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Re: TNA: Changing The Face Of Pro Wrestling

Well I persoannally can't wait liek i was signing off and i was like o crapa nd i got sall teh way back here to read this

P.S. my cpu is slow as s*it sotht took bout 15 minutes

I mean to live my life an obedient man, but obedient to God, subservient to the wisdom of my ancestors; never to the authority of political truths arrived at yesterday at the voting booth.
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Re: TNA: Changing The Face Of Pro Wrestling

January 7th 2006


ĒThis is TNAÖThe New Face In Professional WrestlingĒ

::A video plays recapping The Team Jarrett vs. Team Christian feud::

::TNA iMPACT! Opening Video::

::The camera cuts right to the backstage area where Jarrett is in the office of Larry Zybsko::

Jarrett: Zybsko, all I want to know is will Sting be here tonight?

Zybsko: I told you Jeff, I donít know. I didnít know he was going to show up last week and I donít know if heís going to show up this week.

Jarrett: Well Iíll tell you what Larry, until you find out if Sting is going show or not, Iím not wrestling

Zybsko: Well Iíll tell you what Jeff, if you donít wrestle tonight, I will strip you of your World Title, replace you in Hell On Earth, and the winner of Hell On Earth will become the new World Champion. The choice is all yours Jeff.

::The camera goes to the Impact Zone where Samoa Joeís theme begins to play::

Tenay: Well ladies and gentlemen we are going to kick things off with the X Division Champion Samoa Joe taking on up and comer Jay Lethal.

::Joe walks down the ramp and gets into the ring. He glares at Lethal, already in the ring, and then turns his back not caring about him::

Samoa Joe vs. Jay Lethal

Lethal begins by attacks Joe from behind. He forearms Joe in the back and follows it up with a dropkick to the back of Joeís head. Lethal continues to pound on the back of Joe. Lethal turns Joe around in the corner. Lethal dropkicks Joe in the chest. Lethal tries to whip Joe to the other side but Joe reserves it. Lethal catches himself and runs up the turnbuckles to the top turnbuckle. Joe walks to where Lethal is. Lethal tries a moonsault but Joe just walks away not caring. Lethal tries to get up but Joe hits him with stiff kicks. Lethal goes down on his back, Joe bounces off the ropes, jumps, and drops a knee across the throat of Lethal. Joe picks Lethal up and shoots him into the corner. Joe charges at Lethal and hits him with a high knee. Lethal sits down in to corner. Joe face washes Lethal with his boot. Joe backs up, charges at Lethal, and catches him with a boot square to the face of Lethal.

West: Joe is just showing his raw power right now

Joe picks Lethal up off the ground and sets him on the top rope. Joe locks Lethal on the top of his shoulder and takes him off the corner. Joe spins and drops Lethal with The Muscle Buster. Joe covers Lethal. 1Ö2ÖJoe picks Lethalís shoulder up off the mat.

Tenay: Just end it Joe, heís had enough

Joe turns Lethal over and locks him in The Chokeout. Lethal quickly taps out.

Winner Ė Samoa Joe

After the match Joe keeps The Chokeout locked on Lethal. The ref tries to pull him off but has no success. Officials come out to try to break the hold but they fail as well. Christopher Daniels charges from the backstage area and slides into the ring. He begins to stomp on Joe. Joe still refuses to break the hold and even yells at Daniels to hit him harder. Daniels continues to stomp on Joe but Joe still refuses to break the hold. Daniels now stomps on the face of Joe until Joe breaks the hold and catches the foot of Daniels. Joe stands up still holding Daniels foot. As Joe gets up, Daniels nails him with an enzuguri. Joe doesnít go down though. Daniels kicks him in the gut and goes for the Angels Wings but Joe breaks out of it. Joe shoves Daniels off. Daniels fires a series of chops at Joe. Joe fires a series of kicks at Daniels. Daniels goes for another chop but Joe catches Daniels square in the head with a kick. Daniels drops down to a knee and Joe again fires a stiff kick to the head of Daniels. Joe decides to spare Daniels so he turns around, grabs his title and towel, and leaves the ring.


::We return to see a close up shot of Mike Tenay and Don West::

Tenay: Ladies and gentlemen as we left you Christopher Daniels was down in the ring after two crushing kicks by Samoa Joe. We can report that Daniels has been taken to the hospital and tests will be run on him to see if he suffered another possible concussion.

