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Re: Legend Presents: World Wrestling Entertainment

Raw Review

Shawn Michaels promo was pretty Fn awesome. Loved the way you wrote HBKs character, and the only problem I had really with the promo was that it went on too long. HBK as a heel is much better than a face and this promo shows. Liked the fact that you brought back the history between HBK and Angle making reference to their match at WM21

Typical Womens match filled up with a lot of worthless talent like Ashley and Torrie, but atleast the right Women went over. Solid booking and nice aftermath with Mickie and Vickie having a tussle, seems like that would be the only reasonable match you could have at WM for a womens match

Another pretty ownage Ric Flair promo, please book Horsemen v Cabinet Please? Another good in character Flair promo, and the buildup for this feud has been done very well so far.

As soon as I found out that JBL was at commentary I expected him to get involved in the match and give Flair a beatdown. JBL promo afterwards was also solid, and gives me a good feeling down south that you might have a Horsemen/Cabinet match

Wasnt overall so keen on this promo. It started off nice with an awkard little promo with Benjamin and Haas, but then Kenny came in and the promo fell flat there.

Triple H squashes Eugene. How many times have we seen that? Another great promo after the match, loved how you referenced HHH holding RVD down, kind of referencing to their real life backstage problems/

Carlito in this promo was again pretty awesome, lol at him making list of people he could face. Now expecting him to get a real tough opponent. Also one more thing to say, Chris Masters sucks.

WOW this seemed to one hell of a match, would love to see this match IRL seeing the time you gave it to develop. Shame not to see Benjamin not in MITB, as it looks like we are going to have a WGTT/Spirit Squad match maybe at WM which I am not keen on whatsoever. Wasnt so sure on aftermath, as I could not see a cheerleader swearing.

Very good main event, made Angle look very strong with Mania not that far away and made Chavo look good to be in the main event. No surprises to see Angle get the pinfall, as the rest of the men in the match are midcarders at best.

Nice ending to the show, did a great job of making RVD look badass here by making Bischoff his bitch. Both men were spot on character and gave the WM match some more very good buildup.

Overall this edition of Raw Pretty Damn Great, all of your promos seemed to be very good, with also some very solid booking throughout the show.
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Re: Legend Presents: World Wrestling Entertainment

Originally Posted by wwe.com

As if things weren't bad enough for young Shelton Benjamin at the moment, we have just received word that he will be putting his Intercontinental Championship on the line at Saturday Night's Main Event against Gregory Helms. If you can remember, this past Monday on Raw, Helms managed to pin Benjamin with the assistance of the Spirit Squad to qualify for the Money in the Bank Ladder Match at WrestleMania. Since that was the second time in a month that Helms has beaten Benjamin, it has been seen as enough to warrant a title shot. Benjamin, as well as his friend Charlie Haas (who was a part of the match on Raw), had been focusing all of his attention on the MITB match, but now, with the World Tag Team Champions plaguing him at every turn, and Gregory Helms hot on his trail, the encounter at Saturday Night's Main Event may prove to be just one leap too far for the weary Intercontinental Champion.


Saturday Night’s Main Event:
Date: March 18th, 2006
Location: Cobo Arena; Detroit, Michigan

WrestleMania Main Events Collide; Tag Team Match:
WWE Champ Kurt Angle and Shawn Michaels vs. World Champ Batista and Edge

Intercontinental Championship Match:
Shelton Benjamin © vs. Gregory Helms


WWE Friday Night SmackDown! Preview March 10th, 2006

For one man this week's edition of SmackDown! holds particularly strong meaning. Randy Orton will face the consequences for his heinous actions at No Way Out when he is confronted in the ring by Mr. McMahon. Infamous for his discipline and temper, Mr. McMahon has promised the strictest of punishments for "The Legend Killer", but what could he have up his sleeve?

With Saturday Night's Main Event a little over a week away, we will get a sneak preview of its Main Event as the World Heavyweight Champion Batista teams up with his WrestleMania opponent Edge, and their SNME opponents the WWE Champion Kurt Angle, and his WrestleMania opponent Shawn Michaels. These four men will clash in one week, but on Friday Night they need to work together as they will not just be facing anybody, but the joint forces of the WWE Tag Team Champions MNM and the World Tag Team Champions the Spirit Squad. Will these two young teams be able to take advantage of the brewing tensions amongst Batista, Edge, Angle and Michaels?

Last week on SmackDown! we witnessed one of the most explosive climaxes in WWE history when The Undertaker made his return, rising up through the ring to pull the man who took him out, Bobby Lashley, down to the depths of hell. Mr. McMahon made the match there and then, "The Phenom" will get his chance for retribution as he faces "The Real Deal" at WrestleMania. But on Friday it will be the monstrous young Lashley who is looking for retribution, as he has promised to make "The Deadman" suffer for the embarassment last week. Wiil Mobile, Alabama be able to contain these two combustible elements?

Two more huge matches are set for this Friday as well, as The Hooligans battle The Bluebloods in "Mr. McMahon's 15-Minutes of Fame Challenge" for the right to face the WWE Tag Team Champions in the future. Will we finally get a winner out of these two inseparable teams? Also, the man who scaled the Cage last week thanks to "The Phenom" to defeat Lashley, the Fighting Irishman Finlay, will take on high-flier Juventud Guerrera in a Money in the Bank Qualifying match.

Look out also for the United States Champion Booker T, as he prepares for his WrestleMania title defence against Rey Mysterio. Cruiserweight Champion Kid Kash will also be in attendance, as will the man he viciously attacked last week, Number One Contender Jamie Noble. As if that wasn't enough, we are set to hear from John Bradshaw Layfield, who this past Monday on Raw brought The Cabinet back together for one single purpose: to destroy Ric Flair. Will this prove to be too much for "The Nature Boy"?

All this and more Friday night at 8/7CT on the CW.
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Re: Legend Presents: World Wrestling Entertainment

Good match for SNME and I can see Helms taking the belt off Benjamin.

I love the eight-man tag for SD and I hope to see Angle get some retribuion against HBK, but you may save that for Raw.

Taker vs. Lashley is huge for WM22 and I hope that we get a vicious beatdown by Lashley but I doubt it because Undertaker just got back. Week before WM would be perfect for a Lashley beatdown.

15 Minutes of Fame should be good and I hope that Londrick gets the win and faces MNM at WM22. Could be a huge match, imo.

Smackdown looks awesome and I will review once you post it


PatMan Presents: World Wrestling Entertainment 2007
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Re: Legend Presents: World Wrestling Entertainment

I'm floored we're not getting the Spirit Squad vs. Benjamin & Haas at SNME. Thought for sure that would be the match before we got Haas vs. Benjamin at Mania. Relatively certain you'll put the belt on Helms now.

SmackDown! looks as solid as always. Soon plz.

for the week of September 28th


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Re: Legend Presents: World Wrestling Entertainment

SmackDown; March 10th, 2006; Mobile, Alabama

After the opening video, we sweep into the arena at a frenzied pace, the camera circling around the arena to show us the numerous screaming fans, as well as the barrage of pyrotechnics. After a few moments…

***Paparazzi*** The crowd reacts with shock, since the WWE Tag Team Champions were not scheduled to make an appearance until the Main Event, but here they come regardless. Both Johnny Nitro and Joey Mercury look dapper in their leather jacket and pants ensemble {think heel HBK}, whilst Melina looks sumptuous as always. After posing for a few moments, they, along with the camera, head to ringside, and to Michael Cole and Tazz.

Michael Cole: Hello, everyone, and welcome to Mobile, Alabama for Friday Night SmackDown, as we continue on the ‘Road to WrestleMania’. I’m Michael Cole, here alongside Tazz, and speaking of WrestleMania, what a show we have lined up tonight, with TREMENDOUS implications for not only April First, but also two weeks time on Saturday Night’s Main Event!!

Tazz: Oh, man, Cole, you really ain’t kidding tonight. I didn’t think we could top what we put on last week, but I think we might have. Tonight, in that very ring, Mr. McMahon will confront “The Legend Killer” Randy Orton following his heinous actions at No Way Out, and he will tell the world what punishment Orton will face!!

Michael Cole: It doesn’t get more intense than that. Also tonight, in our Main Event, a HUGE eight-man tag team match, a kind of sneak preview of Saturday Night’s Main Event, as our World Heavyweight Champion Batista teams with his WrestleMania opponent and Saturday Night’s Main Event partner, Edge, and also Raw’s WWE Champion Kurt Angle and HIS WrestleMania opponent Shawn Michaels!! These four men will meet in bran versus brand tag action in eight nights, but tonight they must join forces to take on the combined forces of the WWE Tag Team Champions, MNM, AND Raw’s World Tag Team Champions, The Spirit Squad!!

Tazz: I can’t wait for that. Also tonight, we got another Money in the Bank qualifying match, the ‘McMahon Fifteen Minutes of Fame’ tag team match to determine the Number One Contenders, an interview with Jamie Noble, AND after being dragged through the ring last week by “The Phenom”, Bobby Lashley WILL be in attendance tonight to confront his WrestleMania opponent!! C’mon, Cole, stand up, we got the Tag Champs joining us. (Extends hand) Welcome, Champs.

Johnny Nitro: Thanks, Tazz. (He and Mercury shake Tazz’s hand but completely ignore Cole) Y’know, Mister McMahon can stack the odds against us all he wants … … but he can’t stop us doing a little scouting.

Joey Mercury: That’s right. (The Hooligans and The Bluebloods enter) We might have a match tonight … … but we’re the Champs; we’re not worried about those four chumps.

Match #1: “Mr. McMahon’s 15-Minutes of Fame” Tag Team Match:
The Hooligans vs. The Bluebloods
Breaking the tradition of the last few weeks we kick off the show with a match, and an extremely important one at that. With a WWE Tag Team Championship shot on the line, both Paul London and Brian Kendrick, and William Regal and Paul Burchill put absolutely everything they have into this contest, putting on one hell of a spectacle. The English duo seem a bit more used to the fast pace of The Hooligans this time out though, and make sure they counter the youngsters in the early going. The heel team eventually manage to isolate Kendrick and work over his arm, until catches Burchill with an enziguiri and makes the hot tag!!
It breaks down and both London and Kendrick back Regal and Burchill into the ropes with right hands, before charging in. The larger men try to get out of the way, and Burchill succeeds, as he back drops Paul London up and over onto the apron. Regal gets caught though and crashes to the outside. Brian Kendrick grabs hold of the top rope and hurls himself down on onto Regal with a PLANCHA!! Back in the ring, Burchill spins around, looking to knock London off the apron with a right hand, but the former Cruiserweight Champion neatly ducks and slides under the bottom rope, shooting right through the legs of Burchill, a la Shawn Michaels, to a terrific pop. Burchill swings around wildly and gets caught with a Inverted Atomic Drop, but London springs into the air and takes him down with a picture perfect HURRICANRANA!! He hooks the back leg, but only scores a two count.
Shaking his head, London nips back up to his feet and runs off the ropes, leaping into the air with a STANDING SHOOTING STAR PRESS … but Burchill moves!! Before London can even land, the young Englishman has hold of his left arm and is struggling to lock in ROYAL MUTILATION!! London quickly flips his body backwards, pinning Burchill’s shoulders, getting a near fall, before Burchill drags him back to his feet, still holding onto the arm. London races forwards, running up the turnbuckle and back flipping over Burchill, forcing him to break the hold. WHACK~!! Brian Kendrick nails Burchill square in the jaw with a SUPERKICK, causing him to spin around INTO A SECOND SUPERKICK, this time from London!! Burchill’s knees wobble and The Hooligans charge forwards, NAILING A DOUBLING ENZIGUIRI TO THE SIDE AND BACK OF BURCHILL’S HEAD!!!
The crowd roars and London quickly asks the ref how long is left, though not receiving a clear answer. Kendrick ascends to the top rope and London gets set below him, LIFTING BURCHILL UP FOR A POWERBOMB -- Kendrick grabs hold of Burchill’s head, BACKSLIPPING OFF FOR A SLICED BREAD #2/POWERBOMB -- BUT REGAL CHOP BLOCKS LONDON -- KENDRICK EATS CANVAS!!! Cries go up from the crowd, as Burchill scrambles over to Kendrick, setting him up for THE C-4 -- but Kendrick elbows him in the back of the skull and races away, right into Regal, who punts him right in the skull!! Kendrick staggers backwards and Burchill hooks him up, DRILLING HIM WITH A DRAGON SUPLEX -- WITH A BRIDGE!!! ONE … TWO … LONDON BREAKS IT UP!!
Regal charges forwards, as London leap frogs up, trying to get out of the way – but Regal catches him on his shoulders, LIFTING HIM UP IN AN ELECTRIC CHAIR!! London flails, and Regal runs at the ropes, looking to dump him out, only for London to spin his body around, TAKING REGAL OVER THE TOP ROPE WITH A HURRICANRANA!! The veteran Englishman staggers back up to his feet on the outside, holding his head, AND LONDON FLIES OFF THE APRON WITH A SHOOTING STAR PRESS -- BUT REGAL DEFLECTS HIM INTO THE BARRICADE!!!
With both Regal and London seemingly down and out on the floor, a dazed Paul Burchill and Brian Kendrick struggle back up to their feet. Spanky moves quickly, grabbing hold of the front of Ripper’s head and springing off the turnbuckle, GOING FOR SLICED BREAD #2 -- BURCHILL COUNTERS IN MID-AIR, GRABBING KENDRICK’S ARM AND BRINGING HIM DOWN TO THE MAT -- ROYAL MUTILATION!!! The crowd pops at the unbelievable counter by the Englishman, as he pulls back hard on the joint, yelling at Spanky to quit. Kendrick cries out in agony, his other arm flailing around wildly, desperate to find the ropes. The crowd cheers him on, but Spanky’s arm looks set to tap … UNTIL THE BELL RINGS!!! THE TIME LIMIT HAS EXPIRED!!!
Winner: Time Limit Draw @ 15:00.
A very mixed reaction greets the result, with cheers for Brian Kendrick surviving, but boos for the poor finish. MNM are going ballistic at ringside. Burchill is back on his feet immediately, getting right in the face of the official, demanding that he declare The Bluebloods the winners. All the referee can do though, is point to his watch and shake his head. Spanky struggles up to his feet as well, clutching his shoulder, locking eyes with Burchill.

