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Re: Legend Presents: WWE 2006 - Stop Your Grinnin' And Drop Your Linen

Thanks for the reviews, you guys I kinda love you all for it, and I'll address some of your concerns in later posts.


Originally Posted by wwe.com

As we all witnessed just twenty-hours ago, 'The Heartbreak Kid' Shawn Michaels took part in one of the most incredible main events of all time as he challenged both Kurt Angle and John Cena for the WWE Championship. Unfortunately in this instance, the expression 'blood, sweat and tears' became quite literal towards the end, as Michaels spent what seemed an eternity in Angle's lethal Ankle Lock before evntually submitting. The consequence of HBK's courage became apparent as soon as the bellt was rung, when he had to be helped to the back, unable as he was to put any pressure whatsoever on his right ankle. Having being taken right away to the hospital, several x-rays have revealed a stress fracture to the ankle bone, virtually ruling The Showstopper out of action for anything from 4 - 8 weeks. After what was such a herculean effort at WrestleMania, the news only addeded to Shawn's devastation, and he wasm unsurpriingly, unwilling to comment…
Originally Posted by Wrestling Observer Newsletter
Shawn Michaels did indeed suffer a break to his right ankle last night at WrestleMania, but unlike the WWE are reporting, it actually occurred during the Corner/Powerbomb spot when HBK, rumoured to uncomfortable about the move anyway, forgot to brace and landed awwardly on his ankle. What that means is that Shawn Michaels effectively wrestled the last 10-minutes of one of the greatest matches of all time with a broken ankle. What this means for the important Cena-Michaels program is ... very little actually. The plan was to either do a rematch of the Triple Threat match at Backlash {like 2 years ago} or have one of Michaels/Cena take on the role of Special Guest Referee. With HBK sidelined for at least 4 weeks, expect Cena and Angle to go it a long, giving Cena a small break before his big program with Michaels picks up again.

Don't expect Randy Orton to appear on Monday Night Raw anytime soon. Word has it that "The Legend Killer" is being groomed as the top heel on the flagship show and they don't want to make him appear directionless. Expect Orton to become a top player once Backlash is done and dusted.

The same can also be said about Ric Flair. There was never any question of "The Nature Boy" retiring last night, with even John Layfield always pulling for Flair from the beginning of their feud. Word has it though, that the topic of 'Retirement' will play a major role throughout Naitch's 2006 campaign, as Vince McMahon wants to ensure that Ric is a top, main event tier player before his eventual departure.

A mere twenty-fours on from quite possibly the greatest WrestleMania of all time, Monday Night Raw is still where it all happened, Chicago, Illinois, to kick off the 'New WWE Season' with a bang, curteousy of General Manager Eric Bischoff, who has signed two huge segments for tonight's show.

Call him 'The Wrestling Machine', call him the only Olympic Gold Medallist in the history of professional wrestling, but more importantly, call him the WWE Champion. Last night Kurt Angle walked into The Allstate Arena with the belt around his waist and he left the exact same way, finally shaking away the demons of three years ago, and to celebrate his amazing achievement, Angle will address a sold-out crowd in the main event slot of tonight's broadcast, touching on his triumph last night, John Cena, Shawn Michaels, and perhaps most intriguingly of all, what the future holds for the most dominant man in the WWE right now.

If Kurt Angle is the best in the business right now, who's going to argue that Shelton Benjamin isn't 1A? Last night the young All American went one step further in cementing his legacy when he and World's Greatest Tag Team partner Charlie Haas, reuniting for what was supposed to be 'One Night Only', captured the World Tag Team titles from the incomparable Spirit Squad, making Benjamin, already the Intercontinental Champion, the only dual-champion in the WWE right now. Tonight, Eric Bischoff has promised to put Haas and Benjamin's fragile alliance to the test with their very first defence of those tag team belts, against a team of our General Manager's choosing.

After their intense, physical and bloody war last night at WrestleMania, Rob Van Dam and Triple H will both be in attendance tonight, but in just what condition remains to be seen. Will Mr. Monday Night have anything to say following what was arguably the biggest win of his career, or will the uncompromising King Of Kings, whom no one has neither seen nor heard from since the Street Fight, come in search of retribution?

In more action, Raw will bring the Money in the Bank briefcase back to Monday nights tonight, as the new contract holder, the man who ascended the ladder and beat five other men, Carlito, will not only be in competition, but he will be addressing the thousands in attendance on his monumental achievment twenty-four hours ago.

All that and more on Monday Night Raw, 9/8CT on USA.


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Re: Legend Presents: WWE 2006 - Stop Your Grinnin' And Drop Your Linen

Michaels injured is a huge shock, it looks like he will be a Guest Ref at Backlash. I fully expect Orton to be on RAW in some capacity before Backlash before either leading up to Orton/Vince or Orton/Bret at Summerslam. Haas/Benjamin will happen soon it seems and maybe an RVD/'Lito feud. Business is about to pick up!

<a href=http://www.cpfc.co.uk/javaImages/48/1c/0,,10323~9903176,00.jpg target=_blank>http://www.cpfc.co.uk/javaImages/48/...9903176,00.jpg</a>
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Re: Legend Presents: WWE 2006 - Stop Your Grinnin' And Drop Your Linen

About time you returned, friend. Now get this thing moving.
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Re: Legend Presents: WWE 2006 - Stop Your Grinnin' And Drop Your Linen

Bout time this came back. HBK getting injured is kinda surprising but I guess this means you will continue HBK-Cena after Cena-Angle, contrary to what I predicted after WM22. No doubt that Raw has enough talent to stay entertaining while HBK is gone. Can't wait for Raw, review will follow.

I return tomorrow, btw.


PatMan Presents: World Wrestling Entertainment 2007
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Re: Legend Presents: WWE 2006 - Stop Your Grinnin' And Drop Your Linen

Good stuff. Shawn injured? Damn.

And don't worry, my super late WM review is on its way, I was working on it a bit today, hopefully have it finished soon. Your 'nagging' (polite, actually ) made me get my butt into gear.

Oh, and you took my advice in getting this started . I know some awesome stuff is in store.
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Re: Legend Presents: WWE 2006 - Stop Your Grinnin' And Drop Your Linen

Holy shit @ me forgetting Mania was up.

Review to arrive by the end of the week.



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Re: Legend Presents: WWE 2006 - Stop Your Grinnin' And Drop Your Linen

Originally Posted by PatMan View Post
(I’m disappointed that Coach didn’t get involved )

He did originally, Bobby Heenan style, but I wanted him on commentary for the rest of the night & having him just get up after being put on his ass by Charlie would've been a bit too unrealistic imo.

Awkward situation ensuing between ‘Lito and Masters, imo. I know you said in my thread that you don’t like the feud between the two so you won’t be going that way … would you? Interested to see how CCC handles holding MITB.

No I wouldn't. That would make moi a hypocrite

Mickie seems to be in one of those moods. I DO see her calling the match down the middle, as she won’t be turning heel quite yet. No Mac reference? You gotta get back at him for the all Beth stuff!

He'll pay.

Some crazy near falls with all three teams in it and the move from Nitro to London, with Burchill adding in the dropkick was awesome … but why would Paul break it up? I know you said out of instinct but that seemed a little shady.

Instinct, y'know, it's real.

Never seen that happen to ‘Taker … nice touch.

WrestleMania XV

Originally Posted by Bradley View Post
Not a massive fan of Coach at 'Mania


I thought it was Droppin' not Pickin' the Dime, unless it was changed recently.

Droppin' Da Dime is a Springboard Leg Drop. Pickin' Da Dime is a Springboard Splash.

I can see WHY Booker tried to put Mysterio in the Figure Four but I can't see WHY, if you catch my drift. He doesn't use it and didn't need to, he could have used a sharpshooter or something like that, why not but the Figure Four was playing too much on Flair for my liking.

He didn't use it. He attempted it and fucked up, tbf.

It was all a bit TOO much. It was VERY entertaining but it was a bit of overkill.

Sorry, but unless Benoit & Jericho are in it, the MITB match is nout but a spot-fest imo

I thought the spot through the announce table was a little too unrealistic as that would have caused serious injury for such a big guy like Mark and I don't see how he could 'deflect' it, sidestep, yes but deflect, no.

WrestleMania XV

Shocking maths for the phone vote!

I know, my mother {a maths teacher} would be ashamed

Originally Posted by DDMac View Post
Right off the bat in the opening few minutes, Mysterio’s character contradicts the way he was just a couple of days ago. Maybe I was reading it wrong, but I thought he was a broken man?

Amazingly enough there is an explanation for this. Stay tuned

When did Kristal Marshall get here?

Get where? Raw or the WWE? She's been in my thread a while now, but she's just filling in as a Raw interviewer for 'One Night Only'. Still SD.

Oh, the subtlety. We noticed the little glance that Haas gave Benjamin when he lifted the IC belt up.

I pride myself on subtlety

Bret Hart? I amconfused. Easily the biggest shocker of the night, and not nearly what I was expecting from a realism nut such as yourself. Better have a damn good explanation for this one, cowboy.

Have faith

Ignore my bulls analogy from earlier - it’s more like Terminator 2. Y’know, where the new terminator just kept comin’ and comin’, but Schwarzenegger just wouldn’t cave in. these two just continuously drpo bombs on one another, but it’s not enough.

That's like ... the best compliment I've ever been given

My boy vs. your boy.

What? Because I don't hate RVD & cream over H, rt?

Heart attack! “As serious as a HEART ATTACK, not a heartbeat!” Stop butchering U.S. slang plz.

So that's the thanks I get for trying to incorporate tacky Yank slang into the mothertongue.

The only qualm I really had with this show was the exceptionally long runtime it had, which someone (Pat, I think) has already mentioned, so I won’t harp on it.

Yeah, I noticed that after about, uh, 2 matches. I just thought "fuck it" and hoped everyone could suspend disbelief for the sake of quality matches. Thankfully, ya'll did. ta

Originally Posted by wrestle_freak42 View Post
So yeah as i said this review may not help you as much as others will but i put a lot of effort into it so i hope you appreciate it[/i]

More than you can imagine, all of you



Monday Night Raw; April 3rd, 2006 - Chicago, Illinois


Before the show begins we get the usual video recap of the momentous WrestleMania which occurred last night. Trish retains over Victoria but Guest Official Mickie James steals the belt; Haas and Benjamin put their differences aside to capture the World Tag Team titles from the Spirit Squad; Carlito wins MITB; Ric Flair saves his career by defeating JBL; RVD wins the biggest match of his life by besting Triple H in a Street Fight; and Kurt Angle FINALLY wins a main event at the ‘big one’, by retaining the WWE Title against John Cena and the incumbent Shawn Michaels.

After the VP, we get the opening video and pyro, before flying into the arena. The thousands of fans in the United Center tonight wave their signs and make an incredible ruckus, before we head over to our announce team, Jim Ross, Jonathan Coachman and.

Jim Ross: Hello everyone and WE WELCOME YOU to Monday Night RAW!! I’m good ole’ J.R., Jim Ross, here with “The Coach” Jonathan Coachman, and one other special guest, and we are here, LIVE, in Chicago, Illinois, just twenty-four hours removed from the most amazing spectacle of all time: WrestleMania Twenty-Two!!!

