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Re: Legend Presents: World Wrestling Entertainment

Happy New Year


WWE Friday Night SmackDown! Preview February 24th, 2006

This week Friday Night SmackDown! comes to you from Richmond, Viginia hot off the heels from an explosive No Way Out.

Following the brutal assault on SmackDown! GM Theodore Long by Randy Orton, it had been announced that a member of the board {possibly even Mr. McMahon himself} will be in attendance to tell us where the show goes from here. We have also learned that by the end of the night we WILL know the identity of the man who will face Batista at Wrestlemania for the World Heavyweight Championship.

The man responsible for Batista's victory, Bobby Lashley, has much explaining to do after his brutal attack on The Undertaker, but the infamous Paul Heyman has promised us answers with a scheduled in-ring interview between the two.

Thus far, John Bradshaw Layfield has made no comment whatsoever on the challenge made to him by 'The Nature Boy' Ric Flair at Wrestlemania. Will he finally speak this Friday?

Fresh off his historic battle with The Undertaker this past Sunday, the World Heavyweight Champion Batista, though battered and bruised, will be in action in a special match to kick off the Road To Wrestlemania in style. It will be Champion against Champion, as Batista faces United States Champion Booker T. Will Booker have more important things on his mind though, as his new #1 Contender Rey Mysterio will be in the building?

Also, look out for the likes of Cruiserweight Champion Kid Kash, WWE Tag Team Champions MNM, Jamie Noble, The Hooligans, and Mr. Kennedy. They will all be in attendance in Virginia. Friday Night SmackDown! at 8/7 central on Friday night. Don't miss it; it's going to be a SmackDown! to remember...
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Re: Legend Presents: World Wrestling Entertainment

Looks to be a solid show following No Way Out. Somehow, I'm still expecting Orton to be named as Batista's challenger although it wouldn't make much sense at the moment.

Can't wait.

for the week of September 28th


Cash has harsh words for Pope Francis, his believers, and his bandwagon followers, while Mac still hates Russell Wilson.
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Re: Legend Presents: World Wrestling Entertainment

Looks like a good show coming up Legend, was wondering when this thread would kick back into gear.

Shall be reading.


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Re: Legend Presents: World Wrestling Entertainment

Things look promising Legend. I can't wait to see what pans out with the Lashley/Heyman/Taker situation. Please drop me a PM when it's up bud.
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Re: Legend Presents: World Wrestling Entertainment

I thought I'd try out a new format this week, influence by one Mac used a while back. Promos - Navy Blue = Heel, Blue = Face, Black = Announcer, Commentator or Neutral. Hope Mac is cool with it. Enjoy.


SmackDown; February 24th, 2006; Richmond, Virginia

A video recap of No Way Out plays, showing Kid Kash screwing Jamie Noble to retain the Cruiserweight title, The Blubloods defeating The Mexicools, Bobby Lashley getting himself DQed against Finlay and going berserk, Rey Mysterio pinning Booker T in the tag match to earn a U.S title shot, and then MNM retaining the Tag titles cleanly against The Hooligans.

Later on, Randy Orton assaults Teddy Long and puts him out, Matt Hardy causes a huge upset by defeating JBL and is saved from the post-match beat down by a returning Ric Flair. In the Main Event World Champ Batista and his Challenger The Undertaker battled in a brutal affair, with ‘Taker on the verge of victory before being screwed … by Lashley! After the match, Lashley brutalises The Phenom and slams him through a table!!

~ Opening Video

~ Pyro

We are barely into the arena when …

***No Chance In Hell*** hits to a surprised pop from the crowd, as the Chairman of the Board himself, Mr. McMahon comes striding down the ramp. He appears much more solemn than usual, barely even playing to the crowd.

Michael Cole: Good, uh, evening, folks. You’ll have to excuse us though, as Mister McMahon wasn’t scheduled to be here tonight.

Tazz: The boss don’t need a reason, Cole – but I got a feeling I know what this is about.

McMahon holds onto his tie and enters the ring through the middle rope, before calling for a microphone from Tony Chimel. He stands in the middle of the ring, arms down in front of him; head bowed almost – before he sighs gently, and brings the mic up.

Mr. McMahon: You weren’t expecting to see me here tonight, and, quite frankly, I hadn’t planned myself to be here. Unfortunately, as we all know, what we PLAN and what actually happens in the wrestling business are two completely different things.

Vince frowns and shakes his head.

Mr. McMahon: Five nights ago … this past Sunday at No Way Out a meeting took place, and the two individuals involved were SmackDown General Manager Theodore Long (Applause) … and the other man was Ra-

The crowd cuts the Chairman off with an instant outpouring of heat.

Mr. McMahon: The other man … was the so-called Legend Killer … Randy Orton…


Mr. McMahon: You all saw what took place at No Way Out … you all saw, as I did, the disgraceful actions of Mister Orton … and you all saw the condition that Teddy Long was left in. It is for this reason that I would like to inform you that Randy Orton will NOT be here tonight!!!

A great reaction, with a few boos thrown in.

Mr. McMahon: But … but, Randy Orton WILL be here next week, where he will have to come down to this very ring, and stand face-to-face with … ME!! He will have to face the consequences for his actions … and MARK … MY … WORDS … there will be consequences. NO ONE puts their hands on MY employees without my permission and gets away with it!! Randy Orton … you have no idea what you are in for…

A huge pop for McMahon, as he calms down.

Mr. McMahon: But you heard me exactly right … and I WILL be here next … and the week after … and the week after THAT … because Teddy Long has been put out of action indefinitely … and I will be taking over the General Manager’s responsibilities for the ROAD TO WRESTLEMANIA!!

Mixed reaction, but everyone loves Vinnie Mac really.

Mr. McMahon: Of course … my condolences go out to Teddy Long and his family … (Straightens his tie) but as the old saying goes, “The show must go on”. I am here tonight to talk about more things than Randy Orton … Teddy Long … and myself. I am out here tonight to talk about the World Heavyweight Championship (Crowd pops) … and I am here to talk about WRESTLE … MANIA!!

Wonderful cheers for the Grandest Stage of them all!!!

Mr. McMahon: Last night, as I’m sure you saw, Batista was … successful in his mission to retain the World Heavyweight Championship… which means he will be in the SmackDown Main Event defending that title on the ONE-YEAR anniversary of him capturing it. But that match … WILL NOT be against The Undertaker I’m afraid…

Deafening heat from the crowd, as McMahon shakes his head.

Mr. McMahon: …The Phenom HAD his shot, and … thanks to a little assistance I might add … he blew it. That means we have an opening in the Wrestlemania Main Event … and that opening will be filled … TONIGHT!! (Cheers) A new Number One Contender will be named, and-

***Longhorn*** Heat fills the arena, as the familiar white limousine pulls out alongside the stage and the driver quickly hops out. Back in the ring, Mr. McMahon looks extremely angered by the interruption, as John Bradshaw Layfield steps out, dressed for Wall Street in his tailor made suit. He is followed by Jillian Hall and Orlando Jordan, as he makes his way down to the ring. Jordan grabs a mic and climbs into the ring, handing it to his boss.

John Bradshaw Layfield: (Extends his hand) …… Mister McMahon.

McMahon reaches down and awkwardly shakes the hand of JBL.

John Bradshaw Layfield: (Grinning) …… ALWAYS a pleasure, sir, ALWAYS. I am out here tonight to tell you … that your long – well, maybe not so long – search is over … because the other half of the Wrestlemania Main Event is standing … right … here…

Thunderous heat, as Jillian and Orlando applaud loudly.

John Bradshaw Layfield: As a fellow businessman, I’m sure you already know this, sir … that JBL equals ratings … I equal profit … which means money – LOTS OF IT – in YOUR back pocket, sir, simply by doing the right thing…

Vince raises an eyebrow.

John Bradshaw Layfield: (Momentous voice) April second … 2006 … Rosemont, Illinois … the Allstate Arena … tens of THOUSANDS of people in attendance … MILLIONS watching around the world … on one side of the ring the World Heavyweight Champion Batista (Crowd pops) … and across the ring the LONGEST REIGNING WWE CHAMPION in SmackDown history … the one TRUE - WREEEEESTLING GAWDDDDDD … John Bradshaw Layfield!!!

JBL closes his eyes in ecstasy, as the crowd boos loudly.

Mr. McMahon: (Frowning)……………………………………What’s your point?

The crowd laughs, as Bradshaw’s smile falters somewhat.

