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Re: Legend Presents: World Wrestling Entertainment

Thanks for the NWO review, Mac. Time to get things back on track then


WWE Monday Night Raw Preview February 20th, 2006

This week Monday Night Raw rolls into Trenton, New Jersey, on another action packed stop on the Road To Wrestlemania.

Last week, in one of the most star studded Main Events in WWE history, the WWE Champion Kurt Angle joined forces with his Wrestlemania opponent, Royal Rumble winner John Cena in order to face the loudmouth alliance of Mr. Money In The Bank, Edge, and Carlito. Ultimately, thanks to a distraction from the infamous music of Shawn Michaels, Edge and Carlito were able to pick up the win. Both Angle and Cena have made their requests, and so on Monday night we will see two Main Events, as John Cena battles Carlito and "The Rated R Superstar" takes on "The Wrestling Machine" himself in a non-title contest. With Edge and Carlito both having made their disgust for Raw's Main Event well known, what do they have in store for their respective opponents?

But that is not all. According to Raw General Manager Eric Bischoff, immdiately after the Main Event, the contract signing between Kurt Angle and John Cena will take place, and their Wrestlemania clash will become OFFICIAL. Is this what "The Doctor Of Thuganomics" should be worrying about though, or does he need to consider the whereabouts of "The Heartbreak Kid" Shawn Michaels, who has plagued him for the last month?

Despite the attempt to fire Rob Van Dam last week, Mr. McMahon put the brakes on the schemes of Eric Bischoff and, more importantly, Triple H. "The Game" is still fuming from the fact that he failed to capture the WWE title when RVD was the guest referee, but how will he react when Van Dam makes his return to Raw this week?

We will also hear from the RETURNING "NATURE BOY" RIC FLAIR, who shocked the world at No Way Out when he saved young Matt Hardy from a beat down at the hands of JBL. What will the sixteen time World Champion have to say on his return, his injuries, and the man who put him on the shelf: John Bradshaw Layfield?

With the growing tension between former partners Charlie Haas and Intercontinental Champion Shelton Benjamin still rife, both men will be in action this week, but it remains to be seen whether it will be as singles or a tag team.

After the altercation with her young apprentic Mickie James last week, Trish Stratus looks to get back on track, as she teams up with James to face Candice Michelle and the #1 Contender to the Women's Championship, Victoria.

Look out for Chavo Guerrero and Chris Masters also, as they go one-on-one after Chavo pinned "The Masterpiece" in a tag match last week. The World Tag Team Champions The Spirit Squad will also be in attendance, as will the mostrous enemies Kane and Big Show, as well as many more superstars. Monday Night Raw at 8/7 central on Monday night. Don't miss it; it's going to be a Raw to remember...
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Re: Legend Presents: World Wrestling Entertainment

Just to say it took me about 2 hours to read threw aall the shows fromthis thread, from the first RAw by Deadman and then whenyou took over and it all been pretty good so far, and NWO was very good and your WrestleMania is going to be top notch. So fo now I'm up to date I think I will start to leave reviews

The RAW looks good, the two main evetns should be great and well the contract signing is going to have sparks fly I gather, Michaels could be making an appearence. I hope the Flair promo he cuts is going to be badass I can just tell . Looks good!

Or is it?
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Re: Legend Presents: World Wrestling Entertainment

Legend, I know it's been a while since I checked out this thread. I promise I will drop comments/review on RAW when it goes up

It looks like a top show as you draw closer to the big one, WM. Flair's promo should be great, looking forward to it.

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Re: Legend Presents: World Wrestling Entertainment

Monday Night Raw; February 20th, 2006; Trenton, New Jersey

~ Opening Video

~ Pyro

We sweep into the arena, as the thunderous pyrotechnic display continues in the background, and the crowd cheers wildly. The cameras head over to Jim Ross and Jonathan Coachman at ringside…

Jim Ross: Good evening, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to Trenton, New Jersey for Monday Night Raw! And what a Raw it’s gonna be, Coach.

Jonathan Coachman: That’s quite an understatement, J.R. Tonight we make Raw’s Main Event at Wrestlemania official, when Royal Rumble winner John Cena and WWE Champion Kurt Angle meet in that very ring for the contract signing!

Jim Ross: BUT … that will happen AFTER both John Cena and Kurt Angle have been in competition tonight. Following last week’s dubious defeat at the hands of Edge and Carlito, both Cena and Angle have demanded one-on-one matches with them!

Jonathan Coachman: I wouldn’t call it dubious, J.R. But that’s right, tonight not only will we see “The Doctor Of Thuganomics” John Cena square off against “Da Bad Apple” Carlito, but we will also see, in tonight’s Main Event, Mister Money In The Bank Edge face off against the WWE Champion, KURT ANGLE!!!

Jim Ross: Those two matches should be off the chart tonight, no doubt about that. Will Shawn Michaels finally make an appearance? One man we definitely WILL see tonight is Rob Van Dam, who is back on Raw after his ridiculous suspension by Bischoff and Triple H last week. Having been assaulted by “The Game” two weeks ago, what will the ECW Original have to say?

Jonathan Coachman: The Road to Wrestlemania is well underway, J.R, I can’t –

***My Time Is Now*** The crowd rises to its feet for a tremendous (and mixed) reaction, for John Cena, who walks down the ramp with a stern, serious expression on his face. He slides into the ring and throws his shirt into the crowd, with no showboating whatsoever.

Jim Ross: I can’t even begin to imagine what is going through the mind of young John Cena right now. Despite winning the Royal Rumble last month, he was assaulted and bloodied by a psychotic “Heartbreak Kid” Shawn Michaels, who has plagued Cena ever since … hasn’t yet shown himself.

Jonathan Coachman: Cena had better forget about Shawn Michaels and concentrate on the fastest rising star on Raw!

***Cool*** New Jersey shows its contempt for the arrogant youngster Carlito, as they boo his arrival. Wearing his black ‘Bad Apple’ shirt over his dark trunks, CCC strolls down the ramp talking trash to the fans and tossing an apple in the air. He rips his shirt off and rolls into the ring, before trash talking with Cena.

Jim Ross: As much as I hate to admit it, Carlito has been on a roll so far this year. Undefeated in ’06, he beat Ric Flair in a Street Fight, made it to the final four in the Royal Rumble match, and just last week, along with Edge, knocked off the team of Cena and WWE Champion Kurt Angle. Damn impressive.

Jonathan Coachman: You’re FINALLY admitting it, J.R. Carlito has proved himself to be Main Event worthy, and John Cena’s going to find that out tonight.

Match #1:
John Cena vs. Carlito
The two youngsters spend most of the opening minutes involved in a messy brawl, as Cena looks to vent some of his anger on the Caribbean superstar. As the smaller and faster of the two, Carlito tries to play a game of cat and mouse with “The Champ”, as he ducks and weaves, and even slides out of the ring on occasions to avoid contact with Cena’s powerful swings. With no desire to hang around tonight, Cena begins to chase Carlito around the ring, before CCC slides into the ring and begins stomping away on Cena as he tries to follow, Carly tries to Irish Whip Cena across the ring, before Cena easily reverses it and hurls Carlito off the ropes, before knocking his head off with a devastating clothesline!!! Cena does not even cover CCC, as he sends him slamming into the corner with another Irish Whip, before bringing him crashing over with a Fisherman’s Suplex, followed by a hook of the leg. 1 … 2 … NO! Carly survives, but Cena continues to lay into him in the corner with hard blows.

Cena continues to dominate the match up, over powering Carlito at every turn, including a stinging counter into a Powerslam, that takes the air right of CCC and earns another near fall. Gasping for air, Carlito staggers back against the ropes and Cena lunges towards him aggressively … but Carly low bridges the top rope, and Cena tumbles over onto the apron. “The Doctor of Thuganomics” struggles up on the apron, but Carlito knocks him off with a standing Dropkick, sending Cena crashing to the floor!!! CCC taunts the crowd a little bit, as he waits for Cena to get back up to his feet, before launching himself over with a Plancha … but Cena catches him!!! The crowd pops, as Cena shows his brute strength, carrying a hapless Carlito over towards the announce table and throwing him up onto his shoulders … for the F-U … but Carly slides off and shoves Cena right into the Steel Steps!!!

The collision with the Steel Steps has seemingly injured Cena’s shoulder, which Carlito takes advantage of for the next part of the contest. Back in the ring, CCC hammers away on Cena’s injured body part, before scoring a succession of near falls. Cena reverses an Irish Whip again and throws Carlito into the corner, before charging in … but ‘Lito moves and Cena hits the turnbuckle chest first. With “The Champ” reeling, Carlito nips to the outside and hits a Springboard Dropkick off the top rope!!! He covers, for a 1 … 2 … NO! Carlito pulls Cena up and goes for the Apple Twist … but Cena rolls through, grabbing Carlito’s arm and pulling him in onto his shoulders, looking for the F-U!!! Carlito slides off, but Cena spins around, picking CCC up and nailing him with the Killswitch Powerbomb, before coming off the ropes and hitting the Five-Knuckle Shuffle!!!

Carlito is reeling, as Cena waits for him to stagger back to his feet and lifts him up for a third time for the F-U … but Carlito drops down, getting Cena in the Reverse DDT position … before connecting with the Apple Twist (Outward Rolling Cutter)!!! He hooks the leg. 1 … 2 … NO! Carly berates the referee, before racing off the ropes and flying off them with a Springboard Moonsault … but Cena moves … and Carlito lands on his feet … but Cena catches him with a Drop Toe Hold and tries to apply the STF-U!!! Carlito yells and stretches and crawls to try and fight the deadly submission away, as Cena tries to lock it in … but Carlito manages to fall under the bottom rope and drop to the floor outside. With the fans booing him relentlessly, Carlito shakes his head at Cena, telling him to “Forget it”, before heading back up the ramp. Cena is having none of it and chases after Carlito, dragging him back towards the ring. The two men engage in a fist fight at the foot of the ramp … before EDGE nails Cena from behind and slams him against the ring apron!!! The referee immediately calls for the bell.
Winner: John Cena via Disqualification @ 13:07

Neither Carlito nor Edge seem particularly bothered by the decision, as they roll Cena back into the ring under the bottom rope and hammer away on the #1 Contender, clearly still blaming him for their loss at the Royal Rumble. Carlito drags Cena up AND DROPS HIM WITH THE BACKSTABBER!!!

Cena lies on the mat in agony, whilst Edge continues to stomp away and rain down the blows. He motions to Carlito to go and get something from outside of the ring, and a smirk spreads across the face of the youngster. Carly rolls from the ring and yells at Lillian Garcia to move aside, which she does frightfully. Carlito then grabs hold of TWO STEEL CHAIRS and carries them back into the ring.

The crowd have begun a loud “We want Angle” chant, as Carlito throws the chairs to Edge. “The Rated R Superstar” rolls Cena onto his front and slides one of the chairs underneath his head, before standing back, still clutching the other weapon in his hand.

Jim Ross: No … NOT A CONCHAIRTO!!!

Jonathan Coachman: TOO FAR, EDGE!!!

