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Re: Legend Presents: World Wrestling Entertainment

Smackdown Recap Review

AMAZING way to start the show, The Cabinet has been on fire the past few weeks. I loved the way that they mocked each member of the Four Horsemen and that just adds fuel to the fire in regards to the showdown at SNME. I really liked Matt Hardy coming out and bringing all the faces with him. Good to see JBL & Co. leave the ring but I don’t have a good feeling about what they will end up doing to Flair and the Four Horsemen at SNME.

I knew Kennedy would beat Super Crazy and he is a great addition to the match, because he will obviously win, rit? I don’t know if I would have him use the Mic Check because he didn’t use that until late 2007. Maybe a small feud with Finlay until and after WM22?? Intriguing.

Nice little interview with Rey, good to see that he is respecting the Four Horsemen. I like the match up of him and Kid Kash, should be a solid one.

I liked the segment between the two tag team champions, kinda of a whole one-up thing between the two rising teams, seeing who can beat the top guys on the other show.

I thought that Shane’s promo was done beautifully and it was a shame that you did not decide to do the show in full. I liked how he brought up the whole history with his father and how Randy Orton did such a horrible thing to him and his father. I am really sad to see that Orton isn’t at Smackdown but I am sure that we will see him at SNME. I would love to see Orton vs. Shane at WM22 and I only see Orton accepting at SNME, not saying much more than that. Great segment, imo.

Very good match between Rey and Kash but I knew that Booker would not be able to stay away from this match. A huge win for Kash, even though he used the ropes and a distraction from Booker to get it. I think that we will get what’s coming to him at SNME and then at WM22.

Good, short interview from the Bluebloods and I forgot that they are getting a tag title match next week!! I think that they will face MNM and there is no way that Nitro and Mercury AREN’T walking into WM22 as the champs.

JBL challenging Hardy to a No DQ match next week?? Sounds awesome and I can see Flair screwing JBL out of a victory.

I am really not liking Batista’s chances of getting off easy tonight. The Spirit Squad always has something up their sleeve and Edge is the least trust-worthy guy on the roster. I can see him walking out on Batista for sure but who knows??

The eight-man tag was a good preview for Hooligans vs. MNM and London was truly the star of the match. The Dicks needed to take the fall and they went down fighting, showing you could use them later. Good to see London get the pin and I could see that MNM just walked out of the ring but I was surprised that the Bluebloods only looked on, didn’t attack London and Kendrick.

An alliance between Kash and Booker?? Heels are usually good for that sort of thing, imo.

Awesome stuff from Heyman but I didn’t really expect anything less. I love how he is so arrogant and I think he WILL take Lashley close to the top. I like the idea of a Euolgy to The Undertaker but The Deadman will probably show up and take out these two, really kicking the feud into high gear.

Very surprised to see that Noble was able to almost beat Booker, using the Dragon Clutch to keep him down on the mat. Of course, Kid Kash comes to the ring but that is negated when Rey comes back for vengeance!! Noble is helped but untimately hurt by Rey as he is distracted, ending with a Scissors kick from Book for the win. I see the faces coming out on top at SNME tbh.

Batista is taken out by the SS!! Edge is on his own!! A heel vs. heel match is always interesting and I expected the crowd to get behind Edge. I thought that the Spirit Squad had the win but then BATISTA comes back!! He is dominating the SS but then Kenny nails him with the chair!! DQ!! Batista would no-sell a chair shot and it was good to see him get all of the rage out. Angle and HBK coming out really gives the final hype to the huge tag team match at SNME, which should be amazing. Perfect way to end the show, imo.

Overall, I really liked this show, even in recap. You were able to advance all of the storylines and I can’t wait to see Orton’s response to Shane at SNME and also the segment between the Cabinet and the Four Horsemen. I didn’t see anything horribly wrong so this gets a score of, 9/10.

Saturday Night’s Main Event:
Date: March 18th, 2006
Location: Cobo Arena; Detroit, Michigan

WrestleMania Main Events Collide; Tag Team Match:
WWE Champ Kurt Angle and Shawn Michaels vs. World Champ Batista and Edge w/Lita

Intercontinental Championship Match:
Shelton Benjamin © vs. Gregory Helms
{The Spirit Squad & Charlie Haas are banned from ringside}

WWE Tag Team Championship; No Way Out Rematch:
MNM © w/Melina vs. The Hooligans

RVD's Punishment Match:
Rob Van Dam vs. The Big Show w/Paul Bearer

Champions vs. Challengers Match:
U.S Champ Booker T w/Sharmell and CW Champ Kid Kash vs. Rey Mysterio and Jamie Noble


PatMan Presents: World Wrestling Entertainment 2007
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Re: Legend Presents: World Wrestling Entertainment


Opening segment read well, although I'd have loved a few more shoot comments on the Horsemen, as I didnt get enough of a taste of how that went down in the recap. Great interruption from Hardy, and it's cool to see him leading a group of lower ranked stars to stand up against The Cabinet, who wisely get out of dodge. I wonder if these guys will make an appearance at SNME to help out the aging Horsemen if they get into trouble??

Kennedy is a wise choice to go into MITB. And from the list of competitors I'd say it's a toss up between him and Matt Hardy for the briefcase. It may just be a little too soon for Kennedy to be getting such a huge opportunity, given he only debuted in the previous September, but I guess given the quickfire build he was given when he initially came in, a long run as MITB holder before cashing in might actually work. Not much to read into with the Finlay staredown I dont think. Just a bit of tension imo.

Nice to see more air time for the tag champions, although I wouldnt like to see Spirit Squad win again tonight. Just dont think they're worth it really, whereas MNM are worth the big tag wins.

Looked like a real corker of a promo from Shane O Mac. Real shame that one wasnt in full. Y'know, it wouldnt surprise me if Vince ended up making a miraculous recovery between now and SNME, showed up during the Orton promo, and challenged him to a match himself. That's not my prediction though . Coming of age time for Shane methinks, and Orton is a shoo in for accepting at SNME, and it should be a war at WM i'm sure.

Surprise win for Kash over Rey, albeit thanks to Booker T getting involved. I would certainly expect Mysterio to pin Kash in the SNME tag match to get his revenge for the loss. Good to see these two mid card feuds getting a spot to shine at SNME too.

Personally, I just dont see MNM losing the straps before WM, or even at this point, AT WM. However, it just seems a little strange that both teams will be getting a title shot before then, so something could well and truly be up imo. Sitting on the fence right now, lol.

JBL and Matt Hardy look set to have a 'mini feud' it seems, in the run up to WM, most likely to keep them both occupied with Hardy part of the MITB match, so without a feud, and JBL feuding with a Raw guy. Works for me.

Interesting backstage segment with Edge & Batista. I can see Edge playing ball tonight with Big Dave, but I think come SNME, once that tag match is done and dusted, we'll see perfect heel Edge, with an attack of The Animal in his sights.

Filler tag match, with two top tier teams teaming with two lower / jobber teams. No surprises for me to see London & Kendrick get the win with their title opportunity at SNME coming up, and it's less of a surprise to see MNM save face and have The Dicks take the fall instead. It's still bugging me if there is something up with this tag title defences in the coming week, arrggghh!! I'll stick to my guns though, MNM to retain through to and beyond WM.

Euology to The Deadman better be something unique. These things have been done to death, and I cant ever recall a decent one. Work is cut out for you on this one my man, good luck.

It's another cheap win for the Booker / Kash double act, which surely translates into face win at SNME. However, with Booker & Kash seemingly working like a well oiled machine, and Rey & Noble reading different books, I could well be wrong on that stance, although I'll stick to my prediction based on wrestling logic.

Sneak attack backstage~!! Nice heel work from the Squad to take out the big man, leaving Edge in a 2 on 1 disadvantage. As you'd expect from the courageous champion, Batista eventually makes an entrance, AND BY GOD DEMOLISHES the cheerleaders. Kenny though, sparks a DQ, ending a very turbulent match up ... but the story aint over!! Batista with the old 1980's no sell, and wipes out Kenny, leaving just himself and Edge ... but Michaels and Angle are here too. Instense staredown to close the show, with the SNME main event ready to go. Explosive match up to say the least, and interesting ending to the show, as I expected real fireworks to go off between the four.

Prediction time...

Saturday Night’s Main Event:
Date: March 18th, 2006
Location: Cobo Arena; Detroit, Michigan

WrestleMania Main Events Collide; Tag Team Match:
WWE Champ Kurt Angle and Shawn Michaels vs. World Champ Batista and Edge w/Lita
This has Cenas return written all over it, and I see him assisting the SD main event to get his Raw main event rivalry back into the groove. I see Edge getting a cheap shot in on Batista during the match, then leaving him high and dry, with Cena the unlikely hero for the World Champion

Intercontinental Championship Match:
Shelton Benjamin © vs. Gregory Helms
{The Spirit Squad & Charlie Haas are banned from ringside}
Carlito helped out Helms on Raw, and I dont think it was for no reason. He'll do the same again at SNME, and then attempt to make the MITB match a double win type thing, with the IC title in the balance for someone too.

WWE Tag Team Championship; No Way Out Rematch:
MNM © w/Melina vs. The Hooligans
I've already explained my thoughts on this situation. It's a strange set up, but I'm sticking with the champs

RVD's Punishment Match:
Rob Van Dam vs. The Big Show w/Paul Bearer
Would it be too much to ask for Kane to return just five days after what happened to him?? I think even for Kane, it'd be a case of too much too soon. Given that Big Show looks in line for a new push, and the fact that Triple H is bound to get a shot in on Van Dam, it's a screw job finish here in the works ... but methinks a DQ is in the offing. RVD to win by DQ.

Champions vs. Challengers Match:
U.S Champ Booker T w/Sharmell and CW Champ Kid Kash vs. Rey Mysterio and Jamie Noble
Both lost on SD. It makes sense
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Re: Legend Presents: World Wrestling Entertainment



About time Van Dam began to show he’s a worth a damn (no pun intended) on the microphone. The shoot comments about Hunter beating Kane and Booker would no doubt get the smarks even further in Van Dam’s corner for this match, and continues the trend that this build has taken over the past couple of weeks. Nice intensity shown by RVD before Hunter interrupted. Combined with the shoot comments, RVD’s intensity has given this match a more personal feel than any other on the card, including Flair-JBL, and even Orton’s yet tba match. H’s part was alright, but he was only really there to set up the stip for SNME, and the preceding beat down. Quite the tight rope you had to walk during the Show-Van Dam brawl, and I think you managed to do a solid job at keeping both stars strong, although RVD came out a little worse for wear. Strong opening.

“WCW Originals” definitely doesn’t flow off the tongue … probably because WCW doesn’t exist, therefore there aren’t any WCW “Unoriginals”. ~_____~ Big-time win for Helms, heading into SNME, while adding a bit of juice to MITB with the impending Chavo-CCC beef. Recently, Helms has been on a bit of a roll. If I wasn’t so sure Kennedy would be in the MITB, he might be my pick to win it.

Whenever I think I miss Paul Bearer on WWE programming, I remember how annoying I found his promos. Lol, you’ve got him down to a tee, and his reasoning for wanting to see the destruction of Kane is quite interesting (and delusional). Still not sure Show and Bearer go together well, but we’ll see.

Decent enough promo from Helms. Generic at times, but as he continues to become more important on the show, his character should begin to flesh out a little more. His offering of the no interference stip could very well be the start of it, establishing Helms as an arrogant and competitive heel with a moral compass … or maybe someone else will interfere.

Basham squash. Seems weird two years after they were relevant. Naitch owns … but we need a Tully promo. REALLY looking forward to Saturday Night’s Main Event to see how this thing is settled, before the Flair/Layfield Mania match.

Not shocking to see Carlito being completely off when it comes to his opponent. Usually wouldn't be too pleased with Carlito being dominated by Kane, but since the win was never in doubt for Carly, and Kane needs to looks strong for Show, it's understandable. Clusterfuck of a finish, and Kane's dead. Awesome. Guess this will be a decent enough explanation as to why Kane and Show doesn't take place at WM, and Show continues to look like the baddest mofo around. Good all around hype for the MITB and Big Show.

omg, The Spirit Squad owns. Shelton and Haas this week came off like a bad soap opera, a far cry from the brilliant early tension between the two in the past few weeks … but that’s beside the point. The SS and Jonathan Coachman together may be the most awesome combination of comedy of all-time. I love it. I also continue to like how Kenny seems to be asserting himself, and subsequently, putting himself above the rest of his counterparts. Probably leading to a split … :[ Quite confused by Helms’ actions. Possibly a face turn? Hope not.

Torrie sucks, so Trish going over quick is the right move. With no Women’s Title Match announced for SNME, it looks like we’ll be getting a triple threat at WrestleMania between Mickie, Trish and Victoria, which I think is the best move since the Mickie-Trish feud is … developing, while Vicky continues to gain more and more momentum.

Intense -- almost overly intense promo from Kurt Angle. Glad we got some sort of explanation from Angle about the odd SmackDown situation. Good job readdressing the Edge feud as well.

Tag match was basically the inverse of what happened on SmackDown. Wasn't spectacular, but effectively continues the Raw versus SD main eventer beef, and gives MNM a HUGE win, much like the SS got on SD. Hopefully we get something even more intense for the SD before the show, as this has continuously been a bright point of the shows.

SD Recap review sooner or later.

for the week of September 28th


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Re: Legend Presents: World Wrestling Entertainment

Great way to start the show, as the JBL/Cabinet segment was pure genius. Hardy and crew coming out to the ring was expected, but still this segment was a great way to start the show.

Despite Kennedy and Crazy being two different class of wrestlers in terms of pushes, with the two facing each other for a bit last year and Crazy getting the wins, this match possibly could have went either way. Kennedy winning though was good, and he looks to be a favorite heading into MITB.

Good way to build up Mysterio, Horsemen, his involvement at SNME, and to a certain extent his match at Mania in one segment.

Haven't gotten a chance to catch up to some things in this thread recently, but it seems as if a possible inter-brand tag team champions feud can be starting soon, possibly after Mania.

I looked at this Shane segment earlier this week, and this was a great segment. Shane was near perfect in the segment. Shane vs. Orton at Mania would be huge!

Kash gets the win due to some cheating and interference from the US Champ, Booker T. Not surprised though at the booking, as it works with the storyline.

The BlueBloods' Promo was effective, but to be honest I can see MNM walking into Mania still the tag champions.

Huge match set for next week. However with the announcement being made, I have a feeling that Hardy might just get the win over the self proclaimed "Media Maven."

The promo with Batista/Edge/Lita was written well with just the right amount of seriousness mixed with some comedy and tension as well. Should be a good main event.

I must say that yourself and Mac have really made a mark with the tag team divisions in your threads and in BTB. Great match here with the Hooligans winning, but making it more likely that MNM will retain at SNME with the titles on the line.

Looks like a possible swerve may take place between Kash and Booker T.

Please write the Heyman segment in full for SNME. It has the potential for Promo of the Month.

Not surprised to see Book get the cheap win, as it was expected to put the champ over.

Surprised to see the Squad get a huge push on this show. However once Big Dave made his entrance, the match picked up big time. Even though the match ended in a DQ win for Batista and Edge, the arrival of Dave and Edge's opponents for SNME, Michaels and Angle, was an excellent way to end the show and give a great build up for SNME.

Saturday Night’s Main Event:
Date: March 18th, 2006
Location: Cobo Arena; Detroit, Michigan

WrestleMania Main Events Collide; Tag Team Match:
WWE Champ Kurt Angle and Shawn Michaels vs. World Champ Batista and Edge w/Lita
As Wolfy mentioned, this has the return of Cena written all over it. However this would happen, imo, after the match is over. This should be a great match, if given a decent amount of time.

Intercontinental Championship Match:
Shelton Benjamin © vs. Gregory Helms{The Spirit Squad & Charlie Haas are banned from ringside}
This could be the MOTN if booked right. I see Helms getting the win after the huge roll he has been on as of late in this thread.

WWE Tag Team Championship; No Way Out Rematch:
MNM © w/Melina vs. The Hooligans
Like I mentioned in my SD review, I don't see MNM losing their titles until at least Mania.

RVD's Punishment Match:
Rob Van Dam vs. The Big Show w/Paul Bearer

In what should be a decent, though probably short match, I see Show getting the W.

Champions vs. Challengers Match:
U.S Champ Booker T w/Sharmell and CW Champ Kid Kash vs. Rey Mysterio and Jamie Noble
While the challengers might come close in this match, this match is for the champions to win unless the match ends in a DQ or countout finish.

Special Attraction
The Cabinet calls out The Four Horsemen
I wouldn't be surprised to see this segment end the show in true SNME fashion, and this should be a great way to really put over the JBL/Flair feud with the Horsemen standing tall at the end of the show.

Eulogy to The Deadman
Bobby Lashley and Paul Heyman pay tribute to the career of The Undertaker

Obviously I see this being the return of Taker and really picking up the build for Taker/Lashley for Mania.

[U]KOM has returned to BTB with WWE 2007: The Legacy and Aftermath of WrestleMania!
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Re: Legend Presents: World Wrestling Entertainment

With the BTB Cup ... dead, I can get this back on track. Here's SNME, From now on, it's just plain sailing until WrestleMania ... I hope ...


After the colourful opening video that recaps some of the memorable moments of past Saturday Night Main Event’s, we sweep into the Cobo Arena, where the crowd is going wild. With the smoke of the fireworks fading into the background we head over to the announce table, where Michael Cole and Jonathan Coachman sit to welcome us.

