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Re: Legend Presents: WWE 2006 - Stop Your Grinnin' And Drop Your Linen

Smackdown Feedback

When there is no proper opening with the fireworks and all that, usually it means something very important is going to go down, and that is what I believed happened here. Mysterio was himself, and it was smart having him during the opening with it being in his hometown and all that, and Shane McMahon immediately intrigued me here. Was he being sarcastic, or was he being serious, Iím not sure yet? Anyway, itís something thatís got me looking forward to what I assume will be the main event, when Mysterio defends the United States Championship against Booker T.

Wow, what a great match up to start the show. I find myself mentioning the same stuff every time I review a show of yours, but I just canít help myself, your match recaps, along with a handful of other bookers, are the only ones I find worth reading, and trust me, that is a big compliment. Anyway, to say I was shocked with Finlay picking up the win would be a huge under statement, as I just thought Batista was the bigger name, and would pick up the victory pretty comfortably. The way Finlay one, having a spare shillelagh stashed was clever, and I guess itís a nice way to keep Batista credible, while also keeping his losing streak going. Oh yes, I havenít forgot about the losing streak, and I know that eventually The Animal will be unleashed, and when it happens I know it will be brilliant.

Short and sweet from Booker T, and even though he would clearly want Batista to lose, and be softened up for the PPV, would he really be happy if Finlay, another one of his opponents, was looking so good? I hope they have some kind of deal going, and we find out exactly what is up later on, but at the moment, Booker just seemed a little off being happy for Finlay.

Second short and sweet backstage event in a row, something I am not used to you doing, to be honest . Usually your promoís have more detail, even your backstage segments, and you give us a lot more closure, however with that being said, just like the one before it, this Batista bit was good to be short, as it was meant to be straight to the point. He is not going to talk too much, he is going to let his actions speak for him, and when he finds Finlay later on, or when he saves Mysterio from a Booker/Finlay attack, it is going to be on for the ages. I hope my predictions are right.

Every time I see or read that Heyman is near a microphone in this thread I canít help but get excited. Once again, as per usual, you nailed his character spot on, and his teasing of the stipulation being revealed, along with the insults of ĎTaker, and the ass kissing of McMahon was all typical Heyman. Also, Iíve probably said this about thirty times, but Lashleyís silence is something I love, it makes him seem like more of a machine. I remember reading one of your ĎMania reviews, or at least I think it was one of them, and somebody likened Lashley to the terminator, and itís kind of true, because he just shows no emotion at all. I never thought Lashley would be one of the most interesting characters in a BTB, but boy have you changed my opinion of that. With how good he is going, and how good Big Show is going on Raw, you are proof that anybody can be entertaining depending on the way they are booked.

I enjoyed the extra bit of attitude that Albright was displaying this week in his usual before the match speech. The insults at Holly were great bringing up the old Sparky days, but what was probably line of the night was the one where he said Holly was just a door mat for guys like him. I loved it because it is just so true. Great work here, this one was probably on par with Heyman, I just really enjoyed it. I think this is the best Albright promo you have written so far in this thread.

at Big Vito even being in the same match as Albright. Another good win for Albright, and the extra taunting on Holly, just to add some more fuel to the fire. I have an issue though, itís probably my first one for the night so now this is officially no longer an ass kissing fest, although itís not really anything you have done wrong itís more my curiosity. Who the hell is this blonde lady? :@

Can you hurry up and bring CM Punk in now please, you have hyped him up enough, Iím getting sick of wanting him to debut, to be honest .

Hardcore Holly on the microphone was typical Holly, even with you writing him, he came off a little boring. At least we know that the match will take place at Judgment Day now, as I believe that was the main purpose of this segment, and Albright was good here again, showing his confidence.

An interesting meeting here between Booker T and Edge. I didnít read last weeks Smackdown so Iím not sure as to exactly what is going on, but Iím totally confused as to why these two guys are even associating with each other, despite the fact that they are both heels. , I found Edge trying to speak black to be very funny. Anyway, no interference is good, as it means we will see Booker/Mysterio go at ti hard, although after the match I feel a brawl coming. Also, take back what I said about why they are associating, I forgot Booker could end up facing Edge at Judgment Day, sorry Ďbout that .

at Regal on commentary. Tazz called him BillÖ

Another pretty awesome match, however I didnít enjoy reading this recap all that much. Anyway, The Hooligans who have always been faces and the newly turned tweeners in MNM go at it, and I was waiting for what I thought was the inevitable interference from The champions and The Bashams, but it never came, so, uhhh, clearly it was not the inevitable. Time limit draw builds the respect between these two teams, which will help them coexist at Judgment Day, so I actually think this match was rather intelligent. Only thing I didnít like was Regal on commentary after the match, I doubt he would compliment the other wrestlers on their performance, he would more then likely call them dirty toe rags who were no where near as good as him.

Kid Kash continues to slowly get a mental edge over Noble in this feud, itís a trend that has been going on pretty much since ĎMania, and it looks to me as if Noble is about to snap. I can see this Cruiserweight feud continuing with Noble losing by disqualification at Judgment Day, as it really does seem as if Kash is setting him up for that. Kash using security for back up would just piss Noble off more, no contact until JD means Noble will need to hurt Kash even more. I feel as if everything is pointing towards a DQ or dirty finish, although I could be wrong. On a side note, geez you write rednecks well.

The Judgment Day advertising is not as good as the Backlash one, but that doesnít mean itís not good.

I really enjoyed reading the Kennedy attack on FunakiÖ Damn, I love the sadistic side of Kennedy, this exclusive interview should be a good read.

Mr Kennedy was awesome here, back to the way I love him being written. I thought perhaps over the past few weeks you had focused to much on his sadistic side and had taken away some of his arrogance, but the racist jokes early on here, which were funny, really made me happy to see Kennedy back to his best. Then when the time was right, you made him go serious and perhaps a tad sadistic when he got a little graphic about what he wanted to do to Matt Hardy. Seriously, probably a perfectly written promo, good work.

Jamie Noble getting some mic time here was definitely something that I did not expect, although that does not mean that I am complaining. Like I said earlier, you write him and Kash so well, and it was no different here. The message to Kash was okay, although I feel it should have been a little longer, I canít go into specifics because Iím not sure myself, but this promo felt as if there was something missing. One thing I loved was the early shot at The Dicks.

INTESNITY, with the attack on The DicksÖ

Wow, both the McMahons, Shane and Stephanie have really laid down their authority as of late, Iím not sure whether or not I like the move or not yet. Anyway, the title changing hands on a DQ really takes out my prediction, and I guess Noble will be retaining now. Either way, I guess Steph was decent enough, as she was able to keep her business tone, although Iíd mark if you turned her into the full on whining heel.

Noble with the easy win, showing just how brutal he isÖ Great way to send a message to KashÖ at Tazz laughing at Chad Dick, canít blame him really.

JBL and Stephanie continue to go at it week by week, and usually Iíd just say this is another good segment, as it was, but I feel as if this segment represented a turning point in their bickering. Everything seems to be going hill for The McMahonís, and things continue to go down hill for Steph here. This storyline has been going for a pretty long time, and I have to say, JBL I think will get what he wants soon enough. Keep up their bickering for a little while longer though, please, I love it.

Nice to remind us of history of Mysterio and Booker, although it probably should have been done a little bit earlier in the night, rather than right before the match, because I feel as if this match has gotten forgotten a little bit.

Awesome main event. Well written recap, and both guys looked strong, with Booker still able to look strong despite not picking up the victory. Mysterio continues to be on his roll, and I can see him making a big impact at Judgment Day. Good work.

Nice attack written after the match with Finlay, Booker and Edge all getting one up on Mysterio. Makes them seem very hated as they are nothing but bullies, and donít think I am forgetting Batistaís absence. Youíre planting the seeds for ĎThe Animalí inside of Batista to grow and this like this are just helping it move along. Nice ending to the show, anyway.

Overall, a very fun SD, as things to continue to draw closer to JD. I still find Raw more entertaining at this point as itís more in your face, although I know that SD is really going to benefit with the long term storylines you have going on here. Your SDís are stilla joy to read, and JD is looking pretty good for a transitional stage on the blue brand. Keep it up, k.

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Re: Legend Presents: WWE 2006 - Stop Your Grinnin' And Drop Your Linen

SmackDown! Feedback

Nice way to start with Rey in his hometown, getting a nice cheap pop, while once again showing Shaneís attitude. Not sure if there was any real point to this promo and if youíre building to anything, although I guess only time will tell.

Kicking it off with Batista vs Finlay? Jesus, thatís a heck of an opener. Opening commentary was nice, and Finlay jumping the big man from behind gets the match set off in the type of nature it should. I must say that I liked how you built up to the use of weapons here, moving the match along nicely, with Finlayís assault on the arm of Big Dave being well written. Use of the second shillelagh in the finish was pretty cool, using the injured arm as an advantage before finally finishing the match. Good stuff, as Finlay continues to impress, while Batistaís rut continues on after a big match.

Nice little hype before the break, while some intense stuff from Batista on the other side, showing he isnít quite done with Finlay just yet.

Nice little promo to get Lashley and Heyman on the show, although the hype is killing me. Heyman built Lashley up very well though, and sucked up to Shane as well, continuing to make him look very much heelish. Definitely interested to see what the stip will be, though at this point Iím leaning towards Last Man Standing.

Albright was nice here, showcasing some real arrogance which is good to see. As I said before, I would have liked to have seen Holly lay Albright out, though with this arrogance from Albright youíve got to be almost certain heíll one up Albright at least once before the Pay-Per-View, striking some fear into him. Anyway, match at Judgment Day is definitely a good move, with the squash after the promo being academic.

Hurry up and make with Punk, plz.

Nice to see you tapped into the inner Holly with him wanting to be a dickhead and beat up rookies. Match isnít going to be epic by any means, but at least youíre giving it some sort of proper hype which I like. Decent promo, although it probably didnít need Albright involved since he had already spoken tonight.

Booker/Edge here was alright I guess for some tension, and it added the stip of no one at ringside for the match. Nothing real exciting, but solid stuff.

@ the interaction between Tazz/Cole/Regal here on the commentary booth before the match. Very nice exchange to start us off with some very nice reversals, leading into a rather awesome powerslam spot. A few very nice tag spots following on a bit after from MNM were also pretty awesome, utilising a bit of Miz & Morrison teamwork, before some nice stuff from London & Kendrick, with the drop toe hold, low dropkick, shooting star press combo being pretty freaking awesome. The nearfall sequence heading into the frenetic finish attempts was amazing too, with a big buildup to what admittedly seems like a bit of a screwy finish. Not really a big fan of time limit finishes, especially when at something like the twenty minute mark in the ĎE, as you just donít see it happening. I guess the match was fun nonetheless, and it kind of reminded me of a Briscoes match (in a good way). Good stuff.

The promo was alright here, with the characters being fine. Interesting stip here, prolonging the feud along while allowing it to reach a climax. Good to see real attention paid to cruiserweights too.

Nice use of the video to remind us of Kennedyís actions. The promo started off alright, sounding fine in terms of character, though I must say I wasnít the biggest fan of the Pearl Harbour reference. Seen as how WWE pulled Kenzo Suzukiís original character based on fan backlash over such a reference, I canít see it going down too well, and Iím quite the fan of realism. The rest was fine, showing Kennedyís sadistic side, something that definitely assists his character in making it not such a goofball. Some good hype here.

@ Noble threatening The Dicks for gaying it up. Noble promo was fine, keeping along with what heís been saying since ĎMania, while Stephanieís announcement was pretty good, keeping her going with being the more level headed McMahon, threatening suspension before the big announcement. Donít care that Dick lost that quick as he really was a jobber. Good to see Noble looking like a beast.

Oooo, more JBL/Stephanie stuff. Not as good as the two have been in the past; however, the exchange was still rather nice, with Stephanie again looking like a snappy bitch.

Huge main event for sure, with a big, big feel to it. Booker trying to jump Mysterio only for Rey to get the crowd right behind him early was pretty cool. The roll through we saw many times during the Jericho/Mysterio series was done well, leading into some nice high flying from Rey. The reversal attempts from Rey and kicks from Booker were good throughout, eventually leading into some nice high flying from Mysterio. Sequence into the spinebuster from Booker was very nice, really continuing the trend on towards the finish. The pace continued to kick on at an extreme pace as well, leading into the shock Book End which was really well done. Mysterio getting the win thanks to Booker underestimating him in the end was a pretty cool way to finish the match off, with Rey seemingly overcoming the odds again. Great main event. The aftermath was just as good, with the heels beating the shit through the hometown face to get some insane heat. Edge needed to be featured on the show, so Iím glad to see him here, leaving us wondering why Batista didnít help, perhaps continuing to tease at the heel turn. Big way to finish off.

A bit of a change up here as a mainly wrestling orientated show, rather than showcasing your promos. Was definitely a change of pace and something I rather enjoyed, with the three main matches being absolutely epic. Despite the lack of big promos you still had some nice storyline progression, continuing us along to Judgment Day well. Good stuff.

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Re: Legend Presents: WWE 2006 - Stop Your Grinnin' And Drop Your Linen


With ECW One Night Stand now less than a month away, the battle lines were well and truly launched last week. We all thought that Monday Night RAW would be the ones to invade the Hammerstein Ballroom, just like last year … but it was not to be. Last week, the first shot in the RAW vs. ECW war was fired … by Extreme Championship Wrestling.

As RAW rolls into Lubbock, Texas on the back of the astonishing events of last week, we have TWO huge title matches lined up, thanks to, as ever, the benevolent Eric Bischoff. In the Main Event, Kurt Angle, the man who has held the WWE Championship for over 5 months -- fending off the likes of Triple H, Shawn Michaels, and John Cena no less -- will defend the gold against a man who has been, quite frankly, on a path of destruction. The Big Show has taken out the likes of Dustin Rhodes, Maria, Eugene, Kane, and Rob Van Dam, and this week on RAW; the World’s Largest Athlete gets the opportunity to take his biggest scalp to date, to take out the Olympic Gold Medallist … and captured his 3rd WWE Title. With Triple H, Eric Bischoff’s cronies, and ECW no doubt watching closely, who will leave The Lone Star State with all the gold?

