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Re: Legend Presents: World Wrestling Entertainment

Legend’s Raw Feedback

I really liked the opening promo. Kurt was very much in character and the content was good although I think his ridiculously high levels of intensity may have been a little blown out of proportion at times. However having said that I feel it did add an even more personal feel to the feud between Kurt and Hunter. Triple H bringing up what he did to Eric last week and making light of it definitely made it even more personal and added even more fuel to the fire. Bischoff books the rematch for next week huh? Wow. Written in full I hope? Solid way to start the show here, both Hunter and Kurt were very much in character and the promo flowed pretty nicely. The ending was a little bit disappointing from a booking standpoint as it happens all the time.

Interesting combination here for the first match of the night. Helms picks up the win which is fair enough, and it’s good to see that you are slowly building Helms up from the bottom. It also seems as if you could be building towards Mickie v Trish down the track as well.

Another enjoyable promo, this time from Edge, Lita and Carlito. The chemistry you portrayed between Edge and Lita was very, very realistic as well as the two being kept very much in character. I’m wondering what direction you’re headed with Edge whether it be the title scene or an undercard feud with someone like Carlito? Carlito was good here btw, his character was spot on. I hate Carlito but I actually enjoyed this.

Pretty stock standard promo from Shelton. It wasn’t horrible, just not entirely captivating but that’s okay, Shelton can’t talk to save his life. It’s good to see that you are giving Shelton some exposure as the champ, though.

Carlito squashes Val to have him gather some momentum following last night. Fair enough.

Awesome promo here from Hunter and Bischoff. Loved it. Hunter was definitely in character, you are firmly establishing him as a dominant heel which is excellent. I hope you pull a shock when it comes to the referee next week and it’s not someone overly predictable.

Why is Coach a commentator btw? I really hate that guy.

Shelton and Haas pick up the win over Cade and Murdoch, which isn’t really surprising but it seems the Spirit Squad are scouting them as potential opponents. I think you may pull somewhat of a swerve and have TWGTT start teaming together a little more regularly and really build a strong storyline on the back of it. I’m not too sure how I feel about the two feuding, but I think if you do it a little differently, it could work.

Good way to remind us of what happened with Bradshaw and Flair whilst keeping the latter off TV to sell the injury.
Chavo picks up the win over Conway. This simply seemed to be just to get Chavo on TV as there isn’t really much else doing for him. I’ll be interested to see where you go for him.

That is exactly how Big Show should be booked – as a huge, dominant heel. I didn’t really dig the promo from Kane, it became a little monotonous but the events after were excellent. It was almost creeping up on it being too much, but I don’t think so. Anymore and it would’ve definitely been too far.

A really enjoyable match here between Edge and RVD. Great to see you go into some detail with it. At some stages I thought you were going to have RVD pull off the victory and although I’m a big Van Dam fan, it would’ve definitely been bad booking on your behalf since Edge MUST be close to cashing in his MITB. The ending to the match makes me believe that you may have a little mini program between RVD and Edge leading into him cashing in whilst I believe RVD may well be MITB bound.

I’m not a fan of promos ending the show but this one was excellent. Perfect length, excellent character, well written, everything. I don’t think you incorporated the crowd involvement enough for the full promo as they would’ve been totally hot for Cena’s promo for its entirety. HBK coming out at the end adds a little more fuel and suspense to their feud without a word being spoken. I’m intrigued to see what direction you’re headed with the Main Event at Mania as to whether it will be a One on One or a Triple Threat. I’m hoping it will be a triple threat, simply because Kurt v Cena has been done to death and I can’t see Trips winning next week.

Overall, great show. I really enjoyed it, your spelling and grammar was a little off at some points but it didn’t hamper the flow all that greatly. Well done mate, you continue to produce quality shows. Great follow up to the Rumble.
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Re: Legend Presents: World Wrestling Entertainment

RAW Feedback
Alright, the Royal Rumble fall-out! Kurt Angle opens the show, but he’s upset! Good reasons, but I didn’t like him saying bitch so many times. Other than that, the intensity level of Angle looked fine to me. Hunter was fine too, and both of them looked in character, but when they started confronting each other, they started sounding generic to me. I didn’t like Angle making fun of Hunter and Eric too, especially because you’re having Angle looking upset, and yelling in intensity at the first part, and right after it, he starts making funny jokes. That didn’t look alright to me. Anyway, Eric Bischoff’s part was good, and next week’s match between him and Triple H for the WWE Championship is HUGE, but I don’t know why you’re giving a pay per view type of a match on a normal RAW.

I loved that you kept this match between women’s mostly because they actually made it look like a good match. Helms was brilliant, but Eugene, as always, was meh. I’m kinda disappointed at the finish though because Eugene connected a Stunner to Helms, and he kicked out? That just looked bad. Anyway, finish was good, with Victoria pinning Trish for her and Helms’ victory. Good match to open up RAW’s action, but Helms kicking out from Helms was just bad.

I always loved the Edge during 2004 and 2006. He was just like a nut saying he has been screwed times after times, etc. And right now, this segment here refreshed those moments. Edge was spot on, and the way you delivered this promo, and the way you hyped his match up with RVD was great too. Edge’s points, and shooting on Cena and Batista were good too. Carlito was great, and the way this promo ended made me laugh. Good segment.

You had Shelton more than 50 minutes last night at Rumble? I know it, but let me just tell you what you might not believe. I had Shelton Benjamin in my thread’s Royal Rumble, and he was the 29th elimination. Yeah, that’s true. I don’t know, but it looks like we both have same likes and dislikes. I love Y2J. You love him too. I love Shelton. You love him too. It feels great. Yeah, haha. Anyway, this interview here just looked okay to me. Shelton was okay here, and the Charlie Haas’ part was better though. A feud between them will be great! Let’s see what’s gonna happen.

Carlito SQUASHES Venis here. It’s good for Carlito, but he needs to be added in a decent feud now. Next please.

I love the chemistry between Triple H and Eric Bischoff! It’s just awesome! I always loved these kind of promos back in those days when Triple H used to be a top heel of the company, and he got whatever he want, thanks to the GM of RAW from those days, Eric Bischoff. Good segment here, Jonathan, which hypes Triple H’s huge match with Angle next week.

I didn’t really liked this match, expect its ending only because of the booking issues (I mean, I’m talking about from Haas’ view, as he’s looking irritated yet again, not picking up the winning falls). It was good to see Shelton picking up the victory, but it would’ve been better if he would have got the win via his finishing move. Spirit Squad’s entry confused me though, or maybe it was just because they haven’t got anything else on the show. Good aftermath, with Haas looking frustrated yet again. I see a possible Shelton versus Charlie Haas match for the Intercontinental Championship at ‘Mania. Yep.

I’m not sure why you’re having a Sunday Night Heat type of a match on RAW. Chavo Guerrero on RAW is strange, unless you’re pushing him up to the mid carders. Good victory for him, but I’d rather see him on SmackDown as an active Cruiserweight. That’s just my opinion though, so I’ll see what you’re going to do with Chavito.

A weird promo here basically. I don’t think Kane is that type of a guy who would give out interviews. It would have been better if the Big Show was walking around backstage, and Kane would’ve attacked him firstly, but then the Big Show would’ve got the upper hand. Anyway, Big Show’s attack was brutally done, so I must give you credit for that one. It’d be a boring feud, and that’s for sure.

I didn’t like when RVD knock down Lita too with a plancha. It just didn’t look alright to me because RVD is not that kinda guy. The Rolling Thunder’s counter into a Powerslam is hard to imagine too actually because Edge would’ve been lying down to the floor, whilst RVD would’ve come with a rocket speed. However, your creativity is good though. This match was good, and the ending was better, with Lita DQ’ing Edge. Aftermath was fine too, and by the looks of it, I sense a feud coming up between them.

‘Village People’? We’ve already heard it, so this wasn’t original. Alright, now basically to the entire promo; it was hit and a miss actually. Cena needed a serious promo, but instead you gave him a promo that involves funny jokes most of the times. The funny jokes weren’t needed. We’re on RAW – the night after ‘Mania – and Cena surely needed a serious promo. Anyway, Kurt Angle vs. John Cena looks set to me but I sense that Triple H and Shawn Michaels will be added in this feud too, making it a Fatal Four Way.

