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Re: Legend Presents: World Wrestling Entertainment

Friday Night SmackDown; March 24th, 2006; Memphis, Tennessee

The Legend Killer and the…

Before the show commences, we are greeted with a rapid Video Package, which highlights the SmackDown side of thing just six nights ago at Saturday Night’s Main Event – Bobby Lashley and Paul Heyman presented their ‘eulogy’ to The Undertaker and left him in a bloody heap; Booker T and Kid Kash def. their respective WrestleMania opponents, Rey Mysterio and Jamie Noble; MNM def. The Hooligans to retain the WWE Tag Team Championships thanks to The Bluebloods; JBL and The Cabinet called out The Four Horsemen, but were ultimately run out of town; and in the WrestleMania Main Events Collide Main Event, it was World Heavyweight Champion Batista who emerged from the chaos, getting the win for his team and his brand.

Upon entering the arena, instead of the ceremonial pyrotechnics as per usual, the lights are already dimming, a spotlight on the ring, as …


Memphis gives a surprisingly huge ovation for the still relatively new superstar, less than a year into his career, as Mr. Kennedy waltzes out onto the stage, dressed sharply in an black suit, shirt and pants combo, forgoing the tie tonight. It is mostly boos, but there are some cheers in there too, causing KK to raise and eyebrow, before sauntering on down to the ring, where his set is already in place.

Michael Cole: Well, what a way to kick off Friday Night SmackDown, with the debut of a new talk show here in the WWE. Hello, everyone, I’m Michael Cole, joined by Tazz at ringside, and, partner, it looks as though Mister Kennedy doesn’t want to waste any time tonight.

Tazz: Kennedy. No way, Cole; a guy like Mister Kennedy … Kennedy don’t hang about for nobody, especially when he just guaranteed his spot at his first EVER WrestleMania last week by qualifying for Money in the Bank; and ESPECIALLY when he’s gonna’ be introducing his own brand new talk show, baby, I can’t wait.

Mr. Kennedy steps up onto the apron, performing his usual gangly theatrics before finally stepping through the ropes and into the ring. The ring itself looks very impressive, adorned with a lush brown rug across the centre of the mat; two brown, leather armchairs sit slightly apart from one another; and in between them sits a small wooden table, holding what appears to be an old fashioned grammar phone. It all looks very cosy, very 1950s, and Kennedy seems to fit right in, such is his classy black suit. Smirking, KK poises himself in the centre of the ring, right under the spotlight, before casting his arm into the air and snatching down his custom microphone as it falls. The mic looks right at home in the 50s setting, and Kennedy smirks into it, gazing around.

Mr. Kennedy: Ladies and gentlemen … welcome … to the dawning of a new era.

A mixed reaction from the crowd, as KK licks his lips, controlling his audience perfectly.

Mr. Kennedy: No, this is no longer the age of … Piper’s Pit … not the time for Funeral Parlour’s, Love Shacks or King’s Court. Oh … no … no … no. We are not living in the past anymore … so you can kiss goodbye to your Highlight Reels … you can say sayonara the Carlito’s Cabana … and you can give a fond adieu to the Cutting Edge … ‘cause their time … their place … their age … is over.

Another fairly positive reaction for Kennedy, mainly due to the hosts of all those shows being heels in the history of the WWE.

Mr. Kennedy: Step aside, ‘Rowdy’ Roddy Piper … back o’ the line, Jerry Lawler … see ya’ later, Chris Jericho … mind the step, Mick Foley … don’t let the door hit ya’, Edge … AND … take a hike, Carlito, ‘cause there’s a new big dog in town, and he’s setting up his stall right here … and right now.

A smattering of boos can be heard, as KK breathes into the mic.

Mr. Kennedy: So, ladies and gentlemen, without further ado, feast your eyes on what you see before … take a good, long, hard look, as you witness history … you all have the honour of being present at the very first edition … ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, coming to you all the way from the studios of GREEN BAY, WISCONSIN-AAAAA (Loud cheap heat) … I PRESENT TO YOU … ‘THE MIC SUITE’ … HOSTED BY … MMIISSTTEERRRRRRRRR KKENNNNEEDDDYYYY …

Still in awe of himself and his new show, Kennedy sidles over to the turnbuckle, being extra careful to fold away the hem of his snazzy suit, before stepping up the rungs, still clutching the mic, eyes closed in ecstasy.

Mr. Kennedy: KEN - NA - DAY!!!!

The crowd cannot help but chant along, as the charismatic youngster soaks it all up, finally deciding to open his eyes again and step back down into the ring and strolling to the centre.

Mr. Kennedy: And despite what you all may think … despite all of that … The Mic Suite isn’t going to be about me coming out here … week after week … tooting my own horn and talking about myself … ‘cause let’s face it … as much as all of you might want to here about yours truly … and as much as all of the people at home are just dying to hear what I had for breakfast … that wouldn’t really make the best talk show host in the world now, would it??

A few laughs and boos can be heard, as KK strokes his stubbly jaw.

Mr. Kennedy: No, see if I was … let’s say … CARLITO … I’d have come out here wearing my little Hawaiian YMCA shirt, doing my stupid dance, sleeping in my hammock, spitting apples in Chris Masters’ briefs, (Big laughs) combing my pineapple hair, saying ‘D’s instead of T’s, ignoring the guest, talking about myself, and, in short, being a complete and utter … JACKASS!!

Great pop for Kennedy, as he sticks it to one of his MITB opponents.

Mr. Kennedy: It’s not like I don’t have anything to brag and boast and air quote my C.V. about, is it?? If I wanted to, I would mention THAT I AM THE FASTEST RISING STAR IN W … W … E HISTORY … but I won’t. If I wanted to, I would talk about how I beat up that dirty Puerto Rican tramp last week (Big heat) to qualify for my FIRST WrestleMania VIA the heralded … Money … in the Bank … Ladder Match … but I won’t. Or how on April Second it’ll be ME, beating Chavo Guerrero, beating Finlay, beating Gregory Helms, beating Matt Hardy, and beating that jackass Carlito up the ladder to become … Mister Money in the Bank … Bank … but I won’t.

The crowd boos and mocks the hypocrisy of KK, though his face remains completely earnest.

Mr. Kennedy: No, this show’s going to do what a talk show should do … and that’s ask the tough questions … to get the right answers. If I wanted to fondle a red-head and watch pornography … I’d wait around for The Cutting Edge (Big laughs again) … and if I had some perverse desire to become an obese, alcoholic, mumbling, loudmouth Scotsman by the time I was fifty … yeah, I’d take a walk over to Piper’s Pit.

Lashings of heat from the audience, whilst the Green Bay native simply shrugs.

Mr. Kennedy: C’mon, let’s be honest … I’ve got the look … I’ve got the set … I’ve got the spotlight, I’VE GOT EVERYTHING … for the perfect show … the perfect debut show that is, and what would a talk show host be after all … without his guest??

The crowd buzzes with anticipation, as many of them already know who it will be.

Mr. Kennedy: And tonight … for this special occasion … I’ve landed a doozy.

Looking eerily similar to the legendary Michael Buffer, KK reached into his top pocket and pulls out a handful of cue card, scanning them with his eyes quickly.

Mr. Kennedy: Sounds like you’ve heard of him. Well, I guess I won’t bother mentioning that he’s former TWO TIME Armed Forces Champion … standing at six-feet three inches tall … weighing in at two-hundred and seventy-five pounds … he is the SECOND fastest rising star in WWE history after yours truly … and he is the man who SIN - GLE … HANDED - LY ANNIHILATED THE UNDERTAKER at No Way Out … and six nights ago at Saturday Night’s Main Event … he is …’TTHEEE RRREEAAALLLLLL DEEEEEAALLLLL … BOBBBBBYYYYYYYY LASHLEEEEEEEEEYYYYYYYYYY …


Deafening heat fills the arena, as Kennedy throws his arm towards the stage, and ‘The Real Deal’ himself, Big Bad Bobby Lashley steps out shortly after. Wearing his black and white sweats and a cropped vest, the muscular Lashley sets off his first crackling pyro, before breathing like an ox through the smoke and making his way down to the ring. Sure enough, as soon as the smoke clears, out comes the maniacal Paul Heyman, complete in black suit and leather jacket, grinning from ear-to-ear, as he strolls after his client towards the ring.

Kennedy nods, impressed, as Lashley steadies himself, before leaping up onto the apron, sending the red hot pyro crashing into the sky from each turnbuckle. As Bobby enters the ring, KK stays exactly where he is, looking slightly intimidated, and ‘The Real Deal’ ascends the turnbuckle, glowering into the booing crowd with fierce eyes. Behind him Paul E. enters the ring and strides right across the ring to shake hands with Kennedy, both men smirking at one another … always smug and confident. Lashley chooses to remain by the turnbuckle, but Kennedy gestures for Heyman to take a seat, which he gratefully does, adjusting his tie and picking up the second mic.

Paul Heyman: Th-

Kennedy cuts Paul E. off quickly, holding up his finger. Smirking, he rises from his seat again and looks directly at his two guests.

Mr. Kennedy: LASH - LEY!!!

Lashley doesn’t even blink, remaining stony faced, causing Kennedy to raise his eyebrow, slightly perturbed. Heyman though, simply laughs it off, motioning for the host to let it go. KK nods and takes his seat once more.

Mr. Kennedy: Paul, Bobby … welcome to the very first edition of The Mic Suite.

Paul Heyman: Thank you very much, Mister Kennedy, we’re … delighted to be here.

The smugness seems to irritate the crowd, who boo slightly.

Mr. Kennedy: Now, Paul, just six nights ago, myself and the world … we all witnessed something that we thought we would never, EVER see happen … we witnessed the destruction of the so-called … ‘immortal’ Deadman … by a single man … your man … Bobby Lashley. We saw it at No Way Out as well, but that was AFTER The Undertaker had been through a LONG … GRUELLING … WAR with Batista (Lashley flares up) … BUT … but at Saturday Night’s Main Event we saw something completely different … this …

Kennedy motions for his guests and the crowd to turn their attention to the Titan Tron, and they all do, as a video from SNME begins to play:


The lights come back on … with Paul Heyman on the outside of the ring … AND THE UNDERTAKER STANDING INSIDE THE RING … FACE-TO-FACE WITH BOBBY LASHLEY!!!

The crowd can barely control themselves, on their feet with excitement, as ‘Taker and Lashley stare into one another’s eyes, not flinching a muscle. A booming “UNDA – TA – KAAAHHH” chants is ringing around the Cobo Arena … as The Phenom reaches up … AND PERFORMS THE CUTTHROAT GESTURE IN LASHLEY’S FACE!!

Lashley seethes back at The Deadman, before raising his thumb up as well … AND RUNNING IT RIGHT ACROSS HIS THROAT … POINTING HIS FINGER RIGHT IN THE FACE OF ‘TAKER!! The fans boo Lashley’s one-upmanship, as ‘Taker barely acknowledged … BUT LASHLEY HEADBUTTS THE PHENOM IN THE NOSE!!

Detroit erupts with thunderous heat, as Lashley slams his skull against the face of ‘The Phenom’ one more time, BUSTING HIS NOSE OPEN. Like a man possessed, Bobby lays into ‘Taker with brutal right hands, backing him all the way across the ring against the ropes. Grabbing ‘Taker’s arm, Lashley shoots him into the ropes with an Irish Whip, before throwing a Clothesline. ‘Taker ducks and grinds to a halt – WRAPPING HIS HAND AROUND LASHLEY’S THROAT WHEN HE TURNS AROUND!!

The crowd goes wild, as Undertaker throws Lashley’s arm over … GOING FOR THE CHOKESLAM … he goes to lift Bobby into the air … BUT LASHLEY HAS HOLD OF ‘TAKER’S WRIST … AND PULLS IT AWAY WITH PURE STRENGTH!! The crowd boos wildly, as Undertaker tries to force his hand back down, but Lashley is simply too strong – AND LASHLEY SPINS ‘TAKER AROUND AND CATCHES HIS COMING IN ON HIS SHOULDER BEFORE RACING ACROSS THE RING AS FAST AS HE POSSIBLY CAN AND DRIVES THE UNDERTAKER DOWN INTO THE CANVAS WITH THE RUNNING POWERSLAM!!!!!!