::The camera cuts backstage where Elix Skipper and Don Callis are speaking with the Diamonds In The Rough::

Simon: Ok Elix, hereís your contract. Now if you really want out, I will tear it up right now.

Callis: Did I not make myself clear to you last week? My client wants out of his contract and wants to be a free man now tear up the contract

::Simon proceeds to rip up the contract::

Simon: There you go Elix, youíre a free man

Callis: My client and I would like to thank you

::Simon leaves the screen::

Callis: Now that Mr. Skipper is on his own, it means that talent less fat will no longer hold him back. At Final Resolution, in the 6 Points Of Impact match, Mr. Skipper will prove to the world that he is one if not the greatest athlete in this sport today. He will prove to the world that he carried the Diamonds In The Rough to any success that they ever obtained. My client is a hot commodity and he will prove that at Final Resolution.

::The camera cuts back to the Impact Zone where Team Canadaís theme hits. Bobby Roode, Eric Young, and Scott DíAmore come out with the Canadian Flag. The pyro goes off and Eric Young jumps but then plays it off. Team Canada enter the ring as the New Age Outlaws theme hits. The Outlaws come out to a good pop and they play to the crowd::

Tenay: Well folks you have been waiting to see this reunion since March when Kip James came to TNA and here it is. The New Age Outlaws back on the tag team scene.

::The Outlaws enter the ring and BG James grabs the mic::

BG James: Ladies and Gentlemen welcome to the Impact Zone!

::Team Canada has heard enough and they jump The Outlaws before BG can go any further::

Team Canada vs. The New Age Outlaws

Team Canada stomp The Outlaws down to the mat as the bell rings. The ref gains some control, Roode and BG are the legal men. Roode continues to stomp away on BG. Roode picks up BG and shoots him into the ropes. BG bounces off the ropes and Roode connects with a clothesline. Roode makes a quick tag to Eric Young. Young comes in and stomps on BG. BG begins to get up so Young tags out and Roode looks upset at the tag. Roode comes in and scoop slams BG back down. Roode drops a quick elbow on BG then plays to the crowd. BG begins to get up. Roode and BG trade punches and BG begins to gain the advantage. BG hits him with 3 rights and goes for the big left but Roode cuts him off with a clothesline. BG gets up and Roode picks him up with his hands. Roode press slams BG back down to the mat. Young, perched on the top rope, gets tagged in. Young leaps from the top rope and drops the elbow on BG. Young makes the cover. 1Ö2.. Kip James makes the save. The ref gets tied up with Kip, which allows Team Canada to double team BG. Roode becomes the legal man after he slaps his own hand to create the sound of a tag. Roode continues to stomp away on BG. He lifts BG up, whips him into the corner, and follows him in with a clothesline. He picks BG up in the corner. Roode runs and drops BG with a running powerslam. Roode makes the cover. 1Ö2.. BG kicks out. Roode yells at the ref then tags in Young. Young comes in and drops a series of elbows on BG. Young grabs the leg of BG and puts him in a half boston crab. Young applies pressure as BG tries to fight out of it. BG slowly crawls to Kip James. Roode tries to warn Young that BG is close to making the tag but Young just thinks nothing of it. BG continues to crawl to the outstretched arm of Kip. Roode continues to try and tell Young that BG is close to making the tag. Young continues to think Roode is not meaning what he is saying. BG makes the tag to Kip and the crowd explodes. Young releases the hold thinking that the crowd reaction meant that BG tapped out. Young turns around to see Kip right in front of him. Young falls to the mat and then slowly crawls backwards towards Roode. He gets to the corner and tags in Roode. Roode steps in and runs into a clothesline by Kip. Roode pops back up and eats another clothesline. Roode pops up again, Kip picks him up and press slams him down. DíAmore gets up on the apron seeing his team in trouble. The ref goes over to talk to DíAmore. DíAmore tosses the hockey stick to Young. Young is about to hit Kip with the hockey stick when BG cuts him off. The hockey stick falls to the mat as BG and Young spill to the outside. Kip sees the hockey stick and picks it up. Roode gets up and Kip breaks the hockey stick over the head of Roode. Kip kicks the broken hockey stick to the outside. The ref turns around to see Kip covering Roode. 1Ö2Ö3

Winners Ė The New Age Outlaws

After the match The Outlaws celebrate in the ring. Out of nowhere, Konnan and Apolo attack The Outlaws.

Tenay: What the hell? Is Apolo the first member of Konnanís new crew?

Konnan and Apolo continue to stomp The Outlaws down to the mat. Konnan and Apolo play to the crowd.


