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Re: Legend Presents: World Wrestling Entertainment

I'll be reviewing Raw to let you know man, as we discussed briefly before christmas. I've made it my new years resolution to start reading your shows and i'll be starting with Raw. Let me know when it's up. Cheers
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Re: Legend Presents: World Wrestling Entertainment

Glad the Edge situation won't go undressed. Raw looks solid as always.

for the week of September 28th


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Re: Legend Presents: World Wrestling Entertainment

Monday Night Raw; February 27th, 2006; Washington, D.C:

There is no pyro, and the commentators do not even get the chance to speak, as the camera pans around the outside of the ring, where a host of superstars are gathered {lower card heels} awaiting the arrival. We also get to see the red carpet that has been laid out…

***Metalingus*** The crowd erupts in a huge mixed reaction, as the smoke begins to pour onto the stage, and the Rated R Superstar Edge finally emerges through it, dressed in smart jeans, a black shirt and jacket, and shades. Lita follows after him, dressed scantily, carrying the MITB briefcase. Edge halts in the middle of the ramp and throws his hands in the air, sending his enormous pyro crashing into the air.

Jim Ross: Hello everybody, I’m Jim Ross, here at ringside with Jonathan Coachman, and it looks as though the soon to be former member of the Raw roster, Edge, will be starting things off with his … ‘Goodbye Ceremony’…

Jonathan Coachman: ……That’s soon to be World Heavyweight Champion Edge to you, J.R! Lighten up, Edge might be leaving, but he’s giving us one hell of a send off.

Looking even smugger than usual, Edge struts down to the ring, where he slides inside the ring and waits for the sensual Lita to enter the ring in her usual manner. Grinning at some of the wrestlers at ringside, Edge steps down off the turnbuckle and grabs and microphone from ringside.

Edge: (Sighs sadly) Y’know, I hate to say it, but this is the saddest day in the history of Monday Night Raw … ‘cause this is the final night of the Raw’s Rated R Era…

Cheers from the crowd, as Edge shakes his head.

Edge: But even though, looking around the ring now, I see a lot of sad faces … you can all rest assured that things are looking up for me … things are looking up for ME … but they they’re not looking too good for my opponent at Wrestlemania … the man whose World Heavyweight Championship I will be TAKING on April Second … The Animal Batista!!

Thunderous ovation for Big Dave.

Edge: Y’see, that’s the thing … that’s EXACTLY what I’ve had to put up with for all these years in this company. (Points to the crowd) You people … you people wouldn’t know talent if it came up and bit you on the ass!! What, so you’re still gonna sit their and cheer for guys like Dave Batista … like John Cena??!! What have they ever done for you?!!!

A slight “Asshole” chants starts up, as Edge fumes.

Edge: Ever since I came to this place in 2004, I have done nothing but make an IMPACT … put my BLOOD … SWEAT … AND TEARS into making Monday Night Raw the Number One show … the cornerstone of the WWE … and this (Looks at the crowd with disdain) is the thanks I get?

Heat, as Lita tries to calm her man down.

Edge: (Sneering) Y’know what? It doesn’t even matter anymore. You morons can chant what you want to the chumpstains making all the booking decisions in the back … tell them how much you love Batista, Cena and Angle … tell them how you don’t know real talent when it’s standing right in front of you – ME – ‘cause it doesn’t mean a damn thing anymore…

Grinning, Edge turns around and Lita hands him the MITB briefcase.

Edge: (Holding the briefcase up high) THIS is all that matters now!! So y’see, it doesn’t matter what you people say or what the people in the back think … ‘cause when I won this baby at last years Wrestlemania I GUARANTEED that the World title would be coming around my waist … and I knew right away when I would be cashing it in, and now … so does Batista…

Edge laughs, referencing the Spear he gave ‘Tista on SmackDown!

Edge: On April First … it’s gonna be my one year anniversary as Mister Money in the Bank … and I’m gonna be putting it all one the line … against Batista’s one year anniversary of winning the World Heavyweight Champion … and I promise you, when it’s all said and done, you will ALL be forced to call me … YOUR …World … Heavyweight … Champion!!!

Raising his arms in the air, Edge closes his eyes in ecstasy; ignoring the plethora of boos he is receiving from the crowd. After applauding for a while, Lita grabs a microphone from ringside as well.

Lita: (Smiling seductively) Like you said, baby, this is a sad night … but it’s also a special one for you. This is YOUR …’Rated R Celebration’ … and I’ve invited a few special guests down to the ring to say what you mean to them…

Edge: (Pretending to be touched) For me? Oh, baby, you didn’t have to.

Edge takes Lita’s hand and it looks as though they are about to kiss {much to the crowd’s displeasure}, before Lita quickly gets the mic up.

Lita: Don’t you wanna know who they are, baby?

Evidently not, as Edge leans in and he and Lita engage in some tongue tennis in the middle of the ring, with the crowd booing wildly, until…

***Cool*** The crowd actually pops, as Edge and Lita finally break away from one another and look towards the entrance ramp, where Carlito appears, dressed smartly in his Caribbean gear of a white shirt, linen pants and sandals. CCC is not carrying an apple with him tonight … but instead has a bunch of flowers and a box of chocolates in his arms, looking very awkward.

The crowd is now actually booing Carly, as he grabs a mic from ringside and enters the ring, looking at Edge and Lita strangely.

Carlito: (Motioning to them mouth) Y’know … you, uh, don’t have to stop just ‘cause of Carlito…

The crowd laughs, as Carlito nods excitedly, but Edge holds his hand up.

Edge: Thanks, but … we’re fine.

Carly looks slightly disappointed, but shrugs his shoulders.

Carlito: Whatever. Anyway, Carlito was walking around in the back … and then Lita came up to me and asked if Carlito had some nice things to say about you, Edge … y’know, ‘cause you’re leavin’ Raw and everything. Now, Carlito doesn’t like to talk a lot-

Ironic laughter from the crowd, as Carlito glares at them.

Carlito: ……But Carlito thought I’d come out here anyway and say a few words … y’know for the occasion. I, uh (Looks at the flowers and chocolates) bought these for you ‘cause I heard that’s what you’re supposed to do, and Carlito thought you’d like ‘em…

Carly hands the flowers and chocolates over to Edge, who looks rather confused.

Edge: (Unimpressed) Yeah, uh, thanks.

Carlito: Carlito wasn’t sure what your favourites were, but that was all the garage next-door had-

Laughs from the crowd, as Edge sighs.

Carlito: Anyway (Pulling a piece of paper from his pocket) Carlito wrote a few words down ‘dat he wanted to say about your time on Monday Night Raw. (Glances at Lita and begins to read) “Edge, you started out on SmackDown just like Carlito, before you came to Raw – when Carlito came to Raw I won the Intercontinental Championship on my first night when I beat Shelton Benjamin. Carlito did ‘dat when I was on SmackDown too … Carlito beat John Cena for ‘da Uni-

Lita: CARLITO!! This is supposed to be about Edge, not you.

Carly looks a bit confused and holds up his paper.

Carlito: ………But … there’s bits about Edge in here.

Lita snatches the speech out of ‘Lito’s hand and scans it.

Lita: (Reading) What the hell is this? This isn’t the speech I wrote for you. Edge is only mentioned three times and the rest of it is about your career – in Spanish!!

The crowd laughs, as Carly shrugs.

Carlito: Carlito likes to use Spanish sometimes…

Edge: (Looking at Lita) You wrote the speech?

Lita: (Ignoring Edge and pushing Carlito) Just … just stand in the corner of the ring and don’t say anything. I’m gonna bring out the second guest…

Carlito looks slightly disgruntled, as Lita makes him stand in the corner all alone. She seems to apologise to Edge, who looks very confused, as…

***Hard Hittin’*** The crowd groans, and J.R holds his head in his hands … as Jonathan Coachman stands up and removes his headset.

Jim Ross: You have GOT to be kiddin’ me…

Coach completely ignores Ross and instead grabs a mic from the timekeeper’s area, and enters the ring with a huge smile on his face. Edge, Lita, Carlito and the superstars around ringside all applaud, as Coach adjusts his suit accordingly.

Jonathan Coachman: (Extends his hand) Edge…

Edge accepts the handshake, he and Coach grinning at one another like the sycophants that they both are.

Jonathan Coachman: Now, Edge, unlike Carlito, I didn’t need to be asked to come into the ring tonight and let you know just how much I admire you. Not at all, y’see I have been on Monday Night Raw even longer than you, Edge, and I’ve seen a lot of (Air quote) ‘talent’ come through here. Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Rock, Hulk Hogan, Ric Flair, Chris Jericho, Chris Benoit, and even the man you will be facing on April Second at Wrestlemania … Batista…

The crowd pops for all the legendary faces, whilst Edge nods.

Jonathan Coachman: ……But let me tell you this, Edge, there isn’t a single one of them who has done as much for this show as you have.

Huge heat, as Lita and Carly applaud, and Edge looks ‘touched’ again.

Jonathan Coachman: Now I’ll admit … I was a little sceptical when you first debuted on Raw. I mean, you Speared Eric Bischoff in half (Cheers) and you acted a bit weird as the Intercontinental Champion. But … but you soon changed all that when you saw how things really work around here … and you fulfilled your potential…

A slight “You Suck” chant begins, directed at Coach, who looks around the arena angrily, as do Edge, Lita and Carlito.

Jonathan Coachman: ……And now, like you said, this is a truly sad day for Monday Night Raw, and a truly great day for Friday Night SmackDown. And whilst Monday Nights will always have the A-Show thanks to (Points to himself) yours truly … at least SmackDown can be pleased with your generosity, giving the B-Show, a little bit of A-Class!!

More heat, as Edge smiles arrogantly.

Jonathan Coachman: (Turning to the crowd and waving his arm at Edge) Ladies and gentlemen … let’s show our appreciation for one of – if not THE single greatest superstar in the history of Monday Night Raw … and your NEXT World Heavyweight Champion … the Rated R Superstar … EDGE!!!

Deafening heat pours in, as the heels around the ring applaud, and Edge holds his hands up in a poor attempt to look modest. He shakes hands with Coach again, who backs into the same corner as Carlito, handing Lita the microphone.

