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Re: Legend Presents: WWE 2006 - Stop Your Grinnin' And Drop Your Linen

Salivating at the thought of that double main event. But what the fuck is going to be left for Pay Per Views~!!

In all seriousness, I've been waiting for this show for far too long. Batista vs Lashley and the Big Four worthy Edge vs Taker match has had me anxious for the longest time. Finally we'll actually get it. BOUT TIME TOO~!!

To think, I had been predicting a lame Edge vs Kennedy heel on heel match, for the pure fact that the show was coming from Green Bay .

Get her up plz.

And post the show too
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Re: Legend Presents: WWE 2006 - Stop Your Grinnin' And Drop Your Linen

Great preview, Legend, you did a good job with refreshing everybody's minds as to what's been going down on Smackdown, as your last Smackdown was, what, 5 months ago? Anyways, the show looks awesome, Edge/Undertaker and Lashley/Batista are absolutely huge matches to give away on a weekly show, so it makes SD! unmissable. I have a feeling that Lashley will go over Big Dave and then attack Edge (Yes, EDGE) in the Main Event so that he doesn't give 'Taker a DQ win, because I'm pretty certain the World Championship won't be going anywhere, as Edge only won it at 'Mania. Can't wait for it to be up tomorrow, I'll definitely check it out, and perhaps leave some feedback if I have the time.
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Re: Legend Presents: WWE 2006 - Stop Your Grinnin' And Drop Your Linen

Sorry about the mistake there.

Edge vs 'Taker is set to be huge. Should be a great match, especially with a few possible run ins to add to the excitement. It'll probably end in a No Contest, but should be exciting nonetheless.

Lashley vs Batista was set up in a big way at the end of last SmackDown!, and you've essentially got two main events with this also on the card. Lashley to pick up the win after some more Finlay interference, perhaps?

Kennedy in his hometown should own, as should the two champs being in action. Hopefully you can continue to build some feuds here. Noble vs Kash has been great, so keep that good thing going tonight.

SmackDown! looks pretty amazing, all in all, with a card that looks Pay-Per-View quality. Definitely be back to check it out.

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Re: Legend Presents: WWE 2006 - Stop Your Grinnin' And Drop Your Linen

Edge/'Taker is going to be absolutely great, especially for a weekly show, I really can't wait to see what happens, could have big repercussions involving interference and could set the Smackdown title situation in tone for the next month or so.

Batista/Lashley is something that would probably be pretty crappy to watch, but is going to be phenomenal to read. Should be great, with Lashley some how picking up the victory so he can get another shot at The Deadman.

Mr Kennedy getting some mic time in his home town should be fun indeed, he has had a great month in this thread, and if he continues on the path he is currently on, the sky is the limit.

Even the under card of this show is looking very good indeed, it's shows like these where you can give away PPV quality matches without giving to much away which show, that not only are you a great writer, you're also a great booker.

Show is looking to be epic, I can't wait.

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Re: Legend Presents: WWE 2006 - Stop Your Grinnin' And Drop Your Linen

Friday Night SmackDown! - April 28th, 2006

"At Judgment Day? It all comes to an end for you"

Edge Of Seventeen

The opening video plays, and we soon head into the arena and the shitload of pyro goes off, before we’re brought to our commentators. Per usual, we have Michael Cole and Tazz, who begin screaming over the top.

Michael Cole: The World Heavyweight Championship is on the line TONIGHT!! Good evening, everyone, and welcome to one of the biggest Friday Night SmackDown’s of all time from Green Bay, Wisconsin. I’m Michael Cole, here alongside Tazz at ringside!!

Tazz: You said it first, Cole, HUGE night tonight, with our main event the kind of match that could main event (and has) WrestleMania, as ‘The Deadman’, ‘The Phenom’, THE UNDERTAKER challenges the ‘Rated R Superstar’ EDGE for the World Heavyweight title!!

Michael Cole: What a match that will be; but also tonight, a match The Undertaker in particular will be paying close attention to, Bobby Lashley looks to do Shane McMahon a HUGE favour and earn himself a rematch against the Deadman, as he faces … BATISTA!!!

Tazz: That match could headline WrestleMania too, Cole. But that ain’t all. After his pretty sick attack last week on Matt Hardy, we will hear from Green Bay’s own Mr. Kennedy.

Michael Cole: It will certainly be interesting to see what kind of reaction Kennedy gets in his home town tonight, and also what kind of explanation he has for his heinous actions last week, through which he has put Matt Hardy, who was on the roll of his life, out of action indefinitely.

Tazz: I can’t wait for all ‘o this, Cole, but up next, my man the Cruiserweight Champion of the World ‘Pit-bull’ Jamie Noble is in action…

***A COUNTRY BOY CAN SURVIVE*** ‘The Pit-bull’ and the reigning Cruiserweight Champion Jamie Noble makes his way down to the ring, where Juventud Guerrera waits.

1 - Non-Title Match

Cruiserweight Champion Jamie Noble vs. Juventud Guerrera

Despite having been probably the most credible of all the other Cruiserweights (excluding Kid Kash of course) Juventud Guerrera really struggles from the outset to even make an impression on his fiery who opponent who, bringing the anger he displayed last week with him, shows just why he is the best light heavyweight wrestler on the roster. Despite the minimal offence of the Mexicool, the Pit-bull is unstoppable, hitting all of his high-impact moves on the veteran luchador, before countering a spirited attempt at a top-rope hurricanrana into the DRAGON CLUTCH, getting the quick submission victory.

Winner - Jamie Noble via submission @ 4:15.

After the match, Jamie has his hand raised by the official to another (very) nice pop from the crowd as he wipes the perspiration (even though there isn’t a lot) from his face, takes his title belt in his hand and turns to leave through the ropes–

???: (Clapping)

~ Uh-oh. Everyone (Noble included) follows the sound up to the titantron … where Kid Kash appears to tremendous heat, sporting not just a confident smirk, but also somewhat of a new look: his hair is swept back, his shades are (Jack Bauer-esque) round, and a suave little goatee beard now adorns his face. Very 80’s.

Kid Kash: (Removing his shades) Hey, Jamie. I – I hope ya’ don’ mind. I partook -- well, let’s just say I ain’t in, uhm,… Green Bay this week. Sorry.

~ Boos. Noble fumes silently.

Kid Kash: I'm just, uh, enjoyin’ some o’ your greatest hits (points to monitor) here. Y’know, this is fabulous work. This is – this is -- Oh, bravo. Oh Gawd, ma’ God, this is–this is excellent. (Applauding what he sees on the screen) Oh, bravo. Bra-freakin’-vo.

~ Owned. KK’s patronizing applause draws more of the crowd’s ire.

Kid Kash: But – (holds up his hands apologetically) but you’re right, Jamie. I’ve misbehaved. What a’ did las’ week, costin’ ya’ll the tag team titles like that? That was baaaaaaad. I need to be punished. But remember, Jamie boy, there’s only one way ya’ gettin’ me in that ring.

~ Back down in the ring, Noble seems to have grabbed himself a microphone.

Jamie Noble:
(Breathing heavily) Alright – alright, boy, Jamie Noble’ll bite if it means gettin’ your sorry ass in this ring. Whaddya’ want?

~ Kash’s eyes narrow evilly.

Kid Kash:
(Intensely, through gritted teeth) Take, one, goddam, guess.

~ No music, not of either man, hits but Noble drops his mic and we fade out with an image of he and Kid Kash staring at one another from completely different parts of the country, hatred in their eyes, and the Cruiserweight Championship in between them…


Michael Cole: Well, ladies and gentlemen, before we went to commercial we witnessed yet another stand off between heated rivals Kid Kash and the man who defeated him at WrestleMania for the Cruiserweight title, Jamie Noble!

Tazz: Absolutely. Short but sweet, Cole. Noble very impressive here tonight, but ‘The Notorious K.I.D’ made it perfectly clear from his home in Tennessee that he wants the belt back and he’s goin’ to do anythin’ to get it, no matter the cost.

Michael Cole: And that cost could well be high, as in order to get his rematch for the Cruiserweight Championship, Kid Kash is going to have to face the wrath of the man he has done so much to over the past year, a man who has promised to “hurt” Kash on numerous occasions; not an enviable task by any means.


Sat inside his darkened locker room, ‘The Real Deal’ Bobby Lashley angrily laces up his boots ahead of the second biggest match of his life tonight. Dressed to compete, the true size of the dominant youngster is on full display, as is his focus. The camera pans over to show Paul Heyman standing a few feet away from his client, suited and booted, baseball cap adorning his head, with his arms folded as he leans against one of the lockers. Aside from his usual arrogant smugness, Paul E. has an extreme air of admiration about him; his eyes fixed upon Bobby…

…until Lashley finishes what he is doing and stands up. Clapping his hands together, a beaming Heyman approaches the powerhouse…

Paul Heyman: Well … …

~ Lashley’s eyes smile even if his mouth doesn’t.

Paul Heyman: Tonight – tonight we get our second chance, Bobby … … our rightful second chance to take out The Undertaker once and for all. He got lucky at WrestleMania -- him and the (uses air quotes) “Powers That Be” -- they denied you your destiny that night … … but beat Batista tonight … that’s all going to change.

~ B-Lash runs a hand over his smooth head, eyes closed at the prospect.

Paul Heyman:
You remember what Mr. McMahon said, Bobby? He doesn’t just want you to beat Dave Batista tonight. I don’t just want you to beat Dave Batista tonight. Mr. McMahon and I? We want you … … to maim the so-called “Animal” … … we want you to destroy that joke of a World Champion … … we want you … to … put, that, sick, dog, down.

~ Lashley nods his head.

Paul Heyman: (Whispering) And then we can go on to Judgment Day … … and fate.

~ Smiling, Heyman looks long and hard into the eyes of his client, who stares right back, emotionless, cold, and empty, a complete sociopath.

Bobby Lashley: (Softly) You got it.

~ ‘The Real Deal’ glowers menacingly at his agent before turning and striding away. Watching the beast leave, Paul E. rubs his chin confidently…


Michael Cole: Wow, just wow. I know I’ve been saying this for months now, but is there anyone more intense than Bobby Lashley?

Aw he’s ‘The Real Deal’, Cole, of course there ain’t. You gotta’ feel for ‘The Animal’ tonight.

Michael Cole:
Feel for him? I don’t think we need to do that. Batista always gives as good as he gets. He’s a beast too, don’t forget. That’s going to be one hell of a collision to–

(Clears throat)

Groans sound from the crowd, knowing what time it is for the fourth straight week, turning their gaze up at the titantron … where Brent Albright stands, arms folded before his muscular chest; wearing a his black leather gauntlets, he smirks at the reaction he is getting…

Brent Albright:
Y’know, a few things have been brought to my attention this past week.

~ Brent strokes his beard.

Brent Albright:
It seems that Brent Albright isn’t enough for the people, and everyone wants to know who this (the attractive blonde woman appears alongside) beautiful lady is accompanying me to the ring each and every week.

~ The voluptuous blonde female rests her hands on Albright’s shoulders.

Brent Albright:
(Laughs) Well ask away, ‘cause unless you find out on your own, I’m not tellin’ any of you a damn thing. She is my property, given to me to -- shall we say? -- sweeten the deal, by my agent. Y’see, Vince McMahon might write my cheques from his hospital bed … but you don’t get to be this successful without having somethin’ bigger.

~ Boos as Brent and the woman exchange smug looks.

Brent Albright:
But that’s all I’ve got to say about that, because tonight Brent Albright is movin’ on to victim number four, and I haven’t even worked up a sweat yet, ladies and gentlemen. So get set, ‘cause a bullet’s comin’ your way tonight, boy, kind regards of “The Shooter” … … Brent Albright.

~ As his female accomplice adjusts her glasses smartly, Albright flexes his impressive physique, staring straight into the camera…

Brent Albright:
(Points finger at camera like a gun) Bang”.

~ More boos greet the arrogant rookie’s signature taunt as he struts confidently off camera with his saucy partner in tow. After a few moments of nothing but low level heat filling the arena (WWE commentators know when to be quiet)…

BLOOD, SUGAR, SEX, MAGIK*** ‘The Shooter’ Brent Albright strides down the ramp cracking his knuckles in anticipation, as Stevie Richards bounces up and down in the ring.

Tazz: This is what I’m talkin’ about, Cole; this is the highlight of my week I’m tellin ya’. Brent Albright, ‘The Shooter’ -- pretty cool name -- is undefeated and he is one talented, talented dude, I’m tellin’ ya, baby.

2 - Brent Albright vs. Stevie Richards

For the opening minute of this contest everything goes smoothly for ‘The Shooter’, as he continues to plough his way through the jobbers of SmackDown! with relative ease, after catching Richards in mid-air, SWINGING him around like a child and SLAMMING him down RIGHT ACROSS HIS KNEE with a rather brilliant SPINNING URINAGE BACKBREAKER!!!

