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TNA: Changing The Face Of Pro Wrestling

November 13th 2004

TNA Bookers Meeting

::The scene is set with Scott DíAmore, Jeff Jarrett, Jeremy Borash, Mike Tenay, and Terry Taylor sitting around a round table::

DíAmore: Guys, Turning Point came off like a million bucks, but we are still missing something. We need to take TNA to a new direction.

Jarrett: A new direction, we just brought in Jay Reso, what else could we possibly do Scott?

DíAmore: This whole booking by committee thing isnít working. We all want different things for the company. We need one man to run everything while we just over look everything.

Jarrett: Fine then, call up Russo or whoever and see how much they want.

DíAmore: Iím not talking about Russo. Iím talking about somebody from the outside.

::Everyone in the room looks shocked::

DíAmore: Think about it. Right now WWE has their Hollywood writers where they disrespect the great name of Eddie Guerrero and are holding down top talent like Benoit, Benjamin, and others.

Jarrett: No No No. I refuse to bring in some punk kid who only knows about wrestling because he reads the internet.

DíAmore: But thatís what we need Jeff. We need some punk kid who knows what other fans want. We need some punk kid that knows wrestling. We need some punk kid who wants to see the company succeed. We need some punk kid who can give the fans what they want.

Jarrett: We have that now.

DíAmore: But we donít Jeff. Right now we have 4 guys who want to focus on 4 different things for the company. We need 1 person who wants 1 certain thing for the company.

Jarrett: But Scott some kid who has never been in the business?

DíAmore: Jeff, everyone needs a break. Most guys just werenít born into the business. Somebody gave them a break and they took it and ran with it. We need to give some kid a break and see if he takes it and runs with it. We wonít give him all the booking power. Mike, Jeremy, Terry and Myself will overlook him and if we think a certain idea is bad for business we will shoot it down. We just need 1 person running things, not 4. Listen, letís all take a vote on whether or not this would work. Everyone in favor of bringing somebody in from the outside, raise your hand.

:: DíAmore and Tenay raise their hands::

Jarrett: And everyone in favor of keeping things the way they are, raise your hand

::Jarrett and Taylor raise their hands::

Jarrett: Well itís up to you Borash.

Borash: While I think bringing somebody new in has itís flaws, as long was we over see what he does, I have no problem with it.

DíAmore: Then itís settled

Jarrett: Fine, but I donít like it one bit.

::Jarrett gets up and storms out of the office::

(The rest of the story is now in 1st Person Point Of View)

November 15th 2005

Being the Wrestling enthusiast that I am, I checked PWInsider.Com in the morning to see the news from the past day. The following headline was at the top of the page:

ďTOP STORY: TNA Looking For Outside Head BookerĒ

I wasnít sure if this was all in storyline or if it was true, so I checked it out. The following appeared on my screen after I clicked the link:

ďTNAWrestling.Com made the following press release this morning:

ĎTNA Wrestling is proud to announce that the head booking spot has become available (How could you be proud to announce that?) Scott DíAmore and the rest of the booking committee has stepped down in favor of bringing in someone from the outside. If you meet the following qualifications then please send a resume and a paper on how you would help TNA.


1. Male/Female who has been watching wrestling for at least 10 years (Check)
2. Has been watching TNA with a passion for at least 2 years (Check)
3. Knows what the fans would respond positively too (Check)
4. Willing to put in hard work and many hours at the office (Check, hey it beats college)
5. Wants to see TNA succeed and help them rise to the top (Check)

Again, if you meet all of those qualifications then please send a resume and a paper to:

Orlando, Florida
Universal Studios
1254 Universal Dr
P.O. Box 23821

We will be in contact with you within 2 weeks of the time you send your package. Thank YouíĒ

So I did just that. My resume was pretty B Level but seeing how I was a English and Journalism Major, I felt really good about my paper. 2 Weeks couldnít come soon enough

November 30th, 2005

I got home from lunch at McDonalds and walked over to the answering machine. 3 messages.

1. Jeremy, Itís mom. You never call ::delete::
2. Yo man, you gonna to the game tonight? Hit me back with an answer. Out.
3. Hello, Mr. Lambert. This is Dixie Carter President of TNA Wrestling. We reviewed your resume and paper and would like to fly you to TNA Headquarters for a meeting. A plane ticket has been sent to you and should arrive within days. Hope to see you on December 3rd.

Wow, that was the only thing I could say. And I left it at that.

December 3rd 2005

I received my plane ticket in the mail on December 2nd. One day to pack and think about my meeting, thanks TNA. On the plane I just went over some recent wrestling news and recent results and thought to myself what could I bring to the table.

I got off the plane to see a cab waiting. Couldnít even spring a limo for me? The cab took me to Universal Studios. I walked into the arena and clearly saw that nothing was going on, on this day. I shook hands with one of the Harris Brothers and he showed me to the office. I tried to spark a conversation with him but he didnít budge. I walked into the office and saw Jeff Jarrett along with Scott DíAmore.

