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Re: Legend Presents: World Wrestling Entertainment

Looks like a great RAW Legend. I'll be reading as well.

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Re: Legend Presents: World Wrestling Entertainment

Looks a good show mate. Ill be reading.
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Re: Legend Presents: World Wrestling Entertainment

Monday Night Raw; March 6th, 2006; Birmingham, Alabama

As we head into the arena for another edition of Monday Night Raw, the crowd is indeed going wild, but instead of the usual frenzied camera work and pyrotechnics, we head into the ring, where good ole’ J.R, Jim Ross, is standing with a microphone in hand.

Jim Ross: (In ring) Ladies and gentlemen, over the past month and a half, the actions of one man have quite frankly shocked the world. (Quite emotional) I include myself in that statement, and like the world, I would like some answers, and tonight, that very man has promised us those answers. So, ladies and gentlemen please welcome back to Monday Night Raw … (Pauses, wary) ‘The Heartbreak Kid’ Shawn Michaels…

***Sexy Boy*** Perhaps the most famous music in the WWE blasts out through the arena to of the most THUNDEROUS reactions in a long time. The crowd is obviously split, actually leaning towards heat, as, slowly but surely, ‘The Heartbreak Kid’ Shawn Michaels walks out onto the stage. This is not the HBK we are used to; there is no dancing, no posing. Instead, ‘The Icon’ simply begins the long walk down the aisle to the ring. He is dressed in cowboy boots, jeans, a dark sleeveless vest, and, as usual, his black fedora cowboy hat.

Above his bearded face, Michaels’ eyes are hidden by the rim of the hat, so it is impossible to make out his expression as he approaches the ring. The fans look hurt as he completely blanks them, and J.R braces himself in the ring. HBK slowly climbs up the steps and enters the ring. He walks slowly into the centre of the ring and raises his head to expose his face … which is smirking? The fans actually seem rather surprised, as the ‘dark’ Shawn Michaels seems quite familiar after all. He saunters over towards where J.R waits patiently, tipping his hat calmly.

Jim Ross: (Tips his hat back) Shawn, having…

The crowd is still pouring the heat down on the ring, and HBK turns his head slightly, glancing at the crowd with a raised eyebrow.

Jim Ross: (Clears his throat) Shawn, having been placed in your first ever Royal Rumble Qualifying match by Mister McMahon, I think we can all agree that the situation you were placed in was in no way your fault…

Actually the fans disagree, booing J.R’s statement with aplomb, whilst Michaels nods his head slowly.

Jim Ross: However, Shawn, there is absolutely no way that your recent actions to John Cena (Images of the attacks play) could be considered anything other than your fault, and many say that what you have done is one of the most disgusting actions in the history of the WWE.

The boos ring out around the arena, as the crowd are reminded of the brutal assault perpetrated by Michaels on their hero John Cena. J.R holds up the mic to HBK’s mouth, and, after a few moments of staring into the crowd, ‘The Showstopper’ obliges.

Shawn Michaels: ……First of all (Raises a finger in the air) one month ago, I couldn’t get you (Points to J.R), I couldn’t get Bischoff, and I (Shakes his head) couldn’t get … the fans of the WWE to agree with me that the situation that I was put in at the Royal Rumble was WRONG … but NOW … now you all wanna’ say that it wasn’t fair … now you’re gonna’ listen to me. And WHY do you all suddenly wanna’ listen to what I have ta’ say?

HBK looks around the arena, as if expecting any response other than boos.

Shawn Michaels: Well, seein’ as you’ve all (Air quotes) conveniently forgotten, lemme’ just go ahead and remind ya’. It’s ‘cause of what happened at the Royal Rumble, it’s ‘cuza what happened two weeks ago on this very show, when you, when the WWE backed me into a corner, pushed me aside to the point that I… (Shrugs) well, let’s just say that I had no other choice than to … SEIZE the moment!!

Boos ring out around the arena, whilst J.R looks on professionally, and Michaels waves his hand about.

Shawn Michaels: Y’see … here in the WWE ‘ya gotcha selves a lot of different folks who walk around callin’ themselves the bad asses, and ya’ got the guys callin’ themselves real wildcards … (Shakes his head slowly) But here in the REAL woooorld of wrestlin’ … I am every one of those things!! I am the guy who is bad ass … and I’m proud of it!! I AM the wildcard and … and if ya’ even THINK about backin’ this wildcard into a corner, and put ME in the dark with no options … well, guess what? I SEIZE THE MOMENT!!!

Michaels stares past Ross into the nearby camera, ignoring the crowd.

Shawn Michaels: I do it … ‘cause I have to. That’s what happened at the Royal Rumble … and that’s what happened two weeks ago on Monday Night Raw. John Cena (Crowd cheers) and the WWE just kept … on … PUSHIN’ Shawn Michaels out of the way, even though, like I’ve said before, ya’ don’t EVER push me aside, you don’t ever push me out of the picture!! But you did didn’t ya??!!

Licking his lips, Michaels pauses from his outcry of bitterness, whilst J.R looks on.

Shawn Michaels: You told ole’ Shawn Michaels TA’ TAKE A HIKE!! You told me to sit on the sidelines and watch. YOU TOLD ME … World Wrestlin’ Entertainment … YOU TOLD ME … John Cena (Crowd cheers) … to let you have … my spotlight.

HBK looks serious as a heart attack with these words, stunning the fans somewhat.

Shawn Michaels: And what happens when ya’ try to STEAL somethin’ from The Heartbreak Kid? (Throws his arm over to the time keepers area) It’s pretty darn simple. Just take a look at those steel chairs. When you try to steal somethin’ from Shawn Michaels … when ya’ give me NO other choice … I SEIZE … THE MOMENT!!!

The crowd boos mercilessly, as Michaels gestures at the steel chairs, reminding them of the punishment he inflicted on Cena.

Shawn Michaels: Now… (Holds a finger in the air) when I seize the moment, it ain’t always gonna’ please everyone … but it’s seizin’ the moment nonetheless.

Heat washes over HBK like rain, but the arrogant veteran doesn’t let it faze him.

Shawn Michaels: So nooooooow … all I keep hearin’ is that I did all of this, for the past month and a half because of ONE man…

A rumble of cheers can be heard through the arena, as well as a faint “Cena” chant, which gets Michaels flustered enough to take a step back from the mic and run his fingers through his hair, before speaking again.

Shawn Michaels: Well … there’s only ONE guy that decides what I do … annnnnnd what I don’t do. And guess what? That guy IS ME!! (Points to himself forcefully) Nobody but NOBODY tells ME what to do!! And one thing that I’m NOT gonna do … is sit back, relax, and LAY DOWN AND DIE so that John Cena can take … my … SPOT!!!

Thunderous heat, as HBK mouths “no way” to the camera.

Shawn Michaels: Now … I freely admit that I didn’t wanna’ have to do what I did at the Royal Rumble. I didn’t wanna’ have to do what I did two weeks ago on Monday Night Raw. But … seein’ as I’m the only guy around here in the WWE WITH ANY BALLS (OH~!!) … even though I didn’t want it ta’ happen, I went ahead and did it anyway!! Why? ‘Cause that’s just the type of guy that I am!!

Michaels nods slowly, eyeballing the camera.

Shawn Michaels: John Cena (Crowd cheers) you and I had never EVER crossed paths before the Royal Rumble, but don’t think that The Heartbreak Kid didn’t notice ya’ before all of that, ‘cause, John Cena, I DID!! YOU’RE the guy who’s bad ass, YOU’RE the wildcard in the WWE today, YOU’RE the guy who’s taken everything that I did FIRST back way back when I made a livin’ outta it!! I was the guy who SPAT in the face of authority figures!! I was the guy that drove (Starts thrusting) the girls wild!! So what do I see every … single … night on Monday Night Raw with you John Cena … I see a guy who wants to BE THE HEARTBREAK KID SHAWN MICHAELS!!!

Now J.R looks slightly confused, as do the booing fans, as HBK continues.

Shawn Michaels: And, Cena, if you wanna’ push The Heartbreak Kid aside and step into my boots for good … (Sneers) hey, you might be able to bring me down or take me out, but I’m bringing YOU … and everybody else WITH ME … because when Shawn Michaels finally steps aside, it’ll be on my terms, and when Shawn Michaels gets FORCED down IT WILL BE IN A BLAZE … OF FIRRRRRRE!!!

Michaels turns away emphatically, almost inviting the plethora of boos he is receiving. He stares arrogantly into the crowd for a few moments, before turning back to J.R and the mic.

Shawn Michaels: Now, John Cena, as hard as ya’ tries, you just ain’t at the top of my ta’ do list anymore. The man at the top of that list…

“SHAWN’S A PUSSY~!!! SHAWN’S A PUSSY~!!!” The chant echoes around the arena, showing the sentiments of the hurt, angry and upset fans, whilst HBK trails off angrily. Scowling into the rafters. Michaels snatches the mic away from J.R and turns toward the crowd, waving his arms around angrily.

Shawn Michaels: If I’ve showed ya’ once, I’ve showed you a thousand times!! Shawn Michaels is his own man, but if ya’ need me to refresh your memories, then maybe (Climbs the turnbuckle) just maybe I’ll come out there and B***H SLAP THE LOTTA YA!!!

OH~!!! The crowd reacts as one would expect; shaking the building with heat, as HBK jumps down from the turnbuckle, still fuming and pretending to restrain himself.

Shawn Michaels: ‘Cause when I come out there … well let’s just say that’s somethin’ ya’ just don’t wanna’ have happen!!

The Showstopper is positively steaming, whilst the crowd refuse to die down.

Shawn Michaels: I suggest the man at the top of my list listen very carefully to what I have to say, ‘cause at WrestleMania it’s gonna’ be Shawn Michaels not only walkin’ out of Chicago as the WWE Champion … but it’s gonna be Shawn Michaels puttin’ another one of your (Points into the crowd) heroes on the shelf!!