However, just as it looks like Albright is about to finish Stevie off … Hardcore Holly steps out onto the stage at the top of the ramp to watch proceedings. This completely throws Brent off his game, even causing him to get caught with a ROLL UP from behind, from which he narrowly avoids an embarrassing defeat.
Regaining his senses, The Shooter counters the STEVIE KICK into a GERMAN SUPLEX, followed by ANOTHER, then the HALF-NELSON, dumping Richards RIGHT ON THE BACK OF HIS HEAD!!! Still looking at Bob Holly, extremely confused, Albright quickly cinches in the CROWBAR for the submission victory.

Winner - Brent Albright via submission @ 4:23.

After the match, furious and a little bit nervous in all honesty, Brent Albright has his hand raised by the official, but keeps both his eyes on Hardcore Holly.

Michael Cole:
Looks like Brent Albright doesn’t feel like adding insult to injury tonight.

Check it out, Cole; you know Bob Holly’s reputation and it looks like he ain’t quite as high on this kid as I am. He almost cost Albright the match he -- well, he let Stevie get one roll up. Just goes to show how good Brent is, baby.

Michael Cole: I agree, Tazz, but you have to admit, it was only a matter of time before Albright’s disrespectful post-match antics drew the attention of the vets in the locker room?

~ The blonde woman enters the ring and tries to calm ‘The Shooter’ down, but he isn’t listening. Snatching his hand away from her, he exchanges intense gazes with the veteran Holly, who remains completely and utterly stoic, not moving a muscle as he eyeballs the undefeated youngster…


Backstage, Steve Romero stands by, microphone in hand.

Steve Romero: Ladies and gentlemen, my guest at this time … the man who will put his title on the line against The Undertaker later tonight … the World Heavyweight Champion … Edge!

~ The crowd lets out a thunderous amount of heat as, with the World title over one shoulder and his free arm wrapped around the lovely Lita, dressed to compete with his trench coat over the top, ‘The Rated R Superstar’ Edge enters the shot.

Steve Romero: And, Edge, just wanted to get your thoughts on having to face The Undertaker in your first World title defence in a match where, should you be counted out or disqualified, you will lose the World Heavyweight Champion–

Hold on a second there, chumpstain, you’ve failed to mention who’s by my side. Y’know, on second thoughts, you don’t deserve the privilege; (Turns to camera) Ladies and gentlemen, my woman, my lady, the love, of, my, life … the sexy, sumptuous, voluptuous, lusciousLita.

~ Lita raises her eyebrows; Edge turns back to Romero.

Now, uh, to answer your stupid question, Steve, how do ya think I feel? I’m gonna be sent out there all alone with a seven foot, pissed-off …… PHENOM. Yeah, I’m not feelin’ too good about that. Yeah but there is – there is one positive, there is one plus, y’see this “rule”, it’ll also stop all of the other little jealous losers from interfering in my business.You – you look perplexed, Steve, bemused, I mean, even more than usual. What, ya don’t know what I’m talking about? You don’t know who I’m talking about? Y’know the person who writes my cheques and expects me to kiss his ass as a result? Y’know the person who can’t handle the fact he’ll never have this? (Pats World Championship)

~ Small heat from the crowd, knowing full well where the World Champion is going with this as he grits his teeth together.

Edge: Oh, oh, y’know? The person who came out and interrupted me when I was finally getting my moment to shine as the new World Heavyweight Champion just to plug his stupid (uses air quotes) “SmackDown Election” … and ended up getting nothing but a spear for his troubles when he got in my face? C’mon, Sean, work it out, moron.

~ More boos for The Ultimate Opportunist as his shakes his head slowly at the denseness of poor Romero, who unwisely brings the mic back to him.

Steve Romero:
Well I, uh–

Jus – Jus – Just shut up, I don’t care what you think, ‘cause for the last month of my life–you wanna know what I’ve been going through the last month of my life – last month of our (points to Lita) lives ever since I became champion?

~ Romero barely dares to even nod his head, as The Master Manipulator keeps his crazy eyes focused on him as he rants away.

Our lives have been made into a living, breathing freak show,by a bunch of little pricks in Connecticut sitting safe behind their desks, who’ve never even had a wrestling match, trying to pull our strings like a couple o’ puppets; well y’know what? I think the whole situation SUCKS! As a matter of fact I’ll go one better, I think the whole situation is BULLSH*T!!

~ A few “OH’s” sound at the bleeped out expletive.

“Get my thoughts”? This interview was all about trying to “get my thoughts” ahead of my match tonight? Hey, thanks -- it’s gonna take a little bit more than this to put me down. I’ve had the greatest year of any superstar in the history of professional wrestling. From winning the Money in the Bank all the way back at last years WrestleMania to the way I cashed it in at this year’s … defeated quite possibly the most dominant World Champion ever … a bonafide killer, an Animal.

I did in twenty minutes what the likes of Triple H, JBL, Rey Mysterio, Booker T, Randy Orton … even The Undertaker himself,couldn’t do in twelve months, and that’s defeat Batista. Y’know, since WrestleMania Batista’s been running around like a spoilt brat, shooting his big mouth saying this is (air quotes again) “his” World Championship. Well here’s a news flash, Dave: those days are donethis belongs to me. And tonight, (eyeballing the camera) Deadman, tonight it stays that way … whether you like it … or not.

~ Thunderous heat from Green Bay, while Lita looks proudly at her man.

Because the Rated R Era … has only, just, begun.

~ The crowd lets out another onslaught of boos, and the World Heavyweight Champion scowls at Romero before grabbing Lita and heading out of screenshot.

A Superstar vignette plays …


Inter-cutting shots flash across the screen of a young superstar, clad in black trunks with shoulder length dark hair and a small beard. He stands in front of a blank screen, holding up his knuckles, adorned with the words, “D-R-U-G … F-R-E-E”…

???: I don’t drink …

Narrator: He is the most exciting superstar to ever hit professional wrestling …

A shot of the man flying through the ropes with a topé suicida…

???: I don’t smoke …

Narrator: His skills range from Muay Thai Kickboxing to Brazilian Jujitsu …

Shots of the man delivering scintillating kicks to his hopeless opponents…

???: I don’t do drugs …

Narrator: He’s been a champion everywhere he’s been …

Shots of the man holding the OVW Championship aloft…

???: My only addiction is competition …

Narrator: He’s a “Straightedge Superstar” …

More flashing shots of the man wowing crowd all around the world…

???: My name … is C … M … PUNK!!!

Punk throws his hair back, looking into the camera with steely eyes…

Narrator: And he’s coming … to Friday Night SmackDown!



End of video.


Michael Cole:
Well, CM Punk, who debuts on Friday Nights sooner than you might think, right there, but how about, before that Tazz, our World Heavyweight Champion? Is it just me or is Edge unravelling with every week? He seems to be even more paranoid now he finally has the championship.

Well, I wouldn’t exactly call Edge the most stable of individuals right now, that’s for sure, Cole, but I mean c’mon, you gotta have at least some sympathy for the guy’s situation. He won the World Heavyweight title at WrestleMania, supposed to be the start of his big run on top of this business, and instead he ends up with even less air time than before and facin’ a title defence against the freakin’ DEADMAN tonight!

‘The Fighting Irishman’ Finlay makes his way down the ramp to impressive heat, shillelagh in hand, set for some action here tonight.

Michael Cole: When we return, the man who cost Batista his match last week, “The Fighting Irishman” Finlay takes on United States Champion Rey Mysterio in non-title action, NEXT!


3 - Non-Title Match
United States Champion Rey Mysterio vs.Finlay

After returning from the break, Mysterio’s entrance is complete and we are treated to our first really competitive contest of the evening, which features (as Cole alludes to) two men who have fought before (with Finlay winning) and have quite a lot of heat with one another following their run-in last week during the Batista-Booker match up.

Unsurprisingly, ‘The Fighting Irishman’ uses his supreme experience and guile to keep himself one step ahead of the United States Champion at all time, grounding the highflying Mysterio with submissions and rugged holds, wearing him down. However, this does not last forever, as Rey-Rey is able to get his boots up into Finlay’s face, catching him running into the corner, before FLYING off the top with a MOONSAULT CROSSBODY PRESS!!!

Coming off this huge move, Mysterio is on fire, taking Dave down with clotheslines, right hands, headscissors, and even a quick Tornado DDT using the ropes. Ol’ Fit isn’t considered to be one of the best in the business for nothing though, as he reasserts himself with a quick thumb-to-the-eye, before following up, dragging the little man up onto his shoulders, going for the Celtic Cross -- but Rey counters, going over almost in a Victory Roll like motion, HANGING FINLAY ON THE MIDDLE ROPE!!!

The crowd cheers as the Irishman is caught up in the ropes and Mysterio dials it up, calling to his fans before hitting the ropes, racing back, and NAILING THE 619 TO FINLAY!! Dave hits the mat rolling over backwards, staggering back up to his feet in a complete daze as Rey-Rey grabs the top rope, leaps up - SPRINGBOARDING OFF, LOOKING FOR THE WEST COAST POP -- BUT FINLAY COUNTERS AGAIN, POWERBOMBING REY INTO THE TURNBUCKLE!!!

The impact of the blow sends reverberations through the arena, as poor little Mysterio crumples in the corner, folded up like an accordion, looking completely out of it. Shaking away the cobwebs, Finlay grabs Rey, throws him down to the canvas and makes the cover!! 1 … 2…. NO!!! MYSTERIO PUTS HIS FOOT ON THE BOTTOM ROPE, drawing a “damn it” from the Irish veteran, who glares at the referee. Having had enough, Finlay heads over to the corner and GRABS HIS SHILLELAGH, looking to do some damage to the U.S Champ -- BUT THE REF SNATCHES IT OUT OF HIS HANDS!!! The crowd cheers, but Fit Finlay angrily argues with the official, until Rey ROLLS HIM UP OUT OF NOWHERE!!! 1 … 2 … NO, Finlay kicks out.

With both men now up in the centre of the ring, Mysterio lifts Finlay up, brings him toward the middle of the ropes, and shoots him off. The Legend Killer comes back, avoids a right hand, THEN GOES FOR A WHEELBARROW SUPLEX -- BUT REY COUNTERS AGAIN, TRYING TO TURN IT INTO A BULLDOG -- BUT THE IRISHMAN COUNTERS ALSO, THROWING MYSTERIO OVERHEAD … BUT THE U.S CHAMPION LANDS ON HIS FEET!!

The Irishman doesn’t realise that his adversary landed with cat-like agility and is caught by surprised when he is dropkicked in the back RIGHT INTO THE ROPES!! Mysterio dials it up for a second time and shoots off the ropes…


The crowd boos mercilessly, as Mysterio, wincing from the leather strap, turns angrily on the man he defeated at WrestleMania, only for the referee to race over, getting in between them. As the official jaws with Booker over the top rope, Rey-Rey shakes his head … and turns back around … ONLY TO BE BLASTED IN SKULL WITH THE SHILLELAGH!!!

Finlay gets rid of the weapon quickly, and covers the United States Champion, hooking both legs to make sure with a GAP TOOTHED smirk on his face.




Winner - Finlay via pin fall @ 8:42.

The crowd boos furiously as Finlay lets go of the cover, having DEFEATED THE UNITED STATES CHAMPION ONCE AGAIN (although Rey wasn’t champ last time they fought ), allowing the referee to raise his hand, as Booker and Sharmell enter the ring, completely ignoring the Irishman and going straight for Mysterio…


Booker tosses Rey to the side just as Big Dave slides in to a booming ovation, a complete 180° from it’s previous one! ‘Tista makes a beeline for the man who cost screwed him last week, Finlay, but The Fighting Irishman quickly dropping down, and then rolls out of the ring, before hurriedly backing up the entrance ramp. The Animal doesn’t even check on Mysterio as he leans over the ropes furiously at the retreating trio, snarling, “You son of a bitch”, while Finlay points his shillelagh back at him threateningly, and Booker … cackles.

Michael Cole:
The Animal is ROARING, Tazz, and it’s a good job, as I shudder to think what Booker and Finlay were about to do to poor Rey Mysterio.

Uh, I might be imaginin’ things, Cole, but Batista hasn’t looked at Rey once since he’s come out here. I think he was just comin’ to get him some of Finlay and Booker after what went down last week, y’know?

~ As Big Dave snarls in the ring, Rey Mysterio makes it to a knee behind his friend, holding his temple and looking at the former World Heavyweight Champion with a rather quizzical expression on his face.


The camera gradually pulls out, until we see that the image is now being watched on a monitor … by a focused Bobby Lashley backstage.

Michael Cole:
You could be right, Tazz, but whatever the case, Batista better take this fire into his monstrous collision tonight … against that man, Bobby Lashley.


