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Re: Legend Presents: World Wrestling Entertainment

Oh crap, I can´t wait lol. When is smackdown? Friday?
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Re: Legend Presents: World Wrestling Entertainment

SmackDown; March 3rd, 2006; Washington, D.C:

After the opening video, we sweep into the arena, where the camera pans around to show us all the fans, who are going wild and waving their banners around. Instead of cutting to Michael Cole and Tazz as we would usually do, we head straight into the ring, to where Tony Chimel is standing with a microphone in hand. The ring is adorned with a grey carpet, marked with a huge ‘R’ logo in the middle. The chairs and set up in the ring can only mean one thing…

Tony Chimel: (Reading from a script) Ladies and gentlemen, would you please welcome … making his SmackDown debut … from Toronto, Ontario (the crowd instantly begins to boo) … he is a former ELEVEN TIME TAG TEAM CHAMPION … a former United States and Intercontinental Champion … the CURRENT Mister Money in the Bank and (Chimel does a double take at the script) and the man who will end Batista’s year long reign at WrestleMania and become the NEW World Heavyweight Champion … ladies and gentlemen, THE RATED R SUPERSTAR … EEEEDGE!!!

***Metalingus*** The smoke begins to pour out onto the stage and a thunderous mixed reaction engulfs the arena, before it degenerates into some absolutely deafening heat at the sight of the man himself, as Edge calmly strides out to the top of the stage. Dressed in jeans, a smart ‘Sex & Violence’ t-shirt, and shades, Edge waits, looking over his shoulder, as the lovely Lita follows him out, clad scantily as always and carrying the MITB briefcase in her arms. ‘The Rated R Superstar’ bounces up and down on his toes a bit, before hurling his arms up, eyes closed, sending his amazing pyro crashing into the air.

Looking full of confidence, Edge and Lita, the WWE’s most powerful, saunter down the ramp arm in arm, already enjoying their new life on SmackDown. Edge enters the ring and then holds the ropes up for Lita, before he tells a watching Tony Chimel to get out of the ring, leaving ‘The Rated R Superstar’ with the mic in the process. Edge holds the mic up, smirking around the arena, as the fans continue to jeer loudly.

Edge: Ladies and gentlemen … welcome to SmackDown’s very FIRST edition of ‘The Cutting Edge’ … with your host, SmackDown’s latest and GREATEST acquisition … ME!!!

Ungodly heat fills the arena, as Lita applauds her man.

Edge: But we’ll get to me later, ‘cause I know there’s a lot of questions that people want answering by me, and being the kind of guy that I am, I’m more than willing to give those answers. But (Holds his finger up) but first and foremost, this is The Cutting Edge, the talk show that cuts right to the bone, that asks the tough questions and ALWAYS gets the right answers … and as the host, it wouldn’t be right if I started talking about myself would it?

The heat continues to be heaped on Edge, who scowls at the audience, trying to stay cool.

Edge: Y’see, there’s gonna be plenty of time to talk about me in the future, there’s gonna be plenty of time (Smirks at Lita) when I’m the NEW World Heavyweight Champion (Crowd boos). When the Rated R Era dawns on Friday Night SmackDown, that’s all you’re ever gonna hear … about ME, the RATED R SUPERSTAR!!!!

A “You Suck” chant begins around the arena, mingled in with a “Batista” chant.

Edge: Go ahead, go ahead, ‘cause … (Turns furiously to the crowd) SHUT UP!!!!

Another wave of boos fills the arena, as Edge seethes.

Edge: Y’know … (Smirks) it’s kind of funny. Can you actually believe that I used to give a damn what you people thought? (More heat) I know, I know me neither, and look where it got me, look where it got the greatest superstar of his generation … NOWHERE!!! That’s exactly … EXACTLY where it’s gonna get my guest tonight as well…

Another small “Batista” chant begins.

Edge: (Smiling) ………After all of the past year he’s spent sucking up to you chumpstains, getting you all on his side … LIVING THE DREAM … it’s all gonna mean absolutely nothing on April Second at the Allstate Arena in Illinois, ‘cause that’s where it all comes to an end…

The arena is positively deafening with heat, but Edge is in full ‘smug mode now.

Edge: You saw it and he FELT a little taste of what awaits him at WrestleMania, ‘cause tonight … tonight my guest could very well be the biggest The Cutting Edge has ever had. This is why it is the number one show in the business … ladies and gentlemen, my guest tonight … (Throws his arm towards the stage) THE World Heavyweight Championnnnn, “THE ANIMAL” BAAAAAATISTAAAA!!!!

***I Walk Alone*** The crowd comes alive with a HUGE pop, as the most dominant World Heavyweight Champion of all time and D.C’s own, Dave Batista, strides out onto the stage. The Animal is dressed to impress in a dark suit and shades, with the title draped over his shoulder. He places the belt on the floor before setting off his incredible pyro, whilst Edge and Lita look on.

Big Dave looks all business, as he rushes up the steel steps and enters the ring. He completely blanks the Rated R Superstar and jumps up the turnbuckle, raising his title into the air and pounding his chest to another raucous ovation from his hometown crowd. Edge looks slightly nervous, but hands ‘Tista a mic anyway.

Edge: (Pointing to the chairs) Dave, welcome to The Cutting Edge … please, please, take a seat.

Batista: (His hidden eyes never moving) I think I’d rather stand.

The crowd buzzes with excitement, as Edge rubs his chin in a twitchy manner. He glances at the audience furiously, seemingly neglecting his interviewing duties.

Batista: (Smirking) So …… aren’t you gonna ask me some questions, Edge?

Edge turns back to Dave, regaining his composure and running his fingers through his hair.

Edge: That’s right I am. I ask the TOUGH questions here on The Cutting Edge. The thing (Laughing nervously) the thing is, I actually thought you’d be a little more pissed off after I speared you in half last week…

Batista: Oh that’s right … (Lowers his shades menacingly) you DID…

The World Heavyweight Champion drops both his title belt and his shades to the mat and takes a step towards Edge, who immediately scuttles backwards, a look of fear on his face.

Edge: HEY, HEY, HEY!!! Stop right there, Dave. I’m the host of this damn show, you can’t touch me!!!

Batista knocks one of the chairs aside and leans in close, getting right in the face of the Number One Contender, causing Edge to screw up his features, wincing and closing his eyes, for the expected blow.

Batista: ……………Relax.

The crowd laughs, as Batista walks back into the centre of the ring with a smirk on his face, and Edge opens his eyes again. Mr. Money in the Bank looks around furiously, before smoothing out his clothes again, and regaining his composure.

Batista: Last week, when you hit me with the Spear, Edge, I (Shaking his head) I didn’t feel a thing, so don’t flatter yourself.

Edge: (Scowling) Yeah, that’s real funny, Dave, that cracks me up. You’re a real funny kind of guy!! Y’know what the funny thing is though? You wanna know what really IS funny??!! Huh?! (Steps a little closer) The funny thing is … Dave … if I’d wanted … I could be standing here tonight … already the World … Heavyweight … Champion…

Heat pours in, as Batista mouths, “Oh really?”

Edge: Yeah. Y’see, here’s the thing, last week, no matter what you SAY or what you THINK, after I Speared your ass in two, there was no way you were getting up from that. You, Dave … were DONE!! All I had to do was cash this baby in right here (holds the MITB briefcase up high) and tonight you would have walked into your home state without that belt around your waist!!

Lita applauds, but the crowd and Batista are unimpressed.

Edge: All this past week, I’ve had to put up with morons coming up to me and asking, (Puts on whiny voice) “Edge, why didn’t you just cash in your Money in the Bank on SmackDown? You had Batista beat then. You could have pinned him!!” (Ends voice) They’re all right, that’s exactly what I COULD have done. But I didn’t. I didn’t, and d’ya know why?

Batista cocks his head curiously, and Edge steps in close.

Edge: (Sneering) …………………………’Cause I don’t HAVE to.

Boos echo around the arena, but The Animal just shakes his head slowly.

Edge: When it all comes down to it, Dave, when the smoke from this little fairy tale ride of yours has disappeared, you’re gonna be exposed for the talentless … overrated … overhyped … ex-bodybuilder piece of crap that you are!! (Crowd boos) And I wanna be the one who does it … on the grandest stage of them all, with half the world watching. They’re gonna see it, Dave … you’re a fraud.

Washington shows support for Dave with an “Asshole” chants directed at Edge.

Edge: I am what makes this company … this BUSINESS great!! I had to work my way up from the very bottom to the very top to get to where I am now!! I earned every damn thing that I ever achieved. You? You haven’t earned A THING! Ric Flair saw you at the gym and thought you’d make a nice bodyguard. (Holds hands up) And you are, Dave, you are. You’re a great bodyguard, big BAD enforcer. But (Quieter) that’s all you’ll ever be.

Batista doesn’t show any emotion, but Edge is smirking away.

Edge: So that’s why to all those people who came up to me in the street and asked me why I didn’t cash my Money in the Bank in last week, I say this ………………………………I KNOW I can beat Dave Batista…

D.C layers the heat on the Number One Contender, who stands smugly in the centre of the ring, his shaded eyes staring directly into those of his WrestleMania opponent. Batista seems to be contemplating what has just been said to him. Edge watches, eagerly anticipating a reaction from the Champion … and Batista begins to remove his suit jacket!! Edge’s eyes go wide with fear, as do Lita’s, as The Animal gets set.

Edge: (Holding up his hands) Wait a second, wait a second!! I thought you said we weren’t gonna have a problem here, Dave??!!

Batista: Well (Throws his jacket down) everything that you just said really got me thinking, Edge…

The crowd buzzes, anticipating a fight, and Edge glances at them nervously.

Batista: ……It got me thinking, that if you want to prove … to the WORLD, that you’re better than me … then (Steps closer) you must want me in the best of health at WrestleMania … right?

Edge: (Anxiously) Yeah, that – that’s right, so-

Batista: So why do I think you’re full of crap?

Cheers from the crowd, as Edge swallows hard.

Batista: (Worked up) See I’ve just stood here for five minutes and listened to you run your mouth. I’ve watched you for twelve months over on Raw do the same damn thing. I guess … I guess you haven’t figured it out yet, but this isn’t Raw. This is SmackDown … this is MY show … not Angle’s, not Hunter’s, and it sure as HELL isn’t yours … and I think you know it too…

Edge: What-

Batista: It’s all over your face, Edge (Steps in even closer) it’s in your eyes. You’re afraid of me. You know that if I wanted to, I could snap you like a twig, and you know that that is EXACTLY what I’m gonna do at WrestleMania … so STOP lying to yourself!!

Edge looks extremely nervous and angry now, as Batista steps forward again.

