face, getting a laugh from Booker and Finlay.

Good action, although the match is certainly a notch below the earlier tag contest and Noble vs. Owns. Still, nice touch of comedic intervention, as heels going head to nuts always gets a laugh. Couple of hot tags too between the faces, as we regularly get in longer tag matches. Now, Big Dave getting the second hot tag suggests a heel win, courtesy of the ‘streak’ Dave is currently on.

Had to expect a ref bump at some point, although I didn’t see it coming from Booker at all. Another more predictable ref bump from Big Dave, eventually allowing Booker to score the win, ends the melee. Big win for the over the hill veteran, whilst Big Dave seemingly is tumbling further down the totem pole. Not a good look going into a PPV for Batista. The action afterward was simply off the chart. Some wonderful counters, reversals, sneak attacks, and in the end … it’s Finlay standing tall. Loved reading that, loved it. Sets it all up tremendously for Judgment Day.

Paul Heyman: Thank you, Miss McMahon, thank you very much, and may I add how radiant you’re looking this evening? Blooming. Now, as I’m sure you’re aware, Miss McMahon, in our agreement with your brother, Mr. Shane McMahon, it was decided that should my client, Mr. Bobby Lashley, be successful over Batista, then not only would my client, Mr. Bobby Lashley, be rewarded with a rematch with this gentlemen here… (indicates ‘Taker) but… we would get to choose the stipulation.
A hint at Stephanie being close to popping out a child?? It’s only two months away at this point. Anyway, Heyman was at his assured best throughout the segment, brilliantly brimming with confidence, over-confidence. Heyman hinting toward Taker fearing Lashley without quite saying it was brilliant too, sarcastically ripping into his one appearance in two months.

Paul Heyman: You’re so desperate - you’re so desperate, Mr. Undertaker, to find out what our chosen stipulation is, you’re so desperate for another piece of my client, Mr. Bobby Lashley, that since WrestleMania you have only graced us with your “holier than thou” presence… ONCE! ONE STINKING TIME, UNDERTAKER
Had to look up Boris Karloff. . Didn’t give Taker a lot to say (good thinking) but what he did say was well written, and in typical Taker fashion. With all the talk from Heyman basically breaking the fourth wall, and laughing at Takers persona, are you planting the seeds for an eventual return to the much more workable American Badass gimmick?? Hopefully…

Last Man Standing?? Works for me. Just cant tell if this is part 2 … or the final chapter to this feud. Either way, I’m sold on Judgment Day on the basis of this angle, and that’s a testament, considering Taker has made TWO appearances in the last two months. Yet, this is still the feud to see. I guess we can attribute that success to the awesomeness of Paul Heyman.

In the end, a terrific lead in to Judgment Day, with Paul Heyman carrying the hype for the Last Man Standing match. Thought you delivered the announcement superbly, although I still question leaving the announcement to the very last minute. Still, it’s something very different from what we’re used to seeing, so credit for that. And, most people probably only make up their minds on the last day or two before the event, so it’s hardly a cardinal sin.

Predictions to follow when needed … and I’m sure I’ll have a couple of odd interesting predictions when the time comes.
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Re: Legend Presents: WWE 2006 - Stop Your Grinnin' And Drop Your Linen

I just read the majority of your SmackDown and it was epic. I was going to write a review, but I gather that you'll be posting Judgement Day soon. SO I'll save my reviewing energy for that. Rest assured, though, that I'll be paying A LOT of attention to this!

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Re: Legend Presents: WWE 2006 - Stop Your Grinnin' And Drop Your Linen

Thanks for the feedback, Wolf. Slow times in BTB it seems. Anywho, here's the Judgment Day preview, as promised


SmackDown! Post-WM:

Judgment Day Build

World Heavyweight Championship Match:
‘The Rated R Superstar’ Edge w/Lita vs. Winner of the Fatal Four-Way
Shane McMahon as the special referee

April 7th: Following his victory over Randy Orton at WrestleMania, Shane McMahon announces the ‘SmackDown! Election’ - a competition to find a new GM for Friday Nights. However, Edge, the NEW Worlds Champion makes his presence felt. Shane O Mac mocks The Rated R Superstar… “And I’m sure I speak for everyone here when I say congratulations, Edge. Your complaint is noted, but now I’m afraid - unless you already have two nominations for the “SmackDown Elections”, which I’d be amazed to hear - I’m going to have to ask you to leave the ring.” Edge responds, angrily SPEARING his boss in a paranoid rage! Later on that night also, Edge continues his path of destruction, pinning ‘The Animal’ Batista for the second straight match to win the ten-man tag team main event for his team of champions.

