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Re: Legend Presents: World Wrestling Entertainment

- Glad Shelton retained the gold in a great opening match, the post match brawl was great too
- Heyman/Lashley/Taker promo was off the chain but maybe a bit long, Lashley Vs Taker is interesting but it would be degrading to see Lashley break the streak
- Nice little promo between HBK and Angle, always loved these two together
- A realistic win for RVD over Big Show, by count out rather than pinfall, poor RVD getting beat down afterwards
- Orton Vs Shane, something I'd love to see in real life and glad you are making it possible, hopefully some kind of gimmick match
- The JBL promo was good but again seemed a bit long
- Main event was off the chain, but sucks to see HBK/Angle lose
- Wow, Cena was pretty god damn intense lol

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Re: Legend Presents: World Wrestling Entertainment

Raw looks pretty solid heading out of SNME. Even more so than the fallout from that event, I'm looking to see where the non-featured stars will be headed into WrestleMania. Announcement of the Women's Title Match should be rather awesome. Mickie plz.

for the week of September 28th


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Re: Legend Presents: World Wrestling Entertainment

Monday Night Raw; March 20th, 2006; Memphis, Tennessee:

The usual opening video plays before we cut into the Memphis arena, where the red hot pyrotechnic displays shoot up from the stage and ramp area. Just trying to keep up with the action, the cameras zip and zoom all around the building, catching sight of all of the fans and their signs, before cutting over to the announce table and J.R and Coach.

Jim Ross: Just forty-eight hours removed from the spectacle that was the first Saturday Night’s Main Event in well over a decade, we welcome you to Monday Night Raw, coming to you live from the home of ‘The King’ Jerry Lawler, here in the deep south of Memphis, Tennessee. I’m good ole’ J.R, Jim Ross, here at ringside with The Coach, Jonathan Coachman, and, Coach, what a show it’s gonna’ be.

Jonathan Coachman: For once you’re not talking out of your hat, J.R, because really is a HUGE, huge night. WrestleMania is only two weeks away, and don’t know about you, but Saturday night got me hyped for that Chicago showdown in a big, big way.

Jim Ross: Absolutely. WrestleMania implications indeed on Saturday night, and WrestleMania implications here tonight, as Raw General Manager has promised us some MAJOR announcements here tonight, including what part our Women’s Division will play in Chicago, AND … will John Cena, the man who returned triumphantly two nights ago, be added into the Angle-Michaels WWE Championship match, a right he EARNED all the way back in January at the Royal Rumble.

Jonathan Coachman: Well, that’s your opinion, J,R. Personally I think the only thing John Cena has earned is a one way ticket to the county lock up after what he tried to do to HBK at Saturday Night’s Main Event. Now, as much as I can’t wait to hear from our esteemed leader Mister Bischoff, my personal highlight of this night just has to be the very, VERY special Memphis, Tennessee edition of Carlito’s Cabana being hosted here tonight, Can you guess who his guest is?? None other than … THE KING!!!

Jim Ross: We’re both happy about that for different reasons, but I cannot wait to see The King in a WWE ring once again. I just hope Carlito shows him the respect he deserves. But let’s not forget tonight also, both ‘The Game’ Triple H and Rob Van Dam WILL be in attendance, but the question remains, just what state is RVD in after that sickening assault by Helmsley at the Main Event???

Jonathan Coachman: I would guess … not a very good state, J.R. But that’s just me. Anyway, it’s one of the biggest Raw’s in recent memory, one way or another, and I for one cannot wait!!

***The Time Is Now*** Memphis EXPLODES into the kind of mixed reaction that only one man in the WWE can create, as ‘The Doctor of Thuganomics’ John Cena steps out onto a Raw stage for the first time in over a month. Cena looks serious as a heartbeat, as he marches down to the ring, barely even acknowledging the fans. He is dressed in his usual cap, but has foregone the shirt tonight, and instead slides into the ring as though ready to compete, with only his silver dog tags hanging down across his chest.

After rolling into the ring, Cena walks straight over to the ropes and demands a mic, which Lillian Garcia hands to him. Standing in the centre of the ring, ‘The Champ’ waits for a moment, as the duelling “CE-NA … CE-NA SUCKS” chants rip through the arena. Eventually though, the former WWE Champion has heard enough.

John Cena: You’re gonna’ have to excuse me if I don’t seem like I’m in a very patient mood tonight … (Eyes narrow) ‘cause I’ve gotta’ few things I need to get off my chest.

The crowd pops at Cena’s intensity.

John Cena: A MONTH!!! (Mouths the words to the camera) One whole month of my career. Gone. Just like that. Taken from me by the biggest, egotistical son of a bitch to ever set foot in a WWE rin- wait, scratch that, the biggest, most egotistical, paranoid, jealous bastard to ever compete in the industry of professional wrestling!!!

Another pop for Cena’s rage, more a lot of boos from the pro-Michaels brigade as well.

John Cena: SHAWN MICHAELS!!! (A deafening mixed reaction) Heartbreak Kid, I betcha’ thought that you were off the hook now. You probably thought that I came back for the WWE Championship. You probably thought that all I was gonna’ be thinking about from now until April Second is how in the hell am I gonna’ get the spot that I earned back, so that I can be on the grandest stage of them all … one … more … time.

Cena adjusts his cap, collecting his thoughts.

John Cena: But y’see, that’s where you’re wrong, Heartbreak Kid. Why would I be thinking about the WWE Championship all this time when the very reason that was sittin’ on my ass in hospital with a … concussion … the cause of that was struttin’ around in the WWE still, calling the shots??? Why would I forget about (Glowers up the ramp) you … Shawn??

More murmurs from the crowd, as Cena’s rage continues to boil.

John Cena: I guess … I guess ya’ll thought the same thing too, right?? (Squinting into the rafters) Right?? Here’s good ole’ John Cena back from a career threatening injury to … entertain you??

A very mixed reaction, with even the anti-Cena fans slightly confused.

John Cena: No, no, no, no, no (Shaking his head) Now I’m sorry, folks, but when someone tries to end your career … your livelihood … to stop you from doing the thing you love … you come and tell me that you’re still gonna’ go out there each and every week with the intention of doing nothing but … entertaining. If you can do that … well … you’re a better man than me.

A more positive response this time, as Cena still seems earnest in his rage.

John Cena: But I … I just can’t do that. I can’t forgive … (Into camera) and I can’t forget. Shawn Michaels, you bashed my head in at the Royal Rumble … but I was still standing. But on Raw, you took my … skull … my neck … and you tried … (Voice shaking with rage) you tried to cripple me!!! You tried to paralyse me on those steel steps, Shawn Michaels…

Thunderous heat for the actions of HBK, with a few ironic cheers thrown in as well.

John Cena: So why in the hell would I just come back to want the WWE Championship in hands, Shawn??? (Eyes narrow again) When I could have your BLOOD covering them instead???!!!

HUGE pop from the fans, with the Cena-haters fighting a losing battle.

John Cena: But … but if the only way I’m gonna’ get my hands on you, Heartbreak Kid, is by walkin’ through hell with Kurt Angle in tow at WrestleMania … then … so … be … it.

More cheers, with Cena seemingly stating his WWE title intent {and the casuals love that}.

John Cena: ‘Cause I might not need the WWE Championship like I did back in January … but I know I’m better than you, Shawn … and I know I’m better than Kurt Angle (Small heat for that comment) … In fact I know that I’m good enough to beat you both … and bring the title home.

Another booming mixed reaction, with female screams absolutely overwhelming, whilst the slightly more lower-pitched boos can still be heard as well.

John Cena: But like I said, I didn't just come back for the WWE Championship … and I sure as hell didn’t just come back for WrestleMania, and the last time I checked, it ain’t time for either … (Steps towards the ropes) … so I think it’s about time I stained this hands of mine with a little HeartBreakblood.

OH~! Cena gets straight to the point, getting another shocked and mixed reaction from the Memphis crowd, still unsure how to react to Cena’ edgy anger.

John Cena: Shawn Michaels, you said that I wanted to be ‘The Showstopper’??? You said that I wanted to be ‘The Icon’??? ‘The Main Event’??? ‘The Heartbreak Kid’??? I heard every single word you said that night, Shawn … I was watchin’ from my bed. (Grits teeth) You sounded angry … you sounded like you actually meant every word you said. If that’s how you feel, Shawn, then let’s quit playin’ the mind games … let’s quit the sneak attacks … and how about you walk that aisle right now … and come get some of the man who wants to be you so bad???

Cena tenses, as though prepping for a fight.

John Cena: (Stares wildly ahead for a moment) … … …NOW COME … GET … SOME!!!!!!!

Now Cena is DEFINITELY preparing for a fight, as he takes off his cap and tosses it out of the ring, before balling up his large fists like a boxer and turning to face the entrance ramp. Jaw quivering with anger, but eyes as cold as ice, Cena waits for his enemy to appear, whilst the crowd works itself into a frenzy-

***Medal*** The crowd goes absolutely INSANE with the added shock factor, and Cena stands up straight again, shaking his head slowly and mouthing, “Dammit”, as the WWE Champion Kurt Angle makes his way out. Angle is dressed casually in black pants, a black ‘Tap Out’ t-shirt, with his title belt over his shoulder and medals around his neck, and he walks right down to the ring with a purpose, all business tonight seemingly as well.

Stepping into the ring, Kurt walks right past Cena, eyeballing the ‘Doctor of Thuganomics’ warily, before receiving a mic from ringside, and heading back to the centre of the ring, where he and Cena go toe-to-toe, nose-to-nose, eyeball-to-eyeball. This is not the happy go lucky atmosphere of their ’03 and ’04 interaction, or even of ’05, as EVEN Cena is serious as a heartbeat, glaring back at Angle coldly. Around the arena, the “LET’S GO CE-NA … LET’S GO AN-GLE” chants begin to duke it out.

Kurt Angle: … … … … … … … … … … … … … (Quietly) Welcome back.

A slightly surprised reaction, but neither man’s face moves a muscle.

Kurt Angle: That was quite the little speech, Cena. And quite the comeback Saturday night … (Eyes flicker) but if you say that you’re better than me again … I will … breakyourankle

OH~! This draws a HUGE pop from the crowd, with a smattering a boos too, as Angle nods, but Cena remains still, but for the raising off his mic.

John Cena: That right??

Kurt Angle: I hope you remember, John, that it was you who I beat to win the WWE Championship back at the start of the year … in a First Blood match … so if I were you, I’d think twice about joining the match at WrestleMania, ‘cause if you do, it won’t be Shawn Michaels’ blood on your hands that you’ll be worrying about … (Almost touching Cena) it’ll be yours on mine!!

WOAH~! The crowd is definitely 50/50, but Memphis cannot stop themselves from cheering Angle’s uncompromising intensity, whilst Cena simmers.

