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Re: TNA: Changing The Face Of Pro Wrestling

December 26th 2005

I took the 25th off to celebrate Christmas, no big deal. I got right back to work the day after. I re-watched Impact and thought it was a very good episode but I still found things wrong with it.


1. Storyline Advancement: I thought there was a much better job of storyline advancement this week. The Outlaws said their peace, Skipper broke away from the Diamonds, and Larry made some PPV matches.

2. Devineís Return: Iím glad to see Devine back in TNA and it was nice to put him on the show in a big way. Now, we need to cut the fat in Team Canada

3. Good Wrestling: I thought all 3 matches came off very well and there were no squash matches, something I am going to try and avoid after last week

4. Less Jarrett: Anytime I can cut back on using Jarrett, Iím a happy person.


1. Still No Sting: Again, we have got to get this guy to the Impact Zone. The logo just isnít cutting it right now

2. Final Resolution Main Event: I donít think I have built this enough. I plan on making it a huge match and everyone is announced for it yet Team 3-D and Abyss have yet to be seen on TV. Also, Jarrett and Monty Brown were beefing last week; no theyíre going to be partners with no explanation. I plan on hyping the Main Event a bit more at the next tapings.

Again, not many things wrong with this weeks show but they were some pretty big things. Iím sure there was more wrong with the show but Iíll listen to fans bitch on the Internet about that. Now, I must continue to plan for tomorrow nightís tapings.

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Re: TNA: Changing The Face Of Pro Wrestling

December 27th 2005

At The Impact Zone

So as I did with the first tapings, I arrived to the arena early just to check out things. I logged on the Internet to check out some wrestling rumors. Now rumors are normally two things: 1. Good information that could come in handy down the road or 2. Bullshit just to start a conversation. I donít plan on reading the TNA rumors because I should know whatís going on and if I donít then I should be able to ask someone and they should know.


*WWE releases Juventud

Canít say Iím shocked here. Juvi has had backstage problems in WWE and was bringing the morale down. The question is, do I ask TNA to take a risk for me?

*Chris Benoit close to renewing his deal with WWE

Not a huge shock but a little one. With all the talks going on I thought Benoit would take some time off from WWE. Even if he didnít come to TNA, it would have still been a big loss for WWE.

*Bret Hart has no interest in returning to WWE in any fashion

Well thatís good. Having Bret Hart on your show is an automatic ratings increase so itís nice to see that WWE wonít get that boost.

*The Smackdown Locker Room is upset with Matt Hardy since he has joined the show

Sucks for Hardy. I wonít be too hard on the guy because if he does get released or decides to quit, I will ask TNA management to sign him. But until that day, I donít feel bad for him one bit

So not too much on the news front but some pretty important stuff. Now, I must get ready for the show.

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Re: TNA: Changing The Face Of Pro Wrestling

i have to say i am enjoying the back ground story more then the show itself
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Re: TNA: Changing The Face Of Pro Wrestling

Everything is looking real good AMP. I like the way you give background on what you liked and didn't like about the show. It is great that you are utilizing the whole X-Division and taking the focus off only the main players. Nice to see Skipper break away from the Diamonds because he has a lot of talent. Not much Jarrett is good and I hope you debut Sting sooner than Final Resolution.

I usually do not review regular shows for people but mainly just PPVs. I put a bit of effort into those reviews and they are usually worth it. So, if I don't leave great of reviews for your show, don't worry, you have a big one coming.

This is a really great thread you have got going here and it is quite unique. you should keep up the goodd work and before you know it a lot more people will be reading this thread.

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Re: TNA: Changing The Face Of Pro Wrestling

December 27th 2005

Backstage at Impact Tapings

So tonight we had a string of 3 tapings and an extra match because SpikeTV was nice enough to grant us the first match of 06. Tonight was also a big night because it was the last tapings before the PPV. Before the show started I felt that I had still owed an apology to Sabu. So the first thing I did was go into the locker room and find him.

Me: Sabu, I need to speak to you for a second

Sabu: Yeah

Me: Hey man, I just want to apologize for booking you two nights after you were in the barbed wire match. I know you put your body on that line for the company at the PPV and me booking you against a guy like Monty Brown only two nights later was wrong on my part. I hope you can forgive me and if you need some time off to heal up from all the bumps and shit youíve taken over the years just let me know.