Lita: Thank you, Coach. (To Edge) But this isn’t over by a long way, baby, ‘cause we’ve got plenty more guys waiting there in the back to shake your hand and sin your praise. (Pointing to the back) Okay, would the third individual please mak-

***Medal*** The arena EXPLODES with a huge pop, as the heels in the ring all freeze and look around in shock – Edge especially. Eventually, the WWE Champion Kurt Angle comes striding down the ramp, dressed to compete, but with a t-shirt over the top. He has his title around his waist, as he doesn’t even bother with his pyro, eyes fixed on Edge, and he climbs into the ring.

Kurt walks right up to Edge, who bristles, though holds onto the flowers and chocolates that Carlito gave to him. The crowd starts a thunderous “ANGLE” chant, which the Champ waits to subside, glaring Mr. Money in the Bank.

Kurt Angle: ……Congratulations, Edge.

The crowd actually gives heat, stunned by Angle’s words, as Edge looks equally sceptical.

Edge: What the hell do you want, Kurt??!!

Kurt Angle: (Sneering) I heard it was an open invitation tonight to come down to this ring … give Edge his big final send off … and tell him exactly what you think of him…

The Rated R Superstar looks slightly concerned, as Angle smirks.

Kurt Angle: But y’know what, Edge, I DO want to give you a good send off to SmackDown … but first of all I wanna thank you. I wanna thank you stealing the win two weeks ago in our little tag match … (Right in Edge’s face) and I wanna thank you for busting me in the head with that Steel Chain last week…

Gulp! Edge is trying to maintain his composure, but Angle is fuming.

Kurt Angle: (Whispering coldly) ……But lastly, Edge … I want to tell you EXACTLY what I think of ya…

BAM~! RIGHT HAND FROM ANGLE TO EDGE!! The Rated R Superstar crashes to the ground, and the flowers and chocolates go flying. The WWE Champion immediately drops down and mounts Edge, hammering away on him wildly, as the Canadian covers up desperately.

Carlito is the first to act, jumping on Angle and dragging him away from Edge, putting the boot into the Olympian over and over again. The crowd boos, as Carly shows his vicious side, pulling Kurt back up to his feet and drilling him with left hands. CCC backs the Champ against the ropes and shoots him across the ring, going for a Clothesline … but Angle ducks and comes up behind Carlito, DRILLING HIM WITH A GERMAN SUPLEX!!!

Angle roars with intensity, as Carlito writhes around clutching his back. Lita tries to stop him, but Kurt shoves her aside and starts pummelling a chocolate and petal covered Edge once again. He drills him again and again and – COACH SLUGS ANGLE FROM BEHIND!!

The blow barely fazes the WWE Champion, who just grabs the back of his head as though stung by a bee, before turning around slowly. Coach’s face instantly drops, and he holds up his hands desperately in innocence, as the crowd laughs. Angle stalks towards the colour commentator menacingly … and then holds up his hands too. The crowd boos, and Coach breathes a sigh of relief – BUT ANGLE KICKS HIM IN THE GUT AND NAILS THE ANGLE SLAM!!!

Lita is yelling at the jobber heels on the outside of the ring to come and help, but they back away instead, as Angle stands back up with a roar – SPEAR!! The WWE Champion gets dropped out of nowhere by Edge, who stands over him clutching his jaw, still with chocolate on his face. Carlito is back up too, and Edge nods for him to go and get something. Carly smirks and rolls out of the ring, shoving the timekeeper aside and grabbing a couple of Steel Chairs!! The crowd boos, knowing what is coming next, as CCC rolls back into the ring-


Edge, now with a Steel Chair in hand, looks up furiously … to see the Raw General Manager Eric Bischoff stride out onto the stage looking pissed.

Eric Bischoff: You just hold on a DAMN second there, Edge. Now I might not be the biggest fan of Kurt Angle – but I’m even less of a fan of people trying to cripple my show’s WWE Champion – especially when it’s a SMACKDOWN superstar who’s the one doing it!!

Edge shakes his head angrily, as the crowd actually cheers.

Eric Bischoff: That’s right, Edge, I don’t appreciate you jumping ship and heading over to SmackDown! NO ONE does that to Eric Bischoff, least of all you!! So that’s why tonight in our Main Event, we’re gonna have a little send off for you, Edge. In a rematch of last week, it’s gonna be YOU Edge going one-on-one … WITH THE WWE CHAMPION KURT ANGLE!!!

Edge blows a gasket, stamping his feet in a rage and pulling his hair out. The crowd roars with approval at the decision, whilst on the outside of the ring, still clutching his jaw, Kurt Angle grins.

Eric Bischoff: And (Pointing past Edge) Carlito … if you even TRY and interfere in your buddy’s match tonight, if I even smell you at ringside … then you can kiss your hopes and dreams of being in the Money in the Bank match at Wrestlemania GOOD NIGHT!!!

Now it is Carlito’s turn to have a paddy, yelling in Spanish.

Eric Bischoff: (Smirking) But apart from all that … Edge … enjoy your last night on Monday Night Raw…

Bischoff’s music hits around the arena, as the GM stands at the top of the ramp grinning ear to ear, whilst Edge is left in the ring with a less than optimistic expression on his face. He looks out of the ring, where Kurt Angle still stands, glaring back up at him, as we fade out.

{Commercial Break}

When we return from the break…

***Chavito Ardiente*** Chavo Guerrero steps into the arena clad in his bandanna and extravagant poncho, receiving a good reaction from the fans. In his black tights, Chavo saunters down to the ring, looking slightly nervous ahead of one of the biggest matches of his life.

***Masterpiece*** The crowd gives heat to the young powerhouse Chris Masters, who goes through his extravagant entrance, before scowling down to the ring where Chavo waits, and storming down towards it.

Jim Ross: Well, a huge opportunity for both men tonight. Neither man has EVER had a shot at the World title, but a win tonight could set them well on the way, by qualifying for Money in the Bank. You, uh, feeling okay, Coach?

Jonathan Coachman: (Groaning) No I’m not, J.R. My back is killing me thanks to that idiot Angle!! I just hope The Masterpiece makes me feel better by beating up Guerrero tonight.

Match #1: Money in the Bank Qualifying Match:
Chavo Guerrero vs. Chris Masters
As with last week, these two put on a solid match up with the crowd far more into it due to the stakes. Chavo tries to outsmart Masters with his superior speed to begin with, but goes up top one too many times, as The Masterpiece catches him in mid-air following a Cross Body attempt from the top rope and drills Guerrero with a devastating Fall Away Slam!! After a near fall, Masters begins to dominate proceedings, targeting the damaged back of Chavo. He sends Chavito into the ropes, catches him, and slams him back down with a Sidewalk Slam!! All of Masters’ power moves appear to be sapping the fight out of Guerrero, and The Masterpiece scoops him up once more … but Chavo slides off his shoulders and comes off the ropes.
He ducks the Clothesline attempt from Masters and comes off the other ropes, right into a tilt-a-whirl Backbreaker!! Guerrero still won’t stay down, and Masters begins to grow a bit impatient, as he waits for Chavito to get back up to his feet … MASTERLOCK … but Chavo has his feet on the ropes, and the referee breaks it up. Guerrero steps out onto the apron and Masters charges in, only to catch a back elbow right to the face. The Masterpiece staggers, but Chavo quickly reaches up, grabbing Masters’ neck and nailing a hangman right across the top rope, sending The Masterpiece crashing back down to the canvas. Seeing his opportunity, with Masters down holding his throat, Chavo scrambles up to the top rope and soars off with a FROG SPLASH onto the youngster!! He quickly hooks both legs. 1 … 2 … 3!!!
Winner: Chavo Guerrero qualifies for the Money in the Bank Ladder Match at Wrestlemania 22 via pin fall @ 07:12.
The crowd gives a great pop, as Chavo Guerrero stumbles back up to his feet and has his hand raised by the official. He climbs up the turnbuckle and raises his hands into the air, pointing to the Wrestlemania sign proudly, the first man in the MITB match.

Jim Ross: Well how about that??!! After all these years in the business, Chavo Guerrero is going to Wrestlemania with the lights on bright to fight for the opportunity to wrestle for a World title match any time he chooses!!

Jonathan Coachman: ……………………………No comment.

We cut backstage to where Todd Grisham is standing by with a microphone in his hand.

Todd Grisham: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome my guest at this time … he is ‘The Nature Boy’ Ric Flair!!

Naitch walks into the picture dressed in a smart suit to a thunderous amount of cheers and “WOOOOOS” from the crowd.

Todd Grisham: Well, Ric, just last week you made your return to Raw after being on the shelf for a month and challenged the man who took you out – JBL – to a match at Wrestlemania. This past Friday on SmackDown though, JBL said the only way that was going to happen was if you put your career on the line. What are yo-

Ric Flair: (Smirking) Lemme stop you right there, Todd … Washington, D.C … WOOO!


Ric Flair: Just seven days… seven days ago, ‘The Nature Boy’ Ric Flair, sixteen time World Champion, ICON of this sport… made his return to Monday Night Raw and laid down the challenge… John Bradshaw Layfield; the longest reigning Champion in the last decade. If there has ever been one man that has reminded me of my self back in the NWA in the last ten years it’d be you. On most encounters, you’ve been the better man! You damn sure didn’t fight clean, but all that matters is, at the end of the match, your hand was raised in victory.

Flair seems quite relaxed up to now, but is visibly getting riled up.

Ric Flair: Last week it was all about one thing … ONE THING! Getting the opportunity to beat JBL at Wrestlemania! Bradshaw, that was all it was about! Me … beating … JBL! All I could think about when I was away was putting you on your sorry ass, slapping your ass in the Figure Four, and snapping … your legs in two, WOOO!


Ric Flair: Washington, at Wrestlemania Twenty-Two, mark my words it WILL be The Nature Boy showing Bradshaw a thing or two! Bradshaw, you want my career on the line!? You want the opportunity to piss on the greatest legacy in this industry!? Well guess what, JBL!? WOOO! WOOO! WOOO! YOU’RE ON! I’M RIC FLAIR YOU SUNOVA BITCH! And you, Bradshaw … will not be THE ONE WHO ENDS IT ALL!!

Huge pop from the crowd, as Naitch accepts the proposition.

