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Re: Legend Presents: World Wrestling Entertainment

I obviously have to read through a couple of shows to catch up, but right now, I read the Raw preview. Looks really good. Can't wait for Raw. Will definitely drop a review.

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Re: Legend Presents: World Wrestling Entertainment

Monday Night Raw; March 27th, 2006; Omaha, Nebraska:


As the camera cuts into the arena, we a greeted by the usual epic sight of thousands upon thousands of screaming fans on their feet, waving their banners, and quite simply going wild for one of the most important Monday Night Raw’s of the entire year. After the pyrotechnic display, the camera pans around the arena once more, really giving a great ‘feel’ of the atmosphere present tonight in the Qwest Centre Arena. We are about to head over to the commentators, when…


The crowd reacts with a great deal of surprise, before quickly degenerating into an outpouring of deafening heat, as Friday Night SmackDown’s own Randy Orton steps out onto the Raw stage. Gazing up into the jeering masses, The Legend Killer wears smart, dark jeans and a closefitting ‘RKO’ t-shirt, as well as one of the most menacing gazes one is likely to see. Ignoring the Golden Shower that begins to fall behind him, Orton begins to walk, swagger if you will, down towards the ring, eyes narrowed.

Jim Ross: Well, this is a sight we had grown used to on Monday night’s ‘til around this time last year -- The Legend Killer, the youngest World Heavyweight Champion in history, and third-generation superstar, Randy Orton, coming down to a Raw ring. I can’t hide my surprise, folks, but what a way to kick of the last show before WrestleMania, with the man who many consider to be the most hated in the WWE, who attempts this Sunday to END … the legacy of McMahon.

Jonathan Coachman: The most hated man in the WWE? I can think of some better monikers, J.R. How about “the most revered man in the WWE”, or “the most talented man in the WWE”. Take your pick. One thing is for certain, Randy Orton faces the biggest challenge of his young career on Sunday … and I just don’t know who to support.

With his cold, blue eyes still gazing around the arena, Orton ambles up the steps and enters the ring. Without even bothering with his pose tonight, Randy calls for a microphone from ringside and is soon handed one. As his music dies down in the background, Orton waits in the middle of the ring, poised to speak, as Omaha continues to show their distaste for him. After a few moments, The Legend Killer finds his opening and raises his mic.

Randy Orton: I know … I know exactly what you’re all thinking … what you’re all wondering. With only six days to go before WrestleMania, just what am I, a superstar from Friday Night SmackDown, doing on Monday Night Raw?

Orton pauses and turns his head slightly.

Randy Orton: But after all you have seen from me … after all you have seen me accomplish in this year … does the question really still exist?

Big time heat for the arrogance of The Legend Killer, who stares ahead coldly.

Randy Orton: Would a man who didn’t think twice … who didn’t - even - blink …when kicking Teddy Long in the head or slamming Vince McMahon’s skull through a table … would that man really need a reason or anyone’s permission to appear on whatever brand he wants?

Looking right at the nearby camera, Orton shakes his head from side to side slowly.

Randy Orton: No … no, I don’t listen to, nor have I ever listened to men such as Theodore Long or Vince McMahon for the simple reason that I … do not … respect them. I never have. For the past four years, they’ve paid my wages … they given me a job … but this January … after the Royal Rumble … I came to a realisation.

Light boos from the crowd.

Randy Orton: I realised that I don’t need Teddy Long, I don’t need Vince McMahon, I don’t need World Wrestling Entertainment … it’s THEM who need … ME! What is SmackDown without Randy Orton … and what has Raw been for the last year without me? Absolutely … nothing.

Another input of heat from the crowd, as Randy snarls.

Randy Orton: THIS COMPANY IS NOTHING WITHOUT ME!! It was nothing before me and it’ll be nothing after me. Teddy Long didn’t get that … and look where he is now … Vince McMahon failed to understand it and I put him down too. And now … now they’re going to pay … the ultimate price … at WrestleMania.

The mere mention of this Sunday draws a lick of the lips from The One Man Dynasty.

Randy Orton: At No Way Out when I gave Teddy Long and SmackDown the ultimatum … they knew what would happen if they chose to ignore it. They knew that without my rightful title shot, then I would be leaving for this show right here … back to Raw. What I did to Teddy at No Way Out … (Smirks) consider that a bonus.

A howling of boos from the audience at the sadistic remark.

Randy Orton: If you thought that all this business with … Shane McMahon, if you thought that him being in charge of SmackDown for now, and me facing him this Sunday, would keep me from going through with my … with my threat, then you were badly, BADLY … mistaken.

The crowd reacts in a slightly confused way, as Orton frowns.

Randy Orton: I never make promises … no, I never make threats I don’t keep. After April Second, after this Sunday, after WrestleMania Twenty-Two … after I show Shane McMahon up in front of the entire world … and leave him lying in a pool of his own blood (Boos) … after all of that, I will become a member of the Monday Night Raw roster … because I say so.

A slightly surprised reaction from the Raw crowd.

Randy Orton: That’s right. Shane McMahon doesn’t control me. Shane McMahon doesn’t scare me. Shane McMahon is the one who’s afraid … and he’s afraid … OF ME! If I’m wrong, if you think I’m lying, then tell me something, where’s Shane, huh? Where is he? He owns this damn company. If he wanted to, he could walk out right now and confront me.

An excited buzz runs through the fans, as Orton turns towards the stage.

Randy Orton: (Looking up the ramp) So why don’t you do what all these people want to see, Shane, why don’t you come on down here? (Stares into the crowd) OH, YOU’D ALL LIKE THAT!? HUH!? (Whirls around) C’MON THEN, SHANE!! COME ON OUT!!

Lowering his mic, Orton hangs his arms by his side, pacing up and down, bracing for a fight, seething through his clenched teeth, as the crowd stands in anticipation. Both wait a long time … but absolutely nothing happens. Gradually a small, psychotic smirk flickers at the corners of Orton’s mouth and he turns back around smugly, bringing the mic back up.

Randy Orton: Y’know, at this point I would usually turn around, gloat, and run my mouth about Shane McMahon not having the guts to confront me tonight. But … but that’s not what I’m going to do. No, Shane, I don’t blame you for not coming out here tonight. No one except Eric Bischoff knew I was coming … but even without that … Shane, you and I, we’re going to have our final showdown so to speaks this Friday before … the inevitable happens … at WrestleMania. Tonight … is about me.

More heat flitters down from the rafters.

Randy Orton: And I understand … I understand what my new contract says, what my so-called ‘punishment’ by the McMahons means. I am a natural … born … champion, and the mere fact that I can never again win a title so long as I am a WWE superstar … drives me … insane.

Orton’s callous eyes flick over to the camera once again.

Randy Orton: Did you hear that, Shane? It drives me insane. What you did to me, what you continue to do to me … it has pushed me further than I ever thought I could go … and considering our paths … considering our paths will cross this Sunday in one of the most brutal matches imaginable … Shane, if I were you … I’d be worried.

His lips damn near shaking with anticipation, Orton presses on.

Randy Orton: Because make no mistake about it; this Sunday in Chicago … I am going to do what the likes of Bret Hart, Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Undertaker and even The Alliance of ECW and WCW failed to do … I am going to rid this place of the McMahon legacy … forever.

The boos pour in, since everyone secretly loves the McMahon clan.

Randy Orton: To those Raw superstars who are all standing backstage right now watching this … to Shane McMahon … take a long look at your future … take a hard look at the inevitable … feast your eyes on -- one day -- the WWE Champion once again … and get a look … at greatness.

Amongst the plethora of heat, Orton steps backwards towards the centre of the ring.

Randy Orton: And that’s not arrogance … it’s quite simply …

His eyes close in absolute ecstasy.

Randy Orton: … destiny.

With that, Orton music hits again and he drops his mic down the canvas with a thud. Slowly, calculatingly, his arms almost like tentacles, extensions of his body; he raises them into the air for the most intense “Destiny” pose in a long time. Transfixed, Orton eventually brings them down again and stalks from the ring, his music still blasting over the PA, and the crowd still jeering him.

Jim Ross: My god, could you imagine what this place would be like if Randy Orton did just as he promised -- if he did in fact defeat Shane McMahon this Sunday at WrestleMania. Randy Orton on Monday Night Raw and running wild in the process, can you imagine?

Jonathan Coachman: Stop it, J.R; I’m having a hard enough time as it is with this. Mister McMahon is my idol … but Randy Orton is … well, he’s great, just look at him.

After another slow, deliberate plod back up the ramp, Orton reaches the stage and stops, his back still to the crowd. Amongst the screaming heat, he meticulously turns his head, glancing over his shoulder back into the arena, with the camera really highlighting his icy eyes … before disappearing through the curtain into the back.

{Commercial Break}

When we return from the break, we immediately head over to the announcers once again.

Jim Ross: Welcome back to Monday Night Raw, ladies and gentlemen, and if you thought the way our last show before WrestleMania started with a bang, well do we have a spectacle in store for you. Listen to this Main Event; in a rematch from last years WrestleMania, it’s going to be the WWE Champion Kurt Angle going one-on-one with none other than ‘The Heartbreak Kid’ Shawn Michaels.

Jonathan Coachman: After that superkick Michaels gave Angle last week, you better believe that this one is going to be personal, and with only six days to go before the Triple Threat match for the WWE Championship, a lot rests on this one.

Jim Ross: A blockbuster for sure. Also tonight, after the fireworks of last week, we will be hearing from ‘The Game’ Triple H ahead of his WrestleMania Street Fight with ‘Mr. Monday Night’ Rob Van Dam. But will that match even happen? That’s what The Game will be addressing later.

Jonathan Coachman: I always look forwards to hearing from Hunter. But, even that can’t top what’s coming up later, when my boy Kenny, already one of the World Tag Team Champions, gets a shot at Shelton Benjamin and the Intercontinental title. That’s going to be great.

Jim Ross: Stay tuned, ladies and gentlemen, for a WrestleMania worthy show right here. But up next, the SPECIAL GUEST REFEREE for the Women’s title match at WrestleMania, the incomparable Mickie James, must team with her two charges, the Women’s Champion Trish Stratus and the Challenger Victoria in an epic six Diva tag match!

Match #1: Six-Diva Tag Team Match:
Trish Stratus, Victoria & Mickie James vs. Torrie Wilson, Candice Michelle & Maria Kanellis
With the kind of ‘talent’ on the opposing team, it is no surprise that this match is nothing more than a showcase for Trish, Vickie and Mickie. The tension between Stratus and Victoria is unbelievable, with an eccentric James trying desperately to broker some kind of peace. In the end, after dominating Torrie and company with ease, Trish wants to finish Candice off, but Victoria angrily drags her away and the two begin a shoving match. In the end, Trish goes for the Chick Kick on Vickie, only for the powerful vixen to duck and TRISH NAILS MICKIE! Horrified, Trish hesitates, allowing Victoria to club her from behind, lifts her up high, AND PLANT HER WITH THE WIDOW’S PEAK!! Having laid out her ENTIRE team, Vicky shows off her impressive skills by running right through an oncoming Maria with a sick Savate Kick, before catching a diving Torrie and drilling her with the Black Widow powerslam!! Candice Michelle, much to her misfortune, is the only moving person, and Vickie quickly scoops her up, AND HITS A SECOND WIDOW’S PEAK, getting the decisive pin fall.
Winners: Trish Stratus, Victoria and Mickie James via pinfall @ 4:02.
The crowd can really do nothing but be tremendously impressed by what they just witnessed. Five women lie in a heap in the middle of the ring, all thanks to Victoria. As the referee slides back into the ring with the Women’s Championship belt, Vickie quickly snatches it from him and gazes at it, fixated. Her eyes flicker between the gold and the fallen frames of Trish and Mickie. Utter dominance.

We cut from ringside to backstage, where the ever present Todd Grisham is standing by, microphone in hand as ever.

Todd Grisham: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome my guests at this time … they are the World Tag Team Champions … the Spirit Squad.