Sabu: Well I was pretty pissed off at you when I found out I was booked but the fact that you were man enough to come up to me here and admit you were wrong makes me respect you more. Honestly, I do need some time off to heal up.

Me: Take as long as you need man. I know youíve been putting your body on the line for many years now and I respect that. Just give me a call when I can put you back into things.

We shook hands and everything was cool between us. Sabu wandered off and out of the corner of my eye, I spotted Raven and ________ talking.

Me: How you guys feelin?

Raven: Good man, just catching up with _______ here.

Me: Cool, everything straight with the plans for the PPV

_______: Well, I havenít really asked Vince yet and he doesnít even know that Iím here tonight. I figure the internet kids will break it and Vince will throw a fit and fire me which will allow me to work the PPV.

Me: Sounds like a plan. Well, Iím glad you could make it tonight. You guys catch up and come up with some ideas for your match. I donít want you guys to hold back for that match because itís going to be huge.

I walked away leaving them to talk. Next up, I had to find the other talent that I had brought in for the night. I walked around a bit and spotted ______, the new agent for Elix Skipper.

Me: Hey ______, glad to see you could make it.

______: You must be Mr. Lambert

Me: You would be correct.

______: Nice to meet you and let me say that I love the idea you came up with.

Me: Well, I stole it from TV so I donít want to take full credit but I think it will work out nicely.

______: As do I. Where is Elix anyway? I wanted to run things over with him.

Me: Probably in the locker room. I saw him talking to Daniels last.

______: Thanks.

So 2 down and 1 to go. Next I had to find the biggest talent that TNA had brought in but first, I had to deal with my number 1 fan.

Jarrett: Lambert, what the hell is Hell On Earth?

Me: I donít know but Zybsko is supposed to explain it tonight

Jarrett: Donít play dumb with me kid. You came up with the idea so you know exactly what it is.

Me: Listen Jeff, I want to keep this a secret from everyone. The person that knows right now is myself. Zybsko doesnít even know and he wonít know until 5 minutes before we tape his announcement. Just be patient Jeff.

Jarrett: I didnít get to where I am by being patient. I got here because I demanded things.

Me: Well go demand a Pepsi from the vending machine and bring it back to me.

Bad idea, I just got ready for Jarrett to knock the hell out of me. But once again, my angel was right behind me.

Christian: Oh man, that was a good one kid. Right Jeff? The kid got you on that one.

Jarrett: Yeah he got me. But he better watch his mouth next time because you might not be there to save him.

Jarrett walked away, clearly pissed off.

Me: Man, youíve got some damn good timing

Christian: Call it Canadian instinct. But check it out, I was talking to Sting and he wants to go over some things with you.

Me: Good, Iíve been looking for him all night.

Christian: Well right now heís in the food area.

Me: Fuck, he hasnít turned into a fat ass or anything right?

Christian: Well, I hate to break it to you but he has put on some pounds.

Me: How many?

Christian: I would say about 20 to 30 since he last wrestled

Me: Great and Iím forced to book him as a Main Eventer.

Christian: Yeah, sucks for you.

Me: Thanks.

I walked away to find Sting. I went to the food area where Christian had said he was. Well, I found Sting but he was missing those 20 Ė 30 pounds Christian was talking about.

Me: Sting?

Sting: Yeah man, whatís up?

Me: Damnit, fuck Christian.

Sting: Huh?

Me: Nothing, Christian just told me that you put on some pounds since you last wrestled. But I would say that youíre in better shape then ever.

Sting: Yeah, I wasnít coming back looking like Yokozuna or anything.

Me: Glad to hear and see that.

Sting: So I was thinking things over and I think that I should be on TV before the PPV. That way the fans donít feel cheated with all the hype.

Me: I couldnít agree more. Now, I donít want you wrestling because that should be for the PPV. But I do want you making an appearance.

Sting: Sounds good, how do you want to set this up?

I ran through my plans with Sting and we tweaked it a bit but it still looks good.

