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Re: Legend Presents: WWE 2006 - Stop Your Grinnin' And Drop Your Linen

Raw Feedback

Okay Legend I just read through this whole Paul Bearer promo and nothing else can be said except you’re a freak. Plain and simply a freak. Your promo’s a clearly the best here and well by a fair bit these days to be honest. Bearer was awesome and as I sad last week I love the dark, edgy side of Show that Bearer brings out. This was awesome and of course RVD will accept the cage match and its going to be on at Backlash. Once again I can not say enough just how good this promo was

RWC vs Val Venis and Viscera this is one of those matches where the result is never in doubt. I am liking a push for the Redneck Wrecking Crew and I believe that perhaps after Backlash Benjamin and Haas will be challenged by RWC.

Backlash… Shaping up to be great. Can not wait tbh

LOL at SS and Haas unlike last week where for some reason I didn’t get into the confrontation between the teams this week I did get into it. Very nice LOL Cheerleader Haas… I loved just how dumb the SS really were. Haas really showed some humor and charisma there… is he feeling sick

Trish Stratus showing a mean streak and I like it because I love Mickie James as the psycho tweener and for that to stick we need Trish to be a tweener as well. No Mickie equals no ratings. She better make an appearance later bro

More promo awesomeness with Bischoff and Carlito here. LOL at how much of a dumb ass your making Chris Masters to be, eventually he has to clue in doesn’t he??? Bischoff hitting on Wilson LOL bit out of his league don’t you think??? Anyway promo was awesomeness setting up a good tag match tonight that has repercussions for Backlash. And for the second time in a row no Estrada speaking equals no ratings

SS getting pure heat here and five on one please Charlie Haas as much as you love him as no hope and I was correct he lost. After the match great to see Benjamin defy authority and make the save because Haas was going to get taken out. Bro I have to apologize for my little sad face at the end of the last promo because I had no idea that Estrada was going to come out here. Estrada does his usual brilliance beating around the bush a little bit just to get more mic time tbh but he finished it brilliantly. Legend I applaud you for booking Haas and Benjamin for IC Title at Backlash, you have been giving us subtle hints for a while and it is about time this match takes place. Honestly can not wait

Nice Helms here short and sweet I love his arrogant personality he is a prick he just doesn’t give a shit

Victoria over Candice nuff said. Glad to see Trish came down to ring side and yeah Vickie and Trish had a nice stare down. Once again I was hoping for a little appearance from Mickie and for the second time tonight you have upset me

Wow Van Dam not his laid back self showing a very Extreme, intense side of himself but I guess that Is needed heading into a Steel Cage match with Show. LOL at Bischoff trying to put the blame on Triple H but RVD sore right through him.

Great main event here probably would have been nice to watch and Helms gets the win. I was prayin for Chavo just because I like him more then Helms think he is extremely under rated but yeah anyway good effort and I am hoping for awesomeness from Helms and Lito come Backlash. Oh also if you take the MITB off of Carlito I am not going to be happy. You’ve been warned my friend

Right from the start no matter what Bischoff does I think there is going to be trouble. LOL I could not help but laugh at Cena calling Angle kojak, it just made me laugh because my step father is bored and I call him kojak almost every day :P Again LOL at Cena with the wash day comment and Angle still wanting to kick ass and this is a great start.. This promo was another one of those just awesome things from Angles intensity, to Cenas humor and rap everything just OWNED and this promo why you are (a) Legend

Overall another excellent Raw here it was just exceptional with your promo greatness once again shining through, I only have one real complaint about the show and that was no Mickie James . Silly to not have her on the show really. But besides that more excellence and Backlash is looking awesome.

Oh and Legend in case I missed something is Backlash coming in full or recap???

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Re: Legend Presents: WWE 2006 - Stop Your Grinnin' And Drop Your Linen

There really was no other way to open the show following the way things ended last week - Bearer and Show had to open proceedings. Disappointed though that they challenged RVD to face Show in a Cage Match giving him another chance, rather than making him walk away or destructing the Raw roster. That was the premise after all last week, why the reprieve?? It was another terrific piece of promo though, with Paul Bearer awesome as per usual!! Just that one little gripe, but I can see the feud running on past Backlash regardless of the result.

Smackdowns tag division > Raws tag division. There is just no comparison. Spirit Squad are horrible, WGTT are on the verge of splitting, & RNWC don’t really inspire greatness. Raws teams need a bit of an overhaul to compete with SD imo.

Bit of comedy with Haas and Spirit Squad, which worked in the fact that we got to see a different side to Charlies character. Didn’t really further the feud between the two sides, but was a nice backstage skit to include.

Looks like Mickies recent mind games have had the desired effect on Trish, with the champion starting to get a little aggressive with her frustrations. Surprised there wasn’t an appearance from James, but that can add to her mind games, by not always showing when expected.

So Money in the Bank will be on the line at Backlash … maybe. Decent back and forth promo between Carlito and The Bisch. Hopefully once CCC defends his contract @ Backlash he can move on to bigger fish if he’s ever gonna be ready to challenge legitimately for the title in the next twelve months.

Surprised Haas even lasted five minutes in a 5 on 1 environment. The numbers game will certainly make a difference between the two teams come Backlash, and I think a title change is a certainty with Haas and Shelton set to break up … especially as they’re going to meet at Backlash too!!! I can see it being a horrid night for Benjamin come Backlash. Great use of AAE -who owns all. Great announcement. I still hate the Spirit Squad though.

Strong promo from Helms, and I like how you’re cutting out your own personality for him away from the norm. I still don’t get what the love in is with the guy as a mid/upper mid card singles act, as it seems everyone is intent on pushing him. He’s good, but I don’t see the big deal.

Impressive win for Victoria, and it appears there is a collision course on here between Trish and Victoria - with Mickie James set to impose herself on the feud too, with the upcoming triple threat @ Backlash.

The Bischoff - RVD promo was a little to similar to the scene from TDK where Dent has Maroni in the car. Almost word for word in parts. Still, it got the right message across - RVD is fearless, and he’s hell bent on revenge. Enough of the nods to TDK though.

Terrific finish to the tag team contest, and Helms is headed for Backlash - but Carlito should hold onto MITB. I have a bad feeling though that Helms will take it, for the pure reason that he’s the one being primed for a massive push at the moment, whilst Carlito reeks of mid card obscurity since his victory @ WM. I can see tension possibly brewing between Chavo & Helms off the back of this one y’know, with Helms scoring the win off a blind tag. This four man feud has good prospects, I’m liking it.

I had a great chuckle to Cenas response about attire for the contract signing, totally off the cuff, brilliantly executed, and frankly, something that should be asked more in contract signings. Not so keen on the Cena yawn as Angle laid the verbal bitchslap, as I would’ve expected this Cena to fight fire with fire. Cena raps in BTB have always been complete marmite, if I’m being honest, I actually liked this one. It’s very tweenerific Cena here, but for me, it’s leaning closer towards heeldom for ‘The Champ.’ Holy shit though, what an awesome hook to end the show, terrific twist right at the end, as Bischoff drops the ultimate bombshell. Surely the stipulation wont stick forever, but I’m guessing the loser will have to work the VERY hard way to getting another crack at the gold - or move to Smackdown??

Another lightning edition of Raw, and this juggernaut is really starting to gather pace. Backlash is looking to be one of the hottest single brand PPVs of all time in BTB- and IRL.
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Re: Legend Presents: WWE 2006 - Stop Your Grinnin' And Drop Your Linen

Raw Feedback

Wow, after what happened last week with RVD and Big Show, I thought that this opening promo would be a let-down, but I was very wrong. I had never really paid attention to Bearer before, as he was in the business before I really got into it, but I love what you have done with him and his monster, as they are slowly becoming THE force on Monday nights. So I guess that the choice is simple, RVD leaves Raw and the destruction stops or he puts his career on the line against The Big Show inside a steel cage. Obviously, Bearer and Show feel that both choices will end in Van Dam being gone, and that’s why I like their reasoning. I hope that these types of promos continue because these two are some of the scariest guys on the roster. Obviously RVD will accept and I can’t wait to see what happens at Backlash. Obviously this won’t be a one-match feud, so we can expect some twists and turns along the way. Kane returning soon, perhaps? Whatever way you choose to go with this, it is obviously going to be awesome.

Love the way that the RWC are being built in this thread. They could be heels or tweeners, imo, and I guess we will find out when they get their shot after the match at Backlash. I can see them getting one more “jobber” win before finally moving into a real feud. I like these guys, so I hope that you treat them right. But the tag team division on Raw is so up in the air, I have no idea what is going to happen next.

Oh, those lovable cheerleaders. Loved the way that they talked to Haas and I also liked how stupid you made them look, actually believing that Haas was going to join them. They didn’t even do anything when Chaz smacked Mikey, as they are just going to go running to the Bisch. Good to add a little humor to this feud, as Haas and Benjamin are far from splitting {/hope}.

Trish is uber-pissed and I guess that just makes her that much hotter. She really showed how much Mickie has gotten under her skin, as she takes down Ashley pretty rough :P and makes the aggressive cover to get the victory. Surprised that Mickie didn’t show, but I guess she is just saving it for next week, when the three divas will finally try and tear each other apart, imo.

Gotta love the first time that the Caribean superstar walks onto my screen. He seems to be pissed off about something, and it looks like Chavo, Masters, and Helms will be battling to see who goes to Backlash. Glad that Bischoff doesn’t favor ALL heels, as he seems pretty pissed off at Carlito right now. ‘Lito does his thing and gets the match changed to a tag team contest. I don’t think he will get the night off at Backlash, as Helms or Chavo is getting the win. Didn’t think you’d have him put the briefcase on the line. Thought the tag team match would be at Backlash, tbh. Guess we will just have to see how this plays out.

Damn those tricky Spirit Squad members. Second time in the last two weeks that they all get to go out there together. Chaz has got his work cut out for him, as he is ready and willing to fight, but I don’t see it working out that well. No shock that the former champs dismantle one half of the current champs, as I’m glad Haas at least got some offense in, but this match ends as most do with the ‘Squad, as Kennedy hits the GLD for the win. CLEARING OFF THE TABLE~ … BUT HERE COMES SHELTON!!! Benjamin came to fight and he clears the ring, saving his tag team partner, unlike Haas was able to do last week {/tension}. There’s the man I read this thread for!! Shelton has two matches for Backlash? Guess you really don’t wanna be on Bisch’s bad side. HAAS~ gets the shot!! That is going to be a colossal encounter at Backlash, as it is obvious that is going on before the tag title match. This just keeps getting more and more interesting.

Helms OWNS. He and Chavo aren’t on the exact same page, but one of them will get the job done, imo. Hopefully Helms is the one getting the win … considering the fact that he just oozes of awesomeness.