But that’s not all. Last week Armando Alejandro Estrada -- representative of the number one contenders to the World Tag Team Championship, The Sons Of Samoa -- wished to discuss “business” with The Spirit Squad. We were unable to find out at the time, but thanks to wwe.com, we can now reveal that, as signed and approved by Eric Bischoff himself, Kenny Doane of the excitable cheerleading quintet will challenge Shelton Benjamin for the Intercontinental Championship once more. And this time, it won’t be just any old match, like the classic the two put on back on March 27th, oh no. This time Doane and Benjamin find themselves this week’s subjects in “Eric Bischoff’s Extreme Initiative” as they battle for Intercontinental gold in … A LADDER MATCH!! For the first time since the WWE Homecoming last year -- and the first time the Intercontinental Title has been on the line in one since Unforgiven 2004 -- a Ladder Match will decide the fates of two gutsy individuals. Will Kenny be able to climb the rungs to finally grab that brass ring and make Armando Estrada happy, or will Shelton Benjamin’s incredible run as the only dual champion in WWE continue?

Also on RAW, we will finally hear from one of the men involved in the controversial confrontation between ‘The Nature Boy’ Ric Flair and ‘The Legend Killer’ Randy Orton. The young 26-year old, Orton, sat down with RAW’s own J.R., Jim Ross during the week to tell us his side of the story and, hopefully, shed some light on his future following the unbelievable events of WrestleMania XXII involving Bret ‘The Hitman’ Hart.

With the World Tag Team Title Match between the champions the World’s Greatest Tag Team and the challengers The Sons Of Samoa already signed for Vengeance on June 25th, this week we will see our next match made for that Pay Per View extravaganza, as former Women’s Champion’s and WrestleMania XXII opponents Trish Stratus and Victoria do battle to see who will challenge the unpredictable Mickie James for the gold. Will Victoria finally take that giant step towards her first piece of gold since she last held the Women’s Title in 2004, or will Trish, the lady whom young Ms. James virtually stole the belt from at Backlash, go on to capture a record setting seventh championship? Find out in the WrestleMania Rematch the world has been waiting for … this Monday.

Also, for the first time since WrestleMania, ‘The Game’ Triple H will be in action, as he takes on the young, narcissistic powerhouse, ‘The Masterpiece’ Chris Masters. Will Masters gain the biggest win of his career to date, or will the game begin for real in Lubbock?

All this and more on Monday Night RAW, 9/8CT on the USA Network.

Confirmed Matches:

Intercontinental Championship | Ladder Match | Shelton Benjamin vs. Kenny Doane

Number One Contender’s Match | Victoria vs. Trish Stratus

The Sons Of Samoa are in action

The Game’s In-Ring Return | Triple H vs. Chris Masters

WWE Championship | Kurt Angle vs. The Big Show


'Extreme Repercussions'


RAW will be posted tomorrow.
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Re: Legend Presents: WWE 2006 - Stop Your Grinnin' And Drop Your Linen

Kurt Angle vs. Show could have been a WrestleMania quality match up so I am sure you will hold that match off with the ECW contingent interfering causing a No Contest. I must say your build up of Show has been immense and it seems he can't be stopped. Triple H will get a nice slow build to a big match up, probably with Show himself. Talking of ECW I notice this show in in Lubbock, Texas and I just can't help thinking Texas' own Terry Funk will get in the Bisch's face or help ECW.

<a href=http://www.cpfc.co.uk/javaImages/48/1c/0,,10323~9903176,00.jpg target=_blank>http://www.cpfc.co.uk/javaImages/48/...9903176,00.jpg</a>
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Re: Legend Presents: WWE 2006 - Stop Your Grinnin' And Drop Your Linen

I read your last few shows including Backlash and they really are top notch. I'm gonna try to become a full-time reviewer on this thread because it's that good.

Sometimes I wish people from WWE would come on here, read your stuff, and say "Wow, our bookers fucking suck".
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Re: Legend Presents: WWE 2006 - Stop Your Grinnin' And Drop Your Linen

First time reader/reviewer here, finally decided to come in and check out the show!

Interesting little tidbit backstage with Rey and Shane, and I guess my inexperience on the thread would lead to my confusion here, but I shall pick it up from here!

Alright, so we got a 4-Way at Judgment Day, that's cool, and ok, now we got the first Belfast Brawl and Batista and Finlay going at it to start off the show, which is cool as opening the show up with matches is something different. Writing the match in full isn't really my liking, but I can really see just how brutal this match was, as it should be. Big time win for Finlay here, although I'm thinking Batista's gotta snap out of his funk pretty soon. Booker watching from backstage makes sense and I thought it was a nice touch actually.

The little Batista segment didn't really do it for me, grabbing the worker trick just didn't make sense here, couldn't he have said it to Shane or another important figure?

I think pushing Lashley is awesome as he could really play that bad ass heel well to perfection I always thought. Nice to see he has a voice for him in Heyman, as there really is no one better for the job of manager.

Alright so cool, not every match is gonna be in full. I can breathe. But I'm digging this Brent Albright character, he seems like a genuine prick, and I'm not even actually watching the show. The promo seemed almost shootish to be in the beginning when he was talking about stepping stones and doormats, but he cleaned it up. Nice to see him 6-0, and I bet he's gonna crush Holly come Judgment Day.

Whoo, Punk! He just has to be here, nice to see him being added soon!

I'm continuing to dig this Albright character, and it's good to see that the match is official, not that it was really ever in doubt.

I like the way you change the text around for Booker, it's a bold move, and I think it's a good change of pace. I also feel like you captured Edge well here as I can actually see that piece going down.

Wow, so I read that match paragraph by paragraph, and it just wouldn't end! 20 minute draw kinda sucks, but I understand it actually. Although I am shocked that Regal/Burchill and the Bashams didn't demolish them after the match as that would have made a lot more sense, but still an awesome match.

Man, I always hated those "No contact" stipulation things, must be hard to book around, but if you can pull it off, more power to ya.

So, safe to say that was a straight up awesome promo. Really top notch stuff right there man, extremely impressed. On top of that, gives some great hype to the match at Judgment Day, which I just can't see Kennedy losing after being undefeated for seven months.

Wow, Jamie Noble getting the rocket push. The guy definitely can get it done in the ring, he just may need a mouthpiece for the future. Good idea to have him absolutely wreck Dick as it gets his dominance over and that's a pretty sweet stipulation, one you don't normally see, especially for the Cruiserweight Title match.

Interesting little meeting here, doesn't really do much in the now, but I'm sure it sets up for events down the road.

Pretty good main event here, although being in Mysterio's hometown, I didn't feel like the outcome was ever in question. And wow, Mysterio is getting absolutely trashed right now. Of course, should have seen it coming. No Batista, maybe he was jumped before this? Maybe he purposely didn't come out? You have a lot of different ways you could go with this one.

Overall, my first reading of your show, and damn man I'm impressed. Not gonna lie, not really a huge fan of such written out matches on regular TV, but it does increase the show quality I guess. The Kennedy promo was nothing short of awesome, really was. Also gonna be interesting to see what stipulation Lashley/Heyman for the big Judgment Day match. You got me hooked, RAW will definitely see a review coming from my way.

TNA: Becoming Number One

A real TNA story...
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Re: Legend Presents: WWE 2006 - Stop Your Grinnin' And Drop Your Linen

I'm so sorry not to have visited you in a while my dear.

As I already told you via Messenger, I don't care if it's not the right show for it to happen, but I'd cream if Big Show won the WWE Championship. He (along with Paul 'OWNS' Bearer!~) has been one of the most entertaining characters to read on RAW, and his push over the last six months or so has been huge. It certainly wouldn't be out of place to have him pick up the title sometime down the road, if not on this show.

I've already told you my feelings on the Spirit Squad so I'm not going to repeat myself here, but I will say that I'd love to see the Intercontinental Title on Dykstra. Out of everyone in the group, he has the most potential (well, along with Nicky) to be a major player in the future. Besides that, how much longer can you keep up Benjamin and Haas overcoming the odds that Bischoff places against them? Not to mention the Sons of Samoa looming in the background in pursuit of the World Tag Team Titles.

I'm looking forward to the Orton interview, as his character seems to be going with a transitional stage at the moment. What with everything that's happened at and since WrestleMania, it should be interesting to see where you take him.

Show should be sexy overall tbf.
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Re: Legend Presents: WWE 2006 - Stop Your Grinnin' And Drop Your Linen

Monday Night Raw - May 15th, 2006; Lubbock, Texas

“The bigger they are, the harder they fall.”

Extreme Repercussions

No fireworks, opening video, commentary…

Raw General Manager Eric Bischoff enters the arena, receiving a plethora of heat as he does so. Alongside him, carrying his bags, hurries the lovely Torrie Wilson, struggling to keep up with her boss. Easy E swaggers along, seemingly full of confidence ahead of tonight’s show, as broadcast colleague Todd Grishamquickly scurries over to him, thrusting a microphone in his face, trying to get some answers.

Todd Grisham: Mr. Bischoff, what do you have to say following ECW’s invasion last week?

~ Bischoff stops, sighs a little, and then turns to Torrie.

Eric Bischoff: Miss Wilson?

~ Eric saunters away, as… Torrie Wilson comes up to the mic.

Torrie Wilson: Tonight, ECW will learn the true meaning… (smiles) of extreme.



Just like last week the ominous theme rumbles through the arena to a thunderous ovation from the Texan crowd, as ‘The Game’ Triple H steps out onto the stage. Dressed in jeans, a grey ‘On Your Knees’ t-shirt, a leather jacket and shades, Hunter readies himself atop the ramp, taking a swig of water, before getting all fired up and heading on down to the ring, scowling.

Joey Styles: The two biggest titles in the WWE are in jeopardy tonight, as the struggle for power on Monday nights continues! Hello, everyone, and welcome to Monday Night Raw, her LIVE in Lubbock, Texas! I am Joey Styles, here at ringside along with Jonathan Coachman, and ‘Good ol’ J.R.’, Jim Ross!!

Jim Ross: The Big Show challenges Kurt Angle for the richest prize in our game, the WWE Championship, in the main event, and the Intercontinental Title hangs -- literally -- in the balance, as Kenny of The Spirit Squad tries to take the gold from Shelton Benjamin IN A LADDER MATCH!!

Joey Styles: Indeed we could well see the entire landscape of Raw change tonight, just four weeks away from the return to the Hammerstein Ballroom, for ECW One Night Stand. Just seven days ago, the ECW superstars invaded Raw, a show of solidarity for their fallen comrade, Rob Van Dam, and, boy, did Eric Bischoff not like that!?

Jim Ross: You’re stayin’ awfully quiet over there, Coach. Is there somethin’ you’re not tellin’ us, like usual?

Jonathan Coachman: Are you serious, J.R.? Why are you even talking to this man? You’re going to get us both fired if you keep acknowledging him. Listen, if you just ignore him then maybe Mr. Bischoff won’t fire your ass too, J.R., ‘cause he’s sure as hell gonna fire Joey Styles’!

Joey Styles: Thanks for the vote of confidence, Coach.

After completing his (over)long entrance, Helmsley tosses his water bottle aside and grabs a microphone from ringside, waiting for the crowd to quieten down a little bit.

Triple H: Y’know … it’s been brought to my attention – I’ve been asked the same question over and over and over again, why exactly I came back the way I did.

~ H paces around the ring slowly, nodding.

Triple H: Normally – normally there wouldn’t be an issue. It usually just goes something like “Guy gets injured. Leaves. Guy gets better. Guy comes back.” And 99% of the time that’s exactly how it goes down … but not this time.

~ Helmsley takes a deep breath before continuing.

Triple H: Every so often you get a guy who doesn’t wait ‘til he’s better, who doesn’t do what the doctor’s tell him, who doesn’t heed one word of advice from his family … or from his friends … ‘cause he’s got something eating away at his very soul.

~ The crowd cheers, as The Game stops his pacing momentarily, flicking his hair out of his face, and looking up.

Triple H: I came back… not because I had to, not because I wanted to, but because, quite simply, I NEEDED to come back to this place.

~ Light cheers from the crowd.

Triple H: It’s called “unfinished business”; you know exactly what I’m talking about; we all have it. It just so happens that I have more unfinished business than any other man walkin’ the face of the earth today … and that’s all down to one man – ONE MAN, who did something that I never thought he would do in a million years.

~ Hunter scowls ruefully.

Triple H: He BEATme, he beat The Cerebral Assassin, The King Of Kings … hell, he beat THE GAME on the grandest stage of ‘em all in MY match, in the match that I chose, that I have maimed, that I crippled more men in than any other.

~ The crowd pops, even starting a slight “RVD! RVD! RVD!” chant.

Triple H: Oh, trust me; you don’t have to remind me of his name. I’ve been hearin’ that name in my … nightmares since WrestleMania.

~ Mixed reaction.

Triple H: Let me say this as clearly as I can, Rob Van Dam DID NOT injure Triple H. Triple H injured Triple H. And ya wanna know why? It’s because my passion, my drive, my will to win is greater than that of any other superstar walkin’ these halls. It’s what has made me the Worlds Champion ten times… and it’s what has put me on the shelf too, many, times.

~ Mixed reaction

Triple H: At the same time, it’s what’s brought me back time and time again. You wanna ask me why I returned the way I did at Backlash, or the way I did to Raw two weeks ago, or last week. Let me tell you right now, I did NOT do it for Rob Van Dam!

~ Another mixed reaction.

Triple H: I might’ve shook his hand the night after WrestleMania and called him “the better man”… but that’s where it ends. He was better… on… one night. I am the very BEST for the other 364-days of the year, so if you wanna know who I did what I did for at Backlash … you’re lookin’ at him. I did it because I want RVD so badly, you really think I could sit on the sidelines and watch someone – someone other than me – take him out?

~ A few boos from the engrossed crowd.

Triple H: Not a chance. Big Show, Bearer, you just don’t get it, do you?

~ Crowd boos

Triple H: It’s not about suckin’ up to the boss, kidnapping, and… beating up women. It’s all about… who is the very best in this business. Is it me… or is it you? Last week, it was about finding out who’s better, me… or Kurt Angle? You two ruined that. He thought he’d seen the last of Triple H back in February, but he should’ve known, just like EVERYONE should know, the game never, EVER ends.

~ “TRIPLE H! TRIPLE H! TRIPLE H! TRIPLE H!” Hunter doesn’t seem too impressed though, as he continues on.

Triple H: It just gets harder and tougher and rougher and bloodier and more violent than any man can handle, and then… then you’ll look up, and you’ll see who the better man was all along … (scowls, intense) me.

~ Another great pop, as H glowers.

Triple H: That’s what they’ve all found out in the end, one way or another – from The Rock to Mick Foley (pop) … Goldberg to Steve Austin (pop) … Chris Jericho to Kevin Nash.

~ Crowd cheers each name.

Triple H: They ALL find out that there are NO EQUALS, there is NO level playing field, and that, in this business, there is only ONE guarantee …

~ HHH turns


~ Thunderous pop from the Texas crowd, as the Cerebral Assassin shakes with intensity, as he stares straight ahead.