The Video Package ends and we return to real time to be greeted by the thunderous boos of Memphis, disgusted at what they were just forced to watch again. Lashley’s expression has not changed at all though, as he continues to stare both at the screen and into the crowd. Heyman wears a satisfied expression on his face, whilst Kennedy ‘feigns’ shock and awe.

Mr. Kennedy: Well … wow … I mean … WOW … there’s something you don’t see everyday, huh?? The Undertaker, The Phenom, The Deadman, standing toe-to-toe, eye-to-eye, face-to-face with another guy … no cheating … no cheap shots … nothing like that … and he still got (Makes a bomb noise) dropped … just … like … that. That’s pretty impressive, Paul.

Paul Heyman: It is impressive, Mister Kennedy, but then … that’s what this man is all about … impressive. Like you said, before Bobby Lashley had even set FOOT in the WWE … he was a two-time Armed Forced Champion, a THREE-TIME National Champion for the state of Missouri, a two-time NAIA National Wrestling Champion … AND … MORE. It isn’t just a moniker, Kennedy … Bobby Lashley truly is … the real deal.

Pursing his lips, KK nods, seemingly agreeing with every word just said, even though the crowd does not and boos away.

Mr. Kennedy: That … he may be, Paul, that he may be. There’s nobody here denying his credentials, or his ability for that matter; I mean c’mon (Turning to the crowd) after watching that, d’ya’ think there’s any point??

The crowd boos mercilessly, and a slight “UNDA-TA-KAH” chant starts up.

Mr. Kennedy: No, no, Paul, nobody, NOBODY doubt Bobby Lashley’s size, speed, strength, power, agility, ANY OF IT, for a second. What I want to know, why I asked you onto this … MOMENTOUS … debut edition of The Mic Suite … was to ask you if you thought that your man, Bobby Lashley is any BETTER … Triple H five years ago … than Kane eight years ago … than Psycho Sid nine years ago … than Big Daddy Cool ten years ago … you get the picture. All of those … so-called legends were in the primes of their … y’know; some might call them impressive careers … they did just what you did in the run up to WrestleMania … Diesel smashed up the casket and Paul Bearer … Hunter bashed Deadman’s skull in with his hammer … Sid put him into a cage … Kane set him on fire … and yet … when it came to it … at WrestleMania … they lost, Paul.

Quite a lot of cheers for that, whilst Heyman frowns pensively.

Paul Heyman: I think you’ve already answered your own question, Kennedy. Yes, I’ll be the first to admit that when it comes to WrestleMania, The Undertaker is the greatest legend this companies ever seen … yes, he’s defeated icons … yes, he’s overcome the odds on TIMELESS OCCASSIONS to remain undefeated after thirteen … but you said it yourself … NEVER before has someone manned-up, looked The Deadman right in the eye … no weapons … no help … nothing … and still beat him so badly that we saw The Phenom bleed. Never.

More boos, as Lashley begins to pace, and Kennedy nods slowly.

Mr. Kennedy: So what you’re saying in effect, Paul … is that you think Bobby Lashley is greater than Triple H … greater than Psycho Sid, Kane, Diesel, Randy Orton, Big Show, Ric Flair, The Snake, Jimmy Snuka, Bundy – you think he’s greater than all of them??

Paul Heyman: … … …Yes I do.

Memphis heaps heat on Paul E. again, but, unusually for him, he looks sincere, without a trace of bravado in his voice. Kennedy sits back slightly on his chair.

Mr. Kennedy: And y’know what, Paul? I’ve been a wrestling fan all my life. Every year I used to watch WrestleMania on the edge of my seat … watching The Undertaker in action … seeing him fight against all of those monsters … it would be like torture … ‘cause I’d have my fingers crossed, and I’d be hoping and praying and wishing … (Smirks) FOR SOMEBODY TO FINALLY BEAT THAT OVERRATED PIECE OF TRASH!!!

Thunderous boos fall down on the ring, as KK gets up from his seat and holds his mic close, glancing at both the crowd and Bobby Lashley.

Mr. Kennedy: What?? So just because Bobby Lashley debuted in the WWE at the same time as me last year he doesn’t DESERVE your respect, huh?? And just because idiots like Gorilla Monsoon, J.R and Michael freakin’ Cole have been yelling it at ya’ for twenty years … you think you have to LOVE and RESPECT The Undertaker?? Gimme’ a break.

More heat, as the corners of Kennedy’s mouth curl, and Paul E. claps his hands together.

Mr. Kennedy: No, all The Undertaker has EVER done in twenty-something years in this business is keep guys like me … guys like Bobby Lashley … DOWN … to stop us from taking his spot at the top.

Paul Heyman: Phenom? More like politician.

The “You suck” chants can be heard now, as KK laughs as Heyman’s jibe.

Mr. Kennedy: You know something, Paul; don’t listen to all of these … morons here tonight … they’re all suffering from the same disease that the WWE is suffering from … and that disease … is THE UNDERTAKER!!! (Heat) And I guess … your guy … Bobby Lashley … I guess he just might be the cure.

Paul Heyman: Oh, he is, Mister Kennedy, he is.

Smirking, Kennedy steps forwards.

Mr. Kennedy: Then allow me.

Heyman dutifully backs off, allowing Kennedy centre stage, as the crowd boos wildly. KK steps into the middle of the ring, directly beneath the spotlight, holding his mic in one hand, his other half-raised, poised.

Mr. Kennedy: Ladies and gentlemen … the SECOND most highly anticipated contest in WrestleMania history will scheduled for one fall and it will be the first time in history that Bobby Lashley and The Undertaker will meet ONE ON ONE in the squared circle … and it will be last time Undertaker ever sets foot in one AGAIN (Huge heat).But more importantly, this has been the momentous first edition of The Mic Suite, and I would like to thank my guests tonight, Paul Heyman and Bobby Lashley. The Mic Suite came to you tonight all the way from GREEN BAY, WISCONSIN-AAAAA (More cheap heat) …AND I HAVE BEEN … MMIISSTTEERRRRRRRRR KKENNNN-


Memphis EXPLODES with the loudest pop of the night by a long, long way, as the familiar sound echoes throughout the arena. Heyman whirls around in fright, staring up the ramp with mouth agape; Kennedy stops in mid-sentence, frozen with fear, whilst Lashley’s eyes narrow…


Darkness descends over the arena, whipping the crowd into a frenzy, with Paul Heyman, Bobby Lashley and Mr. Kennedy now nothing but silhouettes. As everyone waits for the usual routine to begin, there is no smoke, no mist on the stage, and instead our attention {and that of Heyman and Lashley} is slowly drawn up to the Titan Tron:


Upon the Titan Tron screen there is at first nothing but blackness, but the mist and the fog and the smoke soon drift into the shot, parting only slightly the reveal row after row of gravestones. It becomes all too obvious where we now are: a Graveyard. More cheers erupt from the crowd at the sight of this ominous place, and the camera begins to drift across the stones, closing in on each one, until a deadly familiar voice is heard…

The Undertaker: (Out of sight, echoing) BOBBBBBBYYYY LAAAASHLEEEYYYY!!!!

A definite mixed reaction, with the crowd cheering for ‘Taker’s voice, but booing Lashley. The camera continues to take us through the graveyard, with “The Phenom’s” voice echoing out once more.

The Undertaker:
………It’s time to take you on a journey … a trip back to the old school…

The Tron continues to show the graveyard, with it becoming more and more apparent that the headstones are displaying the names of many of The Undertaker’s past victims.

The Undertaker:
………You say you are unstoppable ………… (Menacing) We’ll see…

Glancing upwards, the camera catches sight of the dark, ominous clouds in the night sky, blotting out the moon and crackling with thunder and lightning.

The Undertaker:
………For everyone else … WrestleMania will be heaven on earth ……… (The voice grows colder) For you, Lashley … it will be Hell…

The crackling of flames covers the screen and soon the inferno is in full view, engulfing all.

The Undertaker:
………And there will be Hell to pay…

The flames slowly fade and we return once more to the shadows of the graveyard. Leaving the headstones behind, the camera pans across the dirty, matted grass, revealing a clumped, pile of dirt, with a shovel jutting out of it. As the camera pans over the top of the pile, it become clear that we are next to a freshly dug grave. At first there is only darkness in the grave, but then slowly … THE UNDERTAKER himself rises up out of the depths, head bowed.

The Undertaker:
………Without death … there cannot be life…

Undertaker’s head rises up gradually, until his dark, menacing face can be seen from underneath the rim of his hat. The crowd roars once more, as “The Deadman” stares fiercely into the camera.

The Undertaker:
………So all things … must die…

‘Taker’s eyes narrow, and the mist slowly engulfs the screen once again. Before the smoke can settle, however, we fade through to another shot of the grave, this time with “The Phenom” standing at its very edge, shovel in hand, hurling the dirt deep down. After a few moments, he stops, stabbing the shovel back down into the mound as though it were Excalibur, and turns to face the camera once more.

The Undertaker:
………Lashley … at WrestleMania … your reign of terror … WILL … REST … IN … PEEEEEEACE!!!

After chanting along, the crowd cheers wildly, as ‘Taker rolls his eyes up into his head, revealing their very whites, and the mist engulfs both him and the graveyard once again, returning the Titan Tron to pitch black.


With that final death knell the lights in the arena return once more, with the crowd still on their feet, as full of anticipation for the future WrestleMania bout as humanly possible. More importantly though, back in the middle of the ring, Paul Heyman and Bobby Lashley stand. Mr. Kennedy left the ring long ago, and is skulking by the announce table, terrified. Heyman looks as though he has seen a ghost, his usually zany eyes alive with shock and awe, darting between the Titan Tron and his client.

Speaking of Paul Heyman’s client, Bobby Lashley stands stock still, silent, in the centre of the ring. As the camera slowly pans up from Paul E. we focus first on the ominous presence of his body, before it finally reveals where the really interesting sight is: his face. Lashley’s jaw is clenched so tightly that his entire face quivers with rage, and his eyes, narrowed, cold, and focused, staring up at the Titan Tron, as we fade into a commercial.

{Commercial Break}

Match #1: WWE Tag Team Championship Match:
MNM w/Melina vs. The Bluebloods
With both teams being big heels in the tag world, it’s difficult for the crowd to get FULLY into the contest, and so it is wisely kept rather short, with MNM actually having to take on the semi-face role {mainly thanks to The Bluebloods’ nationality}. Both teams do cheat plentifully throughout, irritating the fans, but is seems as though the rough and tough duo of Regal and Burchill have the edge, as they school the Hollywood pretty boys in the art of WRESTLING and beat them up. Towards the end the referee is knocked down by a reverse Irish Whip and BOTH teams try to take advantage by each grabbing a title belt. In the end though, it is the Englishmen who stand tall with both belts, getting ready to nail Nitro and Mercury as soon as they stand up … but THE HOOLIGANS slide into the ring and grab the title belts, simultaneously nailing Regal and Burchill right between the eyes!! London and Kendrick high-tail it back through the crowd to huge cheers, whilst Nitro, dazed still, manages to take advantage by grabbing Regal and drilling him with the Corkscrew Neckbreaker to get the three count and a tainted title retention.
Winners: MNM via pin fall at 8:03. MNM retain the WWE Tag Team Championship.
After the bell, Nitro and Mercury quickly snatch their belts away from the official and get the hell out of dodge, looking breathless at the foot of the ramp, having escaped with their titles yet AGAIN thanks to outside interference.

Tazz: I betcha’ not gonna’ say anythin’ about that interference, Cole.

Michael Cole: Well, I had expected more from London and Kendrick … but they’re young and justifiably still ticked off after what The Bluebloods did to them this past Saturday night. It’s just a damn shame that those snakes MNM are STILL the Champions.

Tazz: Yeah, I know, Cole, but they’re gonna’ be up against it even MORE up against it at WrestleMania after what I’ve just heard. Get this, not only is it a Triple Threat Tag Team match for the WWE Tag Team Championships, but now it’s gonna’ be a TRIPLE THREAT ELIMINATION TAG TEAM MATCH for the titles! MNM have gotta’ OUTLAST their two opponents to retain!!

