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Re: Legend Presents: WWE 2006 - Stop Your Grinnin' And Drop Your Linen

Heyman Deciple’s Raw Review

Benjamin & Haas Vs. Bashams: Cool, I always liked the Basham Brothers. Solid tag match and that finish with the t-bone off the ropes was great. I’m glad to see Estrada make his appearance on Raw as he announces Haas & Benjamin will face all the members of the Spirit Squad for the titles. Now here comes the Big Show who ultimately lays out Shelton Benjamin and then here comes The Squad of Spirit as they lay out Charlie Haas.

Trish-Victoria: Good interaction here between the ladies which features some of the fallout of what happened at WrestleMania. Hmm, they both bring up Bischoff? If the 2 of them wind up double-teaming Eric, I’m out of here. Seriously.

Helms Vs. Dupree: Solid match with Helms getting the win and sending a message to Carlito at the end.

Bischoff-Trish and Victoria: Stop with the Val Venis impression. Ha, now that’s funny. Trish was very good in this segment as she’s trying to get her belt back.

Carlito Vs. Eugene: Carlito looks strong here getting the win after winning Money In The Bank at WrestleMania. I enjoyed Carlito’s promo. His American impression bit was entertaining and I liked the cutaway shots of Helms and Chavo looking on.

Triple H-RVD: Awesome segment. Coach was funny at the beginning with yelling out for Triple H to attack RVD. This was a very cool intense back and forth promo. My favorite part had to be the Funk-Flair reference followed by the handshake. Then Coach gets bitch slapped and hit with the pedigree. I wasn’t so sure about using the pedigree when Triple H was injured but he sold it strong so it’s all-good.

Bischoff-Big Show: “Our Cause” Bischoff sounds like a cult leader. It looks like RVD might be next in the Big Show’s sights.

Wrecking Crew Vs. Heart Throbs: Wow it’s nice to see the Heart Throbs still have jobs. Nice win for the Red Neck Wrecking Crew.

Carlito-Masters: Fun segment here. Carlito sounds really full of himself calling himself a main eventer just because he won MITB. That party segment next week sounds like it could be a lot of fun. Masters asking about the booze and tail was funny stuff.

Spirit Squad: I never really liked The Spirit Squad but this was amazing between their interaction with Maria, Super Man references, Justice League references, Rod Grisham jokes this was all so damn awesome.

Chavo Vs. Masters: Not the greatest Raw Main Event Ever. You can say that again. Good to see Chavo wins again and with the Rolling Liger Kick. Sweet. After the match Masters acts like a bitch and here comes Kurt Angle.

Angle-Cena: This was a great way to end the show. These 2 had a great back and forth that built up the main event for Back Lash and Cena’s line about not being too crazy about spiders was gold.

This was a great show, I really enjoyed all the promos and segments they were so well written. Good stuff. I give this a 9 out of 10.

And if you want to check out my TNA BTB, that would be appreciated. Thanks.

Not currently watching WWE... I refuse to continue to be part of the problem by supporting something I do not enjoy.

To get my PROFESSIONAL WRESTLING fix, I am currently spending my money on independent wrestling and listening to the following podcasts:

Solomonster Sounds Off
Wrestling Soup
Don Tony & Kevin Castle

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Re: Legend Presents: WWE 2006 - Stop Your Grinnin' And Drop Your Linen

I promised this, just sorry its a tad later than I originally said.


I'm quite a big fan of title defenses on the first match back after a big PPV, don't know why, just think it continues the big-time feeling. This did its job with the display of great work from Haas and Benjamin. I was as shocked as anyone they won, but I'd had the feeling you'd try to swerve us. Always though Bashams were not loved enough so hope they get decent enough treatment, which they did in all fairness.

Great stuff, loving Show/Benjamin for next week. Haas costing him the match, hint of a break-up? Not sure what route you go unless it ends in a DQ finish with Show going on the rampage. Tag Title match should be fun, love Spirit Squad.

I love Victoria. I have a feeling she's not in cahoots with her and this is setting us up for a blow-off TT somewhere done the line, maybe Summerslam when this kicks into full gear.

I LOVE Greg Helms. Good to see you are not going to forget about him.

Bischoff's such a wanker. LOVE IT.

Great stuff from Carlito. Glad to see you have big plans for him, I know by what you have said you see him as a potential star of the future in your BTB, so shall be interesting to see what route you take and when he cashes in.

Triple H is awesome. I seriously thought he was going to turn and do the normal thing of beating the shit out of RVD. Not to be though, I love the way this is set up for one more match SS, I presume. Coach is such a fucking douche, and I like it. Tries to cause conflict and gets his ass handed to him. I know you don't like Hunter and what he does in real life, but the way you write him, he could be a huge asset to this project ... when he comes back of course.

Got to love the double manipulation going on. Bischoff gets Show on side with a title shot, quite clearly so he can rest on him for extra 'favors' at a later time. Always great when a GM does it and no one better than Bischoff. I see Bischoff going from strength to strength and being heavily involved as the months go on.

As for Show being back and active every week, good stuff. One of the best big men the WWE has ever had imo.

Not surprised you found room for these two, I know you love 'em. Standard squash and fills time and builds up a team for when WGTT leave the division {sooner rather than later}

Great stuff. Never thought Masters could be so entertaining. I can't wait, assuming its next week of course. Got to wonder whether 'Lito will be involved in anything substational or wil just continue to shoot his mouth off until after Backlash. I'd not mind, he could easily keep fresh and inventive just by being on stick and in a couple of easy matches for the next few weeks. Besides, Backlash is already going to be stacked by the looks of it.

. When you incoperate comedy into your promos, there is nothing better, truely. Poor old Maria, the ditzy blonde. Great fodder for guys like the Spirit Squad and maybe even 'Lita at a later point. I'm actually rooting for SS to win at Backlash, although its a hard choice with my homeboy Haas involved.

Glad Chavo won. Poor guy is overused so much in BTB. Interesting what happened at the end. Could Masters lust for glory be starting to affect him? Is he starting to have inner conflict about being nothing but a right-hand man to 'Lito? Maybe.

And now, its Angle time. Angle's probably one of the only men in recent history that is able to play the heel and face roll so well, hell, he can even play a tweener too. Great stuff from Angle, nothing earth shattering but we both know how Angle delivers it makes it great. Cena. Things about to pick up~!

"Me? I ain’t all that crazy about spiders. I understand."

Awesome stuff. Cena is so awesome. I love you are going the route of Cena getting into Angle's head and basically forcing him into accepting the match.

"You want me one on one? FINE! You want a shot at my WWE Championship? FINE! You want it at BACKLASH? FINE! You want to embarrass yourself in front of the entire world by making you a personal project of mine, by making it so that I won’t do anything but eat, drink, sleep, and LIVE John Cena! FINE!
NOBODY disrespects Kurt Angle, and NOBODY steps through those ropes without being made to TAP … LIKE A BITCH!!!"

That was seven shades of awesome, truely the best paragraph of the night and I have seen in a long-time. I have always wanted to do Cena/Angle but never got the chance, glad I can see it through this project.

Overall, just an astonishing show, I truely loved it. Some great stuff for the WGTT, Victoria/Trish, Bischoff/Show is intruiging and of course, Cena/Angle was iconic.

Keep it going. Please. I honestly can't see further than you and Mac at the moment. This stuff is blowing everyone else out of the water.
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Re: Legend Presents: WWE 2006 - Stop Your Grinnin' And Drop Your Linen

Raw Feedback

United Center? I am pretty sure that the WWE stayed in AllState the night after ‘Mania. I can’t remember the last time they’ve been to the U.C, tbh. Flair showing up next week with a major announcement? I really hope we don’t get the retirement angle, but I have no idea what else it could be. No Cena tonight? Angle’s promo better be damn good if no one’s gonna interrupt.

Very shocked to see that the Basham Brothers get the first shot at the tag team champs. Hopefully it will be a good opening act for Benjamin and Haas. Glad that the Bashams are looking respectable in this match, as Raw needs more quality tag teams, imo. Surprised that Haas was isolated for so long but he finally makes the tag to Benji and Shelton is able to impress everyone, going off on Doug and finally getting the pin after the amazing T-Bone of the top rope. It is obvious that we will see a Shelton-Charlie IC Title feud sometime down the line, not sure when. AAE~! I am shocked to see Estrada so early, but I am also surprised that Umaga isn’t with him. He is Bischoff’s representative? It is obvious that Umaga is coming eventually, guess Estrada is just going to be established before the Samoan makes his debut. I loved how AAE started out with the crowd on his side, hyping the success of the WGTT, but then makes the crowd hate him after some very insulting remarks. 5-on-2 at Backlash? SS have to be the favorites heading in. Big Show gets the shot next week? Bischoff must really hate Shelton and Charlie, no other reason for this rough stretch. I knew Shelton and Charlie would try their best, but it was just not worth it, as Big Show and the SS stand tall to end the segment. Gonna be tough for Shelton and Haas to keep all their gold, imo.

Very good segment between the two divas who battled for the Women’s Title at WM22. Mickie keeping the belt is somewhat strange but I know that you are going somewhere good with it. Not sure that I’d trust Vicky, she may have something up her sleeve. Bischoff will probably do something about the situation, but I have no idea what.

Glad to see the state of mind that Helms is after not winning MITB, should make him even more awesome as a tweener. Dupree actually looked a little respectable but it was only a matter of time before Helms came back to life. Coming for ‘Lito? That would be an interesting feud but I guess we will wait and see what happens. Helms isn’t a face quite yet, but I can see that happening soon. Good win for young Gregory.

Bischoff seems a little too chill about the situation with Mickie, imo. I mean he doesn’t need to control everything but she has the Women’s Title belt with her … I’d figure he wants to get that straightened out. The plan doesn’t seem very good but who knows … it could work out. We know that Mickie will show up and probably get the shot at Trish, just don’t know when. The more you have AAE in segments, the higher your final score from me will be, tbh.

Carlito as MITB was pretty shocking at WM22 and now I am interested to see how his character develops. He will probably hold the briefcase for a while, as I don’t see him nearly ready for a run with a major belt. Eugene is a good opponent, and I’m glad Carlito got a little bit of a test, but the ending was never in doubt, with the Apple Core and Back Stabber being too much to handle. Way to make ‘Lito look like an ass. Carlito’s promo was very good, especially the beginning when he talked about being overlooked heading into WM22. Mocking all the other competitors was very in character and I guess that we will be seeing Chavo and Helms take exception to Carlito’s arrogance. Like I said, ‘Lito as a World Champion is a long way off … but it will be awesome when he finally cashes in.

SD! main event sounds really good, interested to see how each team works together with a bunch of different heels and faces.

Triple H coming to the ring … on crutches? Guess the war with RVD last night did some real damage, as crutches are never a good sign. Triple H doesn’t sound like his usual intense self, but it is good to see that he isn’t out for a very long time, as S’Slam seems like a good time to return. Going after the title is good and I like how he talked about Angle AND Edge, means he could be moving to SD!, which I would support without a doubt. I like the way Triple H is a tweener in this promo. Talking about losing to RVD but still disrespecting him. Good middle ground, imo. Some tweener-like comments from RVD, putting down some of the veterans by saying that he wants to do things his own way. Good reference to the old feud between Funk and Flair, could this feud be heading for an “I Quit” match? Seems possible, imo. The handshake … and then the pull in~! Damn Coach getting himself involved. Coach is always so concerned about people showing respect and also what they do to Bischoff, it’s pretty funny. Hunter slaps Coach!! Pedigree to Coach~! Hunter really took a risk there and I love how this feud has continued and also changed this evening. I really hope that the rematch comes sooner than S’Slam, as I have no idea what Triple H will do for four months. Great segment, best of the night so far, imo.

Bischoff, Bearer, AAE, and Big Show all in the same segment? That’s awesomesauce at its finest. Bearer was his usual annoying self and I love the confidence that they have heading into next week, when Show will most likely win the belt. Now they need Show to go after RVD? Guess this is how Van Dam will be handled while Triple H recovers from injury. Very interested to see what happens next between Show and RVD.

Not the best card for tonight’s show, although that is expected the night after WM. RWC should be involved in the tag title situation soon and I’m glad that they ran through the Heartthrobs. Antonio and Romeo SUCK. Badass way for Cade and Murdoch to leave, as we know that they are looking to move up the card quickly.

Nice little segment with Carlito and Masterpiece, looks like CCC will start to be featured more and more each week … no problem with that. Masters faces Chavo in the main event but that’s not what this is about, this is about ‘Lito. The new name for the Cabana sounds the sex and I can’t wait to see what happens with that next. I think Masters will start getting pissed about being ordered around by Mr. MITB … but not quite yet.

Another awesome S.S. promo, tbh. Loved the way that they lied about being “robbed” of the belts and how they helped Big Show. The tag title match at Backlash should be interesting, as I seriously see the S.S. having a chance to get the belts back. Maria being dissed and made fun of was classy and I hope that these types of interviews continue. They are priceless, imo.

Masters and Chavo as the main event is somewhat surprising but they have a had a small feud the past month, and this would be a good match, imo. Chavo is obviously hurting after MITB and I know that Masters has the power advantage anyway, with Chavo’s current condition just making things worse. Masters looks to be in complete control before Guerrero makes his comeback, taking it to ‘Piece before going a little too high risk. Masters tries to finish the match … but Chavo reverses the move and gets the win!! Loved the conflict that Masters had, as he isn’t really sure what to do, leaving the chair and heading up the ramp. Good win for Chavito.

Here’s what we’ve been waiting all night for, the epic promo from the man who finally won the big one, the WWE Champion himself, Kurt Angle. Classic Angle promo, intense the entrie time, as he talks about his past WMs. Great stuff when he talked about losing to Brock, losing to Eddie, beating Shawn Michaels, and then of course retaining his title last night. Angle is so popular with the fans now and I’m glad that you finally gave him the respect that he deserves. The man should have his defining “WM moment”, and you gave it to him. Guess he is ready for anyone to step up, as he called out half the locker room but … CENA~?! comes out? I figured that Cena wouldn’t be the one to stay at home, as he definitely has some unfinished business after WM22. Cena talking about Kurt’s win was good but he brought up the fact that Kurt has never pinned or made Cena submit with the belt on the line. Great back and forth and the climax was definitely when Cena said Angle was scared, which was when I knew this had gotten personal. Great build to the match, with Cena talking about the past encounters, and how no one will remember Angle’s victories, before Cena lays down the challenger, with Angle accepting right away. Should be an awesome match at Backlash, as these two look to go at it … one … more … time.

Legend, you continue to outdo yourself each and every week, my friend. I could have seen a little falloff coming after WM22, but this was one of the best weekly shows I have ever read. Loved the old school post-‘Mania feel, with the big time promos for the main eventers, while the mid-card guys get the matches. Backlash is looking sexy already and I can’t wait to see what else gets added. The WWE Title picture is awesome, keep that up. Don’t keep me waiting for SD!. For this show, the incumbent 10/10.


PatMan Presents: World Wrestling Entertainment 2007
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Re: Legend Presents: WWE 2006 - Stop Your Grinnin' And Drop Your Linen

Long Overdue WrestleMania Feedback

Legendary video package to say the least. The whole theme and flow of it was just marvelous, a really good way to get things rolling.

I love how you think Americans have such terrible spelling. Oh wait, what am I saying, I'm Canadian, screw it, THEY DO!! Jim Ross with the first words is really how it should be, but you obviously understand all those minor things that make the difference in the end.