Burchill shouts at Kendrick that he was on the verge of tapping out, to which Spanky replies with a less than confident shake of the head. Burchill thinks about things for a second, before shoving Kendrick!! Spanky staggers, but comes right back with a shove of his own. From behind both men, their weary partners slide back into the ring and join in the confrontation. The lone referee is on the verge of losing control, especially as MNM are still screaming at him from outside. A handful of other officials roll into the ring to try and keep some order. “FIVE MORE MINUTES” is the chant from the crowd, electrified as they are by the performances by these four men…

???: WOAH, woah, woah, woah!!! Hold it right there!!!

London, Kendrick, Regal, Burchill, Nitro, Mercury, the announcers, the officials, and the crowd all turn their attention to the Titan Tron, where the visage of MR. MCMAHON himself has just appeared!! The crowd gives a very mixed reaction, but McMahon, clearly backstage in his office, looks far from happy.

Mr. McMahon: Y’know I’m sick and tired of all of this bickering between your four!! (Points off screen) I’m even more sick of MNM and their whining, but they’re going to get what’s coming to them tonight!!

Nitro and Mercury throw a hissy fit at the announcer’s table, whilst Melina sulks. London and Kendrick cocks their heads, and The Bluebloods stand with their hands on their hips, frowning up at the screen.

Mr. McMahon: Like I said, I’m sick and tired of this crap between BOTH of you teams. I thought (Pointing at his watch) that giving you a time limit would give you a sense of urgency, but it seems that all that did was give you damn well free-reign to beat the hell out of each other for fifteen-minutes!! (Crowd pops) It ends now!!

Vinnie Mac adjusts his tie slightly, regaining his composure.

Mr. McMahon: I want to see a winner to this match and I know that that is exactly what the crowd wants to see (Crowd pops) I’m going to do what I’ve done throughout my entire career; I’m going to listen to the people (Ironic laughter) and give this match … FIVE MORE MINUTES!!!

Mobile roars loudly with approval, as smiles appear on the faces of both tag teams, and DEFINITELY on the faces of the WWE Tag Team Champions at ringside. The Hooligans turn slowly, bouncing on their toes in preparation, as The Bluebloods do the same. Fatigue does not seem to be a problem for these four athletes. Mr. McMahon raises his finger in the air though, catching everyone’s attention again.

Mr. McMahon: Now (Shaking his head) twenty-minutes is ALL the four of you are going to get … and if we can’t find a winner after that (Grits his teeth) …then so help me god, I don’t know WHAT I’ll do!!

Regal and Burchill gulp slightly at the anger of the Chairman, whilst London and Kendrick nod slowly. McMahon leans in close to the camera, narrowing his eyes.

Mr. McMahon: (Icily) …Now … ring … that … bell…

McMahon’s raging image fades from the screen to cheers, as a smirking London and Kendrick go to turn around … but they are both attacked from behind by Regal and Burchill!!

Match #1 Re-started: Five-Minute Time Limit:
The Hooligans vs. The Bluebloods
If the first fifteen-minutes between these two teams were wild this final five is absolutely chaotic, with both teams FULLY aware of the short time limit, and therefore wrestling at a breakneck pace. Regal boots London in the gut and goes for the REGAL-PLEX … but London flips over and lands on his feet. He races off the ropes and NAILS THE DROPSAULT -- TO BURCHILL!! Regal moved out of the way, but his partner gets sent crashing through the ropes. With London on his stomach, Regal pounces on him, TRYING TO CINCH IN THE REGAL STRETCH!! London fights it desperately, and Spanky quickly comes off the ropes, cracking the veteran Englishman in the skull with a dropkick!!
Regal hits the deck and Kendrick jumps to the top rope. He leaps down, DOUBLE FOOT STOMP TO REGAL!! Spanky rolls straight out of the way, and London takes his turn, FLYING OFF THE TOP ROPE WITH THE 450 SPLASH -- HE NAILS IT!!! London hooks the leg, as the crowd chants along, ONE … TWO … Burchill pulls him out!!!
The time is almost up, and Burchill knows this, as he slams London into the crowd barricade and slides back into the ring. Spanky races in, grabbing him by the head, going for the SLICED BREAD #2 -- but Burchill yanks him in by the arm, grabbing the youngster’s neck, GOING FOR THE INVERTED NECKBREAKER -- but Kendrick spins through, grabbing Burchill’s head and vaulting off the turnbuckle WITH SLICED BREAD #2!!! ONE … TWO … THE TIME IS UP AND THE BELL RINGS!!!
Winner: Time Limit Draw @ 05:00.
The referee’s hand stops mere inches from counting the third fall, and Kendrick spins around, staring at the official with a startled expression on his face. Once again, at ringside MNM are in uproar, throwing their headsets aside and bellowing at every official they see. This time it is Spanky’s turn to get in the face of the ref, grabbing him by the front of his jersey and holding up the three fingers. All the referee can do though, is shake his head and point to his watch again. Across the ring, Burchill is back up to his feet and Kendrick rushes across the ring, shoving the young Englishman!! Burchill pushes Spanky right back and they get nose-to-nose, threatening another brawl.

Regal and London come back into the ring, shoving each other as well, as the numerous officials and backstage workers hurry back down to the ring to break it up. THE BLUEBLOODS DECK THE HOOLIGANS WITH A RIGHT HAND~!! Boos ring out through the arena, as the Englishmen begin to lay into London and Kendrick with rights and lefts. They lift them up and deliver some stinging uppercuts, staggering them backwards -- BUT THE HOOLIGANS RUSH RIGHT BACK, LEVELLING THE BLUEBLOODS WITH ENZIGUIRIS~!!! Regal and Burchill hit the mat and The Hooligans pounce on top of them, whaling away on them with rights and lefts, as the officials try as hard as possible to pull them apart.

Michael Cole: Oh my lord!! How are they going to break these two teams apart??!! How are we ever going to determine the Number One Contenders??!!

We cut into our first commercial with the shot of the two teams being dragged apart by referees, both sets of men yelling that they should be the Number One Contenders, as the furious Tag Team Champions, MNM, look on anxiously, clutching their belts tightly.

{Commercial Break}

The first thing we see upon returning is the massive frame of BOBBY LASHLEY, as he arrives at the arena. Thunderous heat greets the sight of “The Real Deal”, as he strides through the parking lot in his sweats, a look of unadulterated rage on his face, shoving all backstage workers aside.

Michael Cole: The man who meets The Undertaker at WrestleMania, the man who was dragged down to hell by “The Phenom” last week is here … and he looks angry!!

Tazz: Oh my God, Cole, Lashley looks ready to snap. He’s huntin’ for “The Deadman”!!

We cut backstage into the office of the interim General Manager of SmackDown, Vince McMahon. The crowd pops at the sight of Vinnie Mac, who is sat at his desk, looking across at someone else. The camera pans around to reveal … Shane McMahon, who is sat on the other side of the desk, dressed in a smart suit.

Shane McMahon: (Frowning) Are you sure you want to do this tonight? I mean-

Mr. McMahon: No (Holds up his hand) stop right there, Shane. You’ve known all your life. I’m a McMahon – we are BOTH McMahon’s, which means we don’t back down from a thing. Understood?

Shane shakes his head and looks away.

Mr. McMahon: (Annoyed) Understood?

Shane McMahon: Yeah, fine, understood. (Getting serious) But I’m going out there with you tonight. I don’t want you confronting Orton alone. Not only because of what he did to Teddy Long at No Way Out, but… but because of what happened to Eric Bischoff on Raw. (Smirks) Is that understood?

Vince grins slightly and gets ready to reply … when suddenly his doors burst open and in come MNM and The Bluebloods, quickly followed by The Hooligans and a host of security guards!!

Mr. McMahon: (Furiously) What the hell is this??!!

Nitro leaps to the forefront.

Johnny Nitro: I don’t know, sir. What the hell (Pointing wildly at the other teams) is this??!!

William Regal: (Getting to the front) Mister McMahon, sir, did you see that bloody outrage that just happened out there?! These two (Points to London and Kendrick) miserable little toe rags just cost us our title shot!! Paul had the match won, didn’t you, Paul?

Burchill pushes himself to the front.

Paul Burchill: You can bet your bloody arse I di-

Paul London: (Getting in Regal’s face) Who’re you calling a “miserable little toe rag”?!

Kendrick tries to get in front of Burchill, but the larger Englishman holds his ground, with Vince and Shane watching on with open mouths.

Brian Kendrick: (To Burchill) Move. (To Vince) Did you see the second match, Mister McMahon? I had this guy’s shoulders pin-

Paul Burchill: (Angrily getting in Spanky’s face) You better watch the next words out of your mouth, ‘else I’ll ‘ave to break your arm again, mate…

Spanky rubs his jaw thoughtfully.

Brian Kendrick: You sure about that … ‘mate’?

Burchill’s eyes bulge out of his head and he looks ready to explode, when Regal quickly turns back to the McMahon’s.

William Regal: Sir, we know you were watching that contest, and I’m sure you will make the fair and right decision… (Smiles and steps in close) by announcing Paul and myself as the victors.

Paul London: (Jumping forward) What a load of-

Mr. McMahon: (Slamming his fist against the table) ENOUGH!!!

All three teams jump back, looking rather startled, shutting up immediately. Vince looks positively furious, whilst Shane, now standing behind his father, wears a little grin on his face.

Mr. McMahon: That (Shaking his head) is enough out of all (Sees Melina) seven of you!! I said it before, but I am sick to death of your whining and complaining!! Why can’t you just win or lose a match like normal people!!??

The Bluebloods and The Hooligans shift uncomfortably on their feet, trying not to make eye contact with the Chairman or his son. MNM look extremely nervous, their eyes darting between the McMahon’s and the other teams.