What will Flair decide? Only time shall tell…

Not surprised that ‘Toria dominated the way she did, as she and Trish need to look unstoppable heading into the match at Backlash. Loved the little staredown, as Trish has certainly seemed to change her demeanor from earlier, as she is now the relaxed one, and Victoria is the one who is intense. Can’t wait for Mickie to show up … next week, plz.

Damn … you must really love The Dark Knight. I loved this little segment, especially the way that Van Dam has changed since he saw the video last week. Obviously he was going to go ahead and accept the match and I found it shocking that Bischoff said Triple H is behind Bearer and Show. If that’s true, then feud between Van Dam and Hunter just got bigger. Can’t wait to see what happens next.

I really liked the dynamic between the four men in this match, as Carlito wants to get the win but doesn’t really want to do any work. No surprise that Chavo dominated for his team, as he looked set to finish Carlito but then got caught with the BackStabber. Carlito makes the tag and then Helms finally gets the tag, albeit a blind one, and then he gets the victory. Helms/’Lito should be off the charts, but I don’t see Carlito losing anytime soon, or at all for that matter. Gonna be an interesting match at Backlash, that’s for sure.

You just love writing these two don’t you? Three solid promos in three weeks keeps this epic feud going. The way that Cena has transformed has been just great, as he is really starting to piss Kurt off, but Angle is just doing what he does best, and that’s letting his actions do the talking. Cena’s rap was pretty good, coming back after Angle said that he “sold out”. I’m glad that these two continue to hate each other and they both got a decent amount of time in on the mic. Wow, that was one big swerve by Bischoff, as the “Do Or Die” stipulation is a big one indeed. Not only will there not be any rematches, but now the loser won’t be able to challenge for the belt again. That is the kinda stuff that makes these rivalries great. I still think Angle holds onto the belt, as Cena has some very serious business to take care of HBK. Great way to close the show, as these two just get better and better.

What can I say besides another great edition of Raw. Only three more shows before Backlash and I hope we aren’t kept waiting too long. You are one of the best we have, and I cannot wait for the next show. Keep it up, John.


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Re: Legend Presents: WWE 2006 - Stop Your Grinnin' And Drop Your Linen

Hello there.


Thanks for the little paragraph explaining last weeks shit, as it helps me along here. Cena had to be the one to face Kurt, coming off the whole Mania buildup and triple threat finish. Spirit Squad is meh, but I can certainly see them as Bischoff’s stooges. Very pleased to see that Show’s pre Mania build has led to some serious biz post Mania as well.

I still say that you – BAR NONE – deliver the best entrance paragraphs in the world of BTB. I mean it dude. That description of Show coming to the ring was so good it’s scary. Not sure about two play by play guys with no color analyst though. Has it always been this way? For some reason I don’t remember. Okay, there’s Coach. Phenomenally written promo, with Bearer perfectly in character. Sad that Show doesn’t say anything though, cuz the Big man can talk. Hard to call what happens next in this feud. The Show and RVD are each getting monster pushes in the thread, yet one will lose at Backlash. Can’t wait to see how it goes down. And what makes Triple ‘Aitch a traitor btw? Missed that in my absence I guess. Awesome opening.

RWC are fine, but Venis and Viscera are about as meh as things get, tbh. Hopefully Raw’s tag division hots up.

One must wonder whether the Team Angle comment about Haas meant anything …? The whole ordeal there with the Spirit Squad was incredibly funny dude. I mean it. I hate them, at least I did in real life, but dude that was great. Loved the description sentences in-between the dialogue too. And Mikey not knowing who Jackie was made me lol. Glad Chaz didn’t accept.

Decent enough backstage skit with Carlito, and a fair stip came out of it. Not sure what to make of Torrie and Estrada in with Eric though. Must have missed something. Hate it when you use goddamnit though, really do.

Jesus Christ isn’t much better. Just can’t imagine JR saying it on Raw. And the Squad are getting a bit overbearing here, and perhaps too much time on the show. They dominate Haas, which is a no brainer. SHELTON! The save is made, and the amazing Benjamin cleans house. So is Estrada like a ‘Chief of Staff” or something to Sleazy E? Haas versus Benjamin for the strap in addition to their tag title defense is an awesome decision. Makes for all kinds of possibilities. Can they keep it competitive, and remain a cohesive team? Will they split? Will they lose the tag titles early in the night, creating the animosity necessary for a war over the IC strap? Have to wait and see.

Very nice little promo from Helms. Win, lose or draw, he appears set for big things in the thread based of your descriptors of him, and the way you are using him as a character.

SO I guess Naitch took some time off post Mania? See you at Backlash then. BTW, you spelled Windham wrong.

Filler/builder divas match there, with Trish back out for commentary. Victoria mauls Candice, and these Divas are set for a big match-up at Backlash. Where’s Mickie?

Liked the shot at commercials, btw. Excellent backstage piece with RVD. Very well done. RVD will come out on top I think. Based on Bearers shot at the Game earlier, and Eric trying to pawn off blame on him here, I’d say Game ends up a face or something. Then again, I haven’t a clue where he even is. LMAO at Coach’s call the cops line too.

Can’t tell you how awesome it is to see this tag match as the main event of Raw, albeit to be followed by a segment. Great description for sure. The finish was awesome too, and the best superstar in the match, less ‘Lito, comes away the victor. Shall be an awesome contest at Backlash, but I hope Carlito keeps the case. I’m not totally against the MITB switching hands, but this doesn’t feel ‘big’ enough if you know what I mean. It has to be done in grand style, like say, the way I did it. SMILE!

Before the last segment, let me ask where is HBK? Time off after Mania? The whole suit/clothing deal was funny, but unnecessary tbh. I mean did Eric expect them to wear suits for this? Started off cute, and then Kurt kicked the thing up several notches. Top stuff from Angle, really in the zone. There is no better Angle than an Angle who is all about competition, and knowing he’s the best. I don’t mind SOB, but the prick line was uncalled for. Just not needed. Cena was very much hit and miss for me. He put himself over very, very well. The rap was decent enough I guess, but I absolutely hated the “shit pissin” comment. I mean, wtf? Cena’s final paragraph was good, and the tension created by your tremendous writing skills was thick when they signed. And I LOVED the finish. Great swerve by Easy E., and great way to eliminate one pain from his ass for good post Backlash. Who will do and who will die?

Must apologize that I disappeared @ Mania time. I did skim/read over the whole show though. It was awesome. This was not the best Raw I’ve read from you, but let’s be honest, those preMania shows will forever be hard to beat for any booker. Great show though, and looking forward to more. <3

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Re: Legend Presents: WWE 2006 - Stop Your Grinnin' And Drop Your Linen

Bearer & Show~! Where did Kane go? Is he ridded of for good, or is he coming back? Maybe to help RVD? I could see it happening given thier history, but Kane could also go heel after being away and link up with Bearer and Show in a double-turn. Works both ways. I'm just randomly throwing ideas out there. Ignore me plz.

Could Bearer be anymore awesome? Portryal was perfect of him here, he is a real asshole, and I love Show in this type of role. The poor bloke has not been the same for so long. He should be a monster heel not the bosses lackey. Steel Cage with RVD/Bearer at Backlash? Have a feeling RVD might be gone, only to return at a later point. We'll see.

I wonder who wins? Oh, its the RWC~! At least you are keeping the guys on TV and in the public eye, even without a program. Was to be expected with SS and Haas/Benji tied up in 'other' things. 'gotta wonder though, will they turn face to feud with SS if they get the belts back? I think its only a matter of when, not if the SS get the belts back, whatever the circumstances of such a title change.

That Backlash banner is sexy. Not as sexy as me and you, but still sexy nonetheless.

Backup Boy for the Spirit Squad? Now that is GAY. I am slowly and surely starting to love all the SS, not just Nic and Ken. That was just hillarious, but I hope Haas destroys them one day before he turns heel. Would have been complete had Coach said something. I think Coach needs to be referred to as the 'Token' member of the Spirit Squad. Think of the giggles?

'her cover is ultra agressive' ? Sounds hot. really hot. But honestly, Trish > Horses so quite a relativley somply move to make. I can live with two short matches knowing the one comin up may be longer. Plz.

Armando 4 PIMP. I guess Wilson has turned into a slut to keep her job? Kinda awesome. 'Lita was awesome as per usual, I always found Masters kind of underrated, always thought he had something. Could Masters be winning tonight? Too soon imo, but something will go down between the two sometime soon I guess. Bischoff's double turn on Carlito near the end was gold.

The SS own but hopefully this is the last of them for tonight. 5-1? Spirit Squad are such assholes. I'm loving the fact that basically all heels are being fed by Bischoff, or helped out. Adds something to proceedings.

Not surprised this was short, the SS needed it after what happened earlier in the night. Oh, but what is this? Like we discussed the other night and I told you, I love the fact you are having Benji/Haas happen now. I don't want to speculate on what way this angle will go tbh, but I'm loving it thus far. Playing it off against the teams problems with the SS is epic. I expect that around Backlash and afterwards, mind games will come into play with the Spirit Squad starting to come into thier own and refer to the two men's conflict which seems to be popping up on the odd occasion over the past few months.

I have always thought people get confused with Helms that he is a natural heel. Much like Edge, I feel the guy could be either or, and actually sometimes be a better face if given the chance. Helms was not exactly dead on hre, but he did not need to be. He's still settling into his new role and he's the perfect man to come inbetween 'Lita and Piece. However, you could pull a double swerve and have Chavo win. I know you love him, so who knows?

lmao @ Coach getting owned by Trish.

INTENSITY~! Love these two women, especially Vicky. 'gotta wonder what is coming next. This division seems wide up with several women in the hunt.

INTENSITY AGAIN~! IN-TENS-ITY~! RVD is awesome in this role, although I hope it starts to develop into something more than basically protecting the WWE roster. However, it is going along fine at the moment.


Angle's awesome. Nothing better than Angle when ripping the shit out of his opponent on the stick. Most well rounded wrestler you have on the roster tbh. I loved the back and forth exchange, both men resorting to mental warfare knowing they could not get physical. Perfect time for Bischoff to break things up for a moment. :angry:

And he's gone~!

John Cena: (Suddenly lifting mic up) ‘Aight, ‘aight, that’s ‘nuff from you tonight, Kurt; it’s time for you to shut yo’ mouth and listen to how we hype the biggest match o’ the year here in the big leagues, ‘aight?


Fuck me, awesome stipulation. Loser does not get a WWE Title shot again? I could see Michaels returning if this is the case with the loser forcing thier way into a Triple Threat match in the near future.

Beautiful way to end the show. I feel you need to give me more stuff to get me teeth into and criticise you for.