**Banner/Avy Credit; Princess Xtyne**


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Re: Legend Presents: World Wrestling Entertainment

WWE Friday Night SmackDown! Preview February 4th, 2006

This week the sunny city of Orlando in Florida hosts a Friday Night SmackDown! that is coming off the back of an incredible Royal Rumble outing.

With Raw's John Cena triumphing in the Rumble match and announcing on Monday that he will face the WWE Champion at Wrestlemania, SmackDown! can concentrate on their own side of things, namely ... No Way Out. In just three weeks SmackDown! hosts its first brand only PPV of the year. Just who will challenge the World Heavyweight Champion Batista next?

Batista defeated Randy Orton and The Undertaker in a Triple Threat match to retain the gold, pinning 'The Legend Killer' in the process. Surely both men will be eager for a second chance at glory, which we witnessed on Sunday when Undertaker forced his way into the Rumble match as well, eliminating such men as Matt Hardy, Shelton Benjamin, Carlito, and the powerhouse Bobby Lashley.

Speaking of Bobby Lashley, the young athlete has been challenged to a match this Friday by none other then the debutant ... Finlay. The Irish bruiser made a huge impact in the Rumble (assisted by his shillelagh), and claims to want no part of the usual 'squash' victims debuting superstars are handed. He wanted the toughest Teddy Long had to offer ... and he will get Bobby Lashley.

We will also be hoping to hear from John 'Bradshaw' Layfield for the first time he assaulted and put out of action the legendary 'Nature Boy' Ric Flair at the Royal Rumble. How will JBL explain his actions?

Expect an appearance also from the newly re-signed Paul Heyman, a man of great infamy in the WWE. What is his business on SmackDown?

As well as that, Theodore Long has promised us a showcase of tag team talent, featuring such duos as Paul London and Brian Kendrick, the Mexicools, the Dicks, and William Regal and Paul Burchill. All six teams are looking to make names for themselves in the hope of being the WWE Tag Team Champions, MNM's next opponents.

Plus, watch out for superstars such as Rey Mysterio, who will be in action against the cocky Ken Kennedy back from injury, as well as the United States Champion Booker T, Matt Hardy, and the Cruiserweight Champion of the World Kid Kash. They will all be gracing us with their presence in Florida. Friday Night SmackDown! at 8/7 central on Friday night. Don't miss it; it's going to be a SmackDown! to remember...
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Re: Legend Presents: World Wrestling Entertainment

SmackDown; February 4th, 2007; Orlando, Florida

~ Opening Video

~ Pyro

Before either Michael Cole or Tazz can speak…

***Burn In My Light*** Not even allowing the ‘Rise Up’ theme to play after the pyro, the infamous music of ‘The Legend Killer’ hits to huge hit from the Florida natives, as RANDY ORTON strides out down the ramp wearing his ‘Destiny’ t-shirt over his trunks, not even bothering with his pyro, his usually cool demeanour rather angered.

Michael Cole: Just five nights ago at one of the most amazing Royal Rumble Pay-per-views I can remember, this man Randy Orton took part in the Triple Threat match for the World Heavyweight Championship. It was a losing effort though, as the Champion Batista walked out with the gold.

Tazz: Both Randy Orton and The Undertaker put up one hell of a fight, but Randy’s the one who got pinned, and judging by his expression, he’s not too happy about that.

Orton enters the ring, not even bothering to pose, grabbing a mic from Tony Chimel.

Randy Orton: Y’know, I’ve had almost an entire week to think about what happened last Sunday…

Heat for Orton regardless of his words.

Randy Orton: I asked myself time and time again … but nothing seems to make sense.

More heat, whilst Orton just stares blankly ahead.

Randy Orton: Nothing seemed to make sense that is until now … until now, now that there is one clear … a perfectly clear reason why I am not standing before you today the World Heavyweight Champion.

Orton sneers slightly, contemplating.

Randy Orton: Y’see … I might have been saying it for the last few weeks … that Batista and The Undertaker couldn’t work together … but I guess last night proved me wrong.

A pop for the mention of the two fan favourites, but heat for Randy’s insinuation.

Randy Orton: You all saw what happened at the Royal Rumble … you all saw that I was screwed out of becoming Champion by my two opponents working together to … TO TAKE ME OUT!!!

Boos for Orton, and a slight “Asshole” chant begins.

Randy Orton: Take a look at the footage all you want, ‘cause that’s exactly … that’s exactly what I’ve done. I had that match won so many times it’s almost impossible … impossible that I don’t have the gold around my waist. The only explanation … is collusion.

Heat, whilst Orton shrugs.

Randy Orton: Now, I’ve come to expect that kind of thing from Dave Batista –

Huge pop for the World Heavyweight Champion.

Randy Orton: I’ve come to expect that from Batista, a guy who’s been a henchman all his life. When we were in Evolution together, he was nothing more than a glorified bodyguard!

A tiny smile threatens to emerge on Orton’s usually stony face.

Randy Orton: That’s all he was until he decided to team up with Triple H to take … me ... out. ‘Cause let’s face it, Batista has always been jealous of me, ever since I became the youngest World Heavyweight Champion in history. And last night, when he joined forces with The Undertaker … was just another example of that.

Orton is getting some major heat right now.

Randy Orton: To be honest though, I really expected more from ‘The Deadman’. I mean it’s his whole thing to be a loner … a loner who accepts no help from anyone. Whenever I faced him last year … we did alone, we didn’t need any outside assistance. I guess things change though.

The initial pop for The Undertaker is drowned out by boos for Orton.

Randy Orton: But I’ve not come out here to talk … you all saw it for yourself last night, and I’m sure even Teddy Long did too. I DESERVE a rematch for the World Heavyweight Championship. It can happen tonight, it can happen at No Way Out in three weeks time … I DON’T CARE!!!

Mixed reaction for the prospect of the huge match up.

Randy Orton: I don’t care when it is. All I care is that I get the one-on-one match with Batista that I was promised … so that I can once again take what is rightfully mine and fulfil … AND FULFILL MY DESTINY!!!

Boos from the fans.

Randy Orton: So, Dave and Teddy Long, I’m giving you three choices here: the first is Dave comes down here right now and puts that belt on the line. The second, is Teddy comes down here and tells the world that I’m in the Main Event at No Way Out …

Orton walks towards the ropes and glares up the ramp.

Randy Orton: And the third … the third is that I come back there and –

***I Walk Alone*** A thunderous ovation greets the arrival of the World Heavyweight Champion, as, clad in his vest over his trunks with microphone in hand, BATISTA marches out onto the stage with the title over his shoulder, setting off his pyro before coming to the ring, where an infuriated Orton stands. Batista goes nose to nose with Randy, who backs off slightly.

Batista: You wanna say something to me, Randy?

Orton still looks furious, though slightly more apprehensive now.

Batista: Randy, I pinned your ass one … two … three, at the Royal Rumble, which means you go … to the back of the line for a title shot.

Cheers from the crowd, whilst Orton looks ready to blow a gasket. He lifts up his mic to speak, but ‘Tista cuts him off.

Batista: But I don’t work like that, Randy, you should know that by now.

Orton cocks his eyebrow curiously, whilst the crowd buzzes with anticipation.

Batista: You want a title shot tonight?

Randy Orton: You’re damn right I want a title shot!!!

The crowd gasps a little at the ferocity of Orton’s reply … but that is broken, as Batista drops his title belt to the canvas and removes his shirt to screams from the female fans.

Batista: Let’s do it then.

Batista drops his mic and goes nose to nose with Orton, who looks strangely wild. The two are about to go at it when…

***MacMillitant*** The crowd does not look too happy to see the normally popular General Manager, as THEODORE LONG strides out onto the stage with microphone in hand.

Theodore Long: Now hold on a second there, playas!

Out of the two men in the ring, it is actually Randy Orton who backs up first, whilst Batista angrily snatches up his mic again.

Batista: NO! NO! No, Teddy, not tonight. No interfering! No getting in the way! Randy wants a match … so I’m gonna give him a damn match!!!

Batista scowls at Long and turns back to Orton, who is standing a little across the ring. Teddy scratches his chin before speaking again.