Batista: But … if that’s the way you wanna play it, then that’s fine by me. You can watch my back all you want, and maybe I’ll even throw yours a glance from time to time. So (Extends his hand) to WrestleMania?

Edge glances down a little reluctantly at Big Dave’s hand, before finally grasping it.

Edge: ……………Yeah, WrestleMania.

Batista suddenly yanks Edge in close, so that the two men are right up close in one another’s face, eye-to-eye, toe-to-toe. Edge looks desperate to get out of the predicament, whilst The Animal calmly stares at his rival.

Batista: ……………….Stealing the damn show.

The crowd roars with approval, as Batista’s music hits once again, and the two megastars and WrestleMania opponents stand locked together with VERY different expressions on their faces. Eventually the ‘Rated R Superstar’ manages to wrench his hand away and he quickly snatches up his MITB briefcase, before rolling out of the ring, a rather stunned look on his face. Lita follows him closely, as the World Heavyweight Champion watches him from the ring, title in hand and a smile on his face.

Michael Cole: Wow, have you ever seen a more intense first meeting than that between two WrestleMania opponents? Batista seemingly not fazed at all by Edge’s words tonight, or even that Spear last week.

Tazz: Nothing fazes The Animal, Cole, but I ain’t too sure about Edge though. Still a hell of a night ahead of us tonight, with the second Money in the Bank qualifier lined up, as well as an appearance from the greatest of all time!! Oh baby, Ric Flair wants an answer from JBL tonight!!

Michael Cole: That should be amazing, but more great matches tonight also, as Mister Kennedy and Rey Mysterio go one-on-one in the Rubber Match, The Hooligans battle The Bluebloods for a shot at the WWE Tag Team Championships, and – THE BIG ONE – in our Main Event, the man who took out The Undertaker at No Way Out, Bobby Lashley, will face the Fighting Irishman Finlay inside of a fifteen foot high STEEL CAGE!!! What a night it’s going to be!!

{Commercial Break}

When we return from the commercial break, we cut straight back to ringside, as…

***London Calling*** The crowd gives a great pop, as the young duo of Paul London and Brian Kendrick rush down the ramp, adorned in their black vests and tights, looking pumped up ahead of their huge opportunity tonight. The two men play to the crowd a little bit on the top turnbuckle, before back flipping off to more cheers.

***Motherland*** Some quite impressive heat fills the arena, as the rough and tough team of Paul Burchill and William Regal head down the ramp, clad in their long robes as always. The Englishmen look particularly smug on this evening, as they jump up onto the apron, wiping their feet accordingly, before stepping in and locking eyes with their opponents.

Michael Cole: A huge opportunity for both of these teams tonight. For London and Kendrick, the chance to get a second shot at MNM and the Tag Team titles they came so close to winning at No Way Out. For Regal and Burchill…

Tazz: …For Regal and Burchill this is gonna continue their impressive streak of late. That’s why they’re in this match. Smash mouth, baby!!

Match #1: Winner Receives A Shot at the WWE Tag Team Championship:
The Hooligans vs. The Bluebloods
As you would expect in the first two-on-two encounter between these four talented men, the two teams tear it up, going at the kind of breakneck pace, and showing the kind of wrestling ability that brings back memories of The Rockers and The Hart Foundation. Much like they were with The Mexicools, Regal and Burchill seem baffled by the sheer speed of The Hooligans, as London and Kendrick run them ragged. Towards the end, Brian Kendrick low bridges the top rope, sending Burchill tumbling to the outside, as London connects with a drop toe hold to Regal in the centre of the ring. Spanky rushes off the ropes and dropkicks the English veteran right in the face, before London shoots off them also, kicking Regal right in the temple!! Kendrick goes for the cover, but Burchill breaks it up. The young Englishmen tosses Spanky through the ropes.
London comes at Burchill with everything he has, right hands and forearms and all!! He backs the Englishmen against the ropes and shoots him across the ring. Burchill ducks underneath the clothesline and goes behind London, hurling him over with a German Suplex … but London lands on his feet!! Burchill spins around and London nails him with an inverted Atomic Drop, followed by a quick standing Hurricanrana!! London reaches back to hook the legs, but he is quickly grabbed from behind by Regal in a half-nelson, and brought crashing over right on his neck with a Dragon Suplex with a bridge!! Spanky springboards off the top rope and breaks it up with a leg drop!!
Kendrick quickly grabs the groggy Regal and charges towards the turnbuckle. He flies off, looking for the SLICED BREAD #2 … but Regal shoves him away, and Spanky goes crashing through the ropes to the outside!! Regal turns back around, but London connects with a running enziguiri right off the skull of the veteran, causing Regal’s eyes to roll up into his head. Regal crumples down to the canvas, and London spies Burchill getting back up to his feet, so he races forwards, nailing the DROPSAULT off Burchill, and landing right on top of Regal with a cover! 1 … 2 … THE REFEREE GETS DRAGGED OUT OF THE RING…


The crowd is booing frantically, as Mercury drills the official with a stiff right hand, turning his lights off, and grinning up at London maliciously. London staggers back up to his feet looking bewildered … until JOHNNY NITRO comes up behind and slugs him across the back of the head!!! Nitro begins to stomp away on the fallen London, as Mercury slides in after him, joining in with the double team. Paul Burchill is the first of The Bluebloods to make it to his feet, and he stares in shock at what is going … BEFORE MERCURY LEVELS HIM WITH A CLOTHESLINE AS WELL!!! MNM begin hammering away on Regal and Burchill, as well as The Hooligans, and the timekeeper – in place of the unconscious referee – has no choice but to ring the bell.
Winners: No Contest @ 10:17
The crowd is still pouring heat on the WWE Tag Team Champions, but neither man seems to care. At ringside, the sumptuous Melina has appeared and is screaming orders at her men. Nitro drags London up to his feet and hurls the Cruiserweight across the mat, sending him crashing under the bottom rope and smacking to the concrete floor with a sickening smack!! Mercury quickly disposes of Regal also, tossing him over the top rope with ferocity, so that the Englishman’s jaw hits the apron awkwardly!

With Regal and London out of the way, Mercury slides to the outside and grabs hold of Brian Kendrick, shoving him back into the ring. Nitro already has hold of a motionless Paul Burchill and throws an arm up high, before bringing him crashing down with a vile CORKSCREW NECKBREAKER!!! Burchill goes limp, a broken ball in the corner of the ring, as Mercury smirks and raises Kendrick up onto his shoulder. The fans boo, but Melina screams the Champs on, and so Nitro grabs hold of Spanky’s neck and brings him slamming down to the canvas with the SNAPSHOT!!!

MNM immediately spring back up to their feet, sneering around at the fans, before performing the ‘Snapshot’ motion to both Kendrick and Burchill. Security and various officials begin to rush down to the ring, as Melina hands Nitro and Mercury their title belts and they pose proudly with them in the centre of the ring, before leaving at the behest of security to deafening heat.

Michael Cole: What the hell is wrong with MNM?! This is the second time in the past month that they – well; they’ve assaulted their potential challengers to the titles. This time taking out The Bluebloods AS WELL as London and Kendrick!!

Tazz: When you’re the Champs – when you’re the Tag Team Champs, you’re gonna do everything you can to stay on top of that mountain, and right now, that’s exactly what Nitro and Mercury are doing: taking out the competition.

We cut to a backstage hallway, where John Bradshaw Layfield has just entered the arena to an outbreak of heat from the crowd. Dressed in his smart suit and fedora as always, a steely looking Bradshaw is followed by Jillian Hall and Orlando Jordan … carrying the bags.

???: JBL!! JBL!!

JBL sighs angrily, as an out of breath Steve Romero scuttles up to him, holding his microphone in one hand.

Steve Romero: JBL, rumour has it that the only reason you’re here tonight is to answer the challenge of ‘The Nature Boy’ Ric Flair. Ric is already in the building, so can you con-

John Bradshaw Layfield: (Wildly) STOP TALKING … (Quieter) right … now…

Romero gulps and closes his mouth immediately, as Bradshaw regains his composure.

John Bradshaw Layfield: (Right in Romero’s face) First of all … SON … you address me as SIR … OR … MISTER Layfield, do I make myself clear?

Steve Romero: (Terrified) Y-yes … sir.

The crowd boos, but JBL looks sufficiently pleased with his actions.

John Bradshaw Layfield: Now, you asked me … no, wait, you TOLD me, JBL, that I had showed up here tonight solely at the behest of (Shakes his head in rage) … of Ric Flair. Did I get that right?

Steve Romero: We-

John Bradshaw Layfield: (Shouting) OF COURSE I GOT IT RIGHT!! You have the audacity to suggest a man such as myself, a self-made … MILL – I – ON – AIRE … a television celebrity, a man revered in political circles AROUND THE WORLD … answers to Ric Flair?

This time Romero doesn’t even bother trying to answer and just looks at the floor instead.

John Bradshaw Layfield: There is no one … NO ONE on this EARTH that JBL answers to, that can tell me what to do and where to go. I do WHAT I WANT … and I do it WHEN I WANT. (Smirking) Like I always said, “If I can’t buy it … I TAKE IT”!!!

The crowd boos, but Jillian and Orlando applaud and nod.

John Bradshaw Layfield: Ric Flair … is the last thing on my mind. I’m here tonight to right … a wrong. To correct an INJUSTICE. Last week Mister McMahon told me that I wasn’t the Number One Contender to the World Heavyweight Championship … but Edge was. (Shakes his head) But that’s all going to change tonight. But that’s not all…

Smiling evilly, JBL looks over his shoulder at Orlando Jordan, who smirks right back.

John Bradshaw Layfield: Tonight … tonight Orlando gets the opportunity to correct an injustice as well. Tonight (Pointing directly at Jordan) you prove to the WORLD that what happened at No Way Out was a damn fluke … that Matt Hardy made the biggest mistake of his LIFE when he STOLE a victory from JBL. Tonight, Orlando, you qualify for the Money in the Bank Ladder Match … and at WrestleMania … you bring that briefcase home to where it belongs…

Orlando nods confidently, mouthing “No problem”, as JBL turns back to Romero.

John Bradshaw Layfield: But you’re right, Sean, and if Ric Flair wants to talk to JBL … (A sadistic smile spreads across his lips) … well, let’s just say he knows where to find me…

JBL shoves Romero out of the way and strolls away smugly. Jillian and Orlando walk by too, with Jordan giving the interviewer a long, hard look, as we fade away to a break.

{Commercial Break}

When we return from the commercial, we head backstage once more and into a locker room, where the WWE Tag Team Championship belts are draped regally across the centre cushion, before the camera pans across to reveal first Melina, followed by Joey Mercury and Johnny Nitro. Each member of MNM draws huge heat from the crowd, as they continue to pack their bags, smirking arrogantly.

