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Re: Legend Presents: WWE 2006 - Stop Your Grinnin' And Drop Your Linen

Raw Feedback

You simply continue to amaze me with your storylines. When I saw that Helms was facing Chavo, I figured it was just going to be a match made by Bischoff that tires to two men out. But then you go and pull something truly amazing out of the bag, as this Eric Bischoff Extreme Exhibition should be an epic storyline leading to One Night Stand. Tables Match should be an excellent way to start, as I can see a different “extreme” match taking place each week leading to the PPV. Helms and Chavo have got to be pissed off, but they are going to do battle in this one nonetheless. Quite the entertaining match that these two put on, as I loved how Helms can still play the aggressive one, given that he is still somewhat of a tweener. Some good counters between the two throughout, before they look to do some serious damage to one another, as both men try and avoid falling to the outside and through the table set up. We get back into the ring and I thought Chavo was going to win the match with the Frog Splash … but he crashes through it instead! A very nice exchange to end the match, with Chavo somehow countering and dropping Helms through the table! A very nice way to start this Bischoff storyline, as both men are in a terrible way, with much more carnage to come during future shows, imo.

Looks like Shelton’s life isn’t going to get much easier tonight, as he and Charlie face off against the RWC for the belts. How long until Shelton is seriously injured?

Wow, that was not how I expected Mickie to come out as the Women’s Champion. I know she got beat up pretty bad at Backlash, but it is shocking to see her with a security detail and also so unsure of herself. The match did a good job of telling the story, with her not looking to be in good shape at all. Still, she picks up the win rather quickly, showing that she really is a dominant female wrestler. I was actually enjoying the promo that Mickie was cutting, talking about all the people that helped her become Women’s Champion, and it was cool to see where her character will be taken in the future. But then Victoria and Trish hit the ring, only to be cut off by the security! Something tells me that it will take a very long time for either of those two women to get a clean shot at the new champion.

What the hell!? Why did Angle decide to attack the entire ‘Squad? I loved the way that he did it, though, as he really caught them by surprise and then just unleashed all his anger that’s been built up over the past few weeks, and he just dismantled the former champions. Loved the comment about bald people from Mikey, as he and Angle are going to “talk”. Wonder where this one is going…

Are we really going to have a third brand? I’m sure that you would make it work, but I just don’t think you can afford it. And, I just want to say that it makes sense that RVD will be returning for this one, given that he is in the poster.

I just want to reiterate that I thought you did a fantastic job of making Estrada’s “men” debut, doing something that no one else has really done in BTB, debuting two men as a tag team under the charismatic Cuban. The video package really set the tone for how these two men are going to go about their business over the next few months, as they cannot be stopped by any two men. So they are Umaga and Samu, huh? Guess it doesn’t get much more Samoan than that. Estrada says the inevitable, that his team is going to challenge for the World Tag Team Championships, and because of his friendship with The Bisch, I have no doubt that will happen. Nothing short of a spectacular debut, destroying the two jobbers and then Coach says that they WILL challenge for the belts at Vengeance. That’s a long while off, but it will certainly be a good feud with the WGTT, should they retain tonight.

Angle looking for his next victim? Hopefully it’s someone a little bit more well known than the ‘Squad.

Damn, ‘Lito is in pretty bad shape after that fall through the announce table last night, but he still wants to head down to the ring. His promo didn’t really look like it was going anywhere, as he was just talking about how courageous he was last week and he made fun of the Cleveland fans, which was a nice touch. BUT HERE COMES THE WWE CHAMP! Angle is surely pissed off at Bischoff about something, and he is taking his rage out on everyone who’s involved with the GM. Kind of weird that they brawled out of sight, but I guess we will find out what happened later on in the show.

That was quite the confrontation between Ric Flair and Randy Orton at Backlash. I was truly shocked that Flair is going to retire, and I really believed that Orton’s speech would be able to snap Naitch out of it. Orton really said what everyone in the crowd was thinking, and he tried to light that fire under Naitch one final time, but it just didn’t work. I think Flair will obviously have to come back, because that just wasn’t the way to send him out. I just want to see TLK back on WWE programming on a regular basis, as we never got any closure as to why BRET HART came out at ‘Mania.

Another squash win to try and get the Bashams over as a legitimate team that could win both the World Tag Team and WWE Tag Team Titles. Hopefully something interesting happens so with these two, as we all know they won’t win both sets of titles, so I want a real feud to happen.

Looks like we are going to have on hell of a main event, as Cade and Murdoch are rested and ready, while the champions don’t look like they’ll be able to wrestle for five minutes.

Should be explosive once Bischoff finally shows up in the arena, as I think something big is still going down after the main event. Coach just keeps getting slimier and slimier each week … and I LOVE it.

Old school feel for this big main event, with Lillian doing the introductions after both teams have made their way down to the ring. Interesting that Haas didn’t play to the crowd, as it is just a continuation of his recent heel turn, however slow it may be, that will end with him screwing Shelton. Quite the interesting contest early on, as Shelton is actually doing well in the match, despite everything he and Haas went through last night. But eventually the challengers begin to take over, before Shelton makes probably the dumbest mistake of his career, trying to take out Murdoch, taking himself out of the match! Loved the grit and determination shown by the surviving World Tag Champion, as Haas somehow stays in the match, kicking out of two of Cade’s stronger moves. Loved the way that Haas came back in this one, looking for the win a few times, only for the RWC to prevent him. Not sure about the thing with the ring bell, but it lead well into the last big blow by Cade, which Haas SOMEHOW kicks out of! Shelton coming back out was great to see and he helps beat up Cade, before Haas pins him for the win! Quite the match that this was, as the WGTT somehow hold onto the belts, despite being completely dominated by the RWC. Umaga and Samu attacking AGAIN was a given, as things just keep getting worse for Benjamin and Haas, as I doubt it will be a relaxing road to Vengeance for them.

We knew that Angle was intense all night long, and now he finally gets to tell us why. His portion of the promo was done well, with short and quick statements, not really wanting to wait around for anyone. He wants Shawn Michaels after he “helped” Angle win the match last night, something that I figured he’d be pissed off about. He wants Eric Bischoff to do the right thing, but it doesn’t look like he will be getting Bischoff, as THE BIG SHOW is here! Damn, Bearer sure says a lot here, and none of it is anything Angle is too pleased about. He does the expected as says that Angle was happy to have the help of HBK, as he says we all know Angle was unable to beat John Cena on his own. The crowd continues to shit all over the duo, as they talk about beating up everyone they have over the past month, including ending the career of Rob Van Dam. The threatening of Angle’s family was done brilliantly, as I could easily see them doing that, if you are indeed going for the Angle-Show feud down the road. Angle has enough of their talking, as he’s ready to get it on right now! Angle gets the best of the exchange in the early going, before that damn ‘Squad returns and comes after him! Kurt takes them out and then finally gets what he wants, as ERIC BISCHOFF is at the top of the ramp, but Masters jumps Angle from behind! The gang assault then ensues, with Big Show looking to finish the WWE Champion for good … BUT HERE COMES TRIPLE H! Shocked to see The Game come out on back to back nights, as he helps out Angle and takes down everyone in the ‘Squad! Triple H is more focused on Bischoff, as Angle finally gets out of Show’s grasp and then takes down Coach! A perfect ending to the show, as we are obviously going to see a feud between ‘Show and Angle for the belt, as they are in the middle of something right now.

Smackdown! Feedback

Interesting that you chose to start the night backstage with the two co-GMs on Smackdown!. They are complete opposites, with Shane looking relaxed after last week, while Steph wants him to go out and confront Edge. Interesting that Shane made a phone call and it looked like Steph might be the one to hit the ring. Glad to see JBL get his weekly appearance, as I’m not really sure what you’re doing with him at the moment. I see him continuing to act like this until he gets his name announced for the ‘Smackdown! Election’. No doubt in my mind that Edge is the biggest heel in the company, just judging by the way that the crowd is treating him. It’s good to see him FINALLY getting out of a bitchy mood and realizing that he can beat anyone that is thrown in front of him. He is going to be even more annoying to listen to now that he has overcome Shane’s challenges and also beaten two of the most dominant superstars in history. Thought it was a little too early for the promo to conclude, and I was shocked that Rey Mysterio was the first man to interrupt Edge. I can already tell that this going to be that “huge” promo you were telling me about. While the interaction between Edge and Rey was as fluid as I would have liked, it did a good job of getting Edge’s point across. Surprised that you brought up the old partnership these two had, seeing as how I didn’t even remember they tagged together until you brought it up. Rey trying to bait Edge into giving him a shot at the belt was a nice touch, but this is a different Edge, and he’s not taking it. He just reiterates what he’s done as World Champion, and now I guess there’s NO ONE that can beat him. Booker T? Another surprising person to come out? When’s Big Dave going to hit the ring? Booker T is going to be switching over to King Booker very soon, I’m just not sure how you are going to do it. Surprised that he wasn’t interrupted throughout the promo, as he was in classic form here, making himself sound much more impressive than we know he is. He is about to throw down the formal challenger, but … FINLAY!? Finlay on the mic is even more shocking than him coming out, and you did a good job keeping it short and sweet. All valid points by the Irishman, but it’s obvious that he won’t be getting a one-on-one shot at the PPV. The image of Finlay putting the shillelagh on Edge’s chest would have to be priceless, imo. BATISTA! Batista was actually much more focused on Finlay in this promo, as he mentioned Edge and talked to him, but I felt he was more focused on the Irishman. It’s obvious that these two are going to meet sooner or later, and I just see it happening in a big way. Shane O’ Mac is here, and now maybe we can get some answers regarding the number one contendership. I like the smarts shown here by the GM, as it would just be too many people in the ring for me to keep track of. Those are two pretty big matches signed for next week, as I can’t wait to see the destruction of Batista and Finlay in their match, as well as watch Booker and Rey get it on again. And a very clever main event for this evening also, as I’d really love to see the four-way at the PPV, seeing as how these men are all too involved with each other to have separate matches at Judgment Day. The shillelagh shot to Batista will probably cause some trouble later on, but it was a nice way for the promo to end.

I am glad to see that Kash has changed his look, seeing as he will need to try some new things to get that CW Title back. I’m glad that Moore looked OK in this match, but like you said, there was no denying that Kash would win. A very cool way to end it, though, with KK hitting some very impressive moves. The attack by Noble after the match was somewhat expected, and we don’t get much physicality between these two, as I hope this feud picks up a little better next week.

CM Punk to debut already…

The tables have certainly turned between Noble and Kash, as now we have Jamie looking like a man possessed and I think it’s going to be a much more physical encounter at Judgment Day, even though I don’t believe the match will be as long as the one at WM22. Noble is certain that he wants to hurt Kash, and that just means these two will have even more to fight over in Phoenix.

I’m glad that you didn’t dance around the fact that this match was not one that would grip the fans’ attention, as you know how awkward the heel vs. heel dynamic can be. The Bluebloods are my favorite team in this thread, and I’m glad you treat them like yours also. The Bashams somewhat hold their own, but we all know that they aren’t winning this one, but Brian Kendrick makes sure NO ONE wins! Glad to finally see the Bluebloods get beaten up, with the tag team division turning against them, as I am really interested to see where you go from here.

Really liked how Booker changed back into the thug we all know he is, taking Edge by surprise and making him wonder how he will work the Book Man later tonight. Hopefully they don’t get along at all, as I’d really love to see these two disagree for the entire match.

Uh oh … Finlay’s about to get destroyed … courtesy of The Animal.

I can honestly see Holly vs. Albright happening at Judgment Day, since I really think that you want to get the Shooter on a PPV. Another solid promo before he destroys some bastard, as Hardcore really is the man to put over young stars, as all the young heels always hate him. Should be interesting to see if anything actually does go down tonight. The Juice never really stood a chance, as he needs to return to CW matches, where he really belongs. I’m surprised that Albright actually did that to Holly after the match, as I thought Bob would get the first shot in. Guess this young kid is even MORE impressive than we originally thought.

I figured that Batista was going to go after Finlay, but I did not expect the assault to be THAT brutal. I loved the way that Finlay just kept trying to run away and Batista just kept on coming. The Animal is not going to be stopped, with the spine buster onto the limo as the final move. Stephanie tries to talk some sense into Dave, but that will not do any good. Doubt that Batista would drop the “F” word twice on TV, but I get why he said it. Safe to say that Finlay’s out of tonight’s handicap match, but the real question is what will happen to ‘Tista.

Kennedy is becoming the MAN in this thread, and I’m wondering if Matt Hardy will even make an appeance before Judgment Day, seeing as how you’ve been able to build this feud with basically just KK. The promo was gold, as usual, but that mood of Kennedy’s doesn’t get much better when Funaki interrupts him. The instant DQ saves the embarrassing match, as KK doesn’t take very well to being interrupted. The beatdown served it’s purpose, as that seems to be a common theme tonight, as we now have Funaki on the shelf, with Kennedy looking scarier and scarier with each passing week. I wonder what he will do next week … guess we’ll just have to wait for that.

Love the way that Shane is acting tonight, just making bad-ass matches all over the place, tbh. Cool to see the eight-man get signed for JD, it should be an interesting contest. Glad to see Batista stay in the main event, because that’s exactly what the people want to see.

Was wondering when we were going to see Heyman and Lashley, and hopefully this is when we finally find out what kind of match Judgment Day will feature. Pretty basic building up of his client by Heyman, as we all know what he thinks of the monstrous “Real Deal”. Lashley coming is just to show the people in the audience how awesome this specimen is. Heyman does some more building, do it to perfection, btw, and he doesn’t give us the match!? I guess we still have some time, but I thought this would be the time when it was announced. Hopefully it’s worth the wait, as I think it’d be better if Undertaker were there when it was thrown down. Still, a good way to get these two some exposure, as the show is never dull when they make appearances.

Good idea by the Hooligans to get their match with MNM out of the way as soon as possible, even though I really doubt that it will make a difference. Next week is certainly going to be an amazing night, as we now have three huge matches, with this one being added to Booker/Rey and Batista/Finlay. Well done, sir.

Knew that Finlay wouldn’t be coming out when he should have, but it’s obvious that this will be just like Raw last week … Dave will make an appearance eventually. He is really that tough, imo. Of course Rey is going to be isolated for the majority of the match, but I think until the 12-minute mark is a little bit of a stretch. The last three minutes were very well written, as you did a fantastic job of keeping Edge/Batista with each other, as well as having Rey dominate Booker. FINLAY! I knew that he would make his presence known eventually, and he tries to get the job done for his team, only for Batista to Spear him … but he’s not legal! DAMMIT! Edge steals this one! He gets a pinfall over Batista AGAIN. Shane comes out to make it official, as you will now have TWO big matches for Judgment instead of just one with World Title implications. But this is a McMahon, and he did a great job by making himself the special referee! Should be a very interesting final three shows before you get the PPV, with Edge not happy about this. Shocking, I know.

Two fantastic shows here, Legend, as it just shows how lucky the BTB is to have you back on board. I love what you are doing with the World Title situations on both shows, and “Eric Bischoff’s Extreme Exhibition” is something I look forward to for weeks. Can’t wait to see what you plan on doing next!


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Re: Legend Presents: WWE 2006 - Stop Your Grinnin' And Drop Your Linen



The Eric Bischoff Regime on Monday Night Raw has fallen on very, very hard times, and as we race into Anaheim, California with barely a month to go before Raw’s second annual invasion of the fabled Hammerstein Ballroom at ECW One Night Stand, one has to wonder how things will change on the WWE’s flagship brand before then.

Last week Triple H nailed his colours firmly to the ‘Anti-Bischoff’ mast, as he made his return to Monday Night Raw in emphatic fashion, saving the WWE Champion Kurt Angle from a vicious, brutal, savage assault at the hands of Raw General Manager’s numerous ‘associates’, including the man responsible for Rob Van Dam’s banishment, the mammoth Big Show, as well as Mr. Money in the Bank Carlito, Chris Masters, The Spirit Squad, and even Jonathan Coachman. Earlier in the night, Angle, in retaliation for what he sees as a Bischoff sponsored attack by Shawn Michaels at Backlash, tried to beat HBK’s location out of the Raw GM by attacking his men, eliminating them all until he got the man he wanted. It was only a matter of time before the WWE Champion crossed paths with the World’s Largest Athlete, and with a hungry Triple H and an invisible Shawn Michaels all in the mix, it makes for one very combustible Monday night.

One man who will bear the brunt of Eric Bischoff’s wrath this week is the WWE’s only dual champion. Shelton Benjamin, the man regarded by many as the best pure athlete in the WWE today, has had his work cut out for him of late, including last week when he -- along with partner Charlie Haas -- defended the World Tag Team Championships against The Redneck Wrecking Crew. Benjamin & Haas emerged victorious … barely, but were attacked post-match for the second straight night by Armando Alejandro Estrada’s new and already dominant team, Umaga & Samu A.K.A The Sons Of Samoa. Tonight, Benjamin must put his other title, the Intercontinental Championship, on the line against the powerful “Masterpiece” Chris Masters, with Estrada and Co. no doubt keeping a close eye on proceedings.

Speaking of championships, Mickie James’ new Women’s Title is in need of a new number one contender, and this week on RAW, we will move one step closer to finding out who that lucky lady will be, as Victoria, Ashley, Candice Michele, and previous champion Trish Stratus compete in two singles matches, with the winners meeting next week to decide who faces Ms. James at Vengeance. Who will rise to the occasion in Anaheim?

Keep an eye out also for the unpredictable Spirit Squad, as they take on yet another mission of redemption in their quest to win back the trust of Eric Bischoff. This week’s task? To take out three men who have been causing Raw’s GM a considerable problem of late, in Shelton Benjamin’s fellow World Tag Team Champion Charlie Haas, as well as the two men who were forced to do battle in a violent Tables Match against one another last week, Gregory Helms and Chavo Guerrero. Will the quirky quintet finally be able to get back to winning ways, or will their lack of success only further their boss’ impending misery?

Also, in the last there has been an apparent development in the situation involving “The Nature Boy” Ric Flair and “The Legend Killer” Randy Orton. Neither men showed up to Columbus last week, but we have since received word from the Orton Camp.

All this and more on Monday Night RAW, 9/8CT on the USA Network.

Confirmed Matches:

Six-Man Tag Team Match | Charlie Haas, Gregory Helms & Chavo Guerrero vs. The Spirit Squad

The Sons Of Samoa are in action

Number One Contenders Tournament | Victoria vs. Ashley

Number One Contenders Tournament | Trish Stratus vs. Candice Michelle

Intercontinental Championship | Shelton Benjamin vs. Chris Masters


'Game On'


RAW will be posted tomorrow.
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Re: Legend Presents: WWE 2006 - Stop Your Grinnin' And Drop Your Linen

Friday Night SmackDown! Review
Generally the whole World Title argument between multiple challengers opening the show is something I don't enjoy too much, however, this was done exceptionally. Each man came out with a purpose and with every word it just seemed like it was more than just a 'I'm better than you, I should have a shot.' Edge is an absolute heat machine here and is massively over in this thread. Everyone had such contrasting characters here and they were all nailed. Edge as the World Heavyweight Champion is something I'm a big fan of and if he keeps generating this much heat I think it should be superglued to him. This was a fantastic opening segment. Already, I'm loving this thread.

I'm liking this Kid Kash gimmick and he is really garnering some heat. I'm glad he got the win and in dominating fashion it seemed. I like it this way, rather than have him look like a pussy who wins through cheating all the time, he demolished him in the end, in my opinion with those three consecutive moves. In the end however, is a different story with him managing to escape from the man who holds the title he's after. Still, a great way to gain heat. I'm enjoying this show a lot, so far.

A nice vignette of CM Punk coming to SmackDown!, heel please.

Noble hypes the match at the PPV as well as the feud well. It's good seeing him with a title as he does have talent and it's unfortunate seeing him forgotten about a lot. His character was perfect and I predict a damn good match at the PPV. I'm hoping Kash has a reply for it, just to see the hatred rise between the two.

The Bluebloods/Basham Brothers match I didn't enjoy too much purely based on the fact that I'm not too familiar with the Bashams and I've never really been a fan of Regal. As it was heel on heel it was a little awkward but the ending I liked a lot with Brian Kendrick interfering as well as London and MNM making it that big tag-team implosion. It was a great effect and probably a good way to end a heel on heel match, I think.

I had a little chuckle at Edge's inputs with his conversation between him and Booker T. Just the way he replied to everything he said as well as Booker actually sounding like an idiot. Rather funny segment.

Batista being pissed at Finlay is a good quick segment and I personally can't wait to see him get his hands on him.

A good promo from Brent Albright, although, I see him as someone with potential and I wouldn't be wasting him on Holly for too long. Have him go over Holly, because I've always though Holly's a fucking idiot and have him go on to something bigger.

Albright getting the squash is good and the aftermath of the match was beautiful. Holly receiving a half-nelson suplex; a devastating move, is just beautiful.

I'm excited for Judgement Day, good video package.

Fantastic segment with Batista. He's really portrayed as an animal and despite my dislike for Finlay, I want these two to face off in a match and preferably a gimmick match, just to see Batista be unleashed and destroy Finlay. The way you wrote this just made me want to kick the shit out of Finlay; I have no chance, but still. All I wanted was Batista to get his hands on Finlay, which he did and destroy. I hate Finlay even more now, thanks to you. This segment was written great.

I'd count Kennedy's match more as a segment than a match as it really was designed to have Kennedy drown in heat and get over like fuck. He really has a lot of potential in this thread and the direction you have him heading is fantastic. From the way he conducts himself to the way he wrestles is perfect for his character and getting over. This was another fantastic segment, and there's been a lot in this show.

I'm loving Shane's drunken character and what he said to Steph made me laugh, 'That time of the month.. huh?' I had to have a chuckle at that. Anyway, the decision by him was good with the eight-man tag. It looks like Shane will be making some booking decisions here. I'm interested in this whole thing with Shane and Steph, especially with Shane being drunk. I really do look forward to seeing what the next move is they'll make.

I didn't know Lashley was a heel nor did I know he had Heyman as his manager as this, I think, is the first time I've read this thread and I must say, Heyman was nailed. He is just.. well, Heyman and him being in possession of another monster is great, especially with Lashley, so he can do the talking rather than Bobby. I actually want to see Lashley get pushed in this thread, it's different seeing him a heel and with Heyman by his side, the sky's the limit. I think he has the potential to be a megastar. I want to see what you do with him. Hopefully he goes over 'Taker.