Booker T vs. Rey Mysterio
Starting things out with the United States Title Match works out nicely. Some other matches I had in mind to kick the show off were the two tag title matches, MITB, or even the Crusierweight Championship. These two can do some wonders to get things started, so hopefully that's what we'll end up seeing. A quick pin a minute in from Mysterio is good, and gets things going, as well as the fact that Mysterio will take advantage of every opportunity given to him. Sharmell getting involved early, eh? I'm not all that surprised, though it's not the best move. At least it shows us she's at ringside for a reason - to play a role in this match, and not just to be some lucky spectator. A big move right away that surprises the champion - that's how you keep the fans mightly entertained. There's the shot from Sharmell, right at the moment when Booker's bound to take control of the matchup. Something else I'd like to point out, your choice of words and vocabulary is absolutely amazing, and extremely professional. I can only assume you're in college/uni, but none-the-less, it really helps the match, and it's inspired me to make better use of words for my upcoming WrestleMania matches {which I know you're gonna read }. Whoa, wait a minute, Sharmell is outta there~! I figured the referee wouldn't see her with the shoe again, but hey, finally a ref with good vision, huh? This probably means that Rey will pull through, but then again, at the GAB '06 in real life, Sharmell was kicked out and Booker ended up winning the World Title (thanks to Chavo, of course). Should be an interesting delemma to say the least. Rey's great at selling a body part, more importantly his knee, as it leaves the fans with the question "How will he be able to use his high flying moves?" Good to see that you've taken advantage of this great "thing" so to speak, but like a good (err, kinda) match, Rey will come back as if he never hurt his knee in the first place. The miss on the Tree of Woe causing Book to go into the ring post was pretty creative, and I liked it. The match has picked up with big moves now, and has turned into an extremely exciting read. Dayum, Book End from the Second Turnbuckle has been the biggest spot of the match thus far, and probably will end up being the biggest out of the spots to come. NO! REY KICKS OUT! I actually thought that could be the end right there, but nope, Rey will live to fight another day. Wow, another near fall, and putting Booker away with an Inside Cradle could've worked out nicely. Rey hits the Scissors Kick?! Personally, I don't think Rey could've pulled it off, but then again, it's a possibility considering all that he's capable of. But it doesn't get the three? What a way that would've been to put Book Man away. The fact that you've had these two kick out of great match finishing scenarios gives them more momentum than what they originally had. Wait, back to the outside? What a momentum killer, unfortunately. Not a wise decision right here. Good tactics from Booker T, but not exactly what he had planned, although the Spinebuster then came out of nowhere, but only a two. NO! I honestly thought Rey was going to hit the Frog Splash, but it keeps the match alive, and a fantastic match at that. REY WINS!! Rey wins with a quick pin out of nowhere! Fabulous finish, good way to keep Booker T's credibility, and to make him want, or actually deserve a rematch. Fantastic opener! *** 1/2

Gotta love spying on people in their locker rooms at WrestleMania . I guess you could say it's a traditional thing to do, and it works quite nicely.

Money in the Bank
Great way to put Kennedy over by having him interrupt Buffer like that and introduce himself. It gives me doubts that he may not even walk away with the briefcase tonight, which would be a shame. I'm kind of surprised that Chavo made his entrance last, as I don't think he's over enough with the fans to be that guy, but taking this risk is something I have to admire. I kinda agree with Coach's last arrogant comment, but at least you're giving Chavo is fair, hard-earned shot in all respects. In the first paragraph, you put that neither of the men wanted to get things started, but then you put it didn't take long for the action to commence. Doesn't make a whole lot of sense, really, as it's a quick change of mood. And then Kennedy is pointing at Buffer while laughing at the guys up the ramp? Another small thing that doesn't make a whole lot of sense, but hopefully there aren't any more of those. Helms athleticism is great, and I'm sure he's capable of the big move he pulled off. Those kinds of things are what get the match going, and you gotta love watching them. Carlito climbing first doesn't seem to be a coincidence to me, maybe meaning that he may win, but to be honest, I don't see Carlito winning. He's just not ready for it in his career. The match has been great so far, even though we're only a few minutes in, and it's making me regret not making my MITB match a Ladder Match. Side Effect off the ladder was the first big "ladder spot," though I suppose Helms's move would count as well, but this gets the crowd behind Hardy even more. As silly as this may sound, it seems like this whole Kennedy/Buffer thing may lead to something. It seems like a stretch, but the fact that it keeps being mentioned grabs my attention. KENNEDY IS ALMOST THERE!!! Ah shite, didn't get it. I honestly didn't think it would end that early, but hey, you never know. I'm not gonna be picky on how you write a ladder match involving six men, of course, so I'll sum it up, saying that you wrote the match the way it should be written - Each guy getting some credibility by doing something big, and pulling out all the stops with some huge moves off the ladder and what not. "That Damn Shillelagh" That was absolutely priceless. My favourite spots definitely had to be the Green Bay Plunge from the ladder, and the Twist of Fate from the ladder. Both huge "holy shit" moments that every viewer has to nearly crap their pants watching. The finish was great, and what?! CARLITO WINS?!!!! I DID NOT see that one coming whatsoever. Imo, this could be considered the biggest shock of the night. I thought for sure Kennedy was walking away with it, but this should be interesting how this is booked. I hope Carlito doesn't cash in until at least September, as he's not ready for it yet. Great match, but I think it could've had the same delivery rate with only 12 minutes. *** 3/4

I remember a segment like this with Kenny before where he was calling the interviewer (Todd Grisham I think it was) a bunch of different names. I can assume that was your inspiration, but none-the-less, a great interview indeed. That's right, you tell 'em Kristal. I kinda chuckled when she said "It's Kristal Marshall," and it was a decent way to cap off the interview.

Spirit Squad vs. WGTT
I liked how right away it was back and forth, and it wasn't all WGTT for the first few minutes. It gave both teams the proper amount of credibility needed, and a great way to start the match. I really liked the quick falls out of nowhere. It's not often that you see that happen in a match at WrestleMania. So far the match has had a pretty much perfect start, and I'm all amped up to read more. A Superplex wasn't a good move to use only a few minutes in. The move has been built up to be a move that makes both participants hurting, and the fact that Haas took it like it was nothing and simply covered Kenny wasn't all that great and realistic. Outside interference was just dying to happen, glad it did, but awfully early. At least this means WGTT will make an early comeback and have a solid contest for the remaining portion (hopefully). Whoa, I was surprised to hear that Haas fought right back. He came looking VERY strong on that exchange, which I'm sure were your intentions. Okay, Haas just got a belt shot to the back of his head, that's gotta be a momentum changer for sure. Nice to see that you're using the fact that there are 3 people at ringside to its full extent. Lots of interference will make this match better, realistically speaking. Having Haas as the one who gets grounded and torn apart is better than getting Benjamin grounded, as considering he's the IC Champ, it works in his favour, and he's more over with the crowd than Haas is. Benjamin as a face is lovely, and I like it btw (same reason why I've done it). He works well as a heel, but please keep him face. Haas is a Suplex machine, and the fact that it was a couple of suplexes that got him back into the match was good match writing/booking. The tag!! Thank god, Shelton's about to do some damage. Oh wait, the tag was never seen by the ref! That's great, it builds up Shelton's entrance into the match even further, as well, it gets the fans vocal, which they haven't been doing much of lately (in real life). Finally Benjamin gets in and is matched up with Kenny, the two best athletes in the matchup now take control of things. RK-Doane? Innovative name, but what I would like to know is why he would steal it from Orton. He probably thinks he's better than Orton or something, either that or he's in line for a mega push. The finish felt like it was all WGTT, which didn't look good on the Spirit Squad. But a better decision to have Haas get the victory as he needs more momentum than Shelton at this point, who has enough just being the IC Champion. Great to see new champions, but I really don't know where their reign will head. ****

CM Punk - Sweetness. I expect him to arrive on the scene in May, and eventually even be in the United States Title zone by the time SummerSlam rolls around. Looking forward to see what you've got planned for him.

Kid Kash vs. Jamie Noble
Been noticing a few little slip up spelling errors, like one letter is changed, but the spell checker doesn't catch it 'cause it's still a word. Nothing big though, and doesn't really bother me. Didn't really think there would be a handshake, and the slap right across the face was pretty awesome.. I kind of laughed, actually, and at least it put KID over as a heel more, but in all honesty, he doesn't really need it. He's been built up as a terrific heel, but I guess adding more to that personna is fabulous. The match is starting out at an incredibly easy pace, which right away tells me we're in for a long (hopefully classic) match. I can see it going for twenty minutes, considering the feud has been given a great build, especially for the Cruiserweight Championship. Damn, the match is already turning out to be a classic with those quick pins. Nice to see the Cruiserweights doing something, and actually having a championship to go after (WWE booking ). Amazing wrestling happening in the start of the match, really enjoyed reading Cruiserweights actually taking the time to do such like. Don't really wanna skimp out on this match (or any for that matter) but the overall review will probably end up being shorter than I expected due to life and such. It seemed as if Noble was going to be building some momentum, but the rake to the eyes was a well-known, simplistic dirty tactic to put a stop to that. Suicide Dive was realistic for Noble, as that's probably the best ariel move to the outside that he can pull off, so I'm glad you didn't have him go out of his boundaries and pull off some crazy stunt. German Suplex off the apron?!! Holy shit, I don't think I've ever seen it, but I have seen it teased time after time again. It would be a good way to break Noble's neck if you wanted to work him off for a bit, but I guess it was just for a "WrestleMania Big Time Moment" more less. Quite obvious that Kash has control of the matchup now, or at least he'll be getting it. That's what tends to happen a lot - Face does a big move to the outside, but then the heel picks up the scraps while still on the outside. Pretty realistic, and it's easy to go with, so good job. I was kind of surprised to see Noble get right back into things basically, as about two minutes later, Kash hit the ringpost, and then nearly got pinned. I felt like it didn't put Kash over as well as it should have, and made Noble much more stronger than he needs to be. Hurricanrana to the outside?!!! Never seen that either. I'm extremely entertained over the fact that you're using moves that aren't seen that often, and that are realistic (for the most part, at least). The good part about it all is that Kash gets right back on the attack, and Noble's signs of life faded rather quickly. Damn, a lot of German Suplexes. It's turned more into a German Suplex fest than anything, and all I can say is don't overload on a certain move. The good part about it all is that it's been a different variation every time, which I'm pretty sure you planned out to keep the fans into the match. Wow, these final mintues (or so I would assume) have gotten quite exciting. The match on a whole has been a great pace time-consuming wise, so that's good to see. MONEY MAKER!! NO!! NO!! Fuck, I thought that was gonna be it. Kash is a fabulous champion, and I really want him to keep the reign going (unlike WWE who had him drop it in a fucking month). Right now it's all Kash who's pulling out all the stops, but it's telling me tonight's not his night. I honestly don't know when it's gonna end. These past 8-10 minutes have been nothing but non-stop action, and now we're on the top rope, which is where I see the finish coming. NOBILIZER FROM THE TOP ROPE!!!!! Or Tiger Driver, but I thought it was called Nobilizer? Whatever, all that matters is that Noble goes over Kash with a spectacular finish to a spectacular match that put both men over VERY well. Awesome stuff Legend. And the celebration at the end was pretty good too, though a little over dramatic considering it's the CW Title, but hey, whatever. *****

By the sounds of it, Chris Masters won't be getting his shot at MITB. I find it funny, but it's also very like Carlito, so some nice stuff here. A teaser to say the least.

Damn, I would've loved to watch this. Mickie is so damn hot and sexy, use her body like never before!

Trish Stratus vs. Victoria
Trish and Victoria have some amazing ring chemistry, and I expect to see some more of that. Really, Vicky's being used as more of a filler diva to enhance the Trish/Mickie relationship, and the question is, what will Mickie do? I don't know, I expect something crazy, and I know it'll be either at the very end of the match or after the match. At least the fans aren't booing Trish like they did in real life. That saddened me. I expect the match to be pretty back and forth for the most part. The match has started out like such, and for some reason, the divas tend to get some good action going on the outside. The momentum is obviously in Victoria's favour at this point after being on the outside, and in a usual match scenario, the heel gains control on the outside, so realistic match writing on your part. Wow, the Powerbomb from the top rope was pretty crazy, and for a second there I thought it was going to put Trish away. Nice to see a huge spot take place in a women's match at 'Mania. The match has been mainly Victoria, which is a good thing if she happens to lose as she'll still leave looking somewhat strong. Trish puts Victoria away with the Chick Kick to retain. I like the outcome, but now I'm waiting to see what Mickie has in store. MICK KICK TO TRISH!!! Damn, I was pretty sure that was gonna happen, but wasn't all that certain. I can possibly see Mickie aligning herself with Victoria, but who knows. Wait, Mickie hits Vicky in the face with the belt!! Wow, didn't see that one coming. It looks as if Mickie has turned into a full-fledged psycho, something I've been waiting for, and something I'm lookig forward to. I don't know what's gonna happen now that Mickie has stolen the belt, but I can only assume that we'll see a Triple Threat match at Backlash, and then possibly Mickie/Trish at Vengeance. I was hoping the match would get a little more time, but you gotta be realistic and not go overboard with the amount of time, so still a solid diva match. ***

Heyman is so awesome on the mic, it's not even funny. Especially when you write him even better than he is. Keep him around and have him continue to OWN.

MNM vs. Bluebloods vs. Hooligans
All three of these teams are different, which is why I'm pumped up for this match so much. But to be honest, MNM are my favourite out of the three, and as much as I would like to see them retain, I don't think it will happen, unfortunately. The style and formatting of the match is what makes things interesting, as there's only two men in the ring at once, and with three teams, one team gets a breather. I think this will be the deciding factor in the end. Nitro came off looking strong in the opening minutes, getting up after many moves Kendrick did. I felt we were getting too many Back Body Drops and Dropkicks. A variety of moves was definitely needed, especially in the opening minutes of the contest as you don't want the fans to get bored to an extent. I really like Regal for some reason. His in-ring style and ground and pound physicallity is something that I personally enjoy seeing, so it would be nice to put the tag team gold on him and Burchill, who I don't mind either. Nice to get a cover in there, and the first cover of the matchup should be a quick kickout, or at least a cover that the fans know won't get he win, which is what you did. The first 5 minutes of the matchup so far have been ALL Hooligans, despite the fact that the two heel teams have gotten in a bit of offense. If they hadn't gotten in any offence, or a little bit, it would be quite sad, but at least they've shared about 20% of the damage. Finally a turn around here, and having Kendrick miss a move that fits into his arsenal perfectly was that much better (the springboard who knows what). I wouldn't be surprised if we see some teaming up between MNM/Bluebloods, but then again, we haven't seen them square off yet in the match, which is what needs to be done before anything. And the demise of Hooligans as they built up enough strength in the opening portion of the contest. It appears as if the Bluebloods have done the least, which leads me to think there's a better chance that they'll win the gold. The good part about keeping Mercury around is that he doesn't really have an arsenal established, therefore there's more to do with him. It's somewhat similar for the other men in the matchup, but their tag team competitors, so they're not gonna be like Triple H and have some sort of a designed built up move set. The point is you picked three good teams to do this feud with as you can stretch limits in the match writing and get away with it; nothing wrong with that, much better for a writer. Melina's scream is not hideous by the way. Anything she does is good, I mean, just look at her body and see if you can disagree. But anyways, enough of Melina, who will probably get involved sooner of later. Would be kind of nice to see her interference end up costing MNM, as it would give you a lot to work with. MNM are pretty much owning the playing field at this point, with the beautiful trio of an Enziguiri, Neckbreaker, and Back Suplex from Nitro. He fucking owns, don't make him Morrison and keep him on "Push Road" for as long as possible. Unfortunately, the Bluebloods haven't done anything on the outside ever since MNM put Londrick's momentum to a halt, and if they do end up winning the titles, it won't be the best win they could've pulled off. Right after I type this, you mention how they look on from the apron, not even tired. Nice that you haven't forgotten about them completely, at least. I think it might've been better if Kendrick and Mercury both tagged in a Blueblood each, as it would be interesting to see their reactions after resting on the apron for so long. But none-the-less, we get London and Nitro, who can both do some amazing stuff. Nice that London knocked Regal & Burchill off the apron, as it gives them more of a role in the match than hardly anything. They haven't even squared off with MNM yet, which is disappointing. SNAPSHOT!! Ah, damn, I thought that would've been a good way to get them gone, but I suppose it would have been way to much of a momentum killer. Finally an ariel attack from the ring to the outside. With Hooligans in the match, I knew we'd see it, but I was waiting for it. Usually it happens near the beginning of the match, but bravo for putting the move off to make sure that the crowd was ALL Hooligans at that point. Burchill breaks up the cover? Err, what was that all about? Definitely not something you'd see in this kind of matchup, especially by a heel. Finally a member of Blueblood and MNM go at it, but it's not legal action, so that's the downfall of it all. What is up with Paul Burchill and breaking up all these damn counts? Doesn't make a whole lot of sense, and it's not helping the match. SNAPSHOT!!! THIS IS IT BITCHES!!! WHAT! WHAT! Why in god's name did William Regal break up the count? FFS! Ugh, I hate it, and I like the Hooligans, but it's just that I'm dying to see MNM vs. Bluebloods in this match. And I don't like how Bluebloods are breaking up the counts. Probably because they want the teams more worn down to eat on, but that's thinking too much if you ask me. POWERBOMB/INVERTED SLICED BREAD #2?!!!! Never seen it (I don't think) but I'm picturing it and that would be wicked. Damn, MNM's gone, which sucks, but at least now we're guaranteed new champs. Hooligans will get screwed. What did I say, MNM beat down London and Kendrick on pure rage, and it will be the deciding factor now. London kicking out after the onslaught was great, expected, and put him over perfectly. I think I'm spending too much time on this review, so I'll just review the finish (but still reading the match, obviously). I don't think the time from MNM being eliminated to the end of the match was thirteen minutes, which made things a little unrealistic. Bluebloods winning makes me a happy camper, and I hope Regal comes out looking better than Burchill, because quite frankly, he is. It was still a good match, but not the best of the night so far. It had its downfalls, which brought it down from being *** 3/4 or even ****. Final Rating: *** 1/4

Not sure what to make of the fact that Cabinet won't be at ringside. Probably just a charade and they'll show up anyways.