Suddenly, the door to the locker room crashes open, and MNM spin around angrily. There faces quickly change though, as in steps … Mr. McMahon. The crowd pops as usual for Vince, but the Chairman of the Board looks less than impressed as he glowers at the Tag champs.

Mr. McMahon: What the hell was that??!!

Nitro, Mercury and Melina all look at one another dubiously, before Melina smirks and steps forwards.

Melina: Mister McMahon, that was-

Mr. McMahon: (Fiercely) SHADDUP!! (Crowd pops) I don’t give a damn what any of you have to say!! I know perfectly well what that was out there, and quite frankly I’m getting sick of it!!!

MNM all swallow nervously, but try to remain calm.

Mr. McMahon: It seems like a recurring theme on this show. The Number One Contenders to the Tag Team titles are named … and the … very … next … NIGHT … you two (Finger right in Mercury and Nitro’s face) come down and take them out!! I don’t know what you’re thinking is going to happen, gentlemen. Do you think that if you continue to assault members of this roster – members of MY roster – men whose wages I pay – that we’re just all going to forget about this and you’re going to hold those belts for as long as you want??!! Is that it, huh?!

No member of MNM speaks, though Nitro grits his teeth in frustration.

Mr. McMahon: No … no, that isn’t going to happen. Not whilst I’M running this show, gentlemen. You will defend those WWE Tag Team Championships one way or another, against either The Hooligans OR The Bluebloods!! (MNM seethe) Because next week we’re going to have ourselves a little rematch of the contest that SHOULD have happened tonight, as Paul London and Brian Kendrick face William Regal and Brian Kendrick…

The crowd pops in the background, as MNM look on.

Mr. McMahon: (Thinking) ………………But … but I’m going add a little twist to that contest. Y’see, the way I see it, this opportunity for those two teams is a battle against the clock. Fifteen Minutes in fact. That’s right, they’re going to have fifteen minutes in which to beat the other team and become the Number One Contenders, and if neither side manages to beat the clock…

Vinnie Mac smiles evilly.

Mr. McMahon: Then you will face … BOTH TEAMS!!

Cheers go up from the crowd, but MNM blow a gasket, unable to believe what they just heard.

Mr. McMahon: (Grinning) As a matter of fact, in HONOUR of our WWE Tag Team Champions, I’m going to name this little challenge for The Hooligans and The Bluebloods next week … (makes a marquee with his hands) ‘MISTER MCMAHON’S FIFTEEN MINUTES OF FAME CHALLENGE’!!!

Mercury holds his head in his hands and leans against the wall, whilst Melina follows suit. Nitro on the other hand just looks completely sickened by what he has just heard, and stares at the floor.

Mr. McMahon: (Nodding to himself) You know what? I like it. How about you, Champs?

Vince reaches up and pats a stunned Nitro on the face, before laughing to himself and striding back out of the room, leaving an anxious silence in the locker room of the WWE Tag Team Champions.

We cut back to ringside, where Michael Cole and Tazz are looking on with rather amused expressions on their faces.

Michael Cole: Well, I guess there is some justice in the world after all. After the disgusting actions of MNM earlier on, it serves them right that it should backfire on them. No matter what, next will, will know who the Number One Contenders to the WWE Tag Team Championships are.

Tazz: Oh man, you gotta hand it to the boss, Cole. He knows how to make blockbuster matches, don’t he? ‘Fifteen Minutes of Fame’!! I like it already.

***Act How I Want To*** The crowd gives some low-level heat, mainly because they know who this man is associated with, as Orlando Jordan struts down the ramp with Jillian Hall in tow, seemingly having the same orders as the EX-Chief of Staff. Jordan is clad in his usual black ring attire, and bounces up and down confidently, showing off his boxing skills.

***Live For The Moment*** A HUGE pop fills the arena, as Matt Hardy bursts out onto the stage for his first appearance on SmackDown since his career-defining victory over JBL at No Way Out. Clad in his ‘Live Forever’ vest, Matt slaps hands with the screaming fans at ringside, before heading on down to the ring, throwing up a V-1 sign to more cheers.

Michael Cole: What an ovation for Matt Hardy!! Just three weeks ago, he picked up the biggest win of his life at No Way Out, when he pinned the former WWE Champion JBL, and tonight he has the opportunity to break through that glass ceiling a little bit more, by qualifying for the Money in the Bank Ladder match at WrestleMania!!

Tazz: Oh, you better believe it, Cole. Matt shocked the world at No Way Out. He really is on the role of his life, so Orlando better get ready!

Match #2: Money In The Bank Qualifying Match:
Matt Hardy vs. Orlando Jordan w/Jillian Hall
These two young and talented athletes put on a fast-paced contest in the time given, with the crowd hot for the returning Matt Hardy. Cole and Tazz constantly allude to the role that Hardy has been on of late, but they remind us not to forget that Orlando Jordan held the United States Championship for over five months last year. It shows as well, as Hardy sends Jordan into the corner and follows in with a Clothesline, squashing him! Matt then goes for the Bulldog … but Orlando shoves him away quickly. Version One spins back around as Jordan races towards him, but Hardy catches him, nailing the SIDE EFFECT! 1 … 2 … NO! Jordan kicks out, and Matt shakes his head. He lifts Orlando up in a headlock, signalling for the TWIST OF FATE … but Jillian Hall jumps up onto the apron. Version One drops Orlando and angrily heads over to Jillian Hall, grabbing a handful of hair … but Jordan comes up behind him with a School Boy! 1 … 2 … NO! Matt kicks out at the last second.
Orlando sends Hardy into the corner and charges towards him, only to catch both of the multiple time tag champion’s feet right in his face. Jordan staggers backwards, and Hardy races out … but Orlando catches him, and drills him with the BLACKOUT REVERSE STO!!! The crowd boos, but Jordan smiles, hooking the far leg to ensure his MITB spot. 1 … 2 … NO! Hardy gets a shoulder up, horrifying Orlando and Jillian, but delighting the crowd. Hall is up on the apron, screaming at the referee, as Jordan quickly shakes his head and pulls Hardy back to his feet, setting him up for another Blackout … but Matt spins behind the former U.S Champion and shoves him into the ropes, KNOCKING JILLIAN HALL FLYING!! Orlando staggers back, not realising what just happened, and Hardy kicks him the gut, before NAILING THE TWIST OF FATE!!! 1 … 2 … 3!!!
Winner: Matt Hardy qualifies for the Money In The Bank Ladder Match at WrestleMania 22 via Pin Fall @ 07:27.
The crowd explodes for the result, as Matt Hardy stands back up to his feet and has his hand raised in the air by the referee. Orlando rolls to the outside, where he and Jillian limp painfully back up the ramp, clearly anticipating a berating from their boss. Hardy throws the crowd another V-1, before waving his arm at the WrestleMania sign and smiling broadly.

Michael Cole: What a return for Matt Hardy! 2006 just continues to get better and better for this youngster. Now he has a chance to win a guaranteed World title match, if he can pull down that briefcase on April Second.

Tazz: You wanna talk about experience in ladder matches, Cole? I think we’re looking at the odds on favourite right there.

We cut backstage where ‘The Nature Boy’ Ric Flair is walking down a hallway, suited and booted, ready for his potentially major segment up next.

{Commercial Break}

***Also Sprach Zarathustra*** The crowd comes alive with a thunderous pop, followed by a plethora of “WOOOOOS”, as Ric Flair enters the arena. The greatest wrestler of all time wears his usual tailor made suit, grey and looking spiffy, as well as sporting a half confident, and half furious smirk on his face. Naitch soaks up the reaction, before heading on down to the ring, slapping hands with the fans at ringside.

Michael Cole: Now this is special. This is special indeed. What an honour it is to have a legend like – THE legendary Ric Flair with us on Friday Night SmackDown!

Tazz: No doubt, Cole. It’s always great when Naitch brings a bit of class to this place, and I’ve gotta feeling that this is gonna be big.

Naitch steps through the ropes and walks to the centre of the ring, giving the crowd a little twirl, before being handed a microphone from Tony Chimel at ringside.

Ric Flair: Washington, D.C … (Glances around the arena) WOO! WOO! WOOOOO!

Flair is loving the moment, as he struts back and forth, working the crowd into a frenzy like only he can.

Ric Flair: I came out here tonight, because I’ve got a message for someone sitting (Points up the ramp) back there WITH HIS TAIL BETWEEN HIS LEGS! Here IT IS! Almost three months ago, John Bradshaw Layfield tried his DAMNDEST, DAMNDEST to try and rid the WWE of ME! RIC, WOO, FLAIR! Guys like TRIPLE H, guys like RANDY ORTON, and CARLITO, they’ve been tryin’ ta’ send the Naitcha’ Boy packing for YEARS, and TONIGHT’S THE NIGHT IT FINALLY STOPS!!

The crowd cheers, as Naitch brushes his hand through his peroxide blonde hair, steadying his rage.

Ric Flair: Well, Bradshaw, in case you haven’t realised yet … I’M TALKIN’ AT YOU! Ric Flair ain’t, WOO, EVER gonna retire! Ever! BRADSHAW! When the Naitcha’ Boy leaves hangs up his ten thousand dollar robe for the last time, it’ll be on top of MY GRAVE! (Shakes his head regretfully) But if that’s the only, ONLY way that you’ll step into this ring with me at WrestleMania, Bradshaw, if you can try force Ric Flair into retirement, then the Naitcha’ Boy says SO BE IT, but I want to hear it MAN, WOO, TO MAN, from your mouth! JBL! Get ‘yer ass out here, right, WOO, NOW!

The crowd buzzes with excitement, wondering whether or not JBL will be brave enough to confront ‘The Nature Boy’. Flair simmers slowly in the ring…

***Longhorn*** The stock market bells ring around the arena, and the Washington crowd pops loudly, but mainly in anticipation of the confrontation that is about to take place. Naitch looks on intensely, as the ominous white limousine pulls out next to the entrance ramp, and the driver nips out also. He walks to the rear of the vehicle and opens the door for John Bradshaw Layfield. The fans shower JBL in heat, as he holds his arms in the air, perhaps a false display of confidence, as he is all alone out there tonight.

Bradshaw places his fedora back on his head and fixes a steely expression on his face, before walking slowly down to the ring where Flair waits. The two men never take their eyes off one another, but Naitch backs off slightly, so that JBL actually enters the ring, stepping through the ropes tentatively. He removes a mic from his pocket and stands across the ring from Flair, the sound pf the crowds excitement buzzing all around the arena. The two men exchange a long stare down, before Slick Ric steps forwards.

Ric Flair: WOO!!!

The crowd responds in kind, whilst Bradshaw blinks slowly, his eyes conveying the rage he is undoubtedly feeling at this moment.

John Bradshaw Layfield: Don’t…

An outpouring of heat instantly cuts JBL off, and he glares into the crowd in frustration.