London and Kendrick have their good guy, we'll never back down promo. Nothing really special there. Them on the same team as MNM will be interesting though.

With Finlay seemingly unable to compete in the main event, I still think he will come down and interfere. In the beginning you included a commercial break, that's something I've always seen as 'don't do'. I just believe that the matches should be written out with no interruptions. The match was very out-of-control and due to the circumstances between all men and what's at stake, I can see why and I enjoyed it. It's always good to see Rey have a spot-fest every now and then. It gets the crowd happy. Like I predicted, Finlay came down and I wanted to see Batista tear him apart but that was rather unsuccessful. The ending was good and I expect a livid Batista to win the Fatal-4-Way and go on to face Edge but have a similar fate to what he had tonight, with a roll-up loss. The main event was well done.

Overall, this really was a well done show and to some it up in a few words, I'd use these ones, 'Served its purpose.' Because that's what everything at least had, a purpose. Nothing was out of place, nothing was unneeded and nothing was boring. You really are one of the top writers here and I'm not being a lick-ass, these are my honest opinions because I'm an honest reviewer. Everything was well done - an overall great show setup.



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Re: Legend Presents: WWE 2006 - Stop Your Grinnin' And Drop Your Linen

SmackDown! Feedback

Sorry this is late. I would say I’ve been busy or whatever, but I haven’t. Sorry, just been jobbing.

Wow, very interesting and different way to kick us off here. The dynamic was interesting to say the least, as Shane was seemingly a bit reluctant, and scared dare I say it, while Stephanie seemed like a pushy bitch. The bit of animosity between the two was pretty much priceless, tbh. The little interaction between JBL and Steph was also nice, continuing their ongoing confrontations. A pretty awesome way to kick us off which was something different from anything I think I’ve ever seen.

Anyway, starting the real part of the show off with Edge after last week is definitely the right move. Plus, he kinda needs a number one contender, so this should bring about some juicy goodness. The hate on Shano to start with was good, continuing on from when he Speared the living hell out of him a few weeks back (the Friday after ‘Mania? Can’t remember exactly). The description of ecstasy upon Edge’s face upon saying that he had defeated The Undertaker sounded exactly right, and I loved the way you worked his interaction with the fans into it, though he didn’t start doing this ‘YOU’RE ALL WRONG~!’ business until last year, or maybe even this year to the best of my recollection. Edge against the world gets major ratings from me though. The continued owning of Shano while speaking of how he had beaten two of the most dangerous men in the ‘E was pretty ownage, as was the setting up of Rey coming in with Edge talking about how he doesn’t care how big they are. Edge’s continued paranoia about him not being allowed air-time straight off was pretty nice, as was the size bagging which was to be expected. The playing on history between the two was nice, as was Edge’s bagging of Rey linking back in with Big Dave’s. Methinks this stuff between Edge and ‘Tista is definitely set to resume at a later date. The use of Rey calling Edge scared also worked pretty well, written out nicely. Booker T? Pretty unexpected since I thought he’d be gunning for Rey, but since Rey’s out here too I guess it makes sense. Not sure what to make of Booker’s king attitude here, as he never really became a king as such. Him saying his record against Edge and Mysterio was almost flawless only to say forget about the past was a bit confusing too. The rest from Booker; however, was all fine, leading into the arrival of Finlay. Finlay was short but sweet. Obviously there’s only so much he can say since he’s more of a let’s fight type of guy, but for what it was, it was good. Batista arriving was certainly no surprise, and using the commentators to remind us of the problems Dave’s had with the other men was a wise move. Rey shutting Edge up and allowing Big Dave to own everyone was pretty awesome. Again, much like Finlay, Batista is limited, but what you did with him was very good. The little interaction between Shane and Steph upon Shane’s entrance was also very nice. Wow, two big matches announced from Shano, both of which I was expecting to see at the Pay-Per-View. Big main event for tonight from Shano, and I absolutely loved the way Shano set the assault for Finlay up at the end. Nice way to finish what was a damn good opening promo off.

Nice win here for Kash in the build to his match with Noble. I really liked the emphasis you put on him showboating, especially with the kip up after the match. The little brawl that ensued keeps these two simmering along, with Noble coming out looking the tougher man the right move, while Kash look heelish by running. Good stuff.

I have a feeling you know just how much CM Punk owns. Utilise that epicness plz.

It’s just a small thing, but I liked the way you transitioned into the backstage promo with Noble, using Cole and Tazz well. Nice promo from Noble, showing his intensity well, although I laughed at Matthews’ question being ignored completely.

Ugh, heel vs heel. They’re never ideal as the crowd’s never really going to warm to them. It also doesn’t help that one of the teams (The Basham Brothers) are an uncharismatic heap of shit. The use of the assault pre-match from The Bluebloods was nice, once again showing their nasty streak. The change of momentum with a mere shoulder tackle was a bit disappointing, though I’m glad to see you kept the match mercifully short. @ Regal being too awesome to run too. Little brawl to finish with keeps the tag division going hot, much like the cruiserweight division. Two consecutive brawls to end matches may be a bit much, but I don’t mind it too much. Good stuff.

@ ‘Is that your real accent?’ Top line. Pretty good segment to show that every man is in it for himself tonight, driving a wedge between the heels well. Both men were written well, so no complaints here.

Nice showing of the anger of ‘Tista. Keeping his feud with Finlay running hot here tonight. The gash just adds to the effect. Good stuff.

Albright showing some real intensity from the get-go here was something a bit different. Seemed weird to me, and perhaps a bit off compared to what we’ve seen with Albright in the past, though I guess that’s what you were going for. The promo felt a lot more familiar in the latter stages, seeming more like Albright. Liking these promos as a whole to give him some mic time.

The win for Albright was always going to happen; however, the aftermath, imo, should have gone the other way. Holly’s been punked out here when he shouldn’t be the one looking for revenge, looking worried headed into what I would assume is their match at Judgment Day. Albright should. If Albright can deal with Holly that easily, I can’t see Holly continuing to worry Albright, and that kind of makes their ‘feud’ pointless, imo.

Wow, amazing stuff really. You made it more than just a regular beatdown, describing what has happened to Batista since WrestleMania and really drumming in his rage, his intensity in a beautiful way. The spinebuster on the limo? Great stuff. As for Steph, she was written beautifully too, with the very last words really driving her emotions home well.

I believe you mean Kennedy’s not in Green Bay anymore. The showing of intensity, of rage, of possibly the dementedness of Kennedy was wonderful. Again, having Kennedy split Funaki open is maybe overusing blood; however, another top beatdown here. Good stuff.

Moore goodness from Shano and Stephanie here. Keeping the wedge driven firmly between the two, you also made some pretty big matches for Judgment Day here which I’m interested to see.

Heyman gushing over Lashley? You have him do a very, very good job of it. Playing up Lashley’s awesomeness while also digging into the fans was really well done, as was including Shano in the promo. No match announcement yet? You’re leaving the excitement to build, I guess. Interested to see what you choose for the two beasts to compete in, because as you said, you’ve got a lot to choose from.

London and Kendrick were somewhat generic here as the smiley faces, though I guess there’s not much you can do about that at this stage. The match between London & Kendrick and MNM for next week was explained pretty well here, and it’s a nice match to have for the card. You’re featuring the tag division well, so keep at it, plz.

Tazz, you are being dumb. Rey faced Eddie for the WWE Title back on a SmackDown! in what I think was March (though it may have been April) of 2004, and well, WWE Title, World Heavyweight Title, same dif. Yes, I have no life. Anyway, the match was pretty good up until when Rey and Booker had some action in the home stretch, which was simply awesome, and makes for a very good match next week if exchanges like that are featured. Finlay making his way into the match adds another toy for you to play with I guess and gives Big Dave someone to perhaps focus on a bit too much. The two heels arguing over wanting the tag and as such getting the title shot was well done, as was the finish leading to a very crafty sneak victory from Edge. Top main event.

Simply huge announcement to end the show here. If we get the match I expect (Batista vs Edge), this will have some very interesting implications after the last few weeks. You’ve got me hooked here.

Overall, another very good show. The matches announced for the Pay-Per-View actually took me off guard, and I guess that’s a good thing. The promos as always were top notch, as was the match writing. Maybe the blood needs to be eased up on a little bit, as it’s starting to lose its effect, though apart from that I really have no complaints. Great stuff (and sorry again for the lateness).

Oh, and as far as RAW goes, it's been phenomenal since return, and I have no doubt that it'll be the same this week. Some nice midcard matches announced, featuring all of those guys that own strongly again. Looking forward to another extreme rules type match, and another blockbuster show.

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Re: Legend Presents: WWE 2006 - Stop Your Grinnin' And Drop Your Linen

Monday Night Raw - May 8th, 2006; Anaheim, California

“Who was it that did those awful things?"

Game On

A video package plays, highlighting the events which unfolded last week on Raw, with Kurt Angle’s ‘One Man War’ on Eric Bischoff and his allies, attacking not only the GM, but also The Spirit Squad, Carlito, and Chris Masters. The video then shifts to what unfolded at the end of the show, where we finally got the Angle-Big Show showdown we had been expecting all night, with Bischoff’s cronies dismantling the WWE Champion, before Triple H returned to Raw to make the save…

Once the video package ends, the Raw opening video plays, before we enter the arena to see an incredible pyrotechnic display. Finally, we go to ringside with Jim Ross, Joey Styles, and Jonathan Coachman.

Jim Ross: Since Backlash two weeks ago, our General Manager Eric Bischoff and his numerous associates have seen very, very hard times, and gentlemen, will tonight be any different?

Jonathan Coachman: I gotta say this, J.R., Mr. Bischoff and his friends are not gonna put up with the kind of treatment they’ve been receiving. They’ve gotta do something about this, and they’re gonna start tonight!

Joey Styles: We’re sold out in the Anaheim Pond tonight in Anaheim, California. A Women’s Title tournament, Intercontinental Title on the line tonight, m–


The Pond ERUPTS with a thunderous ovation, as ‘Time To Play The Game’ rumbles over the PA ominously, and the man who made his triumphant return last week, ‘The Cerebral Assassin’, ‘The King Of Kings’, ‘The Game’ TRIPLE H steps out onto the stage. Dressed in jeans and a leather jacket, Hunter takes a swig of his water, takes a look around the arena, smirks, and saunters on down to the ring.

Jim Ross: And it sounds like, it looks like we’re gonna be joined by “The King Of Kings”, who made his return to the WWE just two weeks ago at Backlash, and again last week, much to the chagrin, I might add, of General Manager Eric Bischoff.

Jonathan Coachman: This stinking, no-good, gutless coward had no right doing what he did last week. ‘Assault with a deadly weapon’, that sounds about right, doesn’t it? You saw what he did to my boys The Spirit Squad and “The Masterpiece”. Totally outta line.

Joey Styles: “Assault with a deadly weapon?” Gimme a break, Coach. I suppose ten seconds earlier when you and your buddies were beating the crap out of our WWE Champion with chairs, cases, tables, that was all fine, right?

Helmsley steps into the ring, posing on the turnbuckle for a few moments, before calling for a microphone from Lillian Garcia, which he gets. After a few moments, he begins…

Triple H: N–


Jim Ross: What!?

Triple H does an uncanny impression of The Undertaker as he rolls his eyes with exasperation, whilst the crowd boos mercilessly, all heralding the arrival of the gargantuan giant, The Big Show, who walks down the ramp in his wrestling attire accompanied by the corpulent Paul Bearer, as well as Raw General Manager Eric Bischoff, Carlito, Chris Masters, Torrie Wilson, and The Spirit Squad.

Joey Styles: Well just as Triple H was about to address this capacity crowd, and you at home, we’re being interrupted by Eric Bischoff’s cronies, including, among others, the seven-foot, five hundred pounder.

Jonathan Coachman: You gotta admit, fellas, it takes some serious cahonas to interrupt The Game, on tonight of all nights.

The allies choose to walk as far as the foot of the ramp, where Bearer whips out a microphone and holds it up to his mastodon.

The Big Show: (Can’t get a word in)


The Big Show:Now – now these people might not want me to say it, Hunter, and they might not even want to say it themselves, but since I don’t really give a damn what they think, myself and Paul, the two of us, we just wanted to come out here and be – and be the first two people to welcome you back to Raw after all this time. Welcome back, Triple H. Welcome… back.

~ Extremely mixed reaction for this, as both The Game and the crowd can smell the bullshit, despite the ‘sincerity’.

The Big Show:
(Rubs chin) And that’s all I’d like this to be, Hunter, I really would. I’d love it if all this was, was myself and Paul walking out here with open arms… welcoming THE GAME… THE KING OF KINGS… back to the fold. But y’see, I – I have a confession to make, Hunter. I’ve an ulterior motive for coming out here and interrupting you tonight. Now, laying all niceties to one side for a moment, let me just bring your attention to something, Hunter.

~ As the crowd watches, the mastodon holds up his mighty right-hand.

The Big Show:
Now, I understand that you were the top dog, the alpha male on Raw before your little, uhm, injury, but

~ Show takes a step forward.

The Big Show:
….A lot can change in a month, Hunter. Since you went AWOL this… (Clenches fist) hand has been knockin’ out guys left, right, and centre. Kane? Done. Eugene? Finished? Shelton Benjamin? You bet. The guy who kicked your ass at WrestleMania, the man formerly known as “Mr. Monday Night” Rob Van Dam? Gone. I’ve become what you only dreamed of being, Hunter. I’ve become… dominance.

~ Thunderous boos, as Trips continues to glare at the giant.

The Big Show:
So, how ‘bout you get out of MY ring… before I cripple you again? Y’see, you might have everyone else fooled, Hunter… but not me, not me. I know that without that sledgehammer you carry around with you like some kind of lucky charm – without that, Hunter, you’re nothin’ more than a very small… very angry… very bitter man without the guts to get into a fight without some back up. Sound about right?

~ Crowd boos

The Big Show: I thought so. Y’know, I don’t what Mr. Bischoff here… (smiles at Eric) ever saw in you, Hunter. I mean, it’s not like you were ever gonna’ win the WWE Championship… was it? You probably never will again. You’re days… are done. You might call yourself the, uh, what was it? The King Of Kings? Well, “Mr. King Of Kings”(growls) you’re in the land of GIANTS now.

~ Trips wears a smirk

The Big Show:
Did I say something funny, little man? Let me remind you… (stops, rolls up his sleeve) you aren’t watchin’ this on TV at home anymore, tiny. You aren’t safe.

~ Triple H continues to grin arrogantly right at the giant, who shakes his head.

The Big Show:
Y’know, you’ve only just come back… and you’re already pissin’ me off.

~ “BOO!”

The Big Show:
Trist me, you’re gonna get introduced the best right-hand in the business, pal… (reaching the apron) ’cause I’m gonna shove it down your throat–


Anaheim blows the roof with a phenomenal ovation, heralding the arrival of the reigning WWE Champion, Kurt Angle, who marches out onto the stage, clad in his wrestling attire, straps pulled down, with the title belt over one shoulder.

Jim Ross: IT’S – IT’S KURT ANGLE!!

Jonathan Coachman: What’s he doing here!?

Joey Styles: The WWE Champion has interrupted proceedings here, just as it seemed that Big Show and Company were about to pour into the ring, and take apart Triple H, or at least attempt to do so.

‘The Wrestling Machine’ paces up and down angrily, while Big Show and co. glower angrily up at him, and Triple H doesn’t look all that delighted either. Before Kurt can speak though, our esteemed General Manager steps up.

Eric Bischoff: Oh… (smirks, then laughs a bit) oh, I get it. You’re out here to help you’re old buddy Triple H, right, Kurt?

~ Angle already has a mic in hand.

Kurt Angle: Actually, what I had in mind was more along the lines of me coming down there and picking up where we left off last week, KICKING YOUR ASS!!

~ Huge pop for the Olympian.

Kurt Angle: ’Cause don’t any of you make the mistake of thinking that I’m through with you. I might’ve put you all out with the trash last week, but, Eric, until I get Shawn Michaels on a plate, I’m gonna be on your ass like a badrash.

~ Several of the heels down at ringside swallow nervously.

Kurt Angle: But… (looks up, past the heels) Triple H… I don’t forgive, and I certainly don’t forget. I don’t need your help, I don’t want your help, and as far as I’m concerned, me and you? We’ve still got unfinished business.

~ Helmsley mouths “Oh really”, as Bischoff looks between the two, grinning smugly.

Eric Bischoff: Well, well, well. I’m glad, Kurt, I’m glad that your memory doesn’t seem to be quite as bad as Mr. Helmsley’s here. Mr. Helmsley who -- since returning -- has conveniently chosen to forget that it was Rob Van Dam who put him out of action at WrestleMania, and who -- since returning -- has conveniently chosen to forget that it was ME, Eric Bischoff, who gave him everything of a silver platter!

~ Hunter slowly shakes his head, as Bischoff turns back to Angle.

Eric Bischoff:
I’m glad – I’m glad that you remember just who it was who challenged you for the WWE Championship at the Royal Rumble, and a few weeks after that, who it was who bloodied and battered you, left you -- and your dear brother Eric -- for dead.

~ Mixed reaction from the crowd, with Angle remembering all too well, as he eyeballs the stoic Game.

Eric Bischoff:
That’s right. Back before Mr. Helmsley here decided to jump ship, he ran with me. He wanted a shot at the WWE Title, so I gave him a shot at the WWE title. That’s all your brother’s blood was worth to this heartless, ruthless son of a bitch, Kurt. Just that weight in gold over your shoulder.


Eric Bischoff:
And I know – I know that you both have a problem with me and mine -- Mr. Show in particular it seems.

~ Big Show smiles.

Eric Bischoff:
And it goes without saying that one day soon, one -- or maybe even both of you -- will step into the ring with this giant; after all, that piece of hardware on your shoulder is quite an alluring prospect, Kurt.

~ The crowd boos at the prospect of Big Show getting a title shot, while Paul Bearer applauds loudly.

Eric Bischoff:
And – and as much as I know everybody here would love to see it -- and as much as I love each and every person here -- unfortunately, Kurt, you will not be defending the WWE Championship against Big Show or anyone else for that matter here tonight.

~ Mixed reaction from the crowd.

Eric Bischoff:
No, no, I think I’ll give you both some time to prepare. So, how about this, Show? We give you that title match next week in Texas?

~ Big Show’s eyes drift up the ramp to Angle, never leaving him.

The Big Show: (smiles) Sounds good to me.

Eric Bischoff: And I’m pretty sure it sounds good to everyone else.

~ Bischoff looks around the arena expectantly, but all he gets are boos, with crowd no longer caring that it is Big Show getting the title shot, just wanting to see a damn title match tonight.

Eric Bischoff:
I’m glad you like it. But don’t worry – don’t you worry at all, because Eric Bischoff hasn’t forgotten about little ol’ Anaheim, California.

~ Muted cheap pop.

Eric Bischoff:
No, you’re gonna see a blockbuster, Pay-Per-View quality main event just like those lucky Texan Rednecks will next week in Lubbock.

~ Boos for the rival state.

Eric Bischoff:
’Cause y’see tonight it’s your turn for a favour, Kurt. Big Show gets his next week when he faces you for the title, but don’t anyone ever say that Eric Bischoff is unfair, ’cuz tonight Kurt Angle gets what he’s been waiting for since February.

~ Angle narrows his eyes.

Eric Bischoff:
No, tonight, in the second match of “Eric Bischoff’s Extreme Initiative”, since they have so much unfinished business…


~ The crowd goes nuts at the announcement, as ‘I’m Back’ hits over the PA, and Bischoff proceeds to high-five with all of his allies around the ring, while, from the ring and the stage respectively, Triple H and the WWE Champion Kurt Angle lock eyes.

Jim Ross: Oh my God!! Eric Bischoff has really stuck it to his two biggest enemies tonight. What a main event! In his first match since WrestleMania over a month ago, The Game will go one-on-one with none other than WWE Champion Kurt Angle!!

Jonathan Coachman:
Mr. Bischoff’s a genius!!

Angle hitches the WWE title belt on his shoulder, baring his teeth savagely as he continues to eyeball the man who bloodied his brother not four months ago…



The winces, groans, and sighs can only mean one thing: we are in the locker room of the only double champion currently performing in the WWE, as the Intercontinental Champion and one-half of the World Tag Team Champions, Shelton Benjamin, gingerly removes his shirt, beginning to get changed for his match later tonight. As he struggles, the camera pans around to reveal Charlie Haas watching intently from the corner.

After several awkward moments…

…Haas sighs, walks over, and begins to assist he battered buddy.


1 - Tag Team Match
The Sons Of Samoa w/Armando Alejandro Estrada
vs. Rocky Smith & Chad Levitt

Still riding the incredible wave of momentum since their debut at Backlash, Estrada’s monstrous new tandem, Umaga and Samu, give another demonstration of their unbelievable dominance, as the plough right through a couple of skinny kids from the local town, hitting every single high impact move in their arsenal: Samoan Drops, Urinage Slams, Savate Kicks, Flying Headbutts, Corner Wrecking Balls etc. etc. They two savages finally put the kids out of their misery with a pair of nasty SAMOAN SPIKES, before stacking the bodies up like cord wood, for the three count.

Winners - Sons of Samoa via pinfall @ 1:51.

After the match, AAE clambers into the ring with his tickets to the top, and poses impressively between the two bellowing behemoths to tremendous boos.

Jim Ross: Good God. Watchin’ Estrada’s two monsters go to work is like watchin’ a couple o’ grown men play with children. It frightening. It’s ungodly. It’s downright scary.

Jonathan Coachman:
You’ve got that right, J.R. Armando sure has hit a home run with this team he’s come into ownership of. Who the hell is gonna stop them?

Joey Styles:
I have absolutely no idea, Coach, but one thing is for sure, should Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin still be tag team champions by then, at Vengeance, they will face this intimidating new unit in their first official pay-per-view outing.


All five members of The Spirit Squad stand in a huddle backstage, dressed to compete, outside their own private locker room, bickering and squabbling as per usual. Nicky is holding a roll of coins.

Look, I’m tellin’ ya’, it’s the fairest way.

I agree with Nick.