Michael Cole:Welcome back to Friday Night SmackDown, ladies and gentlemen, on this HUGE night in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

You said it, Cole. We’ve already seen three great matches here tonight, including Finlay getting’ a BIG win over the United States Champion, Rey Mysterio, but it ain’t over yet.

Michael Cole:
Not by a long way, partner. Still to come, Bobby Lashley will take on former World Heavyweight Champion Batista, and the current World Champion Edge will put his title on the line … against THE PHENOM!

4 - Eight-Man Tag Team Match
The Hooligans & The Mexicoolsvs. The Basham Brothers & MNM w/Melina

The Mexicools and The Basham Brother’s (the latter keeping up their dual-brand run) join the tag team action this week as the business between London & Kendrick and Nitro & Mercury just keeps on escalating, with both teams now desperate to stake their claim on a future WWE Tag Team title shot. Still hurting from the vicious beat down of last week at the hands of the champions, both MNM and The Hooligans allow their partners to get a good deal of air-time, until it all breaks down, and the ring is cleared, leaving Nitro and Kendrick as the legal men. With all of the chaos around the ring the referee is unable to keep up, which allows Mercury to re-enter, unnoticed. MNM grab Spanky, setting up for the SNAPSHOT -- but London pulls Mercury back, allowing Spanky to escape, and drills Nitro with a stinging superkick!! The crowd cheers the counter, as Nitro falls back into the corner, for Kendrick to grabs. The Hooligans quickly set up the SUPER SLICED BREAD #2/SITOUT POWERBOMB - AND HIT IT!! With Mercury and The Basham Brother’s detained by Psicosis and Super Crazy, Spanky is not interrupted as he covers for the three count!!

Winners - The Hooligans and The Mexicools via pin fall at 6:01.

As the bell tolls the audience delivers a very good ovation as London & Kendrick FINALLY get a pin fall victory over their great rivals MNM, despite it being an eight-man tag; and both men pump their fists, exchanging hugs with Super Crazy and Psicosis too.

Michael Cole:
What a victory for London and Kendrick.

They’ve been goin’ at it with Mercury and Nitro for months now, Cole, and believe it or not, that’s the first time they’ve ever pinned the former tag team champs.

Michael Cole:
And it couldn’t come at a better time. With Judgment Day looming just around the corner and Regal and Burchill still without challengers right now, you have to think that The Hooligans -- HEY!!!


THUNDEROUS heat rains down from the Green Bay natives as, for the second straight week; The Bluebloods launch a disgusting post-match attack, still dressed in their suit and ties, looking very East End London gangster-esque. As Regal angrily stomps away on the grounded London, Kendrick, Crazy, and Psicosis, he sends Burchill out of the ring.

Snarling, The Ripper knows exactly what to do, dropping down, rolling out of the ring, grabbing the still dazed Johnny Nitro and tossing him back into the ring. Looking around, Burchill can’t seem to find the other member of the Hollywood tandem … until he re-enters the ring and see Joey Mercury backing up the ramp in fear, Melina leading him by the hand -- WAIT, THE BASHAM’S GRAB MERCURY FROM BEHIND, RACING FORWARD, THROWING HIM BACK INTO THE RING!!!

Michael Cole:
Oh, come on, what the hell was that?! Doug and Danny Basham, those two no-good sons of–

They’re helpin’ eliminate the competition, Cole.

~ Horrified, the idiotic Mercury scrambles up to his feet, staring back up the ramp at the smirking Basham’s, before turning around … RIGHT INTO A BELT SHOT BETWEEN THE EYES FROM REGAL!!!

Michael Cole:
Oh, we need some help out here!!

~ Laughing as he does it, the veteran Regal then drags Paul London back up to his feet by his long hair, throws his arm across him, and DROPS HIM RIGHT ON THE BACK OF HIS HEAD WITH THE EXPLODER SUPLEX!! As the “OH’s” ring out around the arena, Burchill FLIPS OVER, FLATTENING PSICOSIS WITH THE C-4!!! The meticulous, calculated picking off of the competition is really a sight to behold, as the two Englishmen then reach down, grabbing Nitro up off the canvas, setting him up.

Michael Cole:
Oh no, we saw this move last week, this is sick!!

~ Sticking Nitro between his legs, Burchill lifts him up into the air in a mid-way powerbomb position -- BEFORE REGAL RUNS RIGHT THROUGH THE SKULL OF JOHNNY WITH A HUGE KNEE STRIKE - SITOUT POWERBOMB, DRILLING HIM INTO THE CANVAS!!! The crowd ROARS with shock at the brutal manoeuvre, with poor Nitro folded like an accordion, as Burchill springs back up to his feet, admiring his handiwork proudly. Walking over to the motionless Kendrick, the young Englishmen pulls Spanky’s head up off the canvas.

Michael Cole:
This is – this is – oh dammit!!

~ Grinning through his teeth, The Ripper shoves his title belt underneath Kendrick’s head, stands up, pulling Spanky’s head right back with him by the hair, raises his boot, and CURB STOMPS BRIAN KENDRICK’S SKULL/FACE RIGHT DOWN INTO THE TITLE BELT!!! “OHHHHHHH” as poor Brian is left still, and a dozen or so referees, officials and other wrestlers finally decide to come running down to the ring, as The Bluebloods scarper.

Oh man, that was straight-up nasty, Cole, and I gotta’ say I–I don’t know who the bigger winners were tonight, The Bluebloods or The Basham’s? I mean, Regal & Burchill just eliminated everyone else.

Michael Cole:
I don’t care who the number one contenders are, Tazz; what I care about are that six men have just been systematically destroyed by our tag team champions.

And now they’ve got no challengers.

Michael Cole:
This is the second straight week this has happened; what’s it going to take before someone does something about these two disgusting human beings!?

~ Smirking as they back up the ramp, Regal and Burchill are booed out of the building; they hold their title belts proudly, having seemingly ensured their protection, for now.


Replay of the brutal assault is shown before cutting to a clip of the faces being helped up to their feet by several medics and officials, not being place on a stretcher but bleeding profusely.


In her office, sitting at her desk, Stephanie McMahon peruses some paperwork. Steph flicks through nonchalantly … but she is soon interrupted by an angry knock on her door. Stephanie sighs, frowns, and puts down her the sheets, as Jamie Noble comes in, now wearing jeans and a t-shirt but still looking absolutely furious.

Stephanie McMahon:
Can I help you?

Jamie Noble:
Ya’ damn right.

Stephanie McMahon:
Well, Jamie, I’m going to take a wild stab in the dark and say this has something to do with a certain Mr. Kash?

Jamie Noble:
That’s righ’, missy.

Stephanie McMahon:
And you want me to do what exactly? There really shouldn’t be a problem here. You want to face Kid Kash and, in case you hadn’t realised it yet, you’re the champion, so just give him his rematch and it’ll be signed.

Jamie Noble:
(Looks around sceptically) Where’s Shane at?

~ Steph’s eyes open quite wide.

Stephanie McMahon:
Excuse me?

~ Perhaps realising what he said, the Cruiserweight Champion doesn’t answer, simply standing back and putting his hands in his pockets.

Stephanie McMahon:
Look, I’m going to ignore that little slip of the tongue, Jamie, because, and you can tell all your friends in the back this, I hold just as much power on this show as my brother, so if that’s what you want, then at Judgment Day, it’ll be you and Kid Kash.

~ Nodding his head satisfactorily, Jamie gives the co-interim General Manager a small nod before turning to leave. As he does so, the door opens first.

Stephanie McMahon:
This better be good, Sha–

~ John Bradshaw Layfield enters the office.

Stephanie McMahon:
Ah, come to entertain me with some more of your sparkling wit, John?

~ JBL, clad in a grey suit (white hat), stops to eyeball Noble as they pass, with the smaller yet feistier Cruiserweight staring right back, before leaving the office.

John Bradshaw Layfield:
(Smirking) Like ‘em small, eh, Steph?

Stephanie McMahon:
There’s that famous Layfield wit. Now, as if I didn’t know already, what can I do for you, John?

John Bradshaw Layfield:
(Looking around) Where’s big brother at?

Stephanie McMahon:
Uh, (clearly pissed) that’s not really your concern.

John Bradshaw Layfield:
See … see that’s where you’re wrong, darlin’. If it gets me closer to my rightful title shot, it’s my concern.

~ The two egocentric, power-mad individuals stare at one another for a long time … before Steph tries to laugh it off.

Stephanie McMahon:
Was I seeing things a month ago? Did my brother not deny you a title match as well?

~ Bradshaw frowns.

John Bradshaw Layfield:
What your brother did, little girl, was make an elementary mistake by not lookin’ after the interests of his single most valuable commodity, me. He spat in my face an’ one day you better believe that’s gonna come back to bite ya’ll where it hurts most.

~ Stephanie glares into the fiery eyes of the former WWE Champion, his continual threats finally making it under her thick skin.

Stephanie McMahon:
Same time next week then, John?

~ Sneering, JBL arrogantly turns on his heel and storms out of the office, leaving Steph frowning after him as we fade out.


Michael Cole: I don’t know where Bradshaw gets off, but this is getting ridiculous now. He seems to think he has some sort of god-given right to a title shot. At least one good thing came from that, at least it looks like Jamie Noble will be getting his hands on Kid Kash for a second time come Judgment Day–


A truly THUNDEROUS mixed reaction fills the arena as Green Bay’s own resident loudmouth, the man with the blood of the ultra-popular Matt Hardy on his hands, Mr. Kennedy strides on onto the stage. Dressed in a close-fitting, black ‘Talk Smack’ t-shirt over a pair of grey trunks, Double K makes to head down the ramp, before checking himself. Pausing, KK chews his gum nonchalantly for a moment or two, affording himself a little smirk, before sauntering on down to the ring with his usual arrogant step in place.

Michael Cole: Well, ladies and gentlemen, we are still in shock … over the inexplicable, inexcusable actions of this man last week: the furious, bitter, animalistic beating of a man who all in the WWE community have come to love more than most, one of the nicest men you will ever meet, Matt Hardy.

Tazz: Well I’ll tell you, man; I have never ever seen anyone bleed as much as I saw Matt Hardy do last week. It – it was all over the place, Cole. Sickening.

Michael Cole: Yeah, and after the sick beating that Matt took at the hands of Mr. Kennedy last week, Matt Hardy is unable to be with us tonight unsurprisingly, but rumour has it (graphic appears on the screen) Matt insists on being at Judgment Day and facing Kennedy.

~ Kennedy, instead of stepping through the ropes as he usually does, walks along the ring apron, has a look, hops down to the ringside floor and walks towards the timekeeper’s area.

Tazz: Yeah, uh, that’s assumin’ and hopin’ Matt’ll be medically cleared by then.

~ This isn’t Eddie Guerrero-like or anything; there isn’t a blank or vacant expression on KK’s face, but rather a cocky, egomaniacal, narcissistic stare as he sends Mark Eaton, Tony Chimel and several other scurrying away, grabs a steel folding chair, folds it away, and ascends the steps once again, entering the ring. Setting the chair up in the centre, Kennedy waits for his microphone to descend, the lights to fade, the spotlight to rest on him, his music to fade, and the crowd to quieten, before taking a seat…

Mr. Kennedy:
(Holding finger up for silence) Ah, ah, ah, ah … ah … ah … AH!

~ There is a definite home field advantage for KK tonight, with the boos actually being outweighed by the cheers at this point.

Mr. Kennedy:
Twelve months ago… sport’s entertainment … was like a blind man fumblin’ in the dark … steppin’ through the shadows, it -- it had no direction … no purpose(sighs) … it, had, no, future.

~ Mixed reaction, leaning towards boos.

Mr. Kennedy: (Smirks) But… as Bill Shakespeare would say … “Alas”.

~ Small cheers from the crowd, while Kennedy keeps his head quiet low, camera-level.

Mr. Kennedy:
Alas because … a new superstar has emerged … a new superstar has risen up and cast his eminent glow across what in the past… was a black hole.

~ Stroking his jaw, KK continues.

Mr. Kennedy: SmackDown … sport’s entertainment has finally earned itself … has finally won itself … hell, has finally been sent from the heavens above … a God. Sport’s entertainment finally has a future … and that future… is me.

~ Now this rewards the narcissistic heel with some heat from his fellow Wisconsinites, but, as before, he doesn’t bat an eyelid.

Mr. Kennedy: In almost one full year’s time -- that is twelve months … that is three hundred and sixty five long and arduous days -- for that, I have remained completely, utterly, one hundred percent undefeated, and that -- that’s never been done before, I’ve broken the rules. Just like you did … Matt.

~ Kennedy looks into the camera hard really for the first time, a devilish glint in the corner of his eye, as his hometown still refuses to properly jeer him.