John Cena: (Coldly, quietly) I didn’t come out here for you, Kurt. It ain’t your time … yet. I came down here for Shawn Michaels … I came down here to cripple Shawn Michaels, and if you don’t get your ass the hell out of this ring in the next ten seconds … I am gonna’ have to cripple you!!

Now it’s Cena’s turn to make the crowd “OH~!” at his direct comments, whilst Angle steps back, shaking his head in slight disbelief, before looking his ‘potential’ second WrestleMania challenger right in the eye.

Kurt Angle: The thing is, John, I’ve got my own business with Shawn Michaels to take care of … y’see that no good, son of a bitch double-crossed me at Saturday Night’s Main Event, and … (Slight, dry smirk) I don’t forgive … and I don’t forget. HBK cost me the match … and I never lose … so I came down to this ring to tell you one thing, John …

Angle steps a little closer.

Kurt Angle: … … … … …Get the hell … out of my ring.

Cena blinks slightly, showing his first real signs of emotion during this confrontation, as the crowd buzzes, just desperate to see how this combustible situation will go down.

Kurt Angle: But don’t worry, John, don’t worry … ‘cause when I’m done beating the life out of Michaels … (Pats Cena on the arm) I’ll be sure to throw a few scraps of his miserable little carcass your way.

Cena actually steps back slightly, rubbing his jaw and nodding, before turning back to Angle and getting right in his face.

John Cena: (A whisper) Ten.

WHAM~!!! CENA SMASHES HIS MICROPHONE RIGHT INTO ANGLE’S FACE!!! The WWE Champion goes down hard, dropping his own mic and title belt with a thud, as Cena quickly mounts him, raining down a flurry of sick, heavy, heavy blows, with the crowd actually showing quite a lot of hostility towards the actions of the rage-filled ‘Doctor of Thuganomics’ … until Angle gets his focus back, and rolls Cena over!!

Now it is Cena’s turn to react in shock, as the ‘Wrestling Machine’ lays into him with just as stiff and just as brutal right hands … but it quickly descends into even more of a messy brawl, with neither man really on top, and instead both men – same height and build – rolling all the around the ring in a messy, warrior’s embrace. Just as the chaos results in Angle’s shirt being torn clean off by Cena … several security guards run down to the ring to separate the two superstars ahead of what could potentially be a WrestleMania meeting between them in a mere two weeks!!

Grabbing hold of Cena’s arm, the security guards manage to drag him away from Angle, with another group doing the same on the WWE Champion. The two men continue to roar and froth at the mouth, with months of vent up anger being released by them … and they both nail the security guards with right hands!!

Another eruption of gasps and cheers fills the arena, as the two mega-stars lay out the law, before going at it once again n the centre of the ring with rights and lefts, this time on their feet. The commentators draw our attention to the blood that is trickling from the wound in Angle’s head where Cena drilled him with the mic, but the Olympian does not even notice.

Eventually Angle goes low, taking Cena down with a double-leg and raining the stiff blows down once again … but even MORE security guards rush down the ramp to break it up. With almost twenty of them in total, they finally manage to wrestle Angle and Cena the hell away from one another, though their curses at one another across the ring can be heard clearly, as another “LET’S GO CE-NA … LET’S GO AN-GLE” chants begins.


The crowd turns to see … Eric Bischoff, the General Manger of Raw’s face filling the Titan tron, still with the uncomfortable looking neckbrace on, as he sits behind his desk backstage, pointing frantically at what he sees. Cena and Angle have to almost literally tear their eyes from one another to look at the GM.

Eric Bischoff: Dammit, I knew this whole place would just go to hell the second you came back, Cena. I knew it!!

Whether or not it’s clear to everyone else, but Cena is quite clearly mouthing, “Fuck you” up to the screen, still fighting against the restraints.

Eric Bischoff: If you two want to fight so much … then so be it. (Crowd cheers) Oh no, no, gentlemen, there’s not going to be any of John Cena versus Kurt Angle here tonight…

HUGE heat, as Bischoff smirks evilly.

Eric Bischoff: No, I thought that it would be better for the two of you to get to know each other better by being … partners tonight in tag team action.

This draws a MUCH better response from the crowd, whilst Angle constantly yells, “That’s shit! That’s shit” under the censor’s radar.

Eric Bischoff: Your opponents?? (A huge smirks) How does ‘The Game’ Triple H sound??

Another thunderous mixed reaction, leaning more towards heat, as Cena and Angle barely react to Hunter’s name.

Eric Bischoff: And he will be joined by … his WrestleMania opponent … RobVanDam!!!

DEAFENING cheers for the ‘Whole Dam Show’, causing Bischoff to shake his head.

Eric Bischoff: And a word of warning to Mister Van Dam. (Leans towards the screen) If you even so much as think as laying one hand on Triple H during that Main Event, then not only will you lose your opportunity to face The Game at WrestleMania … but you will lose … your … career!! (Another outpouring of heat) Gentlemen, I wish you good luck.

Finally Bischoff’s smug visage disappears from the screen, and Angle and Cena are once again held back from lunging at one another, as we fade out into our first commercial, with the crowd, the announcers and the intense rivals all shaking the rafters!!

{Commercial Break}

Match #1: Eight-Man Tag Team Match:
Shelton Benjamin, Charlie Haas & the Redneck Wrecking Crew vs. Spirit Squad w/Johnny
It is clear from the outset that Haas and Benjamin, and the RWC are extremely uncomfortable with one another, with Cade and Murdoch looking less than pleased with the sans-crowd favourite role they are being forced to take on. It also must be noted that Haas and Benjamin entered separately rather than as a team. For the majority of the contest, which gets a decent amount of time due to the heightened exposure of the men involved, it is Haas who is isolated, with the SS picking him off at an early point, eager to avenge their humiliation at SNME. With Johnny on commentary, he and Coach completely put the SS over, until things start to go wrong for them.
Once Haas manages to German Suplex Mikey out of his tights, he is able to make the hot tag to Benjamin, who comes in like a house of fire, knocking down each and every member of the Spirit Squad, and even taking Nicky’s head off with the Dragon Whip!! Cade and Murdoch, former World Tag Team Champions themselves, are content to simply watch, as Shelton battles against all four members of the SS in the ring, with Haas momentarily down. Knocked onto the apron, Benjamin manages to use it to his advantage, by knocking Mitch back across the ring with a cheeky thumb to the eye, before nipping to the top rope, leaping off, and hitting a double Flying Cross Body onto both Mitch and Mikey!!
Before Shelton can take advantage, Kenny nails him from behind and goes to shoot him across the ring with an Irish Whip. Benjy reverses it though, and CADE ACTUALLY KNEES KENNY IN THE SPINE, sending him stumbling forwards, right into the boot of Benjamin, who damn near takes the cheerleader’s head off with a cracking Superkick!! As Nicky tries to come at Shelton from behind, a rejuvenated Haas hooks him up by the arms, DROPPING NICKY RIGHT ON HIS HEAD WITH A RELEASE DRAGON SUPLEX!!! This frightens Johnny on commentary, and he leaves Coach and J.R to “get a closer look”. With the referee trying desperately to keep up with the frenetic action, Johnny smartly drops one of the World Tag Team title belts on the apron,
Just as the official tries to deal with Shelton and Nicky across the ring, behind his back, Mitch grabs the title belt, BLASTING HAAS IN THE FACE WITH IT!!! With the submission specialist out of it, and the Redneck Wrecking Crew just watching like innocent bystanders, Shelton is fighting against near impossible odds, and it shows, as he tries to springboard off the top rope onto Kenny and Nicky, both Mitch and Mikey DROPKICK THE ROPES, CAUSING BENJAMIN TO LAND ON HIS HEAD!!! Seeing their partner done, Cade and Murdoch decide it’s time to leave and pop on their cowboy hats, sauntering up the ramp. The four active members of the SS scoop Shelton up, throw him high in the air, AND BRING HIM CRASHING BACK DOWN WITH THE HIGH SPIRITS!!! Kenny actually makes a point of having himself tagged in, and he scuttles over to hook Benjy’s leg. 1… 2… 3!!!
Winners: The Spirit Squad via pin fall @ 08:03.
The crowd loudly boos the result, whilst the Spirit Squad {and Coach} celebrate their triumph. The Redneck Wrecking Crew have disappeared to the back, and Shelton and Haas glower back up the ramp, not quite sure what happened. During the celebrations also, Kenny makes a point of snatching the Intercontinental title belt from the referee and holding it up in the air to more heat, until the official wrestles it back. But other than getting one over on his team’s WrestleMania opponents, what was Kenny’s aim tonight?

We cut away from the ringside area and into the office of the Raw General Manager Eric Bischoff, drawing an instant outpouring of heat from the crowd. Easy E. is still sat at his desk, but this time he is on the phone, talking feverishly.

Eric Bischoff: (Nodding) Look, look, I understand that WrestleMania is only two weeks away and we don’t have a Women’s Championship match on the card yet, but – (Clearly interrupted) yes, yes I am going to sort that whole issue out tonight, but that’s not what I wanted to speak to you about.

A smug smile comes over Bischoff’s face.

Eric Bischoff: You saw what went down out there earlier right, between Angle and Cena?? (Nods) Absolutely. The fans were going nuts. They were eating it up. We all know that Angle-Michaels Two, the rematch from last year would be something special … but adding Cena to that mix … that’s money … that’s money right there, and there’s nothing that SmackDown can do to top that. (Shakes his head) No, no, there isn’t even any need for new paperwork. Cena won the Royal Rumble. That’s an instant contract right there. He’s in.

The crowd cheers in the background, as Bischoff nods, grinning from ear-to-ear.

Eric Bischoff: (Hanging up) It’ll get done tonight. I’ll write it up right away. Raw is going to own WrestleMania yet again. Speak to you later. (Hangs up and turns around) So what d’ya’ think about that??

The camera pans around to show who is sitting on the opposite side of Bischoff’s desk … ‘The Game’ Triple H. Thunderous boos can be heard in the background, as Hunter, dressed in his leather jacket, jeans and shades on his head, just frowns.

Triple H: (Leaning forwards) As far as I’m concerned, there isn’t a WWE Championship match at WrestleMania this year, Eric. First of all, why should I, or anyone else for that matter, give a damn about that title match when Triple H isn’t even involved??

Bischoff nods slightly, but Helmsley isn’t done.

Triple H: And secondly, Eric, I wouldn’t get too excited about your … (Scoffs) big Triple Threat attraction match for the WWE title … ‘cause after the Main Event tonight, two of your boys involved in that match, Cena and Angle … (Eyes narrow) won’t even be able to walk, let alone carry a damn World title around their waist, d’you understand??

Eric Bischoff: (Raising an eyebrow) Of course, Hunter.

Sneering, The Game relaxes a little in his chair.

Triple H: Good. I just hope that waste of breath Van Dam understands as well. (Becoming angry again) ‘Cause if he even gets in my face once … I am gonna’ put his ass down tonight, and it won’t mean a goddamn thing that he won’t have job come WrestleMania.