Mr. McMahon: I thought… (Sighs) I thought I was doing you all a favour before when I gave you five more minutes … I thought that would get it into your heads that here in the WWE, gentlemen, we have time limits, we have deadlines, and we cannot wrestle all damn night long!!

Shane McMahon: (Smirking) Although is we were given the TV time (Looks right at the camera), we clearly could.

The crowd laughs in the background, and London and Kendrick both stifle a grin. Vince ignores his son’s quip and continues.

Mr. McMahon: The fact of the matter is that I’ve had it up to here (Holds hand up) with both of you … but… but I’ve had it up to HERE (Holds hand even higher) with the way you three idiots (Points at MNM) have been acting lately!!

More cheers from the crowd, as MNM’s eyes widen in shock, and the other two teams nod in agreement.

Mr. McMahon: So you know what I’ve decided? Well, if you (Motions to MNM) want to go around attacking potential Number One Contenders, and you four (Motions to the others) can’t seem to find a winner, I say (Grins) “TO HELL WITH IT!!” I’m naming BOTH of you Number One Contenders to the WWE Tag Team titles!!!

Huge cheers can be heard from the crowd, but MNM are going absolutely berserk!!

Joey Mercury: WHAT???!!!

Melina: (Pouting) Mister McMahon … … I really think you need to recon-

Vince simply holds up a hand, and Shane gives the woman a look as if to say, “Don’t bother”. The Hooligans look fairly pleased with the decision. Regal and Burchill, on the other hand, look slightly less delighted. Both men seem to think about complaining, but catch Vince’s eye and think better of it.

Mr. McMahon: (Standing up) …………And it doesn’t end there. (Grinning) You see, not only will the WWE Tag Team Championships be defended in a … three-way match at WrestleMania…

A thunderous pop from the crowd, as MNM’s eyes bulge.

Mr. McMahon: … … …But it the next few weeks, the four of you (Indicates The Hooligans and Bluebloods) will both have the opportunity to walk into WrestleMania as Champions. (Confusion in the room) Because you will both be receiving title shots at Mister Nitro and Mister Mercury here … two on two. It all starts in eight days time … at Saturday Night’s Main Event!!

Now The Bluebloods and Hooligans look very excited, struggling to hide their smiles.

Mr. McMahon: (Rubbing his chin thoughtfully) And at Saturday Night’s Main Event, it will be … … … … … Paul London and Brian Kendrick facing MNM in a No Way Out rematch!!

That was definitely what the crowd wanted to hear, and London and Kendrick pump their fists in delight. Regal and Burchill look slightly disappointed, whilst MNM just stare at the ground.

Mr. McMahon: But don’t worry, (Points to Bluebloods) Mister Regal and Mister Burchill, because on the Friday Night SmackDown following Saturday Night’s Main Event … it will be your turn to challenge for the belts, be it against the current Champions MNM, or The Hooligans.

London and Kendrick nod slowly, knowing the odds, whilst The Bluebloods both smirk, and MNM hunch over, holding their heads in their hands.

Mr. McMahon: Now (Pointing to the door, winking) get the hell out of my office…

Regal and Burchill are out of there faster than a flash of lightning, eager to avoid McMahon’s wrath. London and Kendrick take their time though, nodding at Vince and Shane, before leaving. Nitro, Mercury and Melina simply stand there, staring at the McMahon’s with mouths agape. Shane and Vince stare right back, before Melina finally throws her hands into the air.

Melina: Whatever. (Grabbing Nitro and Mercury) Let’s go, boys.

The Champs glower once more at the Chairman and his son, before turning swiftly on their heels and storming from the room, slamming the door behind them. Actually seeming content, Mr. McMahon sits back down in his chair and reclines, as Shane chuckles.

We cut back to ringside and to Michael Cole and Tazz.

Michael Cole: Wow, HUGE news there concerning the WWE Tag Team titles. Mister McMahon has named BOTH The Hooligans and The Bluebloods as the Number One Contenders.

Tazz: A three-way match at WrestleMania? Oh baby. We’ve seen The Hooligans take on MNM, and we’ve seen The Hooligans take on The Bluebloods twice. Both matches were unbelievable. Can you imagine what it will be like with all three teams the ring at the same time?!

Match #2: Money in the Bank Qualifying Match:
Finlay vs. Juventud Guerrera
Both men are rewarded for their impressive performances of late with this shot at making it to WrestleMania for the first time in their respective careers. Whilst Juventud was not pinned in any of the Cruiserweight Number One Contender matches, Finlay is still undefeated and even BEAT Bobby Lashley last week in a Steel Cage Match, thanks to The Undertaker. For these two top athletes, this is not the first time they have clashed, as they know each other well from WCW, and the brawling/technical style of the Irishman compliments the aerial/high-flying skills of his Mexican opponent.
Trying to put Juvy away, Finlay lifts him up for the CELTIC CROSS, but Guerrera slides off his shoulders with a sunset flip pin attempt, scoring a near fall! The Mexican goes for the Irish whip, but Finlay reverses it, sending Juvy into the corner. Finlay charges in, but catches a drop toehold right onto the middle turnbuckle!! With Finlay laid out, Juventud ascends to the top ropes, AND GOES FOR THE 450 SPLASH -- BUT FINLAY MOVES!! Guerrera eats canvas and Finlay wraps him up with a magistral cradle, but Juvy kicks out again!! Growing frustrated, Finlay picks Guerrera up onto his shoulders, going for the FINLAY ROLL, but Juvy slides off and runs into the corner.
Finlay charges in, but catches an elbow to the face, staggering him. Seeing his opening, Juventud turns around and springs up to the top turnbuckle -- FINLAY HITS THE ROPES AND JUVY IS HUNG UP!! Juventud is caught with one leg hanging on the turnbuckle, with the other helpless. He is extremely vulnerable and his knee is injured. Finlay wastes little time in lifting the Mexican out of the corner and onto his shoulders, DRILLING HIM WITH THE CELTIC CROSS!!! ONE … TWO … THREE!!!
Winner: Finlay qualifies for the Money In The Bank Ladder Match at WrestleMania 22 via Pin Fall @ 06:42.
Finlay gets back up to his feet quickly to have his hand raises by the official. The crowd is actually giving the Irishman quite a strong response, despite him only hinting at a face turn of late. He nods his head slightly and picks up his trusty shillelagh, holding it up high for all to see. He then points it towards the WrestleMania 22 logo in the rafters and lets out a {toothless} grin, heading there for the first time in his veteran career.

{Commercial Break}

WrestleMania Big Time Moment – WrestleMania XIII – The Undertaker defeats Psycho Sid in a hard-hitting match up to not only go 6-0 at WrestleMania, but to become WWF Champion for only the second time in his career.

In a dim, gloomy backstage hallway somewhere in the building, Bobby Lashley is still on the prowl. Another chorus of boos greets him, as “The Real Deal” walks directly towards the camera, eyes blazing, glancing all around.

Bobby Lashley: DEADMAN!!!

He slams through the double-doors into the adjacent corridor, walking past the camera and disappearing out of sight, his voice echoing through the hallways.

Michael Cole: This is only going to get worse before it gets better. With the kind of mood Lashley’s in, I can see someone getting seriously hurt.

Tazz: Just stay the hell out of his way!!

We head backstage again to where a smiling Josh Matthews is standing by with a microphone in hand.

Josh Matthews: Hello everyone. I am Josh Matthews, and joining me at this time … he is the Number One Contender to the Cruiserweight Championship of the World, Jamie Noble.

The rough and tough West Virginian steps into the shot to a good pop from the crowd. Noble is dressed in his non-wrestling attire of jeans and a t-shirt, with a bandage still in place on his forehead.

Josh Matthews: Jamie, right now you must feel a mixture of emotions. Last week, in what was supposed to be your shot at the Cruiserweight title, Kid Kash attacked you from behind and stole the win. But now you have the opportunity to try and take that belt from Kash on the grandest stage of them all, WrestleMania. With Kid Kash refusing to show up tonight, what are your thoughts?

Jamie Noble: (Rubbing his chin slowly) Josh Matthews, did I just hear you right? Did I just hear you say that Jamie Noble has mixed emotions ‘cause he got his ass whooped last week by that no-good son of a bitch Kid Kash, but… (Shakes his head) but now I get to go to WrestleMania?

Matthews looks a little confused, but nods anyway.

Josh Matthews: Yeah, that’s right.

Jamie Noble: (Nodding slowly) Is that right? Well lemme’ tell you somethin’, Josh Matthews, ya’ll in the WWE might not have noticed, but Jamie Noble, he – I ain’t been around much for the last couple ‘o years. In fact I ain’t been around at all. (Stares right at Matthews) D’ya know why?

Josh shakes his head.

Jamie Noble: I didn’t think. (Touches his wound) Y’see this scar on my head? I bled last week, and I bled for just one thing … the Cruiserweight division. That’s all Jamie Noble’s life has ever been … the Cruiserweight division. It was my life when I was a part of dubya’ see’ dubya’ … and it’s been my life ever since I came to the WWE. (Sighs) And it always will be.

Matthews seems quite compelled, as Noble looks down, before carrying on.

Jamie Noble: Y’see back before Jamie Noble went on a little break from the WWE, (Shakes his head) I’d lost my way. I’d lost the Cruiserweight Championship, and I’d lost my will to keep on fightin’. I left the Cruiserweight division behind ‘cause I didn’t think Jamie Noble had it in him anymore. I tried somethin’ else, and, just like everywhere Jamie Noble goes, I rose to the top. But (Looks quite emotional) this is where I belong.

Noble gazes down the hallway.

Jamie Noble: When I left the Cruiserweight division behind it was in safe hand, it was in the hands of one of the greatest Cruiserweights of all time, Rey Mysterio (Huge pop). While I was away, I saw it in the hands of folks like Chavo Guerrero (Good pop), Paul London (Good pop), and Juventud Guerrera (Small pop). It didn’t bother Jamie Noble one bit. Sure, I knew I was better then ‘em, but they – they were proud to be Cruiserweight Champion.

Jamie shakes his head.

Jamie Noble: So take a guess what I thought when I saw that piece of trash Kid Kash wearin’ MY Cruiserweight title around his waist and doin’ everything to SPIT on the division I gave my life to?! (Matthews doesn’t know) Jamie Noble came back. Jamie Noble came back to rid the Cruiserweight division of that no good bastard and put the title back around my waist!!

The crowd cheers in the background.

Jamie Noble: (Points at the screen and Matthews) Ya’ll wanna’ know how I went through five men at No Way Out, and how Jamie Noble came right back and did it again on SmackDown? It’s ‘cause of THIS… (Points to bandage) this is Jamie Noble’s blood, and I bleed the wrasslin’ business … I bleed … the Cruiserweight division. It gives me drive. It gives me passion. (Grits teeth) It gives me the FIGHT Jamie Noble needs to go through six sorry son’s of bitches!!

Fuming, Noble stares at Matthews.

Jamie Noble: So, Josh Matthews, ya’ wanna’ ask if Jamie Noble is okay about not winnin’ the Cruiserweight title last week ‘cause I get a shot at WrestleMania? (Josh shrugs) Well lemme’ say this, boy … every-single-day that Cruiserweight title belt isn’t around my waist, is like a goddamn knife in mah’ gut, ya’ understand?

Matthews nods.

Jamie Noble: But what ya’ said is true. When Jamie Noble gets to WrestleMania (Grimaces) I’m gonna’ take that title from Kid Kash and put it back around my waist. And should… should Kid Kash take a few bumps on the Road to WrestleMania…

Noble stares hard into the camera.

Jamie Noble: …………………Let’s just say payback’s a bitch.

With a hard look at the camera and a sharp nod of the head in Josh Matthew’s direction, a very intense Jamie Noble strides away to cheers from the crowd.

Michael Cole: Well, Jamie Noble is certainly intense tonight, but can you really blame him after that vicious attack by Kid Kash last week?

Tazz: Not at all, not at all. It’s great to hear how much that Cruiserweight title means to Noble.