Triple H: And it doesn’t matter who you are…

~ uh oh

Triple H: It doesn’t matter if you’re an overweight, oversized, overHYPED, over-the-hill, fat sonnuva bitch walkin’ around with old Uncle Fester … it doesn’t matter if you’re an apple chewin, catchphrase spewin’, gentlemen’s bathroom favor doin’ little Caribbean bastard … it doesn’t matter if you’re an Olympic Gold Medallist with a foot up your ass (OH!) … and it sure as hell doesn’t matter if your ECW ass is stuck in RETIREMENT!!

~ Tremendous cheers for The Game as he really vents, ripping into the big names of Monday Night Raw with aplomb.

Triple H: Because … I am The Game and I am … that … damn … good!

~ Triple H drops the mic down the canvas with a thud and storms over to the nearby turnbuckle, throwing his arms back and up into the air with his usual pose, roaring into the night, as his music blares out over the PA, and the United Spirit Center showers him in adoration.

Jim Ross: After last week’s untimely interruption from Eric Bischoff and co., tonight Triple H finally gets to get a few things off his chest since his incredible return, and boy, did The Game have a few home truths for the Raw roster.

Jonathan Coachman: He better watch his mouth, J.R.!!

~ At the top of the ramp, the 10-time World Champion stops, turns, and throws his arms into the air once more, getting a thunderous ovation.

Joey Styles: The Game will also be in action later on tonight on Raw, taking on ‘The Masterpiece’ Chris Masters. But up next … the Intercontinental Championship hangs in the balance – LITERALLY!! Ken Doane challenges Shelton Benjamin, NEXT!!



The United Spirit Arena lets out a very strong ovation, as the extremely popular, extremely athletic, extremely talented, and, judging from all the gold he brings with him, extremely successful, World Tag Team and Intercontinental Champion Shelton Benjamin lifts the mood in the building, passing the solitary ladder at the foot of the ramp, and giving it a quick nod, before skipping into the ring.

Jim Ross: This young man’s got a helluva tall task ahead of him tonight if he wants to retain the Intercontinental Title, but when you’re, in my opinion, the best pure athlete around today, well, you never know.

Jonathan Coachman: I know, J.R., believe me on that. This is my boy’s night, baby, and Kenny Doane is gonna bring the gold home to The Spirit Squad in his first ever Ladder Match and only his second ever title match!

Joey Styles: Well, this is indeed the third match in “Eric Bischoff’s Extreme Initiative”, so expect a violent battle, as Bischoff continues to try and outdo ECW as we head toward the Hammerstein Ballroom and One Night Stand II!


The obnoxious anthem is greeted by some loud heat, as, for only the second time in his young career, the gifted 20-year old, Kenny, heads down the ramp for a shot at Intercontinental gold. Wearing his green tracksuit pants, no shirt, and his trademark white headband, Doane looks strangely naked without his four teammates, but he seems unperturbed, as he passes the ominous ladder.

Jim Ross: Well, here comes, as you’ve christened him, Coach, “your boy”, but I think a more accurate moniker for him would be your “narcissistic, egomaniacal, yet very talented boy”, don’t you think?

Jonathan Coachman: No, I don’t, J.R., ‘cause my boy Kenny isn’t narcissistic, he just takes care of himself. He isn’t egomaniacal, he’s just self-confident. You got one thing right though, J.R., he is a very, very talented kid.

Joey Styles: Tactful as ever, Coach. Kenny’s barely started shaving. He may well be the future of this company, but the man he’s gotta beat tonight, just might be the best athlete in the history of this company, and that’s no small feat.

~ Both men look ready to go, but they restrain themselves momentarily, watching keenly, as referee Mike Chioda, hangs the title and sends it up into the rafters.

Jim Ross: Who will make… the ultimate sacrifice?

1 - Semi-Main Event; Intercontinental Championship; Ladder Match
Shelton Benjamin defends against Kenny

After the ringing of the bell the two young men go through the usual pre-Ladder Match routine of eyeing up the prize, suspended over 15 feet in the air above them, talking some serious smack. Finally they lock up, tussling around the ring for a bit, until Shelton Benjamin gains the upper hand. As soon as this happens, Kenny decides to go for a walk outside, using the heel tactic to lure Benji into a false sense of security, BEFORE RUSHING BACK INTO THE RING AND CLUBBING HIM FROM BEHIND!! The crowd boos, as Doane has his way with Shelton for a while, laughing as he does it.

The Champ tries to fight back, only for Kenny to cut him off with a swift kick to the gut. Grabbing Benjamin’s arm, the young cheerleader goes for the Irish Whip, but it’s reversed instead and Doane hits the ropes -- REBOUNDING INTO A SCINTILLATING ROUNDHOUSE KICK RIGHT TO THE SKULL!!

A few “Ooh’s” go up, as Shelton looks to take advantage and leave the ring … but he took too long, and Kenny cuts him off at the ropes, beating him down in the ring some more, before capping it all off with a HIGH-ANGLE BELLY-TO-BACK NECKBREAKER!! In control, Doane heads outside and grabs a LADDER, folding it up and looking to bring it in -- BUT BENJAMIN KICKS THE LADDER RIGHT BACK IN HIS FACE WITH A BASEBALL SLIDE!!!

More “Ooh’s” ring out, as a dazed Kenny scrambles back up to his feet, still, rather stupidly, clutching the ladder -- SHELTON FLIES OVER THE TOP ROPE WITH A SOMERSAULT PLANCHA - RIGHT ONTO BOTH KENNY AND THE LADDER!!!!

The “Holy Shit” chants are rampant, and both men are hurting, as we cut to a commercial break…

When we return is the defending champion in control, as he rolls Doane to the outside and begins to CLIMB THE LADDER, which was set up during the break. Benjamin doesn’t get far though, as Kenny RACES BACK INSIDE AND SHOVES THE LADDER OVER - SHELTON LANDS HARD ON THE ROPES!!!

It takes a while, with the arena a-rockin’ and a-rollin’ with the “SHELTON” chants, but young Master Doane manages to pull himself up, positioning the ladder in the corner, and grabbing his prey. He tries to slam Benji off the steel, but ends up being DRIVEN into the ladder himself! As Kenny tumbles, Shelton quickly climbs the turnbuckle, and then climbs the far side of the ladder, making it right to the top -- KENNY CUTS HIM OFF! Doane hammers Benjamin up top, joining him 15ft in the air, before applying the front facelock, GOING FOR A SUPERPLEX FROM THE TOP OF THE LADDER -- NO; Shelton fights it with right hands, before SHOVING KENNY ALL THE WAY DOWN TO THE MAT BELOW!!!

The crowd pops, as Doane falls in perfect position for any top rope manoeuvre, and the only dual champion in the WWE, Shelton Benjamin, steps down onto the top turnbuckle, preparing himself for something -- but Kenny jumps back up, grabs the ladder, and FLINGS IT RIGHT BACK INTO SHELTON’S FACE, CAUSING HIM TO CROTCH THE TOP!!!

“Ooh’s”, especially from the male contingent, erupt, as Benji lands in a very uncomfortable position, and a similarly sore Ken Doane grabs the ladder, pulling it back to the centre of the ring and SETTING IT UP BENEATH THE TITLE BELT -- BUT, OUT OF NOWHERE, SHELTON FLIES OFF THE TOP ROPE, DROPKICKING THE LADDER RIGHT INTO/ONTO DOANE, WIPING HIM OUT!!!!

More “HOLY SHIT” chants fill the building, as both men are laid out. Doane is sandwiched rather awkwardly between the ladder, and Benjamin seems to be in the clear as he recovers swiftly. The IC Champion sets the ladder up beneath the belt, and BEGINS TO CLIMB … ONLY FOR KENNY TO QUICKLY GRAB HIM!! Doane yanks him off, pounds him down, hooking him up, and TRIES TO CATAPULT BENJI INTO THE LADDER -- BUT THE FORMER GOLDEN GOPHER SPRINGS ONTO IT AND BEGINS TO CLIMB!!! The noise of the crowd alerts Doane to his mistake and he hurriedly scales the ladder on the other side, meeting his great rival 15feet in the air at the summit! After a few right hands, Kenny has Benjamin reeling, and he quickly looks to press his advantage, reaching over, grabbing Shelton around the neck, and LEAPING OFF, FALLING ALL THE WAY DOWN TO THE CANVAS, DRIVING BENJAMIN’S HEAD INTO THE MAT WITH THE RK-DOANE FROM FIFTEEN FEET IN THE AIR!!!!

Guess what? Yet more “HOLY SHIT” chants for this dangerous contest, as both combatants lie in a heap on the ground, Benjamin, in particular, looking the worse for wear.

Doane is up first and he SQUASHES Shelton in the corner with the ladder some more, before setting it up centre of the ring again, and GOING FOR THE GOLD! Gritting his teeth though, Benjamin staggers out of the corner, sticks his head underneath Kenny, LIFTING HIM OFF THE LADDER IN THE POWERBOMB POSITION, RACING FORWARD -- BEFORE HE SUDDENLY TURNS AND POWERBOMBS KENNY INTO THE ERECTED LADDER!!!!

The ladder damn near break, as Kenny flies through it, garnering more roars from the crowd, as Shelton, still moving gingerly, positions first Doane in the corner, followed by the ladder on top of him, before racing across the ring, GOING FOR THE STINGER SPLASH -- BUT NICKY APPEARS, PULLING KENNY OUT OF THE RING -- SHELTON HITS NOTHING BUT LADDER!!!

As the “Ooh’s” pour down from the rafters, the defending IC Champ drops down in a heap to the canvas, and THE ENTIRE SPIRIT SQUAD ENTER THE RING!!! They drag poor Benjamin back up to his feet at the same time, while Johnny grabs the ladder off the mat, and he tosses the ladder … TO SHELTON … WHO CATCHES IT -- BUT MIKEY DROPKICKS IT RIGHT BACK IN HIS FACE!!! This is quickly followed by Mitch and Nicky setting the ladder up in the corner, with Johnny and Mikey WHIPPING SHELTON CRASHING INTO IT SPINE-FIRST!!!

The boos are truly merciless, as a smirking (though still hurting) Kenny pulls out ANOTHER LADDER from under the ring, and slides it into the ring. As the other four members of the team THROW SHELTON UP SKY HIGH, SLAMMING HIM DOWN ACROSS A LADDER WITH THE HIGH SPIRITS, Doane erects the new, massive ladder in the corner, and ascends to the top, screaming at his teammates to “KEEP ‘IM DOWN!”


The crowd ROARS, as Kenny looks nervously over his shoulder, seeing the oncoming danger, and yelling to The Squad to “GO GET HIM!” All four cheerleaders quickly jump up and make a beeline for the ropes – BUT GREGORY HELMS AND CHAVO GUERRERO SUDDENLY ATTACK THEM FROM BEHIND, HAVING COME THROUGH THE CROWD!!!

More cheers go up, as the superstars brawl to the outside, with Haas, Helms, and Chavito really taking it to the hapless quartet, as, back inside the ring, stagger almost 20 feet in the air, Doane panics, and LEAPS OFF THE TOP OF THE LADDER WITH THE GUILLOTINE LEG DROP ONTO SHELTON -- BUT BENJAMIN MOVES … AND KENNY SLAMS INTO NOTHING BUT A BROKEN STEEL LADDER!!!!!

“HOLY SHIT! HOLY SHIT! HOLY SHIT!” Having damn-near broken his leg, Doane writhes around in total agony on the canvas, clutching his hamstring desperately, while Shelton tries to recover his senses. Meanwhile, outside the squared circle, Helms and Chavo take Johnny, Mikey and Nicky INTO THE CROWD, BRAWLING ALL THE WAY THROUGH THE MASSES, leaving Haas to reverse an Irish Whip attempt from Mitch, SENDING HIM INTO THE STEEL STEPS!!

In the ring, Benji sets up the healthy ladder once again, kicking the other one away, and BEGINS TO CLIMB ONCE MORE!!

He is within a fingertip of the gold … WHEN KENNY IS BACK UP AND STOPS HIM!! Boos greet the recovery, but a limping Doane manages to scale the ladder, painfully, to prevent his opponent from retrieving the belt. Kenny’s leg is seriously bothering him though, and he is unable to mount much offence up top, and Benjamin cuts him off, BEFORE FLIPPING OVER, BRINGING DOANE CRASHING DOWN INTO THE CANVAS WITH A SUNSET FLIP POWERBOMB FROM THE TOP OF THE LADDER!!!!

KENNY - IS - DONE! There doesn’t seem to be anything left of the fair-haired youngster, as he lies in a broken, spread-eagled heap on the mat, his eyes closed tight. Similarly hobbling, Shelton drags poor Doane up, tucks him between his legs, LIFTS HIM UP IN THE POWERBOMB POSITION, RACES FORWARD … AND POWERBOMBS KENNY OVER THE TOP ROPE ONTO MITCH, INADVERTENTLY WIPING CHARLIE HAAS OUT AT THE SAME TIME!!!!

As the crowd goes insane, with all three, Kenny, Mitch, and, unfortunately, Haas, down on the outside, a hurting, exhausted Shelton Benjamin repositions the ladder underneath his title again, before slowly climbing … to the top … REACHING UP … AND UNHOOKING THE INTERCONTINENTAL CHAMPIONSHIP!!!!

Winner - Benjamin via retrieving the belt @ 15:29. Shelton Benjamin retains the Intercontinental Championship.

The crowd EXPLODES, as Shelton Benjamin drags his championship belt down to him, eyes closed in relief, as he stands atop the vertigo-enducingly high ladder, his music blasting out over the loudspeakers, as Charlie Haas slides back into the ring.


Jonathan Coachman: (Pissed) Calm yourself down there, Pop N’ Fresh!

Joey Styles: What an athletic opening contest for Monday Night Raw, with Shelton Benjamin and Kenny leaving it all in the ring, but with Shelton, in the end, overcoming all of the interference from Doane’s buddies, to retain his title! I – I hope Charlie Haas is okay after what happened at the end though.

As Shelton climbs down, Haas, who has just seen Kenny and Mitch back up the ramp, flailing his steel chair … takes a good look, from the chair, to over his shoulder at Benjamin … whilst Benji throws his belts over his shoulder, not even paying attention … as Shelton takes a step forward … but drops the chair nonchalantly, staring at Benji.