Regal and Burchill slowly come to in the ring and glower back up the ramp to where London and Kendrick stand, hands on their hips, staring straight back at the Englishmen, serious as a heart attack, showing that things are really heating up in the tag team world on the road to the to their huge clash in Chicago.

Cutting away, we head backstage to where Rey Mysterio is finishing speaking with Psicosis and Super Crazy. He slaps hands with the two Mexicools, before turning and walking away down the corridor, adjusting his mask slightly…

???: {Sarcastic laughter}

Rey turns his head and immediately sighs … as the United States Champion Booker T and his wife Sharmell saunter into screenshot. Looking dapper in his suit, Booker gives his title belt a little rub, as he rests on his shoulder.

Booker T: You lookin’ pretty confident, Rey. How’s ‘dat?

Rey Mysterio: The hell are you talking about, Booker?

Booker T: Nuttin’, nuttin’ at all, man … I just find it pretty god … damn … funny ‘dat you’re still walkin’ ‘round here witcha’ head held high after gettin’ yo’ punk ass dropped three weeks runnin’.

Mysterio shakes his head and puts his hands on his hips.

Booker T: It’s been nearly TWO MONTHS since yo’ stepped up and decided to challenge fo’ muh’ United States title … and ya’ still don’ get it do ya’?

Rey Mysterio: I guess not, Book. What’s you’re point?

Booker T: Muh’ point? Muh … point? You makin’ it sound like a bad thing, Rey, butcha’ got me all wrong. I ain’t tryin’ to ride ya’, dawg, I ain’t tryin’ to show you up. If I wanted to do that … you better believe muh’ when I say, I would show yo’ … ass … up. ‘Naw, ‘naw, Rey, I’m tryin’ to save you from gettin’ … embarrassed … embarrassed in front ‘o millions of people at WrestleMania. Three weeks ago, it was Mistah’ Kennedy Kennedy … two weeks ago it was Kid Kash, and las’ Saturday, it was the Cruiserweight Champ again … puttin’ … yo’ … punk … ass … down.

Rey really doesn’t seem very interested, but Booker is nowhere near finished.

Booker T: And ya’ know what all of those sucka’s have in common?

Rey Mysterio: You tell me.

Booker, so completely full of himself, smoothes down his suit first.

Booker T: Ain’t none of ‘em a former multi-time Tag Team, Intercontinental, Television, United States Champion; ain’t none of ‘em one of the MOST decorated superstars ‘dis business ever seen, and ain’t NONE OF ‘EM a five-time, five-time, five-time, five-time, FIVE-TIME … DUBYA’ SEE DUBYA CHAMPION … like MUH’!!

Mysterio scowls through his mask at Booker, who wears a similarly intense expression now; whilst Sharmell tries to calm her husband by massaging his broad shoulders.

Booker T: Time to face facts, Rey. It’s time to understand that when it comes to the big dawgs … you ain’t nuttin’ round these parts … and won’t ever be. Every time you step it up and try to man up, yo’ ass gets dropped … by Kennedy … by Kash … and tonight, by ‘dat Irishman Finlay too … ‘cause, Rey … you just … ain’t … good enough.

Rey flares up again, growing frustrated, but Booker simply smiles and steps back.

Booker T: Like I said, Rey, I ain’t tryin’ to ride ya’ no more. I jus’ don’t wanna’ … show you up at WrestleMania. It’s time to start thinkin’ ‘bout the rest of your career, man … time to start thinkin’ ‘bout yo’ family. If it was muh’ … I know what I’d do, Rey … step aside.

Booker walks away as he finishes speaking, giving Mysterio a long, hard look before turning on his heel and sauntering away with Sharmell in tow. The camera closes in Rey, who continues to stare after The Book Man with fiery eyes, as we fade out.

{Commercial Break}

Match #2: Non-title:
CW Champion Kid Kash vs. Funaki
Despite SmackDown’s #1 Announcer being a former Cruiserweight Champion himself, Kid Kash is in a completely different league to the Japanese superstar, despite having wrestled consistently in the build up to WrestleMania. Funaki only really gets in one flurry, and he sets Kash up for a Tornado DDT from the top rope, only for KK to grab the top rope and hurl ‘Naki down to the canvas. Like an absolute predator, Kash sizes the veteran up as he rises to his feet, before kicking him right in the head!! Still not finished, KK grabs Funaki, lifts him up and drills him with the Dead Level in the centre of the ring!! Kash then arrogantly covers the Japanese superstar for the academic three count.
Winner: Kid Kash via pin fall at 3:45.
Kash steps back up to his feet quickly, a smirk of total confidence on his face, as the referee hands his championship belt to him, and he slings it over his shoulder. The camera cuts backstage momentarily to show Kash’s WrestleMania opponent Jamie Noble, who is staring at a monitor with fiery eyes.

Michael Cole: Well there’s Jamie Noble, Kid Kash’s opponent eight nights time at WrestleMania, and he will be in action later tonight as well, but what about Kash, Tazz? Love him or hate him; that was damn impressive.

Tazz: Oh, no doubt, Cole, no doubt. Funaki ain’t no chump, and he just ran right through him.


“WWE WrestleMania XXII, April 2nd, 8/7CT, live on pay-per-view”

After the WM VP, we cut briefly to the parking lot … where the World Heavyweight Champion, The Animal Dave Batista climbs out of his black Mercedes, dressed to the nines as usual, and carries his title belt out with him. Pulling out a pair of shades, Big Dave pops them on, drapes the belt over his shoulder and strides confidently towards the building.

Back to ringside.

Michael Cole: Indeed, the World Heavyweight Champion Batista has a date with destiny in nine night’s time at WrestleMania, but for one man, April Second will arguably be the biggest of his professional life … and yet he still opted not to travel to Memphis here tonight. He is, of course, the ‘Rated R Superstar’, Mr. Money in the Bank, and the Number One Contender to the World Heavyweight Championship … Edge, and we caught up with him via satellite link earlier today just before we came on air, from his home in Toronto, Canada.

Tazz: This ain’t so good for you, Cole.

Cut To Video - Interview a few Hours before SD! goes on the air - from Toronto, Ontario, Canada.


We cut from Cole and Tazz at ringside to the usual image up on the Titan Tron, where the ‘Rated R Superstar’ Edge is sat, not looking particularly pleased, dressed in a smart, dark t-shirt and necklace. Since this was still filmed in the arena, the boos of the crowd can be heard.

Michael Cole:
Edge, thank you for joining us at this time.

Tazz: Howya’ doin’, man?

Edge: Hi, Tazz … …Cole.

Although Cole’s reaction cannot be seen, Tazz can be heard chuckling in the background.

Michael Cole:
Uhm, well, I think the question we all want to--

Edge: I’ve got an idea, Michael Cole, how about you shut the hell up and let somebody with some talent … somebody that I partially respect like Tazz ask the questions, that work for you?

The crowd can be heard booing, as Cole mumbles to himself, rustling his papers in annoyance.

Yeah, okay then, Edge, but I’m gonna’ ask the same question … how come you ain’t in Memphis tonight? I mean, WrestleMania is only two weeks away … shouldn’t you be here?

Edge frowns, clearly irritated.

Lemme’ ask you something, Tazz, even though it was that little chumpstain sitting next to you who was hurting our ears all night long at Saturday Night’s Main Event … you were watching, right?

Tazz: Sure.

You were watching. You saw the whole damn show … and yet you still need to ask me why I’m not showing up to that dump in Memphis tonight? Let’s get one thing straight … it was ME who was playing by the rules Saturday night, it was ME who was carrying my team on my back … but it was ME who ended up getting cheap-shotted by my own partner!!

Heat pours from the crowd, as Edge rakes his fingers through his long hair.

Y’see here’s the thing … you can all vilify me and make me out to be the bad guy all you want, but the fact remains that I wasn’t the one doing the attacking; it was … Batista who Spinebustered me and almost cost SmackDown the match … you’re so-called ‘hero’ … the guy who had the nerve to warn me … not to stab him in the back!!

Edge adjusts his necklace slightly.

Quite frankly, Tazz … quite frankly I am so pissed off right now … that if I were in Memphis tonight, if I was in the same city as Dave Batista, let alone the same building … I don’t know what the hell I’d do. That’s why I’m not there tonight; in answer to your question … for Batista’s … own … safety.

A small “Bullshit” chant starts up.

That seems pretty reasonable, Edge, but what do ya’ say to all the people goin’ around sayin’ that the only reason you ain’t here tonight … is ‘cause Batista has promised to address the crowd … he had promised to call you out … and they say you’re afraid-

Edge: Hey, hey, hey … I’m not afraid of Batista. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, he doesn’t scare me, he doesn’t intimidate me. What, just because he’s beaten a bunch of guys and had quite an impressive run with the belt … that’s supposed to frighten me?? I hate to tell ya’ … but the only reason all of those people are going around saying things like that, saying that I’m afraid of Batista … is ‘cause they know … and Batista knows … that his title reign … his year at the top … is coming to and end.

Huge heat from the crowd, as Edge sneers arrogantly.

And anyway, why the hell should it make a difference whether or not it’s WrestleMania in two weeks? You think … you think that just ‘cause everyone else is trying their hardest … sucking up to all of the fans to try and get them to watch the damn show that I’m gonna’ be doing the same thing??!! Gimme’ a break. I don’t care if none of those pathetic, no-life morons decided to watch WrestleMania … all I care about is getting the World Heavyweight Championship FINALLY around my waist.

The boos continue to filter through.

Yeah, but, Edge, c’mon, I-

Edge: No, but nothing … Tazz, I’ve said everything I wanted to say. I’ve explained why I’m not in Memphis tonight, even though nobody should have to give a reason for not wanting to be in that place … ever. I’ve answered all of your questions … I’ve jumped through all of the McMahon’s little contractual hoops tonight by putting my goddamn face on the screen … and that all any of you are getting tonight. I’m done.

Edge rips the telecom wires from his shirt and starts getting up angrily.

This interview’s over.

The ‘Rated R Superstar’ pushes his chair aside and storms out of screenshot, leaving the crowd to loudly boos in the background, as we fade from a rather empty shot of the Toronto interview set into another commercial.


{Commercial Break}

When we return from the break Josh Matthews is standing by in the backstage interview set with a mic in hand.

Josh Matthews: Hello, everyone, I am Josh Matthews, and I am standing by with my guests at this time … they are the WWE Tag Team Champions … M … N … M.

From the left-hand side of Matthews, Nitro, Mercury and Melina arrogantly saunter into the screenshot, with the two men now wearing t-shirts over their tights, having only just competed, and wearing shades. They both rub their title belts over their shoulders, whilst Melina looks on smugly.

Josh Matthews: Well, gentlemen, congratulations on your victory earlier tonight, a victory that guarantees that you will be walking into WrestleMania as WWE Tag Team Champions. But some people have questioned the manner with which you defeated first The Hooligans at Saturday Night’s Main Event, and then The Bluebloods just a short while ago--

The smiles quickly disappear from the faces of all three members of MNM, and Melina grabs the mic.

Melina: Questioned it? What is that supposed to mean? What is there to question? The only thing that people need to concern themselves with is the simple fact that my boys right here … Mercury and Nitro … just faced their two top challengers one after the other … and beat them both without breaking a sweat to prove once again why they are the greatest team in WWE history.

Both Nitro and Mercury smirk and flex proudly.

Melina: So if Vince McMahon and Shane McMahon want to try and stack the odds against (Mercury and Nitro whip off their shades)… the most gorgeous … the most athletic … the most star-studded ever seen by making it an Elimination match, making it so that Johnny and Joey have to outlast the other two teams … then so be it.

Memphis boos in the background, as Nitro carelessly flicks his fringe back.

Melina: Because hopefully by now the entire world has seen that MNM are the “it” team on the scene; the hottest duo around … the very top of the A-List. The Bluebloods? One of them is old. One of them is dirty … but the sad fact remains that they are both British … and that’s about as bad as it gets. The Hooligans? Nitro and Mercury beat them once at No Way Out … they beat them again last Saturday night … so it’s about time that London and Kendrick start to understand that they’re boys (Smiles seductively) playing with men.

