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Re: Legend Presents: WWE 2006 - Stop Your Grinnin' And Drop Your Linen

Hoping to catch up where I left off, sorry that I missed WrestleMania, as I was loving the build up towards it. I did take a look at it though. Big thumbs up my friend, heck of an effort.

Absolutely ADORED this Cena promo. Do yourself a favour, print it out, and frame it, because I loved it. Truly awesome stuff, and I love the tweener coming out in this version of John Cena. Character development at it’s VERY BEST. And I like the fact that you’re going to draw this one out, with Cena facing Angle at Backlash and not HBK. It’s one of my favourite things … not rushing an angle.

Bischoff just owned Cena. Loved it. Bischoff certainly does have those moments when he comes out with a peach of a comment. What’s up with AAE here as Erics boy?? Hope this is just the precursor for the introduction of Umaga. I loved this promo from start to finish Legend. Not one flaw in my eyes. Seriously, frame it J .

Random IC title moment?? Why??

Not sure what’s going on with TWGTT. I do sense a heel turn coming some point in the future with Haas. Just a hunch, with that early mention of his brushing the I.C Title. Hopefully it’s not done for a while, and I don’t think it will be. Could be a very bad night for Benjamin though…

Good win for Haas, who is DEFINITELY being lined up for a big push in the future I reckon.

Classic RVD there wasn’t it. Ultra relaxed.

Seriously, what’s up with the IC title moments???

Ahh, nothing like a good old stolen belt angle. Was actually expecting the jobbers to beat the stars due to a mix up of sorts, but in the end, it’s an emphatic win for Trish and Victoria. Mickie certainly seems to be the whack job she entered the company as, which is a good thing, and the womens division is getting plenty of exposure, which is always nice, as it’s one that is often forgotten in BTB.

Carlito is an interesting choice to hold MITB. Perennially under utilised in BTB, his progression over the next 6-12 months will be the thing I’ll be watching very carefully as personally, I feel he’ll need to score some big wins before being ready to hold a world title (not that holding MITB guarantees a title reign). Helms sort of lost me a little, his part of the promo just sorta being there. I just don’t buy him as a serious singles competitor, but he should hopefully be a good stepping stone for CCC before he moves onto bigger fish to get stepping up the ladder. Chavo & Helms just doesn’t strike me as a very good post WM feud for Mr. Money in the Bank, but I can understand not wanting to just throw him in at the deep end with the big fish, and instead choosing to build him over the course of time.

Big time odds for Cena to overcome. Well worked though for Cena to win and not particularly look like a superhuman. Had he just stormed through Spirit Squad, not only would the cheerleaders looked like a nothing threat, it’d make TWGTT look shit too for having their odds stacked at Backlash.

Do I not like the team of Goldust & Snitsky. I’d love to see you branch out and create a team, stick two guys together that arent doing much alone, see how it goes. It’s not like you havent got the talent to make it work. Please do it at some point J .
I hope this Flair announcement is worth it at Backlash. Nice build up video for it. My guess … Flair announces his retirement, but gets called out by a young buck for one last angle, and for Flair to make one final star of an up and coming heel. Just a prediction.

Benjamin is certainly a star on the rise. Two titles, tonights main event … I see a future world champion in the making, and it could well be sooner than we think…

That was one sick segment to finish the show. TBH, I was pissed that you built the match the whole night, then ended it with a DQ, but that was quickly forgotten. My word, you’ve got the Big Show playing the best role he’s ever had, and Paul Bearer as the puppet master is genius stuff. GENIUS.

The video with Eugene was terrific writing, well paced, and sort of reminded me slightly of a scene from The Dark Knight where The Joker films himself talking to / torturing one of the Fake Batmen. Whether that is what inspired this segment is another question, but what you’ve done here was simply brilliant. The Big Show has never been utilised better - not only in BTB, but in real life too. I don’t care much for the big lump … but suddenly in this thread … I do. Same goes for RVD. Simply brilliant. Forget what I said about the opening promo - this final segment is THE promo. Sick, yet awesome.

From now on, when people ask in the discussion threads about whether Wrestler X vs. Wrestler Y would be a good feud, the general answer of “If you build the angle right, yes” should also include a link to this segment, because on paper RVD vs. Big Show sucks … in writing, it’s just become my favourite angle in BTB.

Terrific stuff from a writer at the top of his game.
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Re: Legend Presents: WWE 2006 - Stop Your Grinnin' And Drop Your Linen

Raw Review

Hot and cold on Cena’s promo at the top of the show. You tried to toe the line between Cena’s new, anrier, more volatile personality and his more cool, borderline goofy self. It worked at times, didn’t work at others, as I think you went overboard with the swearing and insults. It was more “all right, enough” more so than “wow, Cena’s a badass.” Wow, now Kurt’s all volatile, too, cursing? Thank god for Armando bringing a little bit of stability to this promo. Glad that AAE and Bischoff are there to kinda remind the viewing public that both stars going at it are still faces, despite everything they do pointing to the contrary. Decent enough setup to have Cena OVER COME THE ODDS, and become the #1 contender for the inevitable showdown between him and Angle.

Not sure why Mitch did all the talking, but regardless, it’s always fun when The Spirit Squad get time to be as epic as they can be. Hopefully the breakup between Benjamin and Haas comes sooner rather than later. This match is too hot to sit on, imo.

Six minutes to put away… Conway? Chaz needs to step his game up.

There are officially too many tweeners on Monday Night Raw - Cena, Angle, Michaels, Helms, Mickie, Trish, & Vicky, all at varying degrees. Trish as an uppity **** always makes for good fun though. No shocker to see Victoria and Stratus pick up the strange bedfellows victory... but that's unimportant at the moment. MICKIE~! omg that promo from Mickie completely owned. Crazy Mickie = ratings.

First Mickie's promo and now this Cabana segment, and the show has gotten back on the right track. Carlito was perfect in his arrogant, yet cowardly role, while Helms has seemingly become much more grounded in his face role than he has been recently; the first signs I've seen that you can right him as a really successful babyface. The finish to the segment was great as well, with Chavito coming on down for the save. I think we're in for some sort of a tag match between these four at Backlash before the "MITB match" happens a bit later on down the road. Top-notch segment.

I was wondering why in the hell Angle was even on the SS to begin with, when it could have very easily have been a five on two match with Angle and Cena having to win to have their showdown, but of course, I found out why when the finish came along. Innovative. "AH~!" @ more Cena cursing. I have no problem with cursing off mic (or even on mic really){See: Angry Dave Batista) but Cena's just been going overboard without any real provocation. I get that he's supposed to be more edgy... but that's usually brought on by a reason -- and Michaels taking him out is hardly more of a reason to curse like a sailor.

Ugh @ Goldust and Snitsky.

NAITCH~! Oh, looking forward to that announcement. I'm relatively certain it's either announcing his intent to become GM of SD... or that he's back in the WWE Title hunt. Latter plz.

Decent enough promo Shelton, but Mr. Benjamin's never gonna amaze anybody on the microphone. His man-love for Haas is gonna make it all the more painful when Charles turns on him...

...and onto the main event. Gotta love the push of The Big Show (though I'm not a fan of Paul Bearer as his manager {He annoys me [though I get the reasoning for them together especially after the final segment]}). Benjamin managed to looks credible enough against the 500-pounder, but you just knew that the big man was relatively unstoppable. I also couldn't be happier that you've added the RIGHT HAND~ to Show's repertoire.

omg. The closing segment was rather sickly, and I like the turn that this thing has just taken, with Show as this walking, talking (which he can get away with more of - talking I mean) weapon of mass destruction. I can see this turning into one of the most epic angles ever if Van Dam refuses to leave, as I expect.

What can I say? Another strong show here. Even though I wasn't a big fan of Cena throughout the show, pretty much everything else throughout hit right on the marker, especially during the second half of the show. Keep it up, young man.

for the week of September 28th


Cash has harsh words for Pope Francis, his believers, and his bandwagon followers, while Mac still hates Russell Wilson.
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Re: Legend Presents: WWE 2006 - Stop Your Grinnin' And Drop Your Linen

Raw Feedback

Stacked card for the show tonight. Cena coming out to address pretty much everything in his life, while The Big Show finally gets his chance at the I.C. Title.

Guess we know when Cena is coming out … right now. Loving his current tweener role, btw. Love the way that you started this promo talking about Shawn Michaels, as we all know that he is going to be out of the picture for a few months. Great threats from Cena, as it is obvious that you are going to be doing a full-blown Cena-Michaels feud when HBK returns. Cena as a tweener is good but he is obviously going to get the cheers after what HBK did to him back in February. Should be explosive when Michaels finally comes back. Now we are back to Angle. Angle takes some verbal abuse from Cena, before finally coming down to the ring. Glad that Angle kept his speech short, as we heard his big words last week. Nothing really else to say this week, as Angle reiterates the fact that he will face Cena at Backlash. BISCHOFF AND AAE~! Cena has to beat Angle tonight in a non-title match! Damn strong comments from Cena, love how he is getting edgier and edgier each week. A special stip from AAE? Sounds very intriguing and I’m not sure what you are going to do. Can’t make a fancy gimmick match, as that would take away from the match at Backlash. Very interesting stuff. Great close to the show, as Cena and Angle still hate each other. And AAE still owns, btw.

I.C. Title match should be a good one later tonight. Can’t wait.

I knew that we’d see someone else come in and talk with the WGTT. Chaz and Benji talking on their own isn’t the most exciting, tbh. Mitch getting most of the mic time is a welcome surprise, as they usually all rally behind Kenny. Tremendous work from the cheerleaders, as they are really starting to annoy Shelton and Haas. No Charlie at ringside? That’s gonna make a near impossible situation even more difficult for Shelton tonight. He doesn’t seem very confident.

No real doubt that Charlie would win the match. He has been on a dominant streak as of late, as I love how both you and Mac have him with more intensity. Haas won’t be able to come down to the ring but I don’t think that makes much of a difference. Shelton is still gonna have his hands full.

RVD doesn’t seem to be very concerned about the alliance between Show and Bischoff. I would start to get worried if I were ‘VD.

Loving the pissed off Trish, tbh. Victoria and Mickie both get their shot at Backlash? Sounds like a match that I had at my Backlash… . Should be interesting to see if/when Mickie decides to show her face and I guess we will see Victoria try and get the upper hand before her next shot at the belt.