April 14th: The following week sees Shane McMahon once again getting under the skin of The Ultimate Opportunist, as he takes the main event slot to talk. This time Edge confronts the Executive Vice-President, “I guess you must think I’m pretty happy ‘cause I’ve got this at last. But I’m not! This is crap and you know it, Shane! Why won’t you give me my damn slot on this show!?” However, Shane drops a bombshell on the Champ, announcing that he will defend his title for the very first time in 2 weeks, against … Shane doesn’t get the chance to finish though, as the former World Heavyweight Champion, Batista, hits the scene, laying out the man who defeated him at WrestleMania, before angrily lifting Shane O Mac up, and planting him with a Spinebuster too!

April 21st: With Edge at ringside for commentary, Booker T defeats Batista in the main event thanks to some outside interference from Finlay! As Edge assaults Batista after the bell, however, Stephanie McMahon hits the scene, announcing that Edge’s challenger for the World Title next week will be none other than … The Undertaker! As a crestfallen Edge looks on, a darker Shane O Mac dispatches Bobby Lashley after his other enemy: Batista.

April 28th: Shane McMahon’s first act of vengeance goes to plan, as Bobby Lashley defeats Batista in a brutal No DQ Match thanks to some timely interference once again from Finlay - the Irishman having been acting on the orders of Shane. Later that night, in the main event, Edge successfully defends his World Title in his first match as champion -- despite his championship advantage having been taken away earlier in the night by Stephanie McMahon, guaranteeing a title change should Edge be disqualified or counted out -- pinning The Undertaker using the ropes for leverage.

May 5th: Fresh of his title retention, a gloating Edge is confronted by not one, but FOUR potential challengers for his gold, with Batista, Finlay, Rey Mysterio and Booker T all letting it be known they want an opportunity at the World Heavyweight Championship. Shane McMahon signs a match, pitting champion Edge, Booker T & Finlay against Rey Mysterio & Batista, with the winner earning a title shot. However, off a distraction, Edge pins Batista yet again, setting up a #1 Contender’s Match at Judgment Day, with the winner facing Edge later that night. Shane O Mac also announces a Special Guest Referee for the title match … HIM!

May 12th: Once again, Batista suffers defeat, as Finlay pins him in a first ever Belfast Brawl; while in the main event Rey Mysterio successfully retains his United States Championship with a victory over Booker T. After the match, Booker, Finlay, and Edge demolish Mysterio, with Batista nowhere to be seen.

May 19th: Edge confronts JBL at the start of the show, since the self-proclaimed ‘Wrestling God’ had been insulting all championship contenders, saying “I am an ambassador to the masses, I am the thing they aspire to be, a champion they can be proud of. Not like the other five.” After surviving an attack from Rey Mysterio, Edge officiates the main event, pitting Rey & Batista against Finlay & Booker, with Booker ultimately getting the win, pinning Batista after a miscue between The Animal and Edge. After the match, however, all five men engage in a wild brawl, seeking to gain the momentum heading into the PPV; but it is Finlay who emerges triumphant, standing over his four opponents, shillelagh in hand.


Fatal Four-Way Number One Contender’s Match:
Booker T w/Sharmell vs. Batista vs. Finlay vs. U.S Chmp. Rey Mysterio

April 7th: Booker, Batista & Mysterio all take part in the huge post-WrestleMania, ten-man tag team main event, with Batista falling victim once more to The Rated R Superstar, being Speared and pinned by Edge for the second straight match. Also on the show, Finlay’s undefeated run on Friday Nights came to an end; as he suffered defeat at the hands of the hot fan favourite Matt Hardy.