Jonathan Coachman: J.R, it really was a special night, especially with it being The Coach’s first WrestleMania here at ringside, and I tell you something, Ross, being sat this close to the action sure beats being stuck backstage like I usually am. Even if it was a night of mixed emotions for me; I mean, Rob Van Dam shocked us all by beating The Game in his own backyard and we’ve been hearing all day that Triple H will be here tonight. We’re already looking to next week too, when ‘The Nature Boy’ Ric Flair will be back with us to make a major announcementhopefully regarding his retirement! An-- what?

Jim Ross: Damn it, Coach, why d’ya say some of things you do? I guess it was a sad night for you last night, with your “boys” The Spirit Squad losin’ their tag titles to Haas and Benjamin, but no doubt Carlito winnin’ Money in the Bank put a smile back on your face? That’s not all. After his exploits with Michael Cole and Tazz last night, Joey Styles is getting a little taste of Monday nights once. Welcome back!

Joey Styles: Thank you very much, J.R, and indeedWrestleMania Twenty-Two surely was a great night for Raw, J.R, SmackDown too; but I just don’t think anything quite compares to what we saw in the main event, one of the damndest matches I’ve ever seen between the WWE Champion Kurt Angle, John Cena, and Shawn Michaels. But when the smoke had cleared, it was The Olympic Gold Medallist who has FINALLY got that monkey off his back to win in the main event of the big one. Unfortunately, we’ve been given notice that neither Shawn Michaels, suffering from a broken ankle if you read WWE.com, nor John Cena will be here tonight, given the night off to heal.

Jim Ross: But make no mistake about it, folks. A HUGE show in the works tonight. Not only will we be hearing from The Game, but WWE Champion Kurt Angle will address this Chicago tonight.

Joey Styles: No better way to kick off the season, then in style!!

From the commentary we go straight to the ring, where two familiar looking men waiting, warming up, and psyching each up with some slaps to their faces. They pull off their leather jackets and taunt the crowd a bit. The lovely Lillian Garcia announces the two men in the ring’s names as “Doug and Danny Basham”, and soon…


The crowd lets out a tremendous reaction, as the duo of the Intercontinental Champion Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas, otherwise known as the NEW World Tag Team Champions, step out onto the stage, all smiles. Both men looked pumped up, as they swagger on down to the ring, all cool in shades and white tracksuits, ready to compete in their first title defence. The camera pans in, closing on their new title belts around their waists, though Benjamin is dripping in gold, with the IC belt hanging loosely over his shoulder too.

Semi-Main Event - World Tag Team Championship Match
World’s Greatest Tag Team defend against The Basham Brothers

Though this match is quite clearly all about Haas and Benjamin, Doug and Danny are obviously no slouches, with Styles and Ross commenting that they must have got JBL to pull some strings to get them this title shot, but regardless of that the former WWE Tag Team Champions really take it to the new champs. The match gets quite a bit of time, and the four men make the most of it, playing the usual heel|face routine, with The Bashams dominating the majority, isolating poor Charlie Haas.

Towards the end of the contest, Haas and Danny are the legal men, with the pesky young Basham showboating a bit, taking his time with his downed opponent. Big mistake. Danny scoops Haas up into the air, looking for a Powerslam, but Charlie quickly slides down behind him, applying the rear wasitlock, lifting Danny up, but actually carrying him backwards a few steps, showing his strength, BEFORE GERMAN SUPLEXING THE POOR BASTARD INTO THE TURNBUCKLE!!!

Everyone in the arena is impressed as hell by this move. Shelton Benjamin even, lets out a small whistle, blinking in admiration {and intimidation?} at the manoeuvre; is taking a bit longer than usual to hold his hand out for the tag. Both Haas and obviously Danny are down on the canvas for a while, before they crawl painfully towards their respective corners.

As one would expect the heel team gets the first tag, with Doug coming in quickly, BUT HAAS TAGS IN SHELTON!! The only double champion in the entire WWE lights Doug up with right hands, before shooting him across the ring. Benjy goes for a kick, blocked, and swings the leg back around, DRAGON WHIP!!!

Shelton wants to go for the cover, but Danny Basham {still holding his spine} drags him off, raining down the shots. Danny goes for the Irish whip, but Benjy quickly reverses it, sending Danny right into Haas, who BACKDROPS BASHAM TO THE OUTSIDE!!! Almost as soon as Danny lands, Haas takes a breath, and FLIES ONTO HIM WITH A PLANCHA!!!

Back inside the ring, Benjamin makes the mistake of watching the other two men, allowing Doug to drill him from behind, taking him down. Seeing his opportunity, Doug scampers onto the apron and up to the top rope … but Shelton IS UP ALREADY … and LEAPS to the top rope, catching Doug completely by surprise.

Taking advantage of both Doug’s {and the crowd’s} shock and awe, Benjy, in one fluid motion, LEAPS OFF WITH DOUG, HITTING THE T-BONE SUPLEX FROM THE TOP ROPE!!! After sitting up, taking a breath, Benjamin reaches over to the motionless Doug Basham and hooks the far leg, one … two … THREE!!!

Winners - World’s Greatest Tag Team via pin fall @ 12:04. WGTT retain the World Tag Team titles.

The crowd delivers another standing ovation, as the now uber popular youngster Benjamin has his hand raised by the official, as he stands up wearily in the ring, and Haas slowly limps back into the ring too, getting the same treatment from both the referee and the crowd. With the three belts in hand, the ref hands Haas his tag team one, though anyone who misses { }the longing look at the IC one needs serious medical attention, before handing Shelton his gold…

???: {out of screenshot}Escuchame’! Escuchame’! ESCUCHAME’!!!

Throwing their title belts over their shoulders, Haas and Benjamin {along with the crowd} turn their attention to the stage and the ramp, where an averaged sized, fairly dark skinned man man, dressed in an all white suit, a white hat, wearing small sunglasses, carrying his own microphone and gesticulating wildly, is heading for the ring.

???: {ascending the steps} Todos, escuchame’, everybody listen -- haha -- to me! Let me introduce myself … MY NAME EES’ ARMANDOOOO ALEJANDRROOOO ESTRRRRRRRADA!!! HA-HA!!

As Armando Alejandro Estrada enters the ring, Haas and Benjamin look extremely confused, cocking their heads and staring at the suited man sceptically; a look virtually mimicked by the entire audience. AAE steps through the ropes and calmly strolls up to the duo.

ARMANDO ALEJANDRO ESTRADA: Relax. {reaching inside his pocket, producing two cigars} I bring ju -- como se dic’ … GIFT, haha, all thee’ way from Cooba.

Both Haas and Benjamin stare dubiously at the gifts, as Estrada’s smile falters slightly, but stays in place nevertheless. He tucks the cigars away.

Armando Alejandro Estrada: No mind. But … jenle’men … listen up … because … I have some very important … ehhh … information to tell ju both.

The tag champs seem slightly more interested now, raising their eyebrows as they stare at Armando in annoyance.

Armando Alejandro Estrada: First thing’s first … me amigos … I believe … ehhh … congra’julations are in order … on thee’ two of ju becoming … thee’ NEW World Tag Team Champions.

The crowd pops, and AAE tucks his microphone under his arm, giving the champs some light applause. Haas and Benjamin barely even blink, but Estrada isn’t fazed.

Armando Alejandro Estrada: {looking over the ropes at the departing Bashams} Ha-ha, Doug, Danny … me amigos, no offense, but ju jus’ got jour asses kicked all over the place tonight, and ju LOST, which means ju two go back where ju beee’long … the back of the line, compadres!!

A rumbling of cheers from the crowd at Armando insulting some heels, as Doug and Danny scowl down at the ring, before skulking through the curtain.

Armando Alejandro Estrada: For months now, those big, green, blonde, singing, DUMMIES The Spirit Squad have been dying to get a piece of thee’ two of ju. They’ve been dying to step into the ring with thee’ … World’s Greatest Tag Team … to prove to thee’ world that they were better than thee’ two of ju.

Another small pop for the running down of the SS.

Armando Alejandro Estrada: And they got exactly what they wanted last night … ju DEFEATED them … jus’ like that!!!

HUGE pop from Chicago, as Haas and Benjamin nod along; Estrada grinning away.

Armando Alejandro Estrada: {raising a finger} But … don’t get too excited, peros’ … because thee’ man who I represent … Senior Eric Bischoff … has told me to tell ju both … that although ju were once great. Ju were once … thee’ best, ha. El monos, jour tiiiime has … how ju say … over.

Now the boos come, and Shelton mouths, “oh really?”

Armando Alejandro Estrada: Ju see, Meester Haas aaaan’ Meester Be’jamin … Senior Bischoff has … ehhh … rules … on Monday Night Raw … and thee’ two of ju … ju do not play by thee’ rules.

More heat for Armando, but the WGTT actually smile, feeling complimented.

Armando Alejandro Estrada: And Senior Bischoff ees’ very … happy that ju won … but eet’ is time tooo … move … move on. And five men whooo’ do play by thee’ rules … me amigos, I think ju know them well … will be rewarded for that when they face thee’ two of ju … in a rematch … for thee’ World Tag Team Championship … on April thee’ twen’y seven’ … AT BACKLASH!!!

Pop for the mention of Backlash, but AAE isn’t done.

Armando Alejandro Estrada: But … hold on … in case ju didn’t hear me … allow me to make myself … ehhh … clear. At Backlash … eet’ will be Charlie Haas and Shelton Be’jamin, thee’ World’s Greatest Tag Team … versus … ALL FIVE MEMBERS OF … THEE’ SPIRIT SQUAD!!! HA-HA!!

Thunderous boos rain down now at this announcement, as Shelton and Charlie shake their heads in utter disgust, and Estrada takes another step forward.

Armando Alejandro Estrada: But … ju should both be … how ju say … grateful … that soon ju will not beee’ the World Tag Team Champions. Ju don’t understand jenle’men. Thee’ Spirit Squad don’t understand thee’ … {more serious} consequence.

Both Haas and Benjamin look confused by that enigmatic statement, as Armando take yet another step towards them.

Armando Alejandro Estrada: {prodding Benjy’s IC belt} With all due respect, Mr. Be’jamin … … ju should not even be worrying about Backlash right now … …JU BIG, STUPID DUMMY!! {Haas holds Shelton back} Ju’re in no position to threaten anyone! Senior Bischoff notices … ju already have a championship, the Intercontinental Title, and now ju think ju can jus’ walk around with two of Raw’s belts? I think ju have taken one too many falls from thee’ ladder if ju think Senior Bischoff is going to allow that.

Shelton looks about ready to sock AAE in the both, and without Haas there, be probably would have already done it. Estrada seems oblivious though, as he grins away.

Armando Alejandro Estrada: That is why, Meester Be’jamin … that Senior Bischoff has asked ME … to tell ju in person {the crowd starts screaming} that next week … right here on Raw … ju will {the camera starts shaking, louder screams} defend ju’re Intercontinental Championship against … haha … thee’ man standing behind ju RIGHT NOW!!!


The crowd pours absolutely ungodly heat down … as THE BIG SHOW stands over the World Tag Team Champions with a furious look on his face, as Paul Bearer steps through the ropes behind him, carrying a small burlap sack under his arm.