Theodore Long: Well you see, Batista, that’s jus’ the thing. Las’ night, it was Randy Orton who you pinned to win the match, playa. So, as for you being the Number One Contender at No Way Out, Randy, I’m jus’ not feelin’ dat.

A huge pop from the crowd, as Orton steams in the ring.

Theodore Long: But I’ll tell you what, tonight I’m gonna do you both a favour, playa. Batista, you will get the chance to get your hands on Randy Orton, and, Randy, you will get your chance to prove that you deserve another title shot.

Both men cock their eyebrows as the crowd buzzes.

Theodore Long: ‘Cause it’s gonna be Randy Orton … teamin’ with the United States Champion Booker T…

Massive heat.

Theodore Long: … And JBL.

An even larger amount of heat for ‘The Wrestling God’.

Theodore Long: And they will face the World Heavyweight Champion Batista … and his partners … Matt Hardy …

Big pop.

Theodore Long: … And the man who was not pinned from the Triple Threat Match at the Royal Rumble … THE UNDERTAKER!!!

The crowd nearly blow the roof off the arena, whilst Batista grimaces at this news, remembering what happened the last time he was in a tag team match with ‘The Phenom’ as a partner.

Theodore Long: But that ain’t all, playas, ‘cause I can tell ya now, Batista, that either the man standing next to ya right now, Randy Orton … the United States Champion Booker T … the man who held the WWE title for 10 months JBL … a man who has been impressin’ me week in and week out, Matt Hardy … or a man that you have never beaten, The Undertaker … one of those men will face you at No Way Out for the World Heavyweight Championship!!!

Another huge pop from the fans, whilst Batista nods slowly, and Randy shakes his head furiously, seeing the odds stacked against him.

Theodore Long: But, playa, I’m gonna wait until after the Main Event tonight to tell you that man is gonna be. Ya can dig this I hope? Gentlemen … HOLLA HOLLA HOLLA!!!

***MacMillitant*** Long’s music plays again, as the smiling General Manager strolls off the stage to cheers, having won back the crowd’s support with a huge Main Event.

Back in the ring, Batista watches Teddy leave, nodding thoughtfully from behind … WHEN SUDDENLY ORTON ATTACKS HIM FROM BEHIND LOOKING FOR THE RKO … BUT BATISTA SHOVES RANDY OFF THROUGH THE ROPES!!!

The crowd pops again, as Orton goes through the middle ropes and leaps up furiously, scowling at the World Heavyweight Champion with utter contempt. Batista smirks at Orton, who is going nuts, kicking over the Steel Steps and hurling chairs around, as ‘The Animal’ ascends to the top rope with his belt.


Upon returning from the break, we get a brief look of Orlando, Florida, before heading back to ringside.

Michael Cole: Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen, to Friday Night SmackDown, on what has already been a crazy night. Before the break, Teddy Long made the announcement for the Six-Man Tag Match later tonight, with one the five other men besides Batista, facing the Champ at No Way Out.

Tazz: No doubt, Cole, that’s one hell of a huge announcement from my man, Teddy Long. I – I have no idea who it could be; I mean, The Undertaker and Randy Orton were both in the title match at the Rumble, but JBL is a former WWE Champ, and lasted nearly 40 minutes on Sunday. Matt Hardy went nearly that long, and Booker T is the U.S Champ, and hasn’t lost a match all year. That’s five of this show’s top athletes if you ask me.

***London’s Calling*** Decent pop from the crowd, as out rushes the exciting young team of BRIAN KENDRICK and PAUL LONDON, who sprint to the ring, performing their usual antics.

***Mexicool*** The ever familiar hum of the Juan Deeres can be heard, as SUPER CRAZY and PSICOSIS ride out onto the stage to a good reception, before down to meet their partners.

Michael Cole: Well, here’s some men who were part of that impressive showing from the Cruiserweights at the Royal Rumble. Guys like Cruiserweight Champion Kid Kash, Chavo Guerrero, as well as these guys, really stuck it to the bigger men.

Tazz: You ain’t kiddin’, Cole. Those Cruiserweights coulda had that Wrestlemania spot if they’d worked together. But … I guess they like to jump around just a little bit too much.

***Duo*** Barely any reaction for the team of JAMES and CHAD DICK, as they swagger down to the ring, applying the baby oil as they do so.

***St. Georges March*** Instant heat for the rough and tough team of WILLIAM REGAL and PAUL BURCHILL. Both men are clad in their robes, and Regal looks particularly annoyed, probably due to his Royal Rumble outing.

Michael Cole: William Regal does not look like a happy man. He was hiding from Kane on the outside of the ring this past Sunday, until Charlie Haas decided he had seen enough and gave Kane what he wanted.

Tazz: Those Raw guys were outta line. Regal coulda won us the damn Rumble, and I bet he’ll show that now and put his team in line for a future Tag Team title shot.

Match #1; Eight-Man Tag: The Hooligans & The Mexicools vs. The Dicks & The Bluebloods
A very exciting match to kick off tonight’s show with, with all four teams looking to be the next challengers to the Champs, MNM. In the beginning we get a rather wild brawl, until it ends up with everyone but Paul London and Psicosis brawling of the outside. Both men leap over the top with huge PLANCHAS wiping out every man. Things finally settle down though, after Burchill drives his knee into Super Crazy’s spine following an Irish Whip into the ropes from Regal. Crazy stumbles and Regal connects with and Exploder Suplex! 1… 2… NO!!! Regal tags in Burchill, who goes to work on Crazy instantly, sending the little Mexican into the corner. Burchill charges, but Crazy gets an elbow up, sending the Englishman reeling. Crazy leaps up to the top rope and goes for the MOONSAULT … but Burchill moves, and Crazy lands on his feet. Burchill quickly grabs him from behind in a half nelson though, before connecting with a Half-Nelson Suplex! 1… 2 … NO!!! Burchill works over the neck of Crazy now though, tagging in his partner Regal frequently, until finally seeing fit to bring in James Dick. Dick shows his lack of technical prowess and lifts Crazy off the mat and Irish Whips him into the ropes. Dick lowers his head too early, and Crazy somersaults over his back, catching him with a cracking Enziguiri the moment James turns around. Super Crazy quickly tags in Psicosis, who heads up top, catching James with a Flying Crossbody! 1… 2… NO!!! Psicosis scoops James up and head over to the corner, setting The Dick up for a Tornado DDT, but Chad makes a blind tag. Psicosis gets levelled by Chad, who quickly works with his brother to nail a SUPERPLEX! 1… 2… Crazy breaks it up!!! Chad lifts Psicosis up and Irish Whips him into the ropes, but the Luchador comes right back with a Flying Headscissors! Psicosis tags in Kendrick! Kendrick charges and catches Chad with a Hurricanrana. In comes James quickly, but Super Crazy wipes him out with a Missile Dropkick! Regal and Burchill assess the situation, but decide against helping their partners, and drop off the apron. Kendrick tags in London, who flies from the top rope with the 450 SPLASH! 1… 2… 3!!!
Winners: The Hooligans & The Mexicools

A really nice pop from the crowd, after the fast and frantic match up. William Regal and Paul Burchill don’t really seem too bothered, leaving The Dicks high and dry, whilst Kendrick, London, Crazy and Psicosis celebrate jubilantly in the ring. Both The Hooligans and Mexicools make the title gesture around their waists, and glances nervously at one another.

We cut quickly to backstage, where JOSH MATTHEWS is standing by with his microphone.

Josh Matthews: Hello, everybody, joining me now is the former WWE Champion … John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield.

The crowd is booing even before JBL enters the shot, which he finally does, clad in his ski-jacket and cowboy hat. JILLAN HALL is right behind him.

Josh Matthews: Now, JBL, you’re involved in a huge Main Event tonight that could possibly earn you an opportunity to challenge Batista at No Way Out, but last Sunday at the Royal Rumble you –

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: Listen, James, nobody wants to hear your questions, nobody wants to hear you run your mouth in that ridiculously high-pitched voice. You’re a microphone monkey, that’s all you are. So do your DAMN job and hold the stick still so that the fans can all hear what their idol has to say.