April 14th: The following week, both Booker T & Rey Mysterio cut in-ring promos; with Booker continuing his pompous attitude change of late… “You see, for a long time now, people have decided to forget one very important fact about Booker T, and I thought it was about time that I reminded you all. I just want to let everyone know that around here, in these halls, in this ring, in this industry, I should be considered … no, I am … royalty.”
Meanwhile Rey is attacked by the WWE Tag Team Champions, The Bluebloods, still hot after their confrontation last week. As Finlay manages to pick up another win to get back on track, Batista vents his frustrations on both Edge and Shane McMahon, laying them both out in the ring.

April 21st: Rey Mysterio’s run at the WWE Tag Team Titles is an ultimately unsuccessful one, as his partner’s demons come back to haunt him. Kid Kash screws Noble & Mysterio out of the titles. Finlay picks up yet another win, before later on, in the main event, making his biggest statement yet, attacking Batista with his shillelagh, and allowing Booker T to pick up the win. Despite all this, Finlay, Booker, Mysterio and Batista are all left disgruntled, as The Undertaker is named as Edge’s first challenger.

April 28th: With all eyes on the main event World Heavyweight Championship bout between Edge & The Undertaker, Finlay picks up his biggest win to date, defeating the United States Champion Rey Mysterio in a Non-Title Match thanks to Booker T’s interference. Later on, as Batista battled Bobby Lashley in a No DQ Match, Finlay attacks The Animal for the second straight week, allowing Lashley to pick up the win.

May 5th: Fresh of his title retention, a gloating Edge is confronted by not one, but FOUR potential challengers for his gold, with Batista, Finlay, Rey Mysterio and Booker T all letting it be known they want an opportunity at the World Heavyweight Championship. Batista puts it best, “You find somethin’ funny, slick? Huh? Lemme’ tell you what I’m gonna’ find funny; it’s gonna’ be funny when I stick my fist straight down your throat, beat your ass, and then beat your ass, and then kick your ass to take back my World Heavyweight Title!” Shane McMahon signs a match, pitting champion Edge, Booker T & Finlay against Rey Mysterio & Batista, with the winner earning a title shot. However, off a distraction, Edge pins Batista yet again, setting up a #1 Contender’s Match at Judgment Day, with the winner facing Edge later that night.

May 12th: Once again, Batista suffers defeat, as Finlay pins him in a first ever Belfast Brawl; while in the main event Rey Mysterio successfully retains his United States Championship with a victory over Booker T. After the match, Booker, Finlay, and Edge demolish Mysterio, with Batista nowhere to be seen.

May 19th: After surviving an attack from Rey Mysterio, Edge officiates the main event, pitting Rey & Batista against Finlay & Booker, with Booker ultimately getting the win, pinning Batista after a miscue between The Animal and Edge. After the match, however, all five men engage in a wild brawl, seeking to gain the momentum heading into the PPV; but it is Finlay who emerges triumphant, standing over his four opponents, shillelagh in hand.


Last Man Standing Match:
The Undertaker vs. ‘The Real Deal’ Bobby Lashley w/Paul Heyman

April 7th: Coming off the back of Bobby Lashley’s loss to The Undertaker at WrestleMania, Paul Heyman cuts a predictably eerie and unsettling promo on The Deadman, accusing him of being nothing more than a corporate stooge … amongst other things, and promising that when Lashley gets his deserved rematch, things will go much differently.

April 14th: This week, Heyman uses one of his favourite movies to convey his message to The Undertaker. As he keeps the camera on Bobby Lashley at all times, he recounts Kyle Reese’s (Michael Biehn) description of the terrifying Terminator (from the film of the same name)…
Listen and understand. That terminator is out there. It can't be bargained with … It can't be reasoned with. It doesn't feel pity, or remorse, or fear… and it absolutely will not stop, EVER … until you are dead.
Heyman’s point is clear: Lashley is coming, and he won’t stop until he gets what he wants!

April 21st: Following another creepy promo from
Paul E. Dangerously Paul Heyman (Dress up like Halloween and ghouls will come knocking at your door.”), both he & his client, Bobby Lashley, make one more appearance at the close of the show; inside Shane McMahon’s office, the three men watch a monitor, which holds the image of Batista. Shane O Mac tells Lashley & Heyman that if Lashley can defeat Batista next week, he’ll give him The Undertaker at Judgment Day … in ANY match he wants.

April 28th: In a battle of two big bulls, Bobby Lashley manages to defeat former World Heavyweight Champion Batista in a No DQ Match (Shane McMahon added the stipulation late in the day), thanks to some timely interference from Lashley’s old enemy Finlay; thus, Lashley earns himself a rematch with The Phenom … in any match he desires!