John Bradshaw Layfield: Don’t think for one SECOND that I am out here tonight for you … Ric Flair … (Growing angry) in fact you’re wastin’ my time!! You cannot possibly fathom the responsibilities that I have!! I … own … my … own … COMPANY!! I am a media MAVEN!! I am a Wall Street darlin’ … and you have the temerity to believe that you can CALL ME OUT, and just like that, JBL is gonna show up?!

Flair watches closely, as Bradshaw continues to pace back and forth.

John Bradshaw Layfield: You really think that I would come all this way … (Shakes his head) to Washington…

The cheap heat rains in, as JBL spits out the name of the city.

John Bradshaw Layfield: (Sneering) I hate to disappoint you, Ric, but you are very LOW on my list of priorities. If you want answers to what happened at the Royal Rumble, then let me put it like this – SIMPLE – if you put your hands ON ME … if you play with FIRE, you get BURNED!! Simple. And, Ric…

Naitch looks up, as Layfield steps closer.

John Bradshaw Layfield: ………I already kicked you’re ass once, so why in the hell should I give you the honour of doing it all over again?!

A little smirk appears on Bradshaw’s face, but Flair does not seem deterred.

Ric Flair: (Quite calm) Yeah, I remember you kicking my ass at the Rumble, JBL (Fires himself up) when jumped me from BEHIND!! But you know something? I remember No Way Out too! I remember coming back and kicking YOUR ass so badly that you RAN AWAY! I’ve kicked your ass too, Bradshaw! So you know what that means, John!? It means you and I, we need to have ourselves a proper one-one-one match to see who really is THE BEST! Once night only, Bradshaw, The Wrestling God and Naitch to need duke it out! Ric Flair versus John Bradshaw Layfield! WOOO! C’MON, BRADSHAW! BE A MAN!

JBL’s smile has faltered slightly, as he begins to realise what is being asked of him.

Ric Flair: C’mon, Bradshaw! Why don’t you grow a set!? Fight me! I’m giving you all the advantages! You got the health, JBL! You got the talent! ‘The Wall Street Warrior’ John Bradshaw Layfield, the greatest wrestler of all time! You’re everything I’m not, Bradshaw! I’m nothing, JBL, remember!? I’m a piece of, WOOO, SH**! (Bleeped by censors) You said it yourself, John! You’ve been talking the talk all these months, Layfield, so now’s the time to prove it now! Grow a package and back it up!! This is what you WANTED!! A chance to end my career, and I’m putting it all on the line!!

John Bradshaw Layfield: (Raises the mic up) ……………………………

No words escape Bradshaw’s lips. For the first time ever, JBL is lost for words. He seems confused by the sheer audacity with which Naitch is speaking to him, as well as contemplating the momentous challenge. He turns around, rubbing his hand across his chin in deep thought.

Ric Flair: (Losing patience) Bradshaw, what the hell is wrong with you? Cat got your tongue? Did Matt Hardy punch you so hard in the face at No Way Out that you’re now A MUTE?! Is that it? What’s wrong? Are you a coward, Bradshaw? Is that it, huh? Is the great John Bradshaw Layfield, ‘The Wrestling God’, ‘American Hero’, nothing more than a coward?! Answer me, JBL! Look me in the eye! Are you a coward!? Coward!? COWARD!? COWARD!? COWARD?!!!!

Naitch tears off his suit jacket and hurls it to the ground. He bounces off the ropes and drops an elbow across it, getting extremely wound up, as the crowd cheers him on, and chants “COWARD” in JBL’s direction. Bradshaw stares at both Flair and the fans in a boiling rage, simmering slowly…

John Bradshaw Layfield: ALRIGHT!!!

The Washington crowd comes alive with a mighty cheer, as JBL accepts. Flair stops dead in his tracks, and turns to Bradshaw with a smile on his reddened face.

John Bradshaw Layfield: YOU WANT ME!!?? YOU WANT ME YOU SORRY SON OF A BITCH!!?? YOU GOT ME!!!!!

Naitch looks into Layfield’s eyes, nodding his head, mouthing, “That’s what I’m talking about”.

John Bradshaw Layfield: (Stepping up to Flair) FLAIR! I AM NO COWARD!! ME VERSUS YOU AT WRESTLEMANIA TWENTY TWO!! I’ve kicked your kicked your sorry ass before and left you in a pool of your own blood, but, Ric, this time … (Right in Naitch’s face) JBL ISN’T GONNA MAKE THE SAME MISTAKE TWICE!!! This time, at WrestleMania, you’re not gonna get up and walk away, you’re not gonna make some triumphant return, ‘CAUSE I’M GONNA PUT YOU DOWN FOR GOOD!!! And when I beat you, Flair, I am going to go down in history forever as THE MAN who ENDED YOUR PATHETIC CAREER!!!!

Bradshaw tosses his mic to the ground, as his music plays once again, and steps forwards. Both he and Flair come together in the centre of the ring, pressing their noses right together, with Naitch smirking {though clearly fighting back the urge to strike JBL} right in the face of ‘The Nature Boy’. The crowd continues to go wild at the two mega stars locked for WrestleMania, currently standing in the ring, and we are left with this shot as we head into another commercial.

Michael Cole: Oh my! JBL has accepted the challenge of Ric Flair at WrestleMania once and for all! The Nature Boy puts it all on the line on April Second!! But up next, the Rubber Match, the man who faces Booker T at WrestleMania for the United States Championship, Rey Mysterio, faces the self-proclaimed “Future of Sport’s Entertainment” Mister Kennedy, NEXT!!!

{Commercial Break}

As soon as we return from the break…

***Turn Up The Trouble*** The crowd instantly pops with a mixed reaction, but it slowly turns to heat, as the arrogant but incredibly talented Mr. Kennedy swaggers down the ramp, clad in his sleeveless ‘Talk Loud’ vest. Chewing his gum nonchalantly, KK eyeballs the fans with contempt, before rolling into the ring and casting him lanky arm upwards. Steadily, the lights dim and down falls the greatest microphone in the world, landing perfectly in Kennedy’s hand.

Mr. Kennedy: (Eyes focused) You might think that I’m gonna stand here tonight and bitch … and moan … and whine … that I wasn’t chosen to Main Event WrestleMania against Batista … but you’re wrong…

Kennedy holds up a finger, looking serious.

Mr. Kennedy: (Shakes his head) No, y’see I went to Mister McMahon, and I asked him, “PLEASE, Vince … DON’T put me in the Main Event match at WrestleMania Twenty Two – NOT because I don’t wanna be World Heavyweight Champion (Smirks) ‘cause I DO. It’s just that, I’ve been thinking, why would I throw all of my eggs into one WrestleMania shaped basket … when I can have something with a little more … (Cocks his head) value?

The crowd does not really seem to be buying KK’s excuse for not being in the Main Event.

Mr. Kennedy: (Epic voice) “Six men … dozens of ladders … and one shiny briefcase hanging high in the air … GUARANTEEING the winner a shot at the World Championship whenever he wants.” (Ends voice) Think about that … think about Mister Kennedy with that briefcase tucked under my arm … with a title shot WHENEVER I want one. Maybe I’ll wait until WrestleMania next year … (Grins) … maybe I won’t…

Washington boos, as KK licks his lips slowly.

Mr. Kennedy: But make no mistake about it … it’s time for you to forget about your heroes … like Chavo Guerrero (Crowd pops) … like Matt Hardy (HUGE pop) … because come April Second they will be walking out of The Allstate Arena … empty … handed … whilst yours truly, will be leaving (Whispering) … Mister … Money in the Bank…

Kennedy steps up the turnbuckle, eyes closed in ecstasy.

Mr. Kennedy: (Opens his eyes and stares at the camera) …………………Bank.

***Booyaka Booyaka 619*** Kennedy turns his head towards the stage furiously, as Rey Mysterio explodes out to a thunderous reception from the crowd. Clad in his white tights, black vest and black mask, the #1 Contender to the U.S title slaps hands with all of his fans, before sliding into the ring, where an unimpressed KK waits. Rey leaps up to the top rope and raises his arms to the fans, before…

***Can You Dig It, Sucka?*** Washington explodes with heat, as the United States Champion Booker T and his wife Sharmell walk down the ramp with furious expressions on their faces. The Book Man wears a smart, dark suit, with a long coat over the top, whilst Sharmell wears her usual glamorous dress and carries her husband’s championship belt. Booker skulks around the ring, locking eyes with Mysterio, before joining Michael Cole and Tazz on commentary.

Michael Cole: Well, uh, we’re joined by the United States Champion Booker T and his wife, Sharmell here on commentary.

Tazz: Pleasure to have you, Booker. Look I gotta ask, how’re you feeling about defending that title of yours against Rey Mysterio at WrestleMania?

Booker T: (Furious) How am I -? ‘S a DAMN travesty, that’s how I’m feelin’, Tazz!! I thought that all of ‘dis unfair treatment to muh would stop wit’ ‘dat sucka Teddy Long drinkin’ through a straw … but Mister McMahon … he’s WORSE!!!

Match #3: Rubber Match:
Mr. Kennedy vs. Rey Mysterio
Another very solid encounter between these two individuals, with Cole and Tazz constantly reminding us that they both already hold victories over one another (though Rey’s was via DQ). Mysterio seems to be trying to shake off the distraction of Booker T at ringside, and does a good job of it too, as he frustrates the young Mr. Kennedy throughout the contest with his lightning quickness. He ducks a clothesline from KK and dropkicks him onto the middle rope, before going for the 619 … but Kennedy quickly rolls to the outside. The platinum haired loudmouth smirks at the crowd, tapping his head … but Rey flies over the top rope with a PLANCHA, taking Kennedy out!!! Mysterio has the crowd all fired up, and he shares a long, intense stare down with Booker T at ringside, before shoving KK back into the ring and scoring a near fall! Rey lifts Kennedy up and goes for the Irish Whip, but KK reverses. Mysterio lowers his head a split second too early and Kennedy leaps over with a Sunset Flip … but Rey rolls right through and bounces off the ropes, cracking KK right in the temple with a vicious kick!!
After scoring a near fall, Mysterio heads to the outside of the ring, where he waits on the apron for Kennedy to make it back up to his feet. KK eventually does, and Rey springboards with a SEATED SENTON … but Kennedy alley oops Mysterio over the top of him … and Mysterio lands on his feet! KK spins around and gets a drop toe hold right onto the middle rope. This time Rey races off the ropes, NAILING THE 619!!! Kennedy staggers backwards and flops down to the canvas, and Mysterio gets set to come off the top rope once more … but Booker T removes his headset and stands up. Rey instantly turns towards his WrestleMania opponent, eyeing him threateningly, but Booker holds his hands up innocently and sits back down. Mysterio turns back around to see Kennedy on his feet, and so quickly goes for a SPRINGBOARD … but KK hits the ropes, causing Rey to lose his footing and slam down into the canvas face first!! The crowd “OOOS” at the impact, but Kennedy wastes no time in yanking the legendary Cruiserweight up to his feet, hooking up his arm and leg, DRILLING HIM DOWN WITH THE MIC CHECK REVERSE STO, face first to the mat!!! 1 … 2 … 3!!!
Winner: Mr. Kennedy via Pin Fall @ 09:51.
The crowd boos loudly, as Kennedy’s music hits once more, and the exuberant youngster has his hand raised by the official. Booker T and Sharmell slowly approach the ring as well, smirking broadly at the fate of Mysterio, who remains flat on his back. Kennedy gives the U.S Champion a little nod, before rolling out of the ring and heading back up the ramp.

