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Re: Legend Presents: World Wrestling Entertainment

Mate the Rumble looks tops, I've had a bit of a look at it and semi-started my review. I'm going to try and knock it off tomorrow if I have time. I've never reviewed a Royal Rumble before, so this should be fun.
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Re: Legend Presents: World Wrestling Entertainment

Legend’s Royal Rumble Feedback

Firstly, mate, awesome video. Loved it. It set the scene perfectly.

John Cena v Shawn Michaels
Royal Rumble Match Qualifier.
What a great way to open the show. The chemistry you had between Cena and Michaels early one was great, with Michaels seemingly getting inside the head of Cena at every chance he had. I’m not sure how I feel about both men kicking out of each others respective finishers, but I must admit I did like the counter to Cena’s axe handle with SCM, very creative indeed however I think it should have been enough to put Cena away. Never the less it does make Cnea look very credible and probably makes his victory a little more impressive. The ending was great, it was really well written as both of them did all they could in order to pick up the win eventually culminating with Cena rolling HBK through. Great match to open the show here mate, I thought the flow lacked a little bit at times but your solid variation of moves and well written descriptions along with your pretty much perfect spelling and grammar compensated for this and covered it up nicely. Great start, you’ve set a tough precedent. ***3/4

Lol. Awesome promo between Flair and JBL here. You captured both characters nicely and I think you could definitely build from this into a future storyline, whether you do or not, I question, but you never know.

I really loved this promo. Angle was incredibility intense. He came across insanely focused, powerful and intent on stopping at nothing to retain the title tonight. Great hype for the match tonight and for a rivalry that has turned very personal.

Batista v Randy Orton v The Undertaker
World Heavyweight Championship
This match proved to be a pleasant surprise. It started out well with ‘Taker and ‘Tista doing their best to beat the fuck out of each other while Orton cowers on the outside. Smart booking to start the match from an Orton standpoint as it’s definitely something I can see him doing in his cunning ways. I expected this to be a dull affair but you proved otherwise, it was written at such a pace that it was captivating for its entirety and just when the flow started to flaw or the match became stale, as matches featuring talent like these three can, you pulled out something else to vary the match and keep it going strong. Batista going through the table was good and does wonders for his character as he comes out of this match looking even stronger having endured such punishment. He did however, recover much to quickly for my liking in order to break that cover. You did an even better job at painting the picture as to what was going on here, your match descriptions, namely the movements of the wrestlers and the incorporations of the crowd made it a very entertaining and enjoyable read. I must admit that the ending really was the strong point of this match, it had my attention entirely and made me want to keep reading, it was particularly well written. I genuinely though Orton had it after he hit that RKO and the Chair Shot. Great match, you’ve topped your earlier effort. ****

This promo was very hit and miss. Bischoff was right on the button, but Cena was pretty average. He just didn’t come across right to me and the promo just didn’t flow as nicely as it could have. Cena hates Bischoff, so you’d expect him to behave and react accordingly, but I don’t feel like he did. So Bischoff just gave him a number huh? It’s obviously number 1. I wouldn’t be shocked in the slightest to see Cena win the rumble. You seem to be giving him a solid push through the show and you’re keeping him fresh in our minds.

Two birds with one stone here. I enjoyed this promo. You established Booker’s cocky, heel, persona as well as maintaining and elaborating Rey’s underdog status. Really solid promo, you portrayed Booker just about perfectly. I don’t think Rey will win, but I think you could well be building toward a feud between Booker and Rey Rey for the US Title, which would be good.