Michael Cole: Hello everyone and welcome once more to one of the greatest traditions in WWE history: Saturday Night’s Main Event! We’re live here from the Cobo Arena in Detroit, Michigan, and I’m Michael Cole, here representing Friday Night SmackDown, joined at ringside by Monday Night Raw’s own, “The Coach” Jonathan Coachman!!

Jonathan Coachman: Thank you, Michael! Of course The Coach is here to represent the Number One show in the WWE (Cole sighs) and I’m sure J.R wouldn’t haven’t it any other way. What a night it’s going to be tonight, with our blockbuster Main Event -- the A-Show Raw brings the best of the best, as their Wrestlemania Main Event, with the Royal Rumble winner John Cena THANKFULLY out of the way, we will get the long awaited rematch between Shawn Michaels and the WWE Champion Kurt Angle …

Michael Cole: … faces SmackDown’s Main Event in the form of Mister Money in the Bank Edge and the year long World Heavyweight Champion “The Animal” Batista! That’s right, folks, it’s a tag team match with each show’s pride on the line, but can the hated rivals Michaels, Angle and Batista, Edge co-exist AT ALL here tonight?

Jonathan Coachman: I – I just don’t know, Cole. There’s going to be a lot of bad blood in that ring tonight. But that’s not all, as Rob Van Dam gets a little taste of what’s in store for him at WrestleMania. I tell you what, when it comes to genius ideas, there’s only two guys better than The Coach, and that’s Eric Bischoff and “The Game” Triple H. I mean, c’mon, making RVD take on the Big Show?? It doesn’t get more brutal than that!!

Michael Cole: Speaking of Wrestlemania previews, we will see the United States Champion Booker T partner with Cruiserweight Champ Kid Kash to take on their respective opponents on April 2nd – Rey Mysterio and Jamie Noble!! As well as The Hooligans getting their opportunity to walk into the WrestleMania Triple Threat match as Champs, as they battle MNM for the WWE Tag Team titles. But I cannot WAIT tonight to see what is going to happen tonight between Bobby Lashley and The Undertaker, when Paul Heyman presents a eulogy to the Deadman!

Jonathan Coachman: And that’s not all!! “The Legend Killer” Randy Orton will answer the challenge of Shane McMahon, and the so-called “greatest wrestler of all time” Ric Flair will show tonight if he really does have what it takes when he answers the challenge of John Bradshaw Layfield. JBL will be her tonight with The Cabinet, but will Naitch be here with the Four Horsemen? This night is going to be off the charts, Cole, let’s get it started!!

***Fire Storm*** A mixed reaction filters down from the rafters with a sprinkling of boos, as young Gregory Helms struts down to the ring, dressed coolly in his sleeveless trench coat, doo rag and shades.

Michael Cole: What a year this could turn out to be for young Gregory Helms. Just two weeks ago on Raw, he took advantage of interference from the Spirit Squad to defeat BOTH the man he faces tonight, Shelton Benjamin, and Charlie Haas in a Triple Threat Match to qualify for the Money in the Bank match at WrestleMania. This past Monday night though, a slight change in behaviour from Helms though, as he actually saved his opponent here tonight from an assault at the hands of your ‘boys’, Coach, the Spirit Squad.

Jonathan Coachman: (Scowling) They are my boys, Michael, and don’t you forget it. What happened on Raw was just a mistake. Greg wants to go it alone and I understand that. He’s THAT good. There’s no problem between him and the World Tag Team Champs.

***Ain’t No Stopping Me Now*** The crowd gives a great pop for the young, fast and athletic Intercontinental Champion, as Shelton Benjamin heads down the ramp, clad just as smartly as his opponent in silk shirt and shades, but carrying the prestigious title from his left hand. He rolls into the ring and plays to the fans, as Helms looks on calmly.

Michael Cole: Ever since winning his second Intercontinental Championship back in early January -- defeating the legendary “Nature Boy” Ric Flair -- Shelton Benjamin has been beset on all sides by people who want a piece of him. Gregory Helms has been breathing down his neck for the Intercontinental title, as has his sometimes partner Charlie Haas. But let’s not forget the Spirit Squad; the World Tag Team Champions who have got it into their head that …

Jonathan Coachman: … that to BE the best you have to BEAT the best? That’s smart, Michael. Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas disrespected the Spirit Squad and it cost them a spot in Money in the Bank. At Wrestlemania, we’re going to see just how good the ‘re-united’ World’s Greatest Tag Team really are -- but tonight, Benjamin had better concentrate on Gregory Helms, or he’s going to lose something else.

Intercontinental Championship Match:
Shelton Benjamin © vs. Gregory Helms

Perhaps the two best young wrestlers in the company, Shelton Benjamin and Gregory Helms put on a clinic for the opening of the match up. The men grapple for superiority on the mat, with Benjamin’s collegiate background coming to his aid, helping him to counter Helms at every turn. After the mat work, Helms muscles out of a hammerlock up to his feet and shoots off the ropes, only to run in a beautiful Arm Drag! Helms gets frustrated by the Champion, who catches the former Hurricane with a series of Arm Drags, before applying the armbar. The two stay like this briefly, before Helms rolls backwards and catches Shelton with a headscissors, taking him back down to the mat, but Benjamin wriggles out of it and both men leap back up!
The crowd applauds the masterful wrestling ability of both men, but the pace gets even quicker. The two men jostle in the centre of the ring, as Helms applies the Rear Waistlock to Shelton, but the Champ performs the standing switch, lifting Helms into the air. Helms swings around, shoving Benjamin into the ropes, and Leap Frogging over him on the way back, before connecting with a picture perfect double leg Lariat on the way back! 1 … 2 … NO! The Challenger races off the ropes, dropping a Leg Drop right across the throat of Shelton, before right back off the ropes, and driving his elbow down too! Holding onto Benjamin’s head in an inverted position, Helms rolls backwards straight away and brings the Champ up, before slamming him down across his knee with a Shoulderbreaker!
Helms begins to work over the shoulder and neck area with the precision of a surgeon, dragging Benjamin back up to his feet, getting him in a cross-arm, before crashing him back down with a Neckbreaker! 1 … 2 … NO! He rolls behind Shelton, bringing the Champ up to a seated position, before sticking his knee against his neck and wrenching back in a variation of the Camel Clutch. The Challenger tortures the Champion for a while like this, before Benjamin battles back up to his feet. Shelton tries to shoot Helms into the ropes, but it is reversed. Benjamin hangs onto the top rope and kicks Helms in the face, staggering him away. Nipping to the outside of the ring, Shelton leaps up, springboarding off towards his opponent –- but Helms counters with a mid air Dropkick! 1 … 2 … NO! Helms starts to show signs of frustration.
Climbing to the second turnbuckle, waiting for Shelton to turn around, Helms leaps off, nailing the Overcast Flying Neckbreaker! 1 … 2 … NO! The Champ is really feeling some discomfort in his neck and shoulders, as Helms lifts him up and sets him up for the NIGHTMARE ON HELMS STREET -- but Benjy spins through, going for a kick to Helms, which is blocked an spun back around -- Shelton goes for the DRAGON WHIP -- but Helms ducks, grabbing Benjamin’s arms and nailing the cross-arm Sleeper Slam! 1… 2 … NO! Helms backs off as Shelton sits up and goes for the SHINING WIZARD -- but the Champ catches his foot and stands up, spinning Helms around and nailing a cracking kick to the side of the head! No time for a cover, as Shelton goes for the T-BONE SUPLEX -- but gets shoved right into the ropes. Benjy shoots back and Helms LEAP FROGS over him, pushing the Champ’s head down in the process. With Benjamin’s head still down, Helms reaches back, hooks the arms and manages to lift Shelton into the air FOR THE VERTEBREAKER -- BUT SHELTON BLOCKS IT, DROPPING BACK DOWN -- HE SUDDENLY FLIPS BOTH HIS OWN AND HELMS’ BODY BACKWARDS -- PINNING GREG’S SHOULDERS TO THE MAT!!! ONE … TWO … THREE!!!

Winner: And STILL Intercontinental Champion, Shelton Benjamin via pin fall @ 14:39.

The crowd cheers loudly, as Shelton Benjamin rolls away in triumph, and Gregory Helms sits in the ring, holding his head in complete shock. The official quickly hands the IC belt to Benjy and raises his hand to another pop, as the Champ holds it tightly, breathing heavily and looking relieved. He smiles happily at his win, but seems slightly surprised, as Helms steps across the ring tiredly … and extends his hand.

Detroit shows their appreciation once again, applauding the sportsmanship of Helms. Shelton takes a minute to think about it, before firmly shaking the hand of “Sugar”, smiling warmly. Nodding fiercely, Helms goes to leave… UNTIL THE SPIRIT SQUAD BLINDSIDE THEM BOTH!!!

Boos fill the Cobo Arena, as Kenny, Mikey, Johnny, Mitch and Nicky all storm into the ring, still wearing their suits {minus the jackets} that Coach gave them. They angrily set to work immediately, clearly embarrassed after Raw. Helms and Benjamin try valiantly to fight back, but the five on two numbers difference is just too much and the battle weary duo are beaten down to the canvas with kicks and fists. Kenny, as usual, is directing traffic {as is Coach from ringside}, and he tears off his tie, yelling at the team to get Helms and Benjy up…

…BUT HERE COMES CHARLIE HAAS -- WITH A STEEL CHAIR!!! Mo-town roars Haas on, as the eyes of the Spirit Squad widen with fear. Kenny screams at the boys to stand their ground, and yells at Charlie to “Bring it on!” The very second Haas slides into the ring … the Spirit Squad all bail!!

Kenny even leads the way, leaving his expensive tie in the ring and calling the troops off. Haas goes wild in the ring, slamming the chair against the ropes, desperate for a piece of the World Tag Team Champions. Kenny and company continue to storm up the ramp though, barely looking back, puffing out their cheeks in disgust at being shown up once again.

Back inside the ring, Haas helps both Benjamin and Helms up to their feet, shaking hands with Greg and sharing a quick hug with his WGTT partner. All three men point rather threateningly at The Coach at ringside, before exiting to the cheers of the crowd.

Jonathan Coachman: (Sitting back down slowly, head in hands) No -- this is not happening! Gregory Helms had this thing in the bag -- he had it in the palm of his hand, and now he’s -- he’s shown my boys up on international television AGAIN!! What the hell is wrong with this place??!! Now I’m going to have to watch Shelton as Intercontinental Champion AND Number One Contender to the World Tag Team titles. Disgraceful!!

Michael Cole: (Chuckling) Well, folks, I guess my broadcast partner missed the part where the Spirit Squad nailed both Helms and Benjamin from behind and were about to do some serious damage. Charlie Haas did the right thing though -- it’s what partners do. Nevertheless, Benjamin RETAINS and Gregory Helms will be heading into the Money in the Bank Ladder match at Wrestlemania with no gold around his waist. A fantastic match though, by both men.

Jonathan Coachman: What else do you expect from the A-Show, Michael? This is the kind of thing we get every Monday, so enjoy it while you can.

We cut backstage momentarily to the door of a locker room that reads ‘Bobby Lashley’. After a few moments, the door opens up and out storms The Real Deal himself, adorned in his trunks and black vest. Lashley is quickly followed by his agent, Paul Heyman, who is adorned in an all black suit, as the two men make their way down the corridor – Heyman smiling and Lashley scowling.

{Commercial Break}


The Cobo Arena comes alive with an initial pop, but it soon degenerates into huge heat, as Bobby Lashley marches down the ramp, barely bothering to even acknowledge the fans, as he sets off his crackling pyro. He is clad in his wrestling attire, but with a black and torn training vest on over the top. The smug Paul Heyman soon appears as well, standing on the stage in his suit, leather coat and baseball cap, taking a look around the building, before heading on after his monstrous client.

Michael Cole: Quite frankly … the most dominant force in the entire WWE. Bobby Lashley came into the WWE last year and has NOT suffered a defeat yet; but ever since Paul Heyman – who has poisoned and manipulated the youngster – arrived on the scene, we have scene a drastic change in Lashley. At No Way Out, Bobby Lashley interfered in the World Heavyweight Championship match between Batista and The Undertaker, costing The Phenom the title – but after the match he DESTROYED the legend and laid him out…

Jonathan Coachman: … but don’t try and make it out as though Bobby Lashley is the only one doing the attacking. A few weeks ago we got a little taste of just what The Undertaker is capable of when he rose up from under the ring and dragged Lashley right down to hell. I don’t really think those are the actions of a man you should be supporting, Michael Cole. The Phenom might be a legend, but he is one of the baddest men on the planet on the planet – it’s just that he might have met his match finally!!

Michael Cole: I hate to say it, but you may well be right, Coach. We saw it at No Way Out and we have seen it at every other confrontation between the two titans – it would seem as though Bobby Lashley does indeed have The Deadman’s number. In three weeks time, we will see if that is the case when Lashley tries to take the streak away from The Undertaker – but will we see a preview here tonight?

Lashley leaps up onto the apron, sending his red-hot pyro blasting into the air from all four turnbuckles, before climbing into the ring and ascending to the top turnbuckle and staring into the crowd. Heyman neatly steps up into the ring – smoothing out his tie, before calling from a microphone from ringside, which he gets from Tony Chimel. Lashley remains on the middle turnbuckle, as Paul E. glances around, waiting for the boos to subside.

Paul Heyman: (Points to his suit) Now, ladies and gentlemen, as you can see, tonight … is a solemn affair. Tonight is a moment for reflection, a time to remember the past greats – to pay homage if you will – and herald in a new era. Where would the WWE be without the legends of this industry? But once, long ago, they were all part of the new breed once … and I am talking to you … Undertaker…

Thunderous ovation for The Deadman.

Paul Heyman: Long ago … Survivor Series 1990, a dark force entered the wrestling world and CHANGED the business forever. Brother Love … Paul Bearer … it didn’t matter who The Undertaker brought with him, because one thing remained the same – the destruction that lay in his wake. Hulk Hogan, Ultimate Warrior, Jake Roberts, Yokozuna, Bret “Hitman” Hart, Big Daddy Cool Diesel, Psycho Sid, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Kane, The Rock…

The crowd pops for each of the legends, as Heyman pauses.

Paul Heyman: … the list is endless. It reads as a resume of the greatest, the most revered and the most successful names to ever step into a WWE ring – and The Undertaker has BEATEN EVERY SINGLE ON OF THEM!! They may have been great, they may have claimed to be the best … but it simply is … not … true.

Mixed reaction, as Lashley glares from the turnbuckle.

Paul Heyman: Hulk Hogan’s reign over the WWE … ENDED! Bret Hart’s reign … ENDED! Stone Cold Steve Austin’s, The Rock’s … they all came and they all went. Do you know why? It is simply because they are … mortal men. The Undertaker is a being beyond humanity, beyond good and evil … quite simply put; he is the CONSCIENCE of the W ... W … E…

Paul E. adjusts his tie calmly.

Paul Heyman: One full decade and a half of destruction … and (Turns to look at Lashley) THIS is the man who finally ends it all!!

HUGE heat, as Lashley raises his arms into the air.

Paul Heyman: What you witnessed at No Way Out … what you have witnessed every night since then … is what Charles Darwin described and identified … AS EVOLUTION!! The era of The Phenom has finally come to an end … and A NEW DAY, A NEW DAWN HAS ARRIVED … AND HIS NAME … IS BOBBY … LASHLEY!!!!!!

The Real Deal closes his eyes in ecstasy, as the crowd boos.

Paul Heyman: (Smirking) Yes … yes, I agree. It is a cruel fate that awaits The Undertaker – to be simply pushed aside and replaced by the next generation – but Mister Lashley and myself are not so cruel. Therefore we fast forward to tonight … March eighteenth … Saturday Night’s Main Event…

Murmurs from the crowd.

Paul Heyman: … and our eulogy, our tribute to The Phenom. It begins right now in Detroit, Michigan (Cheap pop), the beginning of the end … but in order for it to happen, we require one very special guest. Undertaker … would you please join us out here?

The crowd wild, hoping for an appearance from The Phenom, as Bobby Lashley slowly turns his head towards the entrance stage, eyes narrowed and focus…


A thunderous ovation, as the lights begin to flicker to darkness, and Lashley’s eyes focus in.





An eerie flickering begins to shimmer through the shadows, as the Titan tron comes back into focus, a black-and-white video slowly coming across the screen.

Narrator: Not how did he die, but how did he live?

A quick image of The Undertaker doing the cutthroat taunt.

Narrator: Not what did he gain, but what did he give?

A shot of ‘Taker scooping Triple H up for the Tombstone.

Narrator: These are the units to measure the worth…

Shot of ‘Taker leaping over the top rope towards Kane.

Narrator: Of a man as a man, regardless of birth.

‘Taker staring into the face of a bloody Ric Flair.

Narrator: Not, what was his church, nor what was his creed?

’Taker wrapping his hand around the throat of Psycho Sid.

Narrator: But had he befriended those really in need?

An image of ‘Taker nailing Randy Orton with the Tombstone.

Narrator: Was he ever ready, with word of good cheer,

The Undertaker applies the Darkness Cover to The Snake.

Narrator: To bring back a smile, to banish a tear?

’Taker going for a Chokeslam on Big Show and A-Train.

Narrator: Not what did the sketch in the newspaper say,

An image of The Big Bossman being hung by ‘Taker at WM15.