Still in the ring, Booker stands over the unconscious Rey Mysterio, eyes fixed on his fellow WCW veteran. Book bends down slowly, staring hard into the eyes of the ‘Master of the 619’ … before he slaps him right across the face!! The crowd gives even more, tremendous heat, as Mysterio appears to be a beaten man, and Booker takes his U.S title belt from Sharmell, holding it up high in the air, a toothy grin on his face.

Michael Cole: Absolutely disgusting show of disrespect from the United States Champion, Booker T, humiliating a smaller and already beaten man!!

Tazz: I agree, Cole. That was unnecessary from The Book Man.

We cut to a quick shot of Jamie Noble sitting in his locker room, taping his fists, which gets a good pop from the crowd, before we cut away once again.

The crowd pops once again to see Mr. McMahon sat at his desk in his office going through some papers, when the door is opened and someone walks in. At first Vinnie Mac doesn’t look up, but when he does, his eyes narrow instantly, and he tenses, because … RANDY ORTON has just entered the room!

Some ungodly heat can be heard in the background ‘The Legend Killer’, who stands silently, dressed in a dark suit jacket and jeans, making his first appearance on SmackDown since he ended the career of Teddy Long at No Way Out. He and McMahon stare at one another for a long time {Orton with emotionless eyes}.

Mr. McMahon: (Quiet, menacing) You … disgust … me.

Cheers can be heard from the crowd, but Randy barely blinks.

Mr. McMahon: I knew it was a mistake to ask you to come here tonight, Mister Orton, because … (Jaw stiffens) because quite frankly I can’t stand to be in the same room as you, let alone look you in the face!

Still Orton shows no reaction, simply staring a hole through McMahon with his cold, blue eyes.

Mr. McMahon: Mark my words … Randy … you’re going to pay the full price for your actions at No Way Out … and you’re going to pay that price (Nods slowly) next Friday Night, do I make myself clear?

No movement from Orton, although his jaw does tighten slightly.


All that comes from Randy Orton is a slow, calculated nod in McMahon’s direction, before a gentle knock on the door breaks the tense atmosphere quickly, and in strides … SHANE MCMAHON. Shane ‘O gets his usual pop from the crowd, as he steps into the room, finding himself toe-to-toe with ‘The Legend Killer’. Both men are dressed in dark suits, and Shane eyes Orton seriously.

Shane McMahon: (Never taking his eyes off Orton) Is there a problem, Dad?

The stare down between Shane and Orton looks set to explode, before Vince stands up quickly.

Mr. McMahon: No, no, there’s no problem here, Shane. (Pointing at Randy) Now get the hell out of my sight. I’ll deal with you next week.

Orton slowly turns his head away from Shane and fixes his ‘Iceman’ gaze on the Chairman of the Board, who simply stares right back. Eventually, Randy takes a step backwards, looking deep into the eyes of Shane ‘O Mac once more, before leaving the room.

As soon as the door closes behind ‘The Legend Killer’, Shane turns towards his father with a “What the hell?” kind of expression. Vince slumps back down into his chair, letting out a long sigh … of relief?

{Commercial Break}

WrestleMania Recall - WrestleMania X – Bret Hart faces his brother Owen Hart in the first ‘Brother versus Brother’ match in WWE/F history, with Owen shocking the world and defeating the elder Hart.

Backstage, Jamie Noble is storming down the hallway, slapping his face and shaking his fists in anticipation of his Cruiserweight Championship match in a few moments. From off screen, an out of breath Josh Matthews steps towards ‘The Pitbull’ with a mic in hand.

Josh Matthews: Jamie, Jamie, I know you take on Kid Kash for the Cruiserweight title in just a few moments, do you think I could get your thoughts?

Noble pauses momentarily, staring at Matthews with a look that could be described as disgust, but coming from Noble it is clearly nothing but raw intensity.

Jamie Noble: (Intense whisper) Tonight ain’t about talkin’…

The interview is over! Noble walks away quickly again, leaving Josh Matthews contemplating what he just heard.

We cut back into the arena, as…

***Trailer Park*** Jamie Noble has not stopped once on his way down to the ring, and he continues this, as he strides right down the aisle getting a great reaction from the sold out Washington film…

As Jamie Noble makes his way down the ramp, HE IS JUMPED FROM BEHIND BY KID KASH!!!!! The Notorious K.I.D attacks the #1 Contender with a vicious shot to the back of the skull with the CW title belt. The crowd boos wildly, as Kash kicks Noble down the ramp following the stunning blow to the unsuspecting Virginian.

Kash continues to deliver vicious kicks to the face of his tenacious opponent at the foot of the ramp, before pulling him up by the arm, snarling angrily, and whipping Noble into the steel steps with such incredible velocity that ‘The Pitbull’ plows right through them!!! Kash, hissing like a viper, walks around the steps, grabbing Noble, and hurls him into the ringpost with a sickening smack!!!

Noble slumps onto the floor, barely conscious, with Kash prowling the ringside area over him. The Notorious K.I.D waits, rubbing his title belt {now accidentally smeared with Noble’s blood}, as Noble tries to reach his feet, pulling on the apron to do so. As soon as the #1 Contender staggers up … KASH SMASHES THE BELT RIGHT BETWEEN THE EYES!!! ‘The Pitbull’ goes down, as Kash stands over him, before quickly deciding to roll his opponent into the ring, following himself, before yelling at the official to ring the bell, which the referee does, albeit begrudgingly…


4th Match: Cruiserweight Championship Match:
Kid Kash © vs. Jamie Noble
Kash immediately has the leg hooked, and the referee, shaking his head from side to side, has no choice but the make the count, 1...2...3!!!
Winner: Kid Kash via Pin Fall @ 00:06. Kid Kash RETAINS the Cruiserweight Championship.
Thanks to a sickening attack, Kid Kash defeats Jamie Noble to retain the title almost in record time. ‘The Pitbull’ is badly bloodied from the beat down, as he rolls over onto his back, exposing his bloody features, drawing groans from the crowd. Kash gets to his feet, sneering manically at his handy work, before demanding the referee hold his arm in the air.

Kid Kash rolls from the ring, still clutching his title belt to himself dearly, and his dark tights stained with his opponent’s blood. Breathing deeply, Kash retreats back up the ramp to a plethora of heat, as a dozen or so EMT’s come rushing in the opposite direction to tend to Noble. As Kash disappears through the curtain, the EMT’s rolls out the stretcher … but a determined Jamie Noble shoves them away and demands to walk out of there. Two officials grab an arm each, and they assist a battered Noble up the ramp to a great reception from the crowd, as he stares ahead, eyes blazing.

Michael Cole: You simply have to admire the courage of that man. Jamie Noble was just the victim of one of the most heinous attacks I have ever witnessed, yet he STILL walks out of here. I cannot wait for Kid Kash to get what is coming to him!!

Tazz: My thoughts exactly, Cole. We were all looking forward to a great match between these two superb athletes, but instead Kid Kash stole that from us. I wouldn’t want to be him when Jamie Noble is back at one hundred per cent.

We cut backstage to where a black knee pad is being strapped up by large hands. The camera pans up slowly, revealing a huge, dark skinned, muscular body, before finally the face comes into shot ... it’s Bobby Lashley. The crowd pours huge heat on the young powerhouse, the man who took out The Undertaker at No Way Out, but ‘The Real Deal’ look totally focused ahead of his Main Event Steel Cage match with Finlay later tonight. The door to his locker room opens, and Lashley’s fierce eyes flash across the room…

…where Paul Heyman has just entered, dressed in his usual dark suit, with a smug smile on his face.

Paul Heyman: Now-

Bobby Lashley: (Cutting him off) Get out.

Heyman looks rather stunned, as Lashley turns his back on Paul E. and continues to warm up.

Paul Heyman: (Shaking his head) Bobby … Mister Lashley … I only came to see you tonight to wish the very best of luck. After last week … after Finlay laid his hands on me (Puts to the bandage on his head where the Shillelagh struck) I want to see you crush him just as much as you want to do it yourself.

The crowd boos, but Lashley continues to pay Heyman no attention.

Paul Heyman: (More intense) Did you what I just said, Bobby? Tonight, just like every night for you, it isn’t about winning … winning is something that just comes naturally you, Bobby. Tonight … is about … CRUSHING … Dave Finlay. In that Cage … there’s going to be no one but him … and YOU!! This is your chance to make another statement, Bobby … it might not be taking out … The Undertaker, but until people start to give you the respect you deserve, this is the way things are going to be.

Despite not being able to see his face, it is clear that Lashley is nodding his head slowly.

Paul Heyman: Finlay is nothing more than a bug, Bobby … a small, insignificant, Irish bug … and all you have to do is (Violently gestures with his hands) break him! You break the man in half, Bobby … and he’ll never … bother you … again.

Lashley finally turns around, looking fully prepared for his huge match up, and stares intensely down at Heyman. Paul E. smirks at the powerhouse and … pats him on the arm. ‘The Real Deal’ glances at Heyman’s hand … but does nothing. Heyman begins to leave the room, grinning.

Paul Heyman: …………………Good luck.

Heyman shuts the door behind him, leaving Lashley staring ahead of him, breathing softly, animalistic, as we head into one of the last commercials.

{Commercial Break}

After the commercial we get a shot of what went down during the break, with the Cruiserweight Champion of the World, Kid Kash, storming out from the office of Mr. McMahon, yelling and looking extremely pissed off.

We head elsewhere backstage, where several trainers are attending to Jamie Noble, who is seated on the edge of the bench, bandaged with the stitches now going into his skull following the savage beating earlier. The door opens slightly, and in walks Kristal Marshall, holding a microphone, looking anxiously at Noble.

Kristal Marshall: Umm, Jamie?? Do you have a moment??

Jamie Noble: (Without even looking up) Not now.

Kristal Marshall: (Not listening) I’ll make it quick then.