::We return to see Raven in a dark room::

Raven: It is written that ďFreedom Is Slavery.Ē This statement could not be truer than in my situation. Larry Zybsko thinks that by locking me up in some dark room, that he will somehow weaken me and that I will sign my release. Larry Zysbko thinks that in this room, I have some type of slave. Well Larry Zybsko is wrong. This dark room is larger than my entire child hood house. Iíve spent many of my years in places similar to this. This is almost like a second home to me. At Final Resolution, Larry Zybsko thinks that by bringing in people from my past, it will for some reason force me to quit. Well Larry Zysbko is a phsycobabbling idiot. Zysbko, you game plan is weak and predictable. Itís always the same with you. Bring somebody in from my past, put me in a hardcore match, and hope that he beats my brains in until I canít think straight. Who do you plan to bring in this time Zybsko? Billy Kidman, The Sandman, New Jack, maybe youíll shock me and bring in Lodi. It doesnít matter who you dig up Zybsko because I will defeat them and regain what is rightfully mine. Quote the Raven, nevermore.


::We return to see Jeff Jarrett talking to Monty Brown in the back::

Brown: Jeff, I know youíre worried about Sting but come on, heís not worth losing the title over

Jarrett: Worried? Monty, my sources have confirmed that Sting will not be here tonight so there is nothing to worry about. Zybsko thinks that he will scare me into dropping my belt, well thatís not going to happen. If somebody wants this belt, they are going to have to knock me off in the ring

::The camera cuts to the arena where Team 3-Dís music hits to a good pop::

Tenay: Ladies and gentlemen none other than Christian Cage joins us at the booth. Christian what is your reaction to the comments by Jeff Jarrett?

Christian: Well Jeff better double check his sources because Sting himself has confirmed that he will be here tonight

::Team 3-D enters the ring as Jeff Jarrettís theme hits to a chorus of boos. Jarrett and Monty enter through the right chute. They walk down the ramp and Jarrett argues with Christian at the booth::

Team 3-D vs. Jeff Jarrett & Monty Brown

Team 3-D go to the outside and attack Monty and Jarrett from behind. Ray pairs off with Monty and Devon pairs off with Jarrett. Devon slams the head of Jarrett into the announce booth. Ray drags Monty to the right aisle and shoots him into the railing. Devon continues to slam the head of Jarrett into the table. Christian Cage reaches across the table and slams the head of Jarrett into the table.

Tenay: Christian Cage getting involved with the action

Christian: You know how I roll Tenay

Ray suplexes Monty onto the ramp. Devon drags Jarrett away from the table and shoots him into the steel steps. Ray grabs Monty by the legs and opens them up. Devon climbs up on the ring apron. Devon leaps and drives his head right into the crotch area of Monty Brown. Team 3-D see Jarrett getting up so they go over to attack. Devon and Ray trade punches on Jarrett. The whole series ends with Ray hitting the bionic elbow. Devon goes after Monty Brown now. Ray picks Jarrett up and whips him into the railing. Jarrett goes over the railing and into the crowd. Jarrett slowly gets up as Ray goes to follow him in the crowd. Jarrett quickly thumbs the eye of Ray. Jarrett goes to suplex Ray over the railing and into the crowd but Ray blocks it. Ray punches Jarrett in the gut. Ray lifts Jarrett with a suplex and ends up dropping Jarrett stomach first on the railing. Ray uppercuts Jarrett sending him back into the crowd. Monty Brown gains the advantage on Devon and slams him on the ramp. Monty drops an elbow on Devon on the ramp. Ray follows Jarrett in the crowd. Monty picks up Devon and whips him into the ring apron. Ray and Jarrett battle in and through the crowd. Monty picks up Devon and puts him in the bear hug position. He runs Devonís back into the steal ring post. Jarrett and Ray battle up into the 2nd tier of the crowd. Monty Brown now runs the back of Devon into the announce table. Ray tries to knock Jarrett off the 2nd tier down to the 1st but Jarrett blocks the attempt and quickly fights back. Jarrett hits Ray a few times then scatters back down to the 1st tier. Monty Brown continues to work over the back of Devon by ramming him into the railing. Jarrett and Ray end up fighting in the crowd near the top of the right entrance.