The crowd buzzes with “Ooh’s”, everyone uncertain how to respond to the burgeoning tension within one-half of the World Tag Team Champions … as he stares into the other’s eyes, breathing hard…


Boos ENGULF the arena, as the two unstable savages, under the ever watchful eye of Armando Alejandro Estrada, go nuts in the ring, knocking the ladder flying!! Quickly, ‘Mags drags Benjamin over to the corner, sitting him in it, before positioning the ladder in front of him. Retreating across the ring, The Samoan Bulldozer lets out a ROAR, BEFORE CHARGING ACROSS THE RING - DRIVING HIS BACKSIDE RIGHT THROUGH THE LADDER - RIGHT INTO THE SKULL OF SHELTON BENJAMIN!!!!

“OOHH!” The crowd barely has any time to react though, as Samu flings Charlie Haas across the ring into the ropes, catching him on the way back, and SLAMMING HIM DOWN WITH A SAMOAN DROP RIGHT ONTO THE SECOND (first really), BROKEN LADDER SPINE-FIRST!!!!

As the boos, mixed in with some “HOLY SHIT” chants, reverberate around the building, the Sons of Samoa survey the damage, growling like wild animals, with Estrada clapping his hands happily in between them… Haas and Benjamin bloodied, battered… and broken men…

Jim Ross: For God’s sake! For the third straight week Armando Estrada’s henchmen have left our World Tag Team Champions lying after attacking them from behind!!

Jonathan Coachman: Wait, was it just me or did both Haas and Benjamin -- those two ‘honourable men -- try to clean each other’s clocks after that match?

Joey Styles: That, Coach, isn’t really the issue right now, is it? You’ve got two men lying in the middle of the ring after a third straight heinous assault in as many weeks, and all you can talk about is whether or not they were going to hit the other? What’s the matter with you?

Jonathan Coachman: I just speak the truth, traitor, I just speak the truth…


Inside his office, the egomaniacal Eric Bischoff sits in stoic silence, just staring straight ahead at the wall. It’s hard to remember a time when he looked more serious, but Bischoff’s countenance is heavy, as he closes his eyes, rubs his temples, and speaks.

Eric Bischoff: (Without turning, or looking up) So, you know what to do?

~ The camera slowly pans around and up to reveal … “The Masterpiece” Chris Masters, dressed to compete, with a ‘Vengeance’ t-shirt over the top.

Chris Masters: Yeah, yeah, yeah… “Chris, make sure Hunter doesn’t get involved in the WWE Title Match.” That’s what you said to me, Mr. Bischoff, and that’s what I’m gonna do.

Eric Bischoff: (Smiles, eyes still closed) … … See that you do.

~ Masters nods obediently and makes his exit, leaving his tortured boss to stew in silence.


Jim Ross: Welcome back to Monday Night Raw, everyone, and during the break, Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin were taken away to ambulances, and our broadcast colleague Kristal tried {respecting the injured … nice one ~___~} to see how they were doin’.

*Cut To Video - Parking Lot - During the Commercial Break*

Kristal, along with a faithful cameraman, hurry through the parking lot to where an ambulance is stood, with the paramedics wheeling a stretcher holding Shelton Benjamin toward it, whilst Charlie Haas hobbles after him, refusing any assistance, but clutching his lower back in pain.

Kristal: Charlie! Charlie! Do you have any comment on what just happened?

~ Of course he does … but he’s damn-near broken in half, and can barely get out his breath, let alone his thoughts, as the paramedics try to usher Kristal and the film team away.

Paramedic: Lady, you’re gonna have to let us do our job.

~ Kristal stops dead in her tracks, allowing them to move on … only for Haas to make a sudden beeline for the camera, looking straight into it with moist eyes, forcing Kristal to hold the mic up to his mouth.

Charlie Haas: Estrada…(winces, clutches his ribs) Estrada, you… you think you’ve won this already… don’t you? Well let me… lemme tell you somethin’… there’s still one month left before Vengeance, but I couldn’t think of a more suitable name for a pay-per-view.

~ Haas grits his teeth and coughs a bit, grimacing with pain.

Charlie Haas: ‘Cause that…(points to Shelton being loaded) that right there is my partner, Estrada… and you don’t do that to my partner. Next week… next week you’re not gonna get the chance to attack me from behind… ‘cause I’m gonna be punchin’ your teeth… right down your throat.

~ The paramedics call him over, and the fiery Haas staggers away from the camera to clamber up into the ambulance and make his way, along with Shelton Benjamin, to the nearby medical facility.

*Back to Real Time - Ringside*

Speak of the devils. Still inside the ring following their post-match beat down of the World Tag Team Champions, The Sons of Samoa, along with Armando Alejandro Estrada, pace up and down angrily, their music fading in the background.

Jim Ross: Disturbing footage, I’m sure you’ll agree, ladies and gentlemen, but what do you expect when you take a look at what Charlie Haas has been through recently?

Jonathan Coachman: That – that idiot. He… he really thinks he’s going to be able to do anything to my man ‘Mando with Umaga and Samu backing him up? Haha. Not a chance.

Jim Ross: Well, you may be right there, Coach. From what we’ve seen of The Sons of Samoa since their impactful debut at Backlash, I’m yet to see any weakness in their game, and if Haas is thinkin’ about a solo mission… well, it could very well turn into suicide.

Jonathan Coachman: “Could” turn into suicide? Traitor, if Charlie Haas so much as looks at any one of these three the wrong way, he’s going to get his ass kicked. Oh good, ‘Mando’s got something to say.

~ Estrada has a mic in hand and a finger in the air. Hence how Coach knew he had something to say.

Armando Alejandro Estrada: Todos, escuchame, everybody listen -- haha -- to me! In case ju haven’t heard … MY NAME ES ARMANDOOOO ALEJANDRROOOO ESTRRRRRRRADA!!! HA-HA!!

~ The crowd boos, as AAE grins charismatically.

Armando Alejandro Estrada: Charlie Haas, did ju really think I wouldn’t hear what ju just said? Charlie Haas … … JU BIG, STUPID DUMMY!!

~ More heat from the crowd, as Umaga and Samu simmer menacingly.

Armando Alejandro Estrada: I told ju… I warned ju, before Backlash that ju were playing for the losing team. I gave ju the -- como se dic’ -- opportunity to be a winner, but instead ju decided to stick with Shelton Benjamin… and look where that has got ju.

~ Estrada shakes his head ruefully.

Armando Alejandro Estrada: Haha, Charlie, Charlie, Charlie, me amigo, take a look at jourself. Ju couldn’t get the job done at Backlash. Ju couldn’t win the Intercontinental Championship from your hombre, and come Vengeance, ju’re not just going to be without that title, but, compadre, ju will lose the World Tag Team Championship… to … THE SONS OF SAAAAAAMOA … (points)UUUUUUUUMAGAAA AND SAAAAAAAAAAAAAMUUUU!!!

~ More boos pile in, as Umaga and Samu pound their chests angrily, well psyched up (are they ever not?) for their upcoming match, as AAE beams away.

Jim Ross: Things do not look good for Messrs Benjamin and Haas. Believe you me, I would not want to be The World’s Greatest Tag Team come Vengeance.

Jonathan Coachman: Well, I guess once they lose the World Tag Team Titles to Estrada’s boys their going to have to stop calling themselves that, right?


An advertisement plays hyping the blockbuster main event on the final Friday Night SmackDown! before Judgment Day; pitting Batista and U.S. Champion Rey Mysterio against Booker T and Finlay with World Heavyweight Champion Edge as the Special Guest Referee.

2 - 3-On-2 Handicap Match
The Sons Of Samoa vs. Three Local Wrestlers

Our second competitive match of the night … this is not. We get our usual squash of the evening for the new team on the block, the default number one contenders to the World Tag Team Champions at Vengeance, Armando Alejandro Estrada’s Sons Of Samoa. This week in their path? Three wrestlers rather than two. The result. Exactly the same. Umaga and Samu absolutely pummel their opponents, going through their usual (awesome) move set, before polishing the trio off with dual SAMOAN SPIKES to get the duke.

Winners - Sons Of Samoa via pinfall @ 3:08.

Dominant. Umaga and Samu intimidate the tiny official out of the squared circle, as Estrada, clapping his hands together happily, steps through the ropes and presents his intimidating pair to the mortified crowd. For no apparent reason, the two savages decide to drag the young men back up AND DRILL THEM WITH SOME MORE SAMOAN SPIKES!!


Jonathan Coachman: Sorry guys, I was getting a cup of coffee. What did I miss?

Jim Ross: Oh my - why are you such an ass, Coach? I hope, I really hope Bischoff doesn’t fire you, Joey, ‘cause I’m not sure I’m gonna be able to put up with this drivel for two hours every week all by myself. Your Samoan buddies, Coach? Remember them? They just senselessly attacked three innocent young men. Good enough for ya?


Todd Grisham stands by, microphone in hand … with The Redneck Wrecking Crew, Lance Cade and Trevor Murdoch. Looking disgruntled, neither man is dressed to compete, opting instead for plaid, denim, cowboy hat (Cade), and baseball cap (Murdoch).

Todd Grisham: Gentlemen, two weeks ago you came up short in your--

Trevor Murdoch: (angrily) “Came up short?” What the hell is that supposed to mean, Grisham? Sounds like yer implyin’ that myself and Cade can’t quite cut the mustard when it comes to those World Tag Team Championships. Ya couldn’t be more wrong. See, Cade and I had Haas and Benjamin – we had those boys beat, whichever way ya wanna look at it, but those gutless – those gutless, stinkin’ cowards played it underhand, didn’t they!? Shelton took a little stroll to the back and then jumped Cade from behind jus’ when we were closin’ in on victory!!

~ Crowd boos.

Lance Cade: (stepping up) But don’t think for one second that we’re done with the so-called “World’s Greatest Tag Team.” We ain’t. Last week, Murdoch and I done a little favour for Mr. Bischoff, by whoopin’ Kurt Angle and Triple H’s collective hides, and we done that for one reason and one reason only … to guaran - damn - tee the greatest damn tag team of all time another shot at the titles! Armando Estrada don’t have to like it, but he damn sure better live with it, ‘cause as far as we’re (puts arm around Murdoch) concerned, those tag team belts … belong … to The Redneck Wrecking Crew.

~ Murdoch smirks at his partner, before stepping up again.

Trevor Murdoch: Ya damn right. But just in case ya thought we’d forgot about ya’ll … (removes cap, smoothes out hair) … ECW? Mr. Bischoff’s given us a little message to send your way, ‘cause we know ya watchin’, sat back there on ya fat asses in that DUMP in New York City. The message is this, “Sabu, Dreamer, Sandman, Richards, Balls, Tanaka? I hope you do show up again this week, because this time … we’ll be ready. We’ll be waitin’ for ya. And this time, it’ll be E - C - W that is left lyin’.” See ya ‘round.

~ The RWC smirk arrogantly, before sauntering away to heat, as Grisham looks on.

*Video Plays*

It started out as a dream …

- RVD flying over the ropes into Jerry Lynn.

That became a reality …

- Mike Awesome powerbombing Masato Tanaka.

Last year the dream was relived …

- Tommy Dreamer crashing through the flaming table.

This year it will be reborn …

- Sandman brawling through the crowd.

This year ‘Extreme’ will live again …

- Taz suplexing some poor bastard.

This year sees the return …

- Sabu killing himself almost, as a voices echoes out.

“Of …”

- Quick, wild shots of Dreamer, Sandman, RVD, Funk, Taz, Sabu and Awesome.

“… ECW.”

“ECW One Night Stand, June 11th, 8/7CT, live on pay-per-view”

*End video*


Jim Ross: What the hell was all that about?

Jonathan Coachman: Cade ‘n’ Murdoch know who the winning team is and they just got on board. If I were you, Joey Sty-- Traitor, I’d call up your ECW boys right this minute and tell them to keep the hell away from Texas … unless they want to be on the wrong end of a serious ass kickin’, Monday Night RAW style!

Joey Styles: Thanks for the advice, Coach. I’ll keep it in mind.


Boos fill the arena, as ‘The Masterpiece’ Chris Masters makes his entrance for the so-called “tune-up match”, shedding his robe, flexing his impressive muscles, and marching confidently toward the ring, where he awaits his fate.

Jim Ross: That boy better quit posin’ and concentrate on his upcoming match, or he’s gonna end up on the wrong end of a big old ass kickin’, I can tell you that much. It’s Triple H for God’s sake, and Masters is out here like he was at a Mr. Universe show.

Jonathan Coachman: Look, just because you’ve got a keg, doesn’t mean “The Masterpiece” can’t show off his six-pack, J.R. There are ladies in the audience, and let’s face it, he’s a work of art. Just look at him, J.R., really look at him. Have you ever seen a more perfect human being in all your life?


Masters finally gets his game face on, as the 10-time World Champion, ‘The Game’ Triple H enters the arena for the second time tonight, looking royally pissed off, which is unsurprising. Clad in his familiar ring attire. Helmsley, clutching another water bottle and gazing up into the rafter, shakes his hair and strides down to the ring, where The Masterpiece stretches.

Jim Ross: We all thought that we were gonna get it last week when Eric Bischoff announced “Triple H versus Kurt Angle”, but surprise surprise it was nothing but a damn set up, and we never got to see The Game’s in-ring return.

Jonathan Coachman: Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah! Forget about it, J.R. It’s over. It’s done. Finito. Finished. I don’t know what you’re whining about either. Triple H and Kurt Angle were in cahoots with ECW all along! I knew it!

Joey Styles: I can assure you, Coach, Kurt Angle and Triple H are NOT in cahoots with ECW. Those two men simply don’t mesh with that place. I think it’s a case of “my enemy’s enemy is my friend”, folks.

~ The referee Jack Doan checks Masters for any foreign objects, before moving on to Hunter. Trips stretches, adjusting his elbow pads—




Lubbock is incensed once again tonight, as The Masterpiece flings The Game around like a rag doll, screaming with intensity, whilst the official tries desperately to get him to break the hold!! Masters refuses at first, but after a while he has no choice, as the ref threatens him with something, and he throws Helmsley to the mat, holding his hands up innocently.

Doan checks on Hunter, but has no choice but to ring the bell…

3 - Triple H vs. Chris Masters

Hunter is obviously worn down already thanks to that blatant sneak attack, and in the early stage, after avoiding a second Masterlock in rapid succession, the King Of Kings is just dominated by the young powerhouse in very entertaining match, thanks, in large part, to the awesomeness that is the former 10-time World Champion.

For most of the contest, The Masterpiece works over the neck of The Game, obviously softening him up for his devastating and unbreakable submission move. Trips is able to fight back from time to time, but Masters, in one of the biggest matches of his career, is on his ‘A Game’, and he quickly cuts the Cerebral Assassin off with a clubbing POLISH HAMMER right to the chest, knocking Helmsley out of his boots! ‘Piece raises his arms into the air, showing off his incredible physique.