Heat pours in from the crowd in the background, as Mikey, Mitch, Nicky, and Johnny all bound into screenshot overenthusiastically. The four of them are still wearing the smart suits that Eric Bischoff bought for them, and wave around a couple of megaphones much to Grisham’s annoyance. Johnny sports one of the World Tag Team title belts over his shoulder, smirks, and glances over his shoulder … as Kenny strolls into the shot, dressed to compete, with the other belt around his waist.

Todd Grisham: Gentlemen, in just six day’s time you will be competing at your very first WrestleMania against the reuniting World’s Greatest Tag Team, but tonight, Kenny, you have a shot at Shelton Benjamin’s Intercontinental Championship. What are your thoughts?

Kenny: First of all, Bob Mitchell, that’s not how you do an intro (Looks over his shoulder), is it, fellas?

The SS all fold their arms and shake their heads ‘seriously’ at Grisham.

Mitch: Let’s show him how we do. C’mon, guys, on one--

Kenny: (Cuts in) Maybe later, Mitch. (Turning to Todd) I’ll letcha’ off just this one time, Rod Fisher, ‘cause tonight’s not about intro’s--

The rest of the Squad pout in mock sadness, as Kenny turns to them, grinning.

Kenny: No matter how quite frankly awesome those intros are. (Back to Grisham) It ain’t about intros tonight, Clint, ‘cause tonight is step two in the Spirit Squad’s … grand … plan.

Todd Grisham: Grand plan?

Kenny smirks and turns to his boys again.

Kenny: Why don’t ya’ tell him what the plan is, guys?




The crowd laughs and Grisham looks a little bemused, whilst Mitch, Nicky and Mikey all slap hands enthusiastically. Kenny, on the other hand, shakes his head, whilst Johnny looks on.

Kenny: No, no, and NO! How many times do I have to tell ya’? When we’re playing ‘Justice League’ at home, that’s not the same plan we’re using at work! Understand?

The three guilty members nod solemnly.

Kenny: Good. (Back to Todd) So you wanna’ know the grand plan, huh?

Todd Grisham: You play ‘Justice League’?

Kenny: The plan is-- no, we don’t! We go to clubs and get with more hot women then you’ll even see in one of your magazines, Tom Tucker! Right, boys?

Mitch, Nicky and Mikey look at one another, confused, until Johnny steps forward with a sigh.

Johnny: Uh, that’s right, Ken. Hot women.

Kenny: You better believe it, Don Jackson, so don’t ask anymore dumb questions! Just for that … just for trying to embarrass me and my boys, I’m not gonna’ tell ya’ the grand plan. How’s that sound, huh?

Todd Grisham: Uh--

Kenny: That’s what I thought. But don’t try and weasel your way back into our good books. Our grand plan is now a secret grand plan, once and--

Johnny pats Kenny on the shoulder.

Kenny: (Sighs) What?

Johnny: Probably should’ve kept in secret to begin with.

Kenny: I know that now! (Turns to Grisham, ‘smiling’) Now, Chris Marshall, you wanna’ know how I’m feeling ahead of my Intercontinental title shot tonight against Mister Shelton Benjamin? Well, I’m feeling fine. I’m feeling good. I’m feeling confident. Ya’ know why? ‘Cause like week I already proved that I’m better than Shelton Benjamin when I pinned in the middle of the ring, one, two, three!!

The SS all applaud their leader sycophantically, whilst he remains ‘modest’.

Kenny: Only a few people in the entire history of this industry have ever held both the World Tag Team titles and the Intercontinental title, but after tonight, and after we cement our legacy as the REAL World’s Greatest Tag Team at WrestleMania … I’m gonna’ be one of them.

Grinning, Kenny holds out his arms and gets a ‘rub down’ from his team.

Kenny: Now, I think I deserve a “Spirit Squad”, dontcha’?

Johnny: (First forward) C’MON, ONE…

Mitch: TWO!

Mikey: THREE!


The gang hoots and dances around in their suits, waving their megaphones in the air, as Kenny regains some composure to give Todd Grisham and the camera one last message.

Kenny: Take a look at the future of wrestling, John Mathers.

Kenny smirks before walking off camera with the rest of the Spirit Squad following in his wake, leaving Grisham looking on, rather confused.

Todd Grisham: (Mumbling) It’s Todd Grisham.

Todd is left shaking his head as we fade from him into our second commercial of the evening.

{Commercial Break}

Backstage, the camera closes in on the chest of a familiar looking dark t-shirt, as a figure walks down a hallway. Slowly, the camera pulls out to reveal … The Legend Killer Randy Orton, still in the building, stalking along with a sneer on his face. He passes several backstage workers and low-level wrestlers, who look upon him with a mixture of fear and disdain, but he pays them no heed, and saunters on, as we fade away from him.

Elsewhere backstage, we see the unfortunate Mickie James, still dressed in her wrestling gear with a towel around her shoulders, sitting in the Diva’s locker room, slumped against the wall, an ice pack clutched to her temple, wincing ever so slightly.

???: Looks painful.

Mickie opens her eyes slowly and the camera backs up slightly, as … Victoria enters the screenshot, wearing her post-match sweats, staring at James.

Mickie James: Yeah … yeah, I guess it does.

Victoria: I know what it feels like, Mickie, I mean … … … Trish Stratus has kicked me in the head before too.

This draws a very different reaction from the youngster, as she eyes Vickie curiously.

Mickie James: What’s your point?

Victoria: (Casual) Nothing really. Just comparing notes. I wanted to ask you, y’know, ahead of the big match this Sunday between me and Trish … which hurts more, Trish’s kick … or my Widow’s Peak?

Mickie James: I … I’ve never felt your move.

On the usually so serious and business-like face of Victoria, a smile begins to appear.

Victoria: Oh … yeah, that’s right, you haven’t.

Mickie James: Look, what exactly is your point, Vickie?

Victoria: I just … don’t you just find it kind of funny that out of me and Trish, the one of us who’s claiming to be your friend is the only one who’s tried to hurt you? I’ve never said I was your friend, never pretended to be, but … but I’ve never laid a hand on you.

Mickie just looks at the floor, scowling.

Mickie James: Hit the nail right on the head there, didn’t you, Vickie?

Victoria: I’m sorry?

Mickie James: You’ve never been by friend … you’ve never pretended to be my friend … and you’ve never tried to be my friend … but Trish Stratus has! She was my first and only friend when I first came to the WWE … where the hell were you at, huh? Nowhere, that’s where, Vickie, nowhere.

Still holding the ice pack to her head, Mickie struggles up to her feet and steps forwards.

Mickie James: Just because I’m not in the title match in the strictest sense of the word doesn’t mean you can try to influence me. Mister Bischoff gave me a job to do … and I’m going to do just that. I’m going to call your match … right … down … the line. You don’t like it? Tell it to the showers.

Mickie gives Vickie a last, fleeting smirk, and we catch a glimpse of her unpredictable side, as she turns and saunters away into the shower area, dragging her towel with her, as Victoria glowers on, and some jobber named Mac begs for the cameraman to follow her.

WrestleMania Big Time Moment - XIV - Stone Cold Steve Austin defeats Shawn Michaels to win his first WWE/F Championship in Boston.

Match #2: 2-On-1 Handicap Match:
The Big Show (w/Paul Bearer) vs. The Heartthrobs
Still pissed off at failing to get on the WrestleMania card this year, Show completely murders the hapless tag team of Antonio and Romeo. After toying with the jobbers for a couple of minutes, the monster polishes them off with a Double Chokeslam to pick up the impressive victory.
Winner: Big Show via pinfall at 2:34.
As the bell tolls, signalling another win for the seven-foot mastodon, Paul Bearer takes a mic from Lillian Garcia and makes his way into the ring slowly (he’s big guy), stepping through the ropes as Show’s music fades again.

Paul Bearer: I WARNED YOU ALLLLLLLLLLLLL! I told all of you that this would happen if you … allowed me to unleash my giant on the world … AND TAKE A LOOK AT THE RESULTS!!!

Bearer directs the cameraman to focus on the fallen Heartthrobs beneath them.


Heat for the destruction of The Big Red Machine, as Show pounds his fists.

Paul Bearer: But still … still you people choose to anger this … giant. YOU LEAVE HIM OFF WRESTLEMANIA! You’ve all seen what he can do. He ended the career of my son, Kane … he played with Rob Van Dam (Pop) like a small child, and this Sunday, in Chicago, when twenty-one other men step into the ring with my monster … HE WILL SHOW NO MERCY! HE WILL SHOW NO REMOOOOORRRRSSSEEEE! And there will be no way to stop him from throwing every single one of them over the top rope AND STANDING OVER THEM AAAAAAALLLLLLLLLLL! When you left my mastodon off WrestleMania … YOU SOUNDED YOUR OWN DEATH KNELL! AFTER WRESTLEMANIA … HE’S COMING FOR REVENGE … FOR DESTRUCTION … OHHHHHHH YEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!

The camera in the ring is almost shaking; such is the fear of the cameraman at being so close to the monstrous Big Show. As the giant’s music hits once again, he raises his mighty arms into the air with a roar, whilst Bearer positively marks out over his latest meal ticket, and we fade.

{Commercial Break}

Backstage, we recognise the locker room door as one we saw earlier, belonging to Mickie James. The crowd pops at the sight of Trish Stratus, Women’s title in hand, walking towards the door. She is still dressed in her wrestling gear too, and wears a very concerned frown on her face. She pauses in front of the door and raises her knuckles, about to knock … but doesn’t. She waits in the same position for a long time, obviously a great many thoughts running through her head. Eventually … she lowers her hand and shakes her head. Trish sighs and retreats back down the corridor, a scowl on her face.

A pre-taped video promo begins to play…


It opens in one of the backstage areas in front of a completely black background, where … John Cena stands. His hands are clasped in front of him, and he wears his combat shorts and dog tags, but nothing else.

John Cena:
Ya’ll don’t have to tell me how important this Sunday is. I’ve been there before … the Main Event at WrestleMania. Last year I won my first ever WWE Championship … a title that was stolen from me … almost four months ago.

Cena’s jaw tightens and his knuckles clench.

John Cena:
I ain’t gonna’ pretend … I know I came back different. This ain’t the same fun lovin’ John Cena that ran ‘round the halls before the Royal Rumble. NUH-UH! No, sir. Certain things change a man for the worse … and having your head and neck spiked into some steel steps from someone … who’d like to cripple you … that’s one of ‘em.

A psychotic look flickers in his eyes.

John Cena:
I said it like I meant it last week … when I came back, it was for the WWE Championship second … and Shawn Michaels’ blood first. I don’t care how long it takes, or who I have to go through … but you can trust me on my word when I say this … I … am … going … to HURT … The Heartbreak Kid. Payback’s a bitch, and first chance I get …I am gonna’ … take … Shawn … OUT!

The crowd gives a very mixed reaction in the background.

John Cena:
Shawn Michaels is done … and that’s all I’ve got to say about that. As for Kurt Angle…

Pop, as The Champ rubs his chin.

John Cena:
Ya’ll might feel differently … but I don’t LIKE Kurt Angle … and I don’t RESPECT Kurt Angle. I think he got the message last week when I busted his ass open in the middle of the ring just like he did to me at the start of the year to take … MY … belt … this business between us is far from over.

Cena breathes in deep.

John Cena:
Kurt … think about this. You’ve beat me three times. You made me tap out twice when I was nothin’ but some punk ass rookie, and in January … you did exactly what Bischoff wanted you to do … cracked me open and spilled … my … blood to take the title. But, Kurt … I’ve beat you three times too … and unlike you, one of those wasn’t ‘cause of Eric Bischoff. I’ve PINNED your Olympic ass three times, Angle. But don’t worry … I ain’t gonna’ pin ya’ at WrestleMania…

A slightly darker expression falls on Cena’s face.

John Cena:
Like you always like to say … I AM GONNA’ MAKE YOU TAP … Kurt.

Another mixed reaction from the crowd, as The Doctor of Thuganomics holds up his tags.