Mr. Kennedy:
See, when you arrived on the scene … with your no-good waster of a brother Jeff in tow… nobody had ever seen a pair of superstars with your collection of speed, agility, quickness … not to mention your devil may care attitude, your -- your risk taking … your ability to put your body on the line each and every night for the ultimate prize. Never.

~ Cheers for the always popular Hardy’s.

Mr. Kennedy: (To crowd) Pretty impressive, huh? But you’re no longer revolutionary, Matt… you’re no longer the hottest young commodity on two legs … you’re no longer the future of this industry … or even here on Friday nights … hell, you’re not even the freakin’ flavour of the month -- you’ve been – you’ve been replaced. And you … have been replaced… by me.

~ A smattering of “KENNEDY” chants can be heard throughout the building, but the platinum blonde youngster barely blinks.

Mr. Kennedy:
Y’see, Matt… y’see, just like Sergio Leone said all those years ago … (does his best Clint Eastwood) “buddy, this town just isn’t big enough for the both of us anymore”, and I – I don’t think it ever really was.

~ Holding out his hand, KK motions.

Mr. Kennedy: Just take a look at our run-ins before and then at WrestleMania. No, one of us had to go … this isn’t your home anymore … and I’ve got the winnin’ ticket… right here.

~ The camera closes in as Kennedy turns the microphone, holding it up so that we can all get a good look … at the dried, scarletbloodof Matt Hardy that is covering the shimmering metal. This sick image triggers the largest amounts of heat of the evening, but KK merely shrugs.

Mr. Kennedy: The instant that I saw that red river of blood runnin’ from your head like–like the River Nile of Ancient Egypt -- I mean gosh, my teacher would be so proud -- right then, I knew exactly what it meant. I knew that the era of Matt and Jeff Hardy was finally done … as I buried you in the ground alongside your worthless, pathetic waste of oxygen of a brother -- who met his gruesome maker almost four years ago … thanks to someone else, if ya catch my drift -- … and I knew that it symbolised … the dawning of a new era.

~ Double K runs a single finger down his cheek thoughtfully.

Mr. Kennedy: Last week… these hands … my hands … Mr. Kennedy’s hands … the hands … of the future … stained this mat with your life … and these (licks his lips) lips tasted your blood.And if that’s what you want, Matt … I’ve got no problem … doin’ it again.

~ Finally removing his hand from his face, Kennedy smiles.

Mr. Kennedy: An’ it just so happens that the next time me and you … you an’ I … I and you … us … will meet again … will be four weeks … at the aptly named… Judgment Day.
~ The face of the undefeated superstar is now focused completely on the camera, serious and intense. A single hand is raised in the air, almost inviting the person on the other side in, as he slowly cocks his head to the left.

Mr. Kennedy:
Where it just so happens that -- like it says in the Bible -- it all comes to an end for us

~ Murmurs from the crowd.

Mr. Kennedy:
But you can rest assured, Matt … that this year … at Judgment Day … it all comes to an end… for you.

~ Kennedy throws the mic back up to the rafters, and the fans aren’t quite sure how to react to the hometown boy. KK’s music hits once more, but he just stands, staring, trance-like, up at his microphone as it disappears into the darkness above…

Tazz: Wow, that, uh…

Michael Cole:
At – at times during that, Mr. Kennedy seemed almost -- almost euphoric.

I dunno, Cole, I gotta say I thought Kennedy looks and sounded even more confident than usual, and -- and -- and who can blame him? I mean, the odds of Matt Hardy even makin’ it to Judgment Day … well they don’t -- they don’t look good…

~ His every movement meticulous and deliberate, KK steps through the ropes, walks down the steps to the arena floor, and calmly walks back up the entrance ramp…


A video package plays recounting the short history between the two behemoths Batista and Bobby Lashley, as they first encounter one another back at No Way Out when The Real Deal interferes in the WHC match, inadvertently helping The Animal to retain.


Here we go. Green Bay pops HUGE as the music rumbles over the PA, signalling that it is time for the first of our two WrestleMania worthy main events. Clad in his red trunks, looking all fired up, ‘The Animal’ Dave Batista storms out onto the stage, setting off his rip-roarin’ pyrotechnic display, getting another TREMENDOUS ovation from the sold-out centre. Pumping his chest, Big Dave enters the ring and ascends the farthest turnbuckle, flexing his mighty muscles toward the rabid fans, damn-near foaming at the mouth with intensity. He turns his head and stares up the ramp, his animalistic rage penetrating our television screens.

Michael Cole: The Animal has been UNLEASHED, ladies and gentlemen, and after mood this man has been in ever since he lost the World Heavyweight Championship at WrestleMania, I would not want to be in Bobby Lashley’ shoes tonight -- and this is Bobby Lashley I’m talking about here.

Tazz: Aww, no doubt, Cole, Big Dave is just desperate to get back to winnin’ ways after losin’ the title at WrestleMania like you said, then gettin’ pinned by Edge again in that tag match the night after, and just last week by Booker T. He’s stoked.


After an initial mixed reaction for his undeniable awesomeness, the crowd reverts to what one would expect: THUNDEROUS heat, for the most dominant man in sport’s entertainment today, and the baddest man walking the face of the earth (fuck Iron Mike), ‘The Real Deal’ Bobby Lashley, as he strides down to the ring. Joined by the incumbent agent Paul Heyman at his side, B-Lash pounces up onto the apron, sending even more fireworks rocketing into the sky, before joining the prowling Animal inside the squared circle…

Michael Cole: Well, there he is, ladies and gentlemen, the man who came closer than anyone in the history of this business to ending The Undertaker’s undefeated streak at WrestleMania just a month ago.

Tazz: And it’s -- if it’s even possible -- made Lashley even more intense, even more unpredictable, as he looks to get his hands on The Deadman one more time and prove to the world that he can beat The Phenom.

Michael Cole: And thanks to Shane McMahon, he could get that chance tonight.

Tazz: Absolutely. You put your hands on a McMahon you gotta’ believe there’s gonna be consequences, and Batista’s facin’ them tonight in the shape of a HIGHLY motivated ‘Real Deal’, who will get ‘Taker in any kind of match he wants at Judgment Day should he win.

~ Heyman talks strategy with The Real Deal in one corner, while Batista bounces up and down on his toes, until …


What on earth!? The crowd pops HUGE, mainly out of shock, before delivering quite a mixed reaction as, who wasn’t even scheduled to be here tonight, Shane McMahon dances out onto the stage. Heyman, Lashley and, especially Batista all look up angrily, as Shane ‘O Mac, still with one arm in a sling, wearing a nice, dark Gucci suit, holds a microphone in his working hand, waiting for his music to die down before raising it to his lips…

Shane McMahon: Oh, uh, hey, guys. I just wanted to come out here and get rid of all this confusion I’ve been hearing from people asking me, “Shane, what if Bobby Lashley or Batista should be counted out or disqualified? Does Lashley still get his rematch with The Undertaker at Judgment Day?”

~ Heyman (obviously the one who’s been asking these questions) nods intently in the ring.

Shane McMahon: Well, that’s not going to be a problem anymore, fellas, ‘cause I’ve done one or two little alterations to this match, and it’s now going to be … a (little smirk) … NO DISQUALIFICATION MATCH!!!

~ The crowd delivers a THUNDEROUS pop for this announcement, while both Heyman and Lashley look pretty non-plussed by the revelation (oh, I wonder why ), and The Animal just stands, hands on his hips, staring up the ramp at his boss, the man he (foolishly?) assaulted two weeks ago, as McMahon heads to the back, smiling…

Michael Cole: WHAT!? When the -- when was that decision made!? Five seconds before the match is scheduled to begin Shane McMahon just decides to show up here and tell us all? Gimme a break. I’d say this was unfair to both combatants, but something tells me Bobby Lashley isn’t too surprised by this.

Tazz: Talk about the icing on the cake, Cole. I was already more excited for this match than I had been for a long time, and now it’s No DQ? Oh baby, this thing is gonna be off the charts!!

Michael Cole: I understand that Shane McMahon wants payback after what Batista did to him a few weeks ago, but this is -- this abusing his station if you ask me. A No Disqualification match with a man like Bobby Lashley with no time to prepare? I mean --HEY, C’MON, WHAT THE HELL!?


5 - Semi-Main Event; No Disqualifications
Batistavs. Bobby Lashley w/Paul Heyman
*If Lashley wins, he gets a match with The Undertaker at Judgment Day*

With two of the best big men around today in the ring today we get a very solid match up that continues Bobby Lashley’s elevation towards the main event scene. Obviously the No Disqualification rule helps these two behemoths greatly, as their styles don’t exactly utilise rest holds and mat-wrestling, instead just throwing MASSIVE haymakers at one another and every power move in the book. But (thanks to Mac for bringing this to my attention) just like The Terminator, neither man will stay down.

The match heads into the finish when The Animal ducks a Lashley Lariat, hits the ropes, comes back AND SPEARS THE REAL DEAL IN HALF!!

Green Bay ROARS, as Big Dave pops back up to his feet, getting all fired up, and Lashley holds his abdomen on the canvas, having been knocked off his feet by only the second man ever in his career. After shaking the ropes frantically, ‘Tista gives the young powerhouse the thumbs down, before lifting him up, sticking his head between his legs, gazing around the arena intensely, BEFORE GOING FOR THE BATISTA BOMB -- BUT LASHLEY COUNTERS, LIFTING THE ANIMAL UP ONTO HIS SHOULDERS INTO A FIREMAN’S CARRY POSITION - HE SWINGS HIM AROUND ONTO A SINGLE SHOULDER, RACING FORWARDS - LOOKING FOR THE RUNNING POWERSLAM -- Batista quickly slips off, turns, runs, hits the ropes -- LASHLEY LIFTS HIM UP, DUMPING HIM WITH A SPINNING SPINEBUSTER!!!

As the crowd loves every second of this, Lashley hooks the far leg. 1 … 2 … NO!!! Batista survives!!! On the outside of the ring, Heyman throws a fit, but smiles as he sees his client taking full advantage of the No DQ rules, as Bobby BRINGS THE STEEL STEPS INTO THE RING, tossing them over the top rope with ridiculous ease. The Real Deal follows them in, as The Animal begins to stir on the canvas.

Trembling with intensity, B-Lash reaches down, dragging ‘Tista up by the throat, looks him right in the eyes, before scooping him up onto his shoulders once more. Backing off slightly, Lashley measures up the bottom half of the steel steps waiting centre of the ring, and RACES FORWARDS - LOOKING FOR THE RUNNING POWERSLAM ON THE STEEL -- but once again The Animal is able to drop off his shoulder, SHOVING Bobby forwards. Lashley stops himself before he trips over the steel steps, looking relieved.


As the Batista contingent in the audience ERUPT (there’s no denying that Lashley has his fair share of fans tonight) The Animal doesn’t waste any time showboating this time around, and instead bends down, scooping Big Bad Bobby’s carcass up from the mat, tucking him nicely between his legs. Grabbing hold of Lashley’s mid-section, BIG DAVE GETS HIM UP FOR THE BATISTA BOMB -- but just like at WrestleMania with The Undertaker’s Last Ride, Lashley SPRINGS OUT OF IT, landing behind his adversary!!

Gasps and “OH’s” explode from the audience (some applause too) as the unbelievably athletic Lashley doesn’t even turn around, instead he hits the ground running, coming off the ropes, as Batista spins, CUTTING THE ANIMAL IN HALF WITH A FEROCIOUS SPEAR!!! HE MAKES THE COVER!!! 1 … 2 … NO!!! Another kick out!! A furious look on his face, B-Lash pounds the mat with his fist and rolls out of the ring. Lashley walks around ringside, and aggressively snatches up a STEEL CHAIR, sending the timekeeper’s contingent running for their lives.

Back inside, Lashley waits for The Animal to make it back up to his feet before HE CRACKS HIM OVER THE SKULL WITH THE STEEL CHAIR!!! “OH’s” ring out, as Big Dave crumples,
bleeding profusely now from the gash in his forehead, and The Real Deal makes another cover. 1 … 2 … NO!!! FOOT ON THE ROPES!!! The crowd pops, but Lashley GOES BALLISTIC!!


The arena EXPLODES as Lashley convulses on the steel, and Batista, groggy from the blood loss, grabs him up, SETTING UP FOR THE BATISTA BOMB -- but he suddenly whirls around -- CATCHING PAUL HEYMAN COMING FROM BEHIND WITH A SPEAR!!!! This definitely gets the biggest pop of the match, as the pungent Heyman is broken in half and rolled from the ring.

Batista seethes as he kicks the ropes, hurling profanities at the unconscious Heyman, before turning back to Bo -- CRACK!!!!!