Match #3: Tag Team Match:
Funaki & Scotty Too Hotty vs. Nunzio & Shannon Moore
The match is just about to get underway, with all the superstars having made their entrances, with Funaki and Shannon ready to start … when …


Winner: No Contest

The crowd is absolutely incensed, as poor Funaki is broken in two like a stick of wood, and a roaring Lashley springs back up to his feet with ease!! Shannon Moore bravely charges, clubbing away at “The Real Deal” with all he has -- but Bobby barely flinches and grabs Shannon by the throat, lifting him up high into the air with an incredible Gorilla Press!! Nunzio and Scotty enter the ring -- BUT SHANNON MOORE IS THROWN ONTO THEM!!!

Wasting absolutely no time, Lashley drags Scotty back up, throws him over his shoulder, AND RACES ACROSS THE RING, DAMN NEAR DRIVING SCOTTY THROUGH THE RING WITH A RUNNING POWERSLAM!!! Ungodly heat has engulfed the arena, as Scotty lies, possibly with a broken back, in the centre of the ring. Lashley turns his head … to Shannon More. He picks Moore up, throws him up over his shoulder, DROPPING SHANNON RIGHT ON HIS HEAD WITH A DOMINATOR!!!

With Funaki, Scotty and Shannon now all decimated, lying motionless in the ring, Lashley walks over to the only other conscious person in the ring … Nunzio. Mobile is booing the HELL out of Bobby for his actions, but the monster pays them no heed. He gets Nunzio and shoves the little Italian’s head between his legs -- LIFTS HIM UP, BEFORE DRILLING HIM WITH A THUNDEROUS POWERBOMB!! Nunzio is already shattered, eyes closes, but Lashley maintains his grip -- BRINGING NUNZIO BACK UP AND SLAMMING HIM BACK DOWN WITH A SECOND POWERBOMB!! The crowd is almost in a state of shock, and Tazz and Cole pray that it is over – BUT LASHLEY BRINGS NUNZIO UP AGAIN – RACING FORWARDS AND POWERBOMBING HIM INTO THE TURNBUCKLE!!!!!!

Finally, with the broken bodies of the four Cruiserweights spilling to the outside of the ring, dozens of officials and EMT’s rush down the ramp to check on the poor men. Back inside the ring, Lashley paces up and down, muscles rippling but not even breathing hard or perspiring. The crowd wakes up from their state of shock and begins to shower the young powerhouse in an unbelievable amount of heat. Lashley leans over the ropes and bellows at Tony Chimel to bring him a microphone. Terrified, the veteran ring announcer does as he is told and nervously hands the mic up to “The Real Deal”. He storms into the centre of the ring.

Bobby Lashley: (Pointing up the ramp) DEADMAN!!! (Huge pop) We can do this the hard way, or we can do this the easy way, I DON’T CARE!!! JUST GET YOUR ASS OUT HERE NOW!!!

Lashley drops the microphone with a thud and rips off his shirt. The crowd begins a booming “UNDERTAKER” chant, as Bobby paces around the ring like a cage animal, his cold eyes locked on the stage…

***Extreme*** The crowd lets out a collective groan and Lashley’s eyes narrow in frustration, as PAUL HEYMAN struts out onto the ramp. Paul E. is dressed in a nice suit and leather jacket, with his baseball cap perched on his head. Smiling from ear-to-ear, Heyman strides down the ramp, holding up his hands to Lashley and mouthing, “Hold on a second”. “The Real Deal” looks unimpressed with the arrival of his self-proclaiming ‘agent’, but Heyman is not intimidated by the powerhouse in the slightest.

Paul E. marches up the ring steps, taking care to step over the medics who are attending to the battered Cruiserweights. He enters the ring, still smiling, and walks straight up to Lashley. Heyman extends his hand and leaves it there for a while … but Bobby simply stares at it. Shaking it off, Heyman withdraws his hand and pulls a mic from his coat.

Paul Heyman: ……………………………Congratulations, Bobby.

Boos float down from the crowd, slightly surprised by Heyman’s first words. Lashley seems the same, as his eyebrows raise, not sure what he should be congratulated for.

Paul Heyman: (Grinning) Congratulations … on making the single biggest impact in the history of World Wrestling Entertainment.

Again, the crowd gives heat in order to disguise their confusion, whilst Lashley stares on ominously.

Paul Heyman: You’ve been in this company, what, six months? (Paul does the math on his fingers) Six months. Six months in the biggest and best professional wrestling organisation in the world. (Smirks again) Y’know, some people might call you a rookie, Bobby…

Lashley braces immediately.

Paul Heyman: (Holds up his hand) ……But not me. Why on earth would I refer to a man who has never been pinned or made to submit, a rookie? Why would I call you such a thing after witnessing (Waves hand at the beaten superstars outside) that? And quite frankly, Bobby, how could anyone on the face of this planet call you a rookie after the sheer destruction you inflicted at No Way Out (An evil smirk) … to The Undertaker!!

Thunderous heat pours in, as Heyman wipes his mouth abidingly.

Paul Heyman: Six months. (Raises his finger) Six months is all it took before you did what no man has ever done in the long history of professional wrestling… (Grins) ANNIHILATED The Undertaker!! Hulk Hogan never did, Bret Hart never came close, neither did Shawn Michaels, or Ric Flair, or Yokozuna, or Ultimate Warrior, or The Rock, or even Stone Cold Steve Austin, not one of them accomplished what you did, Bobby!!

Lashley nods his head slowly.

Paul Heyman: For the first time your career, you step into the ring with the (Air Quotes) ‘legendary’ Undertaker … and you tore him apart!! (Crowd boos, Heyman holds up a finger) But … but why do the unthinkable there and then? Why put “The Phenom” away forever on a cold night in Baltimore … when you could do it … at WrestleMania??!!

Boos filter in, as Lashley’s eyes flicker in agreement.

Paul Heyman: See that is exactly why (Points between himself and Lashley) you and I have the perfect business relationship. We think … exactly the same. We both know that the time of The Undertaker is passing. We both know that YOU are the present and future of professional wrestling. (Steps a little closer, intense) And we both know … that at WrestleMania Twenty-Two … you make the biggest impact of them all, when the decade and a half of destruction is ended… (Extends his hand once again) and a new one … begins…

Paul E. looks hungrily at Lashley, his hand hanging in the air once again … and this time Lashley grips it, causing another outpouring of heat from the crowd. “The Real Deal”, holding Heyman’s hand firm, pulls him in close, so that he is eye-to-eye with the agent. Heyman looks positively delighted, rather than afraid of the confrontation.

Paul Heyman: So once again, Bobby……………………………………congratulations.

The alliance is officially formed~!! Heyman is smiling like a Cheshire cat, as he whirls around, still holding Bobby’s hand, and raises his arm high into the air, pointing at the young powerhouse with his other hand. Lashley’s eyes are closed in total ecstasy, as he ignores the heat from the crowd and basks in his own sheer magnificence.


Heyman continues to hold Lashley’s arm high in the air, grinning maniacally, knowing that he has hit the jackpot with the specimen standing alongside him. An intense monster, Lashley lowers his own arm, remaining focused, staring straight ahead into the horrified crowd. Paul E. turns back around, his own eyes wild with delight, as we fade into a commercial from the image of the two men in the ring.

{Commercial Break}

Raw Rebound
- Shawn Michaels makes his long-awaited return to Raw, blaming John Cena for wanting to be him, and stating that the WWE title will be his come WrestleMania against Kurt Angle.
- Gregory Helms defeats both Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas to qualify for the MITB match at WrestleMania, after the Spirit Squad interfere.
- Triple H leaves early, demanding that Eric Bischoff get a signature for the Street Fight between him and RVD; unfortunately for the GM, Van Dam shows up at the end of the show, signing the contract and putting Bischoff through a table!!

When we return from the commercial, we head backstage into a locker room, where… SHAWN MICHAELS is just putting the finishing touches to his pre-match routine. The crowd pours heat on “The Heartbreak Kid”, as he continues to wrap dark tape around his wrists. Staring down at his hands, it is hard to tell what HBK is thinking, but his attention is soon caught by the sound of the door opening and closing. He stops what he is doing, stands up, turns around, and smirks…

…as EDGE stands before him, also dressed to compete. Mobile reacts even more negatively for “The Rated R Superstar”, who stands arm in arm with his girlfriend Lita, holding the MITB briefcase in one hand.

Edge: (Leaning in, whispering) … … … … … … … … It took you long enough, Shawn.

Shawn Michaels: (Raises his eyebrows) Oh really?

Edge grins, glancing at the equally smug Lita.

Edge: Two years, Shawn. (Holds up his fingers) Two years I was on Raw, and each and every night, I kept asking myself … … … “Where’s the real Shawn Michaels? Where’s the real “Heartbreak Kid? Where’s the real … Icon”?

Michaels remains quiet, but Edge gently pats him on the shoulder.

Edge: (Slowly turns his finger around to point a HBK) … … … … … … … … …There he is.

Boos can be heard thunderously from the crowd, clearly disagreeing with Edge’s sentiments, as Michaels ponders this.

Shawn Michaels: (Rubs his chin) Here I am. But … (Raises finger) here we are. You and I. I and you. Us.

Edge: What’s your point?

HBK smirks, casting his eyes over Edge, Lita and the briefcase.

Shawn Michaels: (Thoughtfully) You said it yourself, Edge … … ole’ ‘Aitch Bee Kay has seen the light. I’m doin’ things (Points to himself) for Numero Uno from now. I’m fixin’ to steal the show yet again … … on April Second … … with … … … or without Kurt Angle. Something tells me, Edge … … I can’t say the same thing about you.

Edge: The hell are you talking about?

Michaels purses his lips nonchalantly, feigning ignorance.

Shawn Michaels: What? (Smirks) Oh me, nothing, nothing. I just think that for a man … … … such as yourself, the so-called (Air quotes) ‘Rated R Superstar’ … … … a man who goes around sayin’ that he’s all about serving himself, that handshake with Batista last week sure did look cosy.

Edge: (Grins) I don’t suppose you’ve ever heard the expression, “keep your friend close … … … but keep your enemies closer”.

The Showstopper nods in agreement.

Shawn Michaels: I have, but that kinda’ thing only gets you so far. (Steps in close to Edge) Especially when it feels like you and Big, bad Dave are settin’ us Raw boys up tonight.

Edge: (Smiles, enjoying HBK’s paranoia) Why on earth would you think that, Champ? (Slowly pats him on the cheek) … … … …Why on earth?

Grinning from ear-to-ear, Edge gives HBK a last, smug look in the eye, before hitching his MITB briefcase up, taking Lita by the hand, and turning on his heel. As the “Rated R Superstar” leaves the ring, the camera re-focuses on the face of “The Heartbreak Kid”, who is stewing in a silent rage, glowering after Edge, as we cut back to ringside.

Tazz: Michaels and Edge need to get on the same page tonight if they wanna’ win this one?

Michael Cole: They certainly do. This new side to HBK is … striking to say the least. Paranoid and anxious. He needs to get his head together.

