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Re: Legend Presents: WWE 2006 - Stop Your Grinnin' And Drop Your Linen

Smackdown! Feedback

Can’t wait to see who is going to be named the #1 contender, as I’ve had an idea since last week, of someone getting a shot who hasn’t been seen since ‘Mania … I think you know who I’m alluding to. Big card for tonight, with almost everything focused on who will get the shot next week. Oh, and the Mic Suite should OWN, imo.

Love that we get the second tag team title match in a row to kick off the proceeds, as I am very interested to see how Noble and Rey team together. Loved all the interfence, especially that of Kid Kash at the end, making me almost certain that we will see a rematch between him and Noble at Judgemtn Day. Looks like MNM will still be challenging for the belts, as The Bluebloods need to hold onto the belts for a while. Great way to progress these feuds and still make everyone look strong. Can’t wait to see what happens next between Noble and Kash.

Love the state of mind that Booker is in, especially the way that he lost his temper once in a while before being calmed down by Sharmell. No way that his match with Batista ends cleanly, as they both need to stay looking strong. Hopefully you keep Booker in this attitude, as I am just waiting for him to proclaim himself “King” and really get the push going.

Guess that the physicality is going to continue between Noble and Kash, huh? They need to have another match soon and I wouldn’t be surprised if it were a gimmick match, even though I think they still do their best work in regular wrestling matches.

Rey seems to be trying to talk to Dave when the big man just doesn’t want to hear it. Great way for you to finally answer the question about Rey and Booker’s match at WM22, as I know some people were asking about it. Batista may snap again tonight, because I think what has happened since ‘Mania has really gotten into his head, and that’s not good for anyone getting in his way.

Albright has OWNED since coming into this thread, and I love how we get to hear the man speak on a weekly basis. No shock that he dominates Scotty from bell to bell, moving his record to 3-0, as I looks like he will finally be facing some real competition in Hardcore Holly, who is the perfect gut to put this young stud over as a legit superstar.

MNM and The Hooligans stole the show at almost every turn before the Bluebloods got the victory at WM22, so it was good to see these two teams get it on in a traditional match again. Sounded like some solid action, but I knew we wouldn’t get a solid winner, as Regal and Burchill come down and just destroy both teams. Love what you have been doing with these guys, as I am just waiting for the right time to unleash this two {you gotta be patient, it’s gonna be a while}. Any guys that can destroy four good superstars while wearing suits just screams “bad-ass”, as we are most likely on a collision course for a three-team rematch at Judgment Day.

Very, very eerie promo from Heyman, as B-Lash just continues to look solid each and every week. I think that when we finally see these two lock up again in the ring, it is going to be off the charts. But until then, I love that we are getting Heyman promos each week, with Lashley getting more and more intimidating. I caught the subtle reference to ‘The Dark Knight’, btw. Love that movie.

Wow. That’s the only word to describe the segment between Hardy and Kennedy. The beginning was great, with KK talking about Hardy’s past and the fact that he “cost” him MITB at ‘Mania. It became apparent just how pissed off Kennedy was by the way that he lost his control when talking at certain points, as he is just waiting for Matt to come down to the ring. FINALLY Hardy comes down the aisle and I loved the fact that he didn’t even get a chance to speak, as he got the upperhand over Kennedy to start the match, but then Ken showed everyone just how vicious he can be, taking Matt down and never letting up. One of the best assaults that I have ever read, as you seem to have taken a completely different approach with Ken than I have, making him seem much more psychotic. Obvious that these two will meet at some point, but I don’t see V1 returning for a few weeks. Hopefully you continue to build the heat on Kennedy, but I don’t know how you can after it may have peaked with this segment.

Good win for Finlay, as it was also pleasant to see Crazy get a good match under his belt. Not doubt that Dave was winning this one, as he needed to do something after losing his undefeated streak. Looks like he may be a little off in the head, as I can see him attacking someone soon, trying to get back into the game. I hope that it’s Rey, would make for a great U.S. Title feud.