Melina pushes the mic back into Matthews’ chest, before turning on her heels and walking away. Nitro and Mercury stare confidently into the camera for a few moments, before flipping their shades back on and striding away. Bad ass.

As we cut back to the arena, there is, once again, no music at all, but Shane McMahon is just completing his entrance, stepping through the ropes into the ring.

Michael Cole: Well, there he is, folks, the man who last week challenged Randy Orton to a match at WrestleMania to defend the honour of his injured father.

Tazz: Yeah, and not only did Orton accept that challenge at Saturday Night’s Main Event … he doubled it. Talk about stacking the odds … asking Shane ‘O Mac to put his family’s legacy on the line?

Michael Cole: Absolutely, partner. If Shane McMahon does accept the challenge … and he loses … then Vince, Shane, Stephanie and Linda … will all be gone from the WWE … forever.

Tazz: Just lookin’ at Shane makes me think he ain’t slept a wink since hearin’ that challenge. He looks terrible, Cole.

Tazz is certainly not exaggerating, as Shane truly does look like a wreck. One would never guess that he is a millionaire, as even his black suit is a mess. His top buttons hang open loosely, his collar is uneven, and he isn’t even wearing a tie. As for Shane’s face, his jaw is covered with a six o’clock shadow of stubble, and dark rings surround his eyes. He takes a microphone from Tony Chimel and steps forward.

Shane McMahon: Y’know, after Saturday night, after Randy Orton accepted my challenge to a match at WrestleMania … all I’ve been hearing is the same question … over and over again.

The crowd waits, as Shane rubs his chin.

Shane McMahon: I mean … I’m not blind, I saw the exact same thing as you … as saw the promotional posters for our match … I saw what was billed as … a “Legend Killer versus … Legend” match…

McMahon hangs his head solemnly.

Shane McMahon: I’m not a legend.

A few boos for this actually, with the crowd disagreeing with the popular daredevil.

Shane McMahon: Hell, I’m -- I’m not even a wrestler. It’s the boys … the boys who have worked for this company all of my life, all of my father’s life and all of my grandfather’s life that deserve to be call legends. Not me. That’s what I said when they tried to give me an award seven years ago … and that’s what I still say today.

Applause for Shane’s humility.

Shane McMahon: Legends are men like ‘The Nature Boy’ Ric Flair (Crowd pops for the names) … men like The Undertaker … like ‘Rowdy’ Roddy Piper … Jimmy Snuka … Harley Race … Sergeant Slaughter … they’re all real legends, and do you know what they all have in common?

McMahon looks into the crowd, serious as a heartbeat.

Shane McMahon: What they all have in common is the simple, underlining and very real fact … that Randy Orton … has beaten … every … single … one of them.

Tremendous heat for ‘The Legend Killer’.

Shane McMahon: He’s beaten them all … and like it or not, that’s how Randy Orton works. That’s how Randy Orton thinks. He’s an addict. He’s just waiting for his next fix … and his addiction just happens to be taking out the greatest names in the history of this business. So, you ask me whether or not our match at WrestleMania truly deserves the moniker of a … “Legend versus Legend Killer” match … and I have to say “yes” … because quite frankly there is no greater legend in the history of the WWE than the name … of “McMahon”.

The crowd murmurs, unsure what ‘O Mac is saying.

Shane McMahon: That’s right, after Randy Orton’s challenge at Saturday Night’s Main Event, I did the only thing I needed to do … I spoke to my sister, Stephanie … I spoke to my mother … and I even travelled to the hospital in Greenwich to speak with my father … I spoke with them all … I asked their permission, their guidance, their advice … and the answer was always the same: if you mess with the McMahon Family … there will always be hell to pay. We haven’t backed down from a fight yet … and we never will.

A rumbling of cheers from Memphis.

Shane McMahon: Randy Orton … you named your price … you stated what it would take for you to get in the ring with me at WrestleMania … you want my family’s career -- our legend … on the line. Well … we all ACCEPT your terms without hesitation, but rest assured--

Momentarily cut off by the cheers of the fans, Shane stops and looks up. He actually looks quite appreciative as he stares into their midst.

Shane McMahon: Rest assured, Randy Orton … it will not be the walk in the park you seem to think it will be. I haven’t beaten men bigger, stronger and faster than you before, Legend Killer, and come April Second, I give you my word that it will not be another legend killed … but youbro--


A raucous explosion of heat greets the ominous entrance theme, dwarfing even the boos received by the likes of Edge and Bobby Lashley thus far tonight … as ‘The Legend Killer’ Randy Orton walks out onto the stage. Shane McMahon does even turn his head, and continues to stare fiercely in the opposite direction, his eyes tightly shut. Orton is dressed similarly to McMahon in a dark suit with a t-shirt, rather than a shirt, on under his jacket. Looking much more relaxed, clean, calm, cool, sophisticated and prepared than his WrestleMania opponent, Orton takes his time in striding down the ramp to the ring.

Tazz: Oh, man, this can’t be good.

Michael Cole: I wasn’t even sure that … snake, Randy Orton was here tonight. But there he is, the man who has vowed to end the career of the McMahon Family at WrestleMania.

Like a predatory animal, Orton stalks around the ring outside, not once taking his eyes from Shane McMahon. After what seems like an age, he makes it to the timekeeper’s area and holds out his hand. A rather nervous looking Tony Chimel hands a microphone over, and Orton walks away. He steps up the steel stairs, still with his gaze fixed on ‘O Mac, and enters the ring. Now the crowd really starts to come alive, as Orton’s music begins to fade, and ‘The Legend Killer’ stands face-to-face with his next ‘victim’. Tension fills the arena, as the hated enemies stare at one another, and Orton slowly raises his mic.

Randy Orton: … … …Thank you.

A slightly mixed reaction from the crowd, as Shane stares right back into the soulless eyes of the One Man Dynasty, unsure what to make of that statement.

Randy Orton: Thank you, Shane … thank you for … bestowing this honour upon me.

Again, confusion amongst the crowd, and Shane’s jaw clenches.

Randy Orton: You were exactly … exactly right when you read out the names of just a few of the legends I’ve killed in my … short career … but at WrestleMania … in nine days time … I eclipse all of those achievements … when I defeat you, Shane, and cement MY legacy by taking the name of “McMahon” … OUT of the W … W … E … forever.

Tremendous heat for The Legend Killer, as McMahon remains speechless.

Randy Orton: So, Shane … once again … thank you.

With a sudden thud, Orton drops his microphone down to the canvas. He apparently said all he wanted and needed to, and after another long, smug, arrogant, and evil sneer in Shane ‘O Mac’s furious face, he turns on his heel and begins to step through the ropes--

--until Shane steps forwards, still clutching his mic tightly.

Shane McMahon: If you’re in such a … giving mood, Randy … how ‘bout we raise the stakes?

Orton freezes with one foot through the ropes, before his head slowly turns menacingly to stare at his WrestleMania opponent; he turns around completely, cocking his head.

Shane McMahon: You got what you wanted … my family’s legacy on the line … so now you give me what I want … NO … HOLDS … BARRED!!!

The crowd roars emphatically at the challenge with Shane looking more fiery and passionate than he has all night, whilst Orton’s eyes first widen, looking slightly shocked, before he glances down at the mat, rubbing his chin, before lifting his head again … and smiling. Shane nods his head expectantly, and Orton follows suit, clearly accepting the challenge, drawing a smattering of applause from the crowd.

‘Burn In My Light’ hits one more time and Orton leaves the ring properly this time, stepping down to the floor and adjusting his suit confidently. Inside the ring, Shane ‘O Mac never takes his eyes of The Legend Killer, as he strides back up the ramp to a chorus of boos from the Memphis crowd.

Michael Cole: Oh my, can you believe this? Not only has Shane McMahon accepted Randy Orton’s terms to the WrestleMania match by putting his family’s legacy on the line … but now Randy Orton has accepted Shane’s terms to make it No Holds Barred!!!

Tazz: Oh, man, it just doesn’t get any more intense than this business between these guys. Damn intense. Off the charts.

Orton stands at the top of the ramp, turning slowly and raising his arms into the air with a very methodical ‘Destiny’ pose, as Shane McMahon stares on intently from the edge of the ring, and we fade out.

{Commercial Break}

WrestleMania Big Time Moment - XVII - Vince McMahon and Steve Austin join forces, and screw The Rock out of the WWE Championship.

Match #3:
Rey Mysterio vs. Finlay
Together with the fact that the awesome comedic skills of Booker T are on commentary with Cole and Tazz, we get the first really solid contest of the evening, making up for the heel/heel dynamic we got in the earlier tag match. Rey and Finlay mesh together extremely well in their first ever meeting in the WWE, putting on an incredibly fast paced match with the Fighting Irishman working the crowd into a frenzy with his bad ass heelishness. Towards the end of the bout Mysterio manages to catch Finlay charging into the corner with both feet in the face, before springing off the second turnbuckle for a near fall.
The Master of the 619 takes it up a notch though now, as he races off the ropes, nailing Finlay right between the eyes with a dropkick for another close two count. Now it’s the Irishman’s turn to flail, as he staggers up to his feet. Rey charges and leaps up, but Finlay manages to catch him in a Wheelbarrow position. Mysterio tries to turn it into a bulldog, but Finlay manages to throw the San Diegan face-first onto the turnbuckle!! Both men stumbled backwards, completely exhausted, with Rey struggling the hold himself up against the ropes … and Finlay charges, looking to take Mysterio’s head off with a clothesline … but he gets caught with a drop toe hold, tangling him up in the middle rope!! The crowd goes wild and Rey dials it in, rebounding off the ropes and HITS THE 619!!!
With the crowd spurring him on, Mysterio waits for the Irishman to stumble back up to his feet and goes FOR THE WEST COAST POP – but Finlay catches him in the powerbomb position, racing across the ring, AND MYSTERIO HURRICANRANAS HIM OVER THE TOP ROPE!!! Both combatants struggle up to their feet on the outside, and Booker T stands up at the announce table … REY MYSTERIO PIE-FACES BOOKER RIGHT BACK DOWN!!! The crowd goes wild, as the U.S Champions lands in a heap on top of Cole and Tazz, looking positively outraged. The referee immediately gets in front of the Book Man, telling him to stay the hell away, as Rey rolls back into the ring – AND GETS BLASTED RIGHT BETWEEN THE EYES WITH THE SHILLELAGH!!! Memphis goes nuts, booing the act wildly, as Finlay quickly tosses the weapon aside and yells for the referee to get in the ring. Just to make sure, the Irishman scoops the unconscious former Cruiserweight Champion up in position for the CELTIC CROSS … AND HITS IT!!! Finlay then sticks his forearm right in the face of Mysterio for the elementary three count.
Winner: Finlay via pin fall at 10:19.
Thunderous heat pours down on the ring, as Finlay has his arm raised, smiling toothlessly, before rolling out of the ring; his evening’s work done; his undefeated record intact, and his momentum heading into the MITB Ladder Match at WrestleMania stronger than ever.

Michael Cole: This is -- this is ridiculous!! That idiot Booker T just cost Rey Mysterio his fourth straight match in successive shows. How is Rey supposed to have self-confidence left by the time he arrives at WrestleMania??

Booker, still smarting from the pie-facing he took, casually steps the ropes, the United States Championship belt dangling from his right hand. Mysterio is still completely unconscious from the shillelagh shot, with the referee tending to him. Booker looks down at his title belt and then looks at Rey … and smiles. “I told ‘ya so, Rey” appears to be the words coming out of his mouth, as the crowd boos, and he stares up at the WrestleMania logo high above.


From the ringside area we cut backstage into probably the most extravagant locker room in the entire WWE, paid for by the millions of the one and John Bradshaw Layfield. The former WWE Champion reclines on a large, brown leather couch in his wrestling gear and training jacket on over the top. Across from him, his white cowboy hat rests on the oak coffee table, and he continues to stare at it, fixated. The camera pans around to show the opposite couch, where the rest of The Cabinet, Orlando Jordan, Jillian Hall and The Basham’s are all tightly crammed, eyeing their boss nervously.