Ric Flair: Layfield, last week on SmackDown, you said that Ric Flair… was a fraud. Well, Bradshaw, if that’s what you think, YOU’RE WRONG! The Naitcha’ Boy is the greatest to ever lace up a pair of boots, to ever walk that aisle … The Naitcha’ Boy is THE MAN of professional wrestling, and this Friday on SmackDown, Bradshaw, you’re gonna show the world that you … can be a man! You’re gonna look into that camera and agree to meet Ric Flair one-on-one in Chicago, Illinois on April Second … But, Bradshaw, you know what? I’ve been thinking about it, and I don’t like ya and I don’t trust ya … so I’ll be payin’ a little visit to SmackDown myself! See ya Friday, John! WOOO!

Flair stares intensely into the camera, whilst also showing that charismatic in his eye that he always has, before walking, leaving Todd Grisham looking rather impressed.

Jim Ross: My god, can you believe it??!! The Nature Boy wants a piece of JBL so bad that he is willing to put his career on the line! But coming up after the break, Charlie Haas has his first singles match since the Royal Rumble. Can he pick up his first win since returning? We’ll find out, NEXT!!

{Commercial Break}

When we return we head backstage to where … Triple H is walking down a corridor. ‘The Game’ is clad in jeans, a black vest and a black leather jacket, carrying his bag over his shoulder, and sporting his usual angry expression. The viewing crowd pours heat on Hunter, and the backstage workers stand aside quickly, as the ten-time World Champion eventually makes it to his locker room and kicks open the door…

Triple H: What the hell…??!!

The camera pans around, giving us Hunter’s perspective of the room … which is completely trashed. Clothes, bags and such are strewn all over the place, but that isn’t what attracts Helmsley’s attention. Instead, he walks right up to the far wall and stares at the black lettering spray painted across it, reading … “E-C-W”!!

The fans cheer wildly in the background, as Triple H slams his bag down with a crash, shaking with rage.

Triple H: (Icy voice) That son of a bitch … is dead…

***Pay The Price*** The crowd gives a nice pop for the increasingly popular youngster Charlie Haas, who jogs down the ramp confidently in his black and flame tights, pulling his taped fists tight.

Jim Ross: Well, last week it was Shelton Benjamin, the Intercontinental Champion who asked for a one-on-one match, and he got one against Gregory Helms. Benjamin ended up losing that match, but can his sometime partner do better here tonight?

Jonathan Coachman: Y’know, Haas and Benjamin have got a lot to think about. Not only does Benjamin owe Helms a shot at the Intercontinental title after last week … but you can bet damn sure that my boys the Spirit Squad – the World Tag Team Champions – are going to be keeping a close eye on this. They challenged Haas and Benjamin … but haven’t had an answer YET!

Match #2:
Charlie Haas vs. Rene Dupree
Considering the standard of opposition that Charlie Haas has had the misfortune of facing since his return – Edge, Benjamin, Helms – this is a relatively light opponent for the former Tag Team Champion. Dupree is a former tag Champ himself though, and does not simply roll over. Perhaps the most technically sound competitor in the WWE today though, Haas knows his way around the ring and the body like a surgeon. After systematically taking apart Dupree’s limbs {mainly his legs}, Haas ducks a Clothesline and dumps the Frenchman right on the back of his head with a German Suplex!! Haas quickly applies the Haas Of Pain, to which Dupree submits almost immediately!!!!
Winner: Charlie Haas via Submission @ 04:01
The crowd greets the extremely impressive performance with the praise it deserves, cheering loudly, as Charlie Haas scrambles up to his feet in jubilation. Having broken his singles duck at last, Haas gleefully has his hand raised, smiling into the crowd, before turning to the ramp…

…where the Spirit Squad all stand at the top on the stage. Four of the members stand clapping their hands together in a {mocking?} appreciation of Haas’ win. However, in the centre, dressed in his white vest and jeans, Kenny stands, Tag Team title over his shoulder, mouthing to Haas, “When’re you gonna give us an answer, Charlie Boy?”

We cut backstage, and this time it is into the office of Raw General Manager Eric Bischoff, who is just filling out some forms, when in comes … Carlito! The Caribbean superstar does not barge in like others, but simply looks at Bischoff … disgusted.

Carlito: ………The hell was ‘dat?

Eric Bischoff: (Clearly annoyed) Excuse me?

Carly looks around the office, flustered.

Carlito: “Excuse m-?” Earlier? Tonight? You remember ‘dat, right? When you suddenly (Air quote) ‘decided’ ‘dat you were best buddies with Kurt Angle and ‘dat you’d try and keep Carlito away from his destiny of being Mister Money in ‘da Bank Wrestlemania. Remember?

Eric Bischoff: (Grinning) Yeah, I remember. What’s your point?

Caribbean Cool looks confused.

Carlito: What happened to (Points at them both) us … Carlito and Mister Bischoff … we used to be buddies? Now … you’re puttin’ Carlito in matches with John Cena and tryin’ to me out of Wrestlemania? ‘Dat … ‘das not cool.

Eric Bischoff: (Angrily) Y’know what, Carlito? You’re right, it isn’t cool … it’s BUSINESS!! You might not be the one jumping ship to SmackDown, but Edge sure as hell is … and if I was very much mistaken, YOU, Carlito, were giving him your full support! Nobody messes with Eric Bischoff and gets away with it … NOBODY!!

Carlito frowns, seemingly lost for words for once.

Eric Bischoff: But … don’t worry about the Money in the Bank, Carlito, because you’re still gonna get your chance to make it into that match like everyone else.

Looking delighted at first, Carly smiles from ear to ear – but suddenly stops.

Carlito: What do you mean, “My chance”?

Eric Bischoff: (Laughing) What? Did you think I just gonna put you in the match right away? Please. I’d actually quite like Raw to WIN the Money in the Bank, and that means putting the best superstars in it … you gotta earn it, Carlito!

Carly tries to hide his disappointment and holds out his hands.

Carlito: ……………So, who’s Carlito’s opponent then?

Eric Bischoff: (Smirking) Oh, that’s gonna be a VERY special surprise, Carlito … mark my words.

Carlito: (Horrified) WHA-

Suddenly the door to the office crashes open and in storms … Chris Masters! Still dressed in his ring gear, The Masterpiece is positively fuming, as he marches over to the desk.

Chris Masters: Eric … Eric, did you see – did you see that out there??!!

Eric Bischoff: (Shrugging his shoulders) You lost, Chris. Nothing I can do about that.

Masters’ eyes bulge out of his head.

Chris Masters: Nothing you can- Are you kiddin’ me??!! You can gimme a rematch against that Guerrero punk, that’s what you can do! I DESERVE to be in the Money in the Bank Ladder match at Wrestlemania, Eric!!

Eric Bischoff: (Standing up angrily) Woah, just who the hell do you think you are??!! Coming into my office and telling me what to do? First you (Points at Carlito) and now you (Points at Masters), I’m getting real sick and tired of this!!

Carly and Masters look rather stunned by the GM’s outburst.

Eric Bischoff: Chris, LISTEN UP! You lost to Chavo Guerrero fair and square, and I’m not gonna do a damn thing to change that, so get used to it – you’re out of the Money in the Bank match!! Carlito, you’re match is in two weeks time … and guess what? I’m not gonna tell ya who your opponent is, NOW GET USED TO IT!!!

Bischoff walks behind both Carlito and Masters, ushering them out of his office through the door.

Eric Bischoff: Gentlemen … GOODNIGHT!!

Bischoff slams the door of his office shut, leaving both looking a mixture of angry and stunned. Masters pounds his fists together, as Carly eyes him up curiously.

Carlito: Y’know, uh, Masterpiece … Carlito saw your match with Chavo Guerrero earlier, and ‘dat … ‘dat wasn’t cool.

Chris Masters: Yeah, tell me about it.

Carlito moves a bit closer to Masters, glancing around to see if anyone is listening.

Carlito: Carlito … uh, Carlito still has a match to get into ‘da Money in the Bank Ladder match at Wrestlemania, and I was thinkin’, if you wanna a way to become Mister Money in ‘da Bank, then look no further.

Chris Masters: What d’you mean?

Carlito: Look, Carlito … Carlito doesn’t know who he’s facin’ in two weeks time. How fair is ‘dat? But if YOU have Carlito’s back, ‘den at least one of us will be in Money in ‘da Bank…

Masters cocks his head.

Chris Masters: And why would I help you?

Carlito: (Sneakily) ……………………’Cause Catlito’d give ya a shot at the briefcase once I had it. What d’ya say?

Chris Masters: (Clearly tempted) ……………

Carlito: (Hands up) Y’know what, you just think about it, Masterpiece. Carlito’s got two whole weeks before his qualifying match … ‘dat’s plenty of time.

Carly begins to back down the corridor smiling, as Masters looks on anxiously.

Carlito: ………Just think about it………

Carlito finally disappears through a different door, leaving The Masterpiece alone, contemplating the offer he was just given, a smirk on his face, as we cut away.

{Commercial Break}

Still on his rampage, Triple H storms through the backstage area, but now carrying … his sledgehammer!! Helmsley looks almost deranged, as he walks right up a door. The camera pans around to reveal the name, ‘Rob Van Dam’ … and Hunter boots it open with a crash!! ‘The Game’ steps into the room; weapon raised … but finds it empty.

Triple H: (Fuming) WHERE ARE YOU, YOU SON OF A BITCH!!??

Hunter kicks one of Van Dam’s chairs flying across the room, before heading back out into the corridor … where a backstage worker tries to scurry past unseen. Triple H sees him though, and immediately lunges out, wrapping his hand around the man’s throat and pinning him against the wall. The crowd can be heard booing wildly in the background, as the worker struggles for breath, and Helmsley raises the hammer up to his face.

Triple H: Now … (Loosening his grip slightly) I’m gonna ask you this one time and one time only, kid … so you better choose your answer real carefully. Got it?

Backstage Worker: (Gasping) Go … go … got it!!

‘The King of Kings’ leans in a little closer, getting his bearded face right into that of the frightened young man.

Triple H: (Whispering coldly) Where … is Rob Van Dam?

The worker’s eyes bulge out of his head, clearly having no idea what is going on.

Backstage Worker: W-what – I d-don’t know … I d-didn’t even know m-mister Van Dam w-was in the b-building…

Hunter leans back slightly, releasing his grip on the worker’s throat. The young man regains his breath desperately, massaging his red neck, whilst ‘The Game’ rubs his bearded chin for a few moments.

Triple H: You know what?

The man, still grimacing with pain, looks up warily, as Helmsley’s face changes back into a scowl.