Very good interaction between Steph and The Wrestling God. Glad that she didn’t back down, but I think he owned her at the end, as we may see another superstar go nuts if he doesn’t get what he wants. Should be interesting to see how the announcement of the #1 contender affects everyone who seems to be getting pissed off.

Just announce the date when CM Punk is debuting!! I can’t wait to see the man in action.

Good to see that Edge is just as pissed off as usual, snapping at Cole. Should be great to have him on commentary for this main event. Pretyt much the way that I thought the main event would go. Batista was dominant, as usual, and it was good to see Rey cancel out Edge by saving Batista from a shot to the head. Finlay turning up was a shock, and I guess that he may be joining Booker (?). Either way, great way for Booker to get the win, keeping his push to the main event looking strong. Steph announcement was great, as she turns down all the possible contenders before announcing the man that I thought would get since the show started … ‘TAKER!! Should be an awesome first meeting between him and Edge next week.

WHOA. Another huge match set to take place next week, with Batista taking on LASHLEY. Hopefully next week doesn’t go exactly like this, as I love some unpredictability, but I can see Batista losing his cool against Bobby, with possibly some other guys helping to take down Dave, before Lashley interferes in the main event and takes down … EDGE, giving him his match with ‘Taker at Judgment Day.

I know that I say this after every show but I am serious … I CANNOT wait for next week. It is going to be insane, with two huge matches sure to be amazing. Great job with this one, as it did its job being built around the #1 contender. Keep it up, stud; this thread is really becoming something special.


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Re: Legend Presents: WWE 2006 - Stop Your Grinnin' And Drop Your Linen

Smackdown Feedback

The opening contest was extraordinarily good with the tag champions defending their titles again. I was shocked to see MNM make an appearance but I guess we know what teams are going to feud over the tag titles and I think it was a bit predictable that Kash was going to cost Noble the match however it was still a fun read. Noble/Kash, MNM/BlueBloods its quality. Oh by the way in the opening commentary you made a little error when you wrote it was going to be a good night here on Raw instead of Smackdown

Great interview with Booker T more of your promo greatness really and will Booker finally get a change of luck. I hope it comes soon but I don’t think it will happen this week because well Batista happens to OWN a little bit.

Noble and Kash has defined excellence all the way through and their match at Mania was FREAKIN amazing and I think this rivalry should go on forever and ever

Batista seemed very intense and that is exactly the way I like him. Mysterio as his friend knows what he has gone through and what not is good and I think all this is building to a Batista/Mysterio feud somehow… I’m probably wrong though.

I Love Brent Albright. I hope he stays undefeated for ever and ever. Oh now your going to do the whole Holly is the tough veteran who is going to teach Albright a lesson but of course Albright will go over. A lot of people don’t like this story line but I think it can work

MNM/Hooligans and well this feud has been done so many times in so many different BTB’s that it becomes sickening so I hope that very soon one of these teams is eliminated form the title hunt but thanks to Regal and Burchill it seems both teams might be. PS—Burchill OWNS as well

Heyman and Lashley sounds good on paper due to Lashley’s lack of mic skills but you make it go from good to great with some of the stuff you do. AWESOME PROMO HERE!!! Although I think its about time Taker shows up and says something back to Heyman and Lashley.

Mic Suite and mate this was just… this was just excellent I don’t know what else to say you captured Kennedy perfectly… Hardy came out and I loved the sadistic side of Kennedy and this feud is really beginning to heat up. Hardy will be out now for a few weeks right??? Actually re reading it now the only thing I didn’t like is that I think Hardy could have came out a bit sooner but that’s nothing big tbh that is me looking for something to pick on really

Finlay is just too tough for Super Crazy and that really is enough said

JBL absolutely OWNED Stephanie McMahon LOL I found it quite hilarious tbh. Really just cracked me up Trish Stratus’ bitch . JBL for champion please???