No shock that Trish and Victoria win in dominant fashion against the two plastics. The harsh tags were necessary and it spills over to after the match, when the referees need to come down and keep Trish and Vicky from tearing each other’s hair out. Great promo from Mickie after the match. Loved her the most when she was in her psychotic faze and that’s just what this was showing. She will obviously be keeping the belt until Backlash, pissing off Trish and Victoria even more. Keep this feud going, has just gotten a whole lot more interesting, imo.

Carlito almost got the crowd going by saying that he was not going to talk about his big WM22. Then he introduces himself as the guest, great heel move. Carlito talking about the fans cheering him on at WM22 reminded me of JBL talking about his adoring fans. ‘Lito then turns on the fans and says that he did everything for them, making them hate him even more. HELMS~ Great back and forth between Helms and ‘Lito, with Greg talking about the way that CCC won the MITB at WM22, really putting him in his place. Helms challenging Carlito doesn’t really surprise me and neither does Carlito turning down the challenge. Helms looks to be in a bad spot, with Masters and Carlito both going in on him, and after a valiant short effort, Helms looks to be out of it. CHAVO~ Great way for Chavo to show up, taking down both men and then throwing Carlito over the top. ‘Piece follows CCC and now I think I know another match to be added for Backlash. Masters/CCC vs. Helms/Chavo? Would be a great way to keep this mini-feud going before one of the faces goes after Carlito on his own. Great segment, really showcased these guys.

Big time feeling between Angle and Cena, as they get set to lock up, but what’s their stipulation going to be? SPIRIT SQUAD~ Awesome stipulation made by the office of Bischoff, putting Cena against Angle and ‘Squad. Looks like Kurt doesn’t like this situation either, as he and Cena both go after the former champs, getting the match going. Great way to tell a story in this match, with both Angle and Cena getting worked over. Somehow, through his own toughness, the ‘Squad’s stupidity, and a little bit of luck, CENA IS THE #1 CONTENDER!! Great aftermath between John and Kurt, with the staredown and then the SLAP~ from Cena. Guess it is obvious that Cena is the heel in this feud, getting all the heat, although I doubt he would say “F you” on cable TV, tbh.

Good way to get the RWC over, beating jobber #1 and jobber #2 in convincing fashion. Hopefully the WGTT will retain before going into a feud with these boys, as they need something to do and they need it soon.

So Naitch will be at Backlash, huh? Sounds like a big announcement. Retirement angle, imo. Just with your own spin on it.

Wow, that was probably the best interview that I have ever read that included Shelton Benjamin. He was a very cool and confident champion, getting in Todd’s face and telling it the way that it is. Great way to psyche himself up, talking about being the one and only double champion on the roster. Sign of good things for this young man, but he needs to get the job done tonight. I’m not sure that he can, tbh. We’ll see.

Very interesting contest, with Shelton able to keep it competitive before Show’s power just begins to dominate. He doesn’t finish Benjamin off quite yet, as he looks about ready to before RVD~ comes down to the ring. Show risks getting DQ’ed, as Van Dam tries to get into the ring, only to be held back by Bearer, before Show slams Benji down and gets DQ’ed. Great way to keep the belt on Shelton and also get RVD-Show rolling again. Haas and RVD take Big Show out of the ring!! But Bearer tells him not to get back in!! Another crazy Paul Bearer promo and it looks like we are about to see a video of some poor bastard get annihilated. Like Wolfy alluded to, the beginning of this was EXACTLY like the scene with The Joker in “The Dark Knight”. Probably one of the eeriest promos that I have ever read, tbh. Bearer just scared Eugene shitless and I guess this is what they will plan on doing to RVD. Simply awesome writing, this feud is getting very interesting very quickly. Great work.

Just keep doing what you’re doing, John. Backlash is looking sick and RVD/Show is going to be insane. You know what score I have given you in the past, no use repeating myself, as ratings are worthless, tbh.


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Re: Legend Presents: WWE 2006 - Stop Your Grinnin' And Drop Your Linen

Thanks for the reviews, guys. Great to hear from you all, and very nice to see some of the old guard in here agin


If WrestleMania was supposed to settle the rivalries that had been tearing Friday nights apart before, last week we saw battle-lines drawn once more, wars recommenced, new alliances forged ... and hatred at every turn. One thing is certain: this is no longer the same Friday Night SmackDown! This is something ... else.

One man responsible for this is the World Heavyweight Champion, the "Rated R Superstar" Edge, still rolling following his momentous victory over "The Animal" in Chicago, still revelling in his status as the first man to defeat Batista in over a year ... and still smarting with bitterness. Many men were on The Champ's hit list; first, he took out Executive Vice-President Shane McMahon with a vicious Spear at the opening of the show, before taking advantage of the anarchic events during the 'Clash Of Champions' main event, not only having problems with a still fuming former-United States Champion Booker T, but also managing to repeat WrestleMania history, as he pinned old enemy Batista for the second time in a week to emerge victorious in the chaotic tag team epic. One thing is certain, there will be repercussions when Edge lands in London, England this Friday night.

One of the World Heavyweight Champion's victims, Executive Vice-President of the WWE, and the man who overcame "The Legend Killer" himself at WrestleMania, Shane McMahon, will also be flying into Earl's Court this week, and not simply to further promote the HISTORIC 'SmackDown! Election' announced last week to discover the new man in charge on Friday nights ... but Shane has also promised to "address" ... Edge. What does the man with all the power possibly have in store for "The Master Manipulator"?

We are promised a truly HUGE contest on this Friday's broadcast also, as, in a rare treat for our British fans, England's own Paul Burchill and William Regal, The Bluebloods, will defend the WWE Tag Team titles they captured at WrestleMania against former champions Joey Mercury and Johnny Nitro, MNM, who announced last week that they would be cashing in their rematch clause on this very night. Will the Hollywood A-Listers put a stop to the Englishmen's title run before it even gets started, or will Regal and Burchill be able to delight their hometown fans in true British style?

The ring will be extremely busy in Earl's Court arena, and not just for huge matches like the one mentioned above, but also because there are a few superstars with a couple of things they need to get off their chest. The new United States Champion Rey Mysterio has requested some time to speak in the ring, hoping to address not only his title win at WrestleMania, but also his issues last week with the aforementioned William Regal and Paul Burchill. The U.S and WWE Tag Team Champions clashed violently last week during the 'Clash Of Champions' match, despite being on the same side, and it would appear that Rey Mysterio is far from finished with the English duo. Be sure to tune in for this one.

Watch out also for the man who promised last week that it was his "MISSION" to destroy the legendary Undertaker. For Bobby Lashley, this has all become so very, very personal, about much more than cementing his legacy at WrestleMania, and with the maniacal, egotistical, and conpiratorial Paul Heyman by his side, there's no telling what "The Real Deal" could have in store for "The Phenom" this week.

The same could be said for Kid Kash and the Cruiserweight Champion Jamie Noble also. Despite Noble joining Rey Mysterio in the brawl with The Bluebloods last week, both he and "The Notorious K.I.D" have made it perfectly clear on both WWE.com and during the 'Clash Of Champions' itself, that their issues are far from over. What messages will the two blood enemies have for one another this week, as this deeply personal rivalry continues to change shape?

All this and more on Friday Night SmackDown!, 9/8CT on the CW.


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Re: Legend Presents: WWE 2006 - Stop Your Grinnin' And Drop Your Linen

hey mate just read the preview and it looks very nice. I can not wait until the show is posted and i will be reviewing. Hopefully the English men have a big night in their home town

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Re: Legend Presents: WWE 2006 - Stop Your Grinnin' And Drop Your Linen

Just read your preview, and it seems like Smackdown will be a good show. Will definitely review when it it posted.

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Re: Legend Presents: WWE 2006 - Stop Your Grinnin' And Drop Your Linen

SD! preview looks solid, John. Can't wait to see what Edge's next move is, as I see his unbelievable roll continuing. A little too early for Batista to get some payback, imo. WWE Tag Team Title match should be a good one, with the Bluebloods retaining, of course. Rey, Noble, Booker, Kash, and Heyman will all have things to say, which is always a good idea. Review fo' sho'.


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Re: Legend Presents: WWE 2006 - Stop Your Grinnin' And Drop Your Linen

Shaping up to be an epic episode of Smackdown my man. I can see the Bluebloods getting a heroes welcome in their homeland this week, and it's a great time to give MNM their rematch, as a normally heel vs heel match suddenly becomes a face - heel contest.

Love the idea for an election to crown the new Smackdown GM. Cant wait to see who throws their hat in the ring for that role.

I think Batista is gonna get his hands on someone this week, and he's gonna have plenty of aggression to unleash. I dont think the unlucky guy will be Edge just yet. Methinks the champ will dodge the bullet for now, but Batista needs to maul someone this week to get back on form.
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Re: Legend Presents: WWE 2006 - Stop Your Grinnin' And Drop Your Linen

Friday Night SmackDown!; April 14th, 2006 - London, England


A video package plays, recapping the events of last week, from Shane McMahon’s announcement of the first ever ‘SmackDown! Election’ to find a new General Manager, through Edge’s attack on Shane O’ Mac moments later, to the World Heavyweight Champion’s victory in the 10-man tag main event, pinning Batista once again.

Instead of kicking off with the usual display … England is treated to a huge match to kick things off.

Match #1 – Semi-Main Event; WWE Tag Team Championship Match
The Bluebloods defend against MNM

As would be expected, Regal and Burchill assume the role of babyfaces for this contest, assisted by outside factors, such as the excellently heelish Melina, adding to MNM’s already stupendous heat. The youngsters, Nitro, Mercury, and Burchill, bring some incredible speed and athleticism to the bout, allowing Regal, the veteran, to control the pace, before eventually, it comes down to Mercury and Burchill in the ring.

The two fast youngsters go at it hammer and tong for a few minutes, until they both have the same idea, wiping one another out with a double cross body block. Mercury and Burchill claw across the canvas toward their respective corners, hands desperately in search of their partners, which they find at the same time, Burchill bringing in WILLIAM REGAL … and Mercury to … a reluctant Johnny Nitro.