Triple H: (Leaning in close to the man’s ear) Wrong answer, you stupid son of a bitch…

OH~! The man’s eyes widen with shock, and he begins to protest … BUT HUNTER GRABS HIM BY THE COLLAR AND HURLS HIM ACROSS THE CORRIDOR, SENDING HIM CRASHING THROUGH THE DOOR OF ROB VAN DAM’S LOCKER ROOM!!! The crowd can be heard booing frantically, as an enraged Triple H picks his sledgehammer back up and continues on down the corridor, eyes blazing.

We cut back to ringside, where a horrified J.R sits, although Coach looks a little happier.

Jim Ross: What kind of human being is Triple H? Assaulting that man for no good reason!

Jonathan Coachman: Woah, woah, steady on there, J.R! In case you weren’t paying attention earlier some thoughtless individual has vandalised Triple H’s locker room … and I’ll give you three guesses who it was.

***Child’s Play*** The crowd gives the strangely strong pop that it always does, as the loveable Eugene comes dancing down the ramp in his tights and training jacket. ‘Gene slaps hands with all of the fans and continues to wave around the arena … UNTIL HE GETS CREAMED FROM BEHIND BY A SLEDGEHAMMER SHOT!!! Thunderous heat echoes around the arena, as Triple H stands over his latest victim clutching his precious hammer. Eugene is out cold at this point, and Helmsley, still dressed in his street clothes, drags him by one arm down to the ring, where he rolls him inside, forcing the referee to call for the bell…

Jim Ross: This is SICKENING!! How can the official start this match??!!

Jonathan Coachman: (Looking around) Oh man, sorry I wasn’t paying attention, J.R. What happened to Eugene?

Match #3:
Triple H vs. Eugene
This contest was clearly never on ‘The Game’s’ list of priorities, as, still in his street clothes, he drags a helpless Eugene up to his feet. After kicking him in the gut, Hunter hooks the arms and drills him with a sickening PEDIGREE, followed by a cover. 1 … 2 … 3!!!
Winner: Triple H via Pin Fall @ 00:08
Quite possibly the easiest victory of Triple H’s life, as he gets back up to his feet immediately, glowering into the crowd with his music playing in the background. ‘The Game’ quickly picks Eugene up one more time and races forwards, hurling him over the top rope one more time, prompting his music to grind to a halt. Helmsley demands a mic from ringside and a nervous Lillian Garcia hands one to him.


Hunter casts his arm to the outside of the ring, where a bloodied Eugene is being tended to by a group of EMT’s. The crowd boos ‘The Game’ relentlessly.

Triple H: This is EXACTLY what I am capable of!! This is what do to guys who simply stand in my way… (Stares into ringside camera) so imagine what I’ll to you if you really piss me off…

More heat, as Helmsley rubs his chin.

Triple H: And y’know what? I’m starting to get really SICK AND TIRED of all of this crap!! First I get screwed out of MY WWE Championship by him … then he doesn’t do the smart thing … and take … his ball … HOME!! So now what, Rob … what, you wanna get in my face? You wanna make a name for yourself by taking on the best in the business? Break that glass ceiling? WELL IT’S NOT GONNA HAPPEN!!!

An “Asshole” chant kicks into action, as Hunter scowls at the fans.

Triple H: So what is it, Rob? You trash my locker room? WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT??!! But don’t you DARE write that piece of trash organisation on my wall!! It makes me sick!! And I know you’re in the building tonight, despite what that jack off in the back said … so it’s time to play … GET OUT HERE NOW!!!

Triple H quickly gets himself set, as the crowd buzzes…

***One Of A Kind*** One of, if not THE most thunderous pop of the night, as Mr. Monday Night himself Rob Van Dam walks out onto the stage dressed to compete, but with an ‘ECW’ t-shirt on over the top. RVD calmly walks down the ramp, not intimidated by Helmsley at all, as he rolls into the ring, already with a mic in hand. The two mega stars go face-to-face, with the crowd on their feet.

Rob Van Dam: Well … here I am, Hunter. I thought you wanted to say something to me?

The crowd pops, but Triple H just boils with rage.

Triple H: You’re about thirty seconds away from-

Rob Van Dam: (Slaps his forehead) Oh that’s right! My mistake, dude. You wanted to ask me if I had anything to do with that little mess in your locker room, right.

Hunter nods slowly.

Triple H: Did you?

Rob Van Dam: No way, man, I’ve got better things to do (Glances at the audience). Like coming out here tonight…

RVD looks down over the ropes to where Eugene is still being tended to.

Rob Van Dam: Y’know, I can actually understand why you do the thing you do to guys like me and Eugene, dude. It’s ‘cause you’re afraid. You’ve been on top of this business all you life … and you NEVER want that to change, so what do you do? You try to keep Rob Van Dam going all the way to the top … (Big Voice) BREAKING THROUGH THAT GLASS CEILING … and all that stuff. And y’know what … that might’ve worked for four years. Maybe I just didn’t have my focus … maybe Rob Van Dam just wasn’t ready yet. But I’ll tell ya something now, Hunter … (Right in Helmsley’s face) I’m ready now, YOU son of a bitch…

OH~! Hunter’s eyes twitches with rage, as the crowd goes absolutely wild, but Van Dam isn’t done yet.

Rob Van Dam: So after all this crap we’ve been doing to each other these past few weeks … I say we settle it. You go on and on about how this about me screwing you out of the WWE title, but that, Hunter … is Bull***t!! (Crowd pops) You’ve hated me from the first day I entered this company, and you’ve been looking for a reason to get rid of me since then … so why don’t you take that chance … and face me … at WrestleMania Twenty-Two?

HUGE cheers for the challenge, as Triple H stares straight ahead.

Triple H: I have faced legends … I have BEATEN icons on the grandest stage of them all … and you actually think that I would give all that up to go against … you? Lemme tell you something now, Rob … you never will be a legend and you never will be an icon … SO YOU DON’T DESERVE TO FACE ME AT WRESTLEMANIA!!!

The crowd boos wildly, and RVD looks a little startled by the refusal, as Hunter raises the mic back up.

Triple H: Quite simply, Rob ... I'm better than you. The answer … is “no”...

Thunderous heat pours down on 'The Game', with both the crowd and Mr. Monday Night appearing quite surprised by Hunter's decline.

Triple H: (Right in Rob’s face) ……… Now get the hell out of my ring ... dude...

TRIPLE H GOES FOR A CHEAP SHOT, BUT VAN DAM BLOCKS IT!! RVD fires away Helmsley backing him across the ring with right hands into the ropes. Van Dam goes for the Irish Whip, but Hunter is able to reverse it, and bends down to grab something. RVD comes flying off the ropes … AND GETS DRILLED IN THE GUT WITH THE SLEDGEHAMMER!!!

Deafening heat fills the arena, as Van Dam crumples to the ground, clutching his mid section, no telling what injuries he has sustained. Triple H furiously throws the hammer to the ground, before dragging ‘The Whole F’N Show’ back up to his feet and sticking his head between his legs. Helmsley stares around the hostile arena, soaking up the reaction, BEFORE NAILING VAN DAM WITH THE PEDIGREE!!!

Rob Van Dam is a broken mess in the middle of the ring, as Triple H stands of him with emotionless eyes. Hunter stares down at the man his hated enemy, before slowly raising his arms into the air, eyes closed, to some ungodly heat. The King Of Kings slowly drops down to his haunches, grabbing a handful of RVD's hair, and lifts his unconscious face up for all to see. Grabbing the mic from the mat, Hunter puts his lips right next to Van Dam's ear, but stares into the crowd as he speaks.

Triple H: (Whispering) In this business, we do things MY way ... we do things when I say and HOW I say. Now that you know that, Rob ... now that you've experienced for a second time just what the hell it is your getting yourself into, I'm just gonna say this ... April First ... WrestleMania Twenty-Two ... me and you ... in a Street Fight...

The crowd actually roars, as Hunter sneers.

Triple H: Now, do YOU accept that challenge, Mister Monday Night? Just remember, Rob ... when you lose to me at the greatest spectacle of all time, you're not just losing to 'The Game' ... you're not just losing to the 'King Of Kings', the 'Cerebral Assassin' or the ten-time World Champion ... (Snarls right in RVD's face) you're gonna lose to the BEST, you son of a bitch!!

The response of the crowd is hostile beyond belief, as Triple H stands back up, his eyes never leaving the fallen frame of Rob Van Dam, as we fade out.

{Commercial Break}

We come back from the break and cut immediately to the backstage area, and into the locker room … of Charlie Haas. The crowd gives a nice pop for Charlie, who is just finishing packing his bags, now dressed in jeans and a shirt, a smile on his face.

???: Well, I’ll be damned … you actually did it.

Haas looks up … as the Intercontinental Champion Shelton Benjamin enters the frame to another big positive reaction from the crowd. He and Charlie actually grin at one another.

Shelton Benjamin: Just a matter of time, right?

Charlie Haas: (Smirking) Damn right.

The two men shake hands, before sharing a quick hug, causing more cheers from the fans. The hug isn’t quite as strong as it once was, but the two men seem easier in one another’s company now.

Shelton Benjamin: Still … (Pats his title belt) ain’t quite here yet.

Throwing some towels into his bag, Haas just laughs and shakes his head.

Charlie Haas: You’re just keeping it warm, man, I told you.

Shelton Benjamin: (Mischievously) ………Any time, anywhere, bro.

Benjamin holds his hand out again, and Haas slaps it, though this time Shelton holds on, a competitive spark in his eye, until…

…Loud, obnoxious clapping breaks the silence, and both men look around to see … Gregory Helms standing next to them, applauding them without a shred of sincerity on his face. Shelton and Charlie scowl at the youngster, as he smirks right back.

Gregory Helms: Y’know, as much as I just hate to break up this little reunion … Gregory Helms comes to you … bearing gifts.

Shelton Benjamin: (Glaring) What?

Helms reaches up and adjusts his shades, smiling confidently before speaking.

Gregory Helms: Well, Shelton Benjamin, let Gregory Helms tell ya’ll both a little story. It starts with ME pinning YOU last week and picking my spot at the top of the ladder … for a shot at the Intercontinental Championship…

The crowd boos, as Helms smiles at the Champion, whilst Haas looks on, slightly disappointed.