Randy Orton vs. Shane O Mac
Kind of surprised that Shane and Orton is our first big 'main event', and it makes me think Orton will come up just a little bit short. The video package was decent, and it puts over the fact that the McMahon family is important and that Orton will do anything to destroy it. Not liking the fact how there's a No Holds Barred Match and a Street Fight as two of the big main events, as they're basically the same match when you think about it. Joey Styles bugs me. He's a good generic commentator, but he just is too blah and overrated for me. The obvious thing that could happen in this match is Vince interferring but I'm awfully sure you'll go outside of the box and do something completely unexpected. I would laugh if Linda showed up, but that's not really in the question for me. The match took off immediately, which is awesome since there's so much on the line and it's so personal. Good that there's no pinfalls happening, and I think there'll be 10 pinning attempts at most. It's very rare to see a lot of covers happen in street fights that are personal, such as this one so I see it more of a brawl-type matchup. The best part of this match is that Orton will own Shane, but Shane will pull out some crazy ass moves and then win somehow out of nowhere. If that's how the flow of things go, it will be the best that you can write it, so my fingers are crossed. Now onto the actual match. Orton's been toying around with Shane thus far in the opening minutes of the contest, which is always good for the face as they have a chance to come back. Back Suplex onto the barricade sounds awfully painful, and I'm sure Shane sold it very well. The first cover of the matchup takes place in the ring, which basically tells me that pinning attempts must take place in the ring (obvious since it isn't a No Holds Barred Falls Count Anywhere Match, just NHB). Dropkick is a move of Orton's that he can do so well, and I don't think I've seen him use it recently (when he wasn't inured). Nice to see that it's still in his arsenal in your thread. The first two pinfalls were pretty much back to back, which doesn't suit Orton's personna at all, as he's usually some crazy, egotistical, focused guy who takes his time to demolish his opponent. I expect a transition into that as the match progresses, which will be his biggest downfall like many times before. Having the face show signs of life and a possible comeback is such an easy teaser that works great, considering in most cases, the face finally does come back into the mix of things. Shane is continued to be built up extremely weak, more so how he's kicking out of the covers. Again, the whole point is to make him look pathetic, and then when he bounces back out of nowhere, he'll be the impossible guy who's shocking the world. Great match writing and understanding on how to put the face over even further. Wearing down with a cable is pretty traditional. Kind of reminds me of Shawn/Vince from WM 22, but only a small resemblence, considering the McMahon was the heel on that occasion. Broken ribs? When did he get those? Damn, you're doing EVERYTHING that makes the face look better. I'm extremely impressed. Your wording is so fantastic, I've actually gotten "sad moments" over the pain that Shane is going through. Absolutely amazing stuff. RKO THROUGH THE TABLE!!!! - NO, SHANE COUNTERS!!!! This could really be the turning point of the matchup that I've continued to mention, which sees Shane finally making a worth comeback. HOLY F'N SHIT!!!!!!!!!!! LEAP OF FAITH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Easily the biggest spot of the match, and probably will remain that way for the entire match, hell, possibly even the biggest spot of the night!!!! You've got me entertained, I just wanna read more. "part-time wrestler" - Why do you own so much? Makes Shane looking EVEN BETTER. If he does win, it will be the strongest possible win that he could've got, which is sensational. Commentators don't usually sit in steel folding chairs, so that was just a minor realism mistake. Damn, Orton's bleeding now. This match is getting awfully interesting and exciting as it progresses, but I suppose that's the case for almost any match. Fuck, this match is getting uglier and uglier. We're at about 23 minutes now, which is a shame as I wanted the match to go for only 20 minutes. Anything above 20 that involves a 'part-time wrestler' such as Shane is unrealistic. So far, there's only been one major major spot, with the others all being more brutal than anything. At least it's carrying the tone of a No Holds Barred Match, and with both men now bloodied, it pretty much takes things to a whole new level of insanity, which I'm hoping to see. To sum it up, the match ended up to be one of the most devastating matches in history, especially after that Coast to Coast, which you wrote to be extremely HOLY SHIT!!!! ORTON KICKS OUT!!!!!!! I honestly thought that C2C might get it, that way it puts the move over {even more}. 2 garbage cans? This doesn't look too good, but OSHIT, COAST TO COAST AGAIN!!~!!!!!@!!!~1! I knew right away that when he went for it the second time, it was going to be epic fail. And as it turned out, Shane's feet ate nothin' but TRASH!! Man, I'm so into this match right now, it's unbelievable. Randy Orton stops from punting him? Wtf, he's getting on the mic? Pretty heelish, arrogant tactics, and it doesn't seem the most realistic decision after the Leap of Faith through the announce table AND the Coast to Coast. OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OH MY F'N GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I NEARLY SHIT MY PANTS. WOW WOW WOW WOOOOOOOWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!! BRET ACTUALLY SHOWED UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! **calms down** Biggest shocker in WrestleMania history - AND SHANE ROLLS ORTON UP!!!!! My god, absolutely memorable finish, one that will ALWAYS be remembered in the record books. Whoa, I'm still in a state of shock. I never even considered Bret Hart making a return to help the McMahons of all people. The match was brilliant, but you put the match down as about 27 minutes, and I counted about 31, which is way out of preportion, and not only that, even if it was 27 minutes, it still went at least 3 or 4 minutes too long, which isn't good. This usually means that another match will be forced to suffer with a few minutes cut off, but we'll have to see if that's the case or not. Unfortunately, the unrealism cost you slightly. Shite, just read the attack form Orton after. That's a good realism choice, and fun to read him take apart a referee. **** 1/4

Hall of Fame <3. Always nice to read the WrestleMania 3 minute ceremony-like recognition. Heartfelt all around.

Ric Flair vs. JBL
Well, here we go, JBL versus Flair. I had predicted for JBL to win, but now that I think about it, I think Flair has a better shot at leaving with a win under his belt. Mainly because of the Cabinet being ordered to not come down to ringside. JBL doesn't need a whole lot of credibility, so a finish with him not looking the strongest is fine with me. Another short interview. I would have preferred what could be Flair's last interview to be a classic, and a true WrestleMania moment. But then again, I don't want to get picky with length. Flair will probably get torn apart, and he's usually good at selling the moves of someone like Bradshaw. The slap really set the tone, and was a brilliant way to get the ball rolling. JBL already gets good heat, so the slap just added to that reputation. Oh, and by the way, the video package was good, and using the WM theme song "I Dare You" was good to reflect on Flair's career. This match should be a good mix of mat wrestling and slug fest, so it's different, yet good. JBL gaining control right off the getgo wasn't what I really thought was going to happen, but I'm just dying for Flair to lay into Bradshaw with a chop. WOOO! There's the chop. This crowd is energetic, thank goodness, and aren't defiant like them damn bitches were in real life {booing Trish }. A clothesline from JBL is ALWAYS a momentum killer. He throws a lariat so well and aggressively, and considering you have the ability to use the fact that Flair is nearly 60, it will sell much better. Two swinging neckbreakers back to back wasn't something I preferred, but on a psychological note, it showed that JBL's getting desperate to just simply make Naitch retire. Wonderful Fallaway Slam, a signature move of JBL that he exectues very well. I think it's safe to say you've gotten JBL's moveset down good, but I can't say the same about Flair's as the only offense he's gotten in so far is some chops. Of course, I'm sure that we'll see more, and I hope that his arsenal expands from more than 'crowd-pleasing' chops. CLOTHESLINE FROM HELL!!!!! Damn, not tonight, and a nice counter with the quick school boy. Might've been better if Flair tried to grab the tights or something in that matter considering he is 'The Dirtiest Player in the Game'. The best part about quick school boys is that when the heel ends up kicking out, it gets a huge sigh from the crowd, and allows them to get more into the match. It's safe to say you know how to make the crowd more and more involved in all of your match writing, which is a good ability to have. Unfortunately, the match hasn't been all that exciting, and it's probably because of JBL. He's very over as a heel, a great mic worker, and grounds and pounds, but he just doesn't draw that needed level of entertainment. Nice to get a Sleeper Hold in there, as it's something JBL does well. When you think about it, he does a lot of things well, but he's just kind of bland overall. Good that Flair is finally building some momentum here just past 10 minutes (I think). 16 minutes is all these guys need, but I won't complain if they to about 19. But Flair/JBL ending at 15 or 16 minutes is great, and it will be better so that the match doesn't drag on. AIR-FLAIR!!! Even though all Flair usually does from the top rope is a Double Axe Handle, you still have to be impressed that a 60 year old is doing such. And the crowd appreciate it too. Traditional Flair right here with him building momentum, and then working away at the knee. FIGURE FOUR - Nah, didn't think it was gonna come, and a nice, simplistic counter by JBL. Keeping things simple with Bradshaw is for the best, as having him do complicated counters and such like doesn't fit his character and wrestling ability. FIGURE FOUR LOCKED IN!! WOOOOOO!!!!! I think this could be it, but Bradshaw didn't really get any offense in this portion of the match, so it's not very realistic. HE GETS TO THE ROPE!!!!! Damn, I thought that the Cabinet would get involved and help Bradshaw get out, maybe like one distracts the referee and the other pulls him over to the ropes or something. CLOTHESLINE FROM HELL!!!!! OUT OF NOWHERE!!!!! I think Flair will kick out - Wait, Orlando Jordan?!!! FLAIR LOSES! OMFG. I'm in shock, JBL forces Flair to retire, not something I'm fond of, but I guess we'll have to see what's next. Glad it only went sixteen minutes, it's perfect for these two. Whoa, SAY WHAT. THE MATCH IS CONTINUING!!!!! That's the goodnight call for JBL. LOW BLOW!!! FIGURE FOUR!!! Fuck yes, that's how it's done. Arn Anderson?!! That was pretty epic, and it's quite obvious what the outcome is gonna be. Flair wins~!!!! Glad to see the Naitch is still in business. The match didn't get entertaining until the last 4 or 5 minutes, and if I recall, it didn't even end up on the outside, which is somewhat odd for JBL. Still a good match, though only enjoyable near the end. *** 3/4

Undertaker vs. Lashley
I'm very surprised that some people actually picked Lashley to win this match. He's only been with the company for half a year, therefore, the chances of him being the one to end the Undertaker's WrestleMania streak are very slim. Lots of gongs for 'Taker's entrances luls, but oh well, makes his entrance even more spectacular. Lashley attacking Taker before his entrance was over fits in with his character greatly. You obviously have big things planned for Bobby Lashley is he's facing the Undertaker at WrestleMania and he's only been around for half a year. This feud will probably carry on, and I can see Lashley beating him in a Casket Match or Buried Alive Match. Seems as if Lashley is really over as a heel. Put someone against Taker and BOOM! Monster heat. Funny how that works, yet the outcome is pretty damn sexy for whoever the heel is. Great opening action, with both men pounding at each other with advantages in the corner. I like the feel to what you did there, nice job. Surprised that a pin has come already as I expected a huge slugfest to take place here. Of course, that would be a little boring to watch, but it's realistic. None-the-less, you seem to be taking the match in more than one direction, which in the long run, could potentially be a **** 1/2 match. Oh boy, I'm still in love with Lashley's total obsession to end Undertaker's WrestleMania streak. You've portrayed the personna perfectly, and a tremndously enjoyable read. Damn, three pinning attempts within about a minute and a half by Lashley, with Taker kicking out each time. Goes well with his whole obsession, and takes the match in one of its bound to be many directions. Thank God Undertaker began building some momentum. The best scenario for this match is to have Lashley dominate AT LEAST ten minutes. Any shorter just wouldn't cut it, and 'Taker's comeback following that would be so much more magical. The fans would love it far more. Traditional Undertaker - But Lashley quickly plants him with a Spinebuster!! Nice to see Lashley get right back into the swing of things. That could be another outcome for the match -- Lashley shutting Undertaker down on ever adrenaline rush. Great stuff so far, and the hard-hitting offence really comes to life. Two big guys clashing can tend to be boring, but with Lashley's amazing athleticism, and with 'Taker being, well, the Undertaker, it's entertaining, even if I'm just reading the match. UNDERTAKER FLIES!!!! - WHOA!!!!! Deadman goes through the announce table, a GIGANTIC spot to say the least. I don't really think this is a realistic counter, and I'm not going to excuse it because it's WrestleMania. However, I'm sure Taker might be able to fly that far, and Lashley is definitely quick enough to sidestep or deflect, so whether you want to call it realistic or not is a tossup. Taker gonna get counted out?! The possibility of that happening at WrestleMania is practically zero, but fans are too stupid to realize that. Either that or they're nice and decide to act like it's a big thing anyways, but back into the - wait, Lashley stops the count?!! Ahah love it, just like I predicted, you never know which way this match will go. You're my hero Legend <3. LASHLEY HITS A SUICIDE PLANCHA OF HIS OWN!!!! FFS pulling out all the stops, eh? This match has been amazingly fantastic, I expect another 5 minutes or so of SOLID action to come out of it. Still haven't seen any finishers, however, but I got my seat belt on for a "Kick out of everything" fest {I'm pretty corny }. KICKOUT BY THE UNDERTAKER!!!!!! Nice to see a near fall like that after a big move. SPEAR TIME!!! ---- But his shoulder meets the ring post, nice simplistic counter. It's been used like what? 1 million times? But every time it works well so I'm not saying it's a bad thing, don't get that impression. Basically this is Undertaker's real big turning point of the matchup, or at least I hope. WTF?! Lashley quickly fires back with a T-Bone? Meh, not liking it so much. When you think about it, a steel ring post will hurt anybody, even Lashley, and yet he still can come right back with a move that involves him to use his strength which was just hindered? Realism seems to be expanding more and more as the match progresses, like a balloon, but if it expands too much, it'll pop. Don't think that'll happen, though. Here we go for some Old School ... HOLY SHIT, AWESOME COUNTER!!!! That counter was fabulous, really unique. 3????? Nah, of course not. Turnbuckle punches always mean Last Ride -- BUT SLIPS OUT AND HITS A SPEAR!!!!!!! "The streak is over!" ... Dream on . Holy crap he SITS UP?!!! That I did not see coming whatsoever! You are full of surprises, I must say that. CHOKESLAM! Only a two, which I expected. Is it just me or is the Chokeslam slowly losing its 'pow'? Maybe it's just me, but the credibility of the move doesn't seem that great anymore. So Lashley has now just hit the Spear AND the Dominator, back-to-back, not to mention that this was the second Spear of the matchup, with the first one coming about a minute ago. In me thinking that the Undertaker's streak was over, it would be a good assumption .. yet Undertaker kicks out! Kind of pisses me off because it makes Lashley look like a pile of shit plugging up the toilet. Wow, I took a quick glance at the last paragraph and all I see is capital letters. Seems like a decent sign that this is the end of the match, so I'm gonna embrace myself. Another Spear? Nope, counter. Tombstone? Nope, counter .. LASHLEY GOES FOR HIS OWN TOMBSTONE?!!! There's a pretty big shocker, but 'Taker counters back into a Tombstone Piledriver - AND NAILS IT!!!!!! {Shades of WM 21} 1 - 2 - 3! It's over, and the streak continues. Pleased that Heyman didn't make an appearance, but this has been two matches in a row where the managers or valets haven't started out at ringside, which seems somewhat questionable. **** 1/2

Three matches with nobdy at ringside? This blows, but hey, when Edge wins, he'll be an extremely strong champion. You've used the MITB wisely, I'll hand you that.