With this display of narcissism, we head into a commercial break…

When we return, Masters is still very much in the driver’s seat, wearing down Hunter on the mat with a deadly () reverse chinlock, really putting the hurt on Trips’ neck. With the “TRIPLE H” chants filling the arena, The Game is able to summon enough strength to power back up to his feet, connecting with elbows to the chiselled abdomen of The Masterpiece, until the youngster finally breaks the hold. Quickly, Helmsley hits the ropes, ducks a big clothesline swipe from Masters, hits the other ropes, and leaps up with a crossbody block -- ONLY FOR MASTERS TO CATCH HIM!!

“Oohs” and “ahs” murmur at this show of herculean strength from The Masterpiece, as he smirks arrogantly, before tossing Triple H up and around, just like with HBK at Unforgiven, only for Trips to land on his feet, avoiding The Masterlock, going behind, quickly shoving ‘Piece into the ropes, and catching him on the way back, LIFTING HIM UP - DRILLING HIM WITH THE DOUBLE A SPINEBUSTER!!

As the crowd EXPLODES, The King Of Kings throws his arms into the air, before signalling that the end is near, waiting for the youngster. Eventually, Masters does get up, and Trips makes a move towards him -- BUT CARLITO JUMPS UP ONTO THE APRON -- BAM! HUNTER KNOCKS HIM RIGHT BACK DOWN WITH A RIGHT HAND!! The crowd roars, as ‘Lito takes a tumble. Turning back around, The Cerebral Assassin grabs Masters, GOING FOR THE PEDIGREE -- BUT MASTERS SPINS THROUGH -- AND APPLIES THE MASTERLOCK!!! The crowd boos furiously, as Triple H is caught, well and true in the deadly hold!!

Showing his true class, after almost a minute in the hold, the veteran suddenly springs back to life, rushing forward, using his feet to kick off the turnbuckle, taking Masters over -- just like Bret-Austin at Survivor Series ’96 -- with a cover!! 1... 2... MASTERS BREAKS THE HOLD!! Rolling back up to his feet, ‘Piece throws a big clothesline, but Hunter ducks it -- KICK TO THE GUT - HOOKS MASTERS’ ARMS - SLAMMING HIM DOWN INTO THE CANVAS WITH THE PEDIGREE!!! Another explosion from the crowd, as Helmsley quickly turns the young powerhouse over and hooks the far leg!




Winner - Triple H via pinfall @ 9:41.

Lubbock explodes with applause, as Hunter rolls away and has hand raised by the official, eyeballing Carlito on the outside, pointing threateningly at him.

Jim Ross: THE GAME WINS!! Triple H has managed to overcome Bischoff’s hired… assassin, Chris Masters, here tonight, but by God, it wasn’t easy.

Jonathan Coachman: Of course it wasn’t easy, J.R.!! He’s The Masterpiece!!

Joey Styles: Well, I’ll take nothing away from Chris Masters. That young man put up one hell of a fight tonight, and he has absolutely nothing to be ashamed of, but, for Triple H, that was a very important victory. His first proper match back, his first match since losing to Rob Van Dam at WrestleMania XXII, and a good performance.

As Carlito helps Masters from the ring, a resplendent Game seethes with intensity, as he strides over to the ropes, leaning over them so that Mr. Money in the Bank can hear him, “You’re next, ‘Lito. You’re next ya sunnuva bitch.”


Backstage, hidden deep in the bowels of the building, surrounded by eerie (Mankind) flickering lights and steel grating, Paul Bearer smiles eerily into the camera.

Paul Bearer: WEEEEEELCOME! WEEEEEEEELCOME!! Yeeees, (waving us in) come in, come in and join us here … here, in mah’ giant’s dark, DAAAAAARK sanctuary, in the very depths of this buildin’, as he prepares.

~ Bearer clutches his little burlap sack.

Paul Bearer: It started three months ago with mah’ own son Kane. Mah’ giant squashed him like the insect that he had become. Next… came Eugene, then Dustin Rhodes, and, of course, sweet, innocent Maria. They were but warnings. And last… but by no means least, you’re HEEEEERO Rob … Van … Dam … fell… to mah’ giant.

~ Bearer bares his yellow teeth.

Paul Bearer: And ta’night – ta’night you will AAALLLLL bear witness to mah’ giant’s final ascension, as he ends this pathetic, embarrassin’, sorry excuse for a title reign, and brings the WWE Championship …(Closes his eyes dreamily) brings the WWE Championship back to where it belongs … back over to our side of the world.

~ Crowd boos, Bearer strokes his face slowly.

Paul Bearer: Kurt Angle? Kurt Angle has had his time atop the mountain. He had his own, wonderful moment of glory at WrestleMania, while mah’ giant wasn’t even on the card. Ta’night we write the wrong’s of a wasted career, as we prove that when it comes to the WWE Championship … SIZE – DOES – MATTER!! (Laughs) Get ready for a new day, a new dawn, ladies and gentlemen, and I assure you, it’s gonna be a big one, and it’s gonna be well worth the wait!! OH YEEEASSS!!!

~ Bearer cackles evilly, as the camera closes in on him, before fading away.



‘The Masterpiece’ Chris Masters, now wearing a t-shirt of his wrestling gear, picks up a vase and tosses it across the room with a crash, shaking with rage, and drawing an irritated gaze from Carlito, who sits on the couch clutching his briefcase like a safety blanket and shaking his head.

Chris Masters: (Breathing heavily) I don’t … that son of a BITCH!!

Carlito: (Muttering) “You’re next?”What de’ hell does ‘dat mean!?

Chris Masters: I could’ve taken him APART!!

~ Calming down, Masters slumps down on the couch across from ‘Lito.

Carlito: (Looking up) Did you hear what Triple H said about Carlito?

Chris Masters: Yeah, I heard it, but I was a little busy—

Carlito: “Gentlemen’s … bathroom favor doin’?” What da’ hell is that!?

Chris Masters: We’ll get him la—

Carlito: Carlito doesn’t go in no … “gentlemen’s bathrooms”, right?

Chris Masters: (Raises an eyebrow) Uh, right, okay.

~ Orton takes a deep breath, calming himself, sitting back in the couch.

Carlito: I tell you what, the – the next time Triple H says somethin’ ‘bout Carlito, he’s gonna wish he’d stayed away. (Carlito shakes his head) Carlito is – Carlito is Mr. Money in da’ Bank. Carlito is de’ next WWE Champion. The only time Triple H is … is … is even getting CLOSE to somethin’ like ‘dis, is gonna be when I shove it in his big nose. (Hugs briefcase close) Let’s see how he likes ‘dose apples.

~ Carly takes a nervous bite from his apple, chewing it thoughtfully, before we cut away.


4 - Winner Receives a Women’s Championship Match at Vengeance
Victoria vs. Trish Stratus

Another good match to continue the impressive series these two have had so far this year, though it’s a very different kind of contest, as the animosity between the women is at an all time high, and results in proceedings degenerating into an all out brawl. The bigger lady, Victoria, takes control of the smaller yet fiery Trish Stratus during the brawl, but it doesn’t seem to be bringing her any closer to victory, as neither woman seems intent of going for covers despite what is on the line.

Toward the end, the two women begin to dice-with-death with the referee’s ten count, with Trish quickly rolling back into the ring, and Victoria leaping up onto the apron. Stratus rocks Vickie with a right-hand, with The Vicious Vixen holding on with one hand! Turning, Trish hits the ropes, comes back – BUT VICTORIA BRINGS HER CRASHING OUT OF THE RING WITH HER!!! The crowd “Ooh’s” and “ah’s”, as the two Divas roll around on the floor in pain, and referee Jack Doan begins his count. Vickie makes it up first and looks as though she will break the count … BUT TRISH DRAGS HER BACK … AND THE REF COUNTS THEM BOTH OUT!!!

Winner - Double Count Out @ 5:48.

The crowd understandably boos the result, as the two women stand, hands on hips, unable to believe that they just screwed themselves out of a title shot thanks to their constant brawling. Turning around, Vickie angrily SLAPS TRISH STRATUS ACROSS THE FACE, sparking another mÍlťe, with security hurrying down the ramp to separate them!

Joey Styles: OH MY GOD!!!

Jonathan Coachman: So, no one gets to challenge Mickie!?

Jim Ross: I – I don’t know what’s gonna happen now, Coach. Trish and Victoria spent so much time chasin’ each other ‘round outside they were bound to get themselves counted out eventually, and now look at ‘em! They’re at each other’s throats and we STILL don’t have a number one contender the Women’s Championship!!

As security struggles to restrain the two feisty females, we cut briefly to the backstage area, to be shown the Women’s Champion Mickie James, title belt over her shoulder, staring wide-eyed at a monitor, giggling softly.

Jim Ross: Ladies and gentlemen, when we come back … Randy Orton, the man who confronted ‘The Nature Boy’ at Backlash - I sat down with him midweek to get some answers. And Good God Almighty it’s gonna be intense, up next, on Monday Night Raw.


Cut to a clip, with Jim Ross sitting on a chair, facing the camera, with Randy Orton sat adjacent to him, his arms folded upon his knees, wearing a dark shirt over a pair of jeans, appearing extremely pensive.

Jim Ross:I’m joined here by Randy Orton, who asked for this interview time to clear some of the issues that arose during his confrontation with his former mentor, “The Nature Boy” Ric Flair, three weeks ago at Backlash. Now, Randy, while you collect your thoughts, let’s take a look at what went down….

*Video Plays*

- We return to Backlash last night, with the video starting out very sombre, showing Ric Flair, emotional, but still suited and booted to the max, making his way to the ring, waving and blowing kisses to all of his adoring fans, who we get individual shots of.

Ric Flair:it’s been a LONG road getting’ to this point I can tell ya. But it feels DAMN good to have finally made it.

- Flair’s face is filled with emotion as he looks around the arena sadly, inter-cutting with shots of the nervous, anxious faces watching him.

Ric Flair: From the bottom of my heart, (looking up) I wanna thank you for everything.

- From Flair’s soliloquy we get a few flashing shots of exactly what Naitch means, as we travel back in time, seeing clips of him being adored (and hated) in various companies and decades around the world.

Ric Flair: But it can’t last forever. I gotta tell ya, that THE NAITCH … is only flesh and blood. You punch me, I FAAAALLLLL! You cut me, I BLEEEED! And I wrestle for 35 years … I gotta spend some time with my family. I THINK, or at least I’d like to think that I’ve earned your respect and your trust, enough so that when I tell ya what I’m about to say, you won’t hate me.

- Shot of even J.R looking apprehensive, fearing the next words from Flair’s mouth, as he hangs his head.

Ric Flair:I always wanted to go out on top, and at WrestleMania I think I ensured that. SO (trying to smile) for the first time in my career … I am gonna follow through with somethin’ I’d planned a LONG time ago … and I’m here to announce to you all … that I…

- Clips from the career of the great man, holding his numerous World Titles, beating opponent after opponent in the most entertaining matches.

Ric Flair:…am … RETIRING … from the sport of professional wrestling.

- Shot of the horror on everyone, including performer’s, faces. The mood changes drastically though, as Flair’s former protťgť, Randy Orton, makes his return.

Randy Orton:I came out here looking for the greatest wrestler to ever lace up… to ever lace a pair of boots, a man who taught me, me, Randy Orton, the youngest Worlds Champion IN, HISTORY, everything I know. I came out here looking -- looking for “The Nature Boy” Ric Flair, you might’ve heard of him?

Ric Flair: (Echoing)I’ve given this a lot of thought. I’ve been over it over and over again in my mind … with my wife … with my kids … with my friends … my peers … everyone … ‘til I -- well, ‘til I reached this point.

Randy Orton:but instead all I found was the greatest COWARDLY SON, OF, A, BITCH to ever dare to step foot in a wrestling ring!!

- Orton drawing the ire of the fans, his peers, and Flair, but persisting.

Randy Orton:No, no, I was looking for the man I used to run with when I… when I first entered this business, the man who didn’t take crap from ANYBODY, who did what he wanted, when he wanted.

- Flair and Orton face to face over the years.

Randy Orton:The guy who led me, who taught me everything there was to know in this business, a man with more BALLS than a THOUSAND JBL’S… and yet -- and yet, here you stand, telling the world… (right in Ric’s face) … that you’re letting that Wall Street punk run you out of the game.

- Flashback to WrestleMania XXII and its build, with Flair going up against one of the fiercest wrestling villains of the modern era, John “Bradshaw” Layfield, clashing with him at the Royal Rumble, Saturday Night’s Event, and, ultimately, WrestleMania, where he defeats the self-proclaimed “Wrestling God”.

Randy Orton:you once told me, Ric, you once told me, told me, Dave, and Hunter, that you would never, ever retire while there was still a breath left in you. You told us that so long as you felt Number Seventeen was still only just ‘round the corner … you’d keep on “walkin’ that aisle”. What happened to you? What happened … (snarling) … to that “Nature Boy”?

- The Evolution Era. Clips play, highlighting exactly what TLK is getting at, showcasing Flair’s time spent mentoring the present and future of this business in Triple H, Batista, and, of course, Randy Orton.

Ric Flair:D’ya think I was JOKIN’ back in ’75 when I broke my damn back!? D’ya think I was JOKIN’ when Terry Funk threw me upside my head through a TABLE!? Was I LAUGHIN’, when TRIPLE H, a man I thought -- you thought -- was my best friend, when he BUSTED me in the head OVER AND OVER AGAIN with a SLEDGEHAMMER JUST SIX MONTHS AGO!?

- This time we see Flair’s side of the argument, as we travel back to 1989, as Terry Funk ANNIHILATES Naitch at WrestleWar.

- The video moves forward, we see Flair being bloodied inside a Steel Cage, first by the man himself, Randy Orton, and then by his supposed closest friend, Triple H, who wields “that damn hammer” against Ric.

- Flair and Orton go eye to eye, with the veteran passionately showing the youngster every scar on his 57-year old body.

Randy Orton: That might -- might work on the wife and kids, Ric -- after all, I should know, I’ve met them. It might work on these … people here, but it’s not gonna’ work on me. You’re … (prodding Slick) … you’re walking away ‘cause this business with JBL has got you so scared of not just him, but all of this “New Blood” coming through -- you want to bow out now, quietly, slip out the back door before anyone knows you’re gone … ‘cause you’re scared to DEATH, Naitch … of being pushed aside and forgotten.

It won’t mean a thing if you walk away ‘cause of Bradshaw.