Mitch: ’Course you do, John. It was Nick’s little coin tossin’ that done gotcha’ that spot at WrestleMania, now wasn’t it?

Actually that was, uh, talent.

Wait, wasn’t it you who got pinned at Backlash, Ken? Wow, that’s some real talented cheerin’ right there, guys.

Kenny: Hey, that’s CAPTAIN Ken to you

Mitch: Shut up, Ken. Look, ya’ll got ta’ be a part of the WrestleMania and Backlash matches, so I think it’s only fair that me, Nicky, and Mikey get our chance to shine, y’know? Try and show Mr. Bischoff why he can’t do without us, right? That’s the whole point of this little match, ain’t it?

Johnny: … …I guess so.

Kenny: (Scoffs) If you think you can do a better job than the only one of us to ever get a shot at the Intercontinental Title, be, my, guest.

Mikey: Can we get at least get a “Spi–?

~ The other four members angrily glare at the goofy Mondo, who immediately takes the hint and shuts his mouth, as the group continues to bicker.


*Video Plays*

It started out as a dream …

- RVD flying over the ropes into Jerry Lynn.

That became a reality …

- Mike Awesome powerbombing Masato Tanaka.

Last year the dream was relived …

- Tommy Dreamer crashing through the flaming table.
This year it will be reborn …

- Sandman brawling through the crowd.

This year ‘Extreme’ will live again …

- Taz suplexing some poor bastard.

This year sees the return …

- Sabu killing himself almost, as a voices echoes out.

“Of …”

- Quick, wild shots of Dreamer, Sandman, RVD, Funk, Taz, Sabu and Awesome.

“… ECW.”

“ECW One Night Stand, June 11th, 8/7CT, live on pay-per-view”

*End video*

*Parking Lot*

An expensive, red, sports car quickly pulls into the large parking lot. Out of the back quickly nips the Women’s Champion MICKIE JAMES, carrying her bags, looking around nervously, and talking frantically on her cell phone. Wiping her hair out of her face, Ms. James hurries toward the arena.

Mickie James: (Stammering) Yeah (…) I’m here now (…) No (…) I haven’t seen either of them yet (…) What? (…) ‘Number one’ what? (…) How the hell should I know?

~ Mickie tucks her bags under her arm as the doorman holds it open for her and she enters the arena, still glancing about nervously.

Mickie James: It’s okay (…) I get my own locker room now (…) ’Cuz of security (…) No, I don’t need you tonight (…) Yeah, maybe then (…) Bye.

~ Ms. James hangs up, puts her phone away, and heads into the arena.


Jim Ross:Ladies and gentlemen, welcome back to Monday Night Raw, and coming up next it’s the Women’s Championship Series to determine the first challenger to our brand new Women’s Champion -- who we all just saw -- Mickie James.

Jonathan Coachman: That’s right; J.R., Ashley, Candice Michelle, Victoria, and that whiner Trish Stratus are all in action against one another tonight, and whichever two ladies win tonight, meet next week, one-on-one, for the chance to face Mickie … at Vengeance.

Jim Ross: I’ll hand it to Bischoff. Hell of an idea. How about what’s already been signed for tonight and next week though? First off, tonight, in our main event, we’re gonna see old enemies WWE Champion Kurt Angle and the returning Triple H go one-on-one.

Joey Styles: And, for those of you joining us in Lubbock, Texas next week thinking you’re missing out, think again, because next week,
(graphic comes on screen)the WWE Championship will be on the line, as ‘The Wrestling Machine’ Kurt Angle defends against the seven-foot, five hundred pound weapon of mass destruction, The Big Show.

2 - Qualifying Match for #1 Contender’s Match Next Week
Ashley Massaro vs. Victoria

Ashley is game. But Victoria is gamer. The powerful Diva who came so close to capturing the title at WrestleMania and Backlash throws down an impressive gauntlet for Trish and Candice watch, polishing Massaro off with the Widow’s Peak at 3 minutes 47 seconds.

Winner - Victoria via pinfall @ 3:47.

Vickie gets a much more mixed response as she has her hand raised by the official, while, at the same time, she motions that the title will be coming around her waist soon.

Joey Styles: Another dominating performance from Victoria. As you can see on the screen, ladies and gentlemen, she advances to the number one contender’s match next week, live on Raw.

Jonathan Coachman: Yes she does, Joey. But y’see, that’s the beauty of this tournament that Mr. Bischoff has created; it adds even more excitement to what was an already exciting match between Trish ‘Whiner’ Stratus and Candice Michelle.

Jim Ross: “Whiner”? Nice to see you’re runnin’ with some new material, Coach.


Having just finished up in the locker room, Chavo Guerrero finishes pulling on his bandanna, and exits out into the hallway, clad in his dark tights and ‘I’m Your Papi’ tribute t-shirt. The former Cruiserweight Champion heads toward the ring … until he stops; Gregory Helms enters our camera shot, similarly dressed to compete.

Gregory Helms:
Bit of a change from last week, ain’t it?

~ Chavo takes a look at Helms’ taped ribs.

Chavo Guerrero:
You might say that.

Gregory Helms:
(Touching his ribs) Oh, these? Nothin’ to ’em, Chavito.

~ Guerrero looks slightly irked by the casual use of his nickname, as Helms arrogantly smirks through his dark shades.

Chavo Guerrero:
Is this gonna be a problem?

Gregory Helms:
Is what gonna be a problem?

Chavo Guerrero: You know what.

~ Stepping forward slightly, Helms sighs, removes his shades, and looks Chavo in the eye,

Gregory Helms:
Oh right… (taps chin, smirks) that. No problem at all.

~ Greg pops his shades back on after a wink and saunters off with a swish of his long coat, leaving Chavo staring after him, clearly not impressed by his partner’s continued dickish ways…



No longer using his crutches, but still sporting the cast on his right arm, Mr. Money in the Bank Carlito saunters through the backstage area in his all white Caribbean gear, tossing his car keys up and down, saying “hi” to a few people, before pushing the door open to the parking lot and stepping outside…

…where he freezes. In horror.

Carlito: (Mortified) ‘D -- Dat’s Carlito’s car.

~ Carlito’s keys tumble to the ground.


Jim Ross: Uh, I have no idea what is goin’ on there, but whatever it is, Carlito doesn’t look too impressed. His car? Anyway, folks, still to come tonight, Intercontinental Title on the line, and Triple H battles Kurt Angle in our main event.

Jonathan Coachman: Oh man. ‘Lito just bought his car. I hope it’s okay.

3 - Six Man Tag Team Match
World Tag Team Champ Charlie Haas, Gregory Helms & Chavo Guerrero
vs. The Spirit Squad

Desperate to not only get back in the good books of Eric Bischoff but also to get a piece of one of the men who took the tag titles from them, Nicky, Mikey and Mitch step up to represent The Spirit Squad in ant exciting Six Man Tag. Nemeth starts goes after his old nemesis Haas, with the two athletic youngsters jockeying for position inside the ring, until the brash cheerleader decides to try and gain the upper hand with a vicious SLAP ACROSS THE FACE OF HAAS, drawing huge heat from the crowd.

After rubbing his face contemplatively for a few moments, Haas nods his head, has a little smirk, BEFORE SLAPPING THE TASTE RIGHT OUT OF NICKY’S MOUTH!!

The crowd roars, as Haas lights Nemeth up with right hands and a few European Uppercuts, backing him right across the ring into the ropes, before trying to shoot him across. Nicky reverses the whip, but Haas ducks the clothesline, hits the ropes once, before wiping the young cheerleader out with a SPINNING HEEL KICK!! As soon as Nemeth staggers back up, Haas, shoves him back into the ropes, catches him, and HURLS him overhead WITH A HUGE RELEASE BELLY-TO-BELLY SUPLEX!! Instead of going for the cover, Haas punishes the inexperienced superstar for a few moments, but it costs him, as Nick is able to reverse an Irish Whip once more, only this time, behind the ref’s back, Mitch DRILLS Haas in the back. Charlie whirls around, BLASTING Mitch off the apron, but turns back -- Nemeth leaps, and SCORES WITH THE INVERTED STO!!

Still no covers in this one, as a pissed off Nemeth continues to punish one of the men who ended his reign atop the tag team empire, before bringing in Mikey. Young Mondo continues the assault, pounding on Haas in the corner, but connecting with a NECKBREAKER centre of the ring, scoring a near fall, before bringing in Mitch. Mikey tosses Haas in the corner, turns, waits, as Mitch races in, and Mikey ALLEY-OOPS HIS PARTNER RIGHT DOWN ONTO HAAS!!

Haas goes limp and Mitch quickly whips him out of the corner, RIGHT INTO THE SUPER DUPER KICK, from Mondo, cleaning his clock!! As the referee forces Mitch out of the ring, it allows Haas a brief respite, enabling him to kick out of Mitch’s pin fall attempt. Mitch isn’t done though, as he lifts the All-American up, hammering him, before going for the whip -- Haas swings through, under the arm, grabs Mitch around the waist - BEFORE HURLING THE MALE CHEERLEADER OVER WITH A HUGE GERMAN SUPLEX!!

Haas manages to get his bearings … AND MAKES THE TAG TO CHAVO GUERRERO!!!

Despite still wearing the bandages of last week’s brutal Tables Match, Chavito comes in like a house of fire, taking both Mitch and Mikey down with consecutive clotheslines, before taking Nicky up and over with a big back body drop!! As Mikey staggers back up, GREGORY HELMS FLIES THROUGH THE AIR - MISSILE DROPKICK TO Mondo!! Chavo follows suit, springing over the ropes WITH A HÉLO RIGHT ACROSS THE CHEERLEADER, followed by a cover. Nemeth scrambles in to break it up just in the nick of time.

Mitch manages to dump Helms out of the ring, as a furious Charlie Haas re-enters the fray, making a beeline for the interfering Nemeth. Racing across the ring, Haas CLOTHESLINES NICKY OVER THE TOP ROPE, TAKING HIMSELF OUT ALSO!! Back inside the ring, all alone seemingly, Chavo lifts Mikey up, HITTING ONE VERTICAL SUPLEX, THEN ANOTHER, before getting him set up for the THIRD AMIGO -- MITCH SLUGS HIM DOWN OUT OF NOWHERE!! The crowd boos as the official argues with Mitch, trying to get him out of the ring, as Nicky and Haas brawl on the outside.

As Mikey staggers around, Chavito catches him with a quick boot to the gut, before setting him up and DRILLING him with the BRAINBUSTER, completing the hat trick. Nemeth springs back up on to the apron, grabbing the referee’s attention, as first Guerrero and then Helms head top -- JOHNNY SHOVES HELMS DOWN TO THE FLOOR BELOW!!!

Thunderous boos greets the outside interference from one of two Spirit Squad members not in this match, as Chavo jumps down from the top, NAILING the cheerleader, knocking him off the apron, not noticing Kenny slip Haas’ World Tag Team Title belt to Mikey.
As Nicky holds the official’s attention, Helms writhes on the floor outside, and Haas struggles back up, Chavo turns back from the apron, AND GETS BLASTED RIGHT BETWEEN THE EYES WITH THE TITLE BELT!!! Mondo disposes of the weapon, and calls for the referee, who Nemeth conveniently releases.





Winners - Spirit Squad via pinfall @ 10:56.

Boos fills the arena, as the music of The Spirit Squad hits and the young cheerleaders leap about excitedly for their biggest win in a long time. Haas slides into the ring just too late, sending Mikey & co. scurrying out of the ring and back up the ramp, dancing gleefully.

Jonathan Coachman: They did it!! Haha, I told you they would, fellas. ’Mando Estrada’s gonna be one happy chappy after what my boys just did to Charlie Haas here tonight, but so is Eric Bischoff.

Joey Styles: Well both Johnny and Kenny got more involved than they had a right to be, first knocking Gregory Helms off the top and then handing that tag title belt to Mikey, which he used to deadly effect on Chavo Guerrero.

Jim Ross: I don’t know what you’re smiling about, Coach. Your “boys”, as you like to ’em them, just stole their biggest victory in a long time. But I guess we’ve come to expect that from everyone associated with Jonathan Coachman and our ‘esteemed’ General Manager. I just hope this isn’t a sign of things to come tonight, what with Shelton Benjamin set to defend his Intercontinental Championship against Chris Masters, not to mention the main event.

As Haas and Helms check on the dazed Guerrero in the ring, all five members of the jubilant Spirit Squad pose at the top of the ramp, arms raised in victory.


Angle-Triple H History - The 2006 Royal Rumble - In a brief reminder for those fans who have forgotten it, the violent, bloody war contested over the WWE Champion is revisited, highlighting Hunter’s ruthless aggression, but, ultimately, Angle’s savvy, as he catches The Game with a Small Package to retain.

Jim Ross: I might not agree with the reasoning behind it, but I cannot wait for our main event. A true slobberknocker, but before that, we’ve still got the Intercontinental title to decide. Later tonight, Shelton Benjamin puts the gold on the line against Chris Masters.


Outside in the parking lot, Torrie Wilson waits, looking lovely as ever, until a long, stretch limousine pulls up. The blonde Diva smiles and walks round to the other side to get in … but her eyes open wide.

Torrie Wilson: What the hell is this?

~ The driver hurries over, removing his cap humbly, and looking where Ms. Wilson is pointing. His eyes, too, widen in horror.

Driver: (Stammering) Oh – oh man, I – I have no idea.

~ Torrie looks at him angrily.

Torrie Wilson: How can you have no idea? You’re in the thing 24/7!

~ Pathetically, the driver opens his mouth to speak … but quickly thinks better of it and remains silent. Ms. Wilson closes her eyes, lets out a long sigh, and runs his fingers through her long blonde hair with exasperation…

Torrie Wilson: (Softly) No way am I telling Mr. Bischoff what’s happened.

~ Torrie and the driver exchange anxious glances, as we cut away.

*Elsewhere backstage*

Getting the usual outpouring of wolf whistles and hoots, we get a couple of shots of the two women involved next, Trish Stratus and Candice Michelle, neither Diva wearing much, as they stretch ahead of their upcoming match.

Jim Ross: Up next, it’s match number two in the series to determine who will challenge Mickie James for the Women’s Championship. For the first time since losing the title at Backlash, Trish Stratus is in action. She faces Candice Michelle, next!


Advertisement for SmackDown plays, hyping another PPV quality card with Batista vs. Finlay for the first time ever, MNM vs. The Hooligans, & Rey Mysterio vs. Booker T for the United States Championship.

***TIME TO ROCK AND ROLL*** Getting a mostly positive response from Anaheim, the Canadian bombshell Trish Stratus heads down to the ring, trying her best to look no nonsense and all business, but coming across, as usual, as just flat out sex on legs.

Jim Ross:Trish Stratus has not been in a good mood since WrestleMania, and I don’t think losin’ her title at Backlash helped matters.

Jonathan Coachman:
She might be hot, but she’s still a whiner.

Joey Styles: Can’t argue with that, J.R., Mrs. Stratus has done her fair share of complaining since WrestleMania, and now she’s beltless in every sense.

Jonathan Coachman: Ooh how insightful, Joey.

With her music fading in the background, Trish rolls into the ring and calls for a microphone from Lillian Garcia, which she soon gets. Angrily flicking her hair out of her face, Stratus brings the mic up.

Trish Stratus:
I… (breathing hard, eyes down) …am a SEVEN time Women’s Champion.

~ Mixed reaction from the crowd, as Trish wipes her hair again.

Trish Stratus:
And this… is the way I’m treated?

~ “She’s whining. Shock, horror.” Thanks, Coach.

Trish Stratus: Don’t I deserve better?

~Mixed response

Trish Stratus: Don’t I -- a woman who has done more for this division than anyone -- don’t I deserve a little better than to be screwed out of my title, and then to be shoved in this joke of a tournament to get a rematch that I should receive automatically? Don’t I deserve a little better than that?

~ Trish’s tone is still very hard to read.

Trish Stratus:
But of course, we couldn’t make things easy on Trish Stratus, now, could we? We couldn’t make things… fair. No, when Mickie James decides to attack me at WrestleMania, steal my belt, and go AWOL from the company that pays her wages for a month… no one bats an eyelid. (Scoffs) Why would they?

~ Some slight boos for Ms. James.

Trish Stratus:
It’s like this. Mickie, Vickie -- whoever the hell has my title when the time comes -- this crap doesn’t mean a thing, ’cuz as far as I’m concerned, your lookin’ at the rightful number one contender… right, here. So enjoy it while it lasts, Mickie, ’cuz you’re living on borrowed time.

~ Trish tosses the mic aside angrily and, once again, sweeps her hair out of her face, clearly not appreciating the less than positive response she’s now, unsurprisingly, receiving from The Pond.

Jonathan Coachman: Do I even need to say anything?

Joey Styles: Not for a couple of weeks at least. See ya.

Jim Ross: Trish Stratus not endearing herself to the good citizens of Anaheim by any means. Something’s really changed in that young lady’s head.

4 - Qualifying Match for #1 Contender’s Match Next Week
Trish Stratus vs. Candice Michelle

3:47 isn’t exactly an easy time to beat, but the former 6-time Women’s Champion does exactly that, as she steamrolls (or as much as a WWE Diva can) through the hapless Candice in no time at all, dropping her with the Chick Kick after barely three minutes. Cover. Victory? In the bag.

Winner - Trish Stratus via pinfall @ 3:02.

Joey Styles: Well, that’s that settled. Next week, live from Lubbock, Texas, we will see that young lady right there, former six-time Women’s Champion Trish Stratus, battle the former two-time champion Victoria in what should be an epic.

Jim Ross: A WrestleMania Rematch indeed. The winner of that one goes on to Vengeance on June 25th to challenge Mickie James for the WWE Women’s Championship. But still to come tonight, we have not only Benjamin and Masters for Intercontinental gold, but also the renewal of a hellacious rivalry, as WWE Champion Kurt Angle faces Triple H.


Bouncing up and down nervously, the five members of The Spirit Squad all look eager to get showered, but find themselves faced by Armando Alejandro Estrada, alone.

(Coughing) What’s this a-

Armando Alejandro Estrada:
Relax. Peros, ju don’t have to worry at all. I’ve left my -- como se dic’ -- friends, back in our own private locker room.

~ AAE smirks, as the cheerleaders relax slightly.

Armando Alejandro Estrada: No, I wanted to speak wit’ ju… personally. Ju see, Backlash, was just one big misunderstanding. Take a look at it one more time, and ju’ll see, ju have nothing to fear from Umaga and Samu… yet. Tonight ju did a… good job softening up one Charlie Haas, but, unless ju want to get on the wrong side of me ju’re going to have to go a little further - NEXT WEEK!! HAHA!!

~ Some of the SS bristle at these blatant orders they are being given, whilst the others look extremely apprehensive, probably thanks to the threats.

Armando Alejandro Estrada:
Señor Bischoff has told me to tell ju… we need another from ju again. Haha, it’s nearly time, once again, to go extreme in that… bingo hall at One Night Stand, filled with fat, drunk, bald DUMMIES, and Señor Bischoff wants ju to show those idiots that any puto can swing a cane like a fool… but no one does it… like Raw. (Closes the door) Let’s talk business.

~ The cheerleaders appear sceptical, but Kenny looks at them as if to say, “Lets hear him out”, before slowly nodding at Estrada to continue…


Jim Ross: More clandestine dealings goin’ on around here before the break, ladies and gentlemen. Armando Estrada usin’ that silver tongue of his once again, this time on the hapless Spirit Squad.

Jonathan Coachman: Do you know what “clandestine” means, J.R.?

Joey Styles:
Shut up, Coach. I agree with J.R., I don’t like this one bit. Just a few weeks back, Kenny, Johnny and those idiots were running scared of Umaga and Samu, and now they’re cutting deals with their manager? C’mon! We might not know what that deal is right now, but something tells me it can only mean bad things for Charlie Haas and the man who defends his Intercontinental Title here next.

Jim Ross: Absolutely right. Shelton Benjamin, who has held the gold since January 9th, when he defeated the legendary “Nature Boy” Ric Flair, defends against “The Masterpiece”.

5 - Intercontinental Championship Match
World Tag Team Champ Shelton Benjamin defends against Chris Masters

*Mr. Money in the Bank Carlito on commentary*

Still feeling the effects of a gruelling last couple of weeks, WWE’s only double champion, Shelton Benjamin, looks quite under par in the early stages of this title defence. The Masterpiece easily carries the smaller man around the ring, driving him against every turnbuckle, really working over the already vulnerable ribs of the damaged Intercontinental Champion.

Quickly taking Benji out to the ropes, ‘Piece sends him across the ring, looking to take his fellow youngster’s head of with a clothesline -- but Shelton avoids one, and then another, before quickly swinging up behind the powerhouse, and just managing to take him down and over with a CRUCIFIX!!

1 ...

2 ...


Masters just kicks out.

Both men nip immediately back up to their feet, with the brash Masterpiece swinging a wild clothesline once more, which Benjamin ducks, getting underneath Masters’ arm - LOOKING FOR THE T-BONE EXPLODER -- but ‘Piece quickly elbows out of it, shoving Shelton into the ropes. Benji comes back and Masters lunges again with a clothesline -- Benjamin swings around, applying the rear waistlock, taking Masters into the ropes, falling backward, and rolling him up with an O’CONNOR ROLL!!




Another kick out.

The two blue chippers are right back up yet again, with Benjamin the first to react, catching Masters with a boot to the gut, before going for a suplex of some kind. The brute Masterpiece blocks it, bringing Shelton over with his own VERTICAL SUPLEX -- but Benji lands on his feet, going for a BACKSLIDE -- but Masters whirls around, CLOTHESLINING SHELTON’S HEAD OFF!!

Thus begins the boring spell of dominance from The Masterpiece, as he assaults Benjamin with a flurry of right hands, boots, leg drops, and elbows, all at a cringe worthy, methodical pace. Taking Benji over to the corner, Masters misses a SPLASH, allowing Shelton to dart out of the way and NAIL HIS OWN STINGER SPLASH TO THE BACK OF MASTERS!! Hitting the ropes immediately, Benji capitalises with a big running clothesline, knocking ‘Piece back down.

Instead of going for the cover, Shelton waits for The Masterpiece to make it up a bit, before hitting the ropes and connecting with a STINGING RUNNING KNEE LIFT right to the handsome features of Masters, knocking him back down. All fired up, Benjamin waits, poised, before throwing another kick -- Masters catches it and smirks, throwing it away -- BUT BENJAMIN LEAPS, KICKING MASTERS RIGHT ATOP THE HEAD WITH THE DRAGON WHIP!!!