John Bradshaw Layfield: My point … my point is that you make history. Hulk Hogan, Shawn Michaels, Bret Hart, The Rock, Triple H … engrave JBL’s name into the history books even more than they already are by having me Main Event TWICE … in TWO years!! You know it makes sense.

McMahon nods thoughtfully.

Mr. McMahon: (Stroking his chin) You wouldn’t have watched Raw this past Monday, would you, John?

JBL’s eyes flicker with rage, as he seems slightly lost for words.

John Bradshaw Layfield: I … uh … might have … no … I didn’t.

Mr. McMahon: Oh really? Well that is a DAMN shame, John; it really is, because there was a special message for you this Monday … courteousy … of The Nature Boy Ric Flair…


John Bradshaw Layfield: Who?

Mr. McMahon: (Smiling) Oh … I think you know all too well who he is, John. I think you knew who he was when you beat him senseless at the Royal Rumble and put him out of action … I think you knew who he was when you mocked him week AFTER week … (Louder) and I think you damn well knew who he was when he ran down to the ring after your DEFEAT at No Way Out and turned your chest purple … isn’t that right, John?

JBL looks dumbstruck, as Jillian and Orlando frown.

John Bradshaw Layfield: I-

Mr. McMahon: The Challenge, John? What’s your answer? Will you face The Nature Boy at Wrestlemania?

Bradshaw’s eye twitches manically.

John Bradshaw Layfield: If you think that John Bradshaw Layfield answers the beckons of ANY OTHER man, then you are very much mistaken. I am a multi-millionaire; I have stocks ALL over the globe – BUT RIC FLAIR IS A FRAUD!! JBL is the real thing, and Ric Flair is not FIT to lace up my boots, let alone face me at Wrestlemania … so the answer … is no.

Thunderous heat, as McMahon gives JBL a hard look.

John Bradshaw Layfield: (Gulps) ……Sir.

Mr. McMahon: (Nodding) Well … that is a real shame, John, a real shame. Quite frankly, I think I speak for everyone when I say that JBL-Flair-Wrestlemania … would have been special. But … seeing as though you’re ‘declining’ Ric’s kind offer, I have to wonder, how exactly are you planning to spend your night on April second? (Getting right in Bradshaw’s face) Because mark my words, John, you are NOT the Number One contender…

The crowd erupts with an epic reaction, as JBL’s face completely drops, and Orlando and Jillian proceed to go berserk behind him.

Mr. McMahon: So maybe you had better reconsider the offer from The Nature Boy, eh, John?

John Bradshaw Layfield: (Still in shock) No one … challenges JBL … JBL picks and chooses … when, where and who he faces … if Ric Flair wants me … he better give me some incentive … because I’ve already kicked his ass once … and I want somethin’ else…

Murmurs from the crowd, as McMahon stares back.

Mr. McMahon: And what would that be?

Bradshaw’s eyes are intense, as Jillian puts her hands on his shoulders.

John Bradshaw Layfield: ……His career.

MASSIVE heat from the crowd, whilst McMahon even loos surprised.

John Bradshaw Layfield: (Whispering) ……I want Ric Flair’s career on the line. If I beat him … that’s it … no more stylin’ … no more profilin’ … no more Nature Boy … he hangs up the boots … and NEVER comes back…

McMahon frowns slightly, and looks ready to speak.

Mr. McMahon: ……

John Bradshaw Layfield: ……Agree to that, or the answer … is no.

And that is that. JBL drops the microphone down to the mat with an amplified thump, before turning on his heel. Jillian sits down on the middle rope and Bradshaw steps through, a stern look on his face as he exits the ring. Orlando Jordan smoothes out his suit and gives the crowd a look before following his boss.

JBL and his entourage storm back up the aisle, faces of complete and utter contempt, without even their theme music playing. Back in the ring, McMahon watches Bradshaw leave, as the only noise that can be heard, is an outpouring of boos.

{Commercial Break}

We return from the break as…

***Motherland*** The crowd boos as the rough and tough duo of Paul Burchill and William Regal, The Bluebloods, come marching down to the ring in their long robes, smirking even more than usual – probably thanks to their victory at No Way Out.

***Muy Loco*** Super Crazy and Psicosis make their way down to the ring, not bothering with the Juan Deere’s tonight, as they look all business. Fresh off their loss to The Bluebloods at No Way Out, The Mexicools, head down to the ring quickly, looking for retribution in the rematch.

Michael Cole: Last night William Regal and Paul Burchill made their mark on the tag team division with a win over The Mexicools … under dubious circumstances I might add.

Tazz: Well, that’s part of the reason The Mexicools are getting this rematch tonight, Cole. Can they make amends?

Match #1: No Way Out Rematch:
The Bluebloods vs. The Mexicools
Much like their contest at No Way Out, these four very talented individuals put on a very enjoyable match up for the time given. Given the amount of heat that the Englishmen are able to gather from the crowd, the fans get behind the plucky Mexicools without a problem, as they take it to Regal and Burchill from the outset. At the mid way point of the bout, Psicosis comes off the top rope with a Somersault Leg Drop and covers Burchill, only for Regal to break it up, which leads to chaos.
Super Crazy climbs up to the top rope and flies of with a MOONSAULT – but Regal side steps and Crazy lands on his feet. The Mexican shoves the Englishman into the ropes and takes his head off with a Spinning Heel Kick! Burchill has managed to scramble up to the top rope, but Crazy quickly kicks the ropes, and Burchill crotches the top turnbuckle. Psicosis leaps up, coming off the top rope with a springboard, before nailing Burchill with a TOP ROPE HURRICANRANA!!! Psicosis goes for the cover, but Regal breaks it up once again. Super Crazy comes at Regal with right hands, backing him against the ropes. He goes for the Irish Whip, but Regal reverses it and charges in – but Crazy back body drops Regal over the top rope onto the floor outside!!! As Regal stumbles back up, Super Crazy comes off the ropes AND FLIES OVER THE TOP WITH A CORKSCREW PLANCHA ONTO REGAL!!!
The crowd erupts, as Crazy and Regal are taken out of commission, and Psicosis and Burchill are left all alone in the ring. Psicosis springboards off the middle rope with a Cross Body … but Burchill catches him on his shoulder!! He goes for the Shoulder Breaker … but Psicosis counters into an Arm Drag! Burchill gets back up and Psicosis throws a Clothesline, which Burchill ducks and goes for the C-4 – Psicosis spins out of it though and kicks Burchill in the gut, hooking his arm – BUT BURCHILL GRABS HIS ARM, BRINGING HIM DOWN TO THE CANVAS WITH THE ROYAL MUTILATION – PSICOSIS FIGHTS – BUT TAPS OUT!!!
Winners: The Bluebloods via submission @ 09:13
Super Crazy is up back onto his feet just to late, as Paul Burchill releases the hold and gets back up to his feet with his hands in the air. Psicosis rolls away clutching his shoulder, as Crazy checks on him, and Burchill smirks to the outside of the ring, where William Regal is making it back up to his feet. Regal rolls into the ring and both he and Burchill motion around their waists that the WWE Tag Team Championships will be theirs soon.

We cut to backstage where Josh Matthews is standing by with microphone in hand.

Josh Matthews: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome my guest at this time … he is the Cruiserweight Champion of the World, Kid Kash.

Tremendous heat, as Kid Kash steps into the shot, not dressed to compete tonight, as he wears black leather pants, a silk shirt not done up, and, as ever, his shades. Kash rubs the belt hanging over his shoulder proudly, smirking at the camera.

Josh Matthews: Kid Kash, this past Sunday at No Way Out, you were successful in defending your Cruiserweight Championship in the Open Invitational against six other men, entering last to eliminate Jamie Noble. All six men will be in action next to determine the Number One contender … what are your thoughts?

“The Notorious K.I.D” glances at his title.

Kid Kash: My thoughts? My thoughts are quite simple, Josh Matthews. Kid Kash has now BEATEN Funaki, Scotty, Shannon Moore, Nunzio, Juventud Guerrera … and Jamie Noble…

Heat as Kash flicks his hair from his face.

Kid Kash: Y’see … y’all always knew this day was gonna come, and I knew it too. Kid Kash ... ME … I … have beaten all that there is to beat. I stand on top of the Cruiserweight mountain … untouchable … for as long as I goddamn want to.

More boos.

Kid Kash: Y’know, some people came up to Kid Kash after Sunday, and said things to me like, “Jamie Noble lasted thirty minutes”, and “Jamie Noble did all the work”. And … and ya know what I … ya know what Kid Kash says to those people?

Matthews shakes his head.

Kid Kash: (Staring) …………………………”Boo hoo”.

The crowd boos, as K.I.D laughs to himself.