More boos in the background, as Easy E nods sycophantically.

Triple H: One way or another, just like at Saturday Night’s Main Event … (Slams his fist against Bischoff’s table) I am going … to end … the overrated career … (Whispering) of Rob … Van … Dam.

Bischoff smiles with delight, as a cold, malicious ‘King of Kings’ pops his shades back on, grabs his bags from next to his chair, and storms out of the room, as we fade out to another commercial.

{Commercial Break}

Back from the break, the cameras give us a quick shot of Rob Van Dam arriving at the arena during the commercial. RVD is heavily dressed in jeans and a jacket, but there is of course speculation over his physical condition following the assault he suffered at the hands of Triple H a mere forty-eight hours ago at SNME.

From that we cut into the locker room of the World Tag Team Champions, the Spirit Squad. The room is a complete, brightly coloured mess, with all five men dancing around wildly in celebration, slapping hands and whooping. Kenny is of course at the forefront.

Kenny: (Screaming) Did you see that??? Huh??? Did ya’??!! (The others all nod) I pinned Shelton Benjamin!! Not only are we gonna’ annihilate Haas and him at WrestleMania and prove that we are the greatest tag team to ever walk the face of the earth … but i should be the Intercontinental Champion too!!

As the crowd boos away, the rest of the SS all cheer their ‘Captain’ on.

Johnny: Damn right, Ken.

Kenny: Yeah, y’know what I think. (Group huddle) I think that Shelton Benjamin … that gutless, no good coward is just using this Tag Team title shot as a way to get out of defending his Intercontinental title!!

Heat fills the background arena, as the SS conveniently forget that Shelton only defended his belt forty-eight hours ago, whilst they have never defended theirs.

Kenny: Well I think it’s time we put Shelton Benjamin’s word to the test, huh, fellas?? (Nods of agreement) He wants to go around saying he’s a fighting champion, saying that he’ll put the belt on the line against anyone … at anytime … well how about he puts it on the line next week against one of us???

Spirit Squad: YEAH!!!!

The team all jump up and down excitedly, whilst Kenny nods away, delighted by his own ‘genius’.

Kenny: Well, as team Captain, I think it’s only right that I step up to the plate myself (Puffs out his chest) and challenge Shelton Benjamin for the gold. It’ll be my honour and my privilege to bring the Intercontinental Championship home to the Spirit Squad!! WOOO!!!

Kenny holds his hand in the air, and the other four members of the team all take turns in slapping it, as the ‘Captain’ closes his eyes in ecstasy.

Kenny: Can we get a Spirit Squad??? On three!!!

Spirit Squad: (Everyone puts their hand in) ONE, TWO, THREE, SPIRIT SQUAD!!!!

The quintet all break apart and leap around again in excitement, holding the World Tag Team Championships up high above their heads.


Cutting back to ringside, J.R is sat shaking his head, whilst Coach is on his feet, applauding his ‘boys’.

Jim Ross: Would you sit down, Coach?? You’re embarrassing yourself.

Jonathan Coachman: (Still standing) There’s nothing wrong with showing a little respect for the greatest team of all time, J.R. Do I complain when you have a heart attack over Stone Cold Steve Austin eating a box of skittles??? No I do not.

Jim Ross: Whatever the case may be, I hope that Eric Bischoff has enough sense in his head to not sign that Intercontinental Championship match for next week, since Kenny has done absolutely nothing to earn it.

Jonathan Coachman: Are you kidding me?? The man just pinned the Champ!! If that doesn’t warrant a title shot, then I don’t know what does. Also, me and Mister Bischoff go way back, so I’m sure he’ll listen to my advice on this matter.

Match #2:
Big Show w/Paul Bearer vs. Gene Snitsky
Fresh off his destruction of Kane three weeks ago and his assist in the injuring of Rob Van Dam at SNME, the seven-foot monster’s push continues with the maniacal Paul Bearer by his side. As one would expect from someone with no credibility like Gene Snitsky, he serves than nothing more than an impressive squash opponent for the 500-pounder. With Snitsky standing at about six-feet nine and well over 300-pounds, it looks damn scary as Big Show plows right through him in next to no time. Show shows off his arsenal of devastating high-impact moves, including THREE Avalanche Splashes in the corner, his innovated Cobra Clutch Backbreaker, and the Final cut, before being told {screamed at} by Bearer to finish Snitsky off. The giant obliges, and Show quickly lifts the 300-pounder high into the air with one arm, before planting Snitsky with a Chokeslam!! Placing his foot on the fallen Snitsky’s chest, Big Show raises his arms as he gets the three count.
Winner: Big Show via pinfall @ 03:46.
Show looks to continue the assault, grabbing a handful of Snitsky’s hair, until Paul Bearer finally decides to step into the ring, telling Show that he has done enough for tonight. The dark and sinister pair exit the ring to a chorus of boos, with Big Show growling like a grizzly bear into the front rows of the terrified crowd.

{Commercial Break}

Jim Ross: Unfortunately, ladies and gentlemen, announced during the break, next week, right here on Monday Night Raw, Shelton Benjamin will indeed put his Intercontinental Championship on the line against the man who pinned him tonight, and one half of the World Tag Team Champions, Kenny of the Spirit Squad.

Jonathan Coachman: (As a graphic appears on the screen) You forgot to mention that announcement came from the office of Mister Bischoff himself, Ross, so I’d just like to say … I told you so.

Jim Ross: Emotions running high next week for sure. So, let’s take it backstage to Todd Grisham, standing by with the Intercontinental Champion himself, Shelton Benjamin.

True to J.R’s word, we cut backstage to where Todd Grisham is standing by with Shelton Benjamin, who is still dressed in his wrestling attire, with his belt over his shoulder, and a towel around his shoulders.

Todd Grisham: Thank you, J.R. I am indeed joined by the WWE Intercontinental Champion, Shelton Benjamin (Crowd pops) and, Shelton, as we just heard, you will be putting your title on the line next week, on the penultimate Raw before WrestleMania, against Kenny. What are your thoughts??

Shelton Benjamin: My first thought is (Wipes his brow) that this belt isn’t going anywhere next week.

Grisham nods, and the crowd cheers in the background.

Shelton Benjamin: That kid Kenny needs to understand that the only reason he pinned me this week was ‘cause of a title belt that you hit Charlie with (Shakes his head) and ‘cause of those two jokers that Eric Bischoff gave us as partners. You beat us in a four-on-two Handicap Match, boys, congratulations. But at WrestleMania … when it’s two-on-two … tag team on tag team … me and Charlie are gonna’ humiliate you. (Crowd pops) And as for next week, Kenny … maybe – maybe I’ll humiliate you then as well, and keep this title around my wa-

Shelton stops mid-sentence and looks off-camera. The crowd lets out a nice pop as Charlie Haas walks into the shot in his wrestling gear, but with a towel, just like Benjamin.

Shelton Benjamin: ‘Sup, Charlie??

Charlie Haas: (Running his fingers through his hair) Just wanted to let ya’ know that next week, when it’s you and Kenny for the belt … I’ve got your back, man.

Shelton Benjamin: I appreciate that.

Shelton turns to walk away, but Haas does not appear to be quite finished.

Charlie Haas: But I, uh, won’t always have your back, Shelton.

Benjamin smiles and turns around.

Shelton Benjamin: ‘Never said you would, bro.

Charlie Haas: I know, but with WrestleMania coming up and all … I just needed to get this off my chest. (Shakes his head) Just ‘cause we’ve got this match with the cheerleaders at ‘Mania doesn’t mean I’ve forgotten what I came back for, Shelton … (Nods at IC title) that.

Shelton glances down at his belt, bracing slightly in the face of Haas’ abruptness.

Shelton Benjamin: That right??

Charlie Haas: Look, I’ve seen Helms get his title shot and get his ass put down by ya’, man, and now that (Through gritted teeth) idiot Kenny is gonna’ get a go atcha’. My time’s gonna’ come soon, Shelton … ‘cause after WrestleMania … tag champs or not … (Runs his hand over the gold) I’m comin’ after that baby, bro.

This time Shelton does not seem so defensive, his mouth even twitching at the corners, hinting at a smile, which Haas’ replicates, the best friends’ competitive nature winning out.

Shelton Benjamin: Like I always said, Charlie … any time (Pulls out his shades) any place.

Popping his shades on coolly, Benjamin gives his partner/rival a little wink, before striding away; leaving Haas to nod and contemplate what was just said by both men.

Cutting back to ringside, the camera floats over the ring, which has been decorate accordingly with hammocks, lawn chairs, palm trees, coconuts and cocktails, for the inevitable next segment.

Jim Ross: Tension between Haas and Benjamin in the back th-

Jonathan Coachman: Ah, forget about them, Ross; just take a look at the ring. You know what time it is.

***Cool*** Memphis erupts with some loud heat, as the one and only Carlito saunters out, clad in his white linen pants, sandals, and a ‘Caribbean’ shirt; with an apple in his hand also. Amazingly enough, since he is accompanying Carly down to the ring, ‘The Masterpiece’ Chris Masters is also wearing a ‘Caribbean’ shirt, but this time over a pair of jeans.

The pair are roundly booed, which seems to annoy Masters somewhat, but ‘Lito just grins away blindly and steps into the ring. Carlito gets a look around his set, as Masters retrieves a mic for him, handing it to the former Intercontinental Champion, before taking his place next to the drinks stand. Standing in the middle of the ring, mic in hand, ‘Lito waits for the boos to die down before speaking.

Carlito: Welcome to a very special edition … (Smirks) of ‘Carlito’s Cabana’.

A mixed reaction from the Memphis crows, who know EXACTLY why it is special.

Carlito: Now, Carlito knows ‘dat a lot of you think ‘dat ‘dis is a special Cabana for a certain reason … (Shakes his head) but you’re wrong. Tonight’s Cabana is special for one reason and one reason only … and ‘dat’s ‘cause last week, right here on Monday night Raw, Carlito was forced to endure hell … fire … and (Scrunches up his face) whatever else it is ‘dat J.R says about ‘dat guy when I was made to take on the monster … Kane … for Carlito’s rightful spot in ‘da Money in ‘da Bank ladder match at WrestleMania Twenty-Two. And did Carlito win ‘dat match??

A slight “You suck” chants begins, wanting ‘Lito to get on with it.

Carlito: … … … … … …Yes I did (Big smile) Carlito is on his way to WrestleMania for ‘da first time in his career. Carlito will be in ‘da Money in ‘da Bank Ladder Match at WrestleMania. Carlito will grab ‘dat briefcase and become Mister Money in ‘da Bank, and ‘dat … ‘das cool.

Carly lets out a big grin, whilst Masters nods in the background.