John Cena:
Y’see this? This is what John Cena is all about. This is what John Cena is willing to do to get what he wants. I am willing to BLEED … SCRATCH … CLAW my way back to the top of the pile if I have to, butcha’ gotta’ understand this
(Indicating tags again) means I ain’t gonna’ forget … I ain’t gonna’ ignore what ya’ll did to me in the past. Kurt Angle, I got some serious business with you that I need to settle once and for all, so you can better your red, white and blue jack that this … is personal. And, Heartbreak Kid…

Cena actually has to look away to keep his cool.

John Cena:
… … …’s over, bitch.

The crowd actually pops for the increased edginess of Cena, as he stares ahead.

John Cena:
So you two can have your little WrestleMania Rematch tonight … beat the hell outta’ each other for all I care, ‘cause I’ll be seein’ the both of ya’ this Sunday…

Steps in close to the camera, menacing.

John Cena:
… … …And neither of you are walkin’ out alive.

Glowering, Cena lifts his dog tags up with all the menace and precision of a serial killer and kisses them gently, never once taking his eyes off the screen, as we fade from the shot into a graphic filling the entire screen, hyping the Triple Threat Match between Cena, Michaels and Angle.


Back to ringside.

Match #3: Inter-Promotional Six-Man Tag Team Match:
Chavo Guerrero, Gregory Helms & Carlito (w/Chris Masters) vs. Matt Hardy, Finlay & Mr. Kennedy
With six such high-calibre competitors in one match, it is no surprise that it goes off without a hitch and we get quite a thrilling contest to hype the Money in the Bank Ladder Match this Sunday. With the heel/face ratio on both teams, the tension is rife the Raw team in particular has problems, as only last week, Helms and Guerrero defeated Carlito and Masters in tag team action.
At the nine minute mark, the hot tag is made to both Helms and The Fighting Irishman respectively. With the crowd behind him, the tweenerish Helms comes in on fire, taking down Finlay with a barrage of clotheslines, before knocking Kennedy off the apron with a swift leg lariat. Greg ducks a swipe from Finlay and then whirls around, trapping his leg on the Irishman’s thigh, and hits an enziguiri, and goes for the cover but Hardy and a stunned Kennedy quickly break it up.
It all breaks down spectacularly, and Chavito and a reluctant Carlito enter the ring, evening things up.
Despite the home turf advantage, Matt Hardy manages to lead the way for SmackDown!, clotheslining Guerrero out of the ring and tossing Carlito through the ropes into his ‘friend’ Masters. This leaves Hardy and Helms in the ring with Kennedy scrambling about on the apron. As Hardy turns around, Helms quickly goes for the SHINING WIZARD, but Hardy manages to duck, spinning his teenage friend around and setting him up for the TWIST OF FATE -- but Helms shoves Matt into the ropes (where Kennedy blind tags himself in). Off the ropes, Hardy gets caught by Helms, who goes for the NIGHTMARE ON HELMS STREET, but this time it’s Matt who gets out of it by pushing Helms into the ropes. Kennedy tags Helms with a cheap shot unbeknownst to Hardy, making him easy pickings for a TWIST OF FATE, followed by a cover.
Just as Hardy hooks the leg, Kennedy races into the ring, grabs his tag team partner and hurls him shoulder first into the ring post! The crowd boos, but a smug KK, hooks Helms’ leg and picks up the win for himself/his team!

Winners: Matt Hardy, Finlay and Mr. Kennedy via pinfall at 10:07.
Kennedy falls backwards with a huge smirk on his face, as the crowd boos relentlessly, and Matt Hardy writhes around in agony, clutching his shoulder. As he rolls out of the ring, KK smiles at Hardy and points to his temple, mouthing, “I’m smarter”, as only he can, BUT CHAVO GUERRERO ATTACKS HIM FROM BEHIND!!!

Chavito angrily smashes Kennedy into the ring apron, knocking him in a loop, before throwing his limp body back into the ring. As Matt Hardy struggles back up to his feet in the ring, along with Gregory Helms, Chavo reaches under the ring and pulls out … A LADDER!!!!

The crowd roars loudly, as Hardy and Helms get the idea and roll out of the ring too, going under opposite sides of the aprons … pulling out TWO MORE LADDERS!!!! Back inside the ring, Kennedy staggers up to his feet, completely oblivious what is going on around him, as the three faces all slide their ladders into the ring and pick them up. With KK easy pickings in the middle of the ring, Hardy and Helms charge first, GOING TO SANDWICH KENNEDY WITH THE LADDERS -- he moves, AND THEY TAKE ONE ANOTHER OUT!!!!


The Masterpiece goes flying out of the ring like a rag doll, and Kennedy quickly looks to take advantage by racing towards Chavito like a mad man -- BUT GETS CAUGHT WITH A DROP TOE HOLD … ONTO A LADDER!!!! Kennedy sits up on impact but soon slumps right back down in an unconscious state, as a grinning Chavito Heat whirls around confidently -- RIGHT INTO A BACKSTABBER OUT OF NOWHERE!!!!

Where exactly Carlito was hiding is anyone’s guess, but this charismatic Puerto Rican superstar bounces back up onto his feet athletically, smiling at the bodies lying all around him in the ring, just as HE WALKS RIGHT INTO A STRAIGHT SHOT TO THE SKULL FROM FINLAY’S DAMN SHILLELAGH!!!!

The crowd can barely breathe such was the rapidity of the “OOHHS” they had to throw out there at the sound and sight of each sick shot. ‘Lito crumples down to the canvas alongside the others, as Finlay, the oldest and wiliest man in the match gives a toothless grin at the wreckage, before calmly exiting the ring to heat from the crowd.

{Commercial Break}

SmackDown! Rebound:
- Mr. Kennedy hosts the debut edition of his new talk show, The Mic Suite, with special guests Bobby Lashley and Paul Heyman; with Paul E. laying down a challenge for next week to The Undertaker.
- Shane McMahon agrees to put his family’s legacy on the line against Randy Orton at WrestleMania.
- Edge tricks Batista into not thinking he is there, before laying him out with a con-chair-to to close the show.


A thunderous mixed reaction engulfs the arena, as the ominous music of the ten-time World Champion rumbles over the PA. Slowly but surely, encased in his usual darkness, The Game Triple H steps out onto the stage, dressed in a close fitting black shirt, jeans, and sporting a pair of shades. In one hand he holds his familiar water bottle, and in the other, a slip of paper. After scowling up into the rafters, Hunter begins his steady, arrogant march down to the ring.

Jim Ross: In a mere six days, that man, The Cerebral Assassin, The King of Kings, The Game, the ten-time World Champion will be entering quite possibly his most intense, physical and downright personal match ever, as he faces his long-time rival, Rob Van Dam, in what will no doubt be a hellacious Street Fight.

Jonathan Coachman: Woah, woah, woah, WOAH! Why don’t you hold up there, tonto? Were you not here last week? Mister Bischoff said if Van Dam even breathed on Hun--Triple H then RVD was out of here. And what happened? Oh, that’s right; Mister Van Dam kicked a steel chair in The Game’s face and cost them their match! Make no mistake about it, J.R, that ECW dinosaur is out of here.

Though it would be nice to let Coach go on forever, Triple H is drawing to the end of his long entrance, as he poses on the apron amongst the flashing lights, before spraying water into the air like a dragon breathing fire. Stepping through the ropes, Helmsley poses on the turnbuckle for a while longer, removing his shades, before stepping down, as his music begins to fade, and snatching a mic from a worker at ringside. With the crowd in full swing, they are raucous as ever for the uber-over Hunter, leaning towards heat, as he stands in the centre of the ring … waiting.

Triple H: As I’m sure you all know by now … this kind of position … six days away from WrestleMania … six days away from THE biggest match of the night … the money-maker … the headline-grabber … the show-stealer … is really nothing I’m not used to. I’ve been there countless times before.

Moderate boos for the almost lazy arrogance of The King of Kings.

Triple H: People might call Shawn Michaels “Mr. WrestleMania”, but as far as I’m concerned … there’s only one man who deserves that title … and you’re looking at him.

Heat, as Helmsley sneers.

Triple H: But y’know, I don’t need the flashy monikers like Shawn does. My record speaks-- wait, my list of victims speaks for itself … Kane, The Rock, Mick Foley, The Big Show, Chris Jericho, Booker T AND MORE! The biggest … the baddest … and in Mick Foley’s case, the most overrated in this companies history … and they’ve all fallen at … my … feet.

Cocking his head, The Game almost seems to be expecting cheers. He receives few.

Triple H: To be honest … I’m getting pretty sick and tired of coming out here week after week and having to reel off a list of everyone I’ve beaten just to try and get some damn respect in this place. Don’t get me wrong … I don’t WANT your respect … I don’t NEED your respect … but it’s my GOD-GIVEN RIGHT and I DESERVE your respect.

Boos, as Hunter fumes.

Triple H: You gave respect to Stone Cold Steve Austin without him even having to ask for it … AND I’VE PROVED OVER AND OVER AGAIN THAT I AM BETTER THAN THAT PIECE OF TRASH! He gave you the finger … and you still kissed his redneck ass. How about The Undertaker, huh? I PUT HIM DOWN AS WELL! He’s barely spoken two goddamn words to you in fifteen years … yet you still love him. It’s pathetic.

The crowd pours the heat on.

Triple H: … … …But at least … at least those guys have done something in this business. At least they’ve won World titles, been in high-profile matches, had classic after classic … done something to deserve your recognition … but what the hell … has Rob Van Dam EVER done?

Almost on cue, the “R-V-D” chants reverberate around the arena, drawing a shake of the head from Helmsley.

Triple H: I … I just can’t get it through my head just what exactly you all see that man. He was part of a washed up, backstreet company wrestling in bingo halls for god knows how many years, and those of you in the audience tonight who don’t sit at home in front of computers jacking off to guys going through tables -- which is most of you -- you’d never even heard of Rob Van Dam, let alone worshipped the ground he walked on.

Snarling, Hunter paces angrily.

Triple H: Yet you chant his name, and you … (gobsmacked) you chant the name of the dead company he used to work for? Is that what you think wrestling is? A bunch of pot-smokin’ hippies throwing chairs at each other and jumping through tables? If that’s what you think wrestling is then why the hell are you even sitting here watching this show tonight?

Careful now, Hunter, we don’t want to lose viewers.

Triple H: But … but that’s the only reason I can see why you would cheer for Van Dam. He’s not a monster like The Undertaker. He’s not charismatic like The Rock. He’s not … (Scoffs) ‘handsome’ like John Cena. He’s not an athlete like Kurt Angle. He’s not a rebel like Stone Cold. AND HE SURE AS HELL ISN’T THE GREATEST WRESTLER OF ALL TIME LIKE ME!

Major heat for that statement.

Triple H: So the only reason you cheer for him … the only reason you love RVD … is ‘cause he’s … hardcore? Honestly … … … that’s sad.

Hunter rubs his stubble thoughtfully.

Triple H: It’s sad … sad that that is the only kind of respect that you can get, Rob. I mean, I thought nobody would take that away from Mick Foley … but, man, you can tell your weed-sellin’ kids that you outdid the ‘Hardcore Icon’ on something now, huh?

More boos, as Trips affords himself a small chuckle.

Triple H: Y’know, I actually lied when I came out here. I said I’d been this position before … and I have for the most part … but not exactly. I mean, whenever I’ve been on the show before WrestleMania, I’ve not had this feeling that the only reason people are gonna’ be watching my match is because … of me alone. Don’t get me wrong, I know they’ve always been watching mainly for me … but this year? Sorry, Rob, but I don’t think your internet fan boys and ‘pity fans’ are gonna’ draw in the buy rates this time.

Hunter brings the piece of paper up.

Triple H: And, Rob, I’m gonna’ give you something else to thank me for now, ‘cause last week … last week Eric Bischoff told you that if you laid one … single … hand on me … your ass … was gone. And shall we see exactly what happened? Take a look.

The Game directs our attention to the Titan Tron, as a video recap of last week’s Main event tag team match between Triple H/RVD and Angle/Cena begins to play.


Cursing his luck, Triple H whirls back around, RIGHT INTO THE VAN DAMINATOR!!! Memphis cheers, but J.R and Coach go nuts on commentary, wondering whether or not that move just cost Van Dam his career.