Kid Kash: What, so just ‘cause Jamie freakin’ Noble had already been in the ring for a couple ‘o minutes, I was suppose to jus’ – lie down? Well lemme tell ya somethin’ – Kid Kash is in this business to be a winner … a Champion … and (Pats belt) that’s EXACTLY what I am. Is Jamie Noble? Ya’ll think about that long and hard, is your great hero who lasted thirty minutes standing here with the Cruiserweight title over … his … shoulder?

No … he ain’t. Ya know why? ‘Cause Jamie Noble don’t have what it takes to be a Champion. Jamie Noble don’t have the killer … instinct like Kid Kash. I go out their each night … to get the job done. Not to win fans … and not to put on a show – hell, (Smirking) that just happens anyway. So in answer to all of ya little questions about what Jamie Noble did at No Way Out … I don’t give a DAMN what he did … Kid Kash doesn’t care if he wrestled for the entire night … the fact is I’m the Champ and he’s not … the fact is, I am better than him…

And as for this little Number One Contender match up next … (Removes shades) Look into my eyes, do they look concerned? Ya’ll need to understand that it don’t matter who steps up to the plate next … the fact remains that I will put them down for good … ‘cause it’s what I do!!

Kash stares into the camera hard, before throwing them back on and stroking his title belt, as he walks away slowly.

Michael Cole: Well, Kid Kash seems confident, but coming up, Jamie Noble, Juventud Guerrera and the other Cruiserweight’s battle it out to see who will be the new Number One Contender, NEXT!!

{Commercial Break}

When we return from the break, Shannon Moore is just finishing his entrance, with Nunzio, Funaki and Scotty already waiting in the ring…

***Muy Loco*** Another nice pop for the third Mexicool of the evening, as Juventud Guerrera walks down the ramp, abandoning the Juan Deere like his team-mates, all business.

***Trailer Park Trash*** The loudest pop of all the competitors by far, as Jamie Noble strides down the aisle with a look of total concentration on his face, eager to get it right tonight, after coming so close at No Way Out.

Michael Cole: This past Sunday at No Way Out, Jamie Noble put on one of the most impressive performances I have ever seen from a Cruiserweight, eliminating all five of these men, and going thirty minutes to the very end with Kid Kash before being screwed by Kid Kash…

Tazz: You ain’t wrong, Cole. Noble is a tough little Pitbull and he spent thirty minutes just beating people up. What I can’t understand … is why he ain’t the Number One Contender automatically?

Match #2: Six Man Match: Winner Receives a CW Title shot
Jamie Noble vs. Juventud Guerrera vs. Shannon Moore vs. Nunzio vs. Funaki vs. Scotty Too Hotty
The opening exchanges of this match up become quite comical, as the other five men all look straight at the man who eliminated them at No Way Out, Jamie Noble, and go after him. Noble tries to fight them off with Chops and right hands, but eventually they manage to beat him down in the corner, before sending him into the ropes and right into a Dropkick from Shannon Moore. Nunzio and Funaki then take and arm each and Suplex Noble over the top rope to the floor below, dropping him down hard!!
The action goes between the other five men for the large part then, and really picks up pace, when Nunzio climbs to the top rope – but Guerrera reverses and Irish Whip, sending Shannon Moore into the ropes, crotching Nunzio on the top turnbuckle! Juventud leaps up with a Standing Enziguiri, smacking the Italian right on the skull and knocking him to the outside. Across the ring, Scotty back drops Moore onto the apron, but catches a shoulder to the gut. Shannon goes to springboard off the top rope – but Funaki comes out of nowhere and drills him with a right hand, knocking him down on the apron! Funaki backs up – AND GETS GERMAN SUPLEXED OUT OF THE RING BY JAMIE NOBLE!!!
The Pitbull comes in like a house of fire, as he Chops Scotty mercilessly across the chest, before going for the Irish Whip, but Scotty reverses it – but Noble pulls him back in, throwing him onto his shoulders!! Juventud races in, but Noble spins around, drilling Guerrera in the face with Scotty’s feet, knocking him down and out!! Noble throws Scotty up – LOOKING FOR THE DOUBLE KNEE GUTBUSTER – but Scotty rolls through with a Sunset Flip – but Noble rolls straight through, keeping Scotty’s head between his legs, grabbing his arms – LIFTS HIM UP – AND NAILS THE TIGER DRIVER!!! 1 … 2 … 3!!!
Winner and New #1 Contender for the CW Title, Jamie Noble @ 08:58
The crowd gives a great roar, as Jamie Noble has his hand raised by the official, and he stands in the centre of the ring, having showcased his dominance over all of the other Cruiserweights … but he looks up … and standing at the top of the ramp … is Kid Kash.

Michael Cole: What a performance by Jamie Noble yet again! No matter how hard the other Cruiserweights tried, they just could not keep him down, and in the end he was simply too good.

Tazz: Take a look at this stare down right now, Cole. There’s some bad blood between these two, and I can’t wait to see them get in on for all the marbles.

Noble points threateningly up the ramp and motions around his waist that the title will be his soon … as Kid Kash clutches it dearly.

We cut backstage into the office of the General Manager where Mr. McMahon is setting up his headquarters, pushing his chair into place and placing a photograph on his desk … when BOOKER T and his wife Sharmell burst in angrily. Vince looks up.

Booker T: Will someone please tell me jus’ wha’ the hell is goin’ on around here ta’night??!!

Vince looks slightly annoyed – but folds his arms instead.

Booker T: Firs’ I get tol’ ‘dat I’m in da’ Main Even’ ta’night ‘gainst da’ Worl’ Heavyweight Champion, BA-TISTAH (Crowd cheers) – da’ Animal, what da’ hell is all ‘dat ‘bout, huh? I – AM – THE – U – NITED – STATES – CHAMPION!!!!

Mr. McMahon: And your point would be what?

Booker T: (Eyes bugging out) Tell muh – wha’ muh point is? Wha’ muh point is? I’m a’ tell ya wha’ muh point is, Vinnie Mac … muh point is ‘dat I am ‘da ‘Nited States Champion … I should be in ‘da ‘Mania Main ‘Vent … Booka’ T … Big Day’ Batista … fo’ da’ Worl’ Heavyweight Title! So belie’ dat, sucka!

Mr. McMahon purses his lips and nods slowly.

Mr. McMahon: So what you’re telling me, Booker, is that you think – like JBL – that YOU should be facing Batista in the Main Event?

Booker T: Yo’ damn skippy!!

Mr. McMahon: (Stroking his chin) And the fact the Rey Mysterio WON the right to face you for the United States Champion means … nothing?

Booker T narrows his eyes angrily, as Sharmell sighs.

Booker T: It don’ mean a DAMN ‘ting!! If yo’ real’ think ‘dat I’m a’ put muh ‘Nited States on ‘da line ‘gainst ‘dat Mexican midget, ‘den yo’ WRONG!! His punk ass ain’t earned a damn ‘ting … Mysterio ain’t no Champion, but I’m a’ five time, five time, five time, five time, five time… Dubya See Dubya… Worl’ … Champion! (In Vince’s face) Now can you dig that!? SUCKAAA!

Vince reaches up and wipes the saliva out of his face.

Mr. McMahon: ………………………………No.

Booker shakes his head.

Booker T: “No” … what?

Mr. McMahon: “No” you are NOT the Number One Contender to the World Heavyweight Championship…

The crowd cheers, as Booker’s face falls.

Mr. McMahon: Just who the hell do you think you are? Coming into MY office and dictating to me the Wrestlemania Main Event? Nobody … NOBODY tells Vincent Kennedy McMahon how to run his business … least of all you, Booker T!! So I suggest you take a good, long, hard look at that United States title over your shoulder and ask yourself just how much you want to keep it…

Booker glances at his title, as McMahon walks right up to him.

Mr. McMahon: ………Sucka…

The crowd roars with laughter in the background, as McMahon laughs loudly and strides away, leaving Booker T and Sharmell rooted to the spot looking positively sickened by the whole ordeal.

Michael Cole: Not a good night for Booker T, but coming up next, Paul Heyman has promised us an interview with the man who TOOK OUT The Undertaker … Bobby Lashley!!!

{Commercial Break}

Almost as soon as we return from the commercial…

***Extreme*** Some of the loudest heat of the night rings out around the arena, as Paul Heyman walks down the ramp dressed in an all black suit and black tie, complete with the ever present pony tail. Paul E. power walks down to the ring, before entering via the steel steps and calling for a microphone, which he gets.