Keep the juicy goodness going. You are the elite, whatever you try to say.
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Re: Legend Presents: WWE 2006 - Stop Your Grinnin' And Drop Your Linen

RAW Feedback

Show and Bearer kicking off the show was a no brainer. It was without a doubt the only route you could go, given what happened last week. Your description of the entrance of the duo was most definitely spine chilling, you did a damn nice job of creating a picture of what was going on. It was certainly very easy to visualise. You portrayed Bearer amazingly well here mate, I don’t think you’ve ever put over a character as well as you do he. I dunno why they would now randomly give RVD the option of having a match as well? Obviously he’ll accept but I think he might get fucked up. I’m not actually sure where you’re going to go with this. I don’t think you’ll want to kill Show’s momentum that he’s building and it’d be a travesty if you had RVD take a loss following his win over Hunter at ‘Mania. In short, this is really the most intriguing storyline going on in BTB at the moment, in the short term, we’re obviously going to get the cage match, but after that? Who knows. One of these two might have to end up getting drafted perhaps? I dunno. We’ll see, either way, fucking awesome way to kick things off. Hopefully this isn’t the last we hear of this for the evening.

Hmm. Squash. No brainer. The tag division on Raw really is quite lacking, hopefully you start to develop it a little more soon, ala SmackDown. In reality, there aren’t even really three teams on Raw because we know TWGTT are going to split quite soon. Even though I enjoyed this promo, this doesn’t mean I have any other feelings for the Spirit Squad other than hatred.

Comedy promo here with the Spirit Squad and Charlie, purely just to get them all on TV. Have you ever been a cheerleader? Because you write them very well Nice promo though, well written once again.

I like what you’re doing with Trish’s character, obvious win for her though. Your match descriptions are notably shorter in this show, not necessarily a bad thing imo. I like these brief recaps for matches such as the two we’ve had because quite simply, there’s no point dragging out the inevitable Besides, I’m sure we’ll get a long one later on.

Nice promo with Eric and Carlito. You captured Carlito well, and we’ve got a big match set for the Main Event. I could quite possibly see a face turn for Carlito coming, but we shall see. Carlito won’t win tonight. He’ll be wrestling at Backlash, for sure, you need to build him up as much as possible therefore he’ll certainly be on the card. BTW, they were in a room here, not the ring as alluded to when Masters was gawking.

So it’s 5 on 1 now? Haas is fucked. I hate these cheerleading pricks. Surprising that Haas lasted so long with them to be honest. Makes him look somewhat credible I guess. Shelton’s here and he makes the save for Haas! Nice to see the Squad bail like the bitches that they are. Armando’s here now and we’ve got Shelton defending at Backlash against CHARLIE?! Already?! That’s earlier than I expected. Obviously this clash will be the first of many. Wouldn’t be at all surprised to see Shelton drop to Charlie here and then see TWGTT drop the gold later in the night to the Squad. To add to it, you could say, that Bischoff scheduled the Tag Titles match to go on straight after the IC Title match just to get further heat on Eric and the Spirit Squad. Anyways, the possibilities are endless with this one. Should be good.

Nice promo from Helms, quite enjoyable for the most part. I look forward to seeing where you go with his Face persona as you seem to be quite high on him. He’s winning the tag match tonight for sure.

I loved how Trish turned up to commentary, got cracked on to by Coach and then completely ignored as all JR wanted to do was talk about Shelton and Haas’ situation. Haha. Take that. Two diva’s matches in one night? That’s just too much for me . No brainer for Victoria to pick up the win, once again. We get a bit of a stare down afterward, adding some more hype. Not sure where Mickie’s been tonight though?

Ah, I believe the saying is “anything and everything”.

Awesome promo from Van Dam here. I love this intense persona you are portraying with him. The fact that you’re making Bischoff, RVD’s bitch is great too! A few points of this promo confused me, the part where RVD demanded Bischoff he tell him whose “been given up my boys to the wolves” and then he said it was Hunter, I don’t get it. Is Hunter in cahoots with Show and Bearer???? I’m sure Bearer called Hunter a traitor earlier on too, and I don’t understand why he said that either, now I think of it? I’m a little bit confused with all this now, clear up please

There we go, mammoth description for this one. Nice to see you give this match the Main Event, but given the amount of star power involved in other matches tonight, it’s no surprise. The finish was great, as expected Helms picks up the win, not in the fashion I expected, but this was great. I don’t think Masters or Chavo are out of the race for MITB just yet as I think that these four men could be battling over the case for some time yet. I can’t see ‘Lito dropping at Backlash, but given the push Helms seems to be on the end of at the moment, I wouldn’t be too surprised. Great match mate, very well written. A worthy Main Event, hopefully you continue to give these four guys this sort of exposure.

Lol @ the suit being in the dryer. Bischoff is such a whiny bastard, you work wonders with him. Big time promo mate. Angle and Cena were both very much on song, Cena started a little slow to be honest, he seemed to just endure Kurt’s insults, but he really picked up. His rap was surprisingly good, I usually hate that sort of shit but this was okay. Cena’s last few lines of dialogue were really great and added even more tension to this rivalry and made it a little more personal. I’m really enjoying this feud, it’s almost as if it’s Tweener v Tweener, because I certainly don’t know what to make of either of them. If I had to chose, Cena would be just leaning towards to heel status, while Angle just towards a face. I think it’s great. I love where you’re going with this. The stipulation is absolutely MASSIVE... I wouldn’t be the least bit shocked to see Michaels make his return in this match and cost Cena the win. Only problem with this promo was a couple of tiny grammar errors, other than that, it was tops.

Overall, a fantastic show mate. I enjoyed it a lot. It was a different type of show to last week, I don’t think it was as good as the last instalment, but still highly enjoyable. I enjoyed your match recaps a lot too, they didn’t drag out, made the show go along nice and smoothly. Good job, you’re top notch. Backlash is shaping up wonderfully.
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Re: Legend Presents: WWE 2006 - Stop Your Grinnin' And Drop Your Linen

Really appreciate all the reviews I've been getting lately, guys, I really do; they have me firing on all cylinders hopefully. I've noticed that Para & DC have a couple of recaps up, while Pat & Mac have some shows my lazy ass still needs to review They're comin'.

Wrstle Freak, to answer your question, Backlash will mostly be in recap, outside of one or two segments and the main event


If the past days of the World Wrestling Entertainment were known as 'The Attitude Era', what we witnessed at the close of last week's Friday Night SmackDown has all but confirmed that this week's edition will be giving birth to ... 'The Anarchy Era'.

For the second straight week since WrestleMania, Executive Vice-President of the WWE and interim General Manager Shane McMahon was assaulted; though this time, innocent of all charges, was World Heavyweight Champion Edge. The guilty party? The former World Champion, "The Animal" Batista. When it was announced that not only would Edge be defending the World Title on the 28th in Green Bay, but that Batista does not have a rematch clause in his contract, Big Dave snapped, laying out both Champion and Boss, ensuring, as reported earlier, that Shane McMahon will be unable to appear in St. Louis this week, and will instead be replaced by his sister, Stephanie, who has promised to reveal the identity of the man who will challenge "The Rated R Superstar" in two week's time.

But that is not all Stephanie McMahon has promised. The former SmackDown GM of almost two years, known for her famous match-making skills, has stamped her mark on this week's show instantly, signing three huge main events, not least the "punishment" (Ms. McMahon's own words) of Dave Batista, as he goes one-on-one will a man he is all too familiar with, and a man he got into aggressions with during the 'Clash Of Champions Match' almost three weeks ago. You guessed it. "The Animal" Batista will be taking on the former five-time World Champion, Booker T, in a match with obvious Number One Contender repercussions.

The other two main events signed by Ms. McMahon have WWE Tag Team Championship implications, with perhaps the most obvious being the WWE Tag Team Title match itself, when The Bluebloods put their newly won belts on the line for the very first time against two men who just want a piece of the English duo following the events of the last two weeks: the makeshift team of the United States Champion Rey Mysterio and Cruiserweight Champion Jamie Noble. The two teams competing in the other main event contest will no doubt be keeping a close eye on proceedings, as MNM get their wish and an opportunity to gain some revenge on The Hooligans after last weeks' altercations in what should be a thrilling tag team contest.

Also, be sure to tune in for what could very well turn out to be one of the most explosive confrontations in recent history, as Mr. Kennedy hosts only the second ever edition of his already infamous talk show 'The Mic Suite featuring Mr. Kennedy'. And his guest? None other than the man he blames for costing him the Money in the Bank Ladder Match at WrestleMania, and one of the hottest tickets in the WWE right now, Matt Hardy. Kennedy has fuelled the fires further this past week by stating on wwe.com that he wanted an "apology" from Mr. Hardy. Will he get it? Or will Matt Hardy be the one to finally silence the undefeated loudmouth?

If there's a chill in the air, be sure to check over your shoulder, because in the arena this Friday will be none other than the self-proclaimed (or rather Heyman-proclaimed) "Phenom Slayer", Bobby Lashley. "The Real Deal" is on a mission. He wants The Undertaker. Will he finally get his wish this week?

Also keep an eyes out for three men with very different goals: be it "Fighting Irishman" Finlay's efforts to forget the loss of his undefeated streak, young Brent Albright's quest to further make a name for himself on Friday Nights as he continues to roll along, or "The Notorious K.I.D" Kid Kash's straight up obsession with recapturing the Cruiserweight Championship. They will all be present in St. Louis Missouri.

All this and more on Friday Night SmackDown!, 9/8CT on the CW.


'Checked Out'
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Re: Legend Presents: WWE 2006 - Stop Your Grinnin' And Drop Your Linen

SD! looks just about as good as always. Booker T vs. Batista is obviously a match that I am a big fan of, as they should have a great bout, though I doubt it will end cleanly. Can't wait for the two tag team matches, as I see The Hoolig ans and The Bluebloods winning. Can't wait to see Hardy get owned by Kennedy, and I'm sure everything else will be top-notch.

Deliver the show soon, plz.


PatMan Presents: World Wrestling Entertainment 2007
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Re: Legend Presents: WWE 2006 - Stop Your Grinnin' And Drop Your Linen

I'm not sure if I've reviewed any of your shows before, but I'm hoping to get one up for SmackDown once it's up, and I'm looking forward to it. The preview's awesome, and I'm sure the show will be too. Booker-Batista's a great match to have, I'm going to be hooked onto the ending of that match, I'm hoping for an Edge appearance. Can't wait for SD! to be posted.
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Re: Legend Presents: WWE 2006 - Stop Your Grinnin' And Drop Your Linen

Friday Night SmackDown!; April 21st, 2006; St. Louis, Missouri

Checked Out

A video package plays, highlighting the events which unfolded last week on SmackDown surrounding the World Heavyweight Championship, with Booker T, JBL, and Batista all making their case for a title shot in one way or another. The video then shifts to the closing segment of the night, in which Shane McMahon announces that Edge will defend the World Heavyweight Title in Green Bay, Wisconsin on the 28th, but before he can reveal the #1 Contender, the former champion, “The Animal” Batista, gets involved, taking out both champion and his boss, in a resounding statement.