Gregory Helms: (Holding up his finger) But … but the story doesn’t end there, ‘cause ya see, Gregory Helms here just got back from a little chinwag with Eric Bischoff and it seems that all three of us want the same thing…

Charlie Haas: And what would that be?

Helms glances around, building up the suspense, as Benjamin shakes his head with annoyance.

Gregory Helms: ……………………………Money in the Bank, gentlemen.

A slight pop from the crowd can be heard, as now both Haas and Benjamin look very interested.

Gregory Helms: ‘Cause the two of you want to be some kind of … great singles wrestlers, you both asked Mister Bischoff for a spot in the Money in the Bank Ladder match … but guess what, folks? So did I. And ‘cause of you two buckaroos getting way ahead of yourselves, guess what Mister Bischoff has decided to do?

Haas and Benjamin both look on anxiously.

Gregory Helms: …………Triple Threat (Crowd pops). That’s right, you (at Haas), you (at Benjamin), and me … in one ring, with the winner getting into the Money in the Bank Ladder match at WrestleMania Twenty-Two. But…

Haas and Shelton glance at one another nervously, but Helms isn’t done yet.

Gregory Helms: ……But that ain’t what I wanted to talk you both about. What I really wanted to say was good luck for our little match next week, but I also wanted to remind you not to worry … ‘cause if I beat you next week, you’ve still got the Spirit Squad’s challenge to fall back on, right? Ain’t that right, fellas? You’re partners after all. And partners…

Helms gets right in the face of both men, smiling.

Gregory Helms: …………ALWAYS stick together, ain’t that right? I see ya next week.

Helms neatly pushes his shades back onto his face, before smiling at his two opponents for next week and striding away. The camera focuses in on the face of Shelton Benjamin, who watches Helms walk away with disdain, before sighing and turning around…

…right into the face of Charlie Haas! Both men stare at one another for a few moments. Former partners. Same height. Same weight. Same wrestling training. And both men wanting the exact same thing. Haas cocks his head slightly.

Charlie Haas: Money in the Bank?

Shelton Benjamin: (Nodding slowly) Money in the Bank.

Neither man smiles this time, with deadly serious looks on their faces, as we cut away to ringside again.

Jim Ross: You want to talk high stakes, how about that match up for next week? Shelton Benjamin, Charlie Haas and Gregory Helms, in my opinion the three best pure athletes in the entire WWE, leaving it all in the ring for the opportunity to fight for the Money in the Bank contract at WrestleMania.

Jonathan Coachman: And what a master plan by Gregory Helms. He knows he has the odds stacked against him in that match, but he just planted seeds of doubt in the minds of Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin. Can they trust one another? Hell no.

***What Love Is*** As little heat as is possible for young Candice Michelle, who is accompanied to the ring by her friend Torrie Wilson. The two lovely ladies pose in the ring for a few moments, before…

***Time To Rock and Roll*** The crowd gives a great pop, as the WWE Women’s Champion Trish Stratus marches out onto the stage dressed in all in black. She is followed as usual by Ashley Massaro and a slightly bubblier Mickie James, as they head down to the ring looking all business.

Jim Ross: Trish Stratus still enjoying her year long reign as the Women’s Champion, which is damn impressive, but recently she’s had a bit of trouble with not only the powerful Victoria, but also her friend Mickie James.

Jonathan Coachman: You want to talk about impressive, just talk about Victoria.

Match #4: Non-Title:
Candice Michelle w/Torrie Wilson vs. Trish Stratus w/Mickie James & Ashley Massaro
The relatively inexperienced Candice Michelle tries her best to hang with the Women’s Champion, but Trish Stratus just seems to outclass her at every turn. Early on in the contest, Torrie Wilson grabs hold of Trish’s leg, tripping her up, but she quickly gets taken out by a much more aggressive Mickie James. Candice races in; looking to take advantage … but Trish plants her with a hard SPINEBUSTER!! Before Trish can go for a cover…


Trish is taken completely out of her game, as a game of cat and mouse between Victoria and Mickie James begins. Candice almost steals the win with a School Girl; Stratus eventually battles out of it and nails the CHICK KICK!! Once again she wants to go for the cover…


Trish leans over the ropes, screaming at the fiendish Victoria … but Candice comes up behind her, hooking her arms and turning her round for the CANDY WRAPPER … but Trish rolls through, getting Michelle in the headlock, before springing off the ropes and drilling her with the STRATUSFACTION!!! Now Trish quickly drops down and hooks the leg, no noticing that Victoria is already up on the apron. 1 … 2 … VICTORIA STOMPS ON THE BACK ON TRISH’S HEAD, and the referee immediately calls for the bell!!!
Winner: Trish Stratus via Disqualification @ 05:17
The bell is rung relentlessly, signalling the end of the match, but it is to no avail, as Victoria continues to hammer away on the Women’s Champion. Having picked off Ashley and Mickie one by one, there is no one left to come to the aid of Trish Stratus, and Victoria knows this. She lifts Trish up, muscling her into the air … BEFORE NAILING HER WITH THE WIDOW’S PEAK!!!

Trish is laid out completely in the centre of the ring, not moving one inch, as are Mickie and Ashley at ringside. Victoria reaches down and picks up the Women’s Championship belt, before holding it high above her head, gazing at both the crowd and the Champion to thunderous heat.

We cut very quickly backstage to a quick shot of the Big Show, who is walking, obviously towards the ring, with his usual scowl on his face.

Jim Ross: Victoria is out of control! She just took out three women all to make one message! But things are about to get a whole hell of a lot nastier. Big Show confronts Kane, NEXT!!!

{Commercial Break}

When we return from the break, we head immediately into the arena, as…

***Crank It Up*** The pyro explodes from the stage, as the seven-foot giant himself, the Big Show walks down the ramp … pushing someone in a wheelchair. The individual has a bag over their head to hide their face. Show is dressed in his ring attire and a vest, as he ignores the jeers of the crowd. Showing his brute strength, Big Show actually carries the wheelchair and the masked person into the ring, placing them down right in the centre, before grabbing a mic from ringside.

Big Show: Last week I made a promise … I made a promise to my former ‘partner’ Kane, that I would confront him here tonight … and that I would bring with me someone from his past…

Show glances down at the trembling, masked individual.

Big Show: ..........And I lived up to that promise. So, Kane, it’s time for you … to meet … your maker!!

Show quickly tucks the mic away in his vest, before turning around and grabbing the strings that tie the bag over the person’s head. The crowd buzzes, eager to know who it could possibly be, as Show prepares to remove the sack-


***Slow Chemical*** The crowd roars, as the ‘Big Red Machine’ himself, Kane, marches out down the ramp, pulling his glove tight and staring a hole right through the Big Show. The fans are on their feet; no talk, no bravado, just two monsters heading right into a collision to beat the hell out of one another. Kane approaches the ring, and Show simply waits for his former partner, growling with anticipation.

Kane gets onto the apron and puts one leg over the top rope … and Show rushes towards him with a right hand. The 500-pound giant rocks Kane with a thunderous blow, almost hurling him from the apron. Kane does indeed reel … but he snaps back quickly with a rasping uppercut of his own, catching Big Show right in the throat and knocking him staggering backwards into the ring. Kane, cheered on by the crowd, makes it all the way into the ring and charges towards Show, laying into him with rights and lefts and rights and lefts, backing the giant mastodon up against the opposite ropes. Kane rushes in, trying to Clothesline Show over the top rope … but Big Show avoids it and BOOTS KANE THROUGH THE ROPES INSTEAD, SENDING HIM TUMBLING TO THE FLOOR!!!

The crowd is slightly awed by the sheer power of Big Show, as Kane crashes to the floor and tries to make it back to his feet. Glowering, Show steps over the top tope and drops down to the floor in hot pursuit of his enemy. Kane swings away wildly with right hands and uppercuts, but they barely seem to faze the giant, and with one sweeping slug, Big Show sends ‘The Big Red Machine’ crashing over the announce table. J.R and Coach dive out of the way, as the fans continue to go wild, and Show moves in for the kill. He wraps both of his hands around the throat of the former WWE Champion, trying to choke the life out of him … but Kane manages to kick the mastodon in the head, knocking him backwards!!

Spurred on by the crowd, Kane staggers up to his feet on top of the announce table, making himself taller than the Big Show for once. The fans cheer to see Kane standing so high, and the monster waits, poised, as Show turns back around … AND KANE LEAPS OFF ONTO SHOW – BUT SHOW CATCHES HIM!!! The gasps go out around the arena, as Show grabs the 323-pound Kane in mid air, holding him like a baby … BEFORE LAUNCHING HIM BACK ACROSS THE TABLE, SENDING HIM CRASHING INTO THE CHAIRS, WIRES AND TIMEKEEPERS!!! The ease with which Big Show threw Kane was frightening, and the jeering crowd is in an equal state of shock, as the ‘Big Red Machine’ lies out of sight behind the table, as a menacing Show steps in once again.

Tossing Lillian Garcia, J.R, Coach and the other timekeepers aside, Big Show leans over the table to grab his nemesis … BUT KANE CRACKS A STEEL CHAIR OVER THE GIANT’S HEAD!!! Thunderous cheers ring out around the arena, as the Big Show is sent staggering backwards following the sickening shot … BUT HE STAYS ON HIS FEET!! Kane climbs away from the table, still carrying the chair … AND HE NAILS SHOW ONE MORE TIME!! Big Show is still on his feet, but he stumbles backwards into the steel steps with a stunned expression on his face, giving Kane all the time he needs … as he slides into the ring.

With an almost apprehensive expression on his usually so fierce face, Kane approaches the masked man in the wheelchair. With his hands bound and a bag over his head, the man is unable to move, but he writhes from side to side, sensing someone approaching. Kane stands before the quivering man and drops the Steel Chair with a crash, before reaching down and preparing to pull the bag from his head … BUT BIG SHOW GRABS HIM FROM BEHIND, WRAPPING HIS HAND AROUND THE THROAT OF THE BIG RED MONSTER…

…BUT KANE KICKS THE GIANT BELOW THE BELT!! Cheers go up from the crowd, as Show’s eyes bulge out from his head, and he staggers backwards in agony, as Kane raises his arm into the air, poised … BEFORE GRABBING SHOW AROUND THE THROAT, SIGNALLING FOR THE CHOKESLAM…


The crowd “OH’S” loudly, as Kane freezes, releasing his grip on Big Show and slowly turning around to face the man. The chair shot apparently had no effect on the monster whatsoever, as reaches out towards the trembling man, who drops the chair, AND PULLS THE BAG OF HIS HEAD…


Jim Ross: WHAT THE-??!!