Narrator: But how many were sorry when he passed away.

The screen flickers with the image of Wrestlemania.

The image fades in on the whites of ‘Taker’s eyes.

Narrator: Our Father, Who art in heaven,

’Taker eliminating Lashley from the Royal Rumble.

Narrator: Hallowed Be Thy Name.

Lashley staring up at The Undertaker after the match.

Narrator: Thy Kingdom come; Thy will be done…

Inter cut shots of Lashley demolishing ‘Taker at No Way Out.

Narrator: … on Earth as it is in heaven.

Lashley slamming ‘Taker through the announce table.

Narrator: Give us this day our daily bread.

Flashing shots of a bloodied ‘Taker at Lashley’s feet.

Narrator: And forgive us our trespasses,

Heyman and Lashley face-to-face.

Narrator: As we forgive those who trespass against us.

Lashley battles Finlay inside a Steel Cage.

Narrator: And lead us not into temptation…

‘Taker rises up to drag Lashley down through the ring.

Narrator: … but deliver us from evil.

‘Taker posing in the ring on SmackDown!

Narrator: For thine is the kingdom…

Lashley calling out The Phenom.

Narrator: … and the power … and the glory…

‘Taker holding the WWF title up at WM13.

Narrator: … forever and ever.

Paul Heyman standing with Lashley.

Narrator: Amen.

A final clip of Lashley roaring into the air, eyes closed in ecstasy, as the fans tremble in fear around him.

Video ends.

Paul E. has barely moved, still standing in the centre of the ring gazing up at the screen, as Bobby Lashley remains perched atop the turnbuckle, eyes wide. Heyman reaches up and wipes a ‘tear’ away from his eye, before applauding lightly, as the Cobo Arena pours heat upon the actions of the two men. Shaking his head, Heyman brings the mic back up.

Paul Heyman: Touching … touching. As great a tribute to the legend of The Undertaker if ever there was one. Amen, indeed to The Phenom, Amen … because my client here – “The Real Deal” Bobby Lashley – has proven that he is different, he is more, he is BETTER than anyone you have faced before, be it Triple H, Randy Orton, Psycho Sid…

A small “Asshole” chant begins, prompting Lashley to glower down at the little children in the first few rows, terrifying them.

Paul Heyman: (Gazing at Lashley) As you can well see, Bobby Lashley will NOT be intimidated by your mind games, Undertaker – it is HE that strikes fear into the hearts of every man, woman and child that dares cross his path – you see the children cower, Undertaker, like they once did with you so long ago? That will be YOU soon enough, trembling with fear at the very name of Bobby Lashley. You know it, I know it, and all of your fans know it; they’ve seen you decimated once … and, Deadman (Staring into ringside camera) mark my words, you WILL be decimated again…

More heat, as Lashley steps down and stands alongside Paul E.

Paul Heyman: On April Second … the Allstate Arena … Chicago, Illinois … at Wrestlemania Twenty-Two … with tens of thousands in attendance and millions and millions watching around the world … The Undertaker will walk into the ring UN – DE – FEATED … and will come face-to-face with THE most dominant force in the history of World Wrestling Entertainment. Undertaker (Eyeballing the camera once more) when you meet Bobby Lashley in fifteen days time … it will be you who will (A brilliant, evil smile) … REST … IN –


Lashley looks up, as the lights go out in the Cobo Arena with the crowd going absolutely wild.




The lights come back on … with Paul Heyman on the outside of the ring … AND THE UNDERTAKER STANDING INSIDE THE RING … FACE-TO-FACE WITH BOBBY LASHLEY!!!

The crowd can barely control themselves, on their feet with excitement, as ‘Taker and Lashley stare into one another’s eyes, not flinching a muscle. A booming “UNDA – TA – KAAAHHH” chants is ringing around the Cobo Arena … as The Phenom reaches up … AND PERFORMS THE CUTTHROAT GESTURE IN LASHLEY’S FACE!!

Lashley seethes back at The Deadman, before raising his thumb up as well … AND RUNNING IT RIGHT ACROSS HIS THROAR … POINTING HIS FINGER RIGHT IN THE FACE OF ‘TAKER!! The fans boo Lashley’s one-upmanship, as ‘Taker barely acknowledged … BUT LASHLEY HEADBUTTS THE PHENOM IN THE NOSE!!

Detroit erupts with thunderous heat, as Lashley slams his skull against the face of ‘The Phenom’ one more time,
BUSTING HIS NOSE OPEN. Like a man possessed, Bobby lays into ‘Taker with brutal right hands, backing him all the way across the ring against the ropes. Grabbing ‘Taker’s arm, Lashley shoots him into the ropes with an Irish Whip, before throwing a Clothesline. ‘Taker ducks and grinds to a halt – WRAPPING HIS HAND AROUND LASHLEY’S THROAT WHEN HE TURNS AROUND!!


Michael Cole: OH MY LORD!!! That is – that was – I’m speechless, Coach! I don’t think I have ever witnessed such dominance over The Undertaker as we just saw! Bobby Lashley just PLANTED the Deadman!!

Jonathan Coachman: I told you, Michael, I told you!!! The Undertaker’s time is over and there are new dogs on the block like Bobby Lashley who are ready to take his spot!! That – that was something else though, I can’t deny that, and even I wasn’t expecting Lashley to be able to do that right here … right now!! To make The Phenom taste his own blood!! Amazing!!

The crowd is almost silent with shock, as The Undertaker lies in a crumpled, broken, bloody heap beneath the soulless eyes of Bobby Lashley. Paul Heyman quickly rolls back into the ring and claps his hands with joy, screaming like a lunatic – before falling into an almost trance-like state with his client. Lashley drops down to his knees and stares right into the unconscious face of The Undertaker – as Heyman goes to one knee, brushing the wings of his coat behind him, and raises an arm into the air in a mockery of The Phenom – perhaps foreshadowing the events of Wrestlemania?

{Commercial Break}

***Can You Dig It, Sucka?*** Boos fill the arena as the United States Champion Booker T and his wife Sharmell make their way down the ramp. Booker holds up his title, full of confidence without a care in the world.

***Bawitdaba*** The heat continues, though slightly more mixed than Booker’s, as the Cruiserweight Champion Kid Kash struts down to the ring in his shades, the belt dangling over his shoulder. He slides into the ring and poses, before shaking hands with Booker and Sharmell.

Michael Cole: The U.S and the Cruiserweight divisions – you’re looking at the TOP dogs in both worlds. Booker T and Kid Kash have both reigned as Champions for nearly five months, but only recently have two new challengers arrived on the scene, and it still doesn’t look as though Kash and Booker are worried.

Jonathan Coachman: They don’t need to be, Michael. I think we can safely say that since Armageddon and Survivor Series, they have both been … comfortable champions.

***A Country Boy Can Survive*** The crowd gives a great ovation, as the rough, tough and no-nonsense Jamie Noble marches down to the ramp cracking his neck from side to side. Noble slides into the ring and salutes the crowd, as Booker and Kash slip to the outside quickly.

***Booyaka Booyaka 619*** The enigmatic and uber-popular Rey Mysterio explodes from the stage to a great reception from the crowd. He quickly slaps hands with his fans at ringside, especially the kids, before heading on down to the ring. Rey climbs inside and greets Noble warmly.

Michael Cole: This past Friday night on SmackDown! we saw two singles matches, as U.S Champion Booker T took on the Number One Contender to the Cruiserweight title, Jamie Noble, and likewise with the Cruiserweight Champ Kid Kash and Rey Mysterio. Unfortunately-

Jonathan Coachman: Oh we all saw what happened, Michael. Booker T beat Jamie Noble fair and square. So what if Kid Kash and Sharmell got involved? It’s all about the end result. As for Kash and Mysterio … Kid Kash proved that he truly is the greatest Cruiserweight Champion of all time without a shadow of a doubt.

Champions vs. Challengers Match:
U.S Champ Booker T
w/Sharmell & CW Champ Kid Kash vs. Rey Mysterio & Jamie Noble
These four individuals work together superbly to put on a very entertaining contest for the time given. It starts off with Rey Mysterio and Kid Kash going at it at one hundred miles per hour for the opening, as they exchange holds and trade blows back and forth like only true Cruiserweights can. Eventually Mysterio manages to get him into the corner with an Irish Whip and races in. Kash gets both feet up into Rey’s face, knocking him away and quickly springboards off the top turnbuckle with the BANK ROLL … but Mysterio steps aside and Kash lands on his feet! K.I.D spins around and Rey gets him with a Drop Toe Hold onto the middle rope! The crowd roars, as Rey goes for THE 619 … but Kash rolls out of the way and leaps across the ring, tagging in Booker T!!
The U.S Champion gets the jump on Mysterio before he can turn around and puts the boot in on his Wrestlemania opponent. Booker drags Rey into the corner and the fast tags between the heel team begin, working the smaller man over. Mysterio counters, countering a Wheelbarrow suplex into a Bulldog! Things all go wild, as Mysterio makes the hot tag to Jamie Noble and Kash makes it to Booker T. “The Pitbull” lights Booker up with Chops, before whipping him across the ring and nailing him with a Snap Scoop Powerslam! 1 … 2 … NO! Noble leaps back up, bringing Booker up, nailing a German Suplex in the middle of the ring! Noble keeps the fingers locked and brings Booker up for a second {Booker struggles against the rope and Kash blind tags in} and hits it! Noble goes for a third … but Kash springboards off the top rope … Noble ducks and spins around … wrapping Kid up with the DRAGON CLUTCH!!!
The crowd is on their feet, as Noble struggles backwards against the ropes {Rey tags himself in} and Mysterio comes off the top rope with the WEST COAST POP onto Booker … but Booker moves and Rey hits his hamstring! The referee looks around at Booker … and Kash kicks Noble with a LOW BLOW! The Cruiserweight Champion shoves him through the ropes, as Rey Mysterio staggers back up to his feet holding his legs, and Kash lifts him up into the air … NAILING HIM WITH THE DEAD LEVEL!!! Booker T smirks on the outside of the ring, as Kash hooks Mysterio’s legs!!! 1… 2 … 3!!!

Winners: Booker T & Kid Kash via pin fall @ 10:03.

The Champions steal another one!! Both Kid Kash and Booker T roll out of the ring quickly to grab their title belts, laughing at the foot of the ramp. Back in the ring, Rey Mysterio barely stirs after the Dead Level, as a hurting Jamie Noble rolls back into the ring to check on him. Scowling up the ramp, “The Pitbull” locks eyes with Booker and, more importantly, Kid Kash.

Cut backstage.

Away from the ringside area we head into one of the numerous locker rooms, where a certain person is sat on the bench adjusting their kneepads. The camera pans up to reveal the WWE Champion, “The Wrestling Machine” Kurt Angle, who receives a thunderous ovation from the crowd. In the background the door bangs … and Angle stands up quickly … going face to face with Shawn Michaels! The Showstopper, like Angle is dressed to compete with his vest over the top and black cowboy hat perched on his head, receives a huge mixed reaction – as he smirks and Kurt glares.

Shawn Michael: (Rubbing his chin jokily) Y’know … Champ … it might just be me, ole’ HBK might be getting senile in his old age, but back when I was Champ; the first, second, third AAAAANNNND fourth time, whenever the walked into a room …everyone got up off their jacks to shake my hand. Now (taps his chin)

HBK reaches down and feels around his waist.

Shawn Michaels: No … nope, nothin’ there right now. The Heart Break Kid is officially … title less. (Holds his hands up) But, but, but … I don’t hold grudges, and, Kurt, I appreciate the gesture, but, please, you don’t have to stand up for liitle ole’ me…

Boos, as Michaels grins maliciously and Kurt just stares back.

Kurt Angle: (Icily) What do you WANT, Michaels?

Shawn Michaels: (Nonchalantly looking around the room) What? Oh me??!! Nothing, Kurt, absolutely nothing. I just thought I’d swing by and check on my tag team partner for tonight … and the man who is gonna be stealin’ the show with me ONE MORE TIME at in fifteen days at Wrestlemania Twenty-Two. Am I right?

Angle sighs and goes back to his kneepads.

Kurt Angle: It can be you, Michaels; it can be Eddie Guerrero, Brock Lesnar, Kane, Chris Benoit, Chris Jericho, IT DOESN’T MATTER!! All that matters is that I am the best DAMN wrestler in this company … and I already made you tap out last year … Shawn.

OH~! The crowd murmurs, as HBK’s eyes flicker slightly, but he quickly shakes it off.

Shawn Michaels: (Holds up his finger) Now y’see, there’s the little joker in our deck, Kurt … a joker who wears chains, raps and wants TO BE the Main Event … The Showstopper … wants to be … me. You know it, The Heart Break Kid knows it, and I’m pretty sure Eminem, Snoop Dog and all of the other (Air quotes) ‘gang-STAHS’ know it too … that Kurt Angle and ‘Aitch-Bee-‘Kay are the best this business has to offer … ARE Wrestlemania … but John Cena is nothing … but a supporting act.

Mixed reaction from the crowd, as Angle takes a swig from his water.

Kurt Angle: (Intensely) God knows, I’m not the biggest fan of John Cena; I beat his ass up at Unforgiven … at Survivor Series, and I made him BLEED on Monday Night Raw to take (points at the WWE title) THAT!! And I enjoyed every … single … moment of it. It doesn’t matter who it is or who the crowd cheers for, John Cena, Triple H, The Undertaker, or Edge, I LIKE violence … and I don’t make exceptions, Shawn … for you or anyone.

Shawn Michaels: (Smiling) All I’m saying … is that the Wrestlemania Main Event doesn’t NEED to be hijacked. I put that little punk on the shelf for a reason. Last year, me and you, you and I … US … we went out there, we wrestled the MATCH OF THE DECADE for thirty straight minutes.

Michaels sidles up towards Angle’s face, a bit more serious.

Shawn Michaels: John Cena wants to make his (Holds hands up) Big ole’ grand return before WrestleMania then that’s just fine. He can. But when it comes down to it, Kurt … we still got unfinished business. Yeah (Clapping) yeah you beat me on that night – kudos, Kurt, kudos – but how’s about givin’ it one more shot, so that we can SEE if it WAS a fluke … can you make The Heart Break Kid tap out one more time … one more time …

Angle’s mouth curves slightly in a sinister grin. He likes the sound of that clearly … but HBK puts his mouth to his ear.

Shawn Michaels: … or can I, Kurt, kick your teeth … right down your throat?

The crowd boos in the background, Angle simmers.

Kurt Angle: (Staring) …… Get out.

Shawn Michaels: (Still smiling) Think about that.

HBK gives Angle a last look before strolling out again smoothly, leaving the Champion contemplating his words.

{Commercial Break}

***One Of A Kind*** A wonderful pop tears through the building, one of the largest of the night, as Rob Van Dam steps out onto the stage. “Mr. Monday Night” does not look quite as cool as usual, knowing what is ahead of him, and only give the crowd the quick “R-V-D” thumb taunt before heading on down to the ring.

Michael Cole: Has anyone been on a bigger role in 2006 than Rob Van Dam? In January he came so close to winning the Royal Rumble match, then on Monday Night Raw he defeated Mister Money in the Bank Edge -- but the paranoid, scheming, egotistical mind of Triple H has somehow turned Van Dam’s tenure on Raw into a nightmare, with a little help from the deplorable Eric Bischoff.

Jonathan Coachman: (Looking at Cole angrily) Van Dam cost Triple H the WWE title, Van Dam didn’t do the right thing and walk away. He has the audacity to get in Hunter’s face every week – he put our great General Manager Eric Bischoff, THROUGH A TABLE!! This little ingrate deserves everything that is coming to him … tonight … AND ESPECIALLY at WrestleMania.

***Crank It Up*** The crowd immediately boos, as the seven-foot-two, five-hundred pound monster, the Big Show makes his way down the ramp with the obnoxious Paul Bearer at his side. Show pounds his fist, as Bearer screams instructions at him and points to RVD in the ring.

Michael Cole: You want to talk about destruction?? Here’s an individual who has been on a one-man war path ever since he split from his tag team partner, Kane, at the start of the year. Big Show has laid waste to everyone in his path, and this past Monday on Raw, he even chokeslammed Kane OFF THE STAGE in one of the most sickening attacks I have ever seen.

Jonathan Coachman: Sickening?? What was sickening about it, Michael?? You think that taking out the competition is sickening?? You think taking out the man who’d been holding you back for a year is sickening?? How stupid are you, Michael?! The Big Show is a one-man wrecking machine, and THAT’S EXACTLY why Mister Bischoff chose him for this task. I can’t wait!!