DíAmore: You must be Jeremy Lambert

Me: Yes sir

DíAmore: Well Iím sure you know that I am Scott DíAmore and this is Jeff Jarrett

Jarrett: Nice of you to dress up

While he didnít have to be a prick about it, he was right. I was wearing a WWE Christian T Shirt and blue jeans.

Me: Yeah, Iím not really a suit and tie kind of guy

DíAmore: Good, Iím sick of suit and tie guys. Have a seat and lets get down to business.

I sat down on the other side of Jarrett, right next to DíAmore.

DíAmore: We read and reviewed everything and we like what we think you can bring to the table. We are going to tell you our plans and you tell us yours. Sound good?

Me: Sounds good

3 Hours Later

DíAmore: I like where this is going. Well Mr. Lambert, you start after Turning Point.

I couldnít say anything at that point. I was in complete shock.

Jarrett: I like your ideas, just donít fuck up anything. Got it?

DíAmore: I think heís got it Jeff

What I got, is a job with TNA.

My Comments: I haven't seen a TNA BTB so I thought I would give it a shot. A little rough to start. Iím trying something new here so bare with me. Every other BTB Iíve seen just jumps into it, Iím trying to create a story within the booking. Not a great back-story but itís just a back-story. Iíll probably post the next piece later today or tomorrow. So stay tuned.

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Re: TNA: Changing The Face Of Pro Wrestling

December 11th 2005

Backstage At Turning Point

So here I was, backstage at the final TNA PPV of the year. I was nervous beyond imagination. I basically just sat there and watched everyone pass me by until Scott came up to me.

DíAmore: How you feeling kid?

Me: Nervous, I havenít said a word to anyone

DíAmore: Well come on, let me introduce you to the gang

Before we got anywhere, Larry Zybsko came running up to us in a panic

Zybsko: Scott, have you seen Hardy?

DíAmore: I canít say that I have

Zybsko: Iím about sick of him. Heís always late and now heís no showing another PPV. If I could fire him, he would be gone in a heartbeat

After that, Larry stormed off.

Me: Why isnít he gone?

DíAmore: Heís a merchandise seller.

Me: Thatís it?

DíAmore: More or less. Jeff sells a lot of t-shirts for us so we keep around for the time being. He will no doubt get suspended for this but he wonít be fired. Now come on, let me introduce you to the guys

We walked around until we hit the male locker room. We walked in and Scott cleared his throat getting everyoneís attention

DíAmore: Listen up. This here is Jeremy Lambert. After tonight, heís the one that will determine if you Main Event next monthís PPV or if youíre on the pre-show. So start kissing his ass.

Nobody seemed to care as they all went back to whatever they were doing. DíAmore wouldnít give up though. We walked over to where Jay Reso was and Scott introduced me.

DíAmore: Jay meet Jeremy

Reso: Hey man, whatís up?

Me: Wow, itís a pleasure to meet you Mr. Reso

Reso: Yeah whatever. Listen up, I came to TNA to be the World Heavyweight Champion and right now Iím on a roll. I didnít want some punk kid like you coming in and screwing up my push, understand me?

DíAmore: Jay, just hold on a second

Reso: No Scott, you hold on. I was fine with how things were around here. Now you bring in some internet retard who creams his pants when Hulk Hogan hits his little leg drop. Itís pathetic to be honest with you. AndÖ.hell, Iím just kidding with you.

Me: Oh man, that was a good one

Reso: Yeah. But listen, donít let anyone talk down to you around here. You run the show now. You control their fate. If they mouth off to you, job them to Shark Boy or something. But hey, I got a big match tonight so weíll take later about some stuff, cool?

Me: Cool

DíAmore: Ok Jeremy, get to know the workers; Iíve got business to take care of.

So thatís exactly what I did. I walked around and talked to a few workers and got their opinion of the company and where it was heading. I didnít want to bother anyone too much because it was a big night and I didnít want to throw them off their game.

Turning Point 2005 Results

Sabu defeated Abyss in a Barbed Wire Match: This match was what I expected, a bloody brawl. I enjoyed watching these 2 putting their bodies on the line for the company. I didnít like the decision to put Sabu over but I could work around it.

Matt Bentley & Austin Aries defeated Roderick Strong & Alex Shelley: This match needed some type of build and got none. Thatís ok though because I had a plan for everyone of them and you are about to see big things from Shelley and Bentley.

Raven defeated Chris K: I hated that we couldnít use the name ďKanyonĒ but oh well. This whole Raven deal needed an ending and I was about to solve that.

Team Canada defeated 4LK: I was very happy to see Konnan turn on the rest of the Kru. Now I could do what I wanted with each other them. I also had some plans with Team Canada.

Chris Sabin, Sonjay Dutt, & Dale Torborg defeated Diamonds In The Rough: This match gained us some national attention that was really the whole point. I didnít like the use of Elix Skipper and I was about to change that.

Christian Cage defeated Monty Brown: I couldnít believe Christian went over clean but I was happy with it. Now I had to solve the problem of having too many contenders chasing one title.

Team 3D defeated America's Most Wanted: Well this feud wasnít over by any means. The question was, how could I continue it?