Match #4: Tag Team Match:
U.S Champion Booker T w/Sharmell & Mr. Kennedy vs. Rey Mysterio & Matt Hardy
Despite not getting as much time as a match of this calibre would probably need, the four men involved manage to work together well to put on a solid contest. For the majority of the contest, Booker T looks to avoid his WrestleMania opponent Rey Mysterio, especially with Rey Rey gunning for him after the slap last week. Mysterio has no problem dealing with Mr. Kennedy though, a man who has beaten the San Diego native twice in the past months under very shady circumstances. However, despite the opening minutes, which see Rey hit a Seated Senton to Kennedy and Matt hit a Plancha on Booker simultaneously on the outside, the heel team take advantage of the face’s recklessness to take control. With Mysterio going for another springboard, Kennedy kicks the ropes and Rey lands on his head!!
For the majority of the match, Booker and KK tag in and quickly, working over the neck of Mysterio, whilst constantly taunting Matt Hardy on the apron. The crowd chants for both Rey and Hardy, the two babyfaces uber-hot at the moment. Towards the end, Rey manages to battle back up to his feet out of a rear chin lock from Kennedy and elbows him in the gut several times. With KK staggered, Mysterio shoots off the ropes, quickly ducking the loudmouth’s clothesline attempt – but Kennedy goes for the tilt-a-whirl backbreaker – Rey counters it into the headscissors!! Both men are down and stay down for the majority of the referee’s count, until they eventually stagger up at the same time -- AND BOTH MAKE HOT TAGS!! Booker falters only for a second and it costs him, as Hardy lights him up with right hands, backing him against the ropes and going for the Irish Whip. Booker manages to reverse it, but Matt flies off the ropes, catching the U.S Champ with a running crossbody block, scoring a near fall! Hardy sends Booker into the corner and nails him with a clothesline, before grabbing him and racing out with the Bulldog -- Booker shoves him right into a boot from Kennedy!!
The crowd boos furiously, as Kennedy smirks -- but Mysterio dropkicks him through the ropes!! With Matt Hardy staggering back up to his feet in a daze, Booker spies his opportunity and comes off the ropes -- 619 TO THE BACK OF THE HEAD!!! Rey Rey strikes out of nowhere, giving the heel team a taste of their own medicine, knocking Booker blindly forwards right into the path of Hardy. Matt quickly grabs the U.S Champ AND DRILLS HIM WITH THE TWIST OF FATE!!! ONE … Kennedy does not even bother trying … TWO … THREE!!!
Winners: Rey Mysterio & Matt Hardy via Pin Fall @ 09:11.
The crowd roars loudly, as Matt Hardy pops back up to his feet immediately to have his hand raised by the official. On the outside of the ring, Kennedy makes some threatening gestures to both of his opponents, before skulking away sulkily. Back in the ring, Hardy tells Rey do “DO IT” and so Mysterio leaps up onto the apron, AND SPRINGBOARDS OFF THE TOP ROPE -- DROPPIN’ DA’ DIME ON BOOKER T!!!

Cheers of retribution ring out around the arena, as Mysterio pays Booker back for the humiliation last week. Sharmell rushes around and grabs the United States Championship belt from the timekeeper, before helping her husband to roll out of the ring. Matt Hardy warmly congratulates his long-time friend Mysterio with a hug, before raising his arm into the air and pointing to Rey’s waist, yelling, “THE NEXT CHAMP!!” Booker is far too dazed to have any idea what is going on, but Sharmell does not miss a thing, as she stands with her groggy husband at the bottom of the ramp, glaring into the ring at Mysterio with eyes like daggers.

{Commercial Break}

When we come back to SmackDown! we come straight back to ringside.

Michael Cole: As you saw earlier on the Raw rebound, it was an action-packed Monday night, but that was not the only thing that happened. If you can remember, it was “The Nature Boy” Ric Flair versus JBL’s so-called ‘former’ Chief of Staff Orlando Jordan. Then (Images of The Cabinet’s attack play) this happened.

Tazz: C’mon, Cole, look (The Bashams reunite) at that. Doug and Danny. Orlando. Jillian, and the big man himself John Bradshaw Layfield. The Cabinet is back, baby.

Michael Cole: Say what you want, Tazz, but the way I see it, this is all about JBL’s ego. The man couldn’t stand the attention that the legendary was always given, and so he decided to prove a point to Ric Flair by bringing The Cabinet back together. I don’t care how much money Bradshaw throws at us, his group will never compare to the legendary quartet -- so without further ado, this video package is brought to you by … ugh … The Cabinet.

As the video package begins, a deep, well-spoken voice is heard…

Narrator: The following announcement has been paid for by the John Bradshaw Layfield and The Cabinet … …

Flashing images of Ric Flair, Arn Anderson, Tully Blanchard, Ole Anderson, Barry Wyndham and others.

Narrator: One group paved the way for professional wrestling …

Flair as World Champion; Tully as TV Champ, and the others with multiple titles.

Narrator: Dominated an industry in its entirety …

Some famous images of each man cutting a usually intense promo.

Narrator: One group has had the charisma to captivate a generation …

Flair and AA with Sting, Luger, Pillman, Benoit, Malenko and others.

Narrator: Lasted for over a decade …

The quartet annihilating men such as Dusty Rhodes, Magnum T.A, Sting, and other superstars.

Narrator: One group brought a new viciousness to the industry …

Flair being bloodied; AA being humiliated by the NWO.

Narrator: Brought shame on all those around them …

“The Nature Boy” today, AA today, Tully today, and Wyndham today.

Narrator: One group refused to bow out gracefully …

Triple H, Randy Orton, Batista and Flair all together.

Narrator: Tried in vain to recapture past days of glory …

Flair being destroyed by Hunter and Orton, and AA being assaulted by The Undertaker at WM XVIII.

Narrator: But their time has passed …

The image fades out to the smiling face of John Bradshaw Layfield.

Narrator: The time has come to pass the torch to a new generation …

JBL, Orlando Jordan, The Bashams and Jillian Hall standing in the ring.

Narrator: A group with more wealth and success …

Orlando as U.S Champ, The Bashams as tag champs, and JBL as WWE Champ.

Narrator: Forged with generosity of heart …

The dollars flutter down from the rafters at WM XXII.

Narrator: … And a kindness of spirit …

Orlando helps an old lady across the road; The Bashams help to build a shelter for the homeless, Jillian serves soup at the kitchen, and JBL reads a story to a group of little children.

Narrator: This group is the future of our industry …

JBL slowly turns towards the camera, beaming from ear-to-ear.

Narrator: John Bradshaw Layfield and the Cabinet thank you for your support … …

The closing shot is of all five members of the stable, though with the camera focusing primarily on Layfield in the centre.

The video package ends.

???: (Laughter) … … …

The crowd was already booing for the ridiculous video, but the image on the Titan Tron is soon replaced by the smiling image of John Bradshaw Layfield himself, prompting an even louder outbreak of heat. The shot is, at first, merely of JBL’s head, as he grins, but as it pulls back, we see that he is sat at a desk, with the American flag in the background. Orlando Jordan, the Bashams, and Jillian Hall are all present too, dressed smartly in suits. It is almost like a Presidential address.

John Bradshaw Layfield: My fellow Americans … …

A HUGE amount of boos engulfs the arena, causing JBL to halt and frown. Apparently the audience has grown sick and tired of Bradshaw’s inflated ego.

John Bradshaw Layfield: (Straightens his tie) My fellow Americans, what you just witnessed … was a challenge. A challenge from the organisation of John Bradshaw Layfield … the multi-million dollar entity known as (Smirks) The Cabinet … to “Nature Boy” Ric Flair … … …

JBL lets the name linger in the air for a few moments, as the crowd cheers wildly for Naitch. Layfield lets out a wry smile.

John Bradshaw Layfield: Ric (Smile vanishes) Ric, I’ve grown sick and tired of this. I’ve said it before, and I’ll sure as hell say it again … … you were an idol … you were JBL’s idol, for years. But now, Ric, it’s (Shakes his head) it’s startin’ to get pathetic.

Huge heat pours in, as Orlando and the others nod solemnly in the background.

John Bradshaw Layfield: When you brought yourself back to the WWE five years ago, lemme’ tell ya’ somethin’ (Leans forward a bit, seeming earnest) there was nobody on the roster who was happier than me. (Does the marquee with his hands) THE NAITCHA’ BOY, back, live and in colour, who in the world can honestly say that it didn’t make them smile?

A slightly mixed reaction, with JBL appearing quite kind.

John Bradshaw Layfield: (Sits back) … … … … … … … …But it was all out of respect, Ric, nothing more.

Now the crowd boos, but Layfield remains calm.

John Bradshaw Layfield: It was out of respect that we cheered for you … it was out of respect that we welcomed you back with open arms … it was out of respect that someone like Triple H let you ride his coat tails for three years … (Leans in close, fuming) and it was out of RESPECT RIC FLAIR, THAT YOU SHOULD HAVE RETIRED YEARS AGO SO THAT GUYS LIKE ME, JBL, CAN HAVE THEIR GLORY!!!

Deafening heat, as Bradshaw continues to seethe.

John Bradshaw Layfield: It was bad enough that you decided to stick around until I end your career at WrestleMania … but (Shakes his head in disbelief) DAMMIT TO HELL, RIC FLAIR, JUST WHO THE HELL DO YA’ THINK YOU ARE TRYIN’ TO BRING THE FOUR HORSEMEN BACK TO MY SHOW???!!!

Another outpouring of boos, irritating Jillian Hall in the background.

John Bradshaw Layfield: (Tries to regain composure) You are a sad, sad old man, Ric. You … are … finished … Flair, and the Horsemen were finished long before you. Take a look at what you see right now (Motions to the Cabinet) the present and future of professional wrestling. But (Glances at Jordan and smirks) we understand what needs to be done … with old, decrepit, sick dogs like the Four Horsemen … …

The camera closes in on Bradshaw’s intense face.

John Bradshaw Layfield: … … … … … … … … … … …You put ‘em down.

The crowd is in a frenzy of boos right now for The Wrestling God.

John Bradshaw Layfield: So, Ric, it’s time for you to put up (Licks his lips) or shut up. It’s time for you to back up all of those you, (Mocking voice) good ole’ J.R, and all of the other fossils keep making. If you really, truly, deep-down in your heart of hearts believe that the Four Horsemen are the greatest of all time … put your money where ya’ mouth is. Bring Arn, bring Tully, heck bring Barry Wyndham for all I care, bring ‘em all to Saturday Night’s Main Event … ‘cause (Points to his cronies) we’re callin’ you out.

The crowd actually cheers at the prospect.

John Bradshaw Layfield: But know this, Ric … (Serious as a heartbeat) at WrestleMania, the thirty-five year journey of The Nature Boy ends … but on March Eighteenth in Detroit … (Smirks) I guarantee that you won’t be alone in the hospital… …

JBL gives the camera one last hard look, holding his gaze, as it slowly pulls out, giving us a final shot of The Cabinet, standing together strong and united, before the Titan Tron returns to normal.

The crowd is left in an absolute uproar, booing the words of Bradshaw at a deafening level. We head back across to the announcers at ringside, and Cole and Tazz look equally stunned by the news.

Michael Cole: He – he’s going to call out The Horsemen? Has JBL lost his mind? Arn Anderson, Barry Wyndham and Tully Blanchard are all retired; they – they’re in no fit condition to go up against The Cabinet!!

Tazz: You’re forgetting though, Cole, JBL is a stubborn guy and he usually gets what he wants. He wants The Four Horsemen to come to Saturday Night’s Main Event, and I’ll bet my hat – if I had one – that that’s what we’ll see. You honestly think Double A, Tully, and Barry are gonna’ back down from a fight? No, sir.

Michael Cole: You may be right about that, Tazz (The Spirit Squad and MNM enter) but I just hope Ric Flair and his friends think this through before making any rash decisions.