Noble sighs and lifts his head up slowly, exposing his bruised face, as he stares at Kristal.

Kristal Marshall: Earlier tonight, Kid Kash attacked you from behind, and then went on to beat you in less than ten seconds. Now though, it was just announced that Mister McMahon has signed a rematch – a Cruiserweight Championship between the two of you for WrestleMania (Crowd pops). How do you feel about what Kid Kash did earlier, and what are your thoughts on WrestleMania??

Noble motions to the trainer to give him a minute, and he turns his body slowly towards Kristal to answer the question. His eyes narrow, focused and intense.

Jamie Noble: Before tonight, all Jamie Noble cared about was winnin’ back a Cruiserweight title I ain’t held in years. As far as I’m concerned now … WrestleMania can’t come soon enough, ‘cause ‘til tonight … Jamie Noble just plain didn’t like Kid Kash … (points to the cut on his forehead) … now?? Now it’s personal. And Kash is gonna find out the hard way that ya don’t get personal with … Jamie…

Wincing in agony, Noble slowly leans forward towards the mic, staring directly into the camera.

Jamie Noble: (Through gritted teeth) ………Noble.

Kristal nods slowly, as the trainers return to work on Noble, and we…

Cut back to ringside.

Michael Cole: A huge match signed for WrestleMania then. Kid Kash will defend the Cruiserweight Championship against Jamie Noble. I guess there is some justice in the world after all, Tazz? But coming up next, our HUGE Main Event. It’s the man who took out The Undertaker against the fighting Irishman. Lashley-Finlay!! Steel Cage!!

The cage lowers around the ring and the crowd pops, ready for our Main Event. Tony Chimel stands in the middle of the ring, watching the structure lower. The bell rings…

Tony Chimel: The following contest is the Main Event and it is a STEEL CAGE MATCH!! Now, the only way to win this match is by pin fall, submission, or by escaping the cage and both feet touching the floor!!

The audience pops for the match but the applause gets even louder when…

***Lambleg*** The theme of The Fighting Irishman hits to a good ovation from the crowd, despite he only having recently hinted at a face turn, and Finlay walks down to the ring, looking determined and carrying his trusty shillelagh as always. He climbs the ring steps before stepping into the steel cage, though the cage door and walking to the centre of the ring, where he actually raises his shillelagh into the air, getting a pop from the crowd. Finlay rests on his haunches, staring up the ramp.

***Unstoppable*** As the ominous theme rumbles throughout the arena, the Washington crowd rises to its feet and begins to pour some of the loudest heat of the night down. Eventually the menacing figure of Bobby Lashley walks out onto the stage, an ornery gaze upon his face. ‘The Real Deal’ sets his first pyro off with a thunderous crash, before heading on down to the ring. Lashley stares wildly into the first few rows of the crowd. Lashley steps into the Steel Cage and stares at Finlay, before turning his back on him and climbing the turnbuckle, showing off his monstrous physique to the booing crowd.

Michael Cole: This is what you call a big fight atmosphere. These two bulls, Lashley and Finlay are about to collide in this unforgiving structure, but will either man walk out of here?

Tazz: Oh man, I love this. You wanna talk about a chance to make a name for yourself? How about winning a Main Event Steel Cage match. Whatever happens, Cole, both of these guys are walking out of this place Main Eventers in my eyes.

Main Event: Steel Cage Match:
Finlay vs. Bobby Lashley
As Tazz alluded to, this is a great opportunity for both men to break into the Main Event scene even more, and it is not wasted, as they put on another thrilling contest to end their trilogy of brutal matches over the past months. In the beginning, the word “brawl” does not quite do justice what we see, as the two men basically just pounce on one another, rolling all over the ring in a blur of fists, feet, shillelagh’s and heads. Finlay tries to use his shillelagh as much as he can, but eventually it gets caught by the powerhouse Lashley and tossed aside. The beat down begins here, as Lashley drives his shoulder into the Irishman’s gut, muscling him up, and racing across the ring, driving Finlay’s spine into the corner. He repeats this THREE MORE TIMES in each turnbuckle, before lifting Finlay up onto his shoulder, as though going for the Running Powerslam, but instead HURLING FINLAY INTO THE STEEL MESH FACE FIRST!! Lashley continues to absolutely dominate the Irishman like this, and it is not long before the Irishman rolls onto his back, and we see that he has been BUSTED OPEN at the hands of ‘The Real Deal’!!
After toying with Finlay somewhat, Lashley scoops him up onto his shoulder, looking to finish him off with the DOMINATOR … but Finlay slides off the shoulders and leaps up onto the Cage, climbing towards the top! Lashley quickly spins around and climbs after him. The two brawlers exchange wicked right hands above the ring ropes, before Finlay shows his veteran instinct and gains the advantage with a cheeky thumb to the eye {getting cheers from the crowd}. He smashes Lashley’s head off the steel mesh again … and again … and AGAIN … until Lashley finally falls, AND CROTCHES THE TOP ROPE!! The crowd roars, urging Finlay on, and the Irishman continues to climb towards the top. Lashley, wincing, struggles back up to his feet, and reaches up as far as he possibly can around the legs of Finlay, who looks panicked. Lashley rears up, and SLAMS FINALLY DOWN TO THE CANVAS WITH A THUNDEROUS POWERBOMB FROM AN ELEVATED POSITION!! The crowd “OOOS” at the ferocity of the manoeuvre, but to everyone’s awe, Lashley maintains his grip on a lifeless Finlay, and muscles him back up into the air, DRILLING HIM WITH A SECOND STRAIGHT POWERBOMB!!!
Cole and Tazz put over the sheer, inhuman strength of ‘The Real Deal’, as he finally lets go of the Fighting Irishman, and lets out an animalistic roar, drawing heat from the crowd. Although it looks blatantly obvious that he could escape if he wanted to, Lashley drops down in the corner, waiting for Finlay to get up to his feet. It takes a while, but eventually the Irishman staggers up, showing his guts {with something in his hand} and turns around … LASHLEY CHARGES FOR THE SPEAR … BUT GETS DRILLED WITH THE SHILLELAGH!! The crowd pops, but Lashley is only staggered, still not going down. Finlay lifts Bobby up, NAILING THE CELTIC CROSS!!! He hooks the leg, 1 … 2 … NO!!! Lashley kicks out, and both Finlay and the crowd are unable to believe it. He quickly heads towards the Cage door, yelling at the referee to open it, which he does, and Finlay leans through … BUT THE DOOR SLAMS SHUT ON HIS SKULL!!!


The crowd boos mercilessly, as Heyman screams at Lashley to get up. ‘The Real Deal’, dazed, makes it up to his feet, and bellows at Heyman to give him some Steel Chairs. Paul E., smiling wickedly, shoves Tony Chimel and the timekeeper aside, before grabbing two Steel Chairs, which he proceeds to launch into the Cage, landing with a thud. Lashley picks one of the weapons up and measures his opponent. Finlay, clutching his bloody skull, limps across the ring and turns … LASHLEY SMASHES HIS HEAD IN WITH A SICKEING STEEL CHAIR SHOT!!! The “OOOOS” ring around the arena, and Lashley slams the chair back down to the canvas with authority, as Finlay crumples down against the ropes, his head touching the Cage. It seems as though Lashley has had his fill of violence for one evening, and he calmly heads towards the Cage door, gesturing for the referee to open it, as Paul Heyman applauds from ringside…


Washington erupts with what is easily the loudest pop of the night, though there are some terrified screams thrown in there as well, as The Phenom, looking like the Devil himself, tugs hard on the long limbs of a stunned Lashley. ‘The Real Deal’ fights frantically against The Deadman, and Heyman screams “NO!” at ringside, and “RAISE THE CAGE!” to the officials, but there is nothing they can do. In the ring, Lashley slips, and his legs are dragged into the ring by The Undertaker, whilst Finlay makes it back up to his feet, AND BEGINS TO CLIMB THE CAGE!! As Lashley scratches and claws at the ring mat, Finlay scurries up the Cage mesh, and getting over the top. With a last roar LASHLEY DISAPPEARS UNDERNEATH THE RING, with the crowd going wild, AND FINLAY DROPS DOWN TO THE FLOOR TO WIN THE MATCH!!!
Winner: Finlay via escape of the cage @ 17:28!!!

The screams and cheers of the crowd are absolutely deafening, as smoke billows out from the gash in the ring … but both Bobby Lashley and The Undertaker are gone!! They have vanished through the ring!! Finlay rests on the outside, victorious in the end, but still bloody and beaten. He stares through the Cage at the smoky mess now in there, almost as stunned as the crowd, before heading to the back. Paul Heyman runs around like a screaming mad man, demanding that the Cage be raised, but there is nothing anyone at ringside can door, until…


A mixed reaction goes up from the crowd, as Lashley hurries backwards, basically falling through the Cage door in an effort to get away from that hole in the ring. He drops down to the outside, his eyes blazing in rage and frustration {and fear} at what just went down. Lashley begins to have a hissy fit, kicking the steel steps across the ground, before lifting them over his head and hurling them against the Cage, but slowly…

…THE UNDERTAKER RISES UP FROM THE DEPTHS OF THE RING to mighty cheers from the Washington crowd. The Phenom seems almost like an apparition, as he stands there amongst the smoke and mist, staring coldly at the monstrous Bobby Lashley. Slowly, The Deadman reaches up his thumb and performs the throat slash gesture directly at ‘The Real Deal’, to a thunderous ovation!!

***No Chance In Hell*** The crowd pops in surprise more than anything, as Lashley, Heyman and The Undertaker all cast their eyes to the stage, where the Chairman of the Board himself Mr. McMahon stands with a mic in his hand.

Mr. McMahon: Ladies and gentlemen, returning to the SmackDown! roster, THE UNDERTAKER!!

The crowd goes wild, whilst Heyman looks horrified, but Lashley barely blinks.

Mr. McMahon: And as for … (Points a sneering finger in Lashley’s direction) YOU, Bobby Lashley…

Lashley stares a hole right through Vinnie Mac.

Mr. McMahon: All I keep hearing from you and Paul Heyman is how you’re indestructible … the FUTURE of this company if you will, and all you need is a chance to break through the proverbial glass ceiling.

Lashley remains silent, but Heyman screams, “HE IS!!”

Mr. McMahon: Well, chances to break through the glass ceiling get no bigger than the one you’re going to get on April the Second, Mister Lashley.

The crowd begins to buzz in anticipation, whilst Lashley narrows his eyes.

Mr. McMahon: That’s why, on April Second, at WrestleMania Twenty-Two, it will be the “Real Deal” Bobby Lashley--

Huge heat for Lashley, but the powerhouse raises his head, anticipating the announcement.

Mr. McMahon: -- versus, THE UNDERTAKER!!!

