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Re: Legend Presents: WWE 2006 - Stop Your Grinnin' And Drop Your Linen

RAW Feedback

Interesting way to kick us off with a backstage promo in the car park. Liked the way you went about it though with Easy E and Torrie, making the message perfectly clear, showing that Eric has some confidence.

Very nice commentary to hype up what really is an amazingly stacked card, as it always seems to be these days with you. The playing up of One Night Stand was good, and opening the inside portion of the show off with Tripper is something I like a lot. Hopefully he actually gets the chance to speak this week. Promo starts of pretty nicely, with Tripper talking of his desperation to come back really, really well. Triple H still mentioning of his business with RVD was not expected, although I like that you’re not ignoring the past again here, and that you’re allowing Triple H to be a shade of grey like a lot of your characters, rather than just a clear-cut face. Bringing his hatred of RVD to connect back with Show, who was the man to take RVD out, works just fine, and Triple H absolutely owning Show, ‘Lito Angle and RVD was pretty cool. I definitely didn’t expect this promo to go uninterrupted, considering Triple H does have unfinished business with not just Bischoff and co, but also Angle, but it ran along just fine. Besides, it looks like Bischoff will have Show do his talking in the ring in the main event. Pretty good way to kick us off with a nice promo from Tripper.

Huge, huge, HUGE opening match, with more Intercontinental Championship goodness. Kenny just started shaving at the age of twenty? A bit of an exaggeration. I liked that we didn’t get a ladder in the ring right from the beginning of the match, rather a quick exchange of moves and some moves on the outside with the ladder. Match continued to build up slowly nicely, with a very nice series of spots in the corner, finishing with the dropkick to the ladder from Benji’. Another nice spot followed soon enough too with the athleticism of Shelton before a rather awesome RK-Doane spot, with a nice powerbomb spot following that. Spirit Squad run in was well time, adding more bodies into a spotfest, which is generally helpful for the match. The beatdown from The Squad was also pretty good, as was the run in save from Haas and co, which was very well timed. Slugfest atop the ladder is a ladder match staple, so as such I guess was needed, with the finish really being interesting thanks to your emphasis on Benjamin sending Kenny down on top of Haas. The continued tension between the tag champs is good to see, only for the hype for Vengeance to continue on. Beatdown from The Sons of Samoa was epic, with two absolutely huge moves. Very good stuff.

Nice hype for the WWE Title match later, with Bischoff showing his desperation for a new champion. Big (pun) main event for sure.

Short and sweet from Haas which is what you need, considering he obviously lacks in the charisma department. Nice way to really drill home the damage that The Sons of Samoa did home as well, making them seem as brutal as possible.

Estrada with an immediate reply? Not expected, though I guess it works since you made a point for us to notice that he and his charges remained in the ring. Pretty basic stuff from ‘Mando, with some nice little hints at Haas to just ditch Benjamin continuing to come through. Good little promo.

Sure is a big main event for SmackDown!

Weekly squash for The Sons keeps them looking like absolute freakin’ beasts, which you’ve done very well. @ Coach after the match too. Gotta’ love him.

You continue to focus on The Redneck Wrecking Crew well, even giving them some mic time here which is a bit of a surprise to me. The accents of The Crew was captured pretty well, and I liked the heels sucking up to Bischoff to get themselves future shots at the gold. Keeping the rednecks loosely affiliated with Bischoff can only do them good, making them look better. Decent promo, sending a message across and getting the rednecks on the show, which is good to see.

Very clever way to start off Masters/Triple H with the cheap shot from Masters. btw:


genius. Masters controlling a lot of the match leaves him looking good, while Triple H still looks good after the pre-match assault, and of course the victory, which is good to see. The match itself was nice, especially the counter wrestling into the spinebuster from Tripper. Finish was also nice after a run in from ‘Lito, giving us a nice little TV match (thanks in no part to the amazingly boring Triple H. Masters > Tripper ).

Pretty nice promo from Bearer, with the setting being pretty cool. Liked how Bearer summed up the destruction that Big Show has wreaked upon the WWE pretty well, building this up as his big (awful pun) moment. Simple promo that got the point across, hyping the main event.