Raucous heat, whilst Michaels waits.

Shawn Michaels: KURT ANGLE!! (Crowd cheers) Kurt Angle … the first time with John Cena it was a steel chair and the steel steps … but, Kurt, the second time, just like I’ve done before, if I’ve gotta’ do it … it’ll be BULLDOZER to put you down for good!!

More boos, as HBK gets even more riled up.

Shawn Michaels: One thing’s for sure … this ain’t WrestleMania Twenty-One, and at WrestleMania Twenty-Two, The Heartbreak Kid will be standin’ tall … your (Air quotes) Olympic Hero will be flat on his back, and ‘AITCH BEE KAY, the original bad ass, the original AND ONLY initial outlaw of World Wrestling Entertainment will walk back down that aisle as THE NEW WWE CHAMPION … OH IT’S TRUE…

The crowd is booing wildly, as Michaels slowly steps forwards staring right into the camera.

Shawn Michaels: (Quiet, intense) ……………It’s DAMN true…

Michaels’ music hits once again and he tosses the mic up over his shoulder emphatically. Birmingham is deafening with heat, with HBK having turned them against him (like only he can), but he is not afraid. The Showstopper steps up to the second turnbuckle, jawing with the fans in the front row and waving his arms around threateningly until he finally decides to give it up.

He steps down from the turnbuckle and walks straight past J.R, completely blanking the veteran commentator, and exits the ring. He heads back up the ramp, his mouth still running overtime with the crowd, but just so cocky. HBK stops at the top of the ramp, giving Birmingham one final smirk, before disappearing through the curtain.

{Commercial Break}

We get a brief recap of Shawn Michaels’ speech before the break, before heading back to ringside.

Match #1: Six Woman Tag Team Match:
Trish Stratus, Ashley Massaro & Mickie James vs. Victoria, Torrie Wilson & Candice Michelle
Considering the way Victoria assaulted every member of the face team last week, things are quite heated to begin with, as the youngster Mickie James and Ashley Massaro go straight after their attacker. This is how the opening few minutes go, with Victoria refusing to get in the ring and instead sending in Candice Michelle to do her dirty work. Candice gets taken out by an angry Mickie James, who bounces her into the corner, before drilling Michelle with a spinning heel kick!! Eventually though, a very reluctant Mickie is forced to make the tag to Ashley, and the two Divas, who clearly dislike one another, slap hands. This is where it all starts to go wrong.
The distraction of the animosity between Mickie and Ashley gives Victoria enough time to blind tag herself in and charge into the ring, taking Ashley down from behind. The majority of the match up then sees Ashley made the face in peril, as Victoria, Torrie and Candice work her over. At one point Ashley manages to duck under a clothesline swipe from Victoria and sprint off the ropes, but Victoria just counters with a hard Powerslam!! After a near fall, Victoria starts to get frustrated, and lifts Ashley up, going for the WIDOW’S PEAK … but Ashley manages to leap off her shoulders and make the hot tag to Trish Stratus to cheers!!
The Women’s Champion comes in like a house of fire, hammering away on Victoria with right hands, before the larger Diva tries to get some respite by going for the Irish Whip. Trish reverses it though, sending Victoria into the ropes … but Vicky grabs hold of the top rope, stopping herself, and tags in a stunned Torrie Wilson. Trish looks furious that she won’t be able to get her hands on Victoria, but Mickie James solves that problem for her by tagging herself in. Torrie charges, avoiding the kick by Stratus … but gets a Spinebuster from James for her troubles!! Victoria lurks on the outside of the ring, holding her neck … PLANCHA from Trish Stratus right onto her!!! The crowd goes wild, as Trish lays into Vicky with a flurry of blows, whilst back in the ring; Mickie sets Torrie up for the Mick Kick. Candice charges into the ring, knocking James down with a kick of her own. Before she can do anything else though, Ashley tackles her to the mat, and the two women fight under the bottom rope to the floor!!
Torrie Wilson looks to take advantage of the distraction back in the ring, as she grabs hold of Mickie by the hair, dragging her up to her feet. Wilson looks for the Sit-Out Facebuster, but Mickie spins out of it quickly, whipping Torrie’s right around – INTO THE MICK KICK!!! 1 … 2 … 3!!!
Winners: Trish Stratus, Ashley Massaro & Mickie James via Pin Fall @ 08:23.
The crowd erupts for the result, but it is Mickie James who goes the most wild. The beautiful woman springs back up to her feet with her arms in the air, waving them around frantically in delight. She completely ignores the tussle between Trish and Victoria on the outside now being broken up by the security officials, and instead climbs up the turnbuckle to pose for the fans {the men having absolutely no problem with that}.

Jim Ross: Wow, absolute chaos here at ringside between these lovely young ladies, as the Women’s Champion looks to get a piece of the woman who has been plaguing her for weeks, Victoria!!

Jonathan Coachman: Hey, hey, are you blind, J.R? Did you not just see Mickie James SINGLE HANDEDLY win that match? Now I’m a big fan of Victoria, but I’m a big fan of Mickie James, and the sooner she ditches the deadweight of Trish Stratus, the better. Look at her celebrate. (Applauding) You go, girl!!

Jim Ross: (Rolling his eyes) Yeah, whatever you say, Coach.

We cut away and head outside to the backstage area, where Todd Grisham is standing by with a microphone in hand.

Todd Grisham: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome my guest at this time … he is the sixteen-time World Champion, ‘The Nature Boy’ Ric Flair.

The crowd explodes as Flair himself steps into the shot, dressed to the nines in one of his gorgeous robes, ready to go.

Ric Flair: (Grinning) How ya’ doing, son?

Grisham takes a quick moment, smiling at being addressed so courteously by the legend.

Todd Grisham: Great thanks. Well, Ric, after what you agreed to on Friday Night SmackDown, when you agreed to put your career on the line at WrestleMania just to get your hands on JBL, a lot of people have been saying these next few Raw’s, these next few SmackDown’s, well, they could be your very last. Tonight you face ally and former Chief Of Staff to JBL, Orlando Jordan, with Bradshaw himself in attendance. What are your thoughts?

Ric Flair: Son, let me tell ya’ something, tonight, or next week, the week after that, or even the last night before WrestleMania, (Working himself up) it DOESN’T MATTER, ‘cause it will NOT be the Naitcha’ Boy’s last appearance in the WWE!! At WrestleMania, it doesn’t matter one bit what Bradshaw brings to the dance, ‘cause in the end, he (Emphasising every word with his finger) … ain’t … puttin’ … me … DOWN!! I don’t care what people are sayin’; I still got too much left to fight for in this business!! I am going to finish this thing with JBL once and for all on the grandest stage of them!! I am gonna show the world that nobody, BUT NOBODY can do what they did to me at the Royal and get away with it!! NOBODY!!

Having been quite calm when he entered, Flair is now becoming furious.

Ric Flair: It doesn’t matter if I’ve been in the business for THIRTY … FIVE … YEARS, Todd, ‘cause the Space Mountain is still the greatest and most featured ride in the park, and Ric Flair is still the, WOO, man! And tonight, the Naitcha’ Boy is gonna walk that Monday Night Raw aisle ONCE AGAIN and kick Orlando Jordan’s sorry ass, and if that little lady of JBL’s tries to get in the way, well … (Rubs his chin, smirking) I’LL KICK HER ASS TOO!! Y’see, Todd, I don’t give a damn how many pawns Bradshaw throws my way; Jordan, Hall, IT DOESN’T MATTER!! You might be rich and you might be powerful, JBL, but no matter how hard ya’ try, you’re NEVER gonna be as good … (Looks reminiscent) as The Naitcha’ Boy, TULLY BLANCHARD … ARN ANDERSON … BARRY WYNDHAM … J.J DILLON … THE FOUR HORSEMEN!! NEVER!!

The crowd pops loudly at the mention of the greatest stable of all time, as Naitch licks his chops.

Ric Flair: (Nodding slowly) It’s really quite simple, Todd, The Naitcha’ Boy ain’t worried one bit, ‘cause at WrestleMania Twenty-Two, NO MATTER WHAT, Ric Flair is not being retired by John Bradshaw Layfield!! Hell, I might as well say it, Ric Flair IS NEVER GONNA RETIRE!! (Cheers) EVER!! But what Ric Flair IS gonna do is make JBL TAP OUT, and then, Todd, maybe, just maybe, it’s time for me… (Dramatic pause) to win Number Seventeen!! So, Todd Grisham, you, and everyone else out there who is worried about the career of The Naitcha’ Boy, relax, and just stand back and watch Ric Flair prove just why he is still... THE ... MAN! WOO!

Flair stares first at an impressed Todd Grisham, before looking right past him into the camera, eyes blazing. Slowly, Naitch adjusts the lapels of his robe, before heading on into the arena with the crowd still cheering.

Jim Ross: How can you not respect that man?! At fifty-seven years of age, Ric Flair still has more passion, more love for this business than anyone else I know, and I just hope he shows the world that tonight by kicking Orlando Jordan’s butt!!

Jonathan Coachman: Y’know, I wanted to say this before, but I just think it is so great how you can remain impartial on these matters, J.R. (Rolls his eyes) Anyway, if I were Ric Flair I’d be savouring every last moment on Monday Night Raw, or even on Friday Night SmackDown! Because let’s face it … it’s all going to end for him at WrestleMania.

Jim Ross: Well, that’s your opinion, Coach, and as much as I might disagree with it, you’re entitled to it. I tell you though; it’s great to hear that the spirit of the Four Horsemen still lives in Ric Flair today. I can’t think of a more inspirational group that guys like Flair, Blanchard, The Andersons, Dillon, Wyndham, Luger, and Sting!! THAT’S why I respect Ric Flair, Coach, because he pays respect.