Showing absolutely no concern whatsoever, RVD just stares down at Helmsley’s unconscious body with hatred in his eyes, perhaps the most intensity Van Dam has ever shown in a WWE arena … before leaving the ring. No compassion, no emotion, nothing. RVD simply walks away, leaving his ‘partner’ and WrestleMania opponent high and dry.


The video ends and we return to the arena and the booing fans, whilst Triple H stands dead still in the centre of the ring, gazing up at the screen with, if anything, a slightly remorseful expression on his face. He shakes his head and raises his mic again.

Triple H: You all saw it … you all saw what Rob Van Dam did to me. First … he puts the General Manager through a table (Pop) … and now this? You’ve been asking for this, Rob.

Hunter holds up the slip of paper.

Triple H: I here … a contract … signed by Eric Bischoff … even signed by the Board of Directors … that, due to Rob Van Dam’s persistent refusal to obey the rules of WWE authority, authorises … the firing of that ECW piece of trash. All it needs … is the signature of the individual who he was forbidden to touch last week … me.

Slowly, Helmsley reaches into his pocket and pulls out a pen. The crowd is in shock, booing furiously, whilst the camera pans over to show Coach smiling broadly from ear to ear (<3). Trips holds the page out in front of himself and begins to sign … BUT HE SUDDENLY TEARS IT IN HALF!!!! The audience actually pops incredibly for The Game, though not strictly for him. He tosses the scraps of paper to the canvas and stares up into the crowd with a rather … evil grin.

Triple H: Did you really think I was gonna’ let him off that easy?

Now the crowd hates The Game again. He’s pretty good at doing that.

Triple H: You really thought that I was just gonna’ let him walk out of this place without facing me? So he could ‘retire’ gracefully … making whatever bulls**t he wanted about how I was afraid of him … or how he could beat me? Really? Did you really think I was that stupid?

EPIC heat on The King of Kings now.

Triple H: The biggest punishment Rob Van Dam is ever gonna’ get is the one I just gave him. He’s stuck in this company for the rest of his damn career … a career that’s never gonna’ amount to ANYTHING! You’ll see … he’s gonna’ do the same as he’s done for the past five years … he’s gonna’ float around in the mid-card looking up at guys like me and dreaming … of what could have been. But it will never be.

Triple H stares into the ringside camera with intense eyes.

Triple H: Rob … Van … Dam … is mediocre. Rob Van Dam … is average. Rob Van Dam … is a curtain-jerker. He’s a mid-carder … for life. I … AM EXCEPTIONAL! I … AM GREAT! I … WAS BORN A WORLD CHAMPION! AND I WILL ALWAYS BE BETTER THAN ROB VAN DAM, NO MATTER WHAT THE HELL YOU PEOPLE THINK!!!!

The Cerebral Assassin looks almost psychotic as he rants.

Triple H: This Sunday, I am gonna’ prove to the whole world once and for all why Rob Van Dam is pathetic … and I … am … that … damn … goo--


The crowd goes APOPLECTIC with a deafening reaction, and Triple H slowly turns his head. Though he looks pissed off at being interrupted, The Game has the air of a man who was expecting such and interruption, and tenses himself … as Mr. Monday Night Rob Van Dam steps out onto the stage to another otherworldly pop. Dressed in his usual one-piece, with a t-shirt over the top, RVD locks eyes with Hunter immediately. The ECW Alumni does not hold a mic in his hand, and does not look as though he is in a talking mood … as he begins walking down the ramp...

…but here comes the General Manager of Monday Night Raw, at the top of the ramp, Eric Bischoff waves down a whole host of security guards, who immediately rush down towards the ring and form a blockade in front of Mr. Monday Night, preventing him from getting to the ring and The Game.

Omaha is incensed and boos the living daylights out of both the panicked looking Eric Bischoff and the rather more relaxed yet still intense Triple H. Hunter holds out his arm and points through the wall of security directly at Van Dam, giving him the kind of look that would send shivers down most spines, mouthing the ominous words, “You’re … finished”.

Nodding his head slowly, RVD’s gaze never change from one of silent intensity, as his eyes burn a hole through The King Of Kings. With the crowd on their feet, insane with the anticipation of this titanic battle, we begin to fade out, but not before we get two more great close ups of first the enraged fury of Triple H’s face, followed by the cold, silent anger of Van Dam, who murmurs “Sunday” under his breath.

{Commercial Break}

A pre-taped video promo begins to play…


Just like the one previously, it opens in a completely black backstage area, clearly from somewhere in the building … where The Heartbreak Kid Shawn Michaels stands nonchalantly as ever, arms folded across his chest, leaning back against the wall with one foot resting against it. He wears jeans and a leather vest, with a black cowboy hat perched neatly on his head, as though shielding his eyes from the sun, completing his look of total arrogance.

Shawn Michaels:
Now I know what this kinda’ thing is all about … since I’ve done about a thousand in my career. They say to us, “go out there and hype your match, hype the whole show by showin’ ‘em just how … excited you are by it … tell ‘em, ya’ can’t sleep at night for thinking about it … can’t eat … can’t drink … but all you keep on doing is jackin’ off over and over again to the thought … of WrestleMania.

HBK looks up, smirking slightly.

Shawn Michaels:
That might be true for guys like … Rob Van Dam … guys like Rey Mysterio … John Cena … guys who’ve never done a thing in this business worth writin’ down … guys who aren’t used to THE BIG ONE … still can’t get their head ‘round the spectacle of it. But that ain’t me … that ain’t ole’ aitch’ bee’ kay … the one and only … Heart … Break … Kid.

Mixed reaction, as Shawn begins to get more animated.

Shawn Michaels:
Y’see, my name’s been up in the big lights before … so many times in fact that I’ve gone and lost count. Maybe when I first stepped through the curtains with Marty Jannetty at my side … maybe I was a little overexcited … maybe I couldn’t sleep … couldn’t eat … all of those things that I’m supposed to be sayin’ now … but ever since then … it’s been nothin’ … but an ordinary day at the office for the official Icon of World Wrestlin’ Entertainment.

Rubbing his hands together, HBK grins.

Shawn Michaels:
Bret Hart, Big Daddy Cool, Triple H, Stone Cold Steve Austin … I’ve headlined the biggest shows … Kurt Angle, Chris Benoit, Chris Jericho … I’ve main evented the grandest stages … DONE IT ALL … in this business … and this Sunday … it ain’t gonna’ be any different.

The Icon runs his fingers across his stubbled jaw line.

Shawn Michaels:
Can you count on The Deadman keepin’ his streak? Can you be sure that Rob Van Dam’s gonna’ break through that glass ceilin’? That Big Dave Batista’s gonna’ hold onto his title for a whole year? That … Mister Olympia … Kurt Angle will still be WWE Champion? … … … No, sir. But what can be certain of … the one thing that happens every - single - yea … without fail … is that yours truly … The Heartbreak Kid … The Headliner … The Showstoppah’ … THE MAIN EVENT will deliver a spectacle the likes of which you have NEVER, EVER seen … before.

A pretty positive reaction greets Michaels’ confidence, as he nods.

Shawn Michaels:
But … I didn’t all of sudden go deaf … I didn’t go blind or senile now that ole’ ‘aitch ‘bee ‘kay’s not as young as he used to be. I saw my old buddy John Cena make his (Air Quote) ‘Big Return’ last week on Raw. I saw him bust up Kurt Angle … and I heard him say that he was comin’ for one man and one man alone …
(Nonchalantly points to himself) me.

HBK feigns fear before coming to.

Shawn Michaels:
Lemme’ tell ya’ somethin’ … ‘Champ’. This ain’t ‘aitch ‘bee ‘kay’s first walk in the park. This ain’t my first ball game. I’ve been doing this since before you first started rappin’ in front of your mirror … kid. I’ve been threatened by the biggest and the BADDEST that this business has ever produced … I’ve pissed off some of the meanest S.O.B’s walkin’ the face of the earth … and take a look at whatcha’ see standing before ya’ … ‘homie’.

Glancing over his shoulder mockingly, Michaels faces the camera again, full of fire.

Shawn Michaels:
That’s right. You see ME! You see … The Heartbreak Kid Shawn Michaels … the one and only … STILL standin’ tall … STILL acting like I’ve always done … STILL surviving like I’ve always done … and that’s the way it’s ALWAYS gonna’ be! Don’t try ta’ anyone that you’re BADDER than The Deadman … don’t spin it that you’re MEANER than Big Daddy Cool … and you better not even lie to yourself that you’re TOUGHER than Steve Austin … ‘cause, Cena … YOU’RE NOT!

The crowd boos and cheers.

Shawn Michaels:
That’s right, John, that’s why you can stop scratchin’ your head, stop wondering why the hell I’m still here instead of packing my bags and headin’ for the hills to get away from the
(Fake horror) ALMIGHTY JOHN CENA! (Serious) ‘Cause I’ve heard it all before, champ … heard it from better men than you … and the result was still the same … the stories have all ended the same way … and our tale, Cena, it’s not gonna’ be any different … ‘cause at WrestleMania it’ll be you, just like it was on Raw … you and Kurt Angle lyin’ flat on your backs … and ‘aitch ‘bee ‘kay … the initial outlaw of World Wrestlin’ Entertainment … will be standin’ tall … holding the WWE Championship … number … five.

Calmly, The Showstopper adjusts his hat slightly.

Shawn Michaels:
And, Kurt Angle, just in case you thought that I’d forgotten about ya’ … how did that slice of ‘Chin Music taste like week? Did it taste like it did all last year and you and I fought back and forth, pillar to post, ‘cause I don’t give a damn if it did or if it didn’t … ‘cause one thing I know for certain and that’s that last year at WrestleMania … you humiliated me … you showed up The Showstopper in front of the world, somethin’ nobody’s ever been able to do before … by makin’ me tap.

The crowd pops in the background.

Shawn Michaels:
Kurt Angle … I don’t forgive … and I don’t forget. Not only am I gonna’ take a hell of a lot of pleasure from beatin’ you tonight, six days away from the granddaddy of them all … but come Sunday, it’s your turn to be humiliated, your turn to run and hide … because mark my words, Angle, Mr. WrestleMania is LAH-VE’ AN’ KICKIN’ … and he’s coming for ya’!!!

Shawn eyeballs the camera, a glimmer in his eye.

Shawn Michaels:
Chicago, get ready.

Almost a slight wink.

Shawn Michaels:
… … …Here I come.

The smile on HBK’s face slowly fades into an look of pure intensity and determination, as the camera shot also begins to fade out into darkness with another graphic for the WWE Championship Triple Threat Match this Sunday.



“WWE WrestleMania XXII, April 2nd, 8/7CT, live on pay-per-view”


Back to ringside.

Match #4: Intercontinental Championship Match:
Shelton Benjamin © (w/Charlie Haas) vs. Kenny (w/Spirit Squad)
Despite all of the outside interference from the Spirit Squad and {retaliation imo} Charlie Haas, Kenny and Benjamin tear it up, doing what two bright young things should do. At the mid point, we cut to a quick commercial break. We return from the break with Kenny in control thanks to a shady trip from Mitch on {which Coach completely ignores} and the World Tag Team Champion remains in control until Shelton begins to make his big comeback at the eleven minute mark.
Benjamin takes Kenny completely by surprise by landing on his feet after a Monkey Flip, before hitting the Dragon Whip out of nowhere for a two count. Shelton drags Kenny back up to his feet and then whips him into the corner, before charging in. Benjy flies, looking for a Stinger Splash, but the twenty year-old tag champ leaps up and over him, causing Shelton to crack his head on the top of the steel post, damn near knocking himself out!! Kenny smirks, winking to his ‘boys’ at ringside, before taking a second to recover, and making the universal signal that it is over.
Kenny quickly climbs to the top turnbuckle and looks for his impactful GUILLOTINE LEG DROP, but Benjamin moves out of the way, causing Ken to crash and burn, before Shelton dives over and rolls Kenny up with an Magistral Cradle for a three count, as Haas blocks the SS.
Winner: And STILL Intercontinental Champion Shelton Benjamin via pinfall at 11:03.
The crowd gives one almighty pop for the result, though Shelton barely looks like a winner, as he sits up dazedly and Kenny does the same, disgusted by the result. As if on cue, just as Benjamin’s music kicks in, THE SPIRIT SQUAD ATTACK!!!