*Enter generic I cant wait Punk to come comment here *

Edge on commentary already owning Michael Cole I cant wait for the main event Booker T gets the win of course with help but I am very happy that Booker gets a win very happy indeed hopefully he gets his locker room back. Taker against Edge that was a bit of a shock and Edge will find a win some how

Lashley against Batista also on for next week some really exciting shit for next week I personally can not wait

Overall another nice show I don’t know I could be wrong but it seems as if this show was shorter then previous weeks however it could just be due to me enjoying myself to much. Awesomeness show once again and I can not wait for next weeks edition of Smackdown.

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Re: Legend Presents: WWE 2006 - Stop Your Grinnin' And Drop Your Linen

Have a strong feeling we wont be seeing any of the three mentioned in the opening vp announced as Edges next challenger. With that SD in Green Bay, I’m actually getting the feeling it may be Kennedy to get the first crack at Edge in a heel-heel match, with Kennedy treated as a face in his home town.

Tag team titles kicking off proceedings again?? Love it. The tag team division has really become an awesome focal point on Smackdown - long may it continue. Makeshift team of Rey & Noble come across as a genuine threat from the start and not just a thrown together pair of challengers, possibly down to the fact both hold gold already, and a double gold route isn’t out of the realms of reality. Jeez, what’s the deal with MNM?? Glad to see they still aren’t finished with the champions (not that I thought it was over by any means). Oh boy, it’s run ins galore - and rightly so to continue the ongoing feuds - with Kid Kash getting one over on Noble, costing the challengers their shot, allowing the Bluebloods to keep the titles in wicked fashion. Noble is sure to want revenge now on Kash, and the champions will surely not let the interference of MNM go unpunished. Lightning quick start to the show. Action packed is probably an understatement.

As much as I’m against the direction of Booker T toward the King Booker gimmick, the description in the opening paragraph of this segment had me salivating. Great imagery. Meh, as much as I hate seeing Booker T get pushes, and transformations (possibly) towards King Booker, it pains me to say that this promo was executed terrifically. But you already knew that . If it continues like this, the angle will be a winner. Doesn’t mean I have to like it though .

Possibly just me over analyzing … was the mention of Dean Malenko a foreboding of a bigger role in future?? Or just setting the scene?? Without a doubt the best running cruiserweight feud in BTB today, with Kash and Noble being allowed to develop ‘like a real wrestling feud’, and not just a couple of pesky small guys eating the big guys TV time. Rematch is a lock for Judgment Day imo. Noble to keep the belt FOREVER~! though, okay??

Not sure what to make of Batistas attitude towards Rey. Tense just before his match, and weighed down by the pressure of what’s going on lately?? That’s what I’m leaning to. I’m not ruling out that his actions are the start of a slow building heel turn, but for now, the face side needs Big Daves presence on Smackdown. Worth to keep a watch on though for later episodes imo, if Daves attitude continues to get worse with Rey.

Brent ‘OWNS’ Albright is back for thirds, and keep ‘em coming. Want to know who the blonde is though. That suspense needs killed off. Big things for Albright to come. Just a question of how quickly you pull the trigger on him (pun intended). He could definitely be the break out star that you mould from nothing. Holly is just as good as any to provide a test. Hard hitting veteran, doesn’t win many, but is always tough to beat. The test that Albright could do with imo.

Without a doubt, these three teams will get another go around at Judgment Day, although it wouldn’t surprise me in the slightest if one got the heave ho, and you held off on the inevitable 3 way rematch until later in the summer. Regardless, these three teams will continue to go, and I for one cant wait to see it. No allies between the three - PL/BK attack MNM last week, MNM attack Bluebloods earlier, Bluebloods attack PL/BK now. Perfect roundabout. Champs aren’t satisfied with just the hooligans … they give MNM a taste of British menace, with a downright ugly beat down, sending the clear message of who the dominant tag team is on Smackdown. Sickening attack from the champs to the two sets of challengers, and I love it. Bluebloods to be taken VERY seriously as a force against anyone.