@ Carlito only worrying about himself. A nice way to showcase the intensity of Masters, while giving ‘Lito a platform to look like an asshole and maybe hint at a ‘Lito/Tripper match.

Despite this being a women’s match, I was actually happy this was a brawl, because as you said, the animosity is at a high between the two. It also keeps the three way feud with Mickie going, which is good, as I really couldn’t see a contender for Vengeance being decided here, as it would have left the other woman out in the cold. Mickie looking like a nut gets her on the show and shows her personality just fine, so I’m happy with that.

Big hype behind this promo after the videos in recent weeks, so hopefully it delivers. Showing the video again sets the scene well, with the whole setting and idea being tops imo. This interview as a whole actually took a completely different shape to what I would have expected. While it centred around Ric Flair at the beginning and his influence on Orton, I didn’t think this would be about Bret Hart and what happened at WrestleMania, but I guess everything you do always leads to something, so I should have expected it. Interesting take on a way for Flair to come back, joining Orton in a war against Bret. You used history well throughout, bringing up Flair and Hart well, and pretty much gave reasoning for everything very well. Also liked Orton’s cockiness shining through, especially when Orton referred to himself as the greatest. The aggression of Orton by getting into JR’s face was a bit overdone and unrealistic to see, but apart from that this was a very interesting promo. Liking this storyline.

, I love The Spirit Squad.

Y’know something? (Opens his eyes and sighs loudly) I’m not feelin’ very spirited right now, guys I’ll tell you that much.

Mitch Mitchell: (Frowning) Good job by “The, uh, Masterpiece” earlier.

~ ‘Lito smiles ruefully, not really caring, as Mitch and Nicky high-five like morons.

Gold. Th dorkiness of everything from The Squad was great, and ‘Lito was on key, with some nice hype for the main event too. Good stuff.

Glad to see we got to see Angle get a chance to talk before the main event considering we’ve seen Tripper talk, as well as multiple people from the Bischoff camp. Intense stuff from Angle, summing up how good he has been in this thread very well. Also liked the reminder of the feud with Michaels being ongoing, giving us a nice little nudge on that. Nice last line too, finishing off the promo well. Good stuff.

Huge main event, with JR summing up my thoughts perfectly right before it. Big Show showing his size early is a good way to start off, while Angle just shows that he’s a badass. The continued psychology for the first part of the match was solid, with Show continuing to use his size while Angle shows his desperation well. The sleeper spot was clever, as was the transition into the announce table spot, though it maybe seem a bit too out of nowhere. I know you were shooting for that, and while it shows Angle’s desperation, it doesn’t seem to fit in too well with the rest of the match thus far. The slow, methodical pace of Show’s offense after this was actually pretty nice, with Angle not being able to German suplex Show properly being a very different spot. The use of the splash from the big man is a proven counter, so I don’t mind seeing that, and Angle hitting the Angle Slam, only for the reinforcements to come down was well done, with Angle looking awesome by taking care of The Spirit Squad and ‘Lito. The ref bump was pretty well done, and let’s face it: it was inevitable anyway, with a lot of run ins bound to happen. Tripper getting involved with the sledgehammer was pretty awesome, as was the ECW invasion. The finish was actually pretty amazing, and something totally unexpected too, with Tripper showing he still hates Angle, especially after Angle had hit him with the chair. Epic way to finish the show.

Another top weekly show from you here, mate, with storylines progressing along pretty well, especially with Tripper and Angle set to be very interesting. Good stuff.

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Re: Legend Presents: WWE 2006 - Stop Your Grinnin' And Drop Your Linen



With only 48-hours remaining before SmackDown’s Pay Per View extravaganza this Sunday, Judgment Day, the Friday Night Flagship rolls into Albuquerque, New Mexico with a contract to be signed, and a main event certain to continue the anarchic trend of the brand since WrestleMania XXII.