The four remaining members make it into the ring and go right after the fatigued Intercontinental Champion. Mikey races towards Shelton first -- BUT CHARLIE HAAS GRABS HIM FROM BEHIND, DUMPING HIM ON THE BACK OF HIS HEAD WITH A SICK GERMAN SUPLEX!!!!

A huge pop goes up from the fans, as Mikey is sent from the ring … but Haas is set up too by the stunned and vulture-like SS. Nicky and Mitch grabs rain down blows on him, before grabbing him by the arms and dragging him to his feet.

With Nicky holding Charlie firm, Mitch comes off the ropes and THROWS A STIFF LARIAT -- BUT HAAS MOVES AND HE WIPES KICKY OUT INSTEAD!!! Furious, Mitch whirls around with another swipe … duck, rear waistlock, AND ANOTHER GERMAN SUPLEX FROM HAAS, TAKING MITCH OUT OF HIS BOOTS!!!!

The crowd notices the menacing Johnny measuring Haas from behind with one of the tag belts and screams for the collegiate All American to turn around -- BUT SHELTON GRABS JOHNNY -- LOW BLOW OUT OF NOWHERE FROM KENNY!!! Benjamin crumples down to the ground in heap, and Haas spins … ONLY TO GET DRILLED WITH THE TAG TEAM TITLE BELT RIGHT BETWEEN THE EYES!!!!

Thunderous boos ring out around the arena, as the egomaniacal Kenny begins barking his orders once again. Nicky and Johnny both do as they are told and grab the winded Shelton Benjamin, laying him out in the middle of the ring, pinning him down to the canvas against his will, as Kenny heads up top.

As the crowd screams and Shelton struggles fruitlessly, Kenny perches himself on high. Eyes closes, completely lost in his own greatness, he points to the sky, before KENNY LEAPS OFF THE TOP AND HITS HIS GUILLOTINE LEG DROP ON SHELTON RIGHT ACROSS HIS HEAD AND NECK!!!!

Kenny rolls around for a bit, clutching his hamstring to put over the move, as Johnny grabs the World Tag Team Championships and Nicky picks up the Intercontinental belt. With Mitch and Mikey struggling back into the ring, Kenny holds both the tag team and Intercontinental Championship high over his head, gazing first at his fallen foes and then closing his eyes in ecstasy, as we fade out.

{Commercial Break}

Back from the break, we are shown a replay of the attack on Haas and Benjamin before the commercial. Back in real time, Kenny, Johnny and the rest of the Spirit Squad stroll through the backstage area, as a smiling Eric Bischoff, and several pissed off looking superstars look on.

Kenny indicates the rest of his team to Bischoff.

Kenny: Money well spent, huh, Mister Bischoff?

Easy E. grins from ear to ear, clearly in agreement with his young star.

Kenny: Now, let’s see Rod Grisham try to forget our name,

Kenny then arrogantly takes off, carrying the World Tag Team Championship belt over his shoulder, as he saunters down corridor. The rest of the SS stroll along behind him, laughing and snickering amongst themselves, carrying various bags and the other title belt, their business all taken care of until WrestleMania.

Back to ringside.

Jim Ross: Pretty disgusting actions from the Spirit Squad to say the least before the break. I’m getting beyond sick of the way these guys are going about their business.

Jonathan Coachman: That’s because they keep on winning, J.R, and lord knows, we know you always back losers.

As they are talking, ‘Big Time’ by Peter Gabriel begins to play.

Jim Ross: We’ve told you countless times before, but we want to say thank you to Peter Gabriel for the official theme song of WrestleMania Twenty-Two. It’s called ‘Big Time’ and, folks, that’s what this Sunday is all about.

Jonathan Coachman: It’s going to be absolutely huge, J.R. This is going to be the debut of the Coach as a WrestleMania commentator, but enough about me, we’ve got twelve matches lined up for you, almost half a dozen Main Event calibre bouts, seven titles on the line, two Inter-Promotional matches AND MORE!

Jim Ross: What makes WrestleMania so great is that it’s not just about the matches. It’s about the moment too, and what a moment it’s going to be for the Hall of Fame class this year. The Blackjacks, Gene Okerlund, ‘Sensational Sherri’, Verne Gagne, Bret ‘Hitman’ Hart, and the late, great Eddie Guerrero. What a line up that is right there.

Jonathan Coachman: Yeah, whatever, J.R, that’s enough about those old timers. I don’t care what anybody says, I’m looking forward to the matches more than anything, and they don’t come much bigger than what we just witnessed, the World Tag Team Champions putting their belts on the line against the reuniting World’s Greatest Tag Team. Are The Spirit Squad the new best team in the world? I think so.

Jim Ross: Well, I’m sure Charlie Haas and the Intercontinental Champion Shelton Benjamin will have a thing or two to say about that, Coach. Tension between these two long time friends no doubt, but can they work it out when it matters?

Jonathan Coachman: No way. Anyway, that’s not all. You want to talk about predicaments? Well, how about the one Mickie James has found herself in? She’s going to be the Special Guest Referee in a huge showdown between the longest reigning Women’s Champion in the last decade, Trish Stratus, and the unstoppable Victoria. Just whose side is Mickie on?

Jim Ross: An intriguing situation for sure there. But intriguing doesn’t cover what has gone down between The Nature Boy Ric Flair and JBL over the past few months. Though you’re going to have to wait ‘til SmackDown! this Friday to hear from those two, this Inter-Promotional war has raged on both shows all year, and with Flair’s career on the line this Sunday, it doesn’t get anymore personal.

Jonathan Coachman: Wish they could have been here tonight, but be sure to tune in to the B-Show this Friday for Flair and JBL’s FINAL confrontation.

Jim Ross: You saw how intense this rivalry between Triple H and Rob Van Dam has gotten, and at WrestleMania it reaches its head in one of the most brutal matches ever devised. A STREET FIGHT! The hatred these guys have for each other is off the page, and you have to believe that one way or another, this Sunday, someone’s getting hurt.

Jonathan Coachman: Without a doubt, J.R, this business between The Game and Mr. Monday Night has to come to an end this Sunday … or it’s going to tear this show apart.

Jim Ross: That’s not all. We’ve been hearing from them all night, but this Sunday it’s put up or shut up, as WWE Champion Kurt Angle, Royal Rumble winner John Cena and Shawn Michaels lock it up in one of the most emotionally charged Triple Threat matches in this companies history with richest prize in the game on the line.

Jonathan Coachman: That’s what it’s all about, J.R. A lot of issue going into that one, that’s for sure. Pride, hate, revenge, it has it all. But just who the hell is going to come out on top? The youngster? The Showstopper? Or The Olympian?

Jim Ross: A show stealer if ever there was one. But it’s time to take a look at the SmackDown matches, so let’s say hello to Michael Cole and Tazz in WWE studios, in Stanford, Connecticut.

We cut away to the studio where Michael and Tazz stand in front of a screen.

Michael Cole: Thank you, J.R, Coach, and I have to say, what a tremendous card Raw has for WrestleMania, one the best ever … but, Tazz, I think SmackDown! might just have THE best ever.

Tazz: You kiddin’ me, Cole? “Might”? We’re stacked to steal the show, baby.

Michael Cole: And the match on everyone’s lips has to be the oh so personal encounter between the man you all saw tonight on Raw, The Legend Killer Randy Orton, and one of the owners of this company, the daredevil, Shan McMahon.

Tazz: Oh, without a doubt. Orton took out Teddy Long, he took out Shane’s pops, Mister McMahon, and now, with The McMahon Legacy on the line, he’s looking to score big time by retiring Vince, Linda, Shane and Stephanie … FOR GOOD!

Michael Cole: That’s going to be a hell of a fight. But just how much fight will Rey Mysterio have left in him come this Sunday when he faces Booker T for the United States Championship? The biggest match of Rey’s life, and Booker has done everything in his power to make the high-flier’s life an absolute misery all the way.

Tazz: Yes, he has, Cole, Booker’s one smart cat, and this may just prove to be one step too far for the giant killer, Rey Mysterio.

Michael Cole: How about the WWE Tag Team Championship? MNM have held those belts for the better part of a year, and like it or not, they’ve beaten BOTH of their challengers this Sunday, The Hooligans and The Bluebloods. Nitro, Mercury and Melina always find a way to get the job done it seems.

Tazz: Oh, man, we could be looking at the match of the night right there, baby. Six top class athletes getting in on for the richest prize in the tag team world. Stuff of legend.

Michael Cole: Don’t forget about the Cruiserweight title, partner? Match of the night potential right there as the plucky, the determined, and the oh so tough Jamie Noble FINALLY gets his fair, one on one shot at the dominant champion, Kid Kash.

Tazz: I know both of those guys, Cole, and I tell you I am psyched for that showdown. That’s what the Cruiserweight division is all about: the best in the world producing the best wrestling in the world to settle it at WrestleMania. Can’t wait.

Michael Cole: You thought JBL-Flair was our only Inter-Promotional bout? Think again. Last year it was six Raw superstars. This year there’s three from Raw and for the first time ever three from SmackDown! vying for that heralded Money in the Bank briefcase in one of the most spectacular ladder matches you’re ever likely to see.

Tazz: With a World title shot up for grabs, you better believe that guys like Finlay, Gregory Helms, Matt Hardy, Chavo Guerrero, Mr. Kennedy, and Carlito are going to put it all on the line to get the duke.

Michael Cole: The streak is once again under fire and perhaps more so than ever, as The Undertaker faces the challenge of the UNDEFEATED and, quite possibly, UNSTOPPABLE Real Deal Bobby Lashley at WrestleMania this Sunday.

Tazz: Lashley is the baddest dude walking the WWE halls right now, and he’s left Taker lying every single time they’ve met -- and with Paul Heyman in his corner, you got to believe that Big Bad Bobby is the man to FINALLY get it done.

Michael Cole: And, last but by NO means least, it’s the big one, the Main Event -- the most dominant World Heavyweight Champion of, well, EVER, The Animal Batista puts his year long reign on the line as he faces the challenge of the man who won the first ever Money in the Bank Ladder match at last year’s WrestleMania, that’s STILL Mr. Money in the Bank, the Rated R Superstar, Edge.

Tazz: These two guys … do … not … like each other one bit. There’s some serious bad blood between these two guys, Cole, and with the added ingredients of the year long streak, the Money in the Bank contract, and, of course, the World Heavyweight Championship, this is going to blow use away.

Michael Cole: I’m sure it will, partner, I’m sure it will. That’s it from us on SmackDown! folks, I’m Michael Cole and with me is Tazz. We’ll see you Friday, and let’s take it back to Omaha and J.R and Coach.

Instead of going right back to ringside, we cut to the locker room of the one and only Heartbreak Kid Shawn Michaels, as he stares right ahead, a vain smirk on his face, before scooping up his cowboy hat, positioning it on his head and exiting the room calmly. Game face.

Jim Ross: Thank you, Tazz and Cole, and, folks, I wouldn’t go anywhere if I were you. Coming up next it’s the WrestleMania rematch one year on, it’s WWE Champion Kurt Angle versus Shawn Michaels in one of the biggest matches in Raw history. NEXT!

{Commercial Break}

A pre-taped video promo begins to play…


As with the previous two promos, we open in the backstage area somewhere against the completely blank, black canvas … where the Wrestling Machine, the WWE Champion Kurt Angle stands, looking primed and focused as ever. Wearing sweats and a black ‘Pain’ t-shirt, Angle sports the title belt over his right shoulder, as he eyeballs the camera.

Kurt Angle:
I’ve been in this position before, I’ve been a matter of days away from the Main Event of WrestleMania … from walking into the Main Event at WrestleMania as WWE Champion.

Kurt glances at his belt.

Kurt Angle:
And you know what happened that night? What happened on that night three years ago when I stepped into the ring for the biggest night of my life?

Pure intensity comes across his face.

Kurt Angle:
… … …I lost.

A scattering of boos from the crowd.