Carlito: But … but ‘dis is ‘Carlito’s Cabana. This is the greatest talk show on television, and as much as Carlito knows ‘dat you all want to hear about my week celebrating … ‘das not gonna’ happen. (Crowd cheers) Y’see this is the top show in the whole of the WWE ‘cause Carlito always gets the top guest … always asks ‘da top questions … and never gets anything but the best answers.

Memphis gets restless again, urging Carly on.

Carlito: So, tonight on ‘Carlito’s Cabana’, my guest comes from right here in (Pauses, confused) – where are we, Chris??

The crowd boos loudly, as Masters reaches into his pocket, pulls out a piece of paper and hands it to Carlito. The host reads it quickly, his eyes widening.

Carlito: (Smirking, looking at Masters) Seriously?? ‘Dis guy actually comes from this place??

THUNDEROUS heat once again, as Masters nods and shrugs at the same time.

Carlito: (Shaking his head) Poor guy. Anyway, without further ado, tonight my guest on ‘dis special edition of ‘Carlito’s Cabana all the way from … (Fake smile) MEMPHIS, TENNESSEE (HUGE pop) he is none other than (Stops again, confused) – who’s Carlito’s guest, Chris??

The heat pours down on the Cabana, as Masters once again has to rummage through his pockets in search of a piece of paper, which he hands to ‘Lito. Carly scans it … and hands it back to Masters.

Carlito: (Laughing) No, seriously, who’s Carlito’s guest??

Masters can be heard saying, “It’s him”, as Carly raises his eyebrows.

Carlito: (Smirking) Seriously?? ‘Dat fat guy ‘dat used to sit over there (Points to Coach) next to J.R?? I thought Bischoff fired him?? He’s Carlito’s special guest??

Masters nods feverishly, whilst the entire crowd screams for the Puerto Rican superstar to bring his guest out.

Carlito: (Trying to speak under his breath) Well, if he’s from Memphis, I guess that explains about the fat thing. Anyway-

Another outpouring of heat cuts ‘Lito off, and he stops, looking angrily into the crowd.

Carlito: Anyway, without further ado, it gives Carlito great pleasure to introduce to you all tonight my special guest … from MEMPHIS, TENNESSEE … JERRY ‘THE KING’ LAWLER!!!!!!

***Great Gates of Kiev*** The building ERUPTS in the loudest pop of the night by a long, long way, as Jerry Lawler strides out onto the stage, looking very dapper indeed in a smart dark suit, saluting all of his hometown fans and making his way down to the ring.

Jim Ross: (On his feet, applauding) Oh, there’s a sight for sights in every meaning of the word, ladies and gentlemen. For my money the greatest colour commentator in the history of professional wrestling. You should have your pad ready, Coach, ‘cause you’ve got some note takin’ to do.

Jonathan Coachman: On what?? How to stare at women’s chests and act like an idiot?? I don’t need lessons in that J.R, thank you very much.

Jim Ross: No, you actually do both of those things well already, Coach.

Jonathan Coachman: Oh ha, ha, ha, Ross.

Lawler climbs the steps and enters the ring, waving to every side of the building, before handed a mic by Chris Masters. As the music dies down, King takes his place opposite Carlito, his cheeks red and flushed, unable to stop smiling from the epic reaction. ‘Lito looks far from impressed, but continues his charade anyway.

Carlito: Jerry, wel-

“JERRY! JERRY! JERRY! JERRY!!!!” Carlito pauses, as King beams.

Carlito: Jerry Lawler … welcome to ‘Carlito’s Cabana’.

Jerry Lawler: Thank you, Carlito. It feels great … to be home.

Another HUGE pop from the crowd, as Lawler grins to them, and Carly brushes it off.

Carlito: Yeah, that’s, uh, nice, Jerry. Make yourself at home on the Cabana, King. Carlito always wants his guests to be comfortable. (Masters holds up a drink) Now we all know you love to drink, Jerry, so why not have a Piña Colada??

The crowd boos, but King just laughs, as if to say to Carly, “I’ll give you that one”.

Carlito: No?? Oh, well, that’s good I guess. Gotta’ lose the beer belly, eh?? Chris?? (Masters pulls out a lawn chair) We all know you spent fifteen years alongside Jim Ross and Vince McMahon doing nothing but sittin’ on your ass … so if ‘dat’s what makes you feel at home … take a seat.

Jerry Lawler: (Still grinning) I’m fine thank you, Carlito. I don’t need anything to help me feel at home when I already am home.

Another roar from the crowd, as Carly scratches his head.

Carlito: ‘Dat’s nice, Jerry, ‘dat’s great. But Carlito knows one thing ‘dat will make you feel right at home here tonight. (Turns to the crowd) If there are any women out there … preferably in your early twenties … (Winks at King) right, Jerry?? If any of you are willing to show Jerry Lawler here your … Puppies … then let ‘da Masterpiece know and he’ll bring you down to the ring to join in with ‘da Cabana!!

Amazingly enough this actually receives a HUGE pop from the male dominated crowd, as there are the usual undignified females in attendance who wave wildly, looking to get down to the ring. Masters takes a look before stepping through the ropes and making a beeline for the fans.

Jerry Lawler: (Laughing) It’s okay – it’s okay, Chris, you can come back. I think – I think I can control myself.

Masters stops with one leg already over the barricade, looking to Carlito for confirmation.

Carlito: It’s okay, Chris. (Cups his hand over the mic) Carlito’ll find ya’ some ladies later.

Looking slightly annoyed and embarrassed, The Masterpiece re-enters the ring and stands in between the chairs again, arms folded, whilst King and the crowd have a chuckle at his expense.

Jerry Lawler: I’m perfectly fine actually, Carlito. You can start the interview if you want??

Carlito: (Slightly offended) Hey, hey, Carlito says when we start the interview, not the guest!!

King’s face gets a little more serious, but he still smiles cheekily.

Jerry Lawler: Fire away then.

Carlito: Fine. (Calms down) The first thing Carlito wanted to ask you, Jerry … was where you flew in from to be with us tonight?? Where have you been livin’??

More boos, but King laughs again, shaking his head.

Jerry Lawler: Actually I just caught a cab, Carlito … ‘cause I still live right here in Memphis!!

HUGE pop, as Carlito raises an eyebrow.

Carlito: You can’t be serious, Jerry?? ‘Dis place is … a dump.

Jerry Lawler: Hey, hey, listen, pal, I’m in a good mood tonight, but I’m not in that good of a mood, so just watch whose hometown you’re calling a dump.

More cheers, and an outburst of “JERRY” chants, as Carlito’s eyes bulge out of his head nervously. Chris Masters though, steps out from behind the chairs, bracing for violence.

Jerry Lawler: Masterpiece … (Turning to face Masters) if I were you I would get back behind those chairs before I PUT you back behind those chairs.

OH~! Lawler works the crowd into a real frenzy, as Masters looks positively enraged, and is only stopped from attacking King by Carlito shaking his head.

Carlito: It’s okay, Chris, it’s okay, we’re all friends here. Carlito and Jerry Lawler were just screwin’ around, eh, King??

Jerry Lawler: I hope so, Carlito … (Steps in close) for your sake.

Another burst of cheers goes up from the crowd, as Carlito positively fumes at the intimidation he is being shown by his guest on the Cabana. Right in King’s face, ‘Lito begins to raise his apple towards his mouth. He is just about to take a bite … when Lawler grabs his wrist.

Jerry Lawler: I wouldn’t do that if I were y-

BAM~!!! CHRIS MASTERS BREAKS THE PINA COLADA ACROSS THE BACK OF THE KING’S HEAD!!! The crowd is absolutely incensed, leaping to their feet in rage, as glass and alcohol goes flying, and Jerry Lawler stumbles down to the mat in a complete daze. With his arm now free, Carlito drills King with a left-hand, knocking him onto his back, before both he and Masters begin really putting the boot to the hometown veteran!!

Easily the loudest heat of the night fills the arena, as ‘Da Bad Apple’ and ‘The Masterpiece’ really go to work. Masters rips off his Caribbean shirt in a frenzy, as Carlito goes to retrieve his apple, yelling at Masters to, “put him in ‘da Masterlock!!!” With a sick grin on his face, Masters is all too happy to oblige, dragging the nearly unconscious Lawler up to his feet, and cinching in the deadly Full-Nelson submission!!

Lawler offers no resistance, and The Masterpiece just swings him from side-to-side, sapping absolutely everything from The King. Smirking, Carlito takes a big bite out of his apple, chomping away, as Masters holds Jerry still. With his face directly in front of King’s, Carlito gets ready to spit…

But CHAVO GUERRERO comes sprinting down the ramp, much to the surprise of Carlito and Masters!! Chavito slides into the ring and ‘Lito races to head him off, but Chavo punches him directly in the mouth, causing Carly to spray apple into the air!!

Masters throws Lawler’s lifeless body to the canvas and comes at Guerrero, only to be met with a flurry of right hands also, knocking the big man across the ring, backing him against the ropes. Chavo goes for the Irish Whip on Masters, but the young powerhouse reverses it, sending Chavito off the ropes. Chavo ducks under the big clothesline attempt, coming off the ropes again… but gets blindsided by Carlito with a vicious running lariat that damn near takes Chavo’s head off!!

The crowd boos once more, and a slight “CHAVO” chant kicks in, as the man from El Paso fall down clutching his head, and Carlito and Masters, like a pair of Jackals, begin to stomp the hell out of him as well…

Until GREGORY HELMS comes … walking??? Helms merely walks extremely arrogantly down to the ring … but he holds a STEEL CHAIR in his hand. Carlito and Masters take a long, long, hard look at the third and final Raw entrant in the MITB Ladder match, one of Carly’s WrestleMania opponents, as he enters the ring with the weapon … before ‘Lito and Masters bail out!!

With the heels cleared from the ring, the crowd gives Helms and tremendous ovation, despite him just looking completely bad ass in his shades and slacks, barely acknowledging Guerrero and Lawler!! Chavo struggle back up to his feet gingerly, whilst J.R slides into the ring to check on King. Helms looks at Chavo and nods before climbing onto the turnbuckle and pointing all the way up the ramp to where the cowardly Carlito and Chris Masters skulk in a rage, as we fade into a commercial break.

{Commercial Break}

Back from the break footage plays of Jerry Lawler being helped to the back by officials, with Memphis standing to give the legend a standing ovation.

Wrestle Mania Big Time Moment - III - Hulk Hogan body slams Andre The Giant, and retains the WWE Title in front of 90,000 fans in Pontiac.

When we return, we head backstage and into the locker room of Rob Van Dam to a HUGE ovation. ‘Mr. Monday Night’ is sat on his workout bench, hunched over, contemplating what lies ahead of him tonight, now dressed to compete but for a t-shirt over the top. Eventually, RVD lets out a breath, before getting back up to his feet and … comes face-to-face with Triple H!! Van Dam’s jaw immediately clinches with anger as Hunter smirks, dressed to compete but with a vest over the top, much like Van Dam.