Once the video package ends, the SmackDown opening video plays, before we enter the arena to bear witness to an incredible pyrotechnic extravaganza. Finally, we head to ringside with Michael Cole and Tazz.

Michael Cole: Hello, everyone, I’m Michael Cole, here alongside my broadcast partner Tazz, and we welcome you to a fiery edition of Friday Night SmackDown! Coming up in just a few moments, a second WWE Tag Team Championship Match in as many weeks - The Bluebloods defending against the alliance of United States Champion Rey Mysterio and Cruiserweight Champion Jamie Noble! But that’s not all.

Tazz: No way, Cole. Not the way SmackDown’s been rackin’ ‘em up, baby. Tonight we’re gonna see “The Animal” in action. Big Dave takin’ on Booker T in our main event.

Michael Cole: Both men hoping they’ll be named the number one contender here tonight, and we expect Stephanie McMahon to render the decision of The McMahon Family right here tonight on Raw, due to Shane being incapacitated.

Tazz: I tell you what, Cole, after the beatings Shane ‘O Mac has taken at and since WrestleMania from the likes of Randy Orton, Edge, and Batista, I don’t blame him one bit for stayin’ at home tonight.

Michael Cole: Well, it really isn’t up to you or me to make judgments, partner, but one thing is certain, there are a lot of superstars coming for Edge’s World Heavyweight Title right now, and “The Rated R Superstar” has promised to join us out here for the main event. Him and Batista in the same building? That should be explosive.

Tazz: Speakin’ of explosive, Cole we’ve got only the second ever edition of the “Mic Suite featuring Mr. Kennedy”, and his very special guest will be none other than the man he’s been accusin’ of costin’ him the Money in the Bank Ladder Match at WrestleMania, and one of the hottest tickets in the WWE right now, Matt Hardy!

Michael Cole: “Explosive?” The tension in that confrontation is going to be unbelievable! Also tonight, the former two-time WWE Tag Team Champions MNM will be in action, as they take on the two men they believe screwed them out of recapturing those belts last week in England, Paul London and Brian Kendrick, The Hooligans. One of the biggest tandem rivalries in modern wrestling history reaches boiling point tonight!!

Tazz: Speakin’ of tag team rivalries; here we go, baby. WWE Tag Team Titles on the line!!

1 - WWE Tag Team Championship Match
The Bluebloods © defend against U.S Champ Rey Mysterio & CW Champ Jamie Noble

Putting four of the best workers (tag team and singles) together in the same ring for the first time ever, unsurprisingly the two tandems put on a spectacularly exciting contest. Mysterio and Noble, both still raging following the assault last week, take the aggression and pace up several notches, controlling proceedings. The opening couple of minutes see the United States Champion and Cruiserweight Champion dominate Regal and Burchill, clearly frustrated about the arrogance and disrespect they’ve been shown by the two Englishmen since WrestleMania.

The Bluebloods eventually manage to weather the lightning quick storm though, using their experience as a team to evade their fiery opponents. The finish comes when Regal and Noble end up on the outside of the ring, leaving the legal men, Mysterio and Burchill, on the inside. The Ripper catches Rey-Rey coming in with an EXPLODER SUPLEX, before he quickly transitions it onto a HALF-NELSON, LOOKING FOR THE TWISTED SISTER - HE HITS IT!!!

With the veteran luchador down & out, Burchill looks to finish him off, but as he leaps climbs up to the top rope setting up for the MOONSAULT -- HE’S SHOVED OFF!! Paul falls and SLAMS down into the canvas hard, clutching his shoulder, as the camera pans over to show…

JOHNNY NITRO OF MNM, dressed in his street clothes, getting the hell out of dodge, leaping back over the barricade through the crowd. Why does the referee not call for the disqualification you ask? Well, that because JOEY FREAKIN’ MERCURY IS ON THE APRON, DISTRACTING HIM!!!

On the outside, Noble manages to counter an Irish whip attempt from the veteran Regal and send him CRASHING spine-first into the steel steps! Inside the ring, Noble rolls back inside and lifts Burchill up, shooting him into the ropes. Once The Ripper comes back, The Pit-bull gets set too early, and the Englishman is first to react, and sticks Rey’s head between his legs, gets him up, GOING FOR A POWERBOMB -- but Jamie COUNTERS, tripping Burchill down and CATAPULTING HIM … WHERE HE SQUASHES THE OFFICIAL IN THE CORNER!!!

After several seconds of lying on the ground, Noble staggers back up to his feet, while Burchill dazedly stumbles out from the corner backwards, looking down upon the official with confusion -- NOBLE GRABS HIM - THE DRAGON CLUTCH IS APPLIED!! As the crowd roars, Noble takes the youngster down to the canvas; legs wrapped around his torso, the deadly submission well in place … … AND BURCHILL TAPS LIKE A MAD MAN … BUT THERE’S NO REFEREE!!!

Releasing his hold, a fuming Noble tosses Burchill’s limp frame aside, before staggering up to his feet and walking over to the unconscious official, pulling at his shirt, trying to get him to wake up (all the while with the crowd booing frantically), as The Pit-bull turns around -- ONLY TO BE NAILED WITH A BELT SHOT BETWEEN THE EYES ---


The Notorious K.I.D, clad in black jeans and a black dress shirt, doesn’t allow his enemy to fall, and holds Noble up by the arm, dropping the CRUISERWEIGHT TITLE BELT down onto the mat, lifts him up into the air, and PLANTS HIM WITH THE DEAD LEVEL RIGHT ONTO THE METAL PLATE!!! The crowd delivers some ASTOUNDING heat for the former champion, as KK looks upon Noble with utter contempt, chewing his gum all the time. Grabbing the barely moving Paul Burchill by the underarms, Kash drags his muscular frame across the mat, before SLUMPING him across Noble’s lifeless torso. After getting rid of the title belt, K.I.D turns to the official, slapping & spitting in his face a few times to wake him up, before rolling him in the direction of the pinning predicament, which he … just … sees, making the slow count --- giving The Bluebloods the tainted retention!!

Winners - The Bluebloods via pin fall @ 10:37. Regal & Burchill retain the WWE Tag Team Titles.

The Bluebloods retain the titles for the second time in as many weeks! Knowing they escaped by the skin of their teeth, Regal pulls his partner from the ring, grabs the belts, and gets the hell out of Dodge. Mysterio holds his head in the ring, while poor ol’ Jamie Noble is laid out in the middle of the ring, only just coming to. All this is watched, from the top of the ramp, by the dead eyes of one Notorious K … I … D…


Backstage, Booker T sits on a crummy, stained, and chipped bench, in the disgusting communal locker room, clad in his leopard skin coat, chatting flirtatiously with his dutiful wife Sharmell, as she dotes on him hand and foot. Suddenly, there’s a knock on the door…

Booker T: My wife?

Sharmell opens the door to reveal a suited, eager Josh Matthews holding a microphone.

Sharmell: What do you want?

Josh Matthews: Just hoping for a few comments from Booker.

Clearly disgusted by this unimpressive specimen of a man before her, Sharmell looks down her nose at the edgy Matthews, before turning around.

Sharmell: My husband?

Booker … slaps his thigh and starts cackling wildly.

Booker T: (laughing) HA-HA, of course, of course, show our guest in, Sharmell.

Her demeanour changing, Sharmell stands aside, curtseying to the entering Matthews.

Booker T: Welcome, Joshua; yes, welcome to (motions around) my humble dwellings.

Nodding, quite impressed by Booker’s hospitality, Matthews takes a seat opposite him.

Booker T: (suddenly poker face) You hear what I said? “Humble?” Booker T-- humble?

Slightly confused, Matthews simply gives a little shrug, before going back to his mic.

Josh Matthews: Booker, I just wanted to get your thoughts ahead of your huge main event tonight-- your first main event in a while actually, against Dave Batista.

Booker T: “MUH’ FIRS’”-- (Sharmell places a hand on his shoulder) Ha-ha, forgive me, Joshua. You must understand how BookahT, a former (holds up palm) five-time World Champion prepares for such a contest tonight. I’m in the zone, I’m duckin’ and divin’, (shadow boxing) juttin’ an’ jivin’, ‘cause when it comes down to it, my friend; David Batista, he may … be an-- an “Animal”, but Boookaaaahhhhh … is a monster.

Sharmell beams as Booker lets out a toothy grin.

Josh Matthews: After your comments last week, with a win tonight, are you hoping for a shot at the World Heavyweight Championship at some point?

Booker T: “AT SOME--“(Sharmell calms him once again, getting his fake laugh) No, ha-ha, no, Joshua; yours truly is not searching for a World Heavyweight Title shot “at some point” -- Bookah’ is demandin’ at shot at the World Championship at the very next juncture; it can be next week in that slum of Green Bay, but one way or another … I will be first in line.

Matthews nods pensively, as slowly reclines back in the uncomfortable chair.

Booker T: And that, Joshua, is all I am willin’ to divulge-- for tonight at least; but watch the main event closely tonight, my friend, ‘cause not only will you witness my rise to greatness, but also the final destruction … of David Batista. Goodnight.

Josh Matthews: Uh, one more thing--

Sharmell: C’mon, (ushering Matthews towards the door) you heard Booker; OUT!

Little Josh tries to protest, but he is no match for Sharmell’s feminine wiles, as she gets him through the door and slams the door right in his face. Heading back to her husband, Sharmell returns to massaging her man’s shoulders, as Booker shadow boxes, complete with “ah” and “bam” sound effects; in the zone.

Cut elsewhere

Backstage, a frantic Kid Kashcarries his bags from the locker room, and he walks (almost jogs actually) from the room, into the hallway and begins to head towards the exit at the end of the hall. “The Notorious K.I.D” checks over his shoulder, before allowing himself a little smirk; he heads through the doors of the arena, and into the night of the parking lot, heading towards a waiting, luxurious silver limousine.The waiting driver opens up the Jag’s door and KK throws his bags in. But before Kash can get into the car…

???: (off screenshot) SON OF A BITCH!!!

KK whirls around quickly and RECEIVES A THUMPING RIGHT HAND STRAIGHT TO THE MOUTH … from JAMIE NOBLE, the man he screwed earlier!!!

St. Louis erupts as the Cruiserweight Champion swings away on the man he took the title from at WrestleMania, hammering away on him with furious shots, taking him to the ground, and continuing the assault down in the muck!! A host of other wrestlers, including road agent Dean Malenko, obviously just coming or going from their cars, appear out of nowhere, grabbing hold of “The Pit-bull”, trying to restrain him–

Jamie Noble: (fighting like a mad man) GIT’ THE HELL OFFA’ ME; I’M GONNA KILL THIS SORRY SON OF A--

Jamie tries to surprise his captors, but they hold firm against his struggles.

Jamie Noble: YOU’RE FREAKIN’ (boots the Jag hard) DEAD, KASH, YA HEAR ME?!?!?!