Jonathan Coachman: Aren’t most of those guys’ dead now? (Moving on before J.R gets angry) Anyway, still to come tonight when we return, we have matches such as the Triple Threat for the third Money in the Bank spot, Carlito-Angle, and much more!!

{Commercial Break}

WrestleMania Big Time Moment – At WrestleMania XIII, the intense rivalry between Bret “Hitman” Hart and ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin comes to a head, as the two men meet one another in a brutal and bloody Submission Match. After a gruelling contest, it is Bret who ultimately comes out on top, but the match is remembered to this day as much for Austin’s courage as for the victor.

We cut back to ringside and to Coach and J.R, the latter staring at the monitor with a fond look in his eye.

Jim Ross: One of – if not THE greatest performance ever at a WrestleMania there by Stone Cold Steve Austin all the way back in 1997. Arguably the two BEST athletes in the companies history, with Bret Hart too. It sure does bring back memories.

Jonathan Coachman: (Shaking his head) Tell me again, J.R, where are they now?

***Also Sprach Zarathustra*** The crowd comes alive with cheers and “WOOOS” for the one, the only, ‘The Nature Boy’ Ric Flair, who steps out onto the stage ahead of his first match back since his injury at the Royal Rumble. Dressed smartly in a long, dark and silver sequined robe, Naitch holds out his arms, savouring the crowd reaction, before heading on down to the ring. The referee holds down the rope and Flair steps in, doing a little twirl for his adoring public, before getting set for action.

***Longhorn*** Stock market bells ring out through the arena to some UNGODLY heat, as the familiar white stretched limousine pulls out alongside the ramp. The driver quickly nips out and opens the door, for
SmackDown’s John Bradshaw Layfield, Jillian Hall, and Orlando Jordan. JBL looks fierce, clad in a smart suit, complete with fedora, whilst Jillian is dressed secretarially, and Orlando is wearing his ring attire, complete with boxing vest. The trio ignore the loud boos and head on down to the ring, where Flair eyes them warily. Bradshaw gives Jordan some last words of encouragement, before heading over to J.R and Coach.

Jonathan Coachman: (Standing up) Oh man, what an honour. Get up, J.R, we’re being joined by John – I mean, Mister Layfield. (Extends his hand) Always a pleasure, sir.

John Bradshaw Layfield: (Shakes Coach’s hand) Thanks, Jonathan. (Without even looking at J.R) Don’t even think about it, Oklahoma boy.

Jim Ross: Alright I won’t.

Match #2:
Ric Flair vs. Orlando Jordan
The veteran and the youngster go at each other at a frenzied pace for the opening few minutes, with Flair delighted to be finally getting his hands on someone connected to JBL. The two men do a little bit of mat wrestling, with Naitch doing his utmost to stick with the speed of the technically sound Orlando, before Flair wriggles out of a side headlock. Jordan quickly sends Naitch into the ropes with an Irish Whip and goes for the clothesline, but the wily veteran ducks underneath it, and catches the youngster with an almighty knife edge chop when he turns around! Flair backs Orlando into the corner with an onslaught of Chops – BUT JBL RIPS OFF HIS HEADSET AND SLIDES INTO THE RING, HAMMERING AWAY ON NAITCH FROM BEHIND!! The ref immediately calls for the bell!!
Winner: Ric Flair via DQ @ 02:26.
The crowd boos the outcome furiously, as Bradshaw tries to beat down The Nature Boy with clubbing blows to the back of the head. Flair is staggered into the ropes, and JBL advances, tossing his hat aside and rolling up his sleeves – but Naitch lights him up with a chop!! With breath knocked right out of him, JBL stumbles backwards, eyes bulging in pain, as Flair comes at him with a few more Chops, followed by some straight right hands and jabs, with the fans cheering him on.

Clutching his own chest, Orlando Jordan pulls himself up in the corner and rushes forwards, grabbing Flair’s shoulders and spinning him around – CHOP!! Naitch was ready and explodes on Orlando with Chop after Chop, before the final one sends the youngster head over heels over the top rope!! Flair, smirking, turns back around – CLOTHESLINE FROM HELL – NO, FLAIR DUCKS IT!! Bradshaw stops himself at the ropes, but Naitch rears back and takes the knee of the former WWE Champion out with a well-aimed chop block. JBL stumbles down onto the canvas in a heap, and Flair quickly grabs his leg, dragging Bradshaw backwards in search of the famous FIGURE FOUR LEG LOCK!! The crowd lets out a cheer…

…but a bald-headed man rushes down the aisle, catching Ric Flair’s attention!! The man is dressed all in black and J.R and Coach immediately recognise him as DANNY BASHAM, a member of the Raw roster and a former member of JBL’s Cabinet. Naitch lets go of Bradshaw and steps towards the ropes, causing Danny to halt at the apron, holding his hands in the air. Fists raised, Flair yells at him to get into the ring – but
SmackDown’s DOUG BASHAM slides into the ring from the opposite side and nails Flair from behind!!

Danny quickly slides into the ring as well, and the former-WWE Tag Team Champions, The Bashams, put the boots to the sixteen-time World Champion, with the fans booing desperately in the background. JBL hobbles back up to his feet and begins to direct traffic, yelling furiously at all of his subordinates. Danny and Doug drag Flair up to his feet and heave him into the air, bringing him slamming down to the mat with the DOUBLE BRAIN DAMAGE CHOKEBOMB!! Orlando Jordan wants a piece too, as he rolls back into the ring and snatches a virtually unconscious Naitch up, grinning, before dropping him with the BLACKOUT REVERSE STO!!!

But it isn’t over yet. The reunited Cabinet seem hell-bent on destruction this evening, as JBL screams at his lackies to get Flair up again. Naitch is out on his feet and has to be held in position by The Bashams, as Bradshaw quickly comes off the ropes – NAILING THE CLOTHESLINE FROM HELL successfully this time!!! A look of ecstasy on his face, JBL orders Jillian to retrieve him a mic from ringside, before standing over Flair dominantly.

John Bradshaw Layfield: (Tutting) Look what we have here. The legendary Nature Boy Ric Flair. (Stops and chuckles) I suggest you get used to this position, Ric, ‘cause come April Second, it’s gonna’ be yours truly standing over your prone, lifeless body. Get the picture? (Glances around at his cronies) What was that you were sayin’ about strength in numbers? I see the entire Cabinet standing by my side, Ric. Where’s Tully at? Where’s Double A hidin’? What could Barry Wyndham POSSIBLY have that is more important than comin’ to the aid of his ole’ buddy (Mocking voice) Na – itc – CHA Boooy Ric Flair!!! (Laughing) Face it, Ric, you’re all alone in this one. There’s no one comin’ to save ya’. And at WrestleMania … Flair … you’re thirty-five year career is gonna’ end at the hands of JBL, John … Bradshaw … Layfield.

JBL leans down slowly … and slaps Ric Flair right across the face to tremendous heat from the crowd. He stands back, away from the fallen body of The Nature Boy and raises both of his arms into the air, his patented toothy grin now covering his face, as The Cabinet applaud and Birmingham boos.

Jim Ross: What an absolutely disgusting display from JBL and his goons. (Looking across at Coach) Would you stop that?!

Jonathan Coachman: (Applauding wildly) Oh, man, that was the greatest performance by a colour commentator I’ve seen since Owen Hart. I think my job might be in danger, J.R.

Jim Ross: We can only hope.

We head backstage once more, this time into a locker room, where … Charlie Haas is putting the finishing touches to the tape around his fists. The crowd pops at the sight of the young All-American, who looks ready to go for his big match tonight. In the background, the door can be heard opening, and Haas turns to see … the Intercontinental Champion Shelton Benjamin walk into the room, also dressed to compete, with the IC title belt over his shoulder. The two men smile awkwardly at one another.

Charlie Haas: (Extends his hand) Hey, man.

Shelton Benjamin: (Slaps hands with Haas) Hey.

Both men smile nervously again, before looking at the ground, unsure what to say.

Charlie Haas: So, uh, what-

Shelton Benjamin: Look, man (Cuts Haas off) we’re bros, you know that, and I don’t want anything to change that. It’s just (Pauses, rubbing his chin) ……tonight is big. Money in the Bank at WrestleMania it – well, let’s just say it means a lot. I got this (Shows with his fingers) close last year to getting a guaranteed World title shot. I can’t let anything get in the way of that again, man. I … I wanna’ be a World Champion, and I know you do too, so-

Charlie Haas: It’s gotta’ be every man for himself out there tonight. (Benjy looks surprised, but nods anyway) It’s cool, man, like ya’ said, we both wanna’ be World Champion, and we can’t do that together can we?

Shelton chuckles slightly and is joined in the laughter by Haas, the former partners showing their respect for one another.

Shelton Benjamin: So (Extends his hand once again) …………

Charlie Haas: (Shakes his hand) …………may the best man win.

The two men step in close, eyes locked in their fiercely competitive nature, until…

???: Awwwwww, how cute was that??!!

Haas and Benjamin glance behind them and immediately sigh in annoyance, with Shelton basically mouthing to Charlie, “You gotta’ be fucking kidding me?” We soon see why, as KENNY of the Spirit Squad saunters into the frame to heat from the crowd. The young cheerleader is dressed in his sweats and headband, with the World Tag Team title belt over his shoulder, as he smirks.

Kenny: That … that really was touching, fellas.

Charlie Haas: (Stepping forwards angrily) Beat it, Kirsten Dunst.

The crowd laughs, but Kenny only pretends to be offended.

Kenny: Nice, nice (Cups his hand to his mouth to whisper) but is that really how you should be speaking to your WrestleMania opponent?

Shelton Benjamin: (Rolls his eyes) You ain’t in our league, kid. Take a hike.