At Judgment Day, Finlay, the United States Champion Rey Mysterio, Booker T, and the former World Heavyweight Champion, ‘The Animal’ Batista will compete in a Fatal Four-Way Match to determine who will challenge Edge, the self-proclaimed ‘Rated R Superstar’, for the World Heavyweight Championship in the main event. But this week on Friday Night SmackDown!, two sets of these men will be forced to join forces to battle one another in a tag team main event extravaganza. Former WWE Tag Team Champions and supposed friends Rey Mysterio and Batista will take on the man who Rey defeated to retain his United States Title last week, Booker T, and the man who scored a major upset over ‘The Animal’ in last week’s Belfast Brawl, Finlay. There is enough friction between the four superstars to guarantee carnage, but that isn’t quite good enough for Co-Executive Vice President Shane McMahon, who has thrown … the World Heavyweight Champion Edge into the mix as the Special Guest Referee. A preview of this Sunday some say, when Shane O’ Mac himself pulls on the striped referees jersey, but what will be the outcome? Who will be left standing as we head into Judgment Day?

Also, after weeks of anticipation, weeks of suspense, of hints, teasing, and disappointment on our behalf, Stephanie McMahon has finally had enough of Bobby Lashley and his agent Paul Heyman’s games. This week on Friday Night SmackDown!, we will witness the official contract signing for the much anticipated ‘WrestleMania Rematch’ between Lashley and The Undertaker … where Heyman and ‘The Real Deal’ will reveal to the world and, perhaps more importantly, The Undertaker himself just what is the stipulation they have chosen for this collision. With these two monsters going face to face in the same ring for the first time since that fateful night on April 2nd, is yet more destruction guaranteed?

After last week’s incredible 20-minute time limit draw, there can be no denying that absolutely nothing was settled between long-time rivals The Hooligans and MNM. Paul London & Brian Kendrick couldn’t get their first victory over The A-Listers, and Johnny Nitro & Joey Mercury were unable to prove their superiority once and for all, but this week the two young teams get one more chance to bury the hatchet before they join forces at Judgment Day. They will hook it up for the second week running, in what should be yet another tag team classic … with WWE Tag Team Champions The Bluebloods, and The Basham Brothers, no doubt keeping a watchful eye on proceedings.

The undefeated ‘Shooter’ Brent Albright faces his greatest challenge yet this week, as the arrogant youngster faces the Cruiserweight Champion of the World Jamie Noble in what should be an extremely hard-hitting affair. Both men’s respective Judgment Day opponents, Hardcore Holly, and Noble’s challenger Kid Kash, will face off against one another also. Which tandem will emerge from the fray with the momentum?

With only days before his huge Pay Per View meeting with the returning Matt Hardy, Mr. Kennedy has asked for a match to give us “a little taste” of what to expect this Sunday. Kennedy has been nothing short of dominant since his debut here in the WWE, remaining undefeated, and will his opponent this upcoming Friday Night just prove to be another victim?

Also, watch out for the incomparable John “Bradshaw” Layfield, as he has promised, once again, to be in Albuquerque this Friday to continue his quest for a World Heavyweight Championship shot. Will he target The McMahon’s once more … or a new victim?

All this and more on Friday Night SmackDown!, 9/8CT on the CW

Confirmed Matches:

Main Event | Rey Mysterio & Batista vs. Booker T & Finlay
*World Hvywt. Chmp. Edge as special guest referee*

Mr. Kennedy is in action

Non-Title | Jamie Noble vs. Brent Albright

The Hooligans vs. MNM

Hardcore Holly vs. Kid Kash




SmackDown will be posted tomorrow.

Match Banner Credit - ~LetItRock
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Re: Legend Presents: WWE 2006 - Stop Your Grinnin' And Drop Your Linen

Pretty big show for the go home SmackDown! here, with an absolutely epic looking main event, which should definitely be amazing. Wouldn't be surprised if it was topped though by the stip announcement from Heyman and Lashley, which should be great considering your form with Heyman on the mic though. Hoping for an epic stip that should maker for an epic match.

Not big on MNM vs The Hooligans again for this week considering they had what was supposed to be the final match between them last week, although I guess it gives you a chance for a run in and some beatdowns.

Albright and Noble should also be an epic match, though I'm not sure how you're going to go about both that and Kash vs Holly. Something to look for I guess.

Kennedy wrestling? That can't be good.

All in all, epic looking show for sure. You know I'll be reading.

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Re: Legend Presents: WWE 2006 - Stop Your Grinnin' And Drop Your Linen

Long time reader and decided to stop being such a coward and show my face and start reviewing these shows.