Triple H: (Holds his hands up) Woah, woah, take it easy, Mister Monday Night … we’re all partners here.

Van Dam’s eyes remain on The Game, unflinching, filled with rage, but Helmsley’s gaze floats down to the mid section of Rob.

Triple H: How’re those ribs holding up, Rob?? They looked pretty sore on Saturday night … (Gets pretty serious) when I hit ‘em again … and again … and again. I did all that with a chair, Rob … so just be thankful that I didn’t decide to bring something else into play.

I say that though, Rob, and I can’t help but think … this is Rob Van Dam … this is the icon of ECW … this guy’s been through worse hell in that cesspool of a company … he’s been in worse pain then anything that I’ve done to him. (Smirks) Yet here we stand yet again … you all taped up just ‘cause I hit you with a chair?? You really wanna’ know my problem with you and all over your other ‘Extreme’ buddies, Rob … it’s that you’re all full of bulls**t.

Rob Van Dam: (Quietly) Is that right??

Menacingly, Hunter reaches up and rubs his bearded jaw, looking directly into Van Dam’s eyes.

Triple H: It is when that’s the only reason these fans cheer for you, Rob, It’s the only reason you get any respect in this industry … and it’s complete and utter bulls**t. You don’t deserve any of the respect that you get … and you never will. Just ‘cause you performed in front of those jackasses in New York … just ‘cause you fell through tables … just ‘cause you (Shakes his head) weren’t harassed my censors to watch your language?? That gets you respect?? Gimme’ a break.

I am respected ‘cause I have worked my ass off for my entire career to become the biggest player the WWE has … I have had to put up with all the s**t from ninety-six in Madison Square Garden … all the crap from Vince and Steph … all the quad tears … every new fad the comes to this company; The Rock, Steve Austin, Chris Jericho, Kane, Booker T … (Glowers) you … all came … and all went … one way … or another.

Van Dam’s shoulders seem to sag, before he raises his head again, looking Hunter right in the eye.

Rob Van Dam: Everything … everything you just said, Hunter about being held down and pissed on by the man upstairs … (Sneers in Hunter’s face) is everything that you’ve become yourself. You used to be all about doing things face-to-face, man-to-man … but now … now every time I turn my back … you hit me from behind. What the hell happened to you, man??

Triple H: Nothing’s happened to me; I’m stil-

Rob Van Dam: Paranoid???

The crowd pops in the background, as Helmsley boils with rage.

Rob Van Dam: Me?? You can trust me on my word, dude, I will not lay a hand on you in our match tonight. (Rubs his jaw) The way I see it … you’ve done all you can to me … you’ve busted my ribs and tried to end my career every … single … night … so come WrestleMania, Hunter … (Leans in close) I am gonna’ do all I can … to you

Rob and Hunter stare into one another’s eyes, before Van Dam grabs his shades towel and walks past Helmsley, slamming shoulders as he passes by, leaving The Game quivering with anger.

Back to ringside and Coach and J.R look on with concerned expressions.

Jim Ross: Something is gonna’ explode between those two; I can just feel it. Will we get a WrestleMania preview here tonight??

Jonathan Coachman: Well, RVD had better play nice because if he doesn’t … well let’s just he won’t be Mister anything, because he’ll be out of a job.

Jim Ross: Also, folks, as you saw before the break with that hideous attack on the returning Jerry Lawler on Carlito’s Cabana, the match has been made and is up next, with Chavo Guerrero TEAMING with the man who pinned him last week, Gregory Helms, to take on Carlito and ‘The Masterpiece’ Chris Masters.

Jonathan Coachman: After what Carlito and Masters did to King, I think I like them even more, but with three of these men involved in the Money in the Bank match come ‘Mania, this will be an extremely interesting contest.

Match #3: Tag Team Match:
Carlito & Chris Masters vs. Gregory Helms & Chavo Guerrero
Coach gets it spot on, and this an extremely interesting and entertaining contest, despite the quickness with which it was put together. The three MITB contestants, Carlito, Helms and Guerrero are able to fly around the ring at a tremendous pace, which covers up any of Masters’ sluggishness. ‘Lito and The Masterpiece frustrate the crowd with a lot of stalling though, and other cheap heel tactics, but it pays off eventually, when a blind tag from Masters allows him to completely behead the oblivious Chavo with a thunderous lariat, turning him inside out!!
This allows the heel team to dominate Chavito as a result, making him the sacrificial lamb, whilst Helms hangs around on the apron, not looking particularly concerned by his partner’s distress. Keeping Chavo in their corner, Carlito and Masters wear him down, working over the veteran’s back and neck area constantly. They do the usual things to garner heat, such as the abdominal stretch from Masters, where, behind the referee’s back, Carlito grabs hold of Masters’ arm and pulls on it, applying extra leverage to the submission. The heel duo also get in the face of Helms, which makes him try to enter the ring. As he does so, the official has to deal with him, allowing ‘Lito and Masters to illegally double-team Chavito in the corner, choking the life out of him for example, bringing them some tremendous heat.
Towards the end of the contest, it is Carlito who is the legal man working over Chavo, as he backs him against the ropes, and goes for the Irish Whip. Chavito manages to reverse it though, sending Carly off the ropes, and bends down, going for the back body drop. ‘Lito counters though, flipping over Chavo’s back and leaping up, GOING FOR THE BACKSTABBER – but Chavo manages to trap Carly’s legs, turning his body around, SETTING HIM UP FOR THE GORY BOMB!! As Guerrero throws Carlito out for the Gory Bomb, ‘Lito forward flips out of it, impressively landing on his feet. As he marks out for him himself, Carly quickly catches Chavo’s foot, but gets drilled with an Enziguiri instead!! Rocked, ‘Lito doesn’t fall right away, and Chavo quickly hooks his arm, gets him up, DRILLING HIM WITH THE BRAINBUSTER!!!
Instead of going for the cover, Chavo goes up top, SIGNALLING FOR THE FROG SPLASH – but Masters shoves him off the top – so Chavo rolls right through a la his late Uncle Eddie, leaping across the ring and tagging in Helms, just as Carlito tags in Masters!! Helms takes Masters down with a couple of leg Lariats, before going for the Irish Whip, which gets reversed. Helms leaps up with a Crossbody, but Masters catches him with ease!! Masters quickly swings Helms around in mid-air, TRYING TO APPLY THE MASTERLOCK – but Helms fights it!! On the apron, Carlito tries to help his partner, by springboarding off the top rope with dropkick - but Helms moves and Carly drills Masters!! Chavo quickly enters the ring, tackling ‘Lito down and through the ropes, whilst Helms is scooped up into the air by The Masterpiece, who looks for a slam - but Helms counters it into a cradle, shades of Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat”, with a nice handful of tights, for the three count and the win!!!
Winners: Gregory Helms & Chavo Guerrero via pinfall @ 11:28.
The crowd gives Helms and Guerrero a great reception for the victory, although the former Hurricane looks less than impressed by the kind of reception he is receiving. Not playing to the crowd for even one second, Helms rolls out of the ring and saunters arrogantly back up the ramp. Carlito berates a hurting ‘Masterpiece’ by the announce table, whilst glowering up into the ring, where Chavo does actually play to the crowd a little bit, pointing up to the ceiling, motioning that the MITB briefcase will soon be. His two WrestleMania opponents, ‘Lito and Helms, simply look on.

{Commercial Break}

When we return from the commercial the first lovely image we see is that of Maria, who is standing backstage with her mic in hand.

Maria: Ladies and gentlemen … joining me now … Mickie James.

Mickie steps {bounds} into the shot enthusiastically all alone, though still smiling.

Maria: Mickie, for a long time now you seem to have been, uh, hot and cold towards your friend Trish Stratus. One minute you are being nice to her, and the next you aren’t. What’s going on??

Mickie James: (Brushing her hair aside, smiling) Maria … Maria … Maria…

Maria looks up quickly.

Maria: Yes??

Mickie James: (Confused) Uh, nothing. C’mon, Maria, you know what … us girls are like. One minute we’re friends, and the next minute … we’re enemies. But that’s not what’s happening between me and Trish … oh no, no, n-

Mickie stops mid-sentence and looks off-camera. The crowd gives heat as the dominant diva Victoria enters the shot, gazing at young James rather sceptically.

Victoria: Well, I think you better decide whose side you’re on, Mickie, ‘cause that title shot at WrestleMania is mine … and not you or anyone else is gonna’ stand in my way.

Mickie James: (Bristling) Is that righ-

???: I think I might have something to say about that.

The camera quickly whizzes across to reveal the Women’s Champion Trish Stratus, who receives the biggest pop of the three, standing in jeans and a top, with her title belt over her shoulder. Trish and Vickie gaze angrily at one another, with a nervous looking Mickie {and Maria} caught in the middle.

Trish Stratus: You want this title, Victoria?? (Puffs out her chest) Then you’re going to have to come through me.

Mickie James: (Growing anxious) C’mon, let’s not-

But no one is paying any attention to Mickie, as Victoria takes another step towards the Champ.

Victoria: (Smirking) That can be arranged, Trish. You can bet your pretty little head on that.

Mickie James: I really think we shoul-

Trish Stratus/Victoria: (Turning on James) SHUT UP, MICKIE!!!

Mickie seems offended by the outbursts of both women, and the crowd even boos them slightly. Trish though, has seemingly had enough.

Trish Stratus: I am really sick and tired of this, Mickie. I can’t keep going around in circles with you. (Pats her title and nods at Vickie) Are you with me … or against me???

All eyes {Trish, Vickie, and Maria’s} fall on Mickie, as she looks extremely confused by what is being put in front of her…

???: (A long, self-important clearing of one’s throat)

The four women all stare off-camera, as the smug, assured General Manager of Raw, Eric Bischoff waltzes into the shot, still fidgeting with his neck brace, but smirking evilly all of the same.

Eric Bischoff: Alright, ladies, you all want to know who faces Trish Stratus for that very Women’s Championship on her (Winks) lovely shoulder right now. I’m the man that makes the decisions around her … and I think I’ve got the perfect solution.

Trish and Victoria stare hard and long at the GM, with Stratus looking slightly repulsed by him, as Mickie looks all around the room anxiously.

Eric Bischoff: On April Second, at WrestleMania, it’ll be Trish Stratus, defending the WWE Women’s Championship … against … … VICTORIA!!!

The crowd boos in the background, as Victoria pumps her fist, and Mickie looks slightly crestfallen.

Eric Bischoff: … AND … Mickie James …

This announcement actually gets quite a big pop from the crowd in the background, as Mickie clasps her hands over her face in delight, and Victoria looks disgusted.


WHAT??? There are some gasps from the crowd at Bischoff’s swerve, as Mickie’s hands slowly slips down her face, so that she is staring at the GM through her fingers, mouthing “referee?” Neither Trish nor Victoria look particularly happy with the announcement, but Easy E. certainly does, as he pats Mickie on the shoulder.