Samoa Joe defeated AJ Styles to win the X Division Title: This was an awesome way to end the X Division year. I tried talking to both men after the match but each of them had busted their jaws with all the stiff shots. The Daniels return was nice and made it easy for me to book a Daniels/Joe feud while giving AJ some much needed time off.

Jeff Jarrett defeated Rhino to retain the World Title: Iím about over the over booked Jarrett title matches. I knew it was going to be tough, but I had to somehow lobby my way into taking the title off Jarrett. Sting coming back to the company is nice but crowds the main event picture a bit more.

So the final TNA PPV of 05 came off pretty well I thought. Now the real challenge begins.

My Comments: Ok, now the booking begins. Next post will have a roster and some other basic info so stay tuned.

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Re: TNA: Changing The Face Of Pro Wrestling

This sounds very interesting and I will be reading. Keep this up because it could be a hit.

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Re: TNA: Changing The Face Of Pro Wrestling

This is very, eh, different. Really cool idea though, actually involving yourself in the thread. I like it, good look man.

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Re: TNA: Changing The Face Of Pro Wrestling

Most people on these boards aren't used to these types of BTB's, but I am, and I love them. I will definitly be reading!

This forum needs more of:
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Re: TNA: Changing The Face Of Pro Wrestling

This is very neat... good job
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Re: TNA: Changing The Face Of Pro Wrestling

The backstory is very good, and it looks as if you know what you are doing. Good luck with this
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Re: TNA: Changing The Face Of Pro Wrestling

December 13th 2005

Backstage at iMPACT! Tapings

So now the journey begins. Being backstage at Turning Point was fun, but it wasnít work. Tonight, the work started and it started early. I guess Jarrett was pissed off over what DíAmore told him.

Jarrett: Lambert, what in the hell are you thinking?

Me: About what Jeff?

Jarrett: Donít play dumb with me kid. This idea of yours, itís not going to work and when it doesnít work, Iíll be the first to laugh right in your face.

Me: So thatís how our relationship is going to be?

Jarrett: Relationship? I didnít want you here in the first place. This isnít a relationship itís more like a one night stand. Everyone knows that I run the show around here, youíre just here because Scott wasnít thinking straight one day.

Luckily for me, back up was just around the corner.

Christian: Jeff, you giving the kid a hard time?

Jarrett: Did you hear his bright idea?

Christian: Yeah and personally, I like it.

Jarrett: Well of course you like it, it benefits you.

Christian: And the company.

Jarrett: Whatever. Listen Lambert, you stay out of my way and everything will be just fine got it?

Lambert: Youíre the boss

Jarrett: And donít you forget it

Jarrett left and I was left talking with Christian

Christian: Donít worry about him heíll get over it sometime or another.

Lambert: Thanks

Christian: But listen, Raven wants to talk to you about something big.

Lambert: He say anything else?

Christian: No, just that itís a good step in the right direction for the company.

Lambert: Thanks for the info

I searched and finally found Raven and boy was Christian right when he said that Raven had a big plan.

Lambert: Hey, Christian told me you needed to see me

Raven: Yeah, huge news out of WWE

Lambert: About Benoit?

Raven: No, about another man.

Lambert: Who?

What else was said in the conversation I canít reveal. Just know that we were about to bring in a former star, even if it was for one night.

Two Weeks Of Impact! Spoilers

Results for the 12/17 Show:

*Alex Shelley defeats Austin Aries

*Rhino defeats Kenny King

*Samoa Joe defeats Sonjay Dutt

*Monty Brown defeats Sabu

Results for the 12/24 Show:

*Matt Bentley defeats Elix Skipper

*Team Canada defeat The Naturals

*Christian Cage & Rhino defeat Americaís Most Wanted

My Comments: No, that is not how I book my shows. Those are just spoilers for those who want to know the winners. The actual results are detailed. Oh and to see the spoilers, just highlight incase you didn't catch that. I also decided to use wrestlers names and not real names so I didn't confuse anyone. The actual Impact Show results will probably be posted late tonight or tomorrow.

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Re: TNA: Changing The Face Of Pro Wrestling

From TNAWrestling.Com:

12/17 iMPACT! Preview

On the first Impact after Turning Point, TNA heads in a new direction.

At the end of Turning Point we saw the symbol of the scorpion, which can only mean one thingÖSTING IS COMING TO TNA! Will Sting show up this Saturday Night?

Also at Turning Point, Christian Cage defeated Monty Brown in a #1 Contenderís Match for the World Title. We will hear from the new #1 Contender this Saturday on SpikeTV

There will be 2 X Division Matches this Saturday on Impact! First, ďThe Student Of The GameĒ Alex Shelley takes on Austin Aries. As well as New X Division Champion Samoa Joe taking on Sonjay Dutt. This will be Samoa Joeís first X Division title defense.

In the Main Event on Impact, Monty Brown will take on Sabu. Can Sabu continue his momentum after a win against Abyss in the Barbed Wire Massacre or will Monty Brown end his losing streak 1?


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Re: TNA: Changing The Face Of Pro Wrestling

Nice BTB. Keep it up and this could become a trend.


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