That tag team match sounds explosive and the fact you wrote that Rey Mysterio and Batista are supposed to be friends coupled with Batista's losing streak has me thinking we will be seeing a heel turn soonish.

As good as that is part of me hopes the Lashley Undertaker contract signing is the main event to really hammer home how huge and great this feud has been. To make the Big Show entertaining is one thing but to do it with Lashley too is superhuman, I applaud you.

Here's hoping that Albright ploughs through Noble.

Can't wait.


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Re: Legend Presents: WWE 2006 - Stop Your Grinnin' And Drop Your Linen

Looks tasty. Bout time we got the stipulation of the Taker | Lashley match, and nice set of matches with Brent vs Noble standing out in particular. Think this will be a good night for Kash, costing Noble against Brent, and picking up a win over Holly.

Looking forward to seeing what goes down between Rey and Batista, and why Dave didnt help his friend last week.
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Re: Legend Presents: WWE 2006 - Stop Your Grinnin' And Drop Your Linen

The last Smackdown before Judgment Day seems like it'll be top-notch. Great stuff you've got on the show, hopefully you let your creative mind run wild with the stipulation that Heyman and Lashley choose for the match with Undertaker at Judgment Day, and an MNM/Hooliganz re-match sounds good, hopefully they can put on just as good a match as they did on the last show. I'm expecting Brent's undefeated streak to continue after this show and beyond Judgment Day, I can see Kash costing Noble the match and perhaps vice versa in the Kash/Holly match, or perhaps Albright screwing Bob. Kennedy in action before Judgment Day should be solid, I'm expecting him to own whoever his opponent is, and hopefully a Hardy run-in afterwards.

I can't wait to hear from Batista after he didn't save Rey from Booker, Finlay and Edge last week, I was surprised that Dave didn't, so if we hear what he has to say, it'll definitely be intruiging.

Should be awesome
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Re: Legend Presents: WWE 2006 - Stop Your Grinnin' And Drop Your Linen

Wow. The build to Judgment Day has been pretty much flawless, and by the sound of this preview this final Smackdown is really going to have that go home feeling. Mixing the four competitors who will battle at JD in the main event, with Edge as the special guest referee is pure gold really, and I really feel as if Booker and Finlay will pick the victory, because Batista will be unable to get along with Rey Mysterio.

The contract signing between The Undertaker and Bobby Lashley is sure to be explosive, and at this stage, I have a gut feeling that the stipulation is going to be first blood. I just have this image in my head of Lashley standing over the fallen 'Taker, rubbing 'Taker's blood on his chest, I hope so anyway.

MNM and The Hooligans is starting to tire me a little bit so hopefully this is their final encounter.

Brent Albright will get his biggest win of his career on this show, with or without help from Kid Kash tbh.

I'm expecting to see a very sadistic Mr Kennedy tonight, as it would send a beautiful message to Matt Hardy.

I'm loving John Bradshaw Layfield's current roll, so hopefully he keeps that up during this show as well.

The show is looking amazing, as per usual with you, I can't wait.

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Re: Legend Presents: WWE 2006 - Stop Your Grinnin' And Drop Your Linen

I know, I know, the show should've been up two days ago. Don't worry, it's finished and all that; I'm just in the process of working out a new format for my shows now, since I can't go on using Mac and Wolfy's forever. Unfortunately, when it comes to formats, I,uh, suck, so I've no idea how long it'll take.

I'll try to hurry it up.

Sorry again
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Re: Legend Presents: WWE 2006 - Stop Your Grinnin' And Drop Your Linen

Hopefully you'll find a new format quickly, so that you can get the show up. Hopefully the format's something good, but I don't normally worry about my formatting, if somebody else is using it, if I like it I would use it, it's not like it should be exclusive to a certain person or certain people, IMO. I used to use MrMykalz's lay-out, and he was "flattered" by it. But, it's good to keep everything reasonably fresh, so whatever you do should be cool.
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Re: Legend Presents: WWE 2006 - Stop Your Grinnin' And Drop Your Linen

Pft, fuck Mac. It's a layout most people - including myself () - use. Just get the godamn show up.

Oh, and MSN too plz.

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