- Flair and Orton face to face that night…

Ric Flair: “PUSHED ASIDE?!” (The jacket comes off) ARE YOU KIDDIN’ ME!? (Down goes the jacket) You think YOU or any ONE of those snot-nosed PUNKS sittin’ in the back can hold a candle to THE NATURE BOY!? (Bounces off the ropes) The ONE … the ONLY … Stylin’ and WOOOOO, profilin’ … wheelin’, dealin’ SON OF A GUN!? (Stops cold in Orton’s face) NO! NO! NO CHANCE!!!

- Shots of the various young superstars Orton is referring to, from Carlito to Charlie Haas, Kenny to Shelton Benjamin, Chris Masters, Gregory Helms, etc., all gunning for Ric Flair’s spot near the top of the Raw roster, with Naitch doing his best to fight them all off.

Randy Orton:You might be old, Slick … but you aren’t that old … yet. You heard what I said. If you don’t want people doubting just how good you really are … what kind of man ‘The Nature Boy’ really is, Naitch … then I’d think twice about retiring. You know me about as well as anyone, Ric, and you should know -- you should know that I tend to be much more to the point. Kinda’ like this. (Right in Flair’s face) YOU, RIC FLAIR, ARE PATHETIC!!!

- Various clips of fans shitting all over TLK.

Randy Orton:You listen to me -- you listen to me good. You used to be the best damn wrestler to EVER step in to a wrestling ring. PERIOD! I’m just saying it -- I’m not just throwing it out there like some guys. I MEAN IT! I mean it from the very bottom … of my heart, Ric. I … (shakes his head) … I guess I should’ve figured it out … I mean, think about it, you’ve always been a damn egomaniac, it’s in your NATURE to want to be the best, and all that time in Evolution, in your heart … you knew you’d never, ever … been as good … as me.

- More clips, this time focusing on the career of Young Randall, from his beginnings in Evolution to his World Heavyweight Title win, feud with The Undertaker, The McMahons etc.

Randy Orton:it BREAKS, MY, HEART to see you throwing it all away like this, Ric. It really does. It breaks my heart. Just in the last few months, MONTHS, you’ve gone up against some of the very BEST in the game right now… Money in the Bank, Carlito … former-WWE Champion, JBL… and last Fall, The Cerebral Assassin, The King Of Kings, the guy you so often -- and wrongly -- refer to as the best in the business today … my other mentor… Triple H.

- Clips of Flair defeating Carlito for the Intercontinental Championship at Unforgiven in 2005, besting the Cerebral Assassin in a bloody Steel Cage Match at Taboo Tuesday, and then going toe to toe with The Game in a Last Man Standing Match at Survivor Series.

- Shot of Orton and Flair staring into one another’s eyes, emotions clearly running wild through both of their bodies…

Ric Flair:I was quit when I came out here, Randy…

Randy Orton: How about it then, Naitch? I’m offering you the opportunity of a lifetime in the twilight of your career. You shut the doubters, the naysayers, up -- shut them up once and for all? All the doubters, all the haters? You make it … one, LAST -- if you want it to be -- glorious run at the side of greatness, at the top of the mountain, with Number… Seven, teen achieved vicariously through me? Whaddya’ say?

Ric Flair: … I’m twice as quit now.

- Final shot of Flair brushing past Orton, leaving both he and the crowd in shock, and, for the first time in a long time, being booed roundly…

*End video*

Back on the interview set, Orton stares at the monitor with his usual cold, trance-like gaze, making his face extremely hard to read. Across from him, J.R. finally decides it’s time to speak up.

Jim Ross: Randy, at WrestleMania you lost a match to Mr. McMahon’s son, Shane McMahon whereby, per the pre-match stipulation, you had to come to Monday Night Raw, and you would never, ever receive another championship opportunity so long as you’re with the company.
What I want to ask you, is why, of all the places and times you could have selected, why you chose Backlash and Ric Flair’s retirement announcement to make your return to Monday Night Raw and, more importantly, WWE television?

Randy Orton: J.R., I would… I would’ve thought that was obvious. I didn’t choose to interrupt Kurt Angle, or John Cena, or Rob Van Dam for one simple reason. I don’t know them, and they don’t know me. Right now… right now, at this point in my career, I can’t afford to make mistakes, I can’t afford to take chances, which is why… which is why, I went back to the greatest teacher I’ve ever had.

Orton is sat kind of half leaning back and half leaning forward, his eyes floating between J.R., and the camera.

Randy Orton: Ric Flair may have been partly responsible… for my exodus… from Evolution, but I’ve never… I’ve never really believed he was the puppet master. No, no… the person pulling the strings was, and has always been, Triple H. Myself, Ric, and Batista, we were… we were all just instruments for Hunter to use as he saw fit. So, I’ve never really blamed Ric for what happened. In fact… you might say… he set me free.

Ross nods thoughtfully … as Orton shifts forward a little bit in his chair, getting a little closer to the announcer.

Randy Orton:(Folding his hands, leaning forward) When I beat him inside that Steel Cage at Taboo Tuesday two years ago… when I did that, I knew what he’d done, and I was grateful. I was grateful to him when I defeated The Undertaker… time, after, time… after time last year, because I knew… I knew that Ric Flair was partly responsible… for my greatness.

TLK runs a hand across his chiselled jaw slowly, contemplating.

Randy Orton:It takes a humble man… it takes a humble man to allow himself to be surpassed, to hand over his mantle as the greatest, of, all, time… but Ric Flair did that with me. I have beaten everyone that has been placed before me, and yet… and yet here, I sit… back on Raw after a year, with my career… now essentially… worthless.

Orton bites his lip at this.

Randy Orton: Don’t you think… don’t you think I deserve a second chance, J.R.? (Looking at the broadcaster) The McMahon’s certainly don’t. They think… they think that just because I kicked Teddy Long in, the, skull… and gave them a messy General Manager’s vacancy on SmackDown!, just because I drove their father’s face through a table like a mallet… they think that they can just lock me up… and throw away the key, don’t they?

Jim Ross: We-

Randy Orton: Bret Hart obviously agrees with them. What right does he have… what right does he have sticking his nose into my business like he did? (Getting out of his chair and into Ross’ face angrily)He had NO RIGHT showing up at WrestleMania the way he did.

J.R. fidgets rather uncomfortably, and Orton steps backward, sitting back down in his seat and playing distractedly with the microphone wired to his shirt. Ross probes a little further.

Jim Ross:Randy, are you okay to continue?

Randy Orton: I’m fine.

Ross watches on nervously as Orton, still not raising his head, continues his little, heartfelt monologue.

Randy Orton: You know, back in Evolution, Ric would tell Dave and me… he would tell Dave and me about what kind of a man Bret Hart was. He said - (Orton sighs and runs a hand across the top of his head through his hair) - he said Bret was a whiner, but I guess… I guess we all knew that. He told me that Bret Hart was as vindictive out of the ring as he was technical inside it. Bret Hart simply couldn’t handle other people’s success.

J.R. looks rather sceptical about this, but he continues to listen intently anyway, with Orton still talking to his feet.

Randy Orton: It’s what drove a wedge between him and Owen… between him and Davey… and, of course, between him and Shawn Michaels. Bret Hart is a selfish, pathetic, washed-up loser, who just can’t stand to see others in what he thinks is his spotlight.

Orton shakes his head angrily.

Randy Orton: Well, I’ve had… I’ve had just about enough. (Looking up, straight into the camera) I’ve had just about enough of people trying to take away my spotlight. First… it was Teddy Long, a little man with a bigmouth… then The McMahons, and now… and now this. How many times… how many times do I have to tell you people? You can’t, stop, destiny. That’s why it is, what it is. It’s forever. It’s immortal. It’s… destiny, that’s all it is.

He narrows his eyes ever so slightly.

Randy Orton: I was on the verge of achieving the thing you craved above all else, wasn’t I, Bret? I was just one kick to the skull away from sending The McMahon’s packing forever, something you’ve wanted to do for about… what? Ten years now, almost, right?

A flicker of a sneering smirk flashes across Orton’s usually expressionless mouth, but quickly disappears.

Randy Orton:Jealousy is a terrible thing, Bret… but payback is even worse. (Changes his gaze with subtlety) Ric… Ric, think about everything this man has done to you, from ending your run as WWE Champion, to stealing your thunder in the WCW. I know you hate him as much as I do, Ric, and I know you’d never… ever retire if it meant missing out on the opportunity to make Bret Hart pay, once… and, for, all.

Orton focuses on the camera.

Randy Orton:(softly) I’ll be waiting.

Orton’s gaze narrows, as he focuses on the camera, turning completely away from J.R., to deliver a truly sinister expression for the world to see.


Still in his wrestling gear from earlier, Kenny Doane lies on a couch in his locker room, eyes closed, wincing, holding an icepack to his head, whilst the other members of The Spirit Squad are scattered around the room. Sycophants like Mikey and Johnny attend to Ken, whilst Mitch and Nicky sit on another couch.

Kenny Doane: Can you believe this crap? I mean … I mean first that idiot Haas makes me damn-near break my leg … then … then I get thrown off the ladder … then he throws me into Mitch … and after all that … after all that -- ahhh, man, this really hurts – after all that, I’m still not the Intercontinental Champion. Y’know something? (Opens his eyes and sighs loudly) I’m not feelin’ very spirited right now, guys I’ll tell you that much.


Mikey Mondo: Hey, relax, relax, Ken. Tonight was just a blip – a blip on The Spirit Squad’s road to … (stops, thinks) … to greatness. Yeah, our ‘Road To Greatness.’

~ Kenny sighs, but once he hears the murmurs of agreement from the rest of the male cheerleaders, he grudgingly nods his head, still wincing.

Johnny Jeter: Besides, Ken, The World’s Lamest Tag Team still got carried out of the arena on stretchers, and if that doesn’t put us back in Mr. Bischoff’s good books, I don’t know what will. (Smirks) He--

~ A knock on the door cuts Jeter off. Kenny glances at the door and then looks at Mikey, who, being the lackey of the quintet, happily bounds up to his feet and over to the door and opens it, despite the fact that Mitch and Nicky are much nearer.

Mikey Mondo: Evenin’. What can we do for ya?

Nicky Nemeth: Well, who is it, Mike?

Mikey Mondo: Mr. Money in the Bank himself.

~ The camera pans over to show a slightly flustered looking Carlito, tossing an apple up and down casually, leaning against the doorframe.

Carlito: You gonna let Carlito in ‘den?

Mikey Mondo: Yeah, sure, whatever.

Carlito: (Looking around, nodding) ‘Dis a nice locker room.

~ Carlito strolls in, as Kenny forces himself up into a sitting position on his couch.

Mitch Mitchell: (Frowning) Good job by “The, uh, Masterpiece” earlier.

~ ‘Lito smiles ruefully, not really caring, as Mitch and Nicky high-five like morons. CCC takes a seat on one of the sofas and plonks his feet on the coffee table confidently, taking a huge bite out of his apple, smiling away.

Kenny Doane: Did … did Mr. Bischoff send you?

~ Carlito continues chewing, giving Ken a thumbs up.

Carlito: Bingo. (Swallows) You know as well as Carlito what ‘de situation is after – after all ‘dat crap last week, right?

Johnny Jeter: Yeah, we know the score, man.

Carlito: Good, ‘cause Mr. Bischoff needs you all onside tonight as well. Tonight’s a big opportunity for Mr. Bischoff, and he’s gotta have everyone with him.

~ Doane raises an eyebrow.

Carlito: C’mon. Da’ WWE Title ring any bells?

Kenny Doane: So? What about it?

Carlito: Look, everyone knows it’s only a matter of time before Carlito cashes in and becomes WWE Champion … but ‘dat’s not gonna be tonight. Tonight’s about getting’ the belt from ‘dat tool Angle and onto ‘da big man. If Triple H and ECW are gonna stick ‘dere -- in Triple H’s case -- massive noses in our business again, we need everyone.

~ Doane rubs his chin, looking around at his teammates, who wear similar expressions, and the default leader of The Spirit Squad nods at ‘Lito, who grins and holds out his hand, which Kenny accepts…

Carlito: ‘Das cool.

~ Carlito gets up, shaking hands with some of the other boys, heading off.

Carlito: You’re gonna make Mr. Bischoff a happy man, fellas. A very happy man.

~ The cheerleaders nod, knowing what ‘Lito means, as Mr. MITB strolls away, smirking, and we cut away.

*Elsewhere Backstage*

Kristal stands by with the WWE Champion, ‘The Wrestling Machine’Kurt Angle, who’s dressed in his all black ring gear, mouthpiece in his hand, raring to go.

Kristal: Kurt Angle, shortly, you will defend the WWE Championship against a man who outweighs you by nearly 300-pounds, and towers over you by almost a full foot. What are your thoughts heading into the match with the seemingly unstoppable giant, Big Show?

Kurt Angle: “Unstoppable?” Are you kidding me, Kristal? NOTHING and NO ONE is unstoppable … except for one man. ME!

~ Angle smiles sadistically, as Kristal looks unnerved. The WWE Champion adjusts the belt on his shoulder.

Kurt Angle: I’m surprised people even feel the need to ask me “my thoughts”, “my game plan” and all that other crap before I step into the ring, especially after the year I’ve had. I’ve held this WWE Title for over FIVE - MONTHS … I’ve beaten the very best this business has to offer. Triple H? Done. Shawn Michaels? Wasted. John Cena? Finished. And while I’m not done with those three by a long shot -- especially Michaels -- I can look to the future, and KNOW that NO ONE is taking this belt from me.
Big Show’s no different. Sure, he’s been knockin’ out guys left, right and centre since he teamed up with the fat man … but he hasn’t faced me yet. I’ve made a career out of beating the crap out of guys bigger me. The bigger they are … the - harder - they - fall.

~ Tremendous reaction from the crowd, as Angle throws in his black mouthpiece which reads ‘EXTREME’ in violent red lettering.

Kurt Angle: YEAAAHH!!

~ Angle roars, chuntering away, as he heads off camera.


A small video package plays, hyping the end of Shawn Michaels’ medical suspension soon, when he promises to return to Monday Night Raw and address his future.


Boos fill the arena, as the pyro explodes from the titantron, heralding the arrival of the mammoth 500lber, The Big Show, who strides down the ramp confidently, led by the pungent Paul Bearer, carrying that damn burlap sack with him, as he points obsessively at his giant, leering into the camera positioned on the entrance ramp. The two men receive a collective ‘thumbs down’ from all the little kiddies we are shown in the audience.

Jim Ross: He has been a walkin’, talkin’, livin’, breathin’ path of destruction since the start of the New Year, when he turned on his tag team partner Kane and aligned himself with Kane’s own father, the despicable Paul Bearer. The Big Show has been unstoppable.