Paul Heyman: Last Sunday at No Way Out the whole world stood still … and took notice … of a force … of nature…

Heat from the crowd.

Paul Heyman: At No Way Out … a light was extinguished … and a new era dawned on the WWE. Who, you ask, do we have to thank for all of this? Well, ladies and gentlemen, it is quite simple –

Boos cut Heyman off, causing him to frown.

Paul Heyman: The man … the man you all have to thank for this is six feet five inches tall … he weighs in two hundred and seventy five pounds of pure muscle … he comes from-

***Unstoppable*** The boos begin to pour down from the rafters of the building with easily the loudest boos of the night, with every man, woman and child present booing their lungs dry … as Bobby Lashley steps out onto the stage. Heyman looks slightly surprised at the interruption, but quickly shakes it off and applauds, as Lashley sets off his thunderous pyro and continues down to the ring.

Michael Cole: There he is, folks, the man who took out … The Undertaker.

Tazz: This oughta be good.

Dressed in his black trunks and a black vest, Lashley storms down the ramp, his face angry as always, and leaps up onto the ring apron, sending a red-hot pyro blasting into the sky from all four turnbuckles. The crowd continues to boo, as Lashley steps into the ring and climbs the nearest turnbuckle … simply to glare into the masses without any taunting at all. Heyman steps forward.

Paul Heyman: Ladies and gentlemen … the man who single destroyed the one and only Undertaker, and left him a broken, bloody mess … THE REAL DEAL BOBBY LASHLEY!!!!!

The crowd boos wildly, as Lashley closes his eyes in ecstasy.

Paul Heyman: Now, Mister Lashley, if you wouldn’t mind stepping down from there, I have a few questions to ask you?

Lashley turns his head slowly, before neatly hopping down from the turnbuckle and prowling before Heyman like a lion.

Paul Heyman: A pleasure…

Paul E. extends his hand, hoping for a handshake … but all Lashley does is continue to prowl, his eyes flickering between the crowd and Heyman. Paul E. withdraws his hand slowly, forcing a smile.

Paul Heyman: Ha ha, a little too formal, I understand. Let’s get right down to business shall we? At No Way Out you did the seemingly impossible … you took the legendary Phenom and you beat him within an inch of his life (Boos). What I … what everyone wants to know, Mister Lashley … is why?

Lashley finally stops pacing and Heyman tentatively holds the microphone up to him, as Bobby’s eyes narrow.

Bobby Lashley: (Coldly) ……………For justice.

Paul Heyman: (Pulling the mic back) OF COURSE … of course!! Justice. Is that not what we all seek in our own lives? Justice? The righting of the wrongs done to ourselves and (casts an arm at the audience) and to others. How many wrongs have been dealt by The Undertaker? How many of them have been made right? I can’t calculate the first, but I can count the second on one hand.

Boos, as Lashley begins to pace again.

Paul Heyman: How many stars has The Undertaker stepped on to make it to where he is in this business today? Many have tried to stand up to him of course, as Mister Lashley did – Hulk Hogan, Bret Hart, Stone Cold, The Rock, Brock Lesnar … and where are they now? Gone. Beaten down. Pushed aside. All of them … by The Phenom. Many have come … and even more have fallen … that is, until Bobby Lashley…

The crowd jeers, and Lashley glares into the masses.

Paul Heyman: You all thought … wrongly … that Bobby was simply only angered by The Undertaker due to The Deadman’s actions at the Royal Rumble. What The Phenom did in the Rumble was un … forgivable. He entered illegally, stealing the spot of one younger and more deserving of him, and eliminated a host of superstars … like the man standing alongside me … Bobby Lashley. But was this the reason for his actions at No Way Out? I say “no”, but we need an answer. (Turns around) Mister Lashley?

Bobby stops again, as the mic is held up to him.

Bobby Lashley: (Intensely) The Undertaker needed to learn fear … he needed to learn intimidation … needed to learn he ain’t the top dog anymore … that’s why I took him out…

Paul Heyman: (Sinister grin) And I think we can safely say he got the message, Bobby. I think we can safely say that at No Way Out the entire WORLD got the message of what you are capable of when you beat that idiot Irishman within an inch of his life … when you played with match officials like a child with dolls … and when you broke The Undertaker’s spine right through that table…

Thunderous heat, as Heyman grits his teeth for the last sentence.

Paul Heyman: And with that message you sent to the world, Bobby, I’m sure the WWE heard it too … I’m sure SmackDown … and I’m sure Mister McMahon heard it. The reason Mister McMahon decided not to grant The Undertaker a rematch for the World Heavyweight title is quite simply because The Phenom … is gone. The last obstacle has been removed … and now is the time, now is the place, to make it official…

Lashley stares at Heyman hard.

Paul Heyman: JBL is a joke, and Booker T never had a chance. At Wrestlemania Twenty-Two … Rosemont, Illinois … the Allstate Arena … in front of the watching world … it will be … Batista … putting his year long reign as World Heavyweight Champion on the line against … THE REAL DEAL … BOB-


Both Heyman and Lashley spin around to see MR. MCMAHON standing on the top of the stage, holding a mic in his hand.

Mr. McMahon: Mister Heyman – Paul – please finish your sentence.

Heyman glances around nervously, but Vince waves him on.



The crowd pops loudly, as Paul E. gulps and Lashley scowls.

Mr. McMahon: Y’know I’m getting really sick and tired of this. Tonight I’ve had a so-called ‘Wrestling God’ show everyone the sycophantic JOKE that he is and try to persuade me to give him the Wrestlemania SmackDown Main Event … and then Booker T tries to TELL me – Vincent Kennedy McMahon – how to do my job, and that – that’s something you just … don’t … DO!!!

Another pop from the crowd.

Mr. McMahon: All my life … ALL MY LIFE I’ve been in this business, so I think I know what I’m doing when it comes to the Grandest Stage of them all!! Something … Mister Heyman … that you know NOTHING about!! Ya know why? Because I put you out of business, Paul – and now you’re trying to book my shows?

Paul Heyman: (Panicking) No – sir – I-

Mr. McMahon: Save it, Paul, I’ve heard it all before. But I’m going to tell you EXACTLY what I told JBL and Booker T … Bobby Lashley, you in the SmackDown Main Event at Wrestlemania Twenty-Two … is NOT gonna happen!!!

Huge cheers, as Lashley’s eyes flicker psychotically.

Mr. McMahon: But that doesn’t mean everything you said was a lie, gentlemen, because you may VERY WELL have done the unthinkable … you may VERY WELL have put The Undertaker out for good. Nothing has been seen … and nothing has been heard of him … since No Way Out…

The crowd boos like crazy, as an evil smile comes across Heyman’s face, and Lashley stares ahead fiercely.

Mr. McMahon: ……And I don’t appreciate you putting my employees out of action. It costs me money, Mister Lashley, and I like money, everyone knows that. Therefore, next week, right here on Friday Night SmackDown … we’re gonna have ourselves a little No Way Out rematch … with you, Bobby Lashley…

Lashley barely moves.


Thunderous cheers, as Heyman throws a fit, and Lashley just stares ahead coldly.

Mr. McMahon: ………Versus the man ……… standing behind you right now!!!

LASHLEY AND HEYMAN SPIN AROUND – AND FINLAY SWINGS HIS SHILLELAGH … DRILLING HEYMAN!!! The crowd roars, but the weapon falls down to the canvas along with Paul E. who goes down clutching his head. Lashley spins back around and Finlay pounces on him, taking him down with a double leg and hammering away, and the men go rolling across the canvas.

With the crowd actually on his side, Finlay manages to get on top of The Real Deal and wail away on him … until Lashley shoves the Irishman away with pure power!! Finlay scrambles back up to his feet and charges back towards Lashley, leaping up … but Lashley CATCHES FINLAY, running with him all the way across the ring and slamming him into the turnbuckle. Lashley lays into the Irishman with shoulders, knees and forearms!!

Finlay looks the be struggling badly … as a group of security guards come charging down the ramp past Mr. McMahon. They slide into the ring and immediately jump onto Lashley, dragging the powerhouse away from Finlay … but the Irishman comes right back out, swinging away on The Real Deal, and they both fall back down to the canvas!! Finlay slugs Lashley in the face … but Lashley rolls him over and slugs him right back!!!

The security guards regain their senses and grab Lashley by his legs, dragging him backwards and under the bottom rope; Finlay is pulled up and away by his arms too, with the crowd and the commentators going wild!!!