Shelton quickly scrambles over for the cover.





Shelton smells something fishy, but Mr. MITB quickly sits back down, munching on his apple nonchalantly. Frustrated, Benjamin lifts Masters up, sends him into the ropes, and takes him down with another clothesline.




‘Piece kicks out on his own this time. Benji goes for the Irish Whip, but Masters reverses it and throws a clothesline -- ducked by Shelton, who leaps up with a CROSSBODY BLOCK -- Masters catches him like child - BEFORE GOING FOR THE MASTERLOCK -- NO, SHELTON COUNTERS INTO HIS INVERTED BACKBREAKER!! Another cover.




Frustrated, Shelton steps out onto the apron and waits for Masters to get to his feet. The Living, Breathing Statue finally does so, and Shelton SPRINGBOARDS OFF THE TOP ROPE -- Masters moves, and Benji lands on his feet -- MASTERLOCK IS APPLIED FROM BEHIND -- NO, WAIT, BENJAMIN SLITHERS OUT OF IT, DROPPPING DOWN, GRABBING HOLD OF BOTH OF THE MASTERPIECE’S LEGS IN THE PROCESS, ROLLING HIM UP!!






Winner - Benjamin via pinfall @ 9:04. Benjamin retains the Intercontinental Title.

The crowd cheers as Masters sits up in complete shock, stunned by the suddenness of his defeat. As Benjamin staggers away to have his hand raised, The Masterpiece thinks about taking a cheap shot… but the combined deterrent of Charlie Haas and a beckoning Carlito makes him think better of it, and he leaves.

As Masters and Carlito back up the ramp slowly, hands on hips, talking some serious trash back at the tag team champions, Charlie Haas, now wearing a ‘Vengeance’ t-shirt over his trunks grabs the I.C Title belt from the official and walks over to his unsuspecting partner with ambiguous intentions…

Both men turn, and are DECAPITATED by a pair of HUGE SAVATE KICKS from THE SONS OF SAMOA!! The two savages, Umaga and Samu, waste little time, as they drag their Vengeance opponents back up, swing them around, and DRILL them with simultaneous SPINNING URINAGE SLAMS! The heat is deafening, but are these two monstrous individuals done? Are they hell. Just like last week, Estrada’s boys peel Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin off the mat, before FLATTENING them out again with DUAL SAMOAN SPIKES!

Both savages take a good, long look at the title belts strewn all around the ring, before bellowing into the night, the very picture of intensity…


*Video Plays*

- We return to Backlash eight days ago, with the video starting out very somber, showing Ric Flair, emotional, but still suited and booted to the max, making his way to the ring, waving and blowing kisses to all of his adoring fans, who we get individual shots of.

Ric Flair:it’s been a LONG road getting’ to this point I can tell ya. But it feels DAMN good to have finally made it.

- Flair’s face is filled with emotion as he looks around the arena sadly, inter-cutting with shots of the nervous, anxious faces watching him.

Ric Flair:From the bottom of my heart, (looking up) I wanna thank you for everything.

- From Flair’s soliloquy we get a few flashing shots of exactly what Naitch means, as we travel back in time, seeing clips of him being adored (and hated) in various companies and decades around the world.

Ric Flair:But it can’t last forever. I gotta tell ya, that THE NAITCH … is only flesh and blood. You punch me, I FAAAALLLLL! You cut me, I BLEEEED! And I wrestle for 35 years … I gotta spend some time with my family. I THINK, or at least I’d like to think that I’ve earned your respect and your trust, enough so that when I tell ya what I’m about to say, you won’t hate me.

- Shot of even J.R looking apprehensive, fearing the next words from Flair’s mouth, as he hangs his head.

Ric Flair:I always wanted to go out on top, and at WrestleMania I think I ensured that. SO (trying to smile) for the first time in my career … I am gonna follow through with somethin’ I’d planned a LONG time ago … and I’m here to announce to you all … that I…

- Clips from the career of the great man, holding his numerous World Titles, beating opponent after opponent in the most entertaining matches.

Ric Flair:…am … RETIRING … from the sport of professional wrestling.

- Shot of the horror on everyone, including performer’s, faces. The mood changes drastically though, as Flair’s former protégé, Randy Orton, makes his return.

Randy Orton:I came out here looking for the greatest wrestler to ever lace up… to ever lace a pair of boots, a man who taught me, me, Randy Orton, the youngest Worlds Champion IN, HISTORY, everything I know. I came out here looking -- looking for “The Nature Boy” Ric Flair, you might’ve heard of him?

Ric Flair: (Echoing)I’ve given this a lot of thought. I’ve been over it over and over again in my mind … with my wife … with my kids … with my friends … my peers … everyone … ‘til I -- well, ‘til I reached this point.

Randy Orton:but instead all I found was the greatest COWARDLY SON, OF, A, BITCH to ever dare to step foot in a wrestling ring!!

- Orton drawing the ire of the fans, his peers, and Flair, but persisting.

Randy Orton:No, no, I was looking for the man I used to run with when I… when I first entered this business, the man who didn’t take crap from ANYBODY, who did what he wanted, when he wanted.

- Flair and Orton face to face over the years.

Randy Orton:The guy who led me, who taught me everything there was to know in this business, a man with more BALLS than a THOUSAND JBL’S… and yet -- and yet, here you stand, telling the world… (right in Ric’s face)… that you’re letting that Wall Street punk run you out of the game.

- Flashback to WrestleMania XXII and its build, with Flair going up against one of the fiercest wrestling villains of the modern era, John “Bradshaw” Layfield, clashing with him at the Royal Rumble, Saturday Night’s Event, and, ultimately, WrestleMania, where he defeats the self-proclaimed “Wrestling God”.

Randy Orton:you once told me, Ric, you once told me, told me, Dave, and Hunter, that you would never, ever retire while there was still a breath left in you. You told us that so long as you felt Number Seventeen was still only just ‘round the corner … you’d keep on “walkin’ that aisle”. What happened to you? What happened … (snarling)… to that “Nature Boy”?

- The Evolution Era. Clips play, highlighting exactly what TLK is getting at, showcasing Flair’s time spent mentoring the present and future of this business in Triple H, Batista, and, of course, Randy Orton.

Ric Flair:D’ya think I was JOKIN’ back in ’75 when I broke my damn back!? D’ya think I was JOKIN’ when Terry Funk threw me upside my head through a TABLE!? Was I LAUGHIN’, when TRIPLE H, a man I thought -- you thought -- was my best friend, when he BUSTED me in the head OVER AND OVER AGAIN with a SLEDGEHAMMER JUST SIX MONTHS AGO!?

- This time we see Flair’s side of the argument, as we travel back to 1989, as Terry Funk ANNIHILATES Naitch at WrestleWar.

- The video moves forward, we see Flair being bloodied inside a Steel Cage, first by the man himself, Randy Orton, and then by his supposed closest friend, Triple H, who wields “that damn hammer” against Ric.

- Flair and Orton go eye to eye, with the veteran passionately showing the youngster every scar on his 57-year old body.

Randy Orton: That might -- might work on the wife and kids, Ric -- after all, I should know, I’ve met them. It might work on these … people here, but it’s not gonna’ work on me. You’re … (prodding Slick) … you’re walking away ‘cause this business with JBL has got you so scared of not just him, but all of this “New Blood” coming through -- you want to bow out now, quietly, slip out the back door before anyone knows you’re gone … ‘cause you’re scared to DEATH, Naitch … of being pushed aside and forgotten.

It won’t mean a thing if you walk away ‘cause of Bradshaw.

- Flair and Orton face to face later that night…

Ric Flair: “PUSHED ASIDE?!” (The jacket comes off) ARE YOU KIDDIN’ ME!? (Down goes the jacket) You think YOU or any ONE of those snot-nosed PUNKS sittin’ in the back can hold a candle to THE NATURE BOY!? (Bounces off the ropes) The ONE … the ONLY … Stylin’ and WOOOOO, profilin’ … wheelin’, dealin’ SON OF A GUN!? (Stops cold in Orton’s face) NO! NO! NO CHANCE!!!

- Shots of the various young superstars Orton is referring to, from Carlito to Charlie Haas, Kenny to Shelton Benjamin, Chris Masters, Gregory Helms, etc., all gunning for Ric Flair’s spot near the top of the Raw roster, with Naitch doing his best to fight them all off.

Randy Orton:You might be old, Slick … but you aren’t that old … yet. You heard what I said. If you don’t want people doubting just how good you really are … what kind of man ‘The Nature Boy’ really is, Naitch … then I’d think twice about retiring. You know me about as well as anyone, Ric, and you should know -- you should know that I tend to be much more to the point. Kinda’ like this. (Right in Flair’s face) YOU, RIC FLAIR, ARE PATHETIC!!!

- Various clips of fans shitting all over TLK.

Randy Orton:You listen to me -- you listen to me good. You used to be the best damn wrestler to EVER step in to a wrestling ring. PERIOD! I’m just saying it -- I’m not just throwing it out there like some guys. I MEAN IT! I mean it from the very bottom … of my heart, Ric. I … (shakes his head) … I guess I should’ve figured it out … I mean, think about it, you’ve always been a damn egomaniac, it’s in your NATURE to want to be the best, and all that time in Evolution, in your heart … you knew you’d never, ever … been as good … as me.

- More clips, this time focusing on the career of Young Randall, from his beginnings in Evolution to his World Heavyweight Title win, feud with The Undertaker, The McMahons etc.

Randy Orton:it BREAKS, MY, HEART to see you throwing it all away like this, Ric. It really does. It breaks my heart. Just in the last few months, MONTHS, you’ve gone up against some of the very BEST in the game right now… Money in the Bank, Carlito … former-WWE Champion, JBL… and last Fall, The Cerebral Assassin, The King Of Kings, the guy you so often -- and wrongly -- refer to as the best in the business today … my other mentor… Triple H.

- Clips of Flair defeating Carlito for the Intercontinental Championship at Unforgiven in 2005, besting the Cerebral Assassin in a bloody Steel Cage Match at Taboo Tuesday, and then going toe to toe with The Game in a Last Man Standing Match at Survivor Series.

- Shot of Orton and Flair staring into one another’s eyes, emotions clearly running wild through both of their bodies…

Ric Flair:I was quit when I came out here, Randy…

Randy Orton: How about it then, Naitch? I’m offering you the opportunity of a lifetime in the twilight of your career. You shut the doubters, the naysayers, up -- shut them up once and for all? All the doubters, all the haters? You make it … one, LAST -- if you want it to be -- glorious run at the side of greatness, at the top of the mountain, with Number… Seven, teen achieved vicariously through me? Whaddya’ say?

Ric Flair: … I’m twice as quit now.

- Final shot of Flair brushing past Orton, leaving both he and the crowd in shock, and, for the first time in a long time, being booed roundly…

*End video*


Jim Ross:Ladies and gentlemen, as you just saw, we are still reeling from what we heard, and from what we saw at Backlash involving “The Nature Boy” Ric Flair and “The Legend Killer” Randy Orton, but next week I will personally try to get some answers from at least one man involved, as Randy Orton has agreed to sit down with me (graphic appears on screen) and discuss the events of the last fourteen days. Hopefully, I’ll get some answers…

6 - Tag Team Match
The Redneck Wrecking Crew vs. The Heartthrobs

Just a short match to get Cade & Murdoch back to winning ways following their unsuccessful title shot last week, as the rough ‘n’ ready duo make short work of Antonio and Romeo, putting the latter away with the Sweet ‘N’ Sour.

Winner - Redneck Wrecking Crew via pinfall @ 2:17.

No fuss. No muss. Cade & Murdoch get right back on the horse with a ‘W’, leaving the ring in a much better mood than they entered it.


Todd Grisham waits with microphone in hand alongside Olympic Gold Medallist and WWE Champion, Kurt Angle, who is ready to go in his all black attire, on his toes.

Todd Grisham: Kurt, tonight you will be stepping into the ring a man who you had so many bloody wars with at the start of the year, but a man who, since returning, shares a common enemy with you. What are your thoughts heading into this match?

Kurt Angle: Huh… (scoffs) a common enemy? If that’s all you think Eric Bischoff and his seven-foot puppets are, then you’re sorely, sorely mistaken. But tonight isn’t about them anymore. I sent them a message last week, and next week I’m gonna get what I want. I’m gonna get the woman beatin’ piece of crap one-on-one, in that ring, all to myself, all alone, and then… then we’ll see how much of a bad ass he really is.

~ The crowd pops while Angle rubs his face.

Kurt Angle: But that’s next week. This is right now, and right now, I don’t give a crap about next week. Right now all I care about snappin’ the ankle of the man who bashed my brother’s brains in with a freakin’ sledgehammer four months ago. You might think that Triple H and I are on the same side now… we’re not. We never will be. He might as well STILL be Bischoff’s little lapdog for all I care. ’Cuz I’m sure as hell not gonna treat him any different. There’s only one thing on my mind right now.

~ Angle pulls out his mouthpiece and slips it in, baring his teeth to the camera like a wolf. We get a nice close up of the fiery lettering, which reads ‘VENGEANCE’ violently, drawing some serious love from the male portion of the audience.

Kurt Angle: YEAH!!!

~ Angle storms off camera, chuntering rabidly.

Jim Ross: Can you believe it? Who’d have thought that we’d be seeing The Game one-on-one with the WWE Champion here tonight!? Well, believe it, ladies and gentlemen, because tonight they get it on, LIVE!!!


Angle-Triple H History - Raw 2006 - Following their bloody brawl at the Royal Rumble, the two do battle once again, this time on live TV, and with Rob Van Dam as the special referee. Once again it is the Olympic Gold Medallist who emerges victorious, retaining the WWE Title after a Super Olympic Slam.


The camera focuses in on Torrie Wilson, who stands, anxiously, arms folded, staring at the person in front of her. Panning around we finally see Eric Bischoff, Big Show, and Paul Bearer sat around the GM’s office, looking pissed.

Torrie Wilson: Look, Mr. Bischoff, sir… (smiles) Eric… I have no idea how that stuff got on your car. The driver says someone must’ve wrote it on last night.

~ Bischoff is easily the most aggravated of the three, as he pulls at his hair, whilst Big Show and Bearer exchange glances.

Eric Bischoff: Someone’s idea of a joke, that’s what this is. It’s not -- it’s not enough that I have to go back to that… that dump for a second straight year, now I have this crap to put up with. It’s really trying me, I can tell ya.

~ Sitting back in his chair, Bischoff sighs, closes his eyes and rubs his temples. Show remains stoic, but the corpulent Bearer slowly leans forward, looking a bit more interested than before, clearing his throat a little.

Paul Bearer: Mr. Bischoff, Sir, if ’a may?

~ Not even bothering to open his eyes, the stressed General Manager slowly nods his head and Bearer smiles hideously, baring his teeth.

Standing up, the fat man slowly waddles across the room, over to Bischoff, and takes a seat next to him, surprising his boss with his sudden close proximity. Torrie and Big Show watch, interested, as Paul puts an arm around Easy E.

Eric Bischoff: Mr. Bearer, what’re you doing?

Paul Bearer: Solvin’ your little mystery, Mr. Bischoff… solvin’ your little mystery. Ya see, ’a seem ta‘be the only person payin’ attention ‘round here at the minute. Has nobody else ’bin able ta‘put 2 & 2 together? Has nobody else ’bin able ta‘work it out? ’A mean, its right… (points) there, in fron’ ’o our faces.

Eric Bischoff: In front

Paul Bearer: YEEES!! In fron’ of you, Mr. Bischoff… right in fron’ of you. If ya wanna know jus’ who’s ‘bin playin’ games, who’s ‘bin vandalisin’ yours and Carlito’s property… makin’ a mockery of you, Mr. Bischoff, then ’a suggest you cast your mind back seven days, an’ tell me… who was it who ambushed you backstage?

~ Bischoff slowly raises his head, understanding Bearer now.

Eric Bischoff: (Through gritted teeth) KurtAngle.

~ Bearer nods his head slowly.

Paul Bearer: And who was it who returned at Backlash, knocked poor Caribbean Cool from the top of that cage, before comin’ after you, Mr. Bischoff… and then did the exact same thing twenty four hours later, last week on Raw? ’A don’t think you’ll have to think too hard, Mr. Bischoff. Who was it that did those awful things?

Eric Bischoff: Those little… If they think they’re gonna get one up on me, one up on Eric Bischoff with stupid, immature pranks like this, then they’ve got another thing comin’, let me tell you that! Don’t they know who the hell I am? Don’t they know what I’ve done? Don’t they know me at all!? … I’M ERIC BISCHOFF DAMN IT!!

Paul Bearer: Yes!!

Eric Bischoff: If Hunter and Kurt think they’re gonna get away with this… oh, they’ve got another thing comin’, I’ll tell you that right now. After what they’ve done to me… done to us, tonight, last week, and at Backlash, do you think them being in a match with each other is enough, Mr. Bearer, is it good enough?

Paul Bearer: No, sir… it’s not.

Eric Bischoff: You know something? You’re absolutely right.

~ Big Show starts to perk up a bit more, as Bischoff smiles evilly in his direction and Bearer cocks his head like a bird…

*Elsewhere backstage*

Outside in the parking lot Kenny stares at his car with a look of horror on his face, holding a phone up to his ear, and mumbling, “…my car…” over and over again, as the remaining members of his quintet look on from the side, all looking similarly unimpressed, before storming back toward the building…



The crowd erupts into a thunderous ovation for the second time tonight, as ‘The King Of Kings’, ‘The Cerebral Assassin’, ‘The Game’ Triple H steps out onto a Raw stage for only the fourth time since WrestleMania XXII, and for the first time in his wrestling attire. After dousing himself in his customary water, Hunter slowly makes his way down to the ring, looking frighteningly focused ahead of his massive comeback match.

Jim Ross: For the first time since his epic Street Fight with Rob Van Dam at WrestleMania Twenty-Two, the ten-time Worlds Champion, one of the most decorated superstars in the history of the WWE, ‘The Game’ Triple H, will be in action. And it’s not against just anybody, folks. It’s against an old enemy.

Joey Styles: Exactly right, J.R. Triple H and Kurt Angle might be on the same page when it comes to their hatred of Eric Bischoff, Big Show etc., but we mustn’t forget that only five months ago, these two men bloodied and battered one another at the Royal Rumble.


Completely matching the reaction of ‘The Game’ the arena comes alive once again, this time for their Olympic Hero, as ‘The Wrestling Machine’, the WWE Champion Kurt Angle strides out. After setting off his red, white, and blue pyrotechnics, Angle doesn’t waste anymore time; instead he races up the steps, enters the ring, performs his usual spin with his arms out wide.

Jim Ross: There isn’t a man or woman who has been more dominant in 2006 than Kurt Angle. Capturing the WWE Championship for the fifth time back in January, defending it successfully against the likes of John Cena, Shawn Michaels and, of course, Triple H.

Jonathan Coachman: So we’re just going to ignore what he did last week, huh? Kurt Angle assaults The Spirit Squad, Carlito, Chris Masters, Eric Bischoff … AND ME, and we’re just supposed to sit here and sing his praises, is that right, fellas?

Jim Ross: He certainly went up in my estimation last week.

Joey Styles: Well we all know Kurt Angle, Coach. We know he doesn’t play favourites, especially when it comes to the squared circle. Triple H is going to get his best tonight.

~ The bell rings a couple of times, as Helmsley and Angle warm up in their corners, with Lillian Garcia stepping up to mid-ring.

Lillian Garcia: The following contest is scheduled for one fal–


Some tremendous heat rings out, as lovely Lillian is cut off, and both Angle and Hunter, as well as the thousands in attendance, turn back to the stage, where the incongruous General Manger of Monday Night Raw Eric Bischoff walks out at the top of the entrance ramp, taking position on the stage.

Jim Ross: What the hell is this now?

Jonathan Coachman: Looks like the boss just wants a front row seat for this huge main event tonight. Can you blame him, J.R.? He did make the match after all. You wouldn’t begrudge him a spot at ringside, would you?

Joey Styles: If he wasn’t carrying that microphone and look on his face I think I’d agree with you, Coach. I’ve got a very bad feeling about this, ladies and gentlemen.

~ Clutching a microphone in his right hand, Bischoff waits for his music to die down, before taking a few steps forward.

Eric Bischoff: Alright, alright, enough. Before the two of you get down to the business of beating the crap out of each other -- which is gonna be a whole lot of fun, I guarantee.

~ “ASSHOLE! ASSHOLE! ASSHOLE!” Bischoff stares around in disgust.

Eric Bischoff: (Shakes his head) Before that I want to know one thing, which one of you was the disrespectful punk that vandalised not only Carlito’s… not only Kenny’s… but my property with that – that crap you know I hate?

~ Both Angle and Hunter remain stoic.

Eric Bischoff: Now, don’t give me that. I know you’re both criminals. Look at your track records. I mean, Kurt, if you can assault a man like you did last week, why not vandalise?

~ Angle spits, “Shut up, Bischoff.”

Eric Bischoff: (Smirking) Ohhh, I get, I get it. Someone’s still feeling a little bitter about being replaced when he got his ass injured, am I right, Hunter? Decided to take it out on my property, did ya?

~ The Game just shakes his head in disbelief, standing with hands on hips.

Eric Bischoff: Oh, it’s gutless liars to the end, is it? So the supposed “enemies” are in cahoots after all. (Sneers) I knew it. Okay, okay, you’re both gonna pay then… you’re both going to be part of my “Extreme Initiative” this week.

~ Crowd boos

Eric Bischoff: Last week it was tables, but this week, after that little stunt one of you pulled, this match… (grins) is now… a... Lumberjack Match.


The crowd heat is absolutely MERCILESS, as from the gorilla position, where they had clearly been waiting a pre-meditated plan, first The Big Show and Paul Bearer stride down past a beaming Bischoff, before Mr. Money in the Bank Carlito, Chris Masters, The Spirit Squad, The Redneck Wrecking Crew, and the lovely Torrie Wilson follow suit. In the ring, the eyes of Triple H roll, whilst Angle crouches down, sizing up the sea of hostility coming his way.

Some of the heels (dicks like CCC and The Squad) high-five Bischoff, while the others just menacingly take position around the ringside area.