He continues to struggles against his peers … until K.I.D COMES OUT OF NOWHERE AND HITS HIM WITH A HARD SHOT FROM BEHIND, taking both Noble and the others down!! Breathing hard, Kash sprints around to the other side of the car and gets in after a tussle with the door. KK slams the door and the Jaguar zooms off, as the camera closes in on the face of Jamie Noble, on his knees, arms held back at least five men, his face shaking with rage, terrible rage…


Back from the break, we are still backstage, where “The Animal” Dave Batista sits on the bench in his locker room, dressed to compete. ‘Tista sits back in his chair, eyes closed, letting out a frustrated breath–

???: (off screenshot) Getting in the zone, big man?

Opening his eyes slowly (and quite irritably actually), Big Dave’s attention turns, along with the camera’s, around the locker room to the entrance, where, still dressed in his wrestling gear from earlier, Rey Mysterio stands, hands on hips.

Batista: (staying seated) ‘Guess you could say that. How’s it goin’, Rey?

Rey Mysterio: Not too-- (looking slightly confused) Didn’t you watch the match earlier, Dave? Those jokers Nitro, Mercury, and then Kash just-- (pretty breathless with annoyance) Well, I’m not a four-time tag team champion, Dave, that pretty much sums up what just happened.

Batista: (nonchalantly, not looking up) Sorry.

Rey Mysterio: (still looking confused by Dave’s tone) Uh, yeah, thanks, man, but that’s not why I’m here. You know I’m not the kinda’ guy to go ‘round bitchin’ and moanin’ just ‘cause I lost a match. Nah, homes, I’m here ‘bout your match tonight.

This seems to get The Animal’s attention a bit, as he looks up.

Batista: What about my match, Rey?

Rey-Rey looks set to speak, before Big Dave holds up his hand–

Batista: Look, Rey, (still not really looking at his friend) I think I know what you’re gonna say, and quite frankly, man, I don’t wanna hear it. (Pointing forcibly at the ground) I’m sick ‘n tired of people tellin’ me I can’t do this and I can’t so that

Rey Mysterio: Hey, (holding up hands in defence) earth to Dave, ya talking to the guy who just played Booker for a fool at WrestleMania. You buy any of that crap I was peddlin’ about him breaking my spirit-- my heart? I didn’t think so, champ. No one can break me, just like no one can take the fight outta’ you. You just gotta keep your head, bro.

Batista: (one, small nod) Fair enough.

Rey Mysterio: Look, what I actually came here to say, Dave; it has nothing to do with you losing or keepin’ your head, (runs his hand across his mouth tersely) but it has everything to do with nobody else gettin’ screwed tonight. I got stabbed in the back by Regal & Burchill two weeks ago, ran down last week, an’ robbed again tonight, right?

Batista: (stretching his triceps out behind his head) Tough deal.

Rey Mysterio: That story sound familiar?

‘Tista lets his arms drop down by his side again, slowly turning his head to fix his wild, passionate eyes upon his pint-sized comrade.

Rey Mysterio: (Resting his hand on Dave’s shoulder, leaning in) Well, it should, big man. It’s your exact same story since WrestleMania. Think about it, Chicago, Edge stole the title from you. He did again two weeks ago, and then last week you-- you took out the boss, Dave. That idiot’s in your head, just like Booker was with me, whether you wanna believe it or not. I’ve been screwed more times than I wanna count, homes, so I just want you ta know, tonight, Booker or Edge try anything … I gotcha’ back.

Mysterio smiles warmly, as Batista lets out a relatively startled expression. Rey-Rey gives the big man a pat on the back… but then walks away, as The Animal stares straight ahead, pensive…

Back to ringside

Tazz: Oh, man, is Big Dave in the zone or what, Cole?

Michael Cole: After what we’ve seen happen to Batista since WrestleMania, are you even surprised?

Tazz: Good on, Rey, to think of his buddy though, ‘specially after already losin’ tonight; tryin’ to get the big guy’s head back in the ga–

???: {Tapping}

A faint “tapping” catches our attention, cutting Tazz off in mid-flow, but he doesn’t seem too concerned, instead throwing his gaze up giddily to the titantron along with everybody else’s, to where Brent Albright stands for the third straight week, dressed to compete, tapping the camera lens.

Brent Albright: By now, you should already know who I am and what I’m capable of.

Smirking, Albright runs a hand through his shaggy mane of dark hair.

Brent Albright: But it seems the superstars of the WWE ain’t quite reached the standard of (strokes his chest) “The Measuring Stick” yet…

A smattering of boos for the arrogant youngster.

Brent Albright: First it was one, then it was two, and tonight it will be three, as I continue to expose the superstars of Friday Night SmackDown for the frauds that they really are. ‘Cause let’s be honest, ladies and gentlemen, when it comes to (points over his shoulder) them and me … they just don’t measure up.

Some heat for that statement.

Brent Albright: I’m makin’ my name takin’ names and (smirks) snappin’ limbs, and it don’t matter who you are or where ya come from, once my crosshairs get set on you, there’s only gonna be one outcome: defeat courteousy of the best wrestler in the world … “The Shooter” Brent … Albright…

As the crowd boos increase, that same blonde female appears from behind Brent, gazing at him sensuously and rubbing his shoulders…

Brent Albright: (Points finger at camera like a gun) Bang”.

The crowd jeers as “The Shooter” throws some water over his head, and storms off camera, hismanager valet ‘associate’ bringing up the rear. After a long pause, with the commentators giving us the gift of silence…

***BLOOD, SUGAR, SEX, MAGIK*** ‘The Shooter’ Brent Albright and his anonymous female accomplice make their way down to the ring, as Scotty 2 Hotty limbers up.

Tazz:(Marking out) Ha-ha, I love this cat, Cole, you know that already. Straight up mean, nasty, bad tempered individual with all the talent to boot. Brent Albright is pretty much unstoppable right now. Kinda’ like me back in the day.

2 - ‘Shooter’ Brent Albright vs. Scotty 2 Hotty

I wouldn’t mark out for him too much yet, Tazz; after all this only Albright’s third WWE career match. There isn’t much to suggest that “The Shooter” won’t in fact live up to Tazz’s hype though, as he does to Scotty what he did to Funaki and Nunzio: embarrasses them with frightening ease. After laying Hotty out with his German, German, Half-Nelson Suplex trifecta, Albright quickly floats over, taking hold of Scotty’s arm and snapping it up to a hideous angle with the CROWBAR, getting the instant submission!

Winner - Brent Albright via submission @ 2:31.

Perfecting that ol’ heel trick, Brent refuses to release the hold for a few moments, garnering some big-time heat as the (strangely) popular Scotty 2 Hotty screams in pain. Eventually had enough, Albright backs off, smirking as the referee raises his hand, and his blonde ‘friend’ applauds daintily.

Michael Cole: That’s the third straight week Albright has taken things too far.

Tazz: You’re a new guy in the biggest wrestling company in the world; how else are you gonna make a name for yourself, Cole, answer me that?

Just before we fade out for our next commercial interlude, we get a brief glimpse backstage of a very attentive, but unimpressed Hardcore Holly, standing with his hands on his hips, watching the antics of the rookie Brent Albright on a locker room monitor, shaking his head coldly.


3 - Tag Team Match
MNM w/Melina vs. The Hooligans

Not only a No Way Out rematch, but also a Saturday Night’s Main Event rematch; as for the first time in their long feud, these four men hook it up in a non-title match, with both teams still lagging behind the guile of The Bluebloods. As one would expect, we get a sizzling encounter to cut right down the centre of the show, with the crowd hot for both teams, especially with hate for MNM after their blatant interference earlier in the night.

After a rapid opening volley from London & Kendrick, and the usual savvy sally from the heels Mercury & Nitro to dominate the babyfaces, it comes down to Spanky and Nitro the two legal men, until Kendrick is able to counter Johnny’s attempted Corkscrew Neckbreaker into a commando roll, flipping, leaping up, and MAKING THE HOT TAG TO PAUL LONDON!!

If that’s possible for these two teams, the pace goes up a notch, as The Hooligans begin to dominate proceedings again, ultimately resulting in the non-legal man, Nitro, being DROPKICKED MID-SPRINGBOARD, sending him crashing down to the outside. As Mercury turns around in the ring, he eats a KICK to the right leg from London, one to the left leg from Kendrick dropping him to his knees, before synchronised STEREO SUPERKICKS RIGHT TO THE JAW/SKULL of the former 2-time WWE Tag Team Champion!!

As the crowd pops, Spanky scurries up the turnbuckle, and London lifts Mercury up, straddling across the same level as Kendrick. Stepping up, Brian wraps his arm around Joey’s head, as London gets in between his legs, Powerbomb-like, bringing the crowd alive - SPANKY BACKFLIPS OFF, NAILING THE SUPER SLICED BREAD #2, AS LONDON SLAMS MERCURY DOWN WITH THE GOODNIGHT POWERBOMB!!!

The St. Louis crowd goes wild for the manoeuvre that slew MNM at WrestleMania, as Kendrick struggles back to a knee, and London lies across Mercury, looking to earn their title shot -- BUT OUT OF NOWHERE WILLIAM REGAL AND PAUL BURCHILL SLIDE INTO THE RING; REGAL RUNNING RIGHT THROUGH SPANKY WITH A HIGH-KNEE STRIKE. AND BURCHILL CRASHING DOWN OVER LONDON & MERCURY WITH A MESSY STEEL CHAIR STRIKE TO BREAK UP THE PINNING PREDICAMENT, causing the referee to call for the bell!

Winners - No Contest @ 9:03.

The crowd boos mercilessly, as the two Englishmen, now wearing their dark suits, do what they do best, picking the scraps left behind to vicious excess, laying into both of their rivals to their tag team titles. As Regal KNOCKS SPANKY SILLY WITH KNEES AGAINST THE BOTTOM TURNBUCKLE, Burchill rolls out of the ring and brings Nitro in for his share.

Michael Cole: These two guys make me absolutely sick!!

Lifting Nitro up, Burchill grabs him by the air, before FLIPPING OVER BACKWARDS, DRILLING HIM WITH THE C-4!!! The crowd pops slightly for the incredible manoeuvre, but that soon changes, as Regal continues to bludgeon poor Paul London with EVIL, STIFF HEAD BUTTS, which eventually cause the youngster to bleed from just above his eyes!!

Still not satisfied with the carnage, the tag team champions turn on Mercury; as Burchill sticks his head between his legs, lifts him up half-way in a Powerbomb position, before Regal comes off the ropes with A RUNNING KNEE STRIKE TO THE TEMPLE, and “The Ripper” SLAMS HIM DOWN INTO THE CANVAS!!!

Michael Cole: Oh my lord! I thought this was all about sending a message to their two challengers, but-- this is almost like The Bluebloods are trying to eliminate the competition.