He's simply amazing

But anyways!


'The Career Killer' Triple H vs. 'Need to Break out of the Box' Rob Van Dam
I think that pretty much sums it up, right? Liked the video package, but for goodness sakes, does HHH need Motorhead playing his theme song ever year? I truly hope he knows that arenas have state of the art sound systems installed that will play his track perfectly fine. Makes me realize just how overhyped Hunter really is, that lucky son of a ... Hey, here comes RVD! Big fan of Van Dam, he's overall great, but needs something big. His World Title reigns did nothing for him, unfortunately, and hopefully you do more with him in this thread. A win tonight is just what he needs to get on the right track. Triple H doesn't need the win, but he's jobbed at the past two 'Mania's, so we'll see. Two matches in a row with a jump start = alright. Nothing bad about it, really, but then again, not a whole lot good about it. By the way, commentary has been stellar thus far. I expected nothing less, and am pleased to say you've met your own levels and gone above and beyond. The best time to go into the crowd for a match is at the beginning, and I'm glad that's what's going on here. It's a sign of good things to come . ' Been all RVD so far in the contest, which I find rather interesting, but probably can expect some cheap shot from Triple H to turn things around momentarily. Bam! Steel chair right to the skull of RVD does some damage. I'm in shock that Van Dam is a bloody mess so early into the matchup. Leads me to believe that he'll unload as some raged monster and put Hunter away with a series of 'homerun' moves. Triple H is now the dominator, but it won't last long. GET THE TABLES!!!! Meh, it's only one table, but it still works. Sort of surprised that practically nobody is behind Triple H in this match - not a superstar, but I mean actual fans. Even though he's a fully-fledged heel, you would still think that a fair chunk of people would enjoy that. I'm getting the impression that Triple H is far more focussed on destroying RVD than pinning him, which works well with his dangerous, hell-bent, kinda psychotic gimmick. A bad-ass heel, more less. Nice that Triple H tastes some blood as well, though I actually wouldn't have minded for just Van Dam to bleed. Hunter bleeds enough, tbh. SPINEBUSTER THROUGH THE TABLE!!!! That's one way to spend your Sunday evening, eh? The cover! --- NO!!! Only a two, this match will go on. Not sure what to make of this contest so far. I'm not feeling anything spectacular about it, unfortunately, but we're only about half way through, so let's hope there's a lot better things to come. Triple H's shouting at RVD works out nicely .. but I don't think a clothesline is gonna get a 2 3/4 of a count. Van Dam was sent through a table, I know, but I still don't think it would've been quite that long. Meh, I think I'm being a little too picky, but that's probably because this match hasn't met the hype quite yet. The table set up on the outside is gonna play a deciding role in this matchup, I can just see it already. Possibly the finish, and maybe, just maybe, the demise of Triple H. Scratch that, it was just used, but a late reactino - WOW!!! HOLY SHIT!! That's RVD for ya', doing whatever, whenever, however the hell he wants. Made for a great spot, really helped the match. Damn, HHH gets his shoulder up. Crowd clearly would've went into a riot. Too bad you didn't add the crowd's reaction here. PEDIGREE!!!!! *sighs* Triple H is gonna kill the career of a man who never had his rightful chance to shine. WHAT?!!!! NOOOOO!!! KICKOUT!! Haha, I kind of marked, actually. If Triple H were to win, a great scenario would be for him to quickly drop Van Dam with another Pedigree. Did it happen? You bet your ass it didn't, which now has my hopes even higher for an RVD win . Stellar action right here, but there's the low blow from the Game. I was actually waiting for it to happen. It's mentioned as 'another' low blow, yet I don't really recall any previous low blows . I don't get how Van Dam just got low blowed, a move that is painful to ANY guy, no matter who they are (excluding Michael Jackson), yet he comes right back with the Van Daminator. "There goes realism." -- "Where?" -- "Out the window!" Wow, this match has so many close pins. Ahah, genius Triple H shoves the ref into the ropes, ruining RVD's manhood. Typical heel mastermind. Superplex so late in the matchup seemed kind of meh. RVD USES THE SLEDGEHAMMER!!!! AND THE FROG SPLASH!!! 1 2 3!!! Woo hoo, Van Dam may have FINALLY broken through the glass-ceiling and become a full time main eventer. The right guy one, that's for sure, and I hope this is the start of VERY big things in the future for Rob Van Dam. The first half of the match wasn't as great as I thought it could be, though the last half was pretty awesome. Seems to me like you're going emotional with WM. Sounds alright to me considering everything's going in that direction. **** (just barely makes ****)

~Backlash is coming. Sweeeet.

World Title - Batista vs. Edge
Hmm, big difference in the mobile voting session. Doesn't mean much to me, but it's a nice realism touch. Wasn't aware that there was a sixty minute time limit. Won't mean much, but at least you're on the ball with every minor details that help realism little by little. Good that the crowd is somewhat divided, with the majority still behind Batista. "Jostle for position" -- I love those words, used a lot by you, and you're a great user of word variety. Incredible in-ring psychology to get the match going. It's traditional, it works, and so you went for it. The thing about you is that you either take the risk or you don't, you're never in between doing both. I kind of like that, actually. So far the match seems like a traditional, great match. The face takes control of the heel who tries to get out of it, but then dodges a move that turns the tables. Actually, now that I think of it, it seems more like a Edge/Batista match. But better than any of their real life encounters, thank god. Not liking that Edge already turns to a chair this early in the matchup. The desperation that comes off in that is far too strong, and doesn't come out looking good on Edge. I'm interested to read this match since the SmackDown main event at my WrestleMania (XXIV) was between Edge & Batista for the World Title. Good comparison, and I can see what I could've done better. There isn't a whole lot for me to comment on in this match, considering it's all been really good. Nothing too major has gone down, but when you're having a 20 + minute match, the big spots are best saved for later. Edge gained hardly any momentum before Batista bounced back like a regular match would go down. If it ends up that Edge captures the title (which he should), he won't be as strong as he could of, and that's what will help build your World Champion. You've gotten both men's arsenals down perfectly, including the big moves and the small moves. It helps me picture it perfectly. BATISTA BOMB!!! Not quite, but 'Tista still manages to get offence in, a little upsetting as Edge countered, only to still face punishment. Damn, I'm enjoying this match greatly. For some reason, it seems as if everything is happening so fast, though at least the pace of the match is bang on the money. SPEAR TIME!!! - BATISTA HITS HIS OWN SPEAR!!!!! I've seen that before, and it's devastating. Whoa, did I just read this right? Edge BITES 'Tista in the face? . Wow, I've seen read it all, huh? Edge has clearly been leaning on desperation in your thread if you have him biting someone in the face. I didn't know the 'B' on Batista's tights stood for "Bite me." SUPEREDGECUTION!!! This should be it right here -- BUT IT'S NOT?!!!! Damn, super closeness right there. I've seen in other BTBers Edge use that occasionally to put opponents away, which is why I figured this would be the same. But hey, it's WrestleMania, kicking out of anything is NOT impossible. SPEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOO HOO!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry for marking out so much, I just love Edge and hate Batista. ... ... ... Kickout? I wanted to cry. Another Batista Bomb attempt FAILED. I'm sure a lot of the fans would be getting pretty annoyed, something you definitely don't want. Uh-oh, no referee = Edge trying to capitalize, but probably failing. BRIEFCASE TO THE SKULL!!!!! That's Edge at his finest right there. Missed con-chair-to was predictable, because if he had hit it, it would've been lights out for Batista, something that won't happen for another 3 minutes or so. Ah shit .. BATISTA BOMB ... That's never good news. Haha, oh yeah, no referee. Fantastic match, but when is this beauty gonna end? There's the ref, this is a WrestleMania moment right here folks .. 1 .... 2 ... NOOO! Damn straight, now if I'm right, Edge will come out of nowhere to seal the deal. SPEAR!!! WTF, ANOTHER DAMN KICKOUT?!!! Batista needs a smack in the face. Teach that bitch to stay down. THIRD Spear of the matchup. This better be it or else I'll riot. YEAH. Edge is champion, he won it in an amazing match, so I'm pretty happy. Too bad Lita wasn't in so bad of a condition, or else she could of come out to celebrate. The aftermath was played like Edge was so happy to have won the World Title, and since he did it on his own, it could lead to him ditching Lita. Put the tramp in the dumpster where she belongs, tbh. **** 3/4 -- Tremendous matchup with a few flaws, but nothing too serious.

Kurt Angle vs. John Cena vs. Shawn Michaels
"WHAT?? I can’t believe that people have been THAT stupid and not voted for The Heartbreak Kid. I mean, c’mon, he’s Mister WrestleMania!!" I hope I'm not the only one who noticed that this line is extremely fake, cheesy, and lame. Try again, Coach. Interesting that the voting was so close, and HBK getting 25% is reasonable, considering he'll still be liked somewhat, even as a heel. Video package was nothing short of sex . I'm liking how you're using songs to cover your entire video package, it's a new approach since it's being done for most of the video packages, and it has a nice effect. Also, it gives the match, or even just the build a specific tone, one that's for the better. Nice introductions, yet Michaels raising his arm up doesn't seem a whole lot like him, even though it's just an arm. But who really cares, this is the main event and I'm amped. I just realized that this same match happened five months earlier at Taboo Tuesday. Hopefully this turns out better than that match (though that match was pretty good). Out of curiousity, is Angle being used as a tweener more than anything? That's what I'm being made to believe when you mention that he's getting a good reaction from the smarks. Kurt gives Shawn the middle finger? Not too thrilled about that, and seems to be more of a Cena tactic than an Angle move. The scenario of Cena and Angle teaming up on Michaels, trying to outdo each other, reminded me of the Triple Threat WWE Title Match from Backlash '06 between Cena, Triple H, and Edge. Great 'wrestling' {can't be called wrestling if Cena's involved} between Angle and Cena, with both men attempting their finishers in the early goings. Gotta' love that style of a match. I have my fingers crossed that we'll see a clinc from Angle. It's already begun with the German Suplex, which has my spirits lifted. Damn, Michaels has become Angle's bitch thus far, not very impressed. Good news is that HBK will come back and slowly work on the demise of both men. Spinebuster by Cena? I don't think that's a move he's too 'familiar' with. I think this match can still be a ***** match without having to use moves that aren't in their arsenal. However, a Spinebuster would kind of fit with Cena, so it's no big deal. Three suplexes so far, I'm enjoying it. Angle's lineup up of suplexes gets better every time. MOONSAULT FROM MICHAELS!! That's Shawn for ya', he's not afraid to do anything at WrestleMania, which is why having him in your main event is EXTREMELY beneficial for an entertaining match. John Cena takes a flying risk. I'm sure that move is right up there with Edge spearing Jeff Hardy from 20 feet in the air at WrestleMania 17. Nah, nothing but good done with the move, because due to the fact that Cena is Cena, just doing a high-flying move is credible enough. Blood from Cena's mouth is a good way to add blood to the matchup without making it severe. Heavy bleeding in the first third of the main even of WrestleMania is not good, so I'm glad you've just done something minor to introduce blood to the matchup. DOUBLE GERMAN SUPLEX!!!!!! Shades of the actual Triple Threat match from WM 22. It appears as if you're taking ideas and spots from previous Triple Threat matches and combining. I'm not exactly in favour of it, but as long as the match turns out good overall, there's no worries. ANKLE LOCK!!!! *sigh of relief* For once I'm glad Cena was there, able to save Michaels. The flow of the match is fantastic as well. Seems like nobody's down for that long, and it's nice to see that the majority of the match just hasn't been a bunch of one-on-one matches. More suplexes (yay), and now Angle's slightly bleeding too. Shocked that Michaels is the only one not bleeding, considering he's usually bleeding the worst in a match. More and more solid action that doesn't need much attention, but what does need attention is the Olympic Slam. The kickout wasn't given much credibility, unfortunately. SWEET CHIN MUSIC!!!!! C'mon, plz give Shawn another World Title run. Ah fack you Cena! GTFO. Sorry, just that Shawn's my favourite superstar, and Cena's my least favourite, so you can imagine. This is the way Shawn rolls right here with the kip up and his 'series' of moves. Hits the elbow, but now it's time for a band to tune up. SWEET CHIN MUSIC?!! - NO! Damnit, not the F-U .. But Angle's back in the ring! Damnit, he's taken out, but Shawn AMAZINGLY counters out of the F-U into a DDT. Damn, that was an awesome little chunk of match right there, nothing wrong about it, and it got the fans into things, which is what's important. They won't be anymore into the match than that. Ankle Lock to Cena on the outside!! I laughed how Cena was crawling up on the announce table, I get a nice feeling when he suffers. ANKLE LOCK TO SHAWN!!!!! Damnit, this has to be it. If anyone's gonna take the fall, it will be Shawn. It always is, which is a damn shame, but Cena's too 'over' (apparently) to lose the big one at 'Mania. CENA HITS THE F-U!!!! FFS, that came out of absolutely nowhere, you are pulling out all the stops my friend. KICKOUT!!!!!! That could've been in right there, but this flawless match continues. STFU!!!!!!!!!!!!! Don't tell me Michaels will lose to Cena. I would rather him tap to Angle's Ankle Lock for the second year in a row, but then again, that comes out looking terrible on him. That's something else I don't want. I'm not gonna say a whole lot about the final minutes of the matchup, except that they were jam-packed with non-stop action. There wasn't really anything there we hadn't seen, however, and the match could've ended a few minutes earlier and still be just as good. Shawn takes the loss, unfortunately, and for the second year in a row, taps to Kurt Angle's Ankle Lock at WrestleMania as Ankle keeps his WWE Title. The match was amazing, it had minor flaws, but whatever, I'm not gonna pull you down with those. *****

Absolutely amazing is really all that I can say. How can you go wrong with a show that has TWO ***** matches, with one being decided over the Cruiserweight Championship. All in all, you're one of, hell, THE best booker on this site today, riding along with DDMac (you two are both kings ). Fabulous show, a great read, and it would have been worth the money plus even more money to see in real life.
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Re: Legend Presents: WWE 2006 - Stop Your Grinnin' And Drop Your Linen

Bradley's RAW Review

Surprised not to see Cena not being on the show, especially with no HBK to fill the gap and it is the start of a new story in the WWE. Ric Flair's announcement should be good, he will probably retire at Summerslam with one last match, maybe against Hunter? I doubt you can have the retirement angle go on a whole year though that would be pretty special.

Some good action, The Bashams aren't in the Cabinet are they? I wouldn't be surprised to see them join up with JBL soon but a lot of good action here and a pulsating match to kick things off, the Bashams looked surprisingly strong here which is good. Haas' move was impressive and I can't wait for the inevitable Haas/Benjamin feud, Benjamin HAS to play the heel, too good not to. From a GCSE Spanish student, a good use of Spanish here, the diction seems good, a little mistake with peros' I believe (God, I'm being picky) BIG SHOW!? A massive swerve there, I was sure we were going to see Umaga but that was not so. AAE was on form there, very well written indeed and when I write with AAE I certainly can take inspiration from pieces like that. Highlighting Kenny was well done, an obvious split, as I said at 'Mania, coming soon for him.

I misread that for a moment and assumed they were both naked Mickie keeping the belt is somewhat strange seeing as how she wasn't in the match. Fragile Alliance is a good indication of what we are going to get soon with an big implosion, maybe Mickie's game plan?

I really did laugh at Depree's description, Helms not going for the cover straight away was interesting and it looks like he will be the first one on Carlito's jobber list for the next few months until Carlito cashes it in against Angle (predictions FTW) but at least Helms is looking credible.

AAE's role is become more increasingly mysterious. The Val Venis line was as corny as hell and not something I'd expect from a writer like you if I'm honest. Ooh, a damn snide comment from Bischoff but this situation is very interesting and I am going to keep tabs on this situation as this could progress in to something very big, if your thread has started from, say, November, this would be the 'Mania match IMO.

Eugene actually getting in some offense in was strange but the MITB was only 24 hours ago so it is plausible but I am not a fan of it. Coach's line was hilarious. Nice to see the reviews everyone gave you saying Kennedy or Hardy would win and Carlito winning was a real shock to say the least. You are keeping any storyline developments under wraps but I could see anyone facing him next now, odds on Masters though.