--FOR THE SECOND STRAIGHT WEEK ‘THE FIGHTING IRISHMAN’ FINLAY TURNS THE ANIMAL’S LIGHTS OUT WITH A SHILLELAGH BLAST RIGHT BETWEEN THE EYES!!!! Heat pours down on the Irishman, as he shares a rather awkward look with the groggy and recovering Lashley (remember their history?) before leaving the ring without looking back.

Shrugging it off, Lashley doesn’t dally about; going down, he pulls the (probably unconscious) bloody Animal back up to his feet, brings him over his shoulder, RACES ACROSS THE RING, AND SLAMS HIM RIGHT DOWN INTO THE CANVAS FOR THE RING-SHAKING DOMINATOR!!!! Turning Batista over, The Real Deal doesn’t even bother hooking the leg, just sticking his forearm right across the face of the fallen Animal!!!




Winner - Bobby Lashley via pin fall @ 15:37.

The crowd explodes into boos as Lashley looks down at his victim with satisfaction … and a bit of relief, quite frankly, before the (nervous) official comes over and raises his hand.

Michael Cole:
NOT THIS WAY, DAMMIT!!! What an AMAZING match that was between two of the powerful athletes on this planet -- but what the hell, Finlay!?

Think I actually felt the ring shake a couple o’ times durin’ that bad boy, Cole!!

Michael Cole:
A WrestleMania main event worthy contest right there, but it’s just a damn shame that-- that damn Finlay had to get involved just like he did last week in Batista’s match with Booker. But like it or not … Bobby Lashley will get his rematch with The Undertaker at Judgment Day … but will it be for the World Heavyweight Championship?

Lashley leaves the ring and drags Heyman back up the ramp, as the crowd continues to pour heat on them, while inside the ring, Batista rolls over, clutching his bloody face with a look of rage and disappointment riddled all over it…


Michael Cole: Welcome back to Friday Night SmackDown, ladies and gentlemen, on what has been an absolutely HUGE night so far. Before the break (highlights of the Batista-Lashley match play over the top) we saw former World Heavyweight Champion Batista battle with Bobby Lashley in a dubiously made No Disqualification match, which ended when Finlay got involved, granting The Real Deal a shot at The Undertaker in any match he chooses…


Sitting on a couch in his office (noticeably different to Stephanie’s); Shane McMahon watches what’s playing on a monitor … with a very satisfied smirk on his face. Shane ‘O Mac lets out a sigh … before there’s a knock on the door. Switching the monitor off, McMahon leans back on his couch.

Shane McMahon:
Come in.

~ Finlay walks in, getting heat, still holding his shillelagh.

Shane McMahon:
(Grins) Good job.


Shane McMahon:
(Nods) It’s all set. You’re in.

~ The Irishman puffs out his chest, letting out a breath of extreme satisfaction, as he smirks (gap-toothed) at his similarly beaming boss.

Finlay: Good.

~ Shane extends his hand to Finlay, and Fit accepts it.

Shane McMahon:
See ya’ later, Dave.

~ Finlay gets the hint, before he exits the swanky office, closing the door behind him. Shane bears his teeth with a huge grin as we cut away…





…to a very dark location, where a figure, all clad in black, has his head bowed, a hat covering their face. Gradually the figure raises its head … revealing THE UNDERTAKER, on our screens for the first time since WrestleMania, receiving a THUNDEROUS ovation…

The Undertaker: Lashley … this past WrestleMania … I took your soul … I took your streak … but the right to be the World Heavyweight Champion … makes a man forget his inner demons.

~ Cheers from the crowd.

The Undertaker: Edge … tonight … you step into the devil’s playground … where I’ll be waiting … where I will show no remorse … no mercy … and when all is turned to ashes and dust … you will Rest In Peeeeeaaaaccceeee


A video package plays showcasing the monumental accomplishments of both men at the recent WrestleMania, with The Phenom extending his amazing streak to 14-0, and Edge capturing his first ever World Championship.


The crowd absolutely ERUPTS into a deafening ovation for the enigmatic, the mesmerising, unparalleled ‘Conscience of the WWE’, as the fire and smoke rises, before The Undertaker finally appears through the gloom, long trench coat and hat in check, shaded entirely in his favourite colour. For what seems like an age, The ‘Demon of Death Valley’ makes his way down to the ring, climbing the steel steps, bringing the lights up with him, before finally entering the ring, removing his hat and coat, and getting set for his first title shot since February.

Michael Cole: Absolutely mesmerizing. Absolutely awe inspiring. Bone chilling. The legend that is … ‘The Phenom’, The Undertaker. For almost a whole month now The Deadman has been absent from our screens, seemingly recovering from the inhuman effort he put in at WrestleMania to overcome that – that bull Lashley … but now he’s back.

Tazz: With a title shot to boot, Cole. Gotta ‘gree with Shane O’ Mac on this one though, baby. You take a look at the entire SmackDown! Roster and there ain’t nobody who accomplished more in Chicago than The Deadman.


Heat now grips the arena, as more smoke fills the stage, causing the ominous Phenom to turn towards the entrance ramp, as the ‘Rated R Superstar’, the World Heavyweight Champion Edge bounces out. Patting the gold around his waist, shaking his arms and legs, Edge, in his blue tights, looks surprisingly naked without the luscious Lita by his side, and extremely edgy [/pun]. Rubbing his mouth, the Ultimate Opportunist slowly walks down to the ring, before cautiously rolling under the bottom rope.

Michael Cole: Is it just me or does our Worlds Heavyweight Champion look a touch apprehensive about what stands before him tonight? The sinister, the Machiavellian Edge hasn’t shut up since WrestleMania, but could The Undertaker finally do that tonight?

Tazz: Well Edge does have a point, Cole. I mean, he did win the World title at WrestleMania, and how much air time has he been given? Less than Shane O’ Mac if you’re keepin’ count. I know I am.

Michael Cole: What’s that got to do with anything?

Tazz: I’m just sayin’, Cole. Edge’s gripe? It’s legit. I get that Shane wants to plug the ‘SmackDown! Election’, but at the expense of the champ? That’s pretty harsh.

~ The bell tolls through the arena, as ‘Taker remains stoic, Edge erratic, and Tony Chimel stands mid-ring.

Tony Chimel: The following contest is scheduled for one fall, and it is for the WORRRLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP!! (Crowd pops) Introducing first the challenger … from Death Valley … weighing 299 pounds … he is a former World Champion … ‘The Phenoooom’ … THE UNDERTAKER!!

~ Another massive pop rings out for The Deadman, as he continues to stare a hole right through his opponent.

Tony Chimel: And his opponent … from Toronto, Ontario, Canada … weighing in at 248 pounds … a former twelve-time tag team champion and your current reigning and defending WOOOORRRRLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION … ‘The Rrrrrrated R Superstar’ … EDGE!!

~ Edge throws his arms into the air, garnering as much heat as humanly possibly, gritting his teeth and slapping himself in the face, almost as though he is trying to convince himself of his own talent. The referee calls for the bell.

Tazz: Showtime.

6 - Main Event; World Heavyweight Championship Match
Edge defends against The Undertaker
*If Edge is counted out or DQ’d, he loses the title*

As the “UNDERTAKER” chants begin, The Deadman responds immediately, adopting his usual aggressive, raised-guard stance, as he comes straight for the World Heavyweight Champion. Looking scared witless, the Rated R Superstar dances back and forth, eyes darting about for some way to evade his opponent, and he quickly ducks forwards underneath the outstretched swipe of The Phenom. Keeping on his toes smartly, Edge moves back and forth, before finally deciding to man up and lock up with his challenger -- WHO THROWS EDGE ALL THE WAY THROUGH THE ROPES TO THE OUTSIDE!!

The crowd pops as Edge sits on his ass on the floor outside the ring, staring up at The Undertaker with wide, god fearing eyes. Referee Mickie Henson begins to ten count, which (remembering the stipulation) brings Edge back to his senses, and he slides back into the ring to lock it up again with The Deadman. The World Heavyweight Champion quickly applies the side headlock, but ‘Taker shoves him into the ropes and-


More cheers ring out around the arena, as Edge scurries away from The Phenom on his hands and knees, his title in jeopardy, as we fade out to our final commercial break.

Back from the break, Undertaker is in complete control, as we see a few of the highlights of the damage done to Edge during the commercial, much of it on the outside of the ring, as The Deadman slammed the champion off every surface available, caught him in mid-air and drove his spine into the steel ring post, before capping it off with the infamous RUNNING LEG DROP as Edge LAY ON THE APRON, helpless. Back live, ‘Taker is still dominating, planting the Rated R Superstar first with a scoop slam for a near fall, before scooping him up onto his shoulder for what could be a Tombstone Piledriver or, more likely, Snake Eyes -- but Edge slips off - DRIVING ‘TAKER DOWN WITH THE EDGE-O-MATIC!!!

After scoring a near fall, the brilliant and shrewd Edge begins to hone in on the area of The Deadman he just injured: the back. Attacking it in the corner, the World Heavyweight Champion even HITS A MODIFIED SPEAR TO THE LOWER BACK, before applying a lengthy body scissors with his long limbs, applying even more pressure to The Undertaker. Eventually though, The Phenom is able to battle out of the hold, only for Edge to counter again, DROPKICKING ‘Taker in the back THROUGH THE ROPES!!

Turning up the heat, Edge, once he has The Undertaker back in the ring, stays on the back, applying a variation of the Camel Clutch for a very long time, before turning it into the body scissors once again when The Phenom tries to counter it, before going right back to the Camel Clutch again. However, after a long time in the hold, wearing his back down, ‘Taker is able to power up to his feet and DROP DOWN, SQUASHING Edge, which finally breaks the hold and gives him some respite.

Once both men make it back up to their feet, we first get a double clothesline spot that sees both men wipe one another out, before we get the very same thing when Edge reverses one of The Deadman’s Irish whips, as they both connect with BIG BOOTS to the other!! ‘Taker presses the situation though, hitting one corner clothesline -- but Edge ducks the second -- but The Phenom counters the attempted Spear into SNAKE EYES, followed by a BIG BOOT for a near fall.

Shaking it off, the crowd behind him, The Undertaker targets the arm of Edge, twisting it, and heading up top for Old School -- BUT EDGE BOOTS HIM OFF BEFORE HE CAN EVEN WALK THE ROPE!! The World Champion scrambles up and tries twice to hit a superplex on the challenger, but is shoved off both times -- UNTIL ‘TAKER MISSES A TOP ROPE ELBOW!!

After scoring a near fall, Edge grows frustrated, grabbing the World title belt from ringside, until Mickie Henson reminds him of the consequences and Edge drops it. ‘Taker grabs him by the throat on the apron -- but Edge HANGS HIM on the top rope - before racing in -- ‘Taker GRABS HIM BY THE THROAT, GOING FOR THE CHOKESLAM -- NO, EDGE TRIES TO COUNTER INTO THE EDGECUTION DDT -- BUT ‘TAKER REVERSES BACK INTO THE CHOKESLAM -- BUT EDGE FINALLY COUNTERS SUCCESSFULLY, HITTING A SIDE RUSSIAN LEG SWEEP!!!

As the boos ring out, Edge hooks the leg, only for The Phenom to survive once more. Pulling at his hair, the World Heavyweight Champion takes a chance, climbs to the top rope and -- but ‘Taker is up faster than he expected, GRABBING Edge by the THROAT, DRILLING him from the top with a SUPER (messy) CHOKESLAM!!! The crowd pops, as The Deadman makes the cover … only for Edge to … GET HIS FOOT ON THE BOTTOM ROPE!!!

More boos erupt, but The Undertaker perseveres, throwing Edge up onto his shoulder – only for the champion to grabs the top turnbuckle. ‘Taker pulls him off, knocking the referee stumbling backwards, and Edge RIPS THE TURNBUCKLE PAD OFF WITH HIM!! Slipping off The Deadman’s shoulders, The Ultimate Opportunist quickly DRIVES ‘Taker’s SPINE INTO THE EXPOSED STEEL -- but still EATS AN UNDERTAKER CLOTHESLINE!!

As a confused Mickie Henson tries to put the turnbuckle cover back on, Undertaker, quite close to the ropes, sticks Edge’s between his legs, perhaps setting up for the Last Ride -- WAIT, BUT LITA JUMPS UP ONTO THE APRON AND BLASTS ‘TAKER ACROSS THE BACK OF THE SKULL WITH THE WORLD TITLE BELT!!! The crowd boos furiously, as Edge’s girlfriend quickly hops back over the barricade and escapes through the crowd, smiling.

Some of the loudest boos of the night greet this, as Edge, acting like he has no idea what just happened, crawls across to where The Undertaker lies and makes the cover. Finally alerted by the defending champion, Mickie Henson turns around and quickly drops down to make the cover!! 1 … 2 … NO!!! UNDERTAKER KICKS OUT!!! Absolutely incensed, Edge rips and tears at his long hair, as Green Bay cheers loudly, desperate for their hero to capture the gold tonight. But the Rated R Superstar has seen enough, and Edge walks over to the corner, crouches down, waggling his fingers in front of his face, just begging The Phenom to get back to his feet. ‘Taker finally does, groggily, and turns around - EDGE UNCOILS WITH A SPEAR -- BUT UNDERTAKER COUNTERS INTO THE RUNNING DDT!!!