Heat from the crowd, whilst Matthews cowers slightly.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: At the Royal Rumble, yet again someone had the nerve to tell me to MY FACE that they did not … know … my … name. Better yet, they insulted me. BETTER YET … they implied that I … I JOHN ‘BRADSHAW’ LAYFIELD … was not a ‘MAN’ … was not ‘THE MAN’ of the W … W … E!!!

More boos, as JBL tries to compose himself.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: Just as it is the truth that I held the WWE title longer than ANYONE in the last decade … just as it’s the truth that I defeated men such as Eddie Guerrero, Booker T, The Undertaker, Big Show and Matt Hardy … just as it’s true that the American economy is being ravished each and EVERY day by immigration … IT IS TRUE … IT IS A DAMN FACT … THAT THERE IS NO BIGGER ‘MAN’ IN THE WWE THAN ME!!!

Jillian applauds sycophantically, whilst JBL ignores the crowd.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: Ric Flair, you wanna walk around backstage like you’re ‘The Man’? You wanna walk around with your head so far up your own ass that you think everyone should respect you? That everyone should look up to you? Ric, I don’t care how many Internet polls have you listed as the greatest wrestler of all time; I don’t care if you were big in the eighties! This is 2006 … this is the time of JBL … a wrestler who everyone can look up to … a true AMER – ICAN HERO!!!

The crowd is very loud in the background now, as JBL sneers.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: Jealousy isn’t a good thing, Ric, and putting me out of the Royal Rumble was the worst mistake of your ninety-year career! But guess who walked out of the damn arena huh? And who is lying in a bed right now drinking through a DAMN STRAW!!!?

Jillian nods frantically, and JBL grins at her.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: Come hell or high water, I ALWAYS get the job done, and no matter what washed up World War Two veteran tries to stop me … I will be in the Main Event of Wrestlemania Twenty-Two when I’m named the Number One Contender tonight. Ric … Ric, I smell like smoke because I … have walked … through fire. You, Ric, smell like blood … ‘cause I slapped you in the face!


John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: The time of Ric Flair is done, and I’ll prove that next week, when I hold a … ‘memorial’ for ‘The Nature Boy’ (cue toothy grin)… when I’m Number One Contender. I’ll show you all that now is the time of the ‘WRESTLING –

MATT HARDY steps into the frame to huge cheers, going nose to nose with his rival, JBL.

Matt Hardy: (Whispering intensely) Right now, John, you’re the most hated man in the business. Just thought I’d let you now.

JBL smirks carelessly.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: Why’s that? Because I did what everyone has been dyin’ to do for thirty years? I shut that old man up and put him in the hospital? What’s the matter, Matt, was … (mocking voice) good ol’ Naitch your hero in Carolina?

Hardy nods slowly, his eyes still locked with JBL’s.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: (Whispering) I wouldn’t worry about Ric, son, ‘cause he sure as hell won’t be worryin’ about you after what I do to you in that ring tonight.

Matt Hardy: You’ve been cheatin’ your way all these past months against me, John, and I guess I can live with that. But you do what you did last Sunday to a Legend … and we’ve got ourselves a serious problem, you Jackass –


“Oooos” and boos from the crowd, whilst Hardy looks up.

Matt Hardy: I just hope ya know, Bradshaw, there’s a big list of guys in the back here who are gunnin’ for ya, after what you did at the Royal Rumble … and me … (Right in JBL’s face) I’m right at the top of that list…

Huge pop from the crowd, and for a few moments it looks as though Hardy is going to slug JBL one … but instead Matt pats Bradshaw on the shoulder, before roughly brushing past him, leaving ‘The Wrestling God’ looking furious …but also nervous.


Upon returning from the break, we head to backstage, and into the office of General Manager Theodore Long, who is just hanging up the phone, when he gets knock at his door.

Theodore Long: Come in.

We hear the door open and close, and in comes PAUL HEYMAN. Paul E. receives a VERY mixed reaction from the crowd, leaning towards boos. He and Long shake hands.

Paul Heyman: Mister Long, let me just say it’s an honour for me to finally meet you … sir.

The crowd actually boos Heyman’s familiar sycophantic ways.

Theodore Long: Well, I knew Mister McMahon had hired ‘cha again, playa … but what made ya choose SmackDown?

Heyman cracks a little, furtive smile.

Paul Heyman: Let’s just say I have my … reason … Mister Long, and I can assure you that it will make quite an impact right here on Friday Nights.

Theodore Long: I ‘preciate that, playa, but I’m afraid ya chose to holla at me at a bad time. I’m (checks his watch) meetin’ one of my superstars here in a moment, ya dig?

Paul E. makes no move to leave the room, and instead grins.

Paul Heyman: I’m fully aware of that, Mister Long, and that’s actually why I chose this time to introduce myself to you. I’d like to get acquainted with the rest of the SmackDown roster … if I may, sir?

Long nods happily, gesturing for Heyman to take a seat, which he does. There is a knock at the door shortly, and in comes … BOBBY LASHLEY to a good pop from the fans. Paul E. leaps to his feet immediately. Lashley is wearing his ‘Dominator’ vest and looks very unhappy.

Bobby Lashley: You wanted to see me, Teddy?

Theodore Long: Thas’ right, playa. Now you do know you’re supposed to be in action tonight, but word out … is that you ain’t up for it?

Lashley frowns, glancing quickly at Heyman, who appears oddly excited.

Bobby Lashley: It’s just … why aren’t I a contender for the World title shot at No Way Out?

Theodore Long: Ya know the score, Bobby, I chose those guys ‘cause of their performances at the Rumble or the last couple ‘o weeks. Las’ Sunday, ya didn’t do all that fine in the Rumble, playa, ya feel me?

Lashley’s head drops, but he looks up furiously.

Bobby Lashley: No, I don’t, Teddy. ‘Cause you know what? I was dominating in that damn match at the Rumble until The Undertaker – a man who wasn’t even supposed to be in the ring – got his ass involved! I should be going to the Main Event at Wrestlemania, let alone No Way Out! It’s The Undertaker’s fault!!!

Paul Heyman: (Quietly) Exactly.

Both Long and Lashley glance at Heyman, but Paul E. quickly looks away.

Theodore Long: Bobby, playa, there ain’t nothin’ I can do ‘bout that, but I’m sorry. Ya gonna have to compete tonight anyway.

Bobby Lashley: (Through gritted teeth) Fine.

Heyman suddenly leaps up.

Paul Heyman: You know, Mister Lashley, I’m Paul –

Bobby Lashley: (Walking out) Forget it.

Lashley storms out of the room, slamming the door behind him, whilst Paul Heyman looks on gleefully.

We cut back to ringside, where Michael Cole and Tazz are waiting.

Michael Cole: Bobby Lashley not a happy man after being eliminated by The Undertaker last Sunday it seems. You have to feel for his opponent tonight, although, if you can believe this, this is a debutant Finlay, who actually requested that General Manager Teddy Long find him the best competition he had for his first match.

Tazz: Oh man, I’m so hyped for this, baby. Finlay loves to fight, no doubt. He busted guys up left and right in the Rumble last Sunday with that … shillelagh. But Bobby Lashley looked pissed. This is gonna be great!

***Lambleg*** Some small heat for the relatively unknown as of yet FINLAY, who marches down the ramp stony faces, carrying his shillelagh in his hand, though the referee forces him to relinquish it.

***Unstoppable*** Big pop from the fans, as ‘The Real Deal’ Bobby Lashley storms out onto the stage trying to pump himself up. He sets off his pyro, before locking eyes with Finlay and heading straight down to the ring.

Michael Cole: Prepare yourselves for one of the most physical matches in SmackDown history, folks. These are two rough, tough individuals.

Tazz: I dunno if the damn ring’s gonna hold both men right now.