Tenay: Folks donít go anywhere because we will be back with the end of this tag team Main Event


We return to see Monty Brown hitting the fallaway slam on Brother Devon in the ring. On the outside, Ray and Jarrett are battling at the top of the ramp. Monty picks up Devon and whips him into the corner. Jarrett and Ray battle to the edge of the top of the ramp. Monty drives his shoulder into Devonís gut in the corner. Ray gets the advantage on Jarrett. Jarrett teeters on the edge of the entrance. Ray continues to hit him with punches. Ray goes for the bionic elbow but Jarrett catches him with a kicking low blow. Ray doubles over. Jarrett grabs Ray and tosses him off the entranceway onto a series of tables below. In the ring, Monty whips Devon into the ropes, Devon bounces off and ducks a Monty clothesline, and Devon bounces off the other side and connects with a shoulder block on Monty. Jarrett slowly makes his way down the ramp to ringside. Devon and Monty slowly get up. Devon is gets up a bit quicker. Monty is doubled over in the middle of the ring. Devon goes to bounce off the ropes but Jarrett connects with a forearm to the back of Devon. Devon winces in pain and Monty gets a second wind. Monty bounces off the ropes and connects with The Pounce of Devon. Monty turns Devon over and makes the cover. 1Ö2Ö3

Winners Ė Monty Brown & Jeff Jarrett

After the match, Jarrett and Monty celebrate in the ring and taunt Christian. Jarrett grabs a mic from ringside.

Jarrett: I told you guys that he wouldnít show. Yeah, whereís the big bad Stinger now? Just like Hogan, Nash, Hall, Hardy and everyone else he showed once and was never heard from again. Good luck finding a replacement for the Hell On EarthÖ

::The lights go out. A thunder is heard throughout the arena and the scorpion logo flashes. This trend continues as a voice is heard::

Sting: Wooooooooooo. Jeff, I may not be there in the physical but Iím there in the spiritual. Enjoy your victory celebration now Jeff because next weekÖITíS SHOWTIME!!!

Show Ends

My Comments: Up a day late but I got kind of busy. Next up will be my thoughts on the show and the meeting with the possible new talent.

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Re: TNA: Changing The Face Of Pro Wrestling

i really like this concept even though it has been done before(on other boards) but its a first here and i like it
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Re: TNA: Changing The Face Of Pro Wrestling

January 8th 2006

So tonight was a pretty big night for TNA and myself. Christian was bringing over his major surprise (and let me tell you, he is a very big name) to watch WWE New Years Revolution. Odd that our first meeting would be watching a WWE PPV and odd that we would contribute to the buyrate but it was also nice to see what I was up against in the Monthly PPV War (although they put on like 2 a month now days) First up, I had to review Impact.


1. Build Up: Everything was built nicely this week I think. Hell On Earth through the Main Event, 6 Points of Impact through the Callis interview, Daniels/Joe through their actions, Outlaws/Konnan through the attack, and Raven/Zybsko through the interview. No build lacking this week

2. Daniels/Joe: Extra points go to Daniels and Joe for their exchange. It was a very nice preview of what you could see at the PPV. Daniels sold the concussion very nicely as well. Kudos to those 2

3. Tag Main Event: This was a nice break from the norm. Weíve had a lot of paint by number tag matches as of late so seeing those 4 just go out there and brawl was refreshing


1. Stingís Interview: Eh, way too short. He could have and should have said a lot more than he did. Whatever, at least people know that heís in TNA.

2. Diamonds In The Rough: Where do I go with these guys now? The only reason I ever liked them was because of Skipper and now heís out. Young is a known jobber and Simon is a bit out of shape. Cut that meat?

3. Team Canada: They picked up a nice win when Devine returned but nothing since. Thereís been no word on Devine or anything. They jobbed to The Outlaws in a storyline advancement match and now they have no PPV Match. I fucked up somewhere

Thatís all I can think of at the moment. Iíve been drinking so the WWE PPV will seem enjoyable from the start so Iím not all here. Was that the doorbell?

My Comments: Next up will be a bit that Iím personally looking forward too. Iím not going to spoil anything for the loyal readers though. Should be up tomorrow.

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Re: TNA: Changing The Face Of Pro Wrestling

Whoa,this is loving each bit of it
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Re: TNA: Changing The Face Of Pro Wrestling

January 8th 2006

Indeed it was the doorbell. I got up to answer it and saw Christian Cage along with ________

Christian: Lambert __________, __________ Lambert. Letís watch some grade D wrestling and grade A entertainment.

______: Grade D?

Christian: Well, Kurt Angle is wrestling tonight so heís a letter grade himself.

They both came in and took a seat. I offered them pizza and drinks. Then we got down to business.