Jim Ross: This is – this is absolutely unbelievable! LUMBERJACKS!! Can you believe this!? Oh, Bischoff had this all well planned, didn’t he? He had this in mind all along. He’s got Triple H and Kurt Angle caught like rats in a trap right where he wants ‘em, and an army of hungry sycophants just waiting to get stuck in.

Jonathan Coachman: I’ll say it again, shall I? Kurt Angle assaulted our General Manager last week, Triple H TRIED assault our General Manager last week, and now they’re getting what’s coming to ‘em. If someone whooped your butt, J.R., wouldn’t you want some retribution? You’re damn right you would.

Joey Styles: The odds do not favour The Game or our WWE Champion.

7 - Main Event; Non-Title; Lumberjack Match
WWE Champion Kurt Angle
vs. Triple H

As the bell rings, both Kurt Angle and Triple take a look around the ring. A plethora of sneering, blood-lusting faces pressed right up against the ring apron stare back at them, with Eric Bischoff the most vocal, as he yells at his two enemies to, “KILL EACH OTHER! C’MON, KILL EACH OTHER!!” The Wrestling Machine and The Game look into one another’s eyes, remembering all they did to one another at the start of the year, as the crowd reaches fever pitch, and the two combatants step up --


Winner - No Contest @ 0:10.

THE CROWD GOES ABSOLUTELY INSANE as Angle gives us a preview of next week, HAMMERING AWAY ON THE 7FT, 500LB BIG SHOW BY THE ANNOUNCE TABLE, knocking the giant staggering, as well as laying into the rough ‘n’ tough Cade & Murdoch, whilst slightly around the ring Triple H GOES TO TOWN ON THE SPIRIT SQUAD AND CHRIS MASTERS, TOSSING THEM INTO THE RING POSTS AND INTO THE FRENZIED CROWD!!!!

Bischoff looks mortified at proceedings, as Angle CLOTHESLINES THE BIG SHOW ONTO JONATHAN COACHMAN, getting a THUNDEROUS ovation from Anaheim, before battering the Redneck Wrecking Crew some more!! Triple H, meanwhile, is still having his way with the cheerleaders, knocking them OVER THE BARRIACDE one by one!!

Chris Masters frantically rolls into the ring in an effort to escape, but Kurt Angle rolls in too. The Masterpiece charges -- ducked - ANGLE SLAM TO THE MASTERPIECE, AND THE CROWD GOES WILD!!! In comes ‘Big’ Lance Cade from behind -- NO, he’s grabbed from behind - kick to the gut - PEDIGREE TO CADE FROM TRIPLE H!!!

Another BOOMING pop fills The Pond, but Murdoch quickly races in -- ONLY TO BE FLATTENED BY KURT ANGLE!! Big Show’s back up and tries to enter the ring, but finds himself accosted by the WWE Champion, just as the King Of Kings NAILS KENNY, AND THEN NICKY, AND THEN MITCH, BEFORE KNOCKING JOHNNY OFF THE APRON!!!!

The “ANGLE” chants are in full voice, as the Olympic Gold Medallist CATCHES MIKEY AND DUMPS HIM OVERHEAD WITH A BELLY-TO-BELLY SUPLEX!!!

Kicking Mitch in the gut, Angle gets set for ANOTHER ANGLE SLAM -- RIGHT HAND FROM BIG SHOW!!!! The WWE Champion gets BLASTED, and just as he is about to go down, CARLITO RUSHES INTO THE RING AND SMASHES HIM IN THE BACK OF THE HEAD WITH HIS CAST, taking Angle down!!

Like vultures they swarm the fallen champion, but Helmsley keeps fighting, as HE CATCHES KENNY WITH A DOUBLE A SPINEBUSTER -- BUT IS QUICKLY OVERWHELMED BY MURDOCH, MITCH AND NICKY, WHO VICIOUSLY BEAT THE GAME DOWN IN THE CORNER!! The crowd boos mercilessly as their heroes are dissected before them!!!

Cheering his hired goons on, Bischoff finally enters the ring, getting a front row seat as Cade & Murdoch choke and pummel Helmsley in the corner, while Masters and Carlito hold Angle for Big Show to PUMMEL OVER AND OVER with those BIG, NASTY BODY SHOTS; Torrie and Bearer cheering them all on from the outside!!

Those members of The Spirit Squad still able to stand try to form a perimeter, as Big Show shouts for Bearer to get in the ring. Masters shakes Angle around like a rag doll IN THE DREADED MASTERLOCK, while Cade animalistically pounds away on the Cerebral Assassin, no longer wearing wrestling boots, but using his thick, flat, stiff cowboy boots to dismantle the 10x World Champion!!!!


Both men go down in a heap, with Big Show ROARING over the top of them, and Bischoff’s pack of jackals moving in for the kill–

Joey Styles: OH MY GAWD!!!

The crowd BLOWS THE FREAKIN’ ROOF, and the heels in the ring stop dead in their tracks, Big Show in particular, turning, as MEN BEGIN TO LEAP THROUGH THE CROWD, OVER THE BARRICADE, ARMED TO THE FUCKIN’ TEETH!!!


Jonathan Coachman: THIS CAN’T BE HAPPENING!

Jim Ross:

You name ‘em, there here. THE SANDMAN, TOMMY DREAMER, SABU, BALLS MAHONEY, STEVIE RICHARDS, MASATO TANAKA, JUSTIN CREDIBLE, BILL ALFONSO; they all STORM to the ring like the army that they are, with Bischoff yelling furiously at The Spirit Squad to “CUT ‘EM OFF!!” The cheerleaders valiantly meet the ECW alumni on the outside -- AND KENNY EATS A SINGAPORE CANE SHOT TO THE SKULL, KNOCKING HIM CLEAN OUT!!!


Jonathan Coachman: HEY, C’MON, YOU CAN’T DO THAT!!

Jim Ross:

Joey Styles:

The Extreme Wrestlers swarm the ring and, panicking, Carlito, buying Eric Bischoff some time to get the hell out of dodge, grabs his buddy, Chris Masters, and SHOVES HIM TO THE WOLVES - RIGHT INTO A SINGAPORE CANE SHOT TO HIS PRETTY FACE!!! From ALL SIDES OF THE RING, IN COME ECW, TRAPPING THE DASTARDLY FIENDS IN THE SQUARED CIRCLE, AS CADE, MURDOCH, CARLITO, AND EVEN THE BIG SHOW ARE DROPPED BY THE INITIAL ASSAULT!!!!

With what’s left of The Spirit Squad strewn all over the ramp, Bischoff watches in horror from the crowd, as the remnants of his posse is destroyed and sent from the ring by ECW, as the “E-C-DUB” chants fill the arena. Only one man is left standing, and it’s the 7ft monster. Big Show is surrounded, and he looks from Dreamer to Richards, Sandman to Balls, Sabu to Alfonso and Tanaka, suddenly yelling, “C’MON THEN MOTHERFUCKERS!!!” THE EXTREMISTS SWARM THE GIANT, BEATING HIM DOWN WITH SINGAPORE CANE AND STEEL CHAIR SHOTS ALL OVER HIS MASSIVE BODY!!!!

The crowd is ELECTRIC, finally seeing the evil beast’s destruction -- until Paul Bearer hops up on to the apron, and the ECW superstars turn momentarily toward the fat man, allowing the 500lb to quickly roll out of the ring and escape, seething with rage.

Jonathan Coachman: Joey Styles has certainly picked his side, but they didn’t get Eric Bischoff tonight… but is this the end for our General Manager??


Raw fades off the air with Styles in the ring, Angle and Helmsley pulling themselves back to their feet, locking eyes with the ECW stars, as Bischoff, Big Show and co. look on…



Current Card for ECW One Night Stand II
Date: June 11th, 2006
Location: Hammerstein Ballroom; New York, New York
Event Music: Drowning Pool; Bodies



Current Card for WWE Vengeance
Date: June 25th, 2006
Location: Charlotte Bobcats Arena; Charlotte, North Carolina
Event Music: Eighteen Visions; Victim

World Tag Team Championship Match:
The World’s Greatest Tag Team defend against The Sons Of Samoa w/AAE

Women’s Championship Match:
Mickie James defends against Trish Stratus OR Victoria

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Re: Legend Presents: WWE 2006 - Stop Your Grinnin' And Drop Your Linen

Raw Feedback

Awesome opening promo, Legend. You just continue to impress and impress, just as I continue to think that you’re going to struggle to produce the same epic promo work every week, and same awesome storyline direction every week, you find a way to do it. I just want to start off by mentioning the Big Show, and his direction in this thread. He has been absolute gold, ever since you paired him with Paul Bearer, and he continues to go from strength to strength. In all honesty, once he “banished” Rob Van Dam from Raw, I thought perhaps he would die out a bit, but you’ve found a way to keep him in the thick of things very nicely. He was very spot on here, insulting Triple H, telling him about how things have changed and what not. At first, I was a little disappointed that Bearer wasn’t doing the talking, but Show was written very well. However, with this being said it probably would have been a little better if Bearer got some time on the microphone, as it feels as if tonight he was just out there for no reason at all.

Kurt Angle was simply intense, and he’s been going really well in this thread, pretty much from the get go. The way you keep his intensity up, and put him in interesting story lines to stop his simple “I’m going to kick your ass” routine from getting boring, is simply genius. “Triple H… I don’t forgive, and I certainly don’t forget. I don’t need your help, I don’t want your help, and as far as I’m concerned, me and you? We’ve still got unfinished business.” Pretty big hint towards the tension that remains between Angle and Triple H, and it’s something that excites me more, as I know eventually they will have to go toe to toe, but with that being said, I believe it’s just a tease, as they, as in Kurt Angle and Triple H, are probably going to be the unholy alliance for awhile, fighting off Bischoff and his cronies.

Eric Bischoff was probably the best of this promo, and was a pretty perfect way to end the opening segment. The way Bischoff brought up the past, and how Triple H used to roll with him, and how Triple H would do anything to get the title out of Angle’s possession and into his own, was clever play by Bischoff, with one line in particular really being my favorite. “I’m glad – I’m glad that you remember just who it was who challenged you for the WWE Championship at the Royal Rumble, and a few weeks after that, who it was who bloodied and battered you, left you -- and your dear brother Eric -- for dead.” This line makes things very personal, and sets up a great main event for later in the night. Props on Bischoff’s Extreme Exhibition being used here also, although despite the fact I’d love to see Angle and Hunter go one on one, I think this is going to be a set up to make them easy pickings for Big Show and co. A title match next week on Raw between Angle and Show is pretty nice also; one thing I like is that unlike some bookers, you’re not scared to have title matches on weekly shows. It kind of reminds me of the good old days. Overall, besides the lack of Bearer, a flawless opening promo.

The World’s Greatest Tag Team plot continues to thicken, with tension in my opinion, despite not being obvious, is clearly at an all time high. The way Haas stopped and stared before helping Benjamin shows that he is still having second thoughts, and it shows that I think come Vengeance we could have new World Tag Team Champions. I know we are a long way away, but at this stage I feel as if, if the WGTT storyline goes for to much longer without anything exploding, it may become a tad repetitive.

The Sons of Samoa with a very impressive performance, and despite them being literally pushed down our throats, it is being done in a very subtle way, which is keeping things not to unrealistic, and is not making me get sick of these guys before they get going, which is always a good thing. One thing I am not liking at this stage, is since the Sons of Samoa debuted, the lack of microphone time for Armando Alejandro Estrada . I’m hoping things change soon, as the build towards Vengeance hits, as without him talking, and I mean talking a lot, then the Sons of Samoa are not going to be a success.

The Spirit Squad continues to bicker, and every time I read a segment with them in this thread, I can’t help but chuckle a little. I think it was PARA awhile ago who asked if you were a male cheerleader, and I really need to repeat that question, because the way you write them is simply incomparable to the way anybody has even come close to writing them. That’s about the biggest compliment I can give, and I enjoy the fact that it seems as if they are going to split up soon. I just hope you don’t do the whole Ken Doane is the only guy who gets a push when this group eventually splits, as just about all of them have talent, for example Nicky .

ECW One Night Stand should be quite the fun event, especially with this Extreme Exhibition thing going on, however with that being said, unless something big happens soon, I really see no point of having the event.

Mickie James looking very worried is exactly what I expected, as it’s been her current mood ever since she became champion. I can’t blame her for being nervous either, however this situation doesn’t have enough edge to it at this situation, I would like to see Victoria or Trish Stratus attack her, or try and get to her without security around, as Mickie just being worried, but protected all the time, will probably bore me pretty quickly. I like the fact that you’re hinting that James has back up, I just hope its Beth Phoenix.

Another squash match? This time we get a divas one, clearly it’s not going to be a good night match wise besides the main event, but it’s something I can live with. Anyway, good to see Victoria getting the win, and picking an early prediction, I’d like to say that next week’s Victoria against Stratus should be pretty fun.

Interesting feud on the horizon here between Gregory Helms and Chavo Guerrero. I don’t know if I’m the only one, but despite the tension between these two, I could still perhaps see them end up getting revenge on Carlito and Chris Masters in the future. Anyway, nice segment, putting over the fact that these two guys don’t really get along, and well Chavo seemed to have the personality of a tree, Helms’ attitude is awesome.

I love Carlito, and I’m glad to see he is off his crutches, hopefully that means he will be back to in ring action soon enough. I really can’t imagine ‘Lito saying hi to a few random people, I’d prefer him to just brush past them, showing more of his cockiness. Besides this little issue, having his car, erm ruined I guess, was pretty good, it’s a shame we didn’t get to see it. I hope we do later in the show.

A very nice match recap here. It seems you’re going with the slow and steady having The Spirit Squad get along well tonight, so of course everything will be fine amongst the group, until they lose next week. As far as Haas goes, he continues to be on fire, but once again he receives a loss when he is not around Shelton Benjamin, which really makes me believe perhaps Benjamin will be the one who eventually turns heel. As for Guerrero and Helms, well they got a long fine tonight, but I can see Helms blaming Guerrero for the loss in the future. Anyway, this was a very well written match, a good result, and a great way to get the Spirit Squad temporarily back on track, well done.

A very smart thing to do, to put a reminder of what happened between Angle and Triple H earlier in the year. I can’t wait to see what goes down in the main event, it’s a shame we won’t get a clean finish.

Another interesting situation here with Torrie Wilson and the limo driver, I don’t know exactly what is going on, but I think it fits some how in with the situation involving ‘Lito’s car. I also think it is Triple H and Kurt Angle who are behind it. I feel as if we will find out who is behind everything at the end of the show, and I must say if I am right, this has been a nice, little mystery type storyline to get us through the night .

at JR trying to make out like he doesn’t know that Trish is going to kill Candice aka ‘The horse’.

This was a lovely Trish Stratus promo here, Legend, clearly continuing her character transition from the loveable baby face, to the whining heel. One thing in particular I like is the fact that The Coach on commentary has a point for once, which is something heel commentators don’t have often, but having Coach be right about this creates a better formula for commentary. Anyway, this slow turn from Stratus seems to be coming along nicely, and I’m sure she’s about to smoke ‘The Horse’.

Just as I thought, Stratus easily gets the duke, and her beating ‘The horse’ in less time than Vickie beat her victim, it makes me think that Vickie will get the win next week. This women’s scene at the moment is white hot, and I got a feeling that you will save Mickie/Trish one on one for Summerslam, which in turn will lead to the timely debut of Beth Phoenix, which will eventually lead to a feud. Yeah, perhaps I’m predicting things a bit early, and I’m probably far off, but at the moment I feel as if I’ve got a pretty good read on things. Next week’s divas match should be awesome anyway, I don’t expect a pissy little recap for it, I want some of your greatness put into it .

When I saw that AAE was confronting The Spirit Squad I was pretty certain that they would be on the same page, or at least try and negotiate something, and I was correct. I mean, AAE is the manager of The Sons of Samoa and they want tag team gold, Charlie Haas is one half of the tag champs so he needs to be softened up, The Spirit Squad want to impress Bischoff, and if I am correct, AAE still is friends with Bischoff. Am I right, or have I missed something? Anyway, so I think you were trying to set the scene as SS being scared, and the readers meant to believe they could be in danger, but I personally didn’t buy it. Hell, I could be wrong about your intentions, this is just what I think. As for the actual writing of the segment, it was pretty top notch, and I’m glad you answered my prayers by giving me some Armando talk time, now if Bearer gets a segment later on, everything with this show will be spot on.

This match up didn’t really deliver with the write up like I thought it could for one simple reason; the overuse of the Clothesline. I don’t know if you realized but you used the Clothesline, or to be more precise the attempted Clothesline so many times throughout this match, that it actually began to irritate me. Besides this little issue, I think you made the right decision with Benjamin winning, especially with the assist from Haas’, although with this happening I’m glad to see Masters didn’t look weak, and once ‘Lito gets back to full strength this duo is going to be rather epic.

I decided to give this bit its own paragraph that’s how much I love this current World’s Greatest Tag Team storyline. “As Masters and Carlito back up the ramp slowly, hands on hips, talking some serious trash back at the tag team champions, Charlie Haas, now wearing a ‘Vengeance’ t-shirt over his trunks grabs the I.C Title belt from the official and walks over to his unsuspecting partner with ambiguous intentions…” This paragraph has to be close to paragraph of the night for me just because of the implications it could have had. What were Haas’ ambiguous intentions? This is something that I believe will be used in a few weeks to make the fire really burn between these two, as you really are stalling, in a terrific way, the inevitable heel turn from one of these two men, and I know Haas is the one losing a lot of singles matches, but for some reason I can still see Benjamin being the one to turn.

I loved the way you had the Sons of Samoa once again immediately come at the convenient time, and stop the break up of the WGTT from occurring, and now they have given the WGTT something to unite for another month for. Revenge on these two guys. Nice attack, building some heat between the two teams, now give Estrada some mic time to put over the event in a week or two, similar to what you had Cena sound like on the last few Raw’s before Backlash, and then this feud will be looking like gold.

Every time I read that Flair/Orton video I pray that things get hurried up here, although I believe just like everything else that you do, and once again, I mean this in a good way, I think this storyline is going to be a very slow process. The interview next week with Randy Orton should be an awesome read though.

A good way for The Redneck Wrecking Crew to get back on track, with a nice and easy win over The Hearthrobs. I think some people may think that this is a filler segment that didn’t need to be on this show because you already had another six matches, however I think this was smart, as I believe in a few months this team are going to become the center of your tag division, therefore you need to keep them prominent in everybody’s mind.

I like to pick out certain lines or certain paragraphs when I think something is done extremely well, and highlight them, and the reason why I didn’t do this for this Angle interview is because I didn’t want to copy and paste the whole segment. Seriously, Angle just oozed intensity, and everything from the mouth guard, to what he was saying, was done perfectly.

A little bit of a crisis meeting in the GM’s office and what I gathered from this situation is that we are not getting the epic main event that I thought you had in store for us. Anyway, pretty enjoyable segment, I just though I’d ask because I can’t remember, how and when did Torrie join forces with Bischoff again? Bearer getting some speaking time was great for me to, as it’s probably the only thing that I felt this show was lacking. I’m intrigued to see just how the main event gets twisted now.

Kenny’s car now as well? Oh boy! However, I believe this is a swerve, and I’m sticking with what I mentioned earlier, or at least what I was supposed to mention earlier, and that is that I believe it is ECW, and perhaps Rob Van Dam that are doing the damage to all these things.

A Lumberjack match? I guess this is pretty good, should cause both men to get an extreme ass kicking. This Extreme Initiative could quickly turn very TNA-esque, so hopefully you keep things a little responsible here. Last week was fine, and this week with the dirty finish we will probably get, or no contest or whatever will be fine, although in the coming weeks you need results to be outright, otherwise as I said, it would become TNA- esuqe. I’ll give my thoughts on the situation more after this contest anyway.

I’d just like you to quickly forget about the paragraph above, as the match never really got under way, so I’m not counting it as TNA like . The faces went well for awhile, but eventually the heels took over as they thought they would in what was a brilliantly written beat down. With that being said, I’m a little disappointed that we didn’t get to see Angle and Triple H go at it.

ECW? Just as I expected. I’m not going to write a lot of crap I’m just going to say this was a very entertaining and fun ending to the show. Jim Ross: ARE WE WITNESSING THE DECLARATION OF WAR FROM ECW JUST ONE MONTH AWAY FROM RAW’S INVASION OF THE HAMMERSTEIN BALLROOM?? ARE WE WITNESSING THE BACKLASH OF ROB, VAN, DAM??” Awesome final line from JR, it really gets us thinking that RVD is behind the situation, which I really believe he is by the way.

Overall, this was simply an awesome show. You continue to show that you are one of the best all around bookers here. You’ve got the match writing ability, you’ve got the promo writing ability, you’ve got special ideas, and you execute them perfectly. Seriously, there was nothing I really didn’t like about this show, there may have been a few little complaints, but that’s not a bad thing. On a little side note, I’d like to say sorry for missing Smackdown, I simply had no time for a review, anyway I will be back for Smackdown this week for sure, just don’t make me wait for it to long.

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Re: Legend Presents: WWE 2006 - Stop Your Grinnin' And Drop Your Linen

RAW Feedback

First off, the commentary during Triple H’s entrance: brilliant. What you do with Coach is always great stuff and this was no exception. As for Tripper being interrupted before even being allowed a single word, well, it’s different and I like it. Shows that the Bisch and his army are indeed weary of Tripper. Show was good right from the outset here, especially bringing up Triple H’s past with RVD and stating that he did what Triple H couldn’t do. The rest of it was all fine, leading into Angle making his appearance. Angle, as always, showed his intensity well, and I loved him playing on his past with Triple H, giving Bischoff something to roll with here. Again, Triple H’s past was played on well by Bischoff too. WWE Title match next week? Awesome. Should be huge and one to look forward to for sure. Absolutely huge announcement for the main event tonight too, with the seemingly unfinished business between Tripper and Angle perhaps looking to come to that conclusion. The extreme initiative only adds to it, making for what should be a huge main event. Great way to kick us off.

Nice little hint at Haas being a frustrated mofo. The story continues to unfold, though it’ll be interesting to see when the turn comes.

Nice squash for The Sons of Samoa, keeping their slow build towards their title match at Vengeance going not long after their debut. Keep showcasing their power well like you’re currently doing.