Main Event: SNME Preview: Eight-Man Tag Team Match:
MNM w/Melina & the Spirit Squad vs. Batista, Edge, Kurt Angle & Shawn Michaels
The eight men involved in this blockbuster Main Event work together to put on a wild and frenzied contest, with the crowd screaming with delight from the very first entrance. Batista and Edge seem quite comfortable in one another’s company thanks to their little ‘chat’ last week, but Angle and Michaels can barely go ten seconds in the match without quickly glancing at each other. MNM, disgruntled by the announcements of the evening, spend quite a bit of time on the apron, as an exuberant Kenny and Johnny of the Spirit Squad try to take it to the Main Eventers. The cheerleaders do a good job of it too, showing their class, as they manage to blindside Kurt Angle, isolating the WWE Champion for a good few minutes.
Kenny tags in and out with Johnny, working over the Olympian, before tagging in Nitro and Mercury as well, giving them the opportunity to do some damage. Nitro is the legal man, as he sends Angle into the corner and rushes in. Kurt slams his elbow into the WWE Tag Team Champs face, sending him staggering away, before charging out. Angle goes for a clothesline, but Nitro ducks, grabbing the Gold Medallist in a rear-waistlock, going for German Suplex on the suplex machine!! Angle knows how to block it though and spins around, coming behind Nitro and HITTING A GERMAN -- BUT NITRO LANDS ON HIS FEET!! The crowd applauds, but Angle has no idea, as Nitro comes off the top rope with a springboard enziguiri – but Angle catches him in mid-air, NAILING A BELLY-TO-BELLY SUPLEX!! Thrown like an rag doll, Nitro seems out of it -- but Shawn Michaels tags himself into the match. Angle and HBK go eye-to-eye, with Kurt furious, until the referee forces the WWE Champion out.
When we come back from another commercial, it is the Main Eventers now who have the advantage, as HBK works on Nitro for a couple of minutes, before quickly speeding things up. “The Showstopper” hits all of his moves of doom, inverted atomic drops, a body slam, before flying off the top rope and nailing the elbow drop!! The crowd still love Michaels, despite his heelish ways, and he tunes up the band slowly, as Nitro staggers back up. He gives Nitro a quick crotch chop -- BEFORE GOING FOR SWEET CHIN MUSIC -- NITRO CATCHES HIS FOOT, SPINNING HIM AROUND -- JUMPING ENZIGUIRI TO MICHAELS’ SKULL!!! More applause from the crowd for Nitro’s athleticism, and Michael Cole points out the striking similarities between the two men in the ring. They both crawl to their corners, where Nitro tags in Kenny and HBK TAGS IN THE ANIMAL!!
The World Heavyweight Champion storms into the ring like a man possessed, having been on the apron for a while. Kenny thinks twice, but it is a mistake, as BIG DAVE PLOWS RIGHT THROUGH HIM WITH A SPEAR!!! The cheerleader is broken, but Batista cannot go for the cover, as Joey Mercury quickly slugs him from behind. Mercury drills The Animal with right hands, backing him against the ropes, before going for the Irish Whip, which is reversed. Mercury hits the ropes and comes back RIGHT INTO A SPINEBUSTER!!! Big Dave is on fire, as he begins to shake the ropes, working himself into a frenzy, before giving Mercury the thumbs down -- JOHNNY JUMPS INTO THE RING BEHIND HIM -- BUT EDGE SPEARS THE CHEERLEADER THROUGH THE ROPES!!! The crowd actually pops for the “Rated R Superstar” who gives Batista a little nod, which is returned, before The Animal turns back around to get Mercury -- SWEET CHIN MUSIC TO BATISTA!!!!!!!!! HBK JUST NAILED HIS OWN PARTNER!!!
The arena ERUPTS with a chorus of boos, as Michaels stares down at the unconscious World Heavyweight Champion with dead eyes, before glancing up to where Edge stands. Mr. Money in the Bank rakes his fingers through his hair furiously -- BUT HE IS GRABBED FROM BEHIND -- OLYMPIC SLAM TO EDGE FROM KURT ANGLE!!! RAW HAS TURNED ON SMACKDOWN!!! Unlike HBK, Angle is cheered by the crowd anyway, as he just nailed a heel, but Cole and Tazz are going nuts. Angle roars loudly, staring wildly into the eyes of his WrestleMania opponent Shawn Michaels. The two men both wear sick grins on their faces, as though they both believe they got to SmackDown! before they could get to them. HBK is the first to leave the ring, rolling out and marching up the ramp without looking back, a blank, soulless expression on his face. Angle soon follows, first grabbing his WWE Championship from ringside, before exiting. The two Raw superstars stand at the top of the ramp, watching and waiting.
Back in the ring, the World Heavyweight Champion Batista and the #1 Contender Edge are both completely out of it. The first to make it back into the ring are Nitro and Mercury. MNM shake their heads, looking stunned by what has transpired, but they get right to it anyway, grabbing Edge up off the mat, DRILLING HIM WITH THE SNAPSHOT!!! They send the fallen “Rated R Superstar” to the outside, where Lita tends to him, as Kenny, screaming with delight, climbs the turnbuckle. The cheerleader points to the sky in delight, BEFORE FLYING OFF THE TOP WITH THE GUILLOTINE LEG DROP TO BATISTA!!! The maniacal World Tag Team Champion hurriedly covers Big Dave, hooking both legs and closing his eyes tight. ONE … TWO … THREE!!!!!!!
Winners: MNM & the Spirit Squad via Pin Fall @ 14:04.
THE TWO SETS OF TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS JUST DEFEATED THE MAIN EVENT TEAM!!! The crowd is in a state of pure shock, unclear what to make of what has just transpired. As one would expect, it is Kenny who is back up first and begins to celebrate like a mad man, before being joined by Johnny. MNM look at their partners with raises eyebrows, but cannot help themselves from smiling anyway at the scalp they just achieved. Melina hands Nitro and Mercury their title belts and the handsome duo pose on the turnbuckle with them, yelling that they will still be theirs come WrestleMania.

Mikey, Mitch and Nicky rush down to the ring to join in the celebrations with Johnny and Kenny, all five members of the Spirit Squad holding their World Tag Team Championships aloft. They actually go as far as to get the two victorious members up onto their shoulders, which the crowd boos wildly at, unable to believe.

Michael Cole: I – what the hell just happened??!! I don’t believe this??!! The superstars of Raw have just screwed the superstars of SmackDown??!!

Tazz: You gotta’ believe that this is all about Saturday Night’s Main Event, Cole. Angle and Michaels hate each other’s guts!! Hell of a win for MNM and the Spirit Squad though, I – I mean look at ‘em. I’m just as shocked!!

Outside the ring, Edge lies flat on his back, blinking dazedly, as a concerned Lita attends to him. On the other side of the ring, the referee checks on the motionless World Heavyweight Champion Batista, laying The Animal’s title belt down next to him. From Big Dave there is little movement, but from the entrance ramp the two sworn enemies, the WWE Champion Kurt Angle, and his WrestleMania challenger Shawn Michaels, look on with satisfaction in their eyes at a job well done. The two men turn to look at one another, before staring back down the ramp, as we fade to our final commercial.

{Commercial Break}

Upon returning from the break we get a brief video recap of the explosive events prior to the commercial, before quickly cutting back to the ring…

Michael Cole and Tazz do not speak and the crowd is extremely loud with a mixed reaction, as both Mr. McMahon and his son Shane have taken centre stage, looking like the multi-millionaires they are in fine, dark suits. The ring looks slightly different, with a desk in the middle. In the centre of the table, is what appears to be a contract, with two pens on top of the contract. There is also another microphone, in addition to the ones held by the McMahon’s, on the desk. Three chairs surround the long desk, two on the side nearest the ring stage, and one of the opposite side. The stage is indeed set, and so Vince McMahon wastes no more time, and steps forwards.

Mr. McMahon: Ladies and gentlemen, as I’m sure you’re all aware, a little under a month ago at No Way Out, SmackDown! General Manager Theodore Long was heinously assaulted (Images of the attack play) which is the reason why Shane and myself have been taking over the running of this show for the past few weeks.

The crowd remains hushed.

Mr. McMahon: But … but tonight is not about SmackDown! It’s not even about Shane or me (A few laughs at that). No, no, what tonight is all about … (Snarls) is punishment! Tonight is about teaching the individual who assaulted Teddy Long a lesson … a lesson in just what exactly happens when you put your hands on an employee of Vincent Kennedy McMahon!!

Cheers for Vince, with Shane nodding along.

Mr. McMahon: So without further ado, I would like – no, no, wait, I am ordering the creature responsible for Mister Long’s absence to get his no good ass out here, or so help me god I’ll come back there and DRAG his miserable carcass to this ring!! RANDY ORTON (Huge heat) GET OUT HERE NOW!!!

Mr. McMahon lowers his mic, and both he and Shane turn towards the stage in anticipation. The crowd is cheering for Vince for a few moments, but they eventually quieten down, as they await…

***Burn In My Light*** Quite possibly the loudest heat of the nigh overtakes Mobile, surpassing even that of men such as JBL, Edge and Lashley. As Vince and Shane look on, eyes narrowed, the sinister “Legend Killer” Randy Orton steps out onto the stage. Dressed in a smart, all-black suit, shirt and tie combo, Orton’ face is expressionless, as he gazes coldly up into the rafters, before beginning down to the ring methodically.

Michael Cole: I have nothing to say about that man, except I hope that Mister McMahon gives him the kind of punishment that egotistical son of a – that Orton deserves.

Tazz: My sentiments exactly, Cole. What a piece of work.

Orton takes his time coming to the ring, as he keeps his gaze on the McMahon’s the entire time. Brushing off the jeering fans, the third generation superstar steps calmly up the steel steps, adjusting the lapels of his jacket in the process, before stepping into the ring. Mr. McMahon bristles slightly at being in the ring with such a man, whilst Shane looks right into the eyes of “The Legend Killer”. Orton’s gaze drifts from the McMahon’s … to the contract … and back into the crowd, his eyes completely dead.

A booming “ASSHOLE” chant begins to echo around the building, prompting Randy’s gaze to darken even more, and even cause a slight twitch at the corner of his mouth. Shane and Vince stare approvingly into the crowd, waiting for them to quieten down, before the Chairman of the Board steps forward.

Mr. McMahon: Mister Orton, you-

Vince stops, as the crowd continues to boo “The Legend Killer” frantically. He waits.

Mr. McMahon: Mister Orton, I trust there’s no need for me to remind you why you’ve been ordered to come out here tonight?

Randy just stares straight ahead, completely unresponsive, causing Vince to frown.

Mr. McMahon: (Stepping forwards) I’m sorry? I didn’t quite catch that.

With a look of pure malice on his face, Orton lazily obliges by picking up one of the microphones from the desk and raising it up.

Randy Orton: (Eyes narrowed) … … …I understand.

But Vince still does not look happy, shaking his head at “The Legend Killer”.

Mr. McMahon: You understand … … …what?

Once again, Orton’s face darkens with rage, unable to believe what is happening to him.

Randy Orton: I understand … … … (Through gritted teeth) sir.

The crowd pops loudly at Randy being put in his place, as Vince looks a bit happier though, and Orton looks positively poisonous.

Mr. McMahon: That’s better. Well, now that we’ve established just who will be calling the shots in this meeting, I suggest we begin. (He nods to the contract) I hope you understand, Mister Orton that no matter what is written on that sheet of paper as your punishment -- no matter what -- it will never be able to make up for what you did to Teddy Long. You see, Randy, you ended a man’s career at No Way Out … you took away his livelihood … you made it impossible for him to provide for his family … and that, Randy … is sick.

More heat rains down on Orton, but he conveys no emotion.

Mr. McMahon: (Looks into the crowd) You’re all probably thinking that I can make up for what Randy Orton did at No Way Out by a simple gesture … by taking away his career (Crowd pops). All I’d have to do is step forwards right now, look you right in the eye, Randy, and say those two famous words … … …

A flicker of intimidation passes across Orton’s face, as the crowd buzzes in anticipation.


An even louder outbreak of cheers fills the building, as Vince begins to get himself worked up, and “The Legend Killer” looks on.

Mr. McMahon: (Turning back to the crowd) How many of you here tonight want to see Vincent Kennedy McMahon fire Randall Keith Orton on the spot??!!

The response is unanimous with cheers once again, desperate for Orton to get what is coming to him.

Mr. McMahon: … … … … … … … … … … … … … … …Well, it’s not gonna’ happen.

Deafening heat comes in, as McMahon gets his game face back on, not playing to the crowd anymore. He looks straight ahead at Orton, who never even reaction to his reprieve.

Mr. McMahon: No, I’m not going to fire Randy Orton tonight (More boos) simply because … it wouldn’t punish you enough, Randy. (Orton scowls) You don’t get to where I am today, the most successful businessman in sport’s entertainment, a billionaire, without knowing your employees inside … and out … their strengths … (Eyeballs Orton) and weaknesses.

Orton’s eyes flicker.

Mr. McMahon: You see, Mister Orton, I could fire you right now (Crowd pops) but I don’t think it would make one damn bit of difference to you. Someone like you, Randy … always finds success one way or another. It’s what you live for, it’s what you crave. Just take a look at your record: Intercontinental Champion after barely a year with the company, and then the youngest World Heavyweight Champion in history one year later. That’s what this whole thing with Teddy Long has been about, Randy, we both know it. Gold.