{Commercial Break}

WrestleMania Big Time Moment - WrestleMania 18 – The Rock faces Hollywood Hulk Hogan in a clash of the two most popular superstars ever seen in the wrestling industry. The crowd is electric for the duration of the contest, finally siding with Hogan – but ultimately it is The Rock who wins the clash of the icons.

We cut backstage once again, where Steve Romero is standing by with microphone in hand.

Steve Romero: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome my guests at this time … Paul London and Brian Kendrick.

London and Kendrick step into the shot, dressed to compete and looking fired up, as the crowd cheers for The Hooligans.

Steve Romero: Paul London, Brian Kendrick, this past Sunday at No Way Out you two challenged MNM for the WWE Tag Team Champions, and came up just short. What’s next for the two of you?

Paul London: You’re right, Steve. At No Way Out we did come up short. We put our body and our soul into that match; we gave one hundred and ten per cent like we always do, but on the night it just wasn’t enough. Mercury and Nitro … they were the better team on the night, and we can admit that. But that doesn’t mean that we won’t be coming after those tag team titles again.

Brian Kendrick: That’s right. Ever since we debuted in this place, that’s been our motto, “never back down”, and we stick by it. God knows, we’re smaller than most of the other team around, but no one has as much fight as us. It’s been mine and Paul’s dream for a long time to be the tag team Champions, and the next time we step into the ring with MNM, they’re gonna see just how much fight we have left in-

Some slow clapping can be heard in the background, stopping Kendrick in mid-sentence, as both he and London look up sharply to see Paul Burchill and William Regal enter the screenshot. The Englishmen are still in their wrestling gear, with towels around their shoulders.

William Regal: Gentlemen, gentlemen, good evening. Stirring stuff from you both, no doubt, but I trust you were watching earlier tonight? I trust you were watching when Paul and I demolished those Mexican buffoons for the second consecutive night? I trust you were watching at No Way Out when I pinned Super Crazy to WIN our match, and I trust you were watching tonight when Paul snapped Psicosis’ arm in two and made him submit…?

Paul London: Yeah, we saw.

Paul Burchill: Then you should both understand that you were and are looking at the best tag team in the world today. What is there about us that you can fault? If it’s speed you want – the thing you two pride yourselves on – then look no further than yours truly. Experience, then William here is your man. Quite frankly, it doesn’t matter what the category is, because it will always have a tick in OUR box-

Brian Kendrick: Yeah, uh, that’s great and all, but what’s your point?

William Regal: Well, it seems we have a slight dilemma on our hands, doesn’t it? You two still believe that you are the Number One Contenders to the tag team titles, but Paul and myself happen to think differently. So how about next week … you versus us, the winner gets a shot at the WWE Tag Team titles?

The crowd pops at the prospect of the match up, whilst both Hooligans look back fiercely.

Paul London: You got it!

Brian Kendrick: If it’ll shut you up!

Both Burchill and Regal smile and back up slightly, hands in the air.

William Regal: Gentlemen … thank you. Good luck tonight.

The Bluebloods turn and walk away happily, as Paul London and Brian Kendrick watch them go anxiously.

We cut back to ringside, where The Dicks, James and Chad, are in the ring warming up, with their music fading in the background…

***London Calling*** The crowd gives a great pop, as Paul London and Brian Kendrick coming racing down to the ring with incredible speed, before climbing to the top rope and coming off with synchronised back flips.

Michael Cole: Perhaps the most talented tag team around right now. They came so close at No Way Out, but next week, as you just heard, they’ll have a shot at earning another title chance.

Tazz: These kids are gonna have their work cut out next, Cole.

Match #3: Tag Team Match:
The Hooligans vs. James and Chad Dick
Nothing more than a glorified showcase for London and Kendrick really, as they light up the ring with their ultra-quick offence, flying off the ropes repeatedly and knocking The Dicks down with Flying Forearms. James and Chad get knocked to the outside and London and Kendrick FLY OVER THE TOP WITH PLANCHAS!! Towards the end of the match up, Chad counters an Irish Whip and sends London into the corner. Chad races in, but London gets both feet up, knocking him backwards. London races towards Chad and drills him with the DROPSAULT! James gets involved, clubbing away at London, but Kendrick runs into the ring and nails James with a Spinning Heel Kick, knocking him all the way through the ropes! London climbs to the top rope, looking for the 450 SPLASH … but Chad gets back up and drills him with a right hand. The Dick goes for a Superplex, but London pushes him back down and front flips over him, landing on his feet. Chad spins around … and Brian Kendrick grabs him by the head, racing up the ropes – and London grabs his legs – AND THEY NAILS THE SLICED BREAD #2/POWERBOMB COMBO!!! 1 … 2 … 3!!!
Winners: The Hooligans via pin fall @ 05:11
Paul London and Brian Kendrick leap immediately back up to the turnbuckle to play to the fans after a victory that gets them back on track following the disappointment of No Way Out. The duo signal that the tag team titles will be coming around their waists soon though.

{Commercial Break}

Returning from the commercial break, we cut to backstage where … Rey Mysterio, the new #1 Contender to the U.S title, stands, receiving a tremendous pop from the fans. Rey Rey, dressed in a white mask, black vest and white tights, actually looks the most happy we have seen him in a long time, as he stands in front of the camera.

Rey Mysterio: (Hands together) Gracias mi amigo. Gracias, Chavo. Usted ha hecho mi sueño hecho realidad. Te quiero hermano.

Rey touches his heart, kisses his hand and touches the screen.

Rey Mysterio: (Smiling) I’m sorry if you don’t speak Spanish. Those of you who do will know that that was a message to my good friend, my brother, Chavo Guerrero. Chavo will always be mi familia and he will always have my love, but at No Way Out, Chavo, you did something for me that I don’t think I will ever be able to repay…

Mysterio rubs his chin and smiles.

Rey Mysterio: You helped me to realise my dream, Chavo, you helped me to earn a shot the United States title, you helped me prove that I do belong in the heavyweight division, that Rey Mysterio is more than just a high-flier … Rey Mysterio is a Champion. Chavo … thank you … thank you.

Applause from the fans, as Rey nods.

Rey Mysterio: For the first time in … in a long time, I’m actually happy. I can’t stop smiling. It makes a change. Since November of last year things hadn’t been going my way – first MNM, and then Booker T – but at No Way Out I went some way to changing all of that. Booker T underestimated me … and that’s something you NEVER do…

Crowd pops.

Rey Mysterio: I saw it earlier tonight when Booker T went into Mr. McMahon’s office. He wants a shot at the World Heavyweight Championship. He doesn’t think Rey Mysterio is important enough. But the fact remains, Booker, that I pinned you at No Way Out and that means … that I’m coming for that United States title around your waist. When and where is up to me … so, Book … I’m gonna make you sweat for a bit…

Cheers from the crowd.

Rey Mysterio: ‘Cause, Booker, Rey Mysterio abajo de la espalda de nadie. Rey Mysterio backs down … for no man…

Rey gives the camera a long, hard look, before walking away to cheers from the crowd, and we cut away.

Raw Rebound
- Ric Flair challenges JBL to a match at Wrestlemania.
- Triple H and RVD have an in ring confrontation.
- Edge screws Kurt Angle, but after the match, HBK returns and brutalises John Cena, as well as signing the contract for the Raw Main Event.

A local jobber already waits in the ring, warming up…

***Turn Up The Trouble*** The crowd begins to boo loudly, as the arrogant Mr. Kennedy comes sauntering down the ramp in his trunks, with his ‘Hit Harder’ vest on over the top and a very pissed of expression on his face.

Chewing his gum arrogantly, KK makes his way down to the ring and steps up onto the apron. He goes through his usual theatrics on the apron before stepping inside, completely ignoring the jobber, and waiting in the spotlight for his microphone to fall … which it does at last … and Kennedy misses it, but snatches it again angrily.

Mr. Kennedy: (Glaring into the crowd) Don’t say a word.

Laughter from the crowd.

Mr. Kennedy: (Points at the jobber) Just stand there and count to a hundred. (Points back up the ramp) Was anyone else watching that, or was I the only one with the misfortune to slip and land face first on a freakin’ monitor? Rey Mysterio … is challenging … for the United States Championship…

Great pop from the crowd.

Mr. Kennedy: I walked out on Sunday … with my partner – and whilst we’re on that subject, Booker, I don’t like ya – and went out there and beat Rey Mysterio and Chavito Guerrero coast-to-coast … pillar to post … I beat them in the ring … AND I beat them outside of the ring … I beat them EVERY – WHERE … and yet-

The jeering of the crowd distracts KK and he rolls his eyes.