Nitro was reluctant not because there is tensions in MNM’s ranks {don’t worry}, but because of the fiery Englishmen stepping in the ring across from him. The Blackpool veteran dominates The A-Lister with clotheslines, left hands, and a couple of nasty looking head butts to the pretty boy! Melina jumps onto the apron, but she’s soon dismissed, as Regal ‘accidentally’ catapults her boyfriend crashing into her, knocking her down.

The crowd booms as Angle stands back in the ring, with Mercury, Melina, and Burchill both down out of the ring … and Nitro pulling himself back up to his feet. Regal becomes impatient, grabbing Nitro’s arm, and pulls the youngster in … going for THE REGAL PLEX!! Shifting his weight in the air, Nitro knees Regal in the head, AND COUNTERS WITH A DDT!!

After preening for a few moments, Nitro goes for the SPRINGBOARD ENZIGUIRI … but Regal manages to duck, causing Johnny to adjust, landing beautifully on his feet. Regal grabs Nitro’s arm, looking to shoot him off the ropes, but the former-champion counters the Irish whip! Regal flies back, and Nitro WIPES HIM OUT WITH AN EXTRAORDINARY ROPELESS ENZIGUIRI!!!

Nitro NIPS UP to his feet and runs his hands through his long hair to the crowd, who are booing and jeering wildly, before he squats down a little bit, getting right in Regal’s face, with the ‘Snapshot’ pose. While Burchill and Mercury begin to stir on the outside, Johnny Nitro grabs the veteran Englishman. Dragging Regal to his feet, he … but Regal manages to shove him away into the ropes!!

The A-Lister flies back off the ropes, quickly ducking Regal’s first loose swipe of a clothesline, before this time leaping up onto the ropes and DRILLING THE ENGLISHMAN WITH A SPRINGBOARD ENZIGUIRI THIS TIME! Nitro smirks once again, as Earl’s Court boos loudly, and Nitro grabs Regal’s head, going for the WALK OF FAME ON REGAL - but when he turns over … Regal spins around, trapping hold of the loose arm, and dragging Nitro down onto his front on the canvas, pushing the arm back and applying THE CRIPPLER CROSSFACE!!

Earl’s Court ERUPTS not only for their fellow countryman getting the upper hand, but also for Crippler Crossface being brought out of the bag. Nitro’s face is virtually hidden by Regal’s arms and his own hair, as he screams in pain, waving his arms around in search of the ropes. While Melina watches on relieved from ringside, The Hollywood regular begins to get a grip on the bottom rope.

The crowd boos this recovery … but that soon turns into thunderous cheers as THE HOOLIGANS come from opposite sides of the ring, with Paul London leaping onto the apron!!!

Turning away from the action, the ref tries to get London down, allowing BRIAN KENDRICK to tear Nitro’s hands away from the ropes, and Regal to DRAG THE POOR BASTARD TO THE CENTRE OF THE RING, THE CROSSFACE STILL APPLIED!! Melina tries to tell the ref, but he is oblivious when he turns around, only seeing London climbing back over the barricade {Spanky having gone the other way} and Nitro still in one hell of a predicament. As both Burchill and, more importantly, a frantic Joey Mercury begin to scramble back under the bottom rope, Regal wrenches back even harder … AND NITRO FINALLY TAPS OUT!!!

Winners – The Bluebloods via submission @ 16:37. Bluebloods retain the WWE Tag Team titles.

Earl’s Court EXPLODES as soon as Nitro’s hand slaps the mat, and the furiously intense Regal flops back away from the hold, lying exhausted down on the canvas. On the outside of the ring, poor Joey Mercury hangs his head in dismay, kicking the steel steps and gazing bitterly into the London crowd.

Michael Cole: Well, I-- I mean, wow, what a way to kick of this special edition of Friday Night SmackDown! with the United Kingdom’s favourite sons, Regal & Burchill, pulling out an astounding victory here tonight in front of their fellow countrymen.

Tazz: It don’t get much better than that, Cole, but I-- where the hell did London & Kendrick come from? If I were MNM, and unfortunately I’m not, I’d be pretty pissed after that. Great match though, baby, great match.

The camera manages to get far enough into the crowd to find the separate locations of London and Kendrick, both standing with grins on their faces, pumping their fists at what they just achieved, while Mercury & Melina help Johnny Nitro from the ring, and The Bluebloods ascend opposite turnbuckles; displaying their WWE Tag Team Championship belts proudly to the cheering masses.

Michael Cole: Hell of a way to kick off SmackDown!, but it doesn’t stop there, ladies and gentlemen, as still to come tonight, it’s the man who sent “The Legend Killer” Randy Orton packing at WrestleMania, Shane McMahon, will be addressing us. The occasion? A very special one {graphic appears} after the events of last week, with the man who Speared Shane last week, World Heavyweight Champion Edge … will be called out!!

{Commercial Break}

~ Great British Moment - April 7, 1986 - WrestleMania II – For the first time in the history of the WWE, two Englishmen, Manchester’s own Davey Boy Smith and The Dynamite Kid capture the World Tag Team titles in a gruelling contest with Brutus Beefcake and Greg Valentine.

Returning from the commercial break & video, we head backstage to the interview area, where the visage … of Kid Kash, the ex-Cruiserweight Champion of the World, appears, visible only from the chest up; staring down through his shades, pissed, at the monitor, having obviously just viewed the video. Shaking his head, The Notorious K.I.D barely acknowledges Josh Matthews to his left, microphone in hand.

Josh Matthews: Kid Kash, a little under two weeks ago you faced Jamie Noble for the Cruiserweight Championship in what many people are still calling the ‘Match of the Year’. Since Noble defeated you that night, and even only last week you were on the receiving end of a Spinebuster from Batista, what are your thoughts right now?

Kid Kash: My thoughts? You want Kid Kash’s thoughts on this “situation”? That’s all fine an’ dandy for ya’ll ain’t it? Sittin’ back, feet up, watchin’ this crap happen to me?

Josh Matthews: Well, I didn’t mean to imply--

Kid Kash: No, I guess you never “mean” anythin’, do ya? Lemme make one thing very clear to you, Josh Matthews, and to ya’ll watchin’ on that little tube in your trailer parks back home: Jus’ cause I was on the recievin’ end of the biggest … fluke win … in professional wrestlin’, it don’t change the fact that I was, still am, an’ forever will be … the best in the world. So, Batista? You putcha’ hands on Kid Kash one more time and ya’ll be pickin’ the consequences outta ya throat for the next month. And, Jamie {eyes narrowed} if ya think this lil’ “fairy tale” or whatever the hell you’re on is gonna last much longer … ya got a lotta rethinkin’ to be doin’, buddy. ‘Cause the K.I.D huntin’ you down now ain’t like the cat ya’ll saw before WrestleMania … this kid’s meaner, this kid’s tougher, this kid’s matured, and this kid’s dead set … on takin’ back … my … Cruiserweight Championship.

The Notorious K.ID gives the camera a last, hard look, and then walks off shot, leaving Matthews to look on.

Back to ringside

Tazz: That is one intense cat, Cole. Jamie Noble better grow a pair of eyes in the back of his head.

Michael Cole: Absolutely. If we thought Kid Kash was intense with the Cruiserweight title around his waist, one has to wonder, how exactly is he going to be without it?

Match #2 - Matt Hardy vs. Orlando Jordan

As one of the longest reigning U.S Champions in WWE history, Orlando Jordan has no problems keeping up with Matt Hardy for the first half of this contest, as he goes toe to toe with one of the hottest stars around right now.

However, Hardy’s sheer talent begins to tell in the end, as he counters OJ’s attempted Blackout, by spinning through and hitting the Side Effect. With the crowd behind him, Matt waits for his dazed superstar to scrambles back up to his feet, before booting him in the gut and DRILLING him with the TWIST OF FATE for the academic three count!!

Winner - Matt Hardy via pin fall @ 5:17.

Exuberant, Hardy leaps back up to his feet immediately, pumping his fist at yet another ‘W’ on his record, as he continues to roll through his hottest spell ever.

Tazz: {still focused on Matt} Man, I’ve never seen Matt look so good.

Michael Cole: Yes, congratulations once again to Matt Hardy for yet another huge win here on Friday night’s. One has to wonder ju--

???: {Clears throat}

The cough doesn’t just come from near to Tazz & Cole, as it catches the attention of all Earl’s Court; the English crowd, along with a confused Matt Hardy switching their attention up to the titantron … where MR. KENNEDY appears live and in Technicolor. London boos the cocky loudmouth roundly, but KK, sat in what looks like an interview set, dressed in a smart, dark shirt and jeans, doesn’t even look the be that interested yet…

Mr. Kennedy: Y’know, {hand up} I’d always heard the rumours about how stupid the Hardy Boys really were, about how they could never, ever back down from a challenge … and, I guess for the most part, every word of those rumours was proved true.

Boos from the crowd, as M. Hardy stands, hands on hips, frowning.

Mr. Kennedy: You, {resting his head on his hand} you just can’t handle the fact, Matt, that I had you beat at WrestleMania … you can’t handle the fact that I embarrassed you every week running up to April 2nd … you can’t handle the fact that I’ve … left you behind.

More heat, as KK nods ‘solemnly’, and Matt shakes his head.

Mr. Kennedy: But, Matt, don’t worry, {fake smile} it’s all very natural … it’s … the “law of the jungle”, that the strongest survive and the weakest … die. But for some reason, at WrestleMania, your ego just couldn’t seem to let it go … you couldn’t handle the fact that somebody proved that they’re not only better than you … but more exciting, and more popular than you.

Tremendous boos for this ridiculous statement, even drawing a slight smirk from Hardy, while Kennedy remains completely deadpan.

Mr. Kennedy: So, now, {laughing} you’ve gone ahead and issued a “challenge” to face me next week.

BIG pop from Earl’s Court as Matt nods, “that’s right”, and KK ponders.

Mr. Kennedy: Well, Matt, {rubs his jaw} I don’t really think that I have … anything left to prove to ya in the squared circle. I kicked you ass two weeks running before WrestleMania, and I did it again in the Money in the Bank Ladder match for the whole … worrrrld … to see.

A slight “YOU SUCK” chant begins to reverberate through the arena, though Kennedy is obviously oblivious.

