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Re: Legend Presents: World Wrestling Entertainment

Booker T vs. Mysterio will be golden, imo. WrestleMania is shaping up to be an unbelievable card, and I can't wait to see what other matches are made.
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Re: Legend Presents: World Wrestling Entertainment

Booker/Rey shall be an interesting match imo. Could be good, or not, depending on how you write it.

Either way, Mania is shaping up well.


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Re: Legend Presents: World Wrestling Entertainment

Shaping up there Legend. King Booker versus Rey Mysterio for the US Title @ Mania is awesome, imo. I have no doubt that the match can be good, if well written. And quite frankly, the King hasn't got the props he deserves, ever. He is a great talent, in the ring and on the stick, and one the WWE shouldn't have let go so easily. Anyway, can't wait for the build to continue, as so far, the three title matches look good, but, there just has to be more magic on the way.

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Re: Legend Presents: World Wrestling Entertainment

Legend’s Raw Feedback.

Sorry that this is so late man. I’ve been totally snowed of late.

Good way to start the show with Edge. It makes sense to have him kick off the show as you really want him to be made out as a big deal as he heads over to Smackers to battle for the World Title. Edge’s character was pretty spot on for the most part and his dialogue in the opening stages was fine but when Carlito came out things really picked up. Carlito was great, you portrayed him brilliantly and a lot of what he had to say was funny shit. Coach was okay, nothing spectacular but no matter what he does he fails to entertain me. His character does absolutely nothing for me ever. Lol @ Kurt no selling the blow from Coach. That was something I could definitely see happening. This segment was very well written and very easy to visualise, you painted a good picture of what was going on. Edge hitting the Spear on Kurt definitely makes me believe that Kurt will walk out the winner later tonight. BTW, I definitely think Carlito will win MITB. Nice way to open the show.

No shock to see Guerrero go over here. Solid recap, good to see you go into some detail with it. Masters had no credibility to begin with so the loss isn’t exactly curtains for him. Chavo won’t win MITB but he’s a good choice because he’s an original one.

Flair promo? Hooray. Here we go. Solid enough promo from Flair, his character was fine but I don’t think it was as good as some of your previous promos with him recently. He felt a little dry, the intensity he usually portrays wasn’t quite there in comparison. Still, a solid promo. I definitely think Flair will go over JBL.

Well it seems that ECW is going to play a big role in the feud between Hunter and Van Dam. Hopefully it doesn’t engulf the whole feud.

Haas finally gets a win. Nothing major to speak of other than the fact that this finally gives Charlie some momentum. The whole deal with the Spirit Squad continues to build, I expect when the WGTT reunion does happen it’ll be a big thing.

Well this was different. Bischoff is generally very heel friendly so it was good to see him stand up to them. Carlito’s build toward MITB continues, he’s got to be winning the thing. He’s had so much build towards it. The whole thing with Masters was a little bit odd. Hopefully this doesn’t build towards a team between Carlito and Masters ala Wrestlemania 22.

This segment was fucking brilliant. Triple H’s intensity really shone through here. He was awesome, him beating the crap out of the backstage chap and then Eugene certainly establishes him very clearly as a heel. The opening of the squash where u noted that Hunter was still in street clothes and that the match wasn’t on the top of his priorities this was great. The aftermath was clearly the talking point. The character you portrayed for both guys was spot on for the most part. Although I have to admit two things, firstly I was surprised to see that RVD made his way out so quickly. I would’ve thought that it would’ve suited the moment a lot better had he made Hunter wait for a bit before coming out because it would presumably irritate the shit out of him. Also I didn’t like the fact that Hunter caved in on the match proposal straight away, I think you could’ve waited until at least next week before the Street Fight challenge arose. None the less, Hunter looks quite the force coming out of this mate. He looks in total control of RVD who really needs to regain some credibility soon.

Intriguing stuff between Shelton and Haas. The whole situation with these two continues to develop, I like that they are showing animosity between each other yet they’re also on the same page to a degree. The match next week should be sweet but it is obvious that Helms will go over. I was surprised that the Intercontinental Title wasn’t on the line in this match as well to be honest. It would’ve been a good way to get the belt off Shelton so he can really get into his feud with the WGTT.

Victoria is a beast. Good to see her destroy everyone. Brutality amongst females is good. This show has been full of beat downs, probably a little bit of overkill.

I really thought Big Show could’ve had a little more to say before he attempted to unveil Kane’s “maker” Having said that though, good to see the interaction between Show and Kane verbally was kept to a minimum as I think it does much more for the feud to have them beat the fuck out of everyone. Paul Bearer’s return is huge but I question the logic in giving this feud so much exposure since I’m sure you’ve said that this match won’t be at Wrestlemania. When this feud eventually culminates in a match, it’s going to be a brutal affair. Anything less would be a let down. This segment was total chaos, it could’ve even been a little bit of overkill, because it started to drag on a little towards the end.