Nice little Spirit Squad segment with the epic Mikey ending. You play him as a goofball well every week, so keep it coming, plz. Good entertainment.

Looking forward to the return of ECW, and what we of course can expect to be RVD with it. Should be epic.

Ooo, a bit of hype for a certain connection Ms James has? Beth Phoenix, plz. Should be a welcome addition to the women’s division which has been booked well.

Surprised you still have Trashley on board, because, well ... she’s trash. Regardless, I guess she’ll do for a job (even if she can’t sell to save herself), and this is all she had to do here. Victoria continuing to look strong is very good, and honestly, I wouldn’t be surprised to see her upset Trish (who will of course own Candice) next week.

Liking the attitude from Helms and the bit of heat between Chavo and Helms. Helms calling him Chavito like ther long-time friends shows his cockiness well, as did him pretending there’d be no problem. With these two having been connected for quite awhile, a full-fledged rivalry with Helms as the heel happening soon wouldn’t surprise me at all. We’ll see.

Hmm, bit of an attack on poor old Carly, eh? @ Coach knowing Carlito just bought his car as well. Top stuff from Coach yet again.

Haas showing his fury and aggression early on in the match with the slap, as well as attacking rather than making the cover was nice to see, continuing on with this more vicious, non-pandering Charlie Haas type character. The beatdown from the ‘Squad was all good, leading into the reversal and hot tag well. The action picked up speed pretty well, and the finish was well done, using the non-competing Spirit Squad members well. Good match.

Nice little reminder of the history between Angle and Tripper, showing us just why this match is taking place tonight well.

Interesting to see just what Torrie is so concerned about with this limousine. Some more hype used effectively, hopefully for what should be a big result.

SmackDown! is indeed Pay-Per-View worthy.

More whining from Trish, in a character that I’m not sure suits her. She seems much more suited in that manipulative bitch type of role for mine, though this promo wasn’t too bad, as you had Trish raise some decent points, such as her not getting a rematch like she should and Mickie getting what I guess is preferential treatment. The aggression from Trish is different to see for sure, though in this promo I liked it. @ Styles absolutely rolling Coach, and a nice academic win for Trish over useless woman jobber #2. Trish vs Victoria is definitely something to look forward to, adding to the already epic WWE Title match that’s been announced for next week.

Extreme initiative next week with Haas being the one punished, eh? I like it. Estrada was written as well as ever, and the promo gives us even more things to look forward to next week. Nice hype job that fits in with storylines well.

Some nice action here in the Masters/Benjamin match, building up to some biggish nearfalls, using Carlito to add to the drama well with his interference. Counter from The Masterlock into the backbreaker from Benji’ was very nice, as was the finish, with the help of Haas. Beatdown from The Sons of Samoa was also nice, adding some more buildup to not just the match at Vengeance, but also The Sons of Samoa as a whole.

Nice reminder of what took place at Backlash, along with a nice promo set up for next week which should be interesting. Look forward to it.

Redneck Wrecking Crew get back on track well here. Serves its purpose well. Surprised you still employ The Heartthrobs too, btw.

Nice promo from Angle, making sure that we don’t see him and Triple H necessarily as friends. Angle making Bischoff to be more than just a simple common enemy was also nice, building him, Show and co up as well. The ending to the promo with the Vengeance mouthguard caps the promo off well, showing the intensity of Angle that we know and love.

Nice promo, giving a little more hype for I guess ECW, since DX is the only other group ‘badass’ enough to graffiti cars, and Shawn’s kinda just a heel. Having Angle and Tripper ‘punished’ should be interesting to see, continuing the brutality that we’ve come to expect from you and your Bischoff administration. Kenny having his car done just really sinks in that it’s all about Bischoff and his cronies too.

@ Coach being rolled by JR. Commentary during the entrances was – as is the norm here – awesome. Bischoff adding the extreme initiative stipulation of a lumberjack match is really smart, with all of the heels surrounding your two top faces (besides Cena, who’s out). Angle and Tripper instantly going after the lumberjacks, rather than one another I guess shows that their hatred of Bischoff overpowers all, starting up an epic brawl. Tripper and Angle looking dominant at first was pretty awesome, before the cheap moves from the heels get the advantage, with a nice cast shot being included cleverly in there. Show dominating was pretty awesome, and I’ve got to say, the invasion of ECW ... amazing. Styles’ commentary, dedicating it all to Rob Van Dam was great stuff. @ Carlito giving Masters away to try to escape too. Ending with the beatdown of Big Show, Bischoff’s number one hired gun, was a very smart way to end, clearly showing that the ECW superstars mean business. Great way to end.

Really, without trying to be a kissass or anything, this show was another top quality offering. The promos were all pretty damn awesome, and the ECW invasion was amazing. The buildup to One Night Stand is definitely looking great, and with a pretty stacked line-up already for next week (Angle vs Show? Orton promo? Fuck yeah) things just look to keep getting better. Great stuff.

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Re: Legend Presents: WWE 2006 - Stop Your Grinnin' And Drop Your Linen



Judgment Day may be all about the World Heavyweight Championship, but as Friday Night SmackDown! rolls into San Diego, California this week, for four of the five men involved come May 21st; Phoenix, Arizona has never looked far away. For them, this week’s no doubt anarchic broadcast is personal, very personal.

Last week, in our main event, World Heavyweight Champion Edge secured a slightly easier night come Judgment Day as he pinned Batista, meaning that, as a result, “The Animal” must compete in a Fatal Four-Way Match along with Booker T, United States Champion Rey Mysterio, and the man he brawled with all through the arena last week, “The Fighting Irishman” Finlay. Whoever wins that match goes on to the main event to challenge for the World Title, but until then they must first settle some other issues. The first of which sees a WrestleMania Rematch, as, in the main event, Rey Mysterio puts his United States Title on the line for the very first time against the very man he took it from back on April 2nd, the erratic former champion, Booker T. Who will walk into Judgment Day intending to walk out the first man in the history of the WWE to hold both the United States and the World Heavyweight Championship?

In our second main event, made with Machiavellian glee by Shane McMahon last week, Batista finally gets his hands on the man who has been plaguing him for weeks on end. Since WrestleMania Finlay has cost The Animal one on one matches with Booker T and Bobby Lashley, as well as last week’s tag team main event, and numerous cheap shots in between. Though Batista tried his best to get his hands on the Irishman last week -- including a vicious Spinebuster on the hood of a car -- the veteran Finlay has always remained one step ahead. But this week, the No Disqualification, Anything Goes world of something called a BELFAST BRAWL, The Animal will have his chance at vengeance. For Finlay … Judgment Day … could come early.

The third main event sees two of the best tag teams in the world today try to put their differences aside before they join forces at Judgment Day. The Hooligans have never defeated MNM in a straight two on two tag team contest, a fact that has been eating away at Paul London & Brian Kendrick all year. This week we get to see these two great young teams get it on one more time, and one has to think that the WWE Tag Team Champions The Bluebloods and their partners for Judgment Day, The Basham Brothers, will be keeping a close eye on proceedings.

After Brent Albright’s unbelievable counter to Hardcore Holly last week, the young rookie has really caught the attention of many in the world of wrestling … Bob Holly in particular. This week, “The Shooter” is in action once again, looking to extend his winning streak to 6-0, but, perhaps more importantly, will he have a message for the man he embarrassed last week?

Another man with a message to give the world is the egomaniacal, narcissistic Mr. Kennedy, who has been asked not to come to the arena this week after his sinister beating of Funaki last week. Direct from his home in Green Bay, Wisconsin, the man who faces Matt Hardy at Judgment Day will address us all. What will the lugubrious loudmouth have to say for himself?

Also, watch out for the Cruiserweight Champion of the World, “The Pit-bull” Jamie Noble, who will be in action against James Dick. Wherever Noble goes, Kid Kash isn’t usually far behind. Will we witness another violent explosion between the two great enemies?

All this and more on Friday Night SmackDown!, 9/8CT on the CW

Confirmed Matches:

First Ever Belfast Brawl | Finlay vs. Batista

Brent Albright is in action

Non-Title | Jamie Noble vs. James Dick

The Hooligans vs. MNM

United States Championship | Rey Mysterio vs. Booker T


‘Born in the USA'


SmackDown will be posted tomorrow.
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Re: Legend Presents: WWE 2006 - Stop Your Grinnin' And Drop Your Linen

Another Pay-Per-View quality card you've got goin' here, man. The United States Championship match should be absolutely awesome, and the same goes for Batista vs Finlay, especially since it's in a no DQ environment now. Love the use of the name Belfast Brawl for the match too, as it gives off the impression that Shane is trying to get Batista killed again in a match that favours his opponent.

Outside of the tag match, which should be amazing, looks like it'll be squash central, but I guess that's the way you've hyped both the Kash/Noble feud by showing how good they are, and Albright as a whole since he's a rookie. I'm interested to see just what goes down between Kash and Noble this week too since it's been heated stuff so far.

Card looks excellent. I'll be back with a review when you get the show up.

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Re: Legend Presents: WWE 2006 - Stop Your Grinnin' And Drop Your Linen

Friday Night SmackDown! - May 12th, 2006; San Diego, California

…and this, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls… this is the inevitable.

Born In The USA

No fireworks, opening video, commentary…

Rey Mysterio enters, saying “hi” to a few workers, getting a phenomenal ovation from the arena audience - he carries his bags and the United States Championship, look extremely happy to be home in San Diego, coincidentally as he is on the roll of his life. After a few moments, Rey-Rey plonks his gear down, sighs happily, satisfied, a big smile on his face as he gazes around the room.

Rey Mysterio: Man… does it feel good to be home?

~ Chuckling, Rey sits down and begins going through his gear…

???: Having fun?

~ Mysterio looks up… to see Shane McMahon casually leaning in his doorway with a smirk on his face.

Shane McMahon:Let’s hope it stays that way.



Not smiling, looking as completely pissed off as ever, the former Worlds Heavyweight Champion of one full calendar year, ‘The Animal’ Dave Batista makes his way down to the ring, adorned in his navy trunks, all set for action. Big Dave sets off his thunderous pyrotechnics in the process, before stepping forward toward the ring, taking his time as always, fired up for this one…

Michael Cole: Anarchy is in the air as we continue to roll towards Friday Night SmackDown’s next Pay-Per-View, Judgment Day! Hello everyone, I’m Michael Cole, here alongside Tazz, and, partner, another chaotic night in store!!

Tazz: Absolutely, Cole. Tonight, not only are we gonna see the next match in the epic series between MNM and The Hooligans before they team up May 21st, but we got a United States Title Match and, kicking things off, the first ever ‘Belfast Brawl’ comin’ at ya!

Michael Cole: That’s absolutely right. The United States Champion Rey Mysterio will defend his title for the first time against the man he took it from at WrestleMania, and one of his THREE Judgment Day opponents, Booker T.

Tazz: And the other two men involved in that Contender’s Match at Judgment Day, ‘The Fighting Irishman’ Finlay and ‘The Animal’ Batista are about to kick us off here.

Michael Cole: Finlay’s been dogging The Animal for weeks now, but after the announcement last week and on wwe.com, the former World Heavyweight Champion gets his hands -- legally this week I hope -- on Finlay in a truly ‘Anything Goes’ environment, mysteriously named a “Belfast Brawl”?

Tazz: Well, if you ask me, Cole, anythin’ named after that neck ‘o the woods ain’t gonna be pretty, I’ll tell you that.

Deacon Dave is just about to climb the steps, when…


The crowd boos mercilessly, as the Irishman POUNDS on The Animal, angrily tossing his weapon aside, with referee Jim Korderas left with no other choice than to CALL FOR THE BELL!!

1 - Semi-Main Event; First Ever Belfast Brawl
Batista vs. Finlay

Finlay doesn’t let up one inch despite the bell ringing, continuing to pound away on the former World Heavyweight Champion; the Irishman still sporting a plethora of bandages from last week’s assault at the hands of The Animal. As is his trade, Fit Finlay uses the entire ringside area to his advantage, slamming Big Dave into the ring apron, before driving his ribs against the crowd barrier a few times and uppercutting the behemoth down to his knees!

After kicking ‘Tista in the face, Finlay tries to press his advantage, but The Animal reverses an Irish Whip, HURLING THE VETERAN INTO THE STEEL STEPS!! Batista then proceeds to dominate the Irishman, pounding him off the apron, before FLATTENING him with a brutal clothesline! They enter the ring for the first time in the contest.

Big Dave tosses Finlay around for a bit, bouncing him off the turnbuckle, before laying into him with typically rugged offence. The Animal sends Fit into the far corner and follows in -- Finlay catches him with a reverse elbow, before kicking Batista’s hamstring away from him, bringing him down to his size! The Fighting Irishman knocks Dave down before leaping across him with his Seated Senton, scoring a near fall!

Batista is quick to recover though, as he DROPS Finlay with a big right hand, before scooping him up onto his shoulder and CONNECTING WITH A POWERSLAM!! No cover. Finlay tries to beg for mercy, but The Animal HURLS HIM OUT OF THE RING!!

Now it’s Big Dave’s turn to use the ringside area to his advantage, SLAMMING the Irishman off every barricade in sight, before rolling him back inside the ring. As he tries to follow in though, Finlay leaps up, races forward, DROPKICKING Batista through the ropes back down to the floor!! The crowd groans but Finlay rapidly follows up, beating The Animal down on the outside, taking his head off with a nasty short-arm clothesline!

Finlay targets both the ribs and the left arm of Deacon Dave, using the barricade and the steel steps to weaken those areas. Batista is able to LIFT FINLAY UP and DRIVE HIM SPINE-FIRST AGAINST THE STEEL RING POST, but following in, Finlay moves, and Big Dave DAMN NEAR KNOCKS HIMSELF OUT COLLIDING WITH THE POST, as we cut to a commercial break.

Back from the break and Finlay is in control, wearing down Batista’s weakened arm in the ring. The former Worlds Champion tries valiantly to battle back, but Finlay cuts him off with a few stiff boots, before rolling outside, grabbing a Steel Chair, and CRACKING THE CHAIR OVER THE ARM/BACK OF THE ANIMAL!!

Finlay uses the chair on the arm in every conceivable way, before returning to the armbar, with Batista writhing in pain. He struggles into the ropes, frustrating the veteran Irishman, who begins to remove the turnbuckle padding from the nearby corner.

Batista tries to battle back, but Finlay grabs his arm, looking to whip The Animal right into the exposed steel -- BUT BIG DAVE REVERSES IT, AND FINLAY’S SPINE HITS THE STEEL BUCKLE!! Fit Finlay writhes in pain, AS ‘TISTA CHARGES -- NOBODY HOME - BATISTA’S ARM SMACKS THE STEEL AND HE COLLAPSES!!! Finlay makes the cover.




Finlay goes STRAIGHT back to the arm. He twists it, wrenches it, and SLAMS it off the Steel Chair a few times, with The Animal still refusing to give in.

After a while, Big Dave manages to power back up to a vertical base -- but Finlay quickly cuts him off, HURLING HIM SHOULDER-FIRST INTO THE STEEL RING POST!!! He attack the arm even more from that position, before stepping out onto the apron as The Animal staggers backward -- BEFORE SUDDENLY RACING FORWARD, SPEARING FINLAY OFF THE APRON DOWN TO THE FLOOR BELOW!!!

The Animal hammers the Irishman on the outside some more after that sick spot, with the crowd all fired up, bouncing the veteran off the barricades and the announce table, before sticking his head between his legs, LOOKING FOR THE BATISTA BOMB -- Finlay drops down to his knee - LOW BLOW!! He SHOVES BATISTA INTO THE STEEL STEPS!! After quickly rolling the monster back inside the ring, Finlay grabs a SHILLELAGH from under the ring and rolls back inside, making a beeline for his opponent -- BATISTA CATCHES HIM COMING IN, LIFTS HIM UP, AND DRILLS HIM WITH A SPINEBUSTER!!!

Getting himself all pumped up, ‘Big’ Dave Batista shakes the ropes, before giving the Irishman the thumbs down, signalling for that the end is near, as it’s Batista Bomb time. Finlay tries to scrambles over to his fallen Shillelagh, but The Animal viciously kicks it out of the ring, leaving the veteran in No Man’s Land. He sticks him between his legs, LIFTS HIM UP INTO THE AIR, GOING FOR THE DREADED BATISTA BOMB -- BUT FINLAY HITS HIM IN THE ARM ... WITH A DIFFERENT SHILLELAGH!!!


Michael Cole lets us know EXACTLY what he thought about that, as the previously rolling Animal collapses down to the mat in a heap, his left arm essentially now useless, allowing Finlay to turn around, and SMASH HIM OVER THE SKULL, THIS TIME WITH THE SHILLELAGH!!! Batista lights are TURNED. OUT, and Finlay doesn’t even bother with a cover, instead grabbing the longest reigning World Heavyweight Champion in WWE history, lifting him up, throwing the near 300-pounder over his shoulders, and DRILLING HIM INTO THE CANVAS WITH THE CELTIC CROSS!!!! Forearm in the face,




Winner - Finlay via pinfall @ 12:21.

The crowd, understandably, is stunned, and boos the result wholeheartedly. Finlay is battle worn, and looks fairly surprised himself as he gets off Batista, has his hand raised, and rolls gingerly to the outside of the ring.

Michael Cole: Wow, can you believe this!? What a win for “The Fighting Irishman”! But for Batista, the rut continues.

Tazz: Unbelievable way to kick off SmackDown!, Cole, and big props to Dave Finlay. He showed us then just why he is one tough Irish Bastard. Easily his biggest win to date.

Michael Cole: Absolutely. And with Judgment Day coming up in less than three weeks, what kind of momentum does this give to Finlay? He now holds victories over no less than TWO of the three men he’ll be competing against in Phoenix.

Finlay knows it too. As he does the standard ‘belt’ taunt around his waist at the top of the ramp, The Animal writhes in pain in the ring, unable to believe his misfortune.


Booker T sits, having seemingly taken over the entire room, dressed in a rather nifty white shirt and pants, leaning forward with his chin resting in his hands, as he watches the goings on in the ring via the monitor, listening to the commentary. A smile forms on the face of the five-time World Champion, as his eyes twinkle.

Booker T: (Softly) Bravo…. Fit Finlay. Bravo.

~ Booker continues to watch proceedings intently, as the camera pans over slightly to show his dutiful wife, Sharmell, in turn watching him with a smile.



Several doors are heard slamming as we return from the break, before we get a sight, almost identical to last week, as “The Animal” Batista storms through the corridors, still dressed in his wrestling gear, covered in perspiration, and sporting yet another wound across his cranium. He grabs a backstage worker as he passes by.

Batista: Hey, listen up – I know you’re not gonna want to give me a straight answer - (the kid gulps) so I’m gonna ask you to me one little favour, understand?

~ The young man quickly nods his head, trembling under Big Dave’s ferocious gaze, as The Animal leans in close.

Batista: When you see Finlay… you tell him I’m gonna tear him… apart. Got it? Good.


Josh Matthews stands by with his two guests, Paul Heyman and “The Real Deal” Bobby Lashley, who wears a black ‘Dominator’ t-shirt, and a scowl.

Josh Matthews: Gentlemen, ton-

Paul Heyman: Ask and you shall receive, Josh. Ask… and you shall receive. But, you must understand, all good things come… to he, who waits.

~ Heyman folds his arms smugly.

Paul Heyman: Two weeks ago, the man who stands alongside me tonight – the one, true, honest force of… domination still left in this world – punched his ticket to Judgment Day, when he knocked off and extinguished the flame that was… Dave Batista. In doing so, he earned the right to face that gutless, hypocritical DINOSAUR… The Undertaker, once again, in any, I might add, match we choose.

~ Matthews looks at Heyman expectantly, but the agent merely glances arrogantly at his stoic client, who glares right back, unmoved.

Paul Heyman: Anaheim is neither the time… nor the place. But rest assured, it is coming. It could be next week… it could very well beJudgment Day itself, mere seconds before the match takes place. Make no mistake about it, Mr. McMahon did not specify when MYself and MY client had to divulge our chosen stipulation, and that, ladies and gentlemen, is what makes him… a great leader. He knows the inevitable when he sees it, and this(camera on Lashley) ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls… this is the inevitable. This is the last thing your precious Undertaker will ever see. This… is “The Real Deal”… Bobby, Lashley.

~ Lashley gives Josh a lengthy inspection, unsettling the young man. The Real Deal and Heyman then walk off coolly, as we fade away.

*Back to ringside*

Michael Cole: Welcome back to SmackDown, ladies and gentlemen. And we have been having another anarchy filled evening so far, and we’re not even half-way through the broadcast, can you believe that?

Tazz: You got that tight, Cole. We’ve only had one match so far and that was enough for three shows normally. Batista and Finlay beat the holy hell outta’ each other, and, apparently, Big Dave ain’t through yet!

Michael Cole: No doubt about that, Tazz. What does this mean for the contenders match at Judgment, or the United States Title match tonight? It could–

???: (Whistles)

Make it, the sixth straight week. Brent Albright’s familiar mug appears on the titantron, sparking a series of boos from the Californian natives, as the young powerhouse displays a marked change from last week. Gone is the anger, replaced by, it seems, a smug arrogance unprecedented even for him.

Brent Albright: To think…(scoffs, then chuckles a bit)I was … I was… worried.

~ Brent shakes his head, stifling more sblacks.

Brent Albright: “Big, bad Hardcore Holly”, huh? He walks ’round this place with the attitude of a main eventer, a superstar, when in actual fact; Bob, all you’ve ever been is a steppin’ stone for people like… me. Lemme’ translate. You’re nothin’ but the company doormat they lay out for the ones with… real talent.

~ Crowd boos

Brent Albright: Sure… I didn’t know that then. I mean, why would I? After all, I’m only a rookie… right, Bobby? So when ol’ Sparky – you remember that name, right? – decided to come out and stare me down with those mean granddaddy blues, hey, I’ll hold my hands up and admit it… a bead of sweat covered this brow.

~ Albright wipes his forehead, laughing.

Brent Albright: But that all stopped the second you tried to attack me from behind like a THIEF… and I still left you lyin’ on your back. How’d that feel, Bob? It feel good? I hope so, ’cuz we’re gonna do it all over again… at Judgment Day. Whaddya’ say, tough guy? Are you man enough to step in the ring… with “The Shooter” … … Brent Albright?