Mr. Kennedy: But I’ll tell you what, Matt, {hand on heart} outta the kindness of my heart … for the “respect” that I have for what you and your little bro. have at least tried to achieve in this business … …

Hardy cocks his head, “yeah?” as KK screws up his face.

Mr. Kennedy: {nodding} … … I’m gonna give ya that day in the sun that you always wanted. Hellll, I’m gonna make all your dreams come true in one … single night.

Boos for the arrogant Wisconsin native, but Hardy looks far more upbeat.

Mr. Kennedy: So, Matt … next week, {intense eyes} I’m gonna give you your first … truly GREAT moment in this business, when you step into the ring as only the second … ever … guest on what has already become the single greatest … and most talked about talk show in professional wrestling history … The … Mic Suite …

HUGE heat for this swerve from Kennedy, as M. Hardy looks ready to blow a gasket.

Mr. Kennedy: … featuring yours truly … the future, no, {holds up finger} no, check that. I am now … the present AND …the future of sports entertainment … Mr.

KK leans in close to the camera, unblinking.

Mr. Kennedy: Ken - Na - Day.

Earl’s Court surprisingly chants along with the final, intense words of the charismatic man from Green Bay as Matt Hardy watches on, his eyes never leaving those of the platinum blonde, megalomaniacal young superstar staring right back from the titantron as we fade out to a commercial.

{Commercial Break}

~ Great British Moment – August 29, 1992 – SummerSlam – From Wembley Arena, before 80,355 of his fellow countrymen, The British Bulldog Davey Boy Smith defeated the legendary Bret ‘The Hitman’ Hart’ to capture the Intercontinental Championship in one of the greatest matches of all time.


Earl’s Court reacts with an initial pop for the catchiest intro in professional wrestling, before rapidly giving way to the usual onslaught of overwhelming heat, as Houston, Texas’ own Booker T steps out onto the SmackDown! stage.

Struggling to keep his pearly white teeth from showing through an enormously pissed off sneer, the FORMER-United States Champion wears what one can only assume to be a ridiculously expensive Armani suit, all in black, with a white shirt on underneath, hanging open loosely at the collar to reveal some nice silver ‘bling’ around his neck. As the lovely Sharmell emerges behind him in a sultry black dress, The Book Man slowly, meticulously and arrogantly raises his left hand into the air, his little finger pointing to the sky; glancing over at the two ‘royal guards’ flanking the stage, before strutting down the ramp.

Michael Cole: How about this to continue this special Friday Night SmackDown from London, England? The FORMER United States Champion, the man who lost WrestleMania night to Rey Mysterio, the five-time WCW World Champion, and one of the most decorated men in this industry, Booker T, along with his wife Sharmell, is heading to the ring.

Tazz: You damn skippy, Cole. If we thought Booker was in a bad mood last week, tonight, baby, Booker … looks … pissed.

Sharmell hurries on ahead and sits down on the middle rope, as Booker regally saunters up the steps and enters the ring with a forced smile at his dutiful spouse. Without even needing to ask, Sharmell is already across the ring asking for a microphone, while her husband stands in the centre of the ring, arms outstretched in front of him, soaking up the reaction he is getting. With his music beginning to fade in the background, Booker accepts the microphone from his wife and waits, poised to speak, waiting for the booing masses to cease. The look on his face is clearly of a man struggling to remain calm, as he raises his microphone to speak.

Booker T: Now, {raising his voice over the crowd} ‘scuse me … excuse me.

Earl’s Court continues to boo, as The Book Man frowns.

Booker T: It’s obvious … it has become blindingly obvious to me … that around here on SmackDown … in the WWE … we have a lack … a failure of communications if you will.

Sharmell nods her head fiercely in the background.

Booker T: You see, for a long time now, people have decided to forget one very important fact about Booker T, and I thought it was about time that I reminded you all. I just want to let everyone know … that around here … in these halls … in this ring … in this industry … I should be considered … no, I am … royal - ty.

Booming heat from the crowd, as Booker blinks, serious as a heart attack.

Booker T: And five years ago when I first entered the WWE … I made a promise. And again, when I became Tag Team Champion … when I became Intercontinental Champion … and just five months ago, when I became … your United States Champion … I promised to bring my presence and grace … and bring this company and all of those titles … prominence--

A large “YOU SUCK” chant can be heard from the crowd, causing Booker to pause and compose himself once again.

Booker T: {deadpan} And I can safely say, without a shadow of a doubt, that I have done that.

Stepping forward, Sharmell applauds sycophantically, drawing a sneering smirk from her husband, and another outpouring of jeers from the crowd.

Booker T: But that is not what I am out here tonight to address. No. You see, when I made these promises, when I signed my name on the dotted line to deliver glory to all those around me … I expected something in return.

Pausing, Booker runs a hand across his chin.

Booker T: In turn … I was promised this … and I was promised that … but I have received ABSO LUTELY NOTHING!!!

Booker shakes his head, feigning sadness, and Sharmell rubs his shoulders.

Booker T: Back when I was in WCW, when I was a {slowly holds up his hand} FIVE … TIME … World Champion … I was treated with all of the respect … with all of the honour and prestige … of a king. I was given the finest ring attire … I was handed my own private gym … and I was presented with the finest locker room money could buy.

As if indicating that fact, Booker looks down at his silver ‘bling’; even casually flicking back his sleeve to show a similar bracelet dangling from his wrist.

Booker T: But here … here, even as one of the most successful and decorated athletes in this companies history … even with all of that … I’ll tell you what I was presented when I arrived last week in Chicago … I was presented a locker room … that smelled of the stench of PEASANTS!!! Peasants that had used it as a … PISSING POOL!!

Thunderous heat for the former-U.S Champion, as he begins to grow more and more agitated.

Booker T: All you see before you now, I have paid for out of my own vast expenses. I have been forced to do myself what others should have done for me. They are too busy attending to the every wish and whim of men like David Batista and Reymont Mysterio--

Book does not look amused by the support shown for two of the blue brand’s two main superstars.

Booker T: Two men who have achieved only a FRACTION the success I have … and are not even fit enough to … stand beside me.

A major “ASSHOLE” chant begins, as Booker tries to blow it off with the raise of a hand.

Booker T: Now … now I ask you … is that any way to treat … royalty?

A resounding “YES” comes from the crowd, as well as more heat in response.

Booker T: But it doesn’t matter … it doesn’t matter anymore. I understand now that there is only one way to make you all understand just what exactly it is … you are having the privilege to look upon. I understand it all now.

Stepping to his left, Booker looks more at the camera.

Booker T: Beginning … on this night … here on SmackDown … and AAAALLLL the WWE … in front of millions upon millions all around the world … I will PROVE why I am … quite simply THE BEST. {eyes narrowed, smirking} And on that day you will all come to worship and respect me. When I am victorious … I … will make all of you … bow down … and … kiss … my … royal … feet--

Astonishing heat for this remark, though once again, Booker does not look as though he is joking.

Booker T: {eyeballing the camera, pointing} Especially … you, Edge … especially you.

Booker turns regally to stand back in the centre of the ring, clutching the microphone in both hands as though it were something special, forcing a smile back onto his face.

Booker T: Thank you {arms out wide} … thank you all.

With arms spread out wide, Booker looks as he is expecting an outpouring of applause, but instead the heat just keeps on coming, and Sharmell delicately reaches over and takes away her husband’s microphone for him. The former-United States Champion’s music hits once again and he arrogantly buttons up his classy suit jacket once again, waiting for his wife, as she returns the microphone to the timekeepers.

When Sharmell returns, Book gradually, calmly, egotistically raises his left arm high into the air, his little finger reaching up to the sky; he raises it into the air with a look of extreme intensity and arrogance emanating from his pouting face. Alongside her man, Sharmell clutches her ‘heart’ and gazes up proudly at his high reach. Almost in a trance, Booker slowly brings his arm back down again and watches as his wife sits on the middle rope once again for him. He steps out of the ring, carefully making his way down the steps as though they were on the way to Buckingham Palace just down the road.

Michael Cole: This is just-- can you believe how egotistical Booker T has become in recent months? It’s going beyond a joke now, Tazz. The man is calling himself royalty compared to other wrestlers? Give me a break.

Tazz: Well, I don’t know about that, Cole. I mean The Book Man is one of the best in the business today and definitely one of the most successful, so I, uh, I guess he’s got every right to ask for the best possible treatment. I’d give it to him personally. Gotta’ keep Book on SmackDown, Cole. Also, I kinda’ like the guy, y’know?

After what seems like an eternity strolling back up the ramp, stopping constantly to ‘thank’ his ‘fans’ at ringside, Booker and Sharmell finally reach the top of the ramp and turn back to face the jeering masses. Smiling obliviously, Book simply nods his head to his wife and she dutifully raises his arm high above her head to astonishing heat. Almost lost in his own greatness, The Book Man raises his arms for a long time, soaking up the reaction, whatever it may be, before turning a swaggering back through the black veil.

{Commercial Break}

~ Great British Moment - February 26, 1997 – Raw in Germany - Following a lengthy tournament, The British Bulldog finally defeats his own brother-in-law Owen Hart to become the very first European Champion in WWE history.

Michael Cole: Welcome back to Friday Night SmackDown, ladies and gentlemen, coming to you tonight from Earl’s Court in London, England just across the pond, and what a night it’s been so far, with plenty more still to come.

Tazz: Oh, you ain’t kiddin’, Cole. I--

???: {Whistles}

Just like earlier on tonight with Mr. Kennedy, our poor commentary team in cut-off mid-flow, prompting them, along with the British crowd, to quickly look back up to the titantron, where a figure familiar with those who tuned in last week … a certain Brent Albright appears on the screen, dressed identically to last week.

Brent Albright: Brent Albright. Last week you got just a taste of what I’m capable of.

Only a small amount of boos for this still rookie.

Brent Albright: I volunteered to become … the competition around this place … the measuring stick, like I said. Last week someone walked that aisle lookin’ for some competition, lookin’ … to measure up. Unfortunately for them he got all the competition he could handle, but he still couldn’t quite measure up.

B.A reaches up, running his fingers through his hair arrogantly, displaying his impressive upper physique. .

Brent Albright: But I, {points to himself} am far from stupid. I am far from naïve. I understand that Japanese lightweight was not the best the WWE has to offer, but that’s what I’m lookin’ for. You don’t get to be World Champion; you don’t get to be the absolute best without destroying the absolute best.