Kurt Angle v Triple H
WWE Championship
This one started out a little monotonously with it starting outside the ring and it seemed like I was forced to wait an eternity just for them to get inside the ring. It was good that you had Angle show his intensity and just how physical this match was going to be, but I feel it just became too much. I’m a fan of a good brawl on the outside, but it did drag on after a bit and became stale and hard to capture a good picture which is odd because you’d been doing such a good job so far tonight otherwise. The real story of this match was the numerous referee bumps, I guess it added to the match in a sense because you had more options that you could explore in that you were pretty much limited to the extent you could take the match but I think you went a little far. It was definitely different for the most part and it was really kept bearable only because of your writing ability. You managed to reel me in at some stages and just when I thought it was starting to flow nicely it dropped off again and it got stale. As I said, your writing ability saved it, you described the movements very well but this was really nothing more than a brawl. A good brawl, but not an entirely captivating one. I also didn’t like the ending, since we’ve already seen a similar sort of finish in the first match of the evening. Also, I may be wrong but I’m sure the Ankle Lock was only mentioned once in the whole match. Given Kurt’s promise to break Hunter’s ankle, I would’ve imagined he’d be trying to lock the Ankle Lock in at every given opportunity, but no. Kurt comes out of this looking strong considering he endured a sledgehammer shot yet he still managed to pick up the win. I’m certain we’ll see a rematch under some sort of No Holds Barred stipulation. I hope this feud continues, while this match probably wasn’t as good as it could have been it definitely adds fuel to the feud given the beating these two have given each other and hopefully we see a rematch at No Way Out. ***

Good promo here with Edge and Batista. You used them both to their full potential with Edge doing the bulk of the speaking whilst Batista was kept brief which is good. I hope this is a hint that we could be seeing Edge cash in on Batista.

It seems that someone took Cade’s number, lucky you had that occur, because the rest of the promo was pretty boring. I hate Cade and Murdoch and you made me hate them more.

Royal Rumble Match Up
I’ve never actually reviewed a Royal Rumble match before so I’m not real sure how I’ll go about this. I think I’m just going to comment on some key points and obviously parts I did and didn’t like as I don’t think there’s any real point in doing the running commentary. Shelton and Cena start off huh? No shocks with Cena, he would well win it. Shelton is no chance. Bradshaw coming out early was no real shock, I expect him to last until Ric Flair comes into the match. You certainly littered the first 10 with plenty of jobbers and guys with no chance at all. I would’ve liked to have seen one more credible name make their way out other than JBL and Kane, just to make it a little more believable from the outset. Kane comes out of this looking absolutely massive. It looks like such a huge threat and his elimination furthers this as everyone was required to get the job done in an attack instigated by Chris Benoit. Benoit comes over looking very dominant as well, obviously he won’t be winning but it’s still nice that he looks dominant. Flair comes out at 16. I can’t wait to see what comes between him and Bradshaw. Shelton eliminates Charlie Haas? Wow. That was unexpected, I forgot Shelton was still in the match tbh. RVD eliminating Striker surprised me man. Striker and Benoit had been going at it for a while and I was certain that Chris would dispose of him. I really enjoyed the phase where we saw a SSP from London, a 5 Star from RVD and the Headbutt from Benoit all in close succession. You don’t see many aerial manoeuvres in the Royal Rumble, so it was good to see. Lol Flair eliminated JBL. Surprise surprise. I hope you are building to a feud here, if you are, excellent booking! JBL comes back in and eliminates Flair as well! Awesome. Woah. HBK turns heel. Cool. There’s going to be more come of this between HBK and Cena, obviously. A Mid Air Spear to Shelton, Wholy crap! That’s awesome. No Lance Cade and he his number has been stolen by THE UNDERTAKER. Awesome stuff. It all makes sense now. Great booking. Well Taker quickly fucks off Bobby Lashley. Fair enough. Hardy goes as well. Booker eliminates Mysterio, it seems you’ve really set up two feuds heading into Wrestlemania tonight with JBL v Flair and Booker v Rey. RVD’s elimination was nice, his exchange with Edge was awesome and highly enjoyable. They demonstrated a very solid chemistry. Shelton is finally gone. He was great, I forgot him sometimes but for the most part he was really great and I guess you want to do something with him. Edge is out and it’s down to John Cena and the Undertaker as the final two. The final two’s face off was particularly good, very well written and it flowed really nicely too. You managed to capture the sheer emotion of winning the Royal Rumble by some excellent incorporation of the crowd. John Cena wins it. Well I’ll be.