RVD’s Punishment Match:
Rob Van Dam vs. the Big Show
w/Paul Bearer
The two athletes go at it right away, carrying on from where they left off on Monday Night Raw. Van Dam does not seem to care one bit about the monumental size difference between himself and Big Show and goes right after the big man from the bell. Using his educated feet, RVD kicks away at the legs of the giant, trying to take away his vertical base. Every time Van Dam does this though, it only takes one mighty shove from Show and RVD is sent crashing head over heels across the ring! Pulling himself back up quickly, Van Dam charges back in, managing to duck a bear-like swipe from Big Show, before coming off the ropes and leaping up in search of a cross body block -- BUT SHOW CATCHES HIM!!
The monstrous strength of Big Show draws gasps from the crowd, as he holds Van Dam like a child, and Paul Bearer squeals with joy at ringside. The giant swings RVD around in the air, throwing his legs up over his shoulders, GOING FOR A POWERBOMB -- but “The Whole Dam Show” manages to counter, twisting his body around with a messy Hurricanrana that sends both himself and Big Show crashing over the ropes!! Van Dam is up quickly, whilst Show takes a bit longer to recover. Up to his knees, the giant is greeted with a series of hard kicks to the chest from RVD, who tries to take the mastodon’s head off his shoulders. Grabbing hold of Big Show, Van Dam shoves the dazed giant across the announce table, so that the monster is lying with his head facing Cole and Coach. Wasting absolutely no time, RVD jumps up onto the ring apron and does the “R-V-D” thumb taunt, BEFORE LEAPING OFF WITH THE TWISTING LEG DROP -- BUT BIG SHOW MOVES -- VAN DAM CRASHES AND BURNS!!!
The table does not break though, and instead Van Dam’s leg smashes into the solid surface and completely buckles. The ECW Original writhes around in complete agony on the floor, clutching his hamstring, whilst Big Show is helped back up to his feet by Paul Bearer. The seven-foot monster lifts Van Dam back up and tosses him into the ring, before following up and going after the injured ribs and leg of the high-flier. Big Show shows his calculating intelligence, as he tries to cripple RVD, dropping his 500-hundred pound load across each of the injured body parts. After a while of this Paul Bearer yells at Show to “FINISH HIM”, and the giant obliges. Throwing Van Dam into the corner, Big Show charges, going for an Avalanche Splash -- but RVD rolls out of the way and Show eats the turnbuckle!! The monster stumbles out of the corner in a daze and Van Dam comes {limping} off the ropes and nails the big man with a spinning heel kick. Big Show is stunned but remains on his feet, and so RVD decides to come off the top rope -- but is caught by the throat!! Big Show lets out a monstrous roar, BEFORE LIFTING VAN DAM UP FOR THE CHOKESLAM -- BUT RVD COUNTERS INTO A DDT!!!
The crowd roars, as Van Dam struggles up to the top rope, signalling for the Five Star Frog Splash – but Paul Bearer grabs his leg! RVD tries to shake the despicable human being off, but the distraction enables Big Show to make it back up to his feet. Show quickly wraps his hand around the throat of Van Dam, trapping him on the top rope, before stepping over the ropes onto the apron. The crowd screams, as it looks as though Big Show IS GOING TO CHOKESLAM VAN DAM THROUGH THE TABLE -- but Van Dam kicks him in the head! Show’s grip is broken and he staggers backwards along the apron -- VAN DAM LEAP OFF, CONNECTING WITH A FLYING THRUST KICK THAT KNOCKS BIG SHOW OFF THE APRON!!! The mastodon lands with a thud on the floor against the announce table, as RVD lies in the ring trying to recover, and the referee begins to count. Paul Bearer tries his dandiest to get his huge client up, but there is not enough time, and Show is merely up to feet when the official completes the ten count!!!

Winner: Rob Van Dam via Count Out @ 10:09.

VAN DAM WINS – DESPITE THE BEST EFFORTS OF ERIC BISCHOFF!!! Realising what has just happened, “The Whole Dam Show” limps back up to his feet and raises his hands in the air to a great pop, clearly as stunned as everyone else at what he just overcame. Outside the ring, Big Show is blowing a gasket, even tossing the steel steps around.

Michael Cole: Oh my – Rob Van Dam has done it!! He has defeated the Big Show here tonight by count out to well and truly stick it to Eric Bischoff and Triple H. He is rolling into that Street Fight with The Game at WrestleMania. What a victory!!

Jonathan Coachman: (Bitterly) Victory?? You call that a victory, Michael?? The Big Show tripped and fell off the ring apron and Van Dam, being the coward that he is, just left him there to get counted out. What a gutless – yeah, now things are getting interesting!!

Coach like everyone in the arena is watching the still fuming Big Show, as he continues to go wild. Paul Bearer instructs him to carry on, and so the 500-pound giant steps back up onto the apron, his eyes locked on Van Dam once more. Halting his celebration, RVD hops down from the turnbuckle and waits bravely for the mastodon to enter…

…but TRIPLE H AND ERIC BISCHOFF come walking down the ramp. The Cobo Arena showers “The Game” and the Raw GM {complete with neck brace and crutch} in heat, as Hunter, dressed in jeans and a leather jacket, smiles smugly, pretending to join in the applause. Van Dam looks incensed at the sight of his nemesis and Bischoff, and steps towards the ropes, not hearing the screams of the crowd…

…as THE BIG SHOW BLASTS HIM FROM BEHIND!!! Van Dam goes down in a heap thanks to the force of the seven-foot monster, giving them no time to respond. The fans boo wildly, as Paul Bearer stands in the ring behind his giant, cheering him on. Excitedly, Triple H quickly rushes around to the timekeeper’s area and grabs a steel chair. “The King of Kings” rolls into the ring with weapon, heading right over to the fallen Van Dam, IMMEDIATELY DRIVING THE CHAIR RIGHT DOWN INTO THE INJURED RIBS ON “MR. MONDAY NIGHT”!!!

Michael Cole: OH GOD!!! This is just heinous from Triple H!! Why the hell are Big Show and Paul Bearer helping them??!! What the hell is this deal they’ve struck with Bischoff??!! Somebody stop this!!! OH NO --

Van Dam cries out in agony, as Hunter raises the weapon up, DRILLING RVD AGAIN … AND AGAIN … AND AGAIN, until the crowd is hoarse from booing and “The Whole F’N Show” is a beaten wreck.

Jonathan Coachman: (Wincing) Somebody check the ring, ‘cause I think it just got broken. (Purposefully ignoring the violence) I’ll you what though, Michael, is it just me or does Paul Bearer look in great shape since coming back. (Applauding) Bravo, Paul, bravo!!

Big Show lets out a fearsome roar, as Bearer wails “YEEEEESSSSSS” over and over again. Eric Bischoff is now in the ring as well, cheering on the assault. Having damn near beaten the life out of Van Dam with the chair, Helmsley tosses the weapon to the mat and drags a limp RVD back up to his feet. He slams Van Dam’s head between his legs and hooks the arms, gazing into the flashing lights of the hate-filled crowd – BEFORE DRILLING RVD WITH THE PEDIGREE RIGHT ONTO THE STEEL CHAIR!!!

RVD lies at an awkward angle on top of the chair, his neck badly eschewed worryingly. Slowly getting back up off his knees, the eyes of “The Game” never leave the fallen frame of Van Dam, as he, Bischoff, Bearer, and Big Show all stand in the centre of the ring, soaking up the hostile reaction from the crowd {but not Coach}, dominant.

{Commercial Break}

When we return from the break we cut backstage again, where the Rated R Superstar Edge is walking down a backstage corridor with his girlfriend Lita. Dressed in his tights and long trench coat, Edge is greeted by huge heat from the crowd, as he carries his MITB briefcase in one hand. He looks rather antsy, as he comes to a halt next to a door.

Edge: (Psyching himself up) This is nothing … this is nothing … that jackass better listen to what I have to say or we’re –

Voice: Screwed?

Edge closes his eyes slowly, mouthing “Dammit” under his breath, before slowly turning around…

…coming face to face with the World Heavyweight Champion Batista! The crowd pops at the sight of The Animal, who is also clad in his wrestling gear, just with a t-shirt on over the top. He has the title belt slung over his shoulder, as he nods at the door behind Edge and Lita, which reads, ‘Batista’.

Batista: (Smirking) Yeah, I don’t think he’s in.

Edge: (Scowling) Oh, oh, you think you’re a pretty funny guy don’t ya, Dave? Well you better listen up ‘cause we’re in a JOKE of a match later tonight … and I’m pretty sure that those two other chumpstains are taking it seriously, so drop the –

Big Dave steps a little closer, causing Edge to get a little nervous.

Batista: Serious? You want me to get “serious”? Edge, I have been NOTHING but serious since you came onto MY show and stole the Wrestlemania Main Event away from some other guy – and I got especially serious two weeks ago on SmackDown … when you tried to bash my ribs in … with a Spear…

Edge: (Glaring back) It’s called BUSINESS, Dave … the WRESTLING business. I do whatever the hell I have to, to become the Champ around here, and I will be the World Heavyweight Champion come Wrestlemania … no matter how many times you try to intimidate me.

The crowd boos, but Batista actually smiles.

Batista: (Coldly) So we’re being honest with each other tonight, huh? Edge, all you’ve seen from me so far is the Champion, but after tonight … the gloves are off. No messing around … you will find out why they call me The Animal, Edge. But tonight … partners … agreed?

Edge seems completely startled by this lack of hostility from Batista, but nods slowly.

Edge: Yeah … uhm … agreed.

Edge and Lita turn to leave, but Batista blocks their path. Mr. Money in the Bank looks on nervously … as Big Dave holds out his hand.

Batista: …… Then shake my hand.

Reluctantly, Edge reaches down and accepts the handshake … but Batista pulls him right in so the two rivals, the two Wrestlemania opponents are right in one another’s face; toe-to-toe, chest-to-chest, nose-to-nose, and eye-to-eye. Batista stares long and hard at Edge, who looks extremely uncomfortable.

Batista: (Whispering) …… Partner.

The World Heavyweight Champion finally releases his grip, knocking Edge backwards slightly, before walking away confidently. The Rated R Superstar looks after his partner, an intimidated look if ever there was one, before it slowly turns into a scowl and he rakes his fingers through his long hair.

Back to ringside.

Cole and Coach discuss the legendary Wrestlemania tradition of the Hall Of Fame, before we take a look at the 2006 inductees…

- “Mean” Gene Okerlund

- “Sensational” Sherri

- Verne Gagne

- The Blackjacks

- “Mr. USA” Tony Atlas

- Bret “The Hitman” Hart

- Eddie Guerrero

We head backstage once again, where Steve Romero is standing by with a microphone in his hand, looking slightly nervous.

Steve Romero: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome my guest at this time … he is “The Legend Killer” Randy Orton.

Randy Orton steps into the frame, garnering some of the loudest heat of the evening from the fans, as he looks into the camera with his cold eyes. Orton is dressed in a smart suit for the SNME occasion.

Steve Romero: Randy, last night Shane McMahon made –

Randy Orton: (Interrupting) I think you said it exactly right the first time, Steve. I AM a Legend Killer – it’s what I do – it’s what I do, but that doesn’t mean I don’t make exceptions…

Orton narrows his eyes at the camera.

Randy Orton: …I am the killer of hopes, the killer of dreams, and the killer … (Sinister smirk) of careers. Teddy Long found that out at No Way Out when he failed to do the right thing, when he stood between me and my destiny … when he stood between me and the Wrestlemania Main Event … and the only solution to that … was to kick him in the head…

Boos pour in, as Randy’s gaze never changes.

Randy Orton: Y’see, that’s what people have been doing to me my ENTIRE career, denying me my destiny and my true legacy. They couldn’t do it forever … and at SummerSlam 2004 I became the YOUNGEST World Heavyweight Champion of all time … but I was denied once again … I was denied once again by people who couldn’t stand to see me at the top.

Still Orton does not rile himself up.

Randy Orton: (Rubbing his chin) But that all changed when I showed THE WORLD that I don’t stop for any man … when I put Vince McMahon in the hospital. It’s a simple message – simple – if you try to stand in my way, deny me my legacy … then I will END your career. This One Man Dynasty is the most … unstoppable force in the WWE right now, and the sooner you all realise it, the better.

The crowd continues to boo.

Randy Orton: Shane McMahon…

A rumbling of cheers for the young McMahon.

Randy Orton: Shane McMahon, so you want to come to Friday Night SmackDown and say that you’re in charge? That’s fine. I put your father in a hospital, I drove his head through a table and kicked him right in the temple … (Whispering) as you watched -- so I understand that you’re angry, you want a piece of me, to confront me…

Orton’s eyes flicker for the first time.

Randy Orton: But last night you came out and you … (Shakes his head) you challenged me to a match at Wrestlemania? How … stupid can you be, Shane? What have you done for your entire career? Watched daddy entertain the fans, spends your one hundred dollar bills and jump off the titan tron a couple of times? That’s great … (Eyes cold) well, I’ve ENDED careers!! I’ve KILLED legends!! Ask Shawn Michaels, ask Mick Foley, Ric Flair, The Rock, Chris Benoit, The Undertaker, Triple H, Batista, … ASK THEM ALL what I’ve done to them. And then, Shane, ask yourself … what I will do to YOU!

The Legend Killer raises his chin aloofly.

Randy Orton: So as for your challenge, Shane … I ACCEPT!!! I accept your challenge for Wrestlemania on ONE condition…

The crowd pops at the announcement.

Randy Orton: …the McMahon Family Legend. Vincent J. McMahon, Vincent Kennedy McMahon, Linda McMahon, Stephanie McMahon, and YOU, Shane McMahon … put it ALL on the line. Put your Family legend on the line at Wrestlemania. If I beat YOU … then the McMahon family is GONE from the W … W … E…

A VERY mixed reaction from the crowd.

Randy Orton: Let’s face it, Shane, without the possibility of EVER winning a Championship again … my WWE career is pretty much over. (Sneers) So if I’m putting that on the line … it’s only right that YOU do the same.

Orton’s eyes flicker maliciously.

Randy Orton: Think about it, Shane … how else will you EVER get a chance to get your hands on the man who put your father in the hospital?

Boos from the crowd.

Randy Orton: (Whispering) But remember … I’m the Legend Killer … it’s what I do…

Orton gives both Romero and the camera a long, hard look, before walking out of shot.

{Commercial Break}

***London Calling*** The crowd comes alive with a great ovation for the popular youngsters, Paul London and Brian Kendrick, as they race down to the ring with their usual enthusiasm. Eager to walk into WrestleMania as WWE Tag Team Champions.

Michael Cole: If there is a more exciting team in the world of professional wrestling right now then I haven’t seen them. Week in and week out, London and Kendrick continue to light up Friday nights with their speed and athleticism. They came so close at No Way Out to getting the titles, and at WrestleMania, they will be involved with the Triple Threat match for the title, but tonight is their shot.

Jonathan Coachman: Is their a more exciting team in the world of professional wrestling right now? You did, uh, see the Spirit Squad earlier tonight, right? You were watching that?

***Paparazzi*** Heat fills the arena, as quite possibly the most arrogant two men in the entire WWE, Johnny Nitro and Joey Mercury, strut down the ramp with Melina in tow. The red carpet is laid out for them, and the paparazzi are in attendance, but even that can’t get rid of the furious expressions on the faces of the WWE Tag Team Champions.

Jonathan Coachman: Ha ha, I love these guys though, Michael. I especially loved it when they came to Raw this past week and PINNED our awful WWE Champion right in the middle of the ring.

Michael Cole: (Rolls eyes) Right. So Shawn Michaels wasn’t in that match? Edge didn’t nail Angle with the briefcase? You’re unbelievable, Coach. I just hope that MNM finally get what is coming to them tonight after weeks and months of complaining.

***Motherland*** Every single person in the building, including the four competitors in the ring, turn with surprise to see William Regal and Paul Burchill, The Bluebloods, the second #1 Contenders, come sauntering down the ramp dressed smartly in dark suits. With MNM and The Hooligans eyeing them warily, the two Englishmen join Cole and Coach on commentary.

Jonathan Coachman: (Standing up) Pleasure to have you with us, guys. (Elbows Cole) Show a little respect, Michael.

William Regal:(Shakes hands with Coach, not Cole) Thank you, Jonathan. There’s no need to apologise for your partner. We have to put up with that filthy little beggar every Friday evening.

Michael Cole: Good evening to you as well.