Estrada, grinning, smartly exits the ring, tucking his shades away in his top pocket. Big Show doesn’t even notice the retreating Cuban, but instead reaches down and grabs Benjamin who is on his knees, grabs him by the scruff of his neck, lifting him up into the air with one monstrous hand.

Just as Show has Shelton in the air, Haas pulls himself back up to his feet in a daze and sees what is about to happen to his partner. Racing forward, he clubs Big Show across the back, sending Paul Bearer running away, and causing the giant to drop the IC Champion.

Haas reaches back again, looking to hit another blow … but he sees THE SPIRIT SQUAD, all five members, sprinting down the ramp. Haas spins around quickly, as Mitch slides into the ring and walks right into a stinging right hand from Haas!!

Big Show thinks about getting involved, but eventually the other four members of ‘Squad make it into the ring, all dressed loosely in shirt and slacks. Haas takes out a few of them with some well-aimed shots … but there are just too many of them and THEY TAKE HAAS DOWN, raining down on him with kicks, punches and other blows!!!

Staring at the action fiercely, Big Show turns away … as BENJAMIN DRILLS HIM WITH A HARD RIGHT HAND!! The mastodon is staggered, and the crowd cheers wildly, as Shelton goes for broke, sprinting back of the ropes, and flying at -- A HARD BOOT RIGHT TO THE FACE!!!

Thunderous heat fills the arena, as the ‘Squad exchange glances with Big Show and Paul Bearer, smirking arrogantly. Haas and Benjamin are out of it, barely able to move, as Kenny directs traffic, and all five members of his team grab a part of Haas’ body … and across the ring Big Show wraps his huge mit around Benjy’s throat, lifting him into the lights -- HAAS IS BROUGHT CRASHING DOWN WITH THE HIGH SPIRITS … BENJAMIN IS DRILLED INTO THE CANVAS WITH A CHOKESLAM!!!

The startled United Center is almost silent from shock at this turn of events following the enormous high of WrestleMania. As Big Show growls deeply and places a foot on the unconscious Shelton’s chest, Paul Bearer, giddy as a school boy, grabs the Intercontinental Championship belt and hands it to his giant.

On the other side of the ring, Kenny mimics the pose of Show, putting a foot on Haas’ chest, whilst the other members of ‘Squad grab the World Tag Team Championship belts.

What a way to fade out into a commercial break; with the sight of two of the most successful men last night, Haas and Benjamin, utterly destroyed in the centre of the ring; the debuting Estrada grinning from the stage; with The Big Show holding the IC title up high, glowering into the crowd; and the Spirit Squad waving the World Tag Team titles around like pom poms; total domination.

{Commercial Break}

Upon returning from the break we are immediately backstage and thrust into a close up of the Women’s Champion in name, Trish Stratus. The Canadian beauty looks to be in no mood to trifled with tonight, as she storms down the corridor, dressed in leather pants and a white crop top, eyes fixed on a location at the end of the hall.

As Stratus nears her target, the camera quickly pans around so that it is behind her, and we see where she is going: a locker room. Going at quite a speed, Trish boots the door wide open with a smack and storms on in. Directly in front is sat Victoria drying her hair after a shower, and she spins around angrily, getting to her feet, going face to face with the Women’s Champion, millimetres apart … until Vicky speaks.

Victoria: What the hell is your problem?

Trish Stratus: I think you know what the “hell” my problem is.

Sweeping her fringe out of her eyes, Victoria takes a step back and looks Trish up and down … before smirking.

Victoria: Yeah, looking a bit naked there, champ.

Trish Stratus: {stepping back in close} Where is she?

Victoria: … … Who?

Trish Stratus: You know who.

Turning away again, Vicky picks up her towel carelessly.

Victoria: {looking the other way} I haven’t seen her.

Trish Stratus: The hell you haven’t … Vick.

‘Toria turns back around, an angry expression beginning to form on her face.

Victoria: Hey, I get it, okay, I was your number one … your queen bitch around here till last night … so automatically you assume I’m in cahoots with her. Fine, whatever, I get it. {tossing the towel away} now how about you stop and think for a minute … stop and think … would I really be on the same side as someone who saw fit to … kick my damn head off last night … really?

Trish Stratus: … … …

Victoria: Look, we’re in the same situation here. I … {rubs her chin, almost laughing} I can’t believe I’m actually gonna’ say this … but me and you, Trish … we’re in this together. You think that if I’d beat you last night she would have just raised my hand in the air, patted me on the back and wished me a good night? {scoffs} The hell she would. No matter the outcome … last night … she was leaving with that belt.

The only emotion on Trish’s face is still one of anger, as she stares at Vicky for what seems like an age … before finally dropping her head with a sigh and running her hands through her hair, angrily.

Trish Stratus: {kicks the door} THAT BITCH!!!

Still with hands in her hair, she paces up and down for a few moments, under the surveillance of Victoria, before turning around again, hands on hips, to stare at her WrestleMania opponent.

Victoria: Bischoff?

Trish Stratus: Bischoff.

The camera closes in on the quivering, furious features of Trish Stratus, as she looks to the heaven in exasperation, as we fade away.

Back to ringside

Match #2 - Gregory Helms vs. René Duprée

Nothing really too special about this contest other than to showcase a man who is quite frankly awesome and came so close to winning the MITB match last night, against a man who is not awesome and will never be a match of that importance … ever. However, there’s no denying that Helms is still hurting after his exploits of just twenty-four hours ago, sporting a huge bandage across his forehead, reminding us of the sick shillelagh shot he took from Finlay. Dupréeeven tries to open him up again with headbutts, but to no avail.

Towards the end of the contest, an exhausted looking Helms is on the ropes quite literally, as Duprée lays into him. The Frenchman hurls Greg across the ring with an Irish whip, throwing a clothesline … but Helms ducks and STAMPS right on the back of the poor sod’s knee, dropping him almost instantly. Viciously, Helms catches Duprée’s head and neck on the way down, holding it in the inverted position, BEFORE SPINNING, CONNECTING WITH THE NIGHTMARE ON HELMS STREET!!! But he opts not to go for the cover.

Instead, Helms, still touching his head now and then in search of blood, waits in the corner. Strangely, Greg turns to where a camera is and it focuses in on him; “I’m comin’ for ya’, ‘Lito; this one’s for you, ya’ piece of trash”, as René takes an age to struggle back up, turning, INTO THE SHINING WIZARD, kicking his head of the Frenchman’s shoulders!! Dropping to his knees, Helms makes the elementary cover, one … two … THREE!!!

Winner - Gregory Helms via pin fall @ 4:12.

Standing up after his victory, Helms doesn’t look remotely pleased with his win, even snatching his hand away from the official when they attempt to raise it, maintaining his totally bad ass tweener role of late. The crowd don’t really seem to care though, as they cheer the youngster with aplomb, despite his refusal to slap hands and skulking demeanour, as we fade out.

{Commercial Break}

When we return from the commercial, the first image we see is that of a tie, a black tie against a white shirt and dark suit jacket. The camera slowly pans out, gradually revealing the suited and booted features of Eric Bischoff, sat in his office, at his desk, going through some paperwork, not a care in the world. The camera pans around to reveal Armando Alejandro Estrada seated alongside side the GM. The two men mutter something, before Eric goes to put pen to paper … only to stop as he hears his door open rather loudly.

Eric Bischoff: Don’t you people ever-- {looks up, grins} well, hello, ladies.

The camera pans around to show the serious as a heartbeat forms of Trish Stratus and Victoria, stepping into the GM’s office and approaching the desk, blanking AAE.

Eric Bischoff: To what do I owe this pleasure?

Victoria: Save the Val Venis impression, Bischoff, you know why we’re here.

Trish Stratus: And you know what I want.

Vicky gives Trish a bit of an uneasy, sideways glance at this comment, whilst Bischoff, still smug as anything, simply leans back, rocking in his chair, smirking at Estrada.

Eric Bischoff: I haven’t seen her and I haven’t heard from her.

Trish Stratus: Have you tried?

Eric Bischoff: I wouldn’t be a very good General Manager if I hadn’t now, would I?

Trish Stratus: And you can’t find her … anywhere? You … her boss?

Eric Bischoff: Boss? Have you met this girl?

Both Trish and Victoria’s faces scrunch up, while Bischoff smoothes down the front of his jacket nonchalantly.

Eric Bischoff: Look … this is the WWE, not Nazi Germany. We don’t keep our superstars under twenty-four hour surveillance. She left the Allstate Arena last night with your belt, Trish, and that’s the last anybody’s seen of her. She switched her phone off and she’s not at home. She could -- she could be at a motel down the road for all I know and we still wouldn’t know. Face it, ladies, once you’re outside of these walls … my jurisdiction ends.

While Victoria stands with her hands on her hips, looking irritated, Trish runs her hands through her hair … before she leaps forward, tossing all of Bischoff’s papers aside with a wild sweep, getting right in his {now startled} face.


Eric Bischoff: {speaking calmly} And you will, Trish … you will. You think I’m still paying her for not turning up to my shows? Forget about it. If she keeps this up, her bank accounts gonna’ be nearing zero and the food on her plate is going to be getting less and less. Now I know you divas don’t eat a lot {~___~} but it gets to everyone eventually.

Trish just sags, hanging her head in despair, whilst Vicky raises an eyebrow at Bischoff’s frankly terrible plan of action.

Eric Bischoff: I’ll show ya’, you’ll see.

Victoria shakes her head in disgust, but Eric doesn’t notice, as he goes right back to his paperwork with Armando, ignoring the two desperate women in the process.

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Match #3 - Mr. MITB Carlito vs. Eugene

The brand spanking new holder of the Money in the Bank contract, Carlito, makes his first appearance since conquering the world just twenty-four hours ago, and he is a mixture of emotions to say the least; one half of him still nursing his fresh wounds and looking annoyed at being in action so soon; and the other half of him giddy as a Venetian schoolboy with the glee of what he now has in his possession. His first opponent on his road to greatness is the loveable Eugene, who is sprightly as ever despite not making the WrestleMania card, and he gives ‘Lito a slight test…

…but it isn’t MUCH of a test. The only move Carly has to suffer is a surprise Rock Bottom, which the Puerto Rican easily kicks out of. The ending comes quick as you like when ‘Gene misses a clothesline and runs into the turnbuckle, leaving himself easy pickings for an Apple Core!!

Instead of going for the pin fall, CCC waits, showboating for a few moments, before dragging Eugene up by his throat, leaping up, DRILLING HIM WITH THE BACK STABBER!!! Carly then lies {as though going to sleep; owned} across Eugene’s carcass, one … two … THREE!!!

Winner - Carlito via pin fall @ 3:41.

Having his hand raised by the official, Carlito grins broadly, as Chris Masters climbs into the ring, and ‘Lito points to Eugene, laughing as The Masterpiece carelessly rolls Eugene’s body to the outside with his boot.

Jim Ross: Well he wasn’t much to shout about before last night, but that was a classless act from our new Mr. Money in the Bank and his buddy.

Jonathan Coachman: Woah, woah, woah, Carlito won that match for Raw last night, J.R, and this is how you’re gonna’ treat him. Now that’s classless.

As the referee hands Carly his new briefcase, he calls to Masters to fetch him a microphone, and the big lug dutifully calls for one from Lillian Garcia, which he snatches away and hands to his mate. Bringing both the briefcase and microphone up, ‘Lito is all smiles.