Sneering around at the New Jersey fans, Edge mouths something about “his Wrestlemania spot anyway”, before lifting the Steel Chair up high … but KURT ANGLE comes charging down the ramp to a thunderous cheers from the crowd. Edge and Carlito both exchange nervous glances … as Cena tackles Carly down from behind and begins to whale away on the youngster!!! Edge spins around in shock, as Angle slides into the ring in his sweats and drills “The Rated R Superstar” with right hands!

As Cena tries to grab hold of Carlito, the cowardly heel slithers away under the bottom rope and sprints away up the ramp. Back in the ring, Angle backs Edge into the ring with thunderous European Uppercuts, before hurling him across the ring with an Irish Whip … but Edge grabs hold of the top rope and rolls underneath the bottom one!! Mr. Money In The Bank backs up the ramp with a furious expression on his face, clutching his mouth, with Carlito already behind him. Fuming, Angle stares at his opponent for tonight over the top rope, before turning around … and locking eyes with John Cena!! The Wrestlemania opponents exchange a cold stare, as we fade out into out first commercial.

{Commercial Break}

Upon returning from the break, we get a brief video recap of what just went down between Edge, Carlito, John Cena and Kurt Angle.

Backstage we head into the office of General Manager Eric Bischoff, who is pacing up and down speaking hurriedly on his cell phone.

Eric Bischoff: (Down Phone) No … no, I haven’t heard anything about Teddy Long, but –

Bischoff’s door crashes open and he spins around angrily … to see Triple H enter the room!! Dressed in a dark leather jacket and jeans, Hunter has a slightly wild look on his face, as he steps towards the GM.

Eric Bischoff: (Down phone) I’ll call you back. (He hangs up and turns to HHH) What the hell do you think you’re doing?

Triple H: Is he here?

Bischoff cocks an eyebrow, confused.

Eric Bischoff: Who?

Triple H: (Coldly) You know damn well who …

The GM nods in understanding.

Eric Bischoff: Ah … him. No … he has NOT entered the building yet, as far as I’m aware.

Triple H: (Getting right in Bischoff’s face) Well you and all these people better hope he STAYS away from this place tonight … ‘cause I’m gonna go out to that ring later and I’m gonna call that son of a bitch out…

Eric Bischoff: Why –

Bischoff gulps as Hunter reaches inside his leather jacket and pulls out an old friend. THE SLEDGEHAMMER!!

Triple H: (Staring at the weapon, mesmerized) And I won’t be going alone. Let’s see how extreme he is after this.

Helmsley gives Bischoff another long, cold, hard stare, before turning on his heels and walking silently from the room. The Raw General Manager looks after Triple H for a moment, rather taken aback by the menacing demeanour of “The Game”, breathing a sigh of relief.

We then head elsewhere backstage, where Todd Grisham is standing by with microphone in hand. He has a slightly unimpressed look on his face.

Todd Grisham: Ladies and gentlemen … my guests at this time –

???: KENNY!!!

Grisham flinches, as Kenny of the Spirit Squad leaps into the frame, clad in his green gym pants and white vest, waving on of the World Tag Team Championship belts over his head.

???: JOHNNY!!!

Enter Johnny with the second belt.

???: MITCH!!!

Mitch’s grinning face pops up from behind Grisham, startling him.

???: NICKY!!!

Nicky appears from the left.

???: MIKEY!!!

Mikey appears from the right. All five men throw their hands together in front of a bemused looking Grisham.

Spirit Squad: (Together) And we are … THE SPIRIT SQUAD!!!

The group all laugh wildly, as Kenny takes centre stage.

Kenny: We said it once and we’ll say it again … the Spirit Squad came to Monday Night Raw to make an impact, and THAT’S JUST WHAT WE DID!!! WE WON THE WORLD TAG TEAM TITLES IN OUR FIRST EVER MATCH!!!

Mikey jumps into the air behind Kenny, whilst Johnny lets off a huge horn right in Grisham’s ear, prompting more giggling laughter from the rest of the team.

Kenny: How many other teams can say that they beat THE BIG SHOW AND KANE ON THEIR FIRST NIGHT!!?? NONE, THAT’S HOW MANY. WOOO!!!

Spirit Squad: (All) YEAH!!!

The gang all leap together with high fives, knocking Grisham about.

Kenny: I think that pretty much makes us the GREATEST tag team in the world TODAY …

Johnny: … AND EVER …

Nicky: … OF ALL TIME …

Kenny: That’s right!!! And there is a damn thing anyone can do to prove us wrong!!! Charlie Haas … Shelton Benjamin … you guys used to walk around calling yourselves the Worlds Greatest Tag Team … HA, WHAT A JOKE!!!

The group all start screaming with laughter.

Spirit Squad: (Together) HA HA HA!!!

Kenny: Until you’ve faced the Spirit Squad you’ll NEVER be the World’s Greatest Tag Team … ‘CAUSE WE ARE!!! WOOO!!! So how’s about you two quit ducking us and step up to the big dance … MANO ET MANO … TEAM VERSUS TEAM … with these babies (pats tag titles) on the line?

Grisham raises his eyebrows at the challenge, whilst the other Cheerleaders cheer Kenny on.

Kenny: So stop LYING to yourselves … you ain’t singles wrestlers … that Intercontinental title means NOTHING, Benjamin … these (pats titles) means EVERYTHING!!! EVERYTHING IN THE WORLD!!!

Kenny grins wildly.

Kenny: The Heartthrobs SUCK!!! Cade and Murdoch SUCK!!! You’ve already beaten them … we’ve already beaten them … so we want YOU!!! Benjamin … Haas … do you have enough … spirit?

Abandoning his usually goofy demeanour, Kenny eyeballs the camera, deadly serious.

Kenny: And, fellas … we’ll be waiting.

Kenny spins around from the camera to the other smirking members of the team.

Kenny: Let’s get another “Spirit Squad” on three … ONE, TWO, THREE …

Spirit Squad: SPIRIT SQUAD!!!

The Spirit Squad leap around energetically, knocking both the camera and Todd Grisham around, blaring their horns and whooping with delight, before we finally…

Cut back to ringside and J.R and Coach.

Jim Ross: And you’re actually proud you helped bring those idiots to Raw, Coach?

Jonathan Coachman: Of course I am. You heard what they said. They won the tag titles in their first ever match. No other teams can say that. Not even the so-called ‘World’s Greatest Tag Team’. Ha!

***Time To Rock and Roll*** The crowd gives a great ovation for the arrival of the WWE Women’s Champion Trish Stratus, who runs out onto the stage, trusting her belt up high for all to see. She is quickly followed by his young apprentice Ashley Massaro, who seems equally pumped … and lastly they are joined by Mickie James, who seems positively disgusted by the whole thing. All three of them strut down to the ring, with Mickie and Ashley exchanging hostile glances.

***Don’t Mess With*** Some quite impressive heat, as the #1 Contender to the title, Victoria, steps out onto the stage, clad in all black. Walking a few steps behind her is Candice Michelle, who wears a similar sneer to that of Victoria. Trish stares at Victoria from the ring, looking less than confident around her opponent.

Jim Ross: After pinning Trish Stratus a few weeks ago in a tag match, destroying young Ashley a fortnight ago, and defeating Mickie James via count out last week, Victoria has really staked her claim as the Number One Contender to Trish’s belt. Mickie and Trish need to stay on the same page.

Jonathan Coachman: Victoria is everything that is great about the Women’s division, and it’s only a matter of time before she is Champ. Trish is just an egotist, that’s why Mickie James can’t trust her.

Match #2:
Victoria & Candice Michelle vs. Mickie James & Trish Stratus w/Ashley Massaro
Quite a fun Diva’s match up for the evening, as the problems between Trish Stratus and her young protégé Mickie James continue. Victoria and Candice Michelle take advantage of this awkwardness between the two to capitalise in the opening, as Victoria nails Mickie with a DDT and proceeds to beat her up. Candice shows a mean streak also, taking orders from Victoria, as she puts the boots to Mickie in the corner, before lifting her up and going for a Northern Lights Suplex … but James shows her agility, landing on her feet and shoving Candice into the ropes … nailing a Powerslam!!

Both women are down and forced to crawl ever so slowly towards their respective corner … before tagging in Trish and Victoria at the same time!! The crowd pops a little at the stand off between the two top Women in the WWE right, but the fight is quickly on. The two Divas brawl for the majority, until Victoria backs Trish against the ropes with some stiff forearms, but shooting her off into the ropes with an Irish Whip. Trish ducks the Clothesline and comes off the ropes, leaping up at Victoria with a Cross Body … but Victoria catches her!! The crowd buzzes in amazement, as Victoria holds a terrified Trish in her arms … but Mickie James dropkicks Trish’s back, knocking her into the cover!! 1 … 2 … NO! Victoria powers out, just as Candice Michelle comes into the ring and brawls with James.

Candice hammers away on Mickie, but James quickly side steps and tosses her over the top rope to the outside. Victoria charges towards Trish, but the Women’s Champion ducks and comes back with a CHICK KICK … but Victoria leaps out of the way … and Trish NAILS Mickie hard!! Stratus looks horrified, as she looks down at her fallen protégé, but is given no time to dwell on it though, as Victoria quickly spins her around and boots her in the gut. Trish is helpless, as Victoria muscles the Champ up … WIDOW’S PEAK!! 1 … 2 … 3!!!

Winners: Victoria & Candice Michelle @ 07:04

Victoria pins the Champion again!! The #1 Contender leaps into the air, arms raised, as she establishes her dominance. Ashley slides into the ring and quickly tends to Trish, but steps aside in fear, as Victoria brushes past her on her way from the ring.

Stratus still seems out of it in the ring, as Victoria motions that the belt will be coming around her gorgeous waist soon. Outside the ring, Mickie James sits slumped against one of the announce tables clutching her head and staring up into the ring at both Ashley and her mentor … with disgust?

{Commercial Break}

When we return we cut backstage, where we see Mickie James, sitting in the locker room, tired and worn out from the match with her hands over her head, deep in thought over what just went down out there. The camera slowly pans across … to where Trish Stratus is sat also, a concerned expression her face, as she watches her protégé.

Jim Ross: There are some serious problems between Trish Stratus and Mickie James now it would seem. Trish might have accidentally hit Mickie earlier in their match, but this goes deeper than that.

Jonathan Coachman: It goes about as deep as Mickie James wants it to. It’s about time Trish Stratus stopped hogging all the limelight.



The crowd goes WILD for the arrival of the man, the name, the legend … as “The Nature Boy” Ric Flair steps out on the top of the ramp!! Naitch is clad in a dark jacket and pants, with a white dress shirt underneath, looking as dapper as always. The neck brace is still in place, as Flair smiles at the crowd, soaking up the reception he is getting after over a month on the sideline. He begins to strut down the ramp, slapping hands with all of his fans along the way.

Jim Ross: (On his feet applauding) My god, “The Nature Boy” is back on Monday Night Raw!! And not a day too soon. Ric Flair returned last night to save Matt Hardy from that son of a – excuse me, from JBL … but now he’s here on Monday nights!!