May 5th: Instead of revealing their chosen stipulation, Heyman & Lashley choose instead to frustrate the WWE fans (and The Undertaker) further…
“Now, ladies and gentlemen, I want you to set your envy aside. I want you to put aside your jealousies, and I want you to stand up and applaud the man who will soon systematically tear the human scab that is The Undertaker from SmackDown’s rotting carcass forever: Bobby, Lashley. And as – and as for the match in which this man will accomplish such an extraordinary feat, let’s just say that there are so many to choose from and such little time left before Judgment Day, so please… watch, this,space.”

May 12th: Once again, Heyman chooses to stall rather than unveil their chosen match…
“Anaheim is neither the time… nor the place. But rest assured, it is coming. It could be next week… it could very well be Judgment Day itself, mere seconds before the match takes place. Make no mistake about it, Mr. McMahon did not specify when myself and my client had to divulge our chosen stipulation, and that, ladies and gentlemen, is what makes him… a great leader. He knows the inevitable when he sees it, andthis, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls… this is the inevitable. This is the last thing your precious Undertaker will ever see.This… is “The Real Deal”…Bobby, Lashley.”

May 19th: At long last, at the official contract signing for their WrestleMania Rematch, Paul Heyman reveals the match type that Bobby Lashley has selected for his Judgment Day collision with The Undertaker. After some good ol’ butt kissin’ toward Stephanie McMahon, Heyman lays into Undertaker verbally one last time -- as both he and Lashley struggle to restrain themselves -- before giving us our final audio before the PPV: “Last Man Standing.”


Grudge Match:
Mr. Kennedy vs. Matt Hardy

April 7th: Despite not winning the MITB match at WrestleMania, Matt Hardy gets right back on the horse, becoming the first person to defeat ‘The Fighting Irishman’ Finlay in the WWE. After the bout, backstage, Mr. Kennedy makes it known that he blames one man and one man only for his own lack of success in MITB … Matt Hardy.

April 14th: After another hard fought victory for Matt, Mr. Kennedy confronts his foe via the titantron, challenging the eldest Hardy to appear on his talk show ‘The Mic Suite’ next week. Matt, of course, accepts the invitation.

April 21st: After goading Hardy with some well-aimed insults into rushing blindly to the ring, Mr. Kennedy attacks his supposed ‘guest’ with his trademark microphone, beating young Matt in the head with it over and over until Hardy is nothing but a bloody mess, making the biggest statement of his as of yet young career.

April 28th: From his hometown of Green Bay, Wisconsin, Mr. Kennedy cuts a typically arrogant, narcissistic, braggadocios promo, concerning the events of last week. He claims that Matt’s time as being the next up and coming star is over, before accepting Hardy’s challenge for Judgment Day…
“and it just so happens that the next time me and you … you and I … I and you …us… will meet again … will be four weeks … at the aptly named…Judgment Day. Where it just so happens that -- like it says in the Bible -- it all comes to an end for us… But you can rest assured, Matt, that this year at Judgment Day it all comes to an end…for you.”
Thus promising to end his career there once and for all.

May 5th: After being interrupted by his opponent, Funaki, during his pre-match introduction, Mr. Kennedy snaps, beating down poor Funaki with the very same microphone, in almost EXACTLY the same way as he did Matt Hardy, leaving the Japanese superstar, just like Matt, a bloody mess.

May 12th: Having been suspended for one week following his actions last week, Mr. Kennedy cuts a promo from his home in Green Bay via satellite, showing his clear lack of remorse towards anything he has done since WrestleMania, and, once again, promising to end Matt Hardy’s career at Judgment Day…
“SmackDown isn’t big enough for the two of us, Matt. SmackDown is MY show now… SmackDown is my time, my home, and I am its future. Never pinned, never submitted, I have single handedly laid waste to all that has been placed before me, so what makes you think you’re gonna fair any better? At Judgment Day, my undefeated streak continues and your career…ends. Everything dies, Matt, and you’re no different.”

May 19th: In his final opportunity to make a statement before Judgment Day, Mr. Kennedy picks up and easy win over Matt Hardy’s buddy Shannon Moore (), before keeping his words short and sweet, full of confidence heading into the PPV.