Snarling, Albright smirks as the same suited, voluptuous, blonde woman from last week enters the screenshot, resting her hand on his muscular shoulder.

Brent Albright: And once I set my sights on somethin’, I can tell you right now, I never miss. Once I’ve got my sights set on somethin’, it doesn’t matter if your name’s Funaki, The Rock, Sting, Bret Hart … {shakes his head at the big names} ‘cause in the end you’re all gonna fall … to “The Shooter”…

Getting a few boos, BA smirks as the same suited, blonde female from last week appears at his side, placing a hand on his shoulder…

Brent Albright: {points finger at camera like a gun} Bang”.

The crowd boos the virtually identical promo as last week from this confident youngster, as he strides of screen. After a few moments, filled with a polite buzz from English audience…

***BLOOD, SUGAR, SEX, MAGIK*** ‘The Shooter’ Brent Albright and his still anonymous female ‘associate’ head on down to the ring where Nunzio waits.

Tazz: I’ll tell you what, Cole, I know we’ve only seen a week’s worth of stuff from this kid, Brent Albright, but I gotta tell ya I’ve liked what I saw. Straight up, smash-mouth, remorseless kinda style. He’s goin’ places, I can feel it.

Match #3 - Brent Albright vs. Nunzio

Things just don’t seem to get any easier in the career of the little Sicilian, Nunzio, as he ventures out from the Cruiserweight division … only to walk right into a brick wall in the form of the explosive rookie Brent Albright. Nunzio tries valiantly, much like Funaki last week, but ultimately B.A is forced to barely break a sweat as he runs right through Nunzio with his rolling German Suplexes, before he PLANTS him with a sick looking half-nelson. With the former-Full Blooded Italian barely conscious on the deck, Albright snatches up his arm, applying the same hideous FUJIWARA ARMBAR we were privy to last week, getting the quick submission victory.

Winner - Brent Albright via submission @ 2:07.

After the bell sounds, B.A garners a bit more heat by refusing to release the hold for a few moments, before disrespectfully tossing Nunzio from the ring like a sack of garbage and revelling in his own greatness centre stage…

Michael Cole: Pretty disgusting actions from the self-proclaimed, “Shooter” there, Tazz. You’ve won the match, with that-- that “CROWBAR” as he calls it; what the hell do all these afters prove?

Tazz: It proves you mean business, Cole. Straight up. It proves that you wanna make it to the top and ain’t afraid to step on whoever it takes to get there. Another impressive outin’ for Brent Albright.

Cut backstage

Sitting in his office, Shane McMahon reclines on a sultry leather couch, holding a few notes in one hand, his other arm still tied up from the sling curteousy of Randy Orton. After a few moments we hear the sound of the door opening, and Shane ‘O looks up, frowning slightly … as John Bradshaw Layfield enters the screenshot. The crowd boos as JBL, dressed in his grey suit and enormous, white hat, eyeballs the boss.

John Bradshaw Layfield: I don’t care, {hoarsely} that you’re the son of the boss, I don’t care that you got beat up by Randy Orton & Edge; what I care about … is that you are just like Tony Blair and the rest of this former-Empire that has become a … toilet bowl; you are a gutless … spineless … puppet … for daddy.

Absolutely staggering heat for these cheap, insulting remarks toward the UK from Bradshaw, though McMahon is obviously still cool as can be.

John Bradshaw Layfield: Edge & Booker T, {eyes widen} want in on my airtime here on SmackDown, as well as my locker room … you and your momma just give it to ‘em?

Shane McMahon: Let me ju--

John Bradshaw Layfield: They had their moment in the sun, {getting angry} now my wrestlin’ show … has become a circus?

Pushing his glass of scotch aside, Shane levers himself up, so that he now stands eye to eye with the self-proclaimed Wrestling God; looking calm & collected, Shane ‘O Mac smoothes out his suit.

Shane McMahon: Well, John, {grinning} I for one, am grateful that this place has become a, uh, “circus” was it? Because that we, it saves me, my dad, my mom, and my sister, from forcing the fans of the WWE into watching the biggest jackass in this sport; {JBL’s eyes light up} now whaddya want?

A HUGE pop from the crowd at McMahon’s verbal bitch-slap right to Layfield, who tries not to dignify the jibe with a reaction; instead he looks down at his silk tie with a sigh.

John Bradshaw Layfield: A voice. {Shane raises an eyebrow} Last week I was told that I was no longer privy to the kinda luxuries that a man befitting of my station should be. I was told that not only was I bein’ denied the opportunity to address the screwjob that was my match at WrestleMania with Ric Flair, but I was bein’ denied the chance to speak period.
So to answer your question, I wanna chartered plane, outta this hell-hole of a country, I wanna go back to New York City, ‘cause you need to realise, boy, {Shane looks up} just like I told mummy an’ sister dearest last week, that I am your most valuable commodity … so you better start takin’ care of it.

Terrific heat from Earl’s Court at JBL’s ‘talking down’ to the young McMahon. After looking down for a moment or so, Shane brings his head back up, not backing down from the withering stare of the former-WWE Champion.

Shane McMahon: Y’know something, John, {suddenly smiling} you’re exactly right. I have been getting a little … distracted of late by all of this business with Randy Orton & Edge, with my broken collarbone, and, most important of all, with the up and coming 'SmackDown! Election', but as of right now … all that’s gonna change.

JBL raises an eyebrow, slightly concerned by McMahon’s tone of voice.

Shane McMahon: First thing’s first. You want some airtime? You want the opportunity to go to that ring with a microphone in your hand and say your piece? No problem. {holds a finger in the air} But there’s one little catch; you’ve gotta do something for me, John.

A sick, charismatic, enigmatic grin forms across the features of Shane McMahon as Bradshaw actually looks quite nervous, his eyes opening wide in anticipation of what McMahon could have in store for him, as we fade into another commercial.

{Commercial Break}

~ Great British Moment - June 29, 1998 - Raw Is War – A new era dawns in the WWE, as Blackpool native William Regal makes his debut in his usual ruthless fashion destroying one-half of The Headbangers, Droz, with the now infamous Regal Stretch.

Back, cold, and Michael Cole waits centre of the ring, a microphone in his hand.

Michael Cole: Ladies and gentlemen, what a night it was just 12 days ago at WrestleMania 22. Edge became the new World Heavyweight Champion, Jamie Noble captured the Cruiserweight Championship of the world, and The Bluebloods, as I’m sure you’re aware, brought the WWE Tag Team titles here to England for the first time in 5 years. But that was only the beginning … because that night on April 2nd … one man overcame all the odds, all of the adversity… and became the new United States Champion.

Tremendous pop from the crowd, knowing exactly who is being spoken about..

Michael Cole: Ladies and gentlemen, the NEW WWE United States Champion … REEEYYY MYYYYSSSTTTEEERRRIIIOOO!!!

***BOOYAKA 619***

Earl’s Court comes alive with a response that rivals that of the hometown Bluebloods, as Rey Mysterio races out onto the SmackDown! stage, throwing his fist up high to salute his fans. Dressed in all white, mask, pants, gloves et al, with a black t-shirt over the top, Rey Rey reaches down to his waist, unfastening the brand-spanking new U.S title belt and raising it to both sides of the arena, before heading on down to the ring, slapping hands at every juncture.

While Michael Cole applauds in the ring, the uber popular luchador rolls into the ring, playing to the fans a bit more on every single turnbuckle, grinning with delight at the belt in his arms, as the camera picks out a few of the numerous youngsters sporting their hero’s in the crowd. Shaking his head in disbelief, his music fading, and the lights returning to normal, the Master of the 619 steps back to the middle of the ring, shaking hands with the waiting Cole.

Michael Cole: Well, uh, Rey, congratulations on your victory two weeks ago at WrestleMania, and after what has been a long, long road, how does it feel to be United States Champion for the very first time?

The crowd begins to cheer already, not even allowing Mysterio the chance to answer. He looks into every side of the building, struggling to contain the joy on his face, chuckling a bit too.

Rey Mysterio: Ha ha, {smiling away} I gotta tell you, Michael, I do-- I can’t describe it. I mean I, I feel so good right now; it’s been a looong, slow, hard, painful journey to get to this point in my career … I’ve had to crawl, scratch, fight, and limp my way up the mountain, and the WWE fans were there, every step of the way with me, Michael, and I wanna thank you … THANK YOU.

Huge pop from Earl’s Court as Rey holds up his title belt, pointing into the masses and touching his heart appreciatively, before returning to the microphone.

Rey Mysterio: And having said this, now that this {looks down at his belt} is finally in my arms after all these years of trying, I can tell you right now, Michael, I can tell everyone here tonight in EARL’S COURT, LONDON, and everyone watching at home … it’s not going anywhere for a looong time.

The crowd absolutely loves the reference to their hometown, but more importantly, they just plain love little Rey Rey, starting up a huge “REY” chant that fills the entire building to the point of vibration.

Michael Cole: Well, uh, Rey, last week, during the first ever Ten-Man Tag “Clash Of Champions” match here on Friday Night SmackDown, not only did your team pick up the win, but you got into somewhat of an altercation with the brand new WWE Tag Team Champions … The Bluebloods, and we’ve received word during this broadcast that next week, William Regal & Paul Burchill will grant you a partner of your choosing a shot at tag team gold. Are you perhaps concerned, Rey, that you’re taking on a little bit more than you can handle right now?

Huge heat for Cole’s question, but that doesn’t override the level of excitement in the air at the up & coming Mysterio|Blueblood clash a mere seven days away.

Rey Mysterio: Well, {winks at Cole} no. I’ve not got a concern in the world right now, Michael. I couldn’t be happier in fact. I-- I don’t wanna sound to caught up by all this, but right now, to put it straight, I’m livin’ my dream … and I don’t plan on EVER wakin’ up!

Another fantastic pop as Rey Rey pumps his chest to the Londoners, grinning confidently.

Rey Mysterio: Tag team title match, Michael? {pats Cole on the shoulder} That’s what I do, homes. I might be United States Champion right now, but the tag team division, that’s where I made my name here in the WWE.
Sure, sure I might be better known as a Cruiserweight, and I’m proud of that fact, but it was in the WWE Tag Team division that I first got the opportunity to hook it up with guys as good, as great, as Kurt Angle, as Chris Benoit, Edge, Kane, The Big Show, my boy Dave Batista, and let’s not forget ma familia … Chavito & the late, GRRREAT Eddie Guerrero.