Jonathan Coachman: Is that Paul Bearer??!!

Gasps of shock ring out around the arena, as Kane stares into the eyes of his adopted father, the man who raised him and brought into the WWE, and the man that all of us thought was long dead. Bearer is just as pale as he always was, though his dark blonde hair is far more ruffled than it usually would be, and there is no black moustache. Dressed in a dirty looking jacket and slacks, Bearer looks up at the seven-foot monster with frightened eyes, holding up his hands to ward him away. Eventually, Kane’s eyes shift from surprise … to anger AND HE WRAPS HIS ARM AROUND BEARER’S THROAT!!

The crowd cheers Kane on, as he prepares to lift his lifelong friend up high … BUT BIG SHOW SLAMS THE CHAIR ACROSS THE BACK OF HIS HEAD!! Kane drops Bearer instantly and stumbles forwards, as Big Show advances. The ‘Big Red Machine’ remains on his feet, but seems too dazed to fight … and Show grabs him by the throat once more … LIFTS HIM UP HIGH AND PLANTS HIM WITH A THUNDEROUS CHOKESLAM!!

A state of shock causes the arena to descend into a horrified silence, as Kane is laid out in the centre of the ring, flat on his back, eyes closed, motionless. Big Show steps forwards and calmly places his foot on the chest of Kane, as Paul Bearer walks out from behind the giant, staring down on his ‘son’ with a gleeful smirk on his face. With no trepidation whatsoever, Bearer reaches out and grabs the arm of the unstable seven-footer, before raising it high into the air for all to see. The crowd boos loudly, as Big Show lets a final, guttural roar, as we fade out.

{Commercial Break}

When we return from the break, we cut backstage for a very brief shot of the WWE Champion Kurt Angle, who exits his locker room dressed to compete, with the title belt around his waist. He thumps his head a few times to psyche himself up, before storming down the corridor towards the ring.

We cut back to ringside, where an awed looking J.R and Coach look on, as various workers try to clear up the destruction caused by the monstrous brawl between Kane and Big Show.

Jim Ross: If you just want to take a look at this place, folks. This is what happens when two behemoths collide right before your eyes. The destruction caused here tonight by the Big Show and Kane was – well it was unbelievable, and I’m still in shock that … that Paul Bearer was here tonight … and he screwed Kane!!

Jonathan Coachman: (Not paying attention) Would you just look at my shirt, J.R?! That idiot Kane spilled coffee all down my best shirt and now I look like a mess for the rest of the show. My wife is going to kill me when I get home, and she won’t want to here any excuses about ‘Big Red Machines’, I can tell you that.

Jim Ross: (Rolls his eyes) I’m sure we all feel your pain, Coach. But – but Paul Bearer is back. One way or another, the man who brought the WWE the two most destructive forces in its history, the Brothers of Destruction, Kane and The Undertaker, not to mention the influence he has held over such individuals as Mankind, Vader, and yes, the Big Show. We all thought he was long go-

J.R is cut off, as the screen picture suddenly breaks up, turning fuzzy, tinted and black and white, before eventually returning to normal, where an individual stands, head bowed so that his face is hidden by the cowboy hat on his head. He wears a vest and jeans, as the picture continues to crackle and fuzz…

Anonymous Man: (Whispering) They asked me … to come here tonight and explain myself…

The man shakes his head from side-to-side, his black hat still over his face.

Anonymous Man: They told me … “the world deserves to know … we all need to understand why ya did whatcha’ did…

He puts his hands together, as though almost in prayer.

Anonymous Man: ………And why ya just keep on doing it”.

A slight sigh emits from under his hat.

Anonymous Man: I think they wanted me … to walk … down … that … aisle … tonight … step into that ring, fall to my knees and…

He reaches up with a hand, stroking his invisible chin slowly, composing himself.

Anonymous Man: …………And BEG for forgiveness … yours … HIS … and everyone else’s.

The man wags his finger from side-to-side slowly.

Anonymous Man: They told ME to come running … they told ME what to say, and how to say it … and do ya know what I said?

Finally the man steps forwards and looks up … revealing SHAWN MICHAELS! ‘The Heartbreak Kid’ stares into the camera with dead eyes, his face covered with matted stubble. No trademark cheeky smirk or anything at all. Just those cold blue eyes staring soullessly at the camera.

Shawn Michaels: (An icy whisper) You don’t deserve an explanation………

HBK does not leave the picture, but rather looks into the camera for a few more moments, before slowly lowering his head, so that he once again becomes hidden underneath his shadow-black cowboy hat. The picture flickers and crackles, before slowly dissolving away…

Back to ringside, where the crowd is in a state of shock. That was the first time we have heard from Shawn Michaels since he turned on John Cena at the Royal Rumble, and since he annihilated the ‘Doctor of Thuganomics’ last week … and it certainly wasn’t the Shawn Michaels they were hoping for.

Jim Ross: I can’t even believe that that was the Shawn Michaels I’ve known for almost fifteen years. There was – there was just nothing in those eyes of his. Something has gone seriously wrong in the mind of ‘The Showstopper’.

Jonathan Coachman: If you ask me, the one thing that has gone wrong with Shawn Michaels is John Cena. THAT’S who HBK can’t stand, and now you’re seeing how he reacts to it … and I love it!!

***Metalingus*** For the second time this night, the crowd comes to their feet with boos, as the ‘Rated R Superstar’ himself, Edge, walks out onto the stage, dressed to compete, with his trench coat on over the top. He looks even more nervous than usual, as Lita follows him with the MITB briefcase in her hands. He pauses to set off his thunderous pyro, before heading on down to the ring, trying to work himself up.

***Medal*** This time the crowd stays on their feet, but with a major pop for the WWE Champion, as Kurt Angle strides out. The Olympic Gold Medallist sets off his red, white and blue pyro screaming into the air, before hurrying to the ring. Edge steps out onto the apron, as Angle shows off his title to the crowd, before turning around … and Edge drills him with a cheap shot, starting the match!!

Jim Ross: HEY!! What a cheap shot by Edge!! That’s what we’ve come to expect from Mr. Money in the Bank here on Raw, and I’m sure SmackDown can expect much of the same when he joins them on Friday nights.

Jonathan Coachman: It’s called being smart, J.R. Edge is going to leave Raw on a high, and I for one hope that the Raw board of directors get fired for letting the greatest superstar alive today leave Monday nights!!

Main Event: Edge’s Last Raw Match: Non-Title:
WWE Champion Kurt Angle vs. Edge w/Lita
Just like the exciting match up they put on last week, Edge and Angle tear it up once again, showing why they are both going to WrestleMania on April 2nd in two different Main Events. Edge tries to take advantage of Angle early on following his sneak attack and tries to send him into the ropes. Kurt reverses it though and throws Edge half way across the ring with a huge Overhead Belly-to-Belly Suplex!! Desperate to make the ‘Rated R Superstar’ tap out on his very last Raw outing, Angle continuously goes for the ANKLE LOCK, but he goes there one too many times, and Edge counters with a drop toe hold, sending Kurt face first into the turnbuckle. Edge catches him on the way out and nails the EDGE-O-MATIC, which Angle barely kicks out of!!
Now it is Mr. Money in the Bank’s turn to dominate the contest, as he works on the head and neck of the Olympian, cinching in a succession of Chinlocks, before Angle manages to battle back up to his feet. Drilling Edge with a right hand, Kurt races off the ropes, but gets lifted up and face planted by Edge, for another near fall!! The #1 Contender to the World Heavyweight Championship tears at his hair, before climbing up to the top rope gingerly, looking for some high risk manoeuvre … but Angle races up and leaps onto the top rope, NAILING A SUPER BELLY-TO-BELLY SUPLEX ON EDGE!!! Both men recover on the canvas, before struggling back up to their feet on the referee’s count of nine. After exchanging right hands, Angle switches behind Edge and plants him with a GERMAN SUPLEX!! Keeping his hands locked, Angle lifts Edge up for another, but the ‘Rated R Superstar’ smartly switches behind, AND NAILS ANGLE WITH A GERMAN SUPLEX much to the shock of the crowd!!
Edge brings the WWE Champion back up and goes for a second German, but Kurt gets his feet up and rolls his opponent up … but Edge rolls through and tries to apply the EDGECATOR!! Edge tries desperately to lock his submission in, but counters it using his legs, grabbing hold of the ankle of Edge, AND APPLYING THE ANKLE LOCK!!! Trapped in the centre of the ring, Edge has nowhere to go, as he scratches and claws … AND TAPS OUT!! But … Lita is up on the apron distracting the official. Angle releases the Ankle Lock and heads over to Lita, grabbing her by the hair to cheers from the crowd … but Edge rolls him up from behind with a School Boy, nearly stealing the match!! The ‘Wrestling Machine’ is back on his feet quickly and he boots Edge in the gut, lifting him up FOR THE ANGLE SLAM … but Edge drops down and charges off the ropes, NAILING THE SPEAR TO ANGLE!!! 1 … 2 … NO! Angle actually kicked out!
Raking his fingers through his hair, Edge waits in the corner, begging Angle to get back up to his feet, which he does, and turns around … and Edge charges, GOING FOR A SECOND SPEAR … but Angle dives out of the way, AND EDGE SPEARS THE REFEREE!! Mr. Money in the Bank looks on in horror, not sure what to do next, as he turns around … AND KURT ANGLE SMASHES HIM IN THE FACE WITH A STEEL CHAIN!!! The crowd cheers at Angle getting retribution for last week, tossing the chain out of the ring with a roar. He grabs the arm of Edge and brings him crashing over with the ANGLE SLAM!!! The Champ looks around … but ERIC BISCHOFF actually comes running down to the ring and slides in, telling Angle to cover Edge, which he does, as Bischoff counts. 1 … 2 … 3!!!
Winner: Kurt Angle via Pin Fall @ 15:23

The crowd explodes, as Eric Bischoff leaps back up to his feet, looking down at Edge with a smirk on his face. Kurt Angle roars with intensity, as the timekeeper hands him his WWE Champion, which he holds up high for all to see, getting thunderous cheers from the crowd. Lita quickly helps Edge out of the ring, as he holds his jaw, scowling back up into the ring. Eric Bischoff says something and Angle’s music is cut. Bischoff holds his hand to his ear in the direction of the audience, telling Edge to listen.