Did Kenny’s false smile just falter?

Kenny: Well, it’s, uh, funny you should say that, (Gets right in Benjy’s face) ‘cause for two guys who walk around calling yourselves ‘The World’s Greatest Tag Team’ … you sure look like losers to me.

OH~! But only from the crowd. Shelton and Charlie seem positively unaffected by Kenny’s insults and just sigh.

Kenny: Like I keep on saying … champs … if ya’ wanna go around calling yourselves that, (Slaps his title) ya’ better have these around your waist. Not that (Points to the IC belt) piece of crap there, ‘cause, hey, we all know that sucks, ain’t that right, Shelton mah’ bo-

Shelton Benjamin: That’s enough!! (Kenny looks a little taken aback) Look, Ken … how many times do we need to say it to ya’? We are both singles wrestlers now, and no matter how many times you challenge us, or try to piss us off, that ain’t gonna’ change. (Smirks) Even when we were a tag team, what makes you think we’d even face you? Take a look at yourselves; you’re a bunch of grown men dressed as something out of Sweet Valley High. The only reason that you … chumps are champs … is ‘cause there ain’t nobody left for you to face.

Charlie Haas: Do ya’ want us to head on over to SmackDown and ask some real tag teams what they think you, Kenny? (Holds up his hands) Face it, you’re a joke team, you always will be … a laughing stock…

The crowd cheers each insult, but Kenny looks positively sick, as he stares at the ground. Slowly, Shelton reaches up and pats the youngster on the face mockingly.

Shelton Benjamin: No offence though … champ.

Haas and Benjamin both chuckle, as Kenny boils silently, before turning and storming out of the locker room, slamming the door behind him, leaving the former partners, once again, in a rather awkward silence.

{Commercial Break}

When we return from the break, we cut backstage into the trainer’s room, where Ric Flair is lying on one of the beds, holding an ice pack to his head and being checked out by an army of EMT’s.

Match #3:
Triple H vs. Eugene
This match came together as an opportunity for some “revenge” for Eugene following Hunter’s assault on him last week, but in reality ‘The Game’ is just too much for the nephew of Eric Bischoff, running through his usual routine of moves, from the facecrusher to a well-aimed knee. ‘Gene tries to stick with the ten-time World Champion with an energetic burst at the midway point, getting the crowd behind him with a flurry of right hands, channelling Hulk Hogan, before shooting off the ropes – into a Double A Spinebuster!! Triple H gets back up to his feet quickly, staring around the arena at the booing crowd, half scowling and half smirking. Grabbing a handful of Eugene’s hair, Helmsley sticks the helpless man’s head between his legs, NAILING THE PEDIGREE!!! 1 … 2 … 3!!!
Winner: Triple H via Pin Fall @ 03:14.
With Eugene laid out, Hunter slowly gets back up to his feet, demanding that the referee raise his arm. Thunderous heat pours down on the King of Kings, but he barely seems to notice, as he stares into the camera, mouthing, “I want an answer, Rob”. Helmsley turns around, drags Eugene back up despite the protests of the referee, sticks his head between his legs, DRILLING HIM WITH A SECOND PEDIGREE!!

Boos fill the arena, as the referee checks on Eugene, and Triple H, sneering from ear-to-ear, calls for a microphone from ringside. He waits for the heat to die down a bit first.

Triple H: (Breathing heavily) You … you see that? (Points to Eugene) I want all of you here tonight to take a good, long, hard look at (Mocking voice) “poor, defenceless, helpless Eugene” (Stops and laughs) Gimme’ a break.

Hunter snarls, as the crowd boos.

Triple H: Y’know, it might’ve said in the program that this was a … (Chuckles) ‘Revenge Match’ for Eugene after what I did to him last week. Now, c’mon (Smirking into the arena) I bet there’s not a damn person out there that thinks that this piece of trash is in the same league, or that he’d even be able to extract some kind of revenge on me. No … he’s not in my league. The real reason behind…

An “Asshole” chant cuts Helmsley off, and he scowls up into the masses.

Triple H: The real reason behind the little … massacre … was to send a message to your (Points threateningly into the crowd) hero … Rob … Van … Dam…

Thunderous cheers for Mr. Monday Night, causing Triple H to shake his head.

Triple H: (Walking towards and staring into the camera) Rob … hey, Rob … y’know it’s too bad that you couldn’t be here tonight. It’s too bad that I broke your ribs last week, (Crowd boos) it’s too bad that you no showing Raw tonight just tells me … and tells the world … everything we need to know about you … and about what you stand for … E … C … W.

A small “E-C-Dub” chant can be heard, mixed in with an “R-V-D” one.

Triple H: All I’ve ever heard about that place … all I’ve ever been told, is just how … damn … bad ass all of you little (Mocking voice) ‘ECW Originals’ are. Y’know the kind of stuff I’m talking about … (Loud, Joey Styles type voice) “He’s the homicidal, suicidal, genocidal Saaaaaaabu … The Innovator of Violence Tommy Dreamer … annnnnd … Mister Monday Night … the Whole F****n Show … Rob … Van … Dam…” (Ends voice)

OH~! The crowd gasps in shock at Triple H’s profanity, and J.R quickly apologises for the use of it, whilst Hunter smiles.

Triple H: Are we supposed to buy that crap? (Laughs) Just because you’re chief cheerleader Joey Styles says it, doesn’t make it true, Rob. Face it, all I did last week was give you a little tap with my hammer, and all of a sudden … you’re bitchin’ out on us? (Strokes his chin) Wow, I don’t know about you … but I could have sworn that these Original guys were meant to be tougher than that?

Boos pour down again, as Triple brings on the heat.

Triple H: Like I said, that tells me every thing I need to know about ECW, and it tells me everything I need to know about Rob Van Dam. (He stops smiling) All you had to do this week, Rob, was show up, sign the contract, and make our Street Fight at WrestleMania official, butcha’ couldn’t … even … do … that. Y’know what I think, Mister Monday Night? (H glares into the camera) YOU’RE A COWARD!!

Thunderous heat, but The Game presses on.

Triple H: All I’ve ever heard from you is how, ever since you arrived in the WWE, you’ve been held back by (Mocking voice) the all-powerful Hunter Hurst Helmsley. So, without me, you’d have been World Champion before now, Rob? Am I getting this right? I wouldn’t lie to yourself, pal. You and me both know that that Intercontinental title looks real good around your waist, but when it comes to the big one … you just don’t have what it takes.

“You suck!! You suck!! You suck!!!”

Triple H: So I’ve given you the opportunity, Rob. If you really do hate me as much as you say, sign the damn contract and meet me in a WrestleMania Street Fight. It’s the opportunity of a lifetime, Rob. (Smirks) They don’t come much bigger than me, baby and … losing to the best in the business on the grandest stage of them all … is nothing to be ashamed of. But don’t try and make a fool out of me, Rob. (Shakes his head) I showed up tonight, and Eric has the contract ready to go. Where are you at, Rob? (Spins around angrily) I – AM – THE – MOST – POWERFUL – MAN – IN – WRESTLING!!! I will not be made to wait around for the likes of you, Van Dam. But what I am gonna do … is pack by bags … walk outside … get into my limo … with all the women I want … and go have some fun!!

There is a mixture of boos and wolf whistles this time.

Triple H: So, Eric (Pointing to the back) I’m talking to you now. You make sure Van Dam gets his ass down to this arena tonight … and you make DAMN sure that he signs that contract, otherwise I will not be held responsible for what I’m gonna’ do to that son of a bitch!! (Turns back to the crowd) ‘Cause when you’re this good … you don’t wait around for anyone…

Hunter drops the mic to the canvas with a thud, as his music hits once again, and he steps through the ropes, heading back up the ramp. The boos fill the arena for the Cerebral Assassin, but Hunter does not care one bit, as he storms to the back, barely even stopping to look at the crowd.

Jim Ross: What in the hell is wrong with Triple H?! First he destroys a helpless Eugene, and then he spews that – that baloney about Rob Van Dam. I tell you what, folks, if RVD could be here tonight to sign that contract, he would be, ‘cause I know what kind of man he is.

Jonathan Coachman: (Checks his watch) Well, times ticking away, J.R, and we don’t have all night. The way I see it, RVD knows that The Game is too much for him, so he’s just sitting at home on his couch watching Raw. (Waves at the camera) Hiya’, Rob.

Jim Ross: (Hold his face in his hands with embarrassment) Oh dear god…

We cut away from backstage and to the shot of someone walking down a corridor. The camera pans up to reveal … Carlito!! The cocky young Caribbean superstar garners a mixed reaction from the crowd, as he struts his stuff, dressed in his ring attire with a black t-shirt over the tope. He is holding a notepad in one hand and an apple in the other. CCC glances at the locker room doors, as he passes, before finally getting to the one he wants.

Carly pushes the door open without knocking and heads inside. The camera pans around, following him, and revealing … Chris Masters, who is standing in front of one of his many mirrors, lathering on the baby oil. Seeing Carlito in the mirror, a stunned ‘Masterpiece’ quickly spins around.

Chris Masters: The hell are you doing??!! (Hiding the baby oil) Don’t you knock??!!

Carlito: Uh, Carlito doesn’t have time to knock on doors. But (Holds up notepad) Carlito does have time to show you ‘dis.

Masters folds his arms, looking sceptically at CCC.

Chris Masters: What is it?

Carlito: ‘Dis (Flicking through the pages) ‘dis is Carlito’s way to the top. It’s a list of everyone I could possibly face in ‘da Money in ‘da Bank qualifying match next week. (Holding it up for Chris to see) Look, see, Carlito knows it won’t be Kurt Angle, John Cena or Shawn Michaels, ‘cause they all stole my spot in ‘da WrestleMania Main Event-

The Masterpiece cocks an eyebrow, but doesn’t say anything.