Eric Bischoff: Think about it this way … at least now you’re gonna’ have to make your mind up.

Chuckling to himself, Bischoff strides away, a job well done. Maria quickly scurries away also, leaving Mickie all alone, still looking through her fingers, with the two WrestleMania opponents, Trish Stratus and Victoria, staring down at her with fierce expressions on their faces.


“WWE WrestleMania XXII, April 2nd, 8/7CT, live on pay-per-view”

After the WM VP, we get a brief shot John Cena backstage sat in his locker room, just staring at the wall with raw intensity, barely flinching … before cutting to an almost identical image of Kurt Angle, pulling on his kneepads, with the WWE Championship belt lying alongside him, and heading back to ringside.

Jim Ross: Oh boy, does John Cena look ready for tonight, Coach. Kurt Angle too. I don’t think I’ve ever seen either man look as intense. But what about that announcement from Eric Bischoff?? Mickie James as the Special Referee??

Jonathan Coachman: It certainly is a unique concept, J.R, but I just hope that Mickie can do her job right … and make sure that Victoria walks out of Chicago as the Women’s Champion – oh no.

***Also Sprach Zarathustra*** A huge pop fills the arena, as Coach puts his head in his hands, and the one and only ‘Nature Boy’ Ric Flair enters the building. Dressed in a smart, dark Armani suit, Flair saunters down the ramp to the ring, slapping hands with a few of the fans along the way.

Jim Ross: Well, what a night it was this past Saturday when … The legendary Four Horsemen, the greatest group in professional wrestling history stood side-by-side with this man right here … and ran The Cabinet and that no good JBL all the way out of Detroit.

Jonathan Coachman: I don’t remember that happening, J.R, and I was actually there, unlike you. All I remember is five geriatric old men get their asses kicked by John Bradshaw Layfield.

Naitch enters the ring and does a little twirl for his adoring fans, before being handed up a mic by Lillian Garcia. Smiling warmly, Flair waits as Memphis shows him respect.

Ric Flair: Memphis, Tennessee … (Smirks) WOOOO!!!

The crowd cheers loudly and “Wooos” in response to ‘Slick Ric’.

Ric Flair: Now I’ve had one HELL … of a career. I’ve done all the talkin’ I think I want to do. JBL didn’t have the guts to show up here tonight, just like a thought … but that doesn’t mean … for a SECOND, that I won’t be walkin’ that aisle on Friday night with Matt Hardy, to make sure he … kicks … Bradshaw’s … ass. (Huge pop) Saturday night is gonna’ go down as another chapter in the career of Ric Flair, but folks, to be completely honest with ya’ his head (Bows his head solemnly) ...it may be one of the last chapters of the story.

The crowd gives a slightly mixed reaction, though most are quiet in respect.

Ric Flair: (Holds up his palm) Now I know you all saw me runnin’ that gutless coward JBL out of town forty-eight hours ago (Big pop) but the truth is I am past my prime. I'm a fifty-seven year old man, I have been in this business, the business I love, for … thirty … five … years, travelling the world at breakneck speed, three hundred and sixty five days a year; kickin’ ass in Carolina on Monday and taking names in Tokyo on Tuesday!!

The crowd cheers at the first signs of Naitch getting fired up.

Ric Flair: (Strutting) I'll be … stylin' across the pond … in England on Saturday … then profilin' back in the Big Apple one day later on Sunday!!

Even louder cheers this time, as Flair grins to a halt.

Ric Flair: But … (Shakes his head) But eventually … we all come to the point in our lives … when enough is enough is ENOUGH!!

A bit of a hush descends over the arena, as Flair smoothes out his lapels, appearing far more serious.

Ric Flair: Even I (Grimaces) even ‘The Naitcha’ Boy can’t go on forever. Things start gettin’ worn down ... the mind starts to fade ...people who you though ya’ knew start to change, until you just can’t take it anymore. After all that, when you can see what’s lyin’ in front of ya’ … it's time to stop!! It's time … to call it quits.

Another very mixed reaction from the crowd.

Ric Flair: ... but ... JBL … if you think for one moment that night will come in twelve days … will come at WrestleMania Twenty-Two … in Chicago, Illinois, in front of millions around the world … then you are sadly, sadly mistaken.

An explosion of cheers once more, as a fiery Ric Flair looks towards the camera at ringside.

Ric Flair: ‘Ya see, JBL, you may think you’ve beaten me down, that you’ve taken the fight out of ole’ Naitch, that there … ain’t … nothin’ … left!! (Spits each word) But ya’ wrong, Bradshaw, you no good sunnuva’ bitch!! You couldn’t be more wrong if you tried!! You saw what happened at Saturday Night’s Main Event when The Horsemen ran your sorry ass away … YOU’LL NEVER TAKE THE FIGHT OUTTA’ ME!!! NEVER!!!

Flair starts getting intense as the fans cheer more.

Ric Flair: I didn’t come here tonight to ramble on, JBL, I just came here tonight to this … So ... ya’ wanted to play dirty with the ‘Nature Boy’ ... SO YOU BETTER BELIEVE I'M GOIN' INTA’ WRESTLEMANIA THE DIRTIEST PLAYER IN THE GAME!!! BECAUSE, DIAMONDS ARE FOREVER ... AND SO IS RIC, WOOOO, FLAIR!!!

Flair his mic down with aplomb, and the crowd explodes with a thunderous ovation for Naitch. With his music playing once again; Ric blows a few kisses to the fans. Flair exits the ring and walks back up the ramp, once again waving and high-fiving the fans all the way, before disappearing through the curtain.

Jim Ross: Could that have been one of Ric Flair’s last appearances on Monday Night Raw?? Only time will tell, but one thing is for certain, the greatest wrestler of all-time will put his career on the line against JBL on April Second. Coming up after the break though, one of the biggest Main Events in Raw history. Just listen to this, it’s WWE Champion Kurt Angle teaming with the returning John Cena to face Rob Van Dam and his WrestleMania opponent … ‘The Game’ Triple H!! And it’s NEXT!!!

{Commercial Break}

Main Event: WrestleMania Preview Tag Team Match:
WWE Champ Kurt Angle & John Cena vs. Rob Van Dam & Triple H
In one of the biggest and most tension-filled matches Raw has seen in a long time, bitter enemies Triple H and Rob Van Dam take on rivals and also WrestleMania opponents WWE Champion Kurt Angle and John Cena, for an extremely hot main event. The tension between Cena and Angle, and Hunter and RVD is explosive, with the fans desperate to see them all go at it tooth and nail, rip each other apart, but all four men manage to keep their cool, and the teams remain together for the duration.
A very long main event, it turns out to be, with both sides in control, and each tag made between Cena and Angle, RVD and Hunter, getting harder and harder as the match wears on, with a few blind tags, adding to the hostility and electric atmosphere. Having managed to take control, Angle has Triple H set up for an Olympic Slam, pulling down his straps and roaring for The Game to make it back to his feet … but Cena blind tags, slapping the back of the WWE Champion VERY HARD. Cena storms into the ring in a blind rage, and gets Helmsley up high onto his shoulders, setting up for the F-U … until Angle blind tags himself back into the match, dragging Trips back off the shoulders, and getting right in the face of the brash ‘Doctor of Thuganomics’.
Memphis loses its collective mind, as two of the men who will meet in twelve days time for the WWE Championship go nose-to-nose in the centre of the ring, angry words being exchanged, until Cena finally snaps and strikes the Olympic Gold Medallist with a big-time right hand, which Angle immediately returns, and the two men who have endured countless, violent battles with one another over the years go at it again, dropping to the mat in a tussle, spilling to the outside the ring.
Back inside the ring, ignoring the recovering Triple H, Van Dam approaches the ropes; arms open wide, completely and utterly pissed off with how this match has gone, as Angle and Cena continue to slam each other into barricades and everything else that is not nailed down. As soon as RVD turns around though … HUNTER SWINGS A STEEL CHAIR … BUT NAILS THE REFEREE INSTEAD!!! Van Dam managed to see it coming and gets out of the way, unlike poor Mike Chioda who is knocked clean out of the ring in a complete heap. Cursing his luck, Triple H whirls back around, RIGHT INTO THE VAN DAMINATOR!!! Memphis cheers, but J.R and Coach go nuts on commentary, wondering whether or not that move just cost Van Dam his career.
Showing absolutely no concern whatsoever, RVD just stares down at Helmsley’s unconscious body with hatred in his eyes, perhaps the most intensity Van Dam has ever shown in a WWE arena … before leaving the ring. No compassion, no emotion, nothing. RVD simply walks away, leaving his ‘partner’ and WrestleMania opponent high and dry. Back in the ring, Triple H is barely just coming to, as Cena slides back into the ring, and Angle slides after him. The WWE Champion charges, but Cena catches him on his shoulders, going for the F-U … only for Angle to slide down behind his WM opponent and go for the Olympic Slam, but Cena scuttles off the Olympian’s shoulders, and shoves him right into a boot to the gut … from Triple H!!! Hunter looks vaguely surprised and still dazed; glowering at Cena, but the youngster just mouths, “Go ahead”. The crowd actually boos like crazy, not knowing what the hell Cena is playing at, as he just watches Triple H grin evilly, AND HIT THE PEDIGREE ON ANGLE!!! As quick as he can, Helmsley rolls Angle’s motionless body over, looking for the pin … but Cena suddenly spins him back around, AND LIFTS HIM UP ONTO HIS SHOULDERS, HITTING THE F-U TO THE GAME OUT OF NOWHERE, JUST AS A NEW REFEREE SLIDES INTO THE RING!!! ONE … TWO … THREE!!!
Winners: Kurt Angle and John Cena via pinfall @ 13:07.
Another thunderous mixed reaction fills the arena, with many now thankful that Cena actually got the better of the hated ‘Game’ in the end and pinned him. Hunter rolls out of the ring slowly, his arms wrapped around his torso in agony, whilst Cena slowly stands back up to his feet again to have his hand raised by the official, all the while never taking his eyes off Kurt Angle.

Cena though IS – NOT – DONE, as he angrily snatches his arm away from the referee Brian Hebner, shoving him down to the canvas almost on reflex. Ignoring the mixed reaction he is receiving from the fans {he must be used to it by now}, Cena, still angry, clearly still hurting, and still looking for someone to hurt in Shawn Michaels’ absence, walks back to where the WWE Champion lies and tries to grab him off the mat. But Angle is dead weight, and his body just flops back down. Shaking his head, jaw clenched, a furious Cena bends down again, grabbing hold of Angle’s underarms, as he pulls him back onto his feet – BUT ANGLE DUCKS – OLYMPIC SLAM!!!