Anyway, a highly enjoyable Rumble match, mate. You wrote it very well, it got a bit sloppy at times but for a match that can turn into a clusterfuck very quickly, I guess that is to be expected. Some of the booking decisions you made were really very good, particularly on the Flair/JBL and the Mysterio/Booker front. HBK’s assault of Cena makes his victory even more special, and it definitely does wonders for his superman character but it is definitely obvious that there will be more to come of Cena and Michaels. Your use of guys like Shelton Benjamin was also great, as he will benefit greatly from his showing tonight. As usual your spelling and grammar was pretty spot on for most of the time. I noticed a few errors, but nothing major that hampered the flow. Great match mate, really well written you did an excellent job in creating a clear cut visualisation for the Rumble. Great match. ****1/4

Great show overall mate. Really enjoyed it as the road to Wrestlemania begins! Well done. Sorry for the lateness of this review, but you haven't been here anyway, so I guess it's not that bad.

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Re: Legend Presents: World Wrestling Entertainment

Okay, I'm back off holiday in earnest now so I should be able to get things up and running properly. Firstly I'd like to say a big thanks to Hataf (Apple Spitter), DDMac, Renegade, and PARANoIR for the wonderful Royal Rumble feedback. I really appreciate it, guys. I'm awaiting 'Gade's Survivor Series, DDMac's next Raw, PARANoIR's Out Of Exile, and I'm working hard to get up to date with Hataf's Wrestlemania. Thanks, guys.

This might have been unclear after the Royal Rumble, so I'll clear it up...

Originally Posted by Wrestling Observer Newsletter

During the Royal Rumble match Chris Benoit re-injured his already fragile shoulder area, slipping a disc when being eliminated. It is initially thought that he will be out of action for up to and possibly over 8 months. This has scuppered the plans the WWE had for Benoit to face The Undertaker at Wrestlemania, later turning heel as a result. Benoit's feud with Undertaker was expected to be a lengthy one, a dream feud of sorts. It was rumoured that, by the end of 2006, Chris Benoit would be getting another run with the World Heavyweight Championship.

With Benoit out of the picture the WWE has encountered the problem of what to do with The Undertaker at Wrestlemania, since his match with Benoit was going to be a vocal point of the PPV. Names being tossed around now to replace Benoit are Randy Orton (in a rematch of WM21), Carlito, Ken Kennedy and Bobby Lashley. As of now Paul Heyman is campaigning hard for Bobby Lashley to be the one to get the nod. It is thought that a huge heel turn for Lashley and a manager could erase fears of his poor mic skills and turn him into a credible and long term rival for The Undertaker.

If this is the case though, the WWE must search for an angle in which to place Randy Orton. One possible solution would be to insert him in the Money In The Bank Ladder match, but the general feeling is that he is too big for such a match, and would instead benefit more from returning to his Legend Killer moniker. Names being mentioned include Dusty Rhodes, Ricky Steamboat, Hulk Hogan (the odds on favourite apparently), and, strangely, Bret Hart.
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Re: Legend Presents: World Wrestling Entertainment

Jonathan, the situation with Chris Benoit looks fine now. Lashley vs. The Undertaker will be a solid feud. However, I believe that Carlito [ ] will also be good as The Undertaker's opponent. Onto the Randy Orton situation, I'd love to see him wrestling Dusty Rhodes, Ricky Steamboat, or Hulk Hogan. I don't know why, but I feel that Bret Hart vs. Randy Orton will look a bit unrealistic, especially because Hart would not like to come back to the WWE.

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Re: Legend Presents: World Wrestling Entertainment

'Ey Legend. Just wanted to drop in and say you seem to be doing a very good job so far, and that I will be attempting to read and feedback your next Raw. Keep up the solid job mate.