Carlito: (Not looking up) See, Carlito reckons that Triple H and Rob Van Dam are too busy with one another … so are Kane and ‘da Big Show. (Runs his finger down the list) Chavo Guerrero is already in ‘da match, Haas, Benjamin and Helms are all fightin’ each other tonight, and you already lost-

Chris Masters: (Stepping forwards) HEY!!

Carly lets out a false laugh and backs up a bit.

Carlito: Just kiddin’, Masterpiece. Anyway (Going back to his list) Carlito has been workin’ real hard on ‘dis list all week, and I think I’ve got it narrowed down to two people … Eugene and Val Venis!!

Masters lets out a laugh, which Carlito mimics.

Chris Masters: Yeah, uh, good luck with that.

Carlito: Carlito knows ‘dat he can beat those two jokers, but (Glancing anxiously at Masters) just in case somethin’ goes wrong … Carlito needs to know, Masterpiece, if you thought anymore about my little offer last week?

The Masterpiece rests his hands on his hips and looks around.

Chris Masters: No, I haven’t really, ‘cause-

Carlito: Qué significa que? (Masters frowns at the Spanish) Carlito needs an answer-

Chris Masters: LOOK (Cutting Carly off swiftly) would you just forget about the Money in the Bank Qualifier for one second?! As far as I’m concerned, I might have your back next week … I might not, but as for tonight, we do need to have each other’s back when we face Kurt Angle and Chavo Guerrero. You understand?

Carlito looks a little annoyed, but he nods anyway.

Carlito: Carlito understands all of ‘dat. (Making a strangling motion with his hands) After Kurt Angle put his hands on me last week, I can’t wait to get a piece of him!! And how about … you puttin’ ‘dat cheap piece of trash Chavo Guerrero in ‘da Masterlock and breaking his neck!!??

Chris Masters: (Pounds his palm with his fist) Ya’ damn right that’s what’s gonna’ happen!!

Masters storms past Carlito in a rage, punching the door with his bare fists on the way past, as Carlito looks on. Carly, with a little smirk on his face, takes a bite of his apple.

Carlito: (Quietly) …………’Das cool.

Still munching away on his apple, CCC strolls out after The Masterpiece, looking as though he doesn’t have a care in the world, as we head into another break.

{Commercial Break}

Coming back from the commercial, we go out to the parking lot, where a desperate looking General Manager Eric Bischoff is racing across towards a parked limo. He finally makes it there and the man he was chasing slowly turns around … it’s Triple H. The Game is now dressed in jeans and a t-shirt, with shades on, and has just finished putting his bags in the limo. He stares at Bischoff.

Triple H: What d’you want, Eric?

Eric Bischoff: (Out of breath) Hunter … I … where’re ya’ … going?!

Hunter lowers his shades slowly.

Triple H: I’m going out, Eric (Shakes his head) weren’t you listening?

Eric Bischoff: But I thought that was all … y’know … an act? (Looking around) You know you don’t have to go anywhere, Hunter … RVD isn’t coming anywhere near this building tonight.

The crowd can be heard booing frantically, as Bischoff smirks.

Triple H: I know that, Eric (Shakes his head) But that doesn’t mean I was lying earlier. I want Rob Van Dam’s signature on that contract one way or another. You understand?

Eric Bischoff: (Clearly confused) I … uh … yes.

The Game smiles and puts his shades back on, beginning to climb into his limo.

Triple H: Good. (Gives Eric a look) Now we can both enjoy the rest of the evening.

Hunter slams the door and Bischoff gives the car a slap, prompting the driver to pull away, leaving the Raw General Manager looking rather confused as he stands in the gloomy parking lot.

We cut back to ringside.

Jim Ross: I don’t know what the hell is going on here tonight with Triple H and Bischoff. Do they want RVD to show up or don’t they?

Jonathan Coachman: Just wait and see, J.R. Hunter and Mister Bischoff are geniuses. They know exactly what they’re doing.

Match #4: Triple Threat: Money in the Bank Qualifier:
Shelton Benjamin vs. Charlie Haas vs. Gregory Helms
As you would expect from quite possibly the three best athletes/wrestlers in the WWE today, we get one hell of a contest for the third spot in the Money in the Bank Ladder match at WrestleMania. Haas and Benjamin show their respect for one another with a handshake, but when Benjy offers one to Helms, the arrogant WCW-original just slaps the IC Champ right across the mouth!! This leads to opening double teams, as Haas and Benjamin send Helms into the ropes, before Shelton catches him with a stiff kick to the face and Charlie hits him with a leg sweep. With Helms in a seated position on the mat, the former Tag Team Champions beat him to death with chops and kicks to the back and base of the neck, with the crowd’s “OOOOOS” echoing throughout. This team work breaks down though, as soon as Benjamin goes for a cover, and Haas drags him away, leading to an intense stare down between the two friends. It is Shelton who snaps first and nails Haas, leading to the brawl well and truly beginning!!
This is how the majority of the next part of the contest goes, with Haas and Benjamin duking it out, and Helms struggling to even get into the match. At one point, with Haas down on the outside, Helms finally gets into the ring. He clocks Shelton with a right hand and sends him into the corner. Benjy manages to flip back over and land behind Helms, grabbing him in a rear waistlock, going for a German Suplex!! Helms blocks it though – BUT HAAS RACES IN AND GRABS SHELTON’S WAIST, NAILING A DOUBLE GERMAN SUPLEX!!! This manoeuvre gets Haas a great deal of support from the crowd, but he tries to be too showy and goes for the Moonsault off the top rope onto Benjamin – BUT MISSES!!
A dazed Intercontinental Champion grabs Haas and looks for the T-Bone Suplex, but Haas catches him with elbows to the back of the head and shoots off the ropes. Benjy quickly counters and takes Charlie down with a drop toe hold, before spinning around on his knee – SHINING WIZARD!!! Helms strikes out of nowhere and looks to cover Shelton, but Haas grabs his leg and drags him away, APPLYING THE HAAS OF PAIN IN THE MIDDLE OF THE RING!!! Helms screams in pain, with the crowd and Charlie yelling for him to tap, but he shows some spirit and determination, and claws his way over to the ropes, breaking the hold.
Fuming, Haas drags him back into the middle of the ring and looks to lock in the submission again – BUT GETS CAUGHT BY SHELTON WITH A SCHOOL BOY!! 1 … 2 … NO! Haas only just survives, but begins to trade blows with Benjamin one more time. Benjy sends him into the ropes, but Charlie manages to back drop the IC Champ onto the apron. Gregory Helms quickly spins Haas around, going for a right hand, but Haas ducks it and spins behind Greg, going for a German – SHELTON SPRINGBOARDS OFF THE TOP ROPE WITH A FOREARM – HELMS DROPS DOWN – BENJAMIN CREAMS HAAS, SENDING HIM TUMBLING THROUGH THE ROPES!!! Shelton looks slightly annoyed that he hit Haas, but he doesn’t have much time to dwell on it, as he is grabbed from behind by Helms and set up for THE NIGHTMARE ON HELMS STREET – BUT SHELTON SPINS OUT OF IT, AND DRILLS HELMS WITH THE T-BONE EXPLODER!!! The crowd cheers loudly, as a tired Benjy crawls on top of Helms and hooks the leg…

… but KENNY pulls the referee out of the ring!!

Kenny then drops the official with a vicious right hand, before smirking up at a stunned Shelton Benjamin. Angrily, Benjy leaps up to his feet and looks to exit the ring, as Kenny continues to mock him. Shelton begins to step through the rope -- BUT HE’S ATTACKED FROM BEHIND -


Shelton is completely mugged by the four men, and Kenny slides into the ring to give orders. The World Tag Team Champions, Kenny, Mikey, Mitch, Johnny and Nicky, each grab a limb of Benjamin and lifts him up high, NAILING THE HIGH SPIRITS!!! The heat is pouring down on the cheerleaders, as Mikey and Nicky drag Gregory Helms over and drape him across Shelton, whilst Johnny and Mitch roll the referee back into the ring. The ref slowly recovers and sees Helms on Benjamin. ONE... … TWO... THREE!!
Winner: Gregory Helms qualifies for the Money In The Bank Ladder Match at WrestleMania 22 via Pin Fall @ 16:41.
Both the crowd and J.R let out gasps and groans of shock and dismay, as the Spirit Squad dance around outside the ring, high-fiving one another {and Coach} and whooping with delight. In the ring, a groggy Gregory Helms stumbles up to his feet, assisted by the official, and has his hand raised into the air. The fans all boo, but Helms is clearly in a world of his own, looking completely surprised, but also with a delighted smile spreading across his face. He points to the WrestleMania 22 sign, before pointing to the ceiling, motioning that he will be climbing the ladder come April 2nd. He then leaves the ring and heads back up the ramp.

Back in the ring, a dazed Charlie Haas crawls back under the bottom, staring at the lifeless frame of Shelton Benjamin with a horrified expression on his face. Slowly, he turns his head to where the Spirit Squad are all congregated halfway up the ramp. Haas’ face boils with anger, whilst Kenny, taking a moment out from celebrating, raising a mic up to his lips.

Kenny: Hey! HEY!! HAAS!!! BENJAMIN!!! LOOK AT ME YOU SON OF A BITCH!!! (Haas’ chin rises slowly) WHO’S -- LAUGHING -- NOW??!!! HA HA!!!

Kenny, Mikey, Mitch, Johnny and Nicky make their way back up the ramp, laughing and screaming all the way, holding their World Tag Team Championships up high for all to see. Back in the ring, Haas seems torn between charging up the ramp after them … but finally goes back to help the official tend to Shelton Benjamin. We fade out into one of our last commercials with a last shot of Haas’ deadly angry face.