Match #2: Finlay vs. Bobby Lashley
Just like Cole and Tazz said, this is a very physical match up, especially thanks to Lashley’s anger. The collar and elbow tie up is a straight draw, as both men fight it to the outside. Back in the ring Lashley goes for an Irish Whip, but Finlay reverses it. Bobby lands in the corner and Finlay charges, but Lashley moves and the Irishman collides shoulder first with the Steel ring post. Lashley turns Finlay around and drills him with hard shoulder thrusts, ripping up the insides. Lashley sends Finlay into the ropes, hitting a big back body drop! 1… 2… NO!!! Lashley applies the body scissors/rear naked choke combination on the mat, trying to take the life out of Finlay, but the Irishman seems to be significantly pluckier than that. After breaking the hold, Lashley once again sends Finlay off the ropes with an Irish Whip, but this time Finlay grabs hold of the top rope. Lashley charges rashly, and gets elevated to the outside, where he lands awkwardly on his knee. Sensing this, Finlay shows the technician he his by going to work on the knee, slamming it against the ring apron, before rolling Lashley back into the ring and wrapping his leg around the steel post. Finlay also applies the Celtic Knot, really getting Lashley under pressure, until Bobby finally makes it to the ropes. Finlay tries to lock it in again, but Lashley shoves him away into the ropes. Finlay flies back and Lashley slams hi with a Spinebuster! 1… 2… NO!!! Lashley lifts Finlay up onto his shoulder going for the Running Powerslam, but Finlay slides off and shoves ‘The Real Deal’ into the ropes. Lashley comes right back with a SPEAR! 1… 2… NO!!! The debuting Irishman shows some real resilience against the onslaught of Lashley. Lashley looks for the Dominator, but Finlay shoves him into the turnbuckles chest first. Finlay grabs his shillelagh and walks towards Lashley … who back drops him over the top rope! Lashley picks up the shillelagh, but the referee grabs it walks away to throw it away. Lashley turns to lean over the top rope … STEEL CHAIR TO THE GUT! Finlay throws his weapon away, as Lashley reels, and lifts him up for the Celtic Cross … but Lashley rolls off and connects with another SPEAR! Lashley lays into Finlay with right hands, with the referee trying to pull him off, until Finlay reverses it and pummels Lashley. The two men brawl wildly, as the referee gets knocked down and calls for the bell, with things out of control.
Winner: No Contest

The two brawlers continue to fight across the canvas, as security floods the ring to try and split them up. Finlay tries to get hold of his shillelagh again, but is restrained. Lashley is fuming, whilst Finlay has a huge smirk on his face, as though he is pleased with the competition he has just found. Lashley is escorted from the ring still yelling, whilst Finlay wipes a little cut from his mouth, still grinning.


Returning back from the commercial break we cut backstage to where Bobby Lashley is still fuming, hurling crates around and stomping his way through the locker rooms.

We cut to see STEVE ROMERO is standing by.

Steve Romero: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome my guest at this time … Rey Mysterio.

A smiling Rey Mysterio steps into the shot to a BIG pop.

Steve Romero: This past Sunday, Rey, you came up just short in your efforts to win the Royal Rumble. What are your thoughts right now, ahead of your match as well tonight with Ken Kennedy?

Rey nods slowly.

Rey Mysterio: Before I sat anything about my match tonight, and just wanna say congrats to John Cena. I know the man, I respect the man, and he’s a close friend of mine. Mucho respeto a usted, el amigo.

Cheers from the fans, as Rey smiles.

Rey Mysterio: Last Sunday at the Royal Rumble, I came up short yet again, I didn’t last as long as I did last year, and it hurt … it hurt, Steve, ‘cause I didn’t get the chance to show just how strong my desire to be a Champion truly is.

Mixed reaction from the crowd.

Rey Mysterio: But … but now things are different. I lost my chance to headline Wrestlemania AND live my dream. But that doesn’t mean that I’m going to whine like Randy Orton. The Road To Wrestlemania starts tonight for Rey Mysterio, and you’re all gonna see that it takes much more than a cheap elimination from Booker T to keep me down. Tonight, I go one-on-one with Ken Kennedy … and I know just how much that guy likes to talk … but tonight he better shut his mouth ‘cause tonight he’s in for a taste of the 6 … 1 –

???: Rey Rey!!!

Mysterio stops and, along with Romero, turns to look, as BOOKER T and SHARMELL enter the shot to big heat, with smirks on their faces. Booker is carrying the U.S title over his shoulder.

Booker T: Rey, Rey, Rey, Rey … when’re gonna learn? Ya messin’ in duh big leagues now, Rey Rey, where ya ain’t neva gonna win.

Rey looks on blankly, whilst Booker grins.

Booker T: Y’see, Rey Rey, I tried to tell ya Sunday night before muh match. Butcha wouldn’t listen. You should take the damn hint, Rey Rey, when I put your sorry punk ass over the tope rope!!!

Sharmell: (Smiling broadly) MA MAN!!!

The crowd gives Sharmell heat, whilst Rey glances at her.

Booker T: Tonight, Rey Rey, imma gonna be named Number One Contender to the World … Heavyweight … Championship. Like (glances at his U.S belt) ‘dis dawg needs any more gold around his waist.

Rey shakes his head from side to side, exasperated.

Booker T: So, Rey Rey, you got a match wit’ Mister Kennedy? I betta warn ya, Rey Rey, Kennedy over 200 pounds …

Booker chuckles, and Sharmell laughs sycophantically, before patting the U.S Championship right in Mysterio’s face, before strolling off. Rey looks at Romero, and both men shrug.

We return to the arena.

Michael Cole: Booker T is pathetic. Mocking Rey Mysterio like that. What he did at the Royal Rumble, eliminating Rey from behind, was despicable. I hope for the sake of SmackDown that he isn’t named Number One Contender.

Tazz: Booker’s United States Champ, so I guess he’s got as good a chance as anyone, but I’ll agree, he shouldn’t make fun of Mysterio like that. We all know how Rey can hang with the heavyweights.

***Bawitaba*** More heat than usual for the Cruiserweight Champion KID KASH, as he struts out onto the stage, wearing his usual sneer, before heading to the ring.

***Turn It Up*** Scotty Too Hotty gets his bizarrely consistent pop, a she dances down to the ring.

Michael Cole: What a performance Kid Kash put in at the Royal Rumble this past Sunday. He really took it to the competition; the eventual winner John Cena had a lot of trouble with Kash.

Tazz: C’mon, Cole, he’s the Cruiserweight Champ. What did you expect?

Match #3; Non title: Kid Kash vs. Scotty Too Hotty
A showcase for the Cruiserweight Champion really, who really put himself on the map at the Royal Rumble. Scotty goes for the clothesline off the ropes, but Kash ducks and catches the dancer with a Hurricanrana. 1… 2… NO!!! Scotty rolls to the outside, and Kash follows him, vaulting off the ropes with the BANK ROLL! Kash throws Scotty’s arm into the steel post, before hurling him back into the ring. Kash folds Scotty’s injured arm up and takes him down with an arm breaker. Kash comes off the top with a SPRINGBOARD MOONSAULT! 1… 2… Kash lifts Scotty up, saying, “I’m not done yet”. Kash drags the hapless veteran into the centre of the ring, lifts him up, and plants him with the DEAD LEVEL! 1… 2… 3!!!
Winner: Kid Kash

A very impressive outing from Kid Kash, who retrieves his Cruiserweight gold from the referee, before heading to the top rope to taunt the fans with it.


A video promo hyping the Royal Rumble replay this Sunday.

We cut to Teddy Long’s office once again, where Long is just chatting with Paul Heyman … until RANDY ORTON suddenly bursts in!!!

Theodore Long: What the hell is this? Somethin’ I can do for ya?

Randy Orton: Enough of this … this CRAP! Enough, Teddy! We both know that title shot at No Way Out belongs to me … ME!!!

Randy is positively fuming, as he has been all night, whilst Teddy stands his ground.

Theodore Long: I make my own decisions, playa, ya feel me? Ya gotta earn that title shot, playa.

Randy Orton: I DID EARN IT!!! I won the damn Battle Royal … but you went and put Undertaker in the match!!! I’m am STILL the real Number One Contender … (scowling, breathing heavily) Now give me my title shot …

Orton is right in the GM’s face now, and Long is starting to look a little uncomfortable.

Theodore Long: Randy, don’t try –

Randy Orton: Give it to me.

Theodore Long: You’ve got a –

Randy Orton: Right now. I want my shot confirmed … now.

Teddy frowns and points to the door.

Theodore Long: Ya gotta earn it, playa.

Orton eyes flash darkly, as though he is threatening to do something … before he turns to leave. Orton storms out of the office, slamming the door behind him with a crash. Both Teddy Long and Paul Heyman breathe a sigh of relief.