***Graveyard Symphony*** The crowd goes absolutely WILD at the announcement, whilst Paul Heyman proceeds to hurl his cap to the floor, waving his arms around in a frenzy. As for Lashley, he turns slowly on the spot to see The Undertaker ascending the Steel Cage. Lashley and Paul E. back up the ramp, as The Phenom stands on the very top of the structure, holding onto one of the stanchions for balance. An eerie, purplish aura begins to engulf the arena, as The Deadman slowly rolls his eyes up into his head.

The show eventually fades out with Bobby Lashley and The Undertaker staring at one another with eyes of pure fire, there match at WrestleMania now set in stone.



Saturday Night’s Main Event:
Date: March 18th, 2006
Location: Cobo Arena; Detroit, Michigan


Current Card for WWE WrestleMania XXII:
Date: April 2nd, 2006
Location: Allstate Arena; Chicago, Illinois
Event Music: Bullets and Octane; Save Me Sorrow

World Heavyweight Championship Match:
Batista vs. Edge

WWE Championship Match:
Kurt Angle vs. John Cena OR Shawn Michaels

One On One
'The Phenom' The Undertaker vs. 'The Real Deal' Bobby Lashley

The Nature Boy vs. The Wrestling God:
Ric Flair vs. John Bradshaw Layfield

{If Ric Flair loses, he must retire}


United States Championship Match:
Booker T
w/Sharmell vs. Rey Mysterio

Money In The Bank Ladder Match:
Chavo Guerrero vs. Matt Hardy vs. ??? vs. ??? vs. ??? vs. ???

Cruiserweight Championship Match:
Kid Kash vs. Jamie Noble


Banner Credit: Crazian
WM Gif Credit: will94
MITB Gif Credit: ADR LaVey

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Re: Legend Presents: World Wrestling Entertainment

Expect a review soon from me Legend. Looks to be an awesome, awesome show.

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Re: Legend Presents: World Wrestling Entertainment

Nige’s Smackdown Feedback

A really great opening promo from Batista and Edge, well Edge mainly. He was in great character, with Batista you have to stop and scratch your head as he doesn’t say all that much. He seemed okay to me for the most part with only a couple of lines standing out, but the stealing the show comment wasn’t maybe the best way to have ended it, but it was intense. Having it in DC was cool and not at all a co-incidence! The other thing I picked up on was that Tony Chimel announced Edge as the man to beat Batista at Mania, why would he say that?

Opening match was pretty good and with the stipulation about facing the champions, it made a lot more interesting. This match showed me how much I miss these teams being on Smackdown as well as MNM, who were brilliant here. You had them play their part brilliantly as they used to act, but they’ve shot themselves in the foot now as we all know what’s coming next. – a little three way action

JBL promo was sheer brilliance. I am just amazed how you can pour out promos like that, they are awesome. The characterisation and the intensity of him was down to perfection and made it great to read. He was right to talk down to Romero and I think it was interesting what he had to say about Edge getting the title shot and he has something to say about that later, so that will be cool later on. Matt and Orlando is an interesting match up too, but I think that will be obvious

MNM facing the music in a big way was great to read, your promos wrap me in like nobody else’s. Vince was just in great character, just like JBL before and it made it again, so much more fun to read. I can really see him calling that match after himself, funny! Oh you said that Kendrick and London will face Regal and Kendrick next week, not Regal and Taylor

Matt and Orlando’s match was really good and it started off, well the summary was exciting action straight away. It was really good to see that Jordan got some offence in before eventually doing the job, which I thought was worked well with Jillian being pushed off the mat before Jordan went back to the Twist of Fate. Good match and right winner

JBL/Flair was just brilliant again. The badgering from Flair was the best part and you could just see JBL getting more and more pissed before he accepted the challenge. Now it’s officially on, I can’t wait to see what else these two have got in their lockers before Mania

Kennedy nice and cocky before the match, but I thought Rey would be pulling this out of the bag. It was a very good match to read yet again, but I have to admit I was shocked that Kennedy won this one clean with Rey’s big match with Booker coming up. I would have thought that Booker pulling out some interference for Kennedy would have been a better option here instead of just slapping him afterwards

The Orton/Vince segment was a little strange, but I don’t know what fully happened at No Way Out, I’ll be checking though. Vince’s character was spot on and I can see some kind of Shane/Orton feud possibly? Noble interview, well not really was okay and shows his character well

What happened with the cruiser match was really awesome as it shows what Kid Kash is fully capable of. It was great to see him so vicious like that and shows that he would do anything to keep his title. Whether or not the ref would have rung the bell after that is the only issue I have, but that was good

Another promo, you’ve stacked them in tonight. Heyman as a mouthpiece for Lashley is a great decision and it was something I was on the verge of last year when I turned him. Heyman was on the money too, really putting it all on the plate for Lashley. This steel cage match should be brutal, but I’m not sure why it’s going ahead. This is the first Smackdown I’ve read I think, so I’ve missed something obviously

The main event was tremendous to read, really brutal to the point that I was just dying to sit down and watch it on TV. The Undertaker was always going to have some kind of say in the match, so it came as no shock when the old under the ring trick came into use. Giving Finlay the win benefits him obviously too, but that was just irrelevant as the Taker/Lashley feud kicked into gear, with the not so shocking announcement that they will meet at Mania was made. I think it was a bombshell announcement that was fit to end the show, but I think maybe it could have come after a retaliation attack from Lashley next week as Taker’s presence and stare down was enough to end the show

Overall it was a thoroughly good show with some amazing promos and by far the best promos I’ve read on here. That was clear from reading your Raw show a week or two back and Mania should just be out of this world as it will be the most realistic one I’ve read on the forums
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Re: Legend Presents: World Wrestling Entertainment

SmackDown! Review

Strong promo from both Edge and Batista to kick off the night. That’s when The Animal is at his best, when he as someone to play off of, not just talking by his lonesome. Onto the actual content. Edge’s reasoning was a little shoddy. He clearly showed fear of Batista throughout this segment, but his reasoning for handing in the MITB at WM is because he wants Batista at 100% … something he clearly doesn’t. Luckily, Batista called him on it, but that still leaves Edge’s real reason up in the air. Maybe he was trying to convince himself. Meh. I’m rambling, but the dynamic between Edge and Batista is a good one, and this opening segment should set a great tone for the week’s to come.

Rockers/Hart Foundation analogy? Monstrous shoes to fill, but there’s no denying the talent of those teams. Well-wrestled, well-booked match up. A bit shocked that MNM interfered, but it keeps both teams strong, and establishes them as THE heels of the division. I’m loving the attention that MNM (and the tag division in general) has received recently.

I’ll comment on the whole JBL/Flair scenario a little later in the show.

Another promo with McMahon and MNM? Awesome. Melina and company get a major rub whenever they stand in the same frame with Vinnie Mac. Loving the name, and the stipulation for next week’s rematch - gives a phenomenal match up, and sets things up nicely for the tag division. I noticed that you had Nitro and Mercury have different reactions. I’m hoping that’s simply a way to express their differing personalites, moreso than the hint of a schism between the two. Wouldn’t be a fan of them breaking up (or reading it, I should say, since I did it ).

Kinda shocked it took Hardy so long to put OJ away, but as was alluded to in the match, it seems as if you want Jordan to retain quite a bit of credibility in this thread. Matt qualifies for the MITB, and 2/6 of my guesses are now in the match.

Honestly, I thought the promo with Flair on his lonesome was lacking a bit. I get that he was hyped up, but I think you relied on WOO too much in the Flair-only portion. Once Bradshaw came it picked up tremendously, because A) JBL is awesome, and B) Flair's baiting him into the match was perfectly done, throwing Bradshaw's previous comments into his face. PLEASE don't have Naitch's final match be against JBL. Somebody younger could very much do with the victory.

Kennedy is awesome, and anyone who thinks otherwise should go home and get their fucking shinebox. You’ve got heel KK down, and it’d be a travesty if he doesn’t have a tremendous showing in the MITB match (which he’ll get in). Win plz. Shocking to see Kennedy pick up the win in that fashion. Though Booker distracted Rey, that’s as close to a clean victory as you’re gonna get. Smart booking too, Mysterio has an out, while KK gets a mammoth win. Booker’s slap, while nothing special, continues the feud between these two.

I see Orton’s a full-fledged psycho now. I pretty much loved this segment. McMahon showed his typical McMahon … balls (and pride) throughout the segment with Orton, but once Randy left, Vinnie Mac showed fear. I love it. Hopefully we get Orton killing Shane at SNME and then the Vin Man at WM, or vise versa.

On a bit of a side note, you’re taking rhetoric to a new level in BTB. The way the sentences of Noble’s beat down flowed together was relatively amazing. The rest of us need to step our collective game up. Moving along, I knew we wouldn’t get this match tonight (and shouldn’t), so Kash’s attack was the right move. Noble refusing medical attention continues to establish Noble as a strong baby face, a bad ass, and … relatively indestructible it seems.

WTF? Does Heyman have some sort of mind control over Lashley? Awesome. Without Lashley’s input (I would guess due to his poor mic work), we can’t get the full feel of how this relationship is gonna be handled. Might be worth the sacrifice of ‘hearing’ Lashley talk to have this thing fully develop.

I’m loving the bad ass babyface Jamie ‘By God’ Noble is playing at the moment. Kristal was pretty awesome too. Promo was nothing special, but the prelude to it was with Noble not looking up when he first responded to Kristal, and waving the doctor’s off. He’s probably the realest character you have at the moment. Mania match between Kash and Punk should be a classic.

Incredible match up to end the show. Definitely a smart move to have this match end the show, even if Taker didn't get involved - adds build to both Finlay and Lashley in the main event. lmao, that's either the most ridiculous thing ever or a fucking incredible finish. Lashley comes scrambling out - which means he wasn't taken the hell - so I'm going with the latter, great finish. Lashley vs. The Deadman is set up for WrestleMania, and if it wasn't seen as a big deal before, it definitely is now. END THE STREAK~!

Another tremendous show, highlighted by the build for the mid-card tiered wrestlers (Kennedy, MNM, Noble). A strong build-up to WrestleMania as well. Keep up the good work.

for the week of September 28th


Cash has harsh words for Pope Francis, his believers, and his bandwagon followers, while Mac still hates Russell Wilson.
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Re: Legend Presents: World Wrestling Entertainment

Overall nice way to start the night out with the announcement of the WrestleMania match. It's going to be a clashing of styles but having seen their matches over hte summer I know you can work something out. It was hard with this time period's roster because I booked a WrestleMania with the same exact roster you pretty much have so I know. I'm not really sure which one walks out of Chicago with the title but anything is possible. Most likely I'm thinking Edge as that'd be a waste of the MITB briefcase.