{Commercial Break}

SmackDown! Rebound:
~ Matt Hardy defeats Orlando Jordan to qualify for the Money in the Bank Ladder Match.
~ JBL and Ric Flair meet face-to-face in the ring and have a war of words, before Bradshaw finally agrees to the match at WM with Flair’s career on the line.
~ Edge and Batista talk on The Cutting Edge, with both men promising to have the other’s back in the lead up to their World title clash at WM.
~ In the Main Event, The Undertaker makes his return and costs Lashley his Cage Match with Finlay, leading to Mr. McMahon making Lashley-‘Taker official for WM.

Main Event: Tag Team Match:
WWE Champion Kurt Angle & Chavo Guerrero vs. Carlito & Chris Masters
Despite the fact that this match can in no way match up to the Triple Threat the crowd just witnessed, there are still three TOP athletes in this contest that make even Chris Masters seem as good. The fans are fully behind the uber-popular WWE Champion, and also the confident Chavo Guerrero, whilst loving the heelish antics of Carlito.
Obviously it is Chavo who becomes the sacrificial lamb, as gets blindsided by the illegal man Carlito, whilst in the ring with Masters. This leads to the two heels completely isolating the first MITB entrant in their corner with some impressive heel tactics, whilst isolating the back of Guerrero, as Masters has done before. After dropping Chavo with a stiff backbreaker, Masters tags in CCC, who vaults over the top rope, nailing a slingshot elbow onto Chavito, garnering a near fall. Carly brings Chavo up and sends him into the corner – but Guerrero vaults back and lands behind Carlito. The Caribbean superstar then runs into the turnbuckle and LEAPS up to the top rung -- BACKFLIPPING OFF AND LANDING BEHIND CHAVO!! The crowd “OOOS” and “AAAHHS”, but it doesn’t do much for Carly, as Chavo grabs his head.
Guerrero springs up to the second turnbuckle and spins off with Carlito’s head, looking for a Tornado DDT -- but CCC lands on his feet and looks to counter with a Northern Lights Suplex! Chavo blocks it though, and instead brings Carly up onto his back almost in a Sunset flip motion, setting him up for the GORY SPECIAL -- CARLITO COUNTERS WITH A BACKSLIDE!! ONE … TWO … NO!!! The two men spring up to their feet and CCC swings with a clothesline, but Chavito ducks and goes for a kick to the gut. Carly catches his foot and smirks right in the face of the former Cruiserweight Champion -- BUT CHAVO ROCKS HIM AN ENZIGUIRI!!!
With both men down, the race is on, as Chavo crawls towards Kurt Angle, who is chomping at the bit, whilst Carlito heads over to Masters. Carly quickly rolls forwards and tag in The Masterpiece, but Chavito tags in the WWE Champion!! The crowd roars, as Angle comes into the ring like a bulldog, beating the hell out of an apprehensive Masters with vicious rights, before taking him over with a belly-to-belly suplex!! Kurt goes for the ankle, but Masters shoves him away and quickly looks to apply THE MASTERLOCK -- but Angle fights out of it, hitting the young powerhouse with such stiff headbutts that he actually starts bleeding above his right eye!! The Champ spins behind, nailing a German Suplex!! He goes for a second, but Carlito rushes into the ring, so he releases Masters and catches CCC, going for a German on him instead – BUT CARLITO LANDS ON HIS FEET!!! CCC leaps up and CONNECTS WITH THE BACKSTABBER!!! He turns around, grinning -- BUT CHAVO CLOTHESLINES HIM OVER THE TOP ROPE!!!
With Carly and Chavito in a heap on the floor, Masters regains his senses and snatches the helpless WWE Champion up in THE MASTERLOCK!!! The crowd boos, as Angle reaches deep down to summon some strength, as he fights back – HE RUNS UP THE TURNBUCKLE AND FLIPS OVER, PINNING MASTERS!!! ONE … TWO …NO! Masters is forced to break the hold to save the match and both he and Angle jump up to their feet. The Masterpiece goes for broke with a huge running lariat, but Kurt ducks and hooks his arm -- ANGLE SLAM!!! ONE … TWO … THREE!!!
Winners: Kurt Angle & Chavo Guerrero via Pin Fall @ 11:52.
The crowd explodes for the result, as Angle leaps back up to his feet with a roar and Carlito thinks twice about sliding into the ring. The Caribbean superstar instead begins to skulk back up the ramp, looking none too pleased with the result tonight. Angle pounds his chest gutturally, whilst Chavo does the same thing on the opposite side. The two men share and handshake and a smirk, before the referee hands Angle his WWE Championship belt and he continues to go wild in the ring, rolling into WrestleMania 22 like the machine he is…

…but he sees SHAWN MICHAELS standing on the stage at the top of the ramp. The crowd gives a mixed reaction, as the two icons and WrestleMania opponents lock eyes. Angle is almost foaming at the mouth, clearly mouthing, “C’mon you son of a bitch”, but all The Heartbreak Kid does is slowly clap his hands together, as we cut to what could very well be our final commercial.

{Commercial Break}

We return to Monday Night Raw and to ringside, where both J.R and Coach are sat looking anxiously up the ramp, as though expecting something.

Jonathan Coachman: That was some intense stuff before the break, J.R between Kurt Angle and Shawn Michaels, but I know one man who WON’T be playing a part in that encounter … and that’s John Cena.

Jim Ross: That remains to be seen, thank you, Coach. Well, we’re waiting on Eric Bischoff, who promised he would get Rob Van Dam’s signature on the contract here tonight and-

***I’m Back*** J.R is cut off abruptly and the crowd begins to boo, as the General Manager of Monday Night Raw, Easy E himself, Eric Bischoff, saunters out onto the stage. The GM is dressed smartly in a thin piece suit, complete with a sharp looking leather jacket, and a smug grin on his face. He clutches a clipboard in one hand, as he struts down to the ring, constantly winking and pointing to all of his ‘fans’ in the crowd. There is no love for Bisch in Birmingham though, as he steps into the ring to a plethora of heat and removes a mic from his coat. Still keeping his {brilliant} smile on his face, he waits as the crowd quietens down.

Eric Bischoff: (Pretending to wipe a tear from his eye) I love you people!! (Grins) Each -- and -- every -- one of you!!!

The crowd boos the insincerity of the GM, who puts his hand on his heart.

Eric Bischoff: Y’know, last week… (Becoming distracted) Hey, how about the Spirit Squad tonight, huh? Are those guys too much or what? Haas and Benjamin … ya’ don’t wanna’ make them made, believe me, I should know after all.

Huge heat for the Tag champs, as Bischoff gives Coach a thumbs up at ringside, clearly thanking him for his part in bringing in the Spirit Squad.

Eric Bischoff: Y’know, all week … Hunter and I, we’ve had something we wanted to say … to Mister Rob Van Dam. (Crowd cheers) And I’ve wanted to say this so much … that I’ve called his home, I’ve left messages with his buddies. Me and Hunter, we even … (Glances anxiously into the crowd) we even sent guys to … New York City, to that dump he calls ECW, to ask him if he would come here this week, so that I … so that Hunter and I could do this face … to face.

“R-V-D!!! R-V-D!!! R-V-D!!! Bischoff smirks.

Eric Bischoff: But … as you can see, we can’t find him anywhere. (He glances up the ramp with a frown, sensing the crowd) Oh, don’t worry; we’ve checked this entire building. He’s not here. He’s not in the locker room. He’s not in Birmingham.

The crowd boos with disappointment.

Eric Bischoff: And ya’ know why he’s not here? Hunter put it pretty simply before … it’s because he’s a coward (Tremendous heat), he’s a gutless, spineless coward!! But all anyone seems to talk about he’s so desperate to take out Triple H and break through that glass ceiling. (Laughs) So, Rob, Rob, wherever you may be hiding … you will NEVER get in the ring with the King of Kings Triple H, and ya’ know why?!

Heat, as Bischoff cocks his head.

Eric Bischoff: It’s because you are not even worth A DROP of The Game’s perspiration!! (Crowd boos) You should worship the ground that he SPITS on!!

Thunderous boos, but a smirking Bischoff just holds up his hands.

Eric Bischoff: Oh, c’mon!! (Wagging his finger) I know … I know that you people feel exactly the same way that I do about The Game. (Crowd boos) And I know -- I know that all of you were dying to see Rob Van Dam tonight, and y’know what I wish he were here tonight, because I would SLAP -- THAT -- COOL -- LOOK RIGHT -- OFF -- HIS -- FACE!!!


Eric Bischoff: (His smile faltering slightly) Stop it will ya’?! (Regaining his composure) I’m going to do you all a huge favour tonight, and it’s not because I want to – believe me, I don’t – it’s because this is what The Game wants – to EMBARRASS Rob Van Dam on the grandest stage of them all at WrestleMania. (Pulls out a pen) I’m gonna’ take this pen, (Holds up the contract) and I’m gonna’ sign this contract with it in the name of a Mister Rob … Van … Dam!!

The crowd begins to boo … but HUGE cheers soon engulf the arena, as … ROB VAN DAM vaults over the barrier, having come through the crowd and steps towards the ring behind Bischoff’s back. The GM looks the other way, oblivious, smiling into the crowd.

Eric Bischoff: I know … I know, I’m excited too. (RVD steps up onto the apron holding a steel chair) But if we’re being honest tonight, then let me just say this, I won’t be signing a match for RVD at WrestleMania … I’ll be signing -- his -- death -- warrant. (Van Dam enters the ring, poised) So, ladies and gentlemen, allow me-

Out of nowhere, Rob throws the steel chair from his hands at Eric. Bischoff catches it, dropping the mic and the contract, his eyes suddenly wide, and VAN DAM SPRINGS TO THE AIR… VAN DAMINATOR TO BISCHOFF!!! VAN DAMINATOR TO BISCHOFF!! THE CROWD GOES WILD!! RVD HAS JUST LAID OUT THE GENERAL MANAGER!!!