I couldn’t really get into this promo. The content was good but I just couldn’t get into Shawn’s character. I don’t understand why he’s acting all mysteriously. It doesn’t make a lot of sense. Where’s Cena been tonight, btw?

Fucking awesome Main Event. You booked booked it brilliantly. It was a very well written match which maintained both guys credibility nicely. The finish was booked very smartly as it continues Angle’s momentum, Edge doesn’t look at all weak and Bischoff looks like an asshole. The only part of this match I didn’t like was Angle kicking out of the spear. Not overly pleasing, you need his finisher looking strong.

Overall mate, another solid show. Your booking shone through again as you made all the right decisions, but I think that there were a few to many beat downs for the one show. I know they all had good reason but some of them could’ve been put off. Your promos continue to shine as well, as there really weren’t any dull moments or meaningless segments at any point in the show.
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Re: Legend Presents: World Wrestling Entertainment

Hi there Legend, I just thought I'd leave a few comments on RAW. I liked the whole Edge/Angle situation, although I thought Edge could've gone over in his final match on RAW. RVD/HHH is looking good as well, and despite what HHH says this match will happen at WrestleMania. I REALLY liked the Show/Kane angle; bringing Paul Bearer into the mix adds another element to this feud. Hopefully, we'll see a return of the masked Kane at WrestleMania, as I think this is where it's going.
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Re: Legend Presents: World Wrestling Entertainment

Thanks for the reviews everyone. Great appreciated.

Nature Boy: The Booker in my thread in just Booker T as opposed to King Booker.

To All: Most of you asked where Cena was on Raw. I thought I had addressed that situation in the preview, but obviously not. Two weeks ago HBK returned for the first time since the Royal Rumble and beat the shit out of Cena, putting him out of action indefinately with a concussion. Hope that helps

WWE Friday Night SmackDown! Preview March 3rd, 2006

This week Friday Night SmackDown! gets on the WrestleMania express well and truly with a HUGE show from the nation's capital, Washington, D.C.

In a match made by self-appointed General Manager Mr. McMahon last week, the monstrous 'Real Deal' Boby Lashley, the man who took out The Undertaker at No Way Out, will go one-on-one with the Fighting Irishman Finlay ... inside a fifteen foot high Steel Cage!!! This will be the final match in the brutal feud between these two men, but will Paul Heyman once again exert his influence over Lashley and help the powerhouse continue his impressive streak? Or will Finlay put a stop to it all?

SmackDown's newest aquisition, the Rated R Superstar Edge, the man who will cash in his Money in the Bank privelages at WrestleMania against Batista for the World Heavyweight Champinship, will also be in atttendance. Edge has promised us that he will be kicking off his SmackDown career in style, with an edition of his talk show, The Cuttng Edge! His guest? None other than his opponent on April 2nd, 'The Animal' Batista!!! Will this be a memorable debut for Edge, or will Batista have a thing or two to say about the Spear Edge gave him last week?

The greatest of all time 'Nature Boy' Ric Flair will be gracing us with his presence on Friday Night to address a certain John Bradshaw Layfield. Flair wants a match with JBL at WrestleMania, and has even offered to put his career on the line, so desperate is he to get his hands on the man who almost ended his career at the Royal Rumble. Will JBL have an answer for Naitch this time?

Four more huge matches are also scheduled for SmackDown, as Cruiserweight Champion Kid Kash puts his gold on the line against the seemingly unstoppable Jamie Noble; a returning Matt Hardy, in is first match since defeating JBL at No Way Out, competes in SmackDown's first Money in the Bank qualifier against former U.S Champion Orlando Jordan; The Bluebloods will battle The Hooligans in a #1 Contender's match for a shot at MNM's WWE Tag Team Championship; and last, but by no means least, after Mr Kennedy's comments last week, Rey Mysterio has challenged the loudmouth to a Rubber Match this week. But will Rey's WrestleMania opponent, the United States Champion Booker T, be in attendance?

The most hated man in the WWE right now, Randy Orton is also scheduled for an appearance this week on SmakDown, his first one since ending the career of Theodore Long at No Way Out. What punishment awaits 'The Legend Killer' at the hands of Mr. McMahon this week?

All of these amazing superstars will be in attendance in D.C. Friday Night SmackDown! comes to you at 8/7 central on Friday night. Don't miss it; it's going to be a SmackDown! to remember...
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Re: Legend Presents: World Wrestling Entertainment

Smackdown looks good.
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Re: Legend Presents: World Wrestling Entertainment

Dude, I just started reading this BTB and it ROCKS. The Cage match should be great, I hope Finlay wins. I think Edge is gonna humilliate Batista on The Cutting Edge, Jamie Noble should win he damn rocks. The preview is fantastic, I´m realli looking forward to the show.
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Re: Legend Presents: World Wrestling Entertainment

SmackDown looks damn good. Loaded. Too loaded possibly. We'll see.

Kennedy over the midget plz.

for the week of September 28th


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Re: Legend Presents: World Wrestling Entertainment

Wow SmackDown! looks fricken awesome Legend.

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