Three Weeks Of Impact! Spoilers

Results for the 12/31 Show:

*Alex Shelley defeats Matt Bentley & Chris Sabin

*AJ Styles defeats Petey Williams

*Monty Brown defeats Christian Cage

Results for the 1/1 Show:

*Christian Cage & Team 3-D defeat Monty Brown & Americaís Most Wanted

Results for the 1/7 Show:

*Samoa Joe defeats Jay Lethal

*The New Age Outlaws defeat Team Canada

*Jeff Jarrett & Monty Brown defeat Team 3-D

Results for the 1/14 Show:

*Abyss defeats Shark Boy

*Christopher Daniels defeats Sonjay Dutt

*AJ Styles & Chris Sabin defeat Alex Shelley & Matt Bentley

My Comments: Keep the comments coming everyone, I enjoy your feedback. Glad to see people enjoying the back story, I hope I become a trend setter with it. Hope everyone continues to enjoy it.

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Re: TNA: Changing The Face Of Pro Wrestling

The best part about the back story is that it is realistic to some degree and well rounded. I wonder what you got planned for all these guys you keep saying you have plans for?
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Re: TNA: Changing The Face Of Pro Wrestling

From TNAWrestling.Com:

12/21 Ė 1/1 iMPACT! Preview

TNA invites you to kick off 2006 with an IMPACT!

Last week on Impact, Larry Zybsko announced a Hell On Earth Main Event for TNA Final Resolution. This week, Larry Zybsko explains what exactly Hell On Earth is.

Also last week, after a tough loss to Matt Bentley, Elix Skipper announced that he quit the Diamonds In The Rough and that his agent would be at the Impact Zone this week to get him out of his contract. How will the Diamonds In The Rough react to the loss of their X Division star?

This week on Impact, TNA has put together 2 HUGE X Division matches and an even bigger main event.

First, Alex Shelley, Matt Bentley, and Chris Sabin battle it out in 3 way X Division action. Next, itís the return of AJ Styles as he takes on The Canadian Destroyer Petey Williams. And in the Main Event, The Alpha Male Monty Brown gets a rematch with the man that defeated him at Turning Point, Captain Charisma Christian Cage.


And then at 12 o clock on the dot, TNA kicks off the New Year with the FIRST MATCH OF 2006!

My Comments: Been out of the mix for awhile due to my trip to Philly but like Lil Wayne, I'm Back. Show should be up by Friday at the latest.

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Re: TNA: Changing The Face Of Pro Wrestling

December 31st 2005


ďThis is TNAÖThe New Face In Professional WrestlingĒ

::TNA iMPACT! Opening Video::

::The camera goes to the Impact Zone where pyro goes off and fans are chanting ďTNAĒ::

Tenay: Welcome everyone to a special edition on TNA IMPACT! We have a huge line up for you tonight as AJ Styles returns to take on Petey Williams and in the Main Event Monty Brown takes on Christian Cage.

::Alex Shelleyís music hits and he comes out from the right chute with the Shelley Cam::

Tenay: But we kick things off with 3 way X Division action and this man Alex Shelley has been on a roll as of late.

West: Thatís right when we lost saw Alex Shelley he scored a huge win over Austin Aries

::Chris Sabinís music hits and he enters through the left chute::

Tenay: And here comes one of the top competitors in the X Division, Chris Sabin.

::Sabin slides into the ring has Matt Bentleyís music hits. He enters through the left chute with Traci::

Tenay: Last week on Impact we saw Matt Bentley overcome the odds and defeat Elix Skipper in great X Division action.