WWE Tag Team Championship Match:
MNM © w/Melina vs. The Hooligans
From the moment the bell rings, Paul London and Brian Kendrick go after Johnny Nitro and Joey Mercury at a lightning quick pace. The challengers light the Champions up with rights, lefts and chops, before going for the Irish Whips. Both Mercury and Nitro manage to reverse them, sending London and Kendrick off the ropes -- but The Hooligans come right back with dual headscissors to MNM!! The Champs are staggered and The Hooligans press them against the ropes again, shooting them across the ring -- but both Nitro and Mercury quickly grab hold of the top rope and roll to the outside. Melina consoles her two men, who look furious, foolishly, turning their backs on the ring -- THE HOOLIGANS FLY THROUGH THE MIDDLE ROPE WITH TOPÉ’S INTO MNM!!!
Throwing Nitro back into the ring onto his front, Spanky shoots off the ropes, smacking Johnny right in the side of the head with a low dropkick!! Before Nitro can even fall, London races in, dropkicking him in on the opposite temple!! In one swift motion, London flips his body over Nitro’s wrenching his neck up in a Camel Clutch-like position -- so that Kendrick can deliver yet another scintillating running dropkick to the face!!! Spanky scores a quick near fall, and the referee gets London out of the ring. This does not last long though, as Kendrick twists Nitro’s arm/shoulder, beginning to work the area over. Tag after tag is made between The Hooligans, occasionally with one of them jumping down with an axe handle across the shoulder/arm of Nitro.
With London as the legal man, he has Nitro in an overhead hammerlock, which the A-Lister battles out of with elbows. Staggering London, Nitro spins his body around, only for London to attempt the Northern Light’s Suplex – but Nitro does the standing switch, getting behind London and HITTING A GERMAN SUPLEX -- but London lands on his feet!! Nitro turns right into a smacking Superkick right to the face, before London quickly tags in Spanky. First London races in, connecting with the running enziguiri to the back of Johnny’s skull!! Next, Kendrick hits the enziguiri to the side of Nitro’s head!! The Champion is on dream street, as Spanky quickly grabs hold of his head before he can fall, and races up the turnbuckle, GOING FOR SLICED BREAD #2 -- but Nitro somehow manages to shove him away into the ropes. Kendrick shoots back and Nitro goes for a Superkick of his own, which Spanky ducks and comes off the opposite ropes. Nitro catches him with a kick to the gut, before GOING FOR THE CORKSCREW NECKBREAKER -- but Kendrick spins out of it, pushing Nitro into the ropes. Nitro quickly leaps up, COMING OFF THE TOP ROPE WITH A SPRINGBOARD ENZIGUIRI TO SPANKY!!!
Both men are in serious trouble and they struggle to their respective corners, tagging in Paul London and Joey Mercury at the same time. Mercury swings at London with a clothesline, but the Cruiserweight star ducks and catches Joey with an inverted atomic drop, quickly followed up by a rapid hurricanrana pin, which Mercury only just survives!! With Mercury down, London quickly shoots off the ropes -- but Nitro nails him from behind!! London angrily spins around, knocking Nitro off the apron with a right hand. Nitro stands up, but Brian Kendrick re-enters the ring AND FLIES OVER THE TOP ROPE WITH A PLANCHA ONTO HIM!!!
London turns back to the action in the ring, but Joey Mercury is back up and charges with a clothesline, which London evades. London shoots off the ropes, coming back and NAILING THE DROPSAULT TO MECURY!!! Quick as a flash, London is on his feet again, coming off the ropes, CRASHING ONTO MERCURY WITH A SHOOTING STAR PRESS!!! ONE … TWO … NO! MELINA IS ON THE APRON!!! A chorus of boos greet the divas interference, and Paul London looks absolutely furious. He demands that the referee turn around -- MERCURY CHARGES FOM BEHIND -- BUT LONDON MOVES AND MERCURY ONLY RUNS INTO MELINA!!!
Mercury, in a daze, staggers backwards, and London leaps up high in the air, cracking him in the face with a jumping heel enziguiri!! Again, wowing the crowd with his workrate, London scurries up to the top rope, steadying himself, thinking 450 Splash … he can’t … as Burchill and Regal hold onto his leg! London manages to kick them away, but Mercury is back up to his feet and clocks London with a big time right hand, knocking him part way off the top rope!! The A-Lister double underhooks both of London’s arms, still with the youngster’s legs elevated on the turnbuckle, AND DRILLS HIM DOWN WITH AN ELEVATED DOUBLE-ARM DDT!!! Mercury covers London for the ONE … TWO … THREE, as Kendrick gets into the ring … too late.

Winner: And STILL WWE Tag Team Champions, MNM via pin fall @ 13:02.

Heat fills the Cobo Arena, as Mercury rolls off the cover, smirking, regardless of how he achieved the victory for his team {a carbon-copy of NWO}. Kendrick tends to his partner, whilst Nitro slides into the ring to share the glory with his own. Regal and Burchill quickly make themselves scarce, smoothing their suits down and heading back up the ramp, job done. Back in the ring, The Hooligans don’t know who to stare a hole through first.

Cut backstage.

The Cobo Arena erupts in some of the largest heat of the night, as the cameras cut to a backstage hallway, where … John Bradshaw Layfield is apparently on his way down to the ring, a smirk on his face, and Orlando Jordan, Jillian Hall and The Basham Brothers in tow.

Jonathan Coachman: This is what we have been waiting for all night! “The Wrestling God” himself, JBL, is heading down to the ring with his Cabinet-- to CALL OUT The most famous group of all time, The Four Horsemen!!!

Michael Cole: The Cabinet -- The Horsemen, Bradshaw -- Flair -- AND IT’S NEXT!!!

{Commercial Break}


Boos fill the building, as the entrance ramp slowly lifts up into the air, allowing the infamous white limousine to pull out alongside the stage. The driver climbs out and opens the door for, one after the other, The Cabinet.

First come Doug and Danny Basham, clad menacingly in their black leather jackets and gloves, ready for action. Next comes Orlando Jordan, smartly dressed in his suit, with Jillian Hall on his arm. Last, but by certainly no means least, out steps John Bradshaw Layfield, $10,000 suit and hat and all, smiling from ear-to-ear. After a quick Texas Two Step, ‘The Wrestling God’ saunters on down to the ring with his cronies pulling up the rear.

Almost completely oblivious to the heat, JBL waits as his posse enters the ring, with Jillian holding down the middle rope for her boss. Bradshaw enters the ring and waves his arms out wide to the crowd, smiling broadly, as Jillian retrieves a mic from ringside and hands it to the ‘Wall Street Warrior.

John Bradshaw Layfield: The eighties, an era … of greatness, a decade of change, of momentous discovery’s around the world, a time when new heroes rose up to take their place amongst the true greats. No … no, as hard as it must be for you to understand, I am NOT talking about the great American leader … Ronald Reagan. Hell, I’m not even talking about the world of politics … the world of business or … my forte … the world of money. What I am referring to, is the business that we all love, the business that brings me to you right here … right now in this very ring … professional wrestling.

A smattering of cheers, mainly from the smarks in attendance.

John Bradshaw Layfield: Professional wrestling in the nineteen eighties changed … the world. It changed the face of sport’s entertainment forever … and that was all down to one man. (Finger in the air) Just one. He made his name in this decade, and it is still used today in the annals of our industry … as the GREATEST of all time. Who … just who am I speaking about, all of you here in … Detroit are wondering?? Is it Hulk Hogan??

The crowd cheers at the mention of the Hulkster, causing JBL to shake his head.

John Bradshaw Layfield: No, it isn’t. Is it … was it the man we all know as Sting?? (Cheers) Of course not. How about Ricky ‘The Dragon’ Steamboat?? (Smaller cheers) No way. You can throw all the names you want at me from the eighties, Randy Savage, Lex Luger, Harley Race, Terry Funk, Andre the Giant, Roddy Piper, THE LIST GOES ON AND ON!!!

All of those legendary names receive appropriate cheers from the fans, but Layfield just shakes his head again.

John Bradshaw Layfield: But … but it’s none of those men. When I talk about changing the face of professional wrestling forever there can be only one man who I mean. (Smiles) And I think even ya’ll here in Detroit (Boos) … even you know who I’m talkin’ about.

Cheers and “NAIT-CHA BOY” chants can be heard throughout the arena.


THUNDEROUS heat from the crowd, whilst The Cabinet all applaud their boss sycophantically and nod approvingly. JBL soaks it up.

John Bradshaw Layfield: As a young man … in Sweetwater, Texas, it was ME who was working harder than anyone has ever worked in their life to achieve, to LIVE my dream of becoming a professional wrestler. My blood, my sweat, and my TEARS all went into it. I am representative of what the eighties were all about. I am who is spoken about today as the GREATEST wrestler of all time, AND RIGHTLY SO!!!

More heat, and an “Asshole” chant for good measure.

John Bradshaw Layfield: Just take a look at me now and try to prove otherwise. I dare anyone to try and say otherwise. From my humble beginnings in the slum known as the state of Texas, I stand before you today, heralding from the greatest city on earth, New York City (Crowd boos), a self-made millionaire, I have achieved greatness, and I am, and forever will be … GREAT!!!!

The crowd is sick to death of Bradshaw, booing him loudly.

John Bradshaw Layfield: But … but what’s that you say?? JBL doesn’t lead a life of glamour?? JBL doesn’t lead a life of class?? Of wealth?? Of fame?? Of riches?? That JBL does not lead the life of a true, GLOBAL superstar?? In short, you say that I … (Waves his hand at The Cabinet) that we … do not lead the lives … of Horsemen??

Huge cheers for the legendary group, bringing a scowl to the face of JBL and his cronies.

John Bradshaw Layfield: (Furious) If that’s what ya’ll think then you are sadly, SADLY mistaken. All we ever hear about is how … RicFlair is a (Sneers) jet flyin’, limousine ridin’, wheelin’, dealin’, son of gun?? Well, lemme’ tell ya’ somethin’ about that. Ric Flair, Barry Wyndham, Arn Anderson, Tully Blanchard and J.J. Dillon arrived at the airport in a private jet, then went to the arena in a private limo. (Mocking applause) Good for you, fellas, good for you … but it ain’t the best.

JBL strolls over to Orlando Jordan and puts his arm around him.

John Bradshaw Layfield: This man right here is my Chief of Staff. Nothing more. Orlando knows that he is not JBL. He’s not on my level. (Orlando, the idiot, actually nods) But does that mean he rides in the same limo as me?? Or fly in the same jet as me?? No, ‘cause ya’ know why?? This man right here, Chief of Staff, former United States Champion Orlando Jordan, HAS HIS OWN STRETCHED LIMO, HAS HIS OWN PRIVATE JET!!!!

Ignoring the boos, Layfield now grabs The Basham Brothers.

John Bradshaw Layfield: The Co-Secretaries of Defence, you’d think they would surely not be able to afford … the luxuries of life. BUT YOU’RE WRONG!!! They have a limo EACH!!! They have a private jet EACH!!!! They eat at the finest restaurants IN THE WORLD!!! They shop in the finest stores OF ALL TIME!!!!!

Holding her clipboard and smiling, Jillian Hall is up next, as JBL heads over to her.

John Bradshaw Layfield: And as if I even need to tell ya’ll, this beautiful young woman, settles for NOTHINGBUTTHEBEST!!!!! There isn’t a single man in the WWE locker room that has enough class … or enough money for Jillian. That’s the important word, ladies and gentlemen … money. It’s what makes JBL great, and keeps all of you … keeps The Four Horsemen … pathetic.

“You Suck” chants rain down on the Media Maven, but he is in his element.

John Bradshaw Layfield: Everyone understands the language of money, and let’s face it, when it comes to money, Ric Flair and his group of geriatrics just … don’t … speak … my language. (Nods) Yes, yes, they wear five thousand dollar Rolexes…

JBL storms over the Orlando, grabbing his wrist, pulling up his sleeve, displaying his shiny, gold watch to the nearby, ringside camera.

John Bradshaw Layfield: ...But this man wears one hundred thousand dollar watches. (Points to the Bashams and Jillian) So do The Bashams, so does Jillian Hall, ‘cause ya’ see, we in The Cabinet have more money than anyone has ever seen before in the history of World Wrestling Entertainment. Forget about the Million Dollar Man, but, more importantly, forget about … The Four … Horsemen!!!

Deafening heat, as JBL holds his hands in the air, grinning from ear-to-ear.

John Bradshaw Layfield: But … but I haven’t forgot the reason why I came out here tonight. I am a great man, a fair man, so if Ric Flair wants so badly prove to the world that The Four Horsemen are not the crippled, washed up, useless, pipe-smokin’, slipper wearin’, wheelchair ridin’, balloon flyin’, son … of … a … guns that I, The Cabinet, and the world think they are … by all means, Ric Flair, Tully Blanchard, Arn Anderson, Barry Wyndham, J.J. Dillon … GET YOU ASSES OUT HER … NOW!!!!!!!

Orlando Jordan, Doug Basham, Danny Basham, Jillian Hall, the commentators, the crowd and JBL especially all wait in anticipation as …

Nothing happens. A smile gradually forms on the face of JBL, as he proves the world right about The Horsemen. The crowd is obviously disappointed, sick of the smug behaviour of the smirking quintet in the ring. Turning away from the stage, Bradshaw raises his mic once again.

John Bradshaw Layfield: As if it was ever in doubt, those goddamn, sorry assed, gutless cowards The Four Horsemen don’t wanna’ step into the same ring as The Wrestling GOD and his Cabinet. Ric, Arn, Tully, Barry, J.J., just jump onto ya’ motor scooters, wheel ya’ selves on home, and leave the wrestling business to the new generation, to JBL’s generation, and neverreturnag-


THE GOES ABSOLUTELY INSANE, with the loudest pop the WWE has heard in a long, long time, and JBL’s face drops, as THE FOUR HORSEMEN – J.J. Dillon, Barry Wyndham, Tully Blanchard, Arn Anderson, and the ‘Nature Boy’ Ric Flair step out onto the stage.

Jonathan Coachman: OH MY GOD, I DON’T BELIEVE IT!!!!

Michael Cole: You better start believing it, Coach!! Just listen to this ovation!! The Four Horsemen, the greatest group in professional wrestling history, together for the first time in fifteen years, ARE COMING DOWN TO THE RING!!!

The most famous group of all time are clad in the finest suits imaginable, and stand in a line, all staring up into the crowd, awed by the reaction they are receiving. In the ring, JBL looks ready to burst a blood vessel, storming back and forth in the ring as though he has seen a ghost.

Amazingly enough, Ric Flair remain stoic and still, just staring at JBL in the ring, and instead it is the man himself, ‘Double A’ Arn Anderson who steps forward, holding a mic in his hand.

Arn Anderson: Sorry ‘bout this lil’ interruption, fellas’, I’m sure you Cabinet boys are mighty pleased with the way you’ve been rippin’ in ta’ us these past weeks … and guess what? Ya’ can be! I don’t like you, and I damn sure don’t respect you, but ya’lls are a darn impressive bunch o’ wrestlers, with a former United States Champion in Mister Jordan, and former dubya’ dubya’ E Tag Team Champs in those Basham boys. JBL, you held that WWE title for a whole year, that’s someit ya’ don’t see every day, but now you’ve got it in ya’ head that you’ve gotta’ be the TOP DOG, THE MAN, THE WHOLE SHA-BAM – by retirin’ my best friend, Ric Flair!!

JBL just nods coldly, whilst Flair stares right ahead at his hated rival.

Arn Anderson: That’s right, Bradshaw, you yellow-bellied coward, you can stand in that ring as long as you want with that smug smile on ya’ gosh darn face!! You be doin’ that forever for all I care, ‘cause one thing’s for sure, you tried to end The Nature Boy’s career at the Rumble (Shakes his head) and that’s somethin’ ya’ just don’t do!! Don’t you worry yourself at all, Bradshaw, don’t you fret at all, you’ll get yours on April Second at WrestleMania, I guarantee that!!!!

Layfield’s lips tremble with rage, as Double A takes a step back and Tully Blanchard steps forwards.

Tully Blanchard: I’m not just gonna’ repeat everything that Double A just said, ’cause that just wouldn’t do justice to the way I feel about you, Bradshaw. You come out here week after week and run your mouth about being the greatest wrestler of all time, about being GREATER than Ric Flair?? Gimme’ a break. You’re not greater than anyone in this business, Bradshaw.

The crowd props, whilst the Wall-Street Warrior shakes his head in disbelief.

Tully Blanchard: What you’ve done is bought all the success you’ve ever had, that’s all The Cabinet have ever done. That’s not what The Horsemen were about. Sure, we got all the women, we rode in the fancy limousines, gambled in the best Casino’s, and flew in the finest jets, but that was all because we earned it in that ring. The Andersons earned those NWA Tag Team titles, I earned my Television title, and every … single … time the Nature Boy had that World Heavyweight Championship around his waist, it was because he … earned … it!!!

John Bradshaw Layfield: Listen to me, you little ingrate!!! I earned every single thing I’ve ever accomplished in this business, and I’ve accomplished a damn sight more than you!!!

Tully smirks, knowing he’s under the skin of JBL, as Barry Wyndham joins him.

Barry Wyndham: You mean like when you, uh, earned the WWE Championship two years ago by paying off the General Manager of SmackDown! and screwin’ Eddie Guerrero???

John Bradshaw Layfield: THAT IS A DAMN LIE AND YOU KNOW IT!!!!!!!!

Barry Wyndham: I don’t think so, Bradshaw!!! We’ve all worked in the WWE for a long, long time and we see everything that goes on backstage. All we see is you, Layfield, you and your little political party strollin’ about, flashin’ your cash, callin’ the shots, and it makes me sick!!! Back when The Horsemen ran the show, it was ‘cause the people backstage … respected us feared us … ‘cause we were the best!!!

“HORSE-MEN! HORSE-MEN! HORSE-MEN!” The chants ring out around The Cobo Arena, as JBL takes off his hat and hurls it down to the canvas in a fit of rage.

John Bradshaw Layfield: You’re not the best, Barry; you’re barely even a Horseman. (Wyndham flinches) Where’s Ole at, Arn?? Where’s your brother?? (AA shakes his head) Where’s the original Horsemen?? You guys are a complete and utter JOKE!!! I am standing here dressed in a suit that costs more than all of your houses combined, and yet you come out here in clothes than you probably got at the local charity shop to try and look good next to the Wrestling God, and yet you’re callin’ me the fake???!!! To hell with THAT!!!!!

J.J. Dillon: (Stepping forward) I’m sorry, JBL, can I ask how much your suit cost exactly??

John Bradshaw Layfield: (Looks at his gang and smirks) More than you could afford, Dillon. One hundred and ten … grand.

There are some gasps from the audience at JBL’s announcement, as the former WWE Champion smoothes down his lapels, extremely pleased with himself. Up on the stage, ole’ J.J. nods approvingly, before whispering something t Wyndham.

J.J. Dillon: That’s not bad, Bradshaw, that’s not bad at all. It just so happens that my suit is the cheapest of all The Horsemen’s … (Grins) and it cost one hundred and fifty big ones!!!!