Orlando Jordan: (Suddenly starts laughing) Y’know what? After all that running Flair and The Horsemen were doing Saturday night, they probably had a heart attack or something, so they might not even be out there with that punk Hardy tonight.

The rest of The Cabinet chuckle, but JBL doesn’t even look up.

Jillian Hall: Hardy’ll be having second thoughts about going out there alone, that’s for sure. He knows he can’t beat you on his own.

Doug Basham: No way.

Doug slaps hands with his brother, whilst Orlando and Jillian both nod confidently. Slowly, JBL raises his head.

John Bradshaw Layfield: Let’s get one thing perfectly clear, gentlemen--

Jillian Hall: But--

John Bradshaw Layfield: (Glaring at Jillian) But nothing. (Back to the boys) despite being the little punk that he has been, is, and always will be … Matt Hardy has one very impressive note on his measly little professional C.V … and it reads … “a pinfall victory over the single greatest wrestler to ever walk the face of the earth” … ME … John Bradshaw Layfield!!! That is a goddamn disgrace.

Orlando Jordan: Yeah, we were just saying--

JBL cuts his Chief of Staff off with a look.

John Bradshaw Layfield: I don’t give a damn if you were accurately predicting the stock market for the next fifty years, Orlando!! The fact remains that on the hallowed record that is my career … I have a big, humiliating ‘L’ next to the name of Matt Hardy. Tonight isn’t just about sending a message to Ric Flair -- ‘cause that’s a damn guarantee … it’s about teaching that little ingrate who loves Naitch so much that you DO NOT interrupt JBL when I am speaking in the ring … you DO NOT put your hands on me … and you SURE AS HELL DO NOT pin me at one SmackDown’s biggest pay-per-views of the year!!!

Bradshaw reaches across and snatches his hat off the coffee table.

John Bradshaw Layfield: Understand this, gentlemen--

Jillian Hall: But I’m--

John Bradshaw Layfield: (Another withering look at Jillian) Shut … your DAMN pie hole … now. (Turns back) Saturday Night’s Main Event was a blip … a momentary lapse, nothing more. You saw it just like I did, how many goddamn men did The Horsemen bring to that fight? A damn-sight more than we did, that’s for sure … and I am sick and tired hearing it everywhere I go. Tonight, I make people scream … tonight I make people cry for their mommas and their daddy’s … tonight the fun and games of Ric Flair and his little reunion end, ‘cause I am gonna’ show the world what I do to people who side with The Nature Boy … over a Wrestling God.

Placing his hat on his head, JBL gets to his feet and grabs something from one of the nearby shelves … it’s a screwdriver. He holds up, close to his own face, as he looks down on his crew.

John Bradshaw Layfield: Showtime.

The Maniacal Millionaire stuffs the sharp and lethal looking tool into his jacket, before marching out of his locker room door, full of brash confidence it seems, with his team following.

{Commercial Break}

Match #4:
Jamie Noble vs. Nunzio
Strangely enough, it is not JBL’s match up next, but rather a piece of Cruiserweight action. The man who will take on Kid Kash for the belt at WrestleMania, Jamie Noble, gets his chance to shine as well tonight, and much like Kash did with Funaki earlier, Noble blitzes poor Nunzio. The Sicilian barely gets in any offence, as Noble hammers him with chop after chop, before hitting a trifecta of German Suplexes. Even though he probably could have pinned Nunzio there, Noble vents some frustration, dragging the Italian-American back to his feet, DRILLING HIM WITH THE TIGER DRIVER!!! Nunzio really is out of it now, but still the CW veteran isn’t done and savagely wraps the former ECW alumni up with THE DRAGON CLUTCH!!! Despite being barely conscious, Nunzio gives up instantaneously!!!
Winner: Jamie Noble via submission at 2:55.
BUT NOBLE DOESN’T RELEASE THE HOLD!!! The Pitbull looks positively insane as he chokes the life out of poor Nunzio … and the crowd couldn’t care less. They cheer on the violent streak of Noble, having witnessed his torment at the hands of Kid Kash for months and months. Referees and officials eventually flood into the ring, forcing Noble to break the hold.

The crowd cheers the intensity of Noble as he wipes his mouth, staring down at his victim, who looks in a bad away. The camera suddenly pans away … to the top of the ramp … where Kid Kash stands. The Cruiserweight Champion is now wearing a vest over his tights, but still has the title belt over his shoulder … and does not look pleased with what he just saw. Back in the ring, Jamie Noble spies the K.I.D too, and the stare down is officially on.

Cutting away from the ring, we head backstage once again into a locker room … where Paul Heyman is sat on a black leather couch, his eyes following someone around the room nervously, as he toys with his baseball cap.

Paul Heyman: You should sit down.

The camera pans around to reveal Bobby Lashley, still dressed in his sweats, pacing up and down like a wild beast, shaking his head from side-to-side in disbelief.

Bobby Lashley: DON’T tell me what to do, Paul.

Heyman frowns and holds up his hands.

Paul Heyman: Look, all I’m saying is don’t do this, Bobby. This is exactly what that fossil wants you to do. He wants you edgy … he wants you ready for war tonight because he isn’t here tonight, is he? Trust me, when it comes to WrestleMania in two weeks time … he won’t even want to imagine you in this kind of mood.

Lashley stops, letting out a long, frustrated breath, before resting his hands on his hips.

Paul Heyman: I think we said everything that needed saying out there earlier … that’s the only reason why we came to Memphis tonight, remember? Now that people … understand exactly what it is you’re fighting for … our work’s done for the evening … we need to think about next week … when The Undertaker will be in the building.

Raising an eyebrow, Bobby takes a seat on the arm of the opposite couch and folds his arms.

Bobby Lashley: What about next week?

Paul E. gives a wry smile, checking to make sure that no one is listening.

Paul Heyman: How does this sound, Bobby? You want ‘Taker in that ring next week … to give him a little … message ahead of WrestleMania? Well, I can make the mind games stop … I can make that dead man walking finally man up and come out to the ring … no hesitation … no smoke … no fire … no caskets … just him. (Makes a mock billboard sign) Picture this if you can … the one, the only, businessman supreme Paul E. Heyman … versus … THE UNDERTAKER!!!

The crowd can be heard cheering in the background, but Heyman just smiles manically. Unafraid or insane? Even Lashley looks rather taken aback.

Paul Heyman: So what do you think?

Bobby Lashley: … … …{Laughs and pounds his chest}

Paul Heyman: That’s what I thought. Perfect.

Crossing his legs, Heyman reclines in the leather couch, kicking off his shoes and relaxing, looking like a man about to watch a football game, rather than a man who just challenged The Deadman. Lashley stands for a few seconds, before grabbing a towel and heading towards to showers, allowing the camera to linger on Paul E. smug face for a few more moments.

Michael Cole: What the-- has Paul Heyman lost his mind? He’s challenging The Undertaker … to a match next week?

Tazz: You gotta’ be kiddin’ me.

Next on the screen is the usual split screen shot of Matt Hardy and John Bradshaw Layfield walking down opposite hallways towards the ring for their upcoming Main Event No Disqualification match.

Michael Cole: But coming up right now, ladies and gentlemen, things are about to get very, very violent. Former WWE Champion JBL is out for revenge against the man who beat him back at No Way Out … but he’s also looking to send a message to his WrestleMania opponent, ‘The Nature Boy’ Ric Flair. John Bradshaw Layfield faces Matt Hardy.

Tazz: This one ain’t gonna’ be for the weak of heart, Cole.

Michael Cole: Will Matt Hardy die? We’ll find out … NEXT!!!

{Commercial Break}

Main Event: No Disqualification Match:
Matt Hardy w/The Four Horsemen vs. John Bradshaw Layfield w/The Cabinet
As one would expect, this is about as far from a pure wrestling match as one is likely to find, with the two bitter rivals, Matt Hardy and JBL going at it right from the opening bell in, to put it simply, a fight. For the majority of the contest, The Horsemen and The Cabinet actually stay out of it, and the two combatant’s battle all over the ringside area.
JBL seems hell bent on busting Hardy open, even pulling the screwdriver from his jacket pocket and trying to stab Matt in the head on multiple occasions … but each time Hardy JUST manages to hold him at bay.
It is a wild ride; much like Matt’s Street Fight with Edge on Raw in 2005, as both men pull weapons out from under the ring and use them to their advantage. First comes the array of trash cans and lids, which Hardy and Bradshaw SMACK OVER ONE ANOTHER’S SKULLS OVER AND OVER AGAIN!!! Hardy goes back to familiar territory though, pulling out a ladder … only to have it BOOTED RIGHT BACK INTO HIS FACE!!! On the outside of the ring, Matt counters an Irish Whip and sends The Media Maven crashing into and over the announce table, knocking Cole and Tazz flying. As Hardy tries to pull Layfield up, the former WWE Champion is holding a steel chair, AND HAMMERS IT RIGHT INTO HARDY’S SKULL!!!
Inevitably, Matt is
BUSTED OPEN and bleeds like an absolute civ, much to the dismay of all those in attendance. From this point on, all Ric Flair and company can do is watch on in horror, as Bradshaw lays into his young opponent, showing absolutely no mercy with blow after blow to the bloody cranium of Hardy. However, every time Matt falls down, he keeps fighting back up to his feet, sending JBL insane, as he screams at the daredevil to “STAY DOWN AND DIE” But Hardy will do neither, and so, after booting Hardy in the head one more time, JBL goes under the ring and pulls out a table. He sets it up in the ring and sticks Matt’s head between his legs … GOING TO POWERBOMB HARDY THROUGH THE WOOD … only to get a LOW BLOW INSTEAD!!! An absolute desperation move from Hardy, but it does the trick.
He SLAMS A NEARBY TRASH CAN LID OVER BRADSHAW’S FACE, knocking The Wrestling God backwards onto the table. Hardy then begins to climb the turnbuckle … until ORLANDO JORDAN grabs his leg. Matt tries to shake him off, but he doesn’t have to, AS TULLY BLANCHARD TACKLES HIM DOWN TO THE GROUND, HAMMERING AWAY!!! Back in the ring, The Basham’s help their boss off the table … but BARRY WYNDHAM AND RIC FLAIR ATTACK THEM BOTH!!! Arn Anderson tries to get into the ring, but JILLIAN HALL has hold of his legs.
Eventually, Flair and Wyndham brawl with The Basham’s out of the ring, and Hardy steps up on the top turnbuckle … BUT JBL STABS HIM RIGHT IN THE FACE WITH THE SCREWDRIVER!!! The crowd goes absolutely loco at the sadistic move, and a screaming Matt Hardy tumbles down to the canvas. The opponent of blood on his face right now is scary … BUT HE STILL GETS BACK UP!!! This time JBL actually smiles and races across the ring, running past Hardy, hitting the ropes, GOING FOR THE CLOTHESLINE FROM HELL … but Hardy ducks the swipe and dives out of the way, as Bradshaw comes off the opposite ropes, and ARN ANDERSON CATCHES HIM WITH A DOUBLE A SPINEBUSTER … SLAMMING HIM RIGHT THROUGH THE DAMN TABLE!!!
Memphis goes wild, and The Wall Street Warrior is broken in half. AA clutches his back and slides away, as a bleeding, bloody and almost blind Matt Hardy erects the lonely ladder in the corner of the ring. It takes him a while to climb it, such is his stricken condition, but he finally makes it, letting out a roar for all of his fans … AND DROPS A DOWNFALL LEG DROP FROM TWENTY-FEET IN THE AIR RIGHT ONTO JBL!!! Hardy drapes his arm over The Wrestling God and the crowd counts along for the slow three count!!!
Winner: Matt Hardy via pin fall at 16:01.
HARDY BEATS JBL ONCE AGAIN!! - though this time with a little help from his friends. No sooner than the bell has rung, an absolute army of medics and EMT’s rush down to the ring to attend to the various injured bodies sprawled around the ringside area. Before the paramedics can get to the youngster though, Ric Flair has already crawled into the ring to check on him. Naitch looks down at Matt’s bloody face with concern in his eyes, before beckoning for the medics to hurry up.