Angle was playing possum at the end, and he crowd could seemingly not care less, as they let out a similar roar as The Wrestling Machine for laying out one of his WrestleMania challengers!! Angle reaches down and grabs his WWE Title off the mat, raising it up into the air with the raw intensity he always conveys, as the camera begins to pan out away from Angle, giving us a wider shot as the Olympian turns to all sides of the – SWEET CHIN MUSIC!!!!!!

SHAWN MICHAELS IS IN THE RING!!! After months, MONTHS of attacking Cena, HBK finally strikes against Angle, gaining some retribution for the Olympic Slam he suffered at SNME. The crowd is not even booing The Showstopper, and instead continues to go absolutely instead, as Michaels, jeans, leather jacket and cowboy hat, stares down at both Angle and Cena with a sneer in his lip, before his gaze falls upon the WWE Championship belt. Perhaps the closest thing to a smile we have seen on HBK’s face in MONTHS quivers at the corner of his mouth, and he reaches down, grabbing the WWE title belt, raising it with one arm high into the air.

If it is possible, the crowd reaches and even GREATER decibel of noise at the sight of The Icon holding the biggest prize of them all in his hand once again. Lazily, Michaels turns around to where Angle and Cena are basically laying side-by-side, and tosses the title belt down next to them.

The only emotion on the face of Mr. WrestleMania is pure hate as he stares down at his two future opponents with total disdain, BEFORE GIVING THEM A CROTCH CHOP TO COMPLETE THE INSULT!!! Memphis is actually cheering Michaels for this, as he stands back, never taking his eyes off the two fallen men at his feet, with Raw slowly fading from the air, the deafening sound of a WrestleMania hyped Memphis, Tennessee closing us out.



Current Card for WWE WrestleMania XXII:
Date: April 2nd, 2006
Location: Allstate Arena; Rosemont, Illinois
Event Music: Peter Gabriel; Big Time

WWE Championship; Triple Threat Match:
WWE Champion Kurt Angle vs.
The Heartbreak Kid Shawn Michaels vs.
2006 Royal Rumble Winner John Cena

World Heavyweight Championship Match:
World Heavyweight Champion Batista vs. Mr. Money in the Bank Edge w/Lita

Street Fight; Unfinished Business:
'The Whole Dam Show' Rob Van Dam vs. 'The Game' Triple H

One On One:
'The Phenom' The Undertaker vs. 'The Real Deal' Bobby Lashley

The Nature Boy vs. The Wrestling God:
Ric Flair vs. John Bradshaw Layfield

{If Ric Flair loses, he must retire}

Legend vs. Legend Killer Match:
Shane McMahon vs. 'The Legend Killer' Randy Orton


United States Championship Match:
Booker T
w/Sharmell vs. Rey Mysterio

Money In The Bank Ladder Match:
Chavo Guerrero vs. Matt Hardy vs. Gregory Helms vs. Finlay vs. Carlito vs. Mr. Kennedy

Cruiserweight Championship Match:
'The Notorious K.I.D' Kid Kash vs. 'The Pitbull' Jamie Noble

World Tag Team Championship Match; WGTT Reunite:
The Spirit Squad vs. The World's Greatest Tag Team

{Benjamin's Intercontinental title is not on the line}

WWE Tag Team Championship; Triple Threat Match:
w/Melina vs. The Hooligans vs.The Bluebloods

Women's Championship Match:
Trish Stratus vs. Victoria

{Mickie James as Special Guest Referee}

Hall of Fame Ceremony 2006
"Mean" Gene Okerlund, "Mr. USA" Tony Atlas, Verne Gagne, "Sensational" Sherri, The Blackjacks {Mulligan and Lanza}, Bret "Hitman" Hart, and Eddie Guerrero


Banner Credit: Crazian
WM Gif Credit: will94
MITB Gif Credit: ADR LaVey
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Re: Legend Presents: World Wrestling Entertainment

Raw Review

Now that’s how a post-big event show is supposed to be kicked off. The reactions of the crowd, Angle, and Cena were all done perfectly. I thought sometimes Cena and Angle got a little too trigger-happy with the threats, but it worked out perfectly with Cena’s poignant “ten”, before socking Angle. The brawl was good as was the announcement from Bischoff, with Easy E seemingly still very upset about being taken out by Van Dam a couple of weeks ago. DEFINITELY the right move there.

The Redneck Wrecking Crew seemed to be a rather random addition to this rivalry, so it's no surprise to see them taken out of the picture relatively quickly. The Spirit Squad picking up yet ANOTHER big-time win is almost surreal. They're still a joke ... but a serious joke, for the lack of a better term. Awesome stuff.

Lots of italics tonight. nice little touch to have Bischoff talking to a higher power (Vinnie Mac, one would have to assume), though it doesn’t make much sense for the Raw GM to have to clear things that pertain to Raw business. The main event tag match is gonna be an explosion, as we all know Hunter and Van Dam can’t coexist. I expect H to turn on him.

Lol, the Spirit Squad continue to be quite awesome. I’m glad the SS is also coming around to Kenny as the leader of the group. I believe I expressed concern over the group breaking up a while back.

Show owns and is being pushed at the moment. Snitsky sucks. Simple booking.

Lots of build for Benjamin and all those involved with him tonight, huh? Wow, I thought the deal between Haas and Benjamin was over, but I guess not. I guess we’ll be getting the Haas heel turn at WrestleMania. Nice job adding some intrigue to what is turning out to be a WM worthy match up.

Lmao @ Carlito. I think you’ve got something with Carlito and Masters here. Carly not giving a crap about Lawler before he came out was pretty awesome. I think we all figured that it would break down into an assault by Carlito on King, but I didn’t think CCC would be able to get in as many {tremendous} cheap shots in on the King before it happened. Appearance from Chavo was all right, but the save from Helms is the real story, as he continues his face turn. I didn’t think he could pull off the badass face role, but with SNME and this Raw, it’s looking more and more likely that that will be the case.

Strong, strong short promo from Van Dam and Hunter. I think that was the most well done of the feud in recent weeks, with Hunter finally throwing some shots back verbally, delving into his reasoning a bit more. RVD didn’t fire back too hard verbally this week, but he’s had a couple of weeks to lay his agenda on the line. Once more, strong segment.

Shocked that this match has been booked so fast. Thought you'd spread it out to next week. The Helms face turn is pretty much complete at this point, though he was still acting rather tweenerish during and after the match. Would've like to see either Helms or Chavo go over Masters clean to really establish themselves as threats in the MITB, but the finish was fine, as you apparently want to keep Masters strong. Looking forward to what you have for the MITB competitors next week.

Mickie OWNS, as does the Women’s division and angle, you’ve continued to build with this feud here. All in all, I didn’t buy into Mickie really having to choose between Mickie and Victoria. Trish hit on what it needed to be, with Trish or against Trish. But still, the reactions of all three were spot on. I thought we’d definitely get the triple threat match, but I guess that’s being saved for a later time. Really intriguing stuff you’ve got lined up for these three for Mania.

After the Horsemen segment from SNME, I was hoping for a more upbeat feeling for Flair tonight. ‘twasn’t to be. I guess this really is the end of the road for Naitch. Intense, well-written promo from Flair, and the hope for a happy ending at WrestleMania is becoming more likely. Hopefully, you have Slick Ric go out on his own terms rather than at the hands of Layfield. I expect a strong rebuttal or response by JBL on SmackDown. Plz.

I think that might’ve topped the finish to the main event from Saturday Night’s Main Event. While I didn’t think that Hunter and Van Dam would actually get along, I didn’t think that RVD would be willing to put his career in jeopardy just to get a semblence of revenge. Nice surprise there, though I guess it was Hunter who instigated the confrontation. The beef between Cena and Angle has reached a fever pitch, out of nowhere it would seem, and now rivals that between HBK and Cena. The Doctor picking up the win was fine, but having Michaels stand tall at the end of the show was perfect. Nice to see HBK back in control after 48 hours.

Running out of adjectives. Another amazing show, Legend. Keep it up.

for the week of September 28th


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Re: Legend Presents: World Wrestling Entertainment

RAW Review

Nice hype to begin the show with the announcers running down the big moments of the show, which looks awesome. Announcement portion of the show should be fun to see and could provide with some good moments. Cena starting the show was quite obvious, and boy did you capture his emotion and intensity well. Great job that, no doubt one of the most intense promos I've ever read. If you keep Cena this way it would be awesome. Angle coming out is something not too surprising, usually that happens with these types of promos.

Good way of describing the atmosphere as Cena and Angle went eye to eye, really liked that. Angle bringing up the past between them was good, and Cena firing back with more intensity was well done as well. Brawl between them was expected, and it got pretty good too until security was out. Bischoff making the 'strange bedfellows' match tonight sounds very creative. Well done opening promo Legend.

Spirit Squad winning eerily shocked me. Was not really expecting this, and Kenny making the pin is pretty nice as he's probably the best of all of them. Hope this all means TWGTT will be winning at WM.

Cena in the main event at WrestleMania was pretty darn obvious. Triple H was pretty spot on here ,seeming to not give a crap about the main event because he's not in it. Seems so much like his character, and I personally love it. Trips 'ending the career of RVD at WM' should be something, and that should be one of the matches of the night come 'Mania.

lol at the Squad here. Kenny 'stepping up' and challenging Benjamin is a good move, as I said earlier about him being the best of all of them.

Show over Snitsky = squash of the night.

Benjamin promo was pretty good here. Good interaction with Haas and Benjy, and I hope you have a feud in the near future between these two. It never really got to happening in the 'E and it would be nice to see, very nice.

I agree with Mac in that Carlito was absolutely hilarious in this Cabana. King was spot on as well here, thought it was getting slightly overkilled when he kept mentioning 'he's fine at home,' but still made the point. End to the promo was a good way of building MITB, which you seem to have young stars in. Good choice, rather than having just viable contenders.

RVD/Triple H interaction was good. Trips was pretty spot on and I loved his spiel about everything he's gone through. Van Dam saying HHH was paranoid was the key turnaround and Van Dam getting the last word was a good choice. I see something going down in the match later tonight.

Tag match falling out of the Cabana was pretty nice. Faces getting the edge here was good as well and I can see Carliot and Masters getting the last word heading into WM next week to be honest. I'm sure it should be good though.

Mickie getting owned was NOT cool. Anyway, promo was fairly strong. Wow. Mickie as the special referee makes this match all the more interesting. Somehow I see Mickie making the count for Trish and blindsighting her after the match. Seems like the right move to me imo, but we'll see how you pull that one out.

Typical awesomeness from Flair here. Not the least bit surprising. I've really been liking how this JBL/Flair feud has been going, possibly one of the best in this thread right now. I really hope this match is top notch at WrestleMania, because this feud has been running strongly since it started.

Nice main event to get everything built for 'Mania. Liked the interaction and the partners going at it, and I wonder what will happen now that Van Dam had hit Triple H with the Van Daminator. Cena and Angle picking up the win was good, and the end to the show was fantastic with Michaels getting the edge.