The crowd laughs and cheers in response, as Orlando Jordan goes nuts behind his boss, pointing to his own suit and yelling.

John Bradshaw Layfield: (Actually smiling) That’s a nice try, Dillon, but I know, and the whole goddamn world knows that you are full of crap. I am the only diamond in this business, and-

Ric Flair: (Stepping forwards wildly) YOU SHUT YOUR MOUTH, BRADSHAW!!!!

Bradshaw looks disgusted, but he stops talking immediately. Flair obviously gets the loudest pop of the night for finally speaking.

Ric Flair: I’ve heard enough!!! I’ve heard enough from you, JBL … I’ve heard enough from ya’ no good lackey’s … wait, come to think of it, in all the time, Bradshaw, that the Naitch’ has been kickin’ … your ass, I haven’t heard … one thing outta those sorry sons of bitches who follow ya’ … everywhere you go. What’s the matter, Orlando, cat got ya’ tongue???!!! Cat got ya’ tongue??? C’mon, Bashams, BE A MAN!!! BE A MAN!!!! STAND UP FOR YOURSELVES!!!

Jillian Hall: (Snatching the mic from JBL) You shut your mouth, Ric Flair, we can talk for ourselves, old man, don’t you worry about th-

JBL snatches the mic back from Hall, glaring at her, as if to say, “Don’t ever do that again”. The crowd and The Horsemen all laugh, especially Flair.

Ric Flair: (Laughing) Go easy on her, Bradshaw … all she wants is a ride on SPACE MOUNTAIN!! WOOOO!! (Jillian goes nuts) But lemme’ tell ya’ somethin’, sweetheart, the Naitcha’ Boy might be getting’ old, he might be getting’ senile … but one thing … I am not … is desperate enough to let you jump to the head of the queue!! WOOOOO!!!!!

A roar of approval comes from the crowd, as JBL tries to calm Jillian down.

Ric Flair: Ya’ know, that’s your problem, Bradshaw … that’s why The Cabinet will … never be as great as The Four Horsemen. ‘Cause ya’ see, when the Naitcha’ Boy was walkin’ that aisle, winning World Championship after World Championship, it wasn’t always me … doing the talkin’!! It was Arn, it was Tully, it was J.J. and Barry. The Four Horsemen … was and still is … a unit about four men. The Cabinet is all about … one man, and that’s you, JBL, you egotistical bastard!!!

John Bradshaw Layfield: (Absolutely fuming) That’s real good, Ric, but you left one important detail out. I admit that The Cabinet was and still is all about me, they still won the WWE Tag Team Championships … Orlando still won the United States Championship. If you think about it, it’s kinda’ like Arn, Tully and Barry only ever be allowed to win the Tag titles or the Television title, ‘cause if they wanted a piece of the World Heavyweight Championship, if they wanted a piece of you, Ric Flair – (Smirks) well, let’s just say they weren’t in The Horsemen for much longer after that.

Despite the boos of the crowd, Flair looks slightly hurt by these comments and casts a glance at his friends. The other Horsemen though, just continue to glare at JBL and his Cabinet.

Ric Flair: (Nodding) You’re right, Bradshaw, you’re right. The Naitcha’ Boy loves being the World Champion. I’ve tasted it sixteen times and I’m damn sure that I’ll be back … for more!! But lemme’ tell ya’ somethin’, JBL. I never denied The Horsemen anything. If they wanted the World Championship than ole’ Ric Flair was always willing. (Ric looks fondly at Wyndham) Barry stepped up and me and him went back and forth … in a war … until The Horsemen were never the same again. That’s what Arn, that’s what Tully understood, that when two friends fight … there’s no going back. (Whispering) The Horsemen … means … more. Y’see, Bradshaw, diamonds are forever … and so … are The Four Horsemen.

John Bradshaw Layfield: (Losing his temper) Nothing lasts forever, Ric, NOTHING!!! I am going to prove that in two weeks time at WrestleMania when I end your pathetic and overrated career. But as for tonight, The Cabinet didn’t call you old boys out to chat … we called you out so that we could destroy you in front of the world, and we plan on doing just that. SO GET YOUR ASSES TO THIS RING RIGHT NOW!!!!!!

Flair looks at his four comrades with a slight twinkle in his eye, as if saying, “Shall we?” The others all nod and smirk, and soon enough The Four Horsemen place their mics down on the ground and begin to remove their jackets. The crowd goes wild in anticipation, and JBL yells at his crew to get ready. The Horsemen throw their jackets down, rip off their ties, roll up their sleeves, and HEAD STRAIGHT FOR THE RING!!!

JBL and Orlando take off their own jackets and roll their sleeves up, waiting for the fight, as the crowd roars on The Horsemen. Flair, Dillon, Anderson, Wyndham and Blanchard walk with a purpose, striding down the ramp like it was 1989 instead of 2006, whilst The Cabinet wait, hurling abuse of them, and spoiling for a fight. Eventually, the fifty-something-year-olds make it down to the ring {it takes a while} and slide inside … JUST AS JBL AND HIS CABINET ROLL OUT!!!!!

Absolutely DEAFENING heat fill the Cobo Arena at the cowardice of The Cabinet, as The Horsemen stand in the ring with their hands on their hips, looking furious. Standing by the announce table with his Cabinet, JBL once again has a mic in his hand, and smirks up evilly at his enemies.

John Bradshaw Layfield: You are the stupidest sons of bitches I have ever met!!! Did you really think that I was gonna’ let ya’ put your hands on the Wrestling God before WrestleMania??? Think again, Horsemen. But ... (Smiles maliciously) if it’s a fight you wanted, if it’s an opportunity to prove yourself to the world yet again, then, gentlemen … tonight’s your lucky night. You thought that I would forget about that little stunt you pulled with Matt Hardy and your fans last night on SmackDown???? Think again, gentlemen, ‘cause I happen to not be the only person around these parts with a problem with the … FourHorsemen

Flair and company look at JBL with slightly confused expressions on their faces, but soon their attention is distracted by the boos of the fans, now directed towards the stage once again, where … BOOKER T, KID KASH, MR. KENNEDY, CARLITO, WILLIAM REGAL, PAUL BURCHILL, JOHNNY NITRO, JOEY MERCURY, THE SPIRIT SQUAD, and more, less well-known heel superstars step out and begin walking down the ramp to the ring, there eyes set on The Four Horsemen.

John Bradshaw Layfield: Y’see, Horsemen, money can buy you everything. You wanted this, you wanted to return to this business, you wanted to be in the action, you wanted to see what JBL could do?? Now you’ve got it!!!

The mid-card heels slide into the ring and leap up onto the apron, completely surrounding The Horsemen. Aggressively, Arn Anderson charges forwards and drills Mikey of the Spirit Squad with a stiff right hand, sending him flying to the ground. The rest of The Horsemen try to do the same, with Nunzio, Rene Dupree and Rob Conway also being knocked out of the ring. Mr. Kennedy charges right for Ric Flair … but The Nature Boy catches him coming in with a stinging chop!

Flair lights up the arrogant youngster, backing him across the ring … but William Regal runs right through Naitch with a Running Knee Strike to the side of the skull, taking him down! Across the ring, MNM double-team poor Barry Wyndham, knocking him into a corner and stomping away on him, whilst Booker T goes after Tully Blanchard. The former NWA Television Champion puts up a good fight against the current U.S Champion … but Carlito sneaks up behind him, DROPPING TULLY WITH A BACK STABBER!

Michael Cole: DAMMIT, SOMEBODY STOP THIS!!! That snake JBL set The Horsemen up!!!

Jonathan Coachman: BRILLIANT!!! BRILLIANT!!! I love it, Michael!!!

As Detroit boos wildly, JBL and the Cabinet laugh sadistically on the outside of the ring. J.J. Dillon is beaten down by the Spirit Squad, and a fiery Arn Anderson eventually walks right into a MIC CHECK FROM KENNEDY! Now the real damage can be done, with the poor Horsemen down, the heels begin to go to work, as The Cabinet slide back into the ring to ‘lend a hand’ …

…But MATT HARDY, SHELTON BENJAMIN, CHARLIE HAAS, CHAVO GUERRERO, JAMIE NOBLE, REY MYSTERIO, PAUL LONDON, BRIAN KENDRICK, and a bunch of less well-know faces come sprinting down to the ring at full pelt. The crowd cheers wildly, as the faces slide into the ring and go right after the heels. JBL and his Cabinet immediately leave the ring and hide by the announce table, as the people they recruited to do their dirty work get cleared from the ring. The Bluebloods are sent flying to the outside, followed by the Spirit Squad and Kid Kash.

Once Mr. Kennedy is clotheslined over the top rope, only the faces and the Four Horsemen remain in the ring. The young superstars immediately help the veterans back up to their feet, showing a great deal of respect for the wrestlers that they idolized as children. Flair, AA, Tully, Barry, and J.J all reciprocate the gesture, patting their saviours on the back and thanking them, whilst JBL looks on furiously from ringside.

John Bradshaw Layfield: YOU THINK THIS MATTERS???!!! YOU THINK THIS MEANS A DAMN THING???!!! IT DOESN’T MEAN A DAMN THING!!! Ric Flair, you can watch this Friday Night when I … bloody Matt Hardy and leave him for dead, ‘cause at WrestleMania … (Eyes narrowed) It’s your turn!!!

Shaking his head, Flair grabs one of the stray mics off the mat and walks towards the ropes.

Ric Flair: Y’know what, Bradshaw, just looking at everyone now, I don’t think Matt Hardy wants to wait for SmackDown (Matt nods) … and I know sure as hell … that I don’t wanna’ wait, WOOOO, for WrestleMania!!!!!

The Horsemen and their allies all quickly leap through the ropes, GOING RIGHT AFTER THE CABINET! JBL and his posse look absolutely terrified and immediately get the hell out of dodge, scrambling over the barricade into the crowd and running for their lives!

Despite his age, it is ‘The Nature Boy’ Ric Flair who leads the way, clambering into the crowd also and giving hot pursuit. The last sight before we cut to one of our final commercial breaks is of a dozen or so young superstars accompanying the legendary Four Horsemen is a wild chase through the crowd after John Bradshaw Layfield and the Cabinet.

{Commercial Break}

Cut to the parking lot, where The Cabinet … flee to their limousine. JBL shoves the others out of the way and dives inside the vehicle!

John Bradshaw Layfield: (To Driver) DRIVE!!!!!!!

Just as the limo pulls away, Jillian manages to scurry through the open door to accompany JBL, but Orlando Jordan and The Bashams are unfortunately left behind, chasing after the limo, panting with effort. Eventually though, the car disappears into the night … leaving the Chief of Staff and Co-Secretaries of Defence behind.

Orlando and the Bashams stare after the limo for a few moments, before slowly wincing and turning around … to see THE HORSEMEN waiting right behind them.

Orlando Jordan: (Under his breath) Oh … no.

Before either he or the Bashams can turn to run, The Horsemen are on them, and the assault begins, though on this evening, John Bradshaw Layfield escaped the justice waiting him. Back to ringside.

Michael Cole: Well, uh, I'm glad I'm not Orlando Jordan or The Bashams right now, but one thing is for sure, that snake JBL has escaped Ric Flair yet again.

Jonathan Coachman: Escaped?? Don't be ridiculous, Michael. JBL just tripped and fell into his limo.


Detroit erupts with an ovation that rivals even the biggest of this evening, as the World Heavyweight Champion, ‘The Animal’ Batista races out onto the stage in his usual intense way, turning to each side of the arena to fire himself up. Big Dave slaps his face and takes a few steps down the ramp, before setting of his THUNDEROUS pyro, nearly blowing the spectators away. Emerging through the smoke, ‘Tista sets his eyes on the ring and marches on down.

Michael Cole: Here … comes … THE ANIMAL!! The most dominant World Champion in SmackDown! and WWE history, Batista won that belt almost one-year ago at WrestleMania Twenty-One and the list of men he has successfully defended it against is a who’s who of modern wrestling: Triple H, John Bradshaw Layfield, Rey Mysterio, Booker T, Randy Orton, the legendary Undertaker, and the late, great Eddie Guerrero. Some say that there is NO ONE who can take the title away from Batista-

Jonathan Coachman: But if you’ll notice, Michael, one name not on that list was the ‘Rated R Superstar’ himself, Mr. Money in the Bank himself, EDGE!! Now I’ll admit, Batista has held the title for a whole year and that’s DAMN impressive, but he’s never faced anyone like Edge, he’s never had to put his precious belt on the line against Edge. It all ends for ‘The Animal’ on April Second!!

***METALINGUS*** Some deafening heat fills the Cobo Arena and the smoke begins to fill the stage, before Edge eventually appears through the mist, holding the MITB briefcase in one hand, and the lovely Lita in the other. Gritting his teeth, the ‘Rated R Superstar’ bounces on his toes for a few moments, psyching himself up, before striding on down to the ring, looking non-too-pleased about his upcoming task.

Michael Cole: Many say that this man has STOLEN the Main Event spot from other, more deserving SmackDown! superstars, all because of his egotistical desire to live his dream, to Main Event WrestleMania. Lately though, Edge has been acting as, strange as it seems, the perfect partner to his WrestleMania opponent, Batista … at least for now.

Jonathan Coachman: Michael, you say that as though Edge is going to turn on Batista at any minute. C’mon, the last few weeks is real proof: Edge is a stand up guy; he and Lita are a stand up couple, and, trust me, Michael, he’s going to be a stand up World Heavyweight Champion.

***SEXY BOY*** The ‘Heartbreak Kid’ Shawn Michaels steps out onto the stage, a blank, nonchalant expression on his face, receiving a mixed but loud reaction from Detroit, Michaels gets on his knees and sets off his pyro before walking to the bottom of the ramp and stopping.

Michael Cole: Well what can you say about this man?? This is not the Shawn Michaels who first won the WWE Championship at WrestleMania Twelve; this is not even the Shawn Michaels who fought war after bloody war with The Undertaker. This is a changed ‘Heartbreak Kid’, a dark ‘Heartbreak Kid’ who TOOK OUT John Cena, bloodied and battered the ‘Doctor of Thuganomics’, to STEAL the Main Event spot at WrestleMania.

Jonathan Coachman: Woah, woah, woah, just hold on a second there, Michael. Shawn Michaels did us all a favour when he got rid of that PUNK Cena from Monday nights, and as for him being a changed man?? You’re right, he is a changed man. But he’d changed for the better.

***MEDAL*** The Cobo Arena ERUPTS with a rafter-shaking response, as the WWE Champion, the Olympic Gold Medallist, Kurt Angle, strides out onto the stage, the title belt strapped firmly around his waist. He shakes his head from side-to-side, before setting off his red, white and blue pyro. Angle re-focuses, before marching down the ramp and joining HBK, as they cautiously enter the ring.

Michael Cole: He is the greatest technical wrestler in the HISTORY of professional wrestling. He is a wrestling MACHINE!! Everyone in this business know the hatred he has for Shawn Michaels, stemming all the way from last year’s WrestleMania, but tonight they must put that all aside and work together.

Jonathan Coachman: What Kurt Angle is going to have to get used to is losing the WWE Championship at WrestleMania to ‘The Showstopper’!!

Edge is on the outside of the ring with Lita, staring anxiously into the ring, raking his fingers through his hair. Batista waits inside the ring, showing no intimidation of his Raw opponents, and instead steps forwards, engaging his fellow Champion Angle in a stare-down, eye-to-eye. HBK has absolutely no problem with taking his time, much like Edge.