“NA NA NA NA… NA NA NA NA … HEY HEY HEY … GOODBYE!” The most humiliating chant in professional wrestling history echoes around the arena, as Bischoff stands next to the announce table with a huge grin on his face, and Kurt Angle stands in the middle of the ring, title belt on his shoulder, smirking at Edge. ‘The Rated R Superstar’ looks absolutely horrified, as he retreats up the ramp with Lita and is MITB briefcase in either hand, his Raw career having come to an inglorious end here tonight, as we fade out one last time.



Saturday Night’s Main Event:
Date: March 18th, 2006
Location: Cobo Arena; Detroit, Michigan


Current Card for WWE WrestleMania XXII:
Date: April 2nd, 2006
Location: Allstate Arena; Chicago, Illinois
Event Music: Bullets and Octane; Save Me Sorrow

World Heavyweight Championship Match:
Batista vs. Edge

WWE Championship Match:
Kurt Angle vs. John Cena OR Shawn Michaels


Money In The Bank Ladder Match:
Chavo Guerrero vs. ??? vs. ??? vs. ??? vs. ??? vs. ???

Banner Credit: Crazian


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Re: Legend Presents: World Wrestling Entertainment

Nige’s Raw Feedback

Hey man, I’m coming in blind to all this, so bare with me. After all the credit you get, it’s fair to say I’m looking forward to this

Alright, Edge leaving Raw makes sense as he will be cashing in his Money in the Bank against Batista at Wrestlemania, and you could just imagine the fuss that Edge would make over his leaving, so this ceremony if you will seems appropriate. Edge was hot on the stick, putting the boot right into the crowd which was great, but I don’t agree with him breaking kayfabe by acknowledging booking decisions from guys in the back. That was too much! I enjoyed Carlito’s part in this more than any other part of the promo, it was very funny as he offered his response and then the explanation. The Coach speech was on the button and a great suck up job as you come to expect. I guess Angle coming out was a shock to Lita as she was expecting someone else. Angle as a face I presume, if so he was typical Kurt Angle and it was just asking for a brawl to start. The brawl was good and Edge had to come out on top with the spear. Bischoff coming out and enforcing the law was right and it should be a good match later on

Chavo/Masters was a nice opener and the face Chavo is great to see as he does get a great reaction and even more so against The Masterpiece. A qualifying match for the Money in the Bank means a lot more and gives the crowd more to get into and giving Chavo the win starts the show off well for the crowd to get into, so a good decision there and nice to see Chavo in the big match at Mania

Ric Flair promo was really good. You could see the anger and charisma pouring out of him as he carried on speaking about JBL. He was always going to agree to JBL’s terms, but I think the interview could have finished in the second paragraph as it had a great end to it. It seemed a bit dead when he started again, but I guess you wanted to make the statement that he will be going to Smackdown on Friday night. Good promo, but maybe could have finished after the great line with Flair saying JBL won’t be the one to end it all

Not much to say about Triple H as I’m not sure which ECW star has done that, but I’m sure I will later on. Is Triple H face or heel?

Charlie Haas beating Rene Dupree is fine as I like Haas a lot and you played to his strengths without much detail. Reading about the whole situation with Shelton and The Spirit Squad, it sure looks interesting

Okay, the Carlito/Bischoff promo was very good. I love Bischoff standing up to heels, it’s a mark out moment for me and I loved him putting Carlito in his place. Not telling him who his opponent is makes it sound like it will be something big, it would have to be because a build up for a show in two weeks time is something I don’t really like as it is a little too far away and seems to make no sense as to why it can’t be next week. The Masters part was good too and I like how you have Carlito’s manipulative character down to a tee here

Triple H promo was brilliant, although he got a solid three segments in a row really. It’s not that much of a bad thing, just reminds me of the old days as a heel when he ran rampant through the show. The Eugene squash was fine, and the promo was just awesome and when RVD came out, it was okay too. RVD seemed alright on the mic and I liked how he got more serious and stood up to Triple H. I agree with the decision to have Trips refusing the challenge from RVD and then the brawl starts. Another in ring brawl after the opening promo and I wasn’t too sure whether Triple H should have continued his dominance tonight, but him issuing the challenge for a street fight was also very contradicting after what he said before about RVD not being in his league

Shelton, Haas and Helms promo was good too. I like that you’ve got Helms on Raw as it fits his personality brilliantly. I loved that he was really adding to the competitive relationship between Shelton and Charlie, with the match next wee being huge. I’m liking that

Victoria running rampant is fine with me too and I’m so happy that someone else sees Victoria as one of the best divas in the company. She made a real bold statement and that worked really well

The Big Show/Kane promo was explosive and very original. The guy in the wheelchair could only really have been one person, so it came as no shock when Paul Bearer revealed himself. The whole brawl worked well, flowed perfectly and is a good a big man brawl you could wish to see if you like that sort of thing, like I do. It can’t be a straight up match with these two or a battle of mic skills as they suck at both, so it’s great that you’re playing to the only strengths they have. It just seems that there’s a whole of brutality about the show tonight with the opening brawl, Victoria and Triple H’s assaults in addition to this. Maybe it’s pushed the barrier a little too much

One more final promo, and saved a great one till the end. I’m not sure why it was dark and mysterious as I’ve missed what Michaels has been doing to act like this

Final match should be great. I didn’t know Angle was WWE Champion until now. It was a very good match up with a great finish to it. I would have loved to have seen Edge’s face after Angle kicked out of the spear and then trying for another. He was never going nail it and Angle winning was obvious from that point and Bischoff looking like a fully drawn face counts the fall and leads the chants to Edge as he leaves Raw. A good finish to the show

Overall it was a really entertaining show with the promos being absolutely fantastic all the way through and being your main strong point. There were a couple of decisions I didn’t like, the Triple H change of heart and the fact that there was a lot more brutal attacks than you would see on one show. That aside, it’s easy to see why you are so highly thought of in the section
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Re: Legend Presents: World Wrestling Entertainment

Raw Review

Haven’t read this thread in a while, but looks like Batista will be facing Edge at Wrestlemania. Could be a good match but I am not keen on that being a main event, yeah maybe because they have just had a feud and a ton of matches in the last year. Anyway the promo itself was very good, you got Edge’s character spot on and his rant on the likes of Cena and Batista was great. Carlito’s bit was great and Coach’s bit was great and spot on character kissing Edge’s ass. Angle/Edge brawl was good and Angle v Edge should be a very good match. Expect Batista to get involved in someway.

Chavo v Masters seemed to be a nice start to the wrestling side of the show, and was even better to see Chavo get the victory to advance to the MITB. Not expecting Chavo to win MITB but is good to see him in the match.

Ric Flair interview was very good and there was no doubt that he was going to accept JBL’s challenge. You got Flair’s character spot on, and look forward to seeing Flair’s visit to Smackdown.

Haas seems as though he is getting a push in this thread which is always good, as he has a lot of potential but is treated like crap IRL.

Very surprising to see Bischoff standing up to heels, as he was always anti face IRL so is pretty unique. Will be interesting to see who Carlito’s opponent is going to be. Promo seemed to drag on with the involvement of Chris Masters and could have been used as a separate promo.

Triple H segment was fantastic, even if you didn’t need to write much. You got Triple H’s anger and intensity over greatly, and I can’t wait to see when the two have a confrontation tonight, which I am sure they will. Squash match for Triple H wasn’t needed that much and he could have just come to the ring and had the promo with RVD there. HHH/RVD promo was pretty good, RVD isn’t the greatest on the mic but his bit was fine. HHH hits the Pedigree to RVD and you have made him look very good on this show, you made him look like a complete badass.

Shelton/Haas/Helms promo was pretty good, I liked the sarcasm between Benjamin and Haas at the start of the promo. Triple threat next week sounds good and should be interesting to see who wins that.

Meh at a Womens match, but thank god for Victoria kicking ass to make things interesting. Good to see that you are using Victoria well.

Big Show/Kane promo was great, good to see that you kept the promo to a brawl instead of the two speaking as Big Show and Kane aren’t great on the mic. Holy Shit at Paul Bearer attacking Kane, and this adds some interest to the feud with Paul Bearer siding up with The Big Show.

Main event seemed to be a great match, and was good to see the match given a lot of time. Was a bit surprised to see Batista not make an appearance to screw Edge out of the match. However was a nice ending to the match with Angle hitting Edge with the chain and Bischoff coming down to make the count.

Overall was a great show and like Nige said, your promos were great and were definitely your strong part. From here will try to continue you to give you reviews for your shows, as I haven’t reviewed one for god knows how long.
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Re: Legend Presents: World Wrestling Entertainment

Raw Review:

I originally had the review ready, but lost it, due to some computer problems.

Edge's Promo: The opening promo was excellently written. Carlito was gold in this promo, but the real gem in this segment was Coach! From the moment his music played, I was litterally LOL about the segment! Huge main event match for the show.

Chavo v. Masters: Good to see Chavo winning the match. While Chavo might have a good match in the MITB match, I doubt that he will be winning the match.

Flair Interview: Flair v. JBL is finally official for Mania! Yes! Excellent promo from Flair, and I can't wait to see what is going to happen on Smackdown between these two.

Hass getting some type of push in this thread is good. Hunter seems like he is livid about Van Dam. Hunter beats Eugene as expected, but the promo was excellent between Hunter and Van Dam! A Street Fight at Mania, between the two, will be awesome!

Great segment with Hass/Benjamin/Helms. I have a feeling that Helms will win the match, and the start of the Hass/Benjamin feud will begin.

Excellent booking of Victoria, as she was booked real strong in this match, attacking three divas, including Trish and Mickie.

Show and Kane's segment was a complete brawl, and by the way it was booked, I'm not that surprised that Paul Bearer is back in the WWE, and is helping out The Big Show.

The Michaels' promo was excellent, as it fits the character that Michaels has in this thread.

The Main Event was the Match of the Night! I can't believe it that Edge lost though. However I have a feeling that he will be leaving Mania, as the New World Heavyweight Champion!