Friend Or Foes Challenge; Eight-Man Tag Team Match:
WWE Tag Team Chmps. The Bluebloods & The Basham Brothers vs. The Hooligans & MNM w/Melina
{If The Basham’s, Hooligans or MNM win, they earn themselves a shot at the WWE Tag Team Championship; If The Bluebloods win, they name their next WWE Tag Title challengers}

April 7th: Despite the disappointment of WrestleMania (where they failed AGAIN to win the tag titles), The Hooligans pick up a victory over The Mexicools to get right back in the hunt; while former champs MNM and NEW tag champs The Bluebloods face off in the ten-man tag team main event.

April 14th: MNM cash in their rematch clause, challenging The Bluebloods for the gold in London, England. Surprisingly, The Hooligans get involved, ultimately costing MNM the match, with Nitro forced to submit to the Crossface. Later that night, still brimming with confidence, The Bluebloods attack one-half of their next challengers, United States Champion Rey Mysterio.

April 21st: The Bluebloods manage to defeat Rey Mysterio & his chosen partner, Cruiserweight Champion Jamie Noble, to retain the tag titles, despite interference from MNM, as Kid Kash screws Noble. As MNM and The Hooligans do battle later on, Regal & Burchill attack both teams, leaving them lying after a brutal beat down.

April 28th: Following an Eight-Man Tag Team Match which saw The Hooligans pin MNM for the first time EVER, The Bluebloods attacked them once again, viciously beating down MNM, The Hooligans and The Mexicools, with the fourth team in the match, The Basham Brothers, actually helping the Englishmen, looking to get rid of the competition.

May 5th: During the WWE Tag Team Championship Match between champions The Bluebloods and challengers The Basham Brothers, both MNM and The Hooligans interfere, attacking both teams, though clearly not working together. Later on that night, London & Kendrick challenge MNM to a match next week to settle their differences before they team up at Judgment Day.

May 12th: MNM and The Hooligans tear the house down, putting on a classic wrestling match which unfortunately settles nothing, as it ends in a twenty-minute time limit draw! The Bluebloods and The Basham Brothers observe all from commentary, and, oddly, applaud their opponents.

May 19th: MNM and The Hooligans get another opportunity to end their rivalry, but once again they don’t get the chance, as both teams are counted out. From ringside, The Bluebloods confidently observe the lack of unity between the two teams.


Cruiserweight Championship Match; No Championship Advantage:
‘The Pit-bull’ Jamie Noble vs. ‘The Notorious K.I.D’ Kid Kash

April 7th: The two rivals clash once more in the Ten-Man Tag Team main event.

April 14th: Both Kid Kash & Jamie Noble cut promos, with Kash promising us a new, meaner Kid Kash than before as he hunts the Cruiserweight Title, and Noble saying that he is going to hurt his arch-nemesis.

April 21st: Kid Kash interferes in Noble’s WWE Tag Team Title Match against The Bluebloods, costing he & Rey Mysterio the belts. After this, Noble pursues a fleeing Kash into the parking lot, and has to be restrained by security.

April 28th: After a squash win for The Pit-bull, Kid Kash appears on the titantron, challenging Noble to grant him his rematch. Later on, Stephanie McMahon grants their request, signing the much anticipated rematch for Judgment Day.

May 5th: This week it’s a squash win for The Notorious K.I.D, whose exuberant celebrations are cut short by a seething Cruiserweight Champion, looking to get his hands on Kash before Judgment Day. Noble promises once again to “hurt” his great rival.

May 12th: Backstage, Kid Kash takes great pleasure in revealing to his Judgment Day opponent that if he (Noble) lays one hand on him (Kash) before the PPV … he will forfeit the title. Noble vents his frustrations on poor ol’ Chad & James Dick, leading Stephanie McMahon to announce that should The Pit-bull take such liberties in his title defence at the PPV and get himself disqualified or counted out … he will LOSE the Cruiserweight Championship to Kid Kash.