~ Smirking at his female associate, Brent adopts the usual stance.

Brent Albright: (Points finger at camera like a gun) Bang”.

~ He even blows on his finger this time for added effect, grinning confidently, before waltzing off screen with the blonde bombshell in tow. Boos are sprinkled across The Pond, with even a few, low level “You Suck” chants thrown for good measure…

***BLOOD, SUGAR, SEX, MAGIK*** “The Shooter” Brent Albright heads for the ring, even taunting a little tonight, showing the waiting Big Vito no respect whatsoever.

Tazz: Sorry, Cole, I know ya keep tellin’ me to get a grip, but I seriously dig this kid. Brent Albright, my man, lookin’ to go 6 and 0 tonight, baby!

2 - Brent Albright vs. Big Vito

You’d think with Big Vito being 6”2, 230lbs, thereby being Albright’s largest opponent so far, he’d be his toughest test, right? Wrong. It makes no difference. “The Shooter” is a strong son of a gun, and he knocks Vito off with the Half Nelson Suplex, Crowbar combo.

Winner - Albright via submission @ 3:02.

Another week, another Albright tick in the ‘Win’ column for Brent Albright. The young Oklahoman has his hand raised by the official, before parading around the ring exuberantly, asking the fans, “Where’s Bob, huh? I’m right here. Where’s he?” all the while being applauded by his enigmatic accomplice.


*Cut to video*

Inter-cutting shots flash across the screen of a young superstar, clad in black trunks with shoulder length dark hair and a small beard. He stands in front of a blank screen, holding up his knuckles, adorned with the words, “D-R-U-G … F-R-E-E”…

???: I don’t drink …

Narrator: He is the most exciting superstar to ever hit professional wrestling …

- A shot of the man flying through the ropes with a topé suicida…

???: I don’t smoke …

Narrator: His skills range from Muay Thai Kickboxing to Brazilian Jujitsu …

- Shots of the man delivering scintillating kicks to his hopeless opponents…

???: I don’t do drugs …

Narrator: He’s been a champion everywhere he’s been …

- Shots of the man holding the OVW Championship aloft…

???: My only addiction is competition …

Narrator: He’s a “Straightedge Superstar” …

- More flashing shots of the man wowing crowd all around the world…

???: My name … is C … M … PUNK!!!

- Punk throws his hair back, looking into the camera with steely eyes…

Narrator: And he’s coming … to Friday Night SmackDown!


*Video Ends*


Wearing jeans, a dark t-shirt, and a baseball cap, Hardcore Holly pads down the corridor, looking, unsurprisingly, none too pleased, especially when Steve Romero appears.

Steve Romero: Bob! Hardcore! Can we get a quick word please?

~ Holly stops, placing his hands on his hips

Hardcore Holly: What’s this about, Romero?

Steve Romero: Can we get your reaction to the comments of Brent Albright just now?

Hardcore Holly: My reaction? My reaction? My reaction’s the same as it’s always been. My foot goin’ straight up that boy’s ass, that’s what!

~ A smattering of cheers can be heard in the background, as Bob adjusts his cap, clearly a little bit flustered by this whole situation.

Hardcore Holly: But I’ll give him this. Boy’s got balls, he really does. He’s got the goods, surely. He’s beaten everybody that they’ve thrown his way so far, and… and he done put me on my ass last week, so he ain’t all mouth, that’s for damn sure.

~ Romero nods, as Hardcore rubs his jaw.

Hardcore Holly: But he’s sure got one hell of a big mouth, Romero, and there’s nothin’ I love more, than shuttin’ the oversized mouths of disrespectful, snot-nosed punks like Brent Albright with my fist! That boy’s dumb enough to challenge me to a match at Judgment Day? Well, who am I to deny him–

~ Holly stops, scowling, hearing some heavy breathing behind him … as he turns to see Brent Albright standing in his shadow, his lady on his arm.

Brent Albright: Don’t mind us, Bob. You were saying?

Hardcore Holly: (Not taking his eyes off Albright) Who am I to deny a rookie the biggest ass-kickin’ of his soon to be abrupt career… Steve?

~ Romero nods nervously, as Albright smirks.

Brent Albright: Well… well, I guess we’ll see at Judgment Day, won’t we, Bobby? Just make sure you’re there, old man… just make sure you’re there. I’ll handle the rest.

~ Albright and co. smile and saunter away … leaving Hardcore glowering after him…


Once again, we’re with the man who challenges for the United States Title later, Booker T, who is now in his gear, pulling on a knee pad… until the World Heavyweight Champion EDGE enters the fray, alone, looking mighty chipper. Book flares up.

Booker T:The hell do you want, man? Didn’t I tell yo’ punk ass las’ week? We don’t want NUTTIN’ to do wit’ you, ya dig? I-

Edge: (Smiles) Relax. I come in peace… uh… man? Is that right? Doesn’t matter. I just wanted to come here and wish you good luck for your match tonight. Not that you need it, of course. Doing it solo should be no problem for you, right?

~ Edge holds his hand out… but Booker just stares, dumfounded, at the Rated R Superstar, as though he misheard him.

Edge: (Wincing) Ooh, you did know that Shane’s banned all ringside presence, right? ‘Cause of the “Batista and Finlay situation”, he says.

~ Booker’s reaction suggests he was oblivious to said stipulation; Edge frowns.

Edge: My bad. Sorry, bro. I’ll get outta your way.

~ The Champ exits swiftly, leaving Book looking around, simmering with rage.



Before our next main event match can begin, we are joined by not only the WWE Tag Team Champions, The Bluebloods, William Regal and Paul Burchill - dressed immaculately in dark suits, with their title belts adorning their shoulders – but also their partners for Judgment Day, Doug and Danny, The Basham Brothers, who follow the Englishmen down the ramp in jeans and shirts. The four men are roundly booed as they head around to ringside to join Cole and Tazz. They take position on either side of our announce table, each man pulling on a headset.

Michael Cole: We’re being joined here by the WWE Tag Team Champions, Regal and Burchill, as well as their… teammates, for Judgment Day at least, The Bashams.

Tazz: Welcome, gents.

Michael Cole: We learnt just last week that these four men alongside us would join forces to take on the unlikely quartet of the two teams we are about to see in action, former champions MNM, and the team some say The Bluebloods robbed at WrestleM–

William Regal: Robbed, Michael? An Englishmen never resorts to American skulduggery.

Michael Cole: Well, be that as it may, gentlemen, many critics have commented on the way you won those belts you hold now – using them as a weapon back on April 2nd to win the deciding fall in that elimination match.

~ Regal chuckles, shaking his head.

William Regal: Indeed. And these same “critics” you so boldly cite, Michael, were they privy to our championship retentions since that splendid evening?

Michael Cole: … Of course … but--

Tazz: Gotta apologise for Cole, fellas.

Michael Cole: What are you talking--

William Regal: Not at all, Tazz, not at all. No need to apologise. One merely has to block the irritating sound of Mr. Cole’s shrill voice, that’s all.

Tazz: Hey, maybe I should try doin’ that, Bill. Ya think?

~ Regal smiles, but doesn’t seem too impressed.

William Regal: “William”, if you don’t mind, Tazz.

Tazz: Oops. Sorry.

3 - Semi-Main Event; Tag Team Match
The Hooligans vs. MNM w/Melina
*WWE Tag Team Champs The Bluebloods, & The Bashams, are on commentary*

Considering you’ve got two of the best young teams in the WWE going at it, with, seemingly, a hefty amount of time at their disposal, we understandably get a our second cracking bout of the evening, though a much different one to the tandems two previous meetings at No Way Out and SNME, with MNM now rocking the tweener roles in the current tag team climate. However, Mercury and Nitro do control the majority of the contest, grounding the high-flying duo successfully.

The match runs long, as PAUL LONDON AND JOHNNY NITRO control the ring as we return from a commercial break.
The two men tussle in the centre of the ring, exchanging holds on their feet and down on the mat, with both wowing the crowd with a series of flips and nip up reversals, smooth and crisp as you’re likely to see anywhere. Eventually though, it’s the larger Nitro who gets control with a side headlock, which London quickly breaks by shoving Johnny into the ropes. Nitro knocks London down with a quick Shoulder Block, but coming off the ropes again – London rolls on to his front and Johnny skips over him - Paul goes for the leap frog -- CAUGHT IN MID-AIR WITH THE POWERSLAM!!




London quickly kicks out, as Nitro turns and races into the ropes once again -- but London is back up, and rushes after him, catching Nitro with a knee to the gut as he turns!

Grabbing Nitro’s head, London takes him across the ring, SLAMS it off the turnbuckle, before tagging in Brian Kendrick, who immediately springs up top. London holds Nitro in place, as Spanky DROPS THE HAMMER across the A-lister from a great height! London exits and Kendrick lays into Nitro with a few forearm shivers, before sending him into the ropes -- where Mercury makes a quick blind tag -- but Nitro reverses the Irish Whip, and as Spanky comes back, Nitro races past him -- MERCURY CATCHES HIM - Nitro runs, leaps, SPINGBOARDING OFF THE ROPES WITH A KICK RIGHT TO KENDRICK’S FACE AS MERCURY HELD HIM!!

After scoring a near fall, Mercury quickly tags Nitro back in, CATAPULTING SPANKY RIGHT INTO A FOREARM SHOT TO THE FACE, before dropping him down across his knees, allowing Nitro to SLINGSHOT HELO RIGHT ONTO THE SUSPENDED KENDRICK!! The crowd applauds the synchronicity of the former tag team champions, as they swagger about arrogantly, before remembering about the cover.




They quickly sends Spanky into the ropes, but he holds on to the top rope.
Mercury races in, but Kendrick ducks down, and BACK DROPS HIM TO THE OUTSIDE!!!

London tags himself in, as Nitro quickly grabs Kendrick, going for the Irish Whip. Spanky reverses it, and both Hooligans catch the A-lister with boots to the gut on the way back. Nitro doubles over and London hits the ropes, runs, and LEAPS OVER WITH THE SUNSET FLIP -- SPANKY CONNECTS WITH THE DROPSAULT!!




Nitro barely kicks out, but the crowd is loving this, as London quickly drags the pretty boy up, leading him across the ring.

Tagging in Spanky again, London twists Nitro’s arm, as Kendrick goes up top for the MUSHROOM STOMP, before they sends Johnny into the ropes once again - drop toe hold from Kendrick -- LOW DROPKICK TO THE RIGHT SIDE OF THE HEAD FROM LONDON -- LOW DROPKICK TO THE LEFT SIDE FROM SPANKY, ROLLING NITRO ONTO HIS BACK -- LONDON USES KENDRICK AS A VAULT, CONNECTING WITH A SHOOTING STAR PRESS ON THE A-LISTER!!! Kendrick covers!!




“Oohs” and “aahs” ring around the arena, as The Hooligans hurriedly rush back to work.
Kendrick holds Nitro and tags London back in. London goes for a kick, but Nitro manages to fend him away into the ropes, as Spanky grabs him in the rear wasitlock. They jostle for position, as London THROWS A SUPERKICK -- BUT NITRO DUCKS, AND HE WIPES KENDRICK OUT INSTEAD, TURNING HIM INSIDE OUT!!
Using this, Nitro finally MAKES THE TAG TO MERCURY, who comes in all fired up, taking down both Hooligans with clotheslines, before heading up top, and WIPING SPANKY OUT WITH A HUGE MISSILE DROPKICK!!
With Kendrick out of the picture, Mercury quickly grabs London from behind, and DUMPS HIM ON THE BACK OF HIS HEAD WITH A HUGE GERMAN SUPLEX - WITH A BRIDGE!!





Growing frustrated, Mercury pulls Kendrick back up and tries for the Irish Whip into the corner. Spanky reverses it though, and Joey hits the turnbuckle. Kendrick races in -- Mercury quickly elevates him up and over, where he lands on the apron. Joey turns -- BIG FOREARM TO THE FACE!! The former tag team champion staggers away, as Spanky grabs hold of the top rope, leaps up, and SPRINGBOARDS OFF THE TOP ROPE WITH A CROSS BODY RIGHT ONTO MERCURY!!




This time it’s Mercury who kicks out, and Kendrick turns around … KICK TO THE GUT -- CORKSCREW NECKBREAKER FROM NITRO!! Nitro now leaps up … CHICKENWINGED BY LONDON – RIGHT DOWN INTO THE FACEBUSTER!!!

The crowd is on their feet, as London quickly grabs the legal man, Mercury, goes for the Irish Whip -- but Joey reverses, and WIPES LONDON OUT WITH A BIG BOOT TO THE FACE!! Exhausted and not the legal man, Mercury slumps against the ropes for a moment, until he sees his partner, Nitro, stirring, and has an idea.
Grabbing Kendrick, Mercury drags him over to one of the turnbuckles, as Nitro begins to climb, getting set for the CORKSCREW MOONSAULT -- but London races in, SHOVING JOEY INTO JOHNNY, CROTCHING NITRO ON THE TOP TURNBUCKLE!! Nitro slumps, and London dumps Mercury to the outside, before he and the now lively Spanky begin to get Nitro in position, up top, FOR THE SUPER SLICED BREAD/POWERBOMB COMBO -- but Nitro fights it, kicking London away, and KNOCKING KENDRICK ALL THE WAY DOWN TO THE FLOOR BELOW!!
It’s just Nitro and London now. Paul races in – BUT EATS A FOOT TO THE FACE, KNOCKING DOWN!! Nitro immediately turns, leaps up top, COMING OFF WITH THE CORKSCREW MOONSAULT -- BUT LONDON GETS HIS KNEES UP!!

This time it’s London’s turn to scramble to the top rope, with Nitro down and out below him, and he IS ABOUT GO FOR THE 450 SPLASH--


Winners - The Hooligans and MNM fight to a Time Limit Draw @ 20:00.

Understandably, the crowd is pissed. Boos greet the initial result, before they gradually transform into overwhelming applause for the four men.

Michael Cole: Listen to the respect from this sold-out crowd!!

Tazz: Oh, wow! That was one hell of a match, baby! These four guys just beat the hell outta each other, they just went at it for twenty-minutes of non-stop action, folks, and it was all about respect. You gotta, uh, respect that, guys?

William Regal: Absolutely. Perhaps there is hope for those four vagabonds after all. That really was something quite special, Tazz, quite special indeed. Excuse us a moment.

Regal, Burchill, Doug and Danny remove their headsets, stand, and… applaud along with the rest of the arena the efforts of the two teams. In and around the ring, the four men, Paul London in particular, stare, perplexed, at their Judgment Day opponents, grimacing in pain and fatigue, but soaking up this ovation nevertheless…


The Cruiserweight Champion Jamie Noble exits his locker room, dressed to compete, in his black and white trunks, title belt around his waist. He is, seemingly, about to head for the ring … until a group of security guards approach him … with Kid Kash. Noble furiously makes a move for his nemesis, but the entourage stands firm.

Kid Kash:Woah… (backing up, nervous) hold ya’ horses there, Jamie. Don’t cha’ even wanna here what I’ve got ta’ say? See, I brought these fellas with me to make sure none of your usual… shenanigans went down, understand? What I’ve got to say is way too important for that.

~ Kash pulls out a piece of paper.

Kid Kash:This here document – signed by both McMahons – states that, until Judgment Day, there is to be… no physical contact whatsoever between yours truly… and ol‘ Jamie.

~ Boos can be heard in the background, as Noble’s eyes flitter vaguely over the form that “The Notorious K.I.D” is holding up. Kash smiles through his shades.

Kid Kash:Don’t be like that. (Folds it away) It’s for the best, I’m sure.

Jamie Noble: (Coldly, quiet) For you maybe.

Kid Kash: Jamie… that hurts. I’d hoped… (removing shades) I’d really hoped we were past all this. What’s done is done. I beat your ass for months on end – you got lucky at WrestleMania. Why not call it even before someone really gets hurt? Ya’ see, ol‘ Double K doesn’t get personal… he gets physical. (Shades back on) Good luck out there, buddy.

~ K.I.D smiles, twirling his moustache narcissistically, before nodding his head at the security guards around him, and they move on, leaving Noble in a steaming rage.

Michael Cole:The stakes have just been raised in this personal rivalry over the Cruiserweight Title, but will Jamie Noble be able to defeat Chad Dick, next!?


*Cut to video*

No one gets out of here … alive…

- A guillotine rises into the air; flashing shots of Batista, Mysterio and ‘Taker…

How will we meet our fate? … …

- The blade falls as we see Edge spearing some poor bastard…

At the hands of an executioner? … …

- Lashley posing in the dark, killing someone in the ring; ‘Taker performing the throat slash, followed by the Tombstone…

At the mercy of a callous judge? … …

- Fading shots of Finlay, Albright, Kennedy and Kash doing their signature poses…

Or … at the throw of a switch? … …

- The guillotine blade becomes an electric chair, as Booker T poses in the darkness, followed by Matt Hardy, then a close up of the smiling, evil face of Kennedy, before we see him nailing the Green Bay Plunge…

Whatever the means … the time has come…

- Quick, flashing shots of Hardy posing, ‘Taker brooding, Batista hitting the Spinebuster, Lashley staring into the camera, and Rey nailing the 619…

“To face …”

- The guillotine comes crashing down through the screen.

“… Judgment Day.”

“WWE Judgment Day, May 21st, 8/7CT, live on pay-per-view”

*Video Ends*

*Back to ringside*

Michael Cole: Already Judgment Day is shaping up to be one hell of a show. (Video begins to play)But last week SmackDown!, ladies and gentlemen, we all witnessed first hand another shocking display from our very own, Mr. Kennedy…

*Cut to video*

- Back on last week’s SmackDown!, Mr. Kennedy makes his way down to the ring, with the mood of the video instantly darkening, as he brings that bloody microphone with him.

Mr. Kennedy:(Eyes closed)Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is scheduled for one fall with a twenty minute time limit,(smirks)just so I can give you all a little taste of what Matt Hardy can expect …(mouthing each syllable) … in six, teen, days at Judgment Day…

- After going through his usual routine, Kennedy is about to introduce himself, when his opponent for the evening, the loveable Funaki, actually interrupts the loudmouth.

Michael Cole: Thank God.

- Funaki didn’t do it to deliberately disrespect Kennedy, but rather just wanted to get on with the match, and the language barrier prevented him from fully comprehending the situation. Kennedy, however, doesn’t see it like this at all, even as the bell rings, beginning the match.


- The undefeated Mr. Kennedy even PUTS HIS HANDS ON THE OFFICIAL, dumping the hapless Mickey Henson to the outside, as he delivers an eerie message at Funaki - but to someone else entirely…

Mr. Kennedy:(Breathing heavily) No one … no one … interrupts … (points) … me.

No one … (licks his lips) … messes … with me.

(Seething)No one does that…

…to Mister Ken - Na - Day.

- The video ends with Kennedy’s slow, deliberate walk back up the ramp, smiling to himself, as paramedics desperately tend to the bloodied Funaki, amidst boos.

*End video*

Michael Cole: Absolutely heinous actions from Mr. Kennedy, who isn’t with us tonight, but here, in this wwe.com exclusive {they … really shouldn’t air these ~___~}, here’s what he had to say for himself following that despicable act.

*Cut To Video - wwe.com - From Mr. Kennedy’s Home, Green Bay*

Instantly recognisable, Mr. Kennedy sits in a comfortable armchair dressed in dark t-shirt. In what could very be his own living room, Kennedy appears completely at home, legs crossed, as he smiles at the screen.

Mr. Kennedy: Now… now I’ve been called a lot of things in my lifetime. Smart. Witty. Good lookin’. Generous. Fair. But… but above all of those things, I’ve always liked to think of myself, to promote myself… as, quite simply, polite.

He takes a sip of water, mulling things over.

Mr. Kennedy: A decent human being. And a decent human being -- unless I’m very much mistaken – doesn’t interrupt one of his peers when he’s using the air time that he has worked so very, very hard to… earn. A decent human being doesn’t do things like that, and if they did… if they did, they would at least have civility in them… to apologise for their actions later on, instead of standing there… dumb.

KK scratches his head.

Mr. Kennedy: Now I don’t know what they taught you in Japan, Kurosawa, but you’re in America now… and in America, when you rain on another man’s parade… that guy? He’s not just gonna stand there and take it like some Sushi eatin’ sap. No, he’s gonna punch you right in your Pearl Harbour bombin’ mouth, that’s what an American’s gonna do.

Chuckling, Kennedy settles down.

Mr. Kennedy: So don’t… don’t ask me why I beat the crap out of Rashōmon like week. He had the nerve to interrupt me when I’m currently preparing for the biggest match… no wait, the biggest moment of my life come Judgment Day… when I finally get to end my first career… the career… of Matthew, Moore, Hardy.

Kennedy’s blue eyes twinkle.

Mr. Kennedy: Riddle me this, riddle me that… who’s afraid of little old Matt?

Admiring his own rhyme, KK adjust his tee.

Mr. Kennedy: Obviously -- after what I did to that boy two weeks ago -- obviously, not me. I was doin’ him a favour back then. I was giving him the opportunity, the chance, to leave after only one beating. There didn’t have to be more. I… I’m not a sadistic man. I don’t have some kind of sick, twisted, demented… blood lust.

Looking to his left, Kennedy directs our attention to the blood-stained microphone sitting on the table alongside him.

Mr. Kennedy: I like to keep this with me as a reminder. Not for me. I have it all (taps head)up here. It’s for all of you. All the other wrestlers, the guys in the back, the people in the crowd, and, most importantly, the viewers watching at home. This is for all of you. I am undefeated in over seven months of competition… yet you doubt me. Do you dare… do you DARE make the same mistake again, now?

He cocks his head.

Mr. Kennedy: I didn’t think so. Doubt me once, shame on you. Doubt me twice? Well, that’s just shame on me, isn’t it?

Rubbing his chin, KK frowns slightly.

Mr. Kennedy: Because I am not coming to Phoenix in nine days for titles, or Money in the Bank briefcases. I’m coming for blood. And, Matt? (Points at screen)I’m afraid it has to be yours. It didn’t have to be this way, if you’d just stayed at home, if you’d listened to what I had to say.

Shaking his head from side to side, he appears almost remorseful.

Mr. Kennedy: But now, Matt? But now? Reaper is callin’ your name just like he did your brother’s. It’s only a matter of time. It’s inevitable.