Jonathan Coachman: (Sat down sulking) In my opinion … this is MORE than a day too soon.

Naitch clambers up the steel steps and struts along the apron, before entering the ring and being handed a microphone by the lovely Lillian Garcia. Flair stands in the centre of the ring, grinning, as a few “NAITCHA’ BOY” chants tear through the building.

Ric Flair: Trenton, New Jersey … THE NAITCHA’ BOY IS BACK!! WOOOO!!!

“WOOOO!” Applause from the crowd.

Ric Flair: Monday Night Raw is where this old dog belongs and the “Naitcha’ Boy is back home for good!! This past month … ITS’ BEEN HELL … but now The Nature Boy has stepped back through the curtain YET AGAIN … forget this (Points to neck brace) and forget this (Points to bandage on his head) ‘CAUSE I’VE GOT SOMETHIN’ TO SAY!! Open up you ears and listen real good … ‘cause I’m talkin’ to … John … Bradshaw … Layfield!!!

Huge heat at the mention of the incomparable “Wrestling God”.

Ric Flair: Bradshaw, you ain’t nothin’ but a sly, sneaky, SON OF A BITCH!! Two whole years … TWO WHOLE YEARS, you sat on top of the mountain … you sat on your ass at the top of this business, a WWE Champion for one long year!! You called yourself a “Wrestling God” … all you’ve ever wanted is SUCCESS, and ever since you lost it, that’s all you’ve been thinkin’ about since!! In January, the Royal Rumble … all you were lookin’ for was the spotlight, to be on top of the mountain YET AGAIN … but so was the NAITCHA’ BOY. That’s right, Bradshaw, YOU love the spotlight, but the Naitcha Boy loves it, WOOOO, even more!!!

The crowd buzzes with excitement, as Flair strokes his chin.

Ric Flair: Bradshaw, all you wanted was to be in the spotlight again … TO BE THE MAN … to win the Royal Rumble and headline Wrestlemania one more time!! You got IN THE FACE of the greatest wrestler OF ALL TIME … you thought you’d talk down The Naitcha Boy … and after I tossed your sorry ass over the top rope … you showed what kind of a MAN … you showed what kind of trash you really are … when you did this.

Flair turns, seething, as a video rolls on the Titan Tron.

Originally Posted by The Royal Rumble Match; Last Month
Nearly beheading the sixteen-time Champion with a brutal shot, JBL shoves various officials from the apron, ignoring their protests, before mounting on top of Flair and hammering away on an already bloody Naitch (thanks to Finlay) with shot after shot after shot. Bradshaw is screaming in Naitch’s face, “I’M THE MAN! NOT YOU! DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM?!” JBL drags Flair back up to his feet, taking him by the head and tossing him over the top rope to the outside!


JBL heads back to the outside himself and nails two referees in the face as they approach him, before putting the boot to ‘The Nature Boy’ once again, bloodying the veteran even more, as dozens of officials desperately try to drag him away.

The video ends, as we cut back to where Flair is still standing in the ring, wearing a furious scowl on his face.

Ric Flair: Maybe it’s because I’m GETTING OLD … maybe it’s cause I’m losing my mild a little … or maybe, maybe NAITCH, NAITCH just trusts people too damn much!! RIC, WOOO, FLAIR IS PLAYING THE NICE GUY!! THE HERO!! I played the nice guy with you, Layfield, AND YOU SLAPPED ME ACROSS MY FACE!!! STABBED ME IN THE BACK!! Put me OUT OF ACTION!!! TRIED TO END THE GREATEST EVER CAREER IN … THIS … BUSINESS!!

The crowd cheers Flair’s flurry on.

Ric Flair: SO, BRADSHAW, WOOO… as a great man once said, “To be the MAN, you gotta beat THE MAN” WOOO!! And, Bradshaw, you wanna be THE MAN!!in , JBL… just like you’ve failed at everything you’ve ever done in your LIFE, you couldn’t get rid of The Naitcha Boy … you couldn’t put him down for good, ‘cause I’m still STYLIN’ AND, WOOO, I’M STILL PROFILIN’ …

Flair halts in his tirade, pulling off his jacket angrily and hurling it against the ropes, before strutting around the ring charismatically to the delight of the fans.

Ric Flair: … And I’ve had just about of sitting on my ass doing nothing!! All you’re career, JBL, all YOUR LIFE, you’ve been begging, you’ve been asking for an ass kicking at the hands of ‘The Nature Boy’ Ric Flair!!

Crowd pops.

Ric Flair: The fact remains, Bradshaw, you can walk on Friday Nights … ALL YOU WANT … calling yourself the best in the business, the best in the world … THE BOSS, THE LEGEND, THE … MAN? But until you step into the squared circle and go one, WOOO, on-one with the dirtiest player in the game, you’ll never be the boss … YOU’LL NEVER BE A LEGEND … AND YOU WILL NEVER, AND I MEAN NEVER … BE THE MAN IN THIS INDUSTRY!!!

Another pop.

Ric Flair: Who gives … A DAMN that you held the title for a year?! The Naitcha Boy is A SIX – TEEN TIMES WORLD CHAMPION, and until you’ve beaten the greatest on the grandest stage of all time … Bradshaw … your career means, WOOO, NOTHING!!!

Flair is getting really riled up.

Ric Flair: BRADSHAW!! I want it!! These fans want it!!! You and me, me and you, Bradshaw!! “The Wrestling God” versus “The Naitcha’ Boy … one-on-one … AT, WOOO, WRESTLEMANIA TWENTY-TWO!!!

Naitch undoes his top button to cool down. He walks across the ring and stares hard into the camera.

Ric Flair: (Calmer, intense, into the camera) Bradshaw … what you did to me was unforgivable … so now it’s time for you to be a man … it’s time for you … to pay the price!!

Naitch turns away and drops his microphone down the canvas with a thud, before his music hits once again. Flair stands in the centre of the ring, soaking up the ovation of the crowd and mouthing to them “his ass is mine!” He slowly drops down and rolls out of the ring, carrying his jacket under his arm, and slapping hands with all of the fans.

Jim Ross: BY GOD!! Can you believe it? The intensity of “The Nature Boy”. He wants JBL, he wants the man who put him out of action … and he wants him … at Wrestlemania!!

Jonathan Coachman: As much as I don’t like Ric Flair, I would love to see JBL and him get it on at Wrestlemania … just so Bradshaw can finally shut that old aged pensioner’s mouth!!

We cut backstage once more, where we see Shelton Benjamin sat in his locker room, dressed to compete, as he pulls on one of his knee pads. Shelton is greeted by a great pop from the fans, and we also catch sight of his Intercontinental Championship belt sitting proudly alongside him.

???: Gearing up?

Benjamin looks up, as Charlie Haas enters the shot, dressed in jeans and a shirt, clearly not competing tonight. Haas gets a good pop too, though not as strong as Shelton’s.

Shelton Benjamin: Yeah, my match is up next.

Charlie Haas: At least you have a match tonight. Can you believe that idiot Bischoff??!! First he sticks me in tag match after tag match … after tag match … and now I’m not even on the card!! What a joke.

Shelton nods a little, as finishes with his knee pad and stands up, bringing his IC belt with him.

Shelton Benjamin: Well … maybe when you’ve won a single’s match you’ll be on the card more, Charlie…

Even though the comment seemed quite lazy and offhand, Haas still stiffens up.

Charlie Haas: And what the hell is that supposed to mean?

Shelton Benjamin: (Shaking his head) Nothing, man, just forget it. Look I gotta go.

Benjamin walks past Haas, but Charlie grabs his former partner’s arm.

Charlie Haas: You heard those punk cheerleaders earlier, right?

Shelton Benjamin: (Nodding) Uh-huh.

Haas stares at Shelton, as though expecting an answer.

Charlie Haas: And?

Shelton Benjamin: And nothing, Charlie. Look, I don’t care what those pretty boys want to run their mouths about each week; right now it’s us, but pretty soon it’ll be someone else. That’s how rookies work, bro, you know that. They just wanna prove they’re the best by pickin’ a fight with the best of all time … and that was us.

Was that a smile between the two?

Shelton Benjamin: Thing is, we ENDED all that, Charlie, we went out separate ways. The World’s Greatest Tag Team is over. THIS (Pats IC title) is ALL I care about now, so unless Sneezy or Dopey or whatever the hell they’re called wants to step into my division, then they ain’t never gonna be playin’ with Shelton Benjamin.

Charlie Haas: … Or Charlie Haas.

Shelton raises his eyebrows slightly and gives a false grin.

Shelton Benjamin: Sure, you just keep pluggin’ away there, champ, and I’m sure you’ll get that win…

Benjamin gives a Haas a little wink, before sweeping from the room, leaving Charlie frowning after yet another battle of one-upmanship between the former partners, as we cut into a commercial.

{Commercial Break}

When we return from the break we get a quick shot of Triple H, who is still pacing up and down in the corridor somewhere, sledgehammer in hand, and a fierce expression upon his face.

Back to ringside.

Jim Ross: Well, Triple H has promised to call our “Mr. Monday Night” Rob Van Dam here tonight, and it’s clear that “The Game” has some evil intentions.

Jonathan Coachman: If I were RVD, I’d run away fast. Nobody can stand up to Triple H!!

***Ain’t No Stopping Me Now*** The voice of the Intercontinental Champion blasts through the arena to a huge pop from the New Jersey fans, before young Shelton Benjamin finally struts down the ramp in his blue and white tights, his title belt dangling from one hand. Benjamin slaps hands with a few of the fans, before bounding up the steel steps and entering the ring.

***Firestorm*** The crowd gives heat, as another youngster, but a much cockier one, Gregory Helms, walks out onto the stage with his familiar sneer in place. Dressed in his sleeveless trench coat and doo rag, Helms spins on the spot, before swaggering down the ramp, mouthing off at all of the fans around him.

Jim Ross: Two of the youngest and brightest getting it on here tonight, as Shelton Benjamin gets his first single’s match in almost a month…

Jonathan Coachman: … But more importantly, Gregory Helms has an opportunity to stake a claim for a shot at the Intercontinental title, WHEN he beats the Champ here tonight.

Match #3: Non-title
Shelton Benjamin vs. Gregory Helms
Given the calibre of the two men involved (arguably the two best young wrestlers in the company) we get a thrilling contest. Both men exchange holds and show off their mat wrestling abilities in the early going, with Benjamin getting slightly the better of the exchange, given his amateur background. Helms gets worked up and slaps Shelton hard across the face, only for Benjamin to return the favour, spinning Helms around and catching him with a School Boy!! 1 … 2 … NO! Helms kicks out, but Benjamin quickly sends him into the ropes with an Irish Whip, going for a knee to the gut … but Helms flips over it and rolls up Shelton this time!! 1 … 2 … NO! Benjamin kicks out, and Helms lights the former Golden Gopher up with some knife-edged chops … but Shelton comes right back with some rasping ones of his own!!