THUNDEROUS cheers for the mention of Latino Heat, with all of the names mentioned getting equally huge ovations to be honest, with Rey proving just how much history he has.

Rey Mysterio: Yeah, that’s when people started to sit up, open their eyes, and pay attention to this kid from San Diego, started to see me as somethin’ more than just “that lil’ cruiserweight guy”. Maybe they thought-- maybe they began to belieeeve, if I can hang with these World champs week in and week out … why can’t I do it on my own?

…Rey nods at the crowd.

Rey Mysterio: But I know there’s a lot of people here tonight who don’t wanna see me walk out a 3-time WWE Tag Team Champion, and only the second double-champion in this company next week, and I just wanna say that’s it gonna be an honour and a privilege to step into the ring with a guy who I consider to be the future of this business, Paul Burchill, & one of the finest wrestlers I’ve ever had the fortune to work with, William Regal, and I just hope they can say the same about me.

Michael Cole: Well, I think these fans agree that we cannot wait to see that match next week.

Stating the obvious much? The reaction for Rey’s humbleness around the building is off the chart.

Michael Cole: But I think the question playing on everyone’s mind right now more than anything, is just who will you be stepping into that match with as your partner? We saw you team with your great friend from Raw, Chavo Guerrero at No Way Out, as well as capturing the WWE Tag Team titles with ‘The Animal’ Dave Batista towards the end of last year, so can you give us any clues as to who it might be?

Rey Mysterio: Well, Michael, {laughing, rubbing chin} I-- I haven’t really given it much thought to be honest. I asked for this match after that little … “misunderstanding” between myself & Jamie Noble with Regal & Burchill last week. I didn’t ask for the titles to be on the line, I didn’t even ask for this kind of high-profiles exposure. All I wanted, like I’ve always asked for in this business, is to settle our differences in the ring, man to man, mano e mano, and get it over with.

Applause for Rey’s down to earth way of thinking as he nods.

Rey Mysterio: If Jamie Noble still feels, like I do, that he can’t leave last week like it was, then it’d be my honour, just like it was at Saturday Night’s Main Event, to go into battle with hi–

???: (Clears throat) Ahem. Excuse me, Rey.

Everyone in the arena, including Mysterio & Cole turn suddenly in the direction of the (English) voice, looking up the ramp, to where … William Regal is making his way down towards the ring to a HUGE pop from his countrymen. Smirking at his fans, ole’ Bill is now dressed in a smart suit & tie, with his tag team title belt over his shoulder.

William Regal:(Finger poised) No, no, calm down, sunshine. I know … I know you must be feeling awfully proud of yourself, coming out here in front of … my fellow countrymen and laying down a challenge such as that to myself & Paul Burchill, and I hate to rain on your parade, Reymont … but some of us are not amused by what you did to the WWE Tag Team Champions last week.

The crowd continues to cheer Regal despite his much more heelish tone of voice, as Rey looks at Cole as if to say, “this guy serious?” which the dim-witted commentator can only shrug at.

William Regal: In fact, (much more serious) what you and that miserable little Confederate cretin Noble did to us last week was not only disrespectful … but downright bloody rude.

The reaction for Regal is becoming much more mixed, as Rey-Rey shakes his head.

William Regal: And so, by offending the WWE Tag Team Champions, let me just say, (the crowd begins to boo LOUDLY) you, sir, have made yourself two very (hard camera starts to shake) dangerous enemies…


TREMENDOUS heat pours down on the ring, as even Michael Cole is knocked out of the way, and the burly Englishman, “The Ripper”, sends the United States Champion crashing down to the canvas, barely conscious. Burchill, dressed almost identically to Regal (minus the suit jacket) puts the boots to Rey-Rey a few times, ignoring the boos of his hometown compatriots, as William Regal calmly walks up the steel steps and steps through the ropes, a HUGE shit-eating grin on his face.

Holding his hand out, Burchill arrogantly accepts the microphone from his partner, dropping to one knee and getting right in the face of the fallen Luchador, mic raised and eyes blazing.

Paul Burchill:(Breathing heavily) The Bluebloods are the greatest tag team to ever set foot in a ring … and the fact that you disrespected us … (menacing) means serious ... consequences.

Throwing the microphone back down with a thud, “The Ripper” gets back up to his feet, snatching his title belt off the canvas, keeping his eyes fixed on the fallen U.S Champion. Still receiving quite a positive reaction from London, Regal & Burchill adjust their shirt collars, work out the cricks in their necks, before leisurely stepping through the ropes, back to the outside, and heading back up the ramp, all swagger; all business; all awesome…

{Commercial Break}

~ Great British Moment - January 20, 2002 - The Royal Rumble - William Regal captures his first ever Intercontinental Championship by defeating future World Heavyweight Champion Edge, debuting the East End’s most famous addition to the world of professional wrestling: the brass knuckles.

Back from the break, backstage, and the dapper Steve Romero stands by, microphone clutched in his mitt, with the brand-spanking new Cruiserweight Champion, ‘The Pit-bull’. Jamie Noble, who, wearing shirt & slacks, looking pretty pissed off.

Steve Romero: Ladies and gentlemen, I’m joined here by new Cruiserweight Champion of the World Jamie Noble, and, Jamie, after what we all just heard before the break from Rey Mysterio, can we safely assume that you will accept his offer and join him next week in attempt to become the first dual-champions in SmackDown history?

Jamie Noble: Ye guessed right, Steve. Y’see, like someone else ‘round these parts found out at WrestleMania, ya stick ya nose where it don’t belong, more importantly, ye stick it Jamie Noble’s business, you better expect it’s gonna get slapped right off your face. So, Regal, Burchill, you two wanna step on up in Jamie Noble’s face? Ya wanna be a couple o' no-good cowards an' take Rey Mysterio out from behin'? Well, boys, I’ll more than happily oblige. Next week, fellas, it’s onnnn.
But dontcha’ think for a secon’ there that Jamie Noble gone an’ forgot ‘bout you, Kid. I heard whatcha’ said earlier tonight, an’ lemme jus’ make one thing perfectly clear to you, boy, liberatin’ this here {slaps belts} from ‘round your stinkin’, gutless waist was jus’ “phase one”. If ya think I’m done with you yet … well, let’s jus’ say ya ain’t seen nothin’ yet.

Noble storms off camera in his usual, ultra-intense fashion, getting big cheers from the London crowd, leaving Romero to wonder what he could have been talking about.

Back to ringside

Tazz: And I thought The Notorious K.I.D was intense?

Michael Cole: Indeed. Even with Jamie Noble achieving his dream and capturing the Cruiserweight Championship at WrestleMania, it seems that this business between he and Kash is far from over.

Match #4 - Finlay vs. Juventud Guerrera

In a rematch of sort from the MITB Qualifying Rounds, the high-flying Cruiserweight legend, Juventud Guerrera gets another shot at the rough, touch, and this week especially pissed off Irishman Finlay, after he suffered his first ever pin fall loss in the WWE last week to the on fire Matt Hardy. This is definitely far from a squash match, with Juvi one of the more respected and in-form members of the Cruiserweight division right now not named Kid Kash or Jamie Noble, and he bravely takes it to the smash mouth veteran from the offset.

Ultimately though, after a fairly good outing from both men to get the crowd worked up, it is Dave Finlay who gets the decisive edge when he manages to roll out of the way of Juvi’s 45O Splash, sending the Mexican SMASHING into the canvas! Wasting little time, Fit Finlay scoops Juvi up onto his shoulders and PLANTS the plucky athlete with the CELTIC CROSS for the academic three count.

Winner - Finlay via pin fall @ 6:48.

After the decisive victory the Fighting Irishman snatches his hand away from the ref before they can raise it, remaining on his knees and staring into the crowd with disdain as the English natives boo the living hell out of him. Snarling, Dave rolls out of the ring, and storms back up the ramp, exchanging insults with all of the fans at ringside in the process & kicking the barricades just to give them a good scare.

Michael Cole: London, England not agreeing at all with The Fighting Irishman here tonight.

Tazz: Huge win for Dave though. Finlay gets the duke.

Michael Cole: Indeed he does. But still to come tonight, {up comes the graphic} it’ll be Shane McMahon CALLING OUT the World Heavyweight Champion, Edge, TONIGHT!!

{Commercial Break}

Back from the break, in a backstage corridor a door slams, followed by a lot of loud shouting. Soon enough, out comes … Finlay, the still hyped-up Irishman looking ornery as per usual, shillelagh in hand. Throwing his towel over his shoulder, Dave, muttering to himself, storms down the hallway and out of sight.

A Superstar vignette plays …


Inter-cutting shots flash across the screen of a young superstar, clad in black trunks with shoulder length dark hair and a small beard. He stands in front of a blank screen, holding up his knuckles, adorned with the words, “D-R-U-G … F-R-E-E”…

???: I don’t drink …

Narrator: He is the most exciting superstar to ever hit professional wrestling …

A shot of the man flying through the ropes with a topé suicida…

???: I don’t smoke …

Narrator: His skills range from Muay Thai Kickboxing to Brazilian Jujitsu …

Shots of the man delivering scintillating kicks to his hopeless opponents…

???: I don’t do drugs …

Narrator: He’s been a champion everywhere he’s been …

Shots of the man holding the OVW Championship aloft…

???: My only addiction is competition …

Narrator: He’s a “Straightedge Superstar” …

More flashing shots of the man wowing crowd all around the world…

???: My name … is C … M … PUNK!!!

Punk throws his hair back, looking into the camera with steely eyes…

Narrator: And he’s coming … to Friday Night SmackDown!



Backstage, we are in what appears to be an interview area, the Union Flag of Great Britain hanging up in the background, but everything is much darker than usual, with even a few of the lights flickering on & off occasionally, casting an eerie glow over everything, especially the two men standing in screenshot … arms folded, muscular, wall-like, shirtless, wearing only a pair of dark sweats, the intimidating BOBBY LASHLEY, and two his left, dwarfed by even a single bicep of “The Real Deal”, his agent, the manic-looking Paul E. Heyman.