Jonathan Coachman: He ended Kane’s career. He took out Eugene, Dustin Rhodes, and Maria. And, perhaps his greatest achievement to date, he took out Rob Van Dam at Backlash and sent ‘Mr. Monday Night’ packin’ from the WWE.

Joey Styles: What else can I add to that? Paul Bearer has turned this man – this giant into a sadistic killer, a remorseless machine who cares about one thing and one thing only … the pain and suffering of others. Scary.


Lubbock erupts with the response of the night, as the WWE Champion Kurt Angle storms out onto the stage, belt strapped around his waist. Throwing his arms into the air, he sends his red, white and blue pyro crashing into the night sky, before angrily stomping his way down to the ring, where an ultra calm Big Show waits, just going through his usual pre-match shadow boxing routine.

Joey Styles: Quite possibly the greatest pure athlete in the history of professional wrestling, and a sure-fire Hall Of Famer, Kurt Angle has been on the roll of his life since capturing the WWE Title way back on January 9th, including, for the first time ever, emerging out of WrestleMania VICTORIOUS in the main event.

Jim Ross: But some would say he’s become almost possessed of late – obsessed as he is with getting his hands on the man who interfered in his WWE Title match with John Cena at Backlash, the man who cost him his opportunity to prove to the world that he can beat Cena when it matters. That man being ‘The Heartbreak Kid’ Shawn Michaels.

~ As the bell sounds a few times, Bearer leaves the ring, and the two combatants lock eyes from their respective corners.

Lillian Garcia: The following contest is scheduled for one fall, and it is for the WWE CHAMPIONSHIP!! (Crowd pops) Introducing first, the challenger … accompanied to the ring by Paul Bearer (Crowd boos) … standing 7-feet tall, weighing 500 pounds … he, is a former tag team, United States, WCW and two-time WWE Champion … THEEEEEE BIG SHOOOW!!

~ Big Show throws his massive right arm into the air, as the crowd boos wildly, and Bearer applauds like a band groupie at ringside.

Lillian Garcia: And his opponent … from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania … weighing in at 237 pounds … he is a former tag team, European, Intercontinental, United States, and your current, reigning and defending WWE CHAMPIOOOON … he is ‘The Wrestling Machine’ … KUUURRT AAANGLE!!

~ Another booming pop from the crowd, as Angle throws his arms into the air intensely. The official holds the title belt up high for all to see, as Kurt slaps his face a few times, before the referee calls for the bell.

Jim Ross: This is going to be off - the - page.

5 - Main Event; WWE Championship Match
Kurt Angle defends against The Big Show w/Paul Bearer

With the crowd at fever pitch, the 7ft, 500lb monster stalks his prey, as Big Show, adopting his usual boxer’s stance, stalks the WWE Champion Kurt Angle around the squared circle. For a few moments, Angle plays it smart, avoiding getting trapped in the corner, ducking beneath the behemoth’s mighty swipes, and even getting in a few quick shots of his own, both to the face and, interestingly, the ankle. Eventually though, Angle tries to run one too many times, and Show cuts him off, HURLING him back into the corner and PUMMELLING him with two quick right hands to the abdomen! Kurt falls to the mat.

Big Show drags the Olympic Gold Medallist up and out, delivering a brutal HEADBUTT, that knocks Angle right back down. This is how it is for the opening few minutes of the contest, with Bearer’s mastodon dominating The Wrestling Machine, going at his usual methodical pace, wearing Angle down with big, overhand, skillet-like chops, as well, of course, more deadly right hands to the kidneys, ribs, and abdomen.


Refusing to quit, the Olympian ducks another one of Big Show’s blows and unloads on the giant with a flurry of his own, until, that is, the colossus shoves him down like a child.

Angle comes right back, and we get a repeat of before, until finally the WWE Champion is able to stagger the mammoth with his strikes, sending him wobbling into the centre of the ring. Kurt hits the ropes, connecting with a BIG CLOTHESLINE … which doesn’t even faze the beast!! Gritting his teeth, Angle rushes into the ropes again -- but this time Big Show cuts him off, RACING FORWARD AND PLOUGHING RIGHT THROUGH THE CHAMPION!!! We’re back to more of the same, as Big Show takes control with more head butts, right hands, and stinging chops. Angle, of course, has another flurry, fazing ‘Show, and he runs off the ropes -- CAUGHT, SIDEWALK SLAMMED INTO THE MAT!!

Trying to crawl away, Kurt ends up in the ropes, which ‘Show uses to CHOKE him with illegally. After more punishment to the ribs in the ropes, the giant begins to get cocky, slapping Angle around a bit, saying, “C’mon, Kurt. C’mon, Champ.” ANGLE SUDDENLY GOES FOR THE ANGLE SLAM -- but Show just CLUBS him down like an annoying insect. Picking said insect up, a supremely confident Big Show Irish Whips him HARD into the far turnbuckle, and then does it AGAIN, and AGAIN, each time with Angle falling in agony!

After the third time, ‘Show comes CHARGING IN, only for Angle to GET HIS BOOTS UP IN HIS FACE, staggering the giant! As Big Show stumbles around clutching his mouth, Kurt desperately scales the second turnbuckle, and LEAPS OFF, ONTO BIG SHOW’S BACK, APPLYING A SLEEPER HOLD TO THE MONSTER!! The crowd pops, as Angle begins to wear the giant down, really for the first time in the match. After a few minutes in the hold, spent trying to squash Kurt in the corner, ‘Show falls to a knee … BEFORE SUDDENLY COUNTERING, SLAMMING ANGLE DOWN WITH AUTHORITY, as we head to a commercial.

Back from the break and Big Show is back in control, taking the Olympic Hero over with a vertical suplex, before venting his frustrations by brutally GORILLA PRESSING ANGLE OVER THE TOPE ROPE, almost on to our announcers!! Following him out, ‘Show lifts Kurt over his shoulder, looking to drive him head-first into the steel ring post -- but Angle suddenly slides off, grabs the 500lber, LIFTS HIM, DRIVING HIM THROUGH THE ANNOUNCE TABLE WITH THE ANGLE SLAM OUT OF NOWHERE!!!!

As the “HOLY SHIT” chants fill the arena, the match takes another turn, as Big Show is laid out, with Paul Bearer standing over him fearfully, and Angle out of it also, breathing extremely hard after such a move. After a few minutes though, The Wrestling Machine clambers back up to his feet and lets out a ROAR to a HUGE pop, and “ANGLE” chants.

After telling Bearer to “back the fuck off, fat man”, Angle has a lot of difficulty manoeuvring Big Show’s 500lbs of dead weight back into the ring. After the mammoth struggle, when he does finally achieve the feat, the giant is already starting to rouse, making it to a knee. Shaking his head, Kurt grabs the largest athlete in the world, LOOKING TO HIT A GERMAN SUPLEX ON THE MONSTER -- BUT BIG SHOW COUNTERS, USING HIS MASSIVE GIRTH TO HURL ANGLE THROUGH THE ROPES TO THE OUTSIDE!!

Still needing a few moments to recover, an extremely dazed Big Show hobbles over to the ropes, as Angle rises, reaches over, grabs Kurt by the head and PULLS HIM onto the apron like a toy -- BUT ANGLE QUICKLY CATCHES HIM WITH A HANGMAN ACROSS THE TOP ROPE!! More cheers erupt, as ‘Show reels and a desperate WWE Champion quickly rolls back inside the ring and races– WHAM! BIG SHOW DAMN-NEAR TAKES HIS HEAD OFF WITH A THUNDEROUS CLOTHESLINE!!! COVER!!




Frowning, ‘Show looks to Bearer, who urges him on, and the giant aggressively goes to town on a body part, as he RAMS Angle’s shoulder into the turnbuckle, wraps it around the ropes, and then applies the dreaded Nerve Hold down on the mat, trying to take away the Olympian’s power game. It takes a while, but Angle is able to fight out of, using his guts, determination, strength, and some wily stops to the foot of the behemoth, rising back to his feet -- until Big Show SLUGS him in the ribs again!

It’s game time now. ‘Show balls up his fist as Angle rises, AND SWINGS WITH THE RIGHT HAND – but Angle ducks under it … and KICKS AWAY AT THE ANKLE -- and then ducks under it again … and SWINGS BEHIND, GOING FOR A GERMAN SUPLEX -- HE GETS HIM UP -- TOO HEAVY!! BIG SHOW LANDS ON TOP OF ANGLE CRUSHING HIM!!!




The crowd breathes a sigh of relief, as a furious giant drags the WWE Champion over to the corner, evil intentions a flowin’.

With Angle down, the 7ft, 500lb weapon of mass destruction ascends to the second rope very gingerly, as Bearer looks on from ringside with fear in his eyes. After bouncing up and down, ‘Show LEAPS OFF WITH THE VADER BOMB -- BUT ANGLE ROLLS OUT OF THE WAY AND THE GIANT CRASHES AND BURNS!!! The ring shakes with the impact and the building shakes with cheers, as The Wrestling Machine sees his opening, quickly grabbing the mammoth, GOING FOR THE ANGLE SLAM -- NO! Big Show pounds him down quickly!! Sticking Kurt between his legs, ‘Show lifts him up into the air in the Powerbomb position, BEFORE DROPPING HIM OVERHEAD, DRIVING HIM FACE, CHEST AND RIBS FIRST INTO THE CANVAS WITH THE INVERTED POWERBOMB!!!!

“Ooh’s” and “ah’s” sound through the building, as Angle splats into the mat with authority, and Paul Bearer wipes the beads of sweat away from his moist brow. Staggering back up to his feet, Big Show makes the familiar motion, roaring, and raising his mighty arm into the air. Dragging the Olympian up, ‘Show wraps his colossal mitt around Kurt’s muscular neck, and LIFTS HIM UP TO THE SKY FOR THE CHOKESLAM -- NO, ANGLE LANDS BEHIND HIM – HE GETS HIM UP, DRILLING THE WORLD’S LARGEST ATHLETE WITH THE ANGLE SLAM!!!!

The crowd ERUPTS, but Angle’s too worn down to take advantage. Both men are down, as a frantic, hysterical PAUL BEARER CLAMBERS UP ONTO THE APRON … ONLY FOR REFEREE MIKE CHIODA TO SHOVE HIM RIGHT BACK DOWN WITH AUTHORITY!!!


The crowd cheers the WWE Champion, as he quickly turns around, grabs the fallen Big Show’s leg AND FINALLY APPLIES THE ANKLE LOCK TO THE GIANT!!!!



The crowd boos, as Mike Chioda angrily turns around, KICKING THE MASTERPIECE AWAY, getting another big pop!! From the ramp, MITCH APPEARS, leaping up to the apron as well, and the official quickly goes to cut him off. Angle turns back to his opponent – BUT BIG SHOW KICKS ANGLE AWAY … RIGHT INTO CHIODA, WHO INADVERTENTLY SENDS MITCH FLYING!!! THE REFEREE GOES DOWN IN A HEAP … AS ANGLE LOCKS IN THE ANKLE LOCK ON BIG SHOW FOR A SECOND TIME!!!


The sound in the arena soon changes though, AS TRIPLE H HEADS FOR THE RING!!!!

In his t-shirt and jeans, ‘THE GAME’ BRINGS THE DAMN SLEDGEHAMMER WITH HIM, as the heels in the ring look on with fear!!! He rolls inside the ring, AND THEY SET UPON HIM – BUT HE DRILLS KENNY WITH THE HAMMER … THEN MIKEY … THEN MITCH!!!! THE SPIRIT SQUAD ARE ALL BUT DESTROYED BY THE KING OF KINGS, but there’s still Masters, Carlito, Bearer, and Eric Bischoff in there, as well as, of course, The Big Show!!! HUNTER BLASTS BIG SHOW WITH THE DAMN HAMMER!!!



As ECW storms the arena, The Spirit Squad, all five of them, brawl with the Extremists around the ringside area, AND BEGIN TO FIGHT THEM THROUGH THE CROWD TOO, WITH THE CROWD GOING NUTS!!! Angle stumbles back up to his feet, sees something, grabs one of the discarded steel chairs off the canvas, sizes up Carlito across the ring, AND SWINGS WITH ALL HIS MIGHT -- BUT CHRIS MASTERS PULLS HIS BUDDY OUT OF THE WAY … AND ANGLE CRACKS TRIPLE H ACROSS THE BACK!!!!

The reaction from the crowd can only be described as a groan, as The Cerebral Assassin staggers forward into the ropes, clutching his spine in agony. From either side of the ring, first Tommy Dreamer, and then Masato Tanaka each grab a man, Carlito and Chris Masters, yank them down, and then drag them out of the ring to continue the brawl with the rest of the ECW superstars!! Still holding his back, Helmsley turns around…


Angle leans over the ropes, bellowing manically at his General Manager–



Shaking his head – with what? – Hunter spies the man he wants, drops down, rolls out of the ring, AND CONTINUES HIS PURSUIT OF ERIC BISCHOFF, WHO RUNS LIKE A LITTLE GIRL, JUMPING THE BARRICADE AND HIGH-TAILING IT!!!!

Meanwhile, inside the ring, urged on by the groggy Bearer still conscious at ringside, Big Show, barely breathing after that earlier sledgehammer shot, sees what is happening, crawls over on his hands and knees AND COVERS KURT ANGLE!!!

Mike Chioda is with it again, perhaps assisted by Bearer, and the dazed official, amidst a ROAR of heat, raises his hand into the air, AND BEGINS THE COUNT!!!!






Winner -- AND NEW WWE CHAMPION - THE BIG SHOW via pinfall @ 19:27.


As the dazed official count the three and the boos begin, the camera pans around, outside the ring, showing us Triple H, The Game, standing with his hands on his hips, scowling up into the ring, muttering all manner of obscenities under his breath.


Jim Ross: I can’t believe what we’ve seen here!! Triple H and Joey Styles’ ECW invaders came – they came back, but in the heat of the battle – in the heat of battle, Kurt Angle got the Pedigree!!

Hunter angrily slides into the ring, just as a giddy Paul Bearer manages to assist his charge, the NEW WWE Champion, under the bottom rope. Big Show can barely stand; such was the blow he took, thus Paulie gladly collects the title belt for him.

Jim Ross: Look at that hideous human being! He makes – he makes you physically ill!! When we started out tonight, we had one advantage over those egomaniacal sons of – runnin’ our show; we still had the WWE Title. Kurt Angle had held the WWE Title since January, for over FIVE MONTHS!! NOW – HE – HAS – NOTHING!!

A few low level heels appear to help out Bearer, as they struggle to support the massive frame of our new 500lb WWE Champion, although, at a time like this, they seem to have the strength of ten men as they back up the ramp, with Kurt Angle starting to come to.