The crowd EXPLODES for the impressive counter from the surprisingly athletic Deadman, as he catches his breath down on the mat for a few seconds before climbing over and hooking Edge’s leg!! 1 … 2 … NO!!! EDGE SURVIVES THIS TIME!!! Giving Henson a look that could kill, ‘Taker staggers back up to his feet and raises his arm into the air to a BIG pop, stalking the World Heavyweight Champion for a possible Chokeslam. Edge makes it up and turns around - HE’S GRABBED BY THE THROAT -- BUT HE BLOCKS IT!!!

As the two men struggle in the centre of the ring, Undertaker is the first to change it up and shoves Edge backwards into the ropes, catching him with a boot to the gut on the way back, sticking him between his legs, getting him up -- GOING FOR THE LAST RIDE--


The World Heavyweight Champion’s head turns a beet red instantly and flaps around in pain, turning his feet toward the ropes, but The Undertaker is far too savvy for that, raining down ELBOWS to the top of EDGE’S HEAD AS HE IS CAUGHT IN THE SUBMISSION!!!! Edge convulses in agony, as the crowd chants for him to tap, Undertaker ROARS with intensity, and it looks like we are getting a new World Heavyweight Champion, as ‘Taker pounds his balled up fist down right across Edge’s skull!! Having only held the title for a month, Edge’s will to continue is strong, but this is just too much… and eventually…







Winner - Edge @ 18:33 to retain the World Heavyweight Championship.

Boos of confusion fill the arena, as The Undertaker releases the hold to confront Mickie Henson, not understanding what the hell just happened. Grabbing the title belt from … the arena floor, the official hands it to Edge, who quickly rolls from the ring.

Michael Cole:
Wow, what a match, what a main event; just like the Batista-Lashley classic earlier, that one could’ve headlined a WrestleMania, and it’s just a crying shame that it had to end the way it did, with that -- that snake Edge slithering his way to victory using the ropes!!

That was awesome, Cole. Straight up. Those two guys went at each other for damn near twenty minutes, pullin’ out every trick in the book, but I guess tonight ‘The Rated R Superstar’, ‘The Ultimate Opportunist’ was just one step ahead of The Deadman, and he remains the World Heavyweight Champion.

Mickie Henson makes a swift exit, along with the World Champion, who clutches his title belt to himself dearly, grinning and kissing it all over as he backs up the ramp, drenched in sweat, while Undertaker stands, hands on hips, centre of the ring.

Michael Cole:
As much as I don’t like the guy, there can be no denying that Edge now truly deserves a place amongst the greats of the industry for what he’s achieved. In his FIRST title reign ever, he has defeated quite possibly the two most fearsome and dominant champions of all time, and that … even I can’t ignore.

That’s big of you to say, Cole, I respect that, and I agree one hundred percent. Edge has arrived. He ended the reign of The Animal at WrestleMania, and tonight he’s beaten a bonafide legend in The Undertaker -- what a roll, baby!

Joining Edge half-way up the ramp, Lita (looking surprisingly out of breath ) greets her boyfriend and helps him back, the two of them kissing, laughing, and preening as they go, their music still blasting out in the background.

Michael Cole:
What a night it has been. We’ve seen not one, but two classic matches, as earlier tonight ‘The Real Deal’ Bobby Lashley pulled out the victory of ‘The Animal’ Batista thanks to Finlay, thereby granting Lashley his long-awaited rematch with that man, The Undertaker at Judgment Day. But unfortunately for both men, it will not be for the World Heavyweight Championship, as Edge was able to survive The Phenom tonight … but for how long? Goodnight, everyone.

Edge and Lita stop at the top of the ramp, as holding the sexy red head close to him with arm, the World Heavyweight Champion disgusts the crowd with another sloppy kiss, before turning back, grinning wickedly at the watchful, furious Undertaker down in the ring…



Current Card for Judgment Day
Date: May 21st 2006
Location: US Airways Center: Phoenix, Arizona
Event Music: Killswitch Engage; This Fire Burns

WrestleMania Rematch; Stipulation TBA:
The Undertaker vs. ‘The Real Deal’ Bobby Lashley w/Paul Heyman

Grudge Match:
Matt Hardy vs. Mr. Kennedy


Cruiserweight Championship Match:
‘The Pit-bull’ Jamie Noble © vs. ‘The Notorious K.I.D’ Kid Kash II


I'll be posting a preview for Backlash over the course of the week too, so you'll be able to leave your predictions then. Until then, enjoy <3
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Re: Legend Presents: WWE 2006 - Stop Your Grinnin' And Drop Your Linen

Legend's Smackdown Feedback

Nice commentary to open the show, your commentary is always spot on, I'm especially a fan of how well you handle Tazz's character, it's very realistic and good that Cole put over the World Title match right at the start of the opening commentary. Anyways, interesting that the show is starting with Jamie Noble vs. Juventud, instead of the usually customary promo to start things off. It was blatant right from the start that Noble was going to go over for his feud with Kid Kash, which I must say has been great, to progress, and nice that Kash came out afterwards for a confrontation with Jamie. Kash's new look sounds rather cool, and obviously we know what Kash wants

Just to say, I love the backstage segments with Heyman and Lashley, the fact that Paul does all the talking and Bobby just sits and listens actually puts him over as a monstrous character, and the promo on the last Smackdown (Yes, I remember) with Heyman reading from that book was awesome stuff. I'm hoping B-Lash goes over Big Dave tonight, a re-match with 'Taker at Judgment Day would be outstanding, and would make the Pay-Per-View so much better. But, I know you'll make the right call and have Lashley go over on this show.

Brent Albright's pre-match promos are always entertaining to read, and I hope he becomes a major player soon, once his seemingly inevitable feud with Hardcore Holly is done and overwith, and then he has another decent program with somebody else. I'm really wondering who this blonde accomplice of Brent's is, it's slowly but surely becoming a bit of a mystery on your show, and I can't wait to find out, although I wouldn't be surprised if Albright didn't reveal anything about her and she remained anonymous. If only this were real, we could look her up on Wikipedia Anyways, good to see Albright go over again, Holly coming out to watch on the ramp was cool and at least it means this feud doesn't go home empty-handed. I'm hoping for an Albright-Holly match at Judgment Day.

Great Edge interview, it's refreshing to see the love of Edge's life is somebody other than Vickie Guerrero, heh. The 'Smackdown Election' is very unique, does it mean that the Superstars vote for who they want for GM? Can't remember what the concept exactly is. I laughed at Edge referring to Steve Romero as 'Sean' and Edge not even noticing the mistake, to see that the Rated-R Era has only just begun intrigues me, because I think he's been awesome in this thread right from the get-go, before he became World Champion.

Get CM Punk on the show already!!

Very good match between Mysterio and Finlay, it was a great match in general and Booker's interference definitely added to it, I would have been a little disappointed if he didn't. Finlay picking up the victory is nice, hopefully we see him in the US Title picture soon ... Unless he feuds with Batista. Thank God SOMEBODY made the save, it wouldn't have been as good if Rey was just the lamb to the slaughter of Finlay and Booker T. This gives me a small lil' feeling that one Dave could even up with the other later on...

Very good 8-Man Tag, the prospect of Crazy, Psicosis, London and Kendrick on the same team is mouth-watering, providing they showcase their cruiserweight talent, and we'll never know if we got to see that in this match, although the Sliced Bread #2/Sit-out Powerbomb was a cool spot in the match, and a decent way to end this match. I thought this match would have gone on for longer than 6 minutes, though. Awesome to see The Blueboods, Regal and Burchill, show up and own everybody once again, it definitely makes the division much more interesting, and it'll be intriguing to say the least to see who steps up to Regal and Burchill, and has a crack at the Tag Team belts.

Noble asking if Shane was around was pretty cool, which shows that they think Shane has more power, and why wouldn't they? It would be natural to have that assumption, but good that the Noble/Kash match at Judgment Day is official, it'll definitely add to their feud and give them a new cause. Once again, JBL's here, and it's becoming a bit of a customary thing, and I was especially amused when Steph said 'Same time next week, John?'. I have a feeling JBL might get a shot from Shane by doing something for him, similar to Lashley's situation and him wanting a match with 'Taker.

This is what I've been waiting for, along with Lashley/Batista and Edge/Undertaker, the mixed reaction was expected as it's KK's hometown, and once again, a fantastic promo from Kennedy, becoming a usual thing in this thread. No surprise at all that Matt wasn't there after last week's owning from Ken, but Matt'll make it to Judgment Day, and I'm sure they'll have one hell of a match at the PPV. Kennedy having the same microphone he decimated Matt with the previous week was a very nice touch indeed, similar to what Matt did the SmackDown after the Rumble this year, with the steel chair he hit Jeff with, but obviously with no blood Ken put himself over pretty darn well in this promo, and I can't wait to see more from this fantastic feud. If Jeff came back sometime soon that would be great for this feud I think, and he could fill in well while Matt's healing his wounds.

Ooh, the No-Disqualification stipulation for this match is good, it'll certainly make this match more better, and it'll make it open to interference too the spear near the start of the match was pretty cool, shows that B-Lash is indeed human, the blood from Dave too was lovely, and I marked out for Lashley spearing Heyman; that would have been fantastic to see. Well, Finlay interfered and cost Batista the match, expected as Finlay just had to get payback after Dave made the save for Rey earlier. Finishing with the Dominator was a strong closure, and it's great to see that Lashley/Undertaker is AWN for Judgment Day!

I can't seem to remember what Shane was alluding to in this segment, but at least it's suspense for me to look forward to, even if it's not for everybody else. Sweet promo from 'Taker too, his first appearance since WrestleMania didn't disappoint me, for one. Undertaker isn't gonna win the title tonight though, it just can't happen. Lashley/Undertaker with the WHC gold on the line is something I wanna see happen sometime in this thread though.

Finally, here's the main event. 18:33 is a decent time for this match, it had to be something special and it sure was. Edge cheating at the end was a sad ending to a great match, but it had to be done, and it certainly gets some heat on Edge's back. Lita hitting Taker with the belt? Sweet. Not something you'd see nowadays, barely any days who'd even contemplate doing that, but this is Lita, so it's customary stuff. The commentary at the end of the show was nice, and it's a good way to finish things up, with Edge standing tall, getting the Rated-R Era into full swing, and may it long continue, unlike IRL, where it only lasts a month every time

Overall, another awesome show, Legend, the Kennedy promo, Lashley/Batista and Edge/Taker, the 3 main things billed for this show, all certainly lived up to the hype, and the two matches had their twists and turns which were great. This 'Anarchy Era' on Smackdown is definitely believable, and hopefully it lasts for a looooong time. If it does, Smackdown'll be arguably the best thing going round here. Great work, once again.
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Re: Legend Presents: WWE 2006 - Stop Your Grinnin' And Drop Your Linen

Wait is over for this one; free TV double main event.

Taken aback by the impressive fashion that Noble went through Juvi. Hopefully it means curtains for the future of Juvi as a credible threat in the division, as I just don’t like the guy. Best years are behind him by a long distance. Right now, it’s a two man division, and we’re missing one of them…

Must give you plenty of credit for putting so much hype behind the cruiserweight feud at the moment. It’s been portrayed as just as important as the two big feuds just now, and it’s simmering to say the least. The hatred between the two has intensified, and was clear to see towards the back end of the promo, with Noble that eager to get Kash back in the ring he’d put his belt on the line, and the response from Kash was terrific too. He’s played Noble perfectly, and switched the tables, as normally it’s the challenger that’s desperate to get the champion back in the ring.

Like how Heyman referred to Shane as ‘Mister’ McMahon, taking the mantle from his Father. How much do I love Paul Heyman in this role. Toss up between Heyman and Bearer for best character in this thread. Great use of vocabulary from the genius, and someway, somehow, Lashley WILL destroy Batista tonight to fulfil his destiny.

I almost feel like you had that Albright promo for my benefit. TELL US HER GOD DAMN NAME~!! I’m adoring this introduction that Albright is getting. I still believe his first real feud is going to be with fellow newcomer CM Punk once Punk debuts and begins to steal some thunder from OWNS.

Or not, it would seem. Holly is certainly a good choice to pair off with the newcomers for obvious reasons. Good chance for Brent to build up his stature by taking on a bonafide badass, and a chance to get jumped up a rung or two. As long as Albright remains as brilliantly cocky as he has been, and we find out the blondes name, I’ll be happy.