No one utters that chilling sentence quite like Heyman ‘In nominee patris … … et spiritus sancti…’ awesome. The continued weekly promos from Heyman have really kept the Taker feud going strong without any type of physical involvement. The use of Heyman has been fan-fucking-tastic, perfect for this role, and the use of Lashley as the non talking, ass kicking machine has been inspired. It’d be rolled eyes for a regular Lashley-Taker feud. This is far from the norm though. This is actually a feud I want to see continue.

Side note - I give up now on mentioning the nods to The Dark Knight. It’s something I notice in the thread often, but at the rate I’m trying to look for them now, I’d end up starting to pick out the oddest of lines that has no link to the movie at all. It’s awesomeness is hardly going to take away from the thread though. The minute that someone has a nasty incident with gasoline and an explosion blowing up half their face though … I’m picking up my coat, and walking out the door.

TBH, I didn’t realise Kennedy was still undefeated in this thread. Nice going, and the longer this streak goes, the better Kennedy will get in terms of ego at least, and whoever beats him will get a huge rub in the process, regardless of whether it’s a main eventer or a mid carder. Interesting scenario. Don’t get to hear anything from Hardy, as it’s a manic brawl, with Matt in charge … until the low blow swings things into Kennedys favour. Hellacious beating ensues, with Kennedy at his menacing best, taking Hardy apart, drawing blood with the mic, and adding about a dozen exclamation marks afterwards.

As brilliantly executed as the angle was, and there is no doubting of that, I cant help but feel that either this beating, or the earlier Bluebloods beating of their two main rivals should’ve happened in separate weeks, or even tone down the Blueblood assault. Two bloody beatings in one night takes away the impact of both imo, while if they had been separated a week apart, I reckon both would’ve been influential on the shows. Chances are this view will be in the minority so it’s nothing to take much notice of. As I said, delivery of the angle (the important bit ultimately), was flawless imo. Kennedy just stepped up from annoying dick heel, to a real threatening menace. Judgment Day is coming for these two methinks. And maybe I’m right on the money for Kennedy to get a title shot at home next week?? Hmmm???

You certainly weren’t just hyping when you said the ‘anarchy era’ had begun.

Finlay is obviously just killing time at the minute. Even with these meaningless wins, it’s apparent it’s being turned into an angle of sorts. What next for Finners though??

It seems like a similar scenario for JBL too until this Smackdown election rolls around. He’s had a lot of involvement with the McMahons lately, but I don’t see him getting near a title shot anytime soon. Great balls from Stephanie though, and a great little conversation between two big personalities.

Punk debuting soon is really going to bolster the Smackdown roster. Could see him and Albright hooking it up once Punk also gets established in a ‘newcomers’ type angle to make both of them at the same time.

Not a main event that tickles my taste buds, but the Booker T push is going to happen, and I’ll just have to take the lemons and suck on ‘em. Ref bump was always going to lead to interference from Edge … BUT REY MAKES GOOD ON HIS PROMISE!!!!! It really is chaos, AND WHAT THE HECK IS FINLAY DOING!!!! Booker T has his win, and his push gathers steam, as Batista racks up another loss, though this time, it’s all because of everyones favourite Irishman.

Holy Fuck- Edge vs. The Undertaker?? Now THAT’S a main event. Have to believe the line of thinking for giving this one away on free TV for the first time is simply - it’s been done to death in real life over the last year, and you’ve got no plans for feuding them for a while yet, so why not?? Only reason I can fathom, but who cares, it’s a fucking BRILLIANT main event, and just about the best challenge Edge could have in his first title defence. Talk about kicking off with a bang??