Mr. Kennedy: And yet when I turn around, what do I see? Booker T getting his ass pinned to the canvas by a Mexican midget. Don’t laugh, ‘cause it isn’t funny. That jackass cost … ME … cost ME … a shot at the United States title and that I just can’t understand.

Heat from the crowd. The Jobber looks on.

Mr. Kennedy: But … fear NOT, ‘cause I ALWAYS have something else up my sleeve. Rey Rey … Book … bye bye … this doesn’t concern you, ‘cause the addressee of this little business proposition is none other than Vincent … Kennedy (Smirks) … McMahon!!!

Mixed reaction.

Mr. Kennedy: McMahon. Look, Vince … buddy …pal … I respect ya … and I like ya … so I’m gonna do you a big favour and cure that headache that you’ve got building up in there. Forget Booker T … forget JBL, Bobby Lashley and all those other chumps who hand you their dating cards, ‘cause the fact remains…

KK licks his chops momentarily.

Mr. Kennedy: ……The fact remains that there is only ONE MAN alive on this whole entire earth who deserves to be the Number One Contender. Vince, I’m tellin’ ya, from one handsome, charismatic son of a gun to another – and virile (Smirking) – do the right thing and make the match.

(Makes his voice even grander, eyes closed) April second … 2006 … Rosemont, Illinois … The Allstate Arena … WRESTLEMANIA TWENTY-TWO … with thousands upon thousands in their seats … and MILLIONS watching around the world … on one side of the ring, the World Heavyweight Champion, Batista … and one the other side … weighing in at a momentous 239 pounds … hailing from GREEN BAY, WISCONSINAAAAAAAAAAAA … SAY IT NOW … YOUR NEW NUMBER ONE CONTENDAAAAAHHHHH … MMIISSTTEERRRRRRRRR KKENNNNEEDDDYYYY …

Mr. Kennedy walks over to the corner and climbs the turnbuckle.

Mr. Kennedy: KEN - NA - DAY!!!!

Kennedy throws the microphone into the air, and finally steps down into the ring to get his match started.

Match #4:
Mr. Kennedy vs. A Local Jobber
The Jobber tries his very best to stick with KK, but Kennedy seems so pissed off and eager to please on this night that he just runs straight through the poor young man. After drilling him with the GREEN BAY MEATPACKER, Kennedy sets the Jobber up in the corner, before charging in with a BIG BOOT right to the temple, virtually knocking the man out!! Smiling and still chewing, KK facewashes the youngster in the corner, before bringing him back up to his feet and sending him into the ropes. The Jobber comes back and Kennedy DRILLS HIM WITH THE FLATLINER!! Kennedy thinks about pinning the man, but instead drags him back up and lifts him up onto his shoulders. KK walks backwards towards the corner and mounts the turnbuckle, letting out a ferocious roar, BEFORE CRASHING DOWN WITH THE GREEN BAY PLUNGE!!! Kennedy arrogantly shoves the kid’s arm away and lies back for the easiest cover of his life.
Winner: Mr. Kennedy via pin fall @ 02:51.
Smirking, Kennedy stands back up slowly, taking his time, as the injured Jobber lies unconscious beneath him. KK walks across the ring and stares at the Wrestlemania symbol in the rafters, before turning to the ringside camera and mouthing, “Mister Kennedy … Kennedy” presumably to Mr. McMahon.

Michael Cole: Yet another bid for the Main Event at Wrestlemania from yet another superstar on this crazy night. But coming up, U.S Champ Booker T faces World Champion Batista in a Champion versus Champion MAIN EVENT, NEXT!!!

{Commercial Break}


Backstage in hallway, Mr. McMahon is walking down it, presumably heading to the ring … when he gets stopped … by JOHNNY NITRO … JOEY MERCURY … and MELINA. The crowd boos at the sight of the WWE Tag Team Champions, who are dressed in jeans and t-shirts, but still carry their belts over their shoulders.

Mr. McMahon: What the-?

Johnny Nitro: Mister McMahon, we’ve been lookin’ for you all night.

Melina nods, as Vince rolls his eyes.

Mr. McMahon: (Angrily) So lemme guess … you two (Points at Nitro and Mercury) are here to tell me why YOU should be in the Main Event at Wrestlemania against Batista?

Joey Mercury: (Confused) What? No, actually – but y’know what, Mister McMahon that isn’t a bad idea when you think about it…

Johnny Nitro: …Yeah, and after all, we’ve been on a roll. We pretty much destroyed The Undertaker and Batista last week … and then at No Way Out we put those pretenders London and Kendrick down for the count … so I think we’ve pretty much done all there is to do in the tag team division?

McMahon looks quite exasperated, as Nitro and Mercury bounce up and down on the spot excitedly.

Mr. McMahon: ……………Are you serious?

The crowd laughs, as Mercury and Nitro look quite surprised.

Joey Mercury: Yeah … we’re dead-

Melina reaches up and puts both of her hands over Nitro and Mercury’s mouths, before sighing, and smiling at Mr. McMahon.

Melina: No … no, Mister McMahon they aren’t serious at all. Johnny and Joey just need to learn (Scowling at them) to keep their mouths shut. What we wanted to ask you, sir … is whether you okayed the Number One Contender’s match next week between London and Kendrick, and The Bluebloods?

Mr. McMahon: I didn’t no. But I don’t see why it would be a problem?

Mercury and Nitro manage to wriggle free of Melina.

Johnny Nitro: A problem? Sir, we’ve already BEATEN London and Kendrick … one, two, THREE … in the middle of that ring, and now they’re gonna get a chance at another opportunity?

Joey Mercury: And Regal and Burchill, what … what have they even done? Beaten The Mexicools a couple of times? Who hasn’t?! The only way you’re gonna make this fair, sir, is if you bring in some new talent for us to destroy – I mean, face.

MNM all grin at Vince, but he doesn’t look too impressed.

Mr. McMahon: ……Is that all?

Melina: Well, we-

Mr. McMahon: Good, because I actually I have some REAL business to attend to tonight, that involves actually MAKING matches rather than avoiding them. If I were the three of you, then next week, for the Number One Contender’s match, I’d pull up a nice comfortable chair, get myself a good spot at ringside, because, gentlemen, you will be facing the winners of that match … and those (Pats Nitro’s belt) are gonna be on the line. Good evening.

A smiling Mr. McMahon strolls past the WWE Tag Team Champions, humming to himself nonchalantly, leaving Nitro, Mercury and Melina rooted to the spot, shaking with frustration.

We then cut back to ringside.

***Can You Dig It Sucka?*** Boos fill the arena, as the United States Champion Booker T and his wife Sharmell come storming down the ramp, still looking extremely annoyed with the entire evening. Booker rolls into the ring and holds his title up high, though not smiling once.

Michael Cole: Well, Booker T already tried to worm his way into the SmackDown Main Event at Wrestlemania and it failed, so I’d say it’s been a bad night’s work for him.

Tazz: You ain’t kiddin’, Cole. Just take a look at who his opponent is right now. I would not wanna be the Book Man!!

***I Walk Alone*** Quite easily the loudest pop of the night, as the World Heavyweight Champion Batista strides out onto the stage. The Animal still looks pretty banged up following his brutal match up at No Way Out, and sports a set of bandages around his ribs as evidence. Big Dave sets off his booming pyro, before making his way down to the ring. Booker T steps to the outside, as Batista enters, and the Champ holds his World title high for all to see, beating his chest furiously.

Michael Cole: Just five nights ago, Batista was involved in one of the most hellacious and gruelling matches I have ever witnessed, with the World title on the line. Somehow, The Animal survived, and SOMEHOW he is here tonight …competing.

Tazz: Major, MAJOR props to Batista for being here tonight in the ring. He went through hell last Sunday with The Deadman, but The Animal … he’s a Champion, baby, and this is what being a Champion is all about.