Paul Heyman: Take a look, {grinning at B’Lash} at this. What a sight to behold. Me, Paul E. Heyman, the Number One agent in all of sport’s entertainment, flanked by this … gladiatorial specimen of humanity.

The camera runs all over Lashley’s quite frankly unearthly physique, through the dimming lights from above.

Paul Heyman: You know who else is paying attention, Bobby? {holds up a finger} Your opponent, if you can call him such a thing, two Sunday’s ago, the … “Phenom”, the “Deadman”, and those other slogans that Vincent Kennedy McMahon wants to throw at his golden boy; but I personally prefer the little moniker worked up between myself and my favourite client, Bobby Lashley, that simply being, the … “Corporate Stooge”.
{laughing} Undertaker, your decade and a half of destruction was saved at WrestleMania because of one thing, ONE thing … and that was the “Esteemed Committee” I spoke of last week, sat back there in Greenwich, Connecticut, trying to silence Paul E. Heyman from speaking the truth, and trying to deny “The Real Deal” Bobby Lashley his right to bring down the “Demon of Death Valley”.

Gesticulating wildly, Heyman thrusts his finger at the lens, but the camera seems far more interested in the menacingly, unflinching facial features of Bad Bobby.

Paul Heyman: Undertaker, Undertaker, Undertaker, {shaking his head} it didn’t have to be this way. If you had only manned up at WrestleMania, made it a fair fight, instead of hiding behind your $10,000 suit, then you would’ve been spared … all this. Mr. Undertaker, if I may, {points to Lash} now that The Soldier Of Fortune, The Intimidator, The Real Deal here in the WWE, Bobby Lashley, has his sights sets on you … you really only have two options … run … or … hide.

Paul E. smiles smugly, while Lashley nods, clearly believing his own press.

Paul Heyman: You know, Mr. Undertaker, at times like this, usually a person would try to “one-up” you, maybe quote a passage from The Bible or something to try and outdo you at your own game, Deadman, but in this case, I’m reminded of little line from one of my favourite movies of all time, {looks at Lashley, wistfully},

LISTEN … and understand. That terminator … is out there.

It can't be bargained with … It can't be reasoned with.

It doesn't feel pity … or remorse … or fear… And it ABSOLUTELY WILL - NOT - STOP, EVER … until you … are dead”.

The camera closes right in on The Real Deal. His face. His eyes. His stare.

Paul Heyman: {off screenshot, fading} See you soon.

Fade. To. Black.

Michael Cole: My god, does The Undertaker know what is waiting for him when he returns to Friday nights for the first time since WrestleMania? Ungodly. But coming up next, {graphic appears} it’s what we’ve all been waiting for.

The camera cuts away backstage to a corridor, where … the Executive Vice-President of the WWE SHANE MCMAHON is heading toward the ring, with the graphic over the screen.

Michael Cole: Our World Heavyweight Champion is about to be called out, NEXT!!!

{Commercial Break}

Michael Cole: Ladies and gentlemen, we received word during the break that the match next week for the WWE Tag Team titles has now been made official, and it will be William Regal & Paul Burchill of The Bluebloods putting the belts on the line against, and listen to this, the Cruiserweight Champion Jamie Noble & the United States Champion Rey Mysterio.

Tazz: Oh man. Last week we saw those four guys on the team, but by no means on the same page. It was anarchy out here last week when The Bluebloods went at it with Noble & Mysterio. I gotta think it’s gonna be the same next week.

Michael Cole: You could well be right, Tazz. One thing’s for sure though, partner, I don’t think there’s ever been a match in the history of Friday Night SmackDown with as much gold involved as there will be next week; the tag team, U.S & Cruiserweight Champions all getting it on.


As with last week, the crowd erupts with a thunderous pop, as the always popular Shane McMahon dances out onto the stage, adorned in a sharp, dark suit, not letting the sling on his left-arm hold him back. The former European Champion surprisingly looks quite happy as he has a look around the arena, a smirk on his face. Shane O’ Mac skips on down to the ring, sprightly as ever. The “Billionaire Daredevil” saunters up the steps, adjusting his obviously, ridiculously expensive suit, and jigs his way into the ring.

Michael Cole: There he is, the man in charge of virtually the entire WWE right now, along with his mother & sister. Talk about looking the part, eh, Tazz?

Tazz: You ain’t kiddin’, Cole. Just take a look at that suit. I’d bet that cost more than your house.

Shane calls for a microphone, and he’s immediately handed one from Tony Chimel, as the music begins to die down over the PA. Watching Shane ‘strut’ some more, Earl’s Court stands on their feet, chanting for the McMahon. Laughing it up, Shane finally decides it’s time to stop kidding around. The crowd finally begins to quieten down, and the charismatic businessman brings the microphone up to his mouth.

Shane McMahon: Just last week everyone heard what was quite possibly the biggest announcement in the history of Friday Night SmackDown!, when I unveiled the very firstSmackDown! Election’ and laid it out for the world … to hear.

Shane stops for a second, nodding proudly as the crowd gives quite a nice pop, excited by this brand new concept for Friday nights.

Shane McMahon: In what was some of the most unprecedented and incredible media attention this companies ever had, I, my mother & my sister have been inundated, hour after hour, minute after minute, for each and every second, by members of the press wanting to know just who had thrown their hat into the mix already.

Working out the cricks in his neck, McMahon shows what hard work it’s been for him, getting a few laughs from the audience.

Shane McMahon: But I had to tell them all that, without exception, the identities of those candidates putting their name forward for the position of General Manager would remain anonymous until the Great American Bash later this year.

Some boos for this, drawing a wry grin for O’ Mac.

Shane McMahon: Sorry, but that’s just the way it has to be. There is, {holds up his index finger} there is one thing I can reveal though, if it makes you feel any better … a certain, I don’t know if you’ve heard of him, Mr. Randy Orton will NOT be partaking in the election.

The crowd gives a cheer for this news. Shane lets out a HUGE grin, baring his white teeth, before continuing.

Shane McMahon: Had to get that in there {wink}. Moving on, with the already resounding success of the ‘SmackDown! Election’ I think it’s about time I addressed another matter, the one advertised that I was comin’ out here to address in the first place: namely … a certain World … Heavyweight … Champion.

TREMENDOUS heat for the mere mention of the Rated R Superstar’s name, as Shane, still not looking too bothered or angry really, shakes his head.

Shane McMahon: Got me {at hard camera} pretty good there last week, buddy. What? Were you expecting me not to show up tonight, Edge? To hide away from you? Lemme explain something to you, champ, I’ve been hit worse & I’ve been hit harder. You might be the World Heavyweight Champion around here, but, Edge; to me … you’re just one of the little people.

Another great pop from Earl’s Court for this, as McMahon saunters around the ring rather arrogantly, never missing a step.

Shane McMahon: Edge … man … all you achieved last week was signing your own death warrant. Y’see, I - AM - YOUR - BOSS, and you put your hands on me last week, and quite frankly that’s somethin’ … well, that’s something you just … don’t do.

The English fans begin to murmur & buzz, excited by what O’ Mac could possibly have lined up for the World Heavyweight Champion.

Shane McMahon: Edge … you don’t have to come out here, I don’t really care, but know this: in two weeks … in Green Bay, Wisconsin … you will defend that World Title.

THUNDEROUS pop from the crowd for that announcement, as Shane nods along.

Shane McMahon: Against a man who–


London ERUPTS in a deafening mixed reaction, which rapidly subsides into some absolutely deafening heat with the emergence of the World Heavyweight Champion, ‘The Rated R Superstar’ Edge through the smoke on the stage, dressed to impress in his leather pants & jacket, white t-shirt, beanie hat & shades, the carrying the gold over his shoulder. Looking as pissed off as one can get, Edge, along with Lita heads for the ring.

There’s no swagger tonight as Edge & Lita storm directly down the ramp and enter the ring via the steel steps, forsaking their usual ‘sexy’ antics on the apron. Brushing right past the vaguely amused McMahon, Edge leans over the ropes and demands a microphone, which poor Tony Chimel quickly hands to him, allowing the WHC to turn to Shane angrily.

Shane McMahon: Problem with my match-making, Ed--

Edge: SHUT UP!!!

OH~ Edge doesn’t hold back at all, drawing some astounding heat.

Edge: Cut it, cut the music. {Right in Shane’s face} JUST SHUT UP! I guess, I guess you must think I’m pretty happy ‘cause … ‘cause I’ve got this {indicates title belt} at last. But I’m NOOOOT!!! This {pointing right at Shane} is CRAP and you know it, Shane!! WHY WON’T YOU GIVE ME MY DAMN SLOT ON THIS SHOW!!!???

Shane raises an eyebrow, clearly not appreciating the World Heavyweight Champion’s tone, but still remaining quite calm.

Edge: So that’s IT! I’m fed up, I’m sick & I’m tired. I AM THE WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION, SHANE, AND I DESERVE SOME - {turns to the crowd} SHUUUUT UP!!! - AN’ I DESERVE TO BE RECOGNIZED!!! Everything in my life I’ve wanted, I’VE GOT, EVERYTHING, an’ now, now I’m finally ‘THE MAN’ … you, you an’ you’re little prima donna ass isgonna try and keep me down again? That’s BULLSHIT!!!

The crowd gasps & boos at Edge’s uncensored profanity as he tears off his shades, handing his title belt to Lita so that he can get right in Shane’s face.

Edge: An’ now, NOOOOW you wanna tell me I have to put MY title on the line when I haven’t even been given the chance to CELEBRATE YET??!! It’s just like a thought, “Shane O’”, things don’t change around here do they? I was SCREEEEEWED OVER & OVER AGAIN before I became World Heavyweight Champion, an’ now that I am World Heavyweight Champion, YOU WANNA SCREW ME AGAAAAAAIN!!!

Wiping a little bit of ‘saliva’ from his eye, Shane gives the crowd a glance as they boo the living hell out the Rated R Superstar, who fumes relentlessly.

Shane McMahon: Feeling bitter, Edge?

Edge: {Annoyed} Oh, oh, that’s cute, is this a JOKE to you?!

McMahon smirks, giving his gum a little chew.