The arena is engulfed with the loudest reaction of the night, with the “R-V-D” chants echoing around. Mr. Monday Night leaps back up to his feet, dressed in jeans and a white t-shirt. Staring down at the unconscious Bischoff with wild eyes, Van Dam pulls up his shirt to show his taped ribs, mouthing, “It’s nothing” and patting them casually.

RVD reaches down, grabbing the pen, contract and mic, before kneeling down alongside Bischoff.

Rob Van Dam: Hey, Eric, it doesn’t matter how many security guards you put on the door, I’m always gonna’ make it inside, dude. Hey, (Puts pen to paper) I might as well do you a favour whilst I’m here!!

The contract is signed, and the Street Fight between Rob Van Dam and Triple H is official for WrestleMania! Van Dam drops the documents back down to the mat, holding his arms into the air to cheers from the crowd. He looks to exit the ring … but stops. Licking his lips, looking unusually intense, RVD reaches down and grabs Bischoff by the lapels, dragging him under the bottom rope. The fans roar loudly, as Van Dam slams Bischoff onto the Raw announce table, scattering J.R and Coach in the progress. Coach is too scared to protest, but J.R tries the reason with the ECW Original. It does no good.

Having laid the motionless Easy E. on his back, Van Dam slides back into the ring and grabs the mic. He stares wildly back up the ramp, whilst pointing down at Bischoff.

Rob Van Dam: Hey, Hunter!!! Hunter!!! (Raises his arm high) You wanted extreme, right? Well take a good look. IS THE EXTREME ENOUGH FOR YA’??!!

RVD throws the mic down and quickly springs up to the top rope. The crowd cheers him on, as he does the thumb taunt, “ROB-VAN-DAM!!!” He steadies himself – HE LEAPS OFF THE TOP ROPE, CONNECTING WITH THE TWISTING LEG DROP ONTO BISCHOFF, DRIVING HIM THROUGH THE TABLE!!!

The arena is alive with “HOLY SHIT” chants, as Van Dam writhes around in total agony, clutching his hamstring. Eric Bischoff is a complete mess amongst the rubble, but RVD staggers up to his feet, taking in the cheers of the crowd, his jaw clenched in a wince of pain, but his usually calm eyes staring up at the WrestleMania sign. Our final image of the night is of The Whole F’N Show, as he gazes down on the lifeless frame of the Raw General Manager.



Saturday Night’s Main Event:
Date: March 18th, 2006
Location: Cobo Arena; Detroit, Michigan

WrestleMania Main Events Collide; Tag Team Match:
WWE Champ Kurt Angle and Shawn Michaels vs. World Champ Batista and Edge


Current Card for WWE WrestleMania XXII:
Date: April 2nd, 2006
Location: Allstate Arena; Chicago, Illinois
Event Music: Bullets and Octane; Save Me Sorrow

World Heavyweight Championship Match:
Batista vs. Edge

WWE Championship Match:
Kurt Angle vs. Shawn Michaels (vs. John Cena?)

One On One:
'The Phenom' The Undertaker vs. 'The Real Deal' Bobby Lashley

Street Fight:
'Mr Monday Night' Rob Van Dam vs. 'The Game' Triple H

The Nature Boy vs. The Wrestling God:
Ric Flair vs. John Bradshaw Layfield

{If Ric Flair loses, he must retire}


United States Championship Match:
Booker T
w/Sharmell vs. Rey Mysterio

Money In The Bank Ladder Match:
Chavo Guerrero vs. Matt Hardy vs. Gregory Helms vs. ??? vs. ??? vs. ???

Cruiserweight Championship Match:
Kid Kash vs. Jamie Noble


Banner Credit: Crazian
WM Gif Credit: will94
MITB Gif Credit: ADR LaVey
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Re: Legend Presents: World Wrestling Entertainment

Raw Review

HBK Promo: This was the best promo that I have read in a long time and this was definetly the best promo you have written. You played Michaels off as the biggest heel in the company and the way that he explained his action was awesome. I loved him talking about Cena trying to be the next HBK and trying to take his spot. I thought he maybe could have talked a little bit more about Kurt Angle but I’m sure that will be saved for another time. You turned him into a full heel in this promo and the speech was perfect. Awesome segment to kick off what should be a huge show.

Six Woman Tag: Basic Diva stuff with two great teams. Victoria and Trish are obviously the leaders of their respective teams but you did a great job getting everyone else involved. Glad to see that Mickie got the victory for her team and Torrie was best one of the heels to pin. Trish and Victoria brawling makes me think they may face off at WM but it could easily be Trish vs. Mickie vs. Victoria in Chicago.

Ric Flair Interview: Very intense stuff from Naitch and that is no surprise as he has a huge match with JBL at WM. You captured Flair’s character perfectly and I love how he said he will never retire. I gotta think that the feud with JBL will be taken up a notch with the match against Orlando. Flair is still the best legend on Raw and I hope that you make the right decision and continue his career past WM22.

Flair vs. Orlando: This was just what I expected because after only a few minutes in the ring and with Flair dominating, JBL feels he needs to get involved. JBL not getting in any offense was great and I really thought that Flair would get the better of the Cabinet but then the Bashams showed up and Flair was done. Good to see the Cabinet back and I like how everyone hit their finisher. JBL on the microphone after was great and I don’t see any of the four horsemen coming back to help Naitch. Great way to continue this awesome feud you got going.

Haas/Benji/Kenny: Good stuff from Haas and Benjamin and I love that they showed respect for one another. Kenny coming in was good and I think that he will play a role in costing Benjamin the match tonight, leading to a reunion by the World’s Greatest Tag Team. I just don’t see Haas or Benjamin winning tonight and the feud with the SS won’t just go away.

Triple H vs. Eugene: No surprise that Eugene got absolutely destroyed by The Game. Classic HHH finish with the spine buster and then the Pedigree for the win. The second Pedigree after the match was awesome and I loved Triple H’s little promo. He is truly hating RVD right now and I can see them having a few more brawls before WM22. The Joey Styles voice was great and I love how he made RVD seem mediocre. I don’t know if RVD will show up tonight but I do know that the contract will be signed eventually and the match for WM22 will be on, something that I am really looking forward to.

Masters/Carlito: Funny stuff with Masters and the baby oil and Carlito’s little notepad was funny. I don’t see him facing Venis or Eugene but I don’t know who he will face in the MITB qualifier but it will be someone big. Masters and Carlito don’t really stand a chance tonight and I think that their little partnership will end very soon.

Triple H/Bischoff: Nice little segment between these two with Bischoff acting very nervous. Triple H leaving makes me think that RVD may show up and sign the contract later tonight but I could be wrong.

MITB Qualifier: Very good match between three of the best athletes in the entire company. I thought that Benjmain had the win but of course the Spirit Squad needed to come out and cost him the match. The Spirit Squad beating him down and giving Helms the win was good and I am glad Greg is in MITB. Now I am sure that the WGTT will reunite and face the S.S. after this attack, they need to for this feud to really take off.

Main Event: Very hot action throughout and Masters and Carlito did much better than I thought they would. Masters getting Angle in the Masterlock was surprising and I liked how Angle got out of the move, forcing Masters to break the hold. No doubt that Angle was getting the pin so I was glad to see that. HBK only coming out to clap was good as it saves another brawl for a later date.

Bischoff Promo: This was by far the best part of the night aside from the opening promo. Bischoff had some classic lines when talking about RVD and he really made it seem like Van Dam wouldn’t show up … BUT RVD CAME THROUGH THE CROWD!! Van Dam kept it short and sweet, only signing the contract and then doing some rough things to Bischoff. Great way to end the show with the leg drop through the table and then having Van Dam stare up at the WM22 sign.

Overall: This was a top-notch show from top to bottom. Angle-HBK really got going and I am sure we will see Cena back, maybe next week. Triple H vs. RVD is getting extremely hot and that could be a possible show stealer at WM22. JBL vs. Flair is good and the MITB is shaping up very nicely. Would have liked to see maybe on more big match but you did everything you needed to do before WM so I can’ complain, 9.5/10.


PatMan Presents: World Wrestling Entertainment 2007
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Re: Legend Presents: World Wrestling Entertainment

Overall I liked the opening segment but I wasn't really fond of all the 'ta's and everything of that nature. HBK doesn't really have THAT much of a southern accent tbh so I don't think they were needed as much. Other than that it really let the old HBK come out from inside of him and reminded me of some stuff Wolfy did back in the day with HBK in his thread.

Typical six divas tag match as these are pretty much the only divas you had at this time and trust me I know because my thread started the same time your's did lol. So yes I know how painful it is to write with this crap-tastic Women's division.

Ooo, nice interview from the Nature Boy himself and this feud with JBL has been top notch. I've enjoyed it all the way bar one promo a few weeks back that I wasn't fond of but still it's been great. The career thing seems TOO similar to what is going on now in real life and it seems like everybody is making Ric Flair put his career on the line here in BTB. No thanks!

I can only dream for a Four Horsemen vs. Cabinet match. I'd love it tho haha. But moving on, interesting to see that the Cabinet is back and the main problem lies in between what is going to become of the Basham's. I guess Danny is simply just going to go back to Smackdown as that would make the most sense but you might leave him on Raw until the Draft if you do one.

Eh, I've never been fond of Benjamin and Haas promos despite the fact I've been doing them recently from time to time. They're so generic it's so hard to screw one of their promos up lol. Seriously tho, I've been intrigued by this storyline about pushing the WGTT to the limit by Kenny and I imagine there will be an eventual reunion by the WGTT.