Main Event: Champion versus Champion: Non-title:
World Champion Batista vs. U.S Champion Booker T w/Sharmell
Not the greatest of Main Events by any stretch of the imagination, but it provides SmackDown with a great star powered platform to truly begin the Road To Wrestlemania. In the opening of the contest, Batista completely overpowers Booker T, shoving him away from all the tie ups with ease, causing the U.S Champ to take one or two ‘breathers’ on the outside. Once back in the ring, The Animal hurls Booker across the ring into the corner and races forwards with a SPEAR … but Booker moves out of the way, and Big Dave slams into the Steel post shoulder first!!
From this point on, the opportunistic Booker T completely dominates the World Heavyweight Champion, going to work on the injured body parts. Grabbing ‘Tista in a front facelock, Book drives his knees into the taped ribs again and again and again, before twisting The Animal’s arm around, wrenching the shoulder, and taking his head off with a Shuffle Side Kick. 1 … 2 … NO! Booker drags Batista back up and sends him into the ropes with an Irish Whip. The Animal ducks underneath the Hook Kick attempt and comes off the other ropes … SPINEBUSTER! Booker hooks the leg. 1 … 2 … NO! The U.S Champion picks Dave up angrily and throws his arm over, going for THE BOOK END … but Batista battles out of it with elbows to the back of Booker’s head. The U.S Champ quickly catches Batista with a thumb to the eye and shoots off the ropes … SPINNING SIDEWALK SLAM!!! Batista hooks the leg. 1 … 2 … NO! Booker kicks out.
Batista pulls Booker back up to his feet and scoops him up onto his shoulder … but The Book Man slides down behind and shoves ‘Tista into the ropes … but Batista comes right back and SPEARS BOOKER IN HALF!!! Instead of going for the cover, a weary World Champion picks Booker up and shoves his head in between his legs. The crowd roars, as Batista LIFTS BOOKER UP FOR THE BATISTA BOMB … but Book drops down behind Dave once again! Batista spins around and Booker boots him in the gut, doubling him over. Feeling it, Book quickly races off the ropes … GOING FOR THE SCISSORS KICK … but Batista comes back up AND PLANTS BOOKER WITH A SPINEBUSTER!!! Now the World Heavyweight Champion is well and truly on a role, as he pulls hard on the ropes, before giving Booker the thumbs down and yelling, “BOMB!” Big Dave turns back around … but Booker T has already rolled to the outside of the ring!! The crowd is booing loudly, but Booker dazedly staggers over to the timekeeper and grabs his U.S title belt, before storming back up the ramp with Sharmell in tow, yelling, “FORGET IT!” Batista looks furious back in the ring, but the referee finally reaches a count of ten!!!
Winner: Batista via Count Out @ 10:02

The crowd boos frantically, but Booker T simply backs all the way up the ramp, standing on the stage and pointing at his title belt, screaming, “HE AIN’T NOTHIN’!” He finally disappears through the curtain.

Back in the ring, Batista’s rage finally seems to subside and is handed his World Heavyweight Championship by the referee. He clambers up the turnbuckle and displays it proudly to the cheering, before slowly stepping back down and turning around…

RIGHT INTO A SPEAR … FROM EDGE!!! The arena is almost deafening with boos, as The Rated R Superstar, dressed in his street clothes of jeans and a ‘Sex and Violence’ t-shirt, stands up slowly, gazing down at The Animal with a psychotic look on his face. From behind Edge, LITA enters the ring carrying his Money in the Bank briefcase and hands it to her boyfriend, as…

Mr. McMahon walks out onto the stage smugly, microphone in hand and waves his arm in the direction of the ring.

Mr. McMahon: Ladies and gentlemen, I give to you the man who … at Wrestlemania Twenty-Two will be cashing in his Money in the Bank privileges … and is therefore the NEW Number One Contender … the man who will face Batista for the World Heavyweight Championship … ladies and gentlemen … EDGE!!!

Absolutely thunderous heat pours down from the rafters for perhaps the number one heel in the entire WWE right now. Edge gazes around the arena, raking his fingers through his hair, before raising both of his arms high in the air, the MITB briefcase dangling from one hand. Mr. Money in the Bank stays in this position, eyes closed in total ecstasy, as Lita strokes his chest, the crowd boos, and the World Heavyweight Champion Batista lies in the middle of the ring … down and out, as we fade out.



Saturday Night’s Main Event:
Date: March 18th, 2006
Location: Cobo Arena; Detroit, Michigan


Current Card for WWE WrestleMania XXII:
Date: April 2nd, 2006
Location: Allstate Arena; Chicago, Illinois
Event Music: Bullets and Octane; Save Me Sorrow

World Heavyweight Championship Match:
Batista vs. Edge

WWE Championship Match:
Kurt Angle vs. John Cena OR Shawn Michaels


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Re: Legend Presents: World Wrestling Entertainment

SmackDown Review

Format looks good.

Opening promo was pretty decent. Mr. McMahon was handled nicely but he isn’t as awesome as he is when he’s the self-absorbed, maniacal owner that we’ve come to know and love. JBL was good as well but a step down from the past couple of weeks when he’s had the mic all to himself. The hinting of the Retirement Match makes me rather sad. Flair going over plz.

Bluebloods over The Mexicools one more time? They’re definitely being pushed as the number one contenders here and I for one am glad to see it. Regal and Melina should manage to carry the buildup to respectability while the matches will always be solid.

Kash promo was alright. Nothing special, just adding a bit of hype to himself as a champion and his newly started feud with Jamie Noble. No doubt Noble is getting the Mania title shot, just needs to be made official.

Wow, when I saw this match, I figured Noble would go over and go over somewhat strongly, but his performance in this match was next to ungodly. Definitely booked as a step up from the rest of the pack tonight, continuing his roll from last Sunday. His match with Kash at Mania should be a blast. I think it would be a nice touch if we got a storyline explanation for Noble’s new dominance.

Right off the bat, Booker says ‘United’ almost as close to properly as possible. I think you went a little overboard with Booker’s diction here. It’s a bitch to read. Lmao @ McMahon saying ‘sucka’. Vinnie Mac is awesome. After saying no to JBL, Booker T, and Randy Orton (effectively), the possibility for Batista’s opponent don’t look rather plentiful. Intriguing.

Solid promo from Heyman here. Absolutely loved the justification of Lashley’s attack on The Phenom, as it had a bit of a worked-shoot feel to it. Lashley was good in his role as well, with the refusal to shake Heyman’s hand, while continuing to pace back and forth, showed his character effectively. Lashley’s out as Batista’s challenger as well? No shocker there, but now Kennedy is pretty much the only one left that could possibly have the credibility for that role. I love KK, but move Edge over plz. The brawl with Finlay was well done, adding hype to next week’s match, while giving Finlay some ‘face’ credibility it would seem.

Decent promo here. London, Kendrick and Burchill were all pretty average while regal was clearly a cut above. Triple threat at Mania is probably the safest bet at the moment as I can‘t really see either of the three times not being involved on the grandest stage of them all.

Surprisingly strong promo from Mysterio there. Not a big fan of his character, but you nailed it to a tee, especially with his heartfelt comments on Chavo. Definitely looking to be a strong underdog build for Mysterio heading into his United States Title Match.

‘Local Jobber’ . Much like McMahon, Kennedy is beyond awesome. Winner of MITB please. Nice promo from KK before he picks up another squash win. I don’t think he’ll be named the contender but that’s quite alright, since you’ve gotta have strong things planned for him coming up.

Liked the suck up-ish ways of MNM. I think Melina should be doing the majority of the talking for these two, though it worked pretty well having the three of them split the responsibility in this scenario. Glad we didn’t have The Hooligans and The Bluebloods ‘making matches’ without McMahon giving it the ok, something I fall into sometimes.

Nice matchup to end a weird night, which has definitely added quite a bit of prestige and prominence to Deacon Dave and the World Title. Copout finish was completely understandable considering you need to protect your U.S. Champion! EDGE!! Fuck yes. While I’m more than happy that Edge is on SmackDown (or at least, challenging for the belt at WM), this is definitely going to need to be clarified next week. Did Edge tell McMahon he was cashing it in before he found out about the Batista-Booker match? If not, then why wouldn’t he cash it in afterward? I’m guessing he didn’t know,

Either way, another solid show, Legend. While the bigtime stars weren’t on fire tonight (JBL, McMahon, Booker), a lot of the smaller wrestlers and segments on the show came through (MNM, Regal, Kennedy). Keep up the good work.

for the week of September 28th


Cash has harsh words for Pope Francis, his believers, and his bandwagon followers, while Mac still hates Russell Wilson.
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Re: Legend Presents: World Wrestling Entertainment

Legend’s SMACKDOWN Feedback.

The new format looks good mate, I like it. Sorry for the lateness of this man, but you know the deal.

Vince opens the show, certainly didn’t expect that, as the man himself alluded too . Vinnie Mac is the GM for a while? That’s cool. Doesn’t happen much around here. Vince’s character was okay, nothing special, the opening of this seemed like a generic GM-type promo. JBL’s arrival was nice and also unexpected but I don’t feel that the two interacted as well as they possibly could have, particularly given the way you’ve portrayed Bradshaw on recent shows. JBL’s character was still quite good particularly the way he sucked up Vince’s ass at the beginning. The little remark from JBL where Vince said Flair’s name and Bradshaw responded “Who?” made me laugh, it was typical of him. Good way to start the show mate, hyped many things, the arrival of Vince, the Number 1 Contenders spot… which now seems WON’T be Orton & JBL/Flair. The Number 1 Contendership has me interested, there isn’t really anyone that you’ve built up on SmackDown that could fill the void other than Randy Orton. The only other people in your thread that I think have the sort of momentum you’d be looking for are Edge and Carlito, but they’re on Raw, so we’ll see.