Carlito: Carlito as Mr. Money in da’ Bank. Now dat’ … dat’s cool.

The crowd boos, as CCC slaps his case merrily.

Carlito: Going into WrestleMania … for weeks and months … and weeks and months … y'know all Carlito ever heard? {puts on a ridiculous American voice}Oh, ‘dat Mr. Kennedy, Kennedy, he’s on a roll, I bet he’s gonna’ win Money in da’ Bank; oh man, Matt Hardy, he’s hot stuff, I bet heeeee wins”.

More heat, with Masters laughing his ass off in the background.

Carlito: ‘Dat’s right, isn’t it? ‘Dat’s what you were all saying. Carlito heard you all. Carlito heard J.R say it, I heard Michael Cole say it, Tazz, Joey Styles {Grins to the commentary position} not you, Coach, don’t worry. But I heard {starts pointing at fans} you … and you … and you … AND YOU … ESTUVO USTED LOCO? … YOU NEVER GAVE CARLITO A CHANCE … and now look who’s standin’ before you … with Money in da’ Bank!

After getting a bit angry, Carlito calms down and places the briefcase down by his legs, before bringing the microphone back up, ignoring the boos.

Carlito: No one believed it … but last night Carlito proved it. I’m better than Mr. Kennedy, Kennedy -- yeah, ‘dat’s real good, sayin’ your name twice -- better than Matt Hardy, {does a mock, goofy V-1 sign} better ‘dan the da’ big, bad, drunken Irishman … Carlito’s better ‘den ‘dat guy -- wait, what’s his name? I only know him as Eddie Guerrero’s butler or somethin’. Whatever, I’m better than him -- and I’m better ‘dan everyone’s favourite superhero. {mock Hurricane voice, turning to Masters} “STAND BACK, ‘DERE’S A LOOOOOSSSSERRRR COMIN’ THROUGH!!!”

The crowd pours heat down on Mr. MITB, as he and The Masterpiece laugh like children, slapping hands with one another, extremely proud of themselves. We also cut away very quickly backstage to where a post-match Gregory Helms and pre-match Chavo Guerrero, are watching the promo. We cut back to the ring.

Carlito: {Wiping the ‘tears’ away} But … but ‘dat’s all in da’ past now. Those guys are all in Carlito’s past. It’s time for me to look to da’ future … it’s time for Carlito to look at what will inevitably be mine … a World … Championship.

Chicago boos the hell out of this thought, as Carly smirks uncontrollably.

Carlito: It doesn’t matter what you do to Carlito -- put him in a gruelling match just twenty-four hours after he won da’ Money in da’ Bank Ladder match -- it doesn’t matter!! ‘Cause World Champions always overcome da’ odds … and dat’s exactly what you see standin’ before you right now, a future World Champion. It could be … next week … it could be next year … or … it could be … right here tonight … but whenever it is … Carlito will be World Champion.

As the crowd gives heat, Masters makes the ‘title around the waist’ gesture and points to ‘Lito, really driving it home.

Carlito: It doesn’t matter if it’s da’ World Heavyweight Championship … if Carlito has to go across to his old home on SmackDown … and take it from Edge. Edge … buddy … you and Carlito might have hung out a bit when you were on Raw … but let’s face it; you’re not in Carlito’s league.

A smattering of cheers, as Carly sticks it to the hated heel.

Carlito: What? And you’re gonna’ ask Carlito to even mention ‘dat waste of space ‘dat we have on Raw as WWE Champion? Carlito doesn’t need to talk about him. He’s not worth Carlito’s time. He might be having a great time tonight after winning his first ever WrestleMania main event … but let Carlito tell ya’ this, Kurt … you as WWE Champion? … das’ not cool.

Heat for the running down of the Olympian, as Carlito takes a step forward, looking to really emphasize his next point apparently.

Carlito: But Carlito as WWE Champion? … … Das cool {huge shit eating grin} das very cool.

Carlito brings the microphone down and smiles egomaniacally into the booing masses, as his music begins to play once more, and he and The Masterpiece taunt and sneer arrogantly. We get another brief clip backstage of Helms and Chavito watching on a monitor, shaking their heads, before returning the image of Carlito standing in the middle of the ring, holding the MITB briefcase in the air, as we fade out.

{Commercial Break}

A video plays in place of the SmackDown! Rebound promoting this week’s Friday Night SmackDown! which will feature the first ever “Clash of Champions” match: Kid Kash, MNM, Booker T, and Batista vs. Cruiserweight Champion Jamie Noble, WWE Tag Team Champions The Bluebloods, United States Champion Rey Mysterio, and World Heavyweight Champion Edge.

Back from the VP there is no messing around, no funny business, as we are thrust straight back into the arena, with the camera giving a huge wide shot of the entire arena, as it buzzes in anticipation…


The United Center comes alive with a truly THUNDEROUS mixed reaction, as the lights in the arena fade, giving way to the familiar strobe lights that flash over the stage, lighting it up ominously … as ‘The Game’ himself, Triple H emerges. There is almost a lull in the cheering and booing of the megastar, as his condition becomes evident to us. Not only is Hunter sporting the usual jeans, denim|leather jacket combo, with his hair fixed back in a ponytail … but the former-World Champion is hobbling out on crutches. The King of Kings barely looks up, fixing his angry gaze on the ground, as he struggles down the ramp towards the ring.

Joey Styles: Oh my-- well I guess we now know what Triple H’s major announcement is going to be. He looks pretty beat up to say the least.

Jim Ross: This-- this looks bad, folks. We all know the history of quadriceps problems The Game has had over the years, and last night he was in a war with Rob Van Dam. I hope this isn’t what I think it is.

Once he makes it to the foot of the steel steps, Hunter folds his crutches under his arm and clambers up onto the apron. Helmsley, wincing slightly, steps through the ropes and goes back to the crutches once more. Limping across the ring, H calls for a microphone and Lillian Garcia quickly hands one to him, allowing Hunter to take centre stage once more. The boos are less than you might think, with the man’s condition shocking many people into sympathy. Lifting his head up a bit, The Game raises the microphone to his lips.

Triple H: Trust me … it looks a lot worse than it actually is.

H actually chuckles a little to himself at this comment {forced?}

Triple H: Yeah, I’m sure you’ll all be real sorry to hear that … that last night in my match … I suffered a relapse … I suffered a debilitating injury … that could-- well … it’s gonna’ keep me out of action indefinitely.

A mixed reaction from the crowd, as Trips feels his leg.

Triple H: Lemme’ just say this right of the bat … this is not as bad as the injury I got back five years ago … there’s no way in hell I’m gonna’ be out for nine months this time. Doctor’s said … it’s a relapse … that’s it. It’s gonna’ put me on the shelf for a couple of months…

Hunter stands up a little taller, growing in confidence once more.

Triple H: But I guaran-- damn-- tee that come SummerSlam … THE GAME … WILL … BE BACK!!!

Very positive reaction from the fans, as Helmsley pumps his fist slightly, leaning on his left crutch.

Triple H:Cause lemme’ tell you something … the last time I had to sit on the sidelines, the last time I had to watch other men take all my glory … my success … MY limelight … it did something to me that I don’t think I can do justice to with words … it created a hunger in me so strong that within months -- MONTHS of being back, I’d won the Royal Rumble … and I won the World Championship at WrestleMania 18.

Another slightly mixed reaction.

Triple H: So … Kurt Angle … Edge … you two can enjoy your little spells at the top for now … for the next few months it’s plain sailing for you both without me in the game … but let me make something very clear to you two gentlemen … by August … by SummerSlam … this little fairy tale that the two of you have going on … it ENDS. The whole of professional wrestling comes crashing back down to earth … back to reality … and the King … of Kings … goes back on his throne.

The United Center lets out another heavily mixed reaction, but there can be no ignoring the positivity mixed in there. H pauses though, rubbing his stubble slightly, still looking extremely serious.

Triple H:But that … that’s then, that’s in the future. And right now there’s no getting away from the fact that last night … at WrestleMania Twenty-Two … I lost. I lost at my third straight WrestleMania … and I’m not gonna’ lie to ya’ … ‘cause I’m sure you’ve all seen the footage … but I left that arena last night … a bloody, broken, wreck.

Quite a few cheers for the humbleness of The Game.

Triple H:And the guy … the guy who did that to me … was someone I called a joke … a no talent, good for nothin’, piece of crap … {getting riled} WHO WASN’T FIT TO CARRY MY JOCKSTRAP!!!

Boos pour down on the ring, as a touch of the Triple H we’re used to comes out, and he angrily tries to collect himself once again.

Triple H:That guy. That … disgrace to the wrestling business … you know what he did?

A slight “RVD” begins to filter through the audience.

Triple H:… … … He beat me.

Thunderous cheers for this, prompting a slight scowl from Helmsley, but he quickly shakes it off with rub of his beard.

Triple H: But if he thinks me and him are through … he’s dead wrong.

An ominous murmuring rumbles through the crowd.

Triple H:We’re not done till I say we’re done.

As the crowd buzzes with the anticipation of what is coming, H turns slowly on his crutches so that he is facing the rampway and stage.

Triple H: Rob Van Dam--

The United Center EXPLODES at the mere mention of Mr. Monday Night’s name, prompting Hunter to turn and look at them with a rather liberal amount of contempt, before turning back to the stage, eyes narrowed.

Triple H: …You get your ass out here … {icily} now.


Now we’re talking about THE loudest ovation of the night, as the United Center ERUPTS into a plethora of cheers, with the crackling pyrotechnics going off on the stage, just before the man himself … ROB VAN DAM marches out onto the stage. There’s no denying that RVD is a little beat up too, sporting some scars himself, mostly on his face. Dressed in jeans and a loose fit dark t-shirt, Van Dam takes a moment to assess the situation, locking eyes with Helmsley, before heading on down to the ring.

Triple H backs away from the ropes and waits in the middle of the squared circle, as The Whole Dam Show, not even bothering with slapping hands with the fans, keeps his fixed on his long time enemy, and begins to ascend the steps. Once through the ropes, there is no showboating from RVD … but instead he and Hunter march right up to one another and go nose to nose. The crowd ‘oohs’ and ‘ahs’ as the tension between the two men reaches fever pitch and Van Dam’s music begins to die down in the background.

Jonathan Coachman: NAIL HIM, HUNTER! He won’t hit a cripple!!

Jim Ross: …………

Surprisingly enough the two men don’t come to blows, instead with Helmsley backing off slightly to allow Van Dam a clear path to the ropes. Warily, Mr. Monday Night strides past his nemesis and reaches through the ropes, grabbing a microphone from Lillian, before turning back around. The two men are almost like wild animals in the way they are staring at one another, utter contempt visible in their eyes, with the “RVD” chants filling the building. Van Dam doesn’t look that much in the mood for talking, and so it is Hunter who raises his mic first.

Triple H: First thing’s first … before you start getting cocky … you didn’t injure me.

Rob barely blinks at this.

Triple H: You might’ve beaten me last night … but you didn’t put me on the shelf, so don’t go around taking credit for--

Rob Van Dam: You think I actually want credit for nearly ending another man’s career? You really don’t know me at all, do ya’, Hunter?