Tazz: You ain’t kiddin’, Cole; this is just plain nasty.

As Kendrick lies unconscious in the corner, Nitro out cold centre of the ring, London holding his bloody face on the mat, and Mercury folded up like a damn Japanese accordion, Regal and Burchill calmly step back to their feet, straightening their ties nonchalantly, sneering down upon their foes with contempt to white-hot heat, as we fade away.

Cut backstage

Much like last week, we are taken deep into the bowels of the arena to an undisclosed area of the building; it is shrouded almost entirely in darkness, with only a rickety, flickering bulb casting an eerie glow across the room.

The camera pans across the steel grating, before stopping down on the ground, a pair of black boots, before panning up: black knee pads, black trunks, ridiculously huge, muscular & chiselled physique, and, finally, the cold, hard gaze of “The Real Deal” Bobby Lashley as he breathes into the camera. A hand rests on his shoulder…

???:(From just off screenshot, mocking tone) In nominee patris … … et spiritus sancti…

Slowly, the camera slips across and down enough to reveal the suited and booted, sinister Paul Heyman standing just abreast of his client…

Paul Heyman:(The camera starts moving back to B’Lash, but we can still see Paul E.) Isn't this religious? (Pointing around the room) Ahhhh, yes. The eternal battle between good and evil, saint and sinner … … but, Mr. Undertaker you still don’t understand what’s happening, do you? This man (throwing his arms up at Bobby wildly) is about to unleash the biblical plague that this … cess pit of a company deserves, we -- he is a man that even you, Deadman, with all of your mythical, legendary, supernatural powers -- (scoffs) well, you are looking at a man that perhaps even you, Undertaker, that even you don’t fully understand…

With the camera almost entirely on Lashley, all we can really see of Paul E. are is gesticulating hands, as “The Real Deal” menaces…

Paul Heyman: You just, (his finger flashes across Bobby’s chest) couldn’t do the smart thing when you had the chance could you, Undertaker? You couldn’t come to WrestleMania without all of your politics, without all of your bureaucratic druids following in your wake, and now, (shrugs; beat) now you’re going to pay … … the ultimate price…

Gradually, the shot inches closer and closer to Bobby’s face…

Paul Heyman: So why would anyone in their right mind come after you, you ask, Mr. Undertaker? (Gazes up at his client) Why? Because they like the sport. Because they want nothing else. Because, Deadman, unlike you, some men aren’t looking for anything logical, like money … they can’t be bought, bribed, intimidated or reasoned with. Some men, Taker, are simply lookin’ … … for the perfect … …game

Completely focused on the eyes of “The Real Deal” Bobby Lashley…

Paul Heyman: Dress up like Halloween … … (Lashley doesn’t blink) … … and ghouls will come knocking at your door.

The camera closes in so much on Lashley, until it finally fades to total darkness, taking us into a commercial.


When we return from the break, the cameras take us back to ringside immediately, where the squared circle is set up just like it was a month ago: a black carpet, two brown leather armchairs either side, and a old, 1950s grammar phone in the corner…


As the voice roars over the PA system, St. Louis comes alive with the kind of reaction usually reserved for more established superstars; an initial pop of cheers, before gradually falling back into normality with some quite impressive heat. Dressed in a smart dark suit, dark shirt, with the collar open, the platinum blonde loudmouth Mr. Kennedy steps out onto the stage; his blue eyes steely, and his mouth (containing its usual wad of gum) sporting a slight sneer. Clutching a note pad in his right hand, KK wastes absolutely whatsoever in sauntering down to the ring.

Michael Cole: Here is the man who earlier this week on wwe.com demanded that his guest tonight on ‘The Mic Suite’, Matt Hardy, apologises to him or, in Kennedy’s own chilling words, “face the consequences.”

Tazz: Ya gotta hand it to him; the gall of Mr. Kennedy is damn impressive. This is a guy who’s never lost in his entire, almost year-long WWE career, and he’s called out the guy who, just a few weeks ago, ended the undefeated streak of Finlay. What he says he’s gonna do … he does.

Pausing on the apron, Kennedy hangs off the top rope by one arm for a minute, before nonchalantly swinging his leg around and stepping into the ring. Just beside his archaic set, KK places his notepad down, adjusts his cuffs, holds his arms out, and then ever so slowly raises his right arm into the air, synchronising it with the fading of the lights, and the dying over his music. From the rafters, his silver, sparkling microphone descends, landing perfectly in Kennedy’s hand, held to his lips…

Mr. Kennedy: Y–

The boos are still too great at this point, prompting a terse Mr. Kennedy to lower the microphone, gazing into the masses as if to say “Are you serious?” before trying again.

Mr. Kennedy: You (pointing his finger with each word) are looking … at the number one rated talk show in wrestling history … you are looking at the future of sport’s entertainment.

Heat for Kennedy, as a sneer crosses his feature, smacking his lips with every chew.

Mr. Kennedy: You are looking at … ‘The Mic Suite’ … featuring (leans right back, adopting the pose) MMMMIIIISSSTERRRRRRRRR KENNEDY!!!

The boos pour in, as a cocky, confident, and egomaniacal KK walks over to the nearby turnbuckle, and steps up to the second rung, raises his arms to the heavens, still clutching the microphone to his mouth.

Mr. Kennedy: (Eyes closed in ecstasy) KEN - NA - DAY!!!

Slowly opening his eyes once more, Kennedy gazes around the arena as he steps back down to the ring mat, the spotlight following him.

Mr. Kennedy: Eight years … (begins pacing slowly) eight years ago, my guest tonight made his debut alongside his little brother Jeff. (Ignoring the pop for Hardy) And ever since that day, that fateful, death-defying day in Nineteen Ninety Eight, to this … very …day as I stand before you in this ring, Matt Hardy has created almost a decade of chills, spills, and thrills.

Giving the cheering audience an off ‘look’ out of the corner of his eye, KK pauses.

Mr. Kennedy: (Nodding in agreement) Don’t get me wrong. That-- that’s impressive.

A slight smirk passes over Double K’s features, as he take a step to his left, holding his left arm slightly in the air, like a pointer.

Mr. Kennedy: But … ya know what’s even more impressive?

Cocking his head slightly like a bird, Kennedy searches the audience for answer, though he clearly knows none is coming…

Mr. Kennedy: … … … (Finger slowly turns on himself) Me.

Booming heat, with no one in the crowd apparently in agreement with the youngster.

Mr. Kennedy: Oh yeah, that’s right, (nodding his head decisively) that’s right, me, Mr. Kennedy. Because never before, in the history of the World Wrestling Entertainment, has there been a superstar who has gone seven -- that’s right, seven. Count them if you can, St. Louis; (Hold up his fingers) one, two, three, four, five, six, seven -- months without losing … a single match.

Heat for the arrogance of the charismatic superstar, who simply delivers the most ‘casual’ shrug one is ever likely to see.

Mr. Kennedy: Y’see, (acting ‘modest’) and I kinda’ think, well I kinda’ know,many people will agree with me when I say this, that-- that I’ve actually (shrugs) become bigger than the World Wrestling Entertainment itself.

Boos ring out through the arena, but Kennedy just chomps away.

Mr. Kennedy: (Suddenly holding up his hand apologetically) Hey, hey, and all I wanted to do last month was to prove that-- was to prove that by expanding my horizons by becoming the World Heavyweight Champion, or by winnin’ the WWE Title using my Money in the Bank that was destined to come home with me… (suddenly more annoyed) but that couldn’t happen, huh, that couldn’t happen, NO, because one mancouldn’t take it.

Shaking his head from side-to-side, KK looks completely unimpressed.

Mr. Kennedy: (Through gritted teeth) Matt Hardy.

A raucous ovation from St. Louis for one of the most popular superstars in the WWE today, with even a few “HARDY” chants thrown in for good measure, all adding to Kennedy’s displeasure.

Mr. Kennedy:(Wags his head) Well I’m here to tell ya … Matt … that I will not-- no, wait, check that. I refuse to just sit by and watch you ruin my career before it even has a chance to get off the ground, just because-- just because I, ME, have surpassed you in a matter of months, have attained greatness in weeks, the likes of which you have only dreamed for ten years of achievin’ … but it just ain’t happenin’ … is it, Matt?

More boos, as Ken smiles confidently.

Mr. Kennedy:(Grins) Course not.Which is whyyyyy … … … (licking his lips, thinking it over) which is why, for your sake, I … want-- (steps towards the ropes, pointing) want YOU … come out here right now.

BIG pop from Missouri, as Kennedy stares down at the canvas where he just pointed; he is all fired up.

Mr. Kennedy:(Straight ahead, hard camera) I … WANT YOU TO COME OUT TO THE MIC SUITE RIGHT NOW LIKE THE MAN THAT YOU SAY THAT YOU ARE AND … (lowers voice, calmer) apologise for what you’ve done to me.

KK looks completely serious, despite the startled reaction of the crowd, even going so far as to mouth at them, microphone down, “I ain’t kiddin’ folks, I ain’t kiddin’”, before bringing it back up.

Mr. Kennedy: Y’see, Matt, in Nineteen Ninety Eight, with your lil’ brother in tow, you’re career began, and (starts to put on booming voice) ON THIS VERY DAY, APRIL TWENTY-FIRST, TWO THOUSAND SIX, if you don’t apologise to me right now for costin’ me the Money in the Bank Match at WrestleMania-- and you can MARK MY WOOOORDS-- YOU CAN COUNT ON IT, YOU’RE CAREEEER WILL … … … (softly) end.

Astonishing heat for the brash, arrogant youngster, who just doesn’t seem to quite fathom what it spewing forth from his lips. As Cole and Tazz gasp over his “temerity”. KK slowly turns, spreading his lanky arms out wide, looking up the ramp…

Mr. Kennedy:(Almost laughing) Come-- come on, Matt.

As the “HARDY” chants grow even louder, Kennedy smirks up at them, loving how he has wound the crowd up so perfectly, eating out of the palm of his hand…

Mr. Kennedy:(Holding his arm out) C’mon, you’re supposed to be the one who never backs down from a fight, right? You’re supposed to be the one who (air quotes) “Will Not Die”, huh?

“No? No?” Ken bobs his head from side to side playfully, bouncing on his toes playfully, as still there is no sign of young Matthew…

Mr. Kennedy: Come-- (mocking tone) but you’re my guest on ‘The Mic Suite’, Matt? C’mon, c’mon, you’re (makes a goofy sign with his fingers) “V ONE-AHHH”, right? COME ON, if you’re everything that you say that you are, if you’re everything that you think you should be; if you’re everything (turns his head) these people think that you are, YOU’LL GROW A SET-- YOU’LL COME DOWWWWN HERE!!!