Kurt Angle:
Oh, I could say, “I didn’t show up”, “I wasn’t a hundred per cent”, “I wasn’t ready”, and about a million other excuses to make you think that WrestleMania Nineteen was a blip, that it was a mistake, that the real Kurt Angle didn’t show up … but that’s just not true.

Angle shakes his head.

Kurt Angle:
I DID show up … I WAS a hundred percent … and I was MORE ready than I ever have been in my entire life. There was just one problem, the man I was facing was all of those things … but more importantly, on the day … he was BETTER … than me.

Boos from the crowd.

Kurt Angle:
But … then … I was hundred per cent … THEN, I was ready … THEN, I was as good as I could be. But, NOW … now … I’m all of those things … but I am simply … better.

Angle snarls, as the audience pops.

Kurt Angle:
I am three years better than I was at WrestleMania Nineteen. I’m faster, stronger, and more focused than I have EVER been … and quite frankly … if I was facing the man I faced three years ago … (Smirks) no contest.

Cheers, as Kurt’s eyes narrow.

Kurt Angle:
This is MY year … this is the year that Kurt Angle rights the wrongs of three years ago and walks out of WrestleMania the WWE Champion … ‘cause I’ve held this belt before … but I’ve never has my DEFINITIVE reign. But this time … THIS time … if you’re gonna’ take this away from me … you’re gonna’ have … to prize it away … from my … cold … dead … hand … ‘cause there’s NO WAY ANYBODY … is going to outwrestle Kurt Angle. NO WAY! NOT THIS TIME! NOT THIS YEAR!

Growing more animated, The Olympian grimaces.

Kurt Angle:
John Cena … you seriously think that just because this your BIG RETURN …that I’m just going to roll over and … die? You saw last week that’s not how this is gonna’ work, Cena. I’ve made you TAP three times in the past … and barely four months ago … I made you BLEED to take …
(Rubs belt) this. Face it, John, the two times you got the better of me … well, one of them was by disqualification, so why the hell you’re counting that, I don’t even know, and the other time was ‘cause of that jackass Daivari getting in my way! Facing, Cena … you’ve beaten me fair … and square … one time only.

Mixed reaction from the split crowd.

Kurt Angle:
I’ve only EVER beaten you by tap … out, Cena … and at WrestleMania … I don’t plan on changing that.

Slight pop, as Kurt’s mouth twitches.

Kurt Angle:
And … Shawn Michaels. The Heartbreak Kid. The Showstopper. Mr. WrestleMania … and all that other crap! I thought we settled this last year … I thought we put that myth to rest when I OUTCLASSED you on the grandest stage HBK, when I made your sorry ass TAP THE HELL OUT in the middle of the ring in Hollywood … in front of the world?

Rubbing his chin, Angle scowls.

Kurt Angle:
But I guess I should be used to you by now, Michaels. I should be used to the whining … moaning … complaining of the WWE’s most notorious BITCH!!! You tried to kick my teeth right down my throat at Saturday Night’s Main Event WHEN WERE PARTNERS, DAMMIT!!! You cost ME the match that night … and then last week, just when I’d put that punk Cena down for the count … ya’ got me again, Michaels.

The Champ forces a wry smile.

Kurt Angle:
Well, Michaels … I’M NOT WAITING FOR WRESTLEMANIA!!! Bischoff might be a complete idiot when it comes to most things, but he understood one thing … he saw the look in my eyes last week after you superkicked me … he saw I wanted your blood … hell, he saw I wanted your ANKLE, Shawn, and he made this match tonight. As far as I’m concerned, at WrestleMania, it’s Kurt Angle versus John Cena … one … on … one … ‘cause, Shawn … you’re not walking out of Omaha tonight.

Angle takes a calculating step towards the camera.

Kurt Angle:
But whoever it is this Sunday … whether it’s two of you … or one of you … or none of you … the result is still gonna’ be the same. I am the best wrestler in the world … FACT … and no one can live with me. In Chicago … in front of millions … at WrestleMania … I’m going to walk in … as W … W … E … Champion … and I’m gonna’ walk out the exact … same … way.

Eyeballing the camera, Kurt looks as intense as ever.

Kurt Angle:
(Softly) It’s true…

Looks at his championship and looks up again.

Kurt Angle:
(Softly) … … …It’s DAMN true.

Angle stares into the camera with one of the fiercest gazes one is ever likely to see, as we fade out from that picture into, once again, the graphic for the WWE Championship Triple Threat Match at WrestleMania 22 this Sunday.


Back to ringside.

Main Event: Non-title: WrestleMania 21 Rematch:
WWE Champion Kurt Angle vs. Shawn Michaels
Though this match doesn’t get anywhere near as much time as their previous encounters, being the true pros that they are, Angle and Michaels go at a frantic pace to compensate. Raw’s side of the card gets a wonderful send off, as the two best wrestlers in the company show the youngsters how it’s done. There are now rest holds or any working over of body parts in this one, making it stand out in their battles, as Angle goes after HBK with high impact moves and a plethora of suplexes, whilst Michaels excels in his heel role.
The end draws near around the ten minute mark when HBK makes an uncharacteristic error after skinning the cat on the apron and failing to see that Angle is standing behind him, having watched the entire thing. Michaels is grabbed and Kurt drills him with a trifecta of German Suplexes, before yanking down his straps and setting The Icon up for you know what. Shawn staggers back to his feet and The Olympic Gold Medallist goes for the Olympic Slam -- no, Michaels slides out of it and lands behind Angle … SWEET CHIN MUSIC -- no, Angle CATCHES SHAWN’S FOOT … ANKLE LOCK!!!
Angle cinches in his deadly submission manoeuvre, and has applied in the centre of the ring for a good while, and it looks like we will be seeing a carbon copy of last year’s WrestleMania -- BUT SHAWN MAKES THE ROPES!!! Michaels completely milks the damage done to his ankle, so much so that the referee actually holds Angle back from attacking further, causing the WWE Champion to become pissed off. Eventually, Angle has seen enough and storms over towards HBK … SWEET CHIN MUSIC OUT OF NOWHERE -- no, Angle had it scouted AGAIN and ducks. Michaels whirls around for a second time, but he quickly fins himself with the WWE Champion’s arms around his waist, hurling him over for another German Suplex … AND SHAWN DOES A 360 IN THE AIR, LANDING ON HIS FRONT!!! The crowd is in awe, and Angle looks to have finally done it, as he scrambles over, about to finish The Headliner off … when JOHN CENA begins walking down the ramp.
Cena looks slightly psychotic as he makes the long walk, eyes locked on his two rivals, slowly removing his dog tags, as he approaches. Angle begs him to come to the ring, turning his back on HBK … who suddenly reaches up dazedly, grabs Angle in a school boy, hooking the tights and getting a quick three count!!!
Winner: Shawn Michaels via pinfall at 12:22.
As soon as the count is made, Angle bursts out of the pin immediately, as does HBK and the fight is back on!! Michaels throws a right hand, but Angle ducks, kicks Shawn hard in the gut, lifts him up and brings him crashing down, FINALLY CONNECTING WITH THE OLYMPIC SLAM, getting a great pop from the crowd!!!

Angle screams down furiously at the fallen Showstopper before a light turns on his head and the crowd scream, and he turns -- Cena pulls him in by the arm, up onto his shoulders … F-U TO THE WWE CHAMPION RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE OF THE RING!!!!

Almost in the complete reverse of last week, Shawn Michaels and the WWE Champion Kurt Angle are left completely laid out in the ring, as The Doctor of Thuganomics stands over them, his chest heaving with a furious intensity. Slowly, just like HBK did last week, Cena bends down and picks up the WWE Championship {which the referee had brought in}. He stares at it for a few moments, before smirking and tossing it down right in the space between Angle and Michaels.

As Ross and Coach going absolutely insane, giving us the big finally sell for the Raw side of WrestleMania this Sunday, Cena stands over his two opponents and does an arrogant flex muscle pose, showing off his power and rage and anger to a thunderous mixed reaction, with his two opponents, Michaels and Angle, laid out beneath him.



Current Card for WWE WrestleMania XXII:
Date: April 2nd, 2006
Location: Allstate Arena; Rosemont, Illinois
Event Music: Peter Gabriel; Big Time

WWE Championship; Triple Threat Match:
WWE Champion Kurt Angle vs.
The Heartbreak Kid Shawn Michaels vs.
2006 Royal Rumble Winner John Cena

World Heavyweight Championship Match:
World Heavyweight Champion Batista vs. Mr. Money in the Bank Edge w/Lita

Street Fight; Unfinished Business:
'The Whole Dam Show' Rob Van Dam vs. 'The Game' Triple H

One On One:
'The Phenom' The Undertaker vs. 'The Real Deal' Bobby Lashley

The Nature Boy vs. The Wrestling God:
Ric Flair vs. John Bradshaw Layfield

{If Ric Flair loses, he must retire}

Legend vs. Legend Killer; No Holds Barred Match:
Shane McMahon vs. 'The Legend Killer' Randy Orton

{If Shane loses, the McMahon Family must leave the WWE forever}


United States Championship Match:
Booker T
w/Sharmell vs. Rey Mysterio

Money In The Bank Ladder Match:
Chavo Guerrero vs. Matt Hardy vs. Gregory Helms vs. Finlay vs. Carlito vs. Mr. Kennedy

Cruiserweight Championship Match:
'The Notorious K.I.D' Kid Kash vs. 'The Pitbull' Jamie Noble

World Tag Team Championship Match; WGTT Reunite:
The Spirit Squad vs. The World's Greatest Tag Team

{Benjamin's Intercontinental title is not on the line}

WWE Tag Team Championship; Three-Team Elimination Match:
w/Melina vs. The Hooligans vs.The Bluebloods

Women's Championship Match:
Trish Stratus vs. Victoria

{Mickie James as Special Guest Referee}


Pre-WrestleMania Sunday Night Heat 22-Man Battle Royal
Winners Gets Intercontinental/US Title Shot After WrestleMania

Matt Striker, Val Venis, Viscera, Chris Masters, Eugene, Gene Snitsky, Lance Cade, Trevor Murdoch, Doug Basham, Danny Basham & The Big Show
w/Paul Bearer
Juventud Guerrera, Psicosis, Super Crazy, Steven Richards, Nunzio, Scotty Too Hotty, Hardcore Holly, Simon Dean, Mike Mizanin, James Dick & Orlando Jordan w/Jillian Hall


Hall of Fame Ceremony 2006
"Mean" Gene Okerlund, "Mr. USA" Tony Atlas, Verne Gagne, "Sensational" Sherri, The Blackjacks {Mulligan and Lanza}, Bret "Hitman" Hart, and Eddie Guerrero


Banner Credit: Crazian
WM Gif Credit: will94
MITB Gif Credit: ADR LaVey
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Re: Legend Presents: World Wrestling Entertainment

RAW Feedback

Been in and out of this thread, you know the drill. I'll try my best to read back and know everything that's going on. Randy Orton on RAW? I must say it was an amazing promo. This anti-outlaw character you have him fits him perfectly. I loved his lines and I loved the way he delivered the material. McMahons as faces though are still kind of wierd. I guess this build and keeps Orton as one of those guys who can maintain heat even against someone who will be booed no matter what. I don't see the McMahon family leaving the company but I don't see Orton losing at Mania either. Something has to give. Orton not being able to ever compete for a title is a wierd stipulation but after the McMahons are gone, then who's going to stop him from being champion? Now as long as Randy doesn't suck up to Eric Bichoff, his character will be near perfectly protrayed. Face authority and heel authority shouldn't make a difference in the way he thinks. He controls everything and he knows it. The trademark line to end the promo didn't feel out of place either, which usually does when someone incorporates it into a promo like this. Well done with this

Jonathan Coachman is awesome. Almost as awesome as the freaky pervert in Mac's thread (almost). Okay I have no idea what's going on in the women's division but the match seemed good but why were Vicky, Trish and Mickie on the same team? To self destruct? Vicky really showed her dominance in the match but a Vick vs. Trish feud seems so '3 years ago' even in 2006. A triple threat with Mickie would've been better but her being the special referee makes for an interesting angle. The best way to go into a special referee situation is when the referee favors one person in a match but the referee's influence/loyalty in this match is confusing as all hell