Looking miffed, Helmsley thinks about responding, but finds that he has nothing to say to that, and so Van Dam persists.

Rob Van Dam: No, you gotta’ understand, bro … that’s the difference between me and you, and guys like you … I don’t wanna’ end careers … I don’t take any pleasure in seeing another man suffer … be it in the ring, bloodied and battered and not moving … {points directly at H’s chest} or somethin’ a little closer to home, Hunter, by taking a man’s career in your hands … nothing but a piece of paper … and tearing it up. I don’t get any kicks from that.

The smarks in attendance give RVD a slightly mixed reaction, while the rest of the audience just applaud because, hey, it’s Rob Van Dam. The Game’s dark eyes narrow.

Rob Van Dam: All I wanna’ do … is make things right … for {crowd chants along} Rob Van Dam. Maybe if you did the same and only thought how much you could do for just yourself in this business, rather than how you could make things hell for other guys … maybe people’d start to mention ya’ in the same breath … as The Hitman … as Austin … as Taker … as Hogan … and, dude, I know you wanna’ be mentioned in the same breath as Harley Race and Ric Flair … everyone knows that’s what you want.

In a silent rage, Trips slowly shakes his head from side to side, but he takes it.

Rob Van Dam: Me? I’m Rob Van Dam … I’ve always been Rob Van Dam … I’ll always be Rob Van Dam … I’ve always done things the Rob Van Dam way … and I’m pretty damn proud of it. I don’t do things the Harley Race … I don’t wanna’ be Ric Flair … I’m ORIGINAL … and for that, ‘cause I don’t echo the past like a copycat … ‘cause I don’t have posters from the NWA in my locker room … I’m HATED! I’m hated by guys like Shawn Michaels, guys like Kurt Angle, Ric Flair, Booker T, and YOU, Game.

Van Dam is damn close to prodding Hunter right in the chest, ignoring the cheers of the crowd, despite the slight dig at the ‘Old School’ brigade.

Rob Van Dam: I’ve thought about it. I’m not in this business to make friends, I don’t do this to ride the coat-tails of guys who’ve gone before me, so quite frankly I couldn’t give a SH*T about what you think.

The crowd delivers a HUGE pop for RVD’s fierce comments, as Helmsley looks up sharply, engaging in an intense stare down with his foe. Van Dam lets out a cocky smirk, as The Game slowly raises his mic.

Triple H: … … … … You’re lucky I’ve only got one leg.

Rob Van Dam: I’m pretty sure you had two last night, man.

Triple H: LAST NI- {calms himself down} last night was last night, Rob … and I’m not an idiot … you … were the better man.

HUGE pop for this, though the words grate through H’s teeth like sandpaper, while Van Dam looks vaguely taken aback by this revelation … before nodding slightly, as Hunter looks up once again.

Triple H: One thing’s pretty clear to me, to you, and to everyone else with a brain … me and you … we don’t mix. You hate my guts … and I know I sure as hell can’t stand the sight of you.

Heat for this statement, but The Cerebral Assassin isn’t through.

Triple H: But … {rubs his jaw} but seeing as I let you say your piece about being an ‘original’ … about being {smirks} ‘one of a kind’, how about you listen up for a moment to what I have to say? Y’see, you might not wanna’ be Ric Flair … you might not wanna’ be Harley Race, but even you can’t deny what they’ve done for this business.

Rob nods in agreement.

Triple H: So lemme’ tell you a story … it’s from the ‘old school’ days, Rob, so try to stay awake. There was this one guy, let’s call him … Terry Funk … and there was this other guys, let’s say … Ric Flair {BIG pop}. These two guys, they couldn’t stand the sight of one another … they HATED each other like you wouldn’t believe. They had match after match after BRUTAL war, which all ended in an “I Quit” match.

The crowd buzzes slightly, though Van Dam is poker face, obviously knowing the feud well.

Triple H: Before it … Funk -- now this is one mean son of a bitch-- he told Naitch that even though I hate your guts … even though I tried to end your career a couple of times … if you beat ME, Terry Funk in this match … I will walk across this ring, extend my hand … and call YOU … the better man. Flair won … and Funk … kept his word.

Rob Van Dam, the crowd, and everyone else all watch in amazement, as Triple H awkwardly manoeuvres himself around on his left crutch … so that he can extend his right hand towards Mr. Monday Night! RVD stares at the hand, as the United Center cheers the gesture wildly, though it is still heavily mixed, with many still not trusting that wily fox, The Game.

With a shake of his head, Van Dam appears to murmur fuck it before striding across the ring without a second’s more hesitation and grabbing hold of Hunter’s extended hand tight, ACCEPTING THE HANDSHAKE! Neither man taking his eyes off the other, as the crowd roars with excitement, and Helmsley brings the mic up with his free hand.

Triple H: Like I said before, Rob, I’m not an idiot … you were the better man.

More cheers, prompting RVD to smirk momentarily into the crowd … BUT THE GAME QUCKLY PULLS HIM BACK, PULLING HIM IN CLOSE SO THAT THE TWO MEN ARE NOW BARELY INCHES APART, drawing a huge, “ooooh” from the fans!

Triple H: … … … … This time.

Another rumbling but deafening mixed reaction runs through the United Center, definitely liking the prospect from a future Trips|RVD rematch on the horizon. Giving The Whole F’N Show a last, serious as a heartbeat nod, Helmsley releases his hand, and leans back on his crutch, beginning to head for the ropes to exit, leaving Van Dam standing in the centre of the ring, soaking up the cheers…

???: {off screenshot} WOAH, WOAH, WOAH, WOAH, WOAH!!!

Hunter stops in his tracks and angrily turns around, as does Van Dam, with the crowd also switching their gaze, but not up to the stage as you might think … but to the commentary position, where JONATHAN COACHMAN has shed his headphones, stood up from his seat behind the desk and has a microphone in his hand, pointing wildly at the two men in the ring. J.R and Styles look positively mortified, but Coach is too awesome to notice.

Jonathan Coachman: Just hold on a second there. Hunter … you stay exactly where you are. {he begins to head towards the ring} Now I don’t know what you two were doing last night, but I thought I witnessed one of the most brutal matches these eyes have ever seen! And now you’re -- you’re shaking hands?

Stomping up the steel steps like an angry child, Coach makes it to the apron.

Jonathan Coachman: Do I have to remind you, Hunter that this man right here {enters the ring and motions to RVD} this man who you just shook hands with … he put his hands on the greatest General Manager in WWE history, a man who both you and I look up to … and most importantly the man who gave you, Hunter, title shot after title shot at the start of the year, even when you couldn’t get the job done!

The crowd is booing THE HELL out of Coach, as he smoothes out his tie, clearly feeling pretty big about himself right now, unfazed by the two scowling wrestlers standing on either side of him.

Jonathan Coachman: Eric Bischoff wore a neck brace for a month, A MONTH because of what Rob Van Dam put him through … so now what you’re doing tonight, injury or no injury, it’s-- well it’s nothing more than a slap in his face, Hunter, is that what you wanna’ do?! You wanna’ slap Eric Bischoff in the face?!

Triple H: {laughing slightly} No, no, no, you got me all wrong, Coach; I don’t wanna’ slap Bischoff in the face--

HUNTER SLAPS THE COACH RIGHT ACROSS THE FACE!!! “OH” shrieks the crowd, as J.R comes alive with a “HEY! What the hell?!”, and poor ol’ Jonathan stumbles back clutching his cheek. Booming cheers reverberate through the arena as RVD looks at H, eyes LOCKED, looking right past the crutch now.

Staggering, Coach takes a step towards The Game, arm drawn back for a swipe, but HE IS FAR TOO SLOW - ALLOWING HELMSLEY TO KICK HIM IN THE GUT, DOUBLING HIM OVER!! Stunned by the suddenness of the attack, Coach is easy pickings, as the King Of Kings tucks him between his legs, hooks the arms, never once taking his eyes of Van Dam before-


Triple H slams Coach face-first into the hard canvas, laying him out, but instantly gives a groan of anguish of his own, reaching down to his injured leg, kneeling awkwardly up. The crowd delivers some of the most THUNDEROUS cheers one has ever heard as H remains on his knees, eyes fixated up at the watching, vaguely smirking figure of Van Dam. Reaching down, still wincing terribly, Helmsley lifts up his microphone once more, walking forward so that the muzzle and his lips are close up against the nonchalant face of Rob Van Dam …

Triple H: {breathing heavily} Rob … in case you were wonderin’ … that was for you.

Raw fades into another commercial with Triple H and Rob Van Dam standing tall in the middle of the ring, both sets of eyes blazing, one man leaning on his crutch, while the other chews his gum nonchalantly;, Rob Van Dam, his fiery gaze still locked on the man he defeated at WrestleMania just 24hrs ago…

{Commercial Break}

Returning from the video package, we are backstage straight away, once again with the camera shot of a rather massive looking chest, as it marches along. Eventually the camera pulls out, and pans up, giving us a clear, ominous view of the seven-feet, five hundred pound, The Big Show, as he strides down the corridor looking mean and nasty, with his manager, the incomparable Paul Bearer leading him on.

At the end of the hall, the two men come to a familiar looking door, and Bearer, after giving Show a strangled grin, lightly knocks.

???: {from inside} Come in.

With an almost gleeful skip in his step, Bearer, still carrying the little brown burlap sack, pushes open the door, and Big Show ducks down to follow him inside the office, where we have already been this evening, as Eric Bischoff sits behind his desk, with Armando Alejandro Estrada standing slightly behind him, gazing away at the visitors.

Eric Bischoff: Paul … Show … {shaking hands with Bearer} welcome, welcome. Thank you for coming.

Paul Bearer: Weeeell {glancing, confused, at AAE} … ya’ did say ya’ wanted to talk with us, Mr. Bischoff.

Eric Bischoff: Yes I did. Ah, Mr. Estrada will be … ‘assisting’ me for the next few weeks, so anything you say to me, you can say to him, Paul. {Motions to the chairs} Take a seat, gentlemen.

Estrada smirks and Bearer looks relieved at being offered a seat and quickly pulls out one of the chairs to sit on. Big Show on the other hand, drags the other chair out with his catcher’s mit sized hand, looks at the tiny size of it … and then decides he’d rather stand, folding his arms.

Eric Bischoff: {nervously looking at Show} Uh, yes, yes, perhaps you’d be more comfortable standing. First thing’s first though, Paul … allow me to … congratulate you and Show in advance on becoming the NEW Intercontinental Champion next week on Raw.

Paul Bearer: {smirking at his giant} Thank you, Mr. Bischoff, thank yoooou. We waaaarned everyone when they ignored mah’ giant … and now … and noooow … they’re gonna’ pay … and they’re gonna’ pay the ultimate price.

Growling, Big Show pounds his fist into his palm, drawing a grin from Easy E. as he gazes up at the mastodon.

Eric Bischoff: As far as I’m concerned, Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin have bothered me for the last time. Next week, Benjamin is annihilated by Mr. Show here and loses his Intercontinental belt … and then at Backlash, well, like you heard, it’s a done deal … FIVE on TWO … and the Spirit Squad take back the World Tag Team titles. No, Haas and Benjamin … they’re not the problem.

Bearer leans forward, intrigued.