Shane McMahon: No, {Shakes his head} this isn’t a joke to me. You wanna know my problem with you besides the fact you speared me in half last week? {Right back in Edge’s face} You are ungrateful - you act like the whole world shoulda just handed everything to you on a silver platter, and now that you have it {Nods to title belt}, it’s still not … good enough … for Edge.

Edge blinks slightly, perhaps actually hearing the words for once, taking a look at his World Championship on Lita’s shoulder.

Edge: It’s called - it’s called being the BEST, Shane, somethin’ you wouldn’t know about! When you’re as good as me, NOTHIN’ is good enough … but that doesn’t change the fact that I … am WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION … an’ I need to be acknowledged.

Shane McMahon: And, uh, spearing me, that’s gonna get you acknowledged?

Edge actually smiles for the first time tonight, wryly, running a hand across his fair beard & glancing at Lita.

Edge: If winning the World Heavyweight title, of all things, at WrestleMania, of all places, doesn’t get you the respect you deserve, then what else is there left to do than beat the crap outta your silver-spoon wearin’ BITCH of a boss??!!

OH~ Shane struggles to compose himself after this one.

Shane McMahon: I’ll tell you what there is left to do, bro; you go home, take a good, long look in the mirror … and try to figure out why it is that my peers not only don’t respect me … but hate my guts.

The crowd ‘oohs’ and ‘ahs’, as Edge rakes his fingers through his long hair.

Edge: I {through gritted teeth} don’t need to earn anything. It’s everyone else in the back who needs to earn my respect, my forgiveness, for all of the CRAP that they’ve put me through since I came to this company eight years ago. I’ve proved I’m better than them … an’ know it’s time they admit that.

Frowning at first, Shane’s expression gives way to a bit of a smile & a nod, raising his microphone back up to his mouth and stepping forwards.

Shane McMahon: You know something, Edge, listening to the two of us, there doesn’t seem to be a reason why our two ideas can’t co-exist, why we can’t play by our rules.

The World Heavyweight Champion smirks.

Shane McMahon: Edge, you beat me down in the ring once and I swore there and then that I wouldn’t let you bully me into anything. But I’ll be damned if I’m going to sit back and watch you tear to the ground something that my family created!! Now, Edge, as much as I want to punish you for what you did to me last week, I think you deserve your main event slot even more.

Edge looks slightly confused, intrigued & annoyed all at the same time, looking hard into McMahon’s eyes.

Shane McMahon: I’m not too keen on you as the World Heavyweight Champion, but, hey, you earned it, Edge - which makes it time I guess, we all started treating you like the World Heavyweight Champion by giving you what you want.
Now before you interrupted me, I was saying that you would be defending the World Heavyweight title on April 28th … which you WILL, Edge, no two ways about it, you will be putting the gold on the line for the very first time in your very first title reign … against a man who you have never faced before.

The crowd cheers wildly for the announcement, as Edge’s eyes bug out of his head, smacking his lips dryly as he struggles for words.

Edge: {through gritted teeth} WHHHHOOOO?!?!

Shane McMahon: Well…

The crowd is amok with varying chants right now, from “UNDER - TA - KER” to “BA - TIS - TA” to “619” and even more, every person letting Shane know exactly who they want to see challenge for the title.

Shane McMahon: See, here’s the thing…

The crowd is now screaming & the hard camera shaking for some reason, as Edge & Lita stare the opposite way right at Shane McMahon with anxious eyes, while even McMahon seems suddenly nervous, taking a step back….

Edge: {Fingers through hair} WHO IS IT DAMMIT??!!

Now with his mouth fully open in shock, McMahon lifts his microphone once more, as the crowd continues to go apeshit {unclear whether it is positive or negative at this point}.

Shane McMahon: Sorry, Edge, but if I was you, {pointing over Edge’s shoulder} I’d turn around…

Edge turns…


EDGE’S BODY IS HURLED ACROSS THE RING LIKE A RAG DOLL, dropping him to the ground in a heap, arms sprawled out and eyes closed in a state of unconscious following the HORRENDOUS CUTTING SHOT!!! The camera pans around finally to show…

’THE ANIMAL’ DAVE BATISTA standing in the ring over the World Champion.

With a face as blank as the canvas below, Big Dave looks down upon the fallen World Heavyweight Champion, as Lita lies across him … then calmly reaches up with his free hand, adjusting the lapels over his white custom suit accordingly. Bad to the bone, baby.

Michael Cole: What the…

‘Tista removes his $1000 shades and drops them down alongside Lita and the motionless Edge, before his eyes slowly drift across to where Shane McMahon stands, looking positively stunned by what has just happened. With McMahon still holding his microphone in one hand, The Animal smartly steps over Edge’s carcass and leans in to the mic, not once taking his eyes of McMahon…

Batista: Mr. McMahon … if the next words outta your mouth aren’t “Dave Batista” … … … then we’re gonna have a problem.

The self-proclaimed ‘Animal’ steps back from the microphone, pulling his expensive suit jacket up around him neatly, giving Shane McMahon a bit of room as he gazes up into the eyes of the longest reigning World Heavyweight Champion in WWE history. Batista’s face remains null and void of all emotion, while Shane ‘O looks rather anxious, running a hand through his slick hairdo, glancing it the crowd as they chant for The Animal.

Shane McMahon: I, uh, Dave, {nervously stepping up} listen, big man, we’ve be over this before in the back. You don’t have a rematch clause in your contract, which means you’re in the same position as everyone else when comes to getting a shot at, uh, {points at the writhing Edge} him.

The crowd boos loudly, as Lita actually applauds the announcement {pretty sarcastically it has to be said} as Batista stares down at the mat, sucking it all up, allowing Shane to take another step in.

Shane McMahon: I’m sorry, Dave. I really a-


“OH” gasps the crowd, as McMahon is damn near broken in half for the second week running, lying in a state of near-unconscious in the middle of the ring, as Big Dave stands over him with a furious stare...

Earl’s Court is in a state of complete shock, as Batista steps back up to his feet and continues to shake his head angrily, glaring down at Edge, Lita, & the World Heavyweight Championship, while Shane O’ Mac , his sling torn asunder, lies with his eyes closed on the canvas, beneath … the Number One Contender? As we fade out.



Current Card for Judgment Day
Date: May 21st, 2006
Location: US Airways Center; Phoenix, Arizona
Event Music: Killswitch Engage; This Fire Burns


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Re: Legend Presents: WWE 2006 - Stop Your Grinnin' And Drop Your Linen

You know I feel bad for leaving you in the lurch.

Delighted I'm able to review this and you posted it before the weekend is out. Let's get on with it, shall we?


I'm glad to see I'm not the only one that believes in giving TV matches time. Not all TV matches need to be 8 minutes. Bluebloods are awesome and were always going to win. If this was made to be a feud ender as such, I would have loved MNM to get the win, as the heat would be immense, however, that was never going to happen. Burchill/Regal just look to be getting started. Londrick/MNM should be sweet. Tandems ftw.

I love INTENSE Kash. This Kash/Noble stuff is SO awesome. I love how you treat every title the same. Shame WWE does not do the same IRL. {Side Note: Why is it we mark for the exact same guys, and only we see some of these guy's potential? Oh yeah, we are that awesome. HIGH FIVE}


Undecided on the guy really, I can love him sometimes, hate him other times, feels the same with anything in BTB, no matter how hard people try. {And boy, ORRY did back in the day} KENNEDY~! I love Kennedy, he's so easy to write with if you have simply any nack of promo writing, so much material at your exposure with him. The Mic Suite? I remember when we discussed names for the show, can't remember what I suggested, but I do remember the fact it was an awesome suggestion. Kennedy to punk Hardy next week plz.

omg, King Bookah~! Never saw the fuss in the guy, but his King Bookah spell was quite awesome and was the first time I have enjoyed him. He was looking a little bit lost so at least you corrected that and gave him direction heading out from Wrestlemania and into the future.

Albright's awesome, another guy I love and see potential in. Smackdown is the perfect place for him as it has more gaps than RAW at the moment. Hopefully he finds a niche soon enough. Maybe with Hardy once Hardy/Kennedy runs its course? Hardy is always good with up-and-comers and upstarts.

Why do I have a feeling JBL is going to become Smackdown GM as part of the Smackdown Elections?

Classic switcharoo. I was talking about heat earlier and what better way than to switch as fast as that and take out golden boy later in the night? Great stuff. Mysterio's partner? A certain Guerrero? I have no real idea.

Ok, fuck you. Besides, I always knew it was Noble. I was tagging along.

Heel Finlay is awesome. What is next for him though? I'd not mind a multiple man feud with Kennedy and Hardy, maybe involving Albright down the line. Not sure. There's always a way to keep a heel fresh without plunging him into an angle though. I'm sure you'll find it, you rascal.

PUNKSTER~! Hrm, maybe I found my answer. Punk debuts, jealously rages inside Finlay? I could see it happen, it'd help both men out, and it could be hella entertaining. Finlay's very underrated, mainly because of the shit he's been cast into these days. {Honestly, plz kill Hornswoggle already, Dave}

God, could Heyman be anymore awesome than he is already? We have discussed time and time again about Lashley and what a badass he is, and you showed it, through Heyman, who could be a mouthpiece for literally any superstars of any gimmick, of any reason. The quotes from Terminator were epic, and like we talked about last night, it fits his Soldier type character right down to the ground. I don't see Lash/Boring ending anytime soon, I see it continuing on until Summerslam. Buried Alive? Hell In A Cell? I'll go for the latter. This thing will need a conclusion in a gimmick match without a doubt.

One of the best segments I have seen from you, best end-of-show segment without a doubt. The tension between Edge and Shane has been teasted for weeks and months through subtle ways, and has finally been unleashed. Batista~! I love BIG DAVE. He can't wrestle a brilliant match, BUT he is badass as a heel. I'd love him to be a tweener against Edge, the Spinebuster to McMahon was just sick.
I did not see it coming, but its clear what you are trying to do. Both Edge and Batista taking him out is not going to make him happy. This is partially why I see McMahon/JBL plotting something with JBL winning the Smackdown Elections, maybe via a set-up between he/McMahon Family. Just throwing wild ideas out of my head right about now.

But down to business, a bloody brilliant ending to what was a good show. I'd not go as far as to say its your best, or anywhere near it, but everything done had a purpose and at this time, its all about continuation, and the end of the show set things up perfectly for the future.
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