Jim Ross: I’m not so sure Kurt Angle… knows… quite … what has happened here!


Jim Ross: Eric Bischoff’s cronies started the night off unsuccessfully going after the Intercontinental Title, BUT NOW LOOK AT ‘EM!! THEY ARE SMILING!! THE BIG SHOW – THAT MONSTER – IS THE WWE CHAMPION FOR THE THIRD TIME IN HIS CAREER!!!

Jonathan Coachman: HAPPY DAYS ARE HERE AGAIN!!

Jim Ross: The Angle-Helmsley alliance, whatever one existed … IS – NO – MORE!!! Can you imagine what Kurt Angle’s gonna do, next Monday night on Raw, when he realises what’s gone down here tonight!?

Leaning over the ropes, Triple H stares a hole through the NEW WWE Champion as he celebrates amongst his colleagues on the stage, whilst behind him, pulling himself up on the ropes; Kurt Angle’s previously confused expression begins to change … to one of rage.



Current Card for ECW One Night Stand II
Date: June 11th, 2006
Location: Hammerstein Ballroom; New York, New York
Event Music: Drowning Pool; Bodies



Current Card for WWE Vengeance
Date: June 25th, 2006
Location: Charlotte Bobcats Arena; Charlotte, North Carolina
Event Music: Eighteen Visions; Victim

World Tag Team Championship Match:
The World’s Greatest Tag Team defend against The Sons Of Samoa w/AAE

Women’s Championship Match:
Mickie James defends against Trish Stratus OR Victoria

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Re: Legend Presents: WWE 2006 - Stop Your Grinnin' And Drop Your Linen

Few thoughts on the last few weeks of shows;

- The Extreme Initiative is an epic name for this series of exhibitions courtesy of Eric Bischoff, and adds some added subtle hype for ONS.
- Mickie has been a tad underwhelming thus far as womens champion. I’d imagine the mystery person on the other end of the line will be Beth Phoenix, bout time the Glamazon showed up.
- Loved Kurt Angles psycho attack the night after Backlash, taking out every single goon that Bischoff has to offer.
- Following on from that, the two ECW invasions have worked out nicely, with the multiple cars being trashed being an intriguing set up throughout the night of their first appearance. It does seem kinda odd NOT having Paul Heyman being a part of the angle, but he’s needed elsewhere. Who knows, maybe after Judgment Day, he might be freed up for a few weeks.
- Sons of Samoa have done exactly what they should - run through people. It’s a novel way to introduce Umaga, different than anyone else, and it also adds further depth to your tag division. Reminding me a bit of the Rikishi/Haku alliance back in the day, and back then, I thought they were an awesome pairing .
- Shelton Benjamin has been through pure hell. Numerous attacks from the SOS, two - that’s TWO title defences; one of which being a ladder match … it cant get much more demanding for him. Definitely think you missed a trick though by not having Haas put his buddy forward for next week, rather than offer his own services. That would’ve been pure dynamite, albeit, a slightly redundant ‘twist’.
- I’ve noticed little hints of unease between the cheerleaders. Not sure whether or not to read into it yet, as I get the feeling it may just be some girly bitching between members. I’d be happy to see and end to the gimmick personally, but they’ve been an integral part of the tag division, and I love to see some interaction between them and the Red Neck Wrecking Crew.
- Still on the fence for now with the Orton angle. I get the feeling it’s one you’ve got meticulously planned, and I’m most certainly prepared to sit back and watch it unfold over a long period, and I’ll hold off on any kind of judgment over the angle until it all unravels. Intrigued to see what role (if any) Bret Hart plays. Orton focused too much on him for the Hitman not to be part of the angle in the long run, but given your long running stance of leaning more towards realism, I find it hard to believe that Hart will be involved in a physical manner.
- Triple H’s return has been done well, and he’s left a massive impact on each show, each week, as he comes into his own as a ‘Lone wolf’ type character (typified by his involvement in the main event of this weeks show). The bait and switch with him versus Angle was nicely done, and had a terrific pay off, without actually having the match. Not often that happens. Saying that, part of me thinks you simply couldn’t think of what Triple H should’ve said in his comeback promo, hence the immediate interruption before he could speak. Tell me I’m right … pleaseeeee .
- And then; holy mother fucking mother of God. Talk about striking whilst the iron is hot. The Big Show in this form, with this push, is a text book method of HOW the big bastard ought to be booked. If someone predicted at the beginning of 2009 that someone would book Big Show to be champion - and book him well, I don’t think I’d have been the only one laughing at the thought. No one is laughing now. He’s been simply phenomenal since linking with the evil rotund genius, and I firmly believe that this title reign wasn’t on your agenda until very recently. Tell me if I’m wrong. But if I’m right, well done to you sir. It takes balls (imo) to go against the long term plans, and go with what’s hot at the time. I truly think this could be one of the best swerves in BTB history. I don’t think many would’ve pulled the trigger on the title switch, but you’ve went for it (assuming of course that it wasn’t the original plan).
- Lots of interesting avenues and alleyways could be explored on Raw at the moment; Carlito made exception to Triple H’s comments about him a little too often this week for that to be nothing, whilst Angle will obviously be out for Triple H now too - but with HBK due back, Angle may just cool off on Trips for now with that distraction back in town. Then, you’ve got Big Show. RVD will be back sooner than later, Trips will always want the belt, as will Angle … and HBK probably too. SO many different routes to venture … I cant wait to see where it goes.
- Random thought; next week would be a nice time to start making matches for ONS. I’m getting impatient.

Onto the blue brand…

- Not sure what to make of the fatal four way to determine a number one contender for a title shot on the same night at Judgment Day. Since you just had Benjamin and Haas pull double duty at Backlash, I’d be concerned it may end up happening quite often, as I think Benjamin may end up doing the same again at Vengeance holding two titles.
- Batista is going through an almighty hard time at the minute … and it’s making for some spectacular storytelling. Enjoying that ongoing angle, especially with him leaving Rey high and dry at the end of the last edition of SD. Just what is going on in that mans mind??
- And profiting most from Batistas fall has been Finlay. I LOVE THAT. To see the Irishman pretty much becoming a legit main event threat on the show has been wonderful. I don’t believe he’ll even come close to winning the belt ever, but to see him challenging, rubbing shoulders with the main eventers?? It makes me feel warm inside.
- Debut Punk already please. I’ve grown extremely tired of the same package week after week.
- Jamie Noble is a beast. Best cruiserweight character in the whole BTB section by far. The concern I have though, is that there looks to be a severe lack of depth in the division once you go past Noble and Kash. Unless London and Kendrick step out of the tag division for a while. Forgetting that for the time being, nice addition to the rules for the return match at Judgment Day. Could easily see a DQ occurring now, with Kash doing something sneaky to win the belt back that way.
- Brent ‘OWNS’ Albright, owns. His chat with Hardcore Holly last week was superb. Saying that, name the blonde please. Need to put a face to the name. Please. Or at least explain what the point is in hiding her identity.
- Regal on commentary was golden. That is all. As for the confusing tag match at Judgment Day, it seems pretty cool, and also seems like a way to hold off on giving away another of the ‘trifecta’ (which is what I’m going to start referring to the three teams as) in a 2 on 2 or three way affair. I see that ending eventually in a TLC match … perhaps at Summerslam??
- I’ve came to the conclusion that the reason for the extreme amount of brutal assaults and attacks on Smackdown has been done to illustrate the lawlessness that engulfs the brand at the minute. There isn’t a true authority figure, and the ‘Smackdown election’ is soon going to need big time build, and what better than the challenge of restoring order to a brand that has succumbed to anarchy.
- I’m not sure what the fascination was in holding off Lashley announcing his match type for Judgment Day. Surely the second to last show for JD would be the absolute last chance, in order to give the match a week to build to the stipulation - unless it’s something minor, like a straight up no DQ match up. Odd booking imo to hold off until the last minute.
- As for Shanes involvement in the main event. It’s a true head scratcher. If anything, he appears to be favouring Finlay, but at the same time, he doesn’t seem to be bothered over who gets the better of anything, as long as they all go through hell. It appears he’s going off the rails (alcohol, odd decisions, favouring Finlay and Booker), and Stephanie notices, whilst she’s also got JBL to constantly contend with, which doesn’t help her cause. Interesting sequence of events lie ahead methinks - way beyond Judgment Day.

All in all, I’m copping out a bit with this jumbo review of a lot of the goings on, but from rate that you’ve been producing shows, I figured this weeks Smackdown isn’t too far off, so I’d catch up quickly with this smattering of thoughts on the past five shows, then get back into the swing with the lead in for Judgment Day.
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Re: Legend Presents: WWE 2006 - Stop Your Grinnin' And Drop Your Linen

Raw Feedback

Geez, whatís with you and no fireworks, opening video, commentaryÖ you seem to be doing it a lot lately? I donít really have any concerns with it, itís just weird for you to start doing it all the time out of nowhere, you know? Although, I found this Bischoff and Wilson arriving scene to be very important. You conveyed Bischoff being unhappy very well by having him not talk to Grisham, instead having Torrie to do so, it was just a smart way to convey Bischoffís mood. ECW learning the meaning of the word extreme? Those are fighting words, and with this one segment you have me excited for the rest of the show to see when ECW show up, and just what Bischoff has planned.

This was a pretty good Triple H promo, and while it does not do anything for the immediate future, imo, it hints to a heel turn later down the track. It shows that he is not afraid of anybody, and whether they face or heel, he will take them out. I especially loved the block of dialogue where he ripped into a few of Rawís top superstars; some of those lines were excellent. So yeah, props on a well written promo, and Iím sure we will see Triple H again later in the night, I just donít know what for yet.

Your match recaps continue to impress me greatly. You were able to have The Spirit Squad fail Kenny again, Helms and Guerrero get involved, continue the tension between Benjamin and Haas, while also having Benjamin and Kenny putting on a five star ladder match. I canít compliment you enough, it was just a terrific way to start the in ring action for tonightís show.

Another nice attack from the Sons of Samoa on the WGTT, however they are getting pretty old rather quickly. This feud definitely needs some mic time, as itís starting to bore me already, and thereís still a long time before Vengeance is upon us.

Eric Bischoff and Chris Masters were pretty good, as they are clearly working together to take down Triple H. Basic stuff, yet its something that is a little exciting. No carlito, makes me mad, though. Masters should be a step behind him at all times, imo. But for some reason you seem to be intent on pushing Masters as well .

I loved the intensity of Charlie Haas, as this was just a little testament to the fact that no matter how shit somebody is on the microphone, if you give them a decent storyline they can become good. This makes me not wanting to wait for next week to see a fired up Haas, kick some ass. Hopefully Shelton can be around to, but at this stage Iím doubting it a little bit.

Some microphone time for Armando Alejandro Estrada automatically makes me . The promo itself was good, however when somebody as epic as AAE gets the mic, and I never thought Iíd say this for a Legend promo, but you could perhaps let him talk for a little longer. Especially in this situation, because as far as Iím concerned, even though we now know Haas and Benjamin are going to want vengeance at Vengeance, this feud has come along so quickly, that I still find myself struggling to get into it.

Another nice win for The Sons of Samoa, the squashes are good to build them up to the WGTT as they have not been around for long. But as I mentioned earlier, I canít quite put my finger on it, but I think something needs to be added to this Sons of Samoa and WGTT feud.

A nice little interview from The Redneck Wrecking Crew there, I think it was well written, and itís pretty smart that you are keeping them looking good, and buzzing around the title scene. I can see them being the next tag champs further down the track so I canít wait to see that if Iím right. A clever way to keep them preoccupied using ECW to your advantage, and thatís one thing you constantly do well, you make all your storylines flow and mesh together really well.

In the past few weeks ECW One Night Stand has picked up some storm, as Iíve personally been warming to it more and more since Bischoffís Extreme Initiative started. Keep up the good hype, also are we going to get some matches announced soon?

Honestly, Triple H against Masters name wise sounds alright, but action wise, as I expected was pretty dull. One thing I liked was the beginning when Masters went for the jump start, and the appearance from Carlito, although I would have preferred him to make a bit more of an impact. Triple H had to get a victory in his first match back, but Masters did not really lose much face which is goodÖ On a side note, Triple H and Carlito in the future, hopefully near future, would be excellent.

Paul Bearer promo was good, Show canít possibly win though. Can he? I liked how Bearer kind of told the story of Showís career, mentioning how wasted it was, and how he was not even on the ĎMania card, it reminds me of how well you have done with him.

at Carlito, heís so conceited, and so self absorbed, and he is so much better than Chris Masters. Masters was the generic, big, angry guy here, while ĎLito actually had some personality to him. ĎLito/HHH is something Iím still looking forward to.

Your divas scene is one of the only I actually enjoy reading, and this double count out result really has me thinking just what you will do from here. With that being said, I would not complain at all if we saw another triple threat between these three divas.

A pretty awesome interview from Randy Orton, he seemed rather confident, and I liked the way at times he would show arrogance, but at times the interview was all about just how sadistic he really is. Youíre some what of a realism buff so Bret Hart wouldnít be wrestling again any time soon, would he? Either way, Orton using Hart to try and bait Flair was pretty clever, although at this stage I really canít see it working.

A huge hint dropped in the beginning of this promo I do believe with Kenny admitting that he does not feel very spirited. As usual with you though, this thing is going to be a slow process so Iím going to have to wait and see just how things develop. Carlito letting them know the deal for tonight was also good, and it really seems as if Bischoff is rallying the troops for a huge show down later in the night. If this is the case, I canít wait. On a side note, is it weird that I still can not picture Carlito as a champion?

A few months ago I would have really loved the intensity of AngleÖ however now all his promos you write seem very similar, and itís come to the point where I expect him to say everything he says, therefore they are falling under the generic tree, imo. Oh well, he will retain tonight and then hopefully move on to bigger and better things.

When Shawn Michaels returns, all hell is going to break loose .

HOLY FUCKING SHIT, MAN~! Big Show as WWE Champion is a huge shock, I definitely didnít expect Angle to drop the title. ECWís little appearance was a bit anti climatic and didnít impress me at all. From this, Iím garnering that next week Angle will be gunning for Triple H, and a match between the two would be something Iíd love to see or read. I donít know how Big Show will go as champion, and I really have a feeling it will not last to long. Honestly, this match recap was very dull to read also, I understand why you do detailed ones when you have a pretty good match going, but perhaps with Showís limited offense you should make his matches a little shorter for now on. Overall, this is a very bold move, props on being different and hopefully you excel from here.

Overall, another pretty good show mate. There were a few little things here and there that I didnít like, and although I felt as if this wasnít the usual Legend show, as I felt this was a little dull at times, it was still very passable. Keep it up.

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