::The front row fans do the Bentley Bounce as he enters the ring::

All 3 men look at each other and the bell rings. Shelley and Bentley devise a plan to go right after Sabin but Bentley quickly fires rights and lefts at Shelley. Bentley swings with a right but Shelley ducks and pushes Bentley right into a dropkick from Sabin. Shelley charges at Sabin but he eats a dropkick himself. Shelley quickly gets back up and runs into a Chris Sabin armdrag. Shelley pops back up and runs into a Matt Bentley armdrag. Shelley gets back up and Sabin snaps off a hurricanrana on him. Bentley bounces off the ropes and hits a quick elbow on Shelley. Bentley goes for the cover but Sabin makes the save after 1. Sabin goes to work on Bentley with rights and lefts. Sabin backs Bentley up to the ropes, Sabin backs up and charges with a clothesline but Bentley ducks and tries to elevate Sabin over the top. Sabin catches himself and lands on the apron. Shelley gets up and charges at Bentley. Bentley ducks and Shelley knocks Sabin off the ropes. Shelley turns around and Bentley clotheslines Shelley to the outside. Bentley momentum almost carries him to the outside but he holds onto the ropes and skins the cat back into the ring. Bentley plays to the crowd before climbing to the top rope. Sabin and Shelley battle on the outside as Bentley comes off the top with a cross body block on both men. The crowd starts up a ďTNAĒ chant.

Tenay: Folks donít go anywhere, we will be back with the conclusion of this match.


We return to see Alex Shelley into control with an STF on Chris Sabin.

Tenay: Ladies and gentlemen during the break Alex Shelley gained control when he whipped Matt Bentley into the railing at ringside.

Bentley gets up from the outside and climbs up the apron. Shelley continues to apply pressure on Sabin. Bentley slowly climbs up to the top rope. Shelley keeps the STF on Sabin. Bentley leaps off the top, Shelley sees him and quickly breaks the hold, Bentley lands the Picture Perfect Elbow on the back on Chris Sabin. Shelley quickly takes advantage of this and rolls Sabin over for the cover. 1Ö2ÖBentley makes the save at 2 with a desperation dive. A frustrated Shelley gets up and stomps Bentley and Sabin continuously. Shelley puts the body of Bentley stomach down on the back of Sabin. Shelley locks in a double camel clutch.

West: Oh my god look at this Tenay, Alex Shelley has them both in a camel clutch

Sabin and Bentley use their power to push Shelley off of them. Shelley quickly gets up and stomps on Sabin. Bentley slowly gets up using the ropes and Shelley continues to stomp on Sabin. Bentley pulls himself up using the ropes. Shelley turns around to attack Bentley but runs right into a Super Kick by Bentley. All 3 men are down. The ref begins his 10 count. 1Ö2Ö3Ö4Ö5Ö6Ö7..Bentley starts to move.8.Shelley starts to move.Sabin begins to gets up.9 Traci gets on the ring apron to distract the ref and stop his count. All 3 men are up at once. Bentley tries another Super Kick on Shelley but Shelley ducks and Bentley connects with Sabin. Shelley kicks Bentley in the gut and hits the Shell Shock. Shelley covers and the ref turns around to see the cover. 1Ö2Ö3

Winner Ė Alex Shelley

West: Wow Mike, what a match those 3 just put on.

Tenay: Ladies and gentlemen donít go anywhere because up next we have more X Division action as AJ Styles takes on Petey Williams


::The camera is backstage with The Diamonds In The Rough::

Simon: Ok Elix, where is this agent of yours? I want to talk to him right now.

Elix: Simon, I told you my agent would be here and he is.

:: Don Callis steps into the picture::

West: Tenay, thatís Don Callis.

Simon: So youíre Elixís agent? Well why the hell does he want out of the Diamonds In The Rough?

Callis: Next question

Young: How do you plan to get him out of this contract?

Callis: Next question

Simon: Do you answer anything?

Callis: Yes, I answer to my client who is pretty upset over how you have handled him as of late. He has been carrying this team since day one and nobody gives him the respect he deserves. He wrestles injured, he hits the big moves, and he is under paid and under appreciated. So unless you two have any other questions, I bid you farewell until next week.

::The camera cuts back to the Impact Zone::

Tenay: Wow, Don Callis is the agent for Elix Skipper. I thought I would never see him again.

::Petey Williams music hits and he enters through the right chute with Scott DíAmore::

Tenay: Well are you ready for some more X Division action?

::Petey enters the ring as AJ Styleís theme hits to a huge pop::

Tenay: Well here comes AJ Styles and the last time we saw him, he was battling Samoa Joe for the X Division title.

::Stlyes comes out the left chute::

West: And oh man Tenay, what a match that was. Those men beat the living hell out of each other.