Helms catches Benjamin with a blow to the back of the head and scoops him up into the air … but Shelton slips down, landing behind Helms and slamming him down to the canvas with a neckbreaker!! Benjamin doesn’t cover though, as he drags Helms back up brings him crashing over with a Vertical Suplex!! Still Shelton continues the assault, as he connects with a DDT for the hat trick!! 1 … 2 … NO! Helms kicks out, and Shelton lifts him up, looking for the T-BONE SUPLEX … but Helms elbows the Champ stiffly in the back of the head, before spinning through, setting Benjamin up for the NIGHTMARE ON HELMS STREET … but Benjamin shoves him into the ropes … drop toe hold from Shelton … NO, Helms flips over, taking Benjamin down. Helms rears … SHINING WIZARD … NO, Shelton catches Helms’ foot and spins him around … BEFORE DELIVERING A SCINTILLATING KICK RIGHT TO THE SIDE OF HELMS’ SKULL!!

Benjamin makes a weary cover, hooking the far leg. 1 … 2 … NO! Helms still has fight in him, as Shelton throws him into the ropes. Helms grabs the top rope, and Benjamin charges in, only to get back dropped onto the apron. Helms spins around but gets a shoulder right to the gut from Shelton, sending him staggering into the middle of the ring. With Helms open, Benjamin springboards off the top rope and CONNECTS WITH A FLYING FOREARM right to Helms!! 1 … 2 … NO! Benjamin still can’t believe it, as he sends Helms into the ropes once again … but Helms leap frogs over Shelton, as he goes for a Back Body Drop, making the standing switch, setting the Champ up for the VERTEBRAKER … NO, Benjamin spins out of it and shoves Helms against the ropes, falling backwards with a roll up … 1 … 2 … Helms rolls straight through … 1 … {Helms hooks the tights} … 2 … 3!!!
Winner: Gregory Helms @ 08:49

Gregory Helms immediately rolls out of the ring having stolen the victory!! The crowd boos the result, whilst Shelton Benjamin looks equally dumbfounded in the ring. Helms has his arm raised by the referee, before motioning around his waist for the title. On the inside of the ring, a disappointed Benjamin collects him title belt, but glances up the ramp, over Helms’ head to the top of the ramp, where … the Spirit Squad is watching. Led by Kenny, the smirking quintet … is applauding?

Jim Ross: Gregory Helms just stole the damn match from right under Shelton Benjamin’s nose!!

Jonathan Coachman: It doesn’t matter, J.R. All that matters is that Gregory Helms gets a big ‘W’ in his win and loss column, and the fact that it was against the Intercontinental Champion makes it all the sweeter.

We cut to backstage once again, where the camera focuses in on what appears to be large mid drift, before slowly panning upwards, a long way up … to reveal the monstrous Big Show!! The crowd boos at the sight of the fearsome giant, as he stares directly into the camera.

Big Show: Kane…

Cheers for “The Big Red Machine”.

Big Show: … One month ago you did something that no man, NO CREATURE walking this earth should do. You awoke … a sleeping beast. You awoke something inside of me … that this world hadn’t seem for a long, LONG time!! But, Kane, when you cost this sleeping beast his RIGHTFUL spot in the Royal Rumble … you began something so devastating that NO MAN will be able to stand in its way…

The crowd boos in the background, whilst Big Show pounds his fists.

Big Show: … When I cost us the World Tag Team Championships … I put the entire world on notice … that this beast does not care about gold … or titles … all I care about is DESTRUCTION … all I crave is to inflict pain upon my opponents … and to CRUSH whoever stands in my way!! Kane … right now … that’s you!! YOU stand in my way … so it’s only a matter of time before I put you BACK in the HELL you came from…


Big Show: Kane … next week … in that very ring … I will have a message for you … a message from your past…

Show gets right in close to the camera.

Big Show: You of all people should know, Kane … when you mess with fire, you get burned. And when you step in front of the most dominant force in the WWE … you lose. BE – CAUSE NO ONE … CAN BEAT ME!!!

Big Show seethes, as he glares into the camera, growling in an almost animalistic way.

Jim Ross: What in the hell was all that about? Big Show is certainly on a path of destruction, there’s no doubt about that.

Jonathan Coachman: And it’s only a matter of time before he runs right over Kane!!

Backstage, Triple H walks down the corridor alone, towards the entrance tunnel, perhaps with the intention to call out Rob Van Dam up next!!

{Commercial Break}

No Way Out Recap
Batista retains the World Heavyweight Championship, after Bobby Lashley interferes in the Main Event and assaults The Undertaker with the Steel Steps. After the match, Lashley continues to destroy “The Phenom”, even driving him through one of the announce tables with a Running Powerslam!!

We return to Raw and to ringside, as…

***Time To Play The Game*** The crowd comes alive with an undeniably huge ovation leaning slightly towards heat, as “The Game” Triple H steps out at the top of the ramp, going through his full entrance with sledgehammer in hand. Hunter marches down to the ring, stony faced.

Jim Ross: I don’t think I’ve ever seen Triple H look so angry as he does right now. Just last week he thought he had gotten rid of Rob Van Dam for good, but instead finds out that RVD isn’t going anywhere.

Jonathan Coachman: I don’t know what you’re getting at, J.R. Triple H is showing why he is better than RVD by being the first one out here tonight.

Hunter steps up onto the ring apron and goes through his usual ‘Spritz’ routine, spraying the water high into the air, before entering the ring and taunting the crowd from the crowd from the turnbuckle. The lights flash all around the arena, before Helmsley steps back down into the ring and snatches a microphone from Lillian Garcia.

Triple H: Last –

Hunter is cut off immediately by an outpouring of boos, prompting him to glower up into the audience.

Triple H: Y’know last week … it was all about setting things right … it was all about righting wrongs … all the wrongs that had been done to me recently…


Triple H: One month ago at the Royal Rumble Kurt Angle STOLE the damn match from right under my nose!! I left him in that ring a beaten, broken, bloody mess …it was ME who walked out of the damn arena that night … but by some MIRACLE ... Kurt Angle walked out with the title…

Cheers for Angle, as Hunter seethes.

Triple H: I earned my rematch BY BEING THE BETTER MAN AT THE ROYAL RUMBLE!! I am BETTER than Kurt Angle … I … had … him … BEAT!! Two weeks later on Raw … his ass was mine. It doesn’t matter how many Gold Medals you’ve won, how many Olympic Games you’ve been to when you’re standing in the ring with the BEST THIS BUSINESS HAS EVER SEEN!!

More boos, as Helmsley waves his sledgehammer around.

Triple H: All it took … all that the referee had to do was do … his … JOB!! All he had to do was count one, two, THREE … RAISE MY HAND … AND HAND ME MY WWE TITLE DAMMIT!! That’s all you had to do, Rob … WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU!!

Amongst the boos, the beginnings of an “RVD” chant begin and Hunter flashes a dark look in that direction … before suddenly smiling sadistically.

Triple H: Right … right … I get it now, Rob. At the end of it all, when it comes down to it … you are nothing but JEALOUS of me!! Face it, Rob, that’s why you did what you did, that’s you SCREWED me out of the WWE title, and that’s why you can’t stand to be in the same ring as me … ‘cause you know that you are NOTHING compared to me!!

More heat.

Triple H: (Looking around the arena) What, you don’t think it’s true? Ask yourselves, what THE HELL has Rob Van Dam ever accomplished in his LIFE??!! Intercontinental Champion? I’VE DONE THAT!! European Champion? IT’S BEEN MINE!! Tag team Champion? Please, I did that before RVD had even set foot in the WWE…

A small “EC-Dub” chant can be heard.


HUGE heat for Hunter’s outburst, as “The Game” struggles to compose himself.

Triple H: Rob Van Dam hasn’t even stepped up to the big dance yet … Rob Van Dam has never tasted World Championship gold … I AM A TEN-TIME WORLD CHAMPION!! I was BORN to be the BEST … and that is EXACTLY what I am!! Rob, you were born to be a loser … and that what you’ve always been, what you always were … AND WHAT YOU’LL ALWAYS BE!!


Triple H: But you just couldn’t lie down, could you, Rob? You couldn’t do the right thing and walk away from this business … do what was right for everyone … and leave. When I say everyone, I mean YOU, Rob … you should have left ‘cause it was the right … it was the SAFEST thing for YOU to do…

Hunter holds the sledgehammer in the air.

Triple H: All I ever hear you talk about, Rob, is the old days, the days in ECW … about how extreme you were…

Helmsley glares into a ringside camera hard.

Triple H: You want extreme, Rob (Shows hammer) I’ll give you extreme. You’ve fallen through tables, been nailed with Steel Chairs … but until had your skull crushed, battered and destroyed by this (Pats hammer) then you’ve never known pain … you’ve never known destruction … and, Rob, you’ve never tasted fear…

Hunter walks back to the centre of the ring.

Triple H: Make no mistake about it, Rob … when you crossed me … you crossed the ONE, TRUE KING OF KINGS in this business today … AND YOU MADE THE SINGLE BIGGEST MISTAKE IN YOUR LIFE!! Today is the day that you come face-to-face with you maker, today is the day you find out why I am “The Game” and I am truly am THAT … DAMN … GO-

***One Of A Kind*** The crowd ERUPTS with a huge ovation, as the crackling pyro explodes from the Titan tron and “The Whole F’N Show” himself Rob Van Dam walks out onto the stage dressed in jeans and a t-shirt. He eyeballs Hunter from the top of the ramp, before beginning a slow, meditated walk down to the ring.

Jim Ross: RVD REALLY IS HERE!! My god!! This could get ugly.

Jonathan Coachman: I think we better get security out here!! RVD looks all business.

RVD walks up the rings steps slowly, taking his time, whilst Hunter bristles in the ring, expecting a fight. But all Van Dam does is simply enter the ring through the middle rope … and walk right past Triple H to collect a microphone!! Hunter’s jaw tightens, as though he is fighting back some primal urge to assault RVD.

Looking relatively calm, RVD walks back to the centre of the ring and stands opposite Hunter, eye-to-eye.

Rob Van Dam: (A wry smirk) Go ahead, Hunter … say it … don’t let me interrupt you.

Triple H scowls at RVD, as the ECW Original leans back against the ropes, folding his arms, waiting for Hunter to speak.


The crowd gives heat, but turns its attention to Van Dam, who moves forwards from the ropes clapping his hands together sarcastically, as Helmsley looks on.

Rob Van Dam: Oh man … oh man, that’s what I was looking for Hunter … HUNTER HEARST HELSMLEY … THE GAME … THE CEREBRAL ASSASSIN … THE KING OF KINGS … THE TEN-TIME WORLD CHAMPION … and you are one mean son of a bitch, am I right??

Triple H: (Furiously) You bet you’re ass –

Rob Van Dam: (Interrupting) That’s cool, I get it. Y’know, a lot of guys come out here and run their mouths about how they are the best in the business and all that … but I guess you can back it up.

Hunter nods slowly, mouthing, “Yes”.

Rob Van Dam: You’ve done it all. Tag titles, Intercontinental titles, European titles, World titles, Ladder matches, Hell in a Cell … and … EVO – LUTION … that is one impressive resume, dude.

The crowd gives a mixed reaction, whilst Hunter waits silently.