Eric Bischoff: No. With Mr. Helmsley’s blatant abandonment of our cause…

Slyly, Easy E. casts his sneering gaze over to the nearby monitor…

Eric Bischoff: Our problem … is Rob - Van - Dam.

A huge grin begins to form over jowly features of Bearer, at the same time as Bischoff and Armando’s, as the trio understand the plan exactly, their heads all simultaneously turning and lifting upwards towards the answer to their problem, the five hundred pound, seven-feet tall, The Big Show.

Back to ringside

Jim Ross: {trying not to sound too pleased} Well, ‘unfortunately’ for us all, folks, after Coach’s, uh … exploits earlier tonight with Mr. Van Dam and Mr. Helmsley, he’s been taken to the back.

Joey Styles: {also shaking his head} So it looks like you’ll have to make do with myself and good ole’ J.R for the rest of the show then.

Match #4 - Tag Team Match
The Redneck Wrecking Crew vs. The Heartthrobs

Quite obviously this is not the main attraction of the evening, as neither team has really featured all that much recently. However, with a couple of wins over Haas and Benjamin under their belts from the start of the year, Cade and Murdoch are indeed are force to be reckoned with, and they run through the resident tag team jobbers of Antonio and Romeo with complete ease, finishing them off with the Sweet ‘N’ Sour for the academic pin fall.

Winners - The Redneck Wrecking Crew via pin fall @ 2:11.

Getting the duke, the RWC aren’t in all that of celebrating mood, and after having their hands raised by the official, they just grab their hats and jackets and storm on back up the ramp, their night’s work finished.

Cut backstage

In his locker room, now adorned in his all white, linen Caribbean shirt/pants/sandals attire, leaning on his MITB briefcase, Carlito sits on his couch, watching on a monitor as Cade and Murdoch leave the ring. Chris Masters stands across from him, dressed to compete, doing some squats, watching his buddy.

Chris Masters: Problem?

Carlito: Lemme’ get ‘dis straight … Carlito … Carlito who won Money in da’ Bank last night at WrestleMania gets a ‘match’ if you can call it ‘dat … against that little joke … and those four guys who no one’s ever even heard of get da’ same treatment?!

Chris Masters: Well … they just got two minutes. And you got mike time, ‘Lito.

Carly scrunches up his face and strokes his briefcase.

Carlito: Carlito knows ‘dat, but Carlito wasn’t given ‘dat mike time. I took it.

Still looking irritated, CCC idly knocks messes around with the fruit bowl, stopping The Masterpiece from warming up again.

Chris Masters: Something you want me to do?

Carlito: You can finally beat ‘dat hunk ‘o crap, Chavo Guerrero tonight, if ‘dat’s not too much for Carlito to ask.

Not sure if that was an insult or encouragement, ‘Piece just goes back to stretching.

Carlito: Y’know what? Carlito’s Money in da’ Bank now. Carlito doesn’t have to take ‘dis crap anymore. Carlito’s a main eventer now; I don’t have to sit backstage and watch losers like Kurt Angle get all da’ ‘tention. No, Carlito’s gonna’ show everyone.

Chris Masters: ‘K?

Carlito: People all know about ‘Carlito’s Cabana’ right? ‘Dey all know it’s da’ single most watched show da’ ‘tire WWE and ‘dey all love it ‘cause of … well, ‘cause of Carlito. But ‘dat was before Carlito was a main eventer, ‘dat was before Carlito was Money in da’ Bank. No, next week, it’s time for somethin’ special, somethin’ to really let people know ‘dat Carlito’s gonna’ be World Champion soon. It’s gonna’ be ‘Carlito’s Money in da’ Bank Cabana’. It’s gonna’ be a party. Haha and you’re gonna’ love the guest.

Chris Masters: … … Who?

Carlito: … … ME! It’s gonna’ be CARLITO!

Chris Masters: ‘Carlito’s Money in…” Whatever, man, you said it’s gonna’ be a party?

Carlito: ……… It WILL be a party.

Chris Masters: Right. At this, uh, party, will there be … booze?

Carlito: Booze? ‘Piece, do you even know Carlito? Da’ Pino Colada’s gonna’ be flowin’, and all the best cocktails you can even think of. Trust me; Carlito knows how to throw a party. {sees ‘Piece roll his eyes} Oh and, uh, they’ll be … beer for American jocks like you, ‘Piece.

Chris Masters: Sweet. What about tail? We gonna’ have some ass there?

Carlito: Would it be a party without da’ girls, ‘Piece? No. ‘Dere’s gonna’ be more girls at ‘Carlito’s Money in da’ Bank Cabana’ ‘den at Hooters. All you need to do is go in da’ Diva’s locker room. ‘Dere’s plenty of skanks in ‘dere for ya’, Piece. After your match, Carlito wants you to get started on ‘dis. Go and sort it with Bischoff. ‘Den it’s party time.

Grinning like an excited child, Carlito lies back on his couch, whilst Masters nods, also looking quite excited. ‘Lito rolls his head to one side, gazing at his briefcase as though he were gazing into the eyes of a lover, as we fade out.

{Commercial Break}

Once back from the break, we are already backstage, with the lovely, new interviewer, Maria Kanellis is standing by in front of the interview area, microphone in hand, smiling away.

Maria Kanellis: {trying not to laugh} Ladies and gentlemen … The Spirit Squad.

The crowd erupts into heat, as Mitch, Mikey, Nicky, Johnny, and Kenny all leap into the shot with aplomb, waving their horns around wildly and dancing like little children, clearly amusing the young Maria, who giggle cutely. ‘Squad are dressed much like they were earlier, in a mixture of street clothes and cheerleader attire. Kenny, with his usual swagger, take his place alongside Maria, not even looking at her.

Maria Kanellis: Guys, last night you lost the World Tag Team titles, and earlier tonight you attacked--

Kenny: Woah, just hold on a second there, Olive Oil, and get your facts--

Maria Kanellis: Maria.

Kenny stops, startled at being interrupted by a mere interviewer and stares at Maria for the first time {liking what he sees?}.

Kenny: … … What?

Maria Kanellis: My name is Maria. You called me Olive Oil. That’s … that’s Popeye’s girlfriend.

Now the rest of ‘Squad seem to take an interest in Maria too, angrily {and perversely} closing around her.

Kenny: Congratulations on having a name, toots. Unfortunately for you, you’re nothing but a microphone monkey -- a hot mike monkey, but that’s beside the point. The point is, all you’re paid to do is hold that thing there {points to mic} to my mouth so that people can hear me talk. You could be called ‘Generic Interviewer Two’ and nobody would give a crap.

Maria looks slightly hurt by these comments, while the rest of ‘Squad all laugh and high-five their leader for sassing the young girl. Owned. Patting his own back, Ken takes a step back as Mikey springs forward, nodding his head wildly.

Mikey: Don’t cry, baby! It’s embarrassin’! First of all, you said that we LOST the World Tag Team titles. Uhhhhhhhh, wrong, wrong aaaaaaaaaand WRONG! We were “straight up” ROOOOOBBED of the titles last night, CEEE - ASE closed. Tonight, Betty Blue, we didn’t attack no one. We were just helpin’ out a citizen in need--

Mitch: {punching the air} LIKE SUPERMAN!

Mikey: {laughing it up}…that’s riiiiiiiiight, like SUPERMAN! Like FIVE Supermen. We flew - {spins around, arms out} WOOOOO - down to that ring that any good superhero would when we saw the poooooor, innocent, defenceless Big Show being double-teamed, assaulted, MUUUUUUU - GGED … by those no-good, gutless, stinkin’ cowards, Haas and Benjamin … and we did our citizenly duty. HA HA!!!

Maria seems thoroughly confused by Mikey’s bullshit, as he slaps hands with the boys some more, with a few murmurs of “Justice League, yeah” from them as he struts like a peacock. Kenny steps up once more, after doing his hair in the camera lens of course.

Kenny: But it doesn’t matter anyway {mouths every syllable} MA-RI-A … ‘cause in less than a month at Backlash, like you heard Mr. Estrada say earlier, and like Mr. Bischoff told us earlier, it will be the FIVE of us … against the TWO of them, and even Haas and Benjamin won’t be able to cheat their ways out of that one, and we will prove that sometimes the good guys DO win, when the World Tag Team Championships … come home.

Kenny throws his hand up wildly, and the other four members of ‘Squad grab it, almost knocking poor little Maria aside as they get excited.

Spirit Squad: {all} ONE, TWO, THREE, SPIRIT SQUAD!!!

The quintet all leap around, whooping and letting out a few “Yeah” and “wooo” cries, firing their air horns, as they get in Maria’s face {they all quite clearly have the hots for her} before strutting out of screenshot like a group of jocks…

…leaving only Johnny to stick his head back in for a moment, getting up ‘close and personal’ with Maria.

Johnny: Y’know, babe, seeing you here tonight, got me thinking … {smirks} HOW MUCH I MISS ROD GRISHAM! HAHA!!!

Johnny leaps into the air like a complete idiot, finding himself extremely funny, as he scurries off to his laughing team mates, leaving Maria standing there, looking very confused by everything that has just happened.

Back to ringside

Main Event - Grudge Match
Chavo Guerrero vs. Chris Masters

It’s not the greatest Raw main event of all time, but it serves its purpose, as Chris Masters gets another shot at the man who pinned him twice, the second time to earn a spot in the Money in the Bank Ladder match at last night’s WrestleMania.

As one would expect, both have nothing but contempt for one another, with Chavito always a fighter and Masters more game than usual, looking to make amends after missing ‘Mania. Throughout the match, J.R and Styles focus our attention on the poor medical condition of Chavo following his ladder match exploits just twenty-four hours ago.

After a lot of stiff, powerful domination from The Masterpiece, Guerrero mounts his big comeback. Thrown into the far corner, Chavito manages to dive out of the way of the oncoming freight train that is a Masters clothesline, causing ‘Piece to slam into the turnbuckle chest first. Guerrero quickly comes off the ropes, taking Masters down with a clothesline, before following up with a few more. He goes for a kick, only for Chris to catch his foot. Chavito thinks quick, nailing an ENZIGUIRI that takes ‘Piece down.

With the crowd cheering him on, Chavo heads for the top rope, but it takes him an extraordinarily long time to get up there, as he has to stop on several occasions to hold his ribs in pain, which allows Masters enough time to recover and make it to his feet. Seeing this, the truly plucky man from El Paso takes a hell of a chance and FLIES from the top rope with a CROSS BODY - but Masters drops down quickly, and Chavito crash and burns!!

Seeing his opportunity, The Masterpiece leaps back up to his feet, swings around, going for the gnarled, gritty and groggy Guerrero with a monstrous POLISH HAMMER -- but Chavo ducks it, rolling straight through beautifully. Maintaining the motion, Chavito flips forward once more, as Masters turns, NAILING THE ROLLING LIGER KICK!!! Guerrero shocks everyone yet again … and gets the three count!!

Winner - Chavo Guerrero via pin fall @ 8:19.

Chicago pops as a battered and bruised Chavo releases the leg, and limps back up to his feet to have his arm raised by the referee. Masters rolls out of the ring, holding his face and neck awkwardly. As Guerrero continues to celebrate in the ring, ‘Piece slaps the announce table in frustration, telling Lillian to “Move yer’ ass!”, grabbing and folding up a steel chair. Uh oh.