The Bluebloods go over again. The recap was good and its nice to see Paul Burchill getting some good exposure as he picks up the victory in a solid fashion. It seems you’re building towards MNM v The Bluebloods? That’s most certainly different, but who are the faces? Perhaps a Triple Threat feud with Londrick because I can’t really picture MNM or Regal/Burchill as faces.

Solid hype for Kash and the Cruiserweight Title here mate. I think you put him over quite nicely and you portrayed his character pretty well while continuing to hype the impending match between Kash and Noble. If that match doesn’t steal the show at ‘Mania, I’ll be pissed.

Wow. If Noble hadn’t been build as enough of a force as it is, he is looking awesome after this. Noble really ruled this match and no real surprise to see Scotty take the fall. Good recap though, I liked that you noted how each competitor was taken out before Noble got the pinfall. Kash coming out at the end was a nice touch. Definitely needed though.

Booker’s slang was a little over done for mine here mate. His character was still good but it was definitely hard to read. Vince’s “No” to “Can you dig that sucka” was great as the “Sucka” line from Vince. I feel you definitely portrayed Vince’s character nicely here, he seems to be very much in tweener mode. Another possible Number 1 contender out of the way, who the hell will it be?

I absolutely loved Heyman’s role and character here. You know I’m a big Heyman fan, so I think you put him over very well. You captured his character well and displayed it nicely. Lashley was good too as you established his new heel persona, his dialogue wasn’t too bland either which is generally expected from him. So Lashley isn’t the Number 1 Contender either? It’s definitely got to be someone from Raw. Edge plz. Finlay’s attack was god too, it gets him involved in the show. Steel Cage next week and a face turn for Finlay? I can see ‘Taker playing some mind games next week and something tells me Lashley definitely won’t get psyched out by the Phenom. Great segment tbh.

Regal saved this promo. He was spot on. The others were pretty bland at best. Number 1 Contenders match next week? I’ll be interested to see how that pans out, I don’t think you’ll go into ‘Mania with a rematch from NWO but I also don’t think you’ll turn either the Bluebloods or MNM face.

Londrick go over The Dicks, common sense booking. Surprised to see no interference from MNM or The Bluebloods.

I absolutely loved this promo. Rey isn’t someone that gets a lot of mic time from anyone in BTB and I thought you put him over brilliantly here. His character was just awesome. It really was. Great promo. Nice way to hype his underdog nature as well as the US Title feud.

Good way to keep some momentum going in Kennedy’s direction. I’ll be interested to see what you do with him heading towards ‘Mania. Money in the Bank, perhaps? I dunno but I know you’re a fan of his so I’m sure it’ll be good. He definitely won’t be the number 1 contender, but still the promo before hand was good for hyping his heel persona.

Hmm… I’m kinda split about you having Nitro and Mercury have so much dialogue. The promos should really be covered by Melina in my opinion. Still, I did enjoy this promo, the content overall was quite good. Perhaps MNM put an idea into Vince’s head about bringing in a new team? I hope so.

Good match to end the show. Nice to see you go into some more detail. Batista comes out of this looking quite strong and definitely very dominant. The finish was smartly booked as a way to save Booker doing the job again. That definitely adds to his character and puts him over even more. I could imagine the fans absolutely shitting on him for that.

EDGE! FUCK YEAH! That’s awesome. Great decision. Although I’m a little surprised to see that he didn’t pounce on a weak champion and cash in instead of actually booking the match. Oh well, either way I’m looking forward to it. Hopefully you don’t have Edge waste MITB. Title plz.

Overall, a solid show mate. I enjoyed it as usual. No major faults at all, your booking was great, as I've grown to expect and you didn't really give me much to talk about but this one was lacking following a few recent shows. Still, things are developing nicely.
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Re: Legend Presents: World Wrestling Entertainment

Many thanks to Macand PARANoIR for the feedback. I figured it was time for an update.


Originally Posted by Wrestling Observer Newsletter
With Edge's appearance on SmackdDown this past Friday, his full time brand switch will become official following the next Raw. This has been the plan all along, since the WWE feels that Triple H, Shawn Michaels and Carlito are good enough as the top heels. Many have been wondering why Edge did not simply cash in his MITB privelages on SmackDown after he attacked Batista, but that is set to be an angle built on between the two leading to WrestleMania.

Expect John Cena to be off television for a few weeks in the lead up to Saturday Night's Main Event, following the attack by Shawn Michaels. Michaels' involvement in the WWE title feud will pick up soon also.

The 'individual' being brought to Raw this week by the Big Show is likely to become his manager for the foreseeable future, beginning now and picking up pace following WrestleMania.

Originally Posted by wwe.com

WWE Monday Night Raw Preview February 27th, 2006

- This week Monday Night Raw rolls into the nations capital, Washington, D.C as we continue on the Road To WrestleMania.

- Tonight, in what has been dubbed as the 'Rated R Farewell', the #1 Contender to the World Heavyweight Championship, Edge, will make his last appearance as a member of the Raw roster. Lita has invited friends of Mr. Money in the Bank to give their best wishes to him, as he says his goodbyes.

- One man who will not be in attendance is John Cena. The winner of the 2006 Royal Rumble suffered a split skull and a severe concussion at the hands of the enigmatic and vengeful Shawn Michaels last week, and has been sidelined by WWE doctors. But will HBK actually make an appearance this week and explain his actions? Word has it, Michaels does not communicate with the WWE any more, and does what he wants, when he wants.

- Triple H will be in action this week, and one can only feel sorry for the individual he will be facing judging from the warpath 'The Game' has been on of late. Will Rob Van Dam once more stand up to the ten-time World Champion, or will Helmlsey's vendetta against ECW continue?

- We will also hear from 'The Nature Boy' Ric Flair, as he responds to JBL's demands that he put his career on the line if he wants a match with Layfield at WrestleMania. What will the sixteen time World Champion have to say?

- In a rematch from last week, Chavo Guerrero will face Chris Masters, but this time the winner will advance to the Money in the Bank Ladder match at WrestleMania. Charlie Haas will also get the opportunity to break his singles duck of late, but what part will his former partner Shelton Benjamin play. The World Tag Team Champions The Spirit Squad will also be in attendance, as will the mostrous enemies Kane and Big Show, as well as many more superstars. Monday Night Raw at 8/7 central on Monday night. Don't miss it; it's going to be a Raw to remember...
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Re: Legend Presents: World Wrestling Entertainment

~ You should be on MSN more, imo.

~ I really don't know who Heyman's manager is. I hope it is someone from past years of the WWE. As long as it means Big Show gets a push, I am all for it.

~ RAW preview looks classy. The goodbye to Edge might just be segment of the year if done right. (The year has actually only just started. ). You told me you are really going full steam on that so I hope it shows.

Like stated before, expect a review.

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Re: Legend Presents: World Wrestling Entertainment

Hello there. They call me NatureBoy™ - NatureBoy16x - Naitch - you get it. Anyway, dropping you a line, which I always intended on doing, but never got around to. You’ve had quite the comeuppance in the past year, and your skill is apparent. I am especially impressed by your willingness to go out of your way to give long, thoughtful reviews to others. That takes a lot of time and heart, and is something I used to do whenever I could.

Anyway, I’ve only skimmed through a bit of info, and I see that Mania is being built. Batista vs. Edge is a nice match for the World Title, especially being way back @ Mania 22. Definitely a worthy bout, with worthy guys. However, with the over-abundance of Edge-Tista encounters this past year, it’s hardly fresh. So, you must ensure that it has “the magic”. Also, may I ask, Edge is still carrying his Mania 21 MITB correct? And is he a heel? If so, and if he is to win the title, it shouldn’t go last at Mania. I’d mark for it, in real life or BTB, but the general consensus of a heel winning the title in the WrestleMania main event would probably = buzzkill. I am imagining it will be Cena winning in the Main Event, in what may end up a triple threat with HBK, or just the one on one with Kurt. Either match has the potential to be gold, and to make Cena look fantastic.

Newsletter update and Raw preview look neat, and I will try to gain a full understanding of this thread by WrestleMania my good man. Good luck to you.
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