Well done show Legend, as always. Cannot wait for WrestleMania.
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Re: Legend Presents: World Wrestling Entertainment

Sorry for the lateness ... Life > BTB the past few days

Raw Review

Very well hyped show and I can’t see Cena NOT being in the main event of WM22, just makes sense. The Cabana should be very good and I can’t wait to see what happens in the Women’s Title picture.

Cena starting the show is really the only way that you could have gone, given the way he FINALLY returned at SNME. You had Cena’s character done perfectly and this is the kind of John Cena that I would like to see every Monday on Raw. Cena definitely wants some of HBK and I really love this triple threat feud, with the WWE title being important but Cena-Michaels is an amazing feud. Cena is becoming a tweener in this feud and all three men are getting mixed reactions. I knew that Cena would call out Michaels but of course, Michaels doesn’t come down … but Angle does!! Angle and Cena had a great feud at the latter end of 2005 and it is good to see they still hate each other. I loved that this turned into a brawl and both men were not letting the security guards hold them apart. Bischoff in a neck brace would still = ratings and the main event is HUGE. RVD and Trips hate each other and Angle and Cena hate each other. Should be a very heated match to say the least. Of course we will be seeing HBK later … right??

Kinda shows that the tag team division is weak on Raw because we need to see the RWC team with WGTT to take on the SS … but should be a good match. Isolating Haas was good because it was obvious that both members of the RWC weren’t getting involved in the match. The numbers always work in favor of the SS and they completely dominated Shelton towards the end of the match. RWC walking off was perfect and Shelton getting pinned doesn’t make me optimistic heading into the WM22. Kenny holding up the IC Title?? I wonder how soon until he breaks away from the group.

I knew that Cena would be added to the Raw ME but I also like the whole Raw vs. SD thing … with Bisch saying that Raw will own. Triple H has been money the last few weeks and his whole feud with RVD may be overshadowing the WWE Title match, it’s that big, imo. Triple H seems focused on hurting people but I don’t see him and RVD getting physical after the match … save that for next week.

The Spirit Squad was always a funny gimmick and even though they were ridiculous, they could be quite entertaining at times. Kenny talking bad about Shelton was ironic and I hope that we do see Kenny vs. Shelton next week … could be a very good, athletic match, imo. So funny how Coach is in love with the SS.

I love the push that Show is getting and it is a shame that he won’t get a Mania match but also understandable because he is feuding with Kane and Kane is out. Running through Snitsky is damn impressive and I like that Big Show is becoming more of a heel with each week, this time wanting to continue the damage but Bearer tells him not to. I see big things on the way for the 500-pounder.

Awesome that Kenny vs. Benji is already signed and that should be a great match, with Shelton probably retaining. Shelton showed a little fire in that great interview but I guess Charlie wants the next shot at the IC Title. I would love this feud and I think someone will turn heel, probably Haas, imo. I see them winning the tag titles and then being torn apart by the IC Title. Great segment that leads to many possibilities down the line.

Carlito’s Cabana with The King in Memphis is going to be awesome. Carlito and Masters do all they can to soak oup the spotlight and you had Carlito spot-on, with him talking himself up for beating Kane and also making the fans wait longer and longer before he finally brings out Lawler. King doesn’t have to do much to get the fans rowdy so it made sense that he didn’t say a whole lot. I would have liked to see Masters get some ladies to come down to the ring but I guess that didn’t work out. Carlito and King get into a little verbal argument before Masters attacks King from behind!! I could’ve seen the two-on-one beatdown coming from a mile away and I knew someone would help King … and it’s Chavo!! Chavo gets beaten also but Helms comes WALKING to the ring. Helms is a great tweener right now, after I thought he was a face after SNME, but not helping Chavo and King up makes me think he will be tweener. Very good segment that did a lot for the MITB match at WM22. Carlito’s Cabana always owns, imo.

RVD is getting ready and I gotta think he is in BAD shape after what happened at SNME. Triple H confronts RVD and as I said before, this is an epic feud. Triple H had a great speech and I loved when he brought up MSG in ’96 and all the stuff he had to do to get to the top. Some real-life feelings come out as RVD tells Triple H that he is holding people down and he has changed. This feud is as personal as it can get and I wonder how they will be able to keep cool in the main event.

Chavo & Helms vs. Masters & Carlito already?? Thought this would have been saved for next week but it’s good now. Even though Masters isn’t involved at WM22, he is still a dominant force in the match. Chavo and Helms get close a few times but then Masters and ‘Lito take over, and I thought they had the match won. Match kinda breaks down late with all four men in the ring but Helms rolls up Masters for the win!! Helms continues his attitude from earlier, simply leaving the ring in a heelish way. Chavo pointing up is pretty funny, given that he has zero chance of winning the match, imo.

Surprised that the Women’s Championship announcement came in a backstage segment but it was well done. Mickie has been caught in the middle for so long and I think she will end up being heel. I really thought we’d see a Triple Threat but Mickie as the referee is HUGE. This came as a big shock but I can see Trish retaining, before Mickie turns heel and the feud really starts. Maria was pretty hilarious in this segment as well.

Naticha Boy!! Good to see Flair stylin’ and profilin’ after that huge confrontation between the Horsemen and the Cabinet at SNME. One small bit of nit-picking … WM22 is 13 days away, not 12. Good to see that Flair kept this short and he did what he needed to do, he told JBL that he wasn’t gonna win at ‘Mania. I love the fired up Flair and I agree with everything he said. I can see maybe one more big confrontation before WM22 … but for the most part, the talking is over, imo. Time to have a great match between the two.

This is a huge main event and I hope things go smoothly between both teams. The cool is kept for the first few minutes but I knew that hostility would be coming. I can’t believe RVD hit the Van Damninator on HHH … he could have ended his career!! Cena and Angle go at it and they both hate each other. Triple H hits the Pedigree and I thought the match was over right then and there … but Cena slides in!! F-U!! Cena pins Triple H and that is a great way to come back. Cena and Angle continue to go at it and I thought Cena would do something big here but Angle hits the Olympic Slam!! Sweet Chin Music!! HBK gets back at Angle and it was good to see the physicality with Cena held off. HBK holding the WWE Title up and then doing the crotch chop makes the perfect end for a great show.

Even though I thought it wasn’t possible … you continue to top your previous work. You are now one of the elite bookers on WF, imo, and I know most people say that the best time to start a BTB is after ‘Mania … but yours has been awesome in the four months it has been done. You are making amazing feuds that didn’t even seem feasible at this time in the WWE and I love it. Another great show and the only complain I have is that there were only four matches but that can be expected after a huge SNME. Keep the good stuff coming, 10/10.


PatMan Presents: World Wrestling Entertainment 2007
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Re: Legend Presents: World Wrestling Entertainment


~ Friday Night SmackDown! Preview ~

The Legend Killer and the...

It's showtime, as we head to Memphis, Tennesse, for the penultimate Friday Night SmackDown before the spectacle known as WrestleMania, and coming off the back of a momentous Saturday Night's Main Event, what a night it's going to be.

Two men bound to be in attendance are Shane McMahon and 'The Legend Killer' Randy Orton. At SNME, Orton accepted McMahon's challenge to a match at WrestleMania, on one condition ... that he put the McMahon's legacy and career on the line. Has the maniacal One Man Dynasty finally succeeded in his quest to find the ultimate Legend, or will Shane 'O Mac have a different answer entirely?

Speaking of SNME, the World Heavyweight Champion, 'The Animal' Batista pulled out the victory for the SmackDown WrestleMania Main Event, but no thanks to his opponent on April 2nd, Edge, who tried to Spear him in half. In the end though, it was Edge who felt the wrath of The Animal, but Batista is not happy with just that. Word has it our World Champion will be calling the 'Rated R Superstar' out on Friday night to "get a few things off his chest". That might be difficult ... since Edge will not be in attendance. Just two weeks away from the biggest night of his life and Mr. Money in the Bank has opted to stay at home in Toronto. What are his reasons? We will have all of the answers this Friday night.

After the humiliation that was his showdown with The Four Horsemen at SNME, John Bradshaw Layfield will be looking for blood come SmackDown, as he faces Ric Flair's good friend and old enemy Matt Hardy in a No Disqualification match. Will this bitter hatred be settled once and for all, or will the ever present Cabinet feel obliged to get involved? One thing's for certain ... 'The Nature Boy' and The Horsemen will be in attendance, and they will be accompanying young Hardy down to the ring.

Having lived up to his name well and truly at SNME, 'The Real Deal' Bobby Lashley will make a very special appearance on SmackDown. What's so special about it? Well, having single handedly demolished the legendary Undertaker last Saturday, Lashley has been invited ... by Mr. Kennedy to be a guest on his BRAND NEW TALK SHOW that debuts this week. We will have to wait till Friday to find out its name, but one thing is gunaranteed, as ever with the loudmouth from Green Bay and the monster from Colorado: fireworks.

Watch out for the WWE Tag Team Champions MNM putting their belts on the line once again, this time against The Bluebloods in the second half of their 'WrestleMania Challenge'. Will The Hooligans be looking for revenge after Regal and Burchill cost them the titles at SNME, and who will walk into WrestleMania as Champions? Who's going to Chicago, and who's going to miss out on the biggest show of the year? All this and more, on Friday Night SMACKDOWN!, 9/8 central on the CW! Don't miss it!

:: Confirmed Matches ::

No Disqualification Match

John Bradshaw Layfield w/The Cabinet vs. Matt Hardy w/Ric Flair & The Four Horsemen

WWE Tag Team Championship Match
MNM © w/Melina vs. The Bluebloods

Rey Mysterio vs. Finlay

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Re: Legend Presents: World Wrestling Entertainment

SmackDown looks awesome. Will definitely read it and try and get a review up.
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Re: Legend Presents: World Wrestling Entertainment

Smackdown has been better than Raw on the road to WM22, imo. This preview gets me really excited to see where this goes.

~ Orton and Shane have to have a confrontation because that feud is getting personal quickly. Shane will probably get the upper hand this week, given that Orton has owned the last few weeks.

~ Edge not being at SD is disappointed but Batista will still be a addressing him. Edge will probably be on the Titan Tron, imo.

~ The No DQ should be a very cluttered match but I see the Horsemen get another one over on the Cabinet, helping Hardy to victory.

~ Lashley has been a beast but I am even more exicited about ... KENNEDY'S TALK SHOW!!! Should be epic and this is an amazing idea.

~ WWE Tag Team Title situation is as interesting as always, should be an amazing Friday night show. Review for sure


PatMan Presents: World Wrestling Entertainment 2007
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Re: Legend Presents: World Wrestling Entertainment

Looks to be a rather exciting show. Flair always brings the ratings, and the fact that he's got Tully and company along for the ride only increases the chances of epicness.

KK talk show? Nyce.

for the week of September 28th


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