Edge was, as always, immaculately portrayed. Rightfully, he’s not too pleased about tonight, but was surprised (not sure why) when he turned his attention to Shane. Assuming he meant to call Romero Sean?? Bit of a Spirit Squad thing to do, and Edge is far from being Spirit Squad .

Overall; what a blistering performance from Edge in this promo. It’s fantastic that you’ve managed to keep his pissed off, world against me, character, even after capturing his world title. The berating of Shane and the bigwigs could be an interesting development, because Shane has problems with BOTH Edge and Batista, which could end up dovetailing into a severe explosion between the three warring parties. The closing stages of the promo was fantastic too, putting himself over; and in a way that wasn’t just shooting his mouth off - he actually did do what no one else could, and beat Batista.

Punk soon plz.

Doesn’t look like Booker is finished with Mysterio just yet. Had expected this match to serve as the transition for Rey from Booker and onto Finlay, but it would appear that Finlay was only a pawn in furthering the Booker - Rey angle. Saying that, surely, Finlay has reason enough to warrant a shot at Rey himself, with two wins under his belt against the champ, especially as you made a point to mention that fact twice.

Oh, and this…

With both men now up in the centre of the ring, Mysterio lifts Finlay up, brings him toward the middle of the ropes, and shoots him off. The Legend Killer comes back, avoids a right hand, THEN GOES FOR A WHEELBARROW SUPLEX -- BUT REY COUNTERS AGAIN, TRYING TO TURN IT INTO A BULLDOG -- BUT THE IRISHMAN COUNTERS ALSO, THROWING MYSTERIO OVERHEAD … BUT THE U.S CHAMPION LANDS ON HIS FEET!!
What an awesome sequence.

Think I called it on last weeks show (which feels like a decade ago) but there are definitely seeds being planted for a Big Dave heel turn down the road. Not looking at how Rey was, and instead coming for some retribution of his own was a telling sign, especially with the commentators playing that situation up.

Looked like the Mexicools and Bashams got thrown into the mix for the sole reason of getting a chance to have the Hooligans and MNM on opposite sides without giving away a straight 2 on 2 match. Not much to comment on, but the double team finish was CRAZY. Great double team move, and a nice feel good win for the Hooligans which should put them into pole position for the title shot.

Gee, that was a pretty sick assault. You’re not mincing any of these attacks from the tag champs, who are looking like true gangland leaders right now. The interesting assist from the Basham Brothers could certainly lead somewhere; a deal struck between the two teams perhaps?? Or could it just be a case of the Bashams smartly looking to help their chances of a shot at the belts?? Either way, I wouldn’t be ruling out an MNM face turn at the end of this, especially with the Bashams throwing Mercury to the lions. Tag team division on Smackdown just OWNS at the moment.

You just know that at some point, JBL is going to get his way, and get what he wants, although I can definitely sense some family hostility coming between Steph and Shane if the superstars continue to think of her as being lower on the food chain than Shane, and ultimately, if that scenario arises, I could definitely imagine JBL being apart of the feud.

If I could quote the entire Kennedy promo and just say magnificent, I’d do that, but there’s no need for me to quote an entire promo, is there?? This was superb. The self-obsessed nature of Kennedy was just terrific. The vibes coming from this promo that Kennedy was SO sure that he is the next superstar in wrestling, SO convinced he has that tangible that makes certain people special were truly believable.

The incredible description of his sick beat down on Matt last week was flawless too, and I certainly picked up on the mentions of Jeff Hardy too. Could certainly see even a one off appearance from Jeff at some point (even though I’m aware you don’t care for him) as the feud progresses. I’d love it, if after this promo, Matt was the man to be the first to defeat Kennedy. Would be a monumental moment in Hardys career, and would also end an undefeated streak that imo Kennedy doesn’t particularly need to get over.

Awesome promo though, gotta say, awesome.

Now, after all the wait, it’s double main event time. No DQ ruling late on from Shane should help this one EVEN more. Sorry, but I’m quoting again…

After shaking the ropes frantically, ‘Tista gives the young powerhouse the thumbs down, before lifting him up, sticking his head between his legs, gazing around the arena intensely, BEFORE GOING FOR THE BATISTA BOMB -- BUT LASHLEY COUNTERS, LIFTING THE ANIMAL UP ONTO HIS SHOULDERS INTO A FIREMAN’S CARRY POSITION - HE SWINGS HIM AROUND ONTO A SINGLE SHOULDER, RACING FORWARDS - LOOKING FOR THE RUNNING POWERSLAM -- Batista quickly slips off, turns, runs, hits the ropes -- LASHLEY LIFTS HIM UP, DUMPING HIM WITH A SPINNING SPINEBUSTER!!!
Like Finlay and Rey earlier - AWESOME piece of back and forth countering. Some terrific athleticism from Lashley, and rightly so, as for a big guy, he was damn well pretty agile. The counter out of the Batista Bomb was spectacular. Good to see you building up to the hardcore element of the match, although I was surprised Batista was bleeding after the first chair shot.

That was certainly not how I expected that one to go down. Although I always expected Lashley to come through despite the spine buster onto the steps, I never thought it would be thanks to Finlay that he won. It sets up an intriguing feud between Finlay and Batista, but where would that leave Edge, who realistically has no challengers waiting in the wings if Big Dave is caught up with the Irishman … assuming Edge even wins .

‘You’re in’?? Hmmm. Has Finlay just earned himself a crack at the big gold belt??

Just to comment on something the commentators said, this could potentially be an intriguing main event. Lashley could easily cost Edge the title, assist Taker, and then look to win the belt himself at Judgment Day. I certainly wouldn’t rule out Lashley ATTEMPTING to do that, and maybe Taker taking offence to that and fending Lashley off Edge, in the process costing himself. Whose to know, booker man?? … you … I guess .

All Taker early doors in this main event, even through the commercial, as it should be really, with Edge clearly having a lot on his mind, not to mention the fact he’d have to be nervous about his first ever title defence. As expected, that wouldn’t last forever, and the ebb and flow seemed to consistently change from Edge to Taker to Edge to Taker again, making for a spectacular, true main event match.

Much like the earlier contests, some great counters to the signature spots, although in this one, it felt more like Edge countering in desperation, knowing he couldn’t afford to take the signature spots of Taker. When Taker busts out the top rope Chokeslam, you know it’s a big time match .

Some excellent near falls too, from that Chokeslam, to the interference from Lita, only adding to the occasion. And again, another SENSATIONAL counter; Spear into DDT = GOLD. Not sure if I’ve just noticed them tonight, or if I’ve missed similar awesome counters over the last few weeks, but they’ve been truly excellent counters of the highest order throughout the show.

I hate to keep doing this, but there are no words I can use to put some of these counters to justice…


Finish was well done too, as it put Edge over as a plucky, evasive champion, able to win despite the predicament and kept Taker looking strong by not losing clean. Whilst we know what the future holds for Taker … Who next for Edge?? Batista and Finlay possibly in a triple threat?? Big question that I would imagine we’ll get an answer to next week.
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Re: Legend Presents: WWE 2006 - Stop Your Grinnin' And Drop Your Linen

Smackdown Feedback

A very nice opener, despite the fact that Juventud Guerrera was used a as a jobber, both guys know how to go, and Noble would have made this look awesome. Nice win momentum wise to, and nice that you mentioned him releasing his temper. I’m not really a huge fan of squash matches opening the show, but this one would have been entertaining enough to get the job done.

Great promo here from Kid Kash to, I liked the fact that you didn’t drag it on, because these two guys never do. It was short and sweet and got straight to the point, I guess what I am trying to say is great work here, and it will be interesting to see when these two will meet again. Absolutely flawless start to the show, well done.

Bobby Lashley and Heyman here was another great segment, Heyman doing all the talking as usual, but I love the way you describe Lashley as well. He has been built as an absolute machine and it’s only right that he goes over tonight. Another well written promo.

I am loving the slow build of Brent Albright, I don’t know why you are keeping this blonde ladies identity hidden, but I have a feeling with Albright mentioning bigger things that sooner rather than later he is really going to explode onto the scene. ANOTHER well written promo and I wonder who victim number four is going to be.

Stevie Richards is next to fall to Albright. I loved the way Holly came out and interrupted, it shows that Albright is perhaps going to have his first proper mini feud with Holly. As much as we already know Albright is going to go over, this is pretty smart as despite his jobberness Holly has a tough guy reputation and will be a great stepping stone to put Albright over, as a legit mid carder. Smart booking, mate.

Damn you make me repeat myself a lot, Edge promo was well written, however I’m not sure with the total direction of it. JBL is hating on the McMahon’s at this point of time, and I seriously think that is enough. I know Edge had the whiney personality at this stage, but I think you should make him grow a pair as champion and get into some kind of epic feud, that way you can leave the owner war to JBL. Hell, even Booker T is unhappy, to many people not happy with the owners is not good I don’t think, it may get repetitive.

I can’t wait for Punk to debut, not sure where he would fit into the show right now though. Smackdown is rather stacked.

First competitive match of the night was good and the enduing was awesome. Booker T getting involved shows that him and Rey are not finished, however the thing I found most exciting was Batista. I understand that he was angry at Finlay, but why didn’t he look at Rey? Intriguing stuff indeed, and the thing I am most interested of out of this is to see where the Rey/Batista storyline goes.

The focus on Bobby Lashley is great, easily one of the best characters in BTB history.

The eight man tag match continued showing off the three great teams in your tag division here on Smackdown. I don’t know how long you can continue all three teams being involved, though hopefully it’s a while as The Basham’s having to be on both brands shows the lack of depth in your division. Anyway, good match, with The Hooliganz finally pinning MNM, it’s a shame they are doing it when it doesn’t matter. Another decimating attack from the Bluebloods was nice, especially showing off the brutality of Paul Burchill. Tag situation continues to be very interesting to read, I can’t wait to see just who the Bluebloods end up defending against next. Your tag division continues to be a big part of your show, and that’s a good thing as some people neglect it, but it’s obvious that tag team wrestling is very important.

Replay after the commercial break is all fine and dandy, but why was the blood not mentioned until after the commercial break? Just seems a little weird, wouldn’t mentioning the blood during the event be more dramatic?

at Noble and JBL both asking where Shane was. Noble/Kash at JD will be epic, and as I echoed earlier, JBL has to be the man who continues this feud with the owners. You’ve got to get Edge off of the boat, anyway, nice to continue the tension and I loved Stephanie’s cockiness. Great work, JBL, despite the lack of him on SD as of late, has been very, VERY good.

Mr Kennedy promo was okay, nothing overly great but definitely okay. I like the mean streak you have given Kennedy as of late, however the one thing I didn’t like in this promo was how Kennedy constantly went from demented and twisted to happy go lucky. I would have preferred him to be one for one half of the promo, and the other for the other half. You had him changing a few times and it just didn’t really make sense to his character development, imo.

Awesome match up, I loved reading this recap, it was terrifically written. Great way to have Lashley win with interference, he looked strong throughout while getting the victory, while Batista remained strong because he lost due to interference. One thing I did not like was how Finlay was the man to get involved, you seem to be setting up a feud between these two, and I don’t like the sound of it at all, tbh.

Shane McMahon seemed to be very heelish here which makes me think he is beginning to enter a tweener role, which imo would be a lot more fun, as it will let him be cocky to everybody. What’s Finlay in? I wouldn’t have a clue but I just hope it’s not a Batista/Finlay match.

Nice little bit of hype for the main event with The Undertaker, it’s noticeable that you love writing long promo’s, but it was smart to keep ‘Taker short, as one he is hard to write, and two he never goes on for to long.

Awesome main event, another well written main event, tbh. Undertaker looked close all the way through, and just like the match before you kept the loser looking rather strong. Smart match, and a great way to let everyone know that Edge is staying champion. Well done.

Legend, this show really was perfect for me, I literally saw NOTHING wrong with it. This was great, I enjoyed it more than Raw, and as good as Backlash is going to be, at this stage Judgment Day looks like it’s going to be better, tbh. Awesome work though, keep it up.

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Re: Legend Presents: WWE 2006 - Stop Your Grinnin' And Drop Your Linen

SmackDown! Feedback

Commentary to start off with was more than just adequate. You effectively hyped the night up pretty well, which is great because it is set to be an absolutely massive show. Pay-Per-View quality fo' sho'.

Not a big fan of not giving wrestlers who can be useful no entrance, and Juvi is someone who can indeed be useful at some point in time. Quite the fan of his in-ring work, so I'm certainly disappointed to see him not even warrant an entrance. Also don't like him not getting an entrance to start the show off, as well, it'd be kinda weird to just have him standing in the ring while Cole and Tazz hype the show up. The Noble win was academic, and while I like that you've made him strong, the fact that you've squashed who you admitted was your third biggest cruiserweight doesn't bode well for the division post-Kash vs Noble. The feud can't last forever, so making them seem so far above the division may come back to haunt you. Kash's promo was interesting. Not too sure what to make out of the character, though the closing of the promo was very nice.