Moving on now I fully enjoyed Hunter's promo. You've always been good at promos and this just adds another good one to the show tonight. Though despite the fact it is like any other ECW bashing promo. Most feuds with RVD are based off that anyways so that is understandable

Comical promo to lighten the mood tonight here with Carlito and Masters. Don't know much about them so I won't comment on it too much. Bischoff is afraid of being made RVD's bitch tonight. I feel it coming.

LONG match there tonight and cool to see you give these three great in-ring time as I am a big fan of all three of them. Great to see Helms qualify and now this really makes me think WGTT vs. Spirit Squad at WM despite it not sounding good on paper I think it should go over well as a match if it's Mikey and Johnny in the ring since Kenny is in MITB. I don't think the ending was required as I couldn't see Kenny cussing on TV. It doesn't seem right to me for him to do it. Maybe nitpicking but still...

Not much to comment on in the final match other than the ending which saw HBK come out. I could literally picture HBK standing there and slowly clapping which is very great that you could create that scene.

And finally to end the show a good promo from Hunter's bitch er I mean Bischoff lol. Bischoff and Hunter have so much history that it makes A LOT of sense for RVD to attack Bischoff and it worked well. I loved the ending to this promo as it makes Hunter want to come back next week ready even more than he was this week and really I'm looking forward to your next Raw as WM nears.
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Re: Legend Presents: World Wrestling Entertainment

Adam Reviews Legend’s Raw

First time reader to this thread, so let’s see how things go. Most things will be new, so go easy

Opening promo is a great way to open the show, one of the best and most entertaining promos I have read in quite a while. Definitely digging the Heel job you’re working on HBK, top stuff. I was half-expecting an intervening, whether it be from Cena or Angle, but you pulled things off well, kudos.

Never been a fan of Diva matches to open the show, but it seems to work nowadays. Not quite sure what the history is with the divas, but the faces winning seemed to work for me.

Another solid promo, this time with Ric Flair. Looks like you’re going on with the ‘career threatening’ storyline too? No objections from me. Looking forward to the Cabinet’s response whether it be in a promo or match

A Flair win makes sense, with the interference making things more intense, it all works. JBL doing a WM/self-hype promo adds icing to the cake, I expect a solid match at Mania.

Haas and Benjamin possibly in MITB? Nice. Adding Kenny into the equation in the segment does itself wonders, adding a little more ‘intense-ness’ to the match up.

Win for H over Eugene, really no surprise. Triple H is always going to get the victory unless Eugene is being pushed big time, which I see isn’t happening. I’m assuming by Rob he means Rob Van Dam.. yes he does. Another solid promo you’ve hit up here. I’m thinking that with the ECW remarks will follow with some appearances from those named. Could already be there, no idea as like I said, new to the thread.

Another solid promo with Carlito/Masters. Must’ve missed something about Haas vs Benjamin before, there match should be good, as should be Masters/Carlito taking on Chavo/Angle

Turns out it’s a triple threat MITB qualifier.. I felt the Helms win after seeing it was indeed a three way. A WGTT reunion looks imminent, and good too

Main Event works for me, no surprises there. HBK coming out adds that extra bit of suspense and eagerness which is great. I do see Carlito making MITB however, not sure what path Masters is taking

The promo to close the show is greatness, a casual RVD tearing it into Bischoff. Love the way you’ve captured Eric by the way, genious. A street fight for Mania should be a heaps enjoyable match.

Overall, I think it’s the best show I’ve read in a long while, if not the best I’ve read. Your promos are heaps entertaining and you’re booking is pretty much perfect. Mania’s still a while away, so plenty more time for build up, looking to become a regular to the thread now.. well done bro (y)

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Re: Legend Presents: World Wrestling Entertainment

If I had any beef with the opening promo it's that it went maybe a little too long. Still, with that taken into account, it was a stellar promo from HBK. Really felt like a heel'ish HBK would, I like the gimmick he's portraying atm. Oh and fuck Cena, HBK/Angle ftw. Plz.

Good diva match, despite it having those "things" Ashley and Candice in it and "Mrs. Overrated" Mickie James. for Trish and Torrie btw. Solid booking, but I am getting sick of Mickie pushes over Trish, gonna be bland if it happens here too.

WOO! Fucking golden Flair promo. Loved it. More of these plz. Am expecting a JBL retaliation tho.

Flair looked good, JBL attacks and the CABINET IS BACK BABEH! Woot. I marked. Nicely put together despite it seemed obvious a beat down was on the cards. JBL promo was swift but solid too.

WGTT moment ruined by Kenny. Not entirely funny like they tried to make it, but still a good set up for a possible, if yet lackluster, WGTT/SS match at Mania

LMAO. Squash. Trips moves on. Excellent work on the promo here, this match has a sleeping potential to steal the show imo. So odd not to see Trips near the title come Mania, but this shall be great. Overall, great promo work

Carlito/Masters was alright. Still cannot tell you how much I dislike seeing Chavo in the MITB match, but whatevs. Masters should make him tap tbh. Carlito in MITB = ratings.

As I thought, Kenny and the SS cost Shelton and Haas their chance and Helms is added to what is really looking like a lackluster MITB atm. Really is. Not keen on this feud thats in the works either, but not everything you do atm can be great...

Meh, main event level match filled with meh'ish guys. Angle and Carlito yes, Masters nah and Chavo FUCK NO. Cannot agree with him getting this much "exposure". The match itself was good, and well written tho. Kurt Angle is a machine tbh. Mania victory plz, NOT CENA.

Bischoff does well, good promo from him. RVD IS HERE! WOOT! Nicely done to keep the impact high but RVD off the mic for a while, short and sweet from him and this RVD/Triple H feud is the money for me, along with Angle/HBK/Cena. Great ending to a fucking solid show.



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Re: Legend Presents: World Wrestling Entertainment

Raw Review

Noticed quite a few homages to late 90s Shawn Michaels in this promo. The talk of taking Angle down with a ‘bulldozer’ was similar to HBK’s promo against The Undertaker in their build for Ground Zero {except it was a Mack Truck}, amongst a couple of other things. Strong promo to kick off the night, further expounding on Michaels heel turn (I think this is the first time he’s had an extended period on the mic, rit?). Not sure how I feel about the “Seize the moment” catchphrase Michaels heel turn (or at least this promo) seems to be incorporating. Doesn’t ring quite true. Still a very fine promo from HBK and I’m glad he still managed to get in a sufficient amount of time on Angle towards the end. Their WM21 match definitely needs to be a significant part of this build up.

Mickie over the worthless, talent-less, old Torrie Wilson? Thumbs up on that. Loved Mickie in the aftermath as well {Coach is awesome}. Looks like we’ll be getting Vickie/Trish at SNME, which I’m not sure about. The way you have built Vickie up has been amazing, but with Stratus’ impending feud with James, she’s clearly in the position to go over. Vickie plz.

omfg~~ Mention of the Horsemen and a Mickie win? Pretty much my favorite show ever so far. Another solid promo from Flair, just hyping the matches he’s got coming up. DOUBLE OMFG~! Yes, the Cabinet comes back {and back together} and helps JBL put a beat down on Naitch … but that’s not what’s important. Another mention of the Horsemen! Are we getting Horsemen vs. Cabinet at SNME!?!?!?!? Oh my God, book it. And a Tully promo. This thread is picking up. Loving the build to the Flair-Layfield match so far. As long as Naitch goes over, I’ll be a happy man.

Completely buried the tag team division in that segment, but since I don’t know a Raw tag team other than The Spirit Squad … no harm, no foul. The interaction between Haas and Benjamin was tops. The awkward, competitive but yet friendly nature of the two worked well last week and continues here. Kenny brought it down a bit, but that’s only because his character hasn’t been developed too much yet. Good segment. Helms for the win though.

Hunter kills Eugene. Done and done. I was completely in love with Hunter’s promo almost from start to finish, because 1) it plays into that worked-shoot category, with H dropping hints about him and the past between him & Van Dam, as well as his supposed political power and 2) H is right; fuck Van Dam. The mention of the limo and women took it down a peg for me though (Steph, ftw). Still, promo of the night for me, a notch better than HBK’s.

Heel Carlito is awesome. That is all.

I had Helms penciled in for the MITB Ladder Match and I had this being a competitive match, but it exceeded expectations. Spirit Squad interference was a necessary evil, though it would’ve been nice to see Helms pick up the clean victory. The subtle aftermath between Haas and Benjamin was strong as well, almost ironic when compared to Kenny being so over the top.

The tag team main event seemed like filler at first glance, but it does quite a bit in my revised estimation. Angle looks strong, building up momentum for WM. Carlito gets the rub from being in the ring with Angle, and Chavo gets an even BIGGER rub from … rubbing shoulders with Angle.

Lmao. WCW Bisch is gold. Really feeling his promo and that’s probably the most interesting Bischoff dialogue you’ve EVER written - got the arrogant tone that he’s lacked until this part. The Van Dam arrival was expected … but the viciousness of his attack on Bischoff wasn’t. It’s gonna be very interesting (and difficult) to address this next week. Since Mr. McMahon is ready to come down hard on Orton for taking out Long, logic says he should be ready to blast Van Dam for doing the same to Bischoff. Anyway, incredible finish to another …

… terrific show. The WM and SNME are both being built up rather nicely and effectively. No furthering of the Kane and Big Show feud this week after the HUGE angle last week was disappointing, however. Still, tremendous show, with solid booking. Seriously, fuck anybody who thinks Stratus is better than Mickie James in any fashion. MATRISH~! I'M SO INNOVATIVE~! <3

for the week of September 28th


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Re: Legend Presents: World Wrestling Entertainment

FUCKING AWSOME SHOW INFACT THE BEST I HAVE READ. Sorry bout that but it was truly great.
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Re: Legend Presents: World Wrestling Entertainment

I've looked around over the last few pages at your BTB and it is quite something. I'm looking forward to your next show so I can drop in a review, your Wrestlemania card looks awesome as well.

WWWF is Coming...
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