Rob Van Dam: Some people would call you the BEST in the business … but against Kurt Angle, Hunter, you … couldn’t … get … the job … DONE!!

A huge pop from the crowd, whilst Hunter’s jaw quivers.

Rob Van Dam: After everything you’ve done, dude, you still weren’t good enough to beat ONE MAN … so what do ya do? You pick a fight with (smirks) that ‘nobody’ RVD … you Pedigree his sorry ass down the mat … you try to get him fired … try to cost him his job, his life…

RVD’s face has become much more serious now.

Rob Van Dam: So, what, dude? Just what exactly is it you’re planning to do to me? You’re gonna stand there and run down ECW (“EC-Dub”)? Like that’s never been done before, Hunter. Just listen to these people, just listen to all of these people … and you’ll know that no matter what you say, that (Air quotes) ‘Bingo Hall’ will NEVER die!!

Great pop.

Rob Van Dam: Sure, RVD may be laid back … he might take it easy … but if you when you assault me from behind … when you try to END MY CAREER, then I don’t give a DAMN who you are: World Champion or just a plain jackass (Hunter seethes) ‘cause we’re gonna have a serious problem!!

RVD drops his microphone down to the canvas with a thud and takes a step towards Triple H. “The King Of Kings” does the same, letting his mic fall and tightening his grip on the hammer in his right hand. The crowd buzzes with anticipation, as two of the biggest stars in the WWE go nose-to-nose, and Van Dam slowly raises his arms into the air, right in Hunter’s face, doing the thumb taunt as the crowd counts along … “ROB … VAN D-“ HUNTER GOES TO DRILL RVD WITH THE HAMMER, BUT VAN DUCKS AND CATCHES HELMSLEY WITH A RIGHT HAND!!

Stumbling, Triple H is forced to drop the deadly weapon, as RVD backs him against the ropes with a flurry of right hands, clocking “The Game” right across the jaw. Van Dam takes Hunter by the arm and goes for the Irish Whip, but Helmsley reverses it, shooting “The Whole F’N Show” into the ropes … and catching him … DOUBLE A SPINEBUSTER … NO, VAN DAM SOMERSAULTS OVER HUNTER’S HEAD!! The crowd pops at Van Dam’s agility, as he lands like a cat on his feet behind Triple H!!

Showing his class, Helmsley simply spins around and drills “Mr. Monday Night” with a swift kick to the gut, doubling him up. The crowd screams, as Hunter roars and hooks the arms of RVD, setting him up for the PEDIGREE … but Van Dam trips Hunter with a double leg … AND CATAPULTS HIM FACE FIRST INTO THE TOP TURNBUCKLE!! Triple H falls backwards with a crash, lying prone in the centre of the ring, as RVD quickly springs up to the top turnbuckle to the delight of the crowd, as he motions for the FIVE-STAR FROG SPLASH…

… BUT ERIC BISCHOFF REACHES UNDER THE BOTTOM ROPE AND DRAGS HUNTER TO THE OUTSIDE!! The crowd boos wildly, as Bischoff, suited and booted, pushes Triple H back up the ramp, glowering furiously over his shoulder at Van Dam. The ECW Original remains on the top rope, an angry smirk etched across his face, as he knows he got the better of Hunter tonight.

Half-way up the ramp, Bischoff holds a furious Triple H back, as “The King of Kings” points threateningly at RVD, desperate to go after the daredevil. Bischoff appears to reason with “The Game” somehow and Hunter holds his ground, seething. Atop the turnbuckle, Van Dam gazes around, as the “EC-Dub” chants fill the arena, driving Hunter and Bischoff to near insanity, as we cut away.

Jim Ross: My god, the spirit of ECW lives on in the WWE thanks to RVD, tonight and every night … and Triple H and Eric Bischoff just can’t stand it!!

Jonathan Coachman: Don’t encourage these idiots, J.R!! The sooner they get it through their heads that that Bingo hall is dead and buried the better!!

We cut backstage again, this time to the locker room of Edge, who is greeted by tremendous heat, as he paces up and down in his wrestling gear and t-shirt, looking furious. Carlito is also present, looking slightly cooler, as he munches on an apple, whilst Lita watches on.

Edge: Can you believe this??!! Huh??!! I’m Mister Money In The Bank, and yet I keep (Spitting the words out) I keep getting put in matches with guys like Kurt Angle and John Cena!! Do those chumpstains not realise that it’s only a matter of time before I become a World Champion??!!!

Carlito: (Confused) Yea, but … Carlito thought we were gonna stop them getting to the Wrestlemania Main Event … Carlito’s Main Event??!!

Edge stops and looks at Carly.

Edge: Y’see (Air quote) ‘Caribbean Cool’, you’ve never been Mister Money in the Bank … you’ve never had a shot at the WWE Championship, so you have no idea what it’s like!! These guys are just – they’re just using me and you as trash to feed to guys like Cena and Angle before Wrestlemania … to TRY AND MAKE THEM LOOK GOOD!!

Carlito: (Smirking) Carlito makes everyone look good.

Edge shakes his head, whilst Lita chuckles a little at this comment.

Edge: They think we’re NOTHING, Carlito!! They think knock-off, white trash rappers like John Cena are better then us … they think washed-up Olympians like Kurt Angle are BETTER … THAN … US!!! All they want is for us to go out there and get our asses kicked over and over again … THAT’S ALL THEY THINK WE’RE WORTH!!!

Carlito: (Confused again) But … Carlito just kicked Cena’s ass.

Edge sighs again, as CCC laughs.

Edge: I know that. And later tonight, I’m gonna go out there and I’m gonna beat Kurt Angle within an inch of his life. You know why, you know why that is, Carlito? It’s because we don’t do what these guys backstage TELL us to do. We don’t care that no matter how many matches we win … we still get held back … ‘cause I – we know that one day they will be able to call ME A CHAMPION!!!

Carlito: This is Carlito’s time!!!

Edge: Kurt Angle and John Cena are pathetic, and they’re in our Main Event??!! I’ve beaten them BOTH!! Batista? BATISTA??!! Did you see him last night? The so-called (Air quotes) ‘Animal’ needed help to retain his damn title!! He’s a disgrace!!

Edge stops and turns to both Carlito and Lita conspiratorially.

Edge: So just make sure you two are ready out there tonight … ‘cause Raw’s gonna see an impact … and it’s gonna be RATED R!!!

Lita smiles, whilst Edge and Carlito both laugh, with CCC chewing his apple feverishly.

{Commercial Break}

We return from the break, just as…

***Chavito Ardiente*** The crowd gives a pretty good pop, as the veteran and legendary Cruiserweight Chavo Guerrero walks out down the ramp, black tights, bandanna and all. Chavo leaps through the middle rope in his usual somersault entrance, before posing for the fans on the turnbuckle, pounding his chest.

***Masterpiece*** The familiar beat is heard, and the crowd gives heat, as the vain powerhouse “The Masterpiece” Chris Masters struts out onto the stage, stepping through his sparkling pyro with a determined expression on his face. He glares at Chavo and heads quickly down to the ring.

Jim Ross: Chris Masters made the challenge to Chavo Guerrero after being pinned by Chavo last week in a tag match. Masters does not take defeat lightly.

Video; Last week – Footage plays of last week’s six man tag, where Chavo Guerrero was able to evade The Masterlock and catch the young Masters with an inventive roll up. The footage ends on the furious expression on the face of Chris Masters.

Back to ringside, where Masters is staring at the titan tron in a rage.

Jonathan Coachman: You saw that just as well as I did, J.R. Chavo pinning Masters last week was nothing but a total fluke, and a fluke that is going to be corrected right here and now.

Match #4:
Chavo Guerrero vs. Chris Masters
As you would expect, a decent contest out of these two, but nothing special, with Chavo Guerrero having to work extra hard to cover up for Masters’ weaknesses. In the early going it is Chavo’s speed and veteran ring knowledge that gives him the upper hand. Master backs Chavito against the ropes and goes for The Masterlock early one, but Chavo kips over the top rope and catches Masters with a hangman throat first across the top rope!! Masters goes down on his front, gasping and clutching his throat, and Chavo quickly scurries up to the top rope … AND LEAPS OFF WITH A FROG SPLASH … AND CONNECTS TO THE BACK OF MASTERS!! Chavo looks equally shocked, as he almost has the match won early on. 1 … 2 … NO! Masters kicks out wildly, disappointing the crowd, as Chavo clearly didn’t hit all of the Frog Splash.

Masters asserts himself in the match after Chavo’s opening flurry, after reversing and Irish Whip and levelling the former Cruiserweight Champion with a thunderous Clothesline!! “The Masterpiece” begins to work Chavito over with a series of power moves; first a harsh Backbreaker, which is quickly followed by a back body drop right up into the light for a near fall!! Masters tries to throw Chavo up onto his shoulders, but Chavo slips down, but Masters spins around, catching Chavo in a Full Nelson, muscling him up … NAILING A FULL NELSON SLAM!! Another cover. 1 … 2 … NO!

Fuming, Masters drags Chavo back up to his feet and sends him into the ropes with an Irish Whip. Chavito ducks the Clothesline and comes back with a Cross Body … but Masters catches him!! Masters throws Chavo up and drops him into THE MASTERLOCK … NO; Chavo fights it, wriggling around like a mad man and getting his feet onto the top turnbuckle. Masters finally gives up and shoves Guerrero onto the top turnbuckle before rocking him with hard shots. Masters mounts the second turnbuckle and tries to set Chavo up for a Superplex … but Chavo hits the big man in the gut over and over again with elbows. Masters reels … and Chavo flies over the top … SUNSET FLIP INTO THE PIN … 1 {Chavo grabs the ropes} … 2 … 3!!!
Winner: Chavo Guerrero @ 07:19

Chavo upsets Masters again!! Guerrero rolls away from the pinning predicament and slides to the outside, where the official raises his hand. Chavo looks just as shocked as the rest of us, as his amazing run of late continues. The crowd cheers loudly for Guerrero, whilst Masters storms around the ring in a blind rage, kicking the ropes. In that old Guerrero manner, Chavo simply shrugs in the direction of “The Masterpiece” and taps the side of head, mouthing, “I gotcha!”

We cut backstage once again, where there is an eerie, reddish tinge in the lighting, and the surrounding area is a mess of wires, grating and grills. A hideous face comes into view. It is Kane!!

Kane: Big Show…

Heat from the crowd.

Kane: Years ago, this flesh was burned … or at least, that is what I thought. My injuries turned me into what I am today … sick, twisted, demented … I crave the destruction of others … as do you. As partners, we were unstoppable … but as enemies, we have become even more terrifying … and as YOUR enemy, Big Show, I will become your worst NIGHTMARE!!

Kane’s eyes glaze over.

Kane: The hour of destruction is upon you. Whatever it is that you bring from my past next week, remember something … when you look into the mind of a MONSTER (Sadistic smile)you might not like what you find … you might find it TERRIFYING!! Big Show … next week, prepare to BE BURNEEEDDDDD!! HA HA HA HA HA HA HA…

The monstrous laughter of Kane echoes throughout the arena, as his snarling face disappears, and we fade out into our final commercial break.