As if that’d be all either - Batista vs. Lashley next week. How do you say free PPV?? Smackdown in Green Bay, that’s how. . It’ll be a heeluva interesting match, as I cant see you having Batista take a massive beating at the hands of Lashley, but for Lashley to get Taker that’s what needs to happen. What a line up for Smackdown next week my man, just terrific. Reminds me of back in the day when the single brand events first came in, and the show with an off month would’ve always had a couple of PPV quality matches either the week before or after the other show had the PPV. (i.e Big Show vs. Lesnar, Lesnar vs. Angle in the Iron Man Match) hopefully this is a trend you’re setting, as it’s terrific.

You REALLY weren’t kidding about this ‘anarchy era’ were you??
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Re: Legend Presents: WWE 2006 - Stop Your Grinnin' And Drop Your Linen

SmackDown Review

Although I haven't been reviewing, I am rather caught up with all the storylines heading into this edition of SmackDown, so let's get to it. As I said in Pat's Vengeance review, I'm gonna try to just say whatever comes to mind instead of getting too picky, so... yeah... Cream-worthy match to kick off the night, though it became rather TNA-d with all the interference heading into the finish, trying to keep both sides looking strong. No shock to see the Bluebloods retain the gold this earlier in their title reign, though I don't think the belts should've been on the line in the first place. What've Noble and Mysterio done to earn a shot? They're champions on their own, but that shouldn't qualify them for tag title shots, should it?

Looks like we're continuing on Booker's transition to "King" status, as hinted at a little before Mania, and even more so here tonight. No real problem with that as it can be rather entertaining at times. He better not go over OWNS tonight though.

omg, Kash owns. Not surprised to see Noble look to get payback, but K.I.D. still managing to get in the final shot is absolutely hilarious.

Leave it to Mysterio to want to get all touchy-feely with the big dog. I like the angrier, more aggressive Batista -- almost heelish in his ways. The title situation on SmackDown has grown mighty interesting since WM and one can only hope that a multi-man match is on the horizon with everyone involved.

Ooh, Brent Albright? He's got the charisma of Chris Benoit WITHOUT the wrestling ability. He's good, not great, and the last time I saw him (Final Battle 08, I believe {I get most of the RoH guys mixed up}), I wasn't impressed. I like the role you've given him, however. Less talking from him though plz.

Merely a continuation of the beef the three teams started before WM, through earlier tonight, and into this match. Regal and Burchill are clearly the most sadistic of the three tandems, and this attack was particularly brutal; LOVED the headbutts from Lord Regal. Another three way match is clearly in the books for these three teams but what could it possibly be? Ladder? Street Fight?

Did you just take a whole speech from The Dark Knight? I would assume the rest of us were supposed to notice this. The final line was the single greatest thing I've ever read. Lashley to go over Taker this time though, pretty please?

Well... what can I say about that? Ummm......... awesome. Kennedy's promo was top notch, hitting all the points he needed to, quickly ranging from deadly serious to strangely joyful -- and even quite delusional at times. Quite the enigma that Mr. Kennedy is. At first, I thought the assault on Hardy could've been used for a different show, as we've already seen someone get bloodied up tonight, but this one was so far and beyond the first by the Bluebloods that it almost makes the act of Regal irrelevant. This slow build for Kennedy is fun to read/watch, and I can't wait for it to continue. Tremendous stuff.

SQUASH, no matter what you try to get us to believe. The aftermath was interesting though. Clearly nothing but hints for us readers at the moment but I'm betting on a Finlay face turn at the moment.

"No he didn't; YES I DID!" JBL just completely owned Stephanie with a vicious barrage of insults and innuendo. No way Layfield gets named the number one contender after that, but it doesn't hurt to get Bradshaw on the show.

Welcome, Punk.

Not nearly enough Edge on the show. He's the champ! Wow, another interference-laden match to end the show, making you three for five tonight, outside of the two "squash" matches. We all grow fond of them at times. Mildly shocked to see Finlay raise his head in the main event as I thought for sure that we wouldn't see him near the top. Big Dave/Finlay feud on the horizon? Ugh. OWNS deserves better. Fucking Undertaker gets the shot next week? Ah, at least he'll lose, going down as Edge's first successful title defense. The deal between Shane and Lashley/Heyman was much more interesting. Is that a Shane heel turn? Ooh, now that's how you end a show.