The Game being out is bad news for RAW surely but I'm sure you'll cope He'll be back at Summerslam? Somehow I think he'll be back a little before then to continue his feud with RVD. So the message is that Triple H will be back and better than ever? HHH getting sympathy to becoming intense doesn't cut it for me, too much of a sporadic change of heart from The Game to make that believable. Van Dam's promo was beyond awesome, seriously, the whole One of a Kind gimmick really works and I see an Old School vs. New School feud coming soon. Your grammar was a little off when talking about Flair and Funk, there should have been a clause inserted there instead of one comma. An awesome story though and I loved the ending to that match and it was nice to see a lighter side of Hunter... I wasn't a fan of Coach at 'Mania but here is the perfect time for him to shine. Damn, that was intense...

I can imagine Bearer's piercing wails at this instance. AAE assisting Bischoff better not be long term because AAE isn't suited to being anyone's lackey though this should lead in to Umaga being introduced, maybe against or with Big Show? Is this all a big master plan? HHH part of some plan? He doesn't like being a pawn and I am intrigued as to how this will play out, very intrigued...

Carlito's Money in Da Bank Cabana? Judging by your awesome promo skills that should be pure gold, really looking forward to that but it is a bit obvious that someone will interrupt...

Spirit Squad- what a team and what a promo. The SS were really jerks here and, after this, I actually want to see them stay together for a little longer because that was incredibly hurtful and it made me feel for Maria and Maria was also in character but Kenny was just superb. It all flowed well and Johnny's ignorance at the end was extremely funny.

A generic match with Chavo getting the win, like you said, nothing special. Chavo needed the win more than Masters after that debilitating loss last night so that was good but Masters walking away was much more interesting. He will now be seen as a failure and not good enough for 'Lito and that will lead to Masters' face turn and the inevitable feud over the contract for the World title, progress Masters up the card and keep Carlito sweet for a few months. Some nice character progression in the works.

The attention to detail was just incredible, again showing how great you are here. You gave Angle a few good paragraphs and some interesting arguments and deliberations to ponder over and his intensity, as I read it out in my head, was un-freakin'-believable and a few lines were magical 'It doesn't matter if you're the Royal Rumble Winner or the first Grand Slam champion' Cena comes out, very unexpected tbh but I love the Rule of Three you have got going, it keeps the flow going and it makes the speech extremely smooth and that is why I tend to use it a lot. Cena's diction was spot on here, you have certainly been researching his speaking so well done on that front... Angle/Cena... what a match and it's gonna be real... damn real.

A fantastic show which laid several foundations but a few people were lacking direction or were not present when they should be, this show didn't have a big time feel, no HBK, Flair or Orton really hurt the show promo wise but everything that was near was near enough perfect. 9/10

<a href=http://www.cpfc.co.uk/javaImages/48/1c/0,,10323~9903176,00.jpg target=_blank>http://www.cpfc.co.uk/javaImages/48/...9903176,00.jpg</a>
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Re: Legend Presents: WWE 2006 - Stop Your Grinnin' And Drop Your Linen

Thanks for the reviews, everyone. I think I've returned all but one so far.


We are still under a week since the most spectacular WrestleMania in history and if you thought things were changing on Monday Nights, make sure you tune in this Friday night for a new dawn on Friday Night SmackDown! as we welcome a grand total of FOUR new champions, with every single title having changed hands this past Sunday. Excited? You better be.

It was a case of "Happy Anniversary Edge" in the main event at WrestleMania, as the man who had held the Money in the Bank briefcase for a full year, celebrated that fact in style to not only cash in his contract, but also DEFEAT the seemingly unstoppable Batista to capture the World Heavyweight Champion, ending "The Animal's" 364-day run as champion.

What's next for the Current and Former champion you ask? Well, up first is, as announced by Shane McMahon, the FIRST EVER, "Clash Of Champions" Match, where ALL of SD's new champions will combine forces to take on the men they defeated at WrestleMania. If that doesn't promise chaos, what does? With the combustible elements of NEW World Champion Edge, NEW United States Champion Rey Mysterio, NEW WWE Tag Team Champions The Bluebloods and NEW Cruiserweight Champion Jamie Noble stepping back into the ring with the team of Batista, Booker T, MNM and Kid Kash, anarchy is surely guaranteed.

Also in attendance will be the man who came so very close to ending the amazing, legendary streak of The Undertaker at WrestleMania, "The Real Deal" Bobby Lashley. Whether or not "The Phenom" himself will be in the building remains to be seen, but one thing is certain, Lashley, and perhaps more so his agent Paul Heyman, have something to get off their chest.

Interim General Manager Shane McMahon will be present in the building too. All eyes will be on the billionaire daredevil following the amazing events of this past Sunday. Will he comment on the departure from SmackDown! of "The Legend Killer" Randy Orton? More importantly, will we hear anything ... of Bret "The Hitman" Hart?

Watch out also for the three men who came up just short in their quest to become Mr. Money in the Bank this past Sunday at WrestleMania: Matt Hardy, Finlay and Mr. Kennedy. A huge Money in the Bank Recall match has been signed, pitting the uncompromising Irishman against the man who perhaps came closer to anyone to grabbing that briefcase, Matt Hardy. With both men obviously in foul moods, a thrilling contest is guaranteed.

All that and more on Friday Night SmackDown!, 9/8CT on the CW.


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Re: Legend Presents: WWE 2006 - Stop Your Grinnin' And Drop Your Linen

Stacked~! Is there any other way to describe the show? I don't think so. I think the teasing of Bret Hart is just that. A tease. I don't see him showing up anytime soon, not unless you surprise us, and well, that'd not be your style, would it?

Jamie Gibson in the Main Event? 10/10 review from me just for that.
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Re: Legend Presents: WWE 2006 - Stop Your Grinnin' And Drop Your Linen

SD! looks ... how do you say ... BAD-ASS.

~ The main event sounds awesome and it is a great way to get all the champions/challengers on the card. Should be some interesting chemistry between the two teams.

~ Lashley to continue his domination, plz.

~ Bret won't be showing up and neither will Randy. That will happen once TLK makes his debut on Raw.

~ Finlay vs. Hardy means that we will see an electrifying promo from Kennedy right? Thought so.

Review for sure.


PatMan Presents: World Wrestling Entertainment 2007
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Re: Legend Presents: WWE 2006 - Stop Your Grinnin' And Drop Your Linen

Friday Night SmackDown!; April 7th, 2006; Peoria, Illinois


Prior to the show’s start we get the a lush video recap of the amazing spectacle that was WrestleMania 22 just five days ago: Rey Mysterio def. Booker T to capture the U.S Championship; Hardy, Finlay, & Kennedy come up short in MITB; Jamie Noble def. Kid Kash to become CW Champion; The Bluebloods def. former champs MNM & The Hooligans to win the WWE Tag Team titles; Ric Flair def. JBL to keep his career going; The Undertaker overcomes the monstrous Bobby Lashley; Shane McMahon def. Randy Orton thanks to BRET HART; and the year-long reign of Batista as World Heavyweight Champion was FINALLY ended, as he succumbed to the incomparable Edge in a thrilling main event.

Once the video package ends, the SmackDown! opening video plays, before we enter the arena to see an epic, post-‘Mania pyro display. Finally, we head to ringside with Michael Cole and Tazz.

Michael Cole: Just five days removed from the greatest WrestleMania of all time, WrestleMania Twenty-Two, we are in Peoria, Illinois for the first Friday Night SmackDown of the new season, and a whole NEW look to Friday nights now!! Good evening, everyone, we’re glad that you could join us tonight on this special night; I’m Michael Cole, here at ringside alongside my partner Tazz!

Tazz: Thanks, Cole. Wow, listen to this place, it’s nuts in here. I thought it was crazy Sunday night at WrestleMania, but this place is off the chart! No doubt we got a line up tonight that’s about as good as it can get just five days after one of, if not the best show of all time. Check this main event out tonight, Cole: it’s “For the 1st Time Ever Clash of Champions”, a ten-man tag team match!

Michael Cole: You’re absolutely right, Tazz. A HUGE main event signed for tonight by Shane McMahon, featuring the team of the former Cruiserweight Champion Kid Kash, the former United States Champion Booker T, former tag champions MNM, and, get this, the former World Heavyweight Champion ‘The Animal’ BA - TIS -TA …taking on the five new champions: Cruiserweight Champion Jamie Noble, United States Champion Rey Mysterio, WWE Tag Team Champion The Bluebloods, and the NEW World Heavyweight Champion ‘The Rated R Superstar’ EDGE! It’s going to be a ten-man tag team war here tonight!

Tazz: Oh man, I can’t wait for that, Cole, but I’ll tell you somethin’ else I can’t wait for – I can’t wait to hear from Shane ‘O Mac after what went down Sunday. I mean he – he beat Randy Orton thank god, but … Bret – BRET HART, where the hell did he come from?!

Michael Cole: Yes indeed, Tazz; we’re all anxious to hear just what all that was about at WrestleMania, and I have to wonder tonight if we will hear, or at least receive an appearance from ‘The Phenom’ … THE UNDERTAKER, who successfully took his streak to fourteen and oh when he BARELY overcame the powerful Lashley in an incredible match up. As you can see, folks, we have quite the line up for you tonight!


The catchiest intro in professional wrestling blasts through the arena, bringing all those in the Civic Center to their feet with a HUGE pop … as Shane McMahon walks out onto the stage. Though there is still no dancing and skipping from the excitable billionaire, Shane ‘O wears a smile on his face for the first time in months, as he soaks up the reception he is receiving. Clad in a smart pair of jeans, a dark shirt and jacket, it is impossible to ignore the sling that Shane is wearing on his left arm/shoulder, with his jacket hanging loosely over the top. Patting himself on the shoulder, McMahon just smirks and saunters on down to the ring, having seemingly recovered his old arrogant step.

Michael Cole: You wanted it, Tazz, and you’re going to get it. Here comes the boss to kick things off, and I can’t really think of a better way to do so on the night after WrestleMania - but, boy, Shane sure does look beat up though. I hope he’s okay.

Tazz: Ah, c’mon, Cole, after that war with Orton, did you expect anything less?

Obviously not letting his injury get the better of him, Shane ‘O hurries up the steel steps and into the ring. He marches straight across to the ropes and calls for a microphone, which he is quickly handed by Tony Chimel. With his music fading in the background, McMahon takes centre stage once more, still grinning in a humble sort of way, as he listens to the “SHANE ‘O MAC” chants. After a while he raises the mic up to his mouth.

Shane McMahon: Well … well, first thing’s first I guess - LOOK WHO’S STILL GOT A JOB!!

The crowd EXPLODES yet again, bringing another smile from Shane.

Shane McMahon: Not only do I have a job … because let’s make something perfectly clear, if I’d lost last that wouldn’t have just been it for me … that would have been the end for my Mom … my sister … and my Dad. But after last night, we’re all still alive and kicking…

Turning slight, Shane gestures up the ramp.

Shane McMahon: And Mr. Orton can go - with his tail between his legs, take his ball, and run along home … to Monday Night Raw.

Another huge pop at the fate of The Legend Killer.

Shane McMahon: See ya’ later, Randy, I hope you enjoy the worst career prospects of all time with your old buddy Eric Bischoff.

Laughs from the crowd, as McMahon chuckles.

Shane McMahon: I know - I bet you’re all probably wondering why I’m in such a good mood, right? {Puts on voice} “Yeah, you won last night, Shane, but so what? Dad’s in hospital, Teddy Long’s in hospital, you’ve got a busted collarbone and SmackDown’s got no General Manager?” That about right?

Shane looks into the crowd, but obviously gets no response.

Shane McMahon: Well, y’see {pats his shoulder} yes, I have broken my collarbone, and yes, it hurt like hell. But luckily for me, I’m not an active wrestler. I leave that to the boys. I might have pulled the old elbow pads on Sunday night to kick Randy Orton’s ass, but trust me, those occasions are going to be few and far between. All this injury means is that I’m not going to be jumping through any tables any time soon.

Boos filter down at this comment, drawing another smirk from Shane ‘O.

Shane McMahon: {Shrugs} Sorry. And as for my Dad? Yeah, Orton did a number on him that’s going to be hard to forget … but this is VINCENT - KENNEDY - MCMAHON!! This is the guy who has taken more Stone Cold Stunners than any man alive … this is the man who had his head caved in with a sledgehammer … this is the man who I have hit with trash cans, kendo sticks and even the kitchen sink … the man who Hulk Hogan bloodied and battered … so let me ask you this: do you really think he can’t take a little RKO and be back on his feet before you know it?

Pop from the crowd, as McMahon nods.

Shane McMahon: Trust me. He’ll be back … sooner than you might think.

Shane pauses, running a hand across his {now clean shaven} chin.

Shane McMahon: No, no, the real problem is Teddy Long. He took a pretty mean punt to the head at No Way Out and suffered a SERIOUS concussion, which is going to keep him on the shelf for quite some time I’m afraid. But I guarantee to you all now … we will not let Randy Orton win … and we will NEVER let him get what he wants … so Teddy Long WILL be back. You can count on it.

Pop for this, but only a small one. Harsh.

Shane McMahon: But … but without Teddy Long, that means we have a vacancy on Friday Nights. {Looks at ringside} Well, Michael Cole and Tazz are in place, there’s Tony Chimel - hi, Tony - and the superstars in the back are all present and correct. What this show needs … is a General Manager.

Crowd begins to buzz slightly.

Shane McMahon: Y’know, in the old days we’d just do something boring like appoint Eric Bischoff, or Paul Heyman, or Mick Foley, or even my own sister … without really asking what anyone thinks. I guess - well, I guess that’s just the McMahon way.

A few laughs are emitted from the fans.

Shane McMahon: BUT … but that’s not how we’re going to do it this time. {Crowd starts to rumble} Because, after a lengthy discussion with my sister, Stephanie, we’ve come up with a brand new concept to find a new General Manager for Friday Night SmackDown. It’s name? How’s the “SmackDown Election” sound? Nothing fancy, I know, because this is serious business.

Reaching into his top pocket gingerly, Shane pulls out a small piece of paper.

Shane McMahon: The rules for the “SmackDown Elections” are as follows: {begins reading} “In order for an individual to be eligible for the ‘SmackDown Elections’ they must first be an employee of World Wrestling Entertainment. This does not only include affiliates such as non-active personnel, but also wrestlers themselves. In short, ANYONE employed and paid by World Wrestling Entertainment can be a part of the ‘SmackDown Elections’.

The crowd is really getting excited now, as McMahon smacks his chops.

Shane McMahon: {still reading} “However, in order for that individual to become an official candidate in the ‘Elections’ they must secure a nomination. This will comprise of two other employees of World Wrestling Entertainment putting said individual’s name forward, thus qualifying them for election. There is no limit on candidates. Nominations will be accepted up until the cut off point - The SmackDown brand’s third pay-per-view of the year, The Great American Bash.

Knowing he has the crowd excited, Shane pauses for a grin.

Shane McMahon: {continuing to read} “The mode of election in an internal affair, as it concerns all staff of World Wrestling Entertainment, therefore the decision will be made by all World Wrestling Entertainment staff. Following The Great American Bash, the Managerial Nominees will be finalised, and they can each begin their respective campaigns for the role of General Manager.
They have up until August 20th to campaign - SummerSlam. On that night, as it is a joint brand pay-per-view, all WWE personnel from Raw and SmackDown will be in attendance and they will, much like our nation’s own Presidential Elections, cast their private votes for who they wish to see as SmackDown’s General Manager. The results will be announced … on the very next Friday Night SmackDown”.

As the Civic Center buzzes, very excited by this revelation, a smiling Shane ‘O folds up the piece of paper and pockets it once more.

Shane McMahon: Well … I don’t know about you, but that’s got me pretty excited. Think about it, for the first time in the HISTORY professional wrestling the man in charge won’t be decided my the man with the big bucks, not by the man upstairs … but by the very people this person will be in charge of.

Dramatic pause from McMahon.

Shane McMahon: It could be … good ole’ J.R.

Good pop.

Shane McMahon: It could be … ‘The Coach’ Jonathan Coachman.

MAJOR heat.

Shane McMahon: It could be … ‘The Nature Boy’ Ric Flair.