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Re: Legend Presents: World Wrestling Entertainment

WWE Monday Night Raw Preview January 30th, 2006

This week Monday Night Raw rolls into Orlando, Florida coming off the back of the most star studded Royal Rumbles in WWE history.

When all the smoke had cleared, it came down to two superstars left in the ring: The legendary Undertaker of Friday Night SmackDown, and Raw's own John Cena. 'The Doctor Of Thuganomics' would ultimately pick up the victory, booking his spot in the Wrestlemania Main Event. Who will Cena choose to face come April 2nd? We will hear from the former Champ this Monday.

Another man with some explaining to do is 'The Heartbreak Kid' Shawn Michaels. After losing in his Royal Rumble Qualifying match up to John Cena last night, the veteran HBK seemingly snapped and assaulted 'The Doctor Of Thuganomics' during the Royal Rumble match, almost costing Cena it all. HBK has not been seen since that night. What will HBK have to say if indeed he chooses to show up?

In one of the most brutal WWE Championship matches in the history of the Royal Rumble, Kurt Angle emerged still with the gold around his waist. But the Olympian did not walk out of the arena. Triple H was still fuming from the result when last he was seen, but what will he have to say to the WWE Champion regarding the manner of Kurt Angle's victory?

One true great of professional wrestling and one very jealous ego. 'The Nature Boy' Ric Flair clashed backstage with SmackDown's own John 'Bradshaw' Layfield, leading to a confrontation during the Royal Rumble match itself. Naitch gained the upperhand by eliminating JBL, but the self-proclaimed 'Wrestling God' showed his disgust by eliminating Flair later in return, and brutally assaulting the 16-time World Champion on the outside. Will Ric Flair even be able to leave the hospital to make it to Orlando this week?

Also, in two huge announcements by Raw's General Manager, we will see the returning Rob Van Dam in action for the first time in six months, as he takes on the man who eliminated him from the Royal Rumble this Sunday, 'The Rated R Superstar' Edge. One other match involves the disgruntled team of Lance Cade and Trevor Murdoch, whose Rumble spots were stolen by The Undertaker. Eager for revenge, Cade and Murdoch will face the team of Charlie Haas and ... the Intercontinental Champion Shelton Benjamin. What was going through Eric Bischoff's mind when he made such a pairing? No one knows, especially given the tension between the former friends Haas and Benjamin of late. Will they be able to co-exist, or will the subject of Benjamin eliminating Haas from the Rumble be too much for Charlie to take?

Plus, watch out for superstars such as Carlito, Gregory Helms, Eugene, and Trish Stratus, who will all be gracing us with their presence in Florida. Monday Night Raw comes to you at 8/7 central on Monday night. Don't miss it; it's going to be a Raw to remember...
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Re: Legend Presents: World Wrestling Entertainment

The preview looks to be solid, I'm looking forward to the Cena promo and possibly an HBK or Angle one, both sound fun. The tag team match gives me a thought about something, but I won't say anything since it could spoil something. The Flair thing sounds intriguing aswell, I'll be keeping my eye on how things go all together with these storylines, PM me when the show is up, or IM me, because I may not be online. I apologize for not getting you that review you wanted, but I promise that I will be reviewing each and every one of your shows for a very long time. Promise,
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Re: Legend Presents: World Wrestling Entertainment

I'm expecting the Michaels-Cena program to continue after what happened at the Royal Rumble. Michaels involved in a triple threat capacity with Cena at Mania? Quite possible. Looking forward to Raw.

for the week of September 28th


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Re: Legend Presents: World Wrestling Entertainment

Firstly, welcome back man, it's great to see you back in the swing of things once again. The Raw preview looks great, I'll be sure to drop a review by, despite not having an active thread at this particular point in time. Keep up the solid work mate.

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Re: Legend Presents: World Wrestling Entertainment

The Raw preview looks fantastic Legend, I'll be checking it out for sure.

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