Was that a nervous flicker passing across the face of “The Legend Killer”?

Mr. McMahon: Teddy Long denied you a shot at the World Heavyweight Championship and so you kicked him in the skull (Crowd boos). Well, Mister Orton if that is the kind of game you want to play, how does this sound. Shane, would you do the honours?

Shane ‘O Mac smiles and retrieves the contract from the desk. He glances over at Orton, before beginning to read.

Shane McMahon: (Reading) “Randy Orton, as a contracted member of the WWE roster, you are answerable to the ownership of the said company for all violations of contractual obligations. One February Eighteenth of this year at the No Way Out Pay-Per-View, you assaulted another member of the WWE roster and your employer on the SmackDown! brand, one Mister Theodore Long. (Clears throat) As a result of this offence, you are now subject to the disciplinary procedures of the WWE Chairman, one Vincent Kennedy McMahon, and the Board of Directors. After deliberation it has been settled that … you will remain a contracted member of the roster, but as a punishment for your actions at No Way Out … … …

Shane’s dramatic pause causes the crowd to buzz with anticipation, as Randy looks on.

Shane McMahon: … … … … … …You will never again be eligible for a championship match for any of the WWE’s recognised titles, including the WWE and World Tag Team Championship, the Intercontinental Championship, the United States Championship, the Cruiserweight Championship (Shane licks his lips) … or the World Heavyweight and WWE Championship. You will continue to work your contract, but these are the terms of World Wrestling Entertainment.”

The crowd cheers wildly, as Shane finishes up. Across the ring, Orton looks positively sick, a shadow of surprise in his eyes. He was clearly not expecting such a punishment. Vince steps forwards, eyes blazing.

Mr. McMahon: (Angrily) How does it feel to not be in control of your own life, Randy? How does it feel to know that no matter what you do, it means nothing? How does it feel to be useless? Worthless? (Steps in a little closer) Now you know exactly what Teddy Long felt, you little ingrate!!

The Chairman of the Board and “The Legend Killer” share a furious, intense stare down across the ring, before Shane breaks the tension by stepping past Orton and picking up one of the pens from the desk.

Shane McMahon: (Holding out the pen and paper to Randy) As a contracted member of World Wrestling Entertainment, you are hereby ordered to sign this document as proof that you fully understand the terms and conditions of your punishment.

Orton looks from the pen to Vince, to Shane and finally back down to the contract. Looking like a man on the edge, he takes both the pen and the paper in his hands and stares down at them.

Randy Orton: (Raising his head and looking at Vince) So … … … no matter what I do whilst I’m in the WWE, I will never receive a title shot again?

Mr. McMahon: (Smiling maliciously) That’s right.

“The Legend Killer” nods his head slowly, seeming to understand his terms. He holds the contract in one hand and the pen in the other, getting ready to sign … but he stops. Pursing his lips, Randy brings his mic up once more.

Randy Orton: Before I do this, I-


Michael Cole: OH MY GOD!!!!!!!

Tazz: What the HELL did Orton just do???!!!

Alabama gasps in shock at the suddenness of Orton’s strike, as Shane ‘O Mac is laid out on the canvas, and “The Legend Killer” is back up to his feet as quick as a cat. Vince looks totally horrified by what just happened, his eyes on his fallen son, and his mouth slightly agape in a state of shock. Orton’s blank expression slowly lifts until he is staring right into the eyes of the Chairman of the Board. There is a buzz of anticipation throughout the arena, with a mixture of boos for Randy, but the eyes of Mr. McMahon slowly narrow in a fierce rage…


Orton stays on the canvas, lying right down next to the fallen Chairman, pounding his fists into the canvas and seething with rage. The eyes of the third generation superstar are wild and angry, bringing back the chilling memories of No Way Out. McMahon is lying on his back, eyes closed, with his head lolling to one side, as Randy meticulously steps back up to his feet. “The Legend Killer” rips off his jacket violently and flings it across the ring. The crowd’s deafening boos are joined partly by a smattering of cheers as…

…a group of SECURITY GUARDS come jogging down the ramp to help their boss. The first one slides into the RING -- BAM! RKO OUT OF NOWHERE!!!

Randy is like a man possessed, charging around the ring like a mad man. He races across to the ropes and slugs one of the security guards in the face, knocking him crashing from the apron!! Two more leap up to try and get to Vince and Shane, but Orton is cat-like in his quickness, blasting them both back to the floor!!!

Sensing that he does not have much time, “The Legend Killer” whirls around and heads straight over to where Shane McMahon is only just beginning to stir. Grabbing hold of the arms of the young McMahon, Randy drags him over towards the ropes, propping him up against them … before reaching into his pocket … and pulling out … HANDCUFFS!!! Another plethora of boos greets the sight of the cuffs, as a malicious Orton quickly fastens them around the left wrist of Shane, connecting the other end to the ropes -- SHANE O’ MAC IS HANDCUFFED TO THE ROPES AND CANNOT MOVE!!!!!

Michael Cole: Oh for – would somebody please stop this??!! This is sick!! Randy Orton is – he’s deranged!!

Tazz:(Standing up and shouting) TOO FAR, RANDY!!!

The camera jumps into the audience, showing the horrified expressions on the faces of the fans, especially the younger ones. There are hands over faces and some definite tears, as Orton grips Shane’s chin, pulling his head up -- AND SLAPPING HIM RIGHT ACROSS THE FACE!!! Now Shane seems to be fully awake again, which is exactly what Randy wanted, as he leers right in the face of the struggling McMahon heir. The camera manages to get so close to the fray, that the words spat out by “The Legend Killer” are quite clear: “YOU WATCH THIS!!!”

After a quick and anxious glance up the ramp, Orton prowls over to where the helpless Mr. McMahon lies and quickly pulls him up to his feet by the scruff of his neck. Randy stares triumphantly into the eyes of the Chairman, but Vince is so out of it, his face registers nothing. Orton quickly moves to his right and tosses him onto the desk!! The desk does not break though, and Orton methodically climbs up onto the desk behind McMahon, as he struggles to his knees on the surface and Shane McMahon watches on with a horrified expression on his face -- RKO THROUGH THE DESK!!!


Tazz: (In complete shock) …Oh my god.

A Tremendous “OOOOHHHHHHH” rings out from the watching masses, followed by an ungodly amount of heat, as Vince McMahon is laid out, his neck damn near broken, large wooden fragments resting by and on his fallen frame. Orton steps back up to his feet, and grabs the stray contract. Randy slowly holds the piece of paper up high for all to see, especially a frantic Shane McMahon -- AND HE TEARS THE CONTRACT IN HALF!!! Has Randy Orton just ended his WWE career??!!

FINALLY, after a long while, another host of security guards begin rushing down to the ring. They are supported this team by backstage workers such as Ricky Steamboat, Pat Patterson, Dean Malenko and others. As the small army all clamber quickly into the ring … Randy Orton neatly slides to the outside.

The crowd boos wildly for “The Legend Killer”, but the cold, calculating young man barely bats an eyelid, as he turns on his heel and walks very calmly back up the ramp. We fade out from this week’s show with a final image of the remorseless face of Orton, having just laid out the two most important men in World Wrestling Entertainment, and, quite possibly, slammed the nail in the coffin of his own career.



Saturday Night’s Main Event:
Date: March 18th, 2006
Location: Cobo Arena; Detroit, Michigan

WrestleMania Main Events Collide; Tag Team Match:
WWE Champ Kurt Angle and Shawn Michaels vs. World Champ Batista and Edge

Intercontinental Championship Match:
Shelton Benjamin © vs. Gregory Helms

WWE Tag Team Championship; No Way Out Rematch:
w/Melina vs. The Hooligans


Special Attraction
The Cabinet calls out The Four Horsemen


Current Card for WWE WrestleMania XXII:
Date: April 2nd, 2006
Location: Allstate Arena; Rosemont, Illinois
Event Music: Peter Gabriel; Big Time

World Heavyweight Championship Match:
Batista vs. Edge

WWE Championship Match:
Kurt Angle vs. Shawn Michaels (vs. John Cena?)

One On One:
'The Phenom' The Undertaker vs. 'The Real Deal' Bobby Lashley

Street Fight:
'Mr Monday Night' Rob Van Dam vs. 'The Game' Triple H

The Nature Boy vs. The Wrestling God:
Ric Flair vs. John Bradshaw Layfield

{If Ric Flair loses, he must retire}


United States Championship Match:
Booker T
w/Sharmell vs. Rey Mysterio

Money In The Bank Ladder Match:
Chavo Guerrero vs. Matt Hardy vs. Gregory Helms vs. Finlay vs. ??? vs. ???

Cruiserweight Championship Match:
Kid Kash vs. Jamie Noble

WWE Tag Team Championship; Triple Threat Match:
w/Melina vs. The Hooligans vs. The Bluebloods


Banner Credit: Crazian
WM Gif Credit: will94
MITB Gif Credit: ADR LaVey
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Re: Legend Presents: World Wrestling Entertainment

Nice Smackdown! Legend. I don't think Randy Orton is fired at all, rather, I think it will be Shane McMahon w/Vince vs. Randy Orton at WrestleMania. I like how Bobby Lashley is being built as a monster heel, but I just can't see him (no matter how confident Heyman is) ending The Undertaker's WrestleMania streak. The Tag Team situation is good, and the 3-Way Tag Team match reminds me of Benoit/Rhyno vs. Los Guerreros vs. WGTT from WrestleMania 19. (I think maybe that's where you got the idea from?)
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Re: Legend Presents: World Wrestling Entertainment

Smackdown Review

Awesome start to the show, with this whole issue between these tag teams getting resolved. The time limit draw was kind of expected but I never though we’d get another one after Vince’s comments. Great brawl after the match and I am very interested to see where this whole situation goes.

Awesome announcements for Saturday Night’s Main Event and also WrestleMania 22. Good to see that both challengers get the title shots they deserve and I am really looking forward to seeing all three teams at WM22. MNM definitely didn’t want this but they aren’t going to get the ruling changed and I don’t see them as champions much longer.

Finlay over Juvi is a no-brainer and I hope MITB is the start of a good push for Finlay. I doubt he will win but I see him getting some more exposure post-WM22.

Surprisinglu awesome promo from Noble. This CW feud has been awesome and I really hope we get a ton of physicality in the weeks leading up to the biggest PPV of the year. Noble and Kash are the two best cruiserweights right now and I think that they can have a long feud, which I something I hope you plan on doing. Throw a few more promos like this in there and you have an amazing feud.

I knew the tag team match would be bad if it happened so great to see Lashley come in and destroy the jobbers. Heyman cut a great promo and am glad that the alliance was finally formed. You are pushing Lashley so much different than anyone I have read shows from and that is great. Lashley is too powerful to be the babyface he was in WWE so seeing him, as a heel is awesome. Lashley may dominate Taker on the road to WM22 but I’m sure The Deadman is walking out of Chicago with the win, he needs to.

Good interaction between Edge and HBK, with the real Shawn Michaels coming back. I hope that we see HBK like this for a very long time and I think we will.

The faces going over the heels is good but I didn’t want to see Kennedy take the fall. Hardy getting the win was nice and so was the Drop of the Dime after the match on Booker. Rey vs. Booker should be great at WM22 and we need a new champion, imo.

Classic JBL and I really miss the days of the Cabinet. JBL’s promo about the Horsemen and Flair hogging the glory was spot on character wise and I hope that the four guys show up at SNME. Knowing JBL, he will have some fake ones come out before the real four Horsemen take it to the Cabinet. Segment of the night so far, imo.

Very shocked to see the main event go down like it did. I could see HBK turning on Dave but Angle giving Edge the Angle Slam was shocking. Batista getting pinned was not what I saw coming but I hope that this means the two tag champs are getting a huge push. Surprised to see Edge the way he was tonight, but I do believe we will see the heel Edge on the road to WM22. Both world title scenes are so exciting and I hope the John Cena return only makes the WWE title scene that much better.

Oh my God, that last segment was epic. The whole not title shots for the rest of his career thing for Randy Orton was truly shocking. Orton just completely snapped and did whatever he wanted to Vince and Shane. I never thought he would do something like this and then the fact that he ripped the contract makes me wonder what his WWE future is. Amazing segment, best I have ever read from you.