HUGE pop.

Shane McMahon: … … John Bradshaw Layfield.


Shane McMahon: … … … Michael Cole?

Boos, as the camera shows Cole laughing at ringside. Owned.

Shane McMahon: {laughing} Yeah, it really could be anyone … and that’s exactly why I love it. Like my Dad always says the first show after WrestleMania: “It’s time to SHAKE THINGS UP!” And that’s exactly what myself and Stephanie have decided to do.

Looking mightily pleased with himself, Shane seems to shift his focus.

Shane McMahon: So, with the ‘Official’ business out of the way for the evening, I can finally get to the … item and individual that I know you have all been dying for me to get to all night.

McMahon looks hard into the camera at ringside.

Shane McMahon: … … … Bret ‘The Hitman’ Hart

THUNDEROUS pop the mere mention of his name, even catching Shane slightly by surprise. He waits for a few moments, as the crowd gets carried away with a few “HITMAN/BRET” chants, drawing a wry smile from McMahon, before they finally quiet down enough for him to raise the mic again.

Shane McMahon: Bret, I--


The Civic Center can barely contain themselves with such a huge opening to tonight’s show, coming alive with a THUNDEROUS mixed reaction that quickly degenerates into pure, white-hot heat, as Shane McMahon turns, not angrily but confusedly, to look up at the stage. The smoke pours out … until the silhouettes … and finally, the man himself, the malevolent NEW World Heavyweight Champion, ‘The Rated R Superstar’ EDGE arm-in-arm with the sultry Lita, steps out onto the stage.

Jeans, smart black shirt, smart black jacket, shades, and the most gorgeous piece of championship gold one will ever see over his shoulder; in short, Edge looks like what he is, THE MAN. With his free hand he takes Lita’s arm, and the power couple, both wearing smirks, arrogantly saunter on down to the ring.

Tazz: THE CHAMP!!!

Michael Cole: I’m surprised you’re so pleased with this interruption, Tazz.

Shane continues to wait in the middle of the ring, mic dangling from his good arm, his eyebrow cocked in a rather perplexed manner. Breaking away from his girlfriend, Edge quickly slides into the ring, completely ignoring ‘O Mac and lying on his stomach as he usually does. However, for the first time in 365 days, it is not the MITB briefcase that lies before him playfully; it is the World Heavyweight Championship, as he bounces his hips, grinning at the entering Lita. Springing back up to his feet energetically, Edge walks right past Shane, giving him a look, before climbing up the turnbuckle, holding his belt up high with one hand and throwing up the ‘corna’ with the other.

As her boyfriend poses, Lita grabs a mic from ringside. Sneering at Shane ‘O, she hands it to Edge, as he steps back down into the ring, his music ending, finally walking up to McMahon with a grin. He brings the mic up.

Edge: Hi, Shane, how - how - how are ya’, buddy?

Shane McMahon: {sceptically} … … Fine.

Edge nods, giving Shane a {fake} smile.

Edge: That’s great - GRRRR-EAT. It’s just, y’know, I haven’t heard from you since Sunday, and I see you come on out here, and what? You’re arms in a sling? That’s pretty worrying, Shane. That’s a pretty worrying thing for a superstar to see happen to his boss, dontcha’ agree?

Shane McMahon: … … I suppose so.

Looking from Lita to Shane, Edge takes another step forward.

Edge: Y’see ‘cause Lita and me - we were talking about this on the way here in the car. Actually … it’s been a topic of conversation between the two of us for a couple of weeks now, all about how the WWE works. We were worried for ya’, Shane, ‘cause y’know, when people see the boss in a bad way … they panic. The employees always try to look after the boss. Right?

Shane’s nod is half-hearted to say the least.

Edge: That’s right, that’s right, and the boss always tries to look after his employees, right?

Shane McMahon: … … Right.

Nodding, Edge ‘suddenly’ {bullshit tbh} notices the belt on his shoulder.

Edge: {slaps his head} Oh, course, I nearly forgot. And the boss always has to take extra special care of his most prized commodity, right? {Blanked} And his most prized commodity would be - stop me if I’m wrong, Shane - his … champion?

Shane just shakes his head.

Edge: How ‘bout … his World Heavyweight Champion?

Edge is getting slightly more serious, whilst Shane frowns.

Edge: No? Then how ‘bout … his NEW World Heavyweight Champion?

The crowd boos, as Edge probes McMahon with his wild eyes.

Shane McMahon: … … Something you want to get of your chest, champ?

Edge: {scoffs} Oh, oh, OH, and what gave you that idea, huh, Shane ‘O? What could Edge, what could the World Heavyweight Champion possibly have a problem with? Hmm lemme’ think? {rubs his chin} Could it be that after winning MY title at WrestleMania and becoming the WWE’s alpha male I haven’t received ONE phone call from the WWE, no congratulations, nothing!

Cheers from the crowd, drawing a scowl from the champ.

Edge: Or - or how ‘bout that on tonight of all nights, the first SmackDown since yours truly finally won the big one, when we should be kickin’ off the show with a damn coronation ceremony for me … we get YOU, Shane, coming out here and feeding your ego, running your mouth about your little - what was it? - “SmackDown Elections”?That’s CRAP and every one of you knows it!!

Shane’s demeanour remains relatively cool.

Edge: Oh wait, we’ve not got to the best part yet, no, no, no, no, NO! Not only do I turn up tonight, my first show as THE World Heavyweight Champion, having had to sit through the little vomit session that was Kurt Angle being given the main event slot on Raw to … talk! KURT ANGLE THE MAIN EVENT SLOT TALKING!! And yet when I show up I get told I’m in some kind of match with NINE other guys! What kind of way is that to treat your champion, Shane, THAT’S my problem!

Shane McMahon: … … Are - are you done?

Edge: {through gritted teeth} I’m just getting started. You--

SHANE COVERS EDGE’S MIC~! The crowd “ohs”, as Edge looks positively psychotic, as does Lita, while Shane ‘O just carries on casually.

Shane McMahon: Oh no, Edge, I meant to say, “You ARE done”. Y’see I don’t really care that no one called you during the week. I’m pretty sure no one called Kurt Angle either. You don’t really strike me as the kind of guy who needs other people to inflate his ego for him anyway. {oh!} And for your only air time tonight being a match … let me remind you, Edge, that this is Friday Night SmackDown, the show that was founded on matches, made its name with matches - the likes of Kurt Angle, Chris Benoit, Eddie and Chavo Guerrero, Rey Mysterio and … you, unless I’m mistaken?

Edge: You don’t need to tell me I made this show. I already know that.

Shane smiles sarcastically.

Shane McMahon: Glad to hear it, champ.

Edge: No, no, no, no, NO! You don’t speak to me like that anymore, {air quotes} Shane ‘O”! I was sick to death of being treated like crap on Raw, even when I was Money in the Bank. I come to SmackDown and within months - MONTHS I’m the World Heavyweight Champion, so the days of being spoken down to are over for me, the days of being disrespected and overlooked by every jackass in a cheap suit are DONE!

Smirking, McMahon smoothes out his suit, ‘hurt’.

Edge: You all, and you especially, Shane, need to understand that this isn’t the {scoffs} “Age of The Animal”-- or whatever the hell he, J.R and Michael Cole used to call it in their little love-ins. It isn’t that anymore! Batista’s DONE! He’s GONE! There’s now someone else standing on the top of the mountain … someone new … MEEEEE!!!

Edge steps forward, getting right in Shane’s face.

Edge: {coldly, removing his shades} Welcome to a new era, ladies and gentlemen … boys and girls … an era … Rated R

Throwing his hands up in the air, Edge holds his World Heavyweight Championship for all to see, drawing some truly astonishing heat. Shane, however, does not blink once is response.

Shane McMahon: {‘applauding’} And I’m sure I speak for everyone here when I say … congratulations, Edge. Your complaint is noted, but now I’m afraid-- unless you already have two nominations for the “SmackDown Elections”, which I’d be amazed to hear - I’m going to have to ask you … to leave the ring.

A HUGE pop, as Shane gestures with his had towards the ropes, looking completely cool under the piercing, intense and positively insane stare of the World Heavyweight Champion. After a few tense moments, Edge turns away from ‘O Mac, hitching his title belt up on his shoulder and skulking towards the ropes with Lita in tow. The Rated R Superstar glowers up into the rafters, as a slight “Na Na Na Nah, Na Na Na Nah, hey ey ey, goodbye” chant starts up. As the fuming Edge begins to step through the ropes, Shane turns back to the crowd.

Shane McMahon: {trying not to laugh} Now, as I was saying. Br--


The Civic Center is absolutely APOPLECTIC, booing the actions of the new World Heavyweight Champion as though there were no tomorrow. Down on the canvas, Shane is slumped on his side, eyes closed, but wincing in utter agony, his free arm wrapped around his damaged collarbone. From his stomach, like a predatory beast, the champ pushes himself up on to his haunches alongside the fallen McMahon. Edge slowly rakes his fingers through his hair, his eyes wide and wild, as he leans down right in Shane’s pained face.

Across the ring, slightly behind her lover, Lita bends down, picking up both the World Heavyweight Championship belt and the discarded microphone. She hands both to Edge, who holds the title in Shane’s face, as he leers down at him, trying to speak over the boos.

Edge: {breathing heavily} … … …Who’s laughing … NOOOOOOOOW??!!

Almost like it was diseased, Edge drops the mic, completely repulsed, as Shane {having probably heard nothing} rolls over, still in agony. The Rated R Superstar steps back up to his feet, never once taking his eyes off the downed billionaire. The final shot before we fade into commercials is a disturbing one to say the least: Edge, head cocked sideways, looking down psychotically like some kind of wild animal on his actual boss, Shane McMahon; the World Heavyweight Championship held high up in the air, twinkling in the arena lights, mesmerizing.

{Commercial Break}

Footage plays of what went down during the commercial break, with Shane McMahon being helped from the ring by numerous backstage workers, and even Tazz. We are shown a shot of the individuals who greets him at the curtain also: the very concerned looking Stephanie and Linda McMahon.

Match #1 - Money in the Bank Rewind Match
Matt Hardy vs. Finlay

Despite being obviously still sore following their gruelling war a mere five nights ago in the MITB Ladder match, and probably still pissed at not winning, both Hardy and Finlay come together to put on a spectacular opening contest for the ‘New SD Season”, going from the technical to really cranking up the pace in the closing stages to blow the crowd off their feet.

Halfway through the match, the two begin to try and close it out with a variety of quick pin falls following high impact manoeuvres. Matt is obviously the quicker and fitter, but just like any great athlete, the Irishman is able to stay one step ahead of his opponent thanks to his veteran experience. Every time Hardy tries for the Twist of Fate this becomes apparent, as Dave counters in a DIFFERENT way each time.

In the closing stage, Finlay is well and truly in control, having just evaded a wild lunge from the youngster, sending him crashing into the turnbuckle, taking the breath out of him following the collision. Fit Finlay looks to capitalise, lifting Matt up, and getting him set for the CELTIC CROSS - but Hardy counters, swinging over Finlay, and rolling him through into a VICTORY ROLL!!! The Irishman struggles against it, but he is unable to escape. 1... 2... 3!!

Winner - Matt Hardy via pin fall @ 15:59.

The crowd roars as Hardy gets back up to his feet, letting out an “I got lucky” smile. The referee walks over, and raises his hand, as Finlay falls back onto his knees, and looking up at V1 with utter shock, knowing that his undefeated streak is now gone. The Irishman lets out a strangled curse as he gets back up to his feet and … then flips Hardy off, getting some tremendous heat, before rolling out of the ring, and storming back up the entrance ramp…

We cut immediately from Hardy’s ecstatic celebrations to a not so ecstatic close-up, side on, of Mr. Kennedy, as he stares down with complete and utter contempt at the nearby monitor, obviously not impressed at all by what he is seeing. As the camera pans out some more, or becomes clear that we are in the interview area, as Josh Matthews stands alongside Kennedy, microphone in hand.

Josh Matthews: Ladies and gentlemen, my guest at this time … Mr. Kennedy.

KENNEDY~! KK doesn’t actually turn around, prompting Josh to clear his throat.

Josh Matthews: Uh, Mr. Kennedy?

Kennedy looks around, managing to tear his eyes away from the screen. He is dressed in a dark shirt and jeans, evidently not here to compete tonight.

Mr. Kennedy: … … Yah?

Josh Matthews: Mr. Kennedy, just five nights ago you competed at your first ever WrestleMania in the Money in the Bank ladder match, where you came up just shor--

Mr. Kennedy: {holds up his hands} I’m sorry, I’m sorry -- wait, no I’m not. Gimme’ the mike, ya little Buffer suck-up.

Matthews doesn’t really know what to make of this, but KK continues to chew his gum aggressively, tilting his head forward, so Josh surrender the mic, and Kennedy turns to face the camera.

Mr. Kennedy: I betcha’ think you’re really something now, dontcha’, Matt? First, you go into WrestleMania and do something that even God himself can’t do, something not even that smug son of a bitch Michael Buffer didn’t have a shot at -- stop the inevitable. You just couldn’t let it could ya? You just can’t accept the fact that I’M the future of this business, and you, Matt … are a footnote.

Heat from the crowd, as KK mouths every syllable.

Mr. Kennedy: You might’ve taken that drunken Irishman’s undefeated streak … {points to himself} you ain’t touchin’ this one, sonny. Make no mistake about it though, I am holding you and that jackass Bufferpersonally responsible for these here gorgeous hands not currently holding a big, shiny, black, metal briefcase … and that can only mean bad news for both of ya.

Kennedy adjusts his shirt arrogantly.

Mr. Kennedy: ‘Cause I’m comin’ for ya. Don’t know where … don’t know when.

The crowd boos, but there are cheers mixed in their also.

Mr. Kennedy: Better start lookin’ out, fellas … ‘cause now not only am I the future of sport’s entertainment … MR. Sport’s Entertainment if ya like … but, Matt Hardy … Michael freakin’ Buffer … your future is now … your future … is Mr. … Kennedy…

Some fans actually chant along, but Ken seems dead serious.

Mr. Kennedy: {whisper} Ken - Na - Day.

Arrogantly, Kennedy simply releases the mic he is holding, letting it drop to the ground before Josh Matthews can catch it. The cocky loudmouth storms off, leaving Matthews scrambling around on the floor for his equipment, as we fade out.

{Commercial Break}

Back from the break, we are immediately backstage in what would usually be the office of the General Manager, but where tonight, Linda and Stephanie McMahon sit on either side of the desk, a cell phone in front of them, evidently on speaker.

Linda McMahon: So what did they say, Shane?

Shane McMahon: Doc said I’d be fine, mom. Just a bump.

Linda McMahon: Take care then. Get some rest.

Click. Shane hangs up on the other end and Steph does the same.

Stephanie McMahon: So, about Edge--

No sooner does Steph open her mouth then the sound of the door opening is heard, prompting both women to turn angrily around … to where John Bradshaw Layfield stands, grey suit, white hat and all; looking as pissed as pissed can be.

John Bradshaw Layfield: Knock knock.

Linda McMahon: What do you want, John?

Interpreting this as an invitation in, the former-WWE Champion fully enters the room, slamming down two pieces of paper on the desk.

John Bradshaw Layfield: First thing’s first - Orlando Jordan, Jillian Hall; hell, I coulda’ got the whole locker room if I’d respected their opinions enough, but that doesn’t matter. What does matter, is that ya’ll are lookin’ at SmackDown’s next and greatest General Manger.

Linda takes a look at the papers, before showing them to Steph, and tucking them away.

John Bradshaw Layfield: But mainly … I wanna level with the pair of you, ladies. You’re businesswomen … my wife is the most esteemed businesswoman in the world; I understand what it is to be with your world, and more importantly, I understand what it is to be in your world.

Stephanie McMahon: Get to the point please.

Layfield’s smile falters slightly, but he quickly waves it off.

John Bradshaw Layfield: People like you … people like me … we exist on a different level than the rest of humanity … we’re on a higher plain … a greater echelon if ya want. While we sleep in million dollar penthouses in New York City … they slum it in cardboard boxes in … Peoria. While we dine in the fanciest, most expensive restaurants … they make do with a buck a burger gruel from their nearest diner.

Linda McMahon: We don’t have all day, John.