*Insert compliments for your ability to write compelling storylines, build characters and the such, while keeping everyone hooked on your thread.*

for the week of September 28th


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Re: Legend Presents: WWE 2006 - Stop Your Grinnin' And Drop Your Linen

Originally Posted by Legend View Post
]Cut backstage

Having evidently just entered the arena, one-half of the World Tag Team Champions, Charlie Haas walks down the hallway, hood up (very Team Angle), and title belt over is shoulder, not looking too happy, heading for his locker room when …


Haas stops and grits his teeth, the beginning to jeer instantly … as all five members of The Spirit Squad walk leap into screenshot. Johnny appears to be leading the way tonight.

Johnny: (Backed up by the rest of the team) Today … is your lucky day.

Stopped in is tracks, Charlie look almost flabbergasted that is arch-nemesis’ would have the nerve to speak to him. Wrong, Chaz.

Johnny: Y’know, (pointing to Haas’ air and beard) I’m thinkin’ … a makeover? A little trim. (Turning to his boys) Haircuts can be very liberatin’ I hear. They really can.

Mitch: I’m thinkin’ blonde.

Kenny: I’m gonna have to go with bald.

Johnny: (Laughing it up) Guess what? We … have room … for a NEW RECRUIT! How would you (patting Charlie on the chest) like to be the BACK UP BOY … FOR … THE SPIRIT SQUAD?!?!

As the cheerleaders all bounce up and down excitedly: “c’mon, buddy, whaddya say?” Haas slowly pushes his hood back, still looking extremely bewildered.

Charlie Haas: Y’know I’m-- (looking over his shoulder down the corridor) I’m pretty sure that you ladies have got the wrong guy.

Johnny: What?

Charlie Haas: (Through gritted teeth) I’d suggest turnin’ around.

Faintly in the background, Wembley can be heard support Haas’ aggressive tone, but The Squad seem gobsmacked, shaking their heads in disgust … until Kenny steps up, getting right in Charlie’s face.

Kenny: Turn around”?

Charlie Haas: Did I stutter?

Kenny: Y’know, I’ve been tellin’ these guys, ever since we hit the scene and won the Tag Team Titles on our first night, (“YEAH BABY~”) that you (waggles his fingers in Haas’ face) you’re just not ‘spirit’ material.

The quintet all leap around wildly, bellowing “SPIRIT” at the top of their lungs, until, perhaps the goofiest member of the ultra-goofy stable, Mikey, jumps in between Kenny and Haas, wagging his head like a demented dog.

Mikey: GUYS, GUYS, GUYS, (shaking his head) that’s not the spirit! I mean c’mon, (looking at everyone) look what The Spirit Squad did for our lives, and most importantly (pats Haas on the chest; uh oh) our … (marquee) CARRRREEEERRRRSSSS!!

Charlie runs his hand across his chest where Mikey just touched him.

Mikey: And the Haasanator here? He ain’t no different! So, we don’t want an answer know. All we want for you to do (patting Haas on the chest with every syllable) is to juuuust … say … (arm around the shoulder) think about it …”

The rest of the team all applaud and echo Mikey like a group of parrots, as the stupid son of a bitch continues to pat Haas all over, so incredibly idiotic and full of himself that he can’t even read the signs; instead just mouthing “c’mon” over and over again.

Charlie Haas: (Rubs his chin) If … if I said yes would I get one of those really awesome green shirts?

All: YES!!

Kenny: Mandatory, bro.

Charlie Haas: (Smirking) And … would I get matchin’ pants?


Laughter can be heard from the English crowd, as The SS begin to grow very excited, believing what was obviously a prank to begin with to actually be having the desired effect. Haas, stringing them along, runs his hand through his hair thoughtfully.

Charlie Haas: Jackie does keep tellin’ me to get a haircut.