Nothing. Still nothing. The “HARDY” chants are still rocking the arena, with the crown in agreement with the villainous Kennedy for once, desperate for their young hero to make an appearance. Grimacing, barely even blinking, KK raises his microphone back up to his mouth…

Mr. Kennedy:(Mocking, childish voice) “Mommy, Daddy … can Matt come out and play?”

There are a few laughs amongst the onlookers, but mostly the audience continue to pour scorn on the brash blonde as he stares wildly at the stage.

Mr. Kennedy: Matt–


This is what the crowd came for, and they respond as such, blowing the roof off the joint with a tremendous ovation for the always immensely popular youngster. Cut off in mid sentence, Kennedy’s eyes go momentarily wide … before a satisfied smirk appears on his face, and he takes a step backward, still clutching his microphone like a precious diamond; until Matt Hardy steps out onto the stage. Hair tied in a ponytail, clad in a black sweater and navy jeans, “Version One” actually looks quite confused as he heads on down.

Tazz: Showtime.

Michael Cole: You don’t have to ask twice, Kennedy. ~___~

Despite Kennedy bouncing up and down on his toes like Muhammad Ali inside the ring, creating the impression of “go time”, Hardy maintains his relatively cool exterior, slapping a few of the fans’ hands, before ascending the steps. Keeping his eyes warily on the animated talk show host, Matt steps through the ropes–



The crowd cheers loudly as the biggest mouth in Green Bay is knocked on his arse, his precious microphone tumbling out of his grasp; not how he planned things to go. Fuming, Hardy quickly kicks a couple of the chairs aside and dives atop KK, HAMMERING away on him with right hands to the face; AND KENNEDY IS COVERING UP!!

With the “HARDY” chants in full swing around the building, Double K, out of desperation, sticks his hands up in Matt’s face and SHOVES him back enough so that he can escape from underneath the onslaught. Quickly rolling onto his hands and knees, Kennedy makes a bid for freedom, pulling himself up and staggering into the corner, with Hardy in pursuit…

As Ken falls into the turnbuckle, his previously neat and tidy hair and suit now a mess, Matt comes right back after him with RIGHT HANDS to the face -- KENNEDY BOOTS HARDY RIGHT BELOW THE BELT WITH A HEINOUS LOW BLOW, KNOCKING THE FORMER TAG CHAMPION OFF HIS FEET!!!

{now THAT’S owned tbh}

St. Louis delivers some deafening heat at the sight of poor Matt Hardy clutching his unmentionables, dropping to his knees, and then crumpling down onto his side. Wiping the perspiration from his face, one can almost see the cogs turning in KK’s head; his face changes from one of relief, to one of utter, complete, TOTAL disdain for the man he just clocked.

Running a hand along his chiselled jaw line, Mr. Kennedy bends down, takes a handful of Hardy’s long (and now loose) hair, dragging him back up to his knees to face him. Placing both hands around the face of Mattitude, Ken looks right into the face of the man who cost him the MITB Ladder Match at WM … before his eyes drift back to his fallen microphone…

Reaching down, Kennedy snatches up his microphone again, still holding Matt’s head in his left hand, and his eyes go from one to the other: from Matt to mic, mic to Matt -- BEFORE MR. KENNEDY DRIVES THE STEEL MICROPHONE RIGHT INTO THE SKULL OF MATT HARDY!!!

The St. Louis crowd “OHHHHs” loudly at the sight, as Hardy’s hands immediately shoot up to cover his face, crying out in pain, and staggering around the ring like a blind man, AS KENNEDY CONTINUES TO HAMMER AWAY AT HIM WITH THE MICROPHONE, over and over!

Matt goes from one side of the ring to the other, trying to get his arms up sportingly, but they are useless at this point, as he stumbles over the various props set up for ‘The Mic Suite’, knocking the armchairs aside, running right through the grammar phone, while KK takes hold of his arm -- CREAMING HIM WITH MORE SHOTS, until Matt begins to crumple down to the, uh, mat (no pun intended).

Spinning, face wild like a mad man, Kennedy lets out a ROOOOAR of intensity, the adrenaline pumping through his body; but the more important story is told over his shoulder, as Matt Hardy rolls over onto his knees, arms limp by his sides blinking dazedly, with the BLOOD POURING FROM THE GASH IN HIS FOREHEAD!!!

The gasps of the crowd convey the hideousness of the sight, as Kennedy whirls around, storms across the canvas, squats, holds the crimson microphone up, and gets right in Hardy’s battered face…

Mr. Kennedy:(Screaming) NOBODY STOPS THE INEVITABLE!!! (Tosses the cable aside) NOBODY STOPS MMMMIIIISSSTERRRRRRR… … …


This time there is no breath of arrogance from Kennedy to celebrate his triumph, but instead the platinum blonde, Machiavellian superstar steps across Hardy’s limp body, mounting him, lifting his head up by the hair, and proceeds to WHALE AWAY AT THE SKULL OF VERSION ONE WITH SHOT AFTER SHOT AFTER SHOT, opening him up to beyond the point of recognition!!!

It’s really hard to keep track of just how many times Kennedy actually strikes Hardy with the microphone, but it’s safe to say it’s well into DOUBLE FIGURES, as Matt finally goes still, limbs spread all about him, head slumped to the side, mouth open, eyes shut…

If you think the heat attained by The Big Show and Paul Bearer was something on Monday Night Raw, think again. White-hot is the only way to describe the hostility being directed at Kennedy at this moment, as he leers down at his handiwork, almost transfixed, his left hand wiping nonchalantly at his blood-stained shirt; before he gradually crouches back down, microphone to his lips, like some kind of wicked bird of prey, squatting right over his kill, up close and personal with the scarlet lake below…

Mr. Kennedy: … … … … … … (whispering) Ken - Na - Day.

And with that, Kennedy is done. The undefeated superstar, with a mere flick of his wrist, drops his hallowed microphone to the canvas. Not once taking his eyes of his victim, KK gets back up to his feet, breathing hard, blood smeared all over his body. He backs up slowly, still staring at his handiwork, places a hand on the ropes, calmly steps through them, and drops down to the floor below. Backing up the ramp coldly, Kennedy is assaulted from all sides by cried of “YOU SUCK”, as we fade out … and Matt Hardy … lies…



and still.


Michael Cole:(Speaking over the top as the footage plays) Ladies and gentlemen, before the commercial break, we saw a vicious attack from Mr. Kennedy to Matt Hardy; as you can see now, Kennedy using his own microphone to bust Hardy open. During the break, (footage of Hardy helped from ring) Matt was taken to the back, having lost a ton of blood, and we’ve now learned that he’s been taken to the local hospital.

4 - ‘Fighting Irishman’ Finlay vs. Super Crazy

In quite surprising fashion, this contest actually gives both superstars the chance to shine, as Super Crazy does his utmost to try and hang with a man who, quite frankly, as shown himself to be a level above the plucky Mexicool in his so far brief stint with the WWE. For Crazy it is quite apparent that an impressive performance in the single’s division will open a whole new horizon of possibilities for him, with himself and his partner, Psicosis, finding it rather hard going in the tag team ranks currently, floundering behind the immense trio tandems of The Bluebloods, Hooligans, and MNM.

However --- as any man who went four months undefeated --- Finlay is one tough son of a bitch to make a name for yourself on, and he is barely affected by Crazy’s efforts. After dominating the veteran luchador for the opening stages, Dave is forced to weather the storm for a few minutes, as SC excites the crowd with his high-flying antics, befuddling the British grappler to the tenth degree. The Mexican goes for just one big move too many, back-flipping off the middle rope with a MOONSAULT (almost like a Lionsault in fact) -- only for Ol’ Dave to BOOT him in mid-air, wiping him out. Quickly taking advantage, Finlay scoops him up, and plants him with the CELTIC CROSS for the three count.

Winner - ‘The Belfast Brawler’ Finlay @ 6:33.

No sooner does the bell ring, then Finlay is back up on his feet to have his hand raised by the official. Instead of giving us one of his infamous, arrogant gap-toothed smiles, the Irishman picks up his shillelagh, stands over Super Crazy, rubs his jaw, and frowns long and hard down at the Mexican.

Shaking his head, Finlay, still getting heat from the crowd, steps through the ropes and storms to the back, looking seriously bewildered…

Tazz: Uh, what’s goin’ on with Finlay? That cat didn’t look too right in the head last week either. I guess losin’ your undefeated streak has that effect on ya.

Michael Cole: It would appear so, Tazz. An impressive win for the Irishman, but just what was going through his mind after the match, I shudder to think.

Tazz: Oh, man, me too, Cole, me too.

Cut backstage

In the “General Manager” of the night’s office, the McMahon in charge this week, Stephanie McMahon, sits behind the desk, clad in a trim, low-cut black suit, spectacles perched on her nose, leaning back calmly as she watches the monitor, which still shows Finlay leaving the ring. From across the room, behind Steph’s sultry gaze, comes the sound of the door opening…

Stephanie McMahon: (Turning around angrily) Since when did knocking–

Stephanie stops and lets out a little smirk … as John Bradshaw Layfield enters screenshot, looking ornery as ever, dressed in a grey business suit and white hat.

Stephanie McMahon: (Nodding at the monitor) Boy looks good on the tube, huh?

John Bradshaw Layfield: Save it-- (shaking his head) save it for Daddy, Princess. That ain’t gonna work with me.

Snickering, Steph rolls her eyes and lets out a grin.

Stephanie McMahon: John, John, Joooohn, (wagging her finger from side-to-side) in case you’ve forgotten, you’re talking to the boss-- your boss, so I think you better get to the point.

John Bradshaw Layfield: My boss?

Stephanie McMahon: Your boss.

John Bradshaw Layfield: I don’t have a boss, girlie.

Stephanie McMahon: Better check your contract then.

John Bradshaw Layfield: My contract?

Stephanie McMahon: (Under her breath) Jesus Christ-- yes, John, your contract.

The crowd can be heard laughing slightly in the background, as Steph, still seated, arms folded in front of her, wears a little smirk following the exchange, while JBL looks far from amused; his face is a faint shade of beet red, scowling down at the Executive Vice-President with contempt.

John Bradshaw Layfield: You-- (letting out a sigh) you need to watch it, darlin’.

Stephanie McMahon: Really?

John Bradshaw Layfield: Do you (coldly removing his hat) have any idea who you’re speakin’ to?

Stephanie McMahon: (Shrugs) Think I can guess, yeah.

Tersely, Layfield leans forward, slamming his hat down on the desk, which draws Stephanie’s gaze, as he raises his hand.

John Bradshaw Layfield: You can run your smart mouth all you want, Steph, but look where it’s got you in the past: a pet for The Undertaker, Hunter’s lil’ bit on the side, Jericho’s punchin’ bag, and Trish Stratus’ bitch (OH~). Just look where your dear ol’ big brother’s dealings got him last week.