Back to ringside…

***Turn Up The Treble*** Initially a mixed reaction that becomes heat, as MR. KENNEDY strides down the ramp in his ‘Loud and Proud’ vest. Ken Kennedy steps into the ring and raises his hand into the air, calling for his microphone from the Heavens. Kennedy’s microphone finally lowers and he waits for the crowd to die down before speaking.

Mr. Kennedy: The following contest is scheduled for one fall and it marks the return … of the future of Sport’s Entertainment … to Friday … Nights (Heat). Please don’t applaud whilst the microphone … is in play (some laughter, as KK raises an eyebrow). I weigh in tonight at an absolutely earth shattering 245 pounds. I wrestle tonight in ORLANDO, FLOR-IIIII-DDDD-AAAAA (Loud cheap pop). You know him … you love him … you cannot live without him … MMIISSTTEERRRRRRRRR KKENNNNEEDDDYYYY …

Mr. Kennedy walks over to the corner and climbs the turnbuckle.

Mr. Kennedy: KEN - NA - DAY!!!!

Kennedy throws the microphone into the air, waiting as…

***Booyaka 619*** A massive pop, as Rey Mysterio explodes from the stage, saluting all of his fans warmly, before striding down to the ring. Where KK is waiting.

Michael Cole: It perhaps wasn’t the Royal Rumble that Rey Mysterio had envisioned this past Sunday, where he failed to live his dream, but that does not mean he didn’t do himself proud.

Tazz: Without a doubt, I mean Rey put in a good showing, but so did Mister Kennedy … Kennedy. Man, I love this dude, I’m glad he’s back.

Match #4: Mr. Kennedy vs. Rey Mysterio
A nicely worked match up between the two, with Rey providing the speed and flight, whilst Kennedy is left with the power, mat game. Rey takes it to the cocky young superstar in the opening, catching Kennedy by surprise with a series of Hurriacanranas, before looking for one high risk move too many, and getting drilled with a hard clothesline. Kennedy physically beats up Mysterio, pummelling him in the corner, before racing towards him and nailing a huge boot right to the face! Kennedy drags Rey out. 1… 2… NO!!! Kennedy lifts Rey up an sends him into the ropes, connecting with a Powerslam! 1… 2… NO!!! Kennedy sends Rey into the corner again before charging in, but Mysterio gets his feet up, knocking Ken away. Rey races out and connects with a wheelbarrow suplex into a Bulldog! 1… 2 … NO!!! Mysterio quickly pulls a dazed Kennedy back up and sends him into the ropes with an Irish Whip. Rey ducks too early and Kennedy hits a Sunset Flip. But Rey rolls out off it though and connects with a crackling kick right to the side of Kennedy’s head! 1… 2… NO!!! Rey looks a bit frustrated and pulls KK back up, drilling him with a series of hard shots to the face. Mysterio goes for an Irish Whip again, but Kennedy sends Rey into the ropes instead and goes for a Clothesline. Rey ducks though, and comes back with a Twirling Headscissors, sending Kennedy flying into the middle rope! The crowd pops, as Rey signals for the 619. He goes for it, but Kennedy moves and instead KK comes up behind Rey, connecting with the Green Bay Meatpacker! 1… 2… NO!!! Rey just manages to kick out. Kennedy looks exasperated and pulls Rey up onto his shoulders, going for the Rolling Senton, but Rey counters with a DDT! 1… 2… NO!!! Rey heads up to the top rope, but Kennedy slaps the ropes, and Rey gets dropped on his crotch. Kennedy heads up top, setting Rey up for a Superplex, but Mysterio drills right hand after right hand into Ken’s mid section, before leaping over with a SUNSET FLIP POWERBOMB!!! A huge pop for the highflying move, and Rey covers wearily. 1… 2… FOOT ON ROPE!!! Kennedy struggles back up to his feet, and Mysterio nails with a drop toehold, causing Kennedy to fall across the middle rope yet again. Rey comes off the ropes and hits the 619, sending Kennedy staggering back into the ring. Mysterio springboards off with a Seated Senton, but KK catches him, going for the Rolling Senton, but Mysterio counters with a roll up … but Kennedy rolls through and grabs the tights! 1… 2… 3!!!
Winner: Mr. Kennedy

Kennedy rolls out of the ring quickly, celebrating his victory in a hell of a battle, whilst Rey slaps the canvas in frustration. It has not been the best night for him. Kennedy scurries away, never shutting up of course.

Michael Cole: A cheap win there for Mister Kennedy, but up next is out Main Event, and you have to believe that General Manager Teddy Long is going to be watching it very closely.

Tazz: You better believe it, Cole.

We get a quick shot of Teddy Long backstage, settling himself in front of a monitor, smiling broadly.


Upon returning from the break, we cut straight to ringside in preparation of the Main Event.

Michael Cole: Well, this is the moment we’ve been waiting for. Our huge Main Event is up now; just who will be named the Number One Contender?

Tazz: Tell me about it, Cole, I’ve got no clue.

***Longhorn*** The crowd rises to its feet to boo the man who took out ‘The Nature Boy’. The limousine pulls up alongside the stage, and out comes JBL, along with Jillian Hall. They are both all smiles, as they head to the ring.

***Can You Dig It Sucka?*** The jeers continue, as the U.S Champion marches out, setting off his massive pyro. Booker T and Sharmell head down to the ring, where they converse with JBL and Jillian.

***Burn In My Light*** Another massive reception of heat for ‘The Legend Killer’ Randy Orton, who strides out, barely even bothering with his pyro, eyes focused on the ring, where he says a few words to JBL and Booker.

Michael Cole: I don’t think I’ve ever seen Randy Orton look so focused, and the same can be said for Booker T and JBL. With the possibility of a World Heavyweight title up for grabs, who can blame them?

Tazz: You’re damn right, Cole. These guys have some history with ‘The Animal’, I’m sure they’re all dyin’ for another shot.

***I Walk Alone*** The crowd comes to its feet for the World Heavyweight Champion Batista, who charges out with his title belt. He sets off his jarring pyro, before heading down to the ring, scattering Orton, Booker and JBL in the process.

***Live For The Moment*** Another great reception, as firm fan favourite Matt Hardy comes out, playing to the fans with the V-1 salute. Before heading down to greet Batista in the ring, where they shake hands and watch the entrance, as…




***Graveyard Symphony*** The crowd goes absolutely wild with the largest pop of the night, heralding the arrival of the legendary UNDERTAKER. ‘The Phenom’ makes his long, but always enthralling entrance, as all five men watch on anxiously from the ring, Batista in particular. Undertaker brings the lights back up, and removes his coat/hat, locking eyes with every man.

Michael Cole: Ladies and gentlemen, I wish you could be here to experience this feeling. Two of the biggest stars in this business, Batista and Matt Hardy, have now been joined by THE biggest star in the business … the legendary Undertaker.

Tazz: I got goosebumps, Cole, this atmosphere is electric.