Sitting up, Kennedy leans forward on his couch, looking directly into the camera.

Mr. Kennedy: SmackDown isn’t big enough for the two of us, Matt. SmackDown is MY show now… SmackDown is MY time, MY home, and I am its future. Never pinned, never submitted, I have single handedly laid waste to all that has been placed before me, so what makes you think you’re gonna fair any better? At Judgment Day, my undefeated streak continues and your career… ends. Everything dies, Matt, and you’re no different. It’s YOUR turn next Sunday, at the hands of MMMMIIIIISSSSTTTTEEERRRRRR … KKKEEENNNEEDDDYYYY …

Getting up close with the camera, he spits with rage.

Mr. Kennedy: (Softer) Ken - Na - Day.

A smile forms on the face of the arrogant, platinum blonde narcissist, as we leave him fading away from his home, and the video.

*Video Ends*

*Back to Ringside*

In the ring Chad Dick warms up for his match, with his brother James rubbing lotion over him in a thoroughly disturbing manner, until…


A very good pop bursts out from the crowd, as the Cruiserweight Champion of the World, the rough ‘n’ tough “Pit-bull” Jamie Noble walks down the ramp, his countenance heavy with not only the usual intensity of competition he carries with him on a regular basis, but also the annoyance of, one assumes, what he learnt before the break. Stepping into the ring, ol’ Jamie completely blanks both Dicks, walks over to the ropes, mumbling something to Tony Chimel. The ring announcer quickly brings Noble a microphone, as the champion’s music fades, and he takes centre stage.

Jamie Noble: Now, ya’ know I don’t talk very much…

~ A few laughs from the crowd … but Chad and James continue oiling up…

Jamie Noble: Fellas… (not even looking at them) fellas, if ya’ll don’t stop doin’ that… I’m gunna have to force feed ya’ that damn oil.

~ OH!; The crowd loves this, as Chad drops the oil and makes a beeline for his opponent, needing to be restrained by his more level-headed brother.

Jamie Noble:Like I was sayin’, Jamie Noble might not talk very much, but after what I just heard backstage, I felt I couldn’t stay mute much longer.

~ The Cruiserweight Champion paces up and down the ring a bit, clearly still having to compose himself following his ‘meeting’ with Kid Kash.

Jamie Noble: Kash… (wincing, hating the name) I warned ya’, didn’t I?

~ Noble lifts his head so he is staring right us. He eyeballs the camera – however, his eyes don’t seem psychotic or anything, just very, very cold and calculating.

Jamie Noble: I told ya’, WrestleMania was about the title… and at Judgment Day Jamie Noble was gunna “hurt” you. That ain’t changed. It’s still the plan. This little… “no contact” clause you’ve got outta Shane and Stephanie is only gonna achieve one thing: it’s gonna make my sendin’ you to the next world… (stops, dead in his tracks) all the sweeter.

~ The Pit-bull almost smiles at the final statement, as though he were envisioning May 21st right then and there.

Jamie Noble:But now that I’ve got that off my chest–


A “JA-MIE NO-BLE” chant starts in the male sections of the arena, as the Cruiserweight Champion grabs the stunned James Dick, races forwards, and HURLS him through the ropes, down to the floor outside like a sack of wet cement!! Noble dusts off his hands before heading straight back over to Chad…

???: Nobody move a muscle! Hold it right there!

~ Noble stops what he doing, puts his hands on his hips, and turns, allowing Chad to crawl for safety, as we follow Noble and the crowd’s gaze to see a furious looking Stephanie McMahon atop the stage, mic in hand, gesturing wildly.

Stephanie McMahon: One more move, Jamie, and you’ll be suspended without pay!! What the hell is wrong with you!?

~ Steph gets quite a mixed reaction, as Noble just laughs with disbelief, mouthing, “Kid Kash ring a bell, sweetie?” up the ramp.

Stephanie McMahon: It’s because of crap like that; that my brother and I felt we had to sign Mr. Kash’s rematch clauses, Jamie…

~ Noble cocks an eyebrow. “Clauses?”

Stephanie McMahon: You heard me right, Jamie. Clauses. As in there’s two of them. One you already know, and the second? To keep you in check, myself and Shane have ruled that in the event of a disqualification, the title… WILLchange hands! Now start the match!

~ Perhaps for the first time since her return to television, Steph gets showered in heat, as she shakes her head and storms backstage, leaving Noble staring after her with wide eyes, unable to quite believe what the hell he just heard. Meanwhile, Chad Dick sneakily slides back into the ring from behind…

4 - Non-Title Match
Cruiserweight Champion Jamie Noble vs. Chad Dick w/James Dick

The crowd alerts Noble -- AS CHAD RACES IN FROM BEHIND WITH A CLOTHESLINE -- WHICH NOBLE DUCKS -- AND APPLIES PAYDIRT!!! The crowd pops, as Noble wraps Chad up in the Guillotine Choke, getting a quicker than instant submission win.

Winner - Noble via submission at 0:14.

Tazz: (Laughs his ass off)

Michael Cole: Oh my! Did you see that!? Anarchy ensues! Jamie Noble just choked Chad Dick out in about ten seconds, even after what Stephanie McMahon just told him!

Tazz: I – I love this guy, Cole!

Michael Cole: ……………………..

Is Noble handed his title belt? No. He never even took it off. The Cruiserweight Champion still looks in a daze, as he slowly leaves the ring and heads back up the ramp to cheers.


The woman we all just saw, Stephanie McMahon, dressed in her usual extremely low-cut business suit, walks dejectedly down the hallway, not looking pleased with herself, or proceedings at all. She passes a few backstage workers and can’t even bring herself to return their friendly smiles or nods. Rounding the corner, Steph’s eyes immediately roll and she mouths a quite obvious, “For fuck sake” … as John Bradshaw Layfield enters her path. Wearing a gray suit and holding his hat in his hand, JBL has a slight smirk as the interim GM approaches him.

Stephanie McMahon: Look, John. This isn’t the time or the place, and I’m really not in the mood for another one of our sessions.

John Bradshaw Layfield: Is that what you think this is? Just another weekly comedy segment for the boys and girls at home?

Stephanie McMahon: It’s starting to feel that way, yeah.

John Bradshaw Layfield: Take a look at my face. (Points) Am I laughin’? No. Are you? Not anymore. Tell me, boss, what’s so damn entertainin’ about that?

Stephanie McMahon: Usually, John… usually I’d disagree with you, because unfortunately for you there is something funny about seeing a pompous, stuck-up, overpaid jerk like yourself begging a businesswoman like myself. But not tonight.

~ JBL frowns at the list of insults.

John Bradshaw Layfield: Y’know… y’know, now that you mention it, this is comedy. I mean, hell, how is listening to the Billion Dollar Hypocrite not a laugh a minute?

~ A thin scowl forms on Steph’s face, as Bradshaw succeeds in getting under her skin a millimetre, and she struggles for a comeback.

John Bradshaw Layfield: (Grins) Well, there’s a first.

~ Bizarrely, JBL plonks his hat back on his head and turns to leave.

Stephanie McMahon: (After him) You’re never getting that title shot.

~ Layfield turns around.

John Bradshaw Layfield: We both know, Ms. McMahon … that I am.

Stephanie McMahon: Over my dead body.

Mr. Kennedy: I wouldn’t joke about things like that. Not in this business.

Stephanie McMahon: I’m not joking.

~ JBL blinks slightly, maybe thinking of something to say … but instead he just smiles, turns, and walks away again, whistling confidently.

Stephanie McMahon:(Calling after him) This has to end, John!

~ But all she gets is a nonchalant wave of the hand. Stephanie shakes her head ruefully.


A video package plays recapping the feud between Booker T and Rey Mysterio so far, culminating with the footage of Rey-Rey defeating Booker at WrestleMania to capture his first ever United States Championship.


A tremendous amount of heat fills the arena, as, entering an arena all alone for the first time in a long time; Booker T waltzes out onto the stage. Dressed in his red trunks, The Book Man sets off his fiery pyro, before heading for the ring with a purpose. He forces the official to sit on the middle rope for him as he enters, before posing pompously to a ton of boos from this extremely partisan crowd.

Michael Cole: One word you cannot use to describe that man is humble. Yet that’s the word he’s been throwing around like candy these past few weeks. He thinks he’s the Uriah Heep of Friday Night SmackDown!

Tazz: Uh, well, I don’t know who that is, Cole, but I’ll tell you what, you might’ve been on Booker’s back all this time, but you can’t argue with results. This is a guy who’s won every single match he’s been in since WrestleMania. It don’t get much better than that.

Michael Cole: No, indeed. There’s no denying Booker T’s ability, or his credentials. He’s a five-time World Champion, a four-time United States Champion, thirteen-time tag champion. There’s no doubt about it; Booker T is one of the elite.


Easily THE loudest ovation of the night fills the arena, as Rey Mysterio explodes out onto the stage, wearing his black gear and mask, the United States Title strapped around his waist. Rey-Rey slaps hands and touches heads with all of his loyal hometown supporters along the way down to the ring, where Booker waits impatiently, already complaining about something to the hapless official.

Michael Cole: Just listen to this ovation! The high-flying, the exciting, the swashbuckling, the exhilarating Rey Mysterio is here in his home town of San Diego, California; we are in 619 country tonight, but the question remains, will we get to see the real deal tonight? Will we get to see … a 6 - 1 - 9?

Tazz: Dial it up, Cole, this is awesome! You know Rey-Rey’s gotta be lovin’ this. His first ever title defence and it’s in his own backyard. Not ideal conditions for The Book Man, but it’s a title shot, so you gotta take whatever chance you get. Been lookin’ forward to this all week, Cole, and now it’s finally time.

~ The bell rings a couple of times, as Mysterio unstraps his belt, bouncing up and down on his toes a few times, and Booker shadow boxes.

Tony Chimel: The following contest is scheduled for one fall, and it is for the UNITED STATES CHAMPIONSHIP!! (Crowd pops) Introducing first, the challenger … from Houston, Texas … weighing 250 pounds … he, is a FIVE-TIME WCW World Heavyweight Champion, and a former United States Champion … BOOKEEERRR T!!

~ Another loud reception of boos greets Booker, as he poses manically in his corner, talking trash nonstop as he does do.

Tony Chimel: And his opponent … from SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA (major pop) … weighing in at 175 pounds … he is the current United States Champion … REY MYSTERIOOOO!!

~ Mysterio receives another epic ovation, as he kisses his hands and points to the sky, ignoring the smack being verbally thrown across the ring at him. The referee takes Rey’s title, holds it up, hands it away, and calls for the bell.

Tazz: This is gonna be good.

5 - Main Event; United States Championship Match
Rey Mysterio defends against Booker T
{All ringside presence is banned}

Two big stars. One hot crowd. A title on the line. What more could you want from a main event? Booker T certainly agrees, as no sooner has the bell rung, HE CHARGES AT THE MAN WHO BEAT HIM AT WRESTLEMANIA -- BUT GETS CAUGHT WITH A DROP TOE HOLD, AND GETS CAUGHT UP ON THE MIDDLE ROPE!! Rey-Rey dials it up early, hitting the ropes … only for The Book Man to smartly roll under the bottom rope. Ignoring the heat, Booker takes his sweet time on the outside, testing the referee’s count, before finally re-entering the ring.

Booker easily overpowers Mysterio once back inside. He muscles him into a corner, before laying into him with all manner of right hands, chops, and boots, capping it all off with a twist of Rey’s arm, and a beautiful HOOK KICK right to the jaw!! Rey tries to battles back once Booker has him back up, and he uses his speed, turning, hitting the ropes, and racing back -- REVERSE ELBOW FROM BOOKER TAKES HIM BACK DOWN!!


A fuming Booker T quickly leaves the ring … only for Rey to immediately slide back inside. Booker tries to re-enter -- BUT MYSTERIO DROPKICKS HIM THROUGH THE ROPES, KNOCKING HIM DOWN!! Rey leaps onto the apron, as Booker staggers back up, and Rey CRASHES DOWN ONTO HIM WITH A SEATED SENTON FROM THE APRON!!! In full control, Mysterio happily slaps hands with fans, before pulling a groggy Book Man up, and going for an Irish Whip -- only for Booker to reverse it, and REY CRASHES INTO THE BARRICADE!! Quickly regaining the advantage, Book rolls Mysterio under the bottom rope and begins to follow in -- KICK TO THE HEAD!! Booker is hung on the second rope.

Scrambling out to the apron, Rey-Rey grabs hold of the top rope, leaps up, and SPRINGBOARDS OFF WITH A LEG DROP RIGHT ACROSS THE BACK OF BOOKER T’S HEAD AND NECK!!! First cover of the match.




Close. Rey pulls Booker back up and tries to send him across the ring, only for Book to reverse it. Mysterio stops himself from hitting the turnbuckle as he leaps up, looking for the HEADSCISSORS -- but Booker throws him off onto the apron!
Booker makes a grab for the smaller man, only for Rey to duck it, catching him with a shoulder to the gut. The former WCW Champion staggers away, and Mysterio springs up to the turnbuckle -- BUT BOOKER LUNGES, SHOVING HIM OFF!!
The momentum has drastically shifted, as we cut what should be our last commercial break of the evening…

Back from the break and The Book Man is well and truly in control with a rear chinlock down on the canvas, trying to wear the little man out. Rey battles back up through, laying into Booker, until the former 5-time World Champion quickly grabs his arm and hurls him across the ring with an Irish Whip. In races Booker -- foot up, but Booker catches it -- Mysterio CONNECTS WITH THE ENZIGUIRI, KNOCKING BOOKER ONTO THE MIDDLE ROPE!!

The crowd pops loudly, as Booker is in prime position once again, and Rey sees, turns, hits the ropes -- BUT BOOKER T FLATTENS HIM WITH A THUNDEROUS CLOTHESLINE AS HE RUNS BACK!! “Oohs” and “ahs” ring out, as The Book Man quickly scrambles across the ring to hook the far leg.




Mysterio barely kicks out.

Rey rolls out of the ring, as both men catch their breath, before Mysterio climbs back up on to the apron. Booker cuts him off and tries to suplex him back into the ring, only for Mysterio to drop down behind him, sprint across the ring, and hit the ropes, flies back -- BAM! BOOKER TAKES HIS HEAD OFF WITH A JUMPING HOOK KICK!! COVER!




Rey survives once again, as Booker hangs his head in dismay. He throttles Rey-Rey on the ropes for a while, drawing some more monstrous heat.

Duckin’ and divin’, juttin’ and jivin’, Book toys with his opponent some more, before deciding it’s time to put him away. Lifting Rey-Rey up, he places him on the top turnbuckle, before following him up, TRYING TO HIT A TOP ROPE BELLY-TO-BACK SUPERPLEX -- but Mysterio fights, and fights, and finally succeeds in knocking Booker back down, crashing to the canvas!! He gets back up, and Rey FLIES WITH A SEATED SENTON!!

Booker, in a daze, scrambles back up to his feet, as a hurt Rey Mysterio runs up to the ropes, and COMES FLYING BACK OFF THEM WITH A SPRINGBOARD CROSSBODY ONTO BOOKER!!




Booker kicks out, but Rey isn’t finished there. He sends Book into the ropes and lowers his head – SUNSET FLIPS FROM BOOKER – REY ROLLS THROUGH, AND DELIVERS A SCINTILLATING KICK RIGHT TO BOOKER’S TEMPLE!!




Mysterio drags Booker up and tries to send him into the corner, but The Book Man counters. Quickly, Rey-Rey tries to propel himself back over Booker’s head -- but gets caught IN AN ELECTRIC CHAIR!! Booker throws Rey down – but Rey lands on his feet, races off the ropes -- CAUGHT, SPINEBUSTERED DOWN INTO THE MAT BY BOOKER!!!




Mysterio somehow survives.

After hammering away on Mysterio in the corner, Booker drags him to the middle of the ring, boots him the gut, doubling him over, turns, runs, hits the ropes, GOING FOR THE SCISSORS KICK -- NO, REY COUNTERS WITH A HEADSCISSORS, SENDING BOOKER INTO THE ROPES, WHERE HE GETS ALL TANGLED UP!! Another ROAR goes up, as Rey-Rey hits the hopes and FLIES back – GOING FOR THE 619 -- BUT BOOKER DUCKS UNDERNEATH IT, AND REY SWINGS, LANDS ON HIS FEET -- KICK TO THE GUT -- BOOKER GOES FOR THE SCISSORS KICK -- NO, MYSTERIO SIDE-STEPS -- HE CATCHES BOOKER WITH A SMALL PACKAGE!!




How close what that!? Both men struggle up to their feet, with Rey quickly coming off the ropes -- RIGHT IN TO A BOOK END OUT OF NOWHERE!!!





The crowd breathes a huge sigh of relief, as Booker throws a fit in the ring, screaming in the referee’s face that “THAT WAS THREE! THAT WAS THREE!” Grabbing Mysterio by the mask, a raging Booker T yells, “YOU AIN’T NUTTIN’, REY-REY! YOU AIN’T NUTTIN’, YA HEAR ME!?” He SLAPS Mysterio across the face, and AGAIN and AGAIN, with the crowd all over him. Taking Rey by the arm, he quickly throws him into the near corner, before CHARGING IN -- BUT REY CATCHES HIM WITH A DROP TOE HOLD, AND BOOKER’S HEAD HITS THE MIDDLE TURNBUCKLE!!

He doesn’t have time to react though, as Mysterio hits the ropes, comes back, AND NAILS THE 619 TO BOOKER T, LAYING HIM OUT!!!





Winner - Mysterio via pinfall @ 12:37. Mysterio retains United States Title.

As you’d expect, the building ERUPTS, as Mysterio successfully defends his championship in his home town!! Looking fatigued but undeniably elated, Rey staggers back up to his feet, has his hand raised by the official, and is handed his precious title belt.


Michael Cole: Oh my, what a match here on Friday night!! Rey Mysterio rising to the occasion, refusing to lose, showing that amazing will– HEY, LOOK OUT!!

FINLAY SUDDENLY CHARGES THE RING, SHILLELAGH IN HAND… but Rey quickly ducks underneath the swipe of the Irishman, dropping his title belt, rolling under the bottom rope and getting out of harms way!!

Michael Cole: It’s – it’s Finlay!! The man who defeated “The Animal” Batista at the start of our broadcast, and another one of Rey Mysterio’s opponents for Judgment Day…

Tazz: What the hell is Finlay–?


The World Heavyweight Champion gets some THUNDEROUS heat as he viciously puts the boots to the man who challenged him last week!! Yelling away, Edge asks Rey, “YOU STILL WANT A PIECE OF ME, REY!? HUH!? DO YA’!?” Grabbing the smaller, exhausted man off the ground, The Rated R Superstar quickly tosses him back into the ring, where he struggles back up to his feet…




The commentators aren’t impressed, as a gloating, smug Finlay stands over the fallen United States Champion, smirking through his gapped teeth. Arrogantly, The Fighting Irishman raises his shillelagh into the air, garnering some more heinous heat from the San Diegans, as well as a slight, audible “BA - TIS - TA” chant.

Finlay looks over, as Booker T re-enters the ring, sharing the Irishman’s smile, as he looks down on the man who just defeated him yet again. After Booker mumbles something to him, Finlay drags Rey-Rey back up, holding him in place, as The Book Man… kicks him in the gut, hits the ropes, AND DRILLS MYSTERIO WITH THE SCISSORS KICK!!!

Booker teases doing the Spin-A-Roonie, but decides against it, and instead clambers back up to his feet, smirking down at his fallen foe. As the “YOU SUCK” chants ring out, Book looks past Finlay, outside the ring, to… the Worlds Champion.

Watching from half way up the ramp, Edge has a sick smile on his face, as Booker T takes a step back from Mysterio’s carcass, motioning first to Edge, and then to Rey, saying, “He’s all yours,” to the wary Master Manipulator.

Not having to think about it twice, Edge hurries down to the ring and rolls inside, staring down at The Human Highlight Reel like a piece of meat. He says something to Finlay and Booker, and his fellow villains each grab an arm of Rey, pulling Mysterio up like the sacrificial lamb he is, as Edge takes charge, SPEARING THE UNITED STATES CHAMPION IN HALF!!!!

Rey is thrown like a rag doll across the ring, as Edge remains kneeling like a predator for a few moments, admiring his handiwork…

Tazz: Talk about sending a message, Cole. Rey got in Edge’s face last week… and now he’s payin’ for exactly that. What comes around?

Michael Cole: This absolutely sickening! Both Booker T and Finlay are opponents come Judgment Day, and they could very well be Edge’s opponent too! Heinous, hideous.

Tazz: You heard the crowd chantin’ his name… but where the hell was Batista? Where was Rey Mysterio’s buddy?

Michael Cole: That’s what I want to know, Tazz…

As Edge rises, he, along with Finlay and Booker T, slowly raises his arms in to the air, filling the arena with heat, as their hometown hero lies a broken man before them.



Current Card for WWE Judgment Day
Date: May 21st, 2006
Location: US Airways Center; Phoenix, Arizona
Event Music: Killswitch Engage; This Fire Burns

World Heavyweight Championship Match:
‘The Rated R Superstar’ Edge defends against Winner of Fatal Four-Way Match
{Shane McMahon is the special guest referee}

#1 Contender's Fatal Four-Way Match:
Booker T w/Sharmell vs. ‘The Animal’Batista vs. Finlay vs. U.S Chmp. Rey Mysterio
{Winner Faces World Heavyweight Champion in the Main Event}

WrestleMania Rematch; Stipulation TBA:
The Undertaker vs. ‘The Real Deal’ Bobby Lashley w/Paul Heyman


Grudge Match:
Mr. Kennedy vs. Matt Hardy

Friends Or Foes Challenge; Eight-Man Tag Team Match:
WWE Tag Team Champs. The Bluebloods & The Basham Brothers vs. The Hooligans & MNM w/Melina
{If The Basham’s, Hooligans or MNM win, they earn themselves a shot at the WWE Tag Team Championship; If The Bluebloods win, they name their next WWE Tag Title challengers}

Cruiserweight Championship Match; No Championship Advantage:
‘The Pit-bull’ Jamie Noble defends against ‘The Notorious K.I.D’ Kid Kash II

Singles Match:
‘The Shooter’ Brent Albright vs. Hardcore Holly

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