Overall Comments: Once again this was an excellent show man! The shows in this thread, have continued to get better, along with the promos. Looking forward to Smackdown, and the buildups for SNME and WrestleMania, respectively!
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Re: Legend Presents: World Wrestling Entertainment

DH6's Raw Feedback

Good for Edge to start the show. Surprised that all of the low card heels would be there, but having them there was a good way to show how big of a push Edge is getting. Edge's character was amazing, and I could picture it perfectly. It was good that Lita got some time on the mic as well, to show her importance. Good choice for Carlito to come down to the ring, since him and Edge have been teaming over the past month or so (I believe). I wasn't really feeling Carlito's character, and didn't like the flowers and chocolates. It just didn't seem right. I could tell that you wanted it to be sort of 'funny.' I liked how Coach was one of the guest, since he's always been favouring Edge.. and all of the other heels. I liked that Angle came out, and a huge match made for the main event. I think Edge will purposely get disqualified, and then Batista will come down to the ring.

Two superstars I never thought would ever be in the MITB match, so this will be interesting. Masters obviously the favourite, but Chavo still put on quite a showing from what I read. Didn't think Chavo would actually go over Masters. That was unexpected, but there's no way that Chavo will win MITB (I hope). This was a good match to chose right after the opening segment, because it involves 2 low carders, but there were some high stakes.

Flair's character was marvelous, even better than Edge's, and Edge's character was amazing. I really like the Flair/JBL feud you've got going here, and a match between the two at Mania could really be something special. Flair putting his career on the line is big, and it's a good way to make Bradshaw want to fight him at Mania.

I don't think Van Dam would actually trash Triple H's locker room and spray paint ECW, since he's not a heel or DX, but still interesting to see what will transpire.

Like the match up between Haas and Dupree. Two average mid-carders going at it, and it's always good to have a match like this on the show. Haas of pain was a good way for Dupree to job. It was good for the Spirit Squad to be at the ramp, since they want to face Haas & Benjamin and see who really is the WGTT (if I remember).

I liked how Carlito was mad about not getting placed in the MITB match. Different that Bishoff was going against Carlito, but he tends to go against the heels every once in a while. Interesting to see if Masters actually does go with Carlito and if Carlito actually does give him a shot at the briefcase if he wins it.

I like how Triple H is a destruction freak, and he does it really well. Hopefully Van Dam will show up, because if he doesn't, it will ruin everything. Also good for Triple H to attack Eugene like that, and then easily defeat him. That really put him over more as this destruction freak. Glad Van Dam came out, it really fit the pieces together if you know what I mean. Good decision for Triple H to get the better of Rob after his actions earlier. A Street Fight at 'Mania would be epic, and I'm marking for it.

Haas and Benjamin were both in character, as was Helms. Good for Helms to remind Benjamin that he beat him last week, and deserves a shot at the Intercontinental Championship. Triple Threat Match sounds good.

Liked this match, and glad that Victoria made her presence known. I'm glad that she cost Trish the match, before hitting her with the Widow's Peak. Good rivalry you've got going here.

Paul Bearer? That was shocking and unexpected, but still good. Glad that Kane and Big Show went at it, and quite a feud developing between the two.

Good that you included Michaels on the show, since he may turn out to be the contender for Angle's title.

This match was an amazing main event, and the fans would've loved it. Bishoff doing the count was a huge shock, and it puts him over a bit as a face, but hopefully next week he'll be back to his heel actions. Thought that Cena would get involved in the match somehow, since he didn't even make an appearance on the show.

Overall, another terrific show. You are so good at writing people in character, and it makes the show that much better.
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Re: Legend Presents: World Wrestling Entertainment

Raw Review

Quite the opening promo to kick things off for the night. Right off the bat, I liked the fact that you started with Edge, because it further increases the idea that he’s on his way to ‘main eventerdom’. And while he and Lita kicked things off well enough, the segment really got moving once Carlito came out. You’ve got perfect comedic timing with Caribbean Cool. Coachman was alright, as was Angle’s short portion but everyone was outshone by CCC. Top-flight stuff. I know that the WWE likes to have stars job on their way to a different brand, but I think Edge needs the build. No job plz.

I figured Chavo Guerrero would win this one and, luckily, I was correct. Smart move, as Masters hasn’t been thought of too highly in this thread so far. Allow me to predict the MITB competitors and further prove my awesomeness (:P) - Chavo, Gregory Helms, Carlito, Mr. Kennedy, Finlay and Matt Hardy.

Damn. :[ Flair accepting JBL’s retirement terms for this match makes me quite a bit nervous. I doubt that JBL will go over (or maybe it’s hope), since someone who’s already got main event status such as JBL wouldn’t gain the most out of being put in that spot. Anywho, solid promo from The Nature Boy, hitting all the major points. Naitch coming to SD is a good move, as it’s about time this Flair kicked back into second gear after a week “off”.

Quick, but effective segment involving H. Not sure if I like the ECW factor as the main focus with Hunter’s feud with Van Dam. I think it works much better as an undertone of the feud. Should be something to watch nevertheless.

Lol Dupree. Haas rightfully squashes him, but that’s neither here or there at the moment. This situation involving The Spirit Squad hasn’t moved an inch really recently, but it’s quite interesting since I still am not sure where its going. I’m guessing we’ll get a tag match with TWGTT down the road, but you’ve done a good job building it’s suspense.

I’m liking the ‘manning up’ from Bischoff here tonight. He desperately needed it after being bitched out by Hunter in recent weeks. But more importantly than that, it makes sense, with Eazy E clearly upset about Edge’s decision. Kudos all around on that angle. The Carlito-Masters situation lacks the fizz, but Carly’s quest to get into the MITB is appealing all the same.

Hunter is such a bad-ass. Beating up lowly workers and even lowlier jobbers ... awesome. Good promos from both Hunter and Van Dam, borderlining on a shoot promo (Fuck that bitter spot monkey ). The beat down from Hunter to RVD was pretty tame, but that wasn't the main focus, the focus was on Hunter needing to be in control. Perfectly done. Despite RVD getting these tiny victories over Triple H, he's been the recipient of major blows from HHH. Needs to pick up some momentum shortly.

Triple threat between Helms, Benjamin and Haas is gonna be a classic if given a decent amount of time. I'm liking the way Haas and Benjamin have slowly begun to relate to one another. It's fresh, and has progressed nicely over time. Helms is gonna go over in their match, however, and the feud between TWGTT and the SS will kick up.

Victoria crushing Trish and Ashley = Ratings. Victoria crushing Mickie = No ratings. Nice job making Victoria look like a monster. I guess the situation between Mickie and Trish takes a backseat this week, before the hype for their match at WM 22 (my guess) begins.

Coming right off of a Victoria ass kicking, I didn't expect this angle to be so vicious. Show/Kane, Hunter/Van Dam, Victoria/Divas have all gone towards the violent route and would've probably been best spread over a couple of weeks. Paul Bearer being back is huge, but since this isn't leading towards an actual WM match between the two, I'm a bit miffed. Either way, strong segment to reintroduce Bearer.

{lmao, Coach is awesome}

Weird promo from Michaels. Not much to say on it until this angle develops further, but his character is obviously changing for the better.

When I originally saw the result of the Edge-Angle match, I was pretty disappointed. If Edge can't compete with Raw's World Champion, why would he be able to beat SmackDown's World Champion? But my worries were dismissed once I actually read the match. Booked to perfection. Angle comes off looking strong. The last image of Edge in the match, is being hit with the chain, so he comes out of looking strong as well. Bischoff's involvement brings everything full circle from earlier tonight. Just perfect.

Another tremendous show. Show was quite segment-heavy (and violence-heavy) but it set the tone for the weeks to come. You've also got the hook for the next couple of weeks with the MITB match and the hook for SD with the JBL-Flair situation. Nice work.

for the week of September 28th


Cash has harsh words for Pope Francis, his believers, and his bandwagon followers, while Mac still hates Russell Wilson.
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Re: Legend Presents: World Wrestling Entertainment

I will try and get a review up in the next two days


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Re: Legend Presents: World Wrestling Entertainment

Originally Posted by The Wrestling Observer Newsletter
After WrestleMania 22, expect for the WWE to introduce several new stars from OVW to television. The names being thrown around as likely to debut almost immediately are ROH regular CM Punk, as well as Women's wrestler Beth Phoenix. Look out for stars such as Antonio Banks, Elijah Burke, Shad Gaspard, Jayson Paul and Monty Brown to appear after SummerSlam at the earliest. However, two individuals set for imminent returns to the WWE after lengthy stints away are Mark Henry and Jeff Hardy. Both men will be arriving in the post-WrestleMania rush, but it remains to be seen what plans the company has for them.

Although it is not yet set in stone on television, the plan has always been to pair JBL and Ric Flair off in a battle of veterans with Flair's career on the line. It has not been confirmed, but the Flair camp has also not denied the rumour that he has requested such a match in order to end his career on the grandest stage. The weeks leading up to April 2nd will likely give us a very big clue as to what fate awaits 'The Nature Boy'.

Backstage is said to be very happy with the way the Shelton Benjamin/Charlie Haas storyline is currently going. It is in its VERY early stages, and the WWE has plans for it to span most of the year, giving the former partners a suitable and epic program, as well as hopefully elevating them both towards Main Event status.

Originally Posted by wwe.com

Rey Mysterio really was speaking he truth last week on SmackDown when he said that he would not be rushing into his United States title shot. Whereas Jamie Noble will be facing Kid Kash for the Cruiserweight belt this week on SmackDown, Mysterio has instead opted to challenge the Champion Booker T on the grandest stage of them all in Rosemond, Illinois. Both Booker and his wife Sharmell have refused to comment on this state of affairs, but you can rest assured that they will have something to say about Booker's pretgious title being on the line once more.


Saturday Night’s Main Event:
Date: March 18th, 2006
Location: Cobo Arena; Detroit, Michigan


Current Card for WWE WrestleMania XXII:
Date: April 2nd, 2006
Location: Allstate Arena; Chicago, Illinois
Event Music: Bullets and Octane; Save Me Sorrow

World Heavyweight Championship Match:
Batista vs. Edge

WWE Championship Match:
Kurt Angle vs. John Cena OR Shawn Michaels


United States Championship Match:
Booker T
w/Sharmell vs. Rey Mysterio

Money In The Bank Ladder Match:
Chavo Guerrero vs. ??? vs. ??? vs. ??? vs. ??? vs. ???

Banner Credit: Crazian

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