Michael Cole: That was un-be-lievable!!! What a war we just witnessed between JBL and Matt Hardy, and -- and this amazing hot streak of Hardy continues, pinning the former WWE Champion for a second time in a matter of months -- though this time with a little help from The Four Horsemen.

Tazz: Oh man, I -- don’t know what to say, Cole. That was off the chart!! Insane. Big props to both Matt and JBL for what they just did, and I -- man, I hope they’re okay, ‘cause that cut on Hardy’s face looks damn nasty, Cole.

Such is Hardy’s blood loss in fact, that as a precautionary measure he is loaded onto a gurney by the medics and wheeled back up the ramp. On his way out, Matt receives a standing ovation from Memphis, lead by Ric Flair from the ring. The Nature Boy wears a huge smile on his face, as JBL takes his turn in being escorted to the back, clamped in a neck brace in case he sustained any serious injury when slamming through the table. Jillian Hall walks with his boss, whilst the hurting trio of Orlando Jordan and The Basham’s glower up at Naitch. Flair, surrounded by his loyal Horsemen, points to the ‘WrestleMania’ logo over his head, and lets out a quick “WOOO” to thunderous cheers.

Michael Cole: What a tremendous result, but believe not not, folks, this night’s not over yet, because coming up after the break, we a scheduled to be hearing from the World Heavyweight Champion. The Animal unleashed NEXT!!!

{Commercial Break}

Back from the final commercial break, the arena is in quite an uproar, eagerly awaiting the arrival of the one and only…


The crowd reacts with shock, as the music of the Rated R Superstar unexpectedly rips through the arena and smoke begins to billow out onto the stage. As the initial pop degenerates into the usual heat, a familiar figure emerges through the fog … LITA? Clad in jeans and a revealing dark top, the fiery redhead smirks slightly at the top of the ramp, soaking up the confusion and hate of the crowd with a sultry gaze, before sauntering on down the ramp towards the ring.

Michael Cole: Well I -- what? Welcome back, folks, and I know what you’re thinking; that certainly isn’t the World Heavyweight Champion, Batista, but it isn’t Edge either. It’s … Lita? Why on earth is she coming out here?

Tazz: I don’t know and I don’t care, Cole. Man, she’s lookin’ hot tonight.

Lita hurries up the ropes and steps into the ring, wasting no time posing for the fans, and instead marches straight across, holding out her hand for a microphone, which she duly receives. As her/Edge’s music begins to fade out, the boos of the crowd become far more audible, with a few explicit chants thrown in as well for good measure. Frowning, Lita steps forward.

Lita: You--

Lita is immediately cut off by an outpouring of “She’s a crack whore” chants, causing her to lower her mic and scowl venomously into the rafters.

Lita: You might all be wondering … where’s Edge? Why am I here on my own? But y’see, whilst my baby didn’t want to come here tonight and put … Dave Batista in any danger (Crowd scoffs) … he still wanted to give him a message ahead of the most anticipated WrestleMania clash … of all time.

Lita turns towards the stage once again.

Lita: So … Animal … Champ … Big Dave … ‘Tista … Dave … Dave Batista … whatever floats your boat, big guy … I know this was your TV time in the first place … so would you please do me the … ‘honour’ … of coming out here so I can deliver this message to you … face to face like Edge wanted?

Lowering the mic, Lita folds her arms in front of her and waits, her eyes fixed on the entrance ramp, until…


Memphis comes alive with quite possibly the loudest ovation of the night, as the music of The Animal rips through the arena, drawing a tiny little scowl from the fiery redhead waiting in the ring. The roar of the fans grows even louder, as the WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION BATISTA steps out onto the stage, clad in a smart leather jacket, vest, dark shades, and, of course, carrying the prestigious World Heavyweight Championship belt over his shoulder. After walking halfway down the ramp, he lays his belt down and sets off his thunderous pyro.

Michael Cole: Well, THERE he is!! The man who single handily brought victory to SmackDown at Saturday Night’s Main Event, continuing the amazing year he’s been having ever since WrestleMania of last year.

Tazz: Oh man, Big Dave looks psyched, Cole. You gotta’ believe he wanted to get his hands on Edge tonight -- but all he’s got is Lita. Can’t complain.

Lita watches on nonchalantly, as Batista walks through the smoke, slapping hands with all of his fans. Big Dave slowly climbs the steps, before entering the ring and completely blanking Lita, as he ascends the turnbuckle and pounds his chest, getting another deafening response. He too grabs a mic from Chimel through the ropes, as his music comes to a end, and he stands opposite Lita.

Lita: Dave, I--

“BA-TIS-TA” chants swiftly cut the former Women’s Champion off, and she puts her hands on her hips in anger, before trying again.

Lita: Dave, I hope you understand why my Edge isn’t here tonight?

‘Tista casually strokes his chin.

Batista: Yeah … I think I understand pretty damn well.

Lita ignores the angry tone and nods.

Lita: Good, ‘cause I have--

Batista: That’s right; I understand that Edge is a coward who doesn’t have one decent bone in his body. I understand that he didn’t want to be here tonight ‘cause of what he tried to pull at Saturday Night’s Main Event … when he tried to stab me in my back. (Removes his shades) And I think he understood that if he had shown up here tonight … I would have given him something stay at home for.

Memphis cheers wildly at Big Dave’s intensity, as Lita runs her hands through her hair nervously.

Lita: No -- no, you’ve got it all wrong, Dave. Edge isn’t afraid of you, Batista. He isn’t afraid of anyone. He’s the bravest man I’ve ever met … and come WrestleMania … he’ll be the bravest World Heavyweight Champion I’ve ever met as well.

Massive heat from the crowd, as ‘Tista nods.

Batista: So that’s all you wanted to say to me? To run your mouth and tell me I’m gonna’ lose the title at WrestleMania? (Puts his shades back on) Well, I get enough of that from the man himself week after week, and to be honest … I’m sick of it. I don’t around talking for fifteen minutes each week because I get my talking done in the ring, and you can deliver this message to your boyfriend.

Lita: What is it?

Big Dave casually lowers his shades again, and speaks directly at Lita.

Batista: Edge, at WrestleMania … there’s not gonna’ be any in-ring segments … no hour long promos … or Cutting Edge’s … or any taking at all. It’s just gonna’ be your Money in the Bank briefcase and my World Heavyweight Championship … nothing else. That’s all it’s about, Edge. You’re gonna’ be alone in there … with all of your insecurities … all of your fears … alone … with an animal. And, Edge, in case hadn’t figured it out yet … let me spell it out for you: you … are … going … TO LOSE!!

The crowd roars, as Batista pulls his jacket up a bit and slings the title belt over his shoulder, before staring at Lita.

Batista: And you can give that message to your boyfriend.

In the background a bit of commotion can be heard from the crows … as Lita saucily bites her finger … and smiles.

Lita: (Suddenly smirking) Why don’t you do it yourself?

Suddenly the crowd begins screaming and Batista, not too slow on the uptake, immediately spins around with his eyes wide … WHAM!!! EDGE CLOCKS BIG DAVE RIGHT BETWEEN THE EYES WITH THE MITB BRIEFCASE!!! Memphis boos furiously, as Edge lied and is in the city and the building after all! The Rated R Superstar stands over The Animal, teeth gritted and a psychotic look in his eyes. Dressed exactly as he was in the ‘video link’ in a black t-shirt and jeans, Edge slowly rakes his fingers through his hair and smiles a smile of pure evil to his girlfriend, who smiles right back.

On the canvas, The Animal, never one to stay down for long, begins to stir, though very slowly. Edge actually sneers at this and grabs the briefcase once more. As Batista manages to roll his body up, EDGE SLAMS THE BRIEFCASE OF HIS SKULL FOR A SECOND TIME!!! Batista goes down hard and does not stir this time, as his eyes are closed, as he has obviously been rendered unconscious by the blow. Smiling like a mad man, Edge quickly says something to Lita, and she nods and rolls out of the ring.

Although the World Heavyweight Champion is nothing but dead weight at this time, Edge manages to grab him by the underarms and drag him across the ring towards the MITB briefcase lying in the centre of the ring. Edge drops ‘Tista down on top of the case and manoeuvres the big man so his head is lying directly on top of the steel case. The crowd boos frantically, knowing what is coming, as on the outside of the ring, Lita angrily waves the timekeeper aside and grabs a steel chair, folding it up, and slides back into the ring.

Though the cries of the crowd are almost deafening, Lita and Edge seem to be in their own little world. Handing the chair to her boyfriend, Lita leans in close to him, damn near licking his face with her tongue, such is her ’excitement’ . Edge’s eyes never leave his prey though, as he stares down, raises the chair up high, AND DRILLS BATISTA’S SKULL WITH A SICKENING CON-CHAIR-TO!!!!!!!! The gasps of Memphis are mixed together with screams, boos and weeps of the children and women in attendance, with the cameras even giving us a good look at some of the crying youngsters, holding their heads in their hands.

Back in the ring, Edge’s expression is quite different. He turns his head and has a long, sickly kiss with Lita, and evil smirk on his face. The sultry redhead then bends down and picks the World Heavyweight Championship belt up, handing it to her lover. Edge holds it in his hands for a few moments, staring at it, transfixed, before slowly raising it up into the air, his eyes closed in pure ecstasy. This provides us with our final image of the night: Edge, standing over his WrestleMania opponent, and Batista, a broken man, as we fade to black.



Current Card for WWE WrestleMania XXII:
Date: April 2nd, 2006
Location: Allstate Arena; Rosemont, Illinois
Event Music: Peter Gabriel; Big Time

WWE Championship; Triple Threat Match:
WWE Champion Kurt Angle vs.
The Heartbreak Kid Shawn Michaels vs.
2006 Royal Rumble Winner John Cena

World Heavyweight Championship Match:
World Heavyweight Champion Batista vs. Mr. Money in the Bank Edge w/Lita

Street Fight; Unfinished Business:
'The Whole Dam Show' Rob Van Dam vs. 'The Game' Triple H

One On One:
'The Phenom' The Undertaker vs. 'The Real Deal' Bobby Lashley

The Nature Boy vs. The Wrestling God:
Ric Flair vs. John Bradshaw Layfield

{If Ric Flair loses, he must retire}

Legend vs. Legend Killer; No Holds Barred Match:
Shane McMahon vs. 'The Legend Killer' Randy Orton

{If Shane loses, the McMahon Family must leave the WWE forever}


United States Championship Match:
Booker T
w/Sharmell vs. Rey Mysterio

Money In The Bank Ladder Match:
Chavo Guerrero vs. Matt Hardy vs. Gregory Helms vs. Finlay vs. Carlito vs. Mr. Kennedy

Cruiserweight Championship Match:
'The Notorious K.I.D' Kid Kash vs. 'The Pitbull' Jamie Noble

World Tag Team Championship Match; WGTT Reunite:
The Spirit Squad vs. The World's Greatest Tag Team

{Benjamin's Intercontinental title is not on the line}

WWE Tag Team Championship; Three-Team Elimination Match:
w/Melina vs. The Hooligans vs.The Bluebloods

Women's Championship Match:
Trish Stratus vs. Victoria

{Mickie James as Special Guest Referee}


Hall of Fame Ceremony 2006
"Mean" Gene Okerlund, "Mr. USA" Tony Atlas, Verne Gagne, "Sensational" Sherri, The Blackjacks {Mulligan and Lanza}, Bret "Hitman" Hart, and Eddie Guerrero


Banner Credit: Crazian
WM Gif Credit: will94
MITB Gif Credit: ADR LaVey
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Re: Legend Presents: World Wrestling Entertainment

Sorry that this has taken so long but this past weekend has been CRAZY ... what with Prom ... Post-Prom ... Day at the Beach ... and Graduation. But here is your well-deserved review.