Lambert: So, my first question is why TNA?

_____: Why TNA? Hell, why not TNA? Iíve been talking to Christian and ______ (Ravenís Opponent) and both have insured me that since youíve taken over, everything has gone pretty well. Iíve been watching Impact recently and Iíve noticed good things. I havenít noticed Kurt Angle jobbing to John Cena or John Cena trying to become a submission wrestler or a lack of a tag division. Iíve noticed Total Nonstop Action.

Lambert: Ok now that I know why, I need to know how much.

_____: Well at first I was think high dollars. You know Sting level money. But then I looked at everything and I realized that itís not all about the money. In TNA I donít have to worry about the travel or wrestling every night. I can move my family to Orlando and we can settle in.

Christian: Tell him about how much you love me

_____: Yeah and I get to spend time with Christian over here. So I was thinking Christian Money

Christian: Come on, youíre worth more than a WWE PPV and pizza

Me: Fine, give me back my drink

We shared a few laughs at that and turned our attention to the PPV.

Ric Flair defeats Edge by DQ: We all thought that this was cut way too short and sucked for as good as the build was.

Trish Stratus defeats Mickie James: Amazingly good match.

Jerry Lawler defeats Gregory Helms: After this match, I was hoping that Helms would quit and I could lure him to TNA. Why is talent jobbing to an announcer?

Triple H was out next

_____: Itís the Main Event already?

Me: Amazingly, HHH isnít in the Main Event at this time

Christian: Trust me, heís in the Main Event. Maybe not to the fanís eyes but in the companies eyes, Cena is just keep the title warm until WrestleMania

Triple H defeats The Big Show: We all saw this one coming.

Shelton Benjamin defeats Viscera: I liked that Shelton was getting a push but his mom? They would have been better off going the route of an agent or something. But if they did that, they would be stealing my ideas.

Ashley wins the Bra & Panties Gauntlet:

Christian: I hear that Matt Hardy is with her now

_____: I also hear that Edge is on Raw and Hardy is on Smackdown

Me: I donít hear a damn thing

Christian: Is the Main Event next, this show has been really boring. Iím glad I didnít pay for it.

During the Main Event we discussed plans for ______

Me: So how do you want to come in? Do we go the Christian route and let you shoot or the run in route?

_____: Well, Christian told me your plans for Hell On Earth

Eh, I like Christian but I donít know if I like him giving away my booking plans to a guy thatís not in the company at this point

_____: And I like where youíre headed. So I was thinking thatÖÖÖÖand on Impact I could cut the shoot interview that way people can see it on free tv.

Me: I like the idea. So does this mean youíre in?

_____: It means your Main Event scene just got a bit more crowded

Me: I think Iíll manage

John Cena wins the Elimination Chamber: Man the crowd really doesnít like John Cena right now. And why the hell did Angle and HBK go out so early? I understand pushing the young guys but nobody was going to buy Carlito or Masters winning the World Title. No shock value here.

Boy did we speak too soon.

Edge cashes in his Money In The Bank

_____: Look Christian, your brother is about to win the World Title.

Christian: Ok, then heís just keeping it warm for HHH until WrestleMania.

Edge defeats John Cena: Major shock here. The match was nothing but the shock value was major. Nice to see WWE listen to the crowd and notice that Cena was the heel with a face push.

Christian: I still think I should have won the title at Vengeance in the Triple Threat.

Another laugh shared. After the PPV, they left but I gained another talent to work with. Final Resolution canít come soon enough.

My Comments: Next thing will be the Impact Preview. Guess away on who the major talent is but Iím not spoiling anything.

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Re: TNA: Changing The Face Of Pro Wrestling

makes me think it could be Edge
that would be crazy

I mean to live my life an obedient man, but obedient to God, subservient to the wisdom of my ancestors; never to the authority of political truths arrived at yesterday at the voting booth.
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Re: TNA: Changing The Face Of Pro Wrestling

anyway, i love this.
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Re: TNA: Changing The Face Of Pro Wrestling

You are good at this BTB thing.
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Re: TNA: Changing The Face Of Pro Wrestling

Very well done. Loved the Raven promo. You got him down pretty well. I liked how Callis sold Skipper as a favorite in the 6 Points of Impact. I wish you developed tention between Skipper and Diamond and Young more before breaking him off. Now Im thinking Jericho is the mystery wrestler, but that seems a little too obvious. Maybe want to throw in Lance Storm? Test?

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