Nice way to kick the night off with four talented wrestlers squaring off. Shame MNM had to ruin it but it builds the match for WM which is understandable. I see the match isn't set but I doubt the Blue Bloods get involved in it. Maybe that's just me but I haven't read too much of the thread recently so I'm not really sure.

JBL's interview was great and the impending JBL/Flair match is going to be huge. Shame they haven't had that much time to work on the mic with one another that I can recall other than a few occasions I think. We might be seeing Flair pop up on Smackdown this week for a little surprise which I wouldn't mind.

Loved the announcement for the 15 Minutes of Fame Match in what promises to be a great match next week. The rules being stated about there not being a winner if there are an even amount of falls makes me think that there jsut might be a Triple Threat now for the titles at Mania.

Hardy's big win was predictable as we all knew OJ stood no chance of getting intot he MITB Ladder Match. Pretty much sums that up right there lol.

Ooo, ok. Let's first start off with the crazy amount of WOOO's that were thrown in. Wasn't too key on that as Flair says more than just WOOOO! But moving on, I loved the promo towards the end when JBL came out but right towards the end of it, it seemed like Flair was "forcing" everything. It kinda got messed up there as it didn't seem or sound right because it was just Flair being "annoying" kind of. Other than that Flair and JBL were spot on.

Good little promo from Kennedy and this means that most likely the last two men from SD in MITB will be Kennedy and well have no clue who the other is lol! Either way, a good win for Kennedy over Rey and doesn't make Rey Rey look too weak considering the fact that Booker "somewhat" intefered in the match. Good call there on your part.

I have no clue about anything with McMahon and Orton so I won't make too much on this but it seems you have Orton playing a sadistic and twisted heel now with the way he stared down McMahon at the end.

And I knew we weren't going to get this match considering it's already booked for WrestleMania. Shame that Noble had to lose first but the refusing the help made him not look as bad even though he lost because of a title shot. Noble is now the face and his face run in WWE right now seems interesting so I hope you can give him a good face run here too. Noble for champion pweeze!

Lol at Kristal ignoring Noble after he said that he didn't want to talk. Small promo and well I guess the match hadn't been announced. My bad. I saw the banner earlier. Well I had this match at my WM so I'm hoping that you can put on a good match with these two which is very easy to do.

The Heyman promo was kinda weird but that's Heyman for you. Now moving onto the main event. GREAT way to end the night off with Undertaker bursting through the ring. Classic there and my only complaint is not anything to do with the match but how it was announced. I felt that Undertaker could have simply made the challenge or whatever by just saying his few words that he normally says. At least to me that would have made the ending "more special" somewhat.
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Re: Legend Presents: World Wrestling Entertainment

SmackDown! Feedback

Nice start to the show with Edge Chimel listing all of his accomplishments seems pretty realistic in terms of that Edge is playing the cocky heel, so that's good. Good job of keeping him in character here, as I thought everything he said was realistic and didn't sound weird at all. Batista is the guest, and he too is in character. So far so good with this. Edge talks about the MITB, and good way of describing the atmosphere as Batista takes off his jacket. Like Edge backing off here, typical of a heel. Batista/Edge is on for Mania, can't say I'm complaining. Shouldn't be a bad match at all. Excellent start to the show Legend.

Tag team action kicks off the wrestling part of the show, and it looked to be a good match. MNM interfering only adds fuel to the fire, imo. Seemed like something that would happen. MNM looks strong here, as they take out both teams. I see this leading to something at WrestleMania between all three teams.

JBL promo was spot on. Captured him well here, and your Flair/JBL feud has been pretty awesome, and the obvious match at Mania shouldn't be so bad either.

McMahon is all business, liking that. Fifteen minute time limit match should be pretty good next week, like the idea. I see for some reason it going past the fifteen minute mark to give both teams the shot, or London & Kendrick winning.

Hardy/Jordan looked to be a pretty good match. Good win for Hardy, I expect him to be a big player in the MITB match now. A push for him would be pretty good, but that of course is up to you. Looking forward to this match.

Awesome, awesome promo from Flair. Amazing job of capturing him, and the encounter between JBL and him was very good. Definitely a fan of this feud, although the whole "COWARD" thing did sound a little forced. Besides that though, nice job with this one.

Kennedy picks up the win thanks to the distraction from Booker T. Not a bad way of keeping the feud going between Mysterio and Booker, who should put on a nice match for WrestleMania, which I'm somewhat expecting to be the opener of the show. I expect Kennedy to be in the MITB from the promo before the match. Would be a good decision.

Orton encounter with McMahon looked to be interesting. With Shane coming in, I somewhat expect a match between him and Orton at WrestleMania, which would be great.

Well Kash gets the victory, only leading me to believe there'll probably be a match between them at Mania for the Cruiserweight Title, and if there is, I fully expect Noble to take the title off of Kash. Just seems to be the case.

Interesting promo between Lashley and Heyman. Can't exactly tell where this is going, but seems to me that Heyman may be like how he was with Brock with Lashley now. I wouldn't mind seeing that at all.

Loving Noble here, just seemed so awesome with him doing the interview after he got the shit beaten out of him. And as expected the match is made. Looking forward to it.

WOW! Awesome, awesome job with the end to this match. LOVED Undertaker coming through the ring and taking Lashley with him. Seemed fucking classic. Lashley/Undertaker if done right could be pretty good.

Awesome, awesome show Legend. Keep up the good work and I'm damn sure looking forward to Mania.

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Re: Legend Presents: World Wrestling Entertainment

los q llevan mas de 10 años no mas
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Re: Legend Presents: World Wrestling Entertainment


los q llevan mas de 10 años no mas
Shut the fuck up...


Quality opening promo in my view here from Edge and Batista. Both were down to perfection really. Edge's typical heel character was great to open the show and Batista's usual mix of comedy and fierce intimidation did well when he came out. Very good start to the show

Interesting to see what comes of this MNM attack on the Bluebloods and London/Kendrick. Two teams that I care less for in comparison to MNM, but I would like to see the three teams in the mix at once, could make for a good match

STEVE ROMERO! EXTRA MARKS! Haha very well done JBL promo, as boistorous and loud as usual. You must like to write with him because every time you do, you produce some great stuff. And this was no exception. Hardy > Jordan /obv and I'm hoping for a Flair/JBL promo tonight

Fair enough another London/Kendrick vs Bluebloods match. I'm now thinking the Bluebloods get beaten as you can't have two heels feuding for the belts without a face team in the mix imo

Good that Matt goes over OJ, OJ is underrated by most, but should never beat Matt Hardy in a MITB qualifier anyways. Good booking

Excellent mid show promo. Flair was great, JBL carried on from earlier and together they made this special. Flair vs JBL for Mania should be a cracker, although I am expecting Flair to somehow pull off the winner. I think this might be the best Flair or JBL promo you've ever done, and placing them together, makes it well, better

Hardy > Kennedy > Stale bread > Chavo. With that being said, I wouldn't have a problem if KK won the MITB, would give him a better build to the ME than a push to the moon (<3 you Mac ). Nice promo though

Glad that Kennedy went over Rey. Booker hopefully goes over Rey at Mania, I dislike Rey. Typical "I get over with nothing but high flying" guy. Very good match however, made better by the fact Rey lost

Orton going speechless? Better than him talking I guess. Shane O Mac! Give him a Mania spot plz

LMAO! Jamie Noble as a face. Gonna flop quicker than Flair after a 100 metre run. Kid Kash is teh shit. I like him, and I like the fact you still have him with the CW title. I see a definate Kash/Noble match at Mania, and although I don't want to see it, sadly, Noble might win it

Lashley sucks. Finlay to go over plz. Heyman however, is God and could make a big man like Lashley credible as a heel (hence Lesnar). I still know it's just leading to Taker/Lashley at Mania, where Taker will finish off Mr. Overrated and keep his streak alive. But the Cage match, is gonna be sweet

Noble trying to sound intimidating imo. tbh, it doesn't work. But, I still think we'll see a decent build to their match. Kristal > Lena Yada too, so keep her around thanks

Wow fucking hell what a main event that was. Had it all, PPV quality ending imo. Heyman helps out Lashley, Taker returns and engulfs Lashley under the ring! Finlay winning was a little unsuspected, but at the same time, cool because Undertaker and Lashley are gonna have one helluva build for Mania at this rate. Could picture it all happening IRL too, which is good from your part

Overall, some great promos tonight and a sweet main event. Well done Legend, continuing to produce one of the best current era BTB's around with a dash of realism, like KOP. <3

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Re: Legend Presents: World Wrestling Entertainment

The Cutting Edge: First off, great way to introduce Edge to Smackdown! Secondly what a Cutting Edge Segment! Edge was well written and definitely in character. Surprisingly Batista was able to keep up with him as well. By the two having a stand off and a handshake instead of a brawl to end the segment, was great booking as neither man came out of the segment looking weaker than the other.
As expected the opening tag match was well booked and was kept at a fast pace. The match was really getting good until MNM got involved in the match. I must admit the booking of MNM over the past month in this thread, has been good. I see a possible Triple Threat Tag Team Match for the titles to take place at either SNME or Mania. JBL’s promo was excellent as well. As a fan of JBL, this promo was well in character, and great in getting some heat for JBL and the Cabinet. Orlando v. Matt should be a great match later on as well.
What an announcement from Mr. McMahon! I got a feeling though that both teams will wind up facing the champs. The match though for next week’s show should be great. As far as the Hardy/Jordan match goes, it was always expected, IMO, that Hardy was going to win the match. While it’s too early to say that Matt might win the MITB match, I have a feeling that he will be one of the huge stars in the match, and at the PPV itself.

This was the promo that I was waiting for. This was an excellent promo man! Both men really shined in this promo, especially Flair. While some of JBL’s lines reminded me of his first promo against Chris Jericho, the segment was still great and excellently booked! Looking forward to their match at Mania.

Kennedy’s promo was another great promo as well. Kennedy now in the MITB is great! However now it looks like Mysterio will face Booker at Mania for the US title. All in all a great match and an excellent promo from Kennedy.
What a way to put over Kash as a heel champion. The attack and obvious win over Noble was well booked. I expect that these two will face off at Mania with the title on the line. The way the Heyman/Lashley team has been booked has been well done. Heyman comes off as a great heel calculating manager, while Lashley comes off as a silent powerhouse. Great booking.
Noble gets Kash at Mania with the title on the line, in which should be a great match. As far as the main event goes, this was an excellent way to put over both men! The Undertaker is back! Taker vs. Lashley at Mania is going to be off the charts! Great way to build up the match between the two for Mania!

Overall Comments: Once again this was another great show man. Some feuds were started while some feuds were continued. However I must admit that your top feuds for Smackdown IMO at the moment are Taker/Lashley and Kash/Noble. Once again another great show. Looking forward to Raw.
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