Overall, the show was great. Sorry that I didn’t leave that detailed of a review but I have just been working on BTB so much and I just wanted to get these comments up for you. Some good matches progressing towards WM22 and the whole Randy Orton thing is just a bonus. This was a good show top to bottom, except for Batista getting pinned and for that reason, 9.5/10.


PatMan Presents: World Wrestling Entertainment 2007
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Re: Legend Presents: World Wrestling Entertainment

As promised here we go...

Cool to see the 15 Minutes of Fame kick the show off tonight and damn did they get some attention early on in the show. At least 25 minutes if you count the promo in. So major hype for the tag division tonight is great on your part and something different. London and Kendrick pretty much seem set to take those titles at WM and I think you're going to wait until WM to have the titles change but it'd be a different pace if you were to change the titles at SNME or after.

Easy entry for Finlay into MITB imo. He's going to be a big time player in that match as he can use a ladder for a weapon easily. Though he's not going to win it.

Um the interview was ok and I see you're trying to bring out a different side of Noble. It sounded fine in character but tbh I think it might have dragged on a bit too long. Maybe that's just me. I mean I like you're giving pushes to the CW division but it seems like this show might be gunning for time tonight.

Well from one CW to four others as they just got ran right through by Lashley. Oh well they're nothing major anyways. Um this heel Lashley is interesting as I always found him boring in the WWE as a face so at least you're trying something different to make him a little bit more entertaining.

Um don't know what to think of this promo from Edge and HBK. You've also transformed HBK into the old character he was which isn't original as many people have done but he's certainly more interesting that way imo. Um I can't really see the main events teaming losing so I'm not sure how it's going to go down.

The video package shouldn't have honored the team but should have degraded the Four Horsemen more than what it did. JBL's promo was cool though making up for that video and really I do see the Four Horsemen showing up since a few are "Backstage Road Agents" anyways lol.

TWIST!~!~1! Didn't really see HBK and Angle turning on their tag partners at all. Well maybe I should have after HBK's comments. Really I can understand that but why did HBK and Angle both stand at the ramp after and watch it? TBH, I think they should have fought or something leaving Batista and Edge in the ring. Would have added more to it.

OOOO! Wow great promo here and probably one of the best ones I've read from you in a while. I can't see you persay firing Orton so it's really going to be interesting to see what happens. Certainly something different that you are doing compared to other BTB's so props to that one.
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Re: Legend Presents: World Wrestling Entertainment

SmackDown! Review (Legend Presents: World Wrestling Entertainment)

S1 (Opening Segment + Bluebloods v. Hooliganz - 15 Minutes of Fame) = The opening of the show was top notch, with the arrival of MNM a great surprise, the depiction of reality was top notch also. The action in the match was sometimes awe-inspiring, sometimes too chaotic to comprehend. Nonetheless, the whole McMahon deicision, albeit a bit unfamiliar, was great tv (a great read) and the Double Draw ending was greatly depicted.

S2 (Backstage, Lashley) = The perfect role for Lashley, a heel that has his actions speak louder than his (very few at that) words.

S3 (Backstage, McMahons + MNM + Bluebloods + Hooliganz) = Great segment, what more can I say, it's always nice to see McMahon as a face, but, with a slight heelish side to him. Everything was well written out, easy to follow and this puts lots of emphasis on the Tag Team Division, which promises to have great bouts in the future weeks ahead. This will be the chance one team is looking for to stand up above that crowd of talented teams.

S4 (Finlay v. Juvi - MITB Qualifier) = Good matchup, different always mashup nicely when such veterans work at it hard. The end was a bit struggly, but, the overall lead up to the finish was great to read through. Finlay is always a great addition to any multiple men matchup because of all the knowledge and ring generalship he brings with him to the dance, should be great to see him there, plus, Juvi looked good in this outing, which didn't last long, but was definitely not a squash.

S5 (Backstage, Lashley) = I don't know if we'll see a direct altercation between these two titans tonight, but, this is surely catching my interest very much (just reminded that I had read your No Way Out PPV a few months back and I was really digging this angle).

S6 (Interview, Matthews & Gibson) = Wow... this was great, Gibson is probably my favorite wrestler of this generation because, no matter how small he is, he's so talented and he's not one to just flip around and whatnot, he just goes out there and wrestles. He doesn't have the greatest body, not the greatest of looks, but works hard at cutting great promos and if he was ROH Champion it means that he was more than worth it. Now, on to this interview, what can I say other than wow... Only thing is, I don't like Kash as much as heel because it sort of limits him in his aerial offense but, I'm sure these two will put on a tremendous show of skills and wits at WM.

S7 (Moore/Guido v. Funaki/S2H) = I was glad that the really never started, I'm not a big fan of makeshift teams just to fill up some time. But I was relieved when Lashley destroyed everyone from pillar to post. The alliance with Heyman is brilliant. Sure, it is a bit tainting because it will all remind us of Heyman & Lesnar in some ways, but, notwithstanding that, Lashley needs even more Heyman than Lesnar needed Heyman because we all know Lashley is not someone that can talk freely. So Heyman is now in a position to elevate this man's career the right way. But having him run his mouth, and Lashley mow people down. The clash at WM will be of epic proportions, and to me, this one is total toss-up. (p.s. If Heyman had his phone with him... this angle would have been perfection!)

S8 (Backstage, HBK + Edge/Lita) = I love the new HBK, this angle was okay to me, I was a bit confused because I haven't been reading for this long, but, the chemistry that exists between the two of them was there all the way through and, everything was neatly paced and written.

S9 (Booker/Kennedy v. MHardy/Rey) = I don't think the shortness of this match took away from the fact that these 4 guys can go at it, no matter the circumstances. I was lost in the end with the Dropkick through the ropes thing, when I though Kennedy was in the ring... either way, overall I should say, this match was good entertainment. I'm guessing Kennedy & Booker will have a little argument over what happened in the very near future, but, in the end, it is Rey v. Booker I wanna see.

S10 (Promo, JBL + Interview, JBL & Cabinet) = Awesome stuff from top to bottom. To me, a Flair & JBL rivalvry is as close as Flair will ever be to fighthing another Windham. But Windham was never a good heel. And JBL is a tremendous heel that is calculating and everything in between. I can't wait to see if the Horsemen will answer the challenge and who the 3 guys besides Flair will be (Tully & Windham could be sure picks, but, we all know Arn is not fit to get into a program with unexperienced guys like OJ & the Bashams.)

S11 (MNM/Spirit Squad v. Batista/Edge/Angle/HBK - Main Event) = Awesome contest. I wasn't putting a whole lot of thought on who would win with such power shifted on one side of the ring, but, the whole line where The RAW wrestlers have turned on the SmackDown! wrestlers was pure gold. I'd maybe have given MNM the win instead of the Spirit Squad since MNM are from SmackDown! and it would mean a whole of a lot hell more for them to walk away with the pinfall of the Champ than the RAW guys, the SS. Still, how the finish went down, it was a great read nonetheless.

S12 (In the ring, McMahons + Orton) = This was nothing short of brilliant. Although the RKO through the desk is a bit over the top because of the nature of the maneuver and the age of one Vince McMahon, I cannot say a bad thing about this segment. It was well written, well played out, had a nice rythmn, everything was crisp and it worked perfectly as the closer to this show, a perfect climax.

OVERALL = I'd say you know totally what you're doing and it shows. Your shows are a perfect depiction of what exactly the WWE could be if given the proper writers and proper ideas. Because none of what I've just read is out of bounds on any level. The only thing I can really put down as criticism is that, although you have segments and promos down to a tee, your matches sometimes lack rythmn and I, for my own self, was left sometimes puzzled with the actual action that I was reading of. But does it tarnish in any way your show, not at all, it is just something I realized and I'm sure I'm not the only one that will or already did. I'll say this, wrestling tv shows have never really been about the actual wrestling, which is immensely true in the WWE's case, so, for me, if the promos and segments are top notch, which they are, the wrestling action doesn't have to be top notch. But it was good to great at times, that's for sure.

Realism = 8.5/10
Length = 9.5/10
Quality/Entertainment = 9/10
Spelling/Grammar = 9.5/10
Matches/Booking = 9/10

Overall = 91/100 (A)

WWWF is Coming...
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Re: Legend Presents: World Wrestling Entertainment

Bradley's Smackdown Review

It is very nice to see someone give the tag division a much needed breath of fresh air and a decent push. I feel this one HAS to have some inteference in to keep the heels hot going in to 'Mania. Both teams looked exceedingly strong and there was a variety of different moves which kept me very happy. The ending was a little cliche, what is a Royal Mutilation BTW? It is a Regal Stretch? Anyway loved the ending and I loved the way McMahon came on to the screen, it totally gives the segment higher status now. Mr. McMahon did sound off when he laughed at saying listen to the people, probably a heel turn in the works. A nice, short burst of action is just what we needed with the Hooligans nearly taking it, surely a triple threat tag match for 'Mania? McMahon should have turned up on the Tron but he probably had an aneurysm backstage after that. 20 minutes of solid wrestling isn't a bad thing though.

This McMahon thing is getting interesting, obvious screwjob at 'Mania methinks. Regal and Burchill were spot on with their language, being a Brit yourself you should get that right! London sounded very heelish to me. You didn't make this segment a clusterfuck but McMahon should have taken control of this all earlier. There should be a fingerpoke of doom because Melina didn't seem all that bothered by the announcement that they have potentially 3 title matches in 2 weeks or so. Melina has to be cooking something up.

I actually like Juvi and it was nice to see him actually get SOME offense in as it wasn't exactly a squash but only one man could win. It seems Finlay gets jobbed out every year at 'Mania on these things but he is never seen as a credible championship contender, buildup please.

A very good promo with Noble and you got his accent and dialect spot on here. It seemed too much like a worked shoot at first which made it seem rather generic but I love the way it has become personal and Noble will do anything to get his life back, if he wins at 'Mania I will write the words ~MARKOUTOFTHEYEAR~

A perfect way to show Lashley's dominance. I was hoping for S2H to do something but I truly loved Heyman's promo afterwards. Now THAT is how you build a superstar up! I am kind of wanting Lashley to win at 'Mania now, not a lot people get me to say that every so often and this is one of the best feuds in BTB right now with the way it is slowly being built up.

Goold old heel HBK. Loved it when he was heel and I love his character now. The interaction between Edge and HBK was really thought out and Edge will screw HBK over in some way tonight but that would screw up the feuds wouldn't it?

Oh my God what a great TV match! I would have loved to seen this in full but the ending was kind of meh. Kennedy would at least do something unless he had a profound hatred for Booker which I don't think he did and he would want to 'beat another world champion.' Matt Hardy is going to screw Mysterio over at 'Mania. Damn that's like the third time I have said screw or job in the same sentence.

Great video package, I actually thought it was legit for a second. JBL is saying that he needs his glory, this is stupidly ironic for someone who has countless tag titles and one of the longest reigns in WWE history with a world title bettered only recently by John Cena. JBL ain't no spring chicken himself so that was strange but he was still on the money, very egotistic. JBL will obviously take out the Horsemen at SNME but that will only get Flair riled up further.

OK this is the biggest mismatch in professional wrestling history. We have a decent tag team and perennial jobbers against multiple world champions and sure fire hall of famers? This one better be good. The world champions and their contenders seemed to dominate too much for a main event until the end. I did like the end though with RAW screwing over Smackdown but the mini arc shouldn't go on for too long, end it at SNME and that will be that but I guess RAW is the better brand right?

I didn't think Orton would be fired but that is the most unique clause I have ever seen. This is the storyline equivalent of the doghouse which I am liking but I am just gearing up for the Orton/McMahon match at 'Mania which seems inevitable. A fantastic end to a fantastic recap.

<a href=http://www.cpfc.co.uk/javaImages/48/1c/0,,10323~9903176,00.jpg target=_blank>http://www.cpfc.co.uk/javaImages/48/...9903176,00.jpg</a>
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