{Commercial Break}

When we return from the final commercial we head backstage, where the lovely Maria is standing by.

Maria: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome my guest at this time … he is the WWE Champion, Kurt Angle!!

Kurt Angle steps into the shot to a THUNDEROUS ovation from the crowd. He is dressed to compete, with the WWE Championship slung over his shoulder.

Maria: Kurt, you take on Edge next, but earlier tonight you saved your Wrestlemania opponent, John Cena, from a Conchairto at the hands of Edge and Carlito. Why?

Kurt Angle: (Removing his gum shield) Why? Why did I help John Cena earlier tonight? First of all, I’m not even sure that I WAS helping John Cena earlier tonight. I went out there because I wanted a piece of that sorry son of a bitch Edge after he stole the win last week. John Cena might be used to losing matches … but Kurt freakin’ Angle NEVER LOSES!!

Crowd pops.

Kurt Angle: But after thinking about it, I’m GLAD that I saved John Cena from having his head caved in by Edge. Y’know why? I am an Olympic Gold Medallist … I AM THE BEST WRESTLER THIS BUSINESS HAS EVER SEEN … so you honestly think that after Wrestlemania, after I have made Cena tap on the grandest stage of them all … that I want people to be saying, “Oh, but John wasn’t a hundred per cent” or “Cena would beat you if he was fresh”? NO!!

Cheers for Angle’s intensity.

Kurt Angle: I will beat John Cena because I am BETTER than John Cena … a better WRESTLER and a better ATHLETE!! And if that means that up until April 2nd I have to watch his back … then so be –

Angle stops in mid flow, as John Cena enters the shot to another HUGE mixed reaction. The two rivals go nose-to-nose, jaws clenched.

John Cena: Kurt … I never asked for your help, and I sure as hell don’t NEED your help. But seeing as we’re in the spirit of (Sneers) ‘watching each other’s backs’ … how about I come out there tonight for your match with Edge … and keep an eye on yours?

Angle looks pissed at the prospect, but disguises it.

Kurt Angle: Fine.

John Cena: Good. But I just thought I’d let ya know, Kurt … I’ve never been one for partners, and the way I’m feeling right now … don’t go expecting my FULL attention.

Cena gives Angle a last, hard look, before walking away, leaving the WWE Champion staring after him with a rather wild expression on his face, as we…

Cut back to ringside.

Jim Ross: Some obvious tension between John Cena and Kurt Angle there. God knows those two men despise one another, but when faced by individuals such as Edge, Carlito and even “The Heartbreak Kid”, they need to come together.

Jonathan Coachman: What Kurt Angle and Cena need to do is stop pretending that they like one another and just go at it, because let’s face it, that’s what we all want to see.

***My Time Is Now*** For the second time this evening, the music of “The Doctor of Thuganomics” hits, to an equally huge ovation, and John Cena comes storming down the ramp, only playing to the fans a little. He walks around the ring and joins J.R and a very unhappy Coach on commentary.

Jim Ross: Pleasure to have you with us, John.

Jonathan Coachman: Is it?

John Cena: (Ignoring Coach) Thanks, J.R.

***Metalingus*** The crowd erupts with probably the largest heat of the night, surpassing even that of Triple H, as “The Rated R Superstar” and Mr. Money In The Bank himself, Edge rushes out through the smoke onto the stage. He is wearing his long trench coat over his black tights, as a sultry Lita follows behind him, carrying the MITB briefcase in her arms. The two hated heels swagger cockily down the ramp, before Edge slides into the ring and taunts the crowd, whilst flirting with Lita and making threatening gestures to Cena.

***Medal*** An absolutely TREMENDOUS ovation blasts through Trenton, as the WWE Champions marches out onto the ramp, shaking himself from side to side. Kurt Angle throws his arms up high, setting off his red, white and blue pyro, before heading on down to the ring, still with the WWE title around his waist. Edge slips sulkily to the outside, as Kurt slides into the ring and does his patented spin … before heading right out after Edge!!

Jim Ross: As intense as ever, it looks as though Kurt Angle doesn’t want to hang around for Edge tonight.

John Cena: Edge’s deserves no less than to have his ass severely kicked.

Jonathan Coachman: It’s good to see you’re remaining impartial in your commentary, John.

Match #5: Non-title
Kurt Angle vs. Edge w/Lita
A terrific Main Event between these two experienced and consistent workers with Edge working his heelish ways to a tee, as he scurries around the ring wildly, trying to avoid the onslaught of the WWE Champion. Angle chases Edge back into the ring, but Edge comes off the ropes, ducking under a Clothesline from the Olympian and bouncing off the opposite set of ropes … right into an OVERHEAD BELLY-TO-BELLY SUPLEX!! Edge’s jacket is torn from him in mid-air, as Kurt gets himself worked up into a frenzy. Angle tries for the ANKLE LOCK on numerous occasions, but Edge quickly scrambles to the ropes. Angle sends Edge into the corner, but Edge gets a boot up, catching the Champ in the face. “The Rated R Superstar” sprints towards Angle with a lunge, but Angle ducks and comes up behind Edge … WITH A GERMAN SUPLEX … Angle pops the hips and keeps on rolling, FOR A SECOND GERMAN SUPLEX … Angle brings Edge up, looking for a third, but Lita grabs Edge’s arms from the ring apron and pulls him towards the top rope!!

The crowd boos loudly, as the referee admonishes Lita, getting her off the apron. Angle drags Edge back into the centre of the ring, looking for the final German Suplex … but flicks his boot up with a LOW BLOW behind the ref’s back!! The crowd boos, as Edge performs the standing switch, rolling behind Angle AND NAILING THE EDGE-O-MATIC!! He hooks the leg. 1 … 2 … NO! Angle kicks out and Edge tears at his hair. He drags the Gold Medallist back up to his feet and sets him up for the IMPALER DDT … but Angle bursts back to life out of nowhere and nails a GERMAN SUPLEX … followed by a SECOND GERMAN SUPLEX … and finally A THIRD GERMAN SUPLEX!! The crowd cheers, as Angle finally finishes the series and Edge seems almost Suplex drunk on the canvas. Angle yells at Edge to get up and Mr. Money in the Bank slowly does so.

Edge gets to his feet and Angle lifts him up for the ANGLE SLAM … but Edge slides off the shoulders and comes flying off the ropes LOOKING FOR A SPEAR …but Angle catches Edge’s legs and takes him down … AND THE ANKLE LOCK IS APPLIED!! More cheers from the crowd, as Edge is trapped in the middle of the ring with nowhere to go, yelling in pain … AND HE TAPS OUT!! The crowd is booing though … BECAUSE LITA IS UP ON THE APRON DISTRACTING THE OFFICIAL!! Angle angrily releases the hold and storms over to the referee and Lita, grabbing the young woman by the hair. The referee tries to separate them, whilst across the ring, behind the official’s back; CARLITO appears from under the ring apron and slips Edge a steel chain, which Edge wraps around his hand. Cena gets up from the announce table and chases after Carlito, as Angle turns back around and looks to pick Edge up, BUT EDGE CLOCKS HIM WITH THE CHAIN, and shoves it down his tights!! Lita steps off the apron, as Edge hooks both of Kurt’s legs. 1 … 2 … 3!!!
Winner: Edge @ 15:41

Edge just stole one and beat the WWE Champion!! The reaction from the crowd is hostile to say the least, as “The Rated R Superstar” quickly rolls out of the ring, grabbing both Lita and his MITB briefcase, grinning from ear to ear. Back in the ring, Angle is sat on his haunches, shaking the cobwebs away from his head, and trying to understand what the hell just happened.

Carlito is long gone, and Cena steps back over the crowd barrier and rolls back into the ring. He offers his hand to Angle, but the WWE Champion just struggles up to his feet on his own. Outside the ring, by the timekeeper, Eric Bischoff’s representative stands up and enters the ring with the OFFICIAL contract for the WWE Championship Main Event at Wrestlemania 22.

Dressed in a tidy black suit, the little man first hands the paper to Kurt Angle … WHO SIGNS IT … AND THEN TURNS AROUND AND SPRINTS BACK UP THE RAMP TOWARDS WHERE EDGE AND LITA ARE WATCHING FROM THE TOP OF THE RAMP!! The crowd pops, as Edge and Lita run away backstage in panic, with “The Wrestling Machine” in hot pursuit.

Jim Ross: Angle has every right to go after Edge. That no good bastard stole the match here tonight!!

Jonathan Coachman: Angle just can’t take the fact that Edge beat him here tonight. Edge beat the Champ!!

Back in the ring, Cena stands with his hands on his hips, looking after Angle with a displeased look on his face. He gestures for Bischoff’s assistant to hand him the contract, but the little man suddenly seems rather startled and backs away. Cena raises and eyebrow, saying, “What?” The crowd is screaming now also, as a hand taps Cena on the shoulder and he turns around … SWEET CHIN MUSIC!!!

SHAWN MICHAELS JUST LAID OUT JOHN CENA YET AGAIN!! The crowd is booing loudly, as “The Heartbreak Kid” stands in the ring, dressed in jeans, cowboy boots, vest and cowboy hat, and a rather fetching stubble running across his chin. Cena is down in a heap, as HBK steps forwards to where the fallen contract and pen still lie. Bischoff’s assistant is hiding outside the ring, as Michaels picks up the CONTRACT … HE PICKS UP THE PEN … AND HE SIGNS THE CONTRACT!!

A mixed reaction runs through the arena, as it would appear that Shawn Michaels has just signed the WWE Championship match between himself and Kurt Angle at Wrestlemania 22 for the WWE Championship. HBK quickly snaps out of his trance though, tossing the contract back down and rolling out of the ring. He grabs Cena’s arm and drags him out too, dropping him on the floor. Michaels then proceeds to dismantle the Steel steps, pulling the top one away and exposing the flatter, bottom one. Still smirking in that vicious manner of his, HBK steps up onto the step with Cena … and shoves his head in between his legs!!



But “The Showstopper” isn’t listening to a damn thing. The fans, in particular the female and children, are screaming in horror, as Michaels props Cena up … HBK lifts Cena up … AND MICHAELS PILEDRIVES CENA’S SKULL RIGHT DOWN ONTO THE STEEL STEPS WITH A SICKENING THUD, DAMN NEAR BREAKING THE MAN’S NECK!!

The crowd cries out in anguish, as HBK drops the lifeless form of Cena back to the floor. A huge bloody gash has been opened up on the top of Cena’s skull, which the camera closes in on to the horror of the fans. Getting down on his haunches, HBK gets right in Cena’s face, staring into those eyes, as the children cry … their hero decimated, as we fade out.