Main Event: WrestleMania Main Events Collide – Tag Team Match
World Hvwt. Champ. Batista & Edge (w/Lita) vs.
WWE Champ. Kurt Angle & Shawn Michaels
Whilst the crowd is buzzing over the showdown between Angle and Batista, both Edge and HBK suddenly see their opening, having the same idea, and rush into the ring, looking to blindside their respective opponents. Michaels makes a beeline for ‘The Animal’, whilst Edge rushes the Olympian … only for the two faces to immediately spin around and catch the heels coming in. Angle and Big Dave lay into Edge and HBK with right hands, backing them both all the way across the ring, before shooting them across the ring with Irish Whips. The two WrestleMania challengers fly back across the ring and are elevated up into the lights with dual back body drops, causing ‘The Showstopper’ and the ‘Rated R Superstar’ to both roll out of the ring clutching their backs!! With the crowd wanting to see it more than anything, Batista and Angle turn back to one another … and the fight is on. The two mega-popular faces go blow for blow, as we cut to our final commercial break of the evening.
We rejoin the match with the action now well and truly underway. Cole and Coach go over what happened during the break, with HBK tripping Batista to give Angle the advantage. Back from the break it is the two superstars from Raw who are dominating, with Angle laying into Big Dave with hard shots. Sending ‘The Animal’ into the ropes, the WWE Champion quickly catches him and pops his hips, nailing a fearsome overhead belly-to-belly suplex, before letting out an intense bellow!! Dragging the World Heavyweight Champion over to his corner, Angle holds him steady, before reluctantly tagging in Shawn Michaels. ‘The Icon’ looks extremely annoyed by being tagged in, but the look the ‘Wrestling Machine’ gives him, gets him into the ring.
This signals the demise of Batista, as HBK and Angle actually work quite well together, making ‘Tista the sacrificial lamb, isolating him in their corner. The Animal makes several attempts at a comeback, only to be cancelled out by the wily and experienced Raw duo. At the ten minute mark, The legal man, Michaels decides to finish The Animal off, flying from the top rope and nailing the World Champion with the Flying Elbow!! Despite the mixed reaction of the crowd, HBK begins to tune up the band, sneering as Batista struggles up to his feet, going for Sweet Chin Music!! Batista is quick to counter though and runs right through Mr. WrestleMania with a rib shattering Spear!! This brings the crowd back to life, as Michaels oversells to the max, convulsing around on the canvas in agony, whilst Big Dave tries to regain his energy.
Edge stands lazily on the apron, not calling for the tag at all, and instead just chats with Lita. Batista makes it up to his feet and shakes the ropes, roaring wildly, before giving The Showstopper the thumbs down. Tucking Michaels between his legs, ‘Tista looks set to hit the Batista Bomb … but Edge blind tags himself into the match.
The crowd boos loudly, as Edge smirks arrogantly at his partner, who drops HBK down to the canvas. Edge saunters over to the corner and drops down, setting up for the Spear. The Icon finally makes it back to his feet and turns around, as Edge charges with a Spear – Michaels leap frogs over the Rated R Superstar, who manages to stop himself from hitting the turnbuckle just in time, but HBK gets him with a school boy. 1 … 2 … NO! Both men leap back up to their feet in a flash, with Michaels desperate to make the tag. He begins to crawl for the corner but Edge desperately grabs his leg. Hunter lifts HBK back up to one of his feet, trying to drag him back, but HBK leaps up and kicks Mr. Money in the Bank smack in the side of the head with a cracking enziguiri, knocking Edge for a loop and then makes the tag … to Kurt Angle!!!
Detroit comes alive, as Angle explodes into the ring like a lunatic, looking to FINALLY get his hands on Edge one last time after their battles on Raw. The Rated R Superstar tries to get away, running towards his own corner, but the WWE Champion grabs him around the waist and drills him with a German Suplex, followed by a second, and a THIRD to complete the trifecta!! Angle then roars once more, pulling down his straps, and lifts Edge up for the Olympic Slam. But the wily Edge manages to slide off Kurt’s shoulders and lunges for the corner … tagging in Batista!!!
Now it’s time for the crowd to really get excited, as two of their favourites enter the ring at the same time. Just as Angle spins around, Batista drills him in the gut and shoves his head between his legs, once again looking for the Batista Bomb, but once again he is unable to, as Angle quickly manages to spin out of it, getting behind Batista and connecting with a German Suplex!! The Animal looks slightly stunned, as Angle goes for a second one, but Big Dave blocks it and shoves Angle into the ropes. The Olympian shoots back and ducks under Batista’s clothesline. As Kurt comes off the ropes again, ‘Tista does the same, and the two men level one another with brutal clotheslines at the same time, wiping one another out!!
With both superstars laid out … Shawn Michaels slowly steps into the ring and stands in a corner … and Edge does the same. Neither man makes a move for the other, and instead they just stare down at Angle and Batista and wait in respective corners. Slowly but surely, Edge drops down to his haunches, waving his fingers in front of his face, begging for … Batista??? to get up to his feet. That’s correct; Edge has his eyes fixed firmly on the fallen Animal, damn near salivating at the mouth as he waits for his WrestleMania opponent to rise. Across the ring, in the opposite corner, The Showstopper waits just as poised, glaring at … Kurt Angle??? and begins to stomp his foot over and over. *BOOM* … *BOOM* … *BOOM* … *BOOM* … *BOOM* … *BOOM* … *BOOM* … and it is almost a doomed race between the two Champions to make it to their feet first and meet their fate. The ‘winner’ of the race … is Kurt Angle.
The Wrestling Machine, shaking the cobwebs away, staggers back up to his feet and immediately sees Edge waiting across the ring, prepping for a Spear. Instinctively, Angle spins around … and HBK goes for Sweet Chin Music – but Angle ducks!! Michaels looks completely stunned and gets caught off balance, as the WWE Champion immediately grabs his arm, lifting him up and drilling him with the Olympic Slam!!! Angle lets out a roar, as The Icon rolls out of the ring clutching his back … just as Batista finally makes it back up to his feet as well.
Edge charges, going to cut his partner in half with a Spear – but The Animal side steps Mr. Money in the Bank AND EDGE RUNS RIGHT THROUGH KURT ANGLE WITH THE SPEAR!!! Edge stares down at Angle with wild eyes, mouthing “Dammit”, before turning around … … right INTO A NASTY SPINEBUSTER FROM BATISTA!!! This time it is the Rated R Superstar’s turn to convulse on the canvas, clutching his spine, and roll under the bottom rope to the outside. Big Dave stares after his treacherous partner with ‘animalistic’ intensity, before turning around and quickly grabbing the fallen Kurt Angle off the canvas. Sticking the WWE Champion between his legs, ‘Tista takes a moment to stare through the ropes, right at Lita, as if sending Edge’s girlfriend a direct WrestleMania message. The crowd actually boos the action in the ring, wanting Angle to come back, as Batista then lifts Angle up and flattens him with the BATISTA BOMB!!! Wearily, Batista rolls the prone Olympian over and hooks both legs to be sure. ONE … TWO … THREE!!!!!!

Winners: SmackDown’s Main Event – Batista and Edge @15:23.

There is a definite mixed reaction for the result, with Kurt Angle possibly a tad more popular than Big Dave. The Animal does not seem to care though, as he tiredly makes it back up to his feet to have his hand raised by the official. The entire time though, Batista’s eyes never leave the outside of the ring, where Edge is lying, being tended to by Lita. Grimacing with anger, ‘Tista pulls his arm away from the referee and turns around … MICHAELS DROPS HIM WITH SWEET CHIN MUSIC!!!!

The Heartbreak Kid ALWAYS gets the last word, and it seems that on this night, that sentiment rings true. Detroit lets out some huge heat for the actions of The Showstopper, but HBK pays them no heed, instead gazing down at the fallen bodies of Batista and his own WrestleMania opponent Kurt Angle with a small smirk. After a few moments, Michaels squats down over the two Champions, performing his signature flex taunt right over them in the middle of the ring, the ultimate humiliation, as The Icon of professional wrestling stands tall.


The Cobo Arena ERUPTS with the loudest and most deafening reaction of the night, as JOHN CENA steps out onto the stage – THE CHAMP IS BACK!!!!!! The building is positively shaking, as Cena stands there, his entire body quivering with rage, his eyes fixed on the ring. Speaking of the ring, Shawn Michaels looks as though a ghost has just entered the building; such is the look of fear on his face. Slowly, methodically, Cena reaches up and removes his shirt, dropping it to the ground. He then does the same with his dog tags, all the while never taking his eyes off The Showstopper. Finally set … CENA SPRINTS DOWN TO THE RING!!!

Michaels does not know what to do at first, whether to run or hide and looks all around the arena for help … but it is too late, and the Doctor of Thuganomics is already sliding into the ring!! Before HBK can even move, Cena pounces on him, taking him off his feet with a double leg takedown, mounting The Icon with a flurry of wild right hands, months of emotion behind every blow. The “CE-NA” chants reverberate around Detroit, as Michaels tries desperately to fight back.

The two hated rivals roll all over the ring, locked together in battle, before they finally roll apart and HBK is able to scramble back up to his feet. Cena grits his teeth and charges once again … but Michaels quickly drops down and rolls under the bottom rope, making an instant beeline for the crowd barricade, which he hurdles desperately in an effort to escape. With the ring cleared and HBK skulking in the crowd, a furious Cena calls for a mic.

John Cena: SHAWN MICHAELS … you better keep on running, you son of a bitch, ‘cause the next time I get my hands on you blood’s gonna’ be spilt again, but this time I swear TO GOD … IT WILL BE YOURS!!!!!!!

Take a look at this face, Shawn, LOOK INTO MY EYES!!! Do you honestly think I give a DAMN about trying to be you???!!! Don’t lie to yourself, you punk!! You tried to end my career one month ago, you tried to steal MY SPOT on the grandest stage of them all – well guess what, Shawn, JOHN CENA IS BACK AND HE’S GUNNIN’ FOR YOU, HEARTBREAK KID!!!

Come April Second there ain’t gonna’ be NO runnin’ … you’re not be able to hide, ‘cause it’s gonna’ be Kurt Angle, Shawn Michaels … AND JOHN CENA battling it out for the biggest prize IN … THIS … BUSINESS!!!! But, Shawn, if you think I came back for the WWE title, you are sadly mistaken … ‘CAUSE I CAME BACK TO END YOUR CAREER!!!!!

The crowd roars, as Michaels looks absolutely terrified in the crowd.

John Cena: In two weeks it all ends, Shawn, no more Showstopper, no more Mister WrestleMania, no more Main Event, no more Icon, AND NO MORE HEARTBREAK KID!!!! Nobody, NOBODY tries to end my career, TAKE ME AWAY FROM THE BUSINESS I LOVE WITHOUT PAYING THE PRICE!!! I came ‘cause I want some, Heartbreak Kid …

Cena whirls around in the centre of the ring, dead-fixed on HBK in the crowd.


The Champ hurls the mic to the mat as his music blasts out once again and Detroit continues to go absolutely wild at the showdown between Cena and Michaels FINALLY taking place.

Michael Cole: Oh my lord, can you believe what we are hearing hear tonight!! What a momentous night it has been here on the first Saturday Night’s Main Event in over a decade!! John Cena has returned!! The Champ is coming back to Monday Night Raw and he wants his WrestleMania Main Event spot back!! But more importantly … he wants Shawn Michaels!!

Jonathan Coachman: I – I’m in shock, Michael, I won’t deny that. It’s been an amazing night for sure. Shelton Benjamin retained the Intercontinental title, Bobby Lashley and Paul Heyman CRUSHED The Undertaker, Rob Van Dam was destroyed by The Game after overcoming Big Show, JBL and his Cabinet was, uhm, run out of town by The Horsemen and their groupies, and John Cena is back, and he wants a Triple Threat Match for the WWE Championship on the grandest stage of them all!! What is going to happen???!!!

Michael Cole: The Road to WrestleMania is approaching fast and the repercussions of tonight will be felt tomorrow night on USA with Monday Night Raw and on the CW with Friday Night SmackDown!! Thank you everybody, I’m Michael Cole, wishing you a good night from Detroit, along with The Coach, good night everyone!!!

As Cole and Coach sign off, we are left with the lingering shot of Batista on the outside of the ring, clutching his jaw and staring up the ramp at a fleeing Edge; Kurt Angle holding his WWE Championship and glaring up into the ring in bemusement; and, of course, the final SNME image of Cena and HBK, eyes locked together in an intense stare down.



Current Card for WWE WrestleMania XXII:
Date: April 2nd, 2006
Location: Allstate Arena; Rosemont, Illinois
Event Music: Peter Gabriel; Big Time

World Heavyweight Championship Match:
World Heavyweight Champion Batista vs. Mr. Money in the Bank Edge w/Lita

WWE Championship Match:
Kurt Angle vs. Shawn Michaels (vs. John Cena?)

One On One:
'The Phenom' The Undertaker vs. 'The Real Deal' Bobby Lashley

Street Fight; Unfinished Business:
'The Whole Dam Show' Rob Van Dam vs. 'The Game' Triple H

Legend vs. Legend Killer Match:
Shane McMahon vs. 'The Legend Killer' Randy Orton

The Nature Boy vs. The Wrestling God:
Ric Flair vs. John Bradshaw Layfield

{If Ric Flair loses, he must retire}


United States Championship Match:
Booker T
w/Sharmell vs. Rey Mysterio

Money In The Bank Ladder Match:
Chavo Guerrero vs. Matt Hardy vs. Gregory Helms vs. Finlay vs. Carlito vs. Mr. Kennedy

Cruiserweight Championship Match:
'The Notorious K.I.D' Kid Kash vs. 'The Pitbull' Jamie Noble

World Tag Team Championship Match; WGTT Reunite:
The Spirit Squad vs. The World's Greatest Tag Team

{Benjamin's Intercontinental title is not on the line}

WWE Tag Team Championship; Triple Threat Match:
w/Melina vs. The Hooligans vs. The Bluebloods


Banner Credit: Crazian
WM Gif Credit: will94
MITB Gif Credit: ADR LaVey
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Re: Legend Presents: World Wrestling Entertainment

Saturday Night’s Main Event Review

Lets just hope your tandem of Coach and Cole is better than WWE’s. Of course the tag team match pitting Angle/HBK against Edge/Batista gets the top billing but you have so much more packed into these two hours … let’s get it started!

Great way to kick off the action, with Helms and Benji in a very athletic contest. I like how the match started out with some great mat wrestling but what these two do best is fly. Helms did his best to dominate the match but none of the moves he used early could put Shelton down for three. Very hot ending with the reversals galore and I just when it looked like Helms had the match won … Shelton reversed the move and pinned Greg’s shoulders down to the mat! I liked the handshake that Helms offered, meaning he is probably going to turn face. THE SPIRIT SQUAD IS HERE!!! Glad to see Haas come to the aid of Helms and Shelton and there was no doubt that the SS was bailing. Good commentary to end the segment, with Coach and Cole having completely different recounts of what just happened.

Good way to start the promo, as Heyman runs down the accomplishments of The Undertaker, before of course saying that Lashley will end the reign of The Deadman. I thought Undertaker would come out right when Heyman told him to but the video was a nice surprise. This video was epic and I love how you spliced in all of the great moments of Taker’s career, and then his feud with Lashley. Killer promo from Heyman to end the segment, getting me pumped for the match … UNDERTAKER IS IN THE RING WITH LASHLEY!!! Epic encounter between Lashley and Taker, with Bobby finally getting the last laugh, driving Taker down with the powerslam. Heyman doing Undertaker’s taunt in the center of the ring is just icing on the cake for this AMAZING segment.

Glad to see that this tag match got ten minutes, as all four in the ring can really go. I thought that after what happened on Smackdown, Noble and Rey would win this match for sure. But they had their chances and the costly distraction of the ref by Booker allowed Kash to low blow Mysterio. Dead Level for the win over a guy like Rey makes Kash look incredibly strong heading into his match with Noble at WM22.

HBK is clearly the talker between the two and Angle doesn’t sound like he is in the mood for a chat with HBK. I knew the conversation would turn to Cena and HBK just kept ripping into the Doctor of Thuganomics. I would love to see only HBK and Angle in the main event of WM22 but I doubt that will happen. Cena is returning tonight and he is gunning for HBK, and only HBK, with Angle, the champion, seemingly being the third wheel in this feud.

I knew that this didn’t have the potential to be a five-star match but you did everything to make it a very good one. Van Dam is able to avoid pretty much every major move that Show tries but RVD can only duck and hide for so long. The reversal from the chokeslam into the DDT sounded awesome and I love the way Van Dam won this match, kicking Big Show off the apron and then getting the countout. RVD not backing down from the clearly more massive Big Show is what makes his character so great, imo. Absoluetly heinous assault from Triple H with a plethora of steel chair shots and then finally the Pedigree. This kind of assault clearly gives Triple H the advantage heading into WM22, as I don’t know how RVD can come back from injuries he clearly received at the hands of The Game.

While not as good as the interaction between Angle and Michaels, I loved the little promo between Batista and Edge. I am shocked that as big of a heel as Edge is letting the champion know when he is using MITB but WM22 is the perfect situation. Batista is all business and I hope that this feud picks up in the final two weeks. Interested to see if Edge screws Batista in the main event tonight.

Good class for the Hall of Fame, especially Hitman and Eddie.

Good promo from Orton and he is in a very strange state of mind right now. I like the little build-up before he accepts the WM22 challenge. I am kinda confused as to what the stipulations to the match are. I know that if Orton wins, the McMahons are gone from WWE. But what happens if Shane wins? Is the contract for no more title shots gonna be involved? Clarification plz.

I knew that the Bluebloods couldn’t keep themselves out of this tag title match and of course they are gonna be on commentary. Another great tag team between these two teams and I love the chemistry that they have together, top notch. The Hooligans look to have the match won with the Shooting Star but Melina gets herself involved! Nice to see Mercury and Nitro run into Melina but it doesn’t get any better for L&K because Regal and Burchill hold London’s leg, allowing MNM to retain the belts after the DDT by Mercury. I never really thought the Hooligans would win tonight and the interfence by Regal and Burchill means that L&K will probably screw the Bluebloods in their match on Smackdown. MNM walking into WM22 with the belts makes all the sense in the world, imo.

This is the segment that I have been waiting for … The Cabinet and The Horsemen! Very nice swerve to start the promo, with JBL calling himself the greatest wrestler of the ‘80s. Pretty funny when Jordan nodded when JBL said he wasn’t as good as him. JBL talking about money is always good and he was probably embellishing the amount that Jordan has. (100K watch?) Shocked not to see the Horsemen come out right away but then after JBL yammers a little longer … THE HORSEMEN ARE HERE!!! I was surprised that Naitch wasn’t the first talker but the rest of the guys did a great job. I loved JJ owning JBL when he said his suit costs more than JBL’s. Flair finally talks and he is sick and tired of JBL. Flair always lightens the mood and he did it perfectly by getting under Jillian’s skin. Nice back and forth between JBL and Flair, the comment about Flair holding back the Horsemen was good. Now the fight is about to start but JBL and Co. roll out of the ring. The lesser known heels and faces coming to the ring was a nice touch because everyone knew that the Cabinet and the Four Horsemen wouldn’t go right up against each other. Flair and company go after JBL and that is perfect time for a break! Good to see that Orlando and the Bashams go theirs and this was a very good promo between two awesome factions.