I HATE the Spirit Squad but this promo kicked all kinds of ass. Although their stupidity has long since been established, it's always nice to see them solidifying it. I can't see them going strong a long way but if you do break them up, do it in an interesting way instead of always pushing Kenny and neglecting the others. Kenny forgeting the name was most likely intentional but with it being Spirit Squad and all, Kenny might actually have forgotten. Where do you get Mathers ? If you went for Mathews, shame on you. Mathers ftw

Another wierd promo. Okay, so Mickie has a slight gay crush on Trish and still thinks that Trish is her friend. I don't know why trish would jeapordize a strong chance of leaving Mania with the title by crossing the referee. Victoria was solid with her points but Mickie seems way too naive here, good thing that you're doing something different from other bookers. I do think however that Mickie will screw Trish come Mania, albiet it being unintentional

It's funny that Show isn't on the card but as it is you have more than enough matches. I don't why you're having a 24 man battle royal. 22 would be more appropriate for WrestleMania 22 don't you think. I'm sure it'd be easy to throw out two useless guys but 24 is no biggie. After all this hype for Big Show in the match, I don't see him winning because that would be the obvious thing to do and I dare you to try something different. Push Masters or Striker or better yet, push THE MIZ! ~___~. Paul Bearer was awesome, the match was not

Trish situation was intriguing but I don't think it'll develop. John Cena's looking really thuggish. I don't see him winning the WWE title at WrestleMania 2 years in a row. Good video to get Cena enough hype going into Mania but I do see him being at the end of the show as well, seeing as you are hyping WrestleMania and need to do everything you can. Michaels vs. Angle tonight should be awesome

Money in the Bank preview match was very good. SmackDown guys picking up the victory on RAW was pretty much expected. That's how things work in the WWE world. The aftermath was awesome and builds to a...well...basically unstacked Money in the Bank Ladder Match. More on WrestleMania later

Triple H drew a lot of heat and rightfully so. Putting down Austin and Taker and yet not bringing up the Rock was kind of wierd. Every time I see any given wrestler insulting the smarks, realism suffers. I don't have any problem with any wrestler doing that once in a while but recently I've been hearing that from a lot of guys. But WWE are starting to move into that direction to try and do anything to make everybody feel like they were wrong. You could use the analogy that Triple H saved Van Dam's life to make him suffer. I don't quite see Triple H doing that. Van Dam fighting > Van Dam talking so props there. Guards restraining the battle built even more anticipation for this sunday and after this Van Dam looks to be out for blood. I'm sure if any match will dawn blood, it'll be this one

Shawn did a wodnerful job in hyping him at the main event of Mania just like Cena. Cena and Michaels have their own fair share of fans so both of them are being treated like a tweener unless they're going against Angle. Howver in Chicago, I see Angle getting the biggest pops with Shawn right behind him. The atmosphere at WrestleMania should be electric. Shawn put himself over and comparing Cena to Taker, Diesel and Austin was a bonus for the fans

So much for Kenny's words earlier on. Benjamin and Haas should be pushed and I think they will as they're both loved by the IWC. Pretty nice buildup for the tag titles at WrestleMania. Benjamin and Haas are pretty much a lock on to win though imo. Spririt Squad dominating tonight usually means that they'll lose and Mania and I think the trend will follow. On the words with Bichoff, atleast he god Grisham right this time

Pretty nice way for the commentators to hype their brand up for Mania. SmackDown does offer better matches at Mania imo. We'll see if it delivers better or if RAW can hang with them. Like the two before him, Angle put himself over in the promo and ended with his own catchphrase. I don't see anybody cheating at Mania and expect a clean match. Angle is in an amazing position to retain the title

Shawn Michaels winning was good. And technically the angle (not Kurt Angle) is 270 degrees. The way he won made everybody look strong but I expected Cena to be on commentary for this match. Michaels got the win, got laid out by Angle and Angle got laid out by Cena. Everybody has enough build. A little disappointed that Jonathan Coachman's final hard sell wasn't written out in dialogue. Pretty amazing go-home episode for RAW especially before the grandaddy of 'em all

WrestleMania looks sweet. Edge vs. Batista at this point in time looks an amazing main event and Michaels vs. Angle vs. Cena has the potential to be a classic. RVD vs. Triple H has had amazing buildup and with it being a street fight, will serve us with hardcore action. Lashley vs. Taker would be a great way to establish Lashley and Taker's dominance. I don't think Lashley has any chance of ending the streak even with Heyman by his side and I don't think you're brave enough to end the streak either. Flair vs. JBL has also had brilliant build, the horsemen and cabinet were awesome but they shouldn't interfere at Mania. I don't see Flair retiring either, not like this and not at the hands of JBL. Orton vs. Shane McMahon. With Orton not having anything on the line, it leads us to believe that Shane will win but it will be perfect opportuity to pull the swerve. I would love to see a major angle develop from this. DO IT! 6 Main Events is a lot. I'll save my Undercard thoughts for the SmackDown review and let's see if my predictions can be swayed after I read the preview

Goodluck with WrestleMania
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Re: Legend Presents: World Wrestling Entertainment

Monday Night Raw

6 days till Mania baby!!

My god, your wording is SOOOOO good. I have never read such good descriptions of men simply walking to the ring. Said it with Lashley on SD, and feel the same about Orton here. While I’m fully aware that the King is a shell of his former self in terms of announcing, he still OWNS Coach. Sorry.

Orton surprises us by making an impromptu Raw appearance, and he really lays it out there. Nicely written dialogue from Orton here. Doubt it was your best, and it didn’t like blow me away or anything, but it was still very good. It put much of what’s going on with Orton and his character into perspective for me. I cannot see him winning Sunday, but it’ll actually probably come down to Vince helping Shane or something. It will be one hell of a fight, and with just one SD! left in the way, I’m ready for this one.

The commentary brought this point to mind. I always see you bash – well not so much bash as show your ‘I’m tired of him’ attitude - HBK. But at the same time, you have him as the third wheel of your WWE Title triple threat WrestleMania MAIN EVENT. And the other day you mentioned something in my thread about HBK being the ‘best in the business’. I see you may be bored of his character, but you obviously know who to turn to come bell time.

Six Divas tag featuring Sunday’s involved divas was really well done. A great way to sort of tease the animosity between the three, and then finally have it break down, with the challenger in the end looking dominant. Nice job. Could’ve done with some commentary to follow the match tho, as this is the last time the Divas get a chance to shine before Sunday. JR certainly would have done some post match putting over.

God I HATE the Spirit Squad. And now I hate you! Reason? That promo was so spot on and so humorous, I actually thoroughly enjoyed something involving them.

Very good segment with Mickie and Victoria there, and I am very glad to see that you didn’t ‘quit’ the divas for the night. Insightful interaction here, and I am glad to see that we got to see some of Mickie’s unpredictability. One thing though, wouldn’t Mac be begging the camera man to follow Mickie?

Paul Bearer FTW! Really nice little segment here (bar the squash match against the Heartthrobs). Bearer surely will light a fire under the 500 pound ass of the Show. Glad to see you at least acknowledging that such a star doesn’t have a match and is pissed about it. He wins the Battle Royal hands down. One thing though, why a 24 man? Should it not be a 22 man battle royal?

Trish is a mixed bag, not sure how to handle her blooper. I have a feeling there is some sort of swerve upcoming in the Women’s scene, whether at or post Mania. Again, kudos for giving the division its due.

Unreal intensity there from Cena. I don’t really know everything that’s going on, but again with one promo, you’ve put so much of it into perspective for me. It seems to be essentially three tweeners, with Cena leaning towards quite the heel at the moment. Could’ve done without Cena’s claim he would kill them (not so many words) this Sunday, but still, well done. Cena is out for blood. The match is so hard to call, but at this stage, I have to think Angle will retain. Should make for some epic fan involvement come Sunday in Chi Town.

Bloody awesome to have had the six man tag featuring the MITB guys. Smackdown win was good, and Kennedy picking up the duke was a rub for your late night love. SD! seems on paper to have the stronger three competitors. Aftermath was a nice touch, with a bit of a Mania primer as all hell broke lose. Some fun action there, and the right man – Finlay – stood tall at the end. Another Smackdown guy at that. Nice job.

The Triple H promo fro me was actually the least entertaining thing of the night. I don’t know why really. It was a bit off for the first few verses I think. Just not much to gloat over, and the wording struck me off at times. Subject matter was okay though. Once the stuff about Austin started, it picked up and got better. Then, *sigh*, he said goddamn. BOO!! With that said, the promo really picked up from there. Love the way you – once again- told me a lot of the backstory which I didn’t know. You and Patman actually have similar ways of how your having RVD’s opponents classify him, each of which are spot on. The Game ends up damn near psychotic, and I LOVED how he would rather kick RVD’s ass then allow him to be canned. Perhaps this promo ran a little longer than needed, with maybe the first part I wasn’t crazy about adding to that. Nonetheless, RVD finally makes his way out. Glad to see you have him as SUCH a favorite. He gets such a mixed bag of approval from BTBers. Nice wayu to hold it off too. This thing is at a fever pitch, and I cannot wait for the match. RVD goes over, or dies trying.

My god, the jackin off comment (much like Mac’s ‘whackin off’ comment) was just so silly. Unrealistic and uneeded, and totally killed what was a great opening to the thing. But love of god, the rest was absolutely phenomenal. I mean it. So well written. HBK too, like Cena, seems very much a heel here. And again, just like I said earlier, you KNOW who to turn to for main events, whether you like him or not. Great work sir.

The WGTT – Spirit Squad stuff was good too. Glad to see you keep the belt on Shelton. And also glad to see the SS get the final duke, as that may mean a ‘L’ for them come Sunday in Chi.

Love the card run down. Missing the King tho. Could’ve changed up the HOF ceremony though, as that is also somewhere you have the right to be creative. I know they all deserve it but still. Really well written, and the commentators were very realistic in presentation. Liked the old school manner of sending it over to the SD guys to do their own card. Great lineup legend, and after only reading/reviewing two shows, I cannot wait!

Great piece from Kurt too. Shorter, and rightfully so, than the others. Loved the way he put Brock over so without saying his name, only to then put himself over as being out of Brock’s league today. I also ate up the irony, as he actually wasn’t near 100 percent at 19. Not much more to say, it just flowed really well. All the dialogue towards each man was well done. My heart says Kurt retains, by once again beating HBK at Mania, leaving Cena to save face and live to fight another day.

Great main event for the Raw before Mania. The match was well done for the time it was given, and I loved the way you explained it. The outcome, with HBK winning thanks to a Cena staredown, and Cena standing tall over both, further cements all the beliefs I came up with already. Angle wins Sunday, beating Shawn, and perhaps even following a John Cena onslaught on HBK. Cena to fight another day.

Phenomenal show Legend. Seriously. No one could ask for the Raw before WrestleMania to be delivered with any more class. I mean it bro. <3

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Re: Legend Presents: World Wrestling Entertainment

March 27th Raw Feedback

Great that this show is finally up … has been a long month of waiting for the next installment. Raw starting with Orton coming down to the ring is shocking to say the least … I figured that his match against Shane has had enough build by just being on Smackdown!. Orton not doing the ‘Destiny’ pose and also seeming to be much more reserved works for his character so well, as he needs to be in the right state of mind heading into WM22. The final hype for the match was good and I was wondering what Orton was getting at by saying that he doesn’t need anyone’s permission t go anywhere … AND ORTON IS COMING TO RAW~! I am really not sure what is going to happen this Sunday because Orton has been built perfectly but I don’t see him in the WWE without having a title shot. I also don’t see the McMahon family leaving and I loved the teased confrontation with Shane. Very good promo from Orton and I love his character at the moment. Should be a great final encounter on Smackdown! this week and I hope that the match at ‘Mania doesn’t disappoint.