A work of art? That'll do. That's essentially what this was. Heyman's motivational speaking along with Lashley's focus made this beautiful. The ending from Heyman was somewhat chilling, though I absolutely loved it. Lashley was great here, with his focus, his lack of need for words until he agrees with Heyman at the end. Great stuff.

Albright promo was relatively simple, though it delivered the message just fine. Liking the catchphrases you've got going for Albright to go along with his 'The Shooter' gimmick, and a bit of mystery for just who his accomplice is never hurts. The match went along the way it was always going to, and that was of course with the Albright victory. I like Holly being used as a Pay-Per-View stepping stone, as no doubt this is headed for Judgment Day. You're building Holly's disapproval well, with him watching Albright on the monitor last week and now from the top of the ramp this week. Mannerisms from Albright showing a bit of fear towards Holly work well, as having him act like he just doesn't care doesn't make anything very interesting at all, now does it?

Edge promo pretty much owned. Classic Edge from 04/05 about how he's been screwed yet again, continuing his tirade against Shane, whilst also sending a message to 'Taker and Batista. The introduction of Lita just felt like filler, but apart from that it was a top promo.

Punk OWNS. Push him harder than you push that jobber Kennedy, plz.

ReyRey vs Finlay was pretty damn fine throughout. The psychology was strong, and both men's styles meshed in a very nice way. Loved the counter wrestling, especially the numerous counters leading to the dropkick to the back of Finlay, setting him up for the 619. While the interference from Booker isn't bad, it would've been better to have some notice that he had made his way down to ringside before he interjected himself imo. A cheap win for Finlay has him looking strong, though it doesn't take anything away from Mysterio which is good. Batista run in makes sense, as he's friends with Rey and has had problems with both Booker and Finlay lately (well, more specifically, last week). Not sure about Booker returning for the US Title since it seemed like you were setting him up for a main event run before this thread went on hiatus, and well, it looked like he had moved on. I also don't want to see too many WrestleMania rematches on the Judgment Day card, and at this stage, it looks like we may be getting a fair few.

Nice little hype for Lashley vs 'Tista, once again showing the focus, the intensity of Lashley.

Pretty basic type of a match to et a few tag teams on the show, with what seemed like a nice match. Of course, the talking point is the beatdown, which was great. You really put over the viciousness of The Bluebloods, making the attack quite graphic, while also using Michael Cole extremely effectively. He put the assault over so well, making the champs look like absolute vultures. Great stuff.

Nice to see Noble making the match at Judgment Day official, while also getting on Steph's nerves about just who the boss is between her and Shane. JBL and Steph have been a highlight of this thread (at least imo), so I'm glad to see another exchange between the two. Nice little exchange, with JBL again getting on Steph's nerves with Shane. A short exchange, though JBL was great, and Steph was pretty damn good too.

The Kennedy promo was fantastic. The start was great, building Kennedy up as big, before you built Hardy up too and really explained the actions from Kennedy well. Very, very well constructed. The two knocks at Jeff may be hints that Jeff is coming back, or you may just not like him. Either way, I loved this promo to bits. Not so sure at the Nile River reference, as it really isn't Kennedy (even in this serious demeanour as he was certainly no scholar), though the rest was great. The serious side of Kennedy adds another dimension to him and one that I really like.

Nice announcement from Shane to put Batista at a further disadvantage, and really add to the match. You put it over really well with Cole too, which was very good to see. Great to see the match being what it should be; high impact, with no crappy rest holds. The countering leading into the spinning spinebuster from Lashley was rather beautiful to say the least. Even with a guy like Batista, it's great to see an awesome sequence of counters like this to really add excitement to a match. Nice to see some big moves and kickouts resulting from them, as well as a good showcase of Lashley's athleticism. Liking that you're making the match seem intense by having Big Dave bleed, but I think you're overusing blood. The Bluebloods made the faces bleed, and then the last segment heavily featured blood, as Kennedy was talking about why he made Matt bleed and suffer. it makes it seem less important if people bleed so often. The finishing sequence was pretty well done, and while the Finlay run in was expected, it was a good move. lashley picking up the win in dirty fashion gives him 'Taker, though it doesn't put him over ridiculously, as he never beat Batista clean. As you said yourself, he's continuing his ascent to the main event, while 'Tista's obviously a bona fide main eventer.

Nice little segment to put Shane's little thing with Batista over, while also setting up some thoughts in our mind as to what is set. Probably Finlay vs Batista at Judgment Day, but there's still a degree of mystery there.

Small promo from 'Taker was good. It's best having him be short and sweet, since it preserves the character. Good to see him addressing Lashley after his win, while also addressing his match up next.

Psychology at the match is nice and strong, with Edge looking to keep away from 'Taker, while 'Taker shows his obvious strength by manhandling Edge. Also serves as a great reminder to the stips of the match, emphasising the point early. A few nice counters after the 'Taker comeback leading into the snake eyes/big boot combo was good, as was the series of counters leading into the missed elbow from 'Taker. Psychology of the DQ stip was good, and again, counters into the Russian legsweep were great, keeping the excitement up. The counter wrestling for the rest of the match was beautiful, eventually leading into the very clever ending. Edge was allowed his first title defence, building him some credibility, while 'Taker loses none himself thanks to the dirty ending. Great ending to what was a great show.

Really, there were very little (if any) weaknesses to this show. Thoroughly enjoyable to read, with some very good storyline development. Things are building up greatly to Judgment Day, with t matches forming well. Hopefully we don't get too many WrestleMania rematches, though at this point it shouldn't be a bad thing since the feuds have continued to build. Great stuff.

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Re: Legend Presents: WWE 2006 - Stop Your Grinnin' And Drop Your Linen

Smackdown! Feedback

Just wanted to reiterate how pumped up I am for this show. Maybe it’s because I’ve been looking forward to it for the past five months, just has the huge feel that a show that doesn’t have a PPV coming up should have. Really gonna showcase how great Smackdown can be.

Would’ve liked to see Guerra look a little better, even though you do have some long matches coming up later, so it makes sense that this is going to lose some time. The match did what it was supposed to do, giving Noble a credible win as we wait for his rematch with Kash to be signed. Loving the Dragon Clutch, btw. Speaking of the former Champion, Kash just became that much more awesome when you mentioned he had glasses like Jack Bauer. The promo was short and to the point, with very little spoken between the two, but Kash owned and then let Jamie know what he wants. And I really hope he gets it sooner rather than later.

Good little segment between Heyman and Lashley, but that is something we’ve come to expect. I love the confidence that Heyman always shows with regard to his clients. They look ready for Lashley to just run right through ‘Tista, but we all know that The Animal is not just going to roll over. This match is set to be explosive. Also, I’m shocked that you actually had Lashley talk.

Another pretty good promo from Albright. He’s just getting cockier and cockier with each passing week, as he continues to run through the Smackdown roster. I love how he won’t even state the name of his “valet”. Ends the promo as he always does and I love how Tazz is pretty into him. I see big things in this guy’s future, as he could rise fast and be contending for the U.S. Title around SummerSlam, imo. Another good win against Richards, even though the little distraction by Hardcore Holly seemed to distract him almost enough to lose. I guess it’s rather obvious that we will be seeing Albright vs. Holly either on a future Smackdown or at Judgment Day. That is the perfect starting feud for a rookie heel to have.

Just the perfect way for Edge to go about answering questions in what was supposed to be just another interview. Always the best whiner on the roster, he does a great job of putting Romero in his place when asking the generic questions. I loved the line about doing in twenty minutes what all the other great superstars couldn’t do in twelve months. Really puts his big win at WM22 into perspective, tbh. Great ending line, as we know the match between him and ‘Taker is gonna be a WAR. Should be a great way for Edge to get his first win as the World Champion.

Hey, Punk. Debut soon, plz.

Even though I didn’t really expect them to when I saw that wrestle at No Mercy ’07, Rey and Finlay have EXCELLENT chemistry in the ring. The styles are just perfect to go against each other, and it really makes for entertaining action. This was a decent match between the two, and as Wolf Beast talked about, the counters were pretty cool, with both men really looking impressive. Loved the way that Rey continued to fight, battling out of each tough situation, but then Booker screws him! The shillelagh to the skull is always sick, so that was a good way for Rey to go down. After his feud with Finlay and Booker is over, I sense a heel turn coming for The Animal. Just seems to have lost it since Edge won his World Title at WM22. And you also seem to be making a big deal about it.

Very nice tag team action between the two teams that should face the Bluebloods in a three-team rematch at Judgment Day, and two teams that just easily fill out the heel/face ratio. Loved the fact that L&K got their first win against MNM, using their own tactics against them, hitting a double team move for the impressive pinfall. Damn, the Bluebloods really know how to damn near eliminate the competition. Some of those moves were flat out SICK, especially the C-4 and the awesome curb stomp onto the Title belt. This is really starting to get out of hand and I’ve gotta say that Regal and Burchill are one of my favorite tag teams in BTB. They are the biggest heels in the world, yet a love watching them destroy other teams. Very interested to see how a team steps up to get the shot a Judgment Day.

Glad to see the Kash/Noble rematch get signed like that, even though Noble had the slip-up and continued to piss Steph off as the interim GM. Now here’s the man I want to see! JBL needs to be featured more but I think you have your reasons as to why he’s not been seen that much. He obviously has some unfinished with Shane, and this will obviously all lead to JBL becoming the new GM of Smackdown. Hopefully the story picks up a little faster over the next few weeks, though.

Damn, that was probably about as good of a Kennedy promo that I could have hoped for after what happened last week. The fact that this also took place in his hometown made it just that much more entertaining, with the crowd not really knowing how to react to this sociopath, who’s also from their city. Didn’t really know where you were going with the promo to start, as it sounded just like what Kennedy’s been saying for weeks, talking about being the new face of sports entertainment. Then he perfectly transitions into talking about Matt, saying that he’s easily surpassed Matt and Jeff as the most exciting young superstars on the roster. The turning of the microphone to show the blood of Hardy, the blood that is one week old, was the perfect touch, actually making the Green Bay fans boo the hell out of him. Great conclusion to the promo, playing off the “Judgment Day” name perfectly, saying that it will all come to an end for Matt. Walking up the ramp as calm as can be, that just really showed how bad-ass and unrelenting Kennedy has become since WM22. Fantastic stuff.

Loved the surprise appearance by Shane, making this task even tougher on ‘Tista by making the match No DQ. And Lashley looks ready for his chance to get a rematch with ‘Taker, attacking Big Dave from behind! Probably as good of a match as we could have hoped for between these two, as some of the counters in and out of finishing moves were simply mesmerizing. Loved the way that Lashley landed on his feet after slipping out of the Batista Bomb before hitting the ridiculous spear. Great to see Heyman get cut down with a vicious spear, since I can’t remember the last time he got taken out during a match. The ending wasn’t all that shocking, as Finlay continues to screw Batista, hitting him viciously with the shillelagh! Probably the single best use of a weapon we’ve seen in this BTB, tbh. Lashley gets the win and his rematch with ‘Taker, but this match made both men look good. Very well done, and I gotta believe Finlay and Dave will be in a match together at Judgment Day.

Finlay’s in for what? The next Title shot? I’ve very intrigued by this little “deal”.

Glad that we got to see ‘Taker on camera before he actually came out to the ring, actually showing his face before a match this big. “Rest in Peace” is pretty standard, but I didn’t really expect ‘Taker to say much more. Should be a phenomenal Main Event.

Got the Michael Buffer-esque feel for the Main Event, actually announcing the participants after they came into the ring. This really is the biggest match you’ve ever had on Smackdown, tbh. Obviously ‘Taker is going to dominate the early going, looking pretty refreshed after one of his trademark “breaks” following WrestleMania. He controls the match all throughout the commercial before Edge does what he always does, and that’s somehow counter into one of his best moves. The rest of the match went down as expected, with some pretty sweet exchanges and counters, especially the double Big Boot, which I would have loved to see. Edge is able to stay out of most of the big moves, even though he took a Super Chokeslam and barely survived. Lita getting involved is nothing new and I’m surprised she was that risky, what with the stipulation and all. The ending was perfectly done, very similar to ‘Taker/Angle at No Way Out ’06, with Edge flipping over and somehow getting the victory. It may not be the most pretty, but you gotta get the job done, right? Really felt like the end of a PPV, with Edge celebrating and ‘Taker looking disappointed. Very well done Main Event.

An excellent show, obviously carried by Lashley/Batista and Edge/’Taker. The card for Judgment Day is already shaping up beautifully, with Kennedy/Hardy and Lashley/’Taker signed. Not really sure what’s gonna happen with the World Title situation, possible three-way with Batista, Edge, and Finlay? Guess only time will tell. Backlash preview up soon, plz.


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