Holding up the chair for a few moments, Chris looks back and forth for a few moments; from chair to Guerrero and back again, inner conflict. As Chavo turns back around, confused, Masters murmurs “screw it”, tossing the weapon aside, before walking back around ringside and back up the entrance ramp, keeping his head down; shame.

Joey Styles: An impressive victory for Chavo Guerrero right there, perhaps tainted by his loss last night at WrestleMania in the Money in the Bank Ladder Match. The inner-turmoil continues for The Masterpiece too it seems. But coming up next, it’s what we’ve all been waiting for.

The camera cuts away backstage to a corridor, where the WWE Champion Kurt Angle is heading towards the ring, with the ‘Up Next’ graphic over the screen.


{Commercial Break}


The reaction is absolutely AWE INSPIRING, as Chicago blows the roof off the United Center at the sound of the music everyone has been waiting all night hear. Everyone cranes their necks to see, staring at the stage … until ‘The Wrestling Machine’, the only Olympic Gold Medallist in the history of the WWE, and, most importantly, the WWE Champion Kurt Angle emerges onto the stage.

Dressed in black sweats with a close fitting, dark ‘Tap Out’ t-shirt, with his gold medal draped around his neck; the title belt strapped firmly around his waist, the always intense Angle bounces on his toes for a few moments, shaking his head to psyche himself up, before throwing his arms up into the sky, sending his red, white and blue pyrotechnics crashing to the heavens, and stepping through the smoke towards the ring.

Joey Styles: There he is, ladies and gentlemen. Quite possibly the greatest pure athlete in the history of professional wrestling, and last night he did the one thing he’d never managed to do before…

Jim Ross: You’re right, Joey. Last night, Kurt Angle conquered the world when he retained the WWE Championship in the main event … of WrestleMania.

Entering the ring, Angle unstraps his title belt, throws his arms out wide and does his usual spin, this time with a huge roar, as the crowd goes absolutely wild, and another white pyro fires off in the rafters above, showering the arena in sparks. Throwing his belt over his shoulder, Kurt marches over to the ropes and snatches the microphone that Lillian is offering to him. Standing in the centre of the ring, the WWE Champion waits, eyes focused, soaking up the epic reaction he is receiving, as his music begins to die down. As the “ANGLE” chants start up, he lowers his head, and brings the mic to his lips…

Kurt Angle: … … … … {Suddenly throws his arms in the air} YEEEEEAAHHH!!!

The crowd cheers along with Angle, as his face positively quivers with intensity, his arms in the air, the WWE title high above his head, eyes closed in ecstasy. After a few minutes, Kurt brings the belt back down to his shoulder and the mic to his mouth.

Kurt Angle: For days, for weeks, for months leading up to the match last night all anyone could ever talk about … was John Cena and Shawn Michaels … their little private war, and nobody gave Kurt Angle a second thought.
I warned ‘em both that if they looked past me, they’d regret it … and they listened … ‘cause last night they came at me with EVERYTHING they had, but it didn’t matter! ‘Cause when all was said and done, John Cena was lying flat on his back and Shawn Michaels was scratching around on the deck with a broken freakin’ ankle, TWO YEARS RUNNIN’ … and Kurt Angle STILL … THE WWE CHAMPION!!!

A huge pop, and another “ANGLE” chant starts up, as Kurt begins to pace.

Kurt Angle: Three years … THREE YEARS! {shakes his head} That’s how long ago I walked into my first WrestleMania as WWE Champion, against that IDIOT Vanilla Gorilla, and after that match all anyone could talk about was a three-hundred pound landing on top of his head … and HIM walking out as WWE Champion.

Some in the crowd know who Angle is talking about. Some don’t.

Kurt Angle: One year later, I was in my second main event match at WrestleMania, for the WWE title one more time, but this time I wasn’t walking in as the Champ … but I sure as hell was walking in the favourite. And what happened? Twenty minutes later everyone was talking about two things … Eddie Guerrero walking out still as WWE Champion {very big pop} … and me … CHOKING!!

Mixed reaction for this, as the Olympian angrily shakes his head.

Kurt Angle: “I’m an Olympic Gold Medallist for cryin’ out loud … I should THRIVE on the grandest stage”! That’s all I kept thinking. Last year … me and Michaels … it was personal.

Kurt runs a hand over his jaw.

Kurt Angle: … … But once I’d cracked John Cena open like an egg {OH!} on New Year’s Day and taken back MY WWE Championship, around my waist for the first time in over two years … I knew that this was the one, I KNEW that at WrestleMania Twenty-Two … I was gonna’ prove to the doubters, to the haters, the naysayers … and to MYSELF that I am what I know that I am … THE ABSOLUTE BEST!!

BIG pop from the United Center, drawing a strangled smirk from Angle.

Kurt Angle: You take all of that passion, all of that drive, all of that … anger … two and a half years in the making, and you walk into the main event match of WrestleMania, twenty thousand people watching you … it doesn’t matter if you’re the Royal Rumble winner … it doesn’t matter if you’re the first ever freakin’ Grand Slam Champion in the history of the WWE … there is no way on this EARTH that you were beating me.

Rubbing his title, the Champ presses on.

Kurt Angle: Shawn Michaels thought that lightning doesn’t strike twice. {eyes narrowed} … … Guess he was wrong.

There are a few “HBK” chants thrown in there, but mostly it’s nothing but cheers.

Kurt Angle: First Grand Slam Champion in history, Shawn … that’s impressive … but now I guess you can add to that record, ‘the first man in WWE to be made Kurt Angle’s BITCH at two WrestleMania’s running’. Let’s hear ‘em announce that.

More cheers for The Wrestling Machine, with a few laughs thrown in there two.

Kurt Angle: But tonight isn’t about jokes, tonight isn’t even about talking about last night. It’s done … I’ve got that monkey off my back; it’s time … to look to the future. It’s time … to lay down … the gauntlet.

As the crowd buzzes with anticipation, still roaring with “ANGLE” chants, Kurt turns to face the stage.

Kurt Angle: I’ve heard them all tonight, and I saw them all tonight. I heard Carlito run his big mouth, and if he wants to step up to the plate … that’s fine with me. He knows where I am, but-- but if he really thinks that a briefcase is gonna’ help him get past Kurt Angle … then it’s his funeral.

Pop for these comments, insulting the hated MITB holder.

Kurt Angle: RVD, Big Show, Masters, Benjamin, or ANYONE sat back there … I don’t give a crap which one of you it is, I don’t give a damn which one of you decides to grow a pair and step up … I don’t care if I’ve wrestled you a thousand times before or don’t even know your damn name, ‘cause the result will ALWAYS be the-


What on earth?! The United Center comes remains standing {obviously they were already standing for Kurt}, but responds with yet another UNGODLY pop, this time most definitely mixed, as the usual flashing lights fill the arena, and Angle lifts his head slowly, a slight, grating smile forming on his face, despite being interrupted … as JOHN CENA steps out onto the stage against all the odds. Clad in green combat shorts, and sporting only his dog tags up top, The Doctor of Thuganomics fixes his fierce blue eyes on the ring, before reaching up, turning his cap around backwards, and marching down the ramp.

Jim Ross: … … … …

Joey Styles: … … OH MY GAAAAAAAWWWD!!!

The crowd continues to go absolutely wild, while Kurt Angle remains still as a statue in the middle of the ring, just watching as Cena approaches; ignores the steel steps and rolls inside, popping back up to his feet instantly. Much like RVD-HHH earlier, neither man backs down an inch, and they step forward, immediately going nose to nose, sending the fans into a frenzy.

With their jaws clenched tight, it looks as though we will get a repeat of the night after SNME, as both sets of fists look prime to strike at any second. Cena breaks the stare down first, brushing {just} past the WWE Champion, throwing his eyes over the title belt in the process, and calling for a mic from ringside, which he’s handed. With his music dying down in the background, John steps back toward Angle, the “ANGLE|CENA” duelling chants igniting the building. For what seems like an age, the two men don’t blink … until Cena raises his mic.

John Cena: … … … Congratulations, Kurt.

BIG TIME mixed reaction for this simply put statement, despite Cena’s face giving nothing away. Angle looks, unsurprisingly, sceptical.

John Cena: Didn’t think I was gonna’ sit this one out did ya’, homeboy?

Kurt Angle: … … I guess not.

Cena smirks slightly at Angle’s obvious annoyance.

John Cena: Listen up; thing is, they told me to go home, told me to recuperate, told me to “take the night off” like a good lil’ soldier. {suddenly looks up, dead serious} Basically … they told me to be yo’ bitch, honky tonk.

OH~! Angle’s eyes open wider than the Grand Canyon, and the crowd delivers a thunderous mixed reaction, actually, if you can believe it in Chicago, leaning towards boos.

John Cena: Yo, that ain’t how this cat runs. Shawn Michaels might be happy to play the little punk back in San Antonio, nursin’ his, uh, {air quote} broken ankle”, anything to stop me from tearin’ his head off … but John Cena ain’t.

Cena pounds his chest at this last statement, getting a big pop from the crowd.

John Cena: ‘S a nice lil’ speech ya’ gave though, Kurt … “I won a gold star” and all that crap, {Angle nearly pops him} but, hey, that ain’t what caught my attention. Uh uh. You said somethin’ … about challengers? Who’s next to “step up”? That’s right, ain’t it, Kurt? And I agree with ya’ completely … ‘cept about one tiny thing.

Angle gives John the old “oh really?” face … before Cena looks up, furious.

John Cena: {eyes blazing} I’M right at the top of that list, Uncle Sam.

The intensity in Cena’s words is amazing, as his look matches it completely, further building the excitement of the crowd, as Angle, not once looking away from the youngster, brings his mic up again.

Kurt Angle: You don’t get it, do ya’, Cena?

John Cena: … … What?

Kurt Angle: … … You lost, Eminem.

BIG pop for this, though there are quite a few boos sprinkled in there too from the Cena lobby, as John scrunches up his face.

Kurt Angle: You won the Royal Rumble. Fair enough. And you got your WrestleMania title shot. Good for you. And you blew it. So now you go … to the back of the line.

Another huge mixed reaction at this, but Cena rubs his cap nonchalantly, turning his head to the crowd.

John Cena: Yo, yo, nah’ it’s cool, it’s cool. The boy’s finally speakin’ some sense. You lose … ya’ll better carry your ass to the back o’ the line. I get that. {turns back to Angle} Just one problem with that lil’ scenario, superstar I never lost. The Heartbreak Bitch did.

Kurt Angle: Wrong place, wrong time, John. You lost.

Expecting an angry response from the Doctor of Thuganomics? Well, we don’t get one … as a big smile forms on his face, confusing Angle and the crowd.

John Cena: ‘K, ‘k, ‘k, I think I get it now, Kurt, I think I understand where ya’ talkin’ from. {turns as though to leave through the ropes} You’re scared of me, I understand.

OH~! As Cena puts a foot through the ropes, the crowd gasps with shock at his comment, and Angle steps forward, eyes psychotic.

Kurt Angle: … … … The hell did you just say?

John Cena: {still half in and half through the ropes} Nuh uh, it’s cool, dog. Everyone’s afraid of somethin’. Me? I ain’t all that crazy about spiders. I understand.