Saturday Night’s Main Event:
Date: March 18th, 2006
Location: Cobo Arena; Detroit, Michigan


Current Card for WWE WrestleMania XXII:
Date: April 2nd, 2006
Location: Allstate Arena; Chicago, Illinois
Event Music: Bullets and Octane; Save Me Sorrow

WWE Championship Match:
Kurt Angle vs. John Cena OR Shawn Michaels

World Heavyweight Championship Match:
Batista vs. ???
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Re: Legend Presents: World Wrestling Entertainment

It looks a big show Legend and I mean HUGE. It's really long. lol. I'll most definitely have some feedback up for you in the coming days.
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Re: Legend Presents: World Wrestling Entertainment

Raw Review

Surprisingly strong match to kick off the night. I know you’re a fan of Carlito but it was still a bit shocking to see him hanging with one of the very TOP guys in this thread in John Cena. Finish was a copout but a smart one, keeping both guys strong and tying a couple of things together for the remainder of the show. I’m not quite sure if Edge is being injected into this Angle/Cena situation for tonight because he’ll be involved in the feud or because they need a heel to play off of. Either way, this was a great way to kick off the night and we get the mandatory stare down between face opponents to top things off.

Hunter/Van Dam feud needs to pick up a bit of steam tonight, because even though WrestleMania is a long ways away (and the match hasn’t even been officially announced yet), I think Van Dam’s suspension has cooled this thing off quite a bit. RVD looks to be in quite a bit of trouble tonight from the crazed Triple H. I usually like H a bit more cocky but psycho Hunter is almost as entertaining.

I feel like a fucking moron for finding that segment entertaining, but it was. It’s just something about the over-the-top goofiness of The Spirit Squad that make them worth watching/reading. The deal with Haas, Benjamin and the SS has been intriguing from the start and now I think we’ll get a tag match at Saturday Night’s Main Event, a blowup the same night and then a Haas/Benji title match at WM.

The feud between Mickie and Trish is panning out much differently than it did in reality with The Mick seemingly unimpressed with her idol up until this point. Victoria’s role in this feud, though impressive as she’s been, I think comes to an end at SNME. Have Mickie kill off Ashley plz.

Awesome promo from Flair here. Reminded me a bit of his ‘bloody-faced’ promo against Triple H right before Taboo Tuesday 2005. Had that kind of intensity. It’s about time Flair got treated as a big deal and this promo definitely accomplished that. MORE than looking forward to JBL’s rebuttal on SmackDown, since you always right him in an enjoyable manner. I doubt he’ll accept the match (at first, obviously) after running away from The Nature Boy at NWO.

I don’t know if this is the intention or not, but in my opinion, Shelton Benjamin has actually come off as the more arrogant of the two when he’s matched up with Haas in a segment. Lots of arrogance coming off of him, some of which seems intentional, while other comments seem to be a slip of the tongue. Anyway, it’s gonna be interesting to see how this rivalry continues to develop because there’s no doubt it’s gonna get violent. I’m just not so sure it’s gonna be from Haas now…

Another strong match, this time pitting Shelton Benjamin against Gregory Helms. Being completely honest, didn’t think Helms had a shot at beating Benjamin by hook or crook. You’ve really got a lot of things happening at once, Helms seems to be in the IC Title hunt now, while the IC Champion is also focused on Charlie Haas and Haas and Benjamin have to concern themselves with the Spirit Squad. It’s a quite a bit to digest but it makes for unpredictable reading. Hopefully, Helms gets a title shot relatively shortly to sort things out a bit. Nice way to give Sugar Shane a bit of a nudge in the right direction.

Nice promo from Big Show. He’s much better as a destructive heel than he is as a usually directionless face. I think you could do some really good things with him if this push is kept off. Definitely have him go over Kane. Anywho, the surprise for next week is gonna be interesting. I’ll cry if it’s “Fake Kane”. Paul Bearer plz. Kane’s promo later on was … sick. Not exactly the thing main event faces are made of. Intriguing.

Solid Triple H-Rob Van Dam promo exchange. Seemed to be lacking the substance that the Flair promo had from earlier since there’s not much there. I conjecture that tonight was the start at establishing what the actual problem between Van Dam and Hunter actually is - since the “He cost me a title shot” doesn’t ring true. The ECW angle that was hinted at in this promo is always gonna be tough to pull off on a WWE show but it’s gonna be interesting either way. The brawl was good as well as RVD got the much needed one up on Hunter (the bigger star, and bigger name) here tonight. Bischoff saving H continues their rather awkward and inconsistent relationship.

The Edge-Carlito segment was something that blurred the lines between reality and kayfabe since Edge was talking about legitimate booking decisions. It came off well since while that was the point of promo, the extreme difference in the personalities of Carlito and Edge gave it a down-to-Earth feel. I’m still not sure what Edge’s involvement in WrestleMania will be. He keeps mentioning Batista which leads me to believe he may be involved with Deacon Dave at Mania, but yet, he’s also mixed up with this Cena-Angle gig. Fatal Four Way (w/HBK) at Mania? Possible. Safe bet is still on Edge-Tista.

I think it’s a bit much to call Chavo a legendary cruiserweight. He doesn’t seem to have the credibility of a Mysterio or a Ultimo Dragon. Just my opinion, I guess. Chavito winning this match is no shock and I think at this point, that no longer qualifies as an upset, considering the push Chavo has been getting. He’s definitely heading places and I can see him in the MITB Ladder Match come WrestleMania.

Coach is awesome, but I think you should’ve had Cena get the last word in on him when they commentated. Much like the opening match and Helms/Benjamin, this was a good, relatively even match up. Carlito coming from under the ring apron seemed a bit out of the way. How’d he get there? And wouldn’t the fans see him? Crazy aftermath with Angle chasing Edge and then Michaels laying out Cena. HBK signing the contract and then leaving would have been far too much like the HBK-Benoit scenario from WM20. Luckily, that was quickly whisked out of our minds with Michaels attack on Cena. The piledriver on steel steps is a nice visual since it’s not seen as a move on a frequent basis. 4 Way with Edge, Michaels, Cena and Angle at Mania is looking all the more possible.

Per always, a strong show. Favorite part was the Flair promo, not only because I mark for him, but it’s always great to see Naitch treated with the proper respect. The Kane-Show situation was probably the weakest part of the show but that was mainly because it seems to be in a holding period until it further develops next week. Keep up the good work.

for the week of September 28th


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Re: Legend Presents: World Wrestling Entertainment

Legend’s RAW Feedback.

I’ve always wondered something, why do use Coach instead of King? Hopefully I remember what’s going down, it’s been a while since I’ve read a Raw from you. To long in fact.

Cena v Carlito kicks off the show and it seems Carlito’s big push is continuing. This was a good match to kick off the show. You wrote it very well and you painted a strong picture as per usual. I thought you had Carlito play the heel role very well in this match, he was almost perfect. Both guys come out of it looking strong particularly since both of them got to showcase a decent amount of offence. I liked the way you had Carlito weasel his way out of a couple of FU attempts, it definitely added more to his character. I would even go as far to say that this match probably had Carlito come out of it looking stronger than Cena and it seemed like it was more about Carlito getting further established as a heel and continuing his momentum. Would it be out of line for me to predict a Money in the Bank win for Carlito come Wrestlemania? Kurt coming out at the end was expected but it definitely has me intrigued as to how things will develop between the two leading up to ‘Mania. Are you continuing with them both as faces? Or is one going heel? It has me asking plenty of questions, it definitely has me interested, so that’s a good thing. Edge hitting the conchairto to Cena gets me asking if he’ll be involved in the Title match in some proximity as well, because it seems that Cena could very well be feuding with three peoples at the moment – Angle, Edge & Michaels.

Awesome promo with Triple H and Bischoff. You captured Hunter’s intensity very nicely. I’m looking forward to later tonight to see what happens with RVD. You portrayed Hunter’s personality in this one to an absolute tee.

I hate the Spirit Squad and you did nothing to change that. Lol. Solid promo though, you captured their characters well. A feud between them and TWGTT is a little bit random, though.

Trish Stratus is a HER Anyway, Diva’s wrestling is meh. This didn’t change my belief. It’s obvious that you’re building towards Mickie v Trish though.

Time for a Flair promo. WOO! I can’t wait to see what he and JBL can do together. Wow. Just wow. Awesome promo. Flair was perfect. I’m stoked that he’s laid down the Wrestlemania challenge as the build will now really start to kick off. Never the less, this was an awesome promo. It flowed so wonderfully, I only noticed one error at the start but that was it. You set the scene very well and portrayed Flair superbly. One of the best promos I’ve seen you write.

Hmm. Intriguing promo, I wasn’t quite into their characters, but I understand that they’re both hard to capture. None the less it was the content which was intriguing, again this segment has me asking questions and it has me interested. It seems that Shelton COULD be leaning towards a heel turn? Or could TWGTT actually reunite? Good to see that the options are open and things most definitely are not predictable.

Helms v Shelton. Another solid match up mate. You wrote it nicely and once again both guys got a chance to look strong. Helms getting the win surprised me and it seems he will be getting an IC Title shot in the future. The Spirit Squad coming out at the end points to me that they could well screw Shelton out of the IC title and then he and Haas will come after them, at Wrestlemania perhaps? Good segment though mate, nice recap and good aftermath. I’m still asking questions, it’s been a great show so far.

Big Show promo. Hmm. Bland. But at least he’s heel. Next week still has me intrigued though.

I found this to be a hit and miss promo. You’re usually very good a delivering intense, heel promos, but I felt a little bit let down with this one to be honest with you. Hunter was okay, but I don’t think you nailed him. I thought he rambled on a little bit too much. Once RVD picked up, things improved. You portrayed his character very well and I believe he is kinda hard to write for but none the less you did it well. The brawl at the end was nice, it definitely continues the feud and Bischoff pulling Hunter out of the ring at the end was a good way to further establish their heel persona’s whilst letting us know that they have a mini-alliance thing going on, purely because of their hate for Van Dam. Solid segment, I hoped for better though.

Now this promo was awesome. You nailed Edge. His character was perfect, Carlito was too. I loved Carlito’s little humerous one-ling cameo’s as he chimed in after Edge’s major lines. They were great. You’re actually making me enjoy Carlito and I don’t generally do that. Anyway, awesome promo and once again it leaves me wondering just what the hell Edge is up to. I like Edge and Carlito’s little alignment too, btw. I hope you build on it.

It seems Chavo is getting pushed in a similar fashion to the way Eddie was. That’s pretty cool, even though Chavo isn’t a shade on his Uncle, I still think it could be good. Solid win for him over Masters here, if you are indeed pushing Chavo it seems that Masters is simply a stepping stone.

Intense promo from Kane. I liked it. You portrayed his evil side very well.

Strong promo from Kurt. There certainly have been a lot of promos this evening. Kurt’s intensity and passion to be the best obviously shone through here. He came over nicely. Cena’s brief part was also good as I thought what he said was all totally characteristic of him.

WOAH! Kurt lost again! I’m pretty shocked at that. It definitely doesn’t weaken his character but it does wonders for Edge and Carlito. That would get them over HUGE. This was a good match, I liked the German Suplex story right in the middle as well as the fact you noted that Kurt tried several times to lock in the Ankle Lock. I’m sure you’ve got something huge planned for both Edge and Carlito otherwise you wouldn’t be giving these two so much momentum and exposure. I’m really intrigued to know when Edge will use his MITB, obviously he doesn’t have long left.