Not very strong opponents for the three divas in the title match at WM22 … but everyone else on Raw pales in comparison to Trish, Vicky, and Mickie. Mickie playing the peace-maker between the two divas going at it at ‘Mania is great because she is really a tweener right now. Trish takes out Mickie … and Vicky takes out Trish! Great way to make Vicky look strong ahead of the match with Trish at WM22. Result was never in doubt but since you made Vicky look so strong … pretty sure that Trish will retain before going into the program with Mickie.

Great way to get the Spirit Squad on camera … and this interview was golden. I love how Kenny tries to make his entire clan seem less dorky, lovin’ the ‘Justice League’ stuff, tbh. Kenny seems pretty confident but I don’t see him beating Shelton tonight … or retaining the WTT Titles at WM22. Todd got owned in this segment, which is always good, and this made the Spirit Squad actually enjoyable. Look forward to Kenny/Shelton later on tonight.

Love how damn intimidating Randy Orton is … he is probably the best character in this thread.

Love that the Women’s Title situation is getting so much attention. Everyone knows that the kick to Mickie by Trish was merely an accident but good that Victoria is trying to make Mickie turn against Trish. Mickie doesn’t take the bait and I am surprised that she is still on Trish’s side … just because of all that happened when Mickie came into the WWE. This is making me think that maybe Trish is the one to turn heel … after she retains against Vicky at WM22.

Big Show destroying the team of Antonio and Romeo just shows how dominant he has been in the past few months. Shame that he isn’t on the card for ‘Mania … but if he doesn’t win the battle royal, I will be shocked. Good promo from Bearer after the match, putting over Show’s anger and his destruction of Kane. Can’t wait to see what you have planned for this monster after WM22 … should be an awesome push.

Trish not going in to apologize to Mickie? Makes the heel turn all that more inevitable, imo.

I am assuming that a promo like Cena’s will also be shown for Angle and Michaels? Awesome way to hype up this awesome Triple Threat match, tbh. Cena as the edgy tweener is SOOOO much better than the Cena we are used to seeing … the little bitch that all the kids love. Cena is looking for revenge against both of his opponents, but the focus is more on HBK. I can see this costing Cena, as he won’t be too focused on Angle. This was an intense from Cena and I just hope that the ones by Angle and HBK are just as good … I’m sure that they will be.

Very good way to get the final hype for the MITB match, with all six guys going at it in a Raw vs. Smackdown! contest. Very good ending to the match as all six-man matches seem to have a brawl before the end and I love how smug KK is, making the blind tag, letting Hardy do all the work, and then throwing him into the ringpost to get the victory for himself. Very cool aftermath, with everyone seemingly being on top for a short period of time before someone else comes in and takes them out. Finlay standing to end the segment was pretty cool because he needs to be thought of as a legit contender heading into the match … even though I have a hard time picturing him as Mr. MITB, tbh. Interested to see what happens on Smackdown! to hype the match even more … KK vs. Finlay plz.

Triple H cutting a promo the week before ‘Mania … I didn’t expect anything less. Very good way to start the promo, talking about all the guys he has put down … and then going on to say that RVD is not nearly as good as any of those guys. Triple H is ripping into the career of RVD and that is the perfect way to get heat, with RVD being such a fan favorite. Cool to see the footage from last week again … but everyone knew the match wasn’t going to be called off … and Triple H actually gets a huge pop for ripping up the contract. Some more good RVD “bashing” to end the segment, before Triple H guarantees victory … but much to everyone’s pleasure … here comes RVD! Makes sense that Van Dam wouldn’t be in a talking mood and the security guards was a good move by Bischoff … this feud has already had enough physicality, tbh. Great final hype for the huge Street Fight at WM22 … can’t wait to see who comes out on top … possible MOTN, imo.

So now we get Triple Threat promo #2 … and this one from HBK was better than Cena’s, imo. Good way to start … kinda like a shoot interview … saying that he was told what to say before stepping in front of the camera. HBK has been there before and I’m glad that he talked about that. He really hates Cena and like I said with the Cena promo … that will be what ends up getting both him and HBK … their obsession with each other. HBK says he is coming for the WWE Championship and I am glad Angle wasn’t forgotten … the match between these two tonight should be great. Awesome promo, I doubt that you can top it with Angle’s.

Sounded like a great match between Shelton and Kenny, glad to see it get so much time. Makes sense that the SS will try to get involved and I am glad that Haas was able to help even up the numbers. Benjamin looks to be in control but it is Kenny who goes for his finisher … and misses! Shelton gets the quick victory on the roll up, keeping both men looking strong. Haas and Shelton seem to fend off the SS long enough … but Kenny hits the leg drop to show his dominance. SS going over the show before the PPV makes me think Haas/Benji are getting the win at ‘Mania … hope I’m right.

Glad that other superstars hate the SS … good line from Kenny … singles push soon plz.

Great to see you hype up the card for ‘Mania the way that you did, hardly ever see that in the WWE anymore. I can’t wait to see this PPV, could be the biggest in BTB History, tbh. DON’T DISAPPOINT!!

Angle gets his promo for the Triple Threat match and I gotta be honest … it was better than I thought. I loved the constant references to Brock Lesnar {The Vanilla Gorilla still owns, imo} without actually saying his name. Angle is the most intense man on the roster right now … that is why I see him retaining at WM22. Good promo from him and I love how he said he will hurt HBK tonight … should be an awesome match.

I never expected the match between HBK and Angle to go longer than 14-15 minutes … gotta save something for ‘Mania. I love that the match was all intensity and I thought Angle had the match won with the Ankle Lock … but Shawn made the ropes. HBK never gets in SCM and the German suplex by Angle sounded sick … I love when he does the move that well. Cena needed to get involved and he distracts Angle … allowing HBK to get the victory! Total chaos for the third straight week to close the show, as Cena is the one standing tall, having taken down both WM22 opponents. Epic way to close the show, everything was done perfectly to build this match to his highest potential.

Legend, you gotta start producing shows quicker … they are so good I can’t stand waiting between them! JK, I know that Life > BTB … but still. Everything was done perfectly tonight, you have hyped up the ‘Mania card as well as I could have imagined. Hope that Smackdown! delivers the same thing, I know it will. A few minor mistakes tonight, but you still deserve 10/10.


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Re: Legend Presents: World Wrestling Entertainment

Raw Review

Honestly, I was pretty miffed when Orton came out; makes no real sense for him to be there, but his explanation was good, getting over the fact that he can supposedly do whatever he wants whenever he wants. It also effectively sets up his Raw run and hypes up the confrontation to take place on SD (while also filling a long segment, rit? ) Promo was typical Orton, wavering between psychotic and egocentric. Still not sure how this thing can end. I don’t see anyway that Randy can lose to Shane and have it make sense at the right time. But, I also don’t see the McMahons being banished from the WWE. I’m gonna go with an Orton victory, but somehow Shane & company earn their way back in.

It’s clear that the Women’s Title Match is a placeholder until the Mickie-Trish feud is ready to kick off, but I’ll be damned if Victoria hasn’t looked impressive in recent weeks. Good booking in this match to cause even more friction between Mickie & Trish, continue the problems between Trish & Vicky, while making Victoria look like a legitimate threat for the title.

The Spirit Squad is awesome. I thought the forgetting of Grisham’s name was overdone, but everything was on point. Kenny as the leader actually gives the group a bit of a legitimate identity…and with Johnny as a second, me really like.

“…some jobber named Mac begs for the cameraman to follow her.” Well-played. Still got to believe that the inevitable split between Mickie and Trish is still on, even with The Mick rebuffing Victoria’s claims. Both were spot-on here, btw.

SHOW SQUASH~! I keep forgetting how annoying Bearer is on the mic…but he’s a heel, so it all works out, I guess, and I can deal as long as the Big, Nasty Bastard continues to get this push.

WTF was that all about? That’s gonna cost her…

Strong promo from Cena, something that’s becoming harder to get as Cena moves closer into heel territory, while distinctly a face. Nice job reiterating his reasoning for hating Angle (loss of the title) because what’s gone down between the two of them the last few weeks isn’t nearly enough for hatred. Looking forward to the other two having one of these as well.

Kennedy OWNS, but that’s beside the point at the moment. Tag match breakdowns are always nice when you need to express the every-man-for-himself nature of something - especially something like MITB. The brawl was awesome (good move bringing the ladder into play) and lol @ Finlay being the last man standing. I don’t think he takes it on Sunday, but it was a nice segment for MNRaw.

LOVED Hunter’s promo on Van Dam. Maybe it’s because I agree with almost every word … maybe it’s because I enjoy seeing RVD effectively buried on the mic … but I’d like to think that it’s because it continues to perfectly play into the storyline between the two. The ripping up of the contract is just the type of thing that H would do, and it’s always that kind of thing that always manages to get the bad guys in movies in trouble. I know that RVD sucks on the mic for the most part, but if he’s gonna go over (and I expect him to), he needed to be able to say a little something on the show. Still a very strong segment from H.

Decent enough promo from Shawn Michaels, not as good as Cena’s but decent enough. Can’t complain about the jackin’ off comment too much (for obvious reasons), but it did seem a bit out of place, considering what he was talking about.

The match between Benji and Kenny, and subsequent aftertmath were well done. Haas looking like a complete bad ass is no shock coming from you (~___~), but the SS continue to completely own this feud and thread.

Angle’s promo was on par with Cena’s, but different and interesting in its own right. There were a couple of words missing here or there, which made it a bit difficult to read, but the point wasn’t lost, and it ‘twas a tremendous one. Angle’s gotta win this match at WM. After all of this talking, he comes across as the man that needs to win the most. Plz?

Definitely a WM level main event to close things out, and I thought we’d get a no contest; didn’t happen, but we got close enough to it with the rollup. Fast and furious aftermath, but with Cena picking up the final blow, I’ve gotta believe that he’s out of the running for the main event victory, which leaves us with Angle and Michaels. Kurt plz. Strong way to end a strong show.

Another strong show. Everything effectively built up the WrestleMania card, especially the three promos from the main eventers and the Mickie-Trish-Vickie situation. Strong work.

for the week of September 28th


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Re: Legend Presents: World Wrestling Entertainment

Okay, so I know not many people cast their busy eyes over these update-type things, but I thought that my absence from this section, and my own thread in particular, was so abrupt that it was, well, rude.

Firstly, I haven't abandoned this thread. One show to go till WrestleMania? Are you kidding me? I enjoy writing this fucker. I'm just a lazy S.O.B who takes weeks between shows. Other jobbers do it too **cough** Mac **cough** That's where the final SmackDown has been lurking anyway. It's pretty much done, as it 'Mania {save the customary last minute tweaking}, and I intended to post them both before I went on holiday. Guess what? My lazy ass ran out of time. Internet Cafes don't really allow you to sit their posting fucking epic shows, so it'll have to wait unfortunately.

That's not my main concern. Most of you who follow this know I take an age between shows, so you probably haven't even noticed. My main concern is that guys who I review will think that I have abandoned them. Not that you've been particularly active yourselves in my absence **cough** Mac and Reney **cough** PatMan's the guy who seemed most perturbed by me not being around {<3}, so I just wanted to let him know that I've been reading his shows whenever I can, and I will be back full time in a few weeks.

Anywho, that's pretty much it. I hope to be back soon. I'm looking forward to posting W'Mania ... really, I am.
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Re: Legend Presents: World Wrestling Entertainment

Legend~! Thanks for the blurb in your update.

But seriously, I knew that you wouldn't be abandoning this thread ... I was just concerned (NB, and Wolf haven't been around in ages, you're on vacation, and Mac is taking a while with the next show ... I get impatient, tbh). Good to hear that SD! is pretty much done and also that 'Mania is pretty much done. I will be reviewing both, old buddy ... can't wait to read them.



PatMan Presents: World Wrestling Entertainment 2007
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Re: Legend Presents: World Wrestling Entertainment

I have been wondering where you had been Legend. I thought your past SmackDown was epic. Seriously, I loved the Mic-Suite. And RAW was awesome too, Ortons promo was so, so good. Cannot wait for this upcoming SmackDown and then Wrestlemania.
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Re: Legend Presents: World Wrestling Entertainment

Raw was very nice, I just skimmed it but it was very good. Can't wait for Wrestlemania!
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