Tenay: Folks donít go anywhere because we will return with Styles and Petey in action.


We return to see Petey Williams in control with a side headlock on AJ. AJ shoots Petey off into the ropes. Petey bounces off the ropes and hits a shoulder block on AJ. Petey again bounces off the ropes and leaps over the laid down AJ. AJ gets up as Petey bounces off the other side. Leap frog by AJ and Petey goes off the other side of the ropes. Petey bounces off and runs into a dropkick by AJ. Petey gets up and AJ gives him a deep arm drag. Petey gets up on his knees and pounds the mat. DíAmore gets on the apron to consult Petey. After a quick discussion, DíAmore drops down and Petey wants a test of strength with AJ. AJ and Petey go to hand lock but Petey kicks AJ in the gut. Petey tries to quickly hit the Canadian Destroy but AJ fights out with a back drop. Petey is up quick and is met with a hurricanrana by AJ. Petey rolls to the outside. AJ slides to the outside and Petey slides back in the ring. AJ slides back in the ring and is met with stomps by Petey. Petey picks up AJ and scoop slams him. Petey goes to put the sharpshooter on AJ but AJ kicks Petey off into the corner. Petey quickly tries the sharpshooter again but is again kicked into the corner. Petey just decides to hook the legs of AJ and roll through with a pin fall. 1..AJ bridges out and flips over to set Petey up. AJ lifts Petey and looks to hit the Styles Clash but Petey lifts up and punches AJ in the face. AJ gives up and just settles for a powerbomb on Petey. AJ goes to pick Petey up but is met with a low blow. Petey hits a russian leg sweep AJ and keeps him locked in. Petey gets up and AJ and then hits a side suplex. Petey covers, 1Ö2. AJ kicks out. Petey lifts AJ up and shoots him into the ropes. AJ springboards off the ropes and floats over Petey and hits a reverse DDT. Both men are down. 1Ö2Ö

:: Dueling chants breaks out at half the crowd starts a ďLetís Go AJĒ chant while the other half chant ďLetís Go PeteyĒ::

3Ö4ÖBoth men begin to get up. AJ has back to Petey. Petey looks to take advantage of this but AJ hits pele. AJ slowly climbs to the corner and goes to the top rope. DíAmore gets on the apron and grabs the leg of AJ. Petey begins to get up as DíAmore still has the leg of AJ. AJ fights DíAmore off but Petey is up top with AJ by that time. Petey connects with rights to AJ. Petey sets AJ up for a supercanrana but AJ doesnít budge. AJ now has Petey upside down the top rope. AJ leaps and hits a Super Styles Clash. AJ rolls through after the move. 1Ö2Ö3!

Winner Ė AJ Styles

Tenay: Wow, another great X Division match. Well folks, the Main Event is up next!


::Larry Zybsko is in the ring with a mic::

Zybsko: Last week I announced that at Final Resolution it would be a Hell On Earth match but I didnít exactly explain what Hell On Earth is. Well thatís why Iím out here tonight. Hell On Earth is a team gauntlet match where anything goes. One man from each team begins things and every 3 minutes, another man enters. You can be eliminated at any point in the match and anywhere in the arena. Anything goes in this match and there are no disqualifications.

::Jeff Jarrettís theme hits and he comes out with a mic. Jarrett walks down to the ring and speaks at the same time::

Jarrett: Hold on there Zybsko. This is just another plan to hold me back isnít it? You got me facing 5 guys and you put that Triple A ball player Monty Brown on my team. You just wonít stop until the title is off me now will you?

Zybsko: JeffÖ

::Jarrett gets into the ring::

Jarrett: Donít you speak until Iím done Zybsko. Iíll tell you what, you keep throwing your little gimmick matches at me, because Iím going to keep knocking them out of the park. Iíve won them all from the King Of The Mountain match to the Ladder match and then the Lumberjack match. I always have a plan Zysbko.

::Monty Brownís theme hits and he comes out with a mic. Monty walks and talks at the same time::

Brown: Whoa there Jeff, did I just hear you mention the Lumberjack match? If my memory serves me, I was the one who helped you in the Lumberjack match and Iíve never gotten my favor back.