Smackdown Review

I can’t think of a better way to kick off this show, than with the greatest young superstar in the business … Mr. Kennedy … Kennedy … should be an awesome talk show. KK running down the hosts of all the older shows was perfect for his character and it really makes him a tweener, imo. THE MIC SUITE!! Awesome name and I hope that he continues to have this show … it has SOOOOO much potential. Classic line about the apples in Masters’ briefs and I hope we get more of those kind of jokes. KK can make the crowd turn either way and he gets under their skin again by putting down Piper … but here comes what we have all been waiting for … awesome introduction … for BOBBY LASHLEY!! The second ‘Lashley’ from KK was awesome and I was surprised he did that to Heyman. Lashley’s destruction of ‘Taker was so epic that he would most certainly be FAVORED if the match wasn’t happening at WM22. Heyman is so awesome on the mic and the way that he built up Lashley … comparing them to ‘Taker’s past WM opponents … was a perfect way to add more hype. KK is fully on the side of Heyman and Lashley and he may have a future feud with ‘Taker … based on the way he has been bad-mouthing him. GONG!! I figured ‘Taker wouldn’t be at the arena but the video package was AMAZING. Really got me even more pumped for this match … and it was hilarious that KK left the ring. I really hope we see ‘Taker on the SD right before WM22 … he and Lashley need another big showdown, imo.

MNM defending against the Bluuebloods would seem weird since they are both heels, so I am glad that the match was kept relatively short. I knew that after the Hooligans lost at SNME, MNM would be the team heading into WM22 as the champions. The Bluebloods sounded impressive but London and Kendrick get some retribution, as they are able to cost the Englishmen the match … causing MNM to retain the titles. This three-team feud has been awesome and now the fact that the match is an elimination match makes me even more stoked for WM22.

Rey and Booker have had a nice feud the past couple of weeks and now it starts to get personal with Booker putting Rey down. The Book Man is awesome as a heel … as long as he isn’t a “King.” He is able to compare himself to all the guys Rey lost to … stating that none of them are nearly as good as Booker. Rey isn’t really saying much but I can still see him getting the last laugh against Booker … even though he has been beaten numerous times the past few weeks.

Good to see that Kid Kash is getting a ton of in-ring time and he isn’t just letting Noble wrestle leading to WM22. Even though Funaki is not exactly Bret Hart, good to see Kash get a good win. Funaki gets in a few moves but everyone knew that Kash was getting the win … and the Dead Level is the perfect way to do it. Noble watching on the monitor is good and I see them probably having a tag match next week, possibly a SNME rematch with Booker and Rey.

So glad to at least see that Edge is on the show … even though he didn’t come to Memphis. His interview was solid and you had his character perfect by making himself sound like the hero of the match at SNME even though it obviously wasn’t that way. He had some good excuses for not coming and if he actually was in Memphis, I am sure he and ‘Tista would have a big showdown. Edge cutting the interview short and also breaking kayfabe by talking about Vince making him show his face was all good and worked for his character. Very nice little segment that continued to hype the WM22 match between Edge and ‘Tista.

MNM had an impressive win over Regal & Burchill so it was good that they got time to talk about the match at WM22, which is now an elimination match. Melina is awesome on the mic and she is able to talk up her boys. Good that she brought up their dominance over both teams and they are going to be very confident heading into Chicago. I didn’t like how the promo just kinda ended … thought it could have had a better closing.

Very good part of the storyline with Shane not being his normal self after the challenge was laid down by Orton … and Shane sounds horrible. Good little speech by him, especially when he talked about his family’s legacy, and there was no reason that he wouldn’t accept the challenge from Orton. Glad to see Randy come out to the ring and he keeps it short … very in with his character, imo. Shane decides to raise the stakes again … NO HOLDS BARRED!! This is much better for the feud as Shane can’t really wrestle a normal match but with the No Holds Barred stip … he will actually be enjoyable to watch, imo. I expect another brawl between the two next week … giving hype to another HUGE WM22 match. This feud has been short but has been done beautifully.

Rey vs. Finlay was a very good match at No Mercy 2007 and the two just have great chemistry in the ring because of their clashing styles. Neither man was made to look weak in this match because Rey dominated with his agility during the ladder stages but then Finlay was able to get the win … albeit because of Booker T. Rey has been made to look weak the past four shows but I think that just adds to the feud … a scaled-down version of Rey being told he couldn’t win the WHC in 2006. Rey may get some retribution next week, but Booker could maintain the advantage … almost making Rey’s win at WM22 a guarantee. This was an awesome way to build Finlay before MITB also.

JBL would have the most expensive locker room but it doesn’t sound like he is in a fun mood tonight. Orlando and the rest of JBL’s entourage attempt to make jokes about Flair & Company but JBL is as serious as I’ve ever seen him. Great little speech about losing to Hardy back in February and now it sounds like he wants to hurt not only Flair … but Hardy as well. The screwdriver is interesting and it will no doubt come into play later on. JBL’s not messing around anymore … and I see him beating Hardy tonight … one way or another.

Noble gets another match to porve how awesome he is and it was no shock to see him run right through Nunzio. Noble has been on the path to revenge and he is almost to WM22 … where he faces Kash. Glad to see a little bit of a mean streak … with Noble not releasing the hold after Nunzio taps out. The staredown from the ramp to the ring between the two was awesome and this has been hyped up amazingly for a CW Championship match … something we don’t usually see in the WWE.

Heyman is going to wrestle ‘Taker next week on Smackdown?? This was shocking to say the least but Heyman and Lashley obviously want Undertaker in the ring so that they can decimate him one more time. I can see this backfiring on the two of them … with ‘Taker coming out on top next week. Crazy plan by these two … but what else should I expect from Heyman??

Hardy and JBL has been an amazing side feud for JBL vs. Flair and I hope that this match between the two is as good as the one from No Way Out. The brutality and interference on both sides doesn’t surprise me at all and I was glad to see all the Horsemen get involved. JBL actually used the screwdriver and the way that he cut Hardy sounded absolutely sick, imo. I figured that JBL had the match won but Arn is able to nail the AA Spine Buster … best moment of the night. Hardy climbs the huge ladder (a precursor for MITB??) and he nails an epic leg drop to get the pinfall!! This match does almost as much for the JBL vs. Flair feud as the promo at SNME did and this was MOTN by far. I can’t wait to see what happens in the nine days before one of the most anticipated matches for WM22.

This is something that I have been waiting for all show and now we get … LITA!?!? Lita coming out is surprising and I was glad that she kept it short, talking about Edge and then telling Batista to come out … which he does!! Batista is never anything special on the mic so I was lgad that you had him play to his strengths, intimidating everyone and talking about his in-ring ability. Batista sent a powerful message to Edge but this is when the promo takes a turn … AND EDGE IS HERE!!! Edge nails Batista with the MITB briefcase and now he has the advantage in the feud for sure. This was a classic Edge ‘beatdown’ … complete with the con-chair-to and then the sultry kiss with Lita. This feud hasn’t really had a big physical altercation until now so it was awesome to see the feud pick up. Major retribution from Batista on next week’s show, imo.

Per always, this was another solid show from you Legend. You have been able to continue every big feud on Smackdown continue and the whole JBL vs. Flair thing has really picked up. Edge coming onto the show when he was said to be in Toronto was shocking but he was finally able to get one over on ‘Tista. I can’t wait to see what you in the final Raw and Smackdown before WM22 … should be amazing. But in closing … 10/10 for this show for sure.


PatMan Presents: World Wrestling Entertainment 2007
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Re: Legend Presents: World Wrestling Entertainment

SmackDown Review

The Mic Suite? Meh. Kennedy = Ratings though, so this should be pretty … suite. See what I did there? Pretty awesome opening segment. I feared that Kennedy might’ve been turning face due to the way his entrance and opening words were explained, but that was soon put to bed by KK heel goodness. Seems like we’ll be seeing a bit more of Kennedy-Carlito interaction in the final stretch to Mania, with KK taking plenty of shots at him here. Heyman and Lashley were as solid as always, though Paul E. spoke in a much different tone than he has in recent weeks, more so honest confidence than psychotic arrogance. The Undertaker’s video package was typical Taker stuff that we always get to see. Strong opener.

Effective tag team build here in the first match. Not a shocker to see MNM retain the titles, but it was pulled off well, with The Hooligans managing to get a measure of revenge over the Blue Bloods. With only one more show left, next week needs to feature a dose of Melina and Regal on the mic to get this match over to its full potential.

Booker-Rey segment was decent, very similar to the HBK-RVD segment I had on Raw. Mysterio has been having a rather rough go of it as of late, but I expect that’s mainly to make his win at WM look all the more impressive when it finally happens.

SQUASH. A bit of waste this week after Kash beat the preeminent cruiserweight of the era, Rey Mysterio, two times in a row.

Edge as a heel OWNS. I definitely liked the pissed off heel Edge, better than the manipulative stuff that he’s been doing as of late. The mention of his contractual obligations and things of the sort added a nice touch to the interview, giving it that ‘shoot’ feel. Nice.

Short, effective promo from Melina. About time you listened and had her doing all the talking. She’s definitely the perfect mouthpiece for a top heel tandem, especially when it’s short interviews like this.

Shane hit all the points he needed to in this next promo. The fact that he’s not a legend, the fact that McMahon is the biggest name in all of wrestling, and the fact that Orton has beaten guys far better than he. Shane ‘O looking like shit was another subtle, yet effective touch, and is almost metaphoric when compared to Orton’s suave, cold, relaxed personality (and attire). No Holds Barred? Definitely a welcome addition to the match up, and I expect you’ll have the wonder boy pull out some sick high spot at WM in route to beating Orton. WWE without McMahon-a-Mania? I think not.

Rey Mysterio is not only not the sharpest knife in the drawer, but now he’s got a legitimate losing streak to go along with it. Once more, I expect this is just to keep Mysterio down until he explodes up and out at WrestleMania and captures the U.S. Title. Next week, this feud needs to take center stage though. Along with Noble-Kash maybe, this feud is the only one not to receive substantial mic time in the ring.

AMERICANS DON’T USE ‘CV’ AS A TERM. I had to look it up to know what it. means. Not exactly sure who’s gonna take this next match. JBL could use the momentum heading into one of the main attractions of Mania, but you seem hell-bent on pushing the elder Hardy brother. Screwdriver? Sickly.

Much like Kash earlier, this match was a complete squash to get the redneck onto the show. As I said with Booker and Mysterio, I think these two need something big for next week to really hammer home that this match is a big deal.

I can’t see Heyman throwing himself to the wolves, so to speak, so he’s either got an incredibly clear-cut plan in mind, or … he’s got an incredibly clear-cut plan in mind. Should be interesting to say the least.

Before we get to the impact of the match, two things. One, Arn Anderson giving anyone a AA spinebuster = ratings. Tully 'I Get Dressed Quick' Blanchard being the first to attack = far more ratings. The match had the amount of violence and interference you'd expect from JBL and Hardy, but Matt picking up the winning is interesting to say the least. I figured that Hardy might get the victory, even with JBL's huge match coming up. The loss to Layfield is minimized by the fact that Hardy had the Horsemen in his corner, and Bradshaw can pretty much talk his way out of any damage. Hardy is on fire right now, and I don't think that's by accident. Two wins over JBL, frequently hanging out with the Horsemen, my guess is that he wins the MITB ladder match, and possibly, has a passing of the torch moment with Flair somewhere on the show.

Lita’s never been my favorite person on the mic, mainly because her name isn’t Ric Flair … and because she’s just not very good, but she was decent enough in this closing segment. Deacon Dave’s speech was good as well, and he’s always a bit better when he’s got a point and some intensity. The Edge attack was expected as soon as Lita came out, but it was still well done, putting the champion in a precarious predicament nine days before the PPV.

Another solid show, Legend. Keep it up.
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Re: Legend Presents: World Wrestling Entertainment

So I've wrote half of your review, but its a pretty long SD and it's taken me longer than expected. I'm wore out too. Just got through with the Edge via satellite situtaion. I'll finish her up, and post her, tommorrow.

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Re: Legend Presents: World Wrestling Entertainment

Double posts, ftw. Sorry it took so long. Built my kids a playhouse (a REAL house, for them to play in). Bargained for two days, it took five.

Two reviews for that show seems bogus. Here’s another.