WHOLY FUCK!! The aftermath was awesome! SWEET CHIN MUSIC OUT OF NO WHERE!! Heel Michaels is tops! Shawn signs the contract? WTF? Triple Threat match at ‘Mania. I predicted it weeks ago. Lol. Cena’s really not having a good run at the moment. I could very easily see a Fatal Fourway at Mania between Kurt, Edge, Cena and Shawn. But we’ll see, I’m sure you’ll surprise us.

Legend, thus proving why this is now my favourite thread. Awesome show mate. Your shows don’t drag on at all duly because of the quality of your promos. They are always at such a high standard. You’ve got many different storylines that keep me interested and have me asking questions constantly and I need to keep reading. Great show mate, the road to Wrestlemania has well and truly begun!
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Re: Legend Presents: World Wrestling Entertainment

Legend's Raw Feedback

**It's my first time ever reading and reviewing one of your shows, so bare with me**

Starting off with a match is rare for Raw, but you're established enough that you can do it. I'm not sure how Edge will play affect into Edge and Angle's rivalry, but him interfering definitely played a roll. I can see Cena interfering in Edge's match with Angle as well. It was actually a good idea to start the show off with this match, because it will probably set-up the finish to the main event. It made perfect sense for Angle to come down, but Angle usually doesn't help his title contenders. It was good though for them to staredown.

A sledgehammer inside of Triple H's jacket? Umm.. yeah, a little unrealistic, because it would be a little hard to keep it in there, if with his jacket done up. The Trips and Van Dam rivalry should be good for Mania, and I can sense it picking up over the next couple of weeks. Hunter seemed so hell-bent on destroying Van Dam that it was scary, so that was good writing on your part.

Typical Spirit Squad...thinking they're the greatest male cheerleaders in the world. At least you know how to write their characters good, so that was the best part of the whole segment. They were in character, and I'm sort of hoping that Haas and Benjamin shut them up, because even though I don't hear them saying it, I get annoyed. That tells me right there that you're an excellent promo writer.

Even with Victoria in the mix for Trish's title, I feel a Trish/Mickie match coming at Mania. It would be great, if one of them turned on the other. The finish just added to this breakup, with Trish accidently kicking Mickie's lights out. I'm really confused with what's gonna happen with Victoria, because she's the rightful number one contender. I'm starting to think that Mickie will cost Trish her title.

It was good to have Naitch out there. He's great to use to get the crowd all fired up and excited. I like what's developing between Flair and Bradshaw. These two could have an excellent match at WrestleMania if you ask me. Flair was in excellent character during this segment. With all those 'be the man' and 'woos'.

I have a strong feeling that Benjamin and Haas will team back up and win the tag titles. It's good that Shelton keeps rubbing in that he's better than Haas. Maybe if they do team up again, Haas will get one up on Benjamin and prove just how good he is.

Helms picking up the win was a bit of a shock to me. I mean, yeah, it would help out Haas a lot to have Shelton lose, but I guess that you're pushing Helms more. Helms and Shelton are definitely the future, and I think Helms deserves the Intercontinental Title. This was an upset, of course, but still a good way to put Helms over.

I'm feeling Big Show vs. Kane at WrestleMania. You already have a lot of WrestleMania matches in the works, which is excellent. Not only that, they're great WrestleMania matches. Trying to make Big Show seem like a more destructive monster than Kane won't really work. Big Show seemed to deadly, I don't know, it just felt that way. It was good that he got the message across that he wants revenge on Kane.

I knew Triple H would be out eventually, and I was really looking forward to it actually. Van Dam had some great comments, but you're building him up as the Underdog. Triple H is better, but Van Dam isn't really the underdog. Rob really made Triple H look better than him by going on about his nicknames and his accomplishments. This made him more of an underdog. However, that was until Rob beat up Triple H, which made him look a big stronger, so good booking on your part.

Edge didn't seem like he was in character here. I just wasn't feeling his lines. Edge can actually be hard to write, so a good attempt here, but he just didn't have the vibe or character he needed. Later on in the segment I felt that his character was developing, calling Cena and Angle some names and such. The character really picked up after the slacking beginning, so I'll credit you on that one.

I figured that Chavo and Masters would be a squash match, but you really surprised me with Chavo scoring the upset here. Definitely a big win for Chavo. Holding the ropes went a long with 'Lie, Cheat, and Steal' so you used Chavo's gimmick well. I feel that Chavo should have scored the pinfall with the Frog Splash. That looks bad when you have someone, especially someone like Masters, kick out of that move. It ruins its credibility, so remember that.

Kane seemed pretty freaky. I was freaked out just by reading that. I hope that he doesn't use the mask again, because he seems more monsterish without it, imo. This was short and sweet..well short and scary actually, but none-the-less, I like the feud these two have got going leading up to Mania.

Angle was in excellent character. You wrote this so well that I could picture him perfectly saying what he said. It was good that Cena came onto the scene. Cena coming to the ring will definitely be interesting, and there is some good tension between these two.

I was sort of surprised with Edge getting the victory. I think that he'll cash in his MITB after the Main Event at Mania. The finish was sensible, though, with Cena and Carlito taking themselves away from the scene, and Edge using a weapon. Michaels kicking Cena was great, it may even lead to a Triple Threat at Mania, who knows. I was wondering when Shawn would be involved in the show, and it's a good thing you used him.

Overall the show was really good for the first one I've read from you. You're an excellent promo writer and match writer, which is why the show was so good.
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Re: Legend Presents: World Wrestling Entertainment

Raw Review:

Great opening match with Cena and Carlito. As JR mentioned, Carlito has been on a roll in this thread. I wouldn't be surprised if Carlito wins the Money in the Bank match at Mania. Despite the DQ win for Cena, neither man looked weak in the match. Edge and Carlito attacking Cena was great. Angle making the save and attacking Edge was well booked as well, as it sets up their match against one another for later in the show. The staredown between Angle and Cena was well done as well. I'm expecting a great match between the two at Mania.

Short but good segment between Hunter an Bischoff. Hunter has the sledgehammer, and the in ring segment should be good. Great segment with the Spirit Squad. The squad came off very annoyning, which is apart of their gimmick, so the segment was even better. I got a feeling that SNME, will be the event where the two teams finally face one another.

Great Diva's tag match. However it was clear that Victoria and Candice was winning the match. However, great booking with the continuing of the Mickie/Trish/Ashley storyline. I have a feeling that like in real life, the turn between either Mickie, Ashley, or Trish, is going to take place at SNME.

Ric Flair is finally back in this thread! This is the promo, that just might be the Promo of the Month! Excellent promo from Flair, as Flair was in character, and this promo just flowed well! I can't wait until the face to face promo between these two. Please don't put this match on SNME. The match between these two, deserves to be at Mania. Once again, excellent promo!

Short but great promo from Shelton and Hass. As someone mentioned before, I'm not sure if it was booked that way, but Shelton has been coming off like a complete jerk to Hass. I see it will only be a matter of time, before Shelton and Hass begin to feud over the Intercontinental Championship.

Shelton versus Helms was a great match. As a big fan of Helms, it's good to see Helms being used in a great way in this thread. Despite Helms stealing the win, Helms looks like a possible contender for the IC championship in this thread as well.

Interesting promo from Show. Wonder what is going to happen next week on Raw, between Show and Kane?

Another excellent promo. IMO, this is why you won those three awards last month, including Booker of the Month. This promo was classic heel Triple H, and the way RVD said his lines, switching from cool and relaxed, to serious, was great. Bischoff geting Hunter out of the ring was good booking, as it continues the feud. This feud between the two has been going on since the beginning of January, if I'm not mistaken. I see a match between the two at Mania, taking place.

Good segment between Edge, Lita, and Carlito. Carlito was great in this segment as well, with his comedic lines.

Chavo versus Masters was decent. Despite the actions from last week, hopefully this feud is a short feud. Chavo gets the win over Masters, and hopefully this feud ends soon, as Masters is a boring wrestler, IMO.

Good promo from Kane. Hopefully this feud between the two will be good, as usually their feuds against one another are average at best, IMO.

Short, but good segment from Angle and Cena. Their match at Mania, should be great.

Excellent main event match. The match seemed more like a PPV match than a TV match. Edge gets the cheap win, thanks to Carlito, which goes with Edge's character. Angle chasing after Edge, Lita, and Carlito, after signing the contract made sense. SHAWN MICHAELS IS BACK! Michaels hits Sweet Chin Music once more to Cena, and then signs the contract. Following that he hits the spike piledriver to Cena on the steel steps. Great booking as that move, is a move, not seen often in the WWE, and also effectively gets Michaels over as a heel. Looks like a Triple Threat Match is going to take place at Mania. The match should be a classic.

Overall Comments: Despite the show, looking like it might ran over the 2 hours and five minute time limit, the matches were great. The promos were excellent. Lokking forward to Smackdown.
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Re: Legend Presents: World Wrestling Entertainment

Many thanks to everyone for the Raw reviews. Sadly, my internet has been down since Monday and I have been unable to return the feedback yet (only just read KOM's and DH6's tbh) but I will definately get around to it. So Mac, PARANoIR, DH6 and KOM, don't worry

Time for a festive upate:

Originally Posted by Wrestling Observer Newsletter
Edge will NOT be involved in the WWE Championship match at Wrestlemania apparently. This is despite him holding victories over both the #1 Contender John Cena and the WWE Champion Kurt Angle. It has been said that Edge and Carlito have been used as heels for Cena and Angle {faces} to play off until Shawn Michaels' return this past Monday. Edge's involvement at Wrestlemania is still up in the air, but don't be surprised to see him cash his MITB privelages in after either Main Event.

Rumour has it that it was actually Shawn Michaels himself who pushed for his character to be turned heel. He has stated that he enjoyed the freedom he was given during his feud with Hulk Hogan at SummerSlam, and has been looking for a reason to enter a program with John Cena for a long time. Apparently Michaels sees the Cena of '06 as the HBK of '96, the young TOP DOG of the company. Expect this to be built upon and for this feud to become the vocal point of Raw.

Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin were approached a while back about helping out Raw's tag team division. The Spirit Squad were brought in to be the backbone of the division, but the WWE wants Haas/Benjamin to further their own brewing singles storyline with a program with the Cheerleaders. Judging from the last couple of weeks, Haas and Benjamin accepted.

Don't look for a Kane-Big Show match on the Wrestlemania card. The WWE has no desire to pursue this feud too much and it is acting as a filler for both men, before Show splits off and Kane gets his requested Wrestlemania break.

Right now there is no clear path for the Women's Championship at Wrestlemania. There is a push for the monster heel run of Victoria to continue, but there is also talk of young Mickie James entering the picture. Some see James as too green, but others have commended her mic work of late. The next few weeks could be the difference.

Chavo Guerrero was originally brought into Raw to add some in-ring credibility to the mid-card. There were concerns that the younger guys would struggle without and experienced head to play off, hence Chavo. However, Guerrero has impressed so much that there has been talk of a push towards the MITB match at Wrestlemania, and even the Intercontinental Championship.
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