May 19th: Both men compete forty-eight hours before their match at Judgment Day. The gritty veteran Hardcore Holly stood before Kid Kash, and the latter managed to pick up the win over the no nonsense Alabaman by hook or crook. A bit later on the show, Noble faced the undefeated rookie Brent Albright in Non-Title action. Despite having the match won on several occasions, interference from, first, Albright’s valet, and then Kash, leads to the youngster getting the victory over the Cruiserweight Champion. After the match, The Notorious K.I.D enters the ring and blasts Jamie Noble in the face with the title belt, making a huge statement before their rematch this Sunday!


Singles Match:
Brent Albright vs. Hardcore Holly

April 7th: ‘The Shooter’ Brent Albright debuts in the WWE, cutting an arrogant promo, announcing his presence, before winning a simple yet impressive squash.

April 14th: Brent Albright picks up a win over Nunzio in a simple squash, holding onto his Crowbar submission a little longer than necessary.

April 21st: After Albright quickly dispatches Scotty Too Hotty, he is watched from backstage by an unimpressed Hardcore Holly.

April 28th: Brent Albright defeats Stevie Richards (jobber). After the match, Hardcore Holly steps out onto the stage, and watches Albright intently.

May 5th: Albright targets Bob Holly in his pre-match promo, criticizing him for coming out during his match last week. Angrily, The Shooter accuses Holly of being jealous of younger, better wrestlers, before continuing his undefeated streak with another win. However, after the match, Hardcore Holly enters the ring and reaches for an unsuspecting Albright with unclear intentions … only for the rookie to suddenly counter into a Half-Nelson Suplex out of nowhere! Albright looks stunned … but delighted.

May 12th: The Shooter, confident after last week, challenges Hardcore Holly to a match at Judgment Day, before picking up yet another flawless victory. Soon after, Holly accepts Albright’s challenge backstage. Not before long, he is interrupted by the rookie, who arrogantly wishes the veteran good luck ahead of their encounter at Judgment Day.

May 19th: Brent Albright cuts a deal with #1 Contender to the Cruiserweight Championship, Kid Kash, for the evening, as their respective matches are against one another’s Judgment Day opponents. Hardcore Holly is pinned by Kash under shady circumstances, before Kash’s then later distraction allow Albright to pick up his biggest win to date, catching Cruiserweight Champion Jamie Noble by surprise with a Half-Nelson Suplex for the pin!


Judgment Day Card

World Heavyweight Championship Match:
‘The Rated R Superstar’ Edge w/Lita vs. Winner of the Fatal Four-Way
{Shane McMahon as the special referee}

Fatal Four-Way Number One Contender’s Match:
Booker T w/Sharmell vs. Batista vs. Finlay vs. U.S Chmp. Rey Mysterio
{Winner receives a World Heavyweight Championship shot in the main event}

Last Man Standing Match:
The Undertaker vs. ‘The Real Deal’ Bobby Lashley w/Paul Heyman


Grudge Match:
Mr. Kennedy vs. Matt Hardy

Friend Or Foes Challenge; Eight-Man Tag Team Match:
WWE Tag Team Chmps. The Bluebloods & The Basham Brothers vs. The Hooligans & MNM w/Melina
{If The Basham’s, Hooligans or MNM win, they earn themselves a shot at the WWE Tag Team Championship; If The Bluebloods win, they name their next WWE Tag Title challengers}

Cruiserweight Championship Match; No Championship Advantage:
‘The Pit-bull’ Jamie Noble vs. ‘The Notorious K.I.D’ Kid Kash

Singles Match:
Brent Albright vs. Hardcore Holly


Judgment Day will be 50/50 full/recap; leave predictions if you want.
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Re: Legend Presents: WWE 2006 - Stop Your Grinnin' And Drop Your Linen

What, no predictions contest?? You sicken me. Edit one in please. I'm predicting match orders anyway, so there.

7. World Heavyweight Championship Match:
‘The Rated R Superstar’ Edge
w/Lita vs. Winner of the Fatal Four-Way
{Shane McMahon as the special referee}
See below, I'll post somewhat of a double prediction there, but Edge wins this one.