Match #5; Six-Man Tag: Batista, Matt Hardy & The Undertaker vs. Randy Orton, Booker T & JBL
In his usual, classic manner, The Undertaker wastes absolutely no time in getting into the action, attacking a hapless Randy Orton as soon as he has removed his coat. Undertaker lays into his long-term rival in the corner with huge right hands, before Irish Whipping him across the ring into the opposite corner. Undertaker nails a huge corner clothesline, before catching Orton, twisting his arm and heading up top, walking the rope and connecting with OLD SCHOOL! ‘The Deadman’ pulls Orton back up and raises him up onto his shoulder, but Batista makes a blind tag. Some boos from the crowd, as Undertaker was in full flow. Undertaker drops Orton and stares down ‘The Animal’ furiously. Whilst this is going on, Orton quickly tags in JBL, who looks nervous at first, but quickly races across the ring and clubs Batista from behind. JBL whips Batista into the ropes, but Batista reverses it and catches ‘The Wrestling God’ with a huge SPINEBUSTER! 1… 2… NO!!! Batista is in full flow now, as he throws JBL into the corner and lays into him with some crushing shoulder thrusts. Batista backs off and charges, but JBL gets an elbow to the face, sending ‘The Animal’ staggering away. JBL charges, but Batista catches him with a spinning sidewalk slam! 1… 2… NO!!! Batista tags Hardy in, who goes after his rival JBL with aplomb, laying into the former WWE Champion with right hands. It takes a cheap shot from Booker T on the apron to turn the tables, as JBL nails Hardy with a Fall Away Slam for a near fall. The heel team no proceed to work on the smallest man on the match eagerly. Booker T is the legal man and takes Hardy out with a heel kick for a near fall. Booker comes off the ropes and goes for the Scissors Kick, but Matt counters with a SIDE EFFECT! Both men are down, but finally make tags to their corners. Batista comes flying in and wipes JBL out with a SPEAR. Orton goes for an RKO, but gets shoved into the ropes and comes flying back, ducking the slug, connecting with his inverted backbreaker! JBL covers, 1… 2… NO!!! Hardy pummels Orton, knocking him to the outside, and wiping him out with a PLANCHA over the top rope. Both JBL and Batista struggle back up to their feet, and Batista kicks him in the gut, setting up for a Demon Bomb. Blind tag from Undertaker. Booker T catches Batista in the face with a sidekick, knocking him down. Booker turns and gets levelled with a boot to the face, followed by a CHOKESLAM! JBL quickly charges off the ropes, going for the Clothesline From Hell, but Undertaker ducks and lifts JBL up high onto his shoulder, setting him up, and nailing the TOMBSTONE PILEDRIVER! Undertaker performs the darkness pin, tongue out! 1… 2… 3!!!
Winners: Batista, Matt Hardy & The Undertaker

The crowd explodes, as Undertaker rises triumphantly back up, JBL’s fallen frame lying on the mat beneath him. On the outside of the ring, Randy Orton fumes, holding his head, whilst Matt Hardy clutches his arm. The World Heavyweight Champion though, enters the ring and locks eyes with The Undertaker, as…

***MacMillitant*** As expected, out strides Teddy Long with microphone in hand, causing both Batista and The Undertaker to turn and stare at him.

Theodore Long: Lemme jus’ holla at ya a second, playas. Now I promised earlier that I would name a Number One Contender for No Way Out … and that’s exactly what I’m gonna do!

A huge pop from the crowd in anticipation, as Batista stares intently at Long.

Theodore Long: At No Way Out it will be the man who has held the title for almost eleven months … ‘The Animal’ Batista … defending the World Heavyweight Championship against a man he has never faced one-on-one match before … against the man who did not get pinned last Sunday at the Royal Rumble … the four time World Champion … (grinning) the man standing right behind ya, playa. That’s right, at No Way Out … it will be Batista versus…

The crowd holds its breath in anticipation.

Theodore Long: THE UNDERTAKER!!!

The roof nearly blows off the building with the announcement, as Batista nods slowly. On the outside of the ring, Randy Orton blows an absolute gasket yet again, his face red with anger. He begins to storm up the ramp in a rage.

Back in the ring, Batista slowly turns around, his World title belt in his hand, to face his No Way Out opponent. The Undertaker is standing quite still in the centre of the ring, his dark eyes still fixed on ‘The Animal’. Batista takes a few steps towards ‘The Phenom’, going almost nose-to-nose with the legend. Batista raises the World Heavyweight Championship belt up high, scowling in Undertaker’s face, to a great pop from the fans, seeing these two mega stars finally going face to face … BUT UNDERTAKER SUDDENLY GRABS BATISTA BY THE THROAT AND NAILS A HUGE CHOKESLAM!!!

The crowd pops loudly, despite The Undertaker’s actions, because no matter what ‘The Deadman’ does he is always a huge face. Undertaker stands over the fallen ‘Animal’ with a blank look on his face. Undertaker picks up the World Heavyweight Championship belt and holds it high above Batista’s body to the thunderous cheers of the crowd, as we fade out.



Current Card for WWE No Way Out:
Date: February 19th, 2006
Location: 1st Mariner Arena; Baltimore, Maryland
Event Music: Theory Of A Deadman; Deadly Game

World Heavyweight Championship:
Batista © vs. The Undertaker

Current Card for WWE WrestleMania XXII:
Date: April 2nd, 2006
Location: Allstate Arena; Chicago, Illinois
Event Music: I Dare You; Bullets and Octane

WWE Championship:
Kurt Angle OR Triple H vs. John Cena

World Heavyweight Championship:
Batista OR The Undertaker vs. ???????????
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Re: Legend Presents: World Wrestling Entertainment

Smackdown looks solid as usual, Legend. You know I'll have a review up for you in the next day or two.
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Re: Legend Presents: World Wrestling Entertainment

I don't know if you return reviews or not, but here is my review:
D-K-L's Smackdown review

Opening Promo:I think this was a great promo. Randy orton claiming he was screwed out of winning the title was good, he would do that sort of thing in real life so he was very much in character. Having him cut a promo straight away was a good way to keep the fued going too. Having Batista come out was good too, he was in character as he was playing the good face champion. I wasn't suprised to see him challenge Orton for the title.Teddy Long coming out was a bit predictable as we rarely see World Title matches on Smackdown. Long was again in character and it was good how you write exactly how he talks. The main event match looks great, filled with lots of stars. Maybe the person who gets the pin will be the no.1 contender?It was a nice little bit at the end too. BTW I like how you tell us their expressions.

Eight-Man Tag:This was a good match, filled with lots of action. I don't remember much about the Dicks though. It was a nice ending, suprised to see the bluebloods decide not to help their partners though. It's nice to see the match end with a 450 splash, I love that move, it's a shame it's not used more often. I'm glad London got the win, Londrick are my fave team in that match. I would love a fued with MNM, then it would be my two favourite tag teams in recent years.

JBL interview:This was really well written. It's diificult to keep the superstars in character all the time in promos and interviews, but you've done it well here. What JBL had to say was interesting, he was his usual arrogant self. Hardy coming in was good, I like the 'jackass' comment.

Long/Heyman/Lashley segment:This was good. Interesting to see Heyman back on Smackdown. I have never really seen Lashley in that sort of mood, it would be interesting to see. What he had to say was good, it really builds up the number 1 contenders match with all these people wanting to be it.

Lashley vs. Finlay: This was a good physical match. It was typical Finlay to pick apart an injured body part. The ending was good, Finlay trying to cheat was good as it's the type of thing he does. Ending it with a no contest was OK, it leaves it open for a Lashley/Finlay feud. Lashley is certainly in a different mood.

Kid Kash vs. Scotty Too Hotty:Just a squash match really, Scotty didn't really get any offence in.

Kenendy vs. Mysterio:BTW I liked Kenendy's slightly different intro. Added a little humor to it. It was a good match, both superstars had control at some point. It flowed well and was interesting to read. I was expecting Kenendy to get the win. A roll up for the win was good, doesn't make Rey look too weak.

Main Event:This was a good match. I think it was the MOTN as expected. Every superstar seemd to be involved at some point which was good. I was expecting the man who got the cover to be named #1 contender, and that's what happened. It was a good twist at the end with the chokeslam, he made a big statement. The match should be great.

Overall: I enjoyed reading the show, all the matches were good and it had some good promos and interviews too. I'm lookign forward to NWO and Mania already.
I will keep reading and reviewing.

New Be the Booker Thread up now!

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Re: Legend Presents: World Wrestling Entertainment

Legend’s SMACKDOWN Feedback

Mate, I really enjoyed this promo to kick off the show. It was very realistic, particularly what we heard from Orton. He was right in character for the most part. Batista however, seemed out of character here because he sounded much better than what he does in real life. Haha. But seriously, Batista was really good. Dave coming out willing to lay the title on the line immediately is typical of his character, not wanting to back down from a challenge. Teddy comes out and books our Main Event for evening. Teddy was Teddy, you nailed him. This was a really great way to open the show mate, you set the scene perfectly dude. I think you’re building towards Orton v Batista at Wrestlemania. That would definitely make sense. Great start.

Londrick and the Mexicools teaming…that’s pretty awesome. I hate the Dicks, and you know it but this match was very enjoyable. The highflyers really bought some solid action to this match and made it very readable. It was great to see the 450 get busted out and it was very typical of Burchill and particularly Regal’s characters just to walk away without helping the Dicks. Good booking here.