::Monty enters the ring::

Jarrett: Monty, that was almost 12 months ago, your time has passed.

Brown: My time has passed? Jeff, you havenít been fresh since Bret Hart was World Champion.

::Jarrett and Brown gets face to face and start trash talking. The countdown begins and Jarrett and Brown turn their attention to the right chute. Christian Cageís music hits and he is standing at the right chute with a mic::

Christian: Guys, I was listening to you in the back and only one thing ran through my mind. When are these two going to shut the hell?

::A ďChristian CageĒ chant breaks out::

Jarrett: Christian, you have no business out here. This is between Monty and Myself.

Christian: Well you see Jeff, I do have business out here because Iím supposed to face Monty Brown tonight and all your talking is cutting my match time short and thereís only one thing that Christian Cage hates more than a feud with the World Champion that gets cut short due to some stupid draft, and thatís a short match. So Jeff, if you would kindly exit the ring, I have to kick Monty Brownís ass.

Tenay: Monty Brown vs. Christian Cage, right after the break!


We return to see Monty Brown backing Christian into the corner with his power. The ref tries to get a clean break and Monty agrees. When the ref moves Monty goes to strike Christian but Christian ducks and puts Monty in the corner. Christian goes to work with rights and lefts on Monty. Christian mounts Monty in the corner and starts the 10 count punch.

Tenay: Well folks we are joined on commentary by the World Champion Jeff Jarrett

Jarrett: Thatís right Tenay, you better introduce me as the World Champion.

Christian charges Monty in the corner and hits a splash. Christian plays to the crowd while Monty goes down to the mat.

Jarrett: You see Tenay, thereís Christianís problem. Heís more worried about the crowd than Monty Brown.

Christian goes to pick up Monty but Monty grabs him by the tights and throws him into the turnbuckle. Monty gets up and hits Christian from behind and a forearm. He picks Christian up and shoots him into the ropes, Christian bounces off and runs into a powerslam by Monty. Monty gets up and begins to point at Jarrett.

Jarrett: And Monty Brown has the same problem as Christian.

Monty turns his attention back to Christian and stomps him down to the mat. Monty picks up Christian, he scoops him up and hits a backbreaker, he holds on and ends it with a fallaway slam. Monty goes for a cover. 1Ö2. Christian kicks out. Monty picks Christian up and shoots him into the ropes. Monty bounces off the other side and looks to hit The Pounce but Christian ducks. Both men are down. 1Ö2Ö3Ö4Ö

Jarrett: Excuse me Tenay

Jarrett leaves the announce table and grabs his guitar. .5Ö6. Christian and Monty begin to get up. Monty takes a swing at Christian but Christian ducks. Christian grabs the arms of Monty and locks tin the Unprettier. Monty shoves Christian off. Monty grabs the ref to distract him while Jarrett hits Christian in the head with the guitar. Monty sees this and lets go of the ref. Monty rolls Christian up. 1Ö2Ö3

Winner Ė Monty Brown

After the match, Monty Brown and Jeff Jarrett face off. They trash talk each other until Christian Cage begins to stand. Brown and Jarrett both attack Christian. They stomp Christian down to the mat until Team 3-D come out to make the save. Team 3-D go to work on Jarrett and Monty until AMW come out to save them. AMW, Jarrett, and Monty gain the advantage and put the boots to Christian and Team 3-D. The lights go out and the Scorpion Logo appears.

Tenay: Folks, tune in at midnight tonight for a special edition on TNA IMPACT!

Show End

My Comments: I decided to bold the finishers for the match skimmers. The 1/1 show will probably be up late tonight.

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Re: TNA: Changing The Face Of Pro Wrestling

hey you are one hell of a btb and i thought your shows were the best so far, it really got me back into tna and i thought your shows were ace. i like the fact that you not only write the shows but you do backstage bits with yourself in, you should keep this up i will deffinetly be reading everyday
nice one
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Re: TNA: Changing The Face Of Pro Wrestling

hey man you are one hell of a booker the tna should hire you for real, i kike tha fact that you included yourself in real life situations and i also like you shows and storylines keep it up i will deffinetly be reading

nice one
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