John Bradshaw Layfield: {tersely} What I’m-- what I’m tryin’ to say … is that you and I, I and you … us! We’re so similar. So alike. So why in the hell am I bein’ told my people who earn less than my pool cleaner I don’t have a private locker room anymore?

The McMahon women roll their eyes at one another.

Linda McMahon: You win matches, you get privileges. John, you haven’t won all year.

John Bradshaw Layfield: Haven’t won all-- “! I am a media guru, I am a Wall Street darlin’, a damn wrestlin’ MESSIAH! And yet the two of you, sat there, behind your little desk, have the temerity to lecture me? Me? ME?! The man who held the WWE Championship for ONE - FULL - YEAR! You have the audacity to lecture me on win-loss records … you disrespectful--

Stephanie McMahon: Yeah, real good way to get us to change our minds, John.

Bradshaw pulls up, trying to calm himself.

John Bradshaw Layfield: Now you listen to me. As far as I’m concerned, last Sunday … I beat Ric Flair, so if ya wanna talk about wins, go and talk to that JOKE of a referee who cost me my match! I want my DAMN suite back!!

Stephanie McMahon: It’s already been taken, John.

The crowd pops as JBL’s eyes bug out of his head.

John Bradshaw Layfield: … … … Then I won’t be stayin’ in this hellhole … a second longer.

Angrily rising from his seat, Layfield gives the cool and calm ladies a long, hard stare, before turning to the door.

Linda McMahon: And, John?

John Bradshaw Layfield: … … What?

Linda McMahon: Don’t bother looking for your cheque in the post.

His back to us, JBL obviously thinks about responding … but storms out instead, leaving Linda and Stephanie smirking smugly at one another…

Tazz: {as we return to ringside} Man, JBL is one pissed off dude.

Michael Cole: He’s a cry-baby, that’s all he is, Tazz. Bradshaw’s so used to getting what he wants … and now he’s throwing his toys out of--

???: {Clears throat}

Our attention, and the commentator’s, is quickly switched as the camera pans away from ringside and up towards the titantron … where an unknown wrestler appears. The man is visible from the chest up; all muscle, with dark hair and stubble, vaguely resplendent of late-’99 Triple H.

???: Ladies and gentlemen … my name … is Brent Albright…

Virtually no reaction for this announcement, as Brent Albright continues.

BRENT ALBRIGHT: And it has been brought to my attention that the WWE is lookin’ for some competition…

Albright strokes his muzzle thoughtfully.

Brent Albright: So as of right now, I, Brent Albright am puttin’ myself forward as the measuring stick … the competition around this place. {points to himself} I too wanna be World Champion, but first thing’s first; tonight’s my debut here on Friday Night SmackDown, and I’ve got a date with some poor chump from Japan.

Who could that be?

Brent Albright: And after I beat whoever this guy is tonight, I’m gonna move on and become THE top dog around these halls. My name is gonna right up there, spoken in the same breath as guys like Ric Flair, Hulk Hogan, Steve Austin … {makes an air-marquee} and then “The Shooter”…

Getting a few boos, BA smirks as a suited, blonde female appears at his side, placing a hand on his shoulder…

Brent Albright: …”Brent Albright”.

The crowd boos {slightly} as “The Shooter” scowls, and heads off camera, the attractive woman following close behind. After a slight wait, trying to build this newbie up…

***BLOOD, SUGAR, SEX, MAGIK*** ‘The Shooter’ Brent Albright and his unknown female ‘manager’ make their way down to the ring, looking positively nasty.

Michael Cole: When we return, newcomer Brent Albright, “The Shooter” Brent Albright, will be in action in his very first match. I’m looking forward to this.

{Commercial Break}

Match #2 - Brent Albright vs. Funaki

Ah ha, it was Funaki all along. Bet you didn’t see that one coming, eh? Poor ‘Naki makes his monthly television appearance the show after WrestleMania…and does what he always does: sells his ass off for a squash. The Japanese WWE veteran shows his usual fighting spirit in the opening stages and it … counts for absolutely in the long-run, as he is simply outclassed by the bigger, faster, stronger, and all-round better Brent Albright. The Shooter tosses Funaki around like a small child for a while, before moving to the finish, lifting ‘Naks up, DRILLING him with two rolling German suplexes, before DUMPING him on his head with a half-nelson one for good measure. Albright doesn’t stop there, however, and drops down, cinching in a nasty looking FUJIWARA ARMBAR that soon as Funaki tapping like a mad man.

Winner - Brent Albright via submission @ 2:19.

After the match, Albright keeps the armbar in place for a few cheap moments, damn near breaking Funaki’s arm in two, before the ref pulls him away. The crowd boos {slightly} the tasteless actions of the debutant, but The Shooter couldn’t care less quite frankly as he stares into the camera hard, with his voluptuous manager by his side…

Outside of the Civic Center a long, black, stretched limousine slowly pulls into the large parking lot. After a while the door opens, out steps … BOOKER T, the man who lost the U.S title Sunday, Sharmell on his arm. Dressed in his extravagant leopard skin coat and dark Armani suit, Book looks up at the arena solemnly as some unknown stagehand with an earpiece walks up to him.

Booker T: Thank you-- yes, thank you so very much, groundling. My wife and I-- we are so very, very weary, and must rest before my match tonight. {hands his keys to the man} Our bags are in the trunk. Now … lead us to our quarters.

Booker waits expectantly for the worker to move off until … the man just hands the keys right back, shaking his head.

Stagehand: Yeah, uh, about your, uhm, “quarters”? I’ve got a message for ya from Mrs. and Ms. McMahon…

The former-U.S Champ raises and eyebrow and looks quickly, perturbed, at his wife, before the stagehand begins to speak…

{Commercial Break}

Match #3 - Tag Team Match
The Hooligans vs. The Mexicools

Both teams come out all guns blazing, eager to work their way back up the tag team ladder; with London and Kendrick especially anxious tonight after the disappointment of WrestleMania. During the match, Michael Cole gets word that L & K have challenged the WWE Tag Team Champions, regardless of MNM’s rematch clause still being in the works.

It’s a good, fast-paced match up for two thrilling tandems, but obviously there is a slight gulf in class and that begins to show towards the end. After knocking Psicosis into the barricade with a baseball slide, London slingshots over the top into the Mexican with a plancha!!

Super Crazy goes for everything in the ring off the top, but MISSES his moonsault on Kendrick, but lands on his feet, allowing Spanky to quickly grab him and CONNECT with the Sliced Bread #2!!! Kendrick makes the simple cover for the three count.

Winners - The Hooligans via pin fall @ 5:52.

As The Hooligans celebrate in the ring, pumping their fists at getting right back on the horse, we cut to a quick shot of MNM, Johnny Nitro and Joey Mercury, watching the proceedings on a monitor backstage, shaking their heads in disbelief … and anger…

A Superstar vignette plays …


Inter-cutting shots flash across the screen of a young superstar, clad in black trunks with shoulder length dark hair and a small beard. He stands in front of a blank screen, holding up his knuckles, adorned with the words, “D-R-U-G … F-R-E-E”.

???: I don’t drink …

Narrator: He is the most exciting superstar to ever hit professional wrestling …

A shot of the man flying through the ropes with a top&#233; suicida.

???: I don’t smoke ...

Narrator: His skills range from Muay Thai Kickboxing to Brazilian Jujitsu …

Shots of the man delivering scintillating kicks to his hopeless opponents.

???: I don’t do drugs …

Narrator: He’s been a Champion everywhere he’s ever been …

Shots of the man holding up the OVW Championship {not ROH, sorry}.

???: My only addiction is competition …

Narrator: He’s a “Straightedge Superstar” …

More flashing shots of the man wowing crowds all around the world.

???: My name … is C … M … PUNK!!!

Punk throws his hair back, looking into the camera with steely eyes.

Narrator: And he’s coming … to Friday Night SmackDown!



Backstage, the dapper Steve Romero is standing by, microphone in hand, with the NEW WWE Tag Team Champions, The Ripper Paul Burchill and William Regal, both dressed to compete, with their belts over their shoulders.

Steve Romero: Ladies and gentlemen, my guests at this time are the new WWE Tag Team Champions, The Bluebloods; and, gentlemen, later on tonight in the main event, you will be taking part in the first ever “Clash of Champions” match when you team with your fellow SmackDown champions to face the men you all beat just five days ago. What are your thoughts right now?

William Regal: Our thought on this main event, Steven, is that what you asked? {Romero nods} I thought so. I find it bloody ironic that before WrestleMania, all anyone could talk about was the tag team title match, and now that it’s over, and myself and Paul have emerged victorious, they can’t get off the topic quicker. No, not only did we beat those miserable little toe rags, London and Kendrick, to a pulp, but we ended the, quite frankly, embarrassing reign of a couple of Californian pretty boys in the process. We are the best team in the world, and next week, in England … we’ll get the respect we deserve.

The Bluebloods storm off camera, getting some heat from the crowd, while Romero’s eyes widen…

{Commercial Break}

~ Highlights from WrestleMania XXII, and the Bobby Lashley-Undertaker clash in particular. The Real Deal dominates The Phenom for almost 20-minutes, countering each and every move attempted by the legend, until, in the end, Lashley’s own eagerness gets the better of him, as he goes for one Spear too many and ends up falling prey to the Tombstone Piledriver.

Instead of cutting backstage we head into the arena, which is almost entirely shrouded in darkness, though three silhouettes in the ring are discernible. Eventually, a pale spotlight falls on the centre of the ring, revealing … “The Real Deal” BOBBY LASHLEY and his agent, Paul Heyman, standing alongside Tazz. Bobby is clad in black sweats and a black, close-fitting ‘Dominator’ t-shirt; the uncompromising agent, dressed in his usual suit and scarf, holds a few notes in his right hand and a frown on his face. The boos die down, and Tazz brings the microphone up.

Tazz: Well, welcome back to Friday Night SmackDown, folks-- still a lot more to come tonight, inludin’ the first ever “Clash of Champions” match in our main event. But as you can see, I’m joined right now by Mr. Bobby Lashley and Mr. Paul Heyman, who asked for this interview time. So, what is it you wanna get off your chest, Paul?

Paul Heyman: First {finger up, agitated} FIRST of all there is a story … a story that nobody around here has had the GUTS to break.

Paul E. smoothes out his tie, staying cool.

Paul Heyman: For those of you who have been watching television and haven’t seen me for a couple of weeks … WWE is headed by an {air quote} “esteemed committee”, a bunch of modern day Stephen Hawkins who don’t have in them to realise that it’s 2006, and NOT 1991!

Dangerously looks at Tazz, and takes a breath, before turning back.

Paul Heyman: See … these guys think I’M too controversial, these guys say “Paul Heyman, the guys you run around with, they’re too much. They’re too outspoken. They’re too … terrifying for this company”.

A few boos filter down from the rafters; Lashley RAGES silently.

Paul Heyman: So they say to me, “Paul Heyman, YOU are NO LONGER ALLOWED, nor are you PERMITTED, to bring in your own superstars to World Wrestling Entertainment”!!

Sarcastic pop for this, drawing an angry stare from the legendary manager and his client.

Paul Heyman: {wildly} NOOOW … that - meant - war. That meant war … on that “esteemed committee” … that meant war … on World Wrestling Entertainment … ‘cause in case you forgot, gents, I am not only the greatest manager in this business, but I am also the manager of the greatest wrestler in this business, and the way for me BANKRUPT this stinkin’ company is to take away their heroes, the ones they try to keep at the top and protect for as long as they can.

The “UNDERTAKER” chants begin to echo through the building, but Paul E. and Lash pays them no heed, instead continuing his erratic gestures.

Paul Heyman: What better to start than right at the top … with the “Golden Child” of World Wrestling Entertainment, the man-- if you can call him that-- the man that those pompous asses in Connecticut have protected and PROTECTED for a decade and a half, WrestleMania after WrestleMania? {sigh} Undertaker.

The former owner of ECW shakes his head at the ERUPTION of cheers.

Paul Heyman: What would WWE do without The Undertaker? … … Soooo I went on a search, I went through the entire WWE just looking, just hoping, just SEARCHING … to find me the wrestler, the superstar, THE MAN … who can eliminate The Undertaker FOR GOOD!!

A sick look spreads over the manic features of Dangerously.

Paul Heyman:Find this man, Paul. Find this man” is all I kept saying to myself … and I finally found that man-- that man, who is HERE in this building here tonight but-- BUT{pointing out of the ring} YOU, Michael Cole couldn’t look into his eyes without trembling with fear … {eyeballing Tazz} YOU couldn’t stand toe to toe with him, {air quote} Human Suplex Machine” aaaand … {pointing round at the crowd} EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU HAVE FALLEN TO YOUR KNEES IN AWE OF THIS MA-- THIS GOD!!!

The smarks present begin to applaud the awesomeness of Heyman, but 90&#37; of the crowd continue to boo the living hell out of him.

Paul Heyman: The man I am speaking of, the man beneath … the God, is the only man on the face of this planet who can help me expose the CORRUPTION and LUNACY of The Undertaker’s perverted alliance with World Wrestling Entertainment, to the point that I can drop “The Deadman” down on his knees and hire and fire and make him sorry that he ever dared to stand in OUR way.

Jabbering away, beads of perspiration begin to form on Paul’s brow, but he is so into this speech that he doesn’t even wipe them away, and instead continues staring wildly ahead, mouth to the microphone of Tazz.

Paul Heyman: The man I speak of is the only man who has EVER eliminated each and every person who has ever stood in his way; the man I speak of is the only man who can CRUSH the hopes of all the little {air quote} Creatures of the Night” until the man stands over the remnants of his career and SAYS--

Dangerously brings his arm up evilly, performing the ‘Last Rites’ gesture.


The crowd delivers some truly THUNDEROUS heat as Lashley doesn’t even pose, instead just standing there, arms by his side, head turning slowly like the T-1000 {<3 Mac}, unblinking, uncaring; unbelievable.

Paul Heyman: That’s right, people, it’s “THE REAL DEAL”, “THE LIVING, BREATHING JUGGERNAUT”, “THE IMMOVABLE OBJECT”, hell, he’s the “SOLDIER OF DAMN FORTUNE”!!!

The crowd delivers an onslaught of heat, but Bobby doesn’t even flinch. Pissed … off.

Paul Heyman: And anyone who knows “The Real Deal” Bobby Lashley, knows that all he cares about is {as though reading a list, points to B-Lash} HIMSELF … {points to himself} his MONEY … aaaaand {finger up} COMPLETE AND UTTER DESTRUUUUUCTION!!!!

More booming boos from the boisterous, benevolent benefactors.

Paul Heyman: It just so happens that my man’s issues, my man’s intentions, and MY MAN’S desires … conflict with those of that {air quote} esteemed committee”. And the way they see it, Mr. Bobby Lashley’s intentions to DIS - MANTLE The Undertaker limb … by … limb, well that just wouldn’t be very good for business, would they?

More boos as Bobby growls menacingly.

Paul Heyman: Can’t have the new beast on the block, the so-called “rookieDESTROY that no-good, low-life SCUMBAG Undertaker in his own backyard, the little area of this business cordoned off for the {air quote} legends” … WrestleMania, now, can we?

Tazz looks slightly shocked, eyeballing Dangerously, looking awkward.

Paul Heyman: You know, Tazz, a couple of questions come into not only my mind and Mr. Bobby Lashley’s mind, but also … each and every one {points into the audience} of YOU … considering that “The Real Deal” has never had the REAL and FAIR opportunity to go ONE ON ONE with “The Deadman” … WITHOUT THE RULES!!! WITHOUT THE POLITICS!!! FAIR!!!

Another outpouring of STAGGERING heat for Heyman’s rage.

Paul Heyman: We’re both wondering, if you take away all the protection, all the businessmen … all the SMOKE, all the MIRRORS … The Undertaker is really the man we have fooled into thinking.

Crowd boos

Paul Heyman: And we were also wondering, Taker, if you really are the low-life garbage-collecting scumbag that you showed yourself to be Sunday night at WrestleMania?
But, Undertaker, Taker, Deadman, Phenom, we know you’re listening back home in Greenwich, Connecticut at WWE headquarters, in your smart, $10,000 suit, your corporate cronies licking your as-- feet, so we want you to hear this.

An almost hush descends over the crowd, as Paul E. stares through the hard camera as he speaks.