Awesome. That’s all I can say. You write JBL really well and you absolutely nailed him here. Good to see you continue the build towards JBL v Flair. Bradshaw was simply brilliant here, he was very easy to visualise as you kept him in character absolutely perfectly. Matt Hardy coming in at the end was well time as well and it added a little bit of hype and a personal feel towards the match later tonight.

Heyman. Hooray <3 Could you possibly be building towards Lashley v Undertaker? With Heyman at Lashley’s side? That would be brilliant. I loved the way you portrayed Heyman’s character, it was spot on and I’m sure his involvement will open up numerous different avenues for different characters. I look forward to seeing what you do with him.

You portrayed the intensity and just how personal this match up between very well. It seems you might be going down a different line with Lashley which is good because he generally bores me. The ending was well booked as it definitely leaves things open for another match down the line, probably at the PPV. Another well written match where you painted a clear cleared picture as per usual.

Solid promo from Rey and Booker here. Rey was quite bland, but that’s regular with him so I guess he was in character. Booker was pretty spot on. I really hate Sharmell btw and her involvement was timed so well that you further established my hatred for her.

Kid Kash squashes Scotty. Fair enough. Where to next for Kid Kash?

Solid promo from Orton again, showcasing his desire and intensity to get a one on one shot. I think you’re building him towards the Mania Main Event, which wouldn’t be bad as you’re one of the few I actually enjoy when they write him. I would’ve liked to have seen Paul Heyman get involved a little too.

Kennedy picks up a near clean win over Rey. I was banking on some interference from Booker T here but not to be. Good to see you’re not being predictable. Good to see both guys get in some solid offence and the way KK picked up the win means Rey doesn’t come out looking weak at all. Enjoyable match up, another easy win and it’s good to see you maintaining your length with your matches.

One could only imagine the sort of heat JBL would be receiving atm. He really is on a roll. The main event was really enjoyable, everyone had their moment in the ring which was good too. I felt the match lost its way a little in the middle exchanges as Orton just seemingly popped up out of no where looking for an RKO. The blind tag from Taker was a nice touch and I have to say after the build that JBL has received lately, I was disappointed and surprised to see him take the pinfall. I was honestly expecting it to be Booker T or Matt Hardy. It kinda stuns JBL’s momentum but it was the Undertaker, so no real harm done.

Overall, a great show. I enjoyed it thoroughly. I’m intrigued as to what you’ll do with Paul Heyman, I hope he aligns with Lashley. While I’ll be interested to see what Orton does for the next few weeks until after NWO. I’m pretty sure he’ll just piss and moan until he eventually gets the title shot at Mania against Batista. I’m sensing a similar storyline between Tista and Taker as to what happened between Kurt and Taker last year. I think we’ll see the match at NWO have a dusty finish, and then Taker will dominate match on SD only to be screwed out of the match by someone (LASHLEY, hopefully) thus setting up Taker’s match at Mania. Well done mate. No real problems at all, few little spelling and grammar errors but they didn’t hamper things at all.
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Re: Legend Presents: World Wrestling Entertainment

SmackDown’s Feedback for Legend
An okayish promo to kick off SmackDown, although I wasn’t feeling Randy Orton at some times, but that wasn’t biggie. He just looked too generic in those some times, but when you got him in his character, there was no looking back then I guess. Batista, as always, was boring as hell, but thank God you didn’t let him talk more on the mic. And just to tell you, Teddy’s little part also made me entertained. The huge Six-Man Tag Match tonight looks damn good, and it’ll be interesting to see who comes out to be the Number One Contender.

A great match to kick off the action of Friday Night SmackDown! It was a flawless match. I found one error in spelling the name though. It’s called ‘Enzuigiri’. Yeah, just a little typo. Anyway, the match was awesome, with lots of high flying moves here and there, mixed up with some powerful moves from The Bluebloods. Loved the fast-paced action going throughout the match, and the ending was good too. Wins by faces in these types of matches is always a good booking choice in my opinion.

In this promo, JBL started perfect, but when he started using his quotes, I don’t know but it put me off. Matt Hardy then came in, and both men got into a confrontation, which I believe could’ve been better. Hardy looked too generic, but I can’t blame you there because he actually hasn’t got any ‘character’. JBL is surely not gonna win tonight, and I can expect Ric Flair coming up, screwing JBL tonight, while Matt Hardy will probably feud with Booker T for the United States Championship. Let’s see what’ll happen.

You know, this was a very interesting promo here. Paul Heyman’s back on SmackDown –– Interesting. Bobby Lashley sounding like a heel – Interesting. A heel turn of Bobby Lashley –– Very interesting. A feud between him and The Undertaker at ‘Mania –– Very, very interesting. Heyman joining with Bobby Lashley as his manager –– Even more interesting. You know man, I’m excited about how you’re hyping this feud, but yeah, let me just tell you that it would be better if you turn Bobby Lashley heel in a surprising way. And by sounding like a heel won’t be that much surprising because everyone will think that the turn is coming. I suppose The Undertaker getting a win tonight, heading in at No Way Out, only to get screwed by Bobby Lashley. Yeah, that’s too predictable so as I said, it would’ve been better if you’d have kept this as a surprise. Good promo nonetheless.

The match was definitely a good physical contest, and the ending was even better, as it added impact to Finlay’s debut. The match ends in a No Contest, and I’m now expecting Finlay to face Bobby Lashley at No Way Out, before Lashley heads into the main event, screwing The Undertaker out of the title picture. Just a guess anyway.

Boring promo here, but I can’t blame you for that one. Rey Mysterio, as always, was bland as hell, whilst Booker T was boring too. Booker is actually a good mic worker, but he’s good when he’s King Booker. Yep, King Booker > Booker T. I guess my prediction earlier on for Matt Hardy vs. Booker T for the US Championship was wrong I guess. Again; a boring promo, but it makes the scene clear now, as to what’s going to happen in the future.

To be honest with you, it would’ve been better if Scotty 2 Hotty would’ve showed some fight. Just a normal squash match here, which doesn’t really excite me, but it definitely builds up Kash as a dominant Cruiserweight Champ, and it’ll now be interesting to see who challenges him for the CW Title at No Way Out.

Even though this promo build up Orton’s anger and hunger for the World Heavyweight Championship, I wasn’t entertained by this promo at all. I’ve noted one thing though that in your Randy Orton’s promo, he constantly talks like “this … this” or “Me… ME!!!”. I mean, one time or two is okay (This’ll be okay if he’s doing a serious promo by the way), but constantly talking like that, and pausing isn’t a good thing. I hope you get what I’m trying to say.

The “You cannot live without him” line was great. Kennedy was definitely cocky there. An okay, fast-paced match here, but the ending was great with cheap tactic from Mr. Kennedy, who is surely going to get a good push after this I believe. Mysterio, I believe, is heading into No Way Out to face Booker for the US Title, but I’ve got no clue as to what Kennedy will do at the pay per view. I guess that I’ll just wait and see what’s going to happen, right?

Onto the entrances first, just to tell you, I didn’t really like Matt Hardy coming after the World Heavyweight Champ. I know that you want Hardy to get a good push, but it just doesn’t look good that he’s coming after the World Champ. The Undertaker’s entrance, at last, was perfect choice though. Onto the match now, it was a good match up, but I’m confused at the ending. Why did The Undertaker make a blind tag? The Undertaker PINS to get his team the victory, and now let’s hear what the General Manager has to say. And as expected, The Undertaker gets a title shot, but why you’re having him use cheap tactics? First, he made the blind tag in the match, and now, he chokeslams Batista for no reason. Not looking right. Anyway, I guess Orton will now play a huge part in Batista’s match with The Undertaker too. So let’s see. However, I can guess an Orton vs. Batista Match for the Title at ‘Mania.

**Banner/Avy Credit; Princess Xtyne**


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Re: Legend Presents: World Wrestling Entertainment

Thanks for the SmackDown! reviews so far, guys. I only just got a chance to check on them since I've had some Computer problems.

Apple Spitter! The only reason I had Matt Hardy come out after Batista was that I believe that the biggest face should always be last, who was in this case The Undertaker, and the next biggest face should be first, who was the Champ here
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Re: Legend Presents: World Wrestling Entertainment

Legend i have just recently got through some of your earlier shows. Now i think its time to start reading properly. Is it alright if i drop a review starting from your next show?
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