Ms. McMahon purses her lips tersely, trying not to take the bait thrown her way; but that doesn’t prevent Bradshaw leaning in even further, eyes narrowed…

John Bradshaw Layfield: And if I’m not named the Number One Contender for that title shot next week in that dump Green Bay … you’re gonna find yourself in a similar position.

Steph’s eyes squint with anger, as JBL picks up his hat and places it calmly on his head before leaving the room.

John Bradshaw Layfield: Think about it.


A Superstar vignette plays …


Inter-cutting shots flash across the screen of a young superstar, clad in black trunks with shoulder length dark hair and a small beard. He stands in front of a blank screen, holding up his knuckles, adorned with the words, “D-R-U-G … F-R-E-E”…

???: I don’t drink …

Narrator: He is the most exciting superstar to ever hit professional wrestling …

A shot of the man flying through the ropes with a topé suicida…

???: I don’t smoke …

Narrator: His skills range from Muay Thai Kickboxing to Brazilian Jujitsu …

Shots of the man delivering scintillating kicks to his hopeless opponents…

???: I don’t do drugs …

Narrator: He’s been a champion everywhere he’s been …

Shots of the man holding the OVW Championship aloft…

???: My only addiction is competition …

Narrator: He’s a “Straightedge Superstar” …

More flashing shots of the man wowing crowd all around the world…

???: My name … is C … M … PUNK!!!

Punk throws his hair back, looking into the camera with steely eyes…

Narrator: And he’s coming … to Friday Night SmackDown!



Back to ringside…


Before our main event of the evening gets the chance to get underway, we are given an , appearance, as promised, by the World Heavyweight Champion, the “Rated R Superstar” himself, Edge, as he saunters through the smoke and down the ramp; he wears shades, a white ‘Sex & Violence’ t-shirt, jeans, carries the World Title over his shoulder, and has the beautiful, fiery red-head Lita on his arm, barely covered by her plunging black vest. Ignoring the astounding heat of St. Louis, Edge heads around to the announce table, where Tazz pulls out a couple of chairs for the power couple.

Michael Cole: As promised, ladies and gentlemen, (Edge grabs himself a headset) we’re being joined by Lita and the World Heavyweight Champion Edge.

Tazz: Two for the price o’ one, baby.

Michael Cole: This next contest could very well turn out to have serious meaning for our guest here tonight, as it features two men with claims on the Number One Contender’s spot, including the man Edge barely defeated at WrestleMania, “The Animal” Ba–

Edge: Oh, oh, that’s right, Michael Cole, Dave Batista’s number one cheerleader, right?

Michael Cole: Uh, not at all, Edge. I was just pointing out the danger a man like Batista poses to your World Championship considering he held it for a full year, and then it took three spears and a briefcase to the skull to put him--

Edge angrily glares at Cole.

Edge: I BEAT BATISTA BECAUSE I’M THE BEST IN THE WORLD!!! I’m not afraid of him, Michael, you understand me?!?! I’m not afraid of him!!

Michael Cole: … I-- I didn’t mean to--

Tazz: Hey c’mon, Cole, cut the champ some slack.

Michael Cole: I didn’t realise I--

Edge: Yeah, yeah, that just sums you up, doesn’t it, Mike?!?! You didn’t “realise” that I’m the greatest World Heavyweight Champion of all time, or-- or that it was Batista who had to attack me from behind last week!! It’s pretty pathetic!!

Tazz: Give him a break, Cole. (Turning to Edge) Sorry, man, he gets like this sometimes.

Edge turns away from Cole and gives Edge a cheese-eating grin.

Edge: It’s-- it’s fine, Tazz; we can’t help who we get saddled with.

Michael Cole: (Rolls eyes)

5 - Main Event
‘The Animal’ Batista vs. Booker T w/Sharmell
*World Heavyweight Champion Edge on commentary*

Having squared off on more than one occasion over the past year, it is no surprise that, despite their size and lack of speed, Batista and Booker have some decent chemistry with one another, giving us a splendid star-powered main event, with both men desperate to make their case for the Number One Contendership, as well as settle their issues from the last couple of weeks.

Finally, eight minutes into it, Booker finally manages to escape the onslaught of “The Animal”, countering a Batista Bomb a bit to close to the ropes into a big Back Body Drop that takes ‘Tista all the way up, over, and down to the floor on the outside. “The Book Man” is on the verge of having his arm raised for a count out victory, but Big Dave makes it back inside just in the nick of time.

Back in charge, Batista looks to put this contest away when he catches Booker coming flying off the ropes with a huge SPINEBUSTER!!! As the crowd roars, ‘Tista sets Book up for the end game, head between the legs, Batista Bomb time; only for Book to counter, driving Batista backwards into the turnbuckles, where HE SQUASHES THE OFFICIAL!!! As Jim Korderas goes down, Booker catches Big Dave with a boot to the gut, comes off the ropes, goes for the SCISSORS KICK -- but leaps up right into a SPEAR!!!

The crowd erupts into cheers … but that soon turns into heat as EDGE jumps up from the announce table and rolls into the ring behind Batista’s back, title belt in hand!!!

Hands on his head, “The Animal” looks down at Booker T with complete frustration, before heading over to the downed official in the corner, trying to drag him back to his feet by the scruff of his neck. The screams and boos of the crowd appear to alert Big Dave to something being amiss, and he turns around … to see Edge racing in, title belt raised, only for a figure to fly over Batista’s head, crashing onto Edge with a SEATED SENTON!!! The crowd absolutely ERUPTS at the sight of the World Heavyweight Champion taken out by the United States Champion REY MYSTERIO!!! Edge and Rey-Rey go crashing from the ring, whilst Big Dave leaps back up to his feet, looking slightly bemused.

Seeing Edge taken care of, Batista turns around to get the referee -- SMACK!!!!!

Batista gets CREAMED by a SHILLELAGH shot right between the eyes courteousy of (you guessed it ) FINLAY, though it is unclear quite where the Irishman came from, as he now finds the time to let out one of his classic gap-toothed smirks, looking down on “The Animal”, before alerting a dazed Booker, dropping down, and rolling from the ring. Big Dave is out of it, and Book manages to get a hand over his chest, as Korderas barely comes around, and Mysterio struggles with Edge on the outside! 1 … 2 ……………3!!!

Winner - Booker T via pin fall @ 14:53.

St. Louis ERUPTS into boos as Booker’s music plays over the PA and he falls back from the cover with his fists clenched in victory. Elated, Sharmell is already in the ring, on the canvas with her man, arms wrapped around him in delight; the way the two of them are celebrating, one would think they just conquered Everest.

Mysterio rolls back into the ring, as Booker makes a swift exit; Mysterio hangs his head, looking mortified at the turn of events. Outside the ring, escorted by Lita, Edge snarls, grabs his World Title belt and begins to head back up the ramp–

???: (Off screenshot) HOLD IT RIGHT THERE!!!

Edge freezes instantly, eyes open wide, staring up at the titantron along with everyone else … to where STEPHANIE MCMAHON appears from her office backstage.

As Rey-Rey helps ‘Tista up to his feet in the ring, both men switch their attention to the big screen also, as do Booker T, Sharmell and Finlay from all sides of the outside area; with the “Rated R Superstar” raking his fingers through his long, matted hair, absolutely fuming, as Steph smirks.

Stephanie McMahon: Not (finger in the air) so fast, Edge-- not so fast. Don’t worry, as much as they might want to get their hands on you, (looks past Edge to the others) gentlemen, Booker, Finlay, Rey, Dave … you’re going to have to wait, because none of you are the Number One Contenders for next week.

A HUGE mixed reaction from the crowd, as Booker blows a gasket at ringside, Finlay scowls, Mysterio seems indifferent, and “The Animal’s” gaze blackens beyond repute. Turning his head slightly, Edge looks at the four men … and grins.

Stephanie McMahon: (Smirks) But don’t worry … neither is John Bradshaw Layfield.

HUGE pop from the crowd, as JBL is seen backstage, utterly speechless.

Stephanie McMahon: Oh, and Edge, just to make sure that everything runs, uh, smoothly next week in your first World Title defence, like I know you want it to?

Edge removes his shades.

Stephanie McMahon: IF-- IF you get counted out or disqualified next week in your match, then you will LOSE the World Heavyweight Championship.

Edge’s eyes enlarge comically amidst the cheers of St. Louis, as Lita screams, venting her frustration at the titantron.

Stephanie McMahon: Because both you, Edge, and the man you’ll be facing next week have enemies on all sides; from “The Animal” Batista, Lita, Booker T, Rey Mysterio, Finlay (lets out a sly, evil grin) to Bobby Lashley.

Bingo; the crowd ERUPTS into a thunderous amount of cheers, as the crowd begins to clock on, Steph lets out a wicked smile, and Edge runs his hands down his face, eyes closed, praying for it not to be true.

Stephanie McMahon: As if you needed confirmation; Edge, next week, from Green Bay, Wisconsin, you will be defending your World Heavyweight Championship against…

Edge mouths “no, no…”

Stephanie McMahon: … … … … … … THE UNDERTAKER!!!

WOAH!!! St. Louis, Missouri blows the roof with the reaction of the nigh bar none at the announcement, for the man who just three weeks ago overcame the monstrous Bobby Lashley at WrestleMania, the fourteen and oh “Phenom” being named the NEW #1 Contender. Now back up to his feet in the ring, Batista looks out, eyes on fire, as Mysterio, Booker, and Finlay do the same …

as Edge…

falls down…




Cut backstage…

Where Shane McMahon sits backstage in a different office, resting his chin in his hands, watching the monitor showing Edge’s despair with a pensive expression…

Shane McMahon: (Not taking his eyes off the monitor, talking to some unseen companion)Judgment Day? Fine. I’ll give it to you. But first … you’re gonna do something for me. Edge is out of the picture. Next week, it’s you and Batista. One … on … one. If you beat him, if you destroy him, I’ll give you The Undertaker at Judgment Day … in any kind of match you want.

Still not even turning his head an inch, Shane ‘O Mac stands, face completely emotionless, and adjusts his expensive suit calmly. The camera pans over to show…

BOBBY LASHLEY standing, arms folded, nodding his head in agreement.

Oh shit; McMahon turns ever so slightly to his left, raising his eyebrows in the direction of “The Real Deal” as if to say “your move”, before turning back to the monitor, which now shows the visage of the man just defeated, “The Animal” Dave Batista. Lashley’s eyes narrow slightly, as Paul Heyman keeps a close eye on his client from the sofa alongside Shane; the maniacal agent looks like the proverbial ‘cat who got the cream’, as Michael Cole screams out from the monitor…

"OH MY WORD, you’d be insane not to join us in Green Bay, Wisconsin next week!! World Heavyweight Title on the line, Edge versus The Undertaker, first time EVER!! See ya next week, everybody!!"

On the screen Dave Batista moves around the ringside area, unaware of the machine man who now has him in his sights…

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