Mikey: (Patting Haas on the head) I’ve no idea who that is; but don’t worry: we always keep a pair of trimmers handy … just in case.

Charlie Haas: And (feeling his beard) she does like me better without a beard.

Johnny: ALLLL the ladies will, my man.

As the group all dance around the World Tag Team Champion playfully, Haas looks up into the air mockingly, as if imaging himself him such a role.

Charlie Haas: (Pulling at his sweater) Charlie Haas. Cheerleader.”

Mikey: Awesome. All you gotta do … is think about it, baby.

Charlie Haas: I don’t gotta think about it. (Puts his arm around Mikey) Boys, you got yourself a deal.

The term ‘mark-the-fuck-out’ doesn’t quite do justice to the reaction of The Spirit Squad, as you wouldn’t be foolish for thinking they had just won the Super Bowl, most of them leaping about ten feet (metaphor, folks) into the air, punching their fists and hugging, whilst Haas grins away.

Mikey: Charlie, (extends his hand) put ‘er there.

Haas happily stretches out his hand to take Mondo’s …

CHARLIE SLAPS MIKEY RIGHT ACROSS THE FACE WITH AUTHORITY!!! “WOAH” cries The Spirit crowd and the crowd ROAR, as Mikey stumbles backwards into his teammates, clutching the side of his face in shock and pain. Mitch holds up his megaphone like a weapon, as the others all fume, shouting “Not cool, not cool.”

Kenny:(Extremely pissed off) FIVE, SIX, SEVEN, EIGHT--

All: TWO, FOUR, SIX, EIGHT, WHO DO WE NOT APPRECIATE?!?! (They point threateningly at their enemy) HAAS! HAAS! HAAAAAS!!

A furious Mikey caps the mini chant off with his AIR HORN~ as the other members rub his shoulders and pat his chest, trying to make him feel better, as they begin to back away down the hallway, angrily gesturing at the intense (and amused) World Tag Team Champion …

Johnny: The hell’s wrong with you?!?!

Kenny:(Leading them away, shouting back) You’re gonna pay for that, Chaz; you better remember you little girlfriend ain’t here tonight. Mr. Bischoff’s gonna hear about this. YOU’RE GONNA PAY!!

Haas’ laughter falters slightly when reminded of his partner and best friend’s absence tonight, but he quickly shakes it off and continues to watch intently, as we fade out.
Copying from WWE, hey?

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Re: Legend Presents: WWE 2006 - Stop Your Grinnin' And Drop Your Linen

Ugh. How disappointing.

Poorly handled by you y2j_legend when you really could've PM'ed a mod first, but more so from Legend, one of our so called elite bookers and someone who's been talked so highly about, has resulted to almost word by word copying a promo done in the E before, just with Haas instead of Punk.

Plagerism (?) from someone of your calibur Lege, is just beyond baffling. I'm extremely disappointed, and I'm sure I ain't the only one...

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Re: Legend Presents: WWE 2006 - Stop Your Grinnin' And Drop Your Linen

Actually Reney, I PM'ed KOP a few days ago and he did nothing about it, so I felt as if I should have taken matters into my own hands.

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Re: Legend Presents: WWE 2006 - Stop Your Grinnin' And Drop Your Linen

I'm pretty stunned by this to be honest. I don't know how to sum it up. I'm just very disappointed, I guess. Don't know really what else to say.

I agree with Reney 100% in that this shouldn't have been bought into the thread. More patience should've been shown to allow KOP a chance to deal with it. This doesn't change anything, I just feel there is a more tactful manor of which to go about it.
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Re: Legend Presents: WWE 2006 - Stop Your Grinnin' And Drop Your Linen

Goodnight, folks
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Re: Legend Presents: WWE 2006 - Stop Your Grinnin' And Drop Your Linen

I don't really feel disappointed. I guess I'm a bad human. I will be disappointed, however, if you just pack your shit and leave. Man up, apologize (or not. idc either way. It wasn't any of our shit), and then keep going.

for the week of September 28th


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