Main event time baby! There are so many possibilities for this match and I really hope that the match gets decent time. Good to see Angle and Batista go at it while Edge and HBK are on the outside. It looks like Angle and HBK can’t coexist and HBK misses Sweet Chin Music and Angle hits the Angle Slam! SPEAR FROM EDGE! Batista hits the spinebuster on Edge and The Animal is the most dominant man in the match he pins Angle after a Batista Bomb. Just as everyone thought, neither team could coexist but Batista and Edge get the win. Sweet Chin Music to Batista! Everyone knew the show would not just end with HBK standing tall in the ring … JOHN CENA IS BACK!!! Cena is gonna be in the main event of WM22 and that is going to be the main event of the show for sure. Perfect way to have Cena return and he and Michaels should have quite the feud after WM22, over the WWE Title.

Legend, that was one hell of a read. 31 pages is amazing. I loved every segment and you did some great things to get me even more pumped for WM22. The Cabinet – Horsemen show down was better than I ever expected, and I expected one of the best promos ever, and it exceeded that. Looking out for the next Raw and WM22 will be one of the biggest shows in the history of BTB. Amazing show my friend, 10/10.


PatMan Presents: World Wrestling Entertainment 2007
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Re: Legend Presents: World Wrestling Entertainment

Nice opening match. Benji and Helms would be a good one to see IRL one day but nonetheless, it's a good match for an SNME. Expected Benji to retain and he does but here comes the obvious Spirit Squad attack. Charlie Haas saves the day as expected and the faces stand tall. WTF is up with Helms? Is he turning face, or staying tweener?

Heyman promo was great. Really was. You excell in promo writing, showed again once here with this. He completely put Lashley over believably and made him look like a total fucking beast, which he is. He ain't gonna beat Taker seeing as he's not been in your thread long enough to pull something of that magnitude off, but I can see him fucking Taker up big time at Mania. OSHIT, Taker's here. LASHLEY MAULS HIM AGAIN! Man, impressive stuff here from The Real Deal, nice spot with the ring being broken with the Powerslam, although a tad unrealistic considering Lashley isn't THAT powerful. Still, Taker is looking like a bitch atm, he needs something to show he ain't some decrepit.

Ew Jamie Noble. The other three are good and the match ended being pretty decent. Rey/Booker for the US Title is great to see the midcard belt getting proper recognition at Mania and all I can say is Kash ftw over Noble plz.

HBK/Angle promo was alright, good interaction. Ugh John Cena I really wish he WASN'T near the title for once but hey he'll return soon, most likely tonight seeing as it's SNME and do something to HBK and maybe even Angle. Be interesting to see if HBK/Angle will co-exist tonight.

Wow RVD just got bum raped again. Seriously, you're making almost every face look extremely crippled going into WM whether it's Taker or the injured Cena or RVD who must'nt have many bones in his body that aren't broken at this stage. Really does make me think RVD is gonna win at Mania and catapult him to ME status, but wow Van Dam really bit the dust here.

Batista/Edge promo sorta like the earlier HBK/Angle one. Nothing really to it just the usual bickering beteween rivals turned forced partners. I expect Edge to be at his devious best tonight.

Bret Hart in the HOF = ratings. Eddie in the HOF = ratings. Good class alround really. Vagne went in IRL at this time too I think...

Orton/Shane NEEDS a stipulation. There is no way a straight up singles match between these two would be worthy of time at Mania despite what build you'd give it, simply because Shane O Mac ain't no gem in the ring and Orton is a far cry from above average anyways. I'd mark for Shane to win, but really it's gonna be another "Legend" on the belt of Randy Orton to me.

MNM had to retain the titles, and thanks to the Bluebloods they did. The tag division's build is really something here, I don't recall anyone putting so much effort in the division approaching Mania, ever. L&K are still my picks to come out ontop at the Grandaddy tho.

JBL was SOLID. Just went on FOREVER. I know it all was well done but still, a tad long? O suspense selling on the appearance of the retirement clan, but eventually here they are! Would've been an epic moment to see that. Horsemen on the mic are still ratings and the promo just got SO much better here. Nice stuff from all involved until JBL's cronies help The Cabinet with a beat down, faces to the rescuse! Despite being outnumbered by my count, they still get one over the heels, and IT'S STILL ON! Haha, overall great segment here.

Wow tops main event work here, couldn't tell who was gonna score the win really as so many finishers came thick and fast. NOOO! Superman is back, in this day and age, he'd get a stellar mixed reaction at best, Cena would NEVER be cheered over HBK and that's a fact. Still, it's definitely gonna be HBK/Angle/Cena at Mania which will be good, just aggrevating that Cena is most likely gonna win the title and have another boring run with it. Was surprised that Batista and Edge got the win, and neither team co-existed like I thought.

Overall, pretty cream worthy event tbh. Everything got some good coverage heading into Mania bar the JOBBER filled MITB really. Chavo Guerrero in that match makes me LOL hard everytime I see it. <3.

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Re: Legend Presents: World Wrestling Entertainment

SNME Review

Smart way to kick off the festivities, with a fast-paced, important match in the Helms/Benjamin IC Title Match. Helms and Benjamin are both gonna be pretty important to immediate future plans, so it was smart to keep them both strong with counters and the borderline copout finish. Looks like Helms really is turning face, or, at least that’s what I got from him being attacked by The Spirit Squad. I think Helms will be a bland face to be honest, but you’ve proven adept at these situations before. Haas save simply forwards the tag match at WM. Coach is still awesome, btw.

To be completely honest, I was completely miffed … and then upset by the Lashley-Undertaker segment. Far too much like my Cena-Taker segment from the very same event. The placing, the video package, Taker’s return and then the laying out of The Undertaker at the end all just hit far too close to home. I don’t if it was by conicidence or design, or if it’s just my ego taking over, but meh … There was nothing wrong with it from a booking standpoint, but I was … I guess … offended, for the lack of a better term, that it was almost exactly like something I booked not too much earlier.

Kid Kash pinning Rey Mysterio for the second time in a row is huge for him, the championship, and Jamie Noble when he beats Kash, no matter how tainted the victory. After a bit of solid build up, the Booker-Mysterio feud has taken a real backseat as of late to the main event feuds and the elevation of the Cruiserweight and Tag Team Divisions.

Per usual, Shawn Michaels was awesome. Angle’s intensity is getting a bit annoying since it doesn’t seem all that warranted (HBK’s not that annoying ) Effective build for the tag match, WM, and Cena’s pending return. I expect them to explode tonight, quite frankly.

Just like on Raw, you had quite the tightrope to walk here, and you did another solid job with Big Show and Van Dam. Never really like count out finishes, unless it’s because one of the competitors took a walk. Staying down for ten seconds is more damaging than staying down for three, imo.
H!!!!! Hunter’s attack on Van Dam was pretty awesome, though H being involved with Paul Bearer just seems rather disgusting. ~_______~ Hopefully, it’s just a one off thing. Though RVD has been winning the verbal battles, H has beat the crap out of Van Dam on more than one occasion. Could be time for RVD to get some payback on

Now that’s more like it. Gotta disagree with Patman. I thought this Batista/Edge segment was light years better than the Angle/Michaels segment. They’ve both got clear motives, clear reasons for disliking each other, and a clear problem tonight. Edge was definitely on point, and Batista was effective as well, something difficult to do in his face role.

…………… that definitely ups the stakes. I actually took a look at the WrestleMania card before I read this promo, and I was pretty disgusted when it looked like you listed Shane McMahon as a legend. Now it all makes sense, and makes the Orton-Shane match the most anticipated on the card, imo (except maybe Taker-Lashley, but Taker’s almost guaranteed to go over). Orton was perfect in his quasi-psychotic role, though he seems to be showing a bit more of that natural arrogance that we all know and love.

Foregone conclusion that MNM were picking up the win here. Not gonna lose the belts this close to Mania, especially considering they're the best overall team you have at the moment. The interference of the Blue Bloods keeps this thing rolling until The Hooligans return the favor on SD. Solid.

Oh my god. That owned. I feel like a jobber since I actually thought that JBL was putting over Ric Flair in the beginning. Couldn't believe we actually got some substance from the Horsemen-Cabinet exchange. I would've been fine with a little nostalgia trip, but Tully (PROMO~!), Naitch and company hit on some nice points, especially when comparing the unit vs. the individual. Tremendous job all around, especially with Flair, Layfield and Arn (Tully was a little bland, but I guess that was because he wasn't putting himself over ). Brawl was good too, but paled in comparison to the tremendous verbal exchange. Top notch stuff.

Stole my Michaels' foot-tapping? Loved the finish with Edge and HBK showing their 'true colors'. Big Dave picking up the win pretty much gives him all the heat he lost by being beaten in that tag match a couple of weeks back. Cena's return felt a bit flat, but accomplished what it set out to do.

Another quality effort, which seems to be the norm for you. Cabinet/Horsemen promo was easily the best thing of the night, and a relatively early contender for promo of the year. Tops.

for the week of September 28th


Cash has harsh words for Pope Francis, his believers, and his bandwagon followers, while Mac still hates Russell Wilson.
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Re: Legend Presents: World Wrestling Entertainment

Saturday Night's Main Event Review (Legend Presents: World Wrestling Entertainment)

S1 (Opening Segment + Helms v. Benjamin - IC Title) = I liked how Cole & Coach were teamed up, trying to make their actual broadcast team look quite bad as it stands now. Just one minor thing caught my attention, the use of one of Taz's trademarks, the "off the charts"! Anyhow, moving on to the match. I felt it was a bit rushed, and had a hard time figuring out the ending, still, the aftermath really pumped me up for WrestleMania and I would have maybe had Coach get into trouble because of his boys, still good segment.

S2 (Backstage, Lashley & Heyman) = Can't wait to see how Heyman will rile up the crowd tonight!

S3 (In the ring, Heyman & Lashley + Taker) = Awesome segment. Heyman brings such depth to Lashley, maybe even more than he did with Lesnar. Lashley should keep his mouth shut for 98 % of the time Heyman as a stick around him so we really take the man seriously. I was a bit skeptic about how Lashley could actually broke the ring without him going through it as well, unless I read too fast and missed that part, still, a segment worth the SNME importance. The video package really made this segment complete too.

S4 (BookerKash v. MysterioGibson) = Good overall contest that was fast paced and well put together with a ballshot finish (somewhat). Question, I've never seen Kash hit the "Dead Level", is it a variation on his Money Maker ECW finisher or is it something totally different?!

S5 (Backstage, Angle + HBK) = Intense, I really dig how HBK just tries to stir up as much trouble as he can while remaining quite the religious man and not going on tirades with "dirty" words coming out of his mouth.

S6 (Show v. RVD) = Good matchup, the ending was sold quite nicely by the Big Show I have to say, and the mismatch really played well to both men's skills and abilities in the ring. RVD took a beating afterwards and this "hate-filled" crowd would have riotted if Bischoff had slapped his crutch against Van Dam in someway, that would have been great to see, but, everything cool besides that one missing little fact.

S7 (Backstage, Edge & Lita + Batista) = I usually don't like to hear what Batista has to say but you really depict him quite well and I really liked this segment. Edge hadn't the opening he usually needs to be cocky and it showed. Batista was all smiles because he knew damn well that whatever Edge tried, he would "unleash the Animal" on him. Main Event looks intense and I wouldn't be surprised if some sort of swerve would take place... still, a clean finish leading in to WrestleMania wouldn't hurt either.

S8 (Ringside, Cole & Coach) = I'd probably added the actual conversation between Cole & Coach, still, I was thrilled William Perry is NOT going to be inducted this year, what a crack this was.

S9 (Interview, Romero & Orton) = Awesome interview with the most the earth-shattering possibility I have seen in some time. the McMahons putting everything on the line at WrestleMania, boy, what a great idea that just came out of left field really and, boy, an endless pit of possibilities for this thing and out it could permanently turn out! Awesome is the word for it. Plus, Orton delivered the best promo of the night thus far so, that's another plus.

S10 (Hooliganz v. MNM - Tag Team Titles) = Rabid paced matchup like only these two team can deliver. Sick way to end the match but it works out fine for me, keeping the belts on MNM at least until WrestleMania. Only problem I have, well, I'll keep it for my overall review but, still, there's something that's been bugging me about all of these matches thus far. It's nothing too big, but, it does take away quite a bit from the actual overall rating of the match.

S11 (Backstage, Cabinet) = Great way to hype what promises to be a tremendous angle.

S12 (In the Ring, Cabinet + 4 Horsemen + Heel Midcarders + Face Midcarders) = Pretty long segment that had its share of "long-for-nothing" parts. I liked how everything panned out though. I think this segment was a bit of a letdown for me as I had a hard time always believing the words that came out of each and everyone's mouth, in trying to get through my head how everyone sounds different, sometimes the stuff they spoke didn't seem right. But I very much enjoyed the closing moments and climax of this segment, the ambush was well thought out and and the chase was quite simply put amazing. I think sometimes your best promos are those that are short and to the point, when you take the "roleplaying" (efed) mentality to these promos, we sort of feel you're trying to prove too much of a point by stacking up on sometimes unecessary stuff. Overall, I was a bit drowning into a snooze in the middle of the segment, but, once Flair got to speaking and once everything panned out, I was quite pleased with this very muchly anticipated segment.

S13 (Backstage, Cabinet + 4 Horsemen) = Funny stuff. I like how you actual cut from the beating and went straight to the ring, brings and aura of "undergroundness" to what the 4 Horsemen are about to do to OJ & the Bashams, shall we call it "whack them" in a wrestling sense?! Lol.

S14 (BatistaEdge v. AngleHBK + Aftermath) = Match really blew off all the other night's matches with how better it was written and with the sheer swerves that went back and forth and really this show as being a SNME. But, with all of that, came the biggest surprise and biggest rating getting moment of the night when Cena came out. I was unfamiliar to just how you used Cena in your BTB, but, like in HBK's case when I first read how you used him in this BTB, I was pleasantly surprised and optimistcly pleased. It's like Cena from mid-04 but playing the Stone Cold like face with a little bit of that DDP-esque intensity and unpredictability. Well done from top to bottom with this segment. The show really ended on a strong and positive note some 15 days away from Mania. Too bad it ain't the next show to be honest....

OVERALL = I'd say this was an overall good show. The point I wanted to make earlier about your matches was that with giving us the time of each falls, and, reading through your matches, we don't see the actual lenght in time that would tend to stick with the action we are reading about. Maybe adding some fast forwarding mentions or something along those lines would make it that much better. Apart from that, as I've said many times, there's not much to say about this BTB. Wrestlers are given fresh new outlooks from what we currently see, and each wrestler has a gimmick that plays to its utmost potential. Your booking is quite interesting and solid from segment to segment and you are building WM quite strongly with a huge sendoff the likes of SNME.

Realism = 8.5/10
Length = 8.5/10
Quality/Entertainment = 8.5/10
Spelling/Grammar = 8.5/10
Matches/Booking = 9/10

Overall = 86/100 (A-)

WWWF is Coming...
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Re: Legend Presents: World Wrestling Entertainment

Following the events of the momentous return of Saturday Night's Main Event a mere forty-eight hours ago, only one name has been on the lips of everyone in the wrestling world ... John Cena. Not only did the "Doctor of Thuganomics" return this past Saturday, but he also made his intention perfectly clear: he wants back in the WWE Championship match at WrestleMania ... but he wants the the man who took him out, Shawn Michaels, even more. With speculations rife, it has been confirmed that Cena WILL be addressing the sold out crowd in Memphis, Tennessee, but in what frame of mind?? After months on the sideline thanks to "The Showstopper", will Cena really be focusing on WrestleMania only two weeks away ... or will his mind be consumed with revenge?? One man who is certainly dying to find out is the WWE Champion Kurt Angle, who faced a similar betrayal at SNME, as HBK cost Raw the Main Event match. In their quest for retribution against "The Icon" will these two old enemies clash once again??

Though it may astound the WWE viewers to know, Rob Van Dam has promised that he WILL be in attendance in Memphis, and looking to confront "The Game" Triple H following the heinous assault this past Saturday night. With these two bitter, bitter enemies in the same building, with fireworks fly once more just twelve days away from their no doubt epic Street Fight at WrestleMania??

What would a trip to Memphis, Tennessee be without a visit from The King?? That's right, Jerry "The King" Lawler will be making a special appearance in his home town ... as a guest on Carlito's Cabana. After becoming the sixth and final man to qualify for the Money in the Bank Ladder Match at WrestleMania, Carlito has had little to say about anyone else, so will he be able to fight that urge this Monday and conduct the kind of interview with The King that his hometown deserves??

Fresh of his successful title defence at SNME, Shelton Benjamin will team with his WrestleMania partner Charlie Haas and, strangely, the Redneck Wrecking Crew, Lance Cade and Trevor Murdoch, to take on four members of the World Tag Team Champions, the Spirit Squad. With rivalries, hate, and April 2nd only just around the corner, this one could be a rocket buster.

Also confirmed to be in attendance are "The Nature Boy" Ric Flair, fresh of his reuniting of The Four Horsemen at SNME; the monstrous Big Show, who helped crush RVD forty-eight hours ago; Gregory Helms, Chavo Guerrero, and even Eric Bischoff, who has promised to FINALLY announce if, how and who will be involved in the Women's Championship match at WrestleMania.

All this and more Monday night at 8/7CT on the USA Network.

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