Kurt Angle: I’m not afraid of you, you little punk!

On Cena’s side of the ring, where his head is through the ropes, apparently ‘leaving’, the camera closes in on his face, where a huge grin forms, concealed from Angle. ‘Reluctantly’ Cena draws himself back through the ropes and turns to face the Olympian, serious again.

John Cena: Prove it.

Cena holds his arms open invitingly, luring the Champ on in, as Angle stares fiercely at him, conflicted.

John Cena: Think about it, Kurt … you’ve crippled more men than polio … but you have never pinned John Cena or made me submit with that {points to the WWE title} belt on the line. I’ve pinned you for the WWE Championship … {holds up two fingers} twice, and all you could do was take advantage of some ruling by Bischoff and bust me open?

Kurt Angle: You’re out of your mind, Cena. I’ve pinned you. I’ve made you tap like a bitch{holds up two fingers, smirking} twice. I’ve got nothing to prove.

John Cena: ‘Cept that you can do it when it matters. Ain’t that what last night was all about? You finally winning in a WrestleMania main event … when and where it matters. So why don’t you apply that to me, Kurt; you made me tap three years ago … No Mercy … ‘gainst a rookie … and you did it again at No Way Out … but they didn’t … matter.

Angle doesn’t seem to have a response to this.

John Cena: Nobody was payin’ attention, Kurt, and nobody’s gonna’ remember. All they’re gonna’ remember is that I smoked you twice … clean, dead centre in the middle of the ring, with the WWE Championship on the line. That how you wanna’ go down?

The words of Cena are clearly affecting Angle, as his psychotic gaze seems to falter.

John Cena: You know what I want, Kurt. You know I got screwed outta’ my one on one match for the title at WrestleMania by that son of a bitch … and I know you wanna’ prove to the world that you can beat me … when it counts. So how about you grow a set … and put that WWE Championship on the line…

Growing in excitement, a murmur runs through the United Center, with Cena making the marquee in the air, as Angle keeps his gaze fixed on Cena, though there is no denying the corner of his eyes flick to his title belt over his shoulder…

John Cena: Kurt Angle versus John Cena”…

The crowd are on the edge of their seats with anticipation, as Angle stares at Cena…

John Cena: One more time, One More War”…

Cena, his index finger in the air, steps in close to the unblinking Angle…

John Cena: April 30th, Backla--

Kurt Angle: {heard enough} YOU’RE ON!!!

Chicago EXPLODES, as Kurt Angle has finally heard enough and gives Cena exactly what he wants, damn near foaming at the mouth, as he takes another step towards his rival, and Cena, smirking slightly, takes another step himself.

Kurt Angle: You want me one on one? FINE! You want a shot at my WWE Championship? FINE! You want it at BACKLASH? FINE! You want to embarrass yourself in front of the entire world by making you a personal project of mine, by making it so that I won’t do anything but eat, drink, sleep, and LIVE John Cena! FINE!
NOBODY disrespects Kurt Angle, and NOBODY steps through those ropes without being made to TAP LIKE A BITCH!!!

Cena’s arrogant smirk falters, as the atmosphere reaches fever pitch … and Angle gets right in the youngster’s face, eyes on fire.

Kurt Angle: Oh it’s true. {sneers, quieter} … … It’s DAAAAMN true…

The United Center roars like thunder, on their feet at the prospect of such an encounter, with J.R and Styles going absolutely insane, as the two megastars realise the time for talking is over and drop their microphones to the mat with a decisive, echoing thud. Both men push their heads forward, foreheads touching like two butting rams, two big bulls if you will, neither backing down. The WWE Champion and The Doctor of Thuganomics engage in one of the fiercest stare downs one will ever see, unblinking, unflinching, and unsmiling … the WWE title in between them both … as the tension … grows.



Date: April 30th, 2006
Location: Rupp Arena; Lexington, Kentucky
Event Music: Danko Jones; Baby Hates Me

World Tag Team Championship; 5-On-2 Handicap Match:
World’s Greatest Tag Team © vs. The Spirit Squad
(All members of the Spirit Squad are eligible; if any one of them pins either Haas or Benjamin, he will win the World Tag Team titles for his entire team)

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Re: Legend Presents: WWE 2006 - Stop Your Grinnin' And Drop Your Linen

So I came by and saw that you had the first Raw up post WrestleMania and thought I'd throw some comments down for you. Well a lot of events start up here tonight on Raw at the beginning and I must say that I am impressed with the way Raw is heading now. Benjamin is bound to lose the title next week so he can focus on this tag team reunitement and well Kane/Big Show seems perfect for a IC title feud for at least right now. But um I'm really digging the role of Estrada as Bischoff's assistant. It's great to see because Estrada is good in that type of role just like he was a decent GM for ECW.

Hmmm not much to say 'bout the divas but I like this impending Helms/Carlito feud. Carlito doesn't really strike me as a good MITB holder but really it's something different so kudos to that. I would say I could see Helms taking the briefcase but I really don't think Carlito is going to lose it.

Eh this diva stuff is going pretty far isn't it? Well I loved the Nazi quote and lol I just noticed that Bischoff's last line was from Steven Richards themesong. "I'll show you...you'll see!" and well Richards didn't show us anything pretty much in his WWE run. But being serious. That Carlito promo changed my mind on him being MITB as it seems he very well could be a good champion no matter how long it is for. After reading that great promo I'd rather Carly keep the MITB briefcase and cash it in than anyone else (right now at least)

Good promo there with RVD and Hunter and really showed a bit of both of Hunter's sides. The Pedigree was kind of confusing because I don't think Hunter would have wanted to risk further injuring his knee but I'll let it slide. :P But anyways RVD surely is going to wreck havoc here on Raw for the next few months now that there is no HHH. Intriguing promo backstage though as it seems BS might not win the title next week now. It really is up in the air now as I'm not so sure who could possibly win but it certainly seems RVD is on BS's hit list now.

Nothing really special about the tag team match. Guessing C and M could be pushing themselves back up the tag team ladder now maybe?

Woot! Party next week here on Raw. Well I guess for Carlito it'll be a party but after 'Piece losing it might not be so pretty. I must say though even though it wasn't the greatest main event, it's always good to give other superstars a chance to main event on TV. But anyways the Cabana next week is going to be rocking. Carlito is easily going to be one of the most watched superstars on Raw now it seems.

GREAT promo to end the night and easily the best one of the night. I had a feeling we were going to be getting Cena/Angle and well it's going to be built well despite we've seen it a lot in real life. HBK being the referee as noted in the notes seems rather okay too. I could definently see a Triple Threat Rematch down the line too but I'm not sure if Angle is going to lose at Backlash. I definently could see Cena winning but I'm not so sure. I really liked how Cena conned Angle into the match whenever Angle wanted Cena at the "back of the line" But Cena refused to give up the fight for the match. Definently seems like Cena to me.

Overall this was my first review in WOW...like forever. A great show with nothing really bad. The matches weren't exactly "spectacular" tonight but then again they did their job. I must say Raw is looking VERY hot heading into Backlash and I have a feeling that this thread is going to begin taking off very soon once again. Good luck.
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Re: Legend Presents: WWE 2006 - Stop Your Grinnin' And Drop Your Linen

Raw Feedback

Commentary to start the show was absolutely sensational I loved The Coach talking about Flair retiring And that not because I want it to happen but just because it fits his character so well.

Opening contest was well like you said all about WGTT and I notice you said that Benjamin blinks with intimidation and this is just letting us know that eventually this rivalry is inevitable. Haas also checking out the IC Title and I love all these little signs as when these two get it on it will be terrific. Estrada announcing match at Backlash is good and I love his role as Assistant. Show and SS attacking them and it really seems that WGTT back is against the wall at the moment.

Vickie and Trish kind of getting along is funny and I think that could be a fairly good storyline if done correctly. The two people that hate each other watching each other back lol that could be awesome.

Helms easy won over Dupree another match that was never in doubt really. However Helms not slapping fans and stuff is kind of heelish but then again I guess he was just intense. Him and Lito at Backlash is definitely ftw.

Far out you giving the Divas more backstage air time was a bit of a shock. Lol at Victoria telling Bischoff to save the Venis impression and Bischoff using Stevie Richards catchphrase was that a stab at Vickie or has that got something to do with the storyline.

Carlito easy win but that was no where near as interesting as what was coming next. Carlito just ripping on everyone LOL it was absolutely exceptional as I am one of the few people who mark for Lito.

Nice promo here between RVD and The Game. RVD will go to another feud now well Triple H will return as a face and no doubt get a title run. Either way this was hard hitting stuff and a promo that I really enjoyed reading.

Holy Shit Show will be sent to take out Van Dam and I think RVD has to tgo over continuing his momentum.

RWC with the win thank god as I hate the Heart Throbs. Hopefully you are slowly going to build RWC up for a program.

Cabanna for next week sounds gangsta. Masters seemed like a bit of a douche here and I am not sure if he would take this much shit.

SS promo really shitted me as those guys just bug me but obviously you want to use them to put WGTT over. So yeah they will be a big part of your BTB for a while stil….. unfortunately.

Masters with the loss and then not hitting Guerrero with chair is weird but I guess you are slowly going to turn Masters face and yeah or at least that it what I am thinking.

Nice ending with Angle and Cena I loved it and now we have a match for Backlash and some terrific promo’s in coming weeks between the two hopefully. So yeah I am looking forward to that and yeah just awesome stuff with this promo.

Overall a great show for after Mania I really liked it and I can not wait to see what happens next. Storylines all progressed nicely and yeah just terrific. I am most interested to see where you go next with Angle and Triple H and even RVD. So good luck and this is all for now

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Re: Legend Presents: WWE 2006 - Stop Your Grinnin' And Drop Your Linen

Hey Legend, I just skimmed through Raw and I thought I'd leave some comments.

-I didn't like the choice of opening the Raw immediately after Wrestlemania with a Tag Team title match. Sure it's for the titles, but the match could easily have happened later on the card. This particular show has significance, so choosing to open it with a match including the Bashams is a poor choice, imo. I did like the Big Show & Spirit Squad attack though. Although I doubt Show is actually going to win the Intercontinental Championship.

-The first four matches of the show (WGTT/Bashams; Helms/Dupree; Carlito/Eugene; RWC/Heartthrobs) were all one-sided affairs really (as in it was obvious who was going to win), and it seemed to me that you wrote them out only to get through the show. I can understand that some matches are simply filler or sometimes you need to put over a certain guys, but FOUR squash matches in one night is simply too many. Also, I think with a big segment to close the show, you needed a bigger main-event than Chavo/Masters. If you look at the show (match-wise) through the eyes of a viewer, many would have turned off by now.

-I really liked the Cena/Angle promo, even more so than the RVD/Triple H promo. Both men were in character, and neither looked weaker than the other. It's good to see Cena challenging Angle for the title at Backlash, and hopefully you keep it clean; otherwise it'll be obvious if Shawn Michaels interferes.

It looks like we'll be seeing RVD/Show and perhaps Trish/Victoria/Mickie at Backlash. Both are alright matches, and typical of a PPV of Backlash's standard.

Overall I was impressed with the big promos, but not that impressed with the matches, Legend. You're an amazing booker so hopefully, next week we'll see some more in-ring booking.
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