6. Fatal Four-Way Number One Contender’s Match:
Booker T w/Sharmell vs. Batista vs. Finlay vs. U.S Chmp. Rey Mysterio
{Winner receives a World Heavyweight Championship shot in the main event}
As much as I'd love to see it be Finlay, it just wouldnt feel right. Booker ... is Booker, and I dont predict him for anything as a personal rule. Batista hasnt won a match since before WrestleMania, and I see him taking the fall for none other than his 'buddy' Rey Mysterio. The wheels are in motion for a Big Dave heel turn, and a win here doesnt do that angle any favours, unless you pull the trigger on a heel turn right away ... but you're more patient than that. Besides, Rey has had more of an issue with Edge in recent weeks, and it'd be a nice rub for Rey to win this, then push Edge all the way, but lose out.

How will he lose to Edge?? In one big clusterfuck. Booker, Finlay and Big Dave will all make an appearance in the main event, and in some round about way, Batista will cost Mysterio the win in one of those 'did he mean it, or was it an accident' scenarios. Shane will also be heavily involved (obviously as the referee) and may end up disqualifying Rey because of Batistas interference.

4. Last Man Standing Match:
The Undertaker vs.‘The Real Deal’ Bobby Lashley w/Paul Heyman
It's going to be one of those epic collisions ... and Lashley will finish up looking a beast, scoring a decisive win, standing over a broken Undertaker, who is unable to answer the ten count. Cue set up for the final act of this saga at Summerslam.


3. Grudge Match:
Mr. Kennedy vs. Matt Hardy
I think it may have been you that said something similar in my thread about MVP and his undefeated streak - but Kennedy doesnt need an undefeated streak to get over, but a win for Matt Hardy could be a star making result for the talented Hardy, and that's what I think happens here. Matt needs the win big time, and could jump up the ladder simply for being the guy that beat Kennedy first (and Finlay first, if I'm correct), but Kennedy has so many other factors that he can get to the next level with. Hardy wins.

1. Friend Or Foes Challenge; Eight-Man Tag Team Match:
WWE Tag Team Chmps. The Bluebloods & The Basham Brothers vs. The Hooligans & MNM w/Melina
{If The Basham’s, Hooligans or MNM win, they earn themselves a shot at the WWE Tag Team Championship; If The Bluebloods win, they name their next WWE Tag Title challengers}
The question of 'how can these two teams work together' sealed this one for me. They shock Cole and Tazz, and pick up the win, although I suspect a mass brawl between all four teams toward the end. Hooligans to pin Danny or Doug.

2. Cruiserweight Championship Match; No Championship Advantage:
‘The Pit-bull’ Jamie Noble vs. ‘The Notorious K.I.D’ Kid Kash
The lack of depth to the CW division leads me to this solution. Kash wins via DQ (maybe even a set up DQ, ala Eddie Guerrero back in the day), and takes the title back, setting up another two months of the most awesome CW feud in WWE history, before it comes to a head at the Great American Bash in some kind of crazy gimmick match.

5. Singles Match:
Brent Albright vs. Hardcore Holly
Holly is a jobber to the stars, OWNS is a star in the making. You do the math.

I took a few risky picks. That's how I roll.
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Re: Legend Presents: WWE 2006 - Stop Your Grinnin' And Drop Your Linen

I always read this thread low key. Never really post much in here, but I figured I would post my predictions.

World Heavyweight Championship Match:
‘The Rated R Superstar’ Edge w/Lita vs. Winner of the Fatal Four-Way
{Shane McMahon as the special referee}

Fatal Four-Way Number One Contender’s Match:
Booker T w/Sharmell vs. Batista vs. Finlay vs. U.S Chmp. Rey Mysterio
{Winner receives a World Heavyweight Championship shot in the main event}

Last Man Standing Match:
The Undertaker vs. ‘The Real Deal’ Bobby Lashley w/Paul Heyman

Main event imo ^^


Grudge Match:
Mr. Kennedy vs. Matt Hardy

Friend Or Foes Challenge; Eight-Man Tag Team Match:
WWE Tag Team Chmps. The Bluebloods & The Basham Brothers vs. The Hooligans & MNM w/Melina
{If The Basham’s, Hooligans or MNM win, they earn themselves a shot at the WWE Tag Team Championship; If The Bluebloods win, they name their next WWE Tag Title challengers}

Cruiserweight Championship Match; No Championship Advantage:
‘The Pit-bull’ Jamie Noble vs. ‘The Notorious K.I.D’ Kid Kash

Singles Match:
Brent Albright vs. Hardcore Holly


Show looks good man. I will definitely be reading it.
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