Let me give you some opening thoughts first though. I haven’t really read much of this thread, but the times I’ve peeked in, the writing has been superb. You are terrific at this artform we call BTB. You know, some guys just have ‘it’ around here, and you certainly do. to that. One negative though, is that it’s taken quite the bit of real time to pound through a couple months thread time. The Mania card has been ‘known’ for a long time, so hopefully, that doesn’t make the ‘hype’ too much for the actual show to handle. I’ve certainly got faith though. Hell, I’m sure it will join me, Wolfy and Mac’s shows by being a brilliant WrestleMania, and one of BTB’s all time greatest offerings. 

Now, onto Smackdizzle

Right out of the box, Lashley and Heyman is such an offbeat, unique pairing, that I like it. I think it adds a whole lot more to the Mania match banner I’ve been seeing all this time.

Ugh, who are the Four Horsemen here? Hopefully they were calling out the original, as a slap in Flair’s face, to further the JBL-Flair saga. I hate new incarnations of the Horsemen though, if that’s what it is. I’m THE Flair mark, and I have never even done one. The right elements just don’t seem to be there anymore. I had plans to refurbish the group at one point, as I had Flair, Benoit and Malenko active. But then Chris wacked his family, so… yeah. Anyway, Hated Wolfy’s lackluster version, and if you’ve your own, I’ll probably hate it.

While the ‘Mic Suite’ is not the greatest name, I could certainly envision Kennedy with his own show. Especially back then in early 2006, that would have been perfect . Points there. Still though, I would have called it ‘Open Mic’ or ‘Mic Check’. Anywayz. Cheap pop for Buffer, and Lashley makes for a good first guest considering his obvious status in the thread. Honestly don’t know if I’ve ever read an entrance description so good. And it’s just for an interview. The descriptors you chose really made me see Heyman and Lashley make there way out. Running powerslam = meh. Buildup move, not more by today’s standards. Use the dominator FFS. Very well put together situation here. Taker’s words were indeed ominous. And as for Kennedy, with you being a mark for him, and considering who he has to face in the bout, he’s my pick to win MITB.

Okay, so they retain the belts, which is fine. But they have a triple threat at Mania, rit? So does this mean if Regal/Burchill would have won, they’d have simply been the defenders at Mania?

For some reason the two opening sentences between Rey-Booker I found to be LOL hilarious. But, then Booker said ‘ god… damn’. I hated that. Hate it when people use unrealistic cursing. It’s cheap and unnecessary. And I’m not picking on you, I tell everyone that. Perhaps … MAYBE … that term would be used in a really serious one-off situation, but this little convo was not big enough for it. Although the rest was good. Booker simply owned Rey, and that’s all.

Kash vs. Noble for the CW title @ Mania = ratings. New champ plz. Wow, only two more shows, and then Mania! I’m excited.

Batista is here, and something in your description of his arrival tells me you mark for him. I don’t mind Batista, and there’s no denying he looks the part. You and Mac = two Batista lovers in a pod.

So has Batista been the Champion since 21 then? Obviously Edge has his Mania 21 MITB contract, and its interesting that you waited a whole year with it. Coolness though. Can’t see Edge losing, which means either two titles will drop, or Angle retains. Nice segment here with Edge though. He showed a great example of what his character should be. <3 the Rated R Superstar.

LOL @ Melina claiming MNM to be the greatest ever. But, they are awesome no doubt. Probably the greatest ‘newly created’ WWE team of the 2000’s. Melina did very well on the mic here, as is her role. And even on a role, MNM should retain at Mania, and I think they will.

Brilliant description of Shane, and awesome commentary which took an angle I had no clue about and made it crystal clear, in a mere three sentences. Bravo. The whole promo here was good. Like the NHB stip being added, and it shall perhaps steal the show at Mania. My only concern is Orton losing to Shane. That sucks. I can’t see you pulling the over the top angle of all the McMahon’s being gone, because quite frankly, that would suck too. And since it’s not 1999, and the angle doesn’t involve Steve Austin, I can’t see Orton winning. We’ll see how it turns out.

Fucking LOVED Finlay going over Rey. Smiling toothlessly made me lol. Love Finlay being undefeated, and I wonder if you’ll count his MITB loss as a loss. You could always just go with the ‘never been pinned or made to submit’ type deal. Just don’t pull the Edge thing, where everyone said he was undefeated at Mania, when he wasn’t. If you don’t win MITB, you lose a match. Period.

The whole JBL/Cabinet deal was good. Except for the use of goddamn. TWICE! Anyway, I like the angle, and the word ‘reunion’, as used by JBL, leads my to believe the Horsemen are the old Horsemen. Thank god.

<3 Noble. Glad to see him get some time. Should be an awesome – opener I’d assume – come 22.

Loved the plot set up by Heyman, and also loved the use of Lashley, not having to speak much. Pounding his chest as a way of saying ‘hell yes’, is perfect. Maybe my favorite Smackdown angle heading into Mania. And as co-ME, that’s likely how you want it.

LOVED the main event match. Hardy getting rubs heading into Mania = ratings. But what really owns is Windham, Blanchard, Anderson and Flair!! The REAL Four Horsemen. Fuck Ole, BW FTW. But really, soooooooooooooo glad to see this, and I’ve had my worries vanquished! Love the angle even more now. Great match description too.

Final segment was well set out. Being that is revolves around the World Title, it makes sense for it to go last. And considering the way it actually ended, it did too. But overall, I think the Horsemen-Hardy-JBL match should’ve closed the show. Nevertheless, this was a good way to further this angle just a few days out from Mania. Classic manipulation by Edge and his sinister sex pot leads to Big Dave getting beat down. Love that kinda thing. Lita aint the best stick chick, but ah well. Edge stand tall this week, Batista gets revenge next week, and then Edge wins at WrestleMania.

Overall, was quite the awesome show, and I’m pretty sure it wasn’t your best. THAT says something. Can’t wait for more Leg. <3

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Re: Legend Presents: World Wrestling Entertainment

Originally Posted by Wrestling Observer Newsletter

If you thought the twelve matches currently on the WrestleMania card was more than enough, you'll be surprised to hear that WWE have this week announced a huge twenty-four man Battle Royal to take place on the pre-show just hours beforehand. As ever, this is the WWE's way of getting the crowd hyped up before they go on air, but there is also an extra purpose according to some sources, as Paul Wight A.K.A The Big Show will be taking part in this multi-man match. Both Wight and creative are said to be unhappy that they were unable to get him on the WrestleMania main card in time, such was the untimely injury sustained by Glen Jacobs A.K.A Kane, Wight's proposed opponent for the event. With a huge push said to be coming up for Wight's character, don't be surprise if Big Show dominates and wins the Battle Royal this Sunday, before moving on to bigger and better things.

Look out for the former voice of ECW this Sunday too, as Joey Styles is currently slated as joining one of the brands commentary teams for the entire show. Whether it's Raw or SmackDown, we're not sure, but Styles will probably appear on the final show before WrestleMania of whichever show it turns out to be.

Michael Buffer has also been signed to attend the event, but not, as one might initially think, to announce the Main Events. The WWE is rumoured to have asked Buffer about possibly announcing the Money in the Bank Ladder Match, to, firstly, give it some more credibility, and, secondly, allow for a possible confrontation between himself and Mr. Kennedy. The WWE are known to be extremely high on Kennedy, and they think a showdown with the man he supposedly echoes in his gimmick would add to his character.

Also, for this week's Tuesday night SmackDown taping in Omaha, Nebraska, the final stop before WrestleMania 22, reports have reached us that a Steel Cage is being transported to the arena. What part the construct will play in the show is unknown at this point though.

Here's the page on wwe.com:
Originally posted by wwe.com

Pre-WrestleMania Sunday Night Heat 24-Man Battle Royal
Winners Gets Intercontinental/US Title Shot After WrestleMania

Matt Striker, Val Venis, Viscera, Chris Masters, Eugene, Goldust, Gene Snitsky, Lance Cade, Trevor Murdoch, Doug Basham, Danny Basham & The Big Show
w/Paul Bearer
Juventud Guerrera, Psicosis, Super Crazy, Steven Richards, Nunzio, Scotty Too Hotty, Hardcore Holly, Simon Dean, Mike Mizanin, James Dick, Chad Dick & Orlando Jordan w/Jillian Hall



It's time for action, as we head to Omaha, Nebraska, for the final Raw before WrestleMania!

After the chaotic ending to last week's show, Raw General Manager has signed a huge Main Event to send us into WrestleMania, as WWE Champion Kurt Angle faces the man he defeated at last years show, and the man who Superkicked him last week, The Heartbreak Kid Shawn Michaels. With only six days before Angle, Michaels and John Cena lock up in a Triple Threat match for the WWE Championship, what kind of explosive encounter can we expect come Monday, and what part will The Doctor Of Thuganomics play in it all?

Two more men with pressing issues to settle after last week are The Game Triple H and his WrestleMania opponent, Rob Van Dam. The question remains though, after Van Dam ignored the threats of Eric Bischoff last week and delivered the Van Daminator to Helmsley during their tag team match, will Mr. Monday Night even have a job in the WWE anymore? Triple H is scheduled to address Omaha with his closing statement before his match this Sunday, but will his final words be to cancel the bout? We will find out Monday night.

Shelton Benjamin puts his Intercontinental Championship on the line against Kenny of The Spirit Squad, as both men look to gain the advantage heading into their battle for the World Tag Team Championship this Sunday at WrestleMania. Will The Spirit Squad's reign of terror continue?

Making the short journey over from SmackDown! are Matt Hardy, Finlay, and Mr. Kennedy; the three SmackDown! representatives in the Money in the Bank Ladder match at WrestleMania, and they will be joining forces to take on Raw's side of the match, comprising of Chavo Guerrero, Carlito, and Gregory Helms. Will Omaha be big enough for these six talented individuals?

Also watch out for the Women's Champion Trish Stratus, her Number One Contender Victoria, and the Special Guest Referee for their match, Mickie James, as they will all be teaming up with each other to take on a group of, as of yet, unnamed Divas. Will they be able to co-exist?

Who's going to WrestleMania on a roll, and who's going to miss out on the biggest Pay Per Views of the year? All this and more, on Monday Night RAW, 9/8 central on USA! Don't miss it!

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Re: Legend Presents: World Wrestling Entertainment

Nice little read there Legend, RAW looks awesome and I'm sure it will be as it's from you! Will definitely read it and get some comments up.
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I mark for me
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Re: Legend Presents: World Wrestling Entertainment

Kennedy/Buffer confrontation = Epic.

Seems to be the usual pre-Mania show; an appearance from the MITB on the opposite brand, a Triple H promo, and Mickie James showing her superiority to everyone one else. Angle v. Michaels is definitely a strong main event to end the show with. Looks awesome.

for the week of September 28th


Cash has harsh words for Pope Francis, his believers, and his bandwagon followers, while Mac still hates Russell Wilson.
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Re: Legend Presents: World Wrestling Entertainment

~ Show will win the Battle Royal on Heat without a doubt. He is the best guy in the match and he should have been on the Mania card … had there been room for him. Styles needs to go to Smackdown … JR and Coach don’t need him on Raw. I would love to see KK shut up Buffer, tbh … make it happen! Steel Cage is intriguing to say the least…

~ HBK and Angle in the main event OWNS but I don’t see the match going that long … Cena will make the run-in to end the show, imo. Triple H’s promo should be good and I could see him telling Bisch that he wants to beat RVD at WM22 … RVD won’t be fired and the match will be awesome. Kenny-Shelton should be good and will lead to the final hype for the match at WM22. Awesome six-man tag between the MITB competitors … Hardy to be put over, imo. Six-woman tag between the three divas in the Women’s Title match. Can’t wait for Raw … don’t disappoint.


PatMan Presents: World Wrestling Entertainment 2007
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Re: Legend Presents: World Wrestling Entertainment

RAW looks nice and sexeh Leg, you Keane lover you.

HBK/Angle on a TV match will be sweet and well MITB match looks like it'll be fun. rofl Mickie James to take the fall in the Diva's match plz. Trish > Mickie.

Looks like a good show, I'll be checking it out.


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