Paul Heyman: Undertaker, your days are numbered … because “The Real Deal” is tearing up World Wrestling Entertainment … and he’s still coming for YOOOOUUUU!!!!!!

Heyman pulls back from the microphone, staring smugly and angrily up into the crowd as Bobby Lashley steps up to the second turnbuckle, gazing out into the booing masses, his eyes cold, dead and so very, very evil…

{Commercial Break}

Michael Cole: Welcome back to Friday Night SmackDown, ladies and gentlemen, and listen to this; during the break we received word that next week, from London, England {graphic appears on screen} it will be William Regal and Paul Burchill, The Bluebloods, on home turf, putting their newly won belts on the line against the former champions, Johnny Nitro and Joey Mercury, MNM, who are cashing in on their rematch clause.

Tazz: That is huge, Cole, but I gotta question how smart that is on the part of MNM; I mean, tryin’ to take the gold from The Bluebloods in such a hostile environment? I know Johnny and Joey are young and impatient, but this could backfire.

Michael Cole: Absolutely. Well, still plenty to come tonight. No less than ‘For The First Time Ever’ “Clash Of Champions” match in our main event. But right now, we’re going to take it to the back and Kristal Marshall, who’s standing by with Booker T.

Kristal Marshall, microphone in hand, sits by with the former-U.S Champion Booker T, with his wife Sharmell, as they sit anxiously, Book still not dressed to compete, watching in disgust the antics of the other wrestlers present.

Kristal Marshall: Booker T, earlier tonight, you, and also John Bradshaw Layfield, were informed by Shane, Stephanie and Linda McMahon that due to your poor win-loss record thus far in 2006, you will be forfeiting your private accommodation privilege. Together with the loss of your United States title last Sunday at WrestleMania, what are your thoughts heading into our huge main event tonight?

Booker T: My thoughts, Kristal, are very clear. My thoughts are that there has clearly been a failure … a failure of communication between my wife and I … and the rulers of this … kingdom.

Kristal Marshall: A, uh, “kingdom”, Booker?

Booker T: Yes, indeed, Kristal, you heard me perfectly well. A “kingdom”. SmackDown is such a place, and you understand, Kristal, in such a kingdom there are the peasants, those who … work, and there is … the royal - ty, those who sit at the top in wealth and prosperity. I look around now, and all I see … {face twists} p-peasants and labourers. My wife and I, Kristal, much like The McMahon Lineage themselves … are part of the hierarchy. So why we have been abandoned and lowered to such a station is baffling and, quite frankly, UN - ACCEPT - ABLE. If The McMahon’s wish to compare my wife and I to that lowly … maggot Reymont Mysterio, then so be it. But they must be prepared … and accept … the consequences.

As Kristal gets up to leave, the camera holds on Booker and his wife as they continue to scowl all around them, before Book slowly begins to disrobe.

Michael Cole: Strong words from a very angry Booker T there. But up next, JBL’s ‘associate’ Orlando Jordan takes on Shannon Moore!

Match #4 - Orlando Jordan vs. Shannon Moore

This is not exactly a close contest, or a particularly good one, as a frustrated OJ vents some of his anger from Sunday night, hurling the young Cruiserweight around like a rag doll, before connecting with the Black Ice, followed by the Leg hook reverse STO Black Out for the academic three count.

Winner: Orlando Jordan via pin fall @ 3:59.

Jordan slides out of the ring, raising his arms in victory, as Jillian Hall struts over and grabs a microphone from ringside.

Jillian Hall: Never one to let his fans down, I’ve been asked to inform you all … {big false smile} Mr. John Bradshaw Layfield … is doing just fine.

The crowd boos as Jillian and OJ angrily skulk back up the ramp, eager to get out of there.

Michael Cole: Both Orlando Jordan and Jillian Hall making cases for their boss JBL here tonight. But up next, it’s our Main Event, ‘For The First Time Ever’ “Clash Of Champions” match! Next!!

{Commercial Break}

Match #5 - Main Event; Ten Man Tag Team Match
World Hvywt. Champ Edge, U.S Champ Rey Mysterio,
WWE Tag Team Champs The Bluebloods & Cruiserweight Champ Jamie Noble
vs. Batista, Booker T, MNM & Kid Kash

As one would expect, with the heel-face dynamic on both teams, this is a bit messy in the opening stages, until the faces on both sides seem to gain the advantage, sending the heels, champions and former-champions alike, from the ring. When things eventually settle down and come together, Batista and Paul Burchill end up as the legal men in the ring. The two work quite nicely together unsurprisingly, with Big Dave’s superior experience and power outdoing The Ripper over the course of their confrontation in the squared circle.

Wanting no more of The Animal, Burchill quickly tags in EDGE!! ‘Tista looks absolutely delighted, wanting a piece of the man who took his title, but BOOKER T tags himself into the match!! The crowd lets out some tremendous heat as Batista and Booker stare at each other on their side of the ring. Edge races across the ring and attacks Booker from behind, battering him with a flurry of right hands! The former United States Champion manages to steal the advantage back, with an equally heelish thumb to the eye of the World Heavyweight Champion, getting some laughs!

Booker quickly floats over, grabbing Edge and GOES FOR THE BOOK END - but The Rated R Superstar delivers some elbows to the back of Book’s head, before grabbing it, and DRILLS BOOKER WITH THE EDGECUTION DDT!! The crowd delivers a mixed reaction for the cocky Edge, but the incomparable new World Champion couldn’t care less, and sets Booker T up for the SPEAR!! Book shows his veteran instinct and quickly leaps out of the way, before tagging in Kid Kash!!

The Notorious K.I.D shakes his head before he steps into the ring, while Edge prances and preens across the ring. The Rated R Superstar backs up into his corner, raking his fingers through his hair … but quickly tags Jamie Noble in! Noble doesn’t even mind, looking positively excited as he gets in there and hooks it up with Kash once more. After a minute or two of fast-paced, high-octane counter wrestling from the two best Cruiserweight’s in the business, Kash manages to gain the advantage with a mid air dropkick to Noble’s cross body!!

Wiping his hands’ of the man who took his title, Kash lazily makes the tag to Johnny Nitro, while Noble, furious, jumps up and tags in Rey Mysterio as we cut to our final commercial break.

Back from the break, Joey Mercury is in control, pounding away on William Regal in the corner. Mercury quickly shoots Regal into the opposite corner, before he charges in, going for a clothesline - but the veteran Englishman moves and Joey collides with the turnbuckle!! As Mercury staggers out backward, Regal quickly snatches the man he will put his gold on the line against next week by the arm and neck, and drills him with a beautiful HALF-NELSON SUPLEX!! Regal and Mercury lie sprawled out on the canvas, while the referee begins his ten count. Both superstars make the long effort back to their corner, and at a stretch, the tags are made to both BATISTA AND EDGE!!

The crowd goes insane as The Animal and, slowly, The Rated R Superstar step into the ring … BUT BOOKER T TAGS HIMSELF IN AGAIN!!! Damn near psychotic, Big Dave gets right up close in Book’s face about it … and Booker SLAPS the former-World Heavyweight Champion right across the face!! The crowd howls as angrily Batista looks down at the ground, his head slowly raising again … BEFORE BOOKER SLAPS THE ANIMAL A SECOND TIME!! Edge leans against the ropes, smirking, as the crowd boos mercifully the actions of the 5-Time World Champion, clearly mentally imploding on this very night. Before their teammates can get involved, The Animal wipes his jaw … before he LIFTS BOOKER in the air - AND NAILS HIM WITH THE SPINEBUSTER!!!

The crowd roars loudly, as Batista stares down at Booker T with wild eyes. Looking extremely confused, Kid Kash gets in the ring, pointing at Booker, asking Dave what the hell is going on, and The Animal nods and holds his hands up apologetically, causing KK to nod slightly, before ‘Tista PLANTS KASH WITH ANOTHER SPINEBUSTER!!

Nitro and Mercury get in, but Melina quickly screams at them to leave it alone, and it’s not worth it. Gritting their teeth, MNM drops off the apron, ‘washing their hands’ of the match and Dave Batista. The former-World Champion roars at them to “Get your asses in the ring” but the two Hollywood regulars just back up the ramp, yelling “You’re lucky” at ‘Tista and making the title motion around their waist at Regal and Burchill!!


Batista turns back around, looking vaguely psychotic, toward Edge, who is waiting across the ring - AND UNCOILS WITH AN ATTEMPTED SPEAR FROM THE FAR CORNER, but the big man manages to get his boot up, catching the Rated R Superstar in the face, before The Animal begins to unleash his rage from WrestleMania, pummelling the World Heavyweight Champion much to the delight of Chicago!!

Lita is up on the apron immediately to protest, grabbing the referee’s attention … allowing Regal and Burchill to fly into the ring and BEGIN THE TWO-ON-ONE ASSAULT OF BATISTA!! The brutal Englishmen rain down on Big Dave with boots, knees, fists and elbows, easily taking The Animal to his knees and lower. The new WWE Tag Team Champions smile smugly and back away, as ‘Tista struggles back up to his feet, fists up, BEFORE EDGE FLATTENED RIGHT BACK DOWN - THIS TIME WITH THE SPEAR!!!

Edge throws up a ‘corna’, soaking up the epic heat he is receiving … but Mysterio steps up in his face! Rey has obviously seen enough … and is soon joined by an equally pissed off Jamie Noble. Edge barges through and covers Batista. 1... 2... NO! Noble pulls him off!! Edge jumps right back up to his feet angrily and begins arguing with the two faces of his team, until Regal and Burchill make their presences felt behind them. Edge sneakily shoves Noble and Mysterio… into The Bluebloods, BEGINNING THE FOUR-MAN BRAWL!!

As Booker T and Kid Kash struggle back up to their feet on the outside, clutching their heads, The Bluebloods battle away with Mysterio and Noble toward the announce table, and MNM watch on from the top of the ramp, Edge crouches down in the corner … and waits … and waits, until Batista struggles back up to feet determinedly, ONLY FOR EDGE TO RUN RIGHT THROUGH HIM WITH A SECOND SPEAR!!! 1... 2... 3!!

Winners - Edge, Rey Mysterio, The Bluebloods & Jamie Noble via pin fall @ 15:13.

The crowd explodes into deafening heat as Edge takes his sweet-ass time getting back up to his feet, and forcing the ref to raise his arm, despite the chaos at ringside. Rey and Noble continue to pummel on Regal and Burchill through the crowd, as Booker and Kash skulk away, clutching their ribs. The ref hurries over to check on the wounded Animal, while Lita grabs Edge’s World Heavyweight Championship excitedly and slides into the ring.

Michael Cole: This is-- this is total anarchy out here!! We’ve got teammates fighting with teammates and former-champions abandoning the ring, and that snake-like, the Machiavellian, that damn Edge still comes out on top yet again, pinning The Animal a second time!!

Tazz: You damn skippy, Cole; it’s nuts out here!! What the-- what the hell got into Batista?! He took out his entire team and then got damn near mugged out here by himself; The Animal has snapped after losin’ his title at WrestleMania. Ha-ha, you gotta love Edge though, Cole – what a way to kick off your reign as Champ: takin’ out the boss and the baddest man around on the same night!!

In rapid succession, we get live shots of all of the men involved in this main event m&#234;l&#233;e...

Johnny Nitro and Joey Mercury stand at the top of the ramp, Melina in between them, lazily surveying the Wild West-like scene before them. Kid Kash watches from the middle of the ramp, still holding his back, shaking his head slowly. Booker T stands with Sharmell by his side trying to calm him down, staring up at Edge with blazing eyes, saying “Shoulda’ been muh’” under his breath. William Regal and Paul Burchill continue to battle it out with the U.S and Cruiserweight Champions, Rey Mysterio and Jamie Noble, now taking it up into the rafters with the testerone-fuelled, adrenaline soaked brawl…

Back in the ring, Batista clutches his ribs in pain as he stares fiercely at Edge…

Michael Cole: Next week, we come to you from London, England for another spectacular Friday Night SmackDown. One thing’s for sure, ‘The Rated R Era’ … is now upon us.

A huge pyro begins to go off in the background as Edge raises the World Heavyweight Championship high into the air, with Lita beaming by his side, while the Peoria Civic Center watches in awe.



Current Card for Judgment Day
May 21st, 2006
US Airways Center, Phoenix, Arizona
Killswitch Engage, This Fire Burns


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Post Re: Legend Presents: WWE 2006 - Stop Your Grinnin' And Drop Your Linen

Smackdown Review

First off I have to say I really like the swing of things in this BTB. ‘Mania was great, and although I didn’t post anything on how I felt about the show, I did love it. I will be honest and say I did not read all of it, but most of it. Nonetheless this BTB is really coming along and you’re booking at your all time best.

Nice run down of the card tonight and the main event is looking spectacular. Interesting main event with all the champs and the former champs, not sure that’s been done before. The Bret Hart thing has got me interested and where it will go I have no idea.

Excellent, dear I say … excellent idea for a new General Manager. That is one of the most innovative things I’ve seen in BTB in awhile. The way you went about that was just great. Having Shane read off the rules, which you wrote very officially, added so much realism to the entire promo. Great stuff Legend. I also found it amazing when you owned Michael Cole. Having Edge all pissy about not getting the respect he deserves was a brilliant move, I can see Edge really doing this, and you really captured his character throughout this dialogue. Also I would like to note how Edge interrupted Shane O’Mac when he was about to talk about Bret Hart, then again at the end he speared him when he was about to do the same. It appears as though you are waiting to unravel that part of this storyline, which is great. The suspense in real life would be killer, and it is very well warranted here too. I can’t wait to see what McMahon has to say about Hart, but I don’t think it’ll happen tonight.

The opening contest appeared to be a very competitive match up, which is what you like to see on a show following WrestleMania. However I feel it may’ve been a bit lengthy. A 16 minute match is more like a main event, not an opening match. I think I good 9 or 10 minute match would’ve sufficed.

A short promo from Kennedy following that long match up, and it served its purpose. This apparently is the beginning of a push for Kennedy; I just hope it isn’t a Jesus push, slow and steady plz. Mr. K was in great character, and you have a knack for getting down the characters, which makes the show so much easier to read and enjoy.

Lol at JBL saying ‘knock, knock’ that was pretty good. If I didn’t know better I’d say this is a send off for JBL, who probably won’t come back ‘till later in the elections.

I marked for Brent Albright. I personally love the guy and think he will still someday make in the ‘E. The only problem I see is his finisher. I know you want to get him over as a pure wrestler and having a submission does that, but if he is going to be beating bigger and better guys than Funaki he may need a more powerful finisher. Oh and I have no idea who his manager may be.

Not much of a much between these two teams, just a regular tag team match. It would’ve been different to see the Mexicools go over instead but that’s just not the case. I’d mark for a Hooligans run at the tag titles.

CM Punk on his way to Smackdown!! I love it. Punk is an awesome talent and it will be interesting to see how you work with him.

Promo of the night!! Paul Heyman was on fire! Excellent writing here Legend, pure excellence. Heyman was in his usual conspiracy way, trying to bring down the man and he did it in style. First off his introduction to Lashley was top of the world and the way he called out ‘Taker and those in charge was perfect. Nothing was wrong with this promo, not a thing.

It appears as though the McMahon ladies and showing their power by pulling Booker’s room too. I like how this interview took place in the locker room with all the other stars, very newsy like, sort of like ‘on scene’ type of thing. If you know what I mean.

I liked how Booker tagged himself in the main event, trying to get a piece of the new World Champion and perhaps trying to get his room back too. I liked how each feud got a piece of each other in this match up. Like Kid Kash would go at it with Jamie Noble, then Mercury and Regal would lock up, good stuff. Well I hate to say I didn’t see it coming, but smart booking by having the non-champion team implode. Batista and Booker kick it off by slapping one another and that’s all it takes for all hell to break lose. Again smart booking there. Batista taking the fall could set up something with other superstars thinking that he no longer deserves the shot after being pinned twice by Edge. After all this I think Booker may want a shot at Edge or get into a feud with Batista.

Overall I thought this was an excellent show. Some of the matches didn’t have any real meaning like the OJ and tag team match, despite the fact to get them over. However the promo writing in this show was excellent. I especially loved the Heyman one. Things are really picking up after ‘Mania and you have created a lot of interesting angles, like the ongoing Bret Hart one and the new ‘Smackdown Elections.’